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Lucas agreed to donate Kate's heart to Julie. Jordan told Ben to stay away from David. Marlena refused to help Ben commit Jordan to Bayview. Kristen planned to steal Sarah's fetus but learned she was already pregnant. Sarah decided not to get an abortion. Rolf injected Kate with a serum, and she woke from her coma. Jack saved Jennifer, and he remembered their life together. Kate remembered that Vivian had shot her.
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Kristen blackmails Xander Kristen blackmails Xander

Monday, September 23, 2019

by Mike

At the hospital, Hope assured Julie that Gabi wouldn't be returning anytime soon. "I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, [but] when I walked in here and saw her yelling at you... There was no remorse!" Hope mused with a shake of the head, clearly disgusted with Gabi. "I am not going to give Gabi the satisfaction of watching me die," Julie promised Hope.

Gabi found Will in the foyer of the DiMera mansion and wondered what was going on. "I'm here to see Ari," Will claimed. "She's at a play date...but you knew that, right? So, what's with the ear to the [living room] door?" Gabi countered, prompting Will to reluctantly explain what was really going on. "Look at you, going all 'investigative reporter'..." Gabi teasingly observed, but Will wasn't amused.

Gabi apologized and comforted Will with a hug -- just as Stefan and Vivian entered the foyer. "What's going on here?" Stefan demanded to know. "Isn't it obvious? Will's grandmother has passed!" Vivian guessed with a laugh of delight before forcing a sigh and attempting to offer condolences. "She's not dead -- and don't act like you care, because I know you shot her!" Will snapped at Vivian.

"I'm not leaving here until I get to the truth," Will vowed before storming into the living room, where Vivian's "Dr. Cramer" disguise had been left out on a chair. "You cannot go barging in there!" Vivian worriedly protested, chasing after Will. "How 'bout a drink?" Stefan calmly offered, distracting Will just long enough for Vivian to settle into the chair and cover up with a blanket, hiding the disguise from view.

"I don't want a drink; I want answers!" Will snapped at Stefan before turning to face Vivian again. "I know, [and] I understand why you came here [for them], but we have nothing to hide. Detective Price was just here. She questioned us, searched the entire house, [and] found nothing incriminating -- no evidence linking my mother or myself to your grandmother's shooting," Stefan stressed. "That is not the same thing as saying you're innocent," Will pointed out. "It's pretty clear I'm not gonna get the truth from you two, but I am not giving up; I will get answers...and God help you both when I do," Will added.

Will started to storm back out of the mansion, and Gabi followed. "You know they're lying, right, Gabi? You know they're lying!" Will snapped. "I'm really sorry about Kate, okay? I will keep her in my prayers," Gabi stressed. "Do more than that! Help me! Help me prove that one of them shot her!" Will begged, but Gabi just shrugged in response. "I know Stefan is your husband...but, Gabi, how can you look in the mirror and be okay with what they've done?" Will asked before exiting the mansion with a shake of the head, slamming the door shut. Gabi released a sigh of regret then returned to the living room -- and found Vivian preparing a martini.

"Are you celebrating?" Gabi incredulously snapped at Vivian, who shamelessly confirmed the suspicion. "You're disgusting!" Gabi spat, prompting Stefan to step in and try to defuse the situation. "I know you feel obligated to protect her because she is your mother, but what about Will? He's the father of my child! What about my obligations to him, huh?" Gabi asked Stefan before storming upstairs. "That one is a handful -- and not in a good way," Vivian told Stefan, who wasn't amused. "From what I have seen, she's more loyal to Will and his family than she is to [us]. You keep her in line...or you and I are going down," Vivian warned Stefan.

While passing through Horton Town Square, Sonny spotted Brady, who was staring distractedly at a coffee cup, consumed with desire for Kristen -- or at least a stronger drink. "Anybody home?" Sonny teasingly called out, snapping Brady back to reality. "Where were you?" Sonny curiously wondered, but Brady ignored the question and changed the subject, probing for the latest information about Kate's condition -- and the investigation into the shooting. "The only update is that Lucas is in town. He's at the hospital right now, so I was just gonna pick up some food and, uh, bring it to him and Will," Sonny reported.

Brady wasn't surprised to hear that Vivian was Will's prime suspect in the shooting. "I wouldn't put anything past that woman," Brady admitted. "Is it wrong to wish that she was one of Rolf's reboots that didn't work?" Sonny wondered, drawing a chuckle from Brady, who derisively referred to Rolf as one of Kristen's many gifts that kept on giving.

"[Kristen] is a one-person wrecking crew," Sonny declared with a shake of the head. "Oh, I don't know if you've heard, but she's on a path to redemption [now]," Brady dryly countered before listing each of Kristen's recent good deeds. "You know, it almost sounds like you're sticking up for her," Sonny observed, seeing through Brady's sarcastic tone at once.

"Sonny, I'm in denial. I know what she's done, I know that she has no control, I know that she has no boundaries...and yet, when I'm around her, I just want more of her," Brady admitted with a sigh before telling Sonny about what had almost happened in Kristen's hotel room the previous night. "What the hell is wrong with me?" Brady fretted. "Nothing! Kristen is the problem, not you; she knows every vulnerability [and] every button, and she's using everything in her bag of tricks. [But] as long as you know that, she can't hold [any] power over you," Sonny argued, impressing Brady, who promised to keep that in mind.

Brady soon rushed off, not wanting to be out in public, where there was always a chance of running into Kristen, any longer than necessary. A short time later, while Sonny was waiting for a takeout order, Will entered the town square. Pleasantly surprised, Sonny wondered what had prompted Will to leave Kate's side. "I didn't want to keep looking at Grandma like that -- just lying there, helpless -- so...I went to the DiMera mansion to confront Vivian about shooting her. [And] she denied it, of course, [and] Stefan backed her up -- said they were together that day -- [but] I know he's lying," Will explained to Sonny, scowling.

"Apparently, Kayla tried to take [Grandma] off the ventilator to see if she could function on her, but she couldn't... I mean, what if this is it? What if she doesn't make it?" Will fretted, prompting Sonny to offer a comforting hug. "Kate isn't going anywhere. You said it yourself -- she's the strongest woman you know. And, just a year ago, Marlena was on life support, and she pulled through, [so] do you really think Kate's gonna let Marlena upstage her?" Sonny argued, managing to make Will smile. Will worriedly wondered what Lucas was going to do, as Kate's healthcare proxy, if things didn't change soon.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah watched Xander and Kristen expectantly, waiting for one of them to reveal what they had just been talking about seconds earlier.

"Should I tell her, or do you want to do the honors?" Xander asked Kristen, who stammered in response. "Turns out, Kristen's so desperate to capture Brady's heart that she's outdone herself, which is saying something... She's going to --" Xander continued. "Turn over a new leaf," Kristen concluded before proudly listing recent good deeds. "Get to the part of your plan that involves me," Sarah impatiently prodded Kristen. "If I had your support, I know it would go a long way towards convincing Brady that I have changed," Kristen innocently explained, drawing a laugh from Sarah, who refused to cooperate.

"And, let me tell you, [Kristen's] 'charm offensive' -- oh, that's just the beginning of her big plan," Xander cryptically revealed, but Sarah received a phone call just then, interrupting the conversation.

"I am warning you, Xander -- think twice about getting in my way!" Kristen quietly snapped after Sarah stepped into the foyer to take the call. "There's no way in hell I'm letting you take Sarah's baby and pass it off as yours and Brady's!" Xander firmly maintained. "If you don't help me make this happen, I am gonna tell Eric that Sarah is having his child -- and that you're the one who told me. [And] when Sarah learns that you shared her precious secret with me, [and] then I shared it with [Eric]... The hurt, the betrayal... I mean, she might even hate you," Kristen stressed. "Maybe that's a chance I'm willing to take," Xander countered.

"Is it? Really?" Kristen asked Xander skeptically -- just as Sarah reentered the living room, ready to continue the earlier conversation.

Xander evasively insisted, when asked, that the rest of the details of Kristen's big plan didn't really matter, since it wasn't going to work, anyway. Sarah agreed that Kristen's selfishly motivated good deeds weren't going to fool Brady. As Kristen started to object, Sarah started feeling a bit dizzy. "You really need to take care of yourself," Kristen advised Sarah, rushing over to the bar to fill a glass with water. "Why don't I help you to your room?" Xander offered after Sarah somewhat suspiciously accepted Kristen's offering. "I'm okay," Sarah insisted before carefully heading upstairs, leaving Xander and Kristen alone together again.

"Snooty little loser," Kristen spat. "She's an angel," Xander insisted. "And the mother of my child, so...I will play nice," Kristen decided.

"[Now], I will contact Dr. Rolf and make the necessary arrangements for him to be present at Sarah's abortion procedure -- he'll extract her embryo, implant it in me, and Sarah will wake up none the wiser... [So], what I need from you is date and time...[unless you refuse to help, in which case] Sarah will hate you forever... I mean, it's your call," Kristen continued. "I'm in," Xander agreed with a sigh after some thought.

Satisfied, Kristen started to exit the mansion -- and ran into Brady on the way out. "What the hell are you doing here?" Brady snapped at Kristen before demanding to be left alone. "[I'll leave you alone] for now...but not forever, because there will be a day that you'll understand that we belong together," Kristen promised before leaving, puzzling Brady, who had clearly expected more of a fight.

Meanwhile, Xander joined Sarah upstairs. "Are you absolutely sure you don't want to have this baby?" Xander wondered. "I am," Sarah confirmed. "Then...I will be with you every step of the way," Xander promised.

At the hospital, Kayla gently noted that Lucas, as Kate's healthcare proxy, might have to make some tough decisions at some point in the near future. "When Marlena was on life support last year, [Mom] said the only reason why God spared Marlena was because she was a good person, and she did good things for people... She said that God would never do that for her -- not after the way she lived her life..." Lucas recalled, fighting back tears. "My mother's always been the kind of person who's been in total control of her whole life... She's not gonna want to be kept alive by machines..." Lucas acknowledged.

Kayla assured Lucas that nothing needed to be decided right away and that there were people to talk to in Salem who understood the dilemma all too well -- including, at that very moment, Julie's family. "I gotta see her," Lucas decided after Kayla revealed the grim realities of Julie's condition. "With any luck, I'll run into Jennifer [on the way]... I haven't kept in touch with her at all... I feel horrible about it," Lucas added, causing Kayla to squirm a bit. Oblivious, Lucas headed off to Julie's room, which Hope had just left, having agreed to check on Doug to satisfy Julie. Lucas reluctantly revealed, when Julie asked, that Kate had been shot and was in a coma.

Later, Lucas rejoined Kayla, who was with Hope -- and was gently explaining that, without a miracle, Julie could die at any time. "Maybe there is a miracle..." Lucas mused.

"Would it be possible to give my mom's heart to Julie?" Lucas asked hesitantly, surprising Kayla and Hope.

Kayla confirms that Kate is a match Kayla confirms that Kate is a match

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

At the hospital, Lucas suggested to Kayla and Hope that Kate could be a heart donor for Julie. "Of course, I want my mom to get better, but if that's not going to happen, if she is not going to get better, shouldn't some good come out of it?" Lucas said through tears. Overwhelmed, Hope asked Kayla if the transplant was possible. Kayla said tests were needed first.

"Maybe if my mom saved a life, it might make it easier for me to move on," Lucas said. Kayla encouraged Lucas to talk to his siblings. Lucas agreed to talk to his family, but he asked Kayla to run the tests in the meantime. After Kayla walked away, Hope thanked Lucas for his offer.

"Are you sure, though? This is what you really want?" Hope asked. Lucas said he knew Kate would not want to live in a coma, and he would be comforted to know his mother's heart would beat on in someone else.

In Kate's room at the hospital, Marlena talked to her friend. "Dig in your stilettos, and do what you do best. Honey, you have to fight now," Marlena said. Marlena noted that the doctors were wrong, because they did not understand that Kate would "never throw in the towel."

At Rafe's house, Jordan promised baby David that she would kill anyone who attempted to get between her and him. Rafe walked in. Startled, Jordan said she had been reassuring David that she would be there to protect him. Rafe said he hoped that Jordan had told David that Rafe would protect David, as well. Concerned, Rafe asked Jordan if anything was wrong. Jordan said she felt guilty about what she had done to Ciara.

"Thank you for respecting my wishes about Ben. I can't think of a worse influence on him," Jordan said. Rafe asked to talk about Ben. After Jordan put David to bed, she returned to the kitchen. Rafe told Jordan that Ben had changed, just like Jordan. "I didn't murder three people!" Jordan objected. Rafe reminded Jordan that her concerns about Ben's threat level to Ciara were wrong. Rafe added that Ben was her only family.

"I am sorry, but the answer is still no," Jordan said firmly. Jordan announced that she wanted to go for a walk. When Rafe started to talk, Jordan stopped him, and she reminded Rafe that the judge had told Rafe he did not need to watch her. With a nod, Rafe promised to watch David while Jordan was out.

While sitting in the park, Ben told Ciara that Jordan had made it clear that she did not want Ben to have any contact with David. "I hate this as much as you do, but Jordan is David's mother, which means she calls the shots. I'm afraid if we don't accept it, we're just going to make things worse," Ciara said. Ben was worried about Jordan's mental state, because Jordan had not undergone years of therapy as he had.

"It's an act," Ben said with certainty. "What if your sister really is better? That's what we should be hoping for, right?" Ciara asked. Ben nodded, but he noted that they could not let down their guard around Jordan. Ben said he needed to run an errand, and he promised to meet Ciara back at his place.

Ben went to the hospital and met up with Marlena in her office. "I need your help putting my crazy ass sister back in Bayview where she belongs," Ben said. "I haven't met with her professionally," Marlena said as she explained why she could not get involved. Marlena urged Ben to trust in the judgment of the doctors at Bayview. Ben told Marlena about his conversation with Jordan and her veiled threat.

"I want you to stand down, and do not engage with your sister," Marlena cautioned. Ben said he would find a way to neutralize Jordan on his own. With a sigh, Ben walked out.

When Ciara returned home to the DiMera guesthouse, Jordan knocked on the door. Ciara reluctantly let Jordan in the house. Jordan promised that she had no intention of hurting Ciara again. Jordan pulled a stuffed duck out of her purse. "I can't have Ben influence or infect David in any way," Jordan said. Jordan called Ben evil. "Evil like that never goes away," Jordan said.

Ciara argued that if Jordan had spent time with Ben, she would have seen how much Ben had changed. "It was Ben's actions that pushed me to extremes," Jordan said. "You're still delusional, aren't you?" Ciara asked. Jordan told Ciara that she needed to see Ben for the danger that he was for Ciara. Ciara opened the door and asked Jordan to leave.

"You still have a chance to save yourself," Jordan said. "I know [Ben]. I love him, and I always will," Ciara said. Ciara asked Jordan why she would not give Ben a second chance when Ciara was giving one to Jordan. Jordan growled that Ben did not deserve another chance.

When Ben returned home, he noticed the duck on the table. Ciara confirmed that Jordan had dropped it off. Alarmed, Ben asked Ciara if she was okay. Ciara said Jordan had not threatened her.

Hope stopped by Rafe's house to ask about the court appearance. "There was a little complication," Rafe admitted. Rafe told Hope about Jordan. "I can keep watch on [Jordan]. Not to mention I can keep David in my life," Rafe explained. Hope asked about Jordan's mental health. With a shrug, Rafe said that Jordan had been cleared by her doctors but was not fully ready to reenter society.

"She tried to kill my daughter, Rafe. I don't want Jordan anywhere near her," Hope said. Rafe told Hope that Jordan had already talked to Ciara and Ben. Hope was dismayed, but her phone beeped with a message from Kayla, which distracted her. Rafe asked about Julie. Hope told Rafe about Lucas' offer.

"I don't even know how to process that," Rafe whispered. "It may not even be a match," Hope whispered. Rafe said he hoped Kate's heart was a match, for Julie's sake. "Pretty soon, we could be saying goodbye to both of them," Hope said. As Rafe hugged Hope, Jordan returned home. Uncomfortable, Hope turned to leave. Jordan stopped Hope to apologize to her.

"I'm sure you hate me for trying to hurt your daughter, but I just want you to know that I am really not that person anymore," Jordan said. Hope left without a word. Rafe advised Jordan to keep working on herself, and eventually, people would come around. Rafe asked Jordan about her walk. "It really cleared my head," Jordan said.

In the Kiriakis living room, Brady thought about Kristen. Frustrated, Brady examined the bar cart for alcohol. "Where do they keep the booze now?" Brady muttered. "Brady?" Sarah asked as she walked into the room. When Sarah asked Brady if he was looking for alcohol, Brady reluctantly admitted that he had been. Brady muttered that Kristen was in his head. Brady told Sarah about his interactions with Kristen, and he asked Sarah for help.

"Cold turkey works best for me. Just stay as far away from her as possible," Sarah suggested. Brady said it would be impossible to avoid Kristen. "She has this pull on me that I can't help," Brady explained. Sarah asked Brady if he felt he could change Kristen. With a shrug, Brady said he could not change a DiMera. Brady told Sarah that he had told Kristen that he would never have anything to do with her, and Kristen had acted like she knew something he did not.

"Or she has a plan," Sarah suggested. "No matter how much I am drawn to her, I am never going to give that woman another chance," Brady said. Sarah remarked that Brady's acknowledgment that Kristen was a problem was good. Sarah told Brady that he deserved better than Kristen.

"Her reign of terror, this whole plan of hers, has to stop," Brady said. Brady added that he was worried his strength would disappear once he was near Kristen. Brady changed the subject to Eric. Sarah said she did not want to stand in the way of Eric and Nicole's relationship, and she was intent on living her life.

"I don't know if I know a more selfless person than you," Brady said. Brady asked Sarah to make a pact with him to keep one another from Eric and Kristen. "Looks like we are in this thing together," Brady said.

Kristen called Dr. Rolf and left him a voicemail asking him to meet her in her room. "I am going to have a baby," Kristen said as she looked in the mirror. When Rolf arrived, he was adamant that he needed to get back to the hospital to repair his lab. Kristen told Rolf that his only concern at the moment was to "get me pregnant." Rolf appeared taken aback. Kristen poured two glasses of apple cider to toast.

After the misunderstanding was cleared up and Kristen explained that she needed Rolf to transfer a fetus and not to father her child, a relieved Rolf promised to help. Rolf recounted the various issues and possible complications with the fetal transplant. "I welcome the challenge," Rolf said. "Once Brady finds out that it is his baby, he will never be able to walk away from me again," Kristen said with a laugh. Kristen called Xander and left him a voicemail stating that Rolf was on board to complete the transplant.

In Kate's hospital room, Lucas told Kate he wanted her to live on, but he also wanted to honor Kate. Kayla entered and informed Lucas that Kate was a match for Julie. Lucas said he needed to talk to his siblings. "I wish I knew for sure this is what my mom wanted," Lucas said. Lucas pleaded with Kate to wake up and make the decision for him.

Jennifer tries to gain Henry's trust Jennifer tries to gain Henry's trust

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah entered the living room while Xander was wrapping up a phone conversation with Kristen, who was anxious about what was supposed to happen at the clinic later that day.

"Don't worry -- I wasn't listening. I have a lot more to worry about than who you were talking to," Sarah stressed after Xander abruptly ended the call. "Oh, it -- it was just Brady. I was telling him that I wouldn't be coming in today," Xander claimed. "You know you don't have to, [right]? I don't need someone to go with me," Sarah insisted. "I do know that...[but] I can't let you go through this alone," Xander replied.

"Go through what alone?" Maggie asked curiously, joining Sarah and Xander in the living room. "Uh...I was just telling Sarah that, um...I know how difficult it will be for her to get used to Eric and Nicole being together, and, uh, that I'd be there for her," Xander claimed after Sarah silently begged for help. "I certainly hope that means giving her moral support, [as opposed to making] moves on her," Maggie stressed. "Xander knows that I don't have any interest in him at all," Sarah assured Maggie. "Good to hear..." Xander muttered, but Sarah didn't bother to apologize, seemingly oblivious to the pain in Xander's voice.

Changing the subject, Maggie announced a plan to visit Julie at the hospital -- and wondered if Sarah wanted a ride there. "I'm...actually...not going to the hospital today," Sarah revealed, surprising Maggie, who probed for more details. "There's something I have to...take care of," Sarah explained, giving Maggie the feeling that no further details were ever going to be provided. "'Something I have to take care of'? God, this is the most awful morning! [But] if she knew what I was doing, it would kill her -- I mean, it's her grandchild!" Sarah fretted to Xander after Maggie rushed off. "After today, no one will ever know," Xander assured Sarah.

Later, while passing through Horton Town Square on the way to the clinic, Sarah and Xander ran into Eric and Nicole, who were discussing a plan to work together at the Horton Center again. "Xander! Um, I never thought I'd say this in a million years, but I'm glad to see you, 'cause I have some wonderful, lovely news -- my lawyer's drawn up the divorce papers, and you should have them later today!" Nicole excitedly revealed. "Well, I' looking forward to that..." Xander dryly replied before starting to walk away with Sarah. "Where are you two going?" Nicole asked. "Sarah, what are you doing with a guy like this?" Eric wondered.

"None of your business," Xander snapped at Nicole and Eric. "I can take care of myself," Sarah insisted before continuing to follow Xander out of the town square. Eric remained concerned, but Nicole guessed that Sarah had only been acting strange because of the awkwardness of an encounter with an ex. Nicole insisted that Sarah had a right to act that way -- and that Eric needed to respect Sarah's boundaries.

While visiting Julie at the hospital, Eli received a phone call from Lani, who apologetically explained that Jack was callously insisting that every member of the Salem Police Department needed to be working around the clock to find Jennifer, even if that meant losing precious time with dying relatives. "I was hoping that you [were calling because you] had a lead on Jennifer," Eli admitted to Lani with a sigh before ending the call. "What's going on with Jennifer?" Julie, who had woken up during the conversation, asked groggily. "Jennifer's fine," Eli assured Julie, forcing a smile. "What a terrible liar," Julie grumbled after Eli rushed off.

Maggie arrived a short time later, while Julie was trying to get information out of Haley, who also pretended that everything was fine. "I hate people talking to me like I'm a two-year-old. I hated it when I was a two-year-old," Julie complained to Maggie after Haley left the room. "Pretending I'm not dying doesn't help, [because I know] I am -- I feel it. [And when I'm gone]...I want you to look after Doug. [I mean], I want take my place. [See], in our married life, I've always arranged things for Doug, and this is the last thing I want to arrange. I don't want him to be alone. He...he wouldn't be good at it, and he wouldn't be happy," Julie continued.

"Of the 15,000 reasons [why I can't do that], let's just start with the fact that I'm married to Victor, and I think the three of us are a little old for a ménage à trois," Maggie argued. "Oh, sex -- it's not the issue. [Now], first you have to divorce Victor, and then you [will] marry Doug," Julie maintained. "I'm gonna put this entire conversation down [to] the fact that you are just out of your mind [right now]," Maggie insisted with finality, annoying Julie, who fretted that Doug was the kind of person who needed a wife to take care of practical matters. Maggie reminded Julie that, if nothing else, Doug would always have Hope's support.

Julie conceded that, under normal circumstances, Doug would always be able to count on Jennifer's support, too. "[But] Eli told me what's going on. I'm just -- I'm worried sick!" Julie continued. "Well, don't be, because Jack and J.J. and Eli -- they're gonna find her, and they're not gonna give up until they do," Maggie insisted. "'Find her'? They don't know where she is?" Julie concluded with a gasp. "You played me!" Maggie realized, and Julie unapologetically admitted that was true. "Tell me the whole story, [or] I'll crawl out of this bed on my hands and knees, and I'll go down to the police station --" Julie warned, prompting Maggie to reluctantly explain everything.

At the police station, J.J. tried to thank Jack for being so supportive in the search for Jennifer. "Don't read too much into it. I'm,'re my son; I'm doing this for you, not for her," Jack clarified. "Not to worry -- we are very aware of all the times you've told us you've forgotten about her [and] that life you shared together," J.J. stressed. "Trying to concentrate here," Jack, who was flipping through the pages of Henry's background check, pointed out. "Sorry to interrupt. Won't happen again," J.J. grumbled before turning away from Jack, whose demeanor changed once the coast was clear, suggesting that there was more to the story.

Eli soon arrived and informed Jack and J.J. that the nearest airports had all been apprised of the situation. "What do you guys got on your end?" Eli asked. "Shah was at the top of his class in high school, college, [and] medical school -- a classic overachiever [who] never makes mistakes [and] hasn't even had a parking ticket since he came to Salem. [But] there wasn't a whole lot of information about his early life," J.J. replied. "Lab says they can't get anything back from Jennifer's phone," Eli reported. "It was always a long shot -- Shah smashed it to pieces," J.J. acknowledged. "Which means he's...he's starting to panic," Jack fretted.

"We're running out of time!" Jack concluded before rushing out of the room, having apparently just thought of something else to try. While Jack was gone, Eli received a phone call from Maggie, who regretfully revealed that Julie had just suffered another heart attack. Eli rushed off after ending the call, with Lani close behind. Jack soon returned and started to complain about Eli and Lani's abrupt disappearance, annoying J.J., who insisted that the couple was needed elsewhere at that moment. "[Besides], I think I just found something," J.J., who was reading Henry's background check, added. "So have I," Jack revealed.

"Someone just reported a possible break-in at Ted Laurent's old apartment," Jack elaborated, surprising J.J., who had just discovered that Ted had once represented Henry in a property battle.

Meanwhile, Henry tauntingly encouraged Jennifer, who was once again bound to a chair but was no longer gagged, to scream for help. "No one is going to hear you [here], and no one is going to save you," Henry insisted. "[Jack and J.J.] know that you are the one that kidnapped me, so it's only a matter of time before they find me," Jennifer argued. "I agree...which is why you and I won't be here much longer. [In fact]...we're leaving Salem," Henry countered, adding that moving to a new place was, after all, the easiest way to make a fresh start. "If you want that to happen, I...I need to understand you [better, because] I don't really know you," Jennifer stressed.

"You're right," Henry conceded, falling for Jennifer's stall tactic. "For as long as I can remember, I've been angry. I always tried to make my mother proud of me, make her love me... I would bring her my report card, and she'd say, 'Well, look at you -- better than everybody!' Like it was a bad thing. Then she'd say, 'I'm gonna have a little drink to celebrate my better-than-everybody son!'" Henry bitterly recalled.

"There were always men around -- losers, all of them -- and, eventually, they would all break her heart, and my mother would go on these binges to numb herself with alcohol, or drugs, or whatever she could get her hands on, and she would promise me that I was the only one, that nothing could compare to the love that we shared as mother and son. And then it was good, and I was so happy...until some new man came around and took her away from me -- like Jack took you away from me," Henry continued, prompting Jennifer to offer a few words of sympathy, hoping to keep the conversation going for a while longer.

"You know when my mother was nice to me? When she was broke and out of liquor! You turn the charm on and off, just like her, and now you're tied up, at my mercy...[just like] when Mommie Dearest was at my mercy, helpless... She begged me not to, but it was too late for that -- yeah, way too late..." Henry countered, worrying Jennifer, who nervously wondered what had happened to the woman. "She died a natural death, under my constant and devoted care," Henry insisted. "Of course, sociopaths are very good liars, so you actually only have my word on how she, uh...shuffled off this mortal coil," Henry added with a chuckle.

"When you were talking about your mother, and you were talking about how she used you and abandoned you, all I could think about was Jack, because you know what? That's what he did to me -- he used me, and he abandoned me. [But] I'm not like your mother, and I will never leave you...and if you untie me, I will show you how I really feel about you," Jennifer suggestively stressed, surprising Henry.

Henry produced a knife and started to cut Jennifer's bindings -- then stopped and pressed the blade against her neck instead.

Lucas decides to donate Kate's heart to Julie Lucas decides to donate Kate's heart to Julie

Thursday, September 26, 2019

by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Rolf finished examining Kristen in preparation for the procedure that was supposed to occur later that day.

Rolf gave Kristen a clean bill of health and predicted that everything would go smoothly. "[But] I'm missing a vital instrument to perform this very delicate procedure, [so] I have no choice but to go back to the hospital and get what I need. I'll meet you at the clinic," Rolf announced before rushing off, leaving Kristen extremely nervous, since there wasn't much time for unexpected delays.

Eli and Lani entered the hospital and quickly located Kayla, who regretfully reported that Julie's condition was extremely grave as a result of the second heart attack that had occurred earlier that day. "Her heart may be failing, but Julie is still Julie. [She] somehow managed to con Maggie into telling her that Jennifer is missing," Kayla revealed when asked for a possible cause of the second heart attack. "[Then] it's all my fault," Eli concluded with a sigh before explaining how Julie had first realized that something was going on with Jennifer. "Julie's heart is so damaged, this could have happened [even if she was just] lying quietly in her hospital bed," Kayla assured Eli.

Meanwhile, Will joined Lucas in Kate's room and asked for an update. "They tried to wean her off the ventilator a couple [more] times, but she [still] can't breathe on her own," Lucas reported. "Ah. Damn. I was, uh...kind of hoping for a miracle," Will admitted. Will promised to continue hoping for a miracle to eventually occur, assuming that Lucas had every intention of doing the same. Will was shocked and confused when Lucas clarified that if a miracle was going to occur, it really needed to occur sooner rather than later, because another life was hanging in the balance at that moment.

"Listen, I know my mother well enough to know that she wouldn't want this. [In fact], she told me, more than once, [that] she didn't want to be kept alive by machines. Her exact words were, 'Pull the plug on me and donate the working parts to some poor bastard who needs them,'" Lucas told Will, who grudgingly conceded that it wasn't difficult to imagine Kate saying that sort of thing. "If she doesn't take a turn for the better, then I know that she would want us to start the process of donating her heart to Julie," Lucas continued, drawing a scoff of disbelief from Will.

"I'm sorry -- this happened to Grandma two days ago, and you're already thinking about who's gonna get her heart?" Will incredulously summarized. "I have no choice -- I'm her health proxy," Lucas pointed out, but the reminder didn't lessen Will's outrage. "Have you talked to anybody [else] about this? Do your brothers and sisters know this is what you're thinking?" Will asked. "Yes, I have told them everything. [And now] I'm telling you," Lucas replied. "Oh, you're 'telling' me? You're not asking me?" Will snapped, getting even more upset with Lucas, who tried to stay calm.

"This is not a done deal," Lucas stressed. "Good!" Will replied. "We don't even know the condition of your grandma's heart, [and] we don't know if it's gonna match Julie's body --" Lucas continued. "[But]'ve already given up on -- on the possibility of her beating this," Will bitterly concluded. "I am not giving up on anything! This whole thing is killing me! How dare you say that!" Lucas defensively countered, adding that Julie had suffered a second heart attack earlier that day and was in desperate need of an immediate transplant.

Will softened in response to the bad news, but only slightly. "That's horrible...but, Dad, I'm -- I'm not -- I'm not ready to give up on Grandma. I don't think that she's done fighting yet," Will argued. "You think I'm ready? To lose my own mother?" Lucas countered. "Well, you don't have the best relationship..." Will pointed out before quickly apologizing to Lucas, who didn't appreciate the dig at all. "All I'm saying is...if Julie weren't in this condition, would you still be thinking about taking Grandma off the ventilator?" Will clarified. "I don't know," Lucas admitted with a shrug.

"Can we get another opinion [first]? Please? Before we give up hope?" Will requested. "What's that gonna do?" Lucas asked. "It would do some--" Will started to reply, but Kayla entered the room just then, interrupting the conversation. Kayla asked for a moment alone with Lucas, who insisted that it was okay for Will to stick around. "Miraculously, Kate is a suitable match for Julie," Kayla reported, further upsetting Will, who couldn't believe that Lucas had already arranged for a test of Kate and Julie's compatibility. "How long does Julie have?" Lucas asked. "Not long -- not after her second heart attack. Her vitals are changing hourly," Kayla replied.

"What about my grandmother?" Will wondered. "Many coma patients can breathe on their own, but Kate can't, [so] she could be in this state for...a long time," Kayla predicted. "What is 'a long time'?" Will demanded to know. "It...could be months...or even years," Kayla clarified. "I need to hear you say there is a 0% chance of Grandma waking up and being herself," Will stressed. "The odds of that happening...are close to nil," Kayla admitted. Will sighed then turned to face Lucas, who still believed that Kate would not want to be kept on the ventilator, given the circumstances. "I would feel a lot better if I knew you were with me [on this]," Lucas told Will.

Will thought about the matter for a few more seconds then hesitantly gave Lucas a nod and a hug.

Kayla gave Lucas and Will just a moment then apologetically interrupted, pointing out that there was a lot of paperwork that needed to be signed before the heart transplant could begin. "We don't get, like, one moment to say goodbye?" Will asked incredulously. "I'll make sure that you have time before she goes to the O.R.," Kayla replied. "Thank you, Kayla. We couldn't have gone through this without you. We really appreciate it," Lucas stressed, again annoying Will, who didn't think gratitude was the appropriate emotion to be feeling at that moment.

Lucas and Will followed Kayla to the nurses' station -- just as Eli and Lani returned from visiting Julie.

"Mind if I ask what's going on?" Eli politely began after noticing that Lucas and Will were both really upset about something. Eli was shocked to hear that Lucas had just decided to donate Kate's heart to Julie. "I wish there was something that I could do or say to you..." Eli told Lucas and Will. "You must be in agony," Lani guessed. "Well, know, Julie is family, too, so that -- that helps," Will stressed, and Lucas agreed. Eli awkwardly thanked Lucas and Will with separate hugs then rushed off with Lani to give Doug, Julie, and Hope the news.

Rolf passed by during the conversation, but no one noticed. Rolf didn't hear what was being discussed but did see Kate's name on a door. Surprised, Rolf sneaked into Kate's room. "Well, well, well -- if it isn't the former Mrs. Stefano DiMera..." Rolf, who happened to be armed with a medical bag, observed.

Meanwhile, Lucas asked if Will had heard from Sonny yet. "Unfortunately, he can't get back in time," Will sadly reported before apologizing to Lucas for everything that had been said earlier. Lucas acknowledged that Will had needed to say those things as a way of working through the situation.

Henry kept the blade of a knife pressed against Jennifer's neck while pointing out that Ted's old apartment did, of course, have a bedroom -- and a bed. "I have to know I can trust you," Henry reasoned before lowering the knife to Jennifer's bindings and cutting them. "I just need to get some water [first]. I just feel like I'm gonna be sick," Jennifer protested, realizing the implication. "Afterward," Henry insisted.

While Henry was dragging Jennifer toward the bedroom, she suddenly pulled away and tried to escape -- but the apartment door was locked, and he easily caught up to her while she was struggling to open it.

At the police station, Jack received a phone call from a blocked number while arguing with J.J. about the best way to follow up on the tip that someone might have broken into Ted's old apartment earlier that day. "Don't let on that you're speaking to me," Henry warned Jack. "You don't remember Jennifer, so maybe you don't care, [but] if you have any interest in seeing her alive again, you'll do exactly as you're told. You are to come to Ted Laurent's apartment in 15 minutes -- not 16, 15 -- [and] come alone," Henry demanded. "By the look on your face, [that] was no ordinary call," J.J. guessed after the call ended, but Jack denied the suspicion then left.

When Jack arrived at Ted's old apartment, Henry was again holding a knife against Jennifer's neck. Jack tried to negotiate with Henry, who clarified that Jack's only reason for being at the apartment was to watch Jennifer die. "I wanted her to look into those empty eyes of yours and know that you don't remember her, and you never will," Henry explained to Jack. "I want you to die knowing that he simply doesn't care," Henry explained to Jennifer.

Jack lunged at Henry, and a brief struggle ensued. Henry eventually shoved Jack against a kitchen counter then tried to grab Jennifer, who dodged the attempt, causing Henry to trip over a chair and take a hard fall to the floor. Jennifer rushed over to check on Jack while Henry was dazed. Jack locked eyes with Jennifer -- and suddenly started remembering everything about their past life together.

At the Brookville Family Planning Clinic, Xander kept Sarah company in one of the examination rooms, waiting for a doctor to arrive. Xander seized the opportunity to point out that there was still time for Sarah to back out of the plan to have an abortion. "Eric would be an amazing father...[but] now he can be -- to Holly -- [so] he wouldn't want to have a baby with me," Sarah tearfully reasoned, adding that it would be wrong to ruin Eric's happiness with news of a pregnant ex. "What if you stopped thinking about his life and started thinking about your own?" Xander countered.

"This is your choice. You can do whatever you bloody well want," Xander stressed -- but before Sarah could give the matter any further thought, a doctor entered the room, ready to start. Sarah thanked Xander for the advice then turned to the doctor, took a deep breath, and agreed to go through with the abortion as planned. Xander discreetly sent a text message to Kristen, who replied with a stern demand that the procedure couldn't begin just yet. Meanwhile, the doctor finished administering anesthesia to Sarah. Sighing, Xander started to leave -- then suddenly put the doctor in a chokehold.

Kristen soon arrived and joined Xander in Sarah's examination room. A short time later, Rolf arrived -- and refused to go ahead with the procedure. Kristen was furious -- until Rolf explained, "You are already pregnant."

At Salem University Hospital, Will and Lucas each said a tearful goodbye to Kate -- who suddenly woke up and asked, "Why is everyone crying?"

Jack stabs Henry Jack stabs Henry

Friday, September 27, 2019

In the DiMera living room, a cheerful Vivian said good morning to Stefan. "Julie Williams is going to get a heart transplant," Vivian told Stefan. "Since when do you care about Julie Williams?" Stefan asked. "Since never," Vivian said. Vivian explained that Julie was slated to get Kate's heart. Stefan marveled aloud that Vivian had obtained private medical information.

"I didn't call as myself. Do you think I'm stupid? No. I called as Billie Reed!" Vivian said. Vivian told Stefan about Lucas' decision to remove Kate's life support and that, as Billie, Vivian had given the hospital her blessing. "How fitting that Lucas is going to be the one to send Kate, at long last, to the coldness of the grave," Vivian said.

"Kate dies, Gabi's not going to take it well," Stefan noted. Vivian asked Stefan if he would rather that Kate tell the police that Vivian was to blame for the shooting. When Stefan reminded Vivian of Gabi's familial connection to Kate, Vivian sneered and called Gabi a gold digger.

"Gabi and I have a real marriage," Stefan said defensively. Vivian told Stefan that he deserved someone with more maturity and sophistication. Curious, Stefan asked Vivian if she had someone in mind. Vivian said she knew of a woman but could not remember her name. "I think it began with a B. No! Eve. Eve Donovan," Vivian said. Stefan chuckled.

"Eve's major virtue being that she is not Gabi, the woman who knows what you did to Kate. The woman who can rat you out to the police," Stefan pointed out. Vivian argued that no one would believe a lying ex-convict like Gabi. Vivian assured Stefan that she was not worried about Gabi. With a poisonous smile, Vivian suggested that once they finished the paperwork to return the house to Stefan, "we give her the heave-ho." Gabi walked in.

"And speaking of hos," Vivian quipped. "And then what, Vivian?" Gabi asked. When Vivian noted that she had not heard Gabi walk in, Gabi smiled. "That's because hos and gold diggers are very good at sneaking into rooms," Gabi said. Gabi reminded Vivian that she had not ratted out Vivian to the police because Gabi loved Stefan. With a grin, Stefan put his arm around Gabi's waist. "And I love her," Stefan said.

"Will and Sonny? They think you shot Kate. So, you're not getting away with this," Gabi added. Vivian told Gabi not to be so sure about it. Gabi informed Vivian that Rafe had questioned her about Vivian, but Gabi had not told Rafe anything because she loved Stefan. "And now you're trying to get [Stefan] to cheat on me? You know how dumb that is?" Gabi asked. "She just called me dumb!" Vivian objected.

"You're pretty much my bitch now," Gabi said. Offended, Vivian squawked. With a smile, Stefan whispered to Gabi that he had planned a dinner for the two of them. Gabi told Vivian to leave. Vivian demanded respect, and she exclaimed, "I'm not going anywhere." Stefan asked Vivian not to make him choose between his mother and the woman that he loved.

When Vivian asked Stefan to shut Gabi up, Stefan said he had a highly effective trick to quiet his wife. Stefan put his hands on either side of Gabi's face and kissed her passionately. Vivian groaned in disgust and walked into the kitchen. When Gabi finally pulled away, she asked Stefan if he was certain who he would pick if he needed to choose between her and his mother. "No doubt in my mind," Stefan said with a smile as he kissed Gabi again.

While Sarah lay unconscious in a room at the Brookville clinic, Xander stood by her side as Kristen argued with Rolf about the fetal transplant surgery. "The reason I can't transfer Sarah's embryo into you is not because I don't have the proper instrument. It is because, my dear, you are already pregnant," Rolf said. Shocked, Kristen asked how that was possible.

"With Dr. Wilhelm Rolf, all things are possible," Rolf said. Rolf reminded Kristen of the fertility treatments he had started in Nashville. "You should play the Power Ball," Rolf joked. Xander reminded Kristen that she had forced him to knock out Sarah's doctor so that Kristen could steal Sarah's baby.

"I'm carrying our love child," Kristen whispered as she clutched her belly. Rolf offered to take Kristen home. Frustrated, Xander reminded Rolf and Kristen that Sarah expected to wake up without her fetus. "Don't look at me. I'm pro-life," Rolf announced. Rolf escorted Kristen out of the room. Xander stood by until Sarah woke up.

"Is it over?" Sarah asked. When Sarah noted that she did not feel cramping, Xander broke the news that the doctor had not completed the procedure because he had been called away on an emergency. "I'm still pregnant?" Sarah asked in amazement. "I'm so sorry," Xander whispered. Xander suggested that Sarah could reschedule the appointment.

"Actually, I don't think I'm going to do that," Sarah said. Sarah explained that while she'd been under anesthesia, she had dreamed of holding her baby. "It was the most beautiful feeling. I was so in love," Sarah said. Sarah added that she was happy that she had been given a second chance.

"All I've been doing is I've been thinking about what's best for Eric, but I am the one that's pregnant," Sarah said. Sarah reasoned aloud that it was a sign that she should keep her baby.

As Lucas and Will said goodbye to a comatose Kate before her transplant surgery, Kate grabbed Kayla's wrist and opened her eyes. "Why is everyone crying?" Kate asked. "I can't believe you're awake!" Lucas exclaimed. Confused, Kate asked why Lucas was surprised. Lucas told Kate that the doctors had told them that there was a million-to-one chance that Kate would wake up. Suspicious, Kate asked why she was in the hallway. Will, Lucas, and Kayla looked at one another, not wanting to tell Kate about the transplant.

Kate complained about the lights and her head, and Kayla urged the staff to wheel Kate back into her room for evaluation. Once Kate was back in her room, Lucas told Will, "I've never been so relieved in my whole life." Lucas asked Will how he was going to tell Kate that he had agreed to donate her heart.

"She is going to kill us!" Lucas lamented. "What do you mean us?" Will asked. Lucas and Will marched into Kate's room. Kayla confirmed that Kate had fallen asleep, but her vitals were strong. "I have no idea how this happened," Kayla said. Angry, Lucas needled Kayla until Will intervened and reminded Lucas to be grateful that Kate was alive.

"You think she's gonna know what almost happened?" Lucas asked Kayla. "This is grandma Kate we're talking about. I'm sure she is going to find out," Will said with a grin. Kate roused awake and coughed. "Find out what?" Kate asked. Kayla urged Kate to relax. Kate refused to calm down until someone explained why she was in the hospital. Kayla told Kate that she had wandered into the hospital with a gunshot wound. Lucas asked Kate if she remembered the shooting. Kate said she did not remember anything after picking out an outfit for work.

"It's called retrograde amnesia. It happens after trauma. Most likely, you will never regain your memories from the night you were shot," Kayla explained. When Kate expressed her concern about the shooter, Kayla offered to talk to the police about protection. Kate scoffed. Lucas asked to talk to Kayla, and they stepped out of the room.

In the hallway, Lucas demanded to know how Kayla could have been so wrong about Kate's status. Kayla stressed that Kate had shown every sign of someone that had been headed into a persistent vegetative state. "How did she snap out of it?" Lucas asked. From the corner, Rolf watched the scene unfold.

"Your mother's recovery defies every logical explanation," Kayla said. Rolf thought about when he had visited Kate in her hospital room. "You were the only one of Stefano's women for whom he had a soft spot. Well, to the extent that Stefano had any soft spots," Rolf had muttered as he had pulled a syringe out of his bag. Rolf had injected the contents of the syringe into Kate's I.V.

"Nobody feels worse about what happened to Kate than I do," Kayla said as Rolf snapped out of his memory. Kayla vowed to determine how Kate had recovered. With a sigh, Kayla said she first needed to break the news to Doug and Julie. "I'm sorry. I feel horrible about that," Lucas said.

In Kate's room, Kate asked Will why Lucas had been so anxious to talk to Kayla. "I'm sure he just wanted to make sure that you were going to be completely okay. You scared us all to death. We were all saying goodbye to you," Will said. Confused, Kate said she had not been dying. Will explained that the doctors had said that Kate would not be Kate anymore. Kate nodded. Kate asked about suspects in the shooting. Will confirmed that the police suspected Stefan or Vivian as the shooter.

'"Vivian? Vivian is dead. I shot her. Accidentally, of course," Kate said. Will explained that Vivian had been revived by Rolf and had returned to Salem. Kate remembered her confrontation with Vivian in the cemetery. "Vivian! Oh, my God! I remember! She shot me. She shot me," Kate exclaimed. Will asked Kate if she was sure. Before Kate could answer, Rafe walked in.

"I heard you had regained consciousness. I had to see it for myself," Rafe said with a grin. Rafe asked Kate if she really had no memory of the shooting. With a smirk, Kate told Rafe to stop underestimating her. "She remembers. It was Vivian," Will chimed in. Kate asked Rafe to arrest her assailant.

At the Salem Inn, Rolf told Kristen he had not known that she was pregnant until he had stopped by the hospital on the way to Brookville. Rolf said the blood test he had run to check hormone levels had confirmed the pregnancy. "I really am carrying his child. It's a miracle," Kristen said. Rolf instructed Kristen to modify her diet and get more sleep, and he warned Kristen not to have any sex.

"For nine months?" Kristen asked in shock. "Probably more like seven and a half," Rolf confirmed. Rolf explained that Kristen was a high-risk pregnancy because of her age. "I'm elderly?" Kristen said. Furious, Kristen yelled at Rolf to get out, and he rolled his eyes and left. Once alone, Kristen whispered to her baby, "I am way young enough to have you, and you're my darling. I have waited my whole life for you." Kristen added that Brady would be the happiest man in the world.

Kristen called Brady and left a voicemail asking him to call her back. "You're going to want to hear what I have to tell you," Kristen said.

In Ted Laurent's vacant apartment, Henry tackled Jack, knocking his head against the wall. Jennifer hit Henry, knocking him down. Jennifer rushed over to Jack and cradled him in her arms. "Are you all right?" Jennifer asked Jack. Blinking in confusion, Jack recovered memories from his past as he stared up into Jennifer's eyes.

"I remember you," Jack said. Jennifer asked Jack if he remembered everything. "I remember it all," Jack confirmed. Henry rose to his feet, and Jack lunged past Jennifer to stop Henry from stabbing her. Henry and Jack struggled over the knife.

"Jack!" Jennifer screamed out. Henry stumbled backward, a patch of blood spreading out across his chest. When Henry collapsed to the ground, Jennifer ran over to Jack, who was still holding the bloody knife. "I thought he killed you, Jack," Jennifer mumbled. After checking for a pulse, Jack whispered, "I killed a man." Jennifer reminded Jack that she would be dead if Jack had not saved her. Jennifer asked about Jack's head wound.

"It's all right. Just a bump. Just enough to jog my memory," Jack said. Surprised, Jennifer said, "Are you kidding me? I could have just hit you on the head, and that would have brought your memory back?" Jack said it was Jennifer that had returned his memory.

"You reaching out to me, and Shah coming after you, and me finally realizing that I could lose you and knowing, knowing that I couldn't stand that again. I can't," Jack said. When Jennifer asked Jack if he truly had recovered his memories, Jack quoted the poem from their wedding. Jack listed off moments from their past, including the Spectator, their Wild West wedding, the cave where they had first made love, and their children.

"What a life we had," Jack said. "No! What a life we have, Jack!" Jennifer said with a laugh. Jennifer hugged Jack tightly as they cried tears of joy. From the hallway, Rafe called out Jack's name. Rafe rounded the corner and took in the scene. "What the hell happened here?" Rafe asked. Jack admitted that he had killed Henry. Jennifer chimed in that Jack had saved her life because Henry had planned to slit her throat. When Rafe asked for details, Jennifer and Jack told Rafe everything.

"You came alone? No backup?" Rafe asked Jack. Jack explained that Henry had told him, "Come alone or he'd kill Jennifer." Rafe informed Jennifer that an ambulance was on the way, but Jack offered to take Jennifer to the hospital instead. Rafe said he would lock down the scene for the police, and he would get their statements at the hospital later.

As Jack and Jennifer walked through the town square, Jennifer remembered that she needed to call J.J. Jack informed Jennifer that he had been with J.J. when Henry had called, and Jack had lied to him about it. Jennifer assured Jack that J.J. would understand. "He's a good guy," Jack said. "He's a great guy," Jennifer said with a wide smile. Jack remarked about what a funny kid J.J. had been, and Jennifer said she remembered.

"And now, so do I," Jack said. When Jack mentioned Abigail's name, he started to cry. "I was an unfeeling jerk. She came to see me, and I, she was so sweet," Jack whispered. Jennifer told Jack not to worry because everyone would be thrilled to learn that Jack had his memory back. Jennifer remembered that Julie was ill, and she wanted to go see her. Jack grabbed Jennifer's arm and stopped her.

"[Julie] is strong just like you're strong. But, please, before you go running off taking care of somebody else, please take care of yourself. I mean, I know a little something about traumatic stress, and you've been through a terrifying ordeal," Jack said. Jennifer nodded in agreement. Jennifer said she had not realized how sick Henry had been and had not known how hurt he had been when Jennifer had thrown him aside for a man that did not even remember her.

"I wouldn't even give you the time of day," Jack said sheepishly. "You're right. Because when we first fell in love, you were so afraid of your feelings, and you pushed me away every single time," Jennifer said with a smile. "Miss Horton. I remember that, too," Jack said. "Did you also remember that we always came back together? Always. Every time," Jennifer said. Jack and Jennifer leaned toward one another to kiss, but she turned away and said she needed to call J.J.

After calling J.J. and telling him that she was okay, Jennifer noticed that Jack was staring at her. "I was just wondering. You seemed uncomfortable before when we were standing so close, about to kiss," Jack said. Jennifer noted that the last few months had been strange, and she had worked hard to forget about Jack. Jennifer added that she was excited, but she did not want to presume that Jack wanted to get back together.

"This is a big chance. There is so much to process," Jennifer said. Jack stopped Jennifer's rambling by quietly saying, "Jennifer. Stop talking." Jack leaned over and kissed Jennifer.


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