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Ben proposed to Ciara, and Hope gave them her blessing. Sarah gave Rachel to Kristen. Kristen took Rachel and left Brady. Rolf told Gabi that Jake was Stefan, and he made her a deal for the serum. Ben took the serum from Gabi, and he handed it over to Marlena. Abigail's hallucinations grew worse. Ben told Jake about his past. Eli covered for Lani. A jury found Evan guilty. Zoey told Rafe that Orpheus had killed Adrienne and that Maggie was innocent. Sarah forgave Maggie. Maggie sent a goodbye letter to Victor. Chad asked Ben for help with Gabi.
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Ben and Ciara got engaged, and Rolf told Gabi that Jake was Stefan
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Sarah tries to flee from Paris with Rachel Sarah tries to flee from Paris with Rachel

Monday, May 11, 2020

by Mike

At the auto repair shop, Ben and Ciara challenged Jake to explain what was going on with the thugs, who had clearly been looking for something specific.

"I don't know what else to tell you. [Like I said before], I don't know who [those] guys were -- or what they wanted," Jake maintained, but Ben and Ciara were both certain that wasn't true. "[Ben] took a beating for you -- the least you could do is be honest with him [about why]," Ciara stressed. "If my answer's not good enough, Ben's free to walk," Jake countered. Outraged, Ciara started to argue with Jake about the matter, but Ben quickly interrupted. "I need this job, [so] I'm not gonna force you to tell me what's going on...[but] those guys clearly mean business, so whatever mess you're mixed up in, it's not going away anytime soon," Ben said to Jake.

Ben and Ciara soon left the shop and returned to the Salem Inn, where they continued to discuss what had happened earlier.

Ben remained determined to continue working at the shop, despite Ciara's concerns about the obvious danger, because it would probably be impossible to find another place in Salem that would hire the Necktie Killer, of all people. "I can take care of myself," Ben assured Ciara between groans of pain while undressing. "Yeah, okay -- but if something were to happen to you --" Ciara tried to argue. "Nothing is going to happen to me...[but] if something does happen, then you can say 'I told you so,'" Ben reasoned. "Not if you're dead," Ciara pointed out. "You can put it in your eulogy," Ben joked, but Ciara wasn't amused.

Ben quickly changed the subject, telling Ciara to change clothes so they could go somewhere for dinner. Ben then stepped into the bathroom to take a shower, refusing to give Ciara any additional details about their dinner date. Later, Ben took Ciara to the park then rushed off to the town square to get Chinese food and flowers. "Just like on our first date!" Ciara recalled when Ben returned. "You know, it is kind of funny -- [I mean], we were celebrating, on our first date, me getting a job with Stefan --" Ben noted. "And now we're celebrating you getting a job with Stefan's look-alike," Ciara concluded for Ben.

"[Who is] just as dangerous, apparently -- [I mean], can't you just get a job with some sweet old woman or something?" Ciara continued. "At least I have a job!" Ben pointed out. "Technically, I'm not even unemployed, [because] I never quit Titan, [so]...ha!" Ciara countered. "And, you know, right now is not exactly the perfect time to quit," Ciara decided, and Ben agreed.

"I really, really hope you saved room for a fortune cookie," Ben said to Ciara after they finished eating. "Always," Ciara confirmed as Ben produced a fortune cookie. "Will you marry me?" the enclosed fortune read.

While doing some shopping in the town square, Kate received a phone call from Mimi, who reported that Rex hadn't returned to Chicago yet. "That is odd..." Kate admitted without much concern. "I spoke to Rex yesterday, [but] I haven't heard from him since... [Anyway, look], I promise I'll call you as soon as I hear from him, okay? Bye!" Kate added before ending the call, already sick of talking to Mimi.

"Uh, excuse me, ma'am -- I believe you dropped this," Jake called out while picking up something that had fallen out of one of Kate's shopping bags. "Oh, my God -- Stefan?" Kate replied, staring at Jake in disbelief. "You're dead!" Kate protested. "I get that a lot," Jake admitted, managing a chuckle. "I'm not dead, [and] I'm not Stefan," Jake stressed before trying to get the introductions out of the way. "Wait a minute -- Gabi was convinced that she saw Stefan here [recently]..." Kate recalled, not bothering to shake Jake's hand or offer a name. "Did she see you?" Kate wondered.

"You know Gabi Hernandez," Jake realized. "[Then] maybe you can explain -- what the hell is her deal? [I mean], she's a whack-job -- you know that, right? [She's] practically been stalking me -- harassing me -- and she will not accept the truth! I mean, I -- I just almost had to drag her out of my place!" Jake continued. "[Well], she was deeply in love with you -- [I mean], Stefan --" Kate began to explain. "Right -- 'fairytale love' and that," Jake guessed. "Not exactly -- more of a con job [in the beginning]; she was after revenge and his money. But, by the time he died, he was her, when she lost him, her world was shattered," Kate clarified.

"So, if you are Stefan --" Kate began to advise. "Which I'm not," Jake maintained. "It would be terribly cruel not to be truthful with her, [because] she's lost a lot [already, and] I don't think she can take much more," Kate continued. "[Anyway], thank you for retrieving my item, and good luck to you -- with that face, you're going to need it. [You know, Stefan] gave me many reasons not to trust him -- let's hope the same thing doesn't happen with you," Kate concluded before walking away. Seconds later, Jake's cell phone rang. "I got your message, all right? Uh, just call off your goons -- I'm doing the best I can," Jake told the caller.

At Statesville, Maggie entered the visitor's lounge and greeted Will. "Xander called [and] told me [that] you know --" Will began to explain. "That a year ago today, I killed my own granddaughter," Maggie concluded for Will, fighting back tears. "That's what Julie was about to tell me [during her recent visit, before] you interrupted [and] got her out of here," Maggie guessed, and Will confirmed the suspicion with a nod.

"I'm sorry -- Victor, um, made Sonny and me promise not to say anything to you," Will explained. "He had no right to do that," Maggie stressed. "No," Will agreed. "And [yet] me, I -- I can't believe I'm defending Victor after what he -- what he did to me, know he was just trying to protect you," Will acknowledged. "Yeah," Maggie conceded. "It's horrible enough knowing that I caused the crash that killed Adrienne, but I'd always thanked God that Sarah and the baby were okay... [Still], what he's done in the name of love -- my God, the lives that he's changed forever, the harm that he's done..." Maggie mused with a sigh.

"[And] I can't imagine what my daughter is going through because of me," Maggie acknowledged before breaking down.

"You know, my Uncle Austin thought I was his child for years, and even when he found out that Lucas was my biological father, he -- I mean, he said he never stopped thinking of me as his son, [and] it took him a long time to come to terms with, uh, the truth," Will recalled after Maggie recovered. "It's gonna be just as difficult for Sarah," Maggie predicted. "You know I'm worried about Sarah...but I'm -- I'm worried about you, too," Will stressed. "Don't be -- I'm exactly where I deserve to be, [and] I've earned every bit of misery after what I've done to the people I love --" Maggie insisted. "That's what I'm [worried] about," Will elaborated.

"That guilt -- the weight [of it] breaks you. I know -- I've lived it," Will continued. "Which should never have happened, [and] I'm so sorry you had to go through that -- I mean, if I had known --" Maggie tried to respond. "Stop apologizing!" Will firmly advised. "It's okay," Will assured Maggie in a gentler tone. "[And] you're not alone in this -- I'm here for you; we're all here for you --" Will stressed. "Who [else]? Sonny? I robbed him of his mother! [And] Sarah? [Even] if she does come back home, how do I even ever look her in the eye again? [I mean], she must hate me -- [after all], I hate myself!" Maggie countered.

"It was an accident --" Will tried to point out. "I was drunk, Will -- how do I forgive that? How do I live with that? Because I -- I don't really see that I can!" Maggie fretted before breaking down again.

In Paris, Kristen found Rex in Chad and Abigail's old apartment, still tied to a chair and gagged. "Where are Sarah and my baby?" Kristen asked Rex after removing the gag. "I don't know," Rex replied while waiting to be freed from the chair -- a service that Kristen wasn't quick to provide. "How long ago did [they] leave?" Kristen wondered. "A half hour -- an hour at most," Rex guessed.

Assuming that Sarah and Rachel were going to flee from Paris via plane, Kristen started to rush off to search the city's airports, having still not bothered to free Rex from the chair. "Don't you think it's a hell of a lot easier to anonymously purchase a train ticket than it is to flash your ID all over an airport?" Rex called out, stopping Kristen. "You're right, mm-hmm -- under the radar makes more sense -- but, uh...what train station? I mean, there's so many -- uh, Gare du Nord, Gare Saint-Lazare --" Kristen mused. "And don't you think you could use a little help? Untie me, please!" Rex continued.

Kristen granted Rex's request then starting devising a plan of attack for them to follow. "I've spent a lot of time in this city, [so] I know it pretty well, [and] I think we need to divide and conquer -- you take the stations on the west, I'll take 'em on the east --" Kristen began to instruct Rex. "What, to look for a woman and a baby? That's gonna take a lot of time that we don't have," Rex argued while stretching sore muscles. "Got a better idea?" Kristen wondered. "Yeah, I do, actually -- I'm gonna call the police --" Rex replied while producing a cell phone. "I can't let you do that," Kristen insisted, snatching the device.

"I'm wanted for attempted murder," Kristen admitted. "I thought Brady did that," Rex protested after hearing the whole story. "No -- he confessed to protect me," Kristen explained. "Well, nothing says 'I love you' like ten-to-life..." Rex dryly mused. "Just so you know, I was against it," Kristen stressed. "And then Victor woke up and told the truth..." Kristen continued. "[And] that's why you ran," Rex concluded for Kristen, who nodded in response. "Well, look, the Paris authorities don't know that you're wanted --" Rex began to point out. "But I can't take that chance, [so...if you call them], I promise you, you will live to regret it," Kristen countered.

"What are you gonna do? You gonna kill me?" Rex incredulously challenged Kristen. "No, of course not," Kristen assured Rex, softening at once.

"I need your help," Kristen admitted, fighting back tears. "Then maybe don't threaten me," Rex advised. "It's just a reflex," Kristen explained with an apologetic shrug.

"Please? I mean, you have, uh, a little girl, right? [So], imagine if she was kept from you," Kristen continued. "Okay," Rex agreed after a moment of thought. "We'll do your plan...[but] Sarah could be long gone [by now]," Rex warned. "Maybe," Kristen conceded. "But I don't care how long it takes or what I have to do, because nothing [and] no one is gonna stop me from finding my baby," Kristen vowed.

Meanwhile, Brady and Xander struggled to peacefully coexist while en route to Paris via the Titan jet, but the tension between them was quite obvious.

When Xander refused to stop blaring heavy metal music, Brady finally snapped and smashed Xander's cell phone, which had been playing the music. "It was either your phone or your head, [so] happy it wasn't your head," Brady said with a shrug. "Be happy I don't throw you off my plane!" Xander countered with a scowl. "I want to throw your ass off this plane!" Brady admitted, returning the scowl.

"You stole my baby, you son of a bitch!" Brady continued. "Listen, Brady, none of what happened was about hurting --" Xander tried to explain. "Save it, man -- I've already heard it from Grandfather," Brady tiredly interjected. "Well, if it makes you happy, it's all fallen apart [now] -- Sarah hates me, [and] Maggie knows that she killed her little granddaughter --" Xander began to admit. "Who told her?" Brady demanded to know. "I did," Xander clarified, further annoying Brady. "I suppose it's better that she knows the truth -- [it was] bound to come out [eventually]," Brady conceded after some thought.

"[And] I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's probably appropriate that it came from you," Brady continued. "Well, she should have heard it from Victor, but Kristen made that impossible..." Xander grumbled before starting to insult Kristen, prompting Brady to retaliate with the revelation that Sarah was with Rex, of all people, in the City of Love at that moment -- news that clearly troubled Xander.

As things continued to escalate, Xander argued that the baby switch had been poetic justice. "[After all, Kristen] tried to steal a baby first," Xander reasoned. "If you're referring to [what happened with] Theresa, it's ancient history -- let it go," Brady countered. "Oh, no, cousin -- this is recent history. [See], Kristen tried to steal Sarah's child first," Xander clarified. "That's ridiculous!" Brady insisted after hearing the whole story, despite its obvious similarities to Tate's origin story. "Nobody does 'ridiculous' like Kristen," Xander pointed out. "Ask her -- or, better yet, ask Dr. Rolf," Xander advised.

"Kristen has no right to act like some poor, put-upon victim," Xander declared.

Meanwhile, at a train station in Paris, Sarah celebrated Rachel's first birthday with a cupcake while waiting for a train to arrive -- and also told the child about everything that had happened one year earlier.

"It's almost time to board -- we should get going," Sarah said to Rachel at the end of the tale -- just as Kristen approached with a scowl.

Kristen demands her baby from Sarah Kristen demands her baby from Sarah

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

At Hope's place, she recommended that she and Steve visit Adrienne's grave the next day, since it was so late. "I'm a year late already," Steve said. "It wasn't your fault," Hope reminded Steve. Steve said he wanted to make up for not being there for his family.

Justin sat at Adrienne's grave and talked to her about the baby switch. "You know one of the things I miss most about you besides everything, is the way you used to just listen and look at me, the way only you would look at me, when I would ramble on about my crazy family," Justin said. Justin heard a noise and turned to find Kayla standing behind him.

"I didn't want to intrude," Kayla said. Kayla explained that because it was the one-year anniversary of Adrienne's death, she had guessed that Justin would be at the cemetery. Justin nodded. When Kayla hesitated to talk, Justin asked her to tell him what was on her mind. Kayla said she had wanted to tell Justin that he was right about her feeling angry about Steve going home with another woman. Justin apologized for being harsh to Kayla about it.

"Being here [at the cemetery], reminds me that just because you lose someone, it doesn't mean the feelings you have for that person just go away," Justin said. Kayla put her arm around Justin and told him that she knew how much he loved Adrienne. As Justin cried quietly, Kayla comforted him. Steve arrived with Hope.

"I'm so sorry we lost her. I know how much Adrienne loved you, and how much you loved her," Steve said. "And she loved you, too. So much. And you were a good brother to her," Justin replied. Justin said he would give Steve time alone with Adrienne. After Justin left with Kayla, Steve apologized to Adrienne for taking so long to visit. "You were always right there for me, with all your heart and sass. So many times, I tried to play big brother, check on you. You'd cut right to the chase, find out everything that was going on with me," Steve said. Steve said he wished he had Adrienne's wisdom.

"I wasn't a good brother. I tried," Steve said. Steve lamented that he had not been in Salem because he might have prevented Adrienne's death. "I miss you, baby. I miss you so much. I'll never forget you. You'll always be with me. You'll always be in my heart," Steve said through tears. Hope hugged Steve and comforted him as he started to sob.

At the Brady Pub, Kayla told Justin that she was not upset that she had seen Steve with Hope at the cemetery. Justin gave Kayla a questioning glance. Kayla told Justin that even if she were not okay, she had Justin to help her feel better. Kayla kissed Justin as Steve and Hope walked into the room. Steve stopped in his tracks when he saw Kayla and Justin. "Small town," Justin muttered. When Steve offered to go elsewhere, Justin asked him and Hope to join them.

"We all loved Adrienne, and she would want us to celebrate her life. Join us. We'll raise a glass to her. All of us," Kayla said. Steve and Hope joined them at the table.

In the park, Ben proposed to Ciara with a fortune cookie. Before Ciara could answer, Ben stopped her, and he got on one knee. "Ciara Alice Brady, will you marry me?" Ben asked. "Yes, Ben, of course I will!" Ciara said. Ben and Ciara kissed. "You totally surprised me," Ciara said. Ben said he had promised himself that he would propose as soon as he got a job. When Ciara asked about a ring, Ben pulled a ring box out of his coat.

"Is that a washer?" Ciara asked with a chuckle. Ben explained that he could not wait any longer to propose, but he had not earned enough money yet for a proper ring. "This is more of a placeholder," Ben said. "It looks like it came from a carburetor," Ciara commented. Ben explained that the washer was from the carburetor on Ciara's bike.

"That bike is one of the things that brought us together," Ben said. Ciara held out her hand so that Ben could slip the washer on her finger. "It's perfect," Ciara said. "I love it, and I love you. So damn much," Ciara added. With a smile, Ciara said she would never take the washer off. Ciara and Ben returned to their room at the Salem Inn to celebrate their engagement. When Ben playfully asked Ciara how she wanted to celebrate, Ciara grinned and said that she wanted to plan their wedding.

Ciara made notes on a pad as Ben murmured noncommittally to Ciara's suggestions. When Ciara insisted that Ben take a look at her notes, Ben resisted, but he reluctantly agreed. "What does it say?" Ciara asked with a grin. "Will you make love to your fiancée?" Ben said. With a laugh, Ben threw the pad of paper over his shoulder, and he made love to Ciara.

In Paris, Brady and Xander arrived at the apartment that Sarah had been staying in. Xander found one of Rachel's stuffed animals. "Bet you are probably happy she got away, aren't you?" Brady asked Xander. "I want to find her and the baby just as much as you," Xander said. Rex returned. "What the hell are you two doing here?" Rex asked. When Xander asked about Sarah, Rex said Sarah had tied him up and then left with the baby. Rex mentioned that Kristen had shown up, and they had split up to search. Rex handed Brady and Xander a list of the train stations that Kristen had intended to search.

"Brady, if you do find Sarah, go easy on her. She's been through hell," Rex said. "Don't you think we know?" Xander asked. Brady thanked Rex for the help, and he walked out. Xander started to follow Brady, but Rex stopped him. Rex stressed that what Xander had done was unforgivable, and he should not look for Sarah. "I can't do that. I love her. She's in trouble. She needs me," Xander said as he brushed past Rex.

At the Paris train station, Sarah prepared to board the train when Kristen stepped out of the shadows. "Where the hell do you think you're going with my baby?" Kristen asked. "How did you find me?" Sarah asked. Kristen demanded that Sarah give her the baby. Sarah picked up Rachel and held her tightly. "She is my daughter, and no one, not you, not anyone, is ever gonna take her away from me," Sarah said. Kristen told Sarah she could leave on the train, but she could not take Rachel with her.

"She is not your daughter. She's not yours. Her name is Rachel. She's my daughter and Brady's," Kristen said calmly. Sarah said that the only thing she knew was that she had been the baby's mother every day since her birth. In tears, Sarah talked about Rachel's cancer treatment. "I saw the pain on her beautiful little face. I'm the one that told her everything was going to be okay. That mama was here," Sarah said, as her voice shook with emotion.

"That should have been me. Me. All those moments. The good, the God-awful, were stolen from me, Sarah. I am her mother," Kristen said. Sarah called Kristen a bad person who hurt people. "You aren't capable of being a good mother. The best thing I could do is keep her away from you. So, if you ever really loved her, just let us go," Sarah pleaded. Kristen shook her head no. Sarah threatened to start screaming.

"She is my daughter, and I am so grateful for everything you've done," Kristen said. Confused, Sarah said, "Grateful?" Kristen explained that she was grateful for how Sarah had taken care of Rachel. "While you spent the whole year taking care of my baby, I spent the whole year grieving yours," Kristen said. As Sarah cried, Kristen said that she had felt the pain of the separation from her baby every day for the past year.

"My baby is alive, and I am so, so sorry that my joy is your grief. I want to thank you. I want to thank you for this entire year for holding her when I couldn't, but now I am here. I am here, and I think Rachel knows that, so please, I am asking you to give me the child that was stolen from me," Kristen pleaded. As Sarah sobbed, she kissed Rachel on the head, and she reluctantly handed the baby to Kristen. With Rachel in her arms, Kristen smiled with joy.

Brady and Xander arrived at the station, and Brady ran over to Kristen and Rachel. "Sarah," Xander said. Overwhelmed, Sarah ran off, and Xander chased after her. Brady hugged Kristen and his baby. As Brady and Kristen marveled over their child, Brady noted, "She looks just like her mommy." Kristen said it felt like when she had first held her baby. "I may never let her go," Kristen said. "You don't have to," Brady countered. Brady suggested that they find a hotel for the night before they returned to Salem.

"I can never go back to Salem," Kristen whispered. Surprised, Brady asked why. "Because I'm wanted for attempted murder," Kristen said. Brady promised to convince Victor to retract his statement, but Kristen was adamant that Victor would never miss an opportunity to go after her. "We're going to fight it. We'll just fight it together," Brady said. "We will lose, and I cannot spend another moment away from my baby girl. Our baby girl," Kristen said. Brady offered to disappear with Kristen.

"I love you so much, but I can't. I can't let you do that," Kristen said. Kristen reminded Brady that he would not be able to see Tate again because he would have aided and abetted a criminal. "If we get caught, we'll both go to prison, and I am not going to take the chance on Tate losing his father," Kristen said. Brady objected, but Kristen stressed that Brady needed to be available as a parent for Rachel if Kristen were caught by police. When Brady suggested that they would find an alternative, Kristen offered to turn herself in to the police.

"You can raise Rachel, and you can visit all the time," Kristen said. "No, that little girl is what you wanted your whole life. I know that," Brady said. Brady reminded Kristen that he had confessed to the stabbing so that Kristen could raise their daughter. "No one has ever loved me the way you do," Kristen said. "I have to let you take Rachel, because you, you are her mother. She will need you. I know that," Brady said. Fighting tears, Brady wondered aloud how he could live his life without Kristen and Rachel. Brady said he would do whatever it would take to protect Kristen and Rachel.

"Look how far you've come. You are compassionate. You are loving. You are nurturing. You are more beautiful than you've ever been. Such a good mother. She's gonna need you. I know that," Brady said. Brady picked up Rachel and held her so that he could say goodbye. "You are my little miracle, and I'm going to love you to the moon and back again," Brady said. Brady told Rachel that his heart would be with her.

"God, a life with you is all I ever wanted, Brady. And who would have thought that I would have chosen to be a mother first?" Kristen said with a laugh. Brady kissed Kristen goodbye. Brady asked Rachel to take care of her mother, and he handed the baby to Kristen.

"I'm going to tell her everything about you," Kristen said. Kristen promised to give Rachel the life and the love that Brady would want Rachel to have. Kristen and Brady said a tearful goodbye, and then Kristen boarded the train with Rachel.

Sarah returned to the Paris apartment, where Rex was waiting for news. "Are you okay? Where is the baby?" Rex asked. "She's with her parents," Sarah said. When Sarah asked Rex why he was still in the apartment, he said, "Because I knew you'd change your mind." Rex said he'd known that Sarah would do the right thing for the baby.

"How can you be nice to me after what I did to you?" Sarah asked through tears. "Because I know you. I know what a good person you are, and I know that you loved that baby. And now you've lost two children, and that is more than anybody should take. Especially by herself," Rex said. Rex hugged Sarah and let her cry. Xander stopped in the doorway and frowned as he saw Rex comfort Sarah. Rex let go of Sarah, and she turned and saw Xander.

"Good. You're safe," Xander said. When Xander asked Rex for privacy, Sarah told Xander that she had nothing to say to him. "I lost my little girl because of you!" Sarah screamed. Sarah told Xander that she never wanted to see him again. When Xander pleaded for a moment, Rex asked Xander to leave Sarah in peace. Reluctantly, Xander left.

Gabi demands answers from Rolf Gabi demands answers from Rolf

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Ben woke Ciara with a kiss. "You again..." Ciara observed with mock boredom after Ben pulled away. "Better get used to it, because you're gonna be waking up next to me for the rest of your life," Ben warned Ciara before starting to climb out of bed and get ready for a work shift. "Today is the first day of the rest of our lives -- I think it'd be okay if you were a couple minutes late," Ciara assured Ben.

At the auto repair shop, Jake recorded a voicemail message for someone: "You need to call me back ASAP -- you have no idea what's goin' on around here! Things are getting even more complicated!"

After ending the call, Jake started mopping the floor -- and chuckled at the memory of Gabi's fall.

At Statesville, Rolf entered the visitor's lounge and greeted Gabi. "To what do I owe the pleasure? Ooh -- did you bring me a cake with a file in it?" Rolf asked sarcastically. "I'm here because you are going to tell me the truth about my husband," Gabi impatiently replied. "So, you wish to talk about the dearly departed Stefan O. DiMera," Rolf summarized. "Yeah, I want to talk about him -- but he isn't 'departed,' is he? No -- he's back in Salem, working in a garage [and] calling himself 'Jake,' [and] you are responsible!" Gabi countered. "You seem distraught, my dear. Perhaps counseling would be of some benefit -- [or] anger management," Rolf suggested.

"I've seen Stefan with my own two eyes!" Gabi stressed. "And you think that's my handiwork? And how, pray tell, could I do such a thing?" Rolf countered. "I don't know -- maybe you snuck into his room and injected him with something, like you did with Will and E.J. --" Gabi theorized. "They still had their hearts! You gave your husband's heart to, uh, a saloonkeeper with a singing husband! Not even I can bring someone back from the dead if they don't have the prerequisite equipment!" Rolf insisted. "Maybe you saved him [and] gave Julie a pig's heart or something -- [which] would actually explain a lot..." Gabi reasoned.

"My, my -- you do have an imagination..." Rolf mused with a chuckle. "All right -- hypothetically speaking, what if he is still alive? In case you haven't noticed, I'm incarcerated! What can I possibly do for you?" Rolf continued. "Tell me why he's pretending to be this rude grease monkey who can't even stand me!" Gabi demanded. "You think that your husband would walk away from running his -- his father's empire to be...well, as you so tritely put it, a 'grease monkey,'" Rolf incredulously summarized. "He's a DiMera -- [it's] probably part of [a] big plan to take over the world!" Gabi reasoned. "One lube job at a time?" Rolf dryly countered.

"This is not funny, damn it!" Gabi snapped, scowling at Rolf. "I want my husband back, and I will fight to get him back -- [and] I will fight dirty if I have to!" Gabi stressed. "I'm shaking," Rolf sarcastically declared. "You should be, [because] I have two strategies to get you to help me -- [either] I will hire the best legal team available to get you out of here [as thanks] for your full cooperation...[or]...well, I don't have to remind you that I know, very well, how prisons operate [and] who to go to [if I want] to make sure a certain convict doesn't wake up in the morning. [And I wonder]...could you bring yourself back from the dead?" Gabi countered, still scowling.

"Strategy number one is looking pretty good to me," Rolf admitted. "That's what I thought you would choose. [And] now you're my bitch," Gabi bragged. "For the moment, perhaps -- [but] the balance of power can shift," Rolf warned. "No, I don't think so. [Now], you have something to tell me, right?" Gabi replied. "I did save your husband's life," Rolf confirmed.

"[Then why is he] pretending to be somebody else [and acting] like he doesn't know me?" Gabi wondered. "Have you ever had memory lapses?" Rolf countered. "No," Gabi admitted. "Actually, I think you have," Rolf argued. "Remember young Will Horton -- the, uh, father of your child? [And] Mayor Deveraux? They both came back from the dead, didn't they? And what else did they have in common, hmm? [See], you seem to have forgotten that they had forgotten who they were," Rolf continued. "Stefan isn't faking it," Gabi realized. "You got it on the first try!" Rolf mockingly raved.

"[And] how do you think they got their memories back?" Rolf asked. "The serum," Gabi replied. "No, not 'the' serum -- my serum!" Rolf clarified with a triumphant smirk. "And so the balance of power shifts seismically. [See], I'm the only one who can [restore Stefan's memory] -- and, luckily for you, I have a stash of that serum. [Now], as I recall, you said you can get me out of here. How? [I mean], you're no longer CEO of DiMera," Rolf continued. "So what? I have allies on the board -- allies who know the governor, a judge or two..." Gabi countered. "Not exactly a sure thing..." Rolf grumbled. "No, [but] it's the only shot you have," Gabi stressed.

"Remember -- the deal stands, even if the serum doesn't work," Rolf reminded Gabi after revealing the whereabouts of the serum. "What, you don't trust me?" Gabi asked Rolf, and they both laughed at the question.

"Wish me luck!" Gabi said to Rolf before rushing off. "Ah, little one -- you are going to need it..." Rolf mused with a mischievous grin once the coast was clear.

At the Salem Inn, Ciara apologized for making Ben late for work. Ben pretended to be angry with Ciara but quickly dropped the act. Ciara assured Ben that Jake seemed cool enough to understand a newly engaged couple's desire to keep their celebration going for as long as possible before having to part ways for a while. "I'll just tell him that, you know, my fiancée simply cannot get enough of me," Ben teasingly agreed.

"I'm gonna tell my mom today [about] us being...'affianced' -- is that the word?" Ciara decided. "Sounds about right," Ben confirmed. "[But] don't you think maybe we should just, you know, wait until...[I don't know, we] have all the details ironed out -- you know, when and where [and] all that?" Ben argued. "She's gonna be really, really hurt if I wait to tell her," Ciara reasoned. "I know you're concerned about her reaction, but please don't be, okay? [Because she's] really, really grateful to you for saving my life -- like, a handful of times --" Ciara tried to assure Ben. "That doesn't mean that she wants me to be her son-in-law," Ben countered.

Ben feared that Hope might disown Ciara in protest. "She just wants me to be happy," Ciara insisted. "But you and I both know she would like to see you 'happy' with somebody else -- some guy whose worst sin he's committed is, like, going ten miles per hour over the speed limit or something," Ben fretted. "Okay, well...Ben, I don't care what she says -- I mean, look, I love [and] respect my mother so much, and I want, more than anything, for her to give us her blessing, but even if she doesn't [do that], there's nothing that anyone can say or do that will make me less devoted to you [and] to us," Ciara stressed.

At the auto repair shop, Jake recorded another voicemail message for someone: "This is getting old! You need to call me back!"

After parting ways with Ben outside the Salem Inn, Ciara headed over to Hope's house. "How are you doing?" Ciara asked while giving Hope a hug. "Haven't worn a tiara in months," Hope dryly replied. "My way of telling you I am fine," Hope explained after realizing that Ciara wasn't amused. "It's nice having Steve here -- [you know], it's good having company," Hope admitted.

Ciara nodded then took a deep breath. "Okay, so, here's the thing -- I...actually have some news..." Ciara began to explain. "You've decided to wear a washer on your finger," Hope observed with obvious confusion when Ciara flashed the makeshift engagement ring. "[It's] actually a placeholder for the ring -- Ben and I are engaged," Ciara clarified before recapping the proposal.

"Honestly, I think I love this [washer] so much more than a diamond, because it's kind of like Daddy's giving Ben his blessing, you know? And, uh, I hope that you will, too..." Ciara stressed at the end of the story. "[But] I guess [that's] just too much to ask..." Ciara concluded with a sigh when Hope didn't respond. "Give me a chance to think," Hope requested.

"My head is spinning..." Hope admitted. "I have to say this -- I will never be able to forget what Ben did..." Hope continued, prompting Ciara to try to respond. "But -- just let me finish -- I can make myself remember that he [also saved] my daughter's life and that he really loves her. [And] I love you, Ciara Alice, with all my heart, [and] my new philosophy [is] to live in the 'right now,' and right now I see [that] my baby girl is so happy," Hope concluded, delighting Ciara. Hope seized a hug to hide a look of concern then agreed to help with the wedding plans, delighting Ciara again.

"I really wish that Daddy could walk me down the aisle," Ciara admitted. "I know -- me, too," Hope replied.

Ciara wanted to tell Victor next, but Hope advised that it might be best to put that idea on hold for the time being.

Ben entered the auto repair shop while Jake was letting out some frustration, having just finished recording yet another voicemail message for someone. "Judging by the beating your phone just took, I'm thinking that phone call had to do with the two guys that beat the crap out of me," Ben began. "Well, you're thinkin' wrong -- it was a telemarketer," Jake claimed before changing the subject, pointing out that Ben was late.

"You don't seem too happy," Jake observed after Ben explained the reason for the delay. "I'm just a little nervous -- right about now, [Ciara's] telling her mom, and I don't see that going very well," Ben clarified. "You and her old lady don't get along?" Jake assumed. "No -- she has a...real problem with my...history," Ben confirmed. "Everybody's got one," Jake noted with a shrug. "Not like mine..." Ben admitted.

"So, you literally have skeletons in your closet," Jake summarized after Ben shared everything. "Great -- glad I told you..." Ben grumbled. "All right -- I'll tell you that I'm a serial killer, and you can demonstrate to me the appropriately sensitive response," Jake suggested. "The guy you look exactly like -- he was a smartass, too," Ben revealed. "Go figure..." Jake replied. "Look, man, I only told you because, eventually, you're gonna find out. [But] I've been completely straightened out -- [see], I have an imbalance, [but] it's been regulated. You can call my doctor -- it's Dr. Evans. I just really don't want to lose this job," Ben stressed.

"Guess it's okay, then -- [I mean], hey, at least we don't have to wear neckties to work," Jake reasoned after some thought. "Jerk," Ben countered with a chuckle.

"So, when's the wedding?" Jake wondered, eager to change the subject. "We haven't set a date yet. I'm just hoping I have enough time to buy her a real ring," Ben replied. "Traditional guy," Jake realized. "I guess so," Ben confirmed. "What about you? You mentioned having a woman in your life before, but you never said if you were married," Ben continued. "Right -- I didn't," Jake agreed. "You're not a real big sharer," Ben noted. "Just like Stefan wasn't..." Ben muttered. Just then, Ben received a phone call from Ciara, who revealed that Hope wanted to take them out to lunch to celebrate their engagement.

After ending the call, Ben breathed a sigh of relief and excitedly informed Jake that Ciara's mother was apparently okay with their engagement. "Sounds like an easygoin' lady..." Jake mused as Ben rushed off.

Later, at Julie's Place, Hope raised a glass of Champagne and made a toast to Ciara and Ben, wishing them a long and happy life together as wife and husband.

Meanwhile, Gabi paused outside the auto repair shop to fill a syringe with Rolf's serum then stepped inside and greeted Jake.

At the police station, Rafe assured Chad, Jennifer, and Jack that police officers were looking for Abigail at that very moment. "And what the hell are you doing? If anything happens to her, I'm blaming you!" Chad snapped, annoyed that Rafe hadn't started the search the previous night. "Jordan's murder case is --" Rafe tried to explain. "I don't care!" Chad insisted, certain that Rafe was really just trying to protect Gabi. "[Your] little sociopath sister --" Chad continued, ignoring Jennifer and Jack's attempts to intervene. "You know, of all people to be talking about sociopathic sisters, I don't think it should be you," Rafe countered.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail entered the study through the secret tunnels and breathed a sigh of relief, suddenly feeling a bit safer. "What are you looking at?" Abigail snapped at Stefano's portrait. "All right, fine -- I need your help. How do I do it -- h-how do I get rid of Gabi?" Abigail continued after a brief pause. "Come on, old man -- come on, tell me! You asked me to beg you for help, [so] here I am -- I am asking you to help me!" Abigail continued after another brief pause. Abigail then gasped and hid behind the couch -- just as Kate entered the study with a tray that held a pot of tea, containers of milk and sugar, and two cups.

"One sip of this and hasta la vista..." Gabi mused with a wicked laugh while producing a vial of clear liquid and adding a few drops of the concoction to a cup of tea.

Abe soon entered the mansion and joined Kate in the study. "Ah -- perfect timing! I just poured your tea -- milk, one sugar," Kate began. "How did you know?" Abe wondered. "Well, Celeste isn't the only psychic in this world," Kate jokingly explained. "Actually, I called your work [and] asked," Kate clarified. "Well, that's...kind of creepy..." Abe declared before stepping back out of the study to take a phone call.

Gabi waited until the coast was clear then added the rest of the concoction to Abe's cup of tea.

"I'm going to get right to the point -- I invited you here this morning because I'd like an answer about the job," Kate revealed when Abe returned a short time later. "I thought as much," Abe admitted while taking the cup of tea from Kate. "No, no -- don't drink it, Abe!" Abigail warned while charging forward. "She put poison in it!" Abigail continued while knocking the cup out of Abe's hands. "Why would I poison Abe?" Kate protested. "He's Lani's father, [and] you're upset that Lani took Eli away from you!" Abigail reasoned before lunging at Kate in anger. Abe kept Abigail at bay as Kate contacted Chad and explained what was going on.

Chad rushed over to the mansion and convinced Abigail to return to the hospital. "Poor Chad," Kate mused after the couple left. "Poor Abigail," Abe countered. "Yeah, well...let's hope that she gets the help that she needs -- and let's hope that she gets it in a locked room," Kate declared. "You're so warm," Abe joked. "Enough about [her] -- let's talk about me," Kate suggested. "Your favorite subject," Abe acknowledged. "Do I get the job or not?" Kate wondered. Meanwhile, Jennifer and Jack joined Chad at the hospital -- and as the trio waited for Marlena to arrive, Abigail saw them as Gabi, Stefan, and Ben, respectively.

Abigail forced a smile and pretended to believe that Jennifer, Jack, and Chad were friends instead of foes.

A jury decides Evan's fate A jury decides Evan's fate

Thursday, May 14, 2020

by Mike

At the hospital, Chad realized that Abigail was hallucinating again. "I need help -- I need you to get me help," Abigail tearfully admitted after confirming Chad's suspicion.

Marlena soon arrived and led Abigail and Chad to one of the available patient rooms. "[I left the hospital earlier because] I thought that Gabi was after me, and, uh, I -- I thought that I had to hide from her," Abigail explained to Marlena before recapping everything that had happened since then. "Can you tell me who's in the room with you [now]?" Marlena asked at the end of the tale. "Chad and Marlena," Abigail replied.

"And what about me?" Orpheus, who was standing in a corner of the room, reminded Abigail.

Abigail gasped and warned Marlena of Orpheus' presence. "Marlena and I are the only ones in the room," Chad insisted. "He's right," Marlena confirmed. "No -- I can see [Orpheus] as clearly as I can see both of you! He's right there!" Abigail maintained. "I know the hallucinations seem very real, but you have to hang on to what you know is real, [like] Chad, [and] your family, [and] your marriage," Marlena advised Abigail, who nodded and blinked hard then took another look around the room. "He's gone [now]...but, clearly, my hallucinations are not gone," Abigail said to Marlena and Chad.

"Make them go away!" Abigail begged. "I will," Marlena promised before producing a prescription pill bottle and instructing Abigail to take one dose of the enclosed medication -- which, apparently, was a sedative of some sort. "You are both going to be all right," Marlena insisted after watching Chad help Abigail take the medication.

Meanwhile, in one of the waiting areas, Jack tried to assure Jennifer that Abigail would eventually recover again. "I'm sorry I wasn't around last time --" Jack fretted. "You would have been here if you could have -- I know that about you," Jennifer acknowledged. Marlena soon approached and provided an update on Abigail's condition.

At the auto repair shop, Jake tried to get rid of Gabi, who lunged forward with the syringe that contained Rolf's serum -- just as Ben arrived. "What the hell are you doing?" Ben demanded to know while snatching the syringe. "She's tryin' to kill me!" Jake guessed. "No, you idiot -- I was trying to bring you back!" Gabi clarified before explaining everything. "[You've been] watching too much Black Mirror," Jake decided at the end of the tale, chuckling dismissively. "You, out of everybody, should understand!" Gabi said to Ben, ignoring Jake's comment.

"Dr. Rolf brought Will back from the dead, [and that syringe] contains the same drug [that restored Will's memories]!" Gabi explained to Ben. "Who the hell's 'Will'?" Jake wondered. "Didn't [that drug] have all kinds of side effects and risks?" Ben asked Gabi, ignoring Jake's question. "Yes, but [Rolf's] perfected it now, and it's not dangerous to use [anymore]!" Gabi assured Ben. "I don't care -- you're not injecting me with whatever the hell that is!" Jake insisted. "I'm not gonna let her," Ben promised Jake. "You think I'm doing something bad here? This is a gift -- [a] gift for Stefan!" Gabi reasoned.

"[Stefan] hired you when nobody [else] in this town [even] wanted to talk to you, [and] you owe him this gift!" Gabi said to Ben, who again sided with Jake -- then started to contact the police. "Don't do that -- [I mean], dealing with the cops is always such a hassle, [and] I just want to be rid of her, all right?" Jake protested. "If you say so..." Ben agreed. "Can I have my syringe back? 'Cause, uh, you know, it's my drug, and it took a lot to get it, [and] if 'Jake' doesn't frickin' want it, then I'm gonna use it for somebody else so they can regain their memory!" Gabi begged Ben, who refused to grant the request.

Ben rushed out of the shop with the syringe, ignoring Gabi's protests.

Not yet ready to give up, Gabi told Jake about Will's experience with memory loss -- and how much happier Will was with those memories back. "This life that you're living, it -- it isn't real. Don't you want to know who you are, Stefan?" Gabi concluded. "My name is not 'Stefan'! [Look], I know who I am, and I know my past, and it has nothing to do with you! You are nothing to me!" Jake stressed. "I was everything to you," Gabi insisted, fighting back tears. "Let it go!" Jake advised. "I can't -- I'm not going to -- because I know who you are, and I know what Rolf did to you," Gabi replied.

Gabi left the shop after predicting that, like Will, Jake would eventually get sick of living with memory loss.

Ben went to the hospital and tracked down Marlena. "I could use a huge favor," Ben began before showing Marlena the syringe and requesting a speedy analysis of its contents. "Where did you get that?" Marlena wondered. "I caught Gabi Hernandez trying to inject my new boss with it...[but], at this point, I'd prefer not to say anything else," Ben explained. "Okay," Marlena agreed before taking the syringe from Ben and walking away with it.

Chad approached Ben as soon as the coast was clear, having apparently been lurking nearby the whole time. "What did Gabi say [that drug] was?" Chad asked. "You know, as well as anyone else, [that] Gabi says whatever she has to say in the moment. [Look], we shouldn't be jumping to conclusions until Dr. Evans gets back from the lab," Ben replied. "I don't care what the lab says, [because if] you know for a fact that Gabi tried to drug somebody against their will, [then] you're the eyewitness I need to put that bitch away," Chad declared. Meanwhile, Jack and Jennifer stood watch over Abigail, who was sleeping soundly.

While passing through the town square, Lani spotted Eli, who was responding to a text message from someone. Lani waited until Eli was done then called out a greeting. "Got a minute?" Lani asked hopefully. "Not really," Eli coldly replied before starting to walk away. "Wait," Lani begged, stopping Eli. "I get that you are still upset with me about --" Lani began to acknowledge. "Aiding and abetting an attempted murderer," Eli pointedly concluded for Lani, who nodded and apologized -- then started to rush off to the police station to confess to Rafe, wanting to make things right with Eli.

Evan entered the courthouse and approached Zoey, who was pacing the floor. "I didn't think it would happen so quickly," Evan -- who, like Zoey, seemed really nervous -- admitted. "Neither did I," Zoey revealed. "What does it mean, Zoey? Is it good news for us...or bad?" Evan begged to know. "I'd like to know the answer to that question myself," Orpheus, who had just arrived, announced while approaching Evan and Zoey. "I've seen quick verdicts go either way," Zoey reported with a shrug of uncertainty. "Well, that's comforting..." Evan grumbled, fighting back tears and trembling with fear.

"Look, nothing has changed; once I got your confession thrown out, the evidence against you was thin -- it was circumstantial at best," Zoey reminded Evan. "Have faith, son," Orpheus advised Evan.

"You better have pulled this off and come through for your brother, because his life and his future are on the line," Orpheus warned Zoey after Evan numbly stepped into one of the courtrooms.

Lani entered the police station and approached Rafe. "Now's not a good time -- I'm on my way to the courthouse [because] the verdict just came back in Evan's murder trial," Rafe revealed before rushing off.

A short time later, Eli arrived and approached Lani, who reported that the truth wasn't out yet but would be soon enough. "I don't want that," Eli admitted after pulling Lani into one of the conference rooms. "You don't? [But] you've been so upset with me --" Lani protested. "Yeah, and I'm still upset -- [in fact], I hate what you did -- but I know you only did it because you have a big heart [and] believe in second chances, especially when it comes to mothers and kids. [You'll] risk everything to help others, [even if it means you wind up with] the short end of the stick -- [and] I won't let that happen again," Eli explained.

"I was going to [confess to Rafe] for you, because I hate the position that I put you in [when] I forced you to lie for me --" Lani revealed. "I haven't 'lied' to anyone -- I mean, no one's even asked me about you and Kristen. I just haven't offered any information," Eli clarified. "And you're willing to just keep this to yourself forever," Lani summarized. "I am," Eli confirmed. "[I'm not] upset because of what you did to me; [I'm] upset because of the trouble that you put yourself in," Eli explained. "So, you were just worried about me this whole time," Lani realized, touched. "I lost you once. I'm not ever gonna lose you again," Eli stressed.

"You have to know how I feel about you by now, [right]? I love you, and that's never gonna change," Eli continued. "I love you, too...[but]...I am not sure that I can ask you to keep this secret for me," Lani admitted. "You didn't ask. [Now], if you love me, you'll forget about [confessing]. And I'll make sure that no one sees that video," Eli countered. "You would be taking a huge risk --" Lani warned. "You're worth it," Eli insisted.

Rafe entered the courthouse and approached Zoey. "Judging from the look on your face, you and your brother just got some bad news," Rafe guessed. "Which is good news for you," Zoey acknowledged. "Evan was found guilty of murder," Rafe realized. "Idiots," Zoey grumbled. "How long did he get?" Rafe wondered. "20 years," Orpheus, who had just exited one of the courtrooms, reported while approaching Rafe and Zoey. "He'll be nearly as old as I am by the time he gets out -- that's if he even survives prison," Orpheus continued. "Am I supposed to feel bad for him?" Rafe countered.

"You think this is over? This is not over!" Orpheus warned Rafe. "I'm gonna appeal," Zoey informed Rafe.

Just then, a guard escorted Evan out of the courtroom in handcuffs. "What is he doing here?" Evan wondered, glaring at Rafe. "I'm going with you in the van to Statesville -- just want to make sure everything turns out okay," Rafe explained, flashing Evan a smile. "I can't believe this is it..." Evan admitted to Orpheus and Zoey, again fighting back tears and trembling with fear. "I'm so sorry..." Zoey said to Evan. "It's not your fault," Evan assured Zoey. "I'm glad you think so..." Orpheus grumbled, shooting Zoey a look of disappointment.

"Tell my son I love him," Evan begged Zoey. "I'm gonna do better than that -- I'm gonna get custody of David, [and then] I'm gonna take really good care of him until I can get you out," Zoey promised Evan. "You shouldn't make promises you can't keep -- [after all], you lost this case..." Rafe interjected. "Stay out of this, Hernandez!" Orpheus demanded.

"This is all your fault!" Orpheus snapped at Zoey after Rafe and the guard escorted Evan out of the courtroom together. "You think you know everything? I know more about the criminal justice system than you'll ever learn!" Orpheus continued. "Being a criminal does not make you an expert!" Zoey insisted. "Neither does some paper degree!" Orpheus countered.

"I told you to put Christian on the stand!" Orpheus continued. "I couldn't do that because he's guilty, [and] the prosecutor would have rattled him into incriminating himself!" Zoey reiterated. "He's smarter than that! You didn't give him a chance! [He] would have testified convincingly, [and] the jury would have believed him!" Orpheus maintained. "I stand by my defense. [Anyway], it doesn't matter, [because] I am gonna appeal the case, and then I am gonna get custody of David," Zoey stressed. "Yeah, well, I'm rethinking [the idea of] letting you handle anything that has to do with my son or my grandson," Orpheus revealed.

"This is your last chance. I need you to do things my way," Orpheus warned. "Like the way you and Christian did last year?" Zoey countered.

"So, this is what you've been hinting at since the trial began -- Christian told you what we did last year," Orpheus realized. "He didn't volunteer the information; I pulled it out of him. As an attorney, I must know everything that they might use on him," Zoey explained. "Well, whatever he told you is privileged and confidential. You can't say anything to anyone," Orpheus stressed. "I would never," Zoey insisted.

"Good, because now you're in this as deep as we are. Keep your mouth shut...or we all go down," Orpheus warned before storming off, leaving Zoey looking a bit shaken.

Rafe returned to the police station to find out what Lani had wanted to talk about earlier. "You know me -- I'm known to make everything sound like an emergency -- but I just wanted to update you on the Kristen DiMera case. [See], from what we can tell, it seems that she disappeared with her daughter," Lani informed Rafe, who seemed to buy that explanation. Changing the subject, Rafe bragged to Lani and Eli that Evan was at Statesville.

At the hospital, Marlena dropped off the syringe at one of the labs then decided to make a few phone calls before seeing another patient.

"I'm very worried about her," Marlena explained to someone during one of the phone calls, referring to Abigail. "The one you should be worried about is yourself," Orpheus warned while entering Marlena's office.

Zoey entered the police station and approached Rafe. "Here to threaten me about the custody hearing? [Because] I really don't see a jury awarding you custody, considering your brother was just convicted of Jordan's murder," Rafe began. "I'm not here to talk to you about Jordan's murder -- I'm here to talk to you about somebody else's," Zoey replied.

Zoey tells Rafe a shocking story Zoey tells Rafe a shocking story

Friday, May 15, 2020

In Eric's apartment, Nicole and Eric talked about Holly. "When she first called me daddy, it meant the world to me. You know, I was just so focused on trying to get through [Mackenzie's birthday]," Eric said. Eric added that as much as he missed Mackenzie, he was happy to have Holly and Nicole in his life. As Eric kissed Nicole, Brady knocked on the door. Nicole hugged Brady, and Eric said that Rex had called them and told them Brady had found Rachel. Brady told Eric and Nicole that he had tracked Sarah down in Paris. Brady added that Sarah had run off.

"I am so sorry for Sarah, but I am happy you found your daughter," Nicole said. Worried, Eric asked Brady why he looked upset. When Nicole asked if Brady was upset because Kristen had been arrested, Brady shook his head no. "She never came back to the States with me," Brady said. Brady said that Kristen was gone. Confused, Nicole asked why Kristen would leave her daughter.

"Kristen took Rachel with her," Brady said. Brady explained that he had decided against running away with Kristen because if they had been caught by police, Rachel would lose both her parents. "Are you saying you let her go?" Eric asked. Brady nodded yes. In tears, Brady said it had been the hardest moment of his life to watch Kristen board the train with Rachel and leave his life. Nicole hugged Brady. Eric was livid.

"Have you lost your mind? Did you forget that we're talking about a little girl who is recovering from a bone marrow transplant?" Eric said. Eric argued that Kristen would not be able to keep up the baby's medical follow-up care while on the run from the law. Brady swore that Kristen would take care of Rachel, but frustrated, Eric punched the chair.

"Stop deluding yourself!" Eric yelled. Eric argued that Kristen was a homicidal maniac that only thought about herself. "How could you have done something so stupid?" Eric asked. While Eric stewed, Brady reminded Eric that Kristen loved Rachel and would defend Rachel with her life. "What kind of life is that going to be?" Eric said.

Eric asked Brady if he had thought about Eric or Sarah after Brady had promised them that they would still be a part of Rachel's life. "Now I've lost her all over again," Eric growled. "I don't know what to tell you, man. I'm sorry," Brady said. Brady walked out, and Nicole hugged Eric.

Sarah visited Maggie at the prison. "You're home," Maggie said. "I should've never run away with the baby," Sarah whispered. Sarah explained that she had been desperate and not thinking clearly. "When Kristen caught up to us, I realized it doesn't matter how much I love her, because she's not mine," Sarah said. After a deep breath, Sarah said, "Rachel. Her name is Rachel. Mickey is dead."

"I know. And now I know it was all my fault. I killed my grandchild," Maggie said. "Yes, you did," Sarah said. Maggie explained to Sarah that Xander had told her about the baby switch and Mackenzie's death. "I know how much pain you've suffered because of me. I don't know how to live with this. That's why I didn't think that I could ever face you," Maggie said. "Now you have," Sarah countered.

Sarah told Maggie that she had tied up Rex and left him alone so that she could escape. "Yet somehow, Rex found it in his heart to forgive me. I mean, even Kristen told me that she understood why I did what I did," Sarah said. Sarah noted that it was only fair that she forgave Maggie.

"You have a disease, and you did something awful, but it was never anything that you meant to do. You said you didn't even remember taking a drink," Sarah said. With a nod, Maggie said she remembered holding the bottle but had no memory after that. "I obviously blacked out," Maggie said. Maggie refused to blame her alcoholism. In tears, Sarah told Maggie that she had always felt lucky to have Maggie as her mother.

"I still feel lucky. I could never hate you," Sarah said. Sarah said forgiving her mother was not selfless because Maggie was the only person she had left in her life. "You have to accept my forgiveness," Sarah stressed. "You can try to tell me that you're not being selfless, but I know better. That's the kind of person you are. You're kind, and you're forgiving. The problem is, I don't deserve your forgiveness. And I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself," Maggie said.

"What happened that night, it doesn't change how I feel about you," Sarah said. Sarah told Maggie that she was proud of how much Maggie had overcome in her life. "No matter what hell life throws at you, you somehow still have the ability to just put yourself aside and take care of the people you love," Sarah said. Sarah added that she prayed that Kristen would be there for her daughter the way that Maggie had been there for Sarah in her life. Maggie slid her hand across the table, and Sarah grasped it.

"Bless you for saying that," Maggie whispered. "I keep thinking about Dad. Even though he wasn't my biological dad, that didn't change how much he loved me. That's why I gave Mickey her name," Sarah said. Sarah told Maggie that when the baby had heard Kristen's voice, she had felt Rachel recognize her mother. "And there's Brady. He deserves to be the father of his daughter," Sarah said. When Sarah said she hoped that Brady would not go to prison for assaulting Victor, Maggie corrected her.

"Brady didn't do it. He confessed to protect Kristen," Maggie said. Sarah groaned. Sarah complained that she had hoped that Kristen had changed, but it was clear that Kristen was still an unbalanced individual. "I gave my baby to a woman who is capable of murder. Who might not even get a chance to raise her. What did I do?" Sarah said. Maggie gently reminded Sarah that Rachel had Brady as a father and that he would watch over her.

Maggie asked Sarah what she planned to do next. With a shrug, Sarah said she had gone to the prison straight from the airport. "Honestly, I'm probably going to be arrested for kidnapping soon, so I'll probably end up back here with you," Sarah said. "I love you," Maggie said. With a nod, Sarah walked out. "I love you so much. But you won't ever see me again," Maggie whispered.

After Xander returned from Paris, he went to see Victor at the hospital and drop off his mail. "You look like hell," Victor said. "Rude, but looks are not deceiving in this case," Xander said. Xander told Victor about what had happened in Paris and that Sarah did not want anything to do with him. "I know how much Sarah and the baby mean to you. I'm sorry things turned out the way they did," Victor said. With a sigh, Victor noted that at least Kristen would be in prison and far away from Rachel.

"A little girl that I'll probably never see again. Brady and Kristen will never let me anywhere near her," Xander grumbled. Victor counseled Xander not to be pessimistic. Victor said he hoped that Brady could forgive him. "Maybe someday when his children are older. When he has to face compromises with people he loves. Maybe then he'll understand that I was just trying to protect Maggie," Victor said. Xander asked Victor if it was too much to hope that Sarah would understand someday.

Xander lamented that the truth about Rachel had come out. When Xander worried aloud about Sarah facing kidnapping charges, he gasped. "Why haven't I thought of that before? What if she's been arrested?" Xander said. As Xander started to leave, Victor reminded him that Sarah did not want to have anything to do with him. "We'll see about that," Xander said. After Xander left, Victor opened up his mail. One of the letters was a goodbye letter from Maggie.

At the police precinct, Zoey told Rafe that she had information about a murder. Zoey noted that her brother had told her something that was covered under attorney-client privilege but that she wanted to tell Rafe about it regardless. Suspicious, Rafe asked Zoey why she wanted to tell him the information.

"Because my father is a dangerous man, and I don't know what he's gonna do next," Zoey said. Zoey told Rafe that the previous year, Evan had wanted to take David and leave town. Zoey explained that Orpheus had concocted a scheme to kidnap Maggie and ask Victor for a ransom. On Mother's Day, Orpheus had found Maggie in her living room, staring at a glass of vodka. Rafe asked why Maggie had not filed a police report.

"Maggie had no idea that it happened. She still doesn't," Zoey said. Zoey explained that Orpheus had drugged Maggie before she had even had a sip of vodka. Zoey added that Evan had helped Orpheus carry Maggie out to her car. "Maggie is still alive, obviously. You said there was a murder," Rafe point out. "No. There were two murders," Zoey corrected. Zoey stressed that the kidnapping had not been Evan's idea, and then she continued her story.

While Orpheus had driven Maggie's car, Evan had sat in the back with Maggie. Evan had complained to Orpheus about kidnapping an innocent woman, but Orpheus had argued that Maggie was no innocent because she was married to Victor. Orpheus had explained that Victor was the key to a new life. "He almost got away with it, but then something terrible happened," Zoey told Rafe. On the drive over to Rafe's house to pick up David, Orpheus had turned to look at Evan and had run another car off the road.

"That's the same day that Adrienne Kiriakis was killed in a car accident. And Sarah Horton's baby," Rafe said. "Yes, it was. And my father was driving the car that ran them off the road," Zoey said. Zoey explained that Orpheus had wanted to take Maggie and flee the scene of the accident, but Evan had vetoed the idea because Maggie had been unconscious. Orpheus had agreed.

"But Maggie turned herself in. She said she was driving the car," Rafe noted. Zoey explained that Maggie had assumed that she had driven the car because Orpheus had planted Maggie behind the wheel with a bottle of vodka. "Maggie had no memory of what happened that night," Zoey said. Rafe asked Zoey why Orpheus had not attempted to kidnap Maggie again. With a shrug, Zoey said it did not matter because her brother was in prison regardless. Rafe noted that if Zoey's story was true, Maggie was innocent.

As Marlena ended a phone call in her office, Orpheus walked in. When Marlena asked Orpheus why he was there, he smirked. "The life of someone you love is hanging in the balance," Orpheus said. "Brady has been freed. And John had no intention of helping you. He just wanted to see what you were up to," Marlena said. "This was never about Brady," Orpheus said.

Orpheus told Marlena that Evan was going to prison. "I'm glad he is going to prison for what he did to Jordan, how he hurt so many people," Marlena said. Orpheus argued that his daughter had botched Evan's case. Orpheus locked the door. Marlena reminded Orpheus that there were dozens of people in the hallway. Orpheus took the phone off of Marlena's desk.

"I want my grandson. I want to give him a new and wonderful life," Orpheus said. Orpheus demanded money. Orpheus said his last hostage plan had failed, and Marlena was his Plan B. When Marlena asked Orpheus if he was going to ask John to pay a ransom for her, Orpheus shook his head no.

"You're the one that's going to be paying me the ransom. For John," Orpheus said. Orpheus explained that he had taken John prisoner, and he ordered Marlena to do what he said if she wanted to see her husband alive again.

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