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Gabi was a bone marrow match for Mackenzie, and she used that as leverage to make the D.A. drop the charges against her. Maggie learned the truth about the accident, and she turned herself in to the police. Will left prison. Rafe fired Evan after learning he had lied about his identity. Evan kidnapped David. The DNA on Jordan's body matched Evan's DNA. Stefano demanded money and Marlena in exchange for Kayla's freedom. Stefano threatened Gabi. Evan held Sonny at gunpoint. Ciara called the prison to stop Ben's execution.
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Maggie turned herself into the police, Evan's DNA was found on Jordan's body as Ben's execution date loomed
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Maggie struggles with unsettling memories

Maggie struggles with unsettling memories

Monday, February 24, 2020

by Mike

At the police station, Ciara watched helplessly as Ben surrendered to Rafe and Giddens.

"[Ciara] only helped me get away because I made [her] do it," Ben claimed. "[But then I realized that] if I kept going, you'd take it out on her, so I came back," Ben continued, ignoring Ciara's protests. "I want Mr. Weston transferred to Statesville as soon as possible," Giddens instructed Rafe, who was happy to oblige. "Your execution is back on the calendar," Giddens warned Ben before walking away.

"Why did you come back?" Ciara snapped at Ben. "I had to, Ciara -- [they were] gonna throw the book at you," Ben reasoned with a shrug. "But did you hear that creep D.A.? [Now] they're gonna execute you [as originally planned] -- next week!" Ciara fretted. "If I can't have you in my life, that life isn't worth [living]," Ben insisted, shrugging again. "Don't say that!" Ciara protested. "It's true!" Ben maintained.

"Thank you for always believing in me, and for everything you tried to do for me --" Ben continued. "I'm not stopping, Ben -- I have exactly one week to find David's father, [and] I won't give up on that; I'm gonna devote all of my time, and everything I have, to finding him, okay? I'm not gonna lose you -- [not] without a fight," Ciara stressed -- just as Rafe finished arranging for Ben to be transported to Statesville.

Ciara wrapped both arms around Ben's waist and refused to let go. "Oh, for God's sake..." Rafe tiredly muttered before starting to drag Ben away, with Ciara still hanging on tightly. "Ciara!" Rafe eventually snapped, prompting Ciara to give Ben a kiss then reluctantly let go. Ciara broke down as Rafe and Ben disappeared from view.

Meanwhile, in one of the conference rooms, Gabi decided to accept the district attorney's plea offer, grudgingly conceding Sonny's point that there was practically no hope of getting a lighter sentence -- or an outright acquittal -- from a judge and jury. "Ten years is a long time...but what choice do I have?" Gabi reasoned with a shrug and a sigh.

"Oh, my God -- what was I thinking?" Gabi continued, breaking down. "Well...not about Ari -- that's for sure," Sonny stressed with just a hint of the anger that had been on full display earlier. "Oh, my poor little girl -- Sonny, now she's gonna have two parents in prison, and she's gonna have to deal with that for the rest of her life!" Gabi fretted between sobs.

"I know you and Will are worried about Ari, but you can count on me, okay? She's my daughter, too, and I love her so much, and I'm gonna take such good care of her," Sonny stressed while comforting Gabi with a hug. "I don't know... Maybe I should just take my chances and fight this --" Gabi began to backpedal. "Really, Gabi? What -- I mean, what are you gonna do? You gonna download an app that makes the jury deaf?" Sonny countered, drawing a light smack from Gabi, who wasn't amused. "You need to start facing reality here!" Sonny insisted.

"You're right," Gabi conceded again, sighing heavily. "I will take Ari to see you every chance I get -- I promise you that," Sonny stressed. "I don't even think she wants to see me. [After all], she's old enough to think I'm a terrible person [now]," Gabi fretted. "If she does, it's not gonna last, because if there's one thing I know about our daughter, [it's that] she loves her mother," Sonny countered.

At Statesville, Victor continued offering Will incentives to keep the truth about Adrienne's death hidden from everyone who didn't already know the whole story -- especially Maggie.

"You are a powerful man, Victor...but you don't have any control over what goes on in Maggie's mind. What are you gonna do if she recovers the memory on her own?" Will wondered. "Maggie was so drunk the night that she caused that accident that she has no recollection of it at all," Victor replied with a dismissive shrug, clearly confident that nothing would ever change that fact. "[And revealing the truth] would not just destroy her -- so many other lives would be in a shambles, [too]," Victor stressed. "Hmm. Like your life? And Xander's life?" Will guessed, making a clear point about Victor's true priorities.

"I know what I'm asking of you, but I promise I'll make it up to you --" Victor began to reiterate. "You think I haven't agonized over what this will do to Maggie? Victor, that's all I think about! But I have a life, too! I have a kid that I never see! Sonny's moving on with another man! [You know], the only reason that we're getting a divorce is because he still thinks that I killed his mother!" Will countered. "As I said, I'll -- I'll do what I can to get you out of here...but until I do that, can you put your own feelings aside and keep your mouth shut? Don't do it for me -- just think of Maggie," Victor continued, not bothering to respond to Will's points.

Will scoffed and glared at Victor in disbelief -- then released a heavy sigh after giving the matter some thought. "You better work fast, 'cause I really hate being in here," Will stressed. "'ll do it?" Victor translated. "Yeah," Will confirmed. "Good!" Victor raved before extending a hand, which Will shook after a moment of hesitation.

At the hospital, Xander continued probing for details about Maggie's earlier meeting with Will, hoping to determine exactly what had been discussed. "Maggie, are you all right?" Xander asked after realizing that Maggie wasn't listening. "Talk to me!" Xander begged, but Maggie remained distracted, thinking about Will's argument that it was impossible for someone who had no memory of a night to truly know what had or had not happened during that night. "Maggie, are you all right? Talk to me!" Xander repeated, and Maggie heard the sentences as a faint memory of a moment from the past, when Xander had uttered those same words in that same way.

"Maggie, you're starting to worry me. What's going on with you?" Xander continued. "I'd tell you...if I understood it myself..." Maggie eventually managed to reply. "I just -- I just had one of those déjà vu things..." Maggie tried to explain. "My mouth -- it's's so dry all of a sudden..." Maggie observed, prompting Xander to rush over to a nearby coffee station in search of water.

While Xander was gone, Maggie remembered being passed out behind the steering wheel of a vehicle, clutching an empty bottle of vodka. "Did you have that déjà vu business again?" Xander asked after returning with a cup of water, noticing that Maggie seemed even more upset than before. "No, it was much worse..." Maggie admitted before starting to tell Xander about the memory.

"Does this make any sense to you at all? [I mean], did I dream it...or -- or did it happen?" Maggie wondered after finishing the summary, having also remembered that Xander had been in the vehicle at some point, as well -- and had seemed worried about Sarah. Xander squirmed and gulped while giving Maggie a forced smile -- then breathed a sigh of relief when Sarah and Eric approached with Mackenzie and interrupted the conversation to reveal the identity of Mackenzie's potential bone marrow donor. "Brady's son," Xander guessed knowingly. "No," Sarah replied, stunning Xander.

After explaining everything to Maggie and Xander, Sarah and Eric went to see Mackenzie's potential bone marrow donor -- Gabi, who was still with Sonny at the police station and was preparing to officially accept the district attorney's plea offer. After hearing the news, Sonny rushed off so Sarah and Eric could have some time alone with Gabi -- who got a sudden burst of inspiration just as the district attorney entered the conference room.

"You can take your deal and shove it," Gabi declared. "You're making a big mistake!" Giddens insisted before storming off.

"If you want my bone marrow to save your sick baby, [then] you two will make these charges disappear," Gabi said to Sarah and Eric once the coast was clear, stunning both of them.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander and Maggie discussed the unexpected news that Sarah and Eric had shared earlier. Maggie eventually started thinking again about the memories that had resurfaced earlier, prompting Xander to insist that they were probably just fragments of an old, meaningless dream. Xander advised Maggie to try to rest for a bit and forget about the memories.

After Maggie headed upstairs, Xander headed toward the kitchen -- and, on the way, found Victor sitting in one of the living room chairs, deep in thought. "So...? What happened? Did Ciara tell Will the truth?" Xander began after closing the living room doors. "Yes...but I got there before he had time to talk to Maggie. He wanted to -- made that very clear -- [but] he loves Maggie, [and] he doesn't want to see her be hurt. I told him that [this] would be her undoing. [And] I also told him that, [in exchange for his silence], our family would take care of Arianna -- always -- [and] I would do everything that I could to get him an early release," Victor replied.

"I think we're pretty much covered," Victor concluded with a shrug. "Not quite," Xander warned with a sigh before telling Victor about what had happened at the hospital. "Must have been triggered by her visit with Will," Victor grumbled. "I suggested she lie down, [so] hopefully, she'll...she'll get some rest, and calm down a bit, [and] maybe that'll be the end of it," Xander reasoned. "Well, if Maggie stays in the dark and Will keeps his mouth shut, we should be okay. [I just] hope my meeting with Will wasn't in vain --" Victor mused. "You went to see Will?" Sonny asked, joining Victor and Xander in the living room.

"Why?" Sonny demanded to know. "Well, for you, of course -- [you know], to find out what was holding up the divorce papers. I told him you couldn't get on with your life until they get [filed]," Victor claimed. "Thank you for trying to help me, but I've already been to see him -- [and] I told him the exact same thing. [So], I'm guessing he told you that the papers were in his cell, and then they were confiscated after Ben escaped," Sonny replied. "Yes," Victor claimed. "Hopefully, that will all get straightened out, and you'll be able to get on with your life," Victor continued, and Sonny sighed in response, seemingly conflicted about the matter.

"Well, Ari's home from school, and I have to go talk to her...[and] I'm dreading this conversation," Sonny stressed before starting to walk away. "Well, at least you can say her mom's a hero," Xander mused, confusing Victor.

Rafe returned to the police station and discovered that Ciara was still there. "You're lucky that Ben turned himself in, 'cause it looks like the D.A. is not gonna pursue any charges against you [now]," Rafe began. "Great," Ciara numbly replied. "I would've thought you'd be a little more excited --" Rafe grumbled. "What do you want me to do, Rafe? What, you want me to just jump up and down? Seriously? The man that I love might be executed next week -- for a crime that he didn't even commit!" Ciara snapped. "Yeah, well, a jury didn't agree -- [and] he lost three appeals," Rafe dismissively countered.

"It's time to face reality," Rafe reasoned with a shrug. "No!" Ciara insisted, starting to cry again.

"Ben has one week left to live, and I need to save him -- and I need your help!" Ciara continued after recovering. "Even if I was willing to help, there's not one single lead --" Rafe began to protest. "What if the person who killed Jordan is David's father?" Ciara suggested. "I couldn't find [David's father anywhere back when I started the adoption proceedings] -- he, like, vaporized or something -- [but] there is not one shred of evidence that says he was in Salem the night that Jordan was murdered!" Rafe dismissively argued.

"So what?" Ciara countered, knowing that the entire case already hinged on circumstantial evidence, anyway. "DNA doesn't lie," Rafe insisted. "[But it] can be misinterpreted," Ciara stressed.

"If the killer was someone other than Ben, [then that person] must have been wearing a hazmat suit or something, [because] Ben's DNA was the only DNA we found on Jordan's body, okay? Oh -- well, that and David's, but David sure as hell didn't kill her!" Rafe dismissively maintained. "My dad used to say that assumptions are the mother of all mistakes. So, what if you just assumed that the DNA was David's? What if it was really David's father's? [I mean], there had to have been a ton of similarities, right? [And] what if Jordan was with David and David's father the night that she was killed?" Ciara reasoned.

"Isn't it possible -- just a little bit -- that the forensics team made a mistake?" Ciara concluded. "Yeah, I suppose -- you know, anything's 'possible,'" Rafe grudgingly conceded before checking the case file again.

At Statesville, Will released a heavy sigh while staring at the divorce papers. "Well, I gave Victor my word, point in holding on to [these] anymore..." Will mused. "Anyone ever tell you that talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity?" Ben began while approaching the cell with a guard, surprising Will. "I should know," Ben continued with a shrug as the guard opened the cell door.

"Guess you, uh...must have missed this place," Will began after Ben entered the cell. "Especially the food -- it's fish sticks night," Ben joked as the guard closed the cell door and walked away. "You got caught?" Will guessed. "Yeah, but I got away...[and then] I turned myself in," Ben replied. "Why would you do that? You're innocent!" Will protested. "Ciara," Ben explained with a shrug.

"What's gonna happen to you now?" Will asked after Ben shared the whole story. "I guess they'll be moving me to death row soon," Ben replied, shrugging again.

"I've known Ciara all of her life, and that is one stubborn woman -- don't underestimate her," Will advised. "No -- I've learned not to do that," Ben agreed. "She even has her own theory of who really murdered Jordan..." Ben revealed. "Honestly, it sounds like a long shot...but, I mean, it's not nothing," Will reasoned with a shrug after hearing the theory. "It's my only hope," Ben stressed.

"[Anyway], what the hell are you still doing in here, man? I thought you'd be a free man by now!" Ben protested, ready to change the subject. "Well, I should be...but, um..." Will began with a sigh.

"Victor says whatever's best for Victor, [and] he wants to keep you quiet -- [well], screw that! Are you kidding me? You can't stay in here forever, Will! You need to call Sonny and tell him!" Ben insisted after Will shared the whole story. "I can't, though! [I mean], I gave Victor my word [that] I'd help protect Maggie, [and] if it was one of Victor's other wives, then yeah, I would have told him to get lost...but [Maggie's] the sweetest, gentlest, nicest person in the world, and Victor's right -- [I mean], the truth would kill her!" Will reasoned with a shrug.

"Will, this is your life that we're talking about here -- you can't just throw it away because you shook hands with some old crook like Victor!" Ben argued. "Trust me, I -- I hear what you're saying..." Will replied.

"You know what? We should be thinking about you [right now]. I wish [that], somehow, I could help Ciara track down David's father," Will stressed, ready to change the subject. "Look, even if Ciara finds the guy, we don't have any evidence, [and] we don't even know if he's still alive -- [I mean], she could be tracking a ghost," Ben admitted. Meanwhile, at the police station, Rafe realized that the DNA that had been found on Jordan's body and had been identified as David's had not been an exact match. Ciara watched excitedly as Rafe entered the DNA into a federal database in the hope of getting a match.

"We shouldn't be talking about how to get me out of here; we should be talking about how to get you out of here," Ben insisted while continuing to chat with Will at Statesville. "Part of the deal I made with Victor is that he would pull some strings to help me get out early," Will reiterated. "And you think he'll come through?" Ben asked incredulously. Will shrugged in response.

"What do you think Maggie would -- would think of this? Would -- would she -- would she approve of -- of -- of Victor guilting you into staying here?" Ben wondered, stammering with outrage on Will's behalf. "No -- she'd hate it, obviously," Will guessed. "She wouldn't allow it -- and you shouldn't, either!" Ben stressed. "Listen, I -- I'm not just doing what Victor wants me to do. I -- I don't want Maggie to find out about this, [either]," Will explained. "So, Victor wins? That's bull, Will! You deserve to be with Sonny, and you deserve to be with your daughter!" Ben insisted, drawing another shrug from Will, who was still clearly conflicted.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor and Xander happily agreed with Sonny's assertion that it was a miracle that Gabi had turned out to be a compatible bone marrow donor for Mackenzie. "At least one good thing came out of today," Sonny grumbled before exiting the living room.

"Well, he's having a rotten time of it," Xander observed once the coast was clear. "Yes... His life would be a lot better if he knew that Will was innocent... But... I love that boy, but I have to do what I have to do to protect Maggie," Victor reasoned, waving a hand dismissively. "Looking out for Maggie is the right thing to do. Sonny will get over Will -- he's done it before," Xander assured Victor. "Yeah... And there's no way that he can stay married to the man that 'killed' his mother," Victor agreed.

"Except Will didn't kill Adrienne, did he?" Maggie countered while joining Victor and Xander in the living room, having remembered everything.

Maggie remembers the accident

Maggie remembers the accident

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

At Julie's Place, Valerie found Eli drinking alone. Valerie asked Eli not to blame himself because Gabi had tricked him. As Eli frowned, Valerie urged Eli to stop drinking and fix his relationship with Lani.

"I don't think that's possible," Eli said. "Why the hell not?" Julie bellowed as she walked over to the table. Julie urged Eli to snap out of his funk and celebrate his freedom from "that she-devil, Gabi." Julie told Eli that it was time for him to reconcile with Lani. Eli complained that Lani should have told him about Gabi's plan rather than unilaterally decide to humiliate him at the altar and leave him. Julie told Eli that he needed to forgive Lani because the only villain in the story was Gabi.

"Payback is as much of a bitch as she is," Julie said. Eli admitted that he had loved Gabi for the past year, and he could not switch his feelings on and off so quickly. Julie argued that Eli's relationship with Gabi had been built on lies, not trust. Julie stressed that without trust, there was no real love. "Don't let Gabi keep you from Lani," Julie said. Valerie agreed.

In J.J.'s apartment, Abe asked Lani how she was feeling. Lani said she was fine. Abe told Lani that the D.A. had offered Gabi a plea deal of ten years. With a sigh, Lani said she was happy that the truth was out. Lani added that after having plotted revenge for a year, she was ready to move on with her life.

"With Eli?" Abe asked. Lani explained that she and Eli were different people and that she was not sure that she and Eli could have the same relationship again. Abe argued that he had watched Eli struggle with his heartache, and he believed that Eli was still in love with Lani. Lani confessed her fear that Eli still loved Gabi. Lani said that she knew it would take time for Eli to forgive her. Frustrated, Abe offered to talk to Eli, but Lani asked him not to bother. With a nod, Abe agreed, and he asked Lani to talk to him if she ever needed help again.

After Abe left, there was a knock at the door. Lani opened the door and found Eli. At Julie's place, Valerie and Julie toasted to their success in convincing Eli to talk to Lani. Julie added that they should toast to the justice of Gabi going to prison. Abe walked in and joined the women. Abe informed Valerie and Julie that Gabi had rejected the D.A.'s plea bargain. When Julie noted that no jury would side with Gabi, Abe admitted that he was concerned that Gabi was up to something.

At Evan's apartment, Sonny told Evan that he had realized that he was about to become Arianna's only parent. Evan comforted Sonny, and Evan assured him that Sonny was a great father. Evan told Sonny that he had similar concerns for David. Evan showed Sonny a photo album that he had compiled of pictures of Jordan so that David would have pictures of his mother.

"You really love [David], don't you?" Sonny asked. Evan smiled. Evan said that it had been his great privilege to have been a part of David's life. With a grin, Evan offered to babysit for Arianna. Sonny laughed and noted that Arianna already acted as if she was David's babysitter instead of his companion on play dates. Sonny jokingly warned Evan that Arianna would bill him for her babysitting services. Sonny started to talk about a memory of Will, and he stopped himself.

The subject broached, Evan asked Sonny about his divorce from Will. Sonny told Evan about the trouble at the prison. Evan was confused, but Sonny said he was confident that Will would get the divorce papers back from the warden, since Ben was back in custody.

"I'm really ready for you to be divorced," Evan admitted. Sonny shifted uncomfortably. "I'm not ready to be in a relationship yet," Sonny said. Sonny added that he felt good when Evan was around, and he wanted to keep spending time with him.

After Sonny left for home, Evan pulled out a second letter from the Department of Children and Family Services. Like the first letter, this one read that the department wanted to talk to Rafe about Evan's background check. Evan ripped up the letter, and he called someone on the phone. "I need help," Evan said.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Gabi told Sarah and Eric that she would donate her bone marrow to Mackenzie if they could convince the D.A. to keep her out of prison. Livid, Sarah called Gabi selfish. Gabi said she regretted that she had given Stefan's heart to Julie instead of letting Julie die. Sarah leaped across the table to attack Gabi, but Eric grabbed Sarah and held her back. Gabi asked what Sarah hoped to accomplish by attacking her.

"I'd break your bony neck and take all the bone marrow I need," Sarah said. Gabi said she understood Sarah's anger, and she appealed to her as a mother. Gabi said she wanted to protect her own daughter from growing up without two of her parents. Sarah muttered that Gabi's decisions were to blame for her predicament. Sarah called Gabi heartless.

"You are out of control," Eric grumbled to Gabi. With a shrug, Gabi said that Eric and Sarah needed to convince the D.A. to drop the charges. Gabi argued that if Mackenzie died, her death would be on the D.A.'s head, not Gabi's. Eric ushered a visibly shaken Sarah out of the room and into the police bullpen. Gabi watched through the interrogation room window as Sarah and Eric talked. "Sorry, little Mickey, but I gotta do what I gotta do. Let's hope your parents love you enough to save both of us," Gabi said.

Sarah complained to Eric about Gabi's demand, but Eric urged Sarah to focus on the problem at hand. Eric went to talk to the D.A. When Eric returned, he told Sarah that the D.A. had refused to consider any new plea deals for Gabi.

At the Kiriakis mansion, a tearful Maggie stood in the living room and pleaded with Victor and Xander to tell her the truth about her car crash. Xander told Maggie that she had remembered a dream, and Victor agreed. Maggie was unmoved.

"[Xander], you and I have grown close, though I had my doubts about you in the beginning," Maggie said. Maggie appealed to Xander to trust her and tell her the truth. "Was I the one who caused my daughter's accident?" Maggie asked. Xander looked away. Maggie called him out, and she warned Victor to stop interrupting.

Maggie gasped as she recovered another memory of the accident. Maggie said she remembered that Xander had called Victor to ask him to get Maggie and take her home from the scene of the crash. "You know what happened!" Maggie yelled at Victor. Victor played the hospital card, and he reminded Maggie that he needed to avoid stress. Maggie pushed on.

"I'm begging you, if you love me, please tell me the truth. Did I kill Adrienne?" Maggie asked. Xander offered to tell Maggie the truth. As Victor scowled, Xander said that Maggie had driven, and Victor had taken Maggie home that night. Xander lied and said that Maggie had not been part of Sarah's accident and that he had not told Maggie about her driving because he believed the information was irrelevant. Xander noted that Will had admitted that he was to blame.

"Why would Will ever admit to killing Sonny's mother if it wasn't true?" Victor asked. With a nod, Maggie said she did not believe Will would have lied. Maggie added that it was most likely that Will had not realized he had not been to blame. Maggie pointed out that Will had not remembered crossing the double yellow line on the road, and that Sarah had been adamant that the car that had almost hit them had been black, like Maggie's car. Xander begged Maggie to let it go.

"I killed Adrienne! I killed Adrienne!" Maggie cried out in anguish. Maggie broke down in tears. Xander and Victor were speechless. After Maggie calmed down a bit, she accused Xander and Victor of covering up her accident and framing an innocent man. Victor admitted that Maggie was right. Victor added that Will knew the truth and had chosen to keep quiet.

"No one needs to know that you're the one that really killed Adrienne," Victor said. "What?" Sonny yelled as he walked into the living room.

Sonny learns the truth about Adrienne's death

Sonny learns the truth about Adrienne's death

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

by Mike

Lani was surprised when Eli showed up at J.J.'s apartment and asked if it was a bad time.

"I was hoping we could talk," Eli explained. "You said you wanted space," Lani protested. "That was [right after] everything I thought I knew went straight to hell...[and, since then], my mother and my grandmother [have] made me realize that there's only one villain in this, and that's Gabi," Eli clarified.

"My relationship with [Gabi] was based on lies -- and not just the lies that she told me but [also] the lies that I told myself. [I mean], I wanted so badly to get over you [that] I threw myself into another relationship [and] worked hard to convince myself that I hated you. [But] when I saw you in the convent in Italy, and then again on New Year's Eve, those old feelings, they came back...[and] I was too much of an ass to admit it, so I steamrolled into a wedding with Gabi because I was stupid enough to believe that it would help me get over you," Eli continued.

"[But] when you showed up at the wedding, all righteous [and] fierce, I saw the truth -- [that] I don't want to lose you ever again," Eli concluded before giving Lani a passionate kiss. "J.J.'s out of the country, right?" Eli asked after pulling away from Lani. "We have the whole place to ourselves," Lani confirmed. "I love you -- and I never stopped," Eli admitted before giving Lani another passionate kiss.

At the police station, Eric sadly explained to an outraged Sarah that the district attorney was a strict law-and-order type of guy who wasn't willing to set the dangerous precedent of letting a criminal like Gabi call the shots, even if a sick child's life was on the line. "Look, maybe we can just find another donor --" Eric optimistically suggested. "Look how long it took us to find [Gabi]! We do not have time! Mickey needs this transplant now, so we either need to convince the D.A. to change his mind, or I'm gonna go rip out Gabi's bone marrow myself!" Sarah frantically countered.

"Listen, I am with you on this...but the D.A. is not gonna cave -- he wants Gabi behind bars," Eric stressed. "Well, then, I guess we'll just go with plan B," Sarah decided before starting to storm toward the conference room in which Gabi was being held. "Yelling at Gabi is not gonna get us anywhere," Eric predicted, chasing after Sarah. "Oh, I'm gonna do a hell of a lot more than yell at her," Sarah warned while approaching Rafe's desk, still en route to the conference room. "Whoa -- hold on!" Eric protested when Sarah spontaneously snatched a pair of scissors from the desk without missing a stride.

"This isn't the answer!" Eric insisted, catching up to Sarah and seizing the scissors. "Then what is, Eric? Because we have to convince [that] bitch to stop playing games! I can't lose my daughter!" Sarah countered. "You won't. I have an idea," Eric replied before dragging Sarah off in search of Abe, who was eventually located at Julie's Place.

"Absolutely reprehensible!" Abe declared with a shake of the head after Sarah and Eric explained why Gabi had turned down the district attorney's plea offer. "What Gabi's doing is just outrageous... [But] we can't allow her to manipulate the system," Abe continued, understanding the district attorney's refusal to cooperate with Gabi. "I am completely, completely sympathetic to your situation...but Gabi tried to destroy my daughter's life, and -- and she would have killed Julie Williams if she hadn't been stopped...[and] now you're asking me to help her walk away unpunished? I mean...I just don't know that I can do that," Abe concluded.

"Without this transplant, our baby will die," Sarah stressed. "I know that you love Lani so much, and I know that you want justice -- for her and for Julie -- [but]...what if it was your daughter that needed this transplant? You would do anything to save her -- you would give in to any demands, no matter the cost...wouldn't you?" Sarah argued.

"We have to put Mickey first. I'll talk to the D.A.," Abe conceded after some thought, drawing sighs of relief and expressions of gratitude from Sarah and Eric. "[But] I have to warn you -- this D.A. doesn't like to be told what to do, so I don't know if I can convince him to make a deal," Abe continued. "Can't you just fire him and then hire a D.A. that will?" Sarah suggested. "Well, there is this little thing called 'ethics'..." Abe replied, somewhat surprised that Sarah had said such a thing. "I don't give a damn about ethics -- not if it's gonna save my baby's life," Sarah tearfully admitted, shrugging unapologetically.

At the Brady townhouse, Justin continued a phone conversation with Chad. "Kayla's still missing -- she hasn't returned my calls, she hasn't returned to the hospital -- [and] I know Rafe [already] spoke to you, [but] I need to know if you've heard from Stefano [since then]," Justin explained. "Uh, no -- I've...I've tried to get ahold of him, [and] I've left him messages, [but] he hasn't responded to me," Chad reported. "Okay, well, if he does, please call me or Rafe as soon as possible," Justin requested. "Yeah, of course," Chad agreed. Justin thanked Chad then ended the call -- just as someone knocked on the townhouse door.

"Where in the hell is Kayla, you bastard?" Justin snapped after opening the door and finding Stefano standing on the other side of it. "Perhaps we can negotiate the good doctor's return in a more civilized manner?" Stefano suggested, objecting to Justin's tone. "You're willing to let her go?" Justin hopefully translated. "Of course -- for a price," Stefano wickedly confirmed. "I want proof that Kayla is all right," Justin demanded. "Luckily, you are predictable, [so]..." Stefano replied before producing a cell phone and showing Justin a digital photograph that was stored on the device -- one that proved that Kayla was fine.

"I have no intention of harming Kayla in any way...[well], as long as you are willing to give me what I want for her safe return, [in which case] she's much more useful to me alive than dead," Stefano stressed. "And what is it that you want?" Justin wondered. "Ten million dollars," Stefano revealed with a shrug. "You're Stefano DiMera -- supposedly. You don't need Kiriakis money," Justin pointed out, confused. "Ah -- if only that were true..." Stefano wistfully mused. "But no one wants to give me Stefano DiMera's money when I don't look like Stefano DiMera. Even my own children haven't cooperated," Stefano explained.

"Hmm. I heard Chad shot you. Too bad he didn't aim a little higher," Justin grumbled. "That was an accident," Stefano insisted. "Your lovely girlfriend fixed me up, so [I'm] good as new...but now I've been compromised, [and] my options are limited, so I need your help to shore up my finances," Stefano continued. "I don't have that kind of money," Justin admitted. "No -- but your Uncle Victor does," Stefano countered.

"You're not as sharp as you used to be if you think my uncle is gonna hand over that kind of money -- especially to a sworn enemy," Justin declared. "He'll do it for you," Stefano predicted. "For all of Victor's bluster, he is a romantic, [and] he wouldn't want to see you lose your lady love -- especially not after you just lost your wife. I must say, you really didn't waste any time getting back in the saddle..." Stefano continued. "Oh, shut the hell up!" Justin snapped. "No judgment," Stefano stressed.

"[After all], your attentions kept Kayla off my back. I wasn't sure she was going to accept those divorce papers, but you were there to soften the blow," Stefano acknowledged. "Well, I sure as hell didn't do it for you!" Justin insisted. "What's with all the animosity? You should be grateful to me, as well -- [see], Steve Johnson was on his way home to be reunited with his beloved 'Sweetness' when my people intercepted him. And, since he didn't come back, Kayla was free to help you pick up the pieces after Adrienne died," Stefano revealed.

"Nice little home you've made for yourselves...and if you don't want to lose it, I suggest you get me that money. [Then] I will return Kayla, safe and sound, [and] quietly disappear -- and with Steve Johnson out of the picture for good, you will again have Kayla's full attention, and you can get on with living...your version of 'happily ever after,'" Stefano reasoned. "Kayla and I love each other. I'm not threatened by Steve Johnson," Justin insisted. "You should be. He is her ex-husband, the love of her life...[and] you're just a consolation prize," Stefano countered.

"As long as I am around, Kayla will do everything she can to get Steve back," Stefano warned. "Is that even possible?" Justin wondered. "No...but we both know she'll never stop trying," Stefano replied. "And she shouldn't -- no one deserves what's happened to Steve," Justin conceded before trying to get through to Steve, drawing mocking laughter from Stefano.

"You are the only person who can help Kayla now. [And] if you're thinking of contacting the police...don't -- it would be a fatal mistake. I'll be in touch," Stefano stressed before exiting the townhouse.

At the police station, Gabi received an unexpected and unwelcome visit from Chad, who was carrying a small takeout box. "I told the guard that I was delivering a message from your attorney," Chad began while offering the box to Gabi, who opened it and discovered a cupcake inside. "We're celebrating...and since they don't allow Champagne in here..." Chad explained.

"The board has unanimously voted to have you removed as CEO of DiMera, which means... You're. Fired," Chad revealed. "It's funny -- after all that time plotting with my father, trying to find a way to get you kicked out, all I had to do [in the end] was sit back and watch you self-destruct. I would ask you for your company badge, but I'm guessing it was confiscated when you were arrested -- by your own brother, at your own wedding. [You know], I'm not gonna lie -- uh, I've replayed that moment over and over again in my head...[and, in fact], I'm thinking about it right now. It's pure gold," Chad continued.

"Go ahead -- make jokes, be a jackass... [But] as soon as I get out of here, I am gonna wipe that stupid grin off your face," Gabi countered. "Several decades from now? I'm not too concerned," Chad insisted. "See, that's where you're wrong -- I could get out much sooner than that; actually, I could be getting out today!" Gabi bragged.

"You're gonna use a child's life as a bargaining chip? You're a mother! How can you be so cruel?" Chad protested after Gabi explained everything. "You are unbelievable!" Chad declared with a shake of the head. "It's one of my best qualities, actually," Gabi agreed. "Thank Abigail for me, [by the way] -- if she hadn't mentioned that she was getting tested, I wouldn't have gone myself, so because of your cray-cray wife, I get a get-out-of-jail-free card," Gabi continued. "Say the D.A. does agree to drop the charges -- everyone in town will know that you used a child's life to gain your freedom," Chad warned. "You really think I care?" Gabi countered.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny demanded to know why Victor, Xander, and Maggie were discussing an alternative explanation for Adrienne's death. "I don't know what you think you heard, Sonny, but, uh --" Victor carefully began. "You said that Maggie killed my mom," Sonny impatiently summarized. "[But] that's impossible, [because] we know that Will did [that when] he drove her off the road that night...right?" Sonny continued. "Of course it was Will -- he confessed he was texting and driving and caused the accident!" Xander confirmed.

"Then...why did you say that Maggie killed my mom?" Sonny challenged Victor. "Sonny, I --" Maggie regretfully began. "Maggie was feeling very guilty about the accident [because] Adrienne wouldn't have even been in the car if Maggie had taken Sarah to the hospital," Xander quickly explained. "Oh, Maggie... From what I heard, my mom offered to drive Sarah, okay? She wanted to. We all know that Will is to blame for the accident, okay? You have no reason to feel guilty," Sonny soothingly stressed. "Yes, I do!" Maggie tearfully insisted.

"Maggie, please -- don't do this," Victor protested. "Will is innocent. I'm the one who caused the crash. I killed your mother," Maggie admitted.

"That -- that doesn't make any sense... You were here that night, all right? You -- you -- you fell off the wagon. You were passed out. You were nowhere near the accident," Sonny argued. "That's what I thought -- [you know], because I blacked out -- but...tonight, little bits and pieces started coming back to my memory..." Maggie began to explain.

"[After] I got drunk, [I guess] I must have gotten in the car, because I [now] remember waking up on the side of the road --" Maggie started to elaborate. "That doesn't mean that you caused the accident," Sonny protested. "Remember what Sarah said to the police -- that the car that swerved into Adrienne's lane was black? Will's is gray --" Maggie continued. "It was dark, and she made a mistake," Sonny reasoned. "No, she didn't. My car is black, and I was on the road that night, [too]. Will just assumed he caused the crash. But he didn't, Sonny -- it was me," Maggie concluded.

"I can't believe this," Sonny admitted with a shake of the head, getting emotional. "All this time, I thought that Will killed my mom! He has been in prison for months! We drew up divorce papers because I couldn't get past what he did!" Sonny continued, pacing around the living room in shock. "Oh, my God -- uh, I have to tell him; he needs to know the truth!" Sonny suddenly realized before starting to rush off.

"He already knows," Victor revealed, stopping Sonny. "He knows? What -- what do you mean, 'he knows'?" Sonny snapped. "I spoke to Will earlier. [He] knows that Maggie caused the crash...and he's agreed to keep it a secret. [He] promised he wouldn't tell anyone the truth," Victor elaborated. "I don't understand... [So], he was willing to stay in prison, even if he knew he was innocent?" Sonny incredulously summarized. "Wait -- wait a second... Did you just say..." Sonny suddenly realized. "You talked to Will before Maggie remembered everything? Does that mean that you knew he was innocent?" Sonny continued.

"Answer me!" Sonny demanded when Victor didn't immediately respond. "Yes," Victor admitted. "How?" Sonny wondered. "The night of the accident, I found Maggie passed out in her car by the side of the road. I called Victor and had him take her home. When Maggie woke up in her bed the next morning, she didn't remember a thing, so...we thought it best it stayed that way," Xander explained for Victor.

"This whole time -- this whole time -- you knew he was innocent -- that he didn't cause the accident?" Sonny snapped at Victor. "I was trying to protect Maggie," Victor explained with a shrug. "And, in the process, you had no problem throwing me and my husband under the bus!" Sonny spat, seething with rage. "How could you do this? How could you let me and Will think that he killed my mom? It tore my heart apart, and my marriage, and his life, and my life -- and you watched it happen [and] did nothing, Uncle Vic!" Sonny continued.

"Uncle Vic did what he did out of love --" Xander interjected. "Shut the hell up!" Sonny snapped, silencing Xander. "You make me sick!" Sonny spat at Xander. "Both of you!" Sonny spat at Victor. "And you!" Sonny spat at Maggie. "Maggie didn't know any of this until tonight -- this isn't her fault!" Xander protested. "She killed my mother!" Sonny countered. "How could you be this irresponsible when you lost a son to a drunk driver? Did you think of Daniel for one minute before you got drunk and got behind the wheel?" Sonny challenged Maggie.

"I'm sorry, Sonny! I don't know why I did it, [but] whatever the reason, it was just unforgivable!" Maggie admitted between sobs, trembling uncontrollably. "I guess I was trying to get to Sarah --" Maggie continued. "Well, you got to her, Maggie -- you got to her! You drove her off the road, and you killed my mom!" Sonny spat, drawing a cry of anguish from Maggie. "You're lucky that you didn't kill your daughter and your grandchild, too!" Sonny pointed out, prompting Victor and Xander to exchange nervous glances that went unnoticed.

"Please, Sonny -- don't blame Maggie. It -- it was an accident," Victor protested. "Maybe...but what you two did was no accident!" Sonny countered, turning to face Victor and Xander again. "You made a stone-cold decision to allow my husband to take the fall for a crime that he didn't commit!" Sonny continued. "And now we're gonna get him out!" Sonny demanded. "You'll be condemning Maggie to a life in prison --" Victor warned. "That poor boy has been behind bars for months because of something I did, and that ends tonight," Maggie, who suddenly seemed more composed, said to Victor with finality.

"I wish it had been me that lost her life that night," Maggie said to Sonny. "Maggie!" Victor objected. "I can never make it up to you for what I've done, but I'm going to try," Maggie stressed.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad hung Stefano's old portrait on a wall in the study, having apparently gotten it back from the police. "Would have been nice to have you in the flesh [instead]... Why didn't you just turn yourself in? That way we could have actually gotten some answers..." Chad said to the portrait before exiting the study with a glass of whiskey. As soon as the coast was clear, Stefano entered the study through the secret tunnels. "Sorry, son -- I'm not about to give up now...not when I am so close to getting everything I want," Stefano, who had drugged Chad's drink earlier, mused with a smirk.

At the police station, Gabi received an unexpected visit from Abe. "I hate what you did to my daughter -- you're vindictive [and] heartless beyond reason, and after the way you tried to kill Julie Williams, I believe you deserve to spend the rest of your life behind bars. However...a baby's life is at stake, and while it twists my guts to say this, you're getting your devil's bargain," Abe declared. "Thank you," Gabi replied. "Don't thank me," Abe protested. "Eli went to see Lani, and I suspect that they are working things out as we speak, [so] you may have regained your freedom, [but] I'm very happy to say that you have lost Eli -- for good," Abe revealed.

Meanwhile, Eric and Sarah waited outside the conference room, celebrating the development -- and Maggie soon entered the police station with Xander.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny found the framed photograph that had been given to Adrienne the previous Mother's Day -- the one that showed Sonny with Will and Adrienne at a happier time in their lives. "All this time, I thought it was you -- I thought my mom died because of you -- but it wasn't your fault; it was never your fault!" Sonny tearfully mused while staring longingly at Will's image.

Justin soon entered the mansion and called out to Victor. "He's not here, Dad," Sonny revealed, drawing Justin into the living room. "Sonny? What's going on? What's wrong?" Justin wondered, seeing the emotion on Sonny's face. "You need to sit down, Dad -- there's something I need to tell you," Sonny began to explain.

Will learns that Maggie has confessed

Will learns that Maggie has confessed

Thursday, February 27, 2020

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano eavesdropped from the secret tunnels as Chad continued a phone conversation with Abigail.

"The kids are fine... Me, on the other hand -- I am not... I just haven't been sleeping well -- been having some crazy dreams..." Chad said between sips of coffee.

Shortly after Chad ended the call, Gabi entered the mansion and began gloating about having been released from police custody.

"You actually did it -- you leveraged a child's life to get out of jail. You, must be really proud of yourself," Chad mused with a shake of the head. "I think even the Phoenix would be impressed at how I got all the charges against me dropped -- [I mean], all I have to do is undergo a tiny medical procedure!" Gabi bragged. "People can do these really wild and crazy things while you're unconscious, [like...I don't know] -- plant these explosive, uh, pacemakers inside of you," Chad warned. "Oh, please -- no one will dare mess with me [when] they need my bone marrow to save [Mackenzie's] life," Gabi countered.

"Get out of this house!" Chad demanded. "As Stefan's widow, this is my house," Gabi reminded Chad. "For the moment...but it won't be long before we get rid of you -- once and for all," Chad warned. "Good luck with that," Gabi countered, waving a hand dismissively. "Just talking to you is -- ugh, it gives me a headache, so I'm gonna go get some aspirin. Enjoy being queen of the manor...while it lasts. [And] maybe lose the wedding dress," Chad said before walking away. "I'm going to burn this dress..." Gabi decided. "It's so good to be home..." Gabi mused with a sigh of contentment. "Is it?" Stefano replied, startling Gabi.

"Well, if it isn't... Uh... 'Stevano'?" Gabi observed before reaching for a cell phone, which Stefano got to first. "I doubt the police will be in any mood to hear anything you have to say," Stefano predicted. "Although the exploding pacemaker -- very impressive; [in fact, it] sounds like something I would have done back in the day. [You know], I once had Dr. Rolf implant a chip in Vivian's tooth to control her behavior," Stefano continued. "Really? You should have had her throw herself off a cliff," Gabi grumbled. "No love lost, huh?" Stefano concluded. "I hate that bitch -- it is her fault that Stefan is dead!" Gabi stressed.

"Hmm. Yes, I regret that I didn't get to know my son. But I find it best not to look back -- better to look forward, keep your eyes on the prize..." Stefano mused. "It's kind of funny that you say that, considering that Steve Johnson [only] had one good eye..." Gabi noted. "All that sass -- my son may have fallen for it, but it won't work with me," Stefano warned, unamused. "Stefan didn't 'fall' for anything -- I loved him, and he loved me!" Gabi insisted. "You seduced him -- it had nothing to do with 'love'; it was about money and revenge!" Stefano countered.

"You, my dear, are a calculating, cold-blooded, soul-sucking user, and Stefan was ripe for the picking when Abigail broke his heart -- my God, that boy had horrible taste in women..." Stefano continued. "Stefan was the love of my life, [and] I will never get over losing him!" Gabi stressed. "Those don't exactly look like widow's weeds to me," Stefano observed, studying Gabi's wedding dress and accessories. "I grieve your son every day!" Gabi maintained. "So, I'm supposed to feel sorry for you and let you live in my house and run my company?" Stefano summarized.

"Chad is weak, [and] Kristen -- she never really was your daughter, and she's a little --" Gabi argued. "Enough!" Stefano snapped as Gabi implied that Kristen was crazy. "Not another word about my children!" Stefano warned. "[And] do not fool yourself into believing that [being] my son's widow [means] you will get anything from me -- not this house, and certainly not my company!" Stefano stressed.

"You're not even you -- you''re an 'essence' or whatever --" Gabi countered, pretending not to find Stefano intimidating. "A word to the wise, Gabriella -- I could have done much more than scare you [earlier], so if you don't want to be reunited with the 'love of your life' for all eternity, do not cross me!" Stefano stressed before returning Gabi's cell phone and heading back into the secret tunnels.

"You are a freaky, scary old dude...if that was even you," Gabi said to Stefano's portrait with a shudder once the coast was clear.

When Chad returned a short time later, Gabi recapped what had just happened then rushed off, not wanting to get into another argument.

Chad checked the secret tunnels and found an envelope taped to one of the walls. "My dearest son, I know that I have kept you at a distance since my return, but the time is coming when you must know and understand my plan..." Chad began to read aloud from a note that had been tucked inside the envelope -- which also contained Stefano's phoenix ring.

At the hospital, Xander tracked down Sarah, who happily reported that preparations were already being made for Mackenzie's bone marrow transplant. "[It] could take place as early as tomorrow, so they've started the pre-op regimen, and it's really intense, [so] I've been with Mickey all night, and Eric's in with her [now]," Sarah explained. "She has a real chance [now...and] even if it is because of Gabi Hernandez, I am just still beyond grateful," Sarah stressed. "So am I...but we, um -- we really need to talk --" Xander began. "I have to get back to Mickey," Sarah insisted before starting to rush off.

"Please -- I just... I -- I want you to understand something --" Xander continued, stopping Sarah. "What I 'understand' is that you and Victor let Will go to prison for something that he didn't do! His life [and] his marriage [were] destroyed because everyone thought that he killed Adrienne, [but] he didn't -- and you knew it, and you said nothing! [You know], what happened was terrible, and my heart goes out to my mom...but I am also so proud of her for having the courage to come forward and take responsibility for what she did instead of living a lie -- which is obviously easy for you and Victor to do!" Sarah snapped.

"Hey, there was nothing 'easy' about it, [but] our priority was Maggie! Look, your mother may seem like a very strong person, but underneath all that steel, she's way more fragile than she lets on, and she's had a hell of a year, [so]...yeah, we lied -- to protect her!" Xander explained. "That doesn't excuse you and Victor ruining Will's life!" Sarah insisted. "It's not like we framed him -- circumstances led Will to assume that he was guilty, so we just went along with it. [And] it's not like Will's an innocent in all this -- he was texting and driving!" Xander reasoned with a shrug.

"And maybe what Victor and I did was wrong, allowed Maggie all this time with her granddaughter, and I've seen the joy she has with that child, and I wouldn't take back a day of it -- would you? Maggie's happiness -- and especially, especially yours -- is everything to me, so...if I had to make the same choices again, I wouldn't change a thing," Xander continued.

"I know that you love my mom -- and Mickey, and me -- but what you and Victor did... [Just]...please promise me -- no more, [okay]? Because I know firsthand that lies always come out, and they always have a way of making things even worse," Sarah replied. "I promise -- no more lies," Xander agreed, squirming a bit.

At Statesville, Ben contacted Ciara, who excitedly revealed that there had been a development in the search for David's father. "When you say you don't give up, you mean it," Ben acknowledged with obvious admiration after Ciara explained everything. "[But] they're gonna be sticking a needle in my arm in the next few hours, [so] it's time we face reality --" Ben started to add, but Ciara interrupted, not yet ready to give up.

After ending the call, Ben started to leave the visitor's lounge -- just as Will entered it. "Maggie turned herself in last night for killing Adrienne. The -- the guard just told me; apparently, his cousin works at Salem P.D. and filled him in," Will revealed, clearly shocked. "Will, that's great news! You'll be getting out of this place!" Ben raved. "I'm not sure what's gonna happen next -- [I mean], it's not a given I'm gonna go free --" Will argued. "What are you talking about? Someone confessed to the crime you've been locked up for! You're going home!" Ben insisted. "I don't know... I -- I still can't believe this is...happening..." Will replied.

"Well, I'm damn glad it is -- [I mean], that you were gonna serve out your time [as a way of] protecting Maggie... Thank God she came forward with the truth [and] saved you from yourself!" Ben declared, drawing a sheepish chuckle from Will. "Is it, it weird to say that I' gonna miss you?" Will wondered. "And I -- I -- I -- damn, I wish this was happening for you; I wish you were getting the hell out of here [and] going home, instead of --" Will continued. "Getting the hell out of here in a box?" Ben numbly concluded. "I -- I refuse to accept that; that's not gonna happen," Will insisted.

"I mean, look at me, right? Everything was -- was against me, and -- and -- and I'm -- I'm getting out, so...I mean, the same -- the same is gonna happen for you," Will continued. "You sound just like Ciara. She's actually got a new lead. She's not giving up...but even if she finds something, it's probably gonna be too little, too late," Ben replied. "My money is on Ciara coming through for you. I just wish there was something I could do," Will stressed. "You can help me fill this out -- [it's] my request form for my last meal," Ben suggested, producing the form and showing it to Will.

"One of the options on here is Chinese food -- Ciara and I had Chinese on our first date, [and since then], it's just kind of our thing..." Ben wistfully mused.

"[But] I guess it doesn't really matter what the hell I choose, does it?" Ben conceded with a shrug. "Listen, miracles do happen -- [I mean], I'm proof of that," Will pointed out. "Yeah, you are," Ben agreed. "[And] I'm so happy for you, Will...[but] just in case the universe is fresh out of miracles for, would you do something for me?" Ben continued. "Yeah -- I mean, uh, of course -- anything," Will replied. "Will you look out for Ciara? [She's] so stubborn, [and] she's impulsive, [and] she's way too brave for her own good, [and] the way she takes these curves on her motorcycle..." Ben started to elaborate.

"[This is] gonna be really hard on her, [and] she's gonna need someone. I know how much you love her, and she loves you, [so]...just promise me you will look out for her," Ben concluded. "Okay," Will quietly agreed.

At the Hernandez house, Evan congratulated Rafe on Gabi's release from police custody. "Gabi has a way of getting herself out of trouble..." Rafe acknowledged with a hint of disapproval while sorting through a pile of mail. "Is this yesterday's mail? [I mean, there was] nothing else besides this?" Rafe asked. "Nope -- that's all of it," Evan replied. "The paperwork I filed to adopt David awhile back -- uh, I just figured I would have heard something by now..." Rafe grumbled. "Hmm. It's probably just a bureaucratic thing," Evan suggested with a shrug. "Yeah, I guess you're right -- I'm just...I'm excited to get on with it, you know?" Rafe admitted.

"If I don't hear anything [soon, then] I'll give 'em a call [and] see what the holdup is," Rafe decided before rushing off to the police station, leaving Evan alone to ponder how to prevent that call from happening.

At the Brady townhouse, Justin received an unexpected and unwelcome visit from Maggie. "Not a good time," Justin, who was waiting to hear from Stefano, tersely insisted. "There never [will be] a good time -- not after what I've done," Maggie regretfully countered. "You're out on bail," Justin guessed. "I don't want to be, and I don't deserve to be," Maggie stressed. "But Victor's lawyers --" Maggie continued. "Did their job," Justin concluded. "Look, I know that you don't want to see me [or] speak to me, [but] please -- I need to talk to you," Maggie begged.

Justin reluctantly let Maggie into the townhouse. "There, um...there's no excuse for what I did -- driving drunk and blacking out -- [but] I swear to you, I didn't remember a thing until yesterday, and if I had known sooner --" Maggie began to explain. "Adrienne would still be dead," Justin pointed out. "The damage is done," Maggie conceded. "Adrienne is gone, and Will spent all that time in prison for a crime that I committed...and his marriage to Sonny is... God, Justin, I have just shattered your family!" Maggie continued, fighting back tears. "Drunk driving can do that," Justin noted, unmoved.

"If you came here for absolution --" Justin began to warn. "No -- that's not what I'm asking," Maggie clarified. "I know I can't undo what I've done, or make up for what I've taken from you, but I just wanted to come [and] tell you how sorry I am -- [and] that I am gonna plead guilty," Maggie continued. "Victor and his lawyers may have something to say about that," Justin predicted. "But it's not up to [them]; it's my choice...just like it was my choice the night I got into my car [and] ended Adrienne's life -- [and] changed your life, and Sonny's life, and Will's life...forever," Maggie stressed, still fighting back tears.

"I'm so pleased that you've found comfort and love again," Maggie declared while eyeing a framed photograph of Justin and Kayla. "I know how close Kayla and Adrienne were... I'd like to apologize to Kayla, if I --" Maggie continued. "She's not here," Justin revealed. "Well, then, if I could just --" Maggie began to respond. "She's not here!" Justin repeated, silencing Maggie. "I'm sorry -- [it's just that] now is just not a good time, [and] I really don't want to talk about this anymore," Justin explained in a slightly gentler tone before pointing Maggie toward the townhouse door.

Shortly after Maggie left, Stefano arrived and wondered if Justin had managed to secure the ransom money yet. "All ten million dollars of it," Justin confirmed. "But you don't see a penny until you return Kayla to me," Justin stressed. "It's not going to be that simple. [I also] need one more thing from you...[and] if you're thinking about getting your back up about that, just remember -- you have a lot more to lose than I do," Stefano countered.

Maggie went to the hospital to see Sarah, who was still with Xander. "Can you ever forgive me?" Maggie hopefully began while approaching Sarah.

At the police station, Rafe received a visit from Ciara, who asked for an update on the search for David's father. "I just got off the phone with my FBI contact, [and] she said that she's checking the DNA sample with every criminal database, so it could take awhile," Rafe reported. "Rafe, I don't have 'awhile'! Look, I'm sorry -- I don't mean to sound ungrateful -- [but] we're running out of time! Ben's execution is in a few hours!" Ciara stressed. "Ciara, I understand the urgency -- I just don't know what you want me to do," Rafe countered. "Call them again!" Ciara begged -- just as Rafe's cell phone rang.

Ciara was initially hopeful that the call was about David's father, but Rafe's end of the conversation made it clear that wasn't the case. "What's going on?" Ciara asked after Rafe ended the call. "Child Welfare's been trying to get in touch with me about an issue with Evan's background check. They sent me two letters -- I didn't get either one," Rafe replied, clearly confused. "I need to deal with this," Rafe decided. "Right now?" Ciara protested. "Yes, right now, because Evan is alone with my kid!" Rafe fretted. "[But I'll] get in touch with my FBI contact [and] tell her that she can tell you anything," Rafe promised before rushing off.

Sonny went to the Hernandez house to see Evan, who was clearly excited about the visit. "I can't stay long," Sonny stressed, causing Evan's excitement to fade at once. "But I do have some news, and I -- I just felt I needed to deliver it in person," Sonny continued. "Should I sit down for this?" Evan asked with a nervous chuckle, sensing that something was different about Sonny. "Will didn't kill my mom!" Sonny blurted out.

"So...not to make this about me, make this about me, what does that mean for us?" Evan asked after Sonny shared the whole story. "Honestly, I have no idea, okay?" Sonny replied, giving Evan an apologetic shrug. "My head is just all over the place right now... You know I care about you -- a lot -- and that's why I needed to come here and see you in person... But Will --" Sonny continued. "Is the love of your life," Evan numbly concluded. "And the only reason that we were getting divorced is because I -- I thought he was the one who killed my mom," Sonny stressed.

"So...what now? Will gets out of prison, [and] the two of you pick up where you left off -- wedded bliss?" Evan summarized with a hint of bitterness. "I -- I -- I have no idea, okay? I haven't -- I haven't spoken to him, [so] I don't know how he feels... I -- I just felt you had the right to know," Sonny explained. "I appreciate that," Evan stressed with a forced smile -- just as Rafe burst into the house.

"Rafe! Hey, did you hear the news about Maggie, and -- and that Will's innocent? What does -- what does that mean? I mean, is he gonna be getting out soon, or --" Sonny excitedly began. "I will get those answers for you...but right now, I need to speak to Evan -- alone," Rafe interjected. "Oh -- sure," Sonny agreed. "I'll be in touch, okay?" Sonny assured Evan before rushing off.

"I just spoke to Child Welfare, and they said they sent me two letters, but I never got them, so...what happened to 'em?" Rafe challenged Evan once the coast was clear. "I don't know," Evan claimed, shrugging. "It's never a good idea to lie to a police officer," Rafe advised. "What are you hiding?" Rafe demanded to know. "I'm not hiding anything," Evan insisted. "Then why'd you change your name?" Rafe countered. "What are you talking about? Why would I do that?" Evan replied. "I don't know exactly why you did it, but I know your real name isn't Evan Frears -- it's Christian Maddox," Rafe revealed, drawing a gulp of fear from Evan.

At Statesville, Ben contacted Ciara again -- and was surprised to learn that there had just been another development in the search for David's father. "There was a hit off of the DNA sample we found on Jordan. David's father did have a criminal record, Ben...and we have a name -- [it's] Christian Maddox!" Ciara excitedly revealed, having gotten the information from Rafe's FBI contact.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny arranged for someone to pick Arianna up at school later that day. "I'm afraid something came up," Sonny vaguely explained before ending the call -- just as Will entered the mansion.

Ben prepares for his execution

Ben prepares for his execution

Friday, February 28, 2020

At Statesville prison, Ben talked to Ciara on the phone about the search for Jordan's killer. Ciara told Ben that she had a lead on David's father. Ciara urged Ben not to give up hope. After the call ended, Ben sat down at a table as Clyde walked in. Clyde asked if he could keep Ben company during his last few hours. Ben agreed.

"I'm glad it's you," Ben said to his father. When Clyde asked Ben why he had turned himself in, Ben explained that it had been the only way to keep Ciara from getting into trouble with the police for helping him. Ben said he did not regret protecting Ciara. With a sigh, Clyde said he regretted telling Ciara about his escape plans, because she was Ben's weakness.

"She's my strength," Ben corrected. Ben explained that Ciara had a good lead on the real killer and was working to exonerate him before his execution. When Ben's last meal arrived, Clyde sat quietly with Ben as he picked at his food. Ben told Clyde that he was glad that Ciara was distracted.

"I don't want anyone I love to watch what they're going to do to me. I don't know how to handle it myself," Ben said. Clyde apologized to Ben for having been a terrible father. Clyde told Ben that he wished he could trade places with him for the execution. "In my own twisted way, I love you," Clyde said. "I know you do," Ben countered with a sad smile. The guard told Clyde that his time with Ben was up.

At Kayla and Justin's apartment, Justin confirmed with Stefano that he had the ten million dollars that Stefano had requested in exchange for Kayla's freedom. Stefano said he had an additional demand. Stefano ordered Justin to convince Marlena to enter a relationship with Stefano. Justin scoffed at the idea. Frustrated, Stefano yelled that his demand was non-negotiable. Justin asked to talk to Kayla before he would agree to anything else.

Kayla was tied to a chair in a storage room. Stefano called Rolf on the phone, and Rolf warned Kayla not to do anything while she was on the phone with Justin. As Kayla nodded yes, Rolf held the phone in front of Kayla to talk on the speakerphone. Kayla assured Justin that she was fine, and Justin promised to save her. Rolf abruptly ended the call. At Justin's apartment, Stefano bellowed at Justin, "Go get me Marlena!"

Back at the storage room, Kayla told Rolf that she did not believe that Steve was actually Stefano. Rolf assured Kayla that Stefano was in control. Unsure, Kayla asked about the science of Stefano's transformation. Rolf explained that he had distilled Stefano's essence, his thoughts and feelings, down to a microchip, which he had inserted into Steve's brain.

"Is it reversible?" Kayla asked. Rolf avoided answering the question. Kayla attempted a different tactic, and she flattered Rolf and asked to see his notes. Rolf's ego got the best of him, and he showed Kayla his notebook. While Kayla read the notes, she untied the ropes binding her wrists to her chair. Once freed, Kayla asked for a glass of water. Rolf agreed to oblige, and he stepped out of the room. Kayla jumped to her feet but was stopped at the door as Stefano entered.

In Rafe's living room, Rafe confronted Evan about his true identity, Christian Maddox. Evan admitted that he had lied. Evan explained that he had been a troubled youth and had been unable to find work under his old name. Furious, Rafe said that Evan had jeopardized Rafe's adoption of David, and he ordered Evan to pack and move out. Evan agreed.

Rafe called the Department of Children and Family Services to do damage control and update them on the situation with Evan. While Rafe was on hold, Ciara rushed in. Ciara said the FBI had found a match for the DNA that had been found on Jordan's body, and it had not been David's but his father's.

"Christian Maddox," Ciara said. The blood drained from Rafe's face. Rafe explained that he had learned that Evan's real name was Christian Maddox. When Ciara asked if he knew where to find Evan, Rafe ran into David's room. Evan was gone, and so was David. Rafe called the police to report the kidnapping, and Ciara assured him that Evan would not hurt David. Rafe left to join the search for David, and Ciara frantically called the prison to speak to the warden about the new evidence to exonerate Ben.

At Statesville, Marlena visited with Ben. Marlena promised to stay with Ben through the execution. "Don't worry. I've made peace with what comes next," Ben said. Marlena asked Ben to talk through his feelings. Ben thanked Marlena for believing from the start that he could be a better person. Ben admitted that he continued to live with the guilt of the murders he had committed. Marlena assured Ben that he had taken responsibility, made amends, and apologized for what he had done.

"The pain I caused never goes away, and if I'm executed, maybe I deserve it," Ben said. Marlena told Ben that he did not deserve to die. Marlena added that Ben had used his second chance to be a better person, unlike some people. Ben gave the credit to Ciara. Ben asked Marlena to tell Ciara that he loved her and to stress that his final thoughts had been about Ciara.

"[Loving her] has been the single greatest moment of my life," Ben said. Ben asked Marlena to tell Ciara that she should rebuild her life, as he had done. A guard entered and informed Ben that it was time to go.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny asked Will for forgiveness. Will told Sonny that there was nothing to forgive. "The man that I will always love is back," Sonny said. As Will and Sonny kissed, they both chuckled and agreed that it felt like heaven to be able to touch one another again.

"We have a future. A beautiful future with our daughter," Sonny said. Sonny asked if they could rip up the divorce papers. With a furrowed brow, Will asked to talk about Evan first. Sonny said that Evan was great with Arianna and a genuinely good person. Sonny added that he had always been honest with Evan about his feelings for Will. With a frown, Sonny admitted that he had not broken things off with Evan yet.

"You are now and always the only man for me," Sonny told Will. Sonny promised to figure out how to let Evan down easy, but first, he wanted to focus on Will's return home. With a grin, Will said he had an urge to pull Arianna out of school and take her out for ice cream. Sonny laughed and said that although he agreed, he did not think Arianna's teacher would appreciate the interruption. Sonny suggested that they go upstairs to pass the time until Arianna returned home from school.

With a sigh, Will said he needed to return to prison. Will explained that he had become friends with Ben, and he wanted to be there for Ben at the end of his life. "I'm not going to let him face this alone," Will said. Evan walked in. After Sonny introduced Will to Evan, Will announced that he would head out and leave them alone to talk.

"From the looks of it, the two of you are already back together," Evan said. Sonny nodded yes. Sonny noted that he had always been honest with Evan about his feelings for Will and his hesitancy to get into a relationship with Evan. "I don't want to hurt you because you're a good guy. I'm sorry," Sonny said. Evan pulled a gun out of his pocket. "I'm sorry, too," Evan said.

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