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Kristen confessed to Lani that she had stabbed Victor. Lani helped Kristen escape police custody. Sarah held Rex captive so that he could not tell Kristen where she was hiding. Gabi was confused when Jake insisted he was not Stefan. Chad vowed vengeance on Gabi. Xander told Maggie about the baby switch. Zoey accused Rafe of murdering Jordan. Two men attacked Ben. Kristen flew to Paris, and Brady and Xander followed.
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Kristen confessed to Lani, Sarah held Rex captive, and Ben was attacked
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Kristen confesses to Lani Kristen confesses to Lani

Monday, May 4, 2020

by Mike

In Paris, Sarah tearfully begged Rex not to inform the Salem Police Department of Rachel's whereabouts -- just as Rafe answered Rex's phone call. Rex greeted Rafe, who wondered what the weather was like in Chicago at that moment. "I'm actually not in Chicago; I'm --" Rex tried to respond -- but Sarah snatched Rex's cell phone and ended the call before anything else could be said.

"You can't prevent me from calling Rafe back," Rex warned Sarah with a sigh. "No...but I can make you see what it's doing to me," Sarah countered. "You cannot take another person's baby -- it's not right," Rex stressed, prompting Sarah to counter that what wasn't right was the series of events that had led to Mackenzie's death -- and the subsequent series of events that had led to Rachel being raised as Mackenzie from birth. "If you ever loved me, [then] just go away and let us be," Sarah begged Rex, who was clearly conflicted -- but still refused to cooperate.

"Mimi kept Emily a secret from me for a year -- a year! I can't do that to another father -- especially when the father is Brady! Think about what this is doing to him!" Rex reasoned. "He has Tate --" Sarah pointed out with a hint of shame, drawing a groan from Rex, who countered that Sarah, of all people, had to know that it was impossible for one child to replace another child.

"Do you want Mickey growing up loving you [and] thinking that you are her mother [when] it's all a lie? [She's] gonna be walking soon, and talking, and asking questions, [and] you're gonna have to look at her [and] lie to her, the same way that you were lied to," Rex continued. "You're right," Sarah conceded after some thought.

Rex followed Sarah and Rachel back to Chad and Abigail's old apartment and bought three plane tickets to Salem while Sarah was packing. "Sounds like you don't trust me to go through with it [on my own]," Sarah mused. "I just want to be there for you, that's all -- [I mean], how many times did you set me straight when I was out of line, right?" Rex reasoned with a shrug. "Is that what you think you did -- set me straight when I was 'out of line'?" Sarah snapped. "[No], that's not what I meant at all -- it's just...I'm a better person because of you, [and] I owe you for that," Rex clarified.

Sarah softened slightly and changed the subject, asking Rex to contact Brady and explain what was happening. "Why don't we just wait until we get back to Salem..." Rex suggested. "Don't you want to let Brady know that I've come to my senses?" Sarah somewhat bitterly countered. "I do -- uh, definitely, I do..." Rex admitted. "Then call him," Sarah demanded. "I can't -- he...he doesn't have access to, uh, a phone right now..." Rex carefully revealed. "Did he not pay his phone bill or something?" Sarah wondered. "No, not -- not exactly..." Rex replied. "I mean, Brady's a zillionaire -- how does he not have access to a phone?" Sarah continued.

"Because...he's in jail," Rex reluctantly explained, stunning Sarah. "So, when I bring the baby back to Salem, the only parent that she is going to have is Kristen DiMera --" Sarah began to summarize after hearing the whole story. "Only until Brady is cleared of the charges --" Rex stressed. "If Brady is cleared of the charges! He could go to prison, and then the only person Mickey will have is Kristen!" Sarah countered. "I understand that Kristen has changed --" Rex tried to argue. "Who told you that?" Sarah asked incredulously. "My dad -- he said that she spent [some time] in a convent," Rex clarified, shrugging.

"Did you get any other character references? [I mean], did you ask Nicole, or Brady, or Eric, or John, or Marlena, or Susan, or anyone else?" Sarah wondered. "No..." Rex admitted. "So, you convinced me to take a defenseless child back to Salem and hand her over to Kristen DiMera because you heard that she 'changed'! Let me tell you something -- I live in the same city as that woman, and the whole 'grieving mother' thing -- it's an act, because that woman would stab her best friend in the back to get what she wants!" Sarah continued. "[Regardless], Kristen is the baby's mother," Rex countered, shrugging again.

Rex started to contact Kristen, prompting Sarah to wonder why Rex had Kristen's cell phone number. "She was a patient of mine," Rex explained. "I don't remember that," Sarah protested. "Are you two working together? [Is that why] you ended up at the same café where I was hiding out [with] Mickey?" Sarah wondered. "Don't do that -- do not spin conspiracy theories," Rex replied before starting to record a voicemail message for Kristen.

Sarah spontaneously grabbed the nearest heavy object -- a metal sculpture -- and swung it at the back of Rex's head before anything particularly revealing could be recorded.

At the Salem Police Station, Kristen squirmed in response to Lani's report that Victor had woken up earlier -- then squirmed even more when Lani added that Eli was at the hospital at that moment, trying to get a statement from Victor about the stabbing. Lani, who still felt a bond with Kristen due to their time together at the convent in Rome, gently wondered if Victor's account of the stabbing would support what Brady had said about it. Kristen, who likewise still felt a bond with Lani, tearfully admitted that Victor would probably tell a different story -- the true story.

"I am the one who stabbed Victor," Kristen revealed before telling Lani what had really happened -- and why Brady was determined to take the blame for the incident.

"You shouldn't say another word to me -- not without an attorney present," Lani advised before regretfully starting to recite the Miranda rights -- but Kristen quickly interrupted.

"I need you to hear me out. You're my friend -- probably the closest one that I have ever had. [And] I supported you when we came back [to Salem, and] I helped you get the goods on Gabi, [and] I encouraged you to fight your way back into Eli's life 'cause you deserve a happy ending, [and] I really believe that if it wasn't for me, then you would [still] be back in that convent --" Kristen stressed. "Are you asking me to let you go?" Lani wondered. "Yes," Kristen confirmed. "I will go to bat for you with the D.A.'s office, Kristen, but I can't sit here and act like I don't know that you stabbed Victor," Lani apologetically insisted.

"You confessed to a crime -- a serious crime -- to a detective in a police station," Lani pointed out. "I thought I was baring my soul to a friend during a time I'm most vulnerable," Kristen explained with a hint of bitterness. "I held my baby one time -- just once -- and that was right after she was born. [Now], you can go ahead [and] charge me for attempted murder if you want, but I won't let you stop me from holding my child again," Kristen continued. "If I could give you [a] chance back to see your little boy, you know I would, [and] all I'm asking is for you to give me a chance -- [to] let me be free [so] I can go get my little girl," Kristen concluded.

At the hospital, Eli suspiciously demanded to know if Victor was blaming Kristen for the stabbing as a way of trying to cover for the true culprit -- Brady. "[No] -- Kristen...told me I deserved to...die...because...of what happened to Next thing I know...I have a knife in my chest... [Look], Brady...would do anything to protect that woman... She gave him a it doesn't matter [to him] that...she's the devil incarnate -- he'll take the fall... [But] I'm telling you -- telling you...she did this to me..." Victor weakly insisted.

Meanwhile, Chad wondered if Abigail was still having hallucinations. "No...[and] Kayla said that [the drugs] should all be out of my system now," Abigail replied.

"I'm gonna make [Gabi] pay. I'm not backing off until she ends up in prison, where she belongs," Chad promised. "Please, just try to let the police handle this," Abigail advised. "The police aren't doing anything. Rafe's [the] commissioner now, and he has a history of looking the other way when it comes to [Gabi]. I keep calling [and] leaving messages, trying to figure out what's going on with the so-called investigation, [and] he's not returning any of my calls -- [he] doesn't have the guts to face me," Chad complained. "I'm working on it," Rafe, who had just entered Abigail's room, countered with a shrug.

Rafe tried to explain that it was a busy time, but Chad wasn't particularly understanding of the Salem Police Department's heavy caseload -- especially since it seemed like there was no reason for one case to still be open, since Brady had confessed to stabbing Victor. "How many people does your sister have to kill [or hurt] before you see her for what she really is?" Chad challenged Rafe, who was quick to point out that Gabi wasn't the only person who had access to the drug that had caused Abigail's hallucinations. Chad and Abigail both took that to mean that Rafe was accusing one or both of them, but Rafe insisted that wasn't the case.

"[Look, you] think that I'm fixing things for [Gabi, but I'm not] -- I told her that she needed to plead guilty for what she did to Julie, [and] I had nothing to do with the deal that was made. [The fact is that] I don't have enough probable cause to arrest her [for this...but] I have assigned Lani to take over the investigation, me when I tell you that she feels the same way about Gabi as the two of you, [so] if Gabi's guilty, Lani will find a way to prove it," Rafe assured Abigail and Chad. "She better...or [Gabi's] gonna answer to me," Chad warned Rafe, who nodded then said goodbye and exited the room.

"Damn it -- forgot to call Rex back..." Rafe realized while waiting for an elevator -- but Eli approached just then and shared Victor's account of the stabbing.

Chad, still upset about the Salem Police Department's inaction, started to storm off in search of Gabi, ignoring Abigail's protests and vowing to get a confession one way or another.

"You're not going anywhere near my wife!" Stefan insisted while shoving Chad up against a wall. "You two really thought I was dead, didn't you? You really thought you could take the company away from Gabi and me!" Stefan continued while choking Chad. "Well, you're dead wrong!" Stefan concluded as Chad collapsed, dead. "What did you do to him?" Abigail asked with a gasp of horror. "What did you do to me? You made me think that you were in love with me, and then you turned on me!" Stefan countered. "You raped me!" Abigail stressed before charging toward Stefan in anger.

Chad grabbed Abigail, who fought back, believing that Chad was Stefan -- who kicked Chad's lifeless body a few times for fun then started strangling Abigail. Chad cried out to the hospital staff for help as Abigail's hallucination continued. Kayla soon arrived and, with Chad's help, managed to sedate Abigail, who lost consciousness while accusing Kayla of having joined forces with Stefan again.

"I thought the drug was all out of her system," Chad admitted. "I thought so, too," Kayla replied. "Then why is this happening?" Chad wondered, and Kayla shrugged in response.

At the park, Gabi stared at Jake in shock -- then uttered Stefan's name, drawing a groan from Jake, who tried to rush off. "You cannot leave me, Stefan, okay? Not again!" Gabi protested, grabbing Jake. "You must be Gabi," Jake realized. "I don't want to upset you, but I'm not Stefan," Jake stressed. "Then how the hell do you know who I am?" Gabi wondered. "I work at a garage with Ben Weston. [He] and his girlfriend had a very similar reaction when they saw me for the first time -- apparently, I'm a dead ringer for [his] old boss," Jake explained before apologetically acknowledging that "dead ringer" might not have been the best phrase to use.

"Anyway, [they] told me about Stefan, [and] how crazy about the guy you were, and, uh...well, I don't know what else to say except...I'm sorry for your loss," Jake continued. "You son of a bitch!" Gabi spat before slapping Jake. "What the hell was that for?" Jake demanded to know. "What do you think I am -- stupid? [Look, just] cut the crap -- and, while you're at it, drop the phony accent!" Gabi snapped. "This is how I talk!" Jake insisted. "Do you know what I've been through since you left me? [I mean], I practically begged, on my knees, [to] Rolf, so that he could bring you back --" Gabi fretted. "Who is that -- a Muppet?" Jake wondered.

"Stop acting like you don't know what I'm talking about!" Gabi begged. "I've never seen you before! [Look], if I was your husband, this guy you say you're crazy about -- which I'm not -- [then] why wouldn't I just come back to you if I could?" Jake countered. "You're lying low for some reason," Gabi guessed after some thought.

"Is this about DiMera?" Gabi asked. "What the hell's 'DiMera'?" Jake replied, drawing a groan of frustration from Gabi. "You know that I'm fighting Abigail and -- and Chad over control of the company, right?" Gabi continued. "Wrong -- I'm a mechanic; I work in a garage," Jake reiterated. "Oh, don't give me that!" Gabi protested. "If this is about DiMera Enterprises and -- and taking over on your own, just let me in on the plan, please! We can -- we can do it together! Don't you see?" Gabi begged while seductively caressing Jake's body. "Lady, get your hands off me, please -- I don't know you from Adam," Jake countered, pushing Gabi away.

"Why are you lying to me?" Gabi demanded to know. "[You know], this isn't the first time you've ever seen me -- I was in the square [earlier], and I thought I was hallucinating, and I passed out, and you went over to try to help me --" Gabi reminded Jake. "I was hoping you didn't remember that," Jake admitted. "I do! And then I came to, and you were gone, and you'd just left me there, lying on the ground --" Gabi continued. "I was late for work, [and] you were not alone -- there were plenty of people surrounding you -- [and] I didn't want to get involved," Jake explained. "You are already involved -- you're my husband!" Gabi stressed. "I'm not," Jake maintained.

"Who's that?" Jake asked suddenly, tricking Gabi into looking away. "See you around!" Jake added while rushing off, ignoring Gabi's protests.

Later, at the DiMera mansion, Gabi vowed to find out why Stefan was pretending to be someone else. Meanwhile, at the auto repair shop, Jake thought about Gabi's suspicion that Stefan was lying low for some reason.

Eli went to the police station and shared Victor's account of the stabbing with Lani, who advised that Kristen was resting at the Salem Inn at that moment.

After Eli rushed off to the Salem Inn, Lani sneaked Kristen out of the police station. "How do I ever thank you?" Kristen wondered. "Just go and find your little girl and be the best mother that I know you can be," Lani replied.

Maggie confronts Xander Maggie confronts Xander

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Eric dreamed that he was walking through the square with Nicole, and he talked about "[his] little girl's" birthday. "Brady's little girl. Your little girl is dead," Nicole said. Eric startled awake. When Nicole walked in with coffee and news, she stopped short when she saw Eric's face. Eric told Nicole about his dream.

"Just when I think I'm ready to accept it, it blindsides me again," Eric said. Nicole reminded Eric that he had her and Holly in his life. Eric asked Nicole what the news was that she had mentioned when she had walked in the room.

"It turns out you and I were right. Brady didn't stab Victor. Kristen did," Nicole said. Nicole added that Victor had named Kristen, and she had fled the police. To take their minds off of the news about the baby and Victor, Nicole suggested that Eric, Holly, and she go to the park. After a picnic, Holly played on the playground while Nicole asked Eric if the picnic had been an insensitive idea. Eric told Nicole that the picnic had been just what he'd needed.

"I know you're trying not to allow me to forget Mickey. You're reminding me that there are other important things in my life. Wonderful things," Eric said. After a quick kiss, Eric ran over to the playground to play with Holly. After playing, Eric returned with Holly and video of her conquering the monkey bars. "I love you, daddy," Holly said to Eric. Eric asked Nicole if she had told Holly to say that to him. "I didn't. I wouldn't," Nicole said. When Holly asked if it was okay to call Eric daddy, Nicole said she was fine with it if Eric was okay. Eric nodded yes.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Eli asked Brady to tell him where to find Kristen. "I have no idea where Kristen is. I haven't seen her since she was here yesterday," Brady said. Eli ordered Brady to stop covering for Kristen. When Brady continued to swear that he had stabbed Victor, Eli interrupted to announce that Victor was awake.

"[Victor] made it very clear that you weren't the one that stabbed him," Eli said. Worried, Brady asked if Victor was going to be okay. Eli told Brady that Victor had named Kristen as his attacker. "[Kristen] is wanted for attempted murder," Eli said. Brady argued that Victor had lied to protect him and hurt Kristen, a woman Victor despised. "If Kristen is innocent, then why has she disappeared?" Eli asked. A look of surprise crossed Brady's face.

"I don't know about you, but I think [Kristen's] making a run for it," Eli said. Brady reasoned aloud that Kristen was out searching for Rachel. Not convinced, Eli argued that Brady had confessed in order to buy time for Kristen to run. "You're protecting the mother of your child because you want her free when Rachel is found," Eli said. Brady stuck to his lie. "I confessed because it was the truth," Brady said.

Eli asked Brady if he had set up a hideout to meet up with Kristen. Brady said he did not know where to find Kristen, and he added that she was innocent and had no reason to run. Brady asked Eli to let him go so that he could find Kristen. "We have to assume that you're a co-conspirator. You're not going anywhere," Eli said. Brady groaned.

"[Kristen] threw Haley down the stairs. She stabbed your grandfather in the heart. The woman is a menace!" Eli yelled. Eli asked Brady if he believed that Kristen would show restraint when she located Sarah. When Eli asked Brady who would help Kristen, Brady noted that Kristen didn't have friends. "Except for Lani," Eli said. Suspicious, Eli looked at the surveillance footage of the station, and he found video of Lani leaving the precinct with Kristen.

In a motel room, Kristen paced nervously. Lani walked in with coffee. Kristen thanked Lani for her help, but she added, "You really should not be here." Kristen explained that she did not want to ruin Lani's life. "We are in this together, okay?" Lani said. Kristen nodded in agreement. Lani informed Kristen that she had retrieved Kristen's phone from the police station. As Lani plugged in the phone to charge it, Kristen again worried aloud about Lani's job.

"Sarah stole your baby, and all you're trying to do is get her back. And I will do anything that I can to help you," Lani said. Lani told Kristen that Rachel belonged with Kristen. After Kristen's phone finished charging, she checked her messages. Kristen listened to the voicemail from Rex. "Do you think [Rex] knows where [Sarah] is?" Kirsten wondered aloud. Lani called the hospital and confirmed that Rex was in Paris. With a nod, Kristen said that she believed Sarah was with Rex in Paris.

At the prison, Xander hesitantly walked into the visitors' room to see Maggie. With fire in her eyes, Maggie asked Xander why he had taken so long to visit after she had asked for him. "Why did you want to see me?" Xander asked. When Maggie noted that the reason was obvious, a confused Xander asked if Maggie wanted to talk about Victor.

"Is something wrong with Victor?" Maggie asked. Xander lied and said Victor was fine. With a nod, Maggie said she wanted to know why Sarah had called off the wedding. "It's my fault," Xander whispered. "What aren't you telling me?" Maggie asked. Xander said that Sarah had developed cold feet. As Maggie listened, another inmate, Pam, walked into the visitors' room.

"Hey, Maggie. Sorry about your old man," Pam said. Alarmed, Maggie asked Pam what had happened. "You didn't know he got stabbed?" Pam asked. The color drained from Xander's face. In shock, Maggie demanded information from Xander. Xander stressed that Victor was fine. When Maggie asked who had stabbed Victor, Pam interrupted to say, "His grandson. Brady something." Confused, Maggie yelled at Xander to tell her why.

After Pam left, Maggie reminded Xander that he needed to tell her the whole truth because she could look up the story on the Internet. "When Brady gets to the end of his rope, he drinks. So, something horrible must have happened to make him violent," Maggie said. "It wasn't Brady that stabbed him. It was Kristen," Xander said. Stunned, Maggie asked why. Xander played dumb, but Maggie pushed him to tell her what Victor had done to upset Kristen.

"You all think you're trying to protect me. From what?" Maggie demanded. Maggie told Xander that she would learn the truth eventually, so he should tell her instead. "I don't think I can do it," Xander whispered. Angry, Maggie threatened to call Sarah. Maggie started to scream, and Xander calmed her down.

Xander told Maggie that Victor had made Kristen think that her baby was dead and that Kristen had learned that Rachel was alive. When Maggie asked where Victor had hidden the baby, Xander told Maggie about the switch and that Sarah had run off with the child.

In Paris, Sarah apologized to Rex for hitting him. Bound to a chair and gagged, Rex scowled at Sarah as she explained that she could not let Rex force her to give her child to "a maniac." Sarah reminded Rex that Kristen had blackmailed and masqueraded as Nicole, as well as other sinister schemes. Sarah stressed that she could not trust a child with Kristen.

"When you called [Kristen], I realized that I can't trust you any more than I can trust Xander," Sarah said. Rex looked over at a plate of croissants. After Rex promised not to call for help, Sarah took the gag out of his mouth so that he could eat. "You cannot lie to this girl for the rest of her life!" Rex protested. Sarah asked Rex if Rachel would want to know that her biological mother was a murderer.

"Do you think she should know that she was conceived when her biological mother tricked her biological father into thinking that she was someone else?" Sarah asked. "I get it. Just add it to the laundry list of bad things that Kristen DiMera has done," Rex said. Frustrated, Sarah yelled that Kristen was a murderer. Rex countered that the system would protect Mackenzie. With a raised eyebrow, Sarah asked Rex if the system was going to shadow Kristen every minute of the day.

"You are making decisions based on what you think is best. You're trying to play God right now, are you kidding me? That's something that Kristen DiMera does. Or Victor Kiriakis," Rex said. Sarah noted that if Brady went to prison, Mackenzie would be raised by Kristen alone. Rex said he understood that Sarah was hurting, but that he believed Sarah would regret her actions once she recovered from the trauma.

"I think that you're enjoying this," Sarah said. "You think that I'm enjoying something that is hurting you so much?" Rex asked. Sarah argued that Rex wanted revenge, but Rex countered that he wanted to help Sarah because he cared about her.

"After everything that we have been through, we are still friends. Because, Sarah, you are the most kind and loyal and compassionate and intelligent person," Rex said. Rex stressed that he loved Sarah as a friend and wanted what was best for her. "You love me as a friend? You still don't know what's best for me. You never did," Sarah growled. Sarah told Rex that he had no right to lecture her on what was right. Rex steered the conversation back to the baby.

"You don't understand," Sarah whispered. Rex said he understood how painful the situation was for Sarah. In tears, Sarah said she did not think she would ever recover from the night of the accident. "I'm really sorry. I can see that you don't think you can handle any more loss. I know. But that being said, you have to face some facts right now," Rex said. Rex explained that he was due at the hospital in Chicago, and they would look for him in Paris. Rex's phone rang. Sarah fished the phone out of Rex's pocket, and he noted that it was the hospital calling.

"Everybody was looking for you, and now they're going to come looking for me. Nobody is going to blame you for what you've done, but the longer you run, the worse it is going to be," Rex said. Rex asked Sarah if there was anyone that she trusted. "I have been lied to over and over and over again. Every second of my life since the baby was born has been a lie, so I don't trust anyone!" Sarah yelled. When Rex asked about Maggie, Sarah reminded Rex that Maggie was "a drunk."

"You [two] were close," Rex said. "Things change. People are close, things happen, they're not close anymore," Sarah said. Confused, Rex asked what had changed. "My mother is the one who killed [Mackenzie]," Sarah said.

Xander admits everything to Maggie Xander admits everything to Maggie

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

by Mike

In Paris, Sarah continued explaining the cause of Mackenzie's death to Rex, who had previously heard about Maggie's role in Adrienne's death but had not yet made the connection between the two events.

"Before I found out the truth about my mom running us off the road, I had so much sympathy for [what she endured from Summer that day -- I mean], to be a mother, and to have a child say such ugly [things -- but now] all my sympathy [is] gone," Sarah stressed at the end of the tale. "She's still your mother --" Rex began to argue. "Do not defend her!" Sarah warned, glaring at Rex.

"Don't you think someone has told Maggie by now? [Look], I know you're in a lot of pain...[but] Maggie is suffering, too. [I mean], she loves you, [and] news like this -- it will break her," Rex continued. "There is this part of me that wants her to suffer..." Sarah admitted. "But the bigger part of you loves her -- and always will," Rex guessed as Sarah broke down.

"You can make this better -- only you can make this better -- [for your mother]. Don't you think you owe that to her?" Rex continued. "Why do you care so much about my mother? She didn't even like you!" Sarah countered, getting angry again. "She didn't like me because she's fiercely protective of you -- and I respect that about her," Rex explained. "She didn't protect anyone [that night], because drinking and driving is unforgivable -- [at least] in my book; is it not in yours?" Sarah argued. "Of course [it is] in mine," Rex agreed. "Then stop defending her!" Sarah demanded. "I'm not defending her!" Rex stressed.

"[But] she has a disease -- she's an alcoholic -- [and] that does not make her a bad person! And [now] she's not only dealing with the fact that she killed a friend [but also the fact that] she killed her granddaughter, [which is why] it is so important that you and Mackenzie get back to Salem and be there for her!" Rex reasoned. "I'm not ready," Sarah admitted. "I get that...but you can't keep running. They will find you, and [then] this is gonna end so much worse, [so just] go home [and] be with your mom -- she needs you, [and] you need her, too," Rex advised. "I can't hear any more [of this]," Sarah insisted before gagging Rex again.

"I feel for my mom...but there is no way that I am giving up my little girl. [And besides, we] will be gone before anyone figures out that we were even here," Sarah assured Rex.

At Statesville, Maggie refused to believe Xander's report that Mackenzie, not Rachel, had died the previous Mother's Day and that the babies had subsequently been switched. "I wish it weren't true...[but] a DNA test was run [to] prove that 'Mackenzie' [is really] Rachel..." Xander stressed. "How could the hospital make such a terrible mistake?" Maggie wondered. "These things...happen, I guess..." Xander muttered. "No, they don't! [Look, this is] unacceptable, [and] whoever on that hospital staff is to blame for this terrible mistake --" Maggie countered. "It wasn't a 'mistake'!" Xander admitted.

"The babies were switched on purpose," Xander elaborated. "By...?" Maggie wondered. "Me," Xander clarified. "What were you thinking?" Maggie snapped. "I wanted to spare Sarah the pain -- I knew she'd be devastated if she lost a child, [and] I love her so much, [so] when I saw an opportunity, I took it. [Look], I know it was wrong, but it made sense at the time -- she'd been through so much [already]..." Xander explained. "So, she knows what you did, [and] that's why she called off the wedding," Maggie guessed. "Yeah. She hates me for letting her fall in love with a baby that was never hers," Xander confirmed.

"[But, again], it was all about protecting her -- and we wanted to spare you the pain, too --" Xander continued. "We?" Maggie repeated. "I --" Xander tried to backpedal. "Victor was involved," Maggie realized with a groan. "Yes," Xander admitted. "Why did he do it?" Maggie wondered. "It's...complicated..." Xander muttered. "No, it's quite simple -- what you [both] did was wrong!" Maggie insisted before starting to rush out of the visitors' lounge, ready to beg the warden for a temporary release to deal with some extraordinary family matters. "Even if you could get out of here, it wouldn't help," Xander stressed.

Maggie was stunned when Xander admitted that Sarah was on the run with Rachel. Struggling to process all the revelations, Maggie backpedaled and asked Xander to clarify the exact cause of Mackenzie's death. "I guess there were...complications..." Xander muttered. "[Well], something must have happened to her [at] the hospital after you brought her in, [because] you delivered her yourself on the side of the road, [and she] was fine when she was born, as far as you knew --" Maggie reasoned. "Please, just let it go --" Xander advised. "[But] I had just run Adrienne and Sarah off the road..." Maggie suddenly realized before breaking down.

"I not only killed Adrienne -- I killed my own granddaughter!" Maggie summarized with a wail of despair.

At the police station, Eli groaned while watching the surveillance footage that proved that Lani and Kristen had left the building together earlier. "What the hell are you thinking, Lani? Helping Kristen escape -- you're gonna get in so much trouble for this..." Eli muttered -- just as Rafe approached. "What's wrong?" Rafe wondered, sensing that something was troubling Eli. "Just frustrated that I haven't been able to find Kristen," Eli claimed.

Eli quickly changed the subject, wondering why Rafe had worn a suit to work. "[I'm] testifying in court today," Rafe explained. "Oh, that's right -- the, um, Christian Maddox trial [starts today]," Eli recalled. "Despite not having a confession anymore, I am confident [that] the DNA we have will convict Evan of Jordan's murder," Rafe stressed. "Well, a conviction will definitely help you get custody of David," Eli noted. "Yes...[but] now that, uh, Evan's sister Zoey is also fighting for custody, it makes things a little trickier," Rafe admitted before rushing off to the courthouse. As soon as the coast was clear, Eli tried to contact Lani.

At a motel, Lani sent Eli's call to voicemail then acknowledged that Kristen's theory -- that Sarah and Rachel were with Rex in Paris -- was solid. "It is more than a 'theory' -- [it] is the break I have been praying for! And when we find Rex, we will find Sarah, and then we'll be able to bring my daughter home!" Kristen stressed. "[You know, I bet that] there is no medical conference in Paris -- [I bet that] Rex made up that story so that he could leave the country," Kristen continued. "[But]...if Rex is helping Sarah, why is he calling you?" Lani countered. "All right -- maybe you're right, [and] he just ran into her and the baby in Paris," Kristen conceded.

Kristen reminded Lani that Rex's voicemail message had ended abruptly -- as if Sarah had stopped it. "If Sarah knows that we are onto her, we -- we've gotta get out there fast, because she's gonna disappear again... [But] Paris is such a huge place, [so] how are we gonna find her?" Kristen fretted. "Luckily, I have a tech genius in my family -- actually, so do you," Lani pointed out before contacting Theo.

After Lani explained everything, Theo agreed to trace Rex's cell phone and pass the device's location on to Kristen as soon as possible.

Sonny went to the courthouse to provide testimony against Evan -- and ran into Zoey there.

"If you go up on that stand, I'm gonna tear you to shreds," Zoey warned Sonny with a smile after getting the introductions out of the way. "Which means dredging up [the] sexual relationship you had with Christian -- [and] I plan to expose every gory detail to the jury," Zoey continued, making Sonny feel slightly uncomfortable but not ashamed or concerned.

"Go ahead -- I have nothing to hide," Sonny replied. "So, you're okay with your husband hearing every intimate detail about your extramarital relationship with Christian? Because, from what I hear, it was pretty hot and heavy..." Zoey countered. "Will and I were separated at that time -- he was in prison for a crime he didn't commit," Sonny explained. "Oh, right -- yes, it was actually your uncle's wife that killed your mother," Zoey recalled. "Are we done here, or do you have more insensitive, insulting things to say?" Sonny wondered. "See you in the courtroom..." Zoey warned.

Shortly after Sonny walked away, Orpheus entered the courthouse and approached Zoey. "The prosecution's gonna leap out of the gate with their flimsy case based on circumstantial evidence. So, when Christian takes the stand, I want --" Orpheus began. "Christian's not taking the stand," Zoey stressed. "If he doesn't testify on his own behalf, he may look guilty," Orpheus warned. "Not after I destroy the prosecution's case -- like you just said, it's flimsy at best, now that the confession's been thrown out," Zoey countered. "They still have Christian's DNA on Jordan's body," Orpheus argued. "That can be explained," Zoey insisted.

"Then why don't you let him take the stand and do just that -- let him look into the eyes of those sheep and tell them that he's innocent? Otherwise, they might think he has something to hide," Orpheus maintained. "He does have something to hide -- you know that better than anyone," Zoey noted. "What is that supposed to mean?" Orpheus wondered. "Christian did kill Jordan," Zoey clarified. "Are you sure that's all you meant? Or do you think your brother might be hiding something else?" Orpheus suspiciously countered. "I don't know what you mean, Dad -- I mean, what else would I be referring to?" Zoey innocently replied.

Rafe entered the courthouse just then, causing Orpheus and Zoey's conversation to abruptly end. "How's my grandson?" Orpheus asked Rafe. "David's not your grandson -- [and] never will be," Rafe insisted. "Biology suggests otherwise -- and, soon, he will be my family legally, as well," Orpheus countered. "I will win custody of David -- especially once [Evan] is convicted of murder," Rafe predicted. "I don't see [that happening], Commish...because my brother didn't kill Jordan -- you did," Zoey interjected. "You're joking, right?" Rafe assumed. "Oh, there's nothing funny about it -- you're the true murderer," Zoey maintained.

"And I'm not gonna keep quiet about it. [I mean], everyone knows how much you hated Jordan -- she poisoned you [and] attacked your former stepdaughter Ciara Brady, [then] tried to run away with little David. You were frantic -- you were furious -- so you hunted her down [and] strangled her, and then you used your position at the Salem P.D. to frame Ben Weston for the crime...[but] that didn't hold up, [so] now you're trying to do the same thing to my brother," Zoey continued. "Wow -- what are you smoking? [I mean], this is insane!" Rafe protested. "Gee, I don't know, Rafe -- it makes perfect sense to me..." Orpheus countered.

Rafe insisted that no one would believe such a preposterous story, but Zoey warned that a jury might. "God -- you're as bad as your father and your brother," Rafe decided. "I'm just doing my job. [See], if I can create reasonable doubt, Christian walks free," Zoey reasoned with a shrug. "Christian deserves to be in jail. He's a liar and a murderer. And you know it," Rafe countered before walking away with a shake of the head. "That was impressive," Orpheus admitted once the coast was clear. "A stroke of genius, actually," Zoey bragged, grinning triumphantly.

"Which is why it's not necessary for Christian to take the stand," Zoey continued. "What are you so afraid of?" Orpheus asked. "I don't trust him up there -- he gets jittery when he's confronted, [and that] will open the door for the prosecution to come at him with guns blazing. [Plus], I don't know what else the D.A. might throw at him," Zoey replied.

"There you go again -- talking as though you know more than you're saying..." Orpheus suspiciously observed. "Are you referring to something specific? Did your brother say something to you?" Orpheus wondered. "About...?" Zoey innocently challenged Orpheus -- but the conversation was interrupted just then with an alert that the trial was about to begin.

At the motel, Kristen received a phone call from Theo, who had news to report. Meanwhile, at the police station, Lani greeted Eli and innocently asked if Kristen had been found yet. "I saw what you did," Eli replied.

Jake has another encounter with Gabi Jake has another encounter with Gabi

Thursday, May 7, 2020

by Mike

After eating lunch with Ciara at the Brady Pub, Ben started to rush back to the auto repair shop to resume a work shift.

"We wouldn't want Stefan to dock your pay," Ciara joked. "Jake," Ben stressed. "If you say so..." Ciara replied. "You don't seriously think that my new boss came back as the reincarnation of Stefan," Ben guessed. "No, I don't," Ciara admitted. "[But] the resemblance is pretty mind-blowing," Ciara noted. "It's a little weird... It's a lotta weird... [But] there's just something, like, oddly comforting about it -- [I mean], I know Stefan wasn't the most popular guy in Salem, but...I liked him a lot. The guy gave me a job when nobody else would, and we became friends,'s almost like I'm getting a second chance with him," Ben mused.

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi complained to Stefano's old portrait about Jake's refusal to admit to really being Stefan. "I don't know how you did it, old man -- [I don't know how] you and that nutcase Rolf [pulled it off -- but] your son is still alive, isn't he?" Gabi guessed. "I am alive," Chad confirmed, joining Gabi in the study. "And so is my wife -- no thanks to you," Chad, who had taken a break from the hospital to check on Thomas and Charlotte, continued. "I don't have time for this," Gabi insisted before starting to walk away. "You're unemployed -- all you have is time," Chad countered, stopping Gabi.

"That's why you're talking to a portrait of my dead father," Chad continued. "It's one of my favorite pastimes, actually -- much more interesting than speaking with you," Gabi stressed. "And, by the way, the son I was referring to -- it's not you," Gabi clarified. "Oh? [Then] it's your dead husband?" Chad guessed. "Stefan is alive -- and I'm gonna prove it," Gabi insisted before telling Chad about Jake. "You taking drugs?" Chad assumed after hearing the whole story. "I'm not the only one that's seen him -- ask Ben!" Gabi countered. "Okay, so there's somebody who looks exactly like Stefan," Chad conceded.

"It'd be impossible for it to [actually] be him, though," Chad argued. "Not in Salem! I mean, come on -- how many [people] has Rolf brought back from the dead?" Gabi reasoned. "None that are missing [a] heart, which you gave away! [Seems to me like] you're trying to make Abigail look delusional when, really, you are the one that is absolutely insane!" Chad countered with a shake of the head. "[No] -- I'm the one that's gonna prove everybody wrong [and] have the last laugh!" Gabi countered before storming out of the mansion.

At the auto repair shop, Jake thought about Gabi while reading an online article about Stefan's death. Ben eventually entered the shop and greeted Jake. "What's going on?" Ben asked. "Oh, I'm just reading a fascinating article..." Jake replied. "About what?" Ben wondered. "My wife," Jake revealed with a smirk. "I remember you mentioning something about a serious ex, but I didn't think you were married..." Ben admitted. "No, I'm not -- I'm talking about my 'wife,'" Jake clarified before telling Ben about what had happened with Gabi the previous night. "Sounds about right..." Ben mused as Jake complained about Gabi's behavior.

"Anyway, I thought I'd do a little bit of research -- find out more about the dead dude -- and, uh, guess yinz weren't kiddin' -- pretty strong resemblance, but I do maintain, I'm a lot better lookin'," Jake continued, pointing to the picture of Stefan that accompanied the online article. "Quite frankly, I'm glad I'm not the guy, [because] he seems like bad news, [and] his old lady is clearly a giant pain in the ass," Jake concluded -- just as Gabi entered the shop. "Speak of the devil..." Jake muttered as Gabi fumed in response to the insults.

"How the hell did you find me?" Jake wondered. "You said you worked in a garage -- it wasn't that hard to find [the right one]," Gabi explained. "Hmm. Well, unless you have a car or a bike that needs repaired, I can't really stand around and chitchat with you -- I'm not gonna lose my new job because some crazy lady's stalkin' me," Jake insisted. "I am not crazy!" Gabi countered. "Right?" Gabi said to Ben, who didn't respond. "You're gonna stand here and tell me [that] this isn't Stefan?" Gabi challenged Ben. "Well, there's a...resemblance...[but] Jake is nothing like Stefan -- he doesn't act like him, he doesn't talk like him..." Ben argued.

"He's faking it!" Gabi reasoned. "Why would he be faking it?" Ben wondered. "I don't know!" Gabi admitted before turning to Jake for an explanation.

"Time for you to leave -- now," Jake insisted. "Make me!" Gabi countered. "Fine!" Jake agreed before starting to drag Gabi out of the shop.

Gabi tried to pull away from Jake -- and fell in the process. "[You] got blood all over the clean floor!" Jake complained as Ben helped Gabi up. "'Clean'? Are you kidding me? This place is filthy -- that's why I fell in the first place!" Gabi, whose left arm had been cut, countered. "I'm renting the room upstairs. Why don't you...come with me and, uh...I'll get you patched up. [But] don't you get any ideas, all right? I just don't want you suing me," Jake said before starting to walk away. "Let's go! The sooner I get done with you, the sooner I get rid of you!" Jake called out. "That's what you think..." Gabi muttered before following Jake upstairs.

Jake fetched a first-aid kit as Gabi settled in a chair. "What, were you a Boy Scout?" Gabi asked mockingly. "You seem to know everything about me -- was I?" Jake dryly replied. "Answering a question with a question -- that's what people who are hiding something do," Gabi stressed. "Oh? Well, I happen to know a thing or two about you, Gabriella Josephina Hernandez DiMera -- I know that your brother is the police commissioner, your daughter has two gay dads, and you have been to prison...oh, I don't know, how many times now?" Jake countered.

"You looked me up!" Gabi assumed. "No, not you -- the Stefan guy who you wouldn't stop yammering about," Jake clarified.

"The guy was kind of a jerk -- no wonder you fell for him," Jake mused. "Takes one to know one!" Gabi argued.

Meanwhile, two men entered the shop and approached Ben. "Did you really think you could hide from us?" one of the men asked. "What are you talking about?" Ben wondered. "Save it, Jake," the other man advised. "Oh, no -- I'm not Jake," Ben clarified. "Nice try, buddy -- now hand it over," the second man demanded. "Hand what over? Uh, I really don't know what you guys want here..." Ben insisted. "The boss said you might try to play dumb," the second man revealed. "And he gave us detailed instructions for what to do if you did," the first man warned before picking up a nearby crowbar.

Ciara went to the hospital to check on Victor. "They just took him down to Radiology for some testing," Justin reported when Ciara entered Victor's room. "He was able to tell the police what really happened -- that Kristen was the one who stabbed him, not Brady," Justin informed Ciara. "Wow... How did our family become such a mess? I mean, everyone's either in jail, or in the hospital, or mad at someone for something..." Ciara mused. "Sonny told me that, uh, you moved out of the mansion," Justin recalled. "Yeah -- I've been, uh...I've been staying with Ben at the Salem Inn. It's not exactly a hardship..." Ciara replied.

"But, uh, as much as we enjoy the room service [and] love sleeping in the most comfortable king-size bed ever...we can't really afford it, so we've been job hunting...[and] he just got hired as a mechanic at this auto shop, [and] he's really excited about it..." Ciara continued. "I'm, uh, sensing a 'but'..." Justin admitted. "No, it's great... It's [just]...okay,'s the really weird thing -- Ben's new boss looks exactly like his old boss, Stefan -- like, exactly," Ciara explained. "The last thing we need is another DiMera coming back from the dead..." Justin mused with a groan.

Changing the subject, Justin asked Ciara about Hope. "She's having a tough time coming to terms with what she did as Princess Gina...[but] at least my Uncle Steve can relate...and maybe now he can help her -- you know, now that they're living together," Ciara replied. "They're what?" Justin stammered. "I assumed [that] Aunt Kayla would tell you, but maybe she doesn't even know herself," Ciara reasoned before rushing off to get Ben.

Meanwhile, Marlena ran into Kayla at the nurses' station and seized the opportunity to politely express concern about Steve's arguably premature discharge. "Well, uh...he was still a little weak [when he was discharged]...but there was nothing more we could do for his eye except put his patch back on...and, um...instead of going stir-crazy here, I thought it'd be better if he could just recuperate at home," Kayla explained. "But...he doesn't really have a home," Marlena protested, prompting Kayla to clarify that Steve had actually moved in with Hope. "Doesn't that upset you?" Marlena asked. "No! Why would it?" Kayla replied.

"I mean...okay, I -- I admit, I was a little surprised, but...listen, Hope has known Steve even longer than [I have], and I think that...well, you know, he's still family to her, and she was...being generous," Kayla continued. "I think there's a lot more to it than that. Don't you?" Marlena countered. "Hope and Steve are [just] good friends!" Kayla insisted. "[But now] they share a very mutual experience [which] they both feel guilty about, [so] they lean on each other -- and that's a very easy thing to do in this current living arrangement," Marlena reasoned. "Well, I guess that makes sense..." Kayla conceded.

"But...?" Marlena prodded Kayla. "The whole thing just...pisses me off!" Kayla grumbled. "Are you angry at Hope?" Marlena wondered. "Well, I shouldn't be -- I think she was just being generous [and] trying to help out somebody she cares about... I just -- I just didn't think..." Kayla tried to explain. "That Steve would take her up on her offer," Marlena guessed. "Right. [And]...I have to tell you, I find the whole thing kind of infuriating," Kayla continued. "I don't know what his alternatives might have been..." Marlena reasoned. "He could go back where he came from!" Kayla suggested.

"Out of sight, out of mind?" Marlena summarized. "That is exactly right!" Kayla confirmed. "It is painful enough without him in my face all the time! [And] what's ironic, really, is [that] while we were married, there were many times that he was nowhere around --" Kayla continued. "There were reasons for that, though..." Marlena interjected. "I am not saying that his work wasn't important; I am just saying that when the person who loves you repeatedly begs you to come home, and you choose not to..." Kayla tried to clarify.

"I'm sorry, but Steve has hurt me over and over again, [and] Justin hasn't -- in fact, he is always there for me [and] puts me first, [and] that is part of the reason I love him so much," Kayla concluded with a shrug. "Hmm. But what about your feelings for Steve?" Marlena countered. "[They're] very complicated right now -- there is frustration [and] anger, [but...well], I just can't turn off feelings of 30 years..." Kayla admitted. "Nor should you, [because being] honest about them [is] the only way [to] get through this," Marlena advised -- just as Chad approached.

Chad apologized for interrupting then wondered how Abigail was doing. Kayla reported that Abigail was still resting comfortably with the help of the sedative that had been administered the previous night. Kayla then rushed off so Chad could talk to Marlena, who was more qualified to guess Abigail's prognosis. Marlena admitted to Chad that the drug that had triggered Abigail's hallucinations was still in the developmental phase and was still a bit of a mystery to everyone in the medical field as a result. "Are you saying that there might be permanent damage -- [that] I'll never get the real Abigail back?" Chad asked. "It's too soon to say," Marlena replied.

Chad told Marlena about Abigail's most recent hallucination -- and about Gabi's sudden belief that Stefan was still alive.

Meanwhile, Kayla joined Justin in Victor's room -- and explained, when asked, that it simply hadn't seemed important to mention that Steve had moved in with Hope.

"[Or] maybe you didn't tell me because you didn't want to admit how you really felt about it -- [that] you're upset that the love of your life has, uh, moved in with one of your best friends [after] they were together as Gina and Stefano for months --" Justin reasoned. "[You think] they're having an affair?" Kayla asked incredulously. "No...[but] the fact that you went there just sort of proves my suspicion that you have a lot of unresolved feelings that you still need to deal with," Justin replied before canceling dinner plans with Kayla and rushing off.

At Hope's house, Steve found Stefano's new portrait. "What the hell is that?" Steve asked Hope. "It's a portrait of you -- I mean, you Stefano... I painted it myself," Hope replied, leaving Steve even more confused. "I suppose I should have said [that] Her Royal Highness painted it -- Princess Gina Von Amberg," Hope clarified with a sarcastic flourish and bow -- gestures that Steve took seriously. "I'm me!" Hope insisted, smacking Steve's left arm. "Okay..." Steve agreed. "I wish to God I didn't have to see this stuff ever again..." Hope admitted, referring to the portrait as well as a nearby box of items.

"Gina's cigarettes... Her lipstick -- wow, that's [an] awfully bright [shade]... Stefano's disgusting cigars..." Hope muttered while rummaging through the box. "Where did all [this] come from?" Steve wondered. "The police were here while you were sleeping -- [see], now that Stefano really and truly is dead, they closed the case against him, [so] they dropped off all the evidence they had collected," Hope explained.

"I can't believe I painted [that portrait] -- you know I can't draw!" Hope mused. "You remember more than I do from when we were under the influence -- is [that] really what I looked like?" Steve asked. "Well, you sure -- Stefano [sure] thought so when Gina showed him the painting for the first time," Hope replied. "Was Stefano happy about [being in my body]?" Steve wondered. "Actually, [he] was disappointed [because] -- these are Stefano's words, not mine, [remember] -- you weren't man enough to fill his shoes," Hope revealed. "Oh? Wow -- dude really was an arrogant son of a bitch, wasn't he?" Steve grumbled.

Steve suggested to Hope that it was time to get rid of everything that had belonged to either Stefano or Gina. "Won't erase all the pain we've caused," Hope, who was carrying the box of items, argued while following Steve, who was carrying the portrait, out to a fenced-in trio of outdoor trash cans that stood next to the garage. "Maybe not..." Steve conceded before driving a fist through the portrait. "[But] breaking his face sure felt good," Steve reasoned before encouraging Hope to join the fun. Hope removed Gina's tiara from the box of items and threw it at the garage door then started helping Steve finish destroying the portrait.

"[That was] kind of cathartic. Thank you," Hope said to Steve after they reentered the house. "I should thank you for giving me a roof over my head -- [and] I just hope I didn't put you in the middle of something, [because] Kayla didn't seem too happy when I told her where I was gonna crash," Steve replied. "You didn't have a whole lot of choices," Hope noted. "No," Steve agreed.

"But I did have a choice when I told her she should stay with Justin. Then again, she said she wasn't 'staying' with Justin because she never left him -- and she wasn't planning to. So, maybe she really doesn't care..." Steve mused. "You really believe that? [Because] this is what I believe -- that there is no way in hell that Kayla Brady is over you," Hope countered.

"[Well], she's with Justin now, [and] they're happy, and she's a hell of a lot better off with him than [with] me -- you agreed with me on that," Steve stressed. "No, don't put words in my mouth -- I did not say that; I said I understand how you feel," Hope clarified. "Damn it, I hate this -- I love you both so damn much, [and] I want to see you both happy...[but] I want to see Justin happy, as well," Hope admitted. "Well, then, you should get on board with Team Justin, because I don't see how Kayla can ever be happy -- or safe -- with me again. [You know], I was a pretty bad dude [when I met her] -- guess things have come full circle," Steve declared.

Hope disagreed, insisting that Steve was a good man -- and a good friend.

At the hospital, Chad tracked down Marlena and worriedly reported that Abigail was missing.

Ciara entered the auto repair shop and found Ben passed out on the floor. Meanwhile, in the room above the shop, Jake finished patching up Gabi -- who seized a kiss in an effort to confirm that Jake was really Stefan.

Jeanne Marie finds Rex Jeanne Marie finds Rex

Friday, May 8, 2020

At the Brady Pub, Jack and Jennifer talked about Abigail. "I know that life is not fair, but Abigail has overcome this, and she got her health back for her children, and it's like everything is starting all over again," Jennifer said. Jack reassured Jennifer that Abigail was not regressing. "[Abigail's] been poisoned," Jack stressed. Jack argued that Abigail would be fine once the drug was out of Abigail's system.

When Jennifer noted that there could be side effects, an emotional Jack begged Jennifer not to "go there." Jack urged Jennifer to be optimistic. Jennifer agreed. Jennifer added that she wanted to be optimistic that the police would prove that Gabi was to blame. "To make someone lose their mind again? Nothing could be more cruel," Jennifer said. Jack added, "I hope that [Gabi] gets what she deserves." Chad called Jennifer to tell her about Abigail's fit. Frantic, Jack and Jennifer raced out of the pub.

Xander visited Victor in the hospital and told him about his emotional conversation with Maggie. Victor was livid, but Xander explained that Maggie had been looking for answers about the stabbing, and she would have learned them from someone else. Victor asked about Maggie.

"She broke down. All I could do was hold her. It broke my heart," Xander said. Worried, Victor attempted to remove the I.V. from his arm. Xander stopped him. Xander told Victor that Will was on his way to comfort Maggie. Xander added that he was going to track down Sarah.

Victor asked Xander if he was worried that Kristen would hurt Sarah. "I'm afraid of what she'll do if she finds her. If she'll stick a knife in your chest for switching her baby, imagine what she'll do to Sarah for kidnapping her," Xander said. Victor pinned his hopes on the police catching up with Kristen first. When Xander commented on the mess they had made, Victor instructed Xander to use Titan resources.

"Find Sarah and the baby and make things right," Victor said. "I'm not sure I deserve your generosity. I've let you down. I wouldn't blame you if you hated me," Xander said. Victor noted that he had given Xander his father's drachma because Xander had "proven to be a true Kiriakis." Xander pulled the drachma out of his pocket.

"As long as you carry this, your family will carry you," Xander quoted Victor. "You've done your best to carry the Kiriakis family, and for that I'm very proud of you," Victor said. Victor advised Xander to continue to put the family first, even though the choices were not easy. "All the work we did to protect them was all for nothing," Victor said. Xander squeezed Victor's hand and whispered, "Not if I can help it."

In Jake's bedroom at the garage, Jake finished cleaning Gabi's wound. When Gabi demanded answers, Jake refused to take a DNA test. Gabi said she had a simpler way to prove that Jake was Stefan. Gabi grabbed Jake and kissed him passionately. Jake pulled away. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Jake asked. Gabi argued that Jake was her husband. Frustrated, Jake yelled that he was not Stefan, and he needed Gabi to leave so that he could get back to work.

"Maybe I will sue you," Gabi said as he looked at her wound. Jake groaned. "Did it ever occur to you that maybe your husband jumped in front of that bullet to, I don't know, get the hell away from you?" Jake said. "That is a horrible thing to say. Stefan and I were a team. We were deeply in love," Gabi countered. When Jake opened the door and motioned for Gabi to leave, she chuckled.

'You kissed me back," Gabi said. "Excuse me?" Jake yelled. Flustered, Jake accused Gabi of ambushing him. "No matter how much noise you make about not being Stefan, it was the kiss that gave you away," Gabi said. When Jake grumbled that Gabi made him furious, Gabi noted that no matter how angry Stefan had been with her, their kisses had always been electric.

"I did not kiss you back," Jake protested. "You did kiss me back. And you liked it," Gabi said. "There was nothing about that kiss that I liked," Jake yelled. With a smirk, Gabi told Jake to stop lying to her. Jake stressed that Gabi was a stranger, and he had no feelings for her.

"If you knew how many people have come back from the dead in this town," Gabi started. Annoyed, Jake told Gabi that he was envious of her husband because Gabi could not harass Stefan. "Get the hell out!" Jake yelled. Gabi refused to leave. Jake grabbed Gabi by the arm and dragged her out of the room.

In the garage, Ciara found Ben unconscious on the floor. When Ben roused awake, he told Ciara that two men had attacked him. Ciara wanted to take Ben to the hospital, but Ben refused. "Well, at least let me call the cops then," Ciara said. After calling the police, Ciara asked Ben about the attack. "I think they thought I was Jake," Ben said.

At the police station, Lani asked Eli if they could talk about what had happened with Kristen. "What is there to talk about? The surveillance footage says it all," Eli said. Eli told Lani that he was angry that she had lied to him. "Kristen stabbed Victor Kiriakis, and you helped her evade arrest," Eli said.

"She had a good reason," Lani argued. "To stab someone?" Eli countered. Lani explained that Kristen was her friend, and she had wanted to help Kristen reunite with Rachel. Disgusted, Eli said, "You're lucky I didn't report this to Rafe. You're lucky that you didn't get arrested." Eli and Lani went into the interrogation room to finish their conversation in private. Eli argued that Kristen was desperate to leave town because she had learned that Victor was awake.

"[Kristen] fed you a sob story," Eli said. "It's also the truth!" Lani countered. When Eli posited that Kristen might hurt Sarah like she had hurt Victor, Lani argued that Kristen would not hurt Sarah. Eli told Lani that she had let Kristen manipulate her. Lani explained that Kristen had never been able to hold her daughter, and if Kristen were behind bars, she might never get to hold her daughter.

"How can you not understand that?" Lani asked. "I get it. Kristen is going through hell. But we took an oath to uphold the law," Eli said. "Some things are more important than the law," Lani countered. Eli stressed that Lani did not get to decide when the law applied. Lani said that if she had learned that someone had taken David and he was alive, she would have reacted the same way as Kristen.

Rafe called Eli's phone and asked him to head out to a crime scene. Eli refused to let Lani go out with him on the call. "I can't let you do that now that I know that upholding the law isn't important to you," Eli said.

After Eli left, Lani called Kristen's voicemail and asked her to call back about Theo. Brady walked in, fresh out of holding. Lani confessed to Brady that she had helped Kristen escape. Grateful, Brady thanked Lani for her help. Brady and Lani slipped into the interrogation room at the police station to talk. Lani told Brady about the call from Rex. "He has to be with Sarah, right?" Lani said. Brady agreed.

Theo called Lani. Theo gave Lani the location of Rex's phone call. After talking to Theo, Lani told Brady the location in Paris of Rex's phone call. When Brady asked if Kristen knew the information, Lani frowned. "[Theo] said he called Kristen this morning with the news, but she hadn't called me yet," Lani said. Brady noted that Kristen was likely on her way to Paris. When Lani asked Brady if he was worried about Kristen, he shook his head no.

"I'm more worried about Sarah, to be honest with you," Brady said. When Lani asked Brady if he believed Kristen might hurt Sarah, Brady countered, "Should we ask Victor that question?" Brady hugged Lani goodbye, and he thanked her for her help.

When Eli arrived at the garage, he took Ben's statement about the attack. Ben noted that there was no security footage. "Do you know why they assaulted you?" Eli asked. Ben explained that the assailants had mistaken him for his new boss. "Hell of a first day on the job," Eli muttered. When Eli asked about the boss, Ben noted that Jake was upstairs with Gabi. "Gabi? What does she have to do with this?" Eli asked.

From the doorway, Jake pulled Gabi into the room. Eli was shocked to see Jake. "Stefan DiMera?" Eli asked. "Even a cop thinks that you're Stefan," Gabi said. Eli explained that he was there to investigate an assault on Ben. "They thought I was you," Ben told Jake. "Maybe you could tell me why two men would want to beat you up," Eli said. Jake shrugged. Jake suggested that the assailants might have been looking for Stefan, who "appeared to be a shady character."

After Eli discussed the attack with Ben, Ciara, Jake, and Gabi, his phone beeped with a notification from the precinct. "That's it?" Ciara asked. Eli pointed out that without witnesses or security footage, there was not much evidence to track down the assailants. "There's not a lot I can do at this point," Eli said. Ben apologized for not having more information. With a nod, Eli asked Ben and "Stefan" to let him know if the assailants showed up again. As Eli started to leave, Jake asked him to escort Gabi off the property.

"I'm not done," Gabi growled. Eli explained that Gabi was trespassing and that Jake was well within his rights to call the police on her. With a sigh, Gabi said she would leave, but she promised she would return to finish her conversation with Stefan.

Jake got two bottles of beer and gave them to Ben and Ciara, and he apologized. When Ben said it was okay, Ciara was upset. "You're not fine. You got a beating meant for him," Ciara said. "Like I said, I don't know anything about this," Jake said. Ben noted that the assailants had believed he was Jake, not Stefan. When Ben stated that he had not told Eli all the details, a frustrated Ciara asked why. "Because these thugs were looking for something, and clearly, they wanted it bad enough to beat the crap out of me. So, what was it, Jake? What did they want?" Ben asked.

When Eli returned to the station, he was cold to Lani. Lani asked if he had decided whether to tell Rafe that she had helped Kristen escape. As Eli stared in silence, Gabi stomped into the precinct. "We are in the middle of something," Lani barked. Unfazed, Gabi demanded to talk to Rolf.

At the airport, Brady waited for takeoff on the Titan jet. Xander walked in and sat down. "What do you say we get this bird in the air?" Xander said.

In Paris, Sarah was packing to leave when Xander called her phone. Still furious, Sarah sent the call to voicemail. Sarah apologized for hitting Rex and for leaving him tied up. When Sarah opened the front door to leave, the nosy neighbor, Jeanne Marie, was in the hallway. Jeanne Marie heard Rex yell through his gag, and she walked into the apartment. Rex yelled frantically, but he was muffled.

"I don't understand American accents," Jeanne Marie said. As Jeanne Marie walked closer to Rex, she made no comment about the fact that Rex was bound and gagged. Sarah explained that "Chad" was sick with a sore throat. As Sarah ushered the neighbor out, Jeanne Marie urged "Chad" to make up with "Abigail." Jeanne Marie attempted to approach Rex, but Sarah stepped in the way. "I can't let you do that," Sarah said. When Jeanne Marie asked why, Sarah explained that her husband was contagious.

Kristen stood outside an apartment door somewhere in Paris. "This is the place. Hang on, Rachel. Mommy's here," Kristen said as she reached for the handle and opened the door.

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