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Maggie attempted suicide, but Xander saved her life. Xander told Maggie that she had not caused Adrienne's accident. Orpheus took David. At Brady's insistence, Victor fired Xander. The police arrested Gabi when the syringe she had obtained from Rolf held the same substance that had poisoned Abigail. Rolf confessed to Gabi that he had set her up. Sonny forced Evan to confess to save Maggie. Orpheus arranged a ransom drop with Marlena.
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Maggie attempted suicide, and the police arrested Gabi when her syringe held the same substance that had poisoned Abigail
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Victor realizes what Maggie is planning to do Victor realizes what Maggie is planning to do

Monday, May 18, 2020

by Mike

At the hospital, Marlena started to warn Orpheus not to hurt John.

"Just save your breath, Marlena -- we both know I'm holding all the cards," Orpheus countered before producing a cell phone and showing Marlena a digital photograph of John that was stored on the device. "See the date on the newspaper John's holding? That's [today's edition]. I certainly hope he lives to see tomorrow's edition...but that's up to you," Orpheus continued. "[Now], since I know you and John are wealthy people, I figure...ten million dollars...would be enough to provide my grandson with the kind of life he deserves. [And] if you even attempt to contact the police...John dies," Orpheus concluded before rushing off.

At the police station, Zoey agreed to provide Rafe with a signed statement about Orpheus' role in the accident that had caused the deaths of Adrienne and Mackenzie.

Just then, Rafe received a text message from David's babysitter, who couldn't work late that night. Rafe wanted to continue the process of getting Orpheus arrested -- as well as the process of getting Maggie released from prison -- so Zoey offered to watch David for the rest of the night. "I really don't like this -- [I mean], as much as I appreciate you coming to me with this newfound information, I still don't trust you with my son..." Rafe admitted before responding to the text message, letting the babysitter know that David's aunt would be arriving at the Hernandez house soon to take over the childcare duties for the rest of the night.

As Zoey exited the police station, Xander entered it -- then started to rush back out of it after realizing that Sarah wasn't there. "Before you go, there's something I need to tell you," Rafe called out, stopping Xander, who was stunned to hear that Maggie wasn't responsible for the accident that had caused the deaths of Adrienne and Mackenzie. "If you [and Victor hadn't interfered], Maggie would have been arrested and Breathalyzed [that night, and] we would have found out that she didn't have any alcohol in her system, [so] let that be a lesson to you," Rafe said to Xander, who rushed off in search of Sarah without responding.

A short time later, while Rafe was trying to determine Orpheus' whereabouts, Marlena entered the police station and recapped what had happened at the hospital earlier. "Thank you for coming to me -- I understand the risk that you're taking," Rafe stressed near the end of the tale. "[Orpheus] told me not to [contact the police, but] John would want me to [warn you because Orpheus] wants the money so he can get David and leave with him forever," Marlena explained. After Rafe rushed off to the Hernandez house, Marlena headed off to the Evans-Black townhouse -- and, from there, contacted someone and asked for help.

Rafe tried to contact Zoey while en route to the Hernandez house, but the call went to voicemail -- thanks to Orpheus, who was already there and was trying to convince Zoey to go along with the plan to kidnap David.

Seconds later, Orpheus and Zoey simultaneously received the same news alert on their respective cell phones, revealing that Orpheus was wanted for the kidnapping of Maggie and the vehicular manslaughter of Adrienne and Mackenzie. "You traitorous little bitch!" Orpheus spat while wrapping both hands around Zoey's neck and squeezing tightly.

When Rafe finally arrived at the Hernandez house, Orpheus and David were both gone -- and Zoey was tied to a chair and gagged.

Alone together in their apartment, Eric and Nicole remained on opposite sides of the debate about whether Brady should have allowed Kristen to disappear with Rachel. "What if it was us? Would you take the baby away from me and let me go to prison?" Nicole eventually challenged Eric. "You would have never stabbed Victor -- you're're just not..." Eric tried to reason. "You can't even finish that sentence [because] you know I [have already] tried to kill Victor [in the past]. He drives people to that," Nicole countered. "I don't know what I would do [in Brady's situation]. Maybe I was just too hard on him," Eric conceded after some thought.

Meanwhile, Sarah entered the Brady Pub and approached Brady, who had just wrapped up a phone conversation with Tate and was staring longingly at a glass of vodka tonic.

"You just got your daughter back, and this is your idea of 'celebrating'?" Sarah snapped. Ignoring the comment, Brady thanked Sarah for having returned Rachel to Kristen -- then admitted that mother and child were on the run together. Horrified, Sarah snatched Brady's drink and gulped down half of it. "[Yes], I know I [just] said drinking's not the answer -- don't you dare say a word to me!" Sarah warned. Brady assured Sarah that Kristen had changed, thanks to Rachel, and would be a great mother. "I don't see much of a difference...[but] I hope you're right," Sarah stressed. "Me, too," Brady admitted.

"Think about how many lives were just sent into a tailspin because [Victor and Xander] decided to play God," Sarah grumbled. "I see [Victor] so clearly now -- especially now that Maggie isn't around to smooth out the edges [anymore]. He is a manipulative old man [who] just pulls the rug out from under people and watches them fall, and the most disgusting aspect about it is that [he] lands on his feet every time -- just like he will now," Brady complained. "Xander keeps texting me [and] leaving me [voicemail] messages, saying how sorry he is," Sarah revealed. "Oh, that poor baby -- my heart bleeds for him," Brady sarcastically declared, and Sarah agreed.

"[Xander's] gonna beat the rap -- [Victor] keeps [Titan's legal department] stocked with criminal lawyers to clean up any mess he ever gets into, [and they'll do the same for the company's CEO]," Brady predicted. "I honestly don't understand how Victor fired you and replaced you with Xander," Sarah admitted. "I do -- [it] happened right after the accident," Brady explained. "He was paying off Xander for fixing things," Sarah realized. "Mm-hmm. You see, Sarah, that son of a bitch stole my job and cost me my he may not go to jail, but he will pay," Brady stressed.

"I don't know about you, but I don't think I'm gonna get through this if I don't stay active somehow, [so]...maybe we could --" Sarah began to suggest. "Make Victor and Xander pay in ways that they never dreamed of in their worst nightmares, and then fix it so they would never be able to hurt another one of our loved ones again?" Brady guessed. "Brady Black, you're a mind reader!" Sarah raved before raising the glass of vodka tonic. "To sweet revenge," Sarah suggested with a mischievous grin. "Cheers," Brady, who had ordered a glass of water earlier, agreed while flashing a similar expression.

At the hospital, Victor looked away from Maggie's letter without reading any more of it. "[You're saying] goodbye? What the hell [are you] talking about? [Look], I know what you're gonna say [next -- that] you want a divorce [because of] what I did -- [but] you have to understand [that] I was trying to protect you!" Victor preemptively protested, as if Maggie were in the room, before looking back at the letter and continuing to read it.

"There is no way for me to live with all the guilt that I feel. I took the lives of two people who were so dear to me...and now I'm going to take my own," the letter, which was quite lengthy and had previously focused on ways for Victor to try to make amends with loved ones and start being a better person, concluded. Horrified, Victor desperately tried to get in touch with Statesville's warden but was repeatedly placed on hold.

Meanwhile, at Statesville, Maggie finished writing a letter to Sarah that was just as lengthy but was mainly about Maggie's hopes and dreams for Sarah's future. "You have been the most wonderful daughter a mother could ever have. I'm so incredibly proud of you -- and so utterly sorry for what I've done to your life. Thank you again for your forgiveness, but I don't deserve it. You don't have to worry about me, though; I know what I have to do...and, by the time you get this letter, I'll be gone," the letter concluded. Maggie, who didn't share a cell with anyone, placed the letter on the top bunk while fighting back tears of despair.

Xander eventually burst into the prison, having received a phone call from Victor earlier, and warned a guard that an inmate had sent a suicide note to a loved one. "Women are always saying stuff like that," the guard dismissively argued. "You really want Victor Kiriakis' wife to kill herself on your watch?" Xander countered. "Fine -- I'll check on her...after I run you out of here," the guard decided.

Fed up, Xander knocked out the guard then rushed off to Maggie's cell, using the guard's keys to get through every locked door.

Xander eventually arrived at Maggie's cell -- and found Maggie's motionless body hanging by the neck from a bedsheet that had been ripped up, fashioned into a noose, and tied to the bed.

Xander performs CPR on Maggie Xander performs CPR on Maggie

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Rafe returned home and found Zoey bound to a chair. "My father. He took David!" Zoey said. Rafe pulled out his phone to call the station. When Zoey asked if Rafe was going to untie her, Rafe said, "Why would I do that? You could be in on it." Rafe ordered an APB for Orpheus. After calling the station, Rafe demanded answers. Zoey pleaded her innocence.

"It's pretty damn convenient that [Orpheus] shows up the second you're alone with him!" Rafe yelled. Zoey reminded Rafe that she had told him about the car accident, unprompted. "I tried to stop him!" Zoey said. Rafe argued that Zoey had made up the story to provide a plan for Orpeheus to escape with David. "I'm on your side. You have to trust me," Zoey pleaded. "The hell I do," Rafe growled. Zoey argued that she had risked her life to tell Rafe the truth.

"What else do I have to do to get you to trust me?" Zoey asked. When Rafe listed the misdeeds of Zoey's family, she listed the ones from Rafe's family. "Does that make you a criminal, too?" Zoey asked. Zoey said that neither she nor Rafe would gain custody of David if Orpheus spirited David away from Salem. Rafe cut Zoey loose. Rafe asked Zoey to tell him everything she knew about Orpheus' plans.

"[Orpheus] mentioned wanting to take David to meet an old friend," Zoey said. "John Black. He's holding him hostage right now," Rafe said. Rafe told Zoey about Orpheus' demands from Marlena. With a nod, Zoey noted that Orpheus would not leave Salem until he got the money from Marlena.

Orpheus hid in a warehouse with David. "Soon, you and I are going to embark on a grand adventure. Just the two of us," Orpheus said. With a grin, Orpheus told David that he wanted to introduce him to an old friend. In the corner, a groggy John sat tied to a chair. Orpheus told David that he was playing a game with John. "Pleased to meet you, David," John said.

Once David was set up in a playroom in the back, Orpheus returned to talk to John. "You don't give a damn about that boy. You ripped him out of his bed and away from Rafe!" John yelled. When John asked about Brady, Orpheus said he'd known that John would play along and fall into his trap. John asked Orpheus what he actually wanted.

"A chance. For a new life with my grandson. You and your lovely wife are going to provide me with the means to do just that," Orpheus said. John warned Orpheus to leave Marlena alone. Orpheus told John that he had asked Marlena for ten million dollars in exchange for John's life. "I do hope that Marlena comes through with the money. Not just for David's sake, but for yours," Orpheus said.

Orpheus left David alone with John while he stepped in the back. John asked David if David could pass him the phone on the nearby crate. With a smile, John said he wanted to call Rafe, and he asked David if he wanted to talk to Rafe, also. David nodded yes.

"I turn my back for one second, and you're using a small child to help you escape? Shame on you," Orpheus said as he returned from the back room. Orpheus put a gag on John, and he sent David back to the playroom.

At the pub, Steve asked Hope about Ciara's engagement. "I'm doing my best to support her decisions," Hope said. When Steve noted that he would not let his daughter date someone with Ben's past, Hope stared at him in silence. Steve offered to talk to Ciara. "You lecture Ben, you'll alienate Ciara," Hope warned Steve. Steve noted that Ciara was stubborn like her mother.

Marlena called and asked Steve for help. When Steve and Hope arrived at the penthouse, Marlena told them that Orpheus had kidnapped John. "How can Orpheus still have contacts at the ISA?" Steve wondered aloud in disbelief. Marlena told Hope and Steve about her meeting with Orpheus and about his demand for money.

"We will do everything we can to bring John back," Steve stressed. Marlena said that she had called Rafe but no one else so that Orpheus did not know. When Steve warned Marlena that Orpheus would kill John with or without the money, Marlena nodded in acknowledgement.

"I'll do anything for you, Marlena. If you're sure that's what you really want," Steve said. Marlena emphatically said that she wanted Steve's help. Marlena said that Steve's insight into Orpheus would be helpful. "I'm counting on you to bring [John] home alive," Marlena said. Steve explained that he would talk to Shane for insight. Marlena's phone beeped with a text from Rafe. Hope asked Marlena if Rafe had had any leads in the search.

"All he knows is that Orpheus has taken David," Marlena said. Marlena suggested that Steve should talk to Shane discreetly because she believed that Orpheus had friends at the ISA. While Steve stepped aside to call Shane, Hope reminded Marlena that John could handle himself. "You know Orpheus. You know how he likes to hurt people. All I can think of is what he might be doing to John," Marlena said.

When Rafe arrived with Zoey, Hope asked to talk to Rafe privately. While Rafe and Hope stepped aside to talk, Zoey introduced herself to Marlena. "There you are. All grown up," Marlena said. "Seems like a lifetime ago since my father forced you to take care of my brother and I," Zoey said. Zoey said she had always remembered Marlena's kindness, and she promised to do everything she could to get John and David returned home safely.

In the corner, Hope apologized to Rafe for her actions while she had been Gina. "I know this isn't the right time, but I'm sorry," Hope said. Rafe told Hope that she did not need to be sorry because she was not to blame for Gina's actions. "I'd like to help you find David. And John. If you'll let me," Hope said. Rafe accepted Hope's offer.

When Orpheus called, the room went silent so that Marlena could answer the phone. Marlena answered the call on speakerphone. "I'd like to know who else is listening in on this call," Orpheus said. "You told me that I shouldn't talk to anybody about this," Marlena stammered. "By now you've assembled your own second-rate Avengers team," Orpheus joked. Orpheus asked if Steve was there. Steve told Orpheus to get to the point.

With a chuckle, Orpheus said he was anxious to go a second round with Steve. Steve agreed to meet Orpheus at a time and place of his choosing if Orpheus exchanged John for him. "I've already got a lucrative deal with Marlena. Frankly, I don't think anyone would give me ten bucks for an old washed-up has-been like you," Orpheus said. Orpheus needled Steve about his time as Stefano, and he asked if Hope was there. "I'm here," Hope confirmed.

"Marlena, you disappoint me. I expressly asked you not to contact the police," Orpheus said. Hope stressed that she was no longer a cop. "Knock it off, Dad. Let John and David go!" Zoey said. Orpheus groaned. "My duplicitous, darling daughter," Orpheus said. Orpheus guessed that Zoey's presence meant Rafe was there. "Give me back my son!" Rafe said. Orpheus stressed that David was not Rafe's son. Orpheus added that Zoey could not be trusted.

"Just tell me where and when to meet you. Just tell me that much. I give you my word I will come alone," Marlena said. "Your word means nothing to me," Orpheus yelled. Marlena asked Orpheus if he still wanted his money. "You broke the rules. So now you are going to have to face the consequences," Orpheus growled. Orpheus told Marlena that she needed to add five million dollars to the ransom as punishment and that he would call her the next day.

"You're not going to get away with this, Dad," Zoey said. Zoey offered to speak to the D.A. on Orpheus' behalf if he turned himself in, but Orpheus argued that Zoey would just get him sent to prison like her brother. Steve demanded proof of life, so Orpheus put John on the phone. John said that he and David were fine, and he told Marlena not to meet Orpheus' demands. "Keep in mind that everything he said is subject to change. Don't disappoint me twice, Marlena, or you'll never see John again," Orpheus said.

In his hospital room, a frustrated Victor stared at Maggie's letter while he furiously attempted to get ahold of the warden. When Victor was blocked, he called Xander's phone and left a voicemail asking for an update. Sonny and Will walked in. "What's Xander done now?" Sonny asked. "It's not Xander. It's Maggie," Victor grumbled. Sonny said he had spoken to Maggie at the prison, and she had appeared to be okay.

"You've been played," Victor said as he handed Maggie's letter to Sonny and Will. "[Maggie] was planning on ending it," Victor said. Victor explained that he had sent Xander to the prison to check on Maggie, but he had not heard from Xander yet. "Reporters know how to talk their way into a prison," Will said. Will promised to call Victor with an update, and he rushed out the door.

Though Justin and Kayla had plans for dinner, Justin stopped by the hospital early so that he could check on Victor. "I just ran into Sonny and Will. They were on their way to visit him, too," Kayla said. Justin asked about Victor's health. "Amazingly well, considering what he has been through," Kayla said. With a shrug, Justin said that since Victor was busy, he would hang out with Kayla until she was done with her shift.

"I want you to know how happy I am that we were able to clear the air last night," Justin said. Will ran down the hallway and asked Kayla to go with him to the prison. "Victor is afraid that Maggie tried to kill herself," Will explained. Kayla nodded and followed Will out.

In Maggie's prison cell, Xander untied the bedsheet that Maggie had used to cut off her air. "Open your eyes. Come on. Come on, girl. You have to be okay," Xander said. Xander called for the guard, and then he started CPR on Maggie. "Get a medic in here!" Xander screamed. As Xander continued with compressions, Maggie coughed and stirred to life.

Once Maggie was transported to the prison infirmary, Xander paced until Maggie woke up. "Xander? Where am I?" Maggie asked. Xander asked Maggie if she knew why she was in the infirmary. "I was trying to kill myself," Maggie whispered. Xander said that the doctor had said that Maggie would be all right. "I'm never going to be all right," Maggie whispered.

"Victor read your letter," Xander said. Xander explained that Victor had sent him, and he had found Maggie in her cell. "Why didn't you let me die? How am I supposed to live with what I've done?" Maggie asked through tears. Maggie said Adrienne and Mackenzie's deaths were her fault.

"No. It isn't," Xander said. "How can you say that?" Maggie yelled. Xander told Maggie that she was not at fault. "Lying doesn't change how I feel," Maggie said. Before Xander could say anything more, Will and Kayla walked in. Kayla told Maggie that her doctor had said that she would be fine. "How do I make you understand, I'm never going to be fine. I wanted to die. I still do," Maggie said. Xander stressed that Maggie had not killed anyone.

"You know better than that. You found me in the car," Maggie said. Maggie talked about Summer's visit and how she had poured a drink. "But you didn't drink it," Xander said. Confused, Will asked Xander how he knew what Maggie had done. "The reason you were so out of it when I found you was because you had been chloroformed," Xander said. Xander told Maggie that she had been drugged and had not been driving that night.

"All you have are vague memories after I found you. That was after the crash," Xander said. "Who would do something so vicious like that? Especially to Maggie," Kayla asked. "Orpheus," Xander said. Maggie gasped. Xander told Maggie, Kayla, and Will about what Orpheus had done on Mother's Day. "I can't believe this," Maggie whispered.

"You were a victim, too, that night. Nothing that happened was your fault," Xander said. "I didn't kill Adrienne? And Sarah's baby? I didn't kill her, either. It wasn't me. Oh, God!" Maggie cried out. In tears, Maggie asked Xander if he had made up the story because she had attempted suicide. With a shake of his head no, Xander explained that Rafe had told him the truth.

"So, Evan kept quiet that whole time he was with Sonny? He let Maggie go to prison after what he did to her life?" Will asked. "At least he is behind bars where he belongs. And you can go free now," Xander told Maggie. When Maggie noted that the truth did not bring back Adrienne or Mackenzie, Kayla pointed out that Maggie would be able to comfort their loved ones. "And they'll know that their losses were not your fault. And so will you," Will added. Maggie nodded yes.

Justin went to Victor's hospital room to speak with him and Sonny. Justin informed Victor that Kayla had gone with Will to the prison. "That's why I did the things that I did. I knew what would happen if Maggie found out the truth about the accident," Victor said. Sonny assured Victor that Xander was at the prison, and Will and Kayla were on their way there. "If anything had happened, you would have heard something by now," Justin said.

"You don't know that. I don't know how the two of you can be so calm. I wouldn't be surprised if you were both hoping that they wouldn't get there in time to save her," Victor grumbled. Kayla called Justin and told him what had happened at the prison. "[Maggie] is going to be all right," Justin assured Victor. Shaken, Victor said he could not believe that Maggie had attempted suicide. Justin told Victor that he hoped Victor knew that he and Sonny were glad that Maggie had survived.

"I don't think he does, Dad. Not after that crap comment he made," Sonny said. "Can the two of you look me in the eye and deny that a part of you didn't wish that Xander didn't make it to Maggie on time?" Victor asked. "I know how panicked you've been about Maggie, but it is crazy for you to think that Sonny or I would ever want her dead," Justin stressed.

"He assumes that we're like him," Sonny said with disgust. Justin said he did not understand Maggie's actions, but he knew that Maggie had not meant to cause anyone any harm because she was a kind person. "She is in a waking nightmare. She has to live with what she did for the rest of her life. Her death wouldn't give Sonny or me even the slightest satisfaction," Justin said. "It wouldn't bring mom back. Or the baby," Sonny added. Sonny said Maggie's death would be another tragedy.

"We hate what Maggie did, but we could never hate her," Justin said. "You're both being very reasonable. Logical. But still, every time you look at Maggie, you're going to see the woman that killed Adrienne. Right?" Victor asked. Sonny and Justin looked at one another. "I thought so," Victor said. Worried, Victor wondered aloud why Will had not called.

"Maybe he freaked out being back in the prison you let him rot in for a year," Sonny muttered. "Sonny!" Justin barked. Kayla returned with news. "Everything is going to be just fine," Kayla said. "Until the next time," Victor countered. Kayla smiled. Kayla announced, "It turns out that Maggie did not cause the deaths of Adrienne and the baby. And she knows that now." Kayla told Victor, Sonny, and Justin what had actually happened the night of the accident. "Who killed my mother?" Sonny demanded.

In the prison infirmary, Will sat at Maggie's bedside and joked that they had both gone to prison for something that Evan and Orpheus had done. Maggie asked Xander if Sarah knew the truth. Xander shook his head no, and he explained that he had not had a chance to tell anyone after Rafe had told him. "I don't think [Sarah] knows," Xander said.

"I owe you so much. You saved my life. You took away the guilt that has been weighing down my soul. How do I ever thank you?" Maggie asked Xander.

Brady and Sarah strike back at Xander Brady and Sarah strike back at Xander

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

by Mike

Xander went to the hospital to see Victor, who was in the midst of a phone conversation with Justin.

"I want Maggie out of that damn prison -- now! I don't care how you do it, Justin -- just get it done!" Victor demanded before ending the call. "I'll bust her out of there myself if I have to..." Victor vowed, speaking to no one in particular. "Lucky thing that you came along and saved her life... She needs to heal now -- at home, where she belongs," Victor said to Xander, who predicted that Maggie was going to be fine.

"Learning [the truth about the accident] has taken a weight off [Maggie's shoulders]," Xander explained. "Did you tell Sarah the good news?" Victor wondered. "I spent most of the night looking for [her but] couldn't find her anywhere," Xander admitted with a sigh. "What we put her through... And it wasn't even necessary! Damn Orpheus -- if we'd known [the truth] from the beginning..." Victor grumbled. "[She] needs to know her mother's innocent," Xander fretted. "Maybe [she] reached out to Brady about seeing the baby again..." Xander realized before rushing off.

Sarah woke up in a room at the Salem Inn, clearly hungover and wearing only underwear and a man's dress shirt, and struggled to remember what had happened the previous night -- then grew concerned when Brady emerged from the bathroom, wearing only a towel. "[We toasted] to getting even with Victor and Xander, and then...I ordered a bottle of Champagne and drank it all..." Sarah began to recall with Brady's help. "[So], I offered to drive you home --" Brady continued for Sarah. "[But that's] the last place that I'd ever want to sleep [right now] -- under the same roof with Xander..." Sarah realized. "[So], I brought you here," Brady concluded for Sarah.

"Did we...?" Sarah wondered, still concerned. "No -- I slept [on the couch], and I even turned my back when I gave you my shirt to put on," Brady insisted. "Thank God!" Sarah declared with a sigh of relief before quickly backpedaling. "It's not you -- it's''s...I...I have...a personality flaw? When I get overwhelmed, I just -- I tend jump into bed with whoever's kind of standing in front of me -- like, when I found out that Rex cheated on me, I jumped into bed with Xander, as if rando-sex that you regret ever makes the pain go away," Sarah explained with a shrug.

Brady sympathetically acknowledged that the pain Sarah was feeling as a result of Victor and Xander's deception wasn't going to just go away overnight. Sarah sympathetically acknowledged that the pain Brady was feeling as a result of having to give up the opportunity to build a life with Kristen and Rachel wasn't going to just go away overnight, either -- and that Victor and Xander were ultimately responsible for that, too. "It's all gotta end -- [their] lies, their games, all that crap -- it's gotta end," Brady stressed, and Sarah agreed.

Brady got dressed then started to rush off to put the first phase of a plan in motion -- and ran into Xander in the hallway. "What the hell?" Xander snapped after seeing that Sarah was in Brady's hotel room -- and wasn't fully dressed. "I'll handle Xander," Sarah assured Brady. "I got plans for you..." Brady warned Xander before continuing to exit the hotel.

"What is this?" Xander asked. "What does it look like?" Sarah replied with a mischievous grin. "You slept with Brady?" Xander assumed. "Well, I don't want to kiss and tell..." Sarah coyly stressed. "Brady just got his daughter back, [and] Kristen's in prison, [and he's already] romping around with you?" Xander incredulously summarized. "Oh, I guess you haven't heard -- Rachel is gone, [and] so is Kristen," Sarah clarified before telling Xander the whole story. "[So, last night], I ran into Brady at the pub, [and he] understood my pain because it is his pain, too -- and then one thing led to another, know..." Sarah claimed with a shrug at the end of the recap.

"While you were sleeping with my cousin to punish me, I saved your mother from committing suicide," Xander numbly revealed, stunning Sarah.

Ben met up with Ciara in the town square so they could sample various cakes as part of their ongoing mission to plan their wedding. "Definitely the praline," Ben decided after tasting each option, and Ciara agreed.

With that out of the way, Ben and Ciara moved on to the task of choosing a date for the wedding ceremony. "I'd say we do it tomorrow...but there is no way that I'm letting you walk down that aisle until I get you a real diamond -- and a band," Ben stressed. "This is enough 'diamond' for me -- I love it," Ciara insisted while showing off the washer that was serving as a makeshift engagement ring, but Ben refused to budge on the matter. "You will be my one and only wife, and my one and only wife is getting a real engagement ring," Ben declared with finality.

"According to my research, it's apparently about...two months' salary?" Ben continued. "So, that means we are getting married at the end of July?" Ciara assumed, and Ben confirmed the plan with a teasing gulp.

At the auto repair shop, Jake worked on a car while thinking about his most recent conversation with Gabi and what Gabi had said about Will's battle with memory loss.

When Ben arrived, Jake summarized Gabi's comments. "Don't tell me that Gabi's starting to get to you," Ben begged with a groan at the end of the recap. "I mean, I got a lifetime of my own memories, so how could I be Stefan DiMera...right?" Jake reasoned. "[But Gabi] claims that [this] freak Rolf has implanted other people with fake memories --" Jake continued. "True," Ben confirmed. "So...what, she could be right?" Jake asked incredulously. "Do you want her to be right?" Ben curiously replied. "What if..." Jake mused with a dismissive chuckle.

"The whole thing is so off-the-charts weird [that] it's probably not true," Jake conceded after a bit more thought. Ben declared that, in any case, there was no way of knowing if Rolf had given Gabi a dose of the memory-jogging serum or something else entirely -- and that was why the concoction was being analyzed in a hospital lab at that very moment. "[But], just so you know, if I thought for a second that you were really Stefan and I knew that drug was safe...I'd tell you to take it," Ben admitted. "But you don't think I am...right?" Jake assumed, and Ben confirmed the suspicion.

Ben dialed the hospital's phone number, hoping for an update on the analysis, and learned that Marlena was going to be unreachable for a while. "I'm the one who almost got jabbed with the thing, so maybe someone at the lab will talk to me [about it]," Jake suggested, and Ben agreed that, with Marlena otherwise occupied, that was Jake's best chance of getting answers that day.

Ciara went to the hospital to see Victor after learning, during a phone conversation with Hope, that Maggie had been through a lot the previous day.

Ciara briefly discussed the matter with Victor then changed the subject, flashing the washer and explaining that it was a makeshift engagement ring. "You're making a big mistake," Victor warned. "[No], I am not...but if I was, Grandpa, it is my mistake to make," Ciara argued. "Stubborn -- like your father..." Victor grumbled. "Yeah -- and I know where my father gets it from..." Ciara countered.

"Oh -- and, by the way...I quit," Ciara informed Victor with a smile before starting to rush off. "I need you [at Titan], keeping an eye on [Xander to] make sure he stays on the rails!" Victor protested, stopping Ciara. "Could be a raise in it..." Victor continued. "Okay -- I will consider changing my mind...[but only if] you change your mind about Ben," Ciara decided after some thought.

"You really love him?" Victor asked. "I really do," Ciara replied. "And he's gonna buy you a proper ring?" Victor assumed. "Yes, he is," Ciara confirmed. "All right -- if you stay on at Titan, I will do my best to accept Weston," Victor agreed. "I'm gonna need more than you just doing your 'best,'" Ciara insisted. "Fine -- I will accept Weston as the man you love," Victor promised.

Delighted, Ciara thanked Victor with a hug then rushed off to the auto repair shop to share the good news with Ben, who was thrilled to hear about the unexpected development but was still worried about Jake.

Brady went to the hospital to see Victor, who braced for a lecture. "I deserve it -- everything you want to say, every bit of your anger -- [and, as for] your forgiveness, I don't expect it, [and I'm] not gonna ask for it...but I do hope that, one day, you can see it in your heart to let me make it up to you, especially now that you have your daughter back --" Victor preemptively began. "I don't have Rachel back," Brady clarified.

"Anything you want me to do [to make it up to you], I'll do it -- anything!" Victor offered after Brady elaborated. "Fire Xander," Brady demanded.

Chad stepped out of Abigail's room and recorded a voicemail message for Eli -- then reentered the room and discovered that Abigail had woken up and was having another hallucination.

Chad comforted Abigail with a hug, stopping the hallucination. "Gabi was just -- she was here, and she was trying to jab me with, uh, a needle, in my arm... But I...I know that it wasn't -- it wasn't real... Right?" Abigail said to Chad, who confirmed the suspicion. "But...she, uh -- she did do the same thing to someone else last night..." Chad revealed.

Shortly after Chad finished telling Abigail the whole story, Eli arrived with Lani, prompting another full recap. "I want Gabi arrested -- now!" Chad demanded at the end of the second summary.

After Eli and Lani rushed off, Chad started celebrating the likelihood that Gabi was about to be locked up again, prompting Abigail to admit that it was hard to celebrate anything when the hallucinations were still a concern. "Actually, I may have, uh, a solution to that -- [see], I got a call this morning from, uh, a doctor in Florida [who is] an expert in psychopharmacology, [and] Marlena thinks that he can really help you --" Chad began to reveal. "That's great! [So], when's he coming here?" Abigail wondered. "He's not [coming] here --" Chad tried to clarify. "You're thinking of committing me again," Abigail concluded with a sigh and a shake of the head.

"[No], I will never do that again -- I promised you that [already]. That was the worst mistake of my life," Chad assured Abigail. " are having these hallucinations, and we need to figure out why [so we can] get rid of them, so I think it's really exciting that this Dr. Marquart wants to help," Chad continued. "[But] I'd have to leave Salem," Abigail realized. "We are gonna leave Salem -- the kids and I, we're going with you," Chad clarified. "[But] what about DiMera? You just got back in charge!" Abigail protested. "Being your husband is more important than anything else in the world to me," Chad stressed.

"We can't do this to our kids -- [I mean], I don't want to uproot them [again]; it's not right! [Thomas] is building friendships [here], and he's excited to go to summer camp, [and] Charlotte... I want them to have as normal a life as possible!" Abigail fretted. "[Then] what do you say we leave 'em here with your parents, and I'll go with you?" Chad suggested. "Or I could...I could go by myself -- [I mean], Thomas and Charlotte need their dad..." Abigail argued. "And I need my wife. I promised you I was never gonna abandon you again. Whatever we go through, we go through together," Chad maintained, and Abigail nodded in response.

Gabi stormed into the hospital, tracked down Kayla, and demanded the return of Rolf's serum, having correctly guessed where Ben had taken it.

"You really do belong behind bars -- [you're already] a suspect in Abigail's drugging, and now you go and try to drug an innocent man..." Kayla mused with a shake of the head after Gabi explained everything. "The only illegal act that has been committed is that Ben stole my serum -- and the only chance that I have to be with the man that I love -- [so] if you don't give me that drug immediately, I'm going to sue this hospital for making me believe that my husband was dead...[and] you're gonna lose [after] everybody sees [that] my husband is alive and well!" Gabi warned Kayla, who didn't believe the claim but decided to play along.

Shortly after Kayla headed off in search of the serum, Eli and Lani approached Gabi and began asking questions about the earlier incident with Jake -- who arrived during the interrogation. "Stefan! This is the woman who shot you --" Gabi began to explain to Jake while pointing at Lani. "Mr. Lambert, we've been told that Gabi assaulted you with a syringe," Eli tiredly interjected. "Oh? That's actually why I'm here -- I'd like to know more about the drug she tried to inject me with," Jake revealed. "Then you believe me!" Gabi assumed. "Ease up, turbo -- I'm [just] curious," Jake insisted. "[Because] you want your memory back!" Gabi maintained.

"Is she always this, uh...I don't know, difficult?" Jake asked Eli and Lani, who both nodded in response.

Kayla soon returned with the results of the analysis -- and, like Lani, was stunned to see Jake for the first time. "[The syringe contained] the same compound used in the drugging of Abigail," Kayla revealed, shocking Gabi.

Sonny confronts Evan Sonny confronts Evan

Thursday, May 21, 2020

by Mike

At the hospital, Gabi protested that the analysis of Rolf's serum had to have been botched somehow, but Kayla insisted that the results had been properly scrutinized -- and showed that there was absolutely no difference whatsoever between the serum and the hallucinogen that had been found in Abigail's system. "I would never [intentionally] hurt [my husband] -- I love him!" Gabi declared, getting nervous. "Ever heard of 'priors'?" Lani countered, knowing that Gabi had tried to hurt Stefan in the past. "Cuff her, Danno," Eli said to Lani, who complied as Gabi complained that the joke wasn't funny. Jake, like the others, refused to believe Gabi's explanation.

Victor refused to fire Xander as a way of making amends with Brady. "I owe him," Victor explained. "You owe me, [but] what the hell do you owe him for?" Brady countered, prompting Victor to reveal what had happened the previous night. "So, don't you see? I can't fire him!" Victor insisted at the end of the tale. "Xander is a crap human being -- he stole my daughter, he stole my job, he practically stole my grandfather -- [and] you think [the fact that he saved Maggie's life] makes everything okay? [Look, either] fire him [and] make me the CEO...[or] you're never gonna see me again!" Brady countered, unmoved.

At the Salem Inn, Sarah listened in stunned silence as Xander continued talking about Maggie's suicide attempt. Sarah was skeptical at first but eventually accepted that Xander was telling the truth. Sarah feared that Maggie would continue trying to commit suicide -- and would one day succeed -- but Xander insisted that wasn't going to be an issue because, as it turned out, Maggie wasn't responsible for the accident that had caused the deaths of Adrienne and Mackenzie. "So, everything that you and Victor did really was just for nothing," Sarah noted after hearing the whole story. "We didn't know that then!" Xander stressed.

Changing the subject, Xander demanded Sarah's promise that nothing sexual would ever happen with Brady again. "After everything that you have done to me, I don't have to promise you anything, ever!" Sarah snapped, scowling. "It's not about me -- it's about you! [I mean], you don't love him, [and] he's not good for you!" Xander reasoned. "Then kidnap him [and] lock him in a cage. [Or] kill him. [Or] do whatever [else] pops into your head [so you can] run my life. 'bout this -- [maybe just] stay out of my life [and] don't think about me [anymore], because I'm never gonna think about you again!" Sarah countered.

Defeated, Xander went to the hospital to talk to Victor about what had just happened with Sarah. "She hates my guts. It's a permanent condition," Xander summarized with a sigh near the end of the recap. "[Oh -- and] she slept with Brady last night," Xander concluded, sighing again. "I thought he was feeling his oats this morning..." Victor mused before telling Xander about Brady's visit. "You told him to take a hike...right?" Xander asked hopefully after hearing about Brady's demand. "No, I didn't tell him anything...[because] I thought it was only fair that you hear it first -- you're fired," Victor unceremoniously replied.

At the police station, Eli and Lani escorted Gabi into one of the conference rooms -- and found Rolf inside, waiting to be taken to a court hearing.

"I am so happy that you are here! [Please], tell 'em what happened -- how you told me that Jake was Stefan, how you saved him, [how we were] gonna find the drug [and] get Stefan's memory back..." Gabi begged Rolf. "I have no idea what this young woman is talking about...[although she] has always had a very vivid imagination..." Rolf said to Eli and Lani.

"He is lying! [Look], check the prison logs, okay? I had to sign in to see him!" Gabi said to Eli and Lani. "I never said that [she] didn't come and visit me. [She] asked me if I had saved her husband, and I pointed out that that was impossible, as she'd given his heart to your dear, sweet little granny, [Detective Grant]. I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker," Rolf clarified for Eli and Lani. "[But then] I told him that I could get him out of [prison, and that's when] he admitted the truth!" Gabi explained to Eli and Lani. "I think I would have remembered if she'd proposed a prison break..." Rolf assured Eli and Lani.

"That is not what I said, you lying son of a bitch!" Gabi snapped at Rolf. "Could you please try and control her? I'm beginning to feel a little threatened," Rolf begged Eli and Lani.

Eli and Lani left the room together, ignoring Rolf's request. "Why are you lying?" Gabi asked Rolf. "Because...I don't like you," Rolf explained to Gabi with a shrug. "You set me up!" Gabi realized. "Yes...and you fell for it -- hook, line, and sinker," Rolf summarized. "What have I ever done to you?" Gabi wondered. "You disrespected Mr. DiMera!" Rolf snapped. "I loved him!" Gabi insisted. "No, not that cheap knockoff! [I'm talking about] Stefano DiMera -- the seventh son of the seventh son, the Phoenix... He tried to use his son Chad to help get you out of the way, but, um, that plan never really worked. This one did," Rolf clarified.

"[So], are you saying that Jake isn't Stefan?" Gabi asked. "Ah, little one...that's not what I said at all," Rolf replied. "Damn it -- tell me! Is Stefan alive or not?" Gabi demanded to know. "All I'm saying is that if the man you described to me is Stefan DiMera, then I'm not the one who brought him back...which is not to say that someone else didn't," Rolf elaborated, shrugging again.

Justin went to Statesville to see Maggie, who was still in the infirmary. "I know you didn't kill Adrienne," Justin began while taking a seat at Maggie's bedside. "This morning, I woke up, [and I was] just thinking about the pain and the lies [that] we have lived with for so long, and I thought, 'What does it even mean?' And then, as if Adrienne was lying right next to me, I heard her say, 'What it means, pal, is for you to go and get Maggie out of there.' And that's exactly what I'm gonna do," Justin continued, getting emotional. "But it's not going to be smooth sailing -- [see], we need a confession [from Orpheus or Evan]," Justin concluded after recovering.

"Well, Justin, I haven't had 'smooth sailing' since the day that Victor showed up at my back door, so..." Maggie replied, managing a hopeful smile.

Shortly after Justin left, Sarah arrived and insisted that Maggie's suicide attempt could never be repeated. "It didn't [work] -- thank you, God..." Maggie declared. "Xander thinks I'm supposed to thank him," Sarah revealed. "You're not implying that a Kiriakis male could be self-absorbed, are you?" Maggie joked. "You're back!" Sarah raved, giving Maggie a hug.

Brady soon arrived and echoed Sarah's demand that Maggie's suicide attempt could never be repeated. Maggie insisted that it was safe for Sarah and Brady to stop worrying about that possibility. Maggie offered Brady a few words of comfort after learning that Kristen and Rachel were on the run together. Brady and Sarah eventually said goodbye to Maggie then exited the infirmary together -- and started discussing their revenge plot again.

At the hospital, Jake tried to ask Kayla a question but was cut off with an icy response and told to leave the building. "Do I smell?" Jake wondered. "No -- I just don't want to look at you anymore [because] you look just like the bag of garbage that ruined my life. [Stefan] was part and parcel of a grand scheme to destroy my marriage," Kayla explained. "I'm beginning to dislike my look-alike..." Jake admitted. "Well, maybe you're him -- maybe Rolf worked his magic just one more time," Kayla suggested. "The Frankenstein Muppet guy?" Jake recalled. "[Either way], I sincerely hope that I never see you again," Kayla stressed.

"That's a little harsh..." Jake protested. "I don't care! Because of Stefan DiMera, I lost the love of my life -- and no one can ever take his place!" Kayla countered, unaware that Justin had just exited a nearby elevator and was approaching. "Wow -- you really do look like --" Justin said to Jake. "The guy who ruined Dr. Brady's life?" Jake concluded for Justin. "But I'm not," Jake assured Justin. "[Anyway], sorry that, uh, you lost the love of your life," Jake said to Kayla before walking away. "How much did you hear?" Kayla asked Justin nervously. "Just enough," Justin replied with a shrug.

At Statesville, Evan was summoned to the visitors' lounge -- and was surprised to see Sonny waiting there. "I wanted to see the animal who killed my mother," Sonny explained to Evan with a scowl. "That -- that was Maggie --" Evan tried to argue. "Save it -- your sister gave you up," Sonny revealed. "She wouldn't do that!" Evan protested. "She had to -- to protect David from your father," Sonny elaborated.

"Did -- did she tell you I wasn't driving the car?" Evan asked hopefully. "Really? You weren't driving, so that makes it all better now? My mother is dead, Will went to prison for a year, and Maggie -- one of the most wonderful people in this entire world -- tried to kill herself...but you weren't driving!" Sonny incredulously replied, revealing even more information that Evan hadn't heard yet. "Does that excuse letting all these people go through hell? Does that excuse you sitting in my living room [and] nodding while I told you I couldn't look my husband in the face because I thought he killed my mother?" Sonny continued, getting right in Evan's face.

"I was thinking about David --" Evan tried to explain. "Were you thinking about him when you consoled me? When we grew close? When you tricked me into thinking you were a decent human being?" Sonny bitterly countered.

"God, I hate you!" Sonny spat. "Not as much as I hate myself," Evan whispered, fighting back tears. "You think you can hate yourself more than I hate you? It's not possible!" Sonny insisted. "Well, I think [it is, because] you don't know how much I hate myself -- or for how long I have. You think that night was the first night I caved to my dad blindly, [even though I] knew what I [was doing] was wrong [and] contemptible?" Evan countered. "'Contemptible' doesn't even come close to [describing] what you did! You didn't call the ambulance [or] the cops -- [and] while you were covering your own ass, my mom was in the other car, dying!" Sonny stressed.

"Oh -- or did your daddy make you do those bad things? Did he make you come on to me, [too], or is that something kinky that you came up with -- to make out with a guy after you killed his mother [and] sent his husband to prison?" Sonny continued. "No! [Look], I can't explain -- and I sure as hell can't justify -- anything... But...that... I fell in love with you," Evan insisted. "Well, doesn't that make me all warm and fuzzy inside..." Sonny muttered. "I am so sorry," Evan stressed. "Want to make it up to me?" Sonny wondered, drawing a slight reaction from Evan. "[Then] for once in your worthless life, act like a man!" Sonny demanded.

"How?" Evan whispered. "Put down what you just said in writing," Sonny suggested, producing a legal pad and a pen. "If you want to stop hating yourself, [then] give yourself a reason not to, okay? Do the right thing -- write down what you just said so Maggie doesn't have to keep paying for [what you and your father did]," Sonny continued, shoving the items at Evan gently. "I'm sorry -- I can't do that," Evan insisted, refusing to take the items from Sonny. "You really are a worm..." Sonny declared with a shake of the head. "I have to think about David!" Evan explained.

"I'm facing 20 years in here [right now, but that means] I still have a shot at getting out and making things up to him [eventually]. If I do what you want, I may never see the light of day again!" Evan elaborated. "What a loss [that would be] for David -- [not being able to say], 'Tell me again, Daddy, about when you killed Mommy!'" Sonny mused. "You're right about what I did...but he is [still] my son, [and] he means everything to me," Evan stressed. "Sarah's daughter meant everything to her, and you killed her! Ari means everything to Will, and you sent him to prison!" Sonny countered.

"[And...actually], you know what? I am not gonna catalogue the people that you hurt and the damage that you caused [yet again], 'cause I don't think it's gonna penetrate that little brain of yours, so let me use a different tactic -- if you don't confess, [and] Maggie keeps paying instead of you, [then] my dad, Rafe, Sarah, and Will and myself will show up to every one of your parole hearings and remind the court [of] exactly what you did, [and] I will make it my life's work to make sure that [David], in detail, knows exactly what a weak, pathetic piece of garbage you are," Sonny warned.

"You will not get away with what you did to the people I love," Sonny concluded before starting to exit the visitors' lounge.

"No, you're wrong -- you did get through to me," Evan called out, stopping Sonny. "Not the threat -- [the] fact that it does matter to me, more than...than anything, that David does not grow up with a father like mine," Evan clarified. "If I never see my son again, will you please tell him...will you please tell him that, for once, his father did the right thing?" Evan tearfully concluded before starting to write a confession.

Orpheus tells John he wants revenge Orpheus tells John he wants revenge

Friday, May 22, 2020

In the warehouse, John struggled against the ropes binding him to a chair. Orpheus removed John's gag and force-fed him a sandwich. John spit it out. Orpheus warned John not to scream because no one would hear John, and it would wake David. "So, why haven't you called Doc already? I'm sure she has come up with your money," John said. With a nod, Orpheus said, "Let's get this show on the road."

Orpheus made arrangements for a car to drive him and David out of town. John told Orpheus that he hoped Orpheus would reconsider taking David. "Just take the money and run," John said. "It's not just my love for family that drives me. It's also my hatred for you," Orpheus countered. Orpheus remembered the time he had confronted John about the loss of his wife and children. Orpheus had told John that his children had shunned him because John and the ISA had painted Orpheus as an "irredeemable monster."

"Because that's what you had become. The kids are better off without you," John had said. Orpheus had pointed a gun at John's head. As Orpheus shook off the memory, he leaned in close to John's face. "I've waited my whole life to destroy you, John Black. Compared to that, money's just another means for exchange. Now, I have the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone," Orpheus said. Orpheus announced that he needed to finalize plans, and he left the warehouse. John struggled against the ropes. A sleepy-eyed David walked into the room.

"Well, [me and Orpheus] got tired of playing cops and robbers, so now we're playing hide-and-seek," John said. John told David that he could not look for Orpheus because Orpheus had forgotten to untie him first. With a chuckle, John asked David to untie him so that they could look for "grandpa" together. David worked on the knot, and John talked David through it. Orpheus returned to the warehouse.

"What are we up to?" Orpheus asked. John lied and said that he and David were playing hide-and-seek, and he whispered, "David is hiding behind the chair." Orpheus was not fooled. Orpheus told David to play with his toys and that the three of them would play together later. Once David was out of the room, Orpheus warned John not to involve David in his plans.

"Why don't we just make this easier on both of us," Orpehus said as he leveled his gun at John's head. John warned Orpheus that he could not collect the ransom if John was dead. "Did I say I was going to shoot you?" Orpheus asked. Orpheus hit John with the gun and knocked him unconscious. "Don't you ever try to trick me," Orpheus whispered.

At the penthouse, a worried Marlena complained that she should not have involved anyone. Steve urged Marlena to have faith that Orpheus would not do anything to John if he hoped to obtain the ransom. "Do you really think that money is going to keep him from hurting John?" Marlena asked with exasperation. Steve argued that Orpheus was toying with Marlena so that she would decide to go to the meet alone.

"Well it's working!" Marlena said. Marlena's phone rang. It was a call from the hospital. Marlena thanked the doctor for their help in locating a bed for Abigail. After her phone call, Marlena explained that she needed to go to the hospital to help Abigail. Steve told Marlena that he appreciated all her work with Abigail, but he advised her not to go to work. "My patients need me, and I'm going stir-crazy waiting for this phone call," Marlena said. Steve insisted that he would go with Marlena. Hope offered to check with Rafe for an update.

By the nurses' station at the hospital, Justin told Kayla that he had been surprised to hear Stefan refer to Steve as the love of Kayla's life. Kayla explained that the Stefan look-alike was a mechanic named Jake. "You heard him call Steve the love of my life because that's what I called him. Steve was the love of my life, just like Adrienne was the love of your life," Kayla said. Kayla said she had thought that Justin had understood that she felt that way.

"I heard you say something else that just makes me wonder if things have changed," Justin said. Justin said he had heard Kayla tell Jake that no one could take Steve's place. "It really threw me to see this man look exactly like Stefan DiMera," Kayla said. Kayla reminded Justin that Stefan had put her and Steve through hell. Kayla said that her anger had gotten the best of her.

"So, you don't really think Steve is irreplaceable?" Justin asked. Kayla said she'd meant what she had said. Justin started to leave. "You can't take Steve's place because no one can. You're not him, but I don't want you to be him. I'm with you," Kayla stressed. Kayla said that her love for Steve in the past did not diminish her love for Justin in the present. Justin apologized. Kayla said she understood that Justin was under a lot of pressure.

Justin told Kayla about his work to free Maggie. Kayla reminded Justin that she was there to support him. As Justin and Kayla kissed, Steve exited the elevator with Marlena. "I'm just here to check on Abigail," Marlena said. Kayla asked Steve if that was his plan, too. Steve lied and said he was there to see his niece. Marlena asked Steve to wait in the hallway while she talked to Abigail privately first. When Steve raised an eyebrow, Marlena whispered, "It's fine."

Kayla asked Steve if everything was okay. As he watched Marlena walk away, Steve said everything was fine. Justin told Steve about the new information about Adrienne's car accident. "Who was responsible?" Steve asked. "Orpheus," Justin said. Justin explained that Christian had confessed to his part in the plot to kidnap Maggie and how it had gone awry.

"I'm going to kill that son of a bitch. I'm going to do it with my bare hands," Steve growled. Kayla urged Steve to remain calm. When Justin noted that Orpheus was on the run with David, Steve stressed, "We'll find them." "Who's we?" Kayla asked. Steve said he had meant Rafe. Kayla asked Steve what he knew about the case. When Steve looked away, Kayla noted that she had seen the look Steve had given Marlena before she had walked away.

"You didn't just run into her. Something is going on. Something you don't want the two of us to know," Kayla said. Steve said he could not talk about the situation. Justin demanded answers. Reluctantly, Steve told Justin and Kayla that Orpheus had kidnapped John. Steve added that he and Hope were helping Marlena track down John and David. "We're gonna bring John home, and I'm going to make Orpheus pay for what he did to Adrienne," Steve vowed.

Kayla reminded Steve that he was still recovering from brain surgery, but Steve insisted that he was the one that had to help John. Steve explained that Rafe could not attend the ransom drop because Orpheus would kill John, and he added that Marlena should not go to the drop alone. Justin agreed.

Abigail curled up against Chad in her hospital bed. "Did you have a nice nap?" Chad asked. Abigail told Chad that she had dreamed of being at the beach with the kids. When Chad asked Abigail if she had any hallucinations, she said she only saw her husband. Chad hugged Abigail. Jack and Jennifer walked in with a board game.

Abigail argued that she did not want to pretend that everything was normal when she was still experiencing hallucinations. "We came here with news," Jennifer said. "Really good news," Jack added. Jennifer announced that the police had arrested Gabi.

"What changed?" Chad asked. "Gabi was caught in possession of the same drug that was found in Abigail's system," Jack explained. "I knew it," Chad said. Abigail said she was relieved that she could focus on healing. Chad told Jack and Jennifer about the doctor in Florida. "I'm going to go with her," Chad said. "No, Chad. We did not decide that," Abigail argued. Abigail explained that she wanted to go to the treatment alone. Abigail added that she wanted Chad to stay with the children and run the company.

"I don't want you to see me go crazy again," Abigail said. "Don't say that!" Chad objected. Abigail asked Chad to let her handle her treatment her way. Chad refused to leave Abigail alone. Marlena walked in. "I spoke to the doctor. The beds at the clinic are in very high demand, so if you're not able to check in by tomorrow, they'll have to give your bed to the next person on the list," Marlena said. Abigail said she would go to the clinic.

After Marlena left, Abigail reiterated that she did not want Chad with her in Florida. "I don't want you to be spending your life taking care of your sick wife. It's a burden," Abigail said. "You're not a burden!" Chad objected. Chad said he would never abandon Abigail again. Jennifer urged Abigail to reconsider. Reluctantly, Abigail said she would let Chad go with her, but if she needed to stay for an extended time, she asked Chad to promise to return home to the children. Chad agreed.

As Marlena returned to the nurses' station, she overheard Steve say, "If I know Orpheus, he's not planning on giving John back to us alive." "Is that what you think?" Marlena asked. Steve promised that he would stop Orpheus from hurting John. Marlena was not optimistic, but Kayla assured Marlena that if Steve promised to retrieve John alive, he would. "I can't stand this waiting!" Marlena complained.

Orpheus called. "It's showtime," Orpheus said. Orpheus set up a meeting in the park off the square. Marlena told Orpheus that he would not get any money unless John was alive. "I dictate the terms," Orpheus said before he ended the call. As Marlena and Steve started to leave, Justin insisted, "He killed my wife. I'm going with you."

At the warehouse, Orpheus roused John awake and told him it was time to see Marlena. "Won't be any simple exchange. What do you have in store for me?" John asked. "That will become clear very soon," Orpheus said.

At Rafe's house, Rafe told Zoey that the trail to Orpheus had grown cold. Zoey's phone rang. It was Christian calling from prison. After a heated exchange, Zoey ended her call. "What's wrong?" Rafe asked. "My brother just confessed to his part in the accident that killed Adrienne Kiriakis," Zoey explained. "Good. He did the right thing. Now Maggie will be exonerated," Rafe said. Rafe suggested that he and Zoey go to the prison to ask Christian about the plan to kidnap Maggie in the hopes that it would give them a clue as to where Orpheus had stashed John.

"[Christian] doesn't want to see me. That's what he just told me," Zoey said. Zoey explained that she had hoped to work with the D.A. before Christian made a statement to authorities, but she had not been able to follow through in time. "Sonny Kiriakis got to him first," Zoey explained. When Zoey lamented that Christian's sentence might be doubled, Rafe argued that Christian had intended to let Will and then Maggie rot in prison for crimes that he had committed. Zoey argued that Rafe had known the real Christian when Christian had worked as a nanny.

When Rafe noted that they might never see David again, Zoey grumbled that she did not need to be reminded of the worst outcome. "I'm afraid he's gonna get caught in the crossfire during the exchange," Rafe confided to Zoey. Zoey assured Rafe that Orpheus would not do anything that would harm David. Rafe did not share Zoey's belief. "I've lost my father and now my brother. I can't lose David, too," Zoey said. "We're not going to lose David," Rafe said as he hugged Zoey. Hope walked through the open front door.

"Zoey just got some bad news," Rafe said when he saw Hope. Rafe explained that he and Zoey were working together to track down David. "Does that mean the custody suit is off?" Hope asked. Zoey said that the custody dispute was still alive but on hold. When Rafe asked why Hope was there, she said she was looking for an update. "I wish I had [heard something]," Rafe said. Hope started to leave, but she stopped to remind Rafe that he did not know Zoey's allegiance.

"Do you trust her?" Hope asked. "No, I can't say that I can," Rafe said. Rafe argued that under the circumstances of the situation, he could not rule Zoey out as an accomplice. "I am not in a position where I can turn down help right now," Rafe added. Zoey explained her hope that Orpheus would reach out to her. "Why would he confide in her now?" Hope asked. Zoey's phone rang. It was Orpheus.

"Don't speak. Just listen to me very, very carefully," Orpheus said. Orpheus told Zoey that if she ever wanted to see David again, she would follow his instructions. "So, I'll see you soon," Zoey said. When Zoey ended the call, Rafe asked if the call had been from Orpheus. Zoey lied and said it had been her brother. Rafe asked Zoey to talk to Christian about the plan to kidnap Maggie for more details. With a nod yes, Zoey left.

"You buy a word of that?" Hope asked. "No. That couldn't have been her brother on the phone. She was lying," Rafe said.

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