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Jennifer stole Rolf's flash drive. Eve signed divorce papers. Jack apologized to Haley. A paternity test proved Brady was the father of Kristen's baby. Kristen experienced painful cramps. Kate accepted Victor's job offer, but he informed her that Brady was still the CEO. Justin and Adrienne got engaged. Jack and Jennifer got engaged. Jordan attempted to drug Ciara but accidentally drugged Rafe. Gabi ordered Lani to dump Eli at the altar or else Gabi would stop Julie's pacemaker from working. Hope transformed into Princess Gina.
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Justin and Adrienne got engaged. Jack and Jennifer got engaged.
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Brady and Kristen worry about their baby Brady and Kristen worry about their baby

Monday, October 21, 2019

by Mike

Xander tried to make a quick escape from Eric's apartment. "Not until you answer my question," Eric snapped while slamming the apartment door shut, still wanting to know why Xander had paid Nicole a visit.

"[We were] just having a little chat," Xander vaguely explained. "About Sarah," Nicole began to elaborate, drawing desperate objections from Xander. "Eric deserves to know..." Nicole insisted, glaring at Xander. "That you're using me to get to Sarah -- [that you] wanted me to put in a good word [for you with her]," Nicole continued, stunning Eric, who immediately began admonishing a secretly relieved Xander.

"Your man is awfully protective of Sarah. I'd keep an eye on that if I were you," Xander pointedly warned Nicole before rushing off.

Eric waited until the coast was clear then asked Nicole for the real story. "I can't believe that Xander thought you'd go to bat for Sarah with him. It just doesn't make any sense. After what Xander did to you, you're the last person on earth who would help him. [And] it seemed pretty tense between the two of you when I walked in -- it was almost as if he didn't want you to tell me something. [And] he tried to blackmail you before..." Eric said, prompting Nicole to laugh off the concern. "It still makes me so sick just to think about [that time]..." Nicole admitted with a cringe.

"You had to give in to Xander to get your daughter back, [because] one parent is better than none, [so] don't you ever apologize for making the choice that you made," Eric told Nicole. "Thank you so much for understanding!" Nicole raved, clearly taking the statement in a different way than Eric had intended. Nicole quickly changed the subject, leading Eric toward their bedroom.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie continued to question Sarah's sudden decision to leave Salem, certain that there was more to the story than what had been revealed thus far.

Sarah eventually started to confess everything to Maggie, but Rolf arrived just then, hoping to talk to Xander about their recent deal. Maggie struggled to understand why Xander had offered Rolf, of all people, lab space at Titan. "I am most eager to return to my...important projects...[and] I believe Mr. Cook Kiriakis realized [they] could be useful," Rolf carefully explained. "Well, given the 'projects' that you've done in the past, I don't think my husband would agree with you...[but] we're gonna have to discuss this at another time, because Xander isn't here, [and Victor isn't here], either," Maggie stiffly replied.

"What do you think he's up to?" Sarah asked Maggie after Rolf exited the mansion. "I don't know...but I don't like it," Maggie admitted with a shudder before returning to the earlier topic of conversation, still determined to talk Sarah out of leaving Salem. "If you won't stay for yourself, would you please stay for [those of] us [who] love you?" Maggie begged Sarah -- just as Xander entered the mansion.

Sarah -- who, unlike Maggie, was clearly grateful for another interruption -- immediately began telling Xander about Rolf's earlier visit. "Why would you let that madman anywhere near Titan?" Sarah wondered. "I know Rolf is out there -- like, way out there -- but the guy did just bring a bunch of people back from the brink of death. I think some of his new projects have serious potential," Xander coolly reasoned. "For?" Maggie asked. "Generating tons of money for Titan! If we provide him with a lab, we'll get first dibs on whatever he creates -- and, at the very least, we'll get some great media attention out of it," Xander replied.

"I don't think that's the kind of attention that Titan wants," Sarah argued, and Maggie agreed. "Rolf has performed some miraculous resurrections, but he's also been involved in some very nefarious deeds under the direction of Stefano DiMera, [so] this is certainly something you're gonna have to take up with Victor...but, right now, I'd like to finish a conversation with Sarah -- and find out why she insists upon leaving Salem," Maggie told Xander.

Xander stayed put, sensing that Sarah needed backup. "I've also tried to persuade your daughter to stay -- I mean, God knows this house won't be the same without her -- but she is a strong, independent woman who's made up her mind, so I think we're just gonna have to take her reasons at face value and respect her decision, whether we like it or not," Xander argued, and Maggie grudgingly conceded the point.

"Thank you for backing me up," Sarah said to Xander after Maggie left the living room. "I don't know who's gonna miss you more -- your mum...or me," Xander admitted before changing the subject, asking to be Sarah's date to Eli and Lani's wedding. "It would be so much fun, [and] I've gone above and beyond to keep your secret about Eric's baby, [so] don't you think I deserve just a little something?" Xander reasoned. "Are you blackmailing me?" Sarah asked. "'Blackmail' is a very strong word. I prefer to think of it as you showing me your gratitude for my friendship and loyalty," Xander explained, and Sarah hesitantly agreed.

Jennifer and Jack went to the hospital and tracked down Kayla, who had left Jennifer a vague voicemail message about Julie earlier. Kayla reported that Julie was doing well but was going to need a pacemaker. Kayla also mentioned that Hope hadn't heard the news yet. "She said she'd be here soon, but she had something she had to do first," Kayla explained, shrugging.

After leaving the hospital, Jack and Jennifer headed over to the town square, where they ran into Eve. "I thought you would have left town by now," Jennifer began. "I almost did," Eve admitted. "Before you go, you have to give me those divorce papers," Jack stressed, prompting Eve to retrieve the documents from a purse. "You haven't signed them," Jack pointed out. "And I'm not going to. [See], somebody reminded me recently that I am not a loser; I'm a fighter. Which is why I'm gonna stay right here in Salem, and I'm gonna refuse to give you a divorce," Eve replied.

"You really just get your kicks out of spoiling our happiness, don't you?" Jennifer realized with a shake of the head. "Turnabout is fair play. You destroyed what I wanted -- [a] life with Brady -- [and] I'm just returning the favor," Eve countered with a shrug. "I am not gonna rest until I've crushed every chance you have at happiness! I am gonna destroy you -- if it is the last thing that I do!" Eve shouted, prompting Jack to intervene. "Are you okay?" Hope, who had witnessed most of the exchange, asked Jennifer as Jack dragged Eve away. "I'm not gonna let it get to me," Jennifer insisted.

"You just came from seeing Kayla, right?" Jennifer guessed, eager to change the subject. "No... Should I have?" Hope replied, confused.

Jennifer quickly explained everything to Hope, who struggled to stay focused on what was being said. "Kayla was gonna [tell you herself], but she said you were off doing an errand, [so] you couldn't get to the hospital... I mean, it must have been something really important...right?" Jennifer asked. "Yeah... I, um... Oh -- uh, it turns out that it wasn't Jordan who tried to run [Ciara] down; it was a drunk driver," Hope replied. "So, then, you were with Ciara when Kayla called you," Jennifer concluded. "No..." Hope began to clarify. "What is going on? You keep touching your neck. Are you okay?" Jennifer wondered, confused.

"I would like to know the answer to that myself," Rolf interjected, approaching Hope and Jennifer.

"Thank you for your concern, Rolf, but we're fine, [so] you can just move along," Jennifer dismissively insisted. "A familiar refrain..." Rolf grumbled, confusing Jennifer. "Yesterday, I was informed by Dr. Johnson that, since Jack has recovered his memory, you no longer have any need for my serum. Then, she abruptly -- and, well, rather rudely -- cast me out of the hospital," Rolf explained. "Fortunately, I have a new lab, where I am able to continue working on my important projects -- projects which have the potential to change countless lives," Rolf continued. "Well...good luck," Jennifer replied as Rolf walked away.

Once the coast was clear, Jennifer told Hope about Rolf's flash drive. Hope wondered why Jennifer hadn't given the flash drive back to Rolf when the opportunity had presented itself. "I have a really bad feeling, so I'm not gonna return it to him [until I make sure he's not] trying to concoct another experiment that's gonna hurt a lot of people. [I mean], remember, this is Dr. Wilhelm Rolf -- mad scientist and personal physician to Stefano DiMera," Jennifer explained. "Hmm. I have to go," Hope replied. "To see Kayla?" Jennifer assumed. "Kayla?" Hope repeated, confused. "Julie's pacemaker," Jennifer elaborated. "Of course..." Hope agreed.

Meanwhile, Eve managed to break free from Jack as they were passing the Brady Pub. "You overplayed your hand, Eve. You've forgotten [that] I walked in on you in the middle of destroying Claire's phone. You knew that she set that fire at the cabin, and you covered it for her because you wanted to frame Ben Weston. [That's] obstruction of justice, [so] if you don't sign these [divorce] papers, you're going to prison for it," Jack warned. "You're the one that's overplayed their hand, [because] you knew what I had on Claire, [and] you kept your mouth shut, which means you were a part of the cover-up, [so] if I go down, you go down," Eve countered.

"That is a chance I'm going to have to take, because nothing is gonna stop me from having a life with Jennifer," Jack vowed before shoving the divorce papers at Eve.

Jennifer was trying to get into Rolf's flash drive, which was password-protected, when Jack returned and showed off the signed divorce papers, grinning triumphantly.

Brady took Kristen to the hospital for a prenatal paternity test. "You are the only man I've been with," Kristen reassured Brady while they were waiting for Kayla in one of the examination rooms. "Forgive me if I don't take your word for it. Look, you don't understand -- not having Tate around [is still] very hard on me on a daily basis, and before I invest into this child, I just need to know that it's mine," Brady replied.

Kayla soon arrived and collected a blood sample from Kristen as well as a cheek swab from Brady. "That wasn't so bad," Kristen admitted to Brady as Kayla started to leave the examination room with the samples.

Seconds later, Kristen suddenly doubled over in pain, stopping Kayla's departure. Kayla helped Kristen stay calm and breathe through a series of cramps, which eventually subsided -- then returned again seconds later, seemingly more intense than before. "What is happening here?" Brady asked Kayla urgently. "Am I losing our baby?" Kristen fearfully fretted to Brady.

Kayla decided to do an ultrasound to make sure that everything was okay. "Don't you do that later? [I mean], this is a high-risk pregnancy!" Brady protested. "It is early, [but] ultrasounds are perfectly safe," Kayla stressed. "Do it," Kristen demanded between cries of pain. During the ultrasound, Kayla had difficulty finding the baby's heartbeat, but everything eventually turned out to be okay, delighting Kristen -- and Brady.

Later, Rolf tracked Kayla down and asked for the flash drive. Kayla explained that Jennifer had it, prompting Rolf to wonder why it hadn't been returned earlier. "I guess it skipped her mind," Kayla reasoned.

Hope took Stefano's portrait to what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse. After looking around the place, Hope settled on the perfect spot and proceeded to hang the portrait there.

Rolf interrogates Jennifer Rolf interrogates Jennifer

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

With signed divorce papers in hand, Jack and Jennifer celebrated with a kiss. Jack told Jennifer that he needed to clean up his messes before they could start the next stage of their life together. Jennifer noted that Jack had quit his job and made amends to his family, and she asked Jack what else he needed to do.

At the nurses' station at the hospital, Rolf asked Kayla about his missing flash drive. Kayla explained that she had found the flash drive and had given it to Jennifer. Confused, Rolf noted that he had spoken with Jennifer in the town square, and she had not mentioned the flash drive. Kayla suggested that Jennifer had forgotten about it.

"I have no choice but to hunt Miss Horton down and demand that she return what's mine," Rolf announced. Alarmed, Kayla asked Rolf if his statement was a threat. With a shrug, Rolf said he had used a figure of speech, and he wanted to track down his missing flash drive before Jennifer had a chance to steal his research from it. Kayla asked Rolf what he was afraid Jennifer would find on the flash drive.

"Nothing for you to worry about," Rolf said. A determined Rolf marched out of the hospital and tracked Jennifer down at the café in Horton Square. Rolf asked for his flash drive. Under the table, Jennifer squeezed the flash drive in her palm. "Sorry. I don't have it," Jennifer lied. Rolf called Jennifer out on her lie. Jennifer explained that she had lost the flash drive. Suspicious, Rolf grabbed Jennifer's bag. When Jennifer slapped Rolf's hand away, Rolf growled that he had worked hard on his serum, and he was angry that Jennifer had broken her promise about lab space.

"Did you think you could just have that space indefinitely?" an incredulous Jennifer asked Rolf. When Rolf complained about Kayla, Jennifer argued that Kayla needed to know about Rolf's research because of liability issues. "Now I have my new lab at Titan, so no one can keep me from doing my life's work!" Rolf shouted. Suspicious, Jennifer asked Rolf what he was hiding.

In the on-call room, J.J. and Haley met up. Haley lamented that J.J. had worked the night shift for the past week, and they both agreed that they missed one another. As Haley and J.J. kissed, Jack burst into the room. The lovers jumped apart, and Jack apologized for the interruption. Jack started to leave, but J.J. stopped him and asked if everyone was okay. Jack explained that he was there to speak to Haley. Haley encouraged Jack to say what he had wanted to say in front of J.J.

"This is long overdue, but I need to apologize to you for everything that I put you through," Jack said. "It's all in the past," Haley started. Jack said he was going around town on "an apology tour," but his most important stop was to see Haley. "The person I hurt the most is you," Jack said to Haley. Jack added that he had betrayed J.J.'s trust.

"Instead of being the father that I needed to be to help you, I took that [immigration] information, your personal information, Haley, and I used it for my own personal gain," Jack said. J.J. started to say that everything was Eve's fault, but Jack disagreed. "I cannot lay this at Eve. This is all me. It may have been Eve's idea, but I was the one that got consumed with the power," Jack said. Jack said that he did not want to be that person.

"With your mother's help, I will never be that man again," Jack said. Jack told Haley that there was no excuse for his past behavior and that he planned to make a donation to a charity that supported immigrants. "I totally know what it's like starting a brand-new life," Haley said with a smile. J.J. thanked Jack, and Haley said it meant a lot to her, as well. With a nod, Jack told J.J. and Haley to resume what they had been doing before he'd entered.

Once Jack was gone, J.J. thanked Haley for her forgiveness. "I know it wasn't him who tried to hurt us. So why wouldn't I forgive him?" Haley said. Haley added that she hoped Jack would be in their lives for many years to come. J.J. and Haley kissed. When J.J. noted that he had time before the start of his shift, Haley countered that her shift had ended. J.J. locked the door, and the two tumbled onto a nearby bed.

After, Haley and J.J. dressed. "I really wish I didn't have to work," J.J. whispered. Haley looked at her phone and noted that she was needed for an extra shift. J.J. asked Haley if she was exhausted. "I think I may have gotten a second wind," Haley said with a grin. Haley suggested that she and J.J. share a meal break later. With a quick kiss goodbye, Haley left to pick up food.

In the square, Rolf grabbed Jennifer's bag again, and he rooted through it. With the flash drive secure in the hand behind Jennifer's back, she told Rolf that he would not find anything in her purse. "I just want to know why this flash drive is so important to you," Jennifer said. Frustrated, Rolf noted that the importance of the research should be self-evident.

"I have no interest in stealing your proprietary information, and even if I did, you could sue me," Jennifer said as she grabbed her purse back from Rolf. Angry, Rolf grabbed Jennifer's arm. Jack arrived on the scene and pulled Rolf off of Jennifer. "Get your hands off my wife," Jack growled. When Rolf noted that Jennifer was not Jack's wife, Jack responded, "In my heart, she is."

"Your wife stole something that belongs to me," Rolf complained. Jennifer explained that she had lost Rolf's flash drive before she had been able to return it to him. Rolf scoffed. Jack noted that Jennifer was not a liar, and he warned Rolf not to bother her again. As Rolf stomped off, Jennifer hugged Jack and thanked him. Jack asked Jennifer why Rolf was convinced that she had stolen his flash drive.

"Because I did," Jennifer said as she showed Jack the drive in her hand. Jennifer said she had intended to give it to Rolf, but she had learned that Rolf planned to execute a new experiment. "I'm telling you right now, he is up to no good," Jennifer said. Jennifer told Jack that she had been unable to see the contents on the flash drive, but she intended to hand off the drive to IT at the paper.

"That sounds like a plan for tomorrow, because tonight? Tonight, I have a plan for you and me," Jack said. Jack invited Jennifer to dinner. "I'm ready to move on with that next chapter," Jack said. Jennifer and Jack agreed to meet at eight in the restaurant above the square.

In the DiMera guesthouse, Ciara informed Ben that she had been unable to talk to Gabi because Gabi had instructed Harold to keep out all visitors. "It's good that you tried," Ben said. "I feel really bad for her, Ben. I mean, she and Stefan were just married. They were planning a future together, and now, she has to spend every day of her life without him," Ciara said. Ciara added that she felt guilty in her happiness.

When Ciara mentioned that Tony would likely move into the mansion, Ben asked Ciara why she believed that. "Someone took down the portrait of Stefano," Ciara said. Ciara noted that the house felt empty without Stefano's portrait. Ciara turned her attention to the table, and she asked Ben what he was working on. Ben said he was constructing a toy chest. When Ben said he was excited about the party, Ciara announced she could not go.

"I am so happy that Jordan is letting you be a part of David's life, I really am. It's just, honestly, I kind of feel uncomfortable being around her after the incident in the elevator," Ciara admitted. Ciara added that Jordan had invited her out of politeness. "Actually, she made a point of saying she wanted you to come," Ben said. Ben added that it meant a lot to him that Jordan had made an effort to invite Ciara.

"I should have asked you first before accepting on your behalf. I'm sorry," Ben said. Ciara agreed to go to the party. Ciara offered to help construct the toy chest, as well, and she studied the instructions while Ben put the pieces together. Ben mentioned that Clyde had taught him how to work with his hands.

"That is the first nice thing I've ever heard you say about Clyde," Ciara remarked. Ben said Clyde had not always been a monster. As Ben talked about his father's anger, Ciara said, "I'm sorry for everything that has happened to you." Ben countered that Jordan had taken the brunt of Clyde's anger and had been the stronger sibling. Ben admitted that he had believed that Jordan would escape Clyde's legacy, especially since Jordan was not Clyde's biological daughter.

"I thought maybe she'd escape the family curse. I just pray that David will," Ben said. "Now he has a good life. Just like you do," Ciara said. As Ben finished work on the toy chest, Ciara grew distracted. Ciara said she did not know how Ben had survived his childhood. "Your family was practically perfect," Ben joked. Ciara chuckled, and she told Ben she had been "a demon child."

"Claire used to call me 'Ciara of the Corn.' Ironic right?" Ciara said. Ciara punctured her finger on a screw, and she noted that she was also clumsy. Ciara said she could work on a car's engine, but she was terrible with other forms of hand-eye coordination. Ben kissed the wound on Ciara's finger. Ben showed Ciara how to put in the screw, and she smiled at him. "Maybe we can use a break?" Ciara suggested. Ciara kissed Ben.

Once the toy chest was complete, Ciara handed Ben the duck he had purchased for David previously. "Assuming Jordan lets [David] keep it this time," Ciara said. Ben said that when he had spoken to Jordan, she had seemed like her old self. Ben promised Ciara that he would not have invited her to the party if he had any reservations about Jordan. "We can focus on the future," Ben said.

In an empty loft, Hope hung the portrait of Stefano on a wall. "Welcome to your new home," Hope said with a smile. Hope left the loft and walked over to the Brady Pub. Roman took Hope's order, and she asked for a bottle of Champagne. When Roman noted that he had never seen Hope order a bottle, Hope explained that she had a lot to celebrate. While Roman went to fetch the bottle, Hope rubbed her neck.

When Roman returned with a glass of Champagne, Hope took a sip then spit it out. "I'm so sorry, but that's awful," Hope said. Roman recounted that Hope had never been much of a Champagne drinker. Kayla arrived and asked Hope why she had not stopped by the hospital. "I'm sorry. Ciara. I went to see Ciara, and then suddenly I didn't feel so well. I don't know what happened," Hope stammered.

Kayla felt Hope's forehead and noted that she was not feverish. With a shrug, Hope suggested that her discomfort was from too many nights asleep in a hospital chair. Worried, Kayla asked Hope to go for a checkup if she did not feel better soon. Hope changed the subject to Julie's pacemaker. Kayla assured Hope she did not need to worry. As Kayla fished through her purse for information about the surgery she had printed out, she dumped a few items on the table. Roman commented on the pack of cigarettes that Kayla placed on the table.

"I confiscated these from a patient," Kayla explained. Hope eyeballed the cigarettes with interest. When Kayla complained about Rolf and his threats, Hope asked for details. Kayla said that Rolf had been upset about his flash drive, and Hope noted that Jennifer had no intention of giving the flash drive to Rolf. "Why not?" Kayla asked. Hope said Jennifer was worried about Rolf's experiments. Kayla reminded Hope that Rolf was volatile when he did not get what he wanted.

"I hope Jennifer is careful," Kayla whispered. Roman assured Kayla that he and Hope would keep an eye on Jennifer. Hope announced that she was going to visit Julie and Doug at the hospital. Roman told Hope the Champagne was on the house. As Roman and Kayla walked into the back of the restaurant, Hope snatched the box of cigarettes from the table before she left the pub.

When Kayla returned to the table with Roman, Roman noted that the pack of cigarettes was gone. Outside the pub, Hope lit one of the cigarettes. Haley rounded the corner and said hello to Hope. "Do I know you?" Hope asked. Haley introduced herself as J.J.'s girlfriend. "Of course, you are," Hope said. When Haley commented on the cigarette, Hope said she did not smoke. Hope put out the cigarette and walked away.

In the empty loft, Rolf walked in and spotted the Stefano painting on the wall. "Mr. DiMera. How wonderful to see you here," Rolf said. Rolf said he was pleased that Stefano would be able to oversee all the exciting things that Rolf would work on.

At the Hernandez home, Jordan returned home from the market and offered to make dinner for Rafe. "Before that, I'm going to bake some cupcakes for David's birthday celebration," Jordan said. Confused, Rafe asked what celebration. Jordan told Rafe about her conversation with Ben and that she had invited Ben and Ciara over to celebrate David's birthday. Rafe was thrilled with the news.

"I feel like we have a lot to celebrate," Jordan said. Jordan explained that she felt that she owed it to Ben to not see him as a threat to David, since Ben had made an effort to see that she was not a threat to Ciara. "I mean, we both have been treated at Bayview, and we both have been working hard to get healthy," Jordan added. Rafe said that Jordan's invite proved that she was working to get better and move past her anger.

As Jordan worked on the cupcakes, Rafe joked that David would likely get more of the cupcake on his face than in his mouth. Rafe told Jordan about Gabi's successful cupcake business from when she had been ten. With a chuckle, Rafe said the secret ingredient had been Kahlua, which his other sister, Arianna, had put in the batter. Rafe explained that the liquor had been a family tradition. While Rafe was at the sink, Jordan pulled a vial of liquid out of her apron pocket and dumped the contents into one of the cupcakes.

Once the cupcakes were baked and cooled, Jordan decorated them. Jordan noted that she was going to write names on little flags and stick them in the cupcakes. When Rafe noted that there was an extra cupcake, Jordan wondered aloud who should get the sixth one.

"How about David's father?" Rafe asked. Jordan scowled at Rafe. "I absolutely will not put that man's name anywhere on the cupcakes. The man was never even a father to my son!" Jordan stressed. Rafe apologized for mentioning the father. To ease the tension, Rafe suggested that they give the sixth cupcake to Arianna. With a smile, Jordan said she loved the idea. "This is going to be the perfect birthday party," Jordan said. Jordan pushed a flag with Ciara's name into a cupcake.

Adrienne crashes Jack and Jennifer's date Adrienne crashes Jack and Jennifer's date

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

by Mike

While passing through Horton Town Square, Kate spotted Jennifer, who was standing in front of the Bistro, staring at its entrance apprehensively.

"Faint heart never won fair dude," Kate called out, getting Jennifer's attention. "What does that mean?" Jennifer asked. "Well, obviously, you are not dressed to go to tea with a girlfriend -- you look absolutely beautiful," Kate replied. "Uh...thank you," Jennifer said, clearly surprised. "I know what you're thinking -- what's my angle, right? But, actually, I'm just...actually, I'm just giving you a compliment, you know? I don't know -- maybe my near-death experience has made me nicer," Kate explained with a shrug. "Yeah -- I mean, maybe a little less...acerbic," Jennifer carefully agreed.

"You should know that Lucas was just so glad that you're out of the hospital...and I am so grateful you're out of the hospital, [too, because] I think I really would have missed your forceful personality," Jennifer stressed. "That's one way of putting it..." Kate conceded with a laugh. "I am serious, [though] -- the dress, the shoes, your hair... It's -- you look great," Kate reiterated. "Eve signed the divorce papers, [so Jack and I are] gonna celebrate," Jennifer explained. "You have to be so happy!" Kate guessed. "Yeah, I am...[but] I'm really nervous, too," Jennifer admitted.

Kate took Jennifer to the nearby park so they could continue the conversation in a quieter setting. "What are you so nervous about?" Kate wondered. "It has been six years since Jack and I have -- have been together, and I just keep thinking...'What if, in that time --'" Jennifer began to explain. "The thrill is gone?" Kate knowingly concluded.

"This beautiful soul -- this handsome man -- comes back from the dead...[and then recovers] from amnesia to save your life... You can't tell me that some higher power isn't shuffling the two of you back together again," Kate argued. "Oh, that's good -- I...I like when you're philosophical!" Jennifer raved. "I was just shot, and I was seconds away from having my heart recycled, so I'm going to make sure that I make every single second count -- and so should you. You know, your husband came back from the dead -- not everyone is that lucky," Kate continued.

While exiting the Kiriakis mansion, Will and Sonny ran into Justin -- who, along with Adrienne, had just returned from Phoenix.

"The service entrance is in the back," Sonny teasingly reminded Justin. "Oh -- you're now a comedian," Justin dryly countered before giving Sonny, then Will, a hug. "I'm glad you're back," Will said. "Well, so is Alexander. I think we were driving him crazy," Justin replied. "You and Mom, driving one of your kids crazy? I don't know... I mean, how could -- how could that be possible?" Sonny sarcastically argued. "Actually, it was your mother. I'm a delight, as you know," Justin clarified, prompting Sonny and Will to exchange looks of skepticism.

"Where is Mom?" Sonny asked while looking around the property. "She hasn't seen Jack since he got his memory back. Where do you think she is?" Justin replied with a grin.

"I got my memory back now, and I [suddenly] can't tie a tie," Jack, who was standing in front of a wall-mounted mirror in one of the rooms at the Salem Inn, grumbled. "Can't be because you're nervous or anything..." Jack continued -- just as someone knocked on the hotel room door. "Jennifer, we were supposed to meet at the restaurant..." Jack muttered before opening the door -- and finding Adrienne standing on the other side of it.

"Remember me?" Adrienne asked. "You're hard to forget," Jack replied. "What did I give you for your 35th birthday?" Adrienne skeptically demanded to know, prompting Jack -- who, aside from the tie, was already fully dressed in a suit -- to flash a pair of cuff links. "You always were ostentatious," Jack teasingly acknowledged. "And you always were a tremendous pain in the butt," Adrienne countered before hugging Jack tightly.

"[Jennifer and I are] celebrating tonight. I -- I remembered that I love the coq au vin at the Bistro, so --" Jack began to explain while letting Adrienne fix the tie. "Oh, my God -- Justin and I will join you! We'll make a night of it!" Adrienne excitedly declared. "Oh... Well, that's -- that's not necessary --" Jack awkwardly tried to object. "Oh, please -- a night with my brother and [my] BFF, or a night with Victor and his dyspepsia? It's so hard to choose!" Adrienne dismissively countered, already composing a text message to send to Justin. "[This is] gonna be great!" Adrienne raved as Jack watched helplessly, forcing a smile.

Justin, who was still chatting with Sonny and Will outside the Kiriakis mansion, listened as the couple recapped Salem's recent events, from Gabi's ordeal with Stefan to Jack's reign of political terror with Eve.

"Well, don't let me keep you -- uh, your mother and I are gonna be around for quite a while," Justin eventually said to Sonny, who had clearly made plans for the evening with Will. "It's really good to see you. Sonny, uh -- Sonny missed you a lot," Will said to Justin before rushing off with Sonny. Justin started to carry some luggage into the mansion -- just as Adrienne's text message arrived. "But...Adrienne, how could I possibly put off seeing my family?" Justin dryly protested after reading the text message. Justin rang the doorbell then rushed off with a grin, leaving the luggage behind for Henderson to collect.

Meanwhile, inside the mansion, Brady approached Victor, with Kristen in tow. "Can't you keep her confined to quarters? It's bad enough [when we're just] living in the same house, let alone the same room!" Victor complained. "Knock it off. She has something to show you," Brady countered, prompting Kristen to proudly produce a sonogram picture. "Is this a pictorial representation of your soul -- a black and dark abyss, a...a morass of sin and darkness?" Victor guessed with a cringe. "Oh, Victor, don't be mean! your great-grandchild!" Kristen cheerfully replied.

"If she can come up with a mask to make her look like Nicole, don't you think she can fake this?" Victor asked Brady, who tiredly snatched the sonogram picture. "I've asked Kayla to verify the results...and if she does --" Brady began to clarify. "You can start picking out names!" Victor concluded for Brady with mock excitement. "Lilith... Prince of Darkness... Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh -- what was it that, uh, Rosemary named her baby?" Victor continued, further annoying Brady, who soon received a phone call from Kayla. "Guess we'll find out who has the last laugh..." Brady mused.

"What did Kayla say?" Kristen asked after Brady's phone conversation with Kayla ended. "That you are carrying my child," Brady replied.

"I told you I was telling the truth...but I understand your caution -- trust but verify," Kristen said to Brady while looking at Victor pointedly. "I need a drink..." Victor grumbled. "I think this validates my decision to move Kristen into the house," Brady said to Victor. "Does it also validate your putting your job in jeopardy?" Victor countered -- just as Kate entered the mansion.

"Sorry to interrupt -- I've come to tell you that I accept your job," Kate said to Victor, confusing Brady. "I'm covering my bases," Victor explained to Brady, shrugging unapologetically. "And why the hell wouldn't I? You're in a relationship with a succubus! Don't you think that's enough to erode my faith in your being able to function in this world properly -- in general, forget about as CEO of Titan?" Victor continued. "I'm not 'in a relationship with' Kristen; I'm looking out for my kid," Brady clarified. "The result of which [is that] this thing is still living in my house!" Victor countered.

"Wasn't it just a little while ago that you were lording it over me that you were in charge of my father's company?" Kristen asked Kate. "Well, it turns out that Shin and the board are about as loyal as your father was," Kate replied. "Well, in that case, I will give Mr. Shin a call, take back the company, and start to clean up the mess that you've made," Kristen vowed. "Too late, babe -- the position has already been filled. Didn't Tony call you?" Kate countered. "Tony?" Kristen snapped. "Yeah -- they gave the job to your brother," Kate confirmed. "That little..." Kristen grumbled, furious.

Kristen suddenly started feeling dizzy. "I'm gonna get you upstairs," Brady told Kristen. "Unless I'm fired, [in which case] I'll just pack a bag and get the hell out of here," Brady said to Victor. "Well?" Kate expectantly prodded Victor. "You're not going anywhere. You're still CEO," Victor told Brady. "What?" Kate snapped. "Thank you for the vote of confidence," Brady said to Victor before heading upstairs with Kristen.

"That's it. You're free to leave now," Victor told Kate once the coast was clear. "Oh, 'that's it'? I have permission to leave? Well, you have permission to go to hell, you miserable son of a bitch! How dare you jerk me around like that!" Kate countered. "It wasn't my intention to jerk you around," Victor insisted. "Oh, really? Then it's okay, then!" Kate sarcastically conceded. "When your grandson runs this company into the ground, don't come crying to me, because I am sick to death of men like you [and] Shin, who take me for granted, and I am done -- I am done with all of you!" Kate spat before storming out of the mansion.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Brady fumed about what Victor had done. Kristen convinced Brady to let it go. Brady started to leave then decided to watch a movie with Kristen instead.

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi began a phone conversation with someone from Visionary Bionics, pointedly speaking as Mrs. Stefan DiMera. "I want to make sure that everything is set for tomorrow. It's important that everything goes according to plan. [So], will you walk me through the procedure, step by step?" Gabi said to the person.

Gabi was still in the midst of the phone conversation when someone knocked on her bedroom door. She quickly ended the call then irritably shouted, "I told you not to interrupt, okay? I will tell you when to do my room!"

"Sorry, your majesty," Will dryly replied, prompting Gabi to open the bedroom door. "What are you doing here?" Gabi asked Will and Sonny. "We are getting you out of here," Will replied. "It's, uh, two-for-one cosmos at the Bistro tonight," Sonny elaborated. "I'm busy," Gabi protested. "I know, but Harold told us that you -- you haven't eaten anything, [and] you've barely been out of your room..." Will countered. "Ari made us promise that we would look after you," Sonny added. "So, we're -- we're not taking 'no' for an answer," Will warned. "You will have French cuisine tonight," Sonny insisted. "All right..." Gabi grudgingly agreed.

Jennifer entered the Bistro and quickly spotted Jack -- who was with Adrienne and Justin. "Surprise..." Jack sheepishly said as Jennifer accepted a hug from Adrienne. "Honey, your text said Jack wanted us to join them..." Justin pointed out, picking up on Jack's awkwardness. "Well, yeah -- you know he never says, straight out, what he wants," Adrienne explained with a shrug. "You don't think you heard what you wanted to hear, maybe?" Justin carefully suggested. "Oh, please -- you're just being crabby because you had to schlep the suitcase! Who cares who asked who, huh?" Adrienne countered, waving a hand dismissively.

"Maybe Jack and Jennifer would like to be alone --" Justin continued trying to explain to Adrienne -- but Sonny entered the restaurant with Will just then and called out a greeting, derailing the conversation. "Oh, my God -- the more, the merrier!" Adrienne raved while giving Sonny, then Will, a hug. "The gang's all here..." Jack muttered, forcing a smile. "Jack, why don't you get the waitress to push a couple tables together?" Adrienne suggested. "As if your mother needs any help when it comes to pushing..." Justin dryly said to Sonny. "Actually, Mom, uh...we're -- we're here with Gabi..." Sonny awkwardly explained.

Meanwhile, Eli and Lani, who had booked the restaurant for their upcoming wedding reception, sampled various cake options at a table near the back of the restaurant -- or tried to, at least. Eli was more interested in flirting with Lani, who tried not to seem amused. "I'm just playing," Eli apologetically explained when Lani suddenly started to seem downright annoyed. "Look," Lani clarified, directing Eli's attention to the restaurant's entrance -- where Gabi was standing, scowling at the couple. Gabi approached and bitterly said to Eli and Lani, "Here you are, picking [out] your wedding cake...and I have to pick out [Stefan's] suit for his funeral."

Will and Sonny soon approached and greeted Eli and Lani then dragged Gabi over to the bar, hoping to prevent a scene. While Will, Sonny, and Gabi enjoyed drinks, Jack, Jennifer, Adrienne, and Justin ate dinner together.

At Adrienne's not-so-subtle urging, Justin apologized to Jack after dinner for having represented Eve in the ex-couple's bitter legal battle against each other. "I totally pitched a fit about that, as well -- just so you know," Adrienne stressed. "You pitched a fit?" Jack replied, feigning shock. Jack assured Justin that it wasn't an issue, since everyone was entitled to legal representation -- even Eve.

Changing the subject, Adrienne declared that it was time to order some desserts and another round of drinks. "Maybe another time, perhaps," Jack awkwardly replied, confusing Adrienne. "[One of the things I remember now] is that you can be really clueless," Jack lovingly began to explain. "Like [when you're] not picking up clear, loud signals that [Jack and Jennifer] want to be alone," Justin helpfully elaborated for Jack. "What? No!" Adrienne protested, laughing off Justin's suggestion. "Oh..." Adrienne sheepishly added after realizing that Justin was right. "I think she's got it!" Justin teasingly observed.

Shortly after Jack and Jennifer left the restaurant together, Gabi also rushed off, unable to continue pretending to be having fun. Will tried to chase after Gabi, but Sonny advised against doing that. "Well, can I get you another glass of wine, [then]?" Will offered. " -- I actually just want to go home and be with my husband," Sonny replied. "Okay," Will happily agreed, grinning at Sonny.

As Will and Sonny were exiting the restaurant together, Justin suddenly produced a jewelry box and proposed to Adrienne. "Say yes," Sonny advised Adrienne, who had frozen in shock. "After all these years, I'm still helping them," Sonny jokingly told Will as they left the restaurant together. Meanwhile, Adrienne accepted Justin's proposal, and the couple sealed the deal with a kiss.

Jack took Jennifer back to the Salem Inn for a nightcap -- but soon started to worry that things might be moving too quickly for her. "This is what I have wanted since you walked in that door on New Year's Eve," she assured him. "This is what I've wanted my whole life," he assured her as they advanced toward the bed.

Gabi holds Stefan's funeral service Gabi holds Stefan's funeral service

Thursday, October 24, 2019

by Mike

Jennifer woke up in Jack's room at the Salem Inn and, after a brief period of confusion, remembered where she was -- and what had happened the previous night.

Smiling at the memory, Jennifer turned to greet Jack -- and discovered that his side of the bed was empty. She quickly climbed out of bed and checked the bathroom, but he was nowhere to be found, and he hadn't left a note behind. Confused, she retrieved a cell phone and started to dial his number -- but he returned just then, carrying two cups of coffee and a takeout bag.

"Oh -- you're awake," Jack, who had clearly been hoping to surprise Jennifer, observed. "Yeah, I'm awake...and when I woke up, you weren't there, and I just...I -- I thought maybe last night was just a dream..." she replied, managing a laugh. "It felt like a dream to me, too...[but] it was real; in fact, it was better than I ever remembered," he stressed before giving her a kiss.

"Excuse me," Jack said while pulling away from Jennifer sheepishly, suddenly remembering the items he was still holding. "I'm a little rusty with all this, but I'm hoping you can cut me some slack..." he continued while placing the two cups of coffee on the desk. "I wanted to get all the, uh, essentials..." he concluded while opening the takeout bag and reaching inside. "My favorite!" she declared when he revealed a fresh blueberry scone. "My second favorite!" she declared when he revealed a container of sliced kiwis and strawberries. "You are good," she raved when he revealed that her cup of coffee had been prepared just the way she liked it.

"And I am so starving..." Jennifer admitted to Jack before tearing the scone in half -- and discovering a diamond ring inside. "This is the ring that you gave me before I lost you!" she noted. "I am so glad you still recognize it," he replied. "But this was in my bedroom! How did you even get this?" she protested. "Well, having my memory back does have its benefits..." he pointed out before explaining that one of those benefits was the knowledge of where she liked to hide a spare house key. "You were always bugging me to change that," she recalled with a laugh. "Yes -- and I am so glad you never listened," he stressed.

Jack removed the ring from the scone and proceeded to propose to Jennifer, who happily accepted.

At the Hernandez house, Jordan began to arrange six cupcakes on a decorative plate. "And, of course, this special one [is] for Ciara..." Jordan mused with a mischievous smirk while putting the last of the cupcakes in place -- just as Rafe entered the house with Arianna, who immediately noticed the cupcakes and eyed them hungrily. "You seem a little tense," Rafe observed, watching Jordan curiously. "I'm just maybe a little nervous about what's gonna happen at the party," Jordan explained with a shrug. "Maybe it's too much, too soon... [You know], we could always [just] call the whole thing off --" Rafe began to suggest. "No!" Jordan snapped.

"I've come too far to change my plans now!" Jordan insisted before quickly calming down and apologizing to Rafe for the outburst. "You were so excited yesterday, [so] when did all the nerves hit?" Rafe curiously wondered. "I keep having this memory of when Ben was only three years old, [and Clyde] put me in charge of making the cake, [and] I accidentally put salt in [it] instead of sugar...and, soon as Clyde tasted it, he smashed the cake in my face, and he called me 'worthless' -- [and Ben probably] doesn't even remember [that, but] it's not something I will forget," Jordan shakily explained, drawing a few sympathetic statements from Rafe.

Rafe playfully reached for the cupcakes with both hands in an effort to convince Jordan that they looked delicious. "No! Stop!" Jordan snapped. "I'm just -- I'm kidding..." Rafe clarified, confused. "Oh, right..." Jordan replied, calming down again. "[Anyway]...I've gotta bail," Rafe awkwardly announced, reminding Jordan that Stefan's funeral was being held later that day. "I'm good," Jordan assured Rafe, who left after supportively stressing that David's birthday party didn't have to be perfect. "Get it together, Jordan... This party does have to be perfect..." Jordan muttered once the coast was clear.

At the DiMera guesthouse, Ben woke up and greeted Ciara, who was already out of bed. "I haven't slept that well in so long... I feel lighter," Ben raved. "Because you worked things out with Jordan," Ciara guessed, and Ben agreed. "After everything me and my sister have been through, today isn't just about David's birthday; it feels like the day we start to become a family again," Ben declared, grinning.

Ben climbed out of bed and started to get ready for Stefan's funeral. "I'd understand if you don't want to go with me," Ben assured Ciara. "Of course, I'm going. Stefan's heart saved my Grandma Julie...and, more importantly, he was your friend. [Besides], don't you know by now [that] wherever you go, I go?" Ciara replied before giving Ben a kiss. "I'm sure there won't be a lot of people to mourn Stefan..." Ben predicted, sighing.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady woke up and found Kristen lying next to him on her bed, her head resting on his chest.

"What the hell?" Brady snapped, recoiling from Kristen. "We were watching a movie last night, and we fell asleep," she reminded him. "Nothing happened," she assured him, pointing out the fact that they were both fully clothed. "I know you're upset, felt so right and natural to sleep in your arms all night," she admitted. "This is not gonna happen again," he stressed before storming out of her bedroom, ignoring her protests. "Well, I said I'd get you into my bed, [but] I didn't know it would happen so soon..." she mused once the coast was clear, grinning triumphantly.

Meanwhile, Sonny entered the living room and approached Will, who was standing at the bar, filling a cup with coffee. "I just passed Brady's room on the way down, and it doesn't look like he spent the night in his bed last night," Sonny reported. "Oh -- you don't think that he...?" Will replied, drawing a nod of confirmation from Sonny. "Imagine how Uncle Vic would react if he found out that Brady spent the night with Kristen..." Sonny mused. "Where I spent the night last night is really none of your business," Brady snapped, joining Sonny and Will in the living room.

"We're just worried about you, all right? Sorry if it seemed like we were interfering," Sonny said to Brady. "[And maybe] I'm stating the obvious, but I think it's probably best -- for everyone in this house -- if you did not get caught up in Kristen's web again," Will added -- just as Kristen entered the living room, unseen, and began to eavesdrop. "No one's getting caught in any web," Brady insisted before telling Will and Sonny exactly what had happened. "So, you just...'fell asleep' -- in [Kristen's] bed?" Sonny skeptically summarized. "You're playing with fire," Will warned.

"I know a lot of people hate Kristen -- [and that] they have a lot of reasons to hate her -- but the fact is, she's...she's a human being, she's a guest in this house, and she is carrying my baby, so I would expect both of you to treat her accordingly, okay?" Brady countered, but Will and Sonny both seemed reluctant to promise anything. "Good morning," Kristen called out, surprising the trio. "So, um...I'm guessing that you -- you heard some of that..." Will awkwardly began. "Some," Kristen confirmed. "Yeah... Uh... Well, uh, Brady is right -- [I mean], you are pregnant, and we should not be adding to your stress," Will conceded, and Sonny nodded in agreement.

"Well, we're gonna head off to, uh, Stefan's funeral," Sonny helpfully announced after getting a look from Will, who clearly wanted a change of subject. "Are you guys going?" Sonny continued. "We haven't talked about it," Brady admitted, glancing at Kristen. "Give [Gabi] my best," Brady requested after realizing why Will and Sonny were attending the funeral.

"Thank you," Kristen said to Brady after Will and Sonny exited the mansion. "For?" Brady asked. "Standing up for me. You didn't need to do that," Kristen replied. "You stood up for me, uh, the other night with Victor, didn't you?" Brady reasoned with a shrug. "I've always been on your side, Brady...but it's just -- it's amazing to know that you're finally on mine," Kristen stressed.

Gabi -- who had apparently decided to give Stefan a more traditional burial, as opposed to entombment in the DiMera mausoleum -- walked through the cemetery and eventually stopped in front of a casket that had been left near an open grave. "Oh, Stefan... How am I gonna live without you?" Gabi tearfully mused, placing a hand on the casket. "Who says you have to?" Stefan replied, appearing behind Gabi.

Gabi turned and stared at Stefan in shock. "You're alive? I can't believe this! I mean...did -- did Rolf find a way to save you? 'Cause -- 'cause I gave up hope, but there was a little part of me that believed that you would come back to me, that God would not punish me after everything that I've been through..." Gabi said between sobs of joy before reaching out to embrace Stefan, who suddenly disappeared.

"Over here, Gabi," Stefan called out, reappearing behind Gabi again. "Why are you playing games?" Gabi demanded to know, unamused. "I would never do that," Stefan insisted. "But, if...if you've come back to me, then -- then I need to hold you, to -- to know that you're real," Gabi begged. "I'm not real," Stefan apologetically clarified. "I just came back to say one final goodbye," Stefan added.

"I miss you so much..." Gabi sadly admitted. "I miss you, too -- [and] I'm sorry I put you through all this," Stefan replied. "It's not your fault," Gabi bitterly insisted. "Lani pulled the trigger -- [and she's] gonna pay," Gabi continued, scowling. "What are you gonna do?" Stefan wondered -- but before Gabi could respond, Eli approached with Lani and gently called out a greeting.

"I'm surprised you're here. I thought you'd be at the hospital [for Julie's pacemaker procedure]," Gabi numbly said to Eli and Lani after realizing that Stefan had disappeared again. "We wanted to come pay our respects [first, because] you gave my family the most generous gift there is, and we are extremely grateful to you -- and to Stefan -- for saving Julie's life. I hope it's okay that we came here to say that," Eli replied -- just as Rafe approached, with Will and Sonny right behind. Gabi rushed over to greet the new arrivals, not bothering to answer Eli first. A short time later, Ben arrived with Ciara.

Rafe assured Gabi that everything looked nice. "Will and Sonny -- they were nice enough to make the funeral arrangements," Gabi explained to Rafe while giving Will and Sonny a nod of gratitude. "We're sorry for your loss," Ciara said to Gabi. "Stefan was always good to me, and I owe him... I'm just sorry I couldn't have stopped this," Ben stressed. "So am I," Gabi quietly replied.

"[Anyway...I guess we can get started, because] I have a feeling that, uh, you guys are the only people that are gonna show up today -- [after all], Stefan wasn't loved very much in this town," Gabi said to the group, fighting back tears. "I'm guessing you guys came mostly because of me...and, uh, I guess I appreciate that... I was afraid I would have to go through this alone, [so] it means a lot that I don't -- especially because you all get to see this," Gabi continued before flashing a mischievous smirk and shoving a horrified Lani into the open grave, shocking the rest of the group.

"Gabi?" Eli called out, snapping Gabi back to reality. "You said that you were glad that we were here to see something..." Eli reminded Gabi. "I'm glad...that you are all here to honor the man that I love, so that his death is not forgotten," Gabi hesitantly clarified before asking the group to take turns placing flowers on the casket in Stefan's memory. "That's a nice idea..." Rafe sarcastically muttered. "Why don't you go first," Gabi demanded, shoving a long-stemmed red rose at Lani with a glare. Lani complied, and the rest of the group followed suit. Gabi put the final rose on the casket then glared at Lani again.

After the funeral ended, the group started to disperse, with Will and Sonny eventually ending up as the only two remaining guests. "How 'bout we give you a ride home," Sonny offered. "No, no -- I, uh...I think I need a little bit more time," Gabi insisted. Will and Sonny each gave Gabi a hug then started to walk away together -- just as Will's cell phone chimed. "It's a text from Jennifer at the hospital," Will began to explain after reading a text message. "Julie's procedure?" Gabi guessed. "It's over. It was, uh -- it was a success," Will reported. "I'm glad to hear that," Gabi declared, fighting back fresh tears.

"Did you hear that, Stefan?" Gabi called out after Will and Sonny left. "Your heart -- it's gonna go on," Gabi assured Stefan. "But the person...the person that did this to you -- they're gonna pay," Gabi reiterated. "You still haven't answered my question," Stefan pointed out, appearing behind Gabi again. "What are you gonna do?" Stefan repeated. "You'll see. I'm just gonna make sure you get the justice you deserve," Gabi replied.

After Gabi left, Kristen entered the cemetery with Brady and approached Stefan's casket. "From what I hear, were a true DiMera -- hard as nails on the outside, and...broken and vulnerable underneath. You deserved more than this, my brother -- you did -- and I am so sorry that I didn't get to know you better. I won't forget you," Kristen said before placing a rose on the casket. Brady comforted Kristen with a hug.

At the Hernandez house, Jordan noticed that one of the cupcakes -- the one meant for Ciara -- was missing. "Did you eat that cupcake?" Jordan asked Arianna frantically. "No," Arianna replied. "Thank God!" Jordan exclaimed with a sigh of relief. "I gave it to [David]," Arianna continued. "You did what?" Jordan snapped, horrified.

Jordan rushed over to David's playpen and found the cupcake. "Oh, it's all still here -- he didn't eat any of it," Jordan observed with another sigh of relief.

"I'm sorry," Arianna sheepishly stressed. "It's okay -- you didn't know. It's just, know what? Everyone has their own special cupcake, and you gave [him] Ciara's cupcake," Jordan explained before suddenly hearing Rafe's voice outside. "Let's just pretend this didn't happen, okay?" Jordan whispered to Arianna as Rafe entered the house with Ben and Ciara. "What's wrong?" Rafe asked, sensing that Arianna was upset about something. "Oh, you know, Ari's just anxious [for] the party to start," Jordan quickly explained before changing the subject, inviting Arianna to help David open the gift from Ben and Ciara.

Will and Sonny soon arrived to pick up Arianna, who had a doctor's appointment scheduled for later that day. Jordan handed over Arianna's cupcake then excitedly wondered if everyone else was ready to eat. "I am! They look so good..." Ciara said to Jordan as Will and Sonny left with Arianna. "I think you're really gonna love them..." Jordan replied with a mischievous smirk while pointing out Ciara's cupcake.

Eli and Lani went to the hospital and soon found Jack and Jennifer, the latter of whom happily reported that Julie's pacemaker procedure had gone smoothly. Lani quickly noticed Jennifer's engagement ring, and Jack proudly confirmed what it meant. Eli and Lani excitedly congratulated Jack and Jennifer, who soon rushed off together in search of Kayla, wanting to continue sharing the good news with people.

Eli was eager to see Julie, but Lani had a few phone calls to make, so they agreed to meet up again later. Gabi exited an elevator as Eli and Lani were parting ways. Once the coast was clear, Gabi approached Lani and acknowledged that Julie's pacemaker procedure had gone smoothly. "Thanks to you -- made everything possible," Lani conceded. "I even made your wedding possible. Now you're free to get married," Gabi countered. "Listen --" Lani awkwardly began to respond. "No, it's okay -- enjoy the moment. Everyone's looking forward to your big day -- especially me," Gabi stressed.

"I'm sorry -- we...we didn't invite you... I didn't...I didn't think that you would want to come to the wedding," Lani admitted, confused. "Of course, I want to come," Gabi confirmed with a laugh.

"I want to see everybody's face when you, uh...when you dump Eli at the altar," Gabi continued, scowling at Lani.

Jordan hands out a drugged cupcake Jordan hands out a drugged cupcake

Friday, October 25, 2019

In Julie's hospital room, a distracted Hope stared into the distance as Doug asked Julie how she felt. "I'm not short of breath anymore, so I guess there is some benefit to being part cyborg," Julie joked. When Doug addressed Hope, it took her a moment to react. "I'm sorry, I was concentrating on finding something for Julie," Hope said as she motioned toward the television.

Eli walked in with flowers. Julie told Eli that she felt better than she had in a long time. When Eli asked Julie if she would be able to go to the wedding, Julie said no, but she asked Eli to continue with the wedding without her. While Julie and Eli discussed wedding plans, Doug and Hope quietly talked in the corner about Julie's health. Hope applied lipstick as Doug commented that Julie looked good.

"Sure. If you think so," Hope said. Hope looked in the mirror of her compact, and she heard a British voice in her head say, "Not better than I." Startled, Hope closed her compact. Concerned, Doug asked Hope how she could be so cavalier about Julie's health. Hope said she had been joking and she apologized. "She looks better than I do, and she has had heart transplant surgery," Hope joked. Doug reminded Hope that he had not slept much himself.

Across the room, Julie made Eli promise to go through with the wedding. "I'll be there in spirit," Julie insisted. Julie added, "Nothing is going to spoil it." Julie noticed Doug and Hope talking, and she called over to them to speak up for her. Doug said he and Hope had been discussing how much they were going to sleep. With a nod, Julie ordered Hope to take Doug home to rest. Doug hesitated, but he agreed to go.

Rolf decorated his loft with a throne and other furnishings. With a satisfied nod, Rolf looked at the painting of Stefano and announced, "Today is the day, Stefano. Everything is almost ready."

After the doctor's office canceled Arianna's appointment, Will and Sonny walked through the town square and asked Arianna if she wanted to return to the party. "David's mommy yelled at me," Arianna said. Will, Sonny, and Arianna sat down in the café, and Will asked Arianna what had happened with Jordan.

"She said I gave David the wrong cupcake," Arianna explained. Will suggested that Jordan had been nervous because it was David's first birthday. "She should have known you were just trying to help," Will added. Sonny chimed in to note that Arianna was an excellent helper, and Will and Sonny both listed examples of when Arianna had helped them. Sonny suggested that Jordan might have had a special cupcake for David because of his age.

"Even for a baby, eating something as yummy as a cupcake can be dangerous," Will told Arianna. While Arianna drew a picture at the table, Will and Sonny stepped aside to talk privately. "She should not have been left alone with Jordan," Will said. Sonny agreed. Sonny added that Arianna had asked him earlier if her mother had forgotten about her. Will sighed.

"I didn't know what to say, because I didn't know if Gabi had told her yet about Stefan's death," Sonny said. Will and Sonny complained about the fact that Jordan had yelled at Arianna. "We shouldn't have brought her over there. You can't be too careful in this town," Will said. As if on cue, Rolf approached and said hello. "I rest my case," Will said.

Rolf said he wanted to give Will a chance to thank him for saving his life. "You also helped Susan keep me away from my family," Will noted. With a shrug, Rolf said it had been impossible to say no to Susan, a "strange, wonderful butterfly." Rolf asked about Susan. Will warned Rolf to stay away from him and his family. Rolf promised that his troublemaking days were behind him. Rolf added that the projects he was working on were legitimate.

"That is a lie, and you know it," Hope said as she walked over. Rolf claimed that he was a law-abiding citizen. When Hope pointed out that Xander had given Rolf lab space at Titan, Sonny groaned. "Maybe [Xander] just recognizes genius when he sees it," Rolf said. With a grin, Rolf added that Hope was wearing a lovely shade of lipstick.

After Rolf left, Hope updated Will and Sonny about Julie's status. "Getting Stefan's heart seems like an answer to a prayer," Will said. The comment made Hope think about when she had prayed for a heart for Julie when she had been in the hospital chapel. In the memory, Rolf had approached and said, "I am the answer to your prayers." Hope grabbed her neck and smiled at the memory. "I just remembered I have somewhere to be," Hope said, and she walked away.

In the Hernandez house, Jordan passed out cupcakes to the partygoers. "You must have been up early decorating these. I almost hate to eat mine," Ciara said. Jordan thought about when she had dumped a vial of liquid into Ciara's cupcake before she had baked it. "These cupcakes are meant to be enjoyed, so you have to eat it. I want to know what you think of it," Jordan said.

With a grin, Ben noted that Ciara was in for a treat because Jordan had made the same cupcakes for him when they'd been kids. "You always found a way to make my birthday special," Ben said. "You've never said that before," Jordan responded. Ben said he should have said it sooner.

As Ciara started to take a bite of her cupcake, Ben stopped her. Ben said they needed to sing "Happy Birthday." Rafe held David while Jordan lit a candle in the cupcake. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to David. As Jordan leaned in to blow out the candle, Rafe reminded her to make a wish. Jordan smiled as she stared at Ciara and blew out the candle. After pictures, Jordan encouraged everyone to dig into their cupcakes. Ciara was staring at her phone, and Jordan encouraged Ciara again to eat.

"Sorry! I was just posting something," Ciara said. With a big grin, Ciara picked up the cupcake and took a bite. "These are so good. Jordan, it tastes like I died and went to heaven," Ciara said with a chuckle. After the cupcakes were eaten, Jordan asked for reviews. Rafe and Ben raved. When Jordan asked Ciara what she thought, Ciara said that she did not feel well. Ciara encouraged Ben to stay and spend time with David. Ben was reluctant to let Ciara leave alone.

Jordan urged Ciara to lie down on the couch until she felt better, but Ciara declined. "I'm sorry I ruined your party," Ciara told Jordan. Ben and Jordan assured Ciara that she had not ruined the party. Worried, Ben insisted on driving Ciara home. Jordan offered to get Ciara and Ben's coats.

While Rafe, Ben, and Ciara were looking away, Jordan slipped the empty vial from baking into Ben's coat pocket. Ben thanked Jordan, and they hugged. When Ciara thanked Jordan, she countered, "Believe me. The pleasure was all mine."

In Julie's hospital room, she started to tell Eli that she loved Doug with all her heart, but she stopped herself. "Gee. I'm not sure I can say that anymore!" Julie said with a hearty laugh. "You and Doug are like role models to Lani and me. You're what a marriage should be," Eli said. "What a beautiful compliment," Julie said. Julie took Eli's hand in hers, and she asked him to convince Gabi to visit her.

"I know we have a terrible history, but I owe her my life," Julie said. Eli asked Julie to wait because Stefan's funeral had been that morning. Julie asked how Gabi was doing. With a shrug, Eli said Gabi was "hanging in there." Julie said she had only survived thanks to Gabi's generosity.

"I never thought I would say this in my life. I've been unfair to Gabi. I absolutely refused to ever see anything from her point of view. Who'd have thought it? She's turned out to be my guardian angel," Julie said. Julie asked Eli if Gabi had really loved Stefan. "So she says," Eli told Julie. Eli added that Gabi had told Lani that she was sorry for blaming Lani for Stefan's death.

"People do irrational things when they've lost somebody they love, I know this," Julie said. Eli blamed Vivian for the shooting. "I think Gabi realizes that Lani was just doing her job," Eli said. Julie reminded Eli that she had been on the receiving end of Gabi's wrath, and she noted it was not pleasant. Eli changed the subject to his relationship with Lani. Julie said she wanted a soul mate for Eli, and Eli said that Lani was his soul mate.

"You know what I love about Lani? The look on your face when you talk about her. You are so obviously a man in love," Julie said. "Lani is the best thing that has ever happened to me," Eli said. Julie asked Eli to take hundreds of photos of the wedding. With a smile, Eli promised photographs as long as Julie agreed to stick around longer to celebrate other milestones.

In the hospital hallway, Lani thanked Gabi for giving Stefan's heart to Julie. "I even made your wedding possible. Now you're free to get married," Gabi said. As Lani started to apologize, Gabi said she was looking forward to the wedding. Confused, Lani said she had not invited Gabi to the wedding because she had not thought Gabi would be interested in attending.

"Of course, I want to be there. I want to see the look on everyone's face when you dump Eli at the altar," Gabi said. "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not dumping Eli. I love him," Gabi said. "Because you love him, you're going to do exactly what I say," Gabi countered. Lani told Gabi to go home and rest.

"Yes, I should go home and nap. That's going to take away the pain of a grieving widow," Gabi muttered. Gabi told Lani that she would learn how Gabi felt on Lani's wedding day. Lani asked Gabi why she believed Lani would leave Eli at the altar. "I'm sure, because you owe me. You fired the bullet that killed my husband," Gabi said. Lani reminded Gabi that Stefan had jumped into the line of fire.

"All I know is that my husband is dead, and you are planning your wedding," Gabi growled. Gabi argued that Lani had not been punished. Lani insisted that she had been an emotional wreck over the shooting, but she stressed she would not end her relationship with Eli to make Gabi "feel like we are even."

"We will never be even, but I can make you pay for what you've done to Stefan," Gabi said. With a groan, Lani said she'd known that Gabi's announcement to Eli that there were no harsh feelings had been an act. Gabi smiled. "Did you think I was just going to let you kill my husband? Sit back and allow you to live your happily ever after?" Gabi asked. "Getting even is your M.O." Lani muttered. When Lani pointed out that Gabi had no power over her, Gabi disagreed.

"There was nothing gracious about what you did. You made me get down on my knees and beg you," Lani grumbled. "That was the best part of my day," Gabi said. Gabi added that begging had not helped her feel better, so she had promised Stefan's body that she would get justice. Lani noted that Gabi could not take back the heart.

"I don't have to take it back. Not after what I just pulled off," Gabi said. Concerned, Lani asked Gabi what she had done. Gabi told Lani that if she did not give up Eli, Julie would be "a dead woman." Lani demanded an explanation. Gabi told Lani the pacemaker was produced by Visionary Bionics, a subsidiary of DiMera Enterprises. With a smirk, Gabi explained that she had ordered modifications to the pacemaker before it had been inserted into Julie. Gabi pulled her phone out of her purse and held it up.

"Not only does [this phone app] monitor Julie's heart, but I can destroy that heart anytime I want to," Gabi said. Lani told Gabi that she did not believe her. Gabi reminded Lani of the incident with Steve's bionic eye. "Stefan had the ability to deactivate the eye, and he used an app," Lani murmured. Gabi smiled. Gabi told Lani that it was up to Lani whether she used the app or not. With a shake of her head, Lani said that Gabi was bluffing.

"Are you kidding me? I hate the old bat's guts," Gabi said. Gabi told Lani about Nick and how he had made her life miserable. With a groan, Gabi said that Nick had attempted to rape her, and she had killed Nick when she had fought back.

"I went to prison, anyway. And Julie? She couldn't be happier about that. Even when there was new evidence that cleared me? She never stopped hating me. She never let it go," Gabi said through gritted teeth. Lani shouted that Gabi had no right to kill Julie. With a shrug, Gabi noted that it was up to Lani. Lani asked Gabi if she cared about Eli's feelings. Gabi recounted the details of her breakup with Eli because of Lani's actions.

"He'll be better off without you," Gabi said. "We love each other," Lani protested. Gabi said if it were real love, Lani would make the sacrifice. Lani refused. Gabi pulled her phone out of her purse. "I guess there is going to be one less old, hateful bitch in the world," Gabi said as she walked over to the window of Julie's room. Gabi announced that she would show Lani what she could do. In Julie's room, Julie clutched her heart as it raced. "Seems like Julie is in distress. Believe me now?" Gabi asked.

In the DiMera guesthouse, Ciara drank ginger ale in bed as Ben held a hand to her forehead. "You don't have a fever. You could be coming down with something, though," Ben said. Ciara said she felt better.

In the square, Will sat with Arianna after Sonny headed home. Will commented on Arianna's drawing of the birthday party. When Will noted that Arianna appeared to be altering the cupcakes in the drawing, Arianna confided that she had changed the name flags in the cupcakes so that the girls got more frosting. Arianna asked Will not to tell Jordan because she was mean.

At the Hernandez house, Rafe poured a cup of coffee while Jordan put David down. When Jordan returned, she said that she hoped that Ciara did not have an infectious bug. Rafe grew a bit unsteady on his feet. Concerned, Jordan asked Rafe if he was okay. Rafe started to say he did not feel well, and then he collapsed to his knees.

At Rolf's loft, Hope walked in and surveyed the new decor. "Where did all this stuff come from?" Hope wondered aloud. Hope wondequestionedwhy she was at the loft. Worried, Hope announced that she was going to see Marlena about her impulses. As Hope turned to leave, she winced in pain and fell to the ground, unconscious.

In the park, Rolf noted that his system should be operational. "The final transformation is about to begin," Rolf said. When Rolf returned to his loft, Hope woke up. Rolf helped Hope to her feet and guided her to the throne to sit. Rolf pulled a tiara out of a drawer and gave it to Hope. "It is exquisite," Hope said in an English accent as she donned the tiara. "Welcome back from exile, your royal highness," Rolf said. "Simply call me 'Princess Gina,'" Hope said.


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