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Ciara rescued Mackenzie. Xander told Sarah he loved her. Nicole told Eric that Mackenzie was his child. Eric confronted Sarah and demanded to see his daughter. Chad met with Rolf. Lani told Kristen about Gabi. Abigail investigated Eve's claims. Jack told Jennifer about Haley. Evan spent Thanksgiving with Sonny. Justin asked Kayla to move in with him. Marlena told John that something was wrong with Hope. Stefano was revealed, and he looked like Steve.
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Stefano was revealed -- and he looked like Steve
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Nicole admits the truth to Eric

Nicole admits the truth to Eric

Monday, November 25, 2019

by Mike

At Statesville, Ben again tried to convince Clyde to return Mackenzie right away.

"Why would I want to do that? I got Xander right where I want him!" Clyde argued. "Do you realize how many things can go wrong with [your] plan?" Ben asked worriedly. "Come on, man -- you're such a downer! Show a little faith in your old man!" Clyde dismissively replied. "You can't trust Ray!" Ben blurted out.

"Hang on -- I never told you Ray was on this job, [so] what makes you think [that he is] my man on the outside?" Clyde countered. "I saw you texting him earlier, when I grabbed your phone," Ben explained. "If I'd wanted you to know [about him], I'd have told you!" Clyde snapped. "[So, it's true] -- you hired a psycho to kidnap a baby!" Ben summarized.

"[He's] loyal to me -- always has been," Clyde reasoned with a shrug. "He's also crazy and vicious!" Ben stressed. "You say that like it's a bad thing..." Clyde dryly observed. "You know nobody is safe around that maniac! [Look, just] call him off -- before someone gets hurt!" Ben fearfully begged.

"Ray's not gonna hurt long as Xander keeps up his end of the bargain," Clyde assured Ben with a smirk. "And what if somebody finds Ray [before Xander confesses]?" Ben asked nervously.

Meanwhile, at the boarding house, Ray grabbed Ciara and drunkenly snapped, "You tried to play a trill lick -- [a] little trick -- on me, huh? [Well], you're not getting out of here with that baby!" Ciara pulled away and shoved Ray, who fell to the floor and wasn't able to immediately recover. Ciara picked up a potted plant and smashed it against Ray's upper back then rushed off with Mackenzie.

"You didn't tell anybody, did you? 'Cause that'd be a big mistake..." Clyde started to warn Ben -- just as a cell phone chimed, announcing the arrival of a text message from Ray.

"Something's wrong!" Clyde angrily summarized after reading the text message. "What do you mean, 'something's wrong'?" Ben worriedly demanded to know. "I gotta call him, [and] I can't do it here..." Clyde said before rushing out of the visitor's lounge, ignoring Ben's protests.

At the police station, Gina continued pretending to be Hope -- but didn't seem quite as invested in pretending to be interested in the contents of Xander's envelope. "Just...take a look at this -- please! What's in this envelope could help bring Mickey home -- at least, that's what I'm praying," Xander explained, prompting Gina to reluctantly accept -- but still not bother to look inside -- the envelope.

Meanwhile, one of the desk phones began ringing. "I'm calling about the baby -- the one who was kidnapped," Ciara, who was faking a Russian accent, began when Rafe answered the call. "I saw some guy hanging out in the park off of the square with a kid who looks exactly like the baby I saw on the TV," Ciara continued. "Who is this?" Rafe asked. "Just hurry up, please," Ciara replied before ending the call.

"Keep me posted," Gina requested after Rafe shared the anonymous tip. "You're not coming?" Rafe asked, surprised. "Wish I could, but I can't -- I have a very important commissioner's meeting," Gina replied with a shrug.

Sarah wanted to accompany Rafe to the park, but Xander didn't like that idea, fearing that things could get dangerous there. Sarah conceded the point and agreed to let Xander go with Rafe instead.

Gina grudgingly comforted Sarah with a hug after Rafe and Xander rushed off together. "I don't know what I'm gonna do if this lead turns out to be a dead end --" Sarah tearfully began to fret. "Well, there could be other leads [to pursue -- in fact, Xander] gave me this [earlier, and he] said it might help [us] find your daughter," Gina revealed, showing Sarah the unopened envelope. "Well, aren't you gonna check it out?" Sarah asked, confused. "We may not need to [now]," Gina replied with a shrug. "Tell you what -- why don't you hang onto [it]?" Gina continued, handing the envelope to Sarah with obvious disinterest.

Meanwhile, at the park, Ciara hid behind a decorative walkway and listened as Rafe and Xander located Mackenzie.

Gina left the police station to attend the "very important commissioner's meeting" -- a meeting with the mystery man at the makeshift palace. Gina grew concerned after realizing that the man was out in public somewhere -- probably in a meeting with Chad. Meanwhile, Rafe and Xander took Mackenzie back to the police station, arriving just in time to stop Sarah from opening the envelope. "We're still investigating, but my best guess is, uh, [that] the kidnapper had a change of heart and bailed out," Rafe explained to Sarah with a shrug.

Chad entered a dimly lit room at the Salem Inn and found a man standing in the shadows, staring out a window.

"I wasn't sure I would ever see you again. I've really been looking forward to this," Chad began, prompting the man to turn around and step out of the shadows. "Rolf?" Chad realized. "What the hell are you doing here? Where's my father?" Chad demanded to know. "Was I ever really in touch with my father, or was it you sending me messages all along?" Chad continued, already bracing for more disappointment.

"My wife warned me that this could be a trick, [but] I didn't want to believe that, [and] the communication that we shared [included] things that only him and I could know...[but] you were his most trusted confidant..." Chad realized. "Your father is not only my employer; he's also my hero," Rolf stressed. "Yeah, which makes me wonder...have you gone from worshipping Stefano DiMera to trying to become him?" Chad countered.

"I would never presume to take on the mantle of the great Stefano DiMera; I am simply his humble servant," Rolf insisted. "[And he] sent me here as his emissary," Rolf continued. "I didn't request, uh, a meeting with his 'emissary,' all right? I won a chess match -- fair and square -- and he promised me a face-to-face meeting [as my reward]!" Chad stressed. "Indeed he did...but he didn't say which face, now, did he?" Rolf pointed out. "Ugh -- damn him..." Chad grumbled, realizing that Rolf was right. "You should know by now [that] your father chooses his words very carefully," Rolf reminded Chad.

"[Stefano wants me to tell you] that you should keep your wife in line. She overstepped in her conversations with [him] -- pushed too hard for this meeting -- [and] you should correct her," Rolf continued. "Abigail does what she wants...[but] we have the same goal -- take back DiMera from Gabi Hernandez," Chad stressed. "[And] your father shares this goal...but you and Abigail must respect his superior knowledge and gamesmanship in this realm," Rolf advised. "All right -- then what's the next move? What's he waiting for?" Chad asked. "Patience, Chad -- you will be restored to your rightful position...but it has to be done Stefano's way," Rolf replied.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail suspiciously demanded to know why Eli was messing with Chad's tablet computer. Eli innocently claimed that the device was in desperate need of software updates for security purposes. "[And] it's rare to find a time [when] Chad isn't using [it, so] I figured now would be a good opportunity [to finally install them]," Eli continued. "Chad left for an appointment, [and] I'm not comfortable allowing you access to his computer when he's not here, [so]..." Abigail countered while snatching the device from Eli. "Do you know how long he'll be?" Eli asked. "No, I don't," Abigail replied.

"Is this coming from Gabi? Did [she] direct you to search Chad's [computer -- maybe in exchange for] an end-of-the-year bonus? Or are you maybe getting rewarded in some other ways?" Abigail wondered. "I'm not the only one [who's] sleeping with the boss," Eli evasively stressed. "Chad's not my boss," Abigail pointed out. "He was when he ran DiMera," Eli countered. "[And] at least I can trust Gabi, which is a lot more than you can say for your husband -- [I mean], didn't he give your daughter away to his brother and have you committed to a mental hospital?" Eli continued.

"Chad and I have had our problems -- that's no secret -- [but] we're stronger [and] more committed [to each other] than ever now," Abigail insisted. "So, you're absolutely sure you can trust [him] -- even though he's Stefano DiMera's son?" Eli asked skeptically. "Yes, I am, [because] they're different," Abigail confidently replied.

"Eh, I don't know -- I've heard [Chad] can be pretty ruthless when he wants to be," Eli argued. "Oh, is that what you've 'heard'? Well, I know -- [I know] firsthand -- that Gabi tortures people whenever she gets her feelings hurt!" Abigail countered. "Didn't she used to be your best friend?" Eli asked. "Yeah, she did...and that is what I'm trying to tell you -- [she] hurts the people that she's closest to [most of all]!" Abigail replied. "Yeah, well, I'm not worried about my relationship with Gabi," Eli dismissively insisted. "Okay -- suit yourself..." Abigail pointedly conceded, clearly convinced that Eli was being naive.

"But what I am worried about is why you're so reluctant to give me access to Chad's computer. What is it that you're afraid of me finding?" Eli continued. "I'm not 'afraid' of you finding anything; I'm just saying that you should probably have a general respect for other people's belongings, especially when they're not here -- [and] that's why you're not getting access to this computer until Chad is back," Abigail countered with finality.

After chasing Eli off, Abigail settled in the study to guard the tablet computer while waiting for Chad to return. "The meeting with your father did not go well," Abigail immediately realized when Chad finally entered the study. "It didn't 'go' at all," Chad revealed before telling Abigail everything. "Okay, I'm trying not to overreact here, but, um...this [message from your father] feels like [his way of] making you choose -- him or me," Abigail admitted at the end of Chad's recap. "It would be a mistake for my father to try to come between us," Chad stressed. "Does he know that?" Abigail wondered. "I've made it very clear," Chad insisted.

"Where's my computer?" Chad asked, wanting to contact Stefano. "Oh -- I hid it," Abigail replied before telling Chad about what had happened with Eli.

"He's practically living here [now], so we just need to be really aware [that] whatever it is we're doing, he's probably...[you know], watching us," Abigail warned Chad -- as Eli eavesdropped from the hallway.

Rolf entered the makeshift palace and warmly greeted Gina, who responded in kind.

"I'm here to deliver a message to Stefano -- a report, so to speak, [about] my, uh, meeting with Chad," Rolf explained. "Does that mean Stefano thought better of meeting with him in person?" Gina asked. "Indeed," Rolf replied. "Wonderful...although, if he is not here, and he did not meet with Chad...where is he?" Gina mused, drawing a shrug of uncertainty from Rolf.

Rolf eventually left, and the mystery man returned a short time later. "Thank God you are back! I truly was starting to worry! [And] I do want to hear all about where you have been, but first...sit for me -- I am starting to work on your eyes again. They seem a bit off," Gina said while messing with the man's portrait. "If you had taken that meeting with Chad, he would have had quite the reaction to your new look..." Gina noted.

Ciara went to Statesville to see Ben. "My dad got a text from Ray [that] said something went wrong with the kidnapping, [so I've been] going crazy -- I thought it meant you," Ben admitted, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Please tell me that you didn't try to rescue Mickey on your own," Ben continued with a groan after gauging Ciara's reaction to the previous statement. "I know that you wanted me to tip off the police about Ray's location, but I was afraid that if they interfered, then [they] would realize that it was connected to your father --" Ciara began to explain. "And then to me," Ben concluded for Ciara. "Yeah -- [and] I couldn't let anything jeopardize your appeal, [because] this may be your last chance," Ciara stressed before telling Ben all about the rescue mission.

"You're amazing!" Ben raved when Ciara was done with the recap. "[But I guess this means] we didn't get the confession..." Ben realized with a sigh. "No, we didn't -- we're right back where we started -- but I'm not gonna give up, [and] neither are you. [Look], I may not agree with your father's tactics, [but] there's no question that [his] demand for Xander's confession made Victor and Xander sweat. [And] I still have Xander's lockbox, [so] maybe there's something in there [that] will help us. [But, one way or another], I am going to prove that Xander killed Jordan, and we're gonna be together again, okay? I promise," Ciara stressed.

After Ciara left the visitor's lounge, Clyde reentered it and told Ben about what Ciara had done to Ray. "How did she know where to go? 'Cause the way I figure it, the only way she could have known is if you tipped her off," Clyde mused at the end of the recap. "An innocent child should never be used as a bargaining chip," Ben explained with a shrug.

"Damn it, boy -- when will you ever learn? Trusting that girl instead of your old man... If you really want to get out of here, you forget about Ciara -- you need me!" Clyde insisted. "Stop pretending that you're doing this for me," Ben countered. "You're still my son, whether you like it or not --" Clyde began to stress. "I don't like it," Ben insisted. "You want to die in here? Fine! 'Cause if you blow me off, the state's gonna execute you for sure -- ain't nobody else gonna save you!" Clyde warned Ben.

Sarah and Xander returned to the Kiriakis mansion with Mackenzie, who soon started fussing. "Would you mind grabbing her teething ring out of my bag?" Sarah asked. "Sure," Xander replied before starting to search Sarah's purse for the item -- and finding the envelope instead. "How did you end up with this?" Xander asked nervously. "Oh -- Hope gave it to me... [She] said that you handed it to her and [told her] something about it containing information that might help us get Mickey back... [So], what's in it?" Sarah curiously replied -- just as Ciara entered the mansion.

"I set up an offshore bank account to pay ransom, in case the kidnappers demanded it," Xander claimed, unaware of Ciara's presence. Sarah thanked Xander then headed upstairs to change Mackenzie's diaper. Once the coast was clear, Xander tossed the envelope in the lit fireplace -- as Ciara watched from the foyer, still unseen. After Xander followed Sarah upstairs, Ciara rushed into the living room to try to save the envelope.

Eric, still on bended knee in front of Nicole in the living room of their apartment, waited anxiously for an answer to his marriage proposal. "I -- I -- I don't know what to say..." Nicole began. "'Yes' would be a good place to start," Eric advised, managing a chuckle. "Nothing would make me happier than to be your wife -- I have dreamt of this moment for so long -- but...I can't," Nicole tearfully insisted, stunning Eric.

"Our marriage will never succeed if there are secrets between us...and I've been keeping a secret from you," Nicole began to explain as Eric rose from the floor. "[Well], whatever it is, it can't change the way I feel about you," Eric stressed. "I'm not so sure about that..." Nicole admitted. "[Look], I don't have any excuses; the only thing I can say is [that] I suffered so much in that time that Kristen kept us apart, [when] I thought I had lost you forever...and when we were reunited, finally, the only thing I could focus on [was] spending the rest of my life with you and Holly...[and that's why] I kept you away from Sarah --" Nicole continued.

"You're not the reason Sarah and I are not together. She knew that you were the love of my life, and when I went out of town to look for you, she backed away; [she] understood," Eric pointed out. "She was more understanding than you could have imagined..." Nicole muttered, further confusing Eric, who continued trying to stress that the breakup with Sarah had been mutual.

"Xander is not Mackenzie's father," Nicole eventually blurted out, silencing Eric. "Sarah [never went] to bed with Xander a second time; [they just] pretended because they didn't want you to know the truth -- [that Sarah] was pregnant with your baby," Nicole continued before telling Eric the whole story. "How long have you known about this?" Eric asked at the end of the recap. "For over a year," Nicole replied.

"Sarah loved you [but] didn't want you to go back to her out of obligation, [and] I was terrified of losing you, so I went along with [the lie]. I know how wrong that was, and not a day has gone by this past year that I didn't feel guilty, [that] I didn't hate myself for not giving you the chance to be a father to your daughter... And when I found out Mackenzie was kidnapped, I realized that I couldn't keep the truth from you any longer," Nicole tearfully explained. "Can you ever forgive me?" Nicole asked hopefully. "My daughter's been kidnapped, and I've gotta go find her," Eric evasively replied before rushing off, leaving the diamond ring behind.

Lani finally reveals to someone why she left Eli

Lani finally reveals to someone why she left Eli

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

In the convent, Kristen gently pushed Lani to tell her what she had meant when Lani had said that she hoped Gabi would burn in hell. Lani told Kristen about how Gabi had blackmailed her into breaking Eli's heart by threatening Julie. "Bitch," Kristen muttered. Kristen apologized to God, and she added that what Gabi had done had been inhumane.

Lani confessed that she did not believe that she could be at peace until she forgave Gabi, but she also did not believe that she would ever be able to forgive Gabi. "I wake up every day with hate in my heart," Lani said. Kristen admitted that forgiveness was a tricky thing because it was difficult to accept or offer. When Kristen noted that she had done unforgivable things, Lani assured Kristen that what had happened to Haley had been an accident.

"I should have known the minute that I lost the child that what Brady and I had, any chance of happiness, any future, was over," Kristen said. Lani asked Kristen if Brady had abandoned her. Kristen shook her head no. Kristen explained that Brady had never left her side when they had buried their child or after. "It sounds like he still loved you," Lani said. Kristen disagreed. Kristen said Brady was an honorable man.

"It could never be the same between us, and so when I got the chance, I left. I didn't even say goodbye," Kristen said. Lani asked Kristen if she regretted her decision. "One horrible moment that I destroyed us," Kristen said with a sob. Kristen said she needed to look to her future with God. "I will have to be at peace with myself that I will never see the love of my life again," Kristen said.

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi and Eli talked in the den about his run-in with Abigail. Eli told Gabi about the laptop incident, and Gabi agreed that Abigail and Chad were hiding something. Eli added that he had also overheard Abigail tell Chad that Eli had been watching them and that they planned to be extra careful.

"We will have to be twice as determined to find out what they're up to," Gabi said. "I knew that bitch Abigail was out to get me," Gabi muttered. Eli apologized for not being able to successfully look at Chad's computer. With a smile, Gabi pointed out that Eli had at least confirmed that Abigail and Chad were hiding something.

"You know I'm not going to let them hurt you, right?" Eli asked. "I do, and I am very grateful," Gabi said. Eli kissed Gabi. Gabi thought about when she had accidentally set off Julie's pacemaker app on her phone the last time she had kissed Eli on that couch. Gabi shook off the memory and asked Eli to join her in a bubble bath. With a grin, Eli swooped Gabi up into his arms.

At Julie's Place, Abigail arrived for her dinner with J.J., and Julie sat her at a table to wait. Julie assured Abigail that the doctor had checked her heart and that she was fine. When Julie changed the subject to J.J., he entered the restaurant.

"I worry that J.J. has lost all his sparkle since Haley passed away," Julie said. "She didn't pass away. Kristen DiMera murdered her," J.J. grumbled. J.J. apologized to Julie for his bluntness. Julie stressed to J.J. that she loved him and would be there for him whenever he needed her. With a nod, Julie headed into the kitchen.

With a nervous chuckle, Abigail asked J.J. if he had been avoiding her. J.J. explained that he had not been avoiding his sister but that he had been busy. "I know you're really struggling since losing Haley," Abigail said. Abigail added that she was still upset that she had been the one to tell J.J. about Haley's death.

When J.J. complained that the police had ruled Haley's death an accident, Abigail assured J.J. that it had been an accident. J.J. bitterly argued that Kristen had not been a better person as she had claimed, or else she would have taken responsibility for murdering Haley.

J.J. reminded Abigail that after he had shot Theo, he had agonized over his part in the shooting. J.J. noted that Kristen had not struggled but had instead run away. Curious, J.J. asked Abigail if Kristen had been in touch with Chad. J.J. reasoned aloud that as Kristen's only remaining family, Chad would likely hear from his sister. J.J. asked Abigail to ask her husband if he had heard from Kristen. Concerned, Abigail asked J.J. why he wanted to know information about Kristen.

"Hanging onto this anger isn't good. I know that. But maybe if I could just see her face to face, really talk to her, it could be a step toward healing for both of us," J.J. said. "So, now you want to help Kristen heal?" Abigail asked with suspicion. Annoyed, J.J. announced that he did not need Abigail to believe him, and he walked out.

When Julie returned with dinner, Abigail explained that J.J. had left. Julie offered to wrap up the dinners. As Abigail grabbed her purse, Julie encouraged Abigail to join her for Thanksgiving after she visited Jennifer at the hospital. "Eli and Gabi will be there, of course," Julie said. With a forced smile, Abigail said, "Great!" With a chuckle, Julie said that if someone had told her a year earlier that she would only be alive because of Gabi's generosity, she would not have believed it.

In Eric's apartment, Nicole sat on the floor, crying, with an engagement ring clutched in her hand. Nicole thought about how she had told Eric about his daughter and how he had run out of the apartment. There was a knock at the door. It was Brady.

"What's wrong?" a worried Brady asked. Nicole told Brady that she had fought with Eric and that she worried that her relationship with Eric was over for good. Brady assured Nicole that she was overreacting. Nicole told Brady the truth about Mackenzie and that she had lied about it for a year. Through tears, Nicole told Brady that she had been afraid to lose Eric. Nicole admitted she had not trusted in Eric's love for her.

"I'm afraid I've lost Eric forever!" Nicole cried out. Brady said he was confident that Eric would return home after he calmed down. Upset, Nicole said she was terrified for Mackenzie because someone had kidnapped her. With a relieved smile, Brady informed Nicole that Xander had found Mackenzie and that she was home safe.

"Eric always wanted a child of his own, and I knew that, but I guess I was just looking out for what was best for me. What I wanted. What I needed. And so, I lied to the man who has done nothing but love me and give Holly and me a beautiful life," Nicole said. Brady agreed that Nicole had made a mistake, but he believed Eric would forgive her. "He forgave me for the unforgivable, so I am pretty sure that he is going to be able to forgive you, too," Brady said. "I wish I could believe that," Nicole whispered.

"Here you are, comforting me, after everything you've lost. Your baby. Kristen," Nicole said. Brady shook his head. Brady reminded Nicole that in his darkest hour, Nicole had comforted him during his time of need. Brady thought about when he had told Nicole that his daughter had died. Brady had cried in her arms.

"I don't know what I would have done without you being there that night," Brady said. "You picked up my pieces more than a few times," Nicole countered. Brady noted that friends were there for one another. Brady hugged Nicole and let her cry.

Maggie was sitting in the Kiriakis living room when Eric barged in and asked to be included in the search for Mackenzie. With a smile, Maggie told Eric that Mackenzie was home and safe upstairs. When Maggie noted that Mackenzie was with her father, Eric scowled. Maggie noted that Xander had rescued Mackenzie.

"Xander is not her father. I am," Eric said. Eric told Maggie about Nicole's confession. Maggie cautioned Eric to wait to talk to Sarah and give her the night to calm down after the day's events. Visibly upset, Eric refused to wait. Eric marched upstairs.

In Sarah's room, she held Mackenzie in her lap as she sat on the bed next to Xander. "I never felt more like she was truly yours," Sarah remarked. Xander kissed Sarah. Sarah kissed Xander back until Mackenzie started to fuss. With a nervous chuckle, Sarah suggested that she should put Mackenzie down to sleep.

"Trust that she is safe. Trust that Mickey will have nothing but sweet dreams," Xander said. "Because of you," Sarah countered. While Sarah took Mackenzie into her room, Xander fell back on the bed and chastised himself for being an idiot. When Sarah returned, she fretted that the kidnapping had been her fault. Xander assured Sarah that she was a wonderful mother. With a smirk, Sarah told Xander that he was "an awesome dad." Xander apologized for the kiss.

"It's not just a kiss for me. I love you," Xander confessed. Sarah stared in silence. In an effort to fill the silence, Xander rambled about his bad timing. Xander added, "It is enough for me to be the father to your little girl." Before Sarah could respond, Eric stormed into the room.

"Where's my daughter?" Eric yelled. Xander attempted to dissuade Eric, but Eric noted that Nicole had confessed the truth to him. Eric glared at Sarah and asked her, "How many times have you looked me in the eye and lied? And you got him to help you." Eric shook his head in disgust. Xander defended Sarah, but Eric yelled over him. Eric demanded to see his daughter. When Sarah noted that Mackenzie was asleep, as if on cue, Mackenzie started to cry in her room.

Eric ordered Sarah to get Mackenzie, or else he would get her himself. As Xander and Eric yelled at one another, Maggie burst into the room and yelled at everyone to be quiet because they had upset Mackenzie. With the room quiet, Sarah asked Eric to go to the living room, and she promised to meet him there with Mackenzie. Eric stomped out of the room. Emotional, Sarah hugged Xander for comfort.

As Eric paced anxiously in the living room, Xander joined him. "This is between Sarah and me," Eric growled at Xander. Xander countered that he had been there for Sarah since the start of her pregnancy.

"And I've been here for Mickey since her first breath. I'm the only father she has ever known, Eric. And I love her. I'm her da. You're not gonna tell me to leave my own home. I belong here, for my daughter," Xander said. "Except she is not your daughter. She's mine," Eric countered. Sarah walked in with Mackenzie and Maggie. Sarah looked at Xander then handed Mackenzie to Eric.

"You're so beautiful. My little girl. My daughter," Eric whispered. As Eric marveled at the child in his arms, he smiled.

Salem's residents celebrate Thanksgiving

Salem's residents celebrate Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

by Mike

At Statesville, Eve continued a phone conversation with Abigail, who was at the DiMera mansion.

"I have talked to everyone who was working at the restaurant the night my mother fell, and no one seems to remember anything beyond what they've told the police," Abigail reported. "[So], they don't remember seeing me -- [and that's] because I wasn't there!" Eve stressed. "[Look, you need to] go back over everything that happened that day, okay? to everybody that was on the guest list --" Eve advised. "I have done that, and I'm telling you, there's not a big 'Free Eve Donovan' movement happening right now. I'm not getting a whole lot of cooperation," Abigail revealed. "[And] check the [surveillance] footage!" Eve continued.

"I'm the only person who believes in her, and she treats me like I'm the incompetent help!" Abigail complained to Chad after ending the call. "Block her," Chad advised. "I can't! [Look], I hate that woman, and I think she should be in prison for [everything we know she's] done to my family...[but] I think she's telling the truth [about not being responsible for what happened to my mom]," Abigail replied.

Meanwhile, Hattie joined Eve in the visitor's lounge. "I have just officially marshmallowed my last Thanksgiving yams -- 'cause, [you see], next year, [I'll be] outta here!" Hattie happily announced. "Can I get mine without marshmallows?" Eve asked with a look of disgust. "You don't get any yams!" Hattie replied between fits of hysterical laughter.

"The yams are for the VIPs, honey -- you know, people like the warden...oh, and...certain members of the kitchen staff..." Hattie clarified, proudly stressing the last part of the sentence. "You're just the ex-commish who managed to bump her little friend off the balcony --" Hattie continued. "How many times do I have to tell you, Hattie? I didn't do it!" Eve insisted. "How many times have I heard some dame in here --" Hattie skeptically began to counter, but Eve quickly and tiredly interrupted, ready to change the subject.

"[So], if I don't get yams, what are they gonna give me?" Eve asked. "'Turkey' chili," Hattie replied. "[Are you saying it's] fake turkey? [Then] what do they put in it?" Eve wondered. "You don't even want to know that part," Hattie insisted, drawing another look of disgust from Eve. "[But] what's the difference, you know? You'll -- you'll get your little Thanksgiving meal, and -- and you'll be outta here by next year...[you know], if Abigail pulls through, [that is]..." Hattie continued. "I just got off the phone with her, and I am not holding my breath..." Eve admitted.

Hattie soon headed back to the kitchen -- then rejoined Eve in the visitor's lounge a short time later, carrying a plate of food. "That doesn't look like fake turkey to me..." Eve hungrily observed, leaning in to take a closer look at Hattie's food. "[That's because] I am a VIP," Hattie proudly explained, surprised that Eve hadn't already figured that out.

Eve scoffed at Hattie, impressed but also confused. "How did you survive in here so long without losing your mind?" Eve asked curiously. "What makes you think I haven't lost my mind?" Hattie dryly replied.

"[Look, I just] have a very special talent -- I have a talent for making friends. And I have observed that you do not have such a talent; you do not know how to make friends. [But] that's how [people] get by in the world -- [and] I don't mean just in here; I mean the whole wide world. [And they] do that by being nice to [other] people," Hattie explained with a shrug before proceeding to demonstrate, offering Eve a bite of yams -- which were politely declined with yet another look of disgust due to the presence of marshmallows, prompting a counteroffer of turkey that was gratefully accepted.

Satisfied, Hattie raved that there was hope for Eve yet. "Well, it's been a long time since I've been nice to anybody," Eve admitted.

Later, Hattie headed back to the kitchen again -- then again rejoined Eve in the visitor's lounge a short time later, this time carrying a wishbone. Hattie and Eve gripped opposite ends of the wishbone and counted to three together then broke it. Eve ended up with the larger piece, prompting Hattie to stress, "I bet I know what you wished for...[and] I hope you get [it]."

At the hospital, Kayla entered Jennifer's room and wondered if everything was okay. "[A] nurse said you wanted to see me," Kayla continued. "Physically, I feel great...[but] I wanted to apologize to you for yesterday," Jennifer explained. "Please, do not worry about my feelings --" Kayla began to respond. "But I do worry about your feelings -- and I want you to know [that] I've had time to think about it [and] absorb it, and I really am so happy for you and Justin," Jennifer stressed, drawing a sigh of relief from Kayla.

Shortly after Kayla exited Jennifer's room, Abigail entered it, carrying bags of takeout food. "[So you don't have to eat] hospital cuisine on Thanksgiving," Abigail explained. "[Where are] the kids?" Jack asked. "[With Doug and Julie] -- they're a little sniffly, so we don't want to risk Mom getting sick," Abigail replied. "[Where's] Chad?" Jennifer wondered. "He's gonna be here in a minute -- he's just on a [business] call," Abigail revealed. Meanwhile, Chad finished a phone conversation with Shin then immediately received a text message: "Happy Thanksgiving, my son." Smiling, Chad quickly composed and sent a response: "Thank you, Father."

"Has anyone heard from J.J.?" Jennifer asked. "He promised that he would be here right after his shift," Jack replied. "I've been in a coma for a year, and they wouldn't let him spend Thanksgiving with his family?" Jennifer complained. "[It was] his decision -- [he] wanted to work," Abigail clarified. "[He] felt that working would be the best way to, uh...handle things... [Look], we have been trying not to hit you with everything at once, [but] gotta know that...this has been a really hard six months for J.J. -- ever since...Haley died," Jack elaborated, stunning Jennifer.

"I can't believe everything that's happening..." Jennifer admitted with a sigh after Jack and Abigail apparently shared all the details. "[And], because of Eve, [J.J.'s had] to worry about me [this whole time], too --" Jennifer continued. "[About that]...I've been wanting to ask you something -- is there anything else that you remember from that night?" Abigail asked. "No -- [and the doctors] don't want me to keep dwelling on it, so I'm trying not to," Jennifer replied. "[But that's hard] when people keep reminding [her] of it -- [and] besides, we already know what happened," Jack somewhat irritably stressed. "Do we?" Abigail countered.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Jack demanded to know. "Eve asked me to visit her in the prison yesterday, and she insisted she didn't do it --" Abigail began to explain. "She's a world-class liar!" Jack declared. "Yeah, [but] this case...I don't think she's lying. [Look], she swore, on Paige's memory, that she did not push --" Abigail tried to clarify. "The security footage proves she was there!" Jack tiredly pointed out. "She insists [it] was doctored -- [and] I personally spoke to every single person that worked at the restaurant that night, [and] no one actually saw her," Abigail continued to report.

"[In fact], no one saw anyone except [Mom] and Hope," Abigail concluded. "Hope was there?" Jennifer repeated, stunned. "[She] got there just as soon as you fell. [She] said that she heard you scream," Abigail clarified for Jennifer as Chad entered the room. "Did I...see her...?" Jennifer mused while thinking again about everything that had happened on that fateful night. "I get stuck at the same point [in time] every time I try to remember --" Jennifer began to explain after giving up. "You're not supposed to try to remember -- that's the point! The doctors were very clear about that!" Jack stressed.

"I understand, [and] I'm not trying to upset [either of you...but] if there's even a chance that Eve could be telling the truth, then that means [the] person that hurt [Mom] could still be out there," Abigail summarized. "Which means that I could still be in danger --" Jennifer began to acknowledge. "You are not in any kind of danger -- you are safe, [and] Eve is a liar! [Now], can we just...get back to being grateful?" Jack snapped.

Later, after the group finished eating, Abigail tried to apologize for having caused the earlier tension, but Jennifer dismissed the concern, knowing that a fierce determination to uncover the truth was in every good reporter's blood -- and Jack grudgingly agreed. "Still mad at me?" Abigail asked Jack. "Maybe...[but] I'll get over it," Jack replied. "I'll make sure of that," Jennifer assured Abigail.

"[I'm] just concerned that we keep throwing too much at you," Jack told Jennifer after Abigail and Chad left together. "You're not -- I'm good," Jennifer insisted.

"When Abigail said that Eve swore on Paige's life --" Jennifer continued. "I thought we agreed not to talk about this," Jack protested. "I didn't agree to that," Jennifer countered, drawing a sigh of defeat from Jack.

"You know how I feel about Eve -- she's done some horrible things, [and] she has told some terrible lies -- but I know how much she loved Paige," Jennifer continued. "Eve would say anything to get out of prison --" Jack argued. "Except that," Jennifer insisted. "Everyone is telling me Eve pushed me, [but] something about [that story] doesn't sit right with me...[and] even Hope saying that Eve was on the security camera [just] doesn't seem right... [Look], I know [that] I can't remember [what really happened, but] something is wrong [here]," Jennifer stressed.

After participating in Salem's annual Thanksgiving Day road race, Justin and Sonny paused in the town square to catch their breath and rehydrate.

"Go ahead -- I'm gonna just, like, hang back awhile," Sonny said when Justin was ready to leave. "I know why you're in no hurry to go home," Justin countered. "Mom's not gonna be on the couch, watching the parade...[or], you know, laughing at us for running a 5K in the cold when there's coffee and sweet rolls by the fire..." Sonny summarized, fighting back tears. "I'm dreading this, too -- it's our first big holiday without her," Justin replied with a sigh. "Yeah -- and without Will..." Sonny noted, getting even more emotional. "Well, one way or another, we're gonna get through this. [After all], what choice do we have?" Justin reasoned with a shrug.

Sonny soon decided to head back to the Kiriakis mansion with Justin, after all -- and they ran into Evan while exiting the town square. "I've heard a lot about you," Justin told Evan after Sonny took care of the introductions. "Really?" Evan replied, glancing at Sonny curiously. "Yeah -- Ari says you make the best pancakes in the world," Justin elaborated. "This is true," Evan confirmed with a hint of disappointment that Sonny didn't seem to notice. "Doing anything today?" Sonny wondered. "Well, uh, Rafe gave me the day off, so I'm just gonna hang out, watch some football..." Evan explained with a shrug.

"You're more than welcome to join us -- we have enough food for at least two regiments," Justin offered. "Yeah, come -- come to our house," Sonny agreed, and Evan happily accepted the invitation.

Later, while Sonny was giving Evan a tour of the Kiriakis mansion, Justin welcomed Kayla, who admitted to having considered skipping the family gathering. "Are you sure about this? I mean...I don't know -- is it just, like, too personal [and] too soon?" Kayla asked. "I am sure -- I'm very sure -- [and] you have nothing to be nervous about, [because] everyone here loves you," Justin replied.

"I don't think that everybody in this house loves me -- [I mean, for starters], Victor can barely tolerate me," Kayla argued. "I don't think this is about my uncle; I think this is about what Jen said," Justin countered. "Actually, it's not -- I talked to her, [and] she apologized, and she said that she was actually happy for us," Kayla clarified. "Then what's the problem?" Justin wondered.

"There's no reason to worry, okay? [Look], anyone who loves us will be happy for us when they see how happy we make each other," Justin stressed before giving Kayla a kiss and a hug -- just as Sonny entered the living room with Evan, having just finished the tour. Sonny looked away uncomfortably as Kayla awkwardly separated from Justin, who asked Evan for some help fetching snacks from the kitchen.

"Your dad [wants] us to be alone," Kayla guessed. "Yeah -- you know, he's subtle like that," Sonny grumbled. "Listen, I -- I -- I know it must be hard for you to see me with your dad," Kayla apologetically acknowledged. "It's just, um..." Sonny carefully began. "Weird," Kayla concluded for Sonny. "Yeah, [because] I'm used to thinking of you as half of 'Aunt Kayla and Uncle Steve'..." Sonny explained.

"Actually, I'm just gonna drop the -- the 'aunt' part," Sonny spontaneously decided. "Whatever makes you feel comfortable," Kayla agreed. "[Anyway]...I know that you...are good for my dad...[and] I know how much [my mom] loved you...and I love you, too," Sonny hesitantly continued. "You just made my Thanksgiving," Kayla admitted before giving Sonny a hug -- just as Justin returned.

"Are you really okay with all this?" Justin asked Sonny after Kayla rushed off to the kitchen to see if Maggie needed any help with the dinner preparations. "I am more than 'okay' -- [after all], why wouldn't I want you to be happy? [And] why wouldn't Mom want you to be happy?" Sonny replied with a shrug. "You know, I thought I was gonna spend my whole life with Will...and that went to hell the night that Mom died," Sonny bitterly continued. "I know what that did to you, so I'm just glad that you have someone to be there for you," Sonny concluded, shrugging again.

Later, Justin and Kayla discussed the earlier dinner while alone together in the living room. "I thought [it] went really well -- [I mean], Uncle Vic didn't kick anybody out, [and] Xander didn't physically assault anyone, [and] there was no screaming [or] choking..." Justin reasoned. "[Which is why] I thought it was, you know, kind of dull -- [I mean, it was] nothing like a Brady Thanksgiving, [with] all the fireworks [those always feature]..." Kayla countered. "But I actually had a really nice time," Kayla admitted. "Then I guess that means that, uh, you have a standing invitation to have Thanksgiving here every year," Justin declared.

"I was actually thinking about having Christmas at my place," Kayla revealed. " could just move in with me," Justin spontaneously suggested.

Meanwhile, Sonny walked Evan to the front door. "Thanks -- I had a great time," Evan began. "How could you have had a great time? You were sitting at the same table as my Uncle Vic!" Sonny argued. "I thought he was a trip," Evan insisted. "If a walking tour of Death Valley is considered 'a trip'..." Sonny countered. "Yeah... [Anyway], this was nice, [so] thank you...for -- for this..." Evan repeated, inching a bit closer to Sonny. "I had a good time, [too]...and, uh, I didn't expect to, so...thank you," Sonny replied, staying put. "See you around," Evan hesitantly concluded before exiting the mansion. Sonny locked the front door with a big grin.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Marlena thanked John for a bouquet of flowers that had just been delivered. "They're not from me," John insisted, teasingly adding that Marlena apparently had a secret admirer. "Hmm... 'Thinking of you'... [And it's] signed 'S'..." Marlena said while inspecting the attached card. "[Sami] signed all of her notes like this when she was little [because, even then, she was] always in a hurry," John recalled, but Marlena argued that the note was too impersonal to be Sami's handiwork.

Meanwhile, at the makeshift palace, Gina said to the mystery man, "I still do not understand -- I mean, what is the point of sending Marlena flowers when she will not know they are from you, Steffy?"

Later, Gina went to the Evans-Black townhouse, armed with a bottle of wine and pretending to be Hope, and barged in without even knocking first, interrupting John and Marlena's plans for a romantic Thanksgiving dinner alone together. "[A] 1923 Montrachet? [Look], we can't drink this -- [it's] far too expensive!" John protested. "[Plus], John and I aren't really wine connoisseurs," Marlena stressed. "Actually, I...I think he became a connoisseur while you were gone," Gina argued. "What else did you become while I was gone?" Marlena asked John.

"I wrote to you about everything that was going on while you were gone. [Honestly]...I know that you were busy, [but] if anyone should wonder what was going on while [we were apart]... I mean, I barely heard back from you --" John defensively stressed. "Wait a minute -- that isn't true! I wrote to you nearly every single day!" Marlena incredulously countered. "I hope you're not fighting on Thanksgiving..." Gina innocently interjected.

"We're not fighting," Marlena insisted. "John and I will never drink that entire bottle of wine, long as you're leaving, why don't you take it over to Julie's?" Marlena continued. "Guess that's my cue..." Gina acknowledged. "That's not really what she meant --" John began. "Yes, it is," Gina countered before giving John a warm, extended farewell hug -- and giving Marlena a cold, quick one.

"There [is] something wrong with Hope," Marlena told John once the coast was clear. "She's openly hostile towards me, [and] she's rude, [and] she acts like I don't belong here -- in my own home... I mean, come on -- this is not Hope!" Marlena continued. "Do we really want to spend our whole Thanksgiving talking about Hope?" John countered, prompting Marlena to drop the matter.

Marlena soon received a phone call from Sami, who confirmed, when asked, that someone else had sent the flowers.

Gina returned to the makeshift palace and complained to the mystery man, "I decided to stop by Chez Black, and good old Marlena rebuffed my friendly overture -- definitely was not in a friendly mood...or the holiday spirit... You know, Steffy, I never will quite understand what it is that you see in Mar!"

Gina started working on the mystery man's portrait again as a way of calming down -- and soon decided that it was time to reveal it. "Well? What do you think? The likeness is uncanny, if I do say so myself..." Gina said as the man -- who looked just like Steve, minus the eye patch -- inspected the finished product.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives did not air

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives did not air

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular programming resumed on December 2, 2019, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 27 episode concluded.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives did not air

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives did not air

Friday, November 29, 2019

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular programming resumed on December 2, 2019, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 27 episode concluded.

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