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Tony accidentally killed Ted. The police arrested Stefan for Ted's murder. Sarah slept with Eric. "Nicole" slept with Brady. Gabi struggled with her feelings for Stefan, even as he vowed to destroy her. Hope believed that Stefan was innocent. Rex left Salem.
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Ted was shot and killed, and "Nicole" slept with Brady
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Ted learns Kristen's secret

Ted learns Kristen's secret

Monday, August 5, 2019

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander guessed that Rex had cheated on Sarah yet again.

"I told you he wasn't worthy. [But don't worry] -- I'll make him pay for hurting you," Xander assured Sarah before starting to rush out of the mansion in search of Rex. "It's not what he did to me; it's what I did to him," Sarah clarified, stopping Xander, who expressed confusion. "I just told my husband that I'm in love with someone else," Sarah elaborated, fighting back tears of regret.

"Oh -- I've been waiting for you to finally realize that we're supposed to be together!" Xander happily admitted before advancing toward Sarah and leaning in for a kiss. "I'm not in love with you, you idiot; I was talking about Eric!" Sarah clarified while sidestepping Xander, who was clearly disappointed. "I can't believe you're still pining over that bore," Xander grumbled. "I mean, what can he give you that I can't? [And besides], whatever Nicole did to that poor sap, he's never getting over it, [and] he will always be in love with [her]," Xander continued, annoying Sarah.

"Would you just shut up [and] go away? I don't even want to be in the same room with you!" Sarah snapped. "Sarah --" Xander began to protest. "My daughter asked you to leave," Maggie protectively interjected, entering the living room. "I'm just trying to show her that she's wasting her time, loving someone she can never have," Xander innocently explained. "One day, you will see it, Sarah -- and I'll be here for you," Xander promised before heading upstairs. "What happened?" Maggie asked Sarah once the coast was clear. "I did it again, Mom -- I ruined everything!" Sarah replied before breaking down in Maggie's arms.

"Maybe [Rex will] be able to forgive you," Maggie suggested after Sarah shared the whole story. "You don't believe that," Sarah guessed, scoffing.

"Honestly, the bigger [issue] here you [even] want to save [your] marriage?" Maggie continued. "I do love Rex..." Sarah began to respond. "But you love Eric more," Maggie knowingly concluded. "I would have never married Rex if I thought that Eric and I had a chance...but that was impossible the moment that Nicole turned up alive," Sarah explained. "Yes, but Eric and Nicole aren't together. I never could have imagined that she would turn against [him] over what happened to Holly, but she is never going to forgive him, [so]...if there is no future for [them], then maybe the two of you can be together," Maggie argued.

"Don't stay with Rex out of some kind of obligation, because you're gonna end up hurting the two of you even more in the end [that way]. Look into your heart and decide who you want to be with," Maggie advised. "Let's just say I do want to be with Eric -- there is [still] no guarantee that he is [ever] going to love me as much as he loves Nicole," Sarah fretted. "[There are] never any guarantees in love -- come on, you know that. [But] isn't it worth the risk for the chance of [being with] someone truly amazing? [Otherwise], you're gonna spend the rest of your life, wondering what might have been," Maggie countered.

At Eric's apartment, Rex bitterly recapped everything that had just happened with Sarah.

"I never wanted to hurt you," Eric stressed afterward. "Yeah, of course not -- 'cause you're so...virtuous," Rex sarcastically agreed. "I never meant for any feelings to develop," Eric maintained. "Don't forget -- [I'm the one who] helped the two of you get back together [and performed your wedding ceremony]," Eric pointed out, drawing a bitter laugh from Rex, who angrily picked up a framed photograph from the wedding, threw it to the floor, and watched it shatter. "Her vows to me were lies -- [and] you knew!" Rex snapped. "She loves you," Eric insisted. "[But] she loves you more, apparently," Rex countered.

"Rex, I did everything --" Eric began to stress. "You want a thank-you for not sleeping with my wife?" Rex asked incredulously. "Actually, as a matter of fact, I should be thanking you -- [so], thanks for lying to me [and] making my marriage look like a joke!" Rex spat before punching Eric, who refused to fight back. "[Yeah, that's] what you do -- you just turn the other cheek, especially when all the damage has already been done. [First] you screwed over Brady, [and now you've] screwed over me. You walk around like some caring, thoughtful human being, but you destroy the lives of people around you!" Rex summarized, scowling at Eric.

"Nicole [and] Jennifer -- [they can also be added] to the list of carnage that you leave in your wake, [because] everywhere you go, pain and loss follows. [But] now that Nicole has rejected you, [at least] you know exactly how I'm feeling right now -- the agony of losing the love of your life," Rex concluded before storming out of the apartment and slamming the door shut, leaving Eric to clean up the mess.

Rex went to the Brady Pub and ordered a shot of whiskey. A short time later, Xander arrived, joined Rex at the bar, and ordered two shots of whiskey. "I don't want anything from you," Rex snapped. "A free drink is a free drink, sport," Xander argued. "Not when it's coming from a man who wants my wife," Rex countered. "What does it matter what I want, since she wants your brother?" Xander reasoned.

"Guess we both lost her, mate," Xander summarized with a sigh, and Rex sighed, as well.

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi waited expectantly for Stefan to vacate the premises.

"I know Shin said that in order for you to be the new head of DiMera, you needed to distance me from the company, but [he] didn't mean we actually had to separate," Stefan assured Gabi, laughing off the order. "This has nothing to do with [Shin; this is] something that I've been wanting to do since the moment you framed me for Andre's murder," Gabi clarified, scowling at Stefan.

"Because of you, I was ripped away from my daughter, [and] I was beaten so badly [that] I almost died, [and] I won't even have the opportunity to have another child," Gabi bitterly continued. "I thought you had gotten past that," Stefan admitted, stunned. "Gotten past that?" Gabi incredulously repeated. "I will have to live with [it] for the rest of my life!" Gabi snapped.

"That's why I switched the paternity tests to make it look like you were Charlotte's father -- to break your little heart, [just like] you broke mine -- but the pain [of losing Charlotte] was not enough, [so I eventually realized that, in order] to truly make you hurt, I had to take away the one thing that you really wanted -- the DiMera legacy," Gabi explained. "This house, your money, your power... Stefan, I set out to get it [all...and, finally], everything that was yours -- it's now mine!" Gabi bragged. "How did I not see...?" Stefan muttered. "Because all you could see was how much you wanted me," Gabi summarized, shrugging.

"Even when you were telling Chloe how much you cared, you couldn't keep your hands off of me," Gabi continued. "You set that whole thing up -- you lured me into bed so that she would find us together," Stefan suddenly realized. "You bitch! You manipulative bitch! You're not gonna get away with this!" Stefan snapped. "I already have," Gabi countered.

"[And it was] so easy... You wanted -- so desperately -- for someone to want you, [so] all I had to do was a little flirting, and you were mine," Gabi bragged. "You did a hell of a lot more than just flirt...which is how I know that it wasn't all an act. [I mean], what we shared in bed was a whole hell of a lot more than just good sex -- [and] not just for me. [You and I] had a connection, [and] I know I didn't imagine it, [because] no one's that good [at acting]," Stefan argued. "[Plus], if all you wanted was revenge, you [could have just] left me to rot in jail," Stefan continued.

"Crushing you was only half my plan. I needed to make sure that no one ever put me in a position where I would be a victim [again]," Gabi clarified. "You couldn't have known Nicole was going to push me out [of DiMera]," Stefan insisted. "A lucky coincidence," Gabi admitted. "You haven't forgotten about that prenup you signed, have you? I may have given you power of attorney, but once I divorce you, you get nothing!" Stefan stressed. "I will drag out this divorce until we are old and gray, [and] in the meantime, I [will] control everything that belonged to you," Gabi countered.

"You may claim that our relationship was one big lie -- [a way] for you to get revenge on me -- but that's not the truth. [See], I held you in my arms, I looked into your eyes, and I know it was real -- I know [that] you still want me...[and] might even love me. And when I come back here to throw you out on your ass, you will know the pain of rejection," Stefan warned before storming off, leaving Gabi slightly shaken.

At the park, Kate hung up on Ted as Hope watched curiously.

"I was just with him," Hope revealed, guessing that Kate had been talking to Ted. "He was planning to cook us this really, uh, wonderful meal...[but then] I confronted him about some money I found at his apartment," Hope elaborated, hoping that Kate might know something about the money. "Look, Hope, I'm sorry that your wonderful dinner didn't work out --" Kate evasively began. "No, no, no -- you don't have to apologize. It was just an excuse to snoop around his place. [See], I don't think he [is] telling the truth about what happened when you two were kidnapped," Hope clarified, making Kate squirm a bit.

"According to Ted, Xander kidnapped him on the docks after luring him there with the promise that Holly was alive...[but the surveillance] footage doesn't back up his story, [so] I am really hoping that you can tell me why he [is] lying about how he ended up in the tunnels under the DiMera mansion," Hope continued. "I don't know...but I do know that I told you to keep your distance from him, [so] if I were you, I would just leave it alone [and] walk away," Kate replied before trying to rush off. "Just tell me the truth -- please," Hope begged, blocking Kate's path.

"I can't," Kate insisted. "Why not?" Hope asked. "Just can't," Kate replied, shrugging.

"What is going on? What are you so afraid of?" Hope wondered. "I'm not afraid," Kate insisted. "Yes, you are -- I can see it in your eyes," Hope argued. "Well, I guess when your enemy is a DiMera, you never feel totally safe..." Kate conceded. "So, it's Stefan you're afraid of," Hope assumed. "Look, Hope, [I guess I owe] you for rescuing me, [so] I'll give you some advice -- you need to stop asking questions, [and] you need to walk away from Ted and not look back -- for your own good," Kate advised. "I'm not letting this go," Hope stressed. "You need to!" Kate maintained.

"If you value your life -- if you value your family's life -- you will drop this...for good," Kate advised before walking away, leaving Hope speechless.

At the Salem Inn, Tony tried to reason with Kristen, who was entertaining the possibility of killing not only Gabi but also Stefan, if necessary.

"I'm all for you getting exactly what you deserve, but I never saw you as a murderer," Tony argued. "Things have changed," Kristen countered, shrugging unapologetically. "Your determination to get DiMera back is clouding your judgment. [I mean], everybody knows that you -- I mean, "Nicole" -- and Gabi are enemies, and you've been trying to [take] control of the company, [so] if she winds up dead, you're gonna be the prime suspect," Tony continued. "Well, I'm not stupid; I'm gonna make sure it looks like an accident," Kristen insisted, waving a hand dismissively.

"An accident where [Gabi] falls on the bullets?" Tony dryly summarized, eyeing Kristen's gun. "There's a better way. You just have to trust me. trust me...don't you?" Tony continued, and Kristen grudgingly nodded in response. "Look, I know you've been alone for a long time...and so have I, but I'm here [now] -- I'm here to help you," Tony stressed.

Kristen sighed and reluctantly handed the gun to Tony, who placed it on the desk and insisted that abandoning the plan to kill Gabi had been the right thing to do. "[I mean], you have to know [that] if you kill [her], it's only gonna be a matter of time before someone comes knocking on your door," Tony reasoned -- and, as if on cue, Ted knocked on the hotel room door just then and asked "Nicole" to open it. "Just play along," Kristen, who was still disguised as Nicole, quietly instructed Tony before opening the door and complaining that Ted was interrupting a wedding celebration.

Ted entered the hotel room and stared at Tony in disbelief as "Nicole" took care of the introductions. "Aren't you supposed to be dead?" Ted asked. "Ah, just another miracle -- something my wife and I have in common," Tony replied. Ted assumed that "Nicole" had married a DiMera as a way of getting back at Kristen, but "Nicole" evasively insisted that the reasons were none of Ted's business. "Nicole" impatiently changed the subject, demanding to know the reason for Ted's unexpected visit. "Hope Brady is starting to figure out that Stefan DiMera is innocent," Ted began.

"[And when the truth comes out], Kristen's gonna kill me and Kate, [so] we gotta find a way to stop her," Ted continued. "I'm so sorry that my sister's causing so much trouble again in Salem...[but stopping her is] easier said than done. She's a lot cleverer than you could ever imagine," Tony warned, and "Nicole" added that Kristen was more dangerous than Ted could ever imagine, too. "That is why we need to work together and find a way to stop her, [so] you can get your child back, [and] I can [stop fearing] for my life every day," Ted reasoned, but "Nicole" refused.

"I haven't seen [Kristen] in weeks, [so maybe] she's bluffing, or she got out [of town] because it got too hot [here...but] I cannot live like this -- wondering, every day, if Kristen's gonna have one of her goons put a bullet in my head...or worse, hurt Hope -- [so] if you won't help me, I will [just] have to go to the police [and] tell them everything," Ted decided before starting to exit the hotel room.

"I can assure you [that] Kristen has not disappeared," Kristen stressed while removing the disguise, stunning Ted. "You married your sister?" Ted asked Tony incredulously, cringing.

"She warned you not to cross Kristen," Tony noted, ignoring Ted's obvious disapproval. "[But] you wouldn't listen, [so] now you -- and your precious Hope -- are gonna have to pay the price, [because] I can't have you walking around town, telling people [my secret]," Kristen warned Ted, who gulped nervously -- then suddenly noticed the gun, which was still lying on the desk.

Ted quickly reached for the gun, but Tony reached for it at the same time -- and it went off during the ensuing struggle.

Ted is shot

Ted is shot

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

At the police station, Eli accepted Jack's job offer. "You made a smart decision," Jack said. Eli said that Lani had convinced him to take the job as commissioner, but Eli asked if there was any issue with him continuing to date Lani. Jack shook his head no. Jack noted that he valued loyalty, and he asked if Eli had any issue with Jack's ousting of Hope.

"I swore to protect and serve the people of Salem to the best of my ability. I will always be loyal to that oath, no matter who I work for," Eli said. Jack confirmed that there were no rules against Eli continuing to date Lani. When Jack mentioned his past romantic connection to Eve, Eli asked Jack about it.

"Eve will no longer be my wife," Jack confirmed. With a nod, Eli told Jack that he thought Jack had made the right decision. Jack agreed. Eli commented on Jack's openness, and Jack said he was in "a sharing mood." Curious, Eli asked Jack if he intended to reunite with Jennifer.

"I can pretty much guarantee that there is no chance," Jack said. Jack noted that Jennifer saw him as a slimy politician and nothing more. Jack changed the subject to work, and he told Eli that he wanted to move beyond the lawlessness of Abe's administration.

In the DiMera living room, a giddy Gabi popped Champagne. When Brady arrived, Gabi informed him, "You are looking at the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises." Gabi told Brady what had happened, and she thanked him for talking her into marrying Stefan.

"I'm going to take [Stefan] for everything he is worth," Gabi said. Brady told Gabi that he appreciated the thank you, but that Gabi had done all the work herself. "While you were out there finding a suitable DiMera for Nicole, it would have been nice for you to give me a heads-up," Gabi said. Brady admitted that he had more to gain with Nicole as the CEO. Gabi nodded in understanding. Brady warned Gabi that there could be repercussions to her marriage to Stefan like when Brady had developed feelings for Eve.

Gabi protested that she would not fall into the same trap as Brady because she hated Stefan. As Gabi stressed multiple times how much she hated her new husband, Brady grinned. Brady reminded Gabi that there was a fine line between love and hate.

"If I had any feelings for this man, why would I throw him out on his ass?" Gabi wondered aloud. Brady poured a soda and cheerily toasted to Gabi. When Gabi asked Brady about his good mood, he attributed it to Stefan's downfall. Brady added that Titan was in a position to destroy DiMera.

"How arrogant," Gabi said. With a smirk, Brady promised to give Gabi a generous severance package. Gabi warned Brady not to underestimate her as Stefan had done. "I'm totally committed to carrying on the tradition of ruthlessness that comes with this family," Gabi added.

"I welcome the competition. I even wish you luck," Brady said. After Brady clinked his glass against Gabi's, he added, "I just hope you don't find it too lonely at the top." After Brady left, Gabi talked to Stefano's portrait. "Don't worry. I'll make you proud," Gabi said.

A frazzled Stefan marched through the square and left a voicemail for Ben. "Feel free to say, 'I told you so,' but as soon as I made Gabi my wife, she stabbed me in the back. Go figure. Anyway, call me as soon as you get this," Stefan muttered. Hope called out to Stefan, and he attempted to sidestep her.

"Whoever you are on your way to see can wait," Hope said. Hope noted that Stefan looked like he wanted to kill someone. "I'm about to lose everything my family has built, and the only way I can stop it is if I get some answers," Stefan said. Hope pushed Stefan for details. Stefan confirmed that he was headed to see Nicole.

"If you're so damn curious, you can ask your boyfriend, Ted," Stefan said. "What does Ted have to do with Nicole?" Hope asked. Frustrated, Stefan argued that he believed Nicole had been the one to frame him for Ted and Kate's kidnapping. When Hope asked about the motive, Stefan argued that Nicole blamed him for Holly's death.

"You want to know where I got that idea? Gabi Hernandez. Before she tricked me into marrying her and kicked me to the curb," Stefan said. Stefan told Hope what had happened with Gabi, and he theorized aloud that Gabi had been working with Nicole to gain control of the company. When Stefan mentioned that Nicole had tracked down Tony and married him, Hope's mouth fell open in surprise. Stefan explained that Kristen had resurrected Tony with the others.

"The only way that I can get my company back from my dearly beloved wife is if I clear my name, and I have a strong suspicion that Nicole had something to do with this. And I know for a fact that Kate and Ted are lying. Not that I expect you to give this any credence," Stefan said.

"Actually, I do believe you about Ted and Kate," Hope countered. Hope explained that she had spoken to Kate and Ted, and Hope was sure that they had lied to her. Stefan offered to talk to Ted, but Hope warned Stefan to stay away. Frustrated, Stefan announced, "Ted Laurent is going to talk to me if it's the last thing he ever does."

At the Salem Inn, Tony watched as Kristen pulled off her Nicole mask in order to reveal herself to Ted. Taken aback, Ted asked Tony, "You married your sister?" Tony reminded Ted that "Nicole" had warned him not to cross Kristen. With a shrug, Kristen noted that Ted and Hope would have to pay the price for his mistake.

"What are you talking about?" Ted stammered. "You discovered my secret, and I can't have you walking around town, telling people," Kristen said. Ted glanced over at the gun on the table. Ted reached for the gun, and Tony intercepted. As the two men struggled for control of the weapon, the gun discharged. Ted feel to his knees, blood seeping out of his chest. After a moment, Ted collapsed.

With an exasperated sigh, Kristen walked over to Ted and starting shaking his head to wake him up and check his pulse. Tony offered to call an ambulance. "Don't bother. He's dead," Kristen confirmed. Tony groaned. "We'll just have to bring him back. After all, I was lolling around in the afterlife before Dr. Rolf injected me with that serum," Tony said. Kristen noted that there was no way to retrieve more of the serum.

"Why did you have to shoot him, anyway?" Kristen asked. Tony yelled that Ted had grabbed the gun, and he had been forced to protect Kristen. "You're a hero," Kristen muttered. Tony suggested that they call the police. Kristen reminded Tony that the police did not give DiMera family members the benefit of the doubt, and she argued that she could not let an accident ruin her chances of reuniting with Brady or reclaiming the family business.

Tony countered that covering up the shooting could put him in legal jeopardy. "Sister or no sister, I don't think I owe you that much," Tony said. Tony pointed at the blood on the carpet. When Kristen cracked a joke about calling housekeeping, Tony snapped and reminded Kristen that someone likely called the police about the gunshot. Ted's phone rang. "People are going to be looking for this jerk, and they cannot find him here," Kristen said.

At the police station, Jack left a voicemail on Ted's phone, asking him to make a decision about the job as D.A. As Jack ended the call, he asked Eli what was wrong. Eli informed Jack that Stefan had called to rant about Tony's return from the dead. Eli added that Stefan had complained that Nicole had married Tony and was mired in a conspiracy to frame Stefan for the kidnapping.

"Probably just the desperate ramblings of a guilty man," Jack commented. After a moment, Jack encouraged Eli to go to the Salem Inn and meet with Tony. When Eli noted that the visit could be considered harassment, Jack reminded Eli that there was a roomful of police files on the DiMera family in the records room.

"Just a matter of time until the man breaks the law again," Jack said. Reluctantly, Eli left the station. When Eli arrived at the Salem Inn, Tony answered Nicole's door. Eli asked to enter the room, and Tony welcomed him in. Eli looked around the room. Tony noted that Nicole was busy "taking out the trash."

Tony explained that Nicole was taking his old trunk down to the dump. When Tony suggested that Eli return later, Eli declined. Eli asked to talk with Tony instead. As Eli shuffled his feet, Tony noticed that Eli was standing on the blood stain. In an effort to distract Eli from the stain, Tony maneuvered across the room so that he was standing on the bloody evidence.

"I'm here to put you on notice," Eli announced. Tony asked Eli if he had any evidence of a crime or if Eli was accusing him simply because of his name. "For an innocent man, you seem awful worried about being found guilty," Eli said. Tony smirked. Eli changed the subject to Tony's marriage. Tony admitted that he had not known Nicole long.

"Sometimes when someone crosses your path, you feel like you have known them their entire life," Tony said. Eli noted that it was strange that Nicole had gotten married so soon after the death of her daughter. "In private, she is grieving," Tony confirmed. Tony steered Eli to the door and confided that Nicole had decided to honor her daughter by moving on with her life. Before Eli left, he shook Tony's hand and told him that he hoped Tony would also move on and make the most of his life.

At Ted's apartment building, Kristen pushed a steamer trunk with Ted's body in it down the hallway. Kristen slipped into Ted's apartment, unnoticed, with the trunk. With a lot of effort, Kristen wrestled Ted's body out of the trunk. After posing Ted's body on the floor, Kristen muttered, "Let's make this look like a botched robbery." Kristen wandered the apartment and noticed a hundred-dollar bill on the floor. Kristen rooted through the drawers until she found the wads of cash. Once the cash was gathered, Kristen noticed the diamond necklace on the floor.

"This is even better," Kristen said with a chuckle. Kristen shoved her loot into her bag, and she threw the gun on the floor next to Ted. On her way out, Kristen left the door open and turned off the lights.

At Doug's Place, Jennifer chatted with Abe about Jack and Eve. Jennifer informed Abe that Eve had destroyed the serum. "Jack is never going to be able to get his memory back again," Jennifer lamented. Abe urged Jennifer to be hopeful, but she countered that she did not want to think about Jack. Right on cue, Jack walked in. When Jack walked past Jennifer and did not say hello, Abe grew annoyed.

Abe approached Jack and offered his sympathies for Jack's trouble with Eve. Suspicious, Jack asked if Abe was only there to rub Jack's face in his failed marriage. Embarrassed, Jennifer looked away. Jack said he did not want Abe's sympathy. Jack added that he was not interested in talking about his personal life with Abe. With a nod, Abe agreed that he was not interested in Jack's personal life unless it involved people that he cared about. Abe glanced over at Jennifer.

Abe offered to help Jack find a new commissioner, but Jack declined. Jack informed Abe that he had hired Eli as the commissioner. When Abe agreed that Eli was a good choice, Jennifer ran over and interjected to say that Eli was a good pick. "What do you know? Looks like this slimy politician got something right," Jack joked sarcastically.

"You were a different person when you were with Eve, and now that she is out of your life, you can make different choices," Jennifer said. Jack said he had decided not to let his personal feelings interfere with his judgment any more. Jack grabbed his bag of takeout and left.

"I think we touched a nerve. Jack is clearly feeling regret," Abe said. Jennifer was unsure. Abe said he believed that Jack wanted to be the man he had been, even if Jack did not fully understand that himself.

Jack returned to the police station, where Eli confirmed that he had warned Tony that the police would be keeping an eye on him. "Any word from Laurent?" Eli asked. Jack noted that Ted had not returned his calls. Jack suggested they drive over to Ted's apartment and talk to him.

At Ted's apartment, Stefan called out Ted's name as he wandered through the open front door. Stefan saw Ted on the floor, and he nudged Ted's foot. Stefan turned on the lights. "Rough night, buddy?" Stefan asked as he approached the body. When Stefan rolled Ted over to check on him, he saw the blood. Stefan checked Ted's pulse. Concerned, Stefan looked around the room for an assailant.

"Who did this to you?" Stefan wondered aloud as he crouched next to the body. There was a noise in the hallway. Worried, Stefan grabbed the gun and aimed it at the front door as Eli and Jack walked in. "Freeze!" Eli yelled as he pulled out his gun. Stefan held up his hands in surrender.

At the Salem Inn, Tony finished cleaning the blood stain from the carpet. Brady knocked on the door, and he pushed past Tony into the room. "Where's Nicole?" Brady asked. "What are your intentions with my wife?" Tony countered.

In the park, Kristen rifled through the loot from Ted's apartment. As Kristen walked over to the trash can, a bill fluttered out of her bag and fell to the ground. Kristen buried the diamond necklace in the trash. "Miss!" Hope called out to Kristen. Hope picked up the stray hundred-dollar bill. Kristen froze, her back still facing Hope.

Eric and Brady both give in to temptation

Eric and Brady both give in to temptation

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

by Mike

Xander and Rex stumbled out of the Brady Pub together after knocking back several rounds of whiskey shots.

"I just realized something -- I can't go home, [because] my wife is there...and she's in love with my brother," Rex told Xander, managing a bitter laugh. "I guess I could...walk to the hospital and sleep in the on-call room..." Rex mused, but Xander was quick to point out that it was never a good idea for someone to show up at a place of employment while drunk as a skunk. "I'm not that drunk! I can totally play it off!" Rex dismissively insisted before taking another step -- and falling. "I...don't think you can, mate..." Xander gently argued while helping Rex up.

"Hey -- get your hands off my son!" Kate, who had just rounded a corner, protectively ordered Xander. "It's fine -- he's just been providing me with a," Rex vaguely explained, but Kate remained concerned. "This is the guy who kidnapped me [and] locked me in a room to die!" Kate incredulously reminded Rex. "I know, and I'm still totally mad about that -- like, really mad -- but he's also a dreat -- great -- drinking companion," Rex stressed, drawing a smile from Xander, who returned the compliment.

"The two of you got drunk together," Kate summarized, still confused. "Drowning our mutual sorrows, you could say," Xander explained. "We both got dumped by Sarah," Rex elaborated.

Stunned, Kate chased Xander off with a reminder about the dangers of driving while drunk then dragged the rest of the story out of Rex, who was reluctant to share it.

Xander stumbled into the Kiriakis mansion while Maggie was sitting alone in the living room, reading a book.

"Mags! You're up! [You know], I thought everybody would be asleep by now, but you're not -- you're here!" Xander excitedly observed, pleased to have some company. "And you're drunk," Maggie knowingly countered. "Am I? No!" Xander insisted, waving a hand dismissively. "Okay, yes -- I am," Xander quickly conceded, chuckling sheepishly. "[But], in my defense, I was just helping your son-in-law numb the pain after your daughter broke his little heart," Xander explained while joining Maggie on the couch. "You know what happened?" Xander asked. "She told me," Maggie confirmed.

"You know, [Rex] was never right for her," Xander argued. "And you are?" Maggie guessed while handing over a glass of water. "Come on, Mags -- we both know you didn't like Dr. Rex, [either]. But you do like me, [and] if you put in a good word for me --" Xander began to suggest. "Even if I thought you were right for [Sarah] doesn't matter what I say, [because] her heart belongs to someone else [already]," Maggie stressed, and Xander conceded the point with a sigh of disappointment.

"Why does Sarah keep pining for Eric when he's so clearly in love with Nicole? [You know], I would always put Sarah first, but Eric -- no, he just keeps trying and trying to win Nicole back," Xander mused. "Well, I think he's finally given up, [since] Nicole keeps pushing him away," Maggie argued. "But that's not really Nicole!" Xander countered, chuckling hysterically. "Of course it's Nicole! Who else would it be?" Maggie protested. "What I meant was, um...she's not been acting like Nicole," Xander claimed.

"The real Nicole loves Eric...and if she ever returns, Sarah will be left out in the cold," Xander predicted, and Maggie conceded that was a real possibility.

Maggie went to the kitchen to get some ice cream, sensing that Xander could use some comfort food. "Most people in this town think I'm a terrible person," Xander noted when Maggie returned with the ice cream and two spoons. "You've done some terrible things...but I think there's some good in you, and I'm so sorry that my daughter hasn't returned your feelings for her," Maggie stressed while handing Xander one of the spoons.

"Someday, you're gonna find a woman who is right for you," Maggie assured Xander. "[But], until then, [there's always] cookies and cream," Maggie continued, giggling as Xander dug out an oversized spoonful of the treat.

Eric was at home, cleaning up the mess that Rex had left behind earlier, when Sarah arrived. "Did Rex do that to you?" Sarah asked while eyeing Eric's facial wounds. "Yeah...and I don't blame him," Eric replied before proceeding to tell Sarah the whole story. "I'm sorry that I hurt Rex...but I can't say that I'm sorry that [this is all] finally out in the open," Sarah admitted afterward.

"My marriage to Rex is over, Eric -- that much I know," Sarah firmly insisted when Eric started trying to offer words of encouragement about marriages that had survived worse ordeals. "What I don't where you and I go from here. Is there a chance for us?" Sarah hesitantly continued, looking hopeful. "I know -- you're still in love with Nicole, and you probably always will be," Sarah acknowledged when Eric didn't respond right away. "Nicole won't even talk to me anymore, [and] I don't even know who she is anymore," Eric admitted, adding that Nicole was supposedly in love with Tony, in any case.

"Do you really think we could be happy [together, knowing how it'd] hurt Rex?" Eric asked. "I know that you are always thinking about what's best for everyone else, and always putting your needs last, [but]...please, just for once, stop thinking about your brother's feelings and just think about your own," Sarah replied, prompting Eric to seize a kiss. "I love you," Eric admitted, and Sarah returned the sentiment.

Eric kissed Sarah again then led the way to a bedroom.

Eli arrested Stefan, who repeatedly insisted, while being taken to the police station, that someone else had killed Ted.

Kristen rushed off while Hope was trying to return some cash that had been dropped. Confused, Hope pocketed the cash then curiously began to search the trash can that Kristen had been using -- but a phone call from Eli interrupted the search before Ted's extravagant diamond necklace could be found. "Can you come down to the station -- right now?" Eli vaguely requested when Hope answered the call.

At the Salem Inn, Brady curiously wondered why Tony, who was married to Nicole in name only, was being so protective. "Well, I have to admit that Nicole and I are not passionately in love, but I am her husband, and I did save her life [by] pulling her out of that fire, and you know what they say -- when you save a life, then you're responsible for that life forever," Tony innocently reasoned, and Brady seemed to buy that explanation. "I can assure you [that] I have, uh, no intentions of hurting Nicole. [See, I've already] caused her enough pain, Tony -- I made her leave town, I made her leave Eric -- [and] I, uh...I regret all of it," Brady stressed.

Just then, Kristen entered the hotel room, suddenly disguised as Nicole -- an unexpected development that drew a sigh of relief from Tony. "Is everything all right, darling?" Tony asked pointedly, and Kristen nodded in response, knowing that the question was really about Ted. "Nicole" claimed, for Brady's benefit, to have been walking around all night, trying to figure out how to seize control of DiMera Enterprises. "Nicole" then asked Tony for some time alone with Brady. After Tony left, Brady told "Nicole" about what Gabi had done to Stefan earlier that night. Kristen was impressed with Brady for having given Gabi the idea to seduce and destroy Stefan.

Kristen was pleased to know that Stefan was out of the way for the time being, believing that Gabi's control of DiMera Enterprises would be easier to contest. Kristen raved, as Nicole, that Brady was brilliant for having managed to put the company in such a vulnerable position. "I just wanted to help you, that's all," Brady explained with a shrug, prompting Kristen to seductively argue, as Nicole, that they were perfect for each other because, together, they were an unstoppable force that could rule not just DiMera Enterprises but the whole town. Brady started to give in to "Nicole's" advances but eventually pulled away, not knowing when Tony would return.

Hope entered the police station and congratulated Eli, having just received an alert about Jack's announcement that Salem had a new police commissioner. "That's the news you wanted to tell me, [right]? I understand why you would feel awkward about this, but it's okay, [really]. Salem's lucky to have you -- especially after Eve's reign," Hope stressed. "I appreciate you saying that...but I'm afraid that's not the news that I have to share," Eli clarified before regretfully informing Hope that Ted had been killed earlier that night -- and that Stefan was the prime suspect.

"You don't look surprised," Eli curiously observed, prompting Hope to recap the earlier encounter with Stefan -- who soon joined the conversation, having just completed the booking process. "You tried to get Ted to change his story, and when he wouldn't, you killed him!" Hope guessed, glaring at Stefan. "He was dead when I got there!" Stefan maintained, pointedly adding that Hope had been really upset with Ted earlier, too.

Eli pulled Hope aside to find out what had prompted Stefan's cryptic comment. "I'm a suspect?" Hope asked incredulously before quickly backpedaling, knowing that Eli had a job to do. "I understand -- [and] I have nothing to hide," Hope stressed before telling Eli about the earlier argument with Ted. "Ted didn't deserve to be murdered," Hope sadly insisted afterward.

While passing through Horton Town Square, Kate ran into Tony -- and immediately fainted from the shock of the encounter.

Tony caught and revived Kate then cleared up the misunderstanding, having apparently heard all about Andre's final years in Salem. "What took you so long to come back?" Kate asked afterward. "You know, it was such an arduous journey... I just wanted to make sure that I felt complete as a man before I went searching for my beloved Anna," Tony replied, shrugging.

"If only your brother had cared about me the way you care about Anna..." Kate mused. "You know, what I [could never] understand is why such, uh, a beautiful, intelligent, successful woman like you would have married a snake like Andre [in the first place]," Tony admitted. "Well, I married him because I needed to be a DiMera to be CEO of the company," Kate explained. "Funny -- that's the same reason why Nicole Walker married me," Tony revealed with a chuckle, stunning Kate, who curiously probed for more details. "I didn't have much choice, really," Tony summarized after elaborating.

"Nicole didn't have a choice, either..." Kate muttered, confusing Tony, who started probing for clarification -- but got sidetracked after receiving a text message from Kristen, who was still with Brady at the Salem Inn and didn't want to be interrupted. "Well, would you look at that -- [I've just been] sexiled on my honeymoon night!" Tony declared, feigning indignation. "Nicole is with someone else?" Kate asked incredulously. "Well, like I said, it was a marriage in name only," Tony reiterated, shrugging. "I don't really have anywhere to go... Can I buy you a drink?" Tony offered. "I would love that," Kate agreed.

Shortly after Tony and Kate ordered drinks from the café, Hope passed through the area and seized the opportunity to reunite with an old friend -- and share the news about Ted's murder. "How fortunate," Tony declared with a sigh of relief after hearing that Stefan had been charged with the crime. "That we don't have a murderer roaming the streets," Tony innocently elaborated.

Meanwhile, Kate gulped down a martini, secretly fearing that Stefan wasn't truly responsible for Ted's death -- and that the real culprit, Kristen, might not stop there.

At the Salem Inn, Kristen finally got Brady into bed -- but turned off all the lights first, reiterating, as Nicole, that the warehouse explosion had left embarrassing scars.

Rex finds Sarah with Eric

Rex finds Sarah with Eric

Thursday, August 8, 2019

by Mike

Kayla entered the Brady Pub and saw that Hope was sitting alone at a table near the bar.

"I went by [your] house, but you weren't there," Kayla began while claiming the extra chair at Hope's table. "I woke up early, and I don't have a job to go to or a child to get ready for school, so I just decided to come here," Hope explained, shrugging. "I figured -- I mean, this place is the comfort zone for all of us with the name 'Brady,'" Kayla acknowledged.

"I heard that Ted Laurent was murdered," Kayla gently continued, prompting Hope to share everything that had happened the previous night. "[Stefan's] already pointing the finger at me -- [suggesting that] I was so angry at Ted [that] I shot him! Can you imagine?" Hope indignantly declared afterward, failing to see the irony. "I'm so sorry," Kayla stressed.

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi picked up a recording device and began dictating Abe's instructions for the needed press release about the changes at DiMera Enterprises -- but kept getting distracted with steamy thoughts of Stefan. Gabi eventually got fed up and blindly hurled the recording device across the room, unaware that Rafe was standing in its path. "Something I said?" Rafe wondered after narrowly dodging the projectile.

"I did not see you standing there," Gabi apologetically stressed. "[Then] why'd you throw it?" Rafe asked curiously. "I was upset," Gabi vaguely replied, shrugging.

"I just realized this morning that...there's a lot to running DiMera that I didn't really know," Gabi evasively claimed when Rafe probed for more details. "So...I guess you did it, huh? You really married Stefan," Rafe concluded with a shake of the head, and Gabi proudly confirmed the suspicion then bragged about what had happened afterward. "You have any idea where he went [after you kicked him out]?" Rafe asked. "No, I haven't seen him [since then]. Why are you asking all these questions?" Gabi replied. "Because Stefan was arrested [for murder last night]. I figured you knew," Rafe explained.

"Stefan did not kill Ted, okay? Somebody framed him for the kidnapping, [and] somebody framed him for this, [too]! I know that that's what's happening!" Gabi insisted after hearing the whole story. "You're pretty loyal to a guy you just fleeced," Rafe curiously observed, prompting Gabi to get defensive. "Don't beat yourself up. [I mean], I hate that you are [even] with Stefan, much less married to the guy, but...I'm glad your heart's still working. [You were once] the sweetest, kindest, most caring person that I [had] ever met, and it [has been] terrible for me to watch you change after everything that you went through," Rafe stressed.

"Rafe, you're not understanding! This has absolutely nothing to do with my heart, okay? It's my brain [that's] telling me that Stefan's not guilty!" Gabi dismissively clarified, and Rafe nodded skeptically.

Gabi quickly changed the subject, wondering what was going to happen to Stefan next. "He will be arraigned this morning," Rafe reported. "I don't know how he's gonna make bail, [since his] money's all tied up, and he's only made enemies since he's come to town," Rafe continued. "So...what, he stays in jail?" Gabi asked. "Let's hope so -- for your sake. [After all], he is a dangerous man [who] gets even with people by killing them, [and] you have taken everything from him -- [and] made him look like a fool [in the process]. Who do you think he's gonna come looking for when he gets out?" Rafe replied, making Gabi squirm.

"No matter what I did to Stefan, he'd never hurt me," Gabi eventually insisted. "He'd better not -- for his sake," Rafe protectively declared.

Gabi quickly changed the subject again, wondering how Rafe felt about the sudden death of a romantic rival. "I won't say he got what he deserved...but I'm glad he's out of Hope's life -- permanently," Rafe admitted.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Rex lumbered into the living room in search of coffee to treat a hangover -- and ran into Maggie there.

"You reek of liquor, Dr. Brady," Maggie declared, cringing at the odor. "So, I tied one on last night -- big deal. I was off duty," Rex dismissively countered before changing the subject, guessing that Maggie had heard about what had happened with Sarah. "I know you walked out on her," Maggie confirmed. "Don't worry about her -- she's not too broken up about the whole thing," Rex bitterly stressed. "Did she mention that she's in love with my brother?" Rex asked curiously. "It's like everyone in this entire town knew about this dirty little secret except for me," Rex mused with a mirthless chuckle when Maggie didn't respond right away.

"I...knew that Sarah was fighting her feelings for Eric...but I also knew she was determined to be faithful to you -- and she was," Maggie carefully stressed. "Unlike me," Rex knowingly concluded.

"You're loving every second of this," Rex guessed, but Maggie didn't take the bait. "I was worried, [because] I felt that Sarah was forcing a relationship with you as a way to avoid her feelings for Eric. [I knew] that wasn't fair to you, [and] I was pretty sure it was gonna end badly," Maggie admitted instead. "Yeah, well...congratulations -- you were right," Rex declared before starting to head upstairs in search of Sarah.

"She's not here," Maggie revealed, stopping Rex, who probed for more details, knowing that Sarah didn't have to report to work until later that day. "After you left, she went to see Eric," Maggie hesitantly elaborated. "That was last night... She never came home?" Rex incredulously countered. "No," Maggie confirmed, drawing another bitter chuckle from Rex, who stormed out of the mansion after guessing that Sarah had spent the night in Eric's bed -- and hadn't done much sleeping. Maggie immediately tried to contact Sarah to warn that Rex would likely be arriving at Eric's apartment soon, but the call went to voicemail.

A short time later, Rex stormed into Eric's apartment, not bothering to knock first. "No, please -- keep doing what you're doing. Forget I'm here," Rex dryly encouraged Eric and Sarah, who were both only half dressed and had been making out in the kitchen while waiting for some breakfast foods to finish cooking. "We were -- we were just gonna come talk to you..." Sarah awkwardly began to stress, and Eric nodded in agreement. "Oh, I can see that I'm very high on your list of priorities," Rex sarcastically agreed. "Have you been drinking?" Eric asked. "Ah, the sobriety police -- that's just what I need this morning," Rex replied.

"I'm not judging you --" Eric tried to clarify. "Oh, I'm judging you, though," Rex countered, glaring at Eric. "You know who my drinking buddy was last night? Xander! Turns out, he and I have a lot in common -- you see, we were both sacrificed at the altar of Saint Eric the Divine. [I mean], I know you're not a priest anymore, [so] maybe the cardinal sins don't matter to you [now], but adultery -- that's one of the big ones. [And] you knew, when you were pronouncing us husband and wife, that it was a joke -- that our marriage was dead before it even began!" Rex continued.

"I would really like it if we could just figure out a way to work together and be civil --" Sarah awkwardly began to suggest in an effort to defuse the situation. "'Civil'? You expect us to be 'civil'?" Rex incredulously repeated. "I don't want to come between you and Eric --" Sarah tried to explain. "Little late for that, don't you think?" Rex argued, scoffing.

"You know what? [Just] be happy [and] do your thing. In fact, don't give me another thought," Rex advised Sarah and Eric before storming back out of the apartment and slamming the door shut.

After leaving the pub, Hope headed over to the park, unable to stop thinking about what had happened there the previous night.

Hope located a specific trash can and began rummaging through it, using a handkerchief as a bit of a buffer from the various disgusting things it contained.

Rafe passed through the area a few seconds later -- just as Hope found and picked up Ted's extravagant diamond necklace. "Hope? What are you doing?" Rafe asked curiously.

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi thought about what Rafe had said earlier. "Oh, come on -- don't look at me like that! Just because I have a heart, [that] doesn't mean that I've lost my killer instinct," Gabi defensively snapped at Stefano's portrait. "Hmm. Well, neither have I," Stefan pointedly stressed, joining Gabi in the living room.

At the hospital, Rex tracked down Kayla and unceremoniously announced, "I'm quitting -- effective immediately."

At the Salem Inn, Kate awoke and gasped at the sight of Tony, who had been sleeping soundly on a couch but immediately stirred in response to the gasp and wondered what was wrong. "I open my eyes, and I see the recently undead doppelgänger of my still-deceased husband sleeping near my bed, and you ask me what's wrong!" Kate incredulously summarized. "You're the one who insisted [that I should] stay for the night," Tony reminded Kate before checking a cell phone. "What are you looking for?" Kate asked. "I'm looking for a text from Nicole to tell me I can go back to [our] room...but it's not here," Tony replied.

"Well, I guess that means I should order coffee..." Kate concluded before reaching for the hotel room's phone. "Oh, my God, what's wrong with me? I can't even remember room service's number!" Kate fretted after staring blankly at the phone's keypad for a few seconds. "You were tossing and turning all night, [too]. You seem to be on edge," Tony curiously noted. "Really? Really? You're surprised by that? After Hope tells me [that] Ted [was] murdered?" Kate defensively countered. "He was an old flame of yours?" Tony assumed, and Kate sighed in response. "No wonder you're upset," Tony mused, taking the sigh as confirmation.

"It's not just that... I'm afraid that I'm next," Kate admitted, prompting Tony to probe for more details. "Maybe you are the one [person] who can help me..." Kate acknowledged before reluctantly sharing everything with Tony. "I have been really, really good at always getting myself out of my own jams [in the past], but now I'm stymied. [And] you and I go back quite a ways, [but] you and Kristen go back even further, so I'm thinking [that] if you locate her, then [maybe] you can get her to leave me alone," Kate summarized afterward. "Well, I haven't the foggiest idea how to get in touch with her..." Tony claimed, fidgeting a bit.

"You can start by going back to your 'devoted' wife's room here, [because] I'm not the only one who saw Kristen," Kate revealed before explaining to Tony that Maggie had seen Kristen in Nicole's hotel room at one point. "If Nicole and Kristen are hanging out, there is no way that you wouldn't know about it, especially after returning from ten years of playing dead to help Nicole take over DiMera -- something you know that Kristen would want to do. [So], maybe Kristen and Nicole teamed up in the warehouse, huh? [Look], you need to tell me the truth -- are you working with Kristen?" Kate demanded to know afterward, making Tony squirm.

Kristen, still in disguise, watched as Brady slept soundly in "Nicole's" hotel room. "Last night was so close to being perfect... If only I could have shown you my face; if only you'd known it was me you were making love to... [But] soon, my love -- very soon..." Kristen silently mused, smiling at the thought.

When Brady began stirring a short time later, Kristen grew nervous, knowing that the hotel room wasn't nearly as dark as it had been the previous night. Kristen grabbed a sheet and clutched it protectively while once again reiterating, as Nicole, that the warehouse explosion had left embarrassing scars. "[Being with you again] was different...[but] I don't think it has to do with scar tissue or anything like that... [Actually], I don't know how to explain it, honestly," Brady groggily stressed in an effort to alleviate "Nicole's" concern.

Kristen briefly considered telling Brady the truth but ultimately decided to instead claim, as Nicole, that the difference was Eric. Brady confirmed that Eric's feelings were still a concern, but "Nicole" clarified that the difference was that Eric no longer had even the slightest hold on a heart that would belong solely to Brady from that point forward.

"Nicole" soon climbed out of bed, still clutching a sheet protectively, and headed toward the bathroom to take a shower. Brady caught a glimpse of "Nicole's" upper back and saw a scar there. "Nicole" quickly disappeared from view and shut the bathroom door, and Brady stared at it in disbelief, thinking about Kristen's back tattoo.

Rex says his goodbyes

Rex says his goodbyes

Friday, August 9, 2019

In Kate's room at the Salem Inn, Kate demanded to know if Tony was working with Kristen. Tony denied the charge, but Kate was suspicious. Tony insisted that Kristen had died in the fire. Kate argued that she had seen Kristen with her own eyes, and the only logical conclusion was that Tony was working with his sister.

"It reeks of DiMera," Kate noted about the situation. Tony argued that if he had been working with Kristen, then he would have pursued the CEO position rather than marry Nicole. Kate warned Tony that if he was not working with Kristen, then Kristen would hurt Nicole.

At Eric's apartment, Eric and Sarah discussed their relationship. "We are meant to be together, we both know that," Sarah said. With a groan, Sarah said her biggest concern was the awkwardness of working with Rex at the hospital. Sarah noticed her engagement ring on her finger, and she gasped. As Sarah struggled to remove the ring from her finger, Eric encouraged Sarah to take the day off work for a trip to Chicago. Sarah was adamant that she needed to go to work and face Rex and the fallout from what she had done.

As Sarah opened the door to leave, she found Roman in the hallway. "Looks like you two set up housekeeping," Roman said as he walked into the living room. Sarah apologized. Roman insisted that he was not judging Sarah and Eric, but he counseled the lovers to keep their distance from Rex.

"I'm really glad that [Rex] has you and Kate," Sarah said to Roman. With a nod, Sarah left for work. "What are you doing?" Roman asked Eric. Roman cautioned Eric to wait for Nicole. Eric countered that he would not wait for a woman who had married Tony DiMera. "Not Anna?" Roman asked in confusion. Eric shook his head no. "Does Sarah know you are only with her because you can't have Nicole?" Roman asked. Eric stressed that he had chosen Sarah.

In the Brady Pub, Chloe informed Rex that someone had murdered Ted. Chloe explained that Ted had retrieved the necklace from her after he had insisted that it was urgent that he have it back. Rex told Chloe about Eric and Sarah, and he thanked Chloe for being on his side. With a sigh, Rex said he needed to leave Salem.

"I don't want to work with [Sarah], and I don't want to live in the same town as my brother," Rex complained. Chloe and Rex said their goodbyes, and Chloe left. Rex texted his parents and asked them to meet him at the pub. When Roman returned from Eric's apartment, he confided that he had heard what had happened.

"You showed remarkable restraint and maturity in not punching your brother out," Roman said. Rex smirked as Kate arrived. Rex informed his parents that he had resigned from his position at the hospital. Kate was outraged and wanted to confront Sarah. Kate mentioned that she had intended to talk to Sarah but had been sidetracked by a visit with Tony. After marveling at the odd news about Tony, Kate noted that Rex would continue to run into Sarah in a small town.

Rex agreed and explained that he intended to leave Salem and move to Chicago to be closer to his daughter, Emily. Kate was upset, but Roman suggested that they plan their first meetup in Chicago for the following week. When Kate agreed to join them for the baseball game, Rex chuckled and noted that Kate despised baseball. Rex said goodbye and left. Emotionally overwhelmed, Kate and Roman hugged. When Roman looked over at the door, Anna walked in.

In the square, Eric met up with Sarah. A stunned Sarah told Eric that Rex had quit his job. Rex rounded the corner, and he smirked as he saw Sarah and Eric there. Rex informed Sarah and Eric that he was leaving Salem. "I made a lot of mistakes, and I know I hurt you, but I still love you enough to hope that [Eric] does not break your heart," Rex said. With a nod, Rex left. Eric hugged Sarah to comfort her.

At the Salem Inn, Brady lay in bed while "Nicole" took a shower. Brady thought about how the scar on "Nicole's" back was the same shape and location as the phoenix tattoo on Kristen's back. Alarmed, Brady's eyes went wide with panic. "Nicole" returned and asked what was wrong. Brady lied and said he had been thinking about work. "Nicole" encouraged Brady to be honest with her about his feelings.

"Full disclosure: being with you again has been amazing," Brady started. Brady added that after "Nicole" had left the bed, he had thought about Kristen. Brady apologized for comparing "Nicole" to Kristen. "Nicole" suggested that Brady might still have feelings for Kristen.

"You always want a chance to get it right," "Nicole" said. Brady nodded in agreement. "I'd do the same," "Nicole" said. As "Nicole" started to tell Brady that she was really Kristen, Tony knocked on the front door. "Nicole" admitted Tony into the room, and he sneered as he took in the scene.

"If you're finished with her, Brady, do you mind if I have my wife to myself?" Tony asked. Brady ducked into the bathroom to dress. Tony asked Kristen how Brady would feel about the fact that Kristen had slept with him without revealing her true identity. Before Kristen could answer, Brady returned to the room. Brady kissed "Nicole" goodbye and left.

"I was going to tell Brady who I really am!" Kristen yelped. "Are you out of your freaking mind?" Tony yelled back. With a groan, Tony noted, "It is terrifying that you would risk everything because you wanted a roll in the hay with your stud muffin." Tony told Kristen about his conversation with Kate. When Kristen asked Tony if he had admitted to Kate that he was working with Kristen, Tony scoffed.

"I'm not stupid like you," Tony said. Tony argued that it was only a matter of time before Kate told someone that Kristen was alive. Tony suggested that he and Kristen divorce and run off with their respective loves. Kristen refused. Kristen argued that she and Tony were too close to acquiring their family business to stop. With a nod, Kristen said that Gabi would screw up, and "Nicole" would be there to swoop in and be the hero. "You will not be seeing Anna anytime soon," Kristen growled.

At Doug's Place, Brady sipped on a soda and stared into the distance, lost in thought. Chloe walked over and said hello. When Chloe asked what was wrong, Brady confessed that he had slept with Nicole.

Stefan returned home to the DiMera living room and found Gabi talking to Stefano's portrait. Stefan grinned at Gabi. "The first person, the only person I wanted to see when I made bail was my pretty bride who stabbed me in the back and smiled about it," Stefan grumbled. Stefan marched over to Gabi and backed her against the fireplace. As Gabi trembled, Stefan noted that no "conniving bitch" would keep him out of his house.

Gabi grasped the fire poker, but Stefan noted that she would not need it. Stefan explained that he had not killed Ted and that Gabi did not need to be afraid that Stefan would kill her. With a devilish grin, Stefan added that he wanted Gabi to suffer, not die. Gabi regained her composure and noted that the serious charges against Stefan were adding up. When Gabi cautioned Stefan to protect himself from the legal charges, Stefan pointed out that it sounded like Gabi cared about him.

"You know what I learned or relearned from you? I don't need anyone. You were a distraction," Stefan growled. Stefan threatened to grind Gabi "to dust." "I can't believe, even for a second, that I thought we..." Stefan started before he stopped himself. When Gabi asked Stefan what he had been about to say, he shook his head. Stefan said it did not matter what he had thought, because his only concern was to destroy Gabi.

"I'm not afraid of you," Gabi whispered. "Yes, Gabi. You are," Stefan countered. Gabi rolled her eyes at Stefan. Stefan argued that Gabi had overplayed her hand and lost control over him. Stefan gently took Gabi's hand in his, and she visibly trembled, clearly still attracted to him. Stefan smiled. "But I haven't lost [my control] over you," Stefan said. Gabi snatched her hand away.

"You've got it bad, girl. And that ain't good," Stefan said with a chuckle. Gabi insisted that the only thing she felt toward Stefan was contempt. With a knowing smile, Stefan said, "Keep telling yourself that." Frustrated, Gabi informed Stefan that she intended to upgrade the security protocols so that if Stefan set foot on the property again, he would be shot. With fire in her eyes, Gabi marched out of the room.

In the park, Hope carefully lifted Ted's diamond necklace out of the trash can. Rafe saw Hope, and he asked her if she had reconsidered Ted's gift. "It's complicated," Hope said. Hope told Rafe about Will's confirmation that Ted's statement about the docks had not been corroborated by the CCTV footage. With a shrug, Hope admitted that Ted had lied. Hope told Rafe about the woman she had seen in the park and how she had found the necklace in the trash.

Rafe urged that Hope turn the necklace over to Eli for the investigation. With a smile, Hope reminded Rafe of their partnership. "I guess this is your 'I told you so' moment," Hope said. Rafe joked that he was too much of a professional to say that. Hope told Rafe about how she had tricked Ted into inviting her into his apartment, and how she had snooped around. Hope noted that it was quite a coincidence that after she had found loose hundred-dollar bills in Ted's apartment that a hundred-dollar bill and the necklace had turned up in the park near the mystery woman.

"You don't think it's Gabi, do you?" Rafe asked with worry. Rafe explained that Gabi had defended Stefan and had pushed to exonerate him. Hope shook her head no.

"I'm thinking Gabi may be right that Stefan had nothing to do with the kidnapping, and I don't think he killed Ted," Hope said. Hope said she believed Stefan had told the truth. Hope added that she believed Ted had been involved in something dangerous and had lied to her to protect her. Hope and Rafe agreed that the mystery woman in the park had either killed Ted or knew who had killed Ted.

After Hope parted from Rafe, she ran into Stefan. With glee, Stefan noted that he was out on bail. Stefan accused Hope of shooting Ted. Hope said she had not killed Ted, but she had an idea who had murdered him. At the police station, Rafe called Gabi to inform her that he believed she had been right about Stefan. Rafe agreed that Stefan might be innocent. A worried look crossed Gabi's face.

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