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Rolf told Gabi he could not help Stefan. Gabi agreed to give Stefan's heart to Julie, but only after Lani agreed to beg for it. Vivian convinced Eve to stay in Salem for revenge. Jordan continued to make veiled threats against Ciara. Ben asked Victor to have Jordan committed to a facility. Brady told Victor about Kristen's baby, and she moved into the mansion. Rolf drugged Hope. Xander schemed to tell Eric about Sarah's pregnancy.
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Gabi agreed to give Stefan's heart to Julie but with a huge stipulation
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Julie slips into a coma

Julie slips into a coma

Monday, October 7, 2019

by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Eve placed the last of her belongings -- a framed photograph of her daughter -- in a suitcase. "Well, I wish that I could say being back in Salem has been fun...but it has been a bitch, and I'm glad it's over," she mused with a shake of the head before exiting her hotel room with her luggage and slamming the door shut.

A short time later, while passing through the park, Eve spotted Vivian, who was sitting on one of the benches, sobbing hysterically. "Are you all right?" Eve asked. "No, I'm not all right. The police shot my son. That's his blood," Vivian replied, pointing at a nearby pool of blood. "I know what it's like to lose a child --" Eve empathetically began after Vivian shared the whole story. "My dear, we are talking about my pain, not yours," Vivian snapped. "Yes, I understand... [So], what will you do now?" Eve continued. "I'm gonna do exactly as my son wanted me to -- I'm gonna get the hell out of Salem," Vivian revealed.

"Well, know, maybe you don't have to go alone," Eve spontaneously suggested. "Aren't you being just a little shortsighted?" Vivian argued after finding out why Eve wanted to leave Salem. "My dear, you have the best reason in the world to stay in Salem -- revenge! [I mean], believe me, if the cops weren't breathing down my neck, I would take my revenge on the cop that shot him, [and] that wife of his, and everybody in between...but you, my dear, have the best chance right now to take your revenge [on] Jack and what's-her-face, [so you should] stay and fight!" Vivian reasoned, surprising Eve.

"I have been fighting my entire life, [and] I am so tired of losing," Eve admitted, sighing. "Grow yourself a spine and stand your ground!" Vivian advised. "What 'ground' are you talking about? Everything that I thought I had with Jack -- love, a future -- that bitch Jennifer just stripped it away from me!" Eve protested. "[Then] get him back," Vivian countered, shrugging. "How do you propose I do that?" Eve asked. "Well, I'm not gonna suggest that you shoot her and throw her in an open grave, 'cause that sure didn't work out well for me...[but] you're very resourceful -- I'm sure you can come up with something," Vivian replied.

Just then, Vivian received a text message from the pilot, who wasn't willing to wait much longer. "Where are you gonna go?" Eve wondered. "Oh, what does it matter? How can I possibly escape the sorrow of losing my child?" Vivian fretted. " Paige was the most important thing in my life, and when I lost her, I didn't think I would ever get over [it]...and I haven't, but I can tell you this much -- the pain does ease a little...[and], in time, I think that you might be able to find your way to a future, and...I don't know -- maybe some happiness," Eve advised. "Maybe happiness just isn't in the cards for people like us," Vivian countered.

"Maybe you're right...[but] you've given me, um, a little hope here, [because] I think the day that I start moving on with my life is today," Eve told Vivian, who was pleased to hear that.

"Would you dispose of this for me, please?" Vivian asked, handing Eve a gift bag. As Vivian rushed off to meet up with the pilot, Eve peeked inside the bag and found the "Dr. Cramer" disguise. "To think that I was ready to say goodbye to this crazy town... Well, looks like it's 'hello' again...'cause there's no way that I'm done with Jack and Jennifer -- no way in hell," Eve mused with a mischievous cackle before heading back to the Salem Inn.

At the hospital, Jennifer complained to Jack about Julie and Doug's puzzling decision to leave the hospital without telling anyone where they were going. Jack soothingly guessed that Julie and Doug were both perfectly fine, and Jennifer conceded that was probably true. "Would you mind if I just called Hope and Eli to see if they found [Julie and Doug] yet?" Jennifer asked. "Tell you what -- I'll call Eli, you call Hope, and we'll kill two birds with one --" Jack tried to offer, but Jennifer declined the help. "If you could just maybe go stretch your legs for a minute..." Jennifer suggested, and Jack reluctantly agreed.

At Doug's Place, Hope comforted Doug, who was certain that Julie was dead. "Grandma's not gone from us yet," Eli announced after checking Julie's pulse. "Her pulse is weak, but it's still there," Eli elaborated.

Hope wanted to get Julie to the hospital right away, and Eli agreed, but Doug refused. "That's not what she wants!" Doug protested. "What about what she needs?" Hope countered. "No! She does not want to die in a hospital! She made me promise her that she wouldn't! That's why I brought her here!" Doug maintained. "Remember what you always told me? 'Where there's life, there's hope.' Please -- we can't give up! [Look], I know how much you love her, and [that] you want to honor her wishes, but if there is even a chance..." Hope reasoned.

"This is what she wants -- for...for the two of us to be the two of us here, wrapped this place she loves so much, [and] in our dreams, and in our memories, and just the two of us -- [and] if this is the last promise I make my wife, I am keeping it!" Doug insisted. "And you have kept it, okay? But Hope and I didn't make that promise, so we have to take the decision out of your hands and get Julie to the hospital," Eli argued, and Hope agreed, forcing an outnumbered Doug to reluctantly give in. Hope assured Doug that Julie would understand.

At the hospital, Jennifer picked up the plate of spiked doughnuts and scoffed at them. "It's not gonna do any good," she muttered before tossing them into a trash can with a sigh of frustration.

As Jennifer reached for a tissue, Jack reentered Julie's room, carrying a brown paper bag. Jennifer quickly turned away from Jack and started drying both eyes. "I didn't, um -- I didn't expect you back so quickly," Jennifer admitted. "Did you call Eli or Hope?" Jack wondered. "Mm-hmm. It's just, uh, voicemail," Jennifer reported, still refusing to face Jack, who soon noticed a pile of used tissues.

"I brought you something," Jack revealed, offering the brown paper bag to Jennifer. "Oh -- thanks, [but] I couldn't even eat anything right now," Jennifer replied. "Good to know, because this isn't edible -- or, at least, I don't think it is," Jack clarified, drawing a slight chuckle from Jennifer, who eyed the bag with a hint of curiosity but didn't reach for it. "I would ask you how you're doing, but you would probably just tell me that you're fine, just like you did know, you kicked me out of [here earlier]," Jack acknowledged. "I didn't kick you out," Jennifer insisted. "You kicked me out," Jack maintained.

"I'm remembering... You -- you do something that is's adorable, but it is infuriating...but adorable. You pretend everything is all right when it is not. You were kidnapped --" Jack began. "But I was rescued!" Jennifer interjected. "[And] you were almost killed, and now -- now, you're worried about one of the most important people in your life, and you're gonna put on a face [that] says 'everything is all right' and set sail into the wind," Jack continued. "Gosh -- am I that obvious?" Jennifer asked. "Yes. [Plus], evidence suggests that -- that you just had a good cry," Jack replied.

"So...please, open this up," Jack urged Jennifer, holding out the brown paper bag again. "It's a jade plant!" Jennifer tearfully acknowledged after accepting the bag and peeking inside it. "Yeah...[and it's probably even] sadder [and] scrawnier than the first one I gave you," Jack replied. "No -- it's so beautiful!" Jennifer insisted, managing a slight smile. "You didn't have to do this," Jennifer stressed. "I did -- if only to remind you...contra mundum," Jack countered, prompting Jennifer to recall another moment from their past -- their adoption of an "us against the world" attitude.

"You're not in this alone," Jack assured Jennifer, who nodded and seized a hug.

J.J. exited an elevator just as Lani was wrapping up a phone conversation with Abe. "Julie...?" J.J. assumed, seeing that Lani was upset about something. "No..." Lani assured J.J. before regretfully explaining what had happened earlier that night. "You did what you were trained to do. It's not your fault," J.J. stressed. "I really wish that I could believe that," Lani admitted.

Meanwhile, Gabi lashed out at Kayla, refusing to believe that Stefan was beyond help. "What do you know? You don't know anything! You told everybody that Kate wasn't gonna wake up, and she's fine -- she's totally fine! Stefan's gonna be fine, too!" Gabi insisted. "This is completely different. Kate was in a coma. Stefan has no neurological activity. Gabi, this condition is not reversible. He is not going to make it back [from this]," Kayla maintained. "I'm sorry --" Kayla began to stress. "You're not 'sorry'! You've -- you've always hated Stefan!" Gabi snapped.

"Oh, my God -- you did this!" Gabi suddenly decided. "You saw your chance, and you tried to kill my husband!" Gabi continued. "I'm gonna get a second opinion! He's gonna be fine! [And we're] gonna sue you [and] this entire hospital!" Gabi concluded before ordering Kayla to leave. Kayla patiently tried to defuse the situation at first but eventually agreed to leave after Gabi started throwing things. Once the coast was clear, Gabi wrapped both arms around Stefan and broke down. "Why did you have to play hero -- and for your mother, of all people? I know that you love her, [but] it should not be you here; it should be your mother!" Gabi spat.

J.J. was still trying to comfort Lani when Kayla approached to provide an update on Stefan's condition. "So, there's just -- there's no hope?" Lani summarized. "I'm sorry -- no," Kayla confirmed. Lani nodded and rushed off in tears, and J.J. tried to follow, but Jennifer and Jack approached just then and explained what had just happened at Doug's Place, having heard from Hope minutes earlier. "[For Julie to] just take off like that -- and for Doug to go along with it..." J.J. grumbled as Kayla rushed off to prepare for Julie's arrival. "Julie has always lived on her own terms. You know that. And she is not about to change now," Jennifer told J.J., who conceded the point.

Eli soon approached and reported that Hope and Doug were with Kayla in the emergency room, where Julie was undergoing a series of tests. Jennifer and Jack rushed outside to call and update Abigail, leaving J.J. alone with Eli, who had already heard about Stefan's shooting from someone at the police station a few minutes earlier. "I tried to talk [Lani] down, but it didn't do much good. I think she just needs you right now," J.J. told Eli.

Gabi promised Stefan that the Salem Police Department was going to be hit with a lawsuit for having made the mistake of employing Lani, who clearly wasn't fit to even hold, let alone fire, a gun. Lani arrived just then and tried to apologize for what had happened. "I had no idea [Stefan] was just gonna jump out in front of [Vivian] --" Lani stressed. "Did you just blame Stefan for being shot?" Gabi snapped. "That is not what I meant," Lani insisted. "[If] you came here for forgiveness, understand this -- you will never, ever get that from me!" Gabi spat before ordering Lani to leave.

"I am going to sue you! I'm gonna sue Kayla! I'm gonna sue this entire hospital!" Gabi vowed when Lani didn't leave right away. Eli arrived just then and tried to help Lani defuse the situation, but Gabi continued lashing out until the couple finally retreated from Stefan's room together. Lani and Eli settled in the nearest waiting area and took turns confiding in each other about everything that had happened with Stefan and Julie that night. Meanwhile, Kayla regretfully informed Doug, Hope, Jennifer, Jack, and J.J. that Julie had slipped into a coma and was on a ventilator. "There's always hope...but it's unlikely [that she'll come out of the coma]," Kayla added.

Kayla led Hope, Jennifer, Jack, and J.J. to the nearest waiting area, where Lani and Eli were still gathered. Kayla informed the group that Stefan might be a suitable heart donor for Julie. Everyone was thrilled to hear that, but Hope didn't want Doug to know yet, just in case things didn't work out again. "I agree with Hope. I mean, at this point, we don't know what Stefan's end-of-life wishes are, or if he's even a match," Kayla pointed out. "[Plus, Lani and I] just came from Gabi's room, and she is in no condition to even consider [this] request," Eli warned.

Alone with Julie, Doug hopefully requested, "I know you're tired, my darling...but if you can hear me, why don't you give my hand a little squeeze?" Julie didn't respond.

Alone with Stefan, Gabi tearfully promised, "I'm not gonna let anybody come near you, okay? Unless that person can -- can help you in some way." Stefan didn't respond.

Gabi struggles to let go of Stefan

Gabi struggles to let go of Stefan

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

In the kitchen of the Hernandez house, Rafe talked on the phone to the police station. Behind him, Jordan walked into the room. "Nothing to tie the incident to Jordan Ridgeway?" Rafe asked. Jordan scowled. When Rafe ended his call, Jordan accused Rafe of believing that she had attempted to run over Ciara. Rafe stressed that he had only called the station for an update, and that he had believed Jordan when she had said she was innocent. Jordan said she understood why Rafe would have his doubts about her.

In the DiMera guesthouse, Ben dreamed that Rafe had arrested Jordan for driving the car that had chased Ciara. Rafe told Ben that the arrest had been too late and that Ciara was dead. Ben woke up from his nightmare, screaming. Ciara rushed to Ben's side and comforted him.

When Ciara told Ben that Hope had called with bad news, Ben asked if that meant Julie was gone. Ciara noted that there might be a heart available for Julie. Confused, Ben asked about the bad news. Ciara told Ben that the police had shot Stefan and that he was brain dead.

"I know you considered him a friend," Ciara said. Ben explained that Stefan had been more than a friend. Ben noted that Stefan had given him a home and a job when no one else in town had wanted to give him the time of day. Ben lamented that he had not told Stefan how much he had appreciated him. With a sigh, Ben said he hoped that Stefan's death had not been in vain and that Stefan's heart could help Julie. With a shrug, Ciara said that Gabi would be the one to make the decision.

"[Gabi] refuses to believe that he is dead," Ciara said. Ciara added that she felt for Gabi and that she could only imagine how it felt to have the love of her life ripped away from her suddenly. Ben said he knew how that felt because he had experienced that when the car had almost run down Ciara at the pub. Ciara reminded Ben that they did not know for sure that Jordan had been the one behind the wheel of the car.

When Ben offered to drive Ciara to the hospital, she said, "You can't protect me every minute of every day. And I don't want you to. I'll be careful." Reluctantly, Ben let Ciara leave on her own.

At the Salem Inn, Kristen saw a news article about her brother's shooting. "I know we had our differences, dear brother, but I never wanted you dead," Kristen whispered. With a rub of her belly, Kristen said she understood the bond between a mother and her child because she felt that with her baby. Kristen spoke to her belly and told her child that she regretted that they would never get to meet their uncle. With a sad smile, Kristen said she knew that Stefan would watch out for her and the baby.

As Will and Sonny entered the Kiriakis living room, they found Victor and Brady already there. "Good news!" Victor said cheerily. Victor announced that Stefan was "a vegetable." When Will reminded Victor that Stefan was Arianna's stepfather and Gabi's husband, Victor shook his head.

"Getting involved with a DiMera can only end one way: disaster," Victor said. With a guilty look, Brady shifted his eyes away and thought about when Kristen had told him about the baby. "I think I owe Vivian Alamain a thank you," Victor said. Offended, Will reminded Victor that Vivian had almost murdered Kate. Victor shrugged.

Brady said he had an announcement, and he asked Sonny and Will to stay for support. Brady said that Kristen was pregnant with his child. Victor burst into laughter. When Victor realized that Brady was serious, Victor yelled at Brady that he had warned him to stay away from Kristen. Brady explained that he had slept with Kristen when he had thought she was Nicole. Brady said he would get a paternity test, but Victor insisted that Kristen should terminate her pregnancy.

"I'm not gonna ask Kristen to abort our child," Brady said. Sonny defended Brady's choice, and Victor argued that he did not want Brady tied to Kristen for the rest of his life. "She's gonna use this to reel you back in," Victor warned. Brady stressed that he had told Kristen that the baby would not change their relationship.

"Did you tell her in your big boy voice so she knows that you're serious this time?" Victor argued. Brady countered that no matter how he felt about the mother, he could not turn his back on his child. Frustrated, Brady walked out. "Well. That was fun," Will joked. With a sneer, Victor warned Sonny to get Will out of the room before he threw something at him. Sonny suggested to Will that they go to the hospital.

In Stefan's hospital room, Gabi dragged Dr. Rolf in to evaluate Stefan's condition. "Bring Stefan back to me," Gabi pleaded. After his evaluation, Rolf announced that Kayla's conclusion was correct and that there was nothing that could be done to help Stefan. Gabi asked about the serum, but Rolf explained that the serum was for candidates that were on the brink of death and that Stefan had lost the "spark of life." Furious, Gabi called Rolf a liar. Gabi accused Rolf of working with Kristen to remove Stefan as an obstacle.

As Gabi yelled at Rolf, Rafe walked in and gently pulled Gabi away from Rolf, and Rafe encouraged her to calm down. "Your sister is completely losing her mind. She refuses to listen to reason," Rolf complained. When Gabi yelled that Stefan would recover and make Rolf pay, Rolf countered that Gabi was as brain dead as her husband. Gabi fought to grab at Rolf, and Rafe ordered Rolf to leave for his own sake.

Once Rolf was gone, Gabi told Rafe that she would not take no for an answer from the doctors. Rafe asked Gabi to accept that Stefan was gone. "If you're not going to support us, then just leave. Stefan does not need this negativity," Gabi said as she plopped down on a chair next to her husband. Rafe watched his sister stroke Stefan's hair, and he begged Gabi to let go of him. Upset, Gabi growled that Rafe hated Stefan and had never wanted her to marry him. Rafe admitted that he did not like Stefan, but he added that he had wanted Gabi to be happy and had accepted her choice.

"I am happy. Don't you get it? Don't you understand that after years of pain and heartbreak, I'm finally happy? I love him!" Gabi yelled. "You can't ask me to say goodbye to the man that loves me," Gabi whispered. Rafe quietly asked Gabi not to hold onto false hope. Through tears, Gabi said it was not false hope. Rafe asked Gabi to look at him.

"I know how much he means to you. I know how much you love him. I know. It's breaking my heart. It's breaking my heart because I love you. But you can't do this. You got to let him go. You have to," Rafe said. Rafe suggested that Gabi think about the good times with Stefan and the happiness they had shared. Gabi shook her head no.

"Nothing's gonna help. The only thing that will help is if he comes back to me. But he can't, can he?" Gabi asked. Gabi turned back to her brother and hugged him as she broke down into sobs.

Outside the pub, Jordan parked the stroller by a bench as she waited to meet with the babysitter. Jordan talked to baby David about how people had suspected her of driving the car that had almost hit Ciara. "Can I tell you a secret?" Jordan asked David. "I love secrets!" Kristen announced as she rounded the corner. Kristen apologized for interrupting, and she introduced herself. Jordan did the same. Both women chuckled as they admitted that they had heard about one another's exploits.

Kristen mentioned that she was pregnant, and Jordan commented on what a happy time it had to be for Kristen. Kristen's smile faded, and she said that was true except for the news about her brother. Jordan asked Kristen if she had been close with her brother. "It's complicated," Kristen said. Jordan nodded and said she understood. When Jordan mentioned Ben's accusation, Kristen asked Jordan if she had attempted to run down Ciara.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be forward, but I believe in getting straight to the point, and since neither of us have a wealth of girlfriends to confess our secrets to, if you want to get anything off your chest, feel free. No judgment," Kristen said. Rolf interrupted and said he needed to talk to Kristen urgently. Kristen noted that she was in the middle of something as she motioned at Jordan.

"It's about the baby," Rolf said. Kristen apologized, and she told Jordan that she wanted to hang out soon. "I'm sensing we have a lot in common," Kristen said as she walked off with Rolf. When Rolf and Kristen got to the square, Rolf mentioned Stefan. "It's tragic," Kristen said. Surprised, Rolf asked Kristen if she meant that.

"He might be a complete and utter nuisance to me, but he is still family," Kristen said, visibly agitated. Rolf urged Kristen to calm down. With a sigh, Kristen said she would relax if Rolf would stop swooping in to talk. Rolf suggested that they schedule weekly appointments to monitor Kristen's health. When Kristen pointed out that Rolf was not her OB/GYN, Rolf argued that he would be better suited to the task, since he had given Kristen the fertility treatments.

"I feel responsible to look out for him or her. To make sure you deliver a healthy child," Rolf said. "Is there something wrong with the baby?" Brady asked as he walked up behind Rolf. Kristen told Brady that the baby was fine and that Rolf was overly cautious. When Kristen mentioned the weekly appointments, Brady said he thought it was a good idea. Kristen suggested that Rolf move in with her. "Over my dead body," Brady objected.

After Jordan handed David over to Janice, the babysitter, she turned and found Ben walking toward her at the pub. "Returning to the scene of the crime?" Ben asked. Jordan told Ben to shove his false accusations. Ben warned Jordan not to mess with Ciara. "For a reformed serial killer, you sure do make a lot of threats," Jordan noted.

"Stay the hell away from Ciara, you hear me?" Ben said. Jordan countered that as long as Ciara remained with Ben, bad things would continue to happen to her. "Maybe next time, she won't be so lucky," Jordan said before she walked away. Worried, Ben went to the Kiriakis mansion, and he found Victor in the living room. "You owe me a favor, old man. And I'm here to collect," Ben bellowed.

After Lani's interview with internal affairs, she met up with Eli in the waiting area at the hospital. Eli updated Lani on Julie's status, and he noted that it was a miracle that Julie had survived through the night. Lani told Eli that internal affairs had cleared her in the shooting. Lani admitted that she still had doubts and that she was upset that her actions had ended an innocent man's life. Eli stressed that Lani had been forced to protect herself and that some good could rise from her actions if Stefan's heart was donated to Julie.

With a shake of her head, Lani noted that it would not be easy to convince Gabi to agree to give Stefan's heart to a woman that Gabi hated. Lani added that it would be an especially difficult task because Gabi still believed that Stefan would recover from his injuries. When Eli and Lani ran through the list of candidates to talk to Gabi, Eli realized that he was the best option. Eli said that he owed Julie.

"[Julie's] always fought for me, so now it's time for me to fight for her," Eli said. Lani told Eli that she was proud of his instinct, but she did not think Gabi would want to give up the heart. Rafe walked up and asked about Julie. "No change," Eli said. Eli asked about Gabi. With a nod, Rafe said he had talked to Gabi, and she was devastated.

"She really did love Stefan," Rafe said. "I feel awful about what happened," Lani started. Rafe took Lani by the shoulders and told her that she had done her job. With a nod, Rafe said that Gabi had appeared to have accepted Stefan's fate. After Rafe left for work, Lani advised Eli not to talk to Gabi right then.

"There's never going to be a good time. Julie needs Stefan's heart, so I got to talk to Gabi now," Eli said. While Eli went to talk to Gabi, Lani walked to the pub to get food for the family, and she ran into Rafe. Lani asked Rafe if he was reviewing the crime scene again. With a nod, Rafe said he was hoping to find a lead. "Are you worried it's Jordan?" Lani asked.

At the hospital, Ciara boarded an elevator and looked at her phone. When Ciara looked up, she was startled to see Jordan board the same elevator.

In Stefan's hospital room, Gabi sat at his bedside and held his hand. "Is Rafe right? Stefan, do I have to figure out a way to say goodbye to you? I don't know how," Gabi said. "How could this be happening? We were just starting our life together. And how can it end like this?" Gabi said as she held back tears. Gabi asked Stefan how to let go of him.

"Is it okay if I come in?" Eli asked from the doorway. "Sure," Gabi said. Eli told Gabi that he was sorry for what she was going through. "That's kind of you," Gabi said hollowly. Eli apologized for intruding, and he asked to talk. Gabi curtly said yes. "There's something I need to ask you. It's very important," Eli said.

Rolf offers Hope a way to help Julie

Rolf offers Hope a way to help Julie

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

by Mike

Outside the Brady Pub, Rafe admitted to Lani that, while no evidence had yet been found that linked Jordan to the incident with Ciara that had recently occurred in the nearby parking lot, there were reasons to be suspicious. Lani admitted it was surprising to hear Rafe question Jordan's innocence. "[You two seem]...really comfortable...together," Lani carefully noted. "We are not romantically involved," Rafe dismissively insisted.

Lani nodded then changed the subject, informing Rafe that Eli was planning to ask Gabi to donate Stefan's heart to Julie. "Obviously, I want what's best for [Julie]; I want [that] for Hope, Doug, Ciara -- you know, everyone who loves her. I love her! [But]...Gabi and Julie, they -- they've had a rough history, [and] I just...I don't know that [Gabi's] in the position right now to give something to -- to the person that has shown her such contempt," Rafe warned. "[But] let me know how it goes, [and if Eli] can't get through to Gabi, I'll talk to her," Rafe promised before rushing off to pick up David, who was with a babysitter.

At the hospital, Eli awkwardly started to ask Gabi to donate Stefan's heart to Julie. "Oh, my God -- I know what you want..." Gabi blurted out, stopping Eli, who was somewhat surprised. "You want me to forgive Lani!" Gabi guessed with a scoff and a shake of the head. "[That's not it...but you should know that] Internal Affairs interviewed Lani this morning [and] cleared her of any wrongdoing," Eli replied. "Oh? Well, there's a shocker! We both know that the Salem P.D. has it out for the DiMeras! The odds of them doing, uh, an unbiased investigation are even longer than the odds of Stefan waking up!" Gabi complained.

"Let's not argue about this. Everyone agrees that what happened to Stefan is a tragedy, and I am truly sorry for your loss," Eli stressed. "I believe you," Gabi admitted after a moment of thought.

"[So, then]...what do you want?" Gabi wondered. "I want to ask you if you'll give Stefan's heart to Julie," Eli revealed.

"Is this some kind of sick joke? [Do] you know what you are asking of me?" Gabi incredulously snapped. "[I do]...and I wouldn't [be] if I didn't truly believe that this would help you. [Look], what happened to Stefan was a terrible accident, [but] his death doesn't have to be in vain. Now, I know that must be...that must be impossible for you to imagine right now because of the pain that you are going through, [but] I promise, if you do this, not only will it bring so much joy to me and my family, but it will also help you heal, because Stefan's heart, which is filled with so much love for you, will live on," Eli replied.

"I know you and my grandma don't have the greatest relationship --" Eli began to acknowledge. "I think that's an understatement, don't you?" Gabi argued. "But this is a chance to end all of that. [And] I know how terrible you felt when my grandmother had that heart attack in the park, [and] you left her there [because] you thought she was faking it --" Eli continued. "[So], let me get this straight -- you want me to kill my husband because it's gonna benefit me...[but you also want me to do it] out of obligation, because I'm a horrible person [who has] done horrible things, and I gotta pay," Gabi summarized. "No -- absolutely not!" Eli insisted.

"I know that you're not a horrible person -- and I know that you have compassion for Julie," Eli stressed. "Do you? Because I remember you and Hope screaming at me [and] telling me to stay away from you and your family," Gabi countered. "We were all on edge that day," Eli stressed. "When I heard that Julie wasn't faking it, you know what I did? I called the hospital -- because I was horrified! And they wouldn't tell me anything, so I came here, [and] Lani was calling me a liar, [and] she said that to watch Julie suffer was my dream!" Gabi continued. "With emotions running so high, we didn't know what to believe," Eli explained.

"Okay, well, since there was so much confusion that night, [let me be very clear now] -- your grandmother is never going to have my husband's heart! As far as I'm concerned, Julie Williams is an evil, evil bitch, [and] I hope she dies!" Gabi spat. "You can't possibly mean that. [Look], I know my grandmother can be the most stubborn person in the world, and she can be harsh, but --" Eli tried to protest.

"'Harsh'? She is an unforgiving, unrelenting wench from hell! [And] you want me to let them cut [my husband's] chest open and rip out his heart so that that crazy bitch can live on [and] give me more grief? No -- the answer is no, Eli! [Now], get out of here [and] leave us alone, [and] don't you ever ask me that again!" Gabi spat before shoving Eli out of the room and slamming the door shut.

"I'm sorry that you had to hear that, [but] no one's gonna take your heart, okay? No one!" Gabi tearfully assured Stefan.

Ciara, alone with Jordan in one of the hospital's elevators, nervously reached for its keypad, wanting to make it stop at the upcoming floor. Jordan grabbed Ciara's arm with one hand while smacking the keypad's emergency-stop button with the other hand, freezing the elevator between floors. "Why don't us two girls have a little chat?" Jordan sweetly suggested, releasing Ciara's arm but keeping a hand over the emergency-stop button.

"I know my brother has tried to make you think that I am behind the parking lot, and I know he's been filling your head full of ideas that I'm out to hurt you, [but he is] wrong about me, okay? I have worked so hard to get well [and] give my son and I a fresh start, because that's all that I want; [in fact], I'm here to apply for a job -- the physical therapist position I had a few years ago -- [because] know, gotta go back to work... [But] I've got Ben out here, making threats [to me while] telling people that I'm still some kind of a threat, [and] it just makes me want to scream!" Jordan continued.

"I know what he's doing this for. We both know. Ben wants to get rid of me [so] he can talk Rafe into letting him be around David!" Jordan concluded. "I really need you to move," Ciara stressed, but Jordan ignored the request. "Why is everyone giving Ben a second chance, but not me? He has murdered three people, [but] he's 'cured,' [and] I'm 'the bad guy' -- I'm 'scary'! Oh, my God, this is crazy!" Jordan complained, briefly raising both hands in the air in a gesture of disbelief. Ciara lunged at the keypad and desperately tried to start the elevator again, but it didn't immediately respond.

"Oh, now look what you did -- you broke the damn thing! Looks like you're stuck here with me," Jordan mused as Ciara continued pressing buttons. "I remember trying to make calls from these elevators. You'll never get a signal," Jordan added as Ciara retrieved a cell phone -- which, as predicted, didn't have a signal.

"When are you gonna learn, Ciara? I'm not the one you should be scared of!" Jordan reiterated. "It wasn't Ben who tried to burn me alive, it wasn't Ben who came at me with a syringe, and it sure as hell wasn't Ben who tried to run me down with a damn car!" Ciara pointed out. "Okay, he might be innocent of those crimes...but do you really know what the man that you 'love' is capable of? [I mean], he murdered three women -- two of which he strangled the life out of with the same hands that he puts all over you!" Jordan countered.

"He was sick then. He's better now," Ciara maintained. "You better hope that the doctors did their job at Bayview, because if they didn't..." Jordan began to warn, but the elevator started moving again just then -- and stopped again just a second later, having arrived at a floor. Jordan smirked mischievously while watching Ciara rush off in a panic.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor managed to find some humor in Ben's bold entrance. "[For you to] just barge into my house, claiming that I [owe you]... I find your lack of respect repugnant, but I admire your guts. So, what is this favor you've come to ask?" Victor said to Ben. "I need you to get rid of my sister. [She's] back in town. They let her out of Bayview. [But] she's still extremely dangerous, [and] she's after Ciara again, [so] I need you to stop her," Ben explained before telling Victor about what had recently happened to Ciara in the parking lot outside the Brady Pub.

"You tried to kill me in this very room, and I never told Ciara about it, which is why you owe me this...and I figured, since you had no problem [with the idea of choking] the life out of me in order to protect Ciara, that you'd have no problem [with the idea of] helping me make Jordan disappear for the exact same reason," Ben concluded. "I'll do whatever is necessary to keep my granddaughter safe, [and] if what you say is true, [then] our interests do seem to align...[but] maybe I should get rid of both of you, just to be on the safe side," Victor countered.

"As I've told you many times, Victor, I love Ciara. I'm not a threat to her -- or anybody else -- anymore. But Jordan is. They never should have let her out of that hospital," Ben maintained. "I generally don't believe serial killers...but, given your sister's track record, I can't ignore your claim," Victor conceded. "So, I did the right thing, coming to you?" Ben assumed. "Well, I'm not surprised the police didn't do anything -- they never do. I learned the hard way, a long time ago...that, at one point or another, a man has to take the law into his own hands," Victor declared. "'ll do it?" Ben asked. "Yes -- I'll deal with Jordan," Victor replied.

Ben breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Victor for taking the request seriously. "You know, you say you're a changed man and that my granddaughter's love has saved you, [and that] you're no longer the monster that killed those people...[so], if that's the case, are you sure you want your sister's blood on your hands?" Victor wondered. "I don't want you to kill my sister... [I mean], do you have to be that extreme? Can't you just ship her off somewhere -- somewhere far away from Ciara?" Ben suggested. "Would you be expecting me to relocate [her child], as well?" Victor asked. "No," Ben replied, adding that David would be safer with Rafe.

"You have to understand, operations like this don't always go as planned; sometimes, they get...messy. [So], I need to know if you can live with yourself if your sister dies," Victor warned Ben, who didn't respond right away.

At the Horton Town Square, Rolf pointedly advised Brady that it was never a good idea to use the phrase "over my dead body" when trying to stop someone from doing something, since it could easily be misconstrued as a suggestion of sorts. Rolf then rushed off to the hospital to continue working on a project, leaving it up to Kristen to convince Brady that it was also never a good idea to get careless when dealing with a high-risk pregnancy.

"I don't want [Rolf] anywhere near my kid...[and] I don't even know why you would consider that, given that you already have an obstetrician," Brady said to Kristen, who was confused at first but eventually remembered why Brady was under that assumption. "That didn't work out," Kristen vaguely claimed. "Then you need to get another [obstetrician -- preferably one] that doesn't study under Dr. Frankenstein," Brady told Kristen, who wasn't amused. "I'm sorry that my choices on how to manage my pregnancy don't meet your high standards, but I am doing the best I can to figure this all out -- on my own. I don't have anyone to turn to," Kristen declared.

"My father is God knows where, and my brother Tony [is] still angry with me [because] I almost let him take a murder rap, and now my brother Stefan is --" Kristen continued. "I'm sorry about Stefan," Brady stressed, softening a bit. "Thank you. [I mean, yeah], I didn't really know him, but now I'm never gonna even get the chance...[and] since I've been ostracized from what little family I have left, I am looking ahead to the next generation of DiMeras," Kristen replied before starting to share potential baby names with Brady -- and fantasize about the possibility of having twins.

"We were talking about finding you a doctor," Brady pointed out, wanting to get the conversation back on track. "Dr. Rolf, eccentric as he may be, did have a hand in [our baby's] conception, so...I'm gonna have to trust him to provide the care that we need," Kristen insisted. "There's gotta be another way," Brady maintained.

"This is a high-risk pregnancy, [and] any little thing that happens to me [could cause me to] lose this baby, [so] I need someone by my side who will take care of me so that little Andy or Jenny will make it safely into this world. [And] I don't want a stranger hovering over me in my most vulnerable moment. [Now], ideally, the father would be here -- taking care of us, monitoring [and] protecting his child -- but you don't seem to want to make that happen, so...what choice do I have?" Kristen reasoned before suddenly fainting.

Brady managed to catch Kristen, who soon recovered. "All of a sudden, I just, dizzy," Kristen explained. "Did you fake that?" Brady suspiciously demanded to know. "You know how important this baby is to me! Do you really think that I would put him or her at risk [by] falling to the ground, [just] so that I could gain your sympathy?" Kristen snapped indignantly. "I don't know, Kristen. I just don't know," Brady admitted. "You know what? Maybe I'll see you in eight months!" Kristen spat before storming into the nearby Salem Inn.

Ben returned to the DiMera guesthouse and greeted Ciara, who was still quite rattled as a result of what had happened earlier -- and was quick to share all the details.

Brady entered the Kiriakis mansion and began to share some bad news with Victor. "You already told me you knocked up Kristen DiMera. What could be worse than that?" Victor wondered. "I'm moving in," Kristen cheerfully announced from the doorway before joining Brady and Victor in the living room.

Rolf found Hope in the hospital's chapel, clutching a rosary. "Stefano DiMera's personal physician... His son's near death -- that's why you're here, isn't it? You're planning another one of your...resurrections," Hope guessed. "As I told Mrs. DiMera, my formula only works if the patient has a spark of life...[and], unfortunately, Mr. DiMera has no such spark," Rolf clarified.

"Now, Julie Williams, on the other hand..." Rolf continued. "Are you saying you could help Julie?" Hope asked. "I cannot heal Julie's heart, but I can give her something that no other doctor can, [and that's] time. I can extend her life so that, hopefully, she can hold on until another heart becomes available," Rolf replied. "And why should I trust you?" Hope wondered. "I don't think you have any other options," Rolf reasoned. "I am willing to extend the benefit of [my] brilliance to Julie! So, if you could just do me the courtesy of accompanying me to my lab, I shall deliver to you that miracle you ask for," Rolf concluded before starting to leave the chapel.

"I'm going to help you to help Julie, so...what are you afraid of?" Rolf wondered when Hope didn't immediately follow. "You're seriously asking why I'd be hesitant to trust you?" Hope snapped. "Oh, no, no, no -- I understand why you're reluctant...but, as I said, you're out of options, and I know that the people you love are in pain -- especially your father. Wouldn't you like to be able to look into his eyes and tell him that his wife has a chance to live?" Rolf reasoned. "Do you really think you could help her?" Hope asked quietly. "Where there is hope, there is life," Rolf pointedly replied, shrugging.

"Now, you can stay here and pray on your little beads until the end of days, but it is not faith that will save Julie; it is science! Only I have the power to help you...and all you have to do is believe," Rolf stressed before extending a hand, which Hope eyed skeptically, still feeling conflicted.

After waiting a few seconds, Rolf withdrew the hand, shrugged again, and left the chapel. Hope pocketed the rosary then chased after Rolf, pausing at the doorway just long enough to say one more prayer. Rolf led Hope to a lab, where a vial was waiting on a table. "A compound I've been working on for some time. I am quite certain it's effective. I'll fill a syringe, [then] we'll be on our way [to Julie's room]," Rolf assured Hope, who was still clearly nervous. "[First], I want to find Kayla [and] make sure that it's safe to inject Julie with...whatever that is," Hope insisted as Rolf filled a syringe.

"Oh, my dear...this is for you," Rolf clarified with a chuckle before plunging the needle into Hope's right arm.

Gabi makes a final decision about Julie's fate

Gabi makes a final decision about Julie's fate

Thursday, October 10, 2019

by Mike

Maggie rushed into the living room to find out what was going on with Victor, who had apparently had a very negative -- and very loud -- reaction to Brady's decision to move Kristen into the Kiriakis mansion.

"I am sick and tired of all the psychotic gold diggers living under this roof, and I won't stand for it anymore!" Victor snapped. "[Kristen] needs constant care and supervision to make sure nothing goes wrong," Brady argued. "We're way past 'wrong'..." Victor grumbled. "Victor, please! It's obvious [that Brady is simply] doing what any good father would do -- he's thinking about the well-being of his baby," Maggie, who had already found out about Kristen's pregnancy during one of Victor's previous rants, reasoned. "He's thinking, all right -- but not with his brain," Victor declared.

"Do you have any idea what [Kristen] was planning to do? [She] was planning to have Wilhelm Rolf be her doctor and her roommate! [And] God knows what that sadistic freak would end up doing to my child!" Brady fretted. "If it is your kid," Victor stressed. "Of course it is! Since I came back to Salem, I haven't made love to anyone but Brady!" Kristen promised. "That is more than we need to know," Maggie protested, cringing. "I thought she was gonna have a paternity test," Victor said to Brady, still not convinced. "We have to wait until the end of the first trimester," Brady explained.

"[But] I have reason to believe that she is telling me the truth," Brady continued. "You had reason to believe she was Nicole Walker, too," Victor countered. "You need to stop fighting. It's not good for anyone -- especially the baby that Kristen is carrying," Maggie interjected. "I have been, uh, advised to avoid stress," Kristen confirmed. "[Then] maybe you oughta think about cutting back on the psychotic rampages -- just a thought," Victor dryly suggested. "Okay, look -- I am well aware that no one wants me here," Kristen tiredly acknowledged, ready to wrap up the conversation.

"And not in a million years did I think I would [ever be in this position]. This pregnancy -- it took me completely by surprise," Kristen continued. "Oh, please -- you've been trying to procreate by any means necessary for years!" Victor countered. "Yes, [but] all my attempts have failed -- and [yet], back in Nashville, I asked Rolf to give me fertility treatments, knowing that the odds of me conceiving a baby were...terrible at best...[and], by some miracle, I beat those odds, but it still is going to be difficult for me to carry to term, so I need someone to help me -- someone take care of me," Kristen explained.

"But Rolf, of all people?" Maggie protested. "What choice do I have? [Brady] made it very clear that he didn't want to be with me, and I...I don't have any family left, [and] I have no friends... For all his flaws, at least Rolf isn't a stranger," Kristen reasoned, shrugging. "Oh, please -- hire a baby nurse," Victor suggested before offering to cover the cost. "I don't want that, Grandfather. I...I need to have her close, because I want to oversee everything," Brady insisted. "You're playing right into her hands!" Victor warned. "This arrangement is just temporary," Brady promised.

"I'm tired of explaining myself," Brady concluded with finality before starting to lead Kristen to a spare bedroom. "Take one more step, and you're fired," Victor called out, stopping Brady. "You can't be serious," Brady protested. "I'm as serious as Julie Williams' heart attack," Victor crassly declared, annoying Maggie. "You're asking me to choose between my career and my unborn child," Brady incredulously summarized. "And I haven't got all day," Victor impatiently stressed. "Then you can find yourself another CEO," Brady snapped before storming upstairs, with Kristen close behind. "You'll regret it!" Victor called out. "The hell I will!" Brady shouted back.

After getting settled in a spare bedroom, Kristen thanked Brady for the earlier support. "I'm truly grateful, and I apologize for know, such a huge argument...between you and Victor. I mean, he's always been against us -- he sabotaged our wedding -- [but] I never thought you'd have to give up your job for me," Kristen stressed. "Not for you -- for the baby you're carrying," Brady clarified. "Okay... Well, in any case, I'm sorry that it came to this...[but] you were so masterful [in] the way you took charge [and] showed Victor who's really boss. That meant so much to me," Kristen continued, swooning.

Kristen gave Brady a hug -- and when he didn't immediately pull away, she excitedly started to give him a kiss, as well. "Don't," he hesitantly warned, stopping her at the last possible moment. "I moved you in here for that baby's sake, [so] don't try to make anything more out of it, all right? You know where I stand, [and] that's not gonna change," he insisted before exiting the room, unaware that she wasn't the least bit convinced.

Meanwhile, Maggie tried to convince Victor not to fire Brady -- the only family member who was qualified to be Titan's CEO and was actually interested in the position.

"I think I can get [Sonny] to change his mind," Victor argued, reaching for a cell phone. "Oh, Victor -- you know that won't happen! [Now, look], I don't want Kristen in Brady's life any more than you do, and I certainly don't want her in this house...but what is it that you always say? 'Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer,'" Maggie countered -- just as Brady returned to hand over a Titan key card.

"You're still the CEO...for now," Victor informed Brady, ignoring the offer. "But mark my words -- you're gonna regret the day that you let Kristen into this house...and into your life," Victor warned. "That's right -- it is my life," Brady countered. "And when it implodes -- and it inevitably will -- don't say I didn't warn you," Victor continued.

At the hospital, Rolf finished drugging Hope, who backed away in horror and demanded to know what was going on. "You're about to find out," Rolf cryptically promised as Hope tried to retreat from the lab, stumbling the whole time. "I'm gonna find Kayla, and I'm gonna have her undo..." Hope breathlessly vowed before suddenly collapsing. "Sweet dreams," Rolf said with a smirk as Hope passed out.

"Did you really think I would forget what you did to the great Stefano DiMera? You shot him in cold blood, even though he was innocent of torturing your precious Bo!" Rolf snapped while getting Hope settled in a surgical chair. "Just like everyone else in this town, you hated him, [so] you took your unjustified revenge [on him] -- and got away with it!" Rolf complained. "Ultimately, the Phoenix outwitted you -- he rose from the ashes once again -- [but] you, Hope Brady, might not be so lucky!" Rolf warned while scowling at Hope, who had not yet regained consciousness.

"Your dear cousin Jennifer Horton was so grateful to me for agreeing to restore Jack Deveraux's memories that the two of them secured this lab for me so I could work on all my pet projects; little did they know that you are one of my very favorite pets," Rolf mused, chuckling wickedly. "Who's a good girl? Who's a good girl?" Rolf continued in a goofy voice while picking up a scalpel, as if Hope were a dog.

After working on Hope with the scalpel for a few minutes, Rolf stepped back and eyed the result critically. "That went exceedingly well -- even better than I'd...hoped," Rolf declared, chuckling at the pun. "Now, on to the next step..." Rolf excitedly announced.

Will and Sonny entered Stefan's room and offered Gabi their condolences. "Anything we can do?" Sonny asked. "You're already doing the most important thing that you could do for me, and that's taking care of Arianna," Gabi replied. "She's fine. You know, she -- she doesn't really know what's going on...and she won't until you want her to," Will stressed.

"There's only one thing left that I need to do, and...I'm finally ready to do [it]. As painful as [it will be], I gotta do the right thing -- I gotta...I gotta disconnect Stefan from these machines so that I can make plans to give him a proper burial," Gabi tearfully acknowledged. "I don't want to leave him alone, so...could you just stay with him a few minutes, please?" Gabi asked Will and Sonny before starting to head off in search of Kayla.

"Wait," Will hesitantly called out, stopping Gabi. "We need to ask you something," Sonny began to explain. "We understand how you feel [right now], but...we're -- we're hoping that you would...maybe consider...possibly...donating Stefan's heart to --" Will awkwardly tried to elaborate. "Oh, my God -- Julie, Julie, Julie!" Gabi grumbled.

"I can't believe [that] you're Team Julie! [I mean], I know that you hate [my husband] -- everybody hates him -- [but] I thought you two were supposed to be on my side!" Gabi complained. "We are on your side," Sonny insisted. "[And] we're not trying to pressure you, [but]...this is it for Julie; this is her last chance," Will stressed. "I don't care about Julie! [Honestly], I don't even think I could do this for anybody, [but] especially Julie!" Gabi countered. "[Then] there are gonna be two funerals tomorrow -- one for Stefan, one for Julie," Will gently pointed out.

"I'm about to move my husband from this bed to a grave, [and] you're laying a guilt trip on me?" Gabi incredulously summarized. "No, we're not," Will insisted. "All we're saying is that this decision is permanent, okay? You can't reverse it [later]," Sonny stressed. "[And], one day, Ari is going to find out that you could have saved Julie's life, and you refused. [Now], how do you think that's gonna make her feel? [See], we're looking ahead, [because] we understand that you can't right now because of how much pain you're in," Will continued.

"[Now you're] using my daughter against me?" Gabi snapped. "No --" Will began to clarify. "[Well], you're right -- we have raised Arianna to be kind and giving, [and] she has the sweetest, most forgiving soul... But I don't," Gabi admitted. "That is not true --" Sonny tried to argue. "No, it is -- I have been vicious and vengeful, [and] I've taken risks that could easily separate me from my daughter again," Gabi acknowledged. "Have you made mistakes? Yes. We all have. [But] you're a good mother, [and] Ari is the way she is because of you," Will insisted. "You're just saying that because you want something from me," Gabi countered.

"No -- this is your decision to make, and whatever decision you make, we're going to respect it," Sonny assured Gabi. "[But] if you let [Julie] die, there's no going back," Will stressed. "[And] we just don't want you to wake up [one day] -- a month from now, or a year from now -- filled with regret," Sonny continued. "I can live with regret. I already do," Gabi dismissively countered before ordering Will and Sonny to drop the matter. "Okay..." Will started to agree before feeling compelled to reiterate the consequences of Gabi's decision one more time, just in case doing so might make a difference.

"You're telling me that you're not putting pressure on me, but you totally are, you know! It's -- it's already hard enough to deal with this without everybody ganging up on me!" Gabi tearfully complained. "Okay, Gabi -- we're...we're sorry, [and] we're done," Will stressed. "And whatever you decide, it's not gonna change how we feel about you," Sonny maintained. "We love you, no matter what," Will agreed. Gabi nodded and numbly accepted hugs from Will and Sonny, who both left the room without saying another word. Alone with Stefan, Gabi broke down.

Meanwhile, Eli and Lani discussed Gabi's refusal to donate Stefan's heart to Julie. "I'm just glad that we didn't say anything to Doug," Eli stressed. "Me, too. He would have been devastated," Lani agreed. "Gabi's just still so angry at my grandmother... I don't [think] there's any way that she will allow Stefan's heart to save Julie's life," Eli continued -- just as Doug approached.

"What's that? Are you saying there's another possible donor for Julie?" Doug asked hopefully. "No, Doug -- we weren't..." Lani awkwardly began to respond. "You must have heard wrong," Eli helpfully concluded for Lani. "I know exactly what I heard. You were talking about another possible donor," Doug countered. "Why haven't you said anything about that before? [I mean], shouldn't I be kept in the loop about my own wife?" Doug continued. "Yes, absolutely -- you should," Lani conceded. "[But] we didn't want to get your hopes up," Eli explained before reluctantly sharing all the details.

After hearing the whole story, Doug went to see Gabi, who tiredly braced for another passionate plea for Stefan's heart on Julie's behalf. "[Actually, I'm just] here to tell you [how] genuinely sorry I am for your loss. To part, forever, from your spouse, your best friend, [the] love of your life -- I feel for you...especially since I am about to experience that very same thing myself," Doug told Gabi. "And that's my fault, right? If I just say yes to the donation, everything's gonna be all right [for Julie]," Gabi bitterly summarized. "We don't know that," Doug patiently conceded, knowing that Stefan had not yet been confirmed as a suitable donor for Julie, anyway.

"Would I like [to at least] see if Stefan's heart could save my Julie? More than anything. [But] if I were in your shoes right now, I may very well have made the same decision you did, [because] I know that Julie's refusal to let go of the grudge that she has with you -- her refusal to, after all this time, [just] forgive -- has caused you tremendous pain, so I understand [why you don't] want to give your husband's heart to a woman that you consider heartless. [Now], don't get me wrong, kiddo -- I pray that you'll change your mind, [because] you are our only hope...but, if you can't, I won't judge you; only God can do that," Doug told Gabi before exiting the room.

Meanwhile, Will and Sonny told Eli and Lani about what had happened with Gabi earlier. "There still might be someone who can help," Lani announced, suddenly remembering Rafe's earlier offer. Eli immediately contacted Rafe, who rushed over to the hospital to talk to Gabi, knowing that Julie didn't have much time left. Will and Sonny updated Rafe then rushed off to pick up Arianna, who was at preschool. Rafe rushed off to Stefan's room, where Gabi was still recovering from the earlier visits. "I was wondering when they were gonna send in the big guns," Gabi grumbled. "I don't want to talk about this right now," Gabi insisted before ordering Rafe to leave.

Eli went to the chapel and found Hope passed out there. Meanwhile, Gabi summoned Lani to Stefan's room. "I changed my mind [about] giving my husband's heart to Julie," Gabi revealed, stunning Lani, who excitedly began to express gratitude. "Lani, I'm only doing this on one condition," Gabi cryptically continued.

Lani begs Gabi for Stefan's heart

Lani begs Gabi for Stefan's heart

Friday, October 11, 2019

In the Kiriakis living room, Sarah poured herself a cup of coffee as Xander returned from a run. With a scowl, Sarah complained that no one had told her that Kristen had moved into the mansion. "It's like bumping into Hannibal Lecter," Sarah said. When Sarah wondered aloud why Victor and Maggie had agreed to have Kristen as a houseguest, Xander noted that Brady wanted to look after Kristen like Xander wanted to look after Sarah.

"Have you decided if you're gonna stay in Salem?" Xander asked. Sarah said she had thought about what Xander had said about her being his conscience. "It's blackmail that if I go, everything you do after that is my fault," Sarah said. Xander denied the charge, but Sarah argued that in light of Xander's past deeds, emotional blackmail was not a stretch.

"I'm well aware of what I've done," Xander said. Sarah thanked Xander for giving her a choice instead of locking her in a cage. Sarah pointed out that Xander had only thought of himself in asking her to stay, and he had not considered how it would affect other people. "Maggie. She won't know why you left. She won't know her grandchild," Xander said. Sarah said she would make amends with Maggie later.

"Maybe you're right, and I only think about myself, but you never do. You always put everyone else first, especially Eric, who has been horrible to you. He broke up your marriage to his brother," Xander said. When Xander imitated Eric's voice, Sarah grew frustrated and said she did not want to hear Xander laugh in her face. Sarah stood up, and Xander grabbed her wrist. Sarah pulled away.

"Please do not make this any harder than it already is, Xander," Sarah said. As Xander noted that Sarah was running away from her problems, she groaned in frustration. "You haven't lived until you've taken life coaching from a kidnapping terrorist," Sarah grumbled. Xander countered that nothing changed the fact that he was right. Sarah argued that there was nothing that Xander could say that would change her mind. As Sarah stomped past Xander, he grabbed her and pulled her into a passionate kiss. After a moment of indulgence, Sarah pulled away.

"I know I should not have done that, but there is something between us, and you know it," Xander whispered. Angry, Sarah argued that, unlike Xander, she did not let her libido make her decisions. Xander smirked. Xander pointed out, "Every time I get through to you, you know what you do? You insult me." Xander slowly took a couple steps toward Sarah.

"I do not need to explain myself to you, and I am sick of hearing your analysis of my character. It's none of your business!" Sarah said. Sarah backed away and announced that she was going to tell Kayla that she was quitting. Sarah backed awkwardly out of the room and said goodbye to Xander. "She doesn't really want to go," Xander said with a satisfied smile.

In Rolf's lab at the hospital, he picked up Julie's rosary that Hope had dropped on the floor when Rolf had injected her in the arm. "I know that the outcome of my work is seldom within my control, and I know what you, Hope, would say if you could. Sometimes we simply have to have faith," Rolf said as he shook the rosary in his hand and threw it on the table. Rolf announced that he had faith that his plan would work out for his "very special patient."

"What special patient are you talking about?" Kayla asked as she entered the lab. "Don't you know it's dangerous to eavesdrop on an evil scientist when he is talking to himself?" Rolf countered. Kayla asked Rolf again about the patient. Rolf lied and said that he had completed the serum for Jack. Kayla informed Rolf that Jack had recovered his memories. Confused, Rolf said he needed to speak to Jack to find a medical reason for Jack's recovery. Kayla told Rolf to leave. Rolf countered that he had made an agreement with Jack for assistance.

"I am chief of staff, and as much as I love Jack and Jennifer, they have no standing here. So, do you want to act like a professional and clear your things out, or should I call security?" Kayla asked. With a sigh, Rolf said he would gather his things and leave. Kayla noticed Julie's rosary on the table, and she noted that Hope had told her that she intended to take it to Julie.

Rolf started to talk about talismans, and Kayla demanded to know why Rolf had the rosary. Rolf said he had found the rosary on the floor. Kayla told Rolf he had thirty minutes to leave. Kayla's phone beeped, and she left. "I don't think sacraments are going to help Miss Williams now. I don't think anything can," Rolf said to himself.

After getting dressed, Xander returned to the Kiriakis living room and stared at a photo of Sarah. Rolf walked in and announced that he was there to check on Kristen. "Her crypt is on the second floor. I wouldn't risk it if I were you," Xander said. Xander warned Rolf that Victor would be upset. Rolf promised to be discreet. With a studious look, Rolf noted that it was out of character for Xander to moon over a photo of a woman. "Don't you usually just kidnap them?" Rolf joked. Xander took the photo of Sarah from Rolf and returned it to the mantel. Rolf commented about Sarah's pregnancy, and Xander informed Rolf that Sarah was leaving town.

"I perceive that you don't want her to go, but there is nothing you can do about it," Rolf said. Rolf suggested that Xander tip off Eric. With a nod, Rolf went to look for Kristen. After a search upstairs, Xander located the pregnancy test results in Sarah's room. "Eric is the only one who can talk her out of leaving. I've got to make sure he knows she's pregnant, but it can't come back to me. How do I make that happen?" Xander wondered aloud. When Rolf returned downstairs, Xander asked Rolf to deliver an envelope to Eric.

In Julie's hospital room, Doug sat by her side and assured her that he would remain there until the end. Jack and Jennifer walked in, and Jennifer took Doug's hand. "She looks calm. At peace," Jack observed. Jennifer said she had heard that Gabi had refused to give Stefan's heart to Julie, and Jennifer and Jack informed Doug that J.J. planned to talk to Gabi after his shift. With a nod, Doug said he appreciated everyone's efforts, but he did not believe Gabi would change her mind.

"I spoke to Gabi myself. I told her what a big thing I was asking of her and that I didn't know if I could give Stefan Julie's heart," Doug explained. Doug said he was certain that Gabi's mind was made up. Doug added that he had told Gabi that he would not judge her. "You are a better person than I am," Jennifer said. With a shrug, Doug noted that Julie had been unwilling to forgive Gabi for Nick's death and had been "unrelenting" with Gabi.

"If Julie relented, Stefan would still have Abigail's baby. If Julie relented, Abigail would still be in an institution," Jennifer recounted angrily. Jack counseled Jennifer to calm down, and she apologized to Doug. "Christ says love your neighbor. I just want Julie to go in peace and leave all the hate and the anger behind," Doug said. As a tearful Jennifer hugged Doug, the alarms on Julie's machines beeped. Jack and Jennifer raced out to get a doctor.

In the hospital chapel, Eli attempted to rouse Hope awake as she slept on a pew. As Hope slowly opened her eyes, Eli asked Hope if something had happened to her. Hope rubbed her arm where Rolf had injected her. Unsure, Hope admitted that she had lost time. Hope asked about Julie. Eli told Hope that Gabi was unwilling to donate Stefan's heart. Eli explained that multiple people had talked to Gabi with no luck. When Hope said she was thankful that Doug did not know about Stefan's heart, Eli broke the news that Doug knew.

"I think we should get back to him," Hope said as she stood up. Hope swooned, and Eli steadied her. Hope assured Eli that she was fine. As Hope turned to leave, she remembered that she had been holding Julie's rosary. Hope and Eli looked around the chapel. Jennifer ran in and said, "It's time." Hope took Jennifer's hand, and they walked out.

In Stefan's hospital room, Gabi told Lani that she had changed her mind about donating Stefan's heart. "I'm only doing this on one condition," Gabi announced. Lani asked Gabi what she wanted. Gabi talked about her love with Stefan and how it was similar to Lani and Eli's love. As Lani nodded, Gabi asked Lani if she would do anything to keep Eli's "bitch grandmother" alive.

"I want you to beg," Gabi said plainly. "I am begging you, Gabi," Lani said. Gabi shook her head. Gabi told Lani that she expected Lani to grovel because she would have humiliated herself in front of Lani if it would have saved Stefan's life. "I want you to beg for my forgiveness," Gabi said. When Lani asked what good that would do, Gabi groaned. Gabi reminded Lani that she was in charge, and she made Lani say, "Gabi is calling the shots."

"Sometime soon, I'm going to lose any chance that I have to be with the man that I adore because he is going to die. I have a daughter that I have to live for, knowing that I will never be happy. Every single day for the rest of my life," Gabi said. "I am begging you, please do not punish Eli for something that I did," Lani said through tears. Gabi told Lani that she wanted Lani to get on her knees. When Lani hesitated, Gabi said, "Julie still has a chance at life. He doesn't."

Lani got down on her knees and begged Gabi for her help. "I know that you hate me and you hate Julie, but you need to think about Eli, J.J., and Will. But mainly Doug. Gabi, do you want him going through what you're going through right now?" Lani asked. Lani begged Gabi to let Julie live. Gabi agreed to make the arrangements for the heart transplant. As Lani started to stand, Gabi said she was not done with Lani yet. Gabi noted that she had seen the hate in Lani's eyes.

"I hate you. I mean, I have my reasons. You took J.J. And then it was Eli. Now you took Stefan from me. Permanently. Without remorse," Gabi growled. Lani argued that she would have to live with what she had done for the rest of her life. "The rest of your life with Eli. With your handsome, sweet husband," Gabi corrected. Gabi ordered Lani to say that Lani did not deserve to be happy. "I don't deserve to be happy," Lani said. "I couldn't agree more," Gabi muttered. Gabi urged Lani to run and tell everyone the good news before she changed her mind.

Doug and Hope comforted one another in the waiting area outside Julie's room. Hope hugged her father. At the nurses' station, Jennifer talked to Jack about how much Julie had meant to the family. "I don't even know how to be in this world without her," Jennifer said. Kayla exited Julie's room and announced, "I think it's time to say goodbye." Lani ran down the hallway and yelled, "Wait!"

"I spoke with Gabi, and she is gonna sign the papers. Julie's gonna be okay!" Lani exclaimed. Everyone in the waiting area celebrated and hugged one another. "Thank you!" Doug said as he looked to the heavens. Eli asked Lani what she had said to Gabi to change her mind. "I don't want to talk about it," Lani muttered. Eli said he would never forget what Lani had done for him. As Eli hugged Lani, she whispered, "I don't think I've ever seen someone in so much pain."

Across the hall, Jennifer took Hope aside to chat, and Hope appeared distracted. Worried, Jennifer urged Hope to sit down. Hope insisted she was only stressed out. With a nod, Jennifer assured Hope that Julie would be fine. "I have this weird feeling," Hope said. Jennifer urged Hope to be positive. "I feel like I'm not really here," Hope whispered. "You have to hold on, because I know that this is going to have a happy ending," Jennifer said.

When Sarah arrived at the hospital, Kayla was busy prepping for surgery. Annoyed, Kayla asked Sarah why she had not been answering her phone. Before Sarah could answer, Kayla ordered Sarah to get dressed for surgery. Sarah and Kayla rushed down the hallway to get started.

In Stefan's hospital room, Gabi hugged her husband. "I feel like I let you down. As much as I hate that woman, I feel like this is what you'd want," Gabi said. Gabi admitted that she wanted to kill Lani, but she knew that Stefan would tell her to think about what was best for Arianna. "I'm not going to let Arianna grow up in a town where everybody, including her family, despises her mother," Gabi said. Gabi vowed to make Lani pay.

When Sarah arrived with the consent papers, Gabi was lying on the bed, her arms around Stefan. Gabi took the clipboard and signed the papers. Quietly, Sarah told Gabi that she did not have much time to say goodbye. Gabi curled up next to Stefan as Sarah left. "I love you more than anyone I know. This is so unfair. We were supposed to be together forever," Gabi whispered. Gabi thought about past moments with Stefan, including their wedding.

When Sarah returned to tell Gabi it was time, Gabi stroked Stefan's chest and wept. Down the hallway, a joyful Doug clutched Julie's hand and told her that she was going to get a new heart. In the waiting area, Kayla gave Hope the rosary she had confiscated from Rolf. Kayla explained that Rolf had found the rosary. Hope furrowed her brow.

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