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On the previous Mother's Day, Summer told Maggie that Maggie was to blame for Summer's terminal cirrhosis. Maggie got drunk and ran Adrienne and Sarah's car off the road. Xander helped Sarah give birth, but the baby later died. Victor ordered Xander to replace Sarah's baby with Kristen's healthy baby. A devastated Kristen fought with Haley and accidentally pushed Haley down the stairs, killing her. Will confessed to Sonny, Justin, and the police that he was to blame for the accident. In the present day, Ciara told Will that he was innocent and what had actually happened the night of the crash.
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The events of the previous year's Mother's Day were finally revealed
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An eventful day in Salem's past is remembered An eventful day in Salem's past is remembered

Monday, January 20, 2020

by Mike

At the park, Justin continued consoling Sonny, who explained, when asked, that it wouldn't have felt right to sign the divorce paperwork without first visiting Will at Statesville again.

"I really just wanted to see him in person, just to ask him, one more time, [if] he was sure [that] this was what he wanted...[and he told me that] it's not what he 'wanted,' [but it's] how it has to be... I don't think he saw a future for us...and I think [that], for Will, our marriage ended the night that he...the night that he killed Mom," Sonny elaborated, fighting back fresh tears.

"I remember that day so vividly... It was Mother's Day, and we wanted it to be so special for Adrienne..." Justin wistfully recalled...

[The previous year]

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny and Will assured Justin that payments and extremely generous tips had already been provided to each person who had been hired for Adrienne's surprise in-home spa day, which was set to begin soon. Justin breathed a sigh of relief then started to tell Will and Sonny about a nice gift for Adrienne that was hidden somewhere upstairs and somehow tied into the whole spa-day theme. Just then, Adrienne entered the living room and greeted the men -- then grabbed a couple bottles of water from the bar, said goodbye to the men, and started to rush out of the mansion.

"Where are you going?" Justin called out, stopping Adrienne. "To the Spectator -- we're finalizing a feature on climate change [that's] going to press tomorrow," Adrienne explained. "[But]'s Mother's Day!" Sonny protested. "Oh, my God, you're right -- I totally forgot! No wonder I'm short-staffed!" Adrienne replied. "[Well], can't you call someone in for you?" Justin suggested. "After I gave them the day off -- probably months ago? That would just be mean! And besides, I can't just hand this over to anyone, you know -- with Jennifer still in a coma, I have to be the one to take care of it," Adrienne reasoned.

"Sweetheart, I know how important this is to you, but...can't the newspaper survive one day without you?" Justin objected. "Honestly? No!" Adrienne insisted with a scoff. "[But]...we have something very special planned for you today!" Justin admitted, seeing no other way to change Adrienne's mind. "Oh, guys -- that's so sweet... But I gotta go," Adrienne maintained before starting to rush out of the mansion again. "What if I cover for you today?" Will spontaneously suggested. "But I thought you had plans with Sonny to celebrate with Ari and Gabi --" Adrienne protested after stopping again.

"I can handle that [alone]," Sonny decided. "Oh, gosh -- I don't know..." Adrienne fretted. "This is a day when we get to celebrate how much we love you, so if your thoughtful and eminently capable son-in-law wants to help you, I say [you should] let him," Justin reasoned. "Yes, please -- think of it as, uh, my Mother's Day gift to you," Will added.

Adrienne gave the matter some thought then hesitantly accepted Will's offer, drawing a sigh of relief from Justin, who practically dragged Adrienne upstairs before the decision could be reversed. "Thank you for saving the day," Sonny said to Will. "Are you kidding? She's my mom, too," Will reasoned with a shrug and a smile.

Sonny admitted that it was nice to hear Will say such a thing about Adrienne. "Well, it's true -- I mean, you know, you hear horror stories about people who don't get along with their mothers-in-law, but I really hit the jackpot when I married you. I mean, granted, Adrienne wasn't, uh...wasn't thrilled about our relationship at first --" Will continued. "But ever since she realized how happy you make me, she's been totally supportive," Sonny acknowledged. "Yeah...[and] with my mom so far away, I'm just, uh...I'm really grateful that Adrienne's in our lives," Will concluded.

"Well, she's gonna have a great day -- thanks to you," Sonny declared, gazing at Will lovingly. "The best decision I have ever made was to marry you," Sonny added before giving Will a kiss.

Meanwhile, in an upstairs bedroom, Justin produced a gift box and handed it to Adrienne, who found a luxurious bathrobe inside.

"It's for your spa day, [which is going to take place] here at the house [and will consist of] a massage, a manicure, a pedicure, a facial -- the works!" Justin explained. "I need 'the works' -- [and] a full makeup job, too," Adrienne replied with a sigh. "Why would you need that? [I mean], you are a natural beauty -- as stunning now as the day I married you for the first time," Justin insisted. "You are so sweet...but let's get real -- I do have a few lines, uh, here and there..." Adrienne maintained. "Maybe...but I'm glad -- I like 'em, [because] they're a reminder of everything we've been through," Justin countered.

Adrienne flirtatiously wondered when the spa day would begin. "A little bit later...which is good, 'cause right now, I'm gonna have my way with you," Justin suggestively replied. "I'm gonna let you," Adrienne stressed.

Later, Justin and Adrienne discussed their children, who were all doing well -- especially Sonny, who had found a soul mate and was happily married. "You know, I never told him this, but...when he lost Will, I thought his heart would never heal again," Adrienne admitted. "Let's not dwell on that awful day, okay? They're happy now, and so are we...and we will all be sharing many years to come," Justin replied.

Meanwhile, in another upstairs bedroom, Brady and Kristen discussed their plans for the day. "Since I'm full-term [and] finally off bed rest, [why don't we] go for a long walk?" Kristen suggested. "[We can't, because] it's Mother's Day, [and] my father invited me over to celebrate with Marlena," Brady replied. "Ugh. I thought Marlena was out of the country," Kristen admitted.

"Come with me," Brady requested. "No, 'cause I am the last person that John and Marlena want to spend their holiday with," Kristen replied. "I don't see why you have to go -- I mean, [Marlena's] not your mother," Kristen continued. "She is a mother to me," Brady countered. "Yeah..." Kristen grudgingly conceded. "[But] she hates my guts, [and] I don't want you to have to choose between me and your family..." Kristen continued. "[And] I don't want [that], either -- [but] the bottom line is [that] we've been seeing each other [for] many months now, [so] they have to accept that," Brady insisted.

"I'm gonna be just fine [by myself today]," Kristen maintained. "No, [because] I love you, [and] I love this baby, and I want the world out there to know how much I love [both of] you, and I don't want to waste one more minute," Brady firmly countered. "[Well], when you put it like that..." Kristen agreed before giving Brady a kiss.

"Before we go..." Brady began after pulling away from Kristen. "Happy Mother's Day," Brady continued after retrieving a jewelry box from a hiding place. "[But] I'm not a mother yet!" Kristen protested. "[But] you're gonna be a mother -- like, any minute -- so you better open it now," Brady countered, prompting Kristen to open the jewelry box, which contained a charm bracelet. "I love it -- [and] our baby's gonna love it, too!" Kristen raved before thanking Brady for the gift with another kiss.

At Eric's apartment, Nicole awoke to the smell of something burning. "I thought I smelled something b--" Nicole worriedly called out to Eric while rushing into the kitchen to investigate. "We were about to bring you breakfast in bed -- [a stack of] peanut-butter pancakes, made by the one and only Holly," Eric hastily explained, stopping Nicole from saying the wrong thing in Holly's presence.

Nicole showered Holly with kisses and dramatically stressed that the pancakes looked absolutely delicious. Eric forced down a few bites of the pancakes then teasingly challenged Nicole to do the same. "Maybe Holly can make us some more..." Nicole evasively suggested. "We are out of ingredients," Eric apologetically revealed before convincing Holly that a visit to a restaurant was in order.

At the Bistro, Sarah made a toast to Maggie while they were eating breakfast together. "In a couple of weeks, you're gonna have a child of your own, and then you will understand what it's like to be a mother," Maggie said to Sarah, who smiled in response, clearly excited. "You have to be thinking about all [of] your other kids, and wishing that they were here, too," Sarah sympathetically acknowledged. "Melissa sent me, uh, some flowers and a lovely gift," Maggie revealed. "And Summer?" Sarah wondered. "I haven't heard from Summer in quite...quite some time... I don't even know where she is..." Maggie admitted with a sigh.

"[And], of course, I miss Daniel...[but] I miss him every day -- not just on Mother's Day," Maggie continued -- just as Xander entered the restaurant, carrying two gift bags. "For me?" Maggie excitedly realized when Xander handed over one of the gift bags. "I'm not a mom yet," Sarah stiffly protested when Xander tried to hand over the other gift bag. "Yeah...but, since you're carrying my firstborn, I got you a little something, anyway," Xander explained with a shrug, drawing a forced smile from Sarah, who didn't seem happy about the interruption -- and grew even more irritable when Eric, Nicole, and Holly arrived.

Sarah eventually started lashing out at Xander, prompting Maggie to step aside to give the pair a chance to work through whatever was wrong. "[Look], if I've done something wrong, you can just tell me --" Xander began once the coast was clear. "This whole thing is 'wrong'! [And] that's not to say that you haven't been good to me, because you have -- you've been great -- but this whole thing, it''s just pretend! You are not this baby's father -- Eric is!" Sarah quietly stressed. "If you think you still have a chance with Eric --" Xander began to warn. "I don't!" Sarah insisted.

"[But] that doesn't mean that I've ever been comfortable with lying to him!" Sarah continued. "Look, I know the situation is far from ideal --" Xander began to respond. "The 'situation' is fake -- and you need to remember that!" Sarah snapped. "Meaning?" Xander wondered. "I think you're just getting too attached to the idea that we're a family!" Sarah clarified. "How could I not? I've been preparing for this baby's arrival for months! I'm gonna be in the delivery room!" Xander stressed. "Yeah, well...maybe you shouldn't be!" Sarah countered.

"You can't do this alone --" Xander tried to argue. "Yes, I can!" Sarah insisted before rushing off in search of Maggie.

Eric rushed off with Holly a short time later, seemingly oblivious to the earlier tension between Sarah and Xander -- but Nicole, who had decided not to go with Eric and Holly to see Marlena, was quick to taunt Xander about what had just happened. Xander chased Nicole off with a warning about the importance of keeping Eric in the dark about the true paternity of Sarah's unborn child.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Marlena raved to John that it was good to be home again. "I know how committed you are to your work in Germany, but I am so happy that you could squeeze in a quick visit for Mother's Day -- [and] Brady and Eric are coming over [later to celebrate with us]," John replied, drawing a squeal of excitement from Marlena.

"So...will your new roommate be joining us?" Marlena asked with a hint of irritation after noticing that some of Hope's belongings were scattered around the living room. "No -- uh, Ciara took Hope out [for brunch...although Hope] didn't really seem that into it for some reason..." John replied. "Really? Well, you'd think she would want to spend Mother's Day with her daughter..." Marlena curiously mused.

"Eh, she's probably worried about the repairs to her home," John reasoned with a shrug. "What's going on with all that?" Marlena wondered. "I don't know -- it seems like there was more damage from the flood than anybody thought, and now it's about mold or something..." John reported, shrugging again. "Of course..." Marlena somewhat tiredly muttered.

"It's, uh...not bugging you that Hope is still staying here, is it?" John asked. "It is. I like having my husband all to myself in our home -- just the two of us," Marlena replied. "Good to hear, because Eric and Brady aren't gonna be here for a while, and I would just love to show my wife how much I have missed her..." John stressed before kissing Marlena and leading the way to their bedroom.

Later, John accepted a bouquet of flowers from a messenger -- just as Marlena wrapped up a phone conversation with Sami. "They're from Belle," John explained while handing the bouquet of flowers to Marlena. "Oh, my gosh -- aren't they beautiful!" Marlena raved. "Sami's all right?" John asked. "Sami is, uh...Sami's fine -- she's with the children -- but she hasn't heard from Will..." Marlena replied with a hint of confusion.

Just then, Brady and Kristen arrived, creating immediate tension. "I thought Kristen was on bed rest," Marlena admitted. "Well, uh, our baby's full-term, actually, [so] it's good for her to be out and about...[and] I didn't want [her] to be alone on Mother's Day, [so] I was hoping that you both would welcome her," Brady replied. "Look, I -- I know that you and John are -- are not happy that I'm with Brady...which is understandable, since I, uh --" Kristen began to add. "Tried to kidnap my daughter? Tried to kill everybody at our wedding?" Marlena helpfully recalled. "Among other things that I deeply regret," Kristen confirmed with a sigh.

"But I love Brady with all my heart, and we are going to build a new life with our child -- your grandchild," Kristen continued, linking arms with Brady. "Wow...just hearing you say that --" John mused with a shake of the head. "I know -- it's the last thing that you ever expected. And believe me, never in my wildest dreams did I think that I could carry this child [to term], or that the four of us might be a family...but God works in mysterious ways, and here we are... [Anyway], I don't expect to be best friends overnight -- or ever -- but I am willing to try and make peace if you are...and if not, [then] I'll leave right now [so] you can enjoy your day," Kristen stressed.

"Well, um..." Marlena hesitantly began to respond. "Say no more," Kristen calmly interjected before starting to exit the townhouse. "Wait," Marlena called out, stopping Kristen. "It's clear that Brady...loves you...and I love Brady as if he were my own child...and now the two of you are expecting a baby, [and] maybe [that's] the best reason there is to start over, so...I am...willing to try," Marlena continued, surprising Kristen -- and John and Brady, too. "I brought [a gift for you], but I think you just gave me one of the best gifts this Mother's Day," Brady gratefully informed Marlena after recovering from the shock.

Eric soon entered the townhouse with Holly, who was carrying a bouquet of flowers for Marlena. "What is she doing here?" Eric demanded to know, glaring at Kristen. "Kristen and I are together, Eric -- [and] Dad and Marlena have accepted it, [so] I was really hoping you would, too," Brady replied. "Outside -- now," Eric snapped at Brady after John took Holly to the kitchen in search of a vase.

"Aren't you the one that's supposed to be a believer in forgiveness?" Brady argued after following Eric out of the townhouse. "What Kristen has done is unforgivable! She's terrorized and tortured the people that I love -- especially Nicole! I know you think she's changed because she's having your baby, but I do not believe her for a second!" Eric spat. "Fine, you're entitled to that...[but] I don't want to ruin this day for Marlena --" Brady continued. "A woman Kristen tried to kill how many times?" Eric stressed. "[Yet she's still] willing to forgive Kristen and accept her, [so] if she can do it..." Brady countered.

Meanwhile, Marlena and Kristen remained alone in the living room together. "I can't blame Eric for hating me after what I did to Nicole and you...but I am a different person now," Kristen insisted. "I would like to believe that Brady's love and this pregnancy have changed you," Marlena replied. "It has...and I am -- I'm very grateful that you are willing to make a new beginning with me...Mom," Kristen stressed.

"Well..." Marlena muttered -- just as Kristen cried out in shock. "I think my water just broke!" Kristen announced. "On my shoes..." Marlena grumbled.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny wrapped up a phone conversation then announced that Arianna understood why Will wasn't going to be able to make it to the Mother's Day celebration later that day -- and that Arianna still wanted a puppy. "She still hasn't given that up?" Will replied with a laugh. "Nope," Sonny confirmed, also laughing. "Oh, man... Well, that's a conversation for another day," Will continued.

"Speaking of conversations...have you called your mom yet?" Sonny wondered. "No -- almost forgot," Will admitted before producing a cell phone and starting to dial Sami's number. Just then, Adrienne and Justin returned, distracting Will, who had not yet headed off to the Spectator office because another Mother's Day gift still needed to be presented to Adrienne. "Just in case I needed to work late, Sonny and I thought we would go ahead and give you [your gift from the two of us] now," Will explained as Sonny produced a gift box, which contained a framed photograph of the couple with Adrienne.

"I will treasure this the rest of my life!" Adrienne raved, fighting back tears. "You know, Justin and I were just talking about how happy it makes parents [to know] that their children are happy, and the way you two look at each other...well, you can see that you're falling in love -- more and more in love -- with each other every day," Adrienne continued. "I know I am," Sonny confirmed. "Yeah -- same here," Will agreed.

Will and Sonny soon rushed out of the mansion together, and Justin followed a short time later, leaving Adrienne alone -- and eager to begin the spa day.

Sonny followed Will to the town square so they could pick out a Mother's Day gift for Gabi together.

Later, Will again began to contact Sami, assuming that Sonny was ready to part ways. "Before you do [that], there's something that I want to say..." Sonny announced, stopping Will. "I was thinking about what my mom said earlier -- [you know], that nothing makes a parent happier than seeing their kids happy --" Sonny started to explain. "Yeah -- I mean, that's how I feel about Ari..." Will interjected. "Me, too...and I was just wondering [if] we could have more happiness..." Sonny continued. "What do you mean?" Will wondered. "I was thinking maybe we should start talking about...having another kid," Sonny clarified, surprising Will.

Meanwhile, at the park, Justin contacted Adrienne, who raved about how great it felt to be pampered -- but admitted that it felt a bit wrong to be enjoying the spa day so much when Will was being forced to work all day in order to make it happen. "Don't [feel guilty] -- like he said, it's his Mother's Day gift to you," Justin reiterated. "Well, the real gift is how happy he makes Sonny every day," Adrienne replied.

A short time later, Sarah and Maggie entered the mansion. "You avoided talking about this the entire way home, [but] I'm not gonna let you get away with it [any longer]. You were very hard on Xander [earlier], and I don't think it's just because you're tired, so what is going on with you two?" Maggie demanded to know -- just as Sarah cried out in shock. "I think I'm going into labor!" Sarah announced.

A tragic Mother's Day is remembered A tragic Mother's Day is remembered

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Maggie met with Sarah in Kayla's office to comfort her about the news about Mackenzie's illness. "I didn't go through everything the night [Mackenzie] was born so that I could lose her now," Sarah said. Maggie apologized for not being there for Sarah the night of Mackenzie's birth on Mother's Day, and she promised to stand by Sarah through everything. Sarah thought back to Mother's Day of 2019 when she had gone into labor in the Kiriakis foyer...

[The previous year]

In the Kiriakis living room, Adrienne talked to Justin on the phone about her day off. Adrienne said she wanted to cancel her manicure and go to the paper, but Justin talked her out of it. After Adrienne ended her phone call, she heard Sarah cry out from the foyer. Adrienne ran out of the living room and helped Sarah waddle to the exit. When Maggie opened the front door, her daughter Summer was there.

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming for a visit?" Maggie asked. "It's your big day. Where else should I be?" Summer asked. When Maggie noted that Sarah was in labor, Summer quipped, "Sarah? This is what my sister looks like." Sarah brushed past Summer, anxious to get to the hospital. Summer announced that she had to speak to Maggie about something important. Adrienne offered to drive Sarah to the hospital so that Maggie could talk to Summer. Adrienne raced upstairs to get dressed while Maggie helped Sarah out to the car.

After Adrienne and Sarah left, Maggie talked to Summer in the living room. Summer explained that she had waited outside until Victor had left. "I did not want to interrupt the great love story of the century," Summer said dismissively. "I want you to be a part of my life," Maggie said. Summer noted that Maggie appeared to be occupied with the daughter that wanted to give Maggie a grandchild.

"But that doesn't mean I don't love you. I've been trying to locate you for so long. It's like you fell off the face of the earth," Maggie said. Maggie added that she had almost asked her detective friend to look. "But you decided not to," Summer snapped. Summer apologized for being "bitchy." Maggie asked Summer where she had been hiding. Summer said she had been in Vegas but had not returned Maggie's messages because she had not wanted to see or talk to her. Maggie choked back her emotions.

"What changed your mind?" Maggie asked. "I had to thank you for the gift you gave me," Summer said. Confused, Maggie asked Summer what she meant. "The gift of your gene pool," Summer said. Maggie worried aloud that Summer had her myasthenia gravis, but Summer assured her that she was not referring to that. Summer admitted that she was an alcoholic. In tears, Maggie offered to help.

"It's too late!" Summer shouted. Summer explained that she had moved to Vegas in order to drink herself to death. "I'm dying," Summer said. Summer told Maggie that she had advanced cirrhosis and only had a few months to live. With a smirk, Summer suggested that they toast to their shared alcoholism. Summer pulled a bottle of vodka from her purse and poured two glasses.

"Here's looking at you, mom," Summer said. Summer gulped down her drink. As Summer started to leave, Maggie begged her daughter to stay. "There is no happy ending for you and me. You should have seen that from day one," Summer said. Summer asked Maggie to tell Brady that he should not have pulled her from the ocean and saved her life. "That day, I had the right idea," Summer said. As Maggie gaped in horror, Summer walked out.

Devastated, Maggie stared at the bottle of vodka and quivered. Maggie called Brady and left a voicemail asking for Brady to call her back. "I need you," Maggie whispered. Maggie walked over to the glass that Summer had poured for her, and she picked it up.

At the café in the square, Sonny and Will discussed having a second child together. Will avoided the conversation by noting that he had to get to work, but he promised to talk to Sonny later. Sonny reminded Will to call Sami, and Will agreed he would. After Will left, Gabi met up with Sonny at the café. Sonny gave her a Mother's Day gift from him and Will, and he asked her about her day.

"I got everything that I wanted!" Gabi said cheerfully. Gabi told Sonny that she had successfully convinced the board to hire her as CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Gabi did not tell Sonny about her ally, so she changed the subject to Will. Sonny told Gabi that he had asked Will about having a second child and that Will had freaked out.

At Titan, Xander found Victor sitting in a dark office. "You still working?" Xander asked. "Somebody has to," Victor grumbled. Victor explained that Kristen was in labor, and he asked Xander for help. "You're going to have to tear yourself away from Sarah," Victor added. With a scowl, Xander admitted that Sarah had told him that she wanted nothing to do with him. Victor noted that Sarah had no right to keep Xander away from his daughter. Xander admitted he was not the baby's father. Xander told Victor what had happened with Eric.

Victor urged Xander to steer clear of Sarah, since she had asked him to go away. Victor explained that he did not think it was a good idea for Xander to get attached to a baby that was not his. "You're too late. I'm already attached to the baby and the mother," Xander said.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail told Chad, "That was such a nice Mother's Day. Thank you." Chad told Abigail that Thomas has suggested that they have a kid's day. As Chad started to put the moves on Abigail, she pulled away and noted that she needed to help at the paper. "Today can't be easy. You want to talk about it?" Chad asked. Abigail admitted that she wished Jennifer had woken from her coma and that she was dealing with the emotions of the situation. Abigail kissed Chad goodbye, and she headed out to work.

Tony walked in and informed Chad that the board had ousted him from DiMera Enterprises. Confused, Chad asked why. Tony explained that Gabi had campaigned with Mr. Shin for the job. Furious, Chad called Mr. Shin and complained that he should have been consulted about the change, since he was a member of the DiMera family. "What you've done, it's going to be terrible for the company," Chad yelled. Anna walked in and noticed Chad's displeasure. Tony told Anna that he had been replaced as CEO.

"Maybe it is for the best," Anna said as she consoled Tony. Anna reminded Tony that the board often changed their minds about who should lead the company. Across the room, Chad argued on the phone that Gabi's only qualifications were that she had run a small clothing company and slept with his brother. When Chad finished his call, Tony asked Chad if he had learned how Gabi had stabbed him in the back.

"She didn't do it alone. She had help," Chad said. Tony asked Chad who had been involved. "You want to tell him, or should I?" Chad asked Anna. Anna admitted that she had made a few phone calls and told board members that Tony had only wanted the job on a temporary basis. Tony objected that he had learned that he loved the job and had been good at it.

"I did it for us, Tony," Anna said. Anna picked up Tony's urn, and she noted that she did not want to see Tony in the urn for real. "You should have discussed your fears with me," Tony argued. Anna said she refused to lose Tony to the company again. "It was the only way that I could ensure that we have a future together," Anna said. "To be honest with you, I'm not sure we do," Tony countered.

"I can't believe you would say that to me," Anna said. Anna asked Tony if he would have quit the job if she had given him an ultimatum. When Tony stared at Anna in silence, Anna scoffed. "I didn't think so, because, deep down, you'll always be your father's son," Anna said. Chad started to leave to give the lovers privacy, but Anna offered to go instead.

After Anna left, Chad asked Tony if he was going to let Anna leave. Tony refused to leave Chad alone to fight for the company. Chad insisted he could handle Gabi. "You've got a second chance at love and life. I think you should listen to your little brother who loves you. Don't blow it," Chad advised. Anna returned to the room and announced that she had packed a suitcase and was leaving.

"Chad, I know I messed things up for you with what I did, but a bit of advice. Let Gabi work all the long days. Enjoy your wife and kids, because that's what really matters," Anna said. Anna turned to Tony and warned him that the business did not matter. Anna added that when Tony decided to crawl back to her, she might not be available. As Anna walked past Tony, he grabbed her wrist and stopped her.

"I'm afraid you're stuck with me," Tony said. Tony stressed that the most important thing was to be at Anna's side. "It's a good thing I had Harold pack your suitcases, too," Anna said. With a chuckle, Anna said she would not leave town without Tony. Anna added that they needed to hurry to catch their plane. Once Anna walked out, Chad clapped.

"If you ever need me, you know how to call. Besides, you know I'll always have your back," Tony said. Tony hugged his little brother, and he left with Anna.

Abigail joined Will at the Spectator, to help him with the workload. Will asked about Jennifer, and Abigail told him that there was no change to her condition. Fighting tears, Abigail said she wanted to talk to her mother about her kids. "Most days, I have an aching for her advice," Abigail said. "Is it a lot harder with two [kids]?" Will asked. With a chuckle, Abigail told Will to be thankful for his one "very easygoing child." Will told Abigail about Sonny's interest in having a second child.

Abigail admitted that having two little young children was difficult, but in the end, it was nice for children to have a sibling. With a groan, Will admitted that Arianna had made it clear that she wanted a sibling. "I promise you, you're not going to regret it," Abigail counseled. Will's phone beeped to notify him that the printer was ready. "My work here is done," Abigail said. Abigail wished Will good luck with Sonny. Will texted Sonny, "I thought about what you said...LET'S DO IT!!!!"

In the DiMera living room, Chad talked on the phone with Abigail about the events of the evening. Chad admitted that he had not talked to Gabi yet. "Wait till I get my hands on her," Chad said as Gabi walked into the room. "Let me guess. You're talking about me? You must have heard the news," Gabi said.

In the car on the way to the hospital, Adrienne asked Sarah how she was doing. Sarah grimaced through the pain. Adrienne urged Sarah to focus on the joy of being a mother. "I am at my happiest when I am a mom to my sons," Adrienne said. Sarah asked Adrienne to keep talking because it helped calm her. Adrienne told Sarah about Sonny's birth. When Adrienne mentioned that Justin had been with her through the delivery, Sarah admitted that Xander would not be there for the birth of her child.

"We got into this big fight, and I told him I didn't want him to be there," Sarah admitted. Adrienne said she did not like Xander and understood why Sarah would be annoyed by him, but she reminded Sarah that Xander appeared to be willing to "step up." Adrienne noted that life was too short to stay mad at someone. The car lurched, and Adrienne gasped. Adrienne pulled over and confirmed that she had a flat tire. Sarah groaned in frustration, but Adrienne announced that she would call for an ambulance to take Sarah the rest of the way. There was no service on Adrienne's phone.

"You keep checking the phone; I'll change the tire myself," Adrienne said as she slipped out of the car. After changing the tire, Adrienne got back in the car and urged Sarah to focus on her breathing. Adrienne told Sarah to picture that Xander was holding her hand and silently supporting her. As Sarah nodded, Adrienne added, "Once we have service, maybe you should think about calling [Xander]." Adrienne joked that Maggie was already at the hospital and wondering where they were.

"Thank you for reminding me of what's really important," Sarah said. "Does that mean you're thinking of calling Xander?" Adrienne asked. Sarah nodded yes. Down the highway, Will remembered that he had not called his mother for Mother's Day. Will fumbled with his phone while he kept one eye on the road.

Once her phone had service, Sarah called Xander and apologized. "I also wanted to tell you that I'm in labor," Sarah said. Sarah told Xander that she was one exit away from the hospital. Sarah asked Xander if he still wanted to be there for the delivery. Xander eagerly agreed, and Sarah told him to hurry. Headlights blinded Adrienne.

"Out of my lane, moron!" Adrienne shouted as she honked her car horn. Headlights blinded Will in his car, and he jerked his wheel to the side. Xander was still on the phone with Sarah when he heard the car crash. Xander frantically asked Sarah if she was okay, but the line was dead.

More details of a tragic day are recalled More details of a tragic day are recalled

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

by Mike

Brady tried to rush out of Basic Black in an effort to avoid having a conversation with Kristen about the night their child had died. "Last Mother's Day, we lost our little girl...and you may hate me now, but can't we just talk about that day? Please?" Kristen begged, grasping Brady's hands. "Okay," Brady agreed after some thought, deciding not to pull away from Kristen...

[The previous year]

At the hospital, Brady tried to distract Kristen, who was in the throes of labor. "I don't know if I can do this!" Kristen admitted between screams of pain. "Yes, you can -- [after all], you managed to, uh, break your water all over Marlena's shoes, right?" Brady argued, drawing a weak laugh from Kristen. "The look on her face -- [that] makes this worth..." Kristen stammered before getting hit with another wave of intense pain. "No, it doesn't -- [and] some doctor better get this freakin' baby out of me [right now], or I'm gonna kill somebody!" Kristen continued through gritted teeth while squeezing Brady's hands tightly.

Kayla soon entered Kristen's room. "Your cervix is partially effaced, and you are five centimeters dilated, [which] means that you are in active labor, but you still have some ways to go," Kayla announced after examining Kristen, who groaned in response. "[Your contractions are] still several minutes apart -- [and], according to your fetal monitor, the baby's heart rate is strong and steady through every contraction," Kayla continued.

"Where is my obstetrician?" Kristen demanded to know. "Dr. Raynor has another patient right now that is getting ready to deliver," Kayla revealed. "You've gotta be kidding me!" Kristen grumbled while struggling to endure yet another wave of intense pain. "But that's okay, because you need to get to ten centimeters dilated before you can deliver the baby, so [Dr. Raynor still] has enough time to get here. [In the meantime], why don't you just try to relax --" Kayla continued. "That's easy for you to say, [but] these contractions are like getting -- like getting hit by a car!" Kristen snapped before glaring at Brady, who gulped.

After Sarah's phone call abruptly ended, Xander rushed out of Titan in a panic, knowing the approximate location of the apparent accident that had just occurred.

On the side of Route 7, somewhere near the exit ramp to the hospital, Adrienne's car ground to a halt after hitting a tree. Meanwhile, somewhere else on that same patch of highway, Will pulled over and began to panic. "Oh, what the hell did I just do?" Will breathlessly muttered while looking around the immediate area. "Oh, dear God -- somebody's taillights!" Will worriedly observed before exiting his vehicle and rushing off to investigate.

Will dialed 9-1-1 and reported the accident while sprinting toward the other vehicle. Shortly after ending the call, Will reached the other vehicle -- and was horrified to see that Adrienne was in the driver's seat, passed out on the steering wheel's deployed airbag. "Please be okay..." Will begged while carefully trying to rouse Adrienne, who eventually regained consciousness and looked up at Will, sporting a head wound. "What happened?" Will wondered. "Uh... Some -- someone swerved into our lane, and they ran us off the road..." Adrienne groggily explained, causing Will to gulp and squirm guiltily.

"I'm okay -- just help Sarah; [she's] in labor," Adrienne continued while carefully trying to rouse Sarah, who had also passed out after the accident but didn't have any obvious injuries.

At the hospital, J.J. entered one of the on-call rooms and greeted Haley with a kiss. "Did you see your mom?" Haley asked after pulling away from J.J. "Yeah. I wished her a happy Mother's Day and told her she was the best mom in the world. I think she heard me," J.J. replied. "Holidays are the worst in a situation like yours," Haley acknowledged. "That's why I'm glad to be starting my shift -- something else to think about," J.J. reasoned.

"So, how was your first Mother's Day with Melinda?" J.J. asked. "Honestly, I thought it was gonna be kind of weird -- I mean, I couldn't find a card for her that said, 'To the mother who I thought was my sister for 25 years.' [But] it was actually pretty great. We've gotten a lot closer, [and] today...I called her 'Mom' for the first time, [and] it felt so right," Haley replied.

J.J. soon tried to change the subject, eager to ask Haley an important question -- but news of the accident on Route 7 forced the conversation to be postponed.

Meanwhile, Will assured Adrienne that help was on the way. "I wish I could do more for you..." Will fretted while keeping a handkerchief pressed against Adrienne's head wound. "No, no, honey -- you gave me a beautiful Mother's Day...and your hankie," Adrienne replied while monitoring Sarah's pulse -- which was still strong, even though Sarah had not yet regained consciousness.

While driving on Route 7, Xander spotted a wrecked vehicle -- but after pulling over and racing toward the wreckage on foot, Xander realized that only one person was in the vehicle, and it wasn't Sarah; it was Maggie, who reeked of alcohol and, despite having passed out after the accident, was still clutching a bottle of vodka, which was completely empty. "Where the hell is Sarah?" Xander frantically demanded to know after managing to rouse Maggie. "Why the hell did you get so drunk? You were supposed to be taking Sarah to the hospital to have the baby!" Xander snapped as Maggie struggled to stay awake.

"I couldn't...leave... Adrienne...Adrienne took her..." Maggie groggily explained to Xander. "[So, Sarah] wasn't in this car..." Xander realized with a sigh of relief as Maggie passed out again.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny read Will's text message with a big grin. "Brace yourself, Mom -- our family is about to get bigger," Sonny raved, eyeing the framed photograph that had been presented to Adrienne earlier.

A short time later, Justin joined Sonny in the living room. "That is such a great photo...even if I'm not in it," Justin declared. "Well, next time, we will take a photo with the four of us -- you and Mom, me and Will... Or the five of us, because Ari needs to be in the picture, [too]," Sonny replied. "Yes -- definitely," Justin agreed.

"You know, uh, I'm feeling a little more sentimental than usual, and I'm guessing it's because it's Mother's Day, but...I just feel so lucky to have you and Mom as parents -- you're both just so great, [and] when I was younger, I think I just kind of took that for granted, [but] now that I have met people who weren't as lucky, it just makes me have that much more appreciation, and I just don't know if I say that often enough," Sonny stressed. "Yes, you say it often enough -- for which I feel very lucky, [because] not many parents have children who express their appreciation," Justin replied.

"Just one of the reasons why you make it so easy to be a great parent," Justin continued. "Well, that's nice of you to say...but we both know that hasn't always been the case -- [I mean], I've times...but you and Mom have just always been so loving, [and] so kind, [and] so understanding..." Sonny replied.

"Seriously, there are so many kids that are terrified to come out to their parents -- and for good reason -- but with me, I didn't have to be afraid, because I knew that you and Mom would love me no matter what, and that you wouldn't respect me any less. You made me feel so safe, and I didn't, for a second, ever think that you would be disappointed, or that you would worry about me," Sonny continued. "Why would we worry about you? You are a wonderful person, [so] we just felt confident that you would find love and have a family if you wanted one," Justin replied.

"Which you obviously did, and do... [Anyway], honestly, your mother and I couldn't be more proud of you -- or of Will, [who is] another wonderful person... [And] you two are also just great parents, and your devotion to each other, it's inspiring -- I mean it," Justin continued. "Well, thank you," Sonny replied before giving Justin a hug.

"[Anyway, speaking of your mother...her] car's not in the driveway -- do you know where she is?" Justin eventually wondered, drawing a shrug of uncertainty from Sonny. "Maybe Henderson had someone just pull it into the garage," Justin guessed. "Probably -- he's done that for me many times," Sonny agreed.

"Hey, if you're not busy, you want to catch the end of the Cubs game?" Justin suggested. "Yeah, let's do it -- I'm just waiting on Will to get home," Sonny replied. "Oh, [it] was so good of him to cover for your mother at the Spectator," Justin raved. "He loves Mom. He would do anything for her," Sonny reasoned with a shrug. "She feels the same way about him," Justin stressed. "Which is another thing I'm extremely grateful for -- that my husband actually loves his in-laws," Sonny continued. "That is rare," Justin acknowledged. "I've heard some stories, so I don't doubt it," Sonny agreed.

"[You know, Will] texted me [earlier and said he was] on his way [home, so] he actually should be here by now... I wonder what's keeping him..." Sonny curiously mused.

While watching the baseball game with Justin, Sonny excitedly revealed that Arianna might soon have a sibling.

"I am so happy for you and Will!" Justin declared. "Well, I mean, it hasn't happened yet..." Sonny stressed. "It's gonna happen -- and I think it's a terrific idea!" Justin raved. "[Ari's] gonna love it -- I mean, she's actually jealous of her friends who have siblings," Sonny revealed. "Oh, yeah -- she's complained to your mother and me about that, too," Justin agreed. "I can't wait to tell Mom -- you know, she's been kind of dropping hints lately, in a very subtle way..." Sonny continued. "Really? I didn't know your mother was capable of being subtle," Justin joked. "Well, 'subtle' in her way," Sonny clarified.

Meanwhile, Will removed the handkerchief from Adrienne's head wound. "You bled through the handkerchief... You're -- you're definitely gonna need some stitches..." Will fretted while tossing the handkerchief aside. "No, please -- I don't want you to get my blood on your hands," Adrienne protested as Will removed an overshirt and pressed it against the head wound. "It's too late for that," Will replied.

"How are you feeling? How's your head? Do you feel any pain anywhere else?" Will asked Adrienne -- just as Sarah began to stir.

"My labor stopped -- maybe it was...maybe it was just, uh, false contractions, after all -- but the seat belt is jammed, and it's pinning me to the seat [and] putting too much pressure on my baby!" Sarah announced. "Stay there," Will advised Adrienne before rushing over to the passenger's side of the vehicle to help Sarah. "No, I'm good..." Adrienne insisted while climbing out of the vehicle.

"Adrienne?" Will worriedly called out from the passenger's side of the vehicle after hearing a thud. "Adrienne!" Will desperately repeated after rushing back over to the driver's side of the vehicle and seeing that Adrienne had collapsed to the ground and wasn't moving.

Meanwhile, Xander contacted Victor, who was at the Kiriakis mansion. "Maggie's been in an accident -- [and] she seems fine, but she's had a skinful, [so] she's passed-out drunk, [and] her car's stuck in a ditch!" Xander reported. "Why'd she get so drunk?" Victor wondered. "She's in no shape to tell me, [but] I'm calling because you need to send someone to come and get her [before] the police [arrive and start to] investigate, [because they'd] arrest her for sure!" Xander continued. "Just put her in your car and get her the hell out of there!" Victor demanded. "I can't, [because] I have to get to the hospital -- Sarah's in labor!" Xander replied.

Xander ended the call and started to rush off -- just as an ambulance sped down the highway with its sirens blaring then slowed to a stop at the site of the other wrecked vehicle.

Surprised, Xander headed toward the ambulance on foot, realizing for the first time that Maggie's vehicle wasn't the only one that had crashed.

Meanwhile, J.J. rushed to Adrienne's aid as another EMT rushed to Sarah's aid. "What happened?" J.J. asked Will. "I -- I don't... Uh, she was, and, you know, she was making sense, and then...she got out of the car, and...I don't know -- she just collapsed," Will replied as J.J. examined Adrienne. "She's almost completely unresponsive. Her abdomen is rigid. Her chest sounds are okay, but her pulse is thready," J.J. observed. "We have to transport her -- now!" J.J. called out to the other EMT, who had just finished freeing Sarah.

"What were you doing here? Did you see the accident happen?" Sarah asked Will while J.J. and the other EMT were getting Adrienne ready for transport. Before Will could respond, Xander approached and breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that Sarah was okay. "When I was on the phone with you, we saw this black car go across the lines and just come straight at us," Sarah explained to Xander as Will again squirmed guiltily, unaware that another vehicle might have been involved. "Go!" Sarah encouraged J.J. and the other EMT before asking Xander for a ride to the hospital. "Adrienne is... They don't have a lot of time," Sarah informed Xander as Will listened.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin curiously informed Sonny that it seemed like Adrienne was nowhere to be found. "It's not like her to not call or text us [when she goes out]," Sonny noted. "No, it's not," Justin agreed while dialing Adrienne's cell phone number. "You need to get to the hospital right away -- she's been in an accident," J.J. revealed after answering the call. "Someone crossed into her lane [and] drove her off the road," J.J. continued. "Oh, my God -- how bad is it?" Justin asked. "Just get to the hospital, okay? As soon as possible!" J.J. replied before ending the call. "Dad? What's wrong?" Sonny wondered.

"I'm coming with you," Will insisted as J.J. and the other EMT worked together to load Adrienne into the ambulance.

Shortly after the ambulance sped away, Sarah felt another contraction. "I'm sorry to tell you this, but this baby is coming right now!" Sarah informed Xander, who froze in shock. "I know they didn't cover this in our -- in our birthing class, but you are gonna have to deliver this baby!" Sarah continued before starting to provide instructions, prompting Xander to spring into action.

"I am so sorry for what I said to you [earlier], 'cause if I had to pick anyone to be here, it wouldn't be Eric; it would be you," Sarah admitted. "I was gonna be here whether you liked it or not," Xander stressed.

Sarah eventually finished delivering the baby -- who didn't make a sound at first but eventually started crying.

At the hospital, Kristen remained in the throes of labor -- and grew more irritable with each new wave of intense pain. "Where's Dr. Raynor? [I mean], why is that other woman taking so long to have her stupid baby?" Kristen demanded to know. "We have another OB on call, [and] she's very good -- the best," Kayla revealed. "She better be!" Kristen snapped, unwilling to wait any longer for Dr. Raynor. "[It's gonna be] a busy night, 'cause Adrienne just called [earlier], and she's bringing Sarah in -- she's in labor, too," Kayla continued. "Looks like you weren't the only one with the great idea to have a baby on Mother's Day," Brady said to Kristen.

After Kayla rushed off in search of the other obstetrician, Haley entered Kristen's room and helpfully suggested that lying in another position might ease the labor pains a bit. Kristen gratefully raved, after taking the advice and immediately noticing a difference, that Haley was an angel disguised as a nurse. "I'll be right back, but in the meantime, I want you to think about this -- it's an old Chinese proverb: 'There's only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it.' And your pretty child is on its way," Haley told Kristen before exiting the room -- just as Brady realized that Maggie had tried to call earlier.

A short time later, Brady worriedly summoned Haley back to Kristen's room. "Something's wrong!" Brady explained to Haley as Kristen, who had just started complaining about a completely different kind of pain, passed out.

Meanwhile, Justin and Sonny entered the hospital. "So, some jackass just swerved into her lane?" Sonny incredulously summarized. "That's what J.J. said," Justin confirmed. "I'm gonna find the driver, and I'm gonna kill him!" Sonny angrily vowed before spotting J.J., who was filling Kayla in on Adrienne's condition. "She's minimally responsive on the Glasgow. Abdomen's rigid. BP's fallen to 60 over 40," J.J. reported. "Get her to a trauma room," Kayla instructed J.J. and the other EMT before offering a few words of comfort to Justin and Sonny, who both watched in horror as Adrienne disappeared from view.

Sonny soon spotted Will, who had just exited a nearby elevator. "Thank God you're here!" Sonny declared while seizing a hug from Will, who didn't respond. "She's going to pull through -- she has to pull through... She always does..." Sonny reasoned after pulling away from Will. "How did you know to come? [How did you know] that I needed you? Did -- did J.J. call you?" Sonny wondered while leading Will to a nearby break room. "Um, no... Um, when -- when your mom h-had her accident, um...I -- I was there..." Will began to explain, looking sick.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor watched as Maggie slept. "What were you doing drinking and driving? You're lucky you didn't kill someone!" Victor mused.

Meanwhile, Kayla approached Justin, who was pacing the waiting area near the nurses' station. "No, no, no -- tell me she's gonna be okay!" Justin preemptively began after seeing the look on Kayla's face. "She beat cancer -- she can sure as hell survive what happened today!" Justin insisted. "I'm sorry... We did everything we could... It's just -- her injuries were so severe..." Kayla regretfully explained before comforting Justin with a hug.

At that same time, Kristen awoke and curiously informed Brady that there was no longer any pain at all. "They gave you something for the pain..." Brady explained. "Did we have our baby?" Kristen wondered. "Yeah...[but] the umbilical cord -- it -- it was -- it was wrapped around the neck..." Brady regretfully began to reveal, drawing a scream of anguish from Kristen.

Life-changing decisions are recalled Life-changing decisions are recalled

Thursday, January 23, 2020

by Mike

At the hospital, Victor complained that Xander should have found a way to force Ciara to keep the truth about Adrienne's death a secret, prompting Xander to counter that Victor should have refrained from telling Ciara the truth about Adrienne's death in the first place. "I had no choice -- I was about to lose my granddaughter!" Victor explained. "Well, now you might lose everything!" Xander warned.

"I God, the consequences if she talks -- and not just for us; for a lot of people... [Look], you better start praying that she keeps quiet, because if she doesn't, all hell is gonna break loose!" Xander continued. "I know, damn it!" Victor snapped. "[That day, I was just] doing everything I could to protect Maggie -- [and] now it could all blow up in my face..." Victor fretted.

[The previous year]

Sarah and Xander were both relieved when Sarah's baby finally started crying. "I'm gonna bring my car around [so I can] get you [and the baby] to the hospital," Xander announced. "I wish I could have helped Adrienne more," Sarah fretted, suddenly able to focus on other things again. "Don't worry -- I'm sure she'll be fine," Xander predicted before rushing off, leaving Sarah and the baby alone together on the side of Route 7.

At the hospital, Sonny was surprised to learn that Will had been on Route 7 at the time of Adrienne's accident. "[Then] -- you -- you saw what happened?" Sonny asked hopefully. "Not exactly..." Will quietly replied.

Meanwhile, Brady tried to comfort Kristen, who was in a panic over the news that the umbilical cord was wrapped around their unborn baby's neck. "Where the hell is the doctor?" Kristen demanded to know -- just as Haley returned, with Dr. Raynor close behind. "The baby's heart rate is still decelerating! We're gonna need to deliver now!" Dr. Raynor announced. "My baby can't die!" Kristen fretted. "You're not gonna lose this baby, okay? Dr. Raynor's the best," Haley insisted. "If she doesn't deliver immediately, we're gonna have to prep for a C-section!" Dr. Raynor continued.

After a few tense moments, Kristen managed to deliver the baby, who immediately started crying.

Meanwhile, Xander and Sarah entered the hospital with Sarah's baby and almost immediately ran into J.J. "I'm sorry I, uh, couldn't get you guys in [the ambulance] with Adrienne -- first babies don't usually come that quickly," J.J. explained. "She's impatient -- like her mother," Xander reasoned. "A girl? That's great!" J.J. raved -- just as Haley exited Kristen's room. "There's a lot of [girls] this Mother's Day," Haley mused, referring to Brady and Kristen's baby. "I gotta take your little one to the nursery to get checked out, if that's okay, but as soon as she gets a clean bill of health, I'll bring her back," Haley continued, prompting Sarah to hand over the baby.

"Any news on Adrienne?" J.J. asked Haley after an orderly led Sarah and Xander to one of the available patient rooms. "No...[but I heard that] she was in pretty bad shape when you brought her in," Haley replied, drawing a grim nod of confirmation from J.J. "I'm praying for a miracle here..." J.J. admitted to Haley with a sigh.

Meanwhile, Sonny struggled to understand why Will, despite having been on Route 7 at the time of Adrienne's accident, hadn't exactly seen what had happened. "Um... I'm the one who called 9-1-1... But -- but I didn't see it, because... Uh, S-Sonny, I don't -- I don't know how to say this --" Will regretfully began to explain -- just as Justin trudged into the break room and somewhat unceremoniously announced that Adrienne was gone.

Justin and Sonny broke down in each other's arms as Will stood frozen in wide-eyed, open-mouthed horror, managing only the occasional shake of the head as a helpless protest of the tragic news.

Meanwhile, Kristen and Brady enjoyed a few minutes of privacy with their baby. "I'm so sorry that you weren't there when Tate was born -- I know that was horrible of me," Kristen stressed. "No, no, no -- don't... Let's not... You don't -- we don't have to go there [right now]," Brady insisted. "I wasn't always so awful -- I wasn't... I remember when I was a social worker, and coaching baseball teams, and leading church retreats... I just always wondered what happened with that woman, [but now] I know what happened -- my first child died, and everything changed [after that]," Kristen continued.

"This is everything I've always wanted, [but]...I wish I felt I deserved her," Kristen admitted. "You do, [and] you are gonna be a wonderful mother -- [I mean], I've been watching the way that you've been looking at her, [and it's clear that] she's a lucky little girl," Brady declared. "Honestly, I don't think that's true -- [I think she's just] lucky to have a dad like you, [because] you are so loving, and so generous -- [but one thing I do know is] that I have never been happier...or more in love...than I am at this moment," Kristen raved.

Meanwhile, Sarah curiously informed Xander that Maggie apparently hadn't made it to the hospital yet, despite having had ample time to do so.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor continued watching as Maggie slept. "Thank God you weren't hurt. Thank God everything turned out all right," Victor mused.

Meanwhile, Will squirmed guiltily as Justin and Sonny sadly recalled how happy Adrienne had been earlier that day. "I just can't -- like, I just -- how -- how is this -- she was here, [and] she was fine, and I just don't understand it; I don't understand why this happened," Sonny admitted. "I don't, either," Justin agreed. "But one thing I do know is that Kayla said that after she passed out, she never regained consciousness again, and that she was...not in any pain..." Justin continued. "Well, thank God -- thank God for that, that she didn't know..." Sonny mused.

"[Because] she didn't know...right, Dad?" Sonny asked hopefully. "Yes," Justin optimistically replied.

Kayla soon entered the break room and wondered if Justin and Sonny wanted to say goodbye to Adrienne. Will watched helplessly as Justin numbly followed Kayla, with Sonny close behind the pair, sobbing uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, Haley entered Kristen's room and asked if Kristen and Brady had given their baby a name yet. "We wanted to meet her first," Kristen replied, and Brady nodded in agreement.

Brady soon left the room so Haley could examine Kristen. "Looks like you're doing great," Haley announced after checking Kristen's vitals. "I feel wonderful," Kristen raved. "Well, that's good to hear...but, um, if you're having any postpartum cramps [or] discomfort, just let me know, and we'll get you the pain meds," Haley offered. "From the bottom of my heart, I just want to thank you for all your help," Kristen stressed. "It's my job...[but] I don't think you're gonna want to thank me [when I tell you] I need to get [your baby] to the nursery to get her checked out," Haley replied. "Okay..." Kristen grudgingly agreed.

Meanwhile, Xander told Sarah that there was a simple explanation for Maggie's absence. "Victor sent me a text [earlier] -- Maggie's not feeling very well, so he decided she should stay home tonight," Xander claimed. "Oh, so the 'patriarch' decided that she didn't need to see her own granddaughter!" Sarah snapped. "There's nothing to worry about -- your mom was thrilled to hear about the baby, [but] she just [needed] some sleep, [so] she'll come see you in the morning," Xander maintained. "Does she know about the accident?" Sarah asked. "I, uh...I don't think so..." Xander replied. "Good -- she would worry," Sarah acknowledged.

"Sarah...before the accident...did you...see the other car -- the driver?" Xander wondered. "Not really -- I mean, it was dark -- [but] I think it was a black car..." Sarah recalled.

"I was pretty focused on Adrienne, [though...and, speaking of which], why haven't we heard anything about her?" Sarah continued. "I'll go find out," Xander offered.

Xander exited Sarah's room and spotted Kayla at the nearby nurses' station. "Um... She, uh... Her injuries were too massive... She didn't make it," Kayla reported when Xander asked for an update on Adrienne's condition.

After Kayla walked away, Xander contacted Victor. "It's really bad -- Adrienne is dead, and...I think Maggie's the one that killed her!" Xander quietly informed Victor.

Meanwhile, Justin and Sonny entered a darkened room and froze at the sight of Adrienne's lifeless body, which was sprawled out on a gurney. "It looks like she's sleeping..." Sonny tearfully observed. "How could this have happened? Why was she even on the road?" Sonny continued. "Sarah labor...[so your mother] had to take her to the hospital -- one last good deed," Justin explained. "'s Mother's Day, and it should have been perfect for her...[and, what], she just couldn't sit there and just enjoy it?" Sonny grumbled. "No, she couldn't -- that wasn't her," Justin reasoned, and Sonny conceded the point then broke down again.

Victor rushed over to the hospital and found Xander in one of the waiting areas. "We have to make sure Maggie never finds out what really happened," Victor told Xander, who nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, J.J. wandered through that same waiting area and spotted Will, who was bent over in a chair, crying quietly. "You okay?" J.J. asked Will gently. "Oh -- you don't know..." Will realized after gauging J.J.'s demeanor. "Aunt Adrienne?" J.J. worriedly assumed. "I'm so sorry..." Will sadly confirmed. "Um...she died...and it's my fault... [See], it was me -- um, I...I ran them off the road... I killed Sonny's mom..." Will regretfully continued, oblivious to Victor and Xander's presence -- but, despite being on the other side of the waiting area, the pair heard everything.

"I didn't just, um...stop by and call 9-1-1; I was, um...I was involved... I was, um...I was wanting to text my mom a happy Mother's Day message, so -- and I didn't want it to be too late, so I just -- I took my eyes off the road for a second -- just a second -- and then I...I heard the horns blare, and I saw lights, and I...I swerved, and I...I didn't think I went into the other lane, but...but I must have, because I looked back, and...and I saw that Adrienne had...had crashed..." Will tearfully explained to J.J. "You said it was Maggie, [but] it was Will!" Victor quietly snapped at Xander, relieved.

"Sarah said the car was black, [and] your car is gray," J.J. tried to assure Will. "[Yeah, but] it had to have been me... There were no other cars on the road... I mean, who -- who else could it have been?" Will countered, unable to find comfort in J.J.'s argument. "[Will] didn't see Maggie's car -- it had already gone off the road, into the brush... He thinks he killed Adrienne, but he didn't," Xander quietly explained to Victor. "And he's gonna keep thinking that," Victor insisted. "But --" Xander tried to protest. "Shut up!" Victor snapped.

J.J. soon led Will to a break room for some privacy. "It's best for Maggie if no one knows what really happened -- so no one will!" Victor told Xander once the coast was clear. "I don't know about this..." Xander fretted. "I do, damn it! [Look], if Maggie were to find out, [it] would kill her!" Victor stressed. "But what about Will? That would be involuntary manslaughter -- that's prison!" Xander argued.

"I don't mean to tell you what to do --" Victor carefully began to clarify. "Well, it sure sounds like it..." Xander countered. "But I'm begging you -- please help me! [Look], it was Summer -- that recyclable bit of California trash -- that sent Maggie over the edge this time, but before that, it was me -- I was to blame -- and you're the one that brought her back [then, so]...please tell me you'll do that again!" Victor continued. "Of course I will," Xander agreed after some thought.

"Well, since the...situation...with Maggie seems to be in hand for now, I think I'll go and see my -- see Sarah's -- baby," Xander decided. "I'll go with you," Victor offered, surprising Xander. "You know, at least the baby was born healthy... It's a shame -- what happened to Adrienne -- but if Maggie had hurt her own grandchild, she'd never be able to live with that," Victor mused while walking away with Xander.

A short time later, Xander entered the nursery with Victor -- and was surprised to see that the crib marked "Baby Horton" was empty. "Is everything all right here? I'm the father," Xander called out after realizing that Dr. Raynor was examining a baby at the other end of the nursery. "The baby seems to be in some distress -- her neurological reflexes are sluggish..." Dr. Raynor explained -- and, just then, an alarm started blaring. "What's going on?" Xander worriedly demanded to know, but Dr. Raynor stayed focused on the baby and didn't respond.

"I'm sorry... The trauma from the accident... I couldn't do anything," Dr. Raynor eventually announced, realizing that the baby was beyond help. "[But] everybody said she was healthy!" Xander protested. "No one could have known... No one could have done anything..." Dr. Raynor vaguely explained before handing the baby over and exiting the nursery. "I loved you so much..." Xander stressed while cradling the baby's lifeless body. "Maggie killed her own granddaughter..." Victor fretted. "What are we gonna tell her?" Xander wondered. "We're not!" Victor insisted.

"You're gonna blame Will for this, too?" Xander asked incredulously. "No..." Victor wickedly replied, eyeing the crib marked "Baby Black" -- which, unlike the other crib, wasn't empty.

Meanwhile, Brady and Kristen spent some time alone together while waiting for Haley to return with their baby. "I love you," Brady eventually said to Kristen, who happily returned the sentiment.

Brady soon rushed off to call John and Marlena, leaving Kristen alone again.

Meanwhile, J.J. watched as Will paced around the break room in distress. "Um... I'm sorry... I'm sorry -- I...I know that you must hate me right now..." Will eventually said to J.J. "I am in no position to judge anyone...and, uh, I know what you're going through," J.J. stressed. "How's Sarah? And -- and the baby?" Will asked. "I think she's fine -- when they brought Sarah in, [she] had the baby in her arms," J.J. replied. "Thank God..." Will declared with a sigh of relief. " have to tell the police what you told me," J.J. gently advised. "I will," Will promised without hesitation. "But I...I need to talk to Sonny first..." Will insisted, looking sick.

"I have to call my dad [and] tell him, [so]...are you gonna be okay if I leave you alone?" J.J. asked. "J.J., I'm -- I'm -- I'm the last person you should be worried about right now," Will replied. "Just hang in there, okay?" J.J. advised. "What choice do I have?" Will reasoned, shrugging resignedly. J.J. offered a nod of support then walked away, leaving Will alone in the break room, trembling with despair.

Meanwhile, Justin and Sonny continued saying their goodbyes to Adrienne. "Should I call my brothers?" Sonny eventually offered. "No, no, no -- they need to hear this from me," Justin firmly declared.

After Sonny left the room, Justin prepared to make some phone calls -- but Kayla entered the room just then, carrying Adrienne's wedding rings.

Meanwhile, Haley and J.J. crossed paths in one of the hallways. "What a horrible night," Haley acknowledged. "Maybe tomorrow will be a better day," J.J. suggested. "Couldn't be worse," Haley declared.

After Haley walked away, J.J. removed a jewelry box from a pants pocket and stared at the enclosed diamond ring with a grin, knowing exactly how to make the next day a better one.

Meanwhile, Sonny found Will in one of the break rooms. "Thank God I have you... Oh, thank God you're here..." Sonny tearfully stressed while seizing a hug from Will. "Sonny..." Will quietly began after a few seconds of silence, wincing in response to the hug and the praise. "I need to tell you something..." Will continued, pulling away from Sonny. "Right now?" Sonny replied, confused. "Yeah..." Will apologetically confirmed.

"I was at the accident..." Will continued, swallowing hard and barely managing to look Sonny in the eyes. "'Cause I caused it -- it is my fault that your mother is dead," Will regretfully admitted, stunning Sonny.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor again watched as Maggie slept. "When you wake up tomorrow, you're going to have a new granddaughter...and -- please, God -- no memory of what happened tonight," Victor mused.

Meanwhile, Xander placed a crying baby in Sarah's arms -- just as Haley entered Kristen's room. "Dr. Raynor isn't here," Haley observed, surprised. "Why would she be?" Kristen wondered, confused. "She, um...she needs to talk to you... [Look], I'll go get her..." Haley evasively replied before starting to rush off. "What are you not telling me?" Kristen worriedly demanded to know, chasing after Haley.

"Where is my baby girl?" Kristen asked worriedly after catching up with Haley near a stairwell. "I was just in the, uh, NICU...and, unfortunately, there were complications..." Haley apologetically replied.

"You little bitch! You were supposed to be watching my baby! You were supposed to keep her safe!" Kristen tearfully protested while shaking Haley, who eventually stumbled and fell down the stairs.

Will hears the real story of the crash Will hears the real story of the crash

Friday, January 24, 2020

At the prison, Ciara told Will that he had not killed Adrienne. "What are you talking about?" Will asked. Ciara told Will that he was innocent.

[The previous year]

The previous Mother's Day, in Jennifer's hospital room, Jack turned over the hourglass before he sat down next to Jennifer. A solemn-faced J.J. walked in and told Jack about Adrienne's death. "The little sister's gone," Jack said. Jack wondered how he would tell Jennifer. J.J. asked Jack what he needed. "I need to see Adrienne," Jack said. J.J. promised to find Abigail and tell her the news.

In a quiet room at the hospital, Justin talked to Adrienne's body. "You and I were supposed to spend the rest of our lives together. What am I supposed to do without you," Justin said through tears. Justin stared at Adrienne's engagement ring. Justin talked about the night he had proposed to Adrienne. "It was one of those perfect moments in life. Adrienne was speechless, which is a rare thing for her. Was," Justin said. Justin tenderly kissed Adrienne's hand. Kayla offered her help to Justin, and he promised to contact her if he needed anything. With a nod, Justin left.

"I love you," Kayla whispered to Adrienne. Jack walked in. "Is it okay if I'm here?" Jack asked. Kayla told Jack that she was sorry for his loss. "This is impossible," Jack said. Jack asked Kayla if she had called Steve. "I left him a message," Kayla confirmed.

In the hospital lounge, Will told a grieving Sonny that he was responsible for Adrienne's death. "You caused it?" Sonny asked. "I ran Sarah and Adrienne off the road. I'm sorry. I killed your mother," Will said. "You were the one driving the other car?" a shocked Sonny asked. Will nodded yes. Sonny argued that Will was too good of a driver, and his car was the wrong color. Will countered that it was night, and Sarah had been preoccupied with her baby.

"I didn't realize I had drifted into oncoming traffic," Will explained. Will told Sonny that he had been distracted by his phone. "My mom is dead because you were texting?" Sonny yelled. Sonny asked Will what had been so important that he had not been able to wait until he was home. Crying, Will stammered out that he had forgotten to text his mother for Mother's Day.

"You were texting your mom because you were too busy to send the message earlier," Sonny yelled through tears. Sonny said he did not understand why Will was always busier than everyone else. "Who the hell do you think you are?" Sonny screamed at Will. "What's going on?" Justin asked as he walked in.

"I have to tell you something, but before I do, I hope you know how much I loved Adrienne," Will said. "She loved you, too. She loved you like a son, Will. So do I," Justin said. Will shook his head no. Will admitted that he had caused the crash and that he had not seen what had happened.

"Because he was texting," Sonny interjected. "I heard a horn blaring, and I swerved to the side. I didn't think I left my lane, but I must have because I looked back, and I saw another car had crashed," Will said. Justin grabbed his head, unable to fully comprehend what he was hearing. Will said he had spoken to Adrienne after the crash, and she had confirmed that another car had veered into their lane and driven them off the road.

"That's when I knew what I had done. That it was me," Will said. Will added that Adrienne had been happy to see him, and he had felt like everything was going to be okay at first. "I'm so sorry," Will said. "Sorry? My wife, the love of my life, is dead because of you. Because of you!" Justin shouted. Sonny told Will to leave. With tears in his eyes, Will slowly walked out of the lounge. "I know sorry is not enough, and I'm not just sorry. I really wish it were me," Will said. After Will let, Justin hugged a crying Sonny.

After Sarah's baby had passed away due to complications from the crash, Victor had directed Xander to switch Sarah's baby for Kristen's healthy daughter. Xander carried Kristen's baby into Sarah's hospital room. The little girl cried. Sarah asked Xander if everything was okay. "She's perfect," Xander said as he hesitantly handed the baby to Sarah. "You're right. She's perfect. She's here in this world because of you. Thank you so much for delivering this precious angel," Sarah said. Sarah's smile fell away.

"She doesn't look how I remembered her. It's like, almost like she's a different baby or something," Sarah said. A guilty Xander swallowed hard. With a forced grin, Xander assured Sarah she was wrong. Xander suggested that Sarah was out of sorts after the events of the evening. When Sarah smiled, Xander took the baby and placed her in the nearby crib as Rafe walked in to congratulate Sarah.

"Big night for newborns!" Rafe said. Rafe told Sarah that Kristen had delivered a baby girl. Rafe asked Sarah if she was up for a few questions about the accident. Sarah told Rafe that a car had veered into their lane and had not moved even after Adrienne had honked. "I think it was a black car. Honestly, Adrienne got a better look. You should ask her," Sarah said. Xander interrupted to note that he had not told Sarah the news yet. Sarah was stunned to learn that Adrienne was dead. Rafe offered to return later, and he left. Sarah broke down in tears.

"It's my fault," Sarah said. Xander assured Sarah that the only person to blame was the driver of the other car. "What happened to Adrienne is not your fault," Xander stressed. Sarah said she hoped the police would find the driver. "They need to be held responsible for what they did," Sarah said. "Actually, I know who was driving," Xander whispered. Sarah asked Xander why he had not told Rafe what he knew.

"I wanted to discuss it with you privately first. It won't be easy to hear," Xander said. Xander told Sarah that he had heard Will confess to J.J. Sarah picked up the baby and cradled her. Xander asked what Sarah had named her daughter.

"I was thinking Mackenzie, but Mickey for short," Sarah said. "After your adoptive father?" Xander asked. Through tears, Sarah said that Mickey had been the best father ever. "My mom is gonna love it. I can't wait to tell her," Sarah said. As Sarah cooed over the new baby in her arms, Xander sat on the bed and put his arm around Sarah. Sarah smiled at the baby, but Xander's face looked pained and guilt-ridden.

In Kristen's hospital room, Haley told Kristen that the doctor would be in to see her. Worried, Kristen demanded answers about her baby. "What are you not telling me," Kristen demanded. Haley left to retrieve the doctor, and Kristen pursued her down the hallway. "You answer me. Tell me where is my baby girl," Kristen said. "I was just in NICU, and unfortunately, there were complications," Haley started. Kristen shook Haley by the shoulders and demanded the truth.

"Your baby didn't make it. The doctors, they tried everything that they could," Haley said. Kristen blamed Haley. As Haley went into the stairwell, Kristen grabbed her and screamed, "You were supposed to be watching my baby! You're supposed to keep her safe!" Haley struggled against Kristen's grip, and she fell backward down the stairs.

"What did you do?" Abigail asked as she entered the stairwell. Abigail raced down the stairs to check on Haley. "I can't find a pulse," Abigail said. Abigail yelled at Kristen to call for someone. Shaken, Kristen walked away. "Do not leave me here! Help! I need help!" Abigail called out.

Kristen returned to her hospital room and sat down on the bed. When Brady returned, he told Kristen that he had told John the good news. "Where is she? I thought Nurse Chen was going to bring her right back?" Brady asked. Brady stopped short when he saw the look on Kristen's face. "Nurse Chen is not coming, Brady," Kristen said quietly. A panicked Brady asked, "Is the baby okay?"

Down the hallway, Abigail sat in the waiting area. J.J. found her and told her he had some terrible news. "I know. J.J., I was there. I saw the whole thing. I'm just so sorry. Poor Haley," Abigail said. Alarmed, J.J. asked Abigail what she was talking about. Abigail told J.J. that Haley was dead. In disbelief, J.J. asked Abigail to explain. Abigail told J.J. that she had been walking down the hallway when she had heard arguing in the stairwell.

"I heard a scream, and when I got there, I turned the corner, and I saw that Kristen was at the top of the stairs, and I saw that Haley was at the bottom of the stairs. I think that Kristen might have pushed her," Abigail said. Abigail urged J.J. to sit down, but he was too agitated. J.J. stormed off down the hallway.

"You crazy bitch! What have you done?" J.J. screamed as he stormed into Kristen's room. Brady got between J.J. and Kristen, and he held J.J. back. Brady argued that Kristen had given birth and had not done anything else. Furious, J.J. told Brady that Abigail had witnessed Kristen push Haley down a flight of stairs.

"She's dead! The police are on their way. You will pay for what you did," J.J. said. With a grunt, J.J. walked out. Brady turned to Kristen, and she stared up at him, a look of guilt on her face. Kristen told Brady what had happened in the stairwell. "She told me our baby is dead," Kristen said. Stunned, Brady asked what had happened. Kristen said she did not know the specifics, only that there had been complications. Brady argued that Haley had to have been wrong, and he left to find out what had happened to their daughter.

Kristen curled up on her bed and wept. When Brady returned with a bundle in his arms, Kristen gasped and reached out her arms. "The doctor gave her to me so that we could say goodbye," Brady said. Kristen turned her back and refused. Brady pleaded with Kristen to take his hand. Through tears, Kristen did, and Brady gently placed the lifeless bundle into her arms. As Kristen wept, Brady hugged her and the baby. Rafe walked in.

"I know why you're here. Can you come back? Our baby didn't make it. Could you come back, please?" Brady pleaded quietly. "I'm so sorry. Yeah, I'll give you as much time as you need," Rafe said. After Rafe left, Kristen whispered, "My precious, precious baby."

In the waiting area, Kayla told Abigail about Adrienne's death. Kayla offered to take Abigail to see Adrienne. As Kayla and Abigail turned to walk down the hallway, J.J. stepped in their path. "I want to see Haley. I need to say goodbye," J.J. said. Kayla promised to take J.J. to see his girlfriend. Abigail took J.J.'s hand and told him that she knew about Adrienne's death, and that she was going to comfort their father.

"That's exactly where you should be," J.J. said. J.J. asked Abigail not to tell Jack about Haley, because he did not want Jack to worry about anything else. Abigail hugged her brother, and she promised not to say a word about Haley. Abigail joined her father to say goodbye to Adrienne.

Kayla escorted J.J. to see Haley's body. Once J.J. was alone with Haley, he said, "My beautiful girl. You can't leave me this way. You can't. You're my double happiness." J.J. told Haley that she had made him believe in love again. "You made me grateful for every single day and happy for our future together. Our life together. Tonight was going to be the start," J.J. said. J.J. pulled an engagement ring out of his pocket, and he broke down in tears. J.J. climbed on top of Haley's bed and hugged her.

In the waiting area of the hospital, Will told Rafe what had happened on the road. Justin and Sonny walked down the hallway and watched as Will confessed. Will looked over at Justin and Sonny, then he continued to tell Rafe everything he knew about the crash.

In the present day, Ciara said, "It's the truth, Will. You had nothing to do with the accident. You know the whole truth about what happened the night Adrienne died. And everyone else needs to know it, too."

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