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Allie decided to give up her baby for adoption. Will and Sonny told Lucas that they wanted to adopt Allie's baby. Rolf intimated to Rafe that he had framed Gabi. Jake returned the book. Gwen flirted with Jake. Kayla and Steve agreed to be friends. Ciara asked Claire to be her maid of honor, worrying Ben. Xander angered Sarah with the suggestion that she could adopt a baby. Victor confronted Brady about Titan. Brady asked Victor to recant his accusation against Kristen, but it backfired with Eli. Kristen surprised Lani on her wedding day.
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Will and Sonny told Lucas that they wanted to adopt Allie's baby
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Chad vows to get Gabi convicted Chad vows to get Gabi convicted

Monday, June 22, 2020

by Mike

Ben entered the auto repair shop while Jake was in the process of leading Gwen upstairs so they could have sex.

"Am I interrupting something?" Ben wondered, noticing that both Jake and Gwen were in the beginning stages of undress. "We were just discussing [the book, and we just] a little distracted," Gwen explained as Jake squirmed. "Fine, whatever -- [but] we need the book back...right now. It's a matter of life and death," Ben stressed.

At the Salem Inn, Ciara received a visit from Shawn, who had heard about Gabi's rescue and Claire's ambush. "I'm fine," Ciara assured Shawn, who wasn't immediately convinced -- but seemed to be most concerned about the latter incident. "I'll admit that I was a little freaked out --" Ciara backpedaled. "Worried that maybe she shouldn't have been released?" Shawn assumed. "No -- that is not what I meant at all. She actually seemed a lot better, and I even told her that I forgave her," Ciara clarified. "[It's just that...she] asked me to do something that I'm not really sure I want to do..." Ciara hesitantly began to explain.

"It seems really selfish of me to be saying this, but I just have this feeling in my gut that if I [allow] her to be my maid of honor, [then] she's gonna make my wedding all about her," Ciara admitted at the end of the tale. "I'm sorry that -- that she put you on the spot like that --" Shawn began to respond. "But you want me to say yes," Ciara concluded for Shawn.

"I want you to be happy. And do I want Claire to be happy, also? Of course I do. I love my daughter, and I believe that she has been healed [and] that her heart is in the right place -- that she genuinely does love you [and just] wants to be there for you [and] show you how important you are to her. But, at the end of the day, this is your wedding, [and] you've gotta do it how you want it done, [so] there's no pressure here, [and] the decision is entirely up to you," Shawn clarified, doing nothing to help Ciara make a decision one way or the other.

Shawn wondered if Ciara had any other candidates for the position. "I, uh...I haven't exactly been killing it in the 'friend' department lately -- I've been so involved in helping Ben that I haven't really had time for a social life -- [and], honestly, Claire was the closest friend that I ever had..." Ciara admitted before stopping abruptly, not wanting to say anything that would make Shawn uncomfortable. "[Claire's my daughter...but] you're my sister, and I just want you just to be honest with me about what you're feeling," Shawn assured Ciara.

"Okay, goes without saying that I care about Claire -- I care about her very much -- [but]...I guess the question that I'm asking myself is, uh...can I really let her be that close to me again?" Ciara continued. "If you need to draw some boundaries with Claire and make it very clear what you're comfortable with and what you're not, that's perfectly okay -- [and] whatever those boundaries are, Claire's gonna have to accept them," Shawn assured Ciara. "Right...[but] I don't want her to think that I'm judging her because she was sick," Ciara stressed.

"[I mean], what kind of person would I be if I didn't give the same chance to Claire [that I gave to Ben]? That would make me the world's biggest hypocrite," Ciara acknowledged.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Marlena received a visit from Hope, who apologized for having dropped by without calling first. Marlena didn't seem to mind the breach of etiquette but was quick to report that Belle was having a private bonding session with John over breakfast somewhere at that moment -- and, more to the point, Shawn had decided to pay Ciara a visit in the meantime.

"Actually, I'm not -- I'm not here to see Shawn; I'm here to visit Claire. I haven't seen her since she left Bayview," Hope clarified. "All right -- I'll tell her you're here," Marlena offered before starting to head off to another room. "Before you do...please, tell Claire really okay?" Hope called out, stopping Marlena. "I never would have recommended that Claire be released if I didn't think she was ready to be home," Marlena stressed. "I didn't mean to suggest otherwise -- I just...I wanted to check in [because...well], I am trying to keep an open mind, [but]...I'm concerned," Hope explained.

"[I mean], given how happy and very much in love Ciara is right now -- [you know], planning her wedding and all -- I can't help but wonder [if] Claire...well, if she's expressed any jealousy at all about that," Hope elaborated -- but before Marlena could respond, Claire entered the living room and wondered what was being discussed. "We were talking about you -- [see], Hope hasn't seen you since you got back from Bayview, and she wanted to check on you," Marlena explained as Hope greeted Claire with a hug. "I am so happy that you're home!" Hope raved. "Really?" Claire replied.

"Even after what I did to Ciara?" Claire continued. "I'm gonna tell you the same thing that I told you in that cabin [and] every time I visited you at Bayview -- I could never, ever hate you; I love you," Hope reassured Claire, who remained skeptical. "Look, I know you're my grandmother, but I honestly wouldn't blame you if you never forgave me [and] never wanted to see me again," Claire admitted, prompting Hope to offer more reassurance -- just as Gwen entered the townhouse. Claire was annoyed to learn that Gwen had not yet returned the makeshift ledger to Jake.

"This is very important! You need to get that book back to Jake now! You know, people could still get hurt, actually -- including Ciara, and that is the last thing I would ever want!" Claire dramatically stressed, as if perhaps just trying to impress Marlena and Hope. "You believe me, right?" Claire asked Marlena and Hope, who both just smiled in response.

Gwen grabbed the makeshift ledger then rushed off -- and, a short time later, Shawn and Ciara arrived to see Claire.

"Seeing Claire after all this time caught me off guard...and her request [to be my maid of honor] really caught me off guard...but she asked me to think about it, [so] I did," Ciara explained to everyone. "I thought about what it truly means to be a maid of honor, and, um...well, to me, that means friendship...and friendships can be very complicated, [and] everyone knows that Claire and I have had a really complicated one, [but it] meant the world to me," Ciara continued. "[So, Claire]...I would love it if you would be my maid of honor -- if you still want the job, of course," Ciara concluded, and Claire happily accepted.

"You will not be sorry!" Claire promised while thanking Ciara with a hug.

At the auto repair shop, Jake told Ben about the earlier argument with Gwen. "The same argument we always have, where she accuses me of cheating --" Jake grumbled. "Did you?" Ben wondered. "I mean...all right, I may have turned my head a few times...[but] I did not cheat on her the entire time we were together -- not once!" Jake insisted. "So, she's just the jealous type," Ben concluded. "Jealous, possessive, completely paranoid... I mean, if I -- if I opened a door for another woman, or -- or so much as smiled at a waitress, she'd freak," Jake confirmed.

"So, not the most stable relationship of all time," Ben guessed. "More like a roller coaster from hell...but the attraction between the two of us..." Jake admitted. "So, you're still into her," Ben translated. "Are you still into those loaded nachos they sell across the street?" Jake wondered. "God, yes -- are you kidding me? I know they're horrible for me, but I can't help myself," Ben confirmed. "Exactly," Jake stressed.

Gwen arrived a short time later with the makeshift ledger -- but refused to hand it over without first getting a simple apology from Jake, who balked at the request. "For God's sake, Jake, apologize!" Ben advised. "[And] say it like you mean it," Gwen demanded. "Sorry, Gwen, that I flirted with those other women...but I didn't sleep with any of them, and there hasn't been anybody since you," Jake stressed. "Even your little 'wife'?" Gwen wondered. "No -- that's all in her little head," Jake insisted. "But, clearly, the nutcases are always very attracted to me!" Jake said to Ben, who couldn't help chuckling at the observation.

Jake reached for the makeshift ledger, and Gwen put up a bit of a fight for fun then released it.

"Well, now that you've apologized and I've returned that book...we can get back together," Gwen decided. "What?" Jake replied. "Oh, relax, darling -- you'll have time to return your book [first...and then] maybe we can talk about it...upstairs," Gwen clarified before nibbling on Jake's left earlobe a bit then saying goodbye to Ben and exiting the shop. "Told you she was crazy!" Jake said to Ben with a shake of the head.

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi somewhat mockingly wondered what could possibly be important enough to prompt Chad to leave Abigail alone at a psychiatric facility in Florida for even a second, especially given the couple's history. "Your trial, actually -- [see, I know] it starts today, and I wouldn't miss that for the world," Chad explained. "I can't wait to watch the D.A. rip you to shreds...[but] I'm not just here as a spectator -- [see], I'm being called as a witness; I am gonna be the final nail in your coffin," Chad elaborated. "You can't be a 'witness' -- you didn't witness anything!" Gabi protested.

"But I did -- at Julie's Place, [when] Abby and I were celebrating Shin reinstating me as CEO, [and] you barged in [and started] ranting like a lunatic [about us locking you out of Gabi Chic], which we had every right to do, [and then] you threatened to sue us for wrongful termination...[but that was all] a distraction so you could poison my wife's glass, [which is why] you grabbed [our] bottle of Champagne," Chad clarified, prompting Gabi to dismiss that incident as a coincidence. "Well, then, how come you were [later caught] going after Jake Lambert with the exact same drug?" Chad wondered.

"I didn't know what was [really] in that syringe, okay? Rolf told me that it was the [serum] to get Stefan's memory back -- [then] Rolf [later] told me [that] he set me up!" Gabi explained before bragging that, while no one else had been present for Rolf's first confession, Rafe was determined to get another confession before the trial began later that day.

Chad predicted that Rolf would never lift a finger to help Gabi, of all people, even if the claim of a setup was true -- and that no jury would ever buy such a claim without solid proof. "Everybody in this town knows that I was wrongfully convicted before, [so] anybody that they pick for that jury is gonna have some moral obligation to make sure that never happens again," Gabi argued. "I know you think the world revolves around you, but I'm sure that they can find twelve people who have never heard of you before. I wish I was one of them..." Chad countered.

"[But, since I'm not, I'm just] gonna give the jury means, motive, [and] opportunity. [See], I'm gonna tell them all about your history of trying to destroy my wife's life [because] you hate her [and] can't stand to see her happy, [and about how that] pathological jealousy drove you to create some elaborate plan [once before that] made people think that she was nuts when, in reality, you were [just] torturing her because of your sick desire for revenge, [and about how she] was sent to an institution [as a result] -- separated from her family [and] her newborn child -- [when] she wasn't even crazy," Chad continued.

"It was you [who] created [an] elaborate plan -- you had your pregnant wife kidnapped [and] shipped her off to some island [to give birth then shipped her off] to the loony bin!" Gabi argued. "Which wouldn't have happened if you hadn't have gaslit her," Chad countered. "I had no authority over Abigail -- you had her involuntarily committed... No, no -- actually, I'm wrong about that; it was Stefan, because he was married to her at the time. But you set up that plan with your brother, you gave him that newborn baby, and you locked Abigail up!" Gabi stressed.

"And if I did that to my own wife, imagine what I would do to you," Chad warned, getting right in Gabi's face -- just as Jack entered the mansion.

"He's threatening me!" Gabi explained to Jack. "I'm gonna have you arrested for assault!" Gabi warned Chad. "You're my witness! [You know], if you hadn't shown up, he would've killed me!" Gabi said to Jack. "I didn't lay a finger on you...[but] you should call the cops -- I'm sure Eli and Lani will believe every word you say," Chad challenged Gabi. "You're not worth it!" Gabi decided before storming off. "See you in court!" Chad yelled.

"Welcome back, kid -- you know how to make an entrance," Jack said to Chad once the coast was clear. "I take it you're not really going to kill Gabi..." Jack continued. "I wanted to -- [you know], she just has a way of getting under my skin..." Chad admitted. "I know -- [mine, too]..." Jack stressed before changing the subject, asking about Abigail. "There will be good days...[and then] she starts seeing things again..." Chad reported. "Well, we have gotta stay positive," Jack advised. "I'm trying...but the truth is that the Abigail that we know and love may, um...never...she might never come back to us," Chad warned.

"We have to keep the faith -- that's what this family, the Hortons, [is] all about," Jack maintained. "She doesn't want me to stay in Florida -- [she] wants me to come home [and] be with the kids, [and I just] haven't been able to leave yet [because] I can't watch her face that alone," Chad revealed, stunning Jack, who insisted that Thomas and Charlotte were in good hands. "You being there for our daughter means everything to [Jennifer and me]...and I want you to know that we are there for you, too... [I mean], you're like a... You are my son -- you are our son," Jack stressed. "You're like a father to me," Chad somewhat stiffly replied.

"I'm glad you feel that way. Jennifer and I are so glad that Abigail chose you -- no one could be a better husband to our daughter --" Jack raved. "I gotta go to the courthouse, Jack,, you know, I'll come over after [and] spend some time with the kids..." Chad interjected. "[And] we'll video chat with Abigail," Jack suggested. "Yeah... Uh... Yeah, hopefully we have some good news to give her... We can, uh... That... Uh, that bitch will finally get what she deserves..." Chad stammered. "Gabi!" Chad clarified while exiting the mansion, as if the previous comment could have been about someone else.

Gabi went to the police station to find out what had happened during Rafe's meeting with Rolf at Statesville. "Well, a very roundabout way, with a lot of hot air thrown in, he basically admitted to setting you up..." Rafe began, delighting Gabi, who offered a hug of gratitude. "But, unfortunately, it's not enough to help you, [because he] wouldn't give me the name of the person who really drugged Abigail," Rafe concluded, causing Gabi's excitement to fade in an instant. "Without that, I'm still screwed," Gabi acknowledged. "I'm sorry -- I tried..." Rafe stressed. "You always do," Gabi raved.

"Doesn't look too good for me, Rafe, given my track record..." Gabi fretted. "That is not admissible," Rafe assured Gabi, who predicted that Chad would make sure that the jury heard the information regardless. "I'm scared, Rafe -- I don't want to lose Ari again, [and] I don't want to go to prison for something I didn't do [again]," Gabi admitted before breaking down in Rafe's arms.

At Statesville, Rolf used a pay phone to contact someone -- and told the person, "Commissioner Hernandez just paid me a visit [and] made me a rather tempting offer, [but] not to worry -- I refused to implicate you in what happened to Abigail." Rolf ended the call with a chuckle, thinking about Rafe's desperate offers of immunity, transfer to a safer prison, and unlimited access to research material in exchange for cooperation.

Victor makes a confession Victor makes a confession

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Lucas chased Nicole around Eric's apartment after she stole his phone from him. Nicole refused to return the phone until Lucas promised not to call Sami. When Lucas grabbed Nicole's wrist, she slid the phone into the top of her dress. Lucas and Nicole tumbled onto the couch, wrestling for control. Eric returned home.

"What the hell is going on?" Eric demanded. "She stole my phone!" Lucas barked. Nicole explained that she had taken Lucas' phone to stop him from calling Sami. "Sami is her mother; she has a right to know," Lucas objected. Nicole said that Allie had opened up to her. Lucas countered that Allie made too many mistakes and needed his protection.

"Maybe protecting her means listening and not doing all the talking and yelling," Nicole counseled. Lucas admitted he was upset, and he worried aloud that he had pushed his daughter away. Nicole noted that Allie's things were still in her room, so she likely had not left Salem. Lucas asked for his phone back. Nicole was reluctant, but Eric asked her to comply.

In the Kiriakis living room, Will and Sonny talked to Allie about her baby and Sami. "I'm glad that at least dad knows you're safe," Will said. "I don't feel safe. Not with him being all about calling mom," Allie said. Allie said she needed time alone to figure out what to do with her child. When Will noted that Lucas had a point, Allie groaned.

"I really thought that you, of all people, would know what it is like to be bullied and harassed by our parents," Allie said. Will apologized. Will added that he understood how difficult it was to deal with Sami. "I also get that dad is probably super freaked that his baby girl is having a baby herself," Will said. Will told Allie that he was there for her, without judgment.

While Sonny went to the kitchen to retrieve more sandwiches, Allie told Will that she liked Sonny. "I'm actually really glad that you're hanging out because you'll get to know him," Will said. Allie said she knew she would love Sonny because he made her brother so happy. When Sonny returned with the food, Allie's phone rang. Allie ignored the call, and she asked Will about the house. Will told Allie about the grounds and how Maggie was teaching Arianna embroidery.

"And Victor never misses a weekly tea party [with Arianna]," Will added with a chuckle. Sonny explained that with Gabi dealing with legal woes, Arianna needed "all the love and support she can get." Allie asked about Gabi. Sonny noted that Gabi might go to prison. Will added that Gabi had previously spent time in prison, and it had damaged her relationship with Arianna. "And if Gabi goes back to prison, Ari's gonna be gutted all over again," Will said.

Will explained that they had sent Arianna to day camp to distract her while Gabi was in court. Sonny said that although Arianna did not know what was going on with Gabi, she had picked up that something was off. "So, instead of telling her the truth, you are sending her to day camp and lying to her?" Allie asked. "That pretty much sums it up," Will said. Allie joked, "And the fabulous Brady-Horton parenting continues." Allie added that she did not know what she would do if she were in Will and Sonny's shoes.

"At this point, we are just really trying to protect Ari, because she's been through enough recently," Sonny said. Allie said she had heard about Sarah's baby. Will explained that Arianna had been a big sister to Rachel, and she missed her. Will said he had caught Arianna looking at photos of Rachel on her phone.

"This whole parenting gig is crazy," Allie said. "It's the hardest thing we've ever done. Also, the best thing," Will said. Sonny agreed. Sonny added that the most important thing was to give Arianna stability and show her that she was loved. Sonny started to mention that he and Will intended to have another child, but Will interrupted and asked Allie if she wanted more milk. With a nod yes, Allie said she would go get the milk herself.

"Way to end the conversation," Sonny joked once Allie was out of the room. Will explained that Allie was struggling with her pregnancy, and he did not want to bring up their situation in front of her. When Allie returned, she commented, "Maybe I could do this. Be a mom." Will talked about the costs of having a child. Will started to ask about the father, but Allie stressed that the father would not be involved.

"That might be why dad wants to help you raise the child," Will noted. Will reminded Allie that she was not alone and that she had a responsibility to her child, as well. "Are you truly ready to be a single mother?" Will asked. "The last thing I'd want to do is screw up my kid because I'm still a kid," Allie admitted. Will reminded Allie that Sami had had him as a teenager and that they butted heads all the time.

"We sort of had to grow up together," Will said. Allie nodded. "Thank God you had grandma Marlena. At least you had some stability. I got dragged around everywhere, and I don't want that for my baby. I want him or her to grow up in a real home like the one that you and Sonny and Gabi have made for Ari," Allie said. Will told Allie that she had time to figure out what to do and that he and Sonny were there to support her.

At Eric's apartment, Lucas left a voicemail for Allie, asking her to talk. "I need to listen. Call me so we can work this out together," Lucas pleaded. After the call, Lucas asked Nicole and Eric if his message had been sensitive enough. Eric assured Lucas that he had handled the message well. Lucas asked Nicole about her conversation with Allie. "What did she say, you know, without breaking her confidence?" Lucas asked. Nicole told Lucas that Allie's priority was time and space to figure out what to do next.

"No drama. Which means no Sami," Nicole said. "Allie, she was ready to run when she heard that Sami was headed to London. She was ready to run this morning," Eric added. Eric asked Lucas to keep the pregnancy quiet until Allie figured out what she wanted to do next. Lucas admitted that calling Sami would make "a bad situation worse." Worried, Lucas announced that he wanted to find Allie and talk to her. Eric told Lucas that Allie was welcome to stay in his apartment as long as she needed. "We'll take good care of her," Nicole assured Lucas. Lucas said he knew they were all on the same team. "I just hope that [Allie] realizes that," Lucas said.

While Eric and Nicole cleaned the apartment after Lucas left, Eric admitted that he had been shocked to find Nicole lying on top of Lucas on the couch. Nicole laughed. Nicole asked Eric if he was jealous. "It actually looked kind of fun," Eric said. Nicole grabbed Eric's phone and stuck it into her dress. "You can bet I'll find that for sure," Eric said. Eric chased Nicole into the bedroom.

In the square, Sarah exited the Salem Inn with bags in tow. Sarah lost her grip on one, and it tumbled to the ground. Xander rushed over to help. Sarah quietly thanked Xander. "Moving out, are we? Bit of a lovers' spat?" Xander asked. "Brady and I aren't lovers. We never were," Sarah admitted. "I knew it!" Xander said with vindication. Xander asked Sarah why she was moving out of the hotel, and she explained that she had been forced to give up her room due to the cost.

Xander asked Sarah why she had made a show with Brady the day before. "I was going to have sex with Brady so that I could look you in the eye and tell you it was awesome, and mean it," Sarah said. With a sigh, Sarah said that neither she nor Brady had been able to go through with it. "Brady is still in love with Kristen, and I --" Sarah said before cutting herself off. Hopeful, Xander asked Sarah what she meant. Sarah started to walk away.

"The last thing I ever wanted was to hurt you. I don't blame you and Brady for hating my guts," Xander said. Sarah told Xander that she knew he had apologized to Brady. "What's that about?" Sarah asked. Xander said he genuinely regretted all the pain he had caused everyone. "You grew a conscience suddenly?" Sarah asked. Xander said he had learned that he should think before he acted.

"And I should definitely think before I blindly obey whatever order Victor gives me," Xander said. With a smirk, Sarah said that it was a shame that Xander had not realized that sooner. With a nod, Xander started to walk away, but Sarah called out to him. Sarah thanked Xander for installing Mackenzie's headstone.

"Giving Mickey a proper headstone, it's just something I wanted to do for you and your sweet little girl," Xander said. "That means more than you know," Sarah said. Xander stressed that he had arranged for the headstone to make sure that Mackenzie had a proper resting place. "Now she does. And I have a place that I can visit her," Sarah said. Sarah explained that she had plans for the upkeep, and Xander jokingly reminded Sarah that he was a former gardener and available for any advice. Xander chuckled as he said he was surprised Victor had not made him the gardener again.

"Careful. He might still," Sarah said. Xander asked Sarah about her living arrangements. When Sarah shrugged and said she was headed for the hospital, a confused Xander asked Sarah why she did not move back into the mansion. Sarah said she did not think she should live under the same roof as Xander. "No agenda," Xander promised. Xander noted that the house was huge, and Maggie missed Sarah.

"If it will help your decision, I'll even move out," Xander offered. Sarah was surprised. Xander noted that Maggie and Sarah were good for one another, and he did not want to stand in the way of them being together. Unsure, Sarah said she did not know if she could move into the house with all the memories of her time with the baby. "Maggie needs you, and you need her, too. What harm could it do to take your bags over and have a little chat with your mum," Xander said. "Maybe you're right," Sarah whispered. With a grin, Xander grabbed a suitcase and offered to help.

When Xander and Sarah arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah headed upstairs to get settled. Xander noticed that the doors to the living room were closed. Curious, Xander listened at the door, and he heard Allie tell Will and Sonny that she wanted to find someone to take her baby and give it a happy life.

In the living room, Will assured Allie that she did not need to make any big decisions right away. "The important thing is going to be taking care of yourself and your baby," Will said. Will offered to help Allie with anything she needed to get through her pregnancy. "You are the best," Allie said. "He kind of is," Sonny agreed.

After Allie left the mansion, she ran into Lucas in the square. "I wanted to apologize," Lucas said. Lucas said he was worried about Allie, and he would support any decisions she made. Curious, Allie asked Lucas what he meant. "Well, I've decided not to tell your mom, for now," Lucas explained. Lucas said he did not want to add to Allie's stress. When Lucas suggested that they talk over lunch about Allie's plan for the baby, she admitted that she had made up her mind. "I don't plan to raise this baby at all," Allie said.

In the Kiriakis living room, Will asked Sonny if they had scared Allie about the commitment of being a parent. "I just think we were being honest, and that's what she needs right now," Sonny said. Will agreed that being a parent was a huge commitment. "If she is not ready to raise her child, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Sonny asked. "That we should adopt Allie's baby?" Will asked.

Upstairs, Sarah opened her bedroom wardrobe and saw her wedding dress. Sarah thought about when she had talked to Xander the night before their aborted wedding. "You are the best man ever. I mean, you've proven how many times that you'll do anything for Mickey and me," Sarah had told Xander. Sarah had said, "I'm so lucky to have you in my life." As Sarah held the wedding dress in her hands, Xander walked in with the rest of the bags. Sarah shoved the dress into the wardrobe. Xander placed the bags on the ground, and he left without a word.

Brady arrived at his office at Titan and was surprised to see Victor sitting in his chair. Brady asked Victor why he was not at home with Maggie. "I'm more than capable of balancing the family business with my personal life," Victor said. Brady countered that the business was doing fine under his watch without Victor's help.

"Really? Because from what I've seen, you're running it into the ground," Victor said. Victor asked why. Brady asked Victor if he was asking based on Ciara's theory. "Ciara is just upset that I denied some of her business proposals," Brady explained. "Ciara never said a word to me. I've been monitoring your business decisions, Brady. Not only are they unsound; they're reckless," Victor said. Brady asked if Victor was firing him again.

"Using guilt to leverage your way back into Titan so that you can destroy it? That's pure Kiriakis. But destroying the company because you want to hurt me? That doesn't solve the problems between us or take away your pain," Victor said. Brady said he did not "give a damn" about anything since he had lost Kristen and Rachel. Victor refused to fire Brady, and he said that he loved Brady.

"You love me? Do you understand that Kristen is out there, raising our daughter by herself, because of you? Do you understand that I'm not a part of raising my daughter with the woman I love because of you?" Brady said. Brady admitted that he spent his days worried about his daughter and Kristen.

"What I did to you, Brady, in the name of protecting Maggie was the regret of my life. I can't turn back time. I can't make different choices, but there must be something I can do to help you," Victor said. Brady argued that if Victor meant his words, Brady had a suggestion.

As Lani dressed for the day, she told Eli that she was excited for the start of Gabi's trial. "The sooner it starts, the sooner she is found guilty as hell and put away for a very long time," Lani said. Lani added that she was eager to testify against Gabi. Eli promised Lani that Gabi would not be able to ruin their wedding. Lani lamented that Kristen would not be there for the wedding.

"I honestly would make her my maid of honor if I could," Lani said. "A little hard to do, seeing as how she is on the run for stabbing Victor," Eli said. Lani confessed that she had helped Kristen because she had wanted to give her a chance to have a life with her daughter. Lani thanked Eli for covering for her. "Are you sure that you have totally and completely forgiven me for helping Kristen escape?" Lani asked. Eli said he had. Eli kissed Lani and asked her to let him show her how much he loved her.

After Lani and Eli made love, Eli suggested that they spend the day naked in bed. "You know, there's not gonna be much laying in bed naked when this baby comes," Lani said. Eli furrowed his brow. Eli swore that no matter what, he would make time to make Lani happy. The phone rang. Worried that it was the courthouse, Eli answered the call. It was Brady.

"I'm glad I caught you. I have a police matter I need to discuss with you," Brady said. Eli stressed that he was not on duty. Brady said it was important, and he asked Eli to meet him at Titan. With a sigh, Eli agreed to meet with Brady. Eli suggested that Lani meet him for lunch later. After Eli left for Titan, Lani went to the Brady Pub to wait for him. Lani rubbed her belly and told her baby how excited she was to marry Eli. Outside the pub, someone watched Lani through the window.

When Eli arrived at Brady's office, Brady announced that Victor had a confession to make. Eli took out his recorder. "You remember the night in the hospital when Victor told you that Kristen stabbed him," Brady said. Eli nodded yes. "I lied," Victor said.

Will and Sonny devise a plan to help Allie Will and Sonny devise a plan to help Allie

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

by Mike

Jack entered Julie's Place and approached Steve, who was sitting alone at a table, hunched over a row of documents.

"You look deep in it," Jack observed. "I thought you'd be at Gabi's trial," Steve replied. "Court's in recess, so I thought I'd get some coffee," Jack explained. "How's it going?" Steve wondered. "Hard to say," Jack admitted.

"Is that coffee?" Jack wondered, eyeing Steve's cup suspiciously. "Last time I checked," Steve confirmed. "Last time I checked, you were elbow-deep in shots," Jack skeptically reminded Steve. "Well, this time, I'm not," Steve maintained. "What's with all the files? Looking a little old school..." Jack continued, apparently no longer concerned about what Steve was drinking. "Just trying to get up to speed on all the pending Black Patch cases," Steve explained. "So, John asked you back," Jack assumed. "Well, actually, I asked him," Steve clarified.

"I thought it was time to get back to it -- have a reason to get up in the morning, you know?" Steve elaborated. "Sure beats drinking yourself silly [while you're] thinking about Kayla..." Jack acknowledged. "We've been over this, Jack -- Kayla is marrying Justin, so my only thoughts are for her happiness," Steve insisted. "That's a load of crap..." Jack declared.

"Don't you have a trial to cover?" Steve snapped. "They're not married yet -- there's still time to tell Kayla that you're just as in love with her now as you ever were," Jack pointed out. "Didn't you listen to anything I said to you the other day?" Steve asked tiredly. "Sure I did -- I heard everything! 'Blah, blah, blah, blah... I love Kayla so much... I can't tell her how much I love her because I love her so much...' Which makes total sense to me...not ever in this world!" Jack dismissively replied. "I also told you to get off my back and let me be!" Steve noted. "I...must have blocked that part out..." Jack shamelessly claimed.

"I have screwed Kayla's life up enough. The least I can do is not screw it up now, when she's really happy," Steve reiterated. "It's not about her being 'happy'; it's about her spending the rest of her life with you!" Jack countered. "I think that must have sounded better in your head..." Steve mused, causing Jack to begin rephrasing the statement.

"Just stop!" Steve demanded, silencing Jack. "I have made up my mind -- I am not going to tell Kayla that I still love her -- and I would appreciate it, brother, if you would keep that between us," Steve stressed. "Your secret is safe with me..." Jack began. "Good," Steve declared. "Sort of..." Jack continued. "Who'd you tell, Jackson?" Steve snapped. "Jennifer," Jack admitted. "Oh, my God -- why don't you just put it on a billboard, [then]? She and Kayla are practically like sisters! What if she tells her?" Steve fretted before calling out to the bartender, suddenly ready for something stronger than coffee. "No!" Jack warned the bartender, annoying Steve.

"How could you do this?" Steve snapped. "It just sort of slipped out," Jack explained. "But don't worry -- I told her, 'Steve doesn't want Kayla to know!'" Jack stressed. "Oh, I'm sure that'll button her right up..." Steve sarcastically predicted. "It's gonna be fine -- it'll be fine..." Jack haltingly insisted. "There's more," Steve realized with a groan. "It's...just...[Jennifer] feels that Kayla has a right to know how you still feel..." Jack admitted. "Jennifer didn't already say something to Kayla, did she?" Steve wondered. "[No] -- I told her this is your fight to fight," Jack clarified.

"If Kayla should hear this from anybody, it should be from you...[but] time's almost up; she's planning to get married to Justin --" Jack continued. "Next week," Steve recalled. "Yeah -- [so]...clock's tickin'," Jack concluded.

Kayla entered the Brady Pub and approached Lani, who was debating whether to order a hot fudge sundae and a side of pickles for lunch.

"You look great...[but] how are you feeling?" Kayla began. "Good -- at the moment..." Lani reported. "Morning sickness?" Kayla assumed. "All-day sickness," Lani stressed. "Well, then, you are right on track," Kayla declared. "So far, so good," Lani agreed. "That's great -- [I mean], I know that you had trepidation about this pregnancy..." Kayla acknowledged. "Yeah -- [and] I still do, [because] I've been here before, [at this point where] I thought everything was good...and then we lost David, so I can't help thinking about all the what-ifs," Lani admitted.

"This is a wonderful time, and you should be enjoying it," Kayla advised. "I'm trying -- I really am...especially since we're about to get married... [And] I am just praying that this wedding goes way better than the last one," Lani stressed. "I'm sure you have nothing to worry about," Kayla predicted -- as someone continued watching Lani from outside the pub. "Gabi is on trial and may be going to prison, [so] I think she will definitely be a no-show," Kayla reasoned. "Gabi has gotten away with so much... I really do hope that she ends up in a cell, where she belongs -- [I mean], talk about a perfect wedding present..." Lani mused.

Changing the subject, Lani wondered if Kayla and Justin had set a date for their own wedding yet. "Yeah, we have, actually -- next, July 10... I mean, you know, so many weddings were popping up this month -- we had to hurry and grab a date while we still could... You know, it -- it didn't matter to me; I mean, anything would have been long as it wasn't July 25..." Kayla replied. "What happened on July 25?" Lani asked. "That's when Steve and I were first married," Kayla clarified before starting to tell Lani about the wedding. "It was pure magic..." Kayla wistfully declared at the end of the tale. "[But] it's all history now," Kayla quietly added.

"Are you sure about that?" Lani challenged Kayla before quickly backpedaling, realizing that it wasn't appropriate to ask such a thing. "It's fine -- really, it is. [In fact], I just got off the phone with Stephanie [earlier], and she said the same thing. So, I will say to you what I told her -- [Steve and I] have a history, and we have children together, so [our] past will never stay completely in the past...but Justin is my present and my future, [and] I have no intention of looking in the rearview mirror," Kayla assured Lani before rushing off.

At Titan, Victor claimed to have falsely accused Kristen of attempted murder, delighting Brady and surprising Eli. "Did something happen that made you decide that you wanted to set her up? I mean, did she provoke you?" Eli asked. "The woman's name provokes me," Victor replied. "I need a better answer than that," Eli demanded. "The only answer that matters is that she didn't stab me -- I lied," Victor maintained. "I don't believe you," Eli admitted. "I don't care what you believe," Victor countered. "Why are you confessing all this now?" Eli wondered. "After a great deal of reflection, I decided it was wrong," Victor explained.

"So, now that you know the truth, you can drop the charges," Victor concluded. "I'm afraid it's not that simple," Eli warned. "It seems pretty simple to me," Brady argued. "Okay, here's the thing -- D.A. Giddens may not have a suspect in custody, but he does have a suspect, [so] if you remove [that suspect], he's gonna have a lot of questions, [starting] with [one] tiny little detail that Victor left out, [which is]...if Kristen didn't [do it], who did?" Eli explained. "None of your damn business!" Victor snapped. "It's a crime, [so] it's my 'damn business,'" Eli countered.

"Maybe it was one of my underworld adversaries who can't be named for [fear of] retaliation against my family...or maybe my hand slipped when I was cutting a particularly hard piece of cheese on a cheeseboard...or Vivian Alamain came back to my house naked, and I knifed myself," Victor suggested. "I don't think the D.A.'s gonna buy any of those explanations," Eli warned. "Well, I'm afraid that's all they're gonna get out of me," Victor stressed with a shrug of finality, prompting Eli to end the recording of the conversation. "If you remove Kristen from the lineup, D.A. Giddens is gonna make a beeline for Brady," Eli predicted.

"I didn't do it!" Brady insisted. "You confessed...[and] you have a motive, [and] you were found [at the scene of the crime] with the [knife] in your hand and the prints wiped clean. The D.A. will make a damn good case against you -- and they want a win bad," Eli countered. "What if I refuse to testify against Brady?" Victor wondered. "Then the judge will assume that you're protecting him, and you'll be charged with perjury for lying about Kristen," Eli guessed. "You two really need to think your story through," Eli continued. "I'll hold off on filing this until I hear back from you," Eli concluded.

"What do we do now?" Victor asked Brady after Eli left. "Got any miracles handy?" Brady replied. "I don't see any way clear of this -- we're just gonna have to leave Kristen hanging on the hook...for a crime she actually committed..." Victor decided. "No!" Brady protested. "I don't know that you have much choice -- [I mean, if we] stick with the lie, [then] you could go to prison, which defeats the whole purpose. [Look], one day, you may be able to spend some time with Kristen and your little girl...but, for right now, there is nothing that we can do," Victor reasoned, drawing a sigh of defeat and a nod from Brady.

While passing through the park, Kayla produced a cell phone and started reading a text message then bumped into someone as a result of the distraction -- and was surprised to see that the person was Steve.

Eli met up with Lani at the Brady Pub and explained what had just happened at Titan -- as someone continued watching Lani from outside the pub.

At the Horton Town Square, Lucas stared at Allie in shock, struggling to stay calm. "What do you mean, you 'don't plan to raise this baby'?" Lucas wondered. "I'm sorry, Dad -- I've decided to give my baby up for adoption," Allie clarified. "Why would you do that when you have a family who's so ready, willing, and able to help you take care of this child, no matter what?" Lucas protested. "Because I don't want to take care of this child -- I can barely keep a plant alive!" Allie explained. "You're just overwhelmed right now, [and] you haven't thought things through --" Lucas argued. "I have!" Allie insisted.

"I don't want to be Mom," Allie stressed. "What does that mean?" Lucas wondered. "She always goes on and on and on about how she was too young and totally unready to be a mom to Will when you knocked her up --" Allie began to clarify. "Wait a minute, now --" Lucas objected. "And that whole thing with her tricking Uncle Austin into being the father -- I mean, as if he wanted to be..." Allie continued. "No, my baby will have parents who care about him from the very beginning -- no drama, no games...just what's best for the baby," Allie concluded.

"Your mother's situation has nothing to do with your future --" Lucas argued. "Dad, I have made up my mind. So, you can either respect my decision...or back off!" Allie snapped. "You are not thinking things through! You need to listen to reason!" Lucas insisted, no longer the least bit calm. "You what you want," Allie translated. "So much for the 'no pressure, no judgment, unconditional support' [promise you made earlier]..." Allie grumbled. "All right -- how 'bout we start over, okay?" Lucas suggested, trying to quickly go back to being calm. "I just want to be alone, okay?" Allie requested.

"I'm trying to help you, but every time I do, I feel like I'm making things worse... I just want what's best for you and this baby -- that's all... I love you... I'm sorry..." Lucas said to Allie while fighting back tears.

Lucas rushed off before Allie could respond -- and, seconds later, Rafe called out to Allie from the opposite end of the town square.

"What are you doing back in Salem?" Rafe asked. "It's...a very long story..." Allie replied. "Well, lucky for you, I've got some time right now..." Rafe stressed. "You asked for it..." Allie, who was wearing a hoodie, countered while removing it. "David is so lucky to have a chill dad like you!" Allie raved after sharing the whole story, pleased that Rafe's reaction to the pregnancy had essentially been the complete opposite of Lucas' reaction. "I lost custody of David," Rafe clarified, stunning Allie. "Guess it just wasn't meant to be..." Rafe admitted with a sigh before saying goodbye to Allie, who hoped for a happier ending to Gabi's trial.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Will and Sonny continued discussing the possibility of adopting Allie's baby. "I mean, it's a thought, right? Here we are, [still] going back and forth between surrogacy and adoption, and who shows up on our doorstep? Your pregnant sister! Maybe this is the universe making our decision for us," Sonny argued. "Maybe you're right... I mean, what are the odds -- we want another baby, and Allie is having a baby that she may not want to keep... I mean, it just seems perfect," Will agreed. "And, uh, I don't want to get our hopes up, but the timing -- for us and for Allie -- couldn't be better," Sonny stressed.

"I mean, we'd be helping out your little sister [while also] growing our family..." Sonny reasoned. "[And] the child wouldn't be our biological child, obviously, but he or she would be my blood..." Will acknowledged.

"[But]...would you be okay with that?" Will wondered. "Of course I'd be okay with the baby being related to you and Ari -- I mean, that makes it even more perfect!" Sonny insisted. "But...we talked about you being the biological father, right? Or, at the very least, [both of us] providing our sperm so we wouldn't know who the father is," Will argued. "Yeah, but if we go the [typical] adoption route, neither one of us would be related to the child...[and] we also had the discussion [where we agreed that] the thing that matters most is providing a home for a child in need, so...why not provide a home for your little sister's child?" Sonny reasoned.

Will stared at Sonny in awe, clearly touched. "Have I mentioned how much I love you?" Will asked. "Well, I never get tired of hearing it..." Sonny replied.

Will and Sonny kissed, seemingly sealing the deal. "We could be daddies again soon!" Sonny raved. "Well, uh...I mean...there is the teensy, tiny detail of discussing it with Allie first..." Will warned.

"Discussing what with Allie?" Lucas, who had just entered the mansion, demanded to know. "She was just here..." Sonny began to respond. "Oh... Well, then, uh...guess you know..." Lucas concluded, assuming that was all that Will and Sonny had been discussing. "Yeah -- hard to miss..." Will confirmed. "Isn't it, though?" Lucas grumbled.

"That's why I'm here -- I need your help," Lucas revealed. "Of course -- what can we do?" Will replied. "Convince Allie not to give up her baby for adoption," Lucas begged, surprising Will and Sonny, who exchanged looks of discomfort. "Isn't that her choice?" Sonny argued. "Yeah -- I mean, if...if she's not ready to have a child, it's not like you can...force her..." Will reasoned. "Yeah, yeah -- [she's] made it abundantly clear that she's, um, not gonna listen to me about anything [and that] I can't force her into anything, [but] I was hoping you can convince her that this is a very bad idea, to give her baby up to complete strangers," Lucas explained.

"Well, um...what if they weren't strangers?" Will suggested. "What are you talking about?" Lucas wondered. "Well, um...we -- we haven't really...told many people yet, but Sonny and I, uh, want to have another child, and we've been thinking about, you know, adoption or surrogacy...and, um, we kind of just realized that maybe we could -- we could adopt Allie's baby..." Will clarified. "If she's open to it," Sonny stressed.

Meanwhile, at the town square, Allie thought about Rafe's earlier promise to always be available for help if needed -- and suddenly got an idea.

Allie decides to ask someone to adopt her baby Allie decides to ask someone to adopt her baby

Thursday, June 25, 2020

by Mike

After eating lunch at the Brady Pub, Lani and Eli returned to their apartment -- and someone followed them there.

"I've been having this really creepy feeling..." Lani admitted after Eli shut the apartment door. "Like...someone is watching me or something..." Lani elaborated, prompting Eli to playfully dismiss the concern as nothing more than the burden of a beautiful woman. "Smooth..." Lani assured Eli with a forced chuckle, clearly still on edge.

Oblivious, Eli changed the subject, flirtatiously suggesting to Lani -- who had been stifling yawns -- that it might be best for them to go to bed really early so they would be well rested the following day. "[Good idea]...but, are gonna have to hit the hay somewhere else -- [after all], it's bad luck to see the bride on the wedding day, and 'the wedding day' [starts] at midnight," Lani replied while dodging Eli's advances. "Nothing is going to jinx us --" Eli tried to promise. "I know that you think I'm crazy, [but] I don't want to tempt fate," Lani maintained. "Fine..." Eli grumbled before starting to pack a few things.

A short time later, Eli exited the apartment -- and someone watched from afar as Lani shut the door.

At the park, Kayla knelt down to pick up some files that had been knocked out of Steve's hands during their collision. "I am so sorry -- I am such a klutz..." Kayla stressed while handing the files back to Steve, who insisted that no real harm had been done. "Black Patch..." Kayla observed, having seen a label on one of Steve's files. "Yeah -- man's gotta make a living, you know? Keep myself out of trouble..." Steve explained with a shrug. "Well, you and John always were a good team..." Kayla acknowledged. "Yeah -- when it comes to teammates, I've been...been pretty lucky..." Steve conceded.

Kayla started to rush off, hoping to put an end to the awkward encounter, but Steve wasn't ready to part ways just yet. "I hear you and Justin set a date... [Look], I just wanted to say, uh...I hope you're both really happy, [and] I wish the best for you," Steve declared. "Thank you... So, was it one of the kids that told you about the wedding?" Kayla replied. "No, Jack mentioned it -- I guess he got an invitation..." Steve clarified, apparently reluctant to admit to having overheard Kayla and Justin setting a date at the Brady Pub. "Uh...well..." Kayla stammered, misinterpreting Steve's hesitation as bitterness.

"Well, you know, we were trying to keep the wedding small, [with] just friends and family, and Jack's gonna be there because, you know, he's...he's Justin's brother-in-law..." Kayla explained, drawing a slight chuckle from Steve. "Oh -- okay, that's completely idiotic [because], of course, you are Justin's brother-in-law, too..." Kayla realized. "It's okay," Steve insisted. "No, it's not," Kayla acknowledged. "I just didn't -- I didn't want to put you on the spot... But I can see now that I should have let that be your choice..." Kayla admitted.

" know, uh...I mean, if you're to come to the wedding?" Kayla offered. "You don't seriously want me to come to your wedding," Steve guessed. "You're family, Steve -- if you'd like to come, we'd be happy to have you," Kayla maintained. "Don't you think you better run it by Justin?" Steve suggested. "He'll be fine with it," Kayla predicted.

"Oh, great -- the man I was looking for!" Kate called out while approaching Steve and Kayla. "I'm not interrupting anything, right?" Kate assumed. "Depends -- if it's about that stupid key to the city..." Steve replied. "[Hope] doesn't think it's 'stupid'; in fact, I'm sure she's told you by now that she's going to accept it, right?" Kate countered. "Wrong," Steve clarified. "She was supposed to tell you!" Kate grumbled. "Well, she didn't...[but, regardless], I'd feel like an idiot [if I accepted]," Steve maintained. "Why? [I'd] think you'd want some recognition -- [I mean, you're] a hero!" Kate protested. "Right?" Kate prodded Kayla. "Definitely," Kayla agreed.

"There you go -- Kayla agrees with me!" Kate triumphantly concluded. "But it's for him to decide whether he wants to accept an award at a public ceremony," Kayla quickly clarified. "Well, who wouldn't want to accept an award at a public ceremony?" Kate countered. "Why is he being so damn stubborn?" Kate asked Kayla. "Because that's how he is," Kayla informed Kate.

"Okay, okay -- uncle!" Steve interjected. "What does that mean?" Kate wondered. "You win -- I'll do it," Steve translated. "Thank God, because the ceremony is next week, [and] I thought I was going to have to [sub] a bomb-sniffing border collie in there for you!" Kate declared. "But [now] Salem's going to have a real hero... [Anyway], I'll send you the particulars -- it's [July 10]," Kate concluded before rushing off.

"Well, I guess you're busy [on my wedding day]..." Kayla acknowledged. "Sweetness, I..." Steve began to respond before stopping abruptly. "Sorry -- just slipped out," Steve backpedaled. "You don't need to be sorry -- [that's] what you've called me for almost our whole life together, [and it] brings back a lot of good memories," Kayla insisted. "[Still], you asked me not to call you that, so... [Anyway, look, as I was saying]'s probably best that I can't make the wedding -- I don't want to make people uncomfortable," Steve continued. "[Speaking of which]...the kids [are] having a hard time with [this] -- they all love you so much..." Kayla revealed.

Steve promised to talk to the kids about the matter. "I wasn't angling for that..." Kayla stressed. "I know -- you don't angle," Steve replied.

"I hope we can still be friends," Steve admitted. "Always," Kayla insisted. "I want only the best for you, Sweetness," Steve declared. "I want the same for you," Kayla agreed.

Steve locked eyes with Kayla for a few seconds then turned and walked away. Kayla fought back tears as Steve disappeared from view.

At the Horton Town Square, Allie crossed paths with Xander, who was in the midst of a jog -- and was shirtless and sweaty as a result. "Pardon my appearance... [Anyway], when are you due?" Xander began, surprising Allie. "Why would you ask me that? For all you know, I could just be...pudgy!" Allie protested. "True...but I did just hear you talking to your brother about [how] you weren't sure if you wanted to be this baby's mom, [so]..." Xander countered. "What, were you listening at the keyhole or something?" Allie asked incredulously. "I live at [the] Kiriakis house, just like Will -- [see], I'm Victor's nephew," Xander proudly clarified.

"Will told me about you..." Allie hesitantly recalled. "And I'm sure he gave me a glowing recommendation..." Xander sarcastically muttered. "He said to stay away from you," Allie reported. "Well, you don't seem like the kind of person who believes everything she hears..." Xander argued, flashing a smile. "Look, Mr. Kiriakis...I don't care about you one way or the other; I just don't want my mom to find out I'm pregnant. [Honestly], I'm not ready to be anybody's mother, [so]...if I'm lucky, I'll be able to hand this kid off to someone who is ready, and my mom will never know," Allie stressed. "Your secret is safe with me," Xander promised.

"You're doing something very brave for the...the sake of the wee bairn that's swimming around inside you --" Xander raved. "Do you always talk like this?" Allie wondered. "[And] some woman who does want a baby is gonna be so grateful to you for this choice you've made --" Xander continued. "It doesn't have to be a woman, you know!" Allie objected. "Right... Absolutely..." Xander conceded.

After Xander rushed off, Allie headed back to Eric and Nicole's apartment -- and quickly realized that the couple was enjoying some alone time in their bedroom.

Eric and Nicole eventually emerged from their bedroom, both only half-dressed, and stared at Allie in shock. "Don't mind me -- I know how babies get made," Allie joked, putting Eric and Nicole at ease.

"I've done some thinking, and I realized that I do want to have a kid someday...but not right, you'll be happy to know that I've decided to give my baby up for adoption," Allie revealed. "Well, I mean, we're only happy if you're at peace with it..." Nicole stressed. "I am," Allie confirmed. "Didn't stop Dad from flipping out when I told him about it, [though]... He's afraid that I'll be unhappy, knowing that I have a baby out there being raised by some stranger... So...I was thinking...why does it have to be a stranger?" Allie continued. "I ran into Rafe today, and he was such a great stepdad..." Allie concluded.

"Does Rafe know you feel this way?" Nicole wondered. "No -- I didn't think of it until after he left," Allie admitted.

"I hate to say this, but...can you imagine how your mother's gonna feel, knowing her ex-husband is raising her grandchild?" Eric warned. "I don't give a damn what Mom thinks or does!" Allie insisted. "Honey, I don't think Allie should base her choice on what Sami is willing to accept," Nicole advised Eric. "You don't have an issue with a single [man] adopting a child, do you, babe?" Nicole challenged Eric. "No, of course I don't..." Eric stressed. "[But] you just chose adoption, [so] I just think it's a little soon for you to decide who [is] going to adopt the baby," Eric explained to Allie.

"I know what you mean...[but] I think it would be wrong to reject this idea out of hand, [and] I think it's important for Allie to know that she's giving her baby to someone she can trust -- someone who will allow her to be part of her child's life," Nicole said to Eric. "Yeah -- and there's not a whole lot of people who fit that bill," Allie pointed out. "And if this is what Allie wants...I think it's worth pursuing," Nicole declared, and Eric conceded the point.

"Mom would never have to find out [I was ever even pregnant this way]," Allie reasoned, but Eric and Nicole were both certain that Sami would find out sooner or later -- and they both feared that she might even have a problem with Rafe being the adoptive father, given what had happened with Carrie. "Why does everything have to be so complicated..." Allie grumbled after realizing the implication.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie finished helping Sarah unpack. "You're not gonna mind living under the same roof as Xander?" Maggie asked. "Oh, I mind...but, as he pointed out, this is a very large house," Sarah replied. "[True], but you will run into him..." Maggie warned. "I can handle it," Sarah insisted. "[Actually, he] offered to move out, but I didn't take him up on it... [You know], just seeing him used to make my blood boil, [but now]..." Sarah continued. "I'm surprised that you held onto [your wedding] dress..." Maggie admitted. "Because it's a beautiful dress -- not because I'm still in love with Xander!" Sarah stressed.

"If you say so..." Maggie replied. "I am finally able to look at Xander without wanting to kill him with my bare hands, [but] that is light-years away from wanting to be in a relationship with him again! [Look], I know he talked to you before he bought Mackenzie's headstone, [and that] meant a lot to me...[but he] makes these grand gestures [and] never really changes -- [he] still does things that are unforgivable, just like Victor, [and] maybe you can make peace with that, but I can't!" Sarah snapped. "I'm sorry -- I didn't mean to upset you..." Maggie backpedaled. "Well, you did!" Sarah grumbled.

Just then, Xander entered Sarah's bedroom with a bouquet of flowers. "A welcome-home present," Xander explained with a smile. "Thank you -- that's very thoughtful," Sarah stiffly replied while giving Maggie a pointed look that was clearly meant to serve as a reminder of the earlier comment about grand gestures. Maggie made up an excuse to rush off to another room, leaving Sarah alone with Xander.

"[Look], before you say anything else...I understand that there is nothing I can do to ever make up for all the pain I've caused you...[but] you do have to [try to] go on with your life [and] be happy again..." Xander stressed. "I haven't figured out how to do that yet," Sarah admitted, fighting back tears. "What if...I could give you another baby?" Xander suggested.

"So, the flowers were just you laying the groundwork to say that you think that we should have a baby," Sarah incredulously summarized. "That's what you thought I meant? [No -- look], I happen to know someone who's pregnant and looking to give up their child for adoption, and I just couldn't think of a more amazing mom for her child than you, [that's all]," Xander quickly clarified. "How do you know this pregnant lady?" Sarah wondered. "You'll have to keep it to yourself..." Xander stressed before answering the question.

"[Aren't you], like, cousins or something? I'm sure she'd be interested, if you --" Xander reasoned. "What, [wanted to] replace Mackenzie with her baby?" Sarah snapped. "That's not what I was saying --" Xander backpedaled. "You let me fall in love with a child that belonged to someone else [once before, and now you're] suggesting that I fall in love with another baby that isn't mine!" Sarah incredulously summarized. "It was just an idea --" Xander sheepishly explained. "Screw your idea, Xander -- and screw you!" Sarah spat, smacking Xander with the bouquet of flowers.

"I didn't mean to hurt you...[but] I'm grieving, too, [you know] -- I loved her, too -- [and] maybe you and I handle [grief] in different ways, but all I know is, there's a child out there who needs a home --" Xander tried to explain. "Then you adopt her yourself and leave me the hell out of it!" Sarah advised. "I can't take you meddling in my life [anymore, so]...I want to take you up on your offer -- I want you to move out," Sarah decided.

Stunned, Xander reluctantly walked away, and Sarah broke down once the coast was clear.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Lucas listened in stunned silence as Will and Sonny excitedly talked about the possibility of adopting Allie's baby.

"So, you're planning her baby's future [already, even] before you talk to her [about your idea]? She wasn't even sure she wanted to give up the baby until everybody started leaning on her to make a decision!" Lucas eventually interjected. "Calm down --" Will advised. "Who's 'everybody'?" Sonny wondered. "Eric says that he's worked with girls like Allie at the Center, and we should just back off and give her time right now, [so] if you guys push her just because it's good for you --" Lucas continued, ignoring Sonny's question. "No --" Sonny tried to clarify. "That's not okay!" Lucas concluded. "We would never do that," Sonny stressed.

"Yeah, Dad -- [look], we're only telling you this 'cause we thought you'd be supportive... I mean, truth is, one adoption agency already gave us the runaround because they don't like our 'domestic situation,' so... I mean, surely that's not your problem with us adopting Allie's it?" Will said. "I cannot believe you would even say that to me!" Lucas snapped. "I just asked the question, Dad -- I mean, [look], you took a while to support me when I came out, so..." Will reasoned. "[But] I couldn't be prouder of you [now, and], Sonny, I think of you as one of my own! When you guys got back together, there was no one happier!" Lucas insisted.

"I think you guys are fantastic parents -- I really do -- [and] I'm sure you'll be great parents to your next child, too!" Lucas stressed. "Then...what's the problem?" Will wondered. "'The problem' is Allie!" Lucas clarified. "[Look], what if you adopt the baby, and one day she's okay with it, and the next day she just changes her mind out of nowhere? [Plus], we don't even know the birth father's name, [let alone] what he thinks about all this -- [and], for all we know, he doesn't even know she's pregnant [yet]! I mean, have you thought about that guy yet? [Because] you really should!" Lucas elaborated.

"The father's probably just some horny kid who doesn't even care," Sonny predicted. "I don't know about that -- [I mean], when Sami was pregnant with Will, I cared! [And] do you realize how much time I lost with him that I'll never get back? [And] when I found out the truth, what did I do? I sued Sami [for custody]! So, [even] if you guys adopt this baby and everything seems fine [at first], what happens when the father shows up [and] wants a custody suit? I don't want that for my grandchild, [and] I sure as hell don't want that for the two of you!" Lucas countered.

"I get what you're saying...[but] we haven't even talked to Allie yet, so maybe it's a little early to worry about, uh, a custody battle..." Will argued. "[Look], maybe we shouldn't have told you what we were thinking before we talked to Allie..." Sonny added. "[Or] maybe I'm getting ahead of myself," Lucas conceded, finally calming down a bit.

"Listen, I understand why this is so appealing to the both of you. And I am sorry [for] what the adoption center said. And I understand that you want to cut through the bureaucratic red tape. But I have a lot I have to think about right now -- I have to think about Allie, [and] both of you, [and] that baby she's carrying. [And] Allie has to be at peace with whatever decision she makes, and if you guys tell her you want to adopt the baby, it could put pressure on her," Lucas said. "We would never do that," Sonny stressed, and Will nodded in agreement.

"Okay... [Well], look, whether you adopt this baby or another one, I just want you to know that I am beyond thrilled at the possibility of having another grandchild," Lucas assured Will and Sonny. "[But I just] think that Allie's judgment is being clouded by her fear of Sami's reaction, [and] if Allie rushes into this [then] changes her mind, I don't want to see the two of you get hurt like that -- it would kill me," Lucas concluded before rushing off.

Lucas went to the DiMera mansion to see Kate, who was surprised to hear about Allie's plan -- and Will and Sonny's response to that plan.

Will and Sonny discussed Lucas' concerns and ultimately decided to dismiss them and forge ahead with their plan, believing that everything would work out.

Will and Sonny decided to talk to Allie the following day -- and, at that same time, Allie decided to talk to Rafe the following day.

A visitor surprises Lani A visitor surprises Lani

Friday, June 26, 2020

At the Salem Inn, Ben kissed Ciara's neck and asked her to return to bed. "I'm actually going to meet Claire. She wants to talk to me about the wedding," Ciara said. "I still don't think that's a good idea," Ben said. Ciara assured Ben that everything would be fine. "And this means a lot to her," Ciara added. Ben called Claire selfish.

"This is all about second chances," Ciara stressed. Ciara reminded Ben that Claire had helped them find Gwen. Ben gave the credit to Lani and Eli instead. "Does she have to be your maid of honor? What if she flips out again?" Ben asked. Ciara noted that Marlena and Claire's doctors believed Claire was better. "Get dressed," Ciara said. Confused, Ben asked Ciara what she meant. With a chuckle, Ciara said she did not want Ben to miss a moment of planning the wedding. Ciara added that she wanted Claire back in her life, and that meant that Ben could not continue to avoid her.

In the square, Claire met up with Gwen at the café. A dejected Claire informed Gwen that the manager had refused to give Claire her job back as a waitress. As Gwen made a joke about flambé, a distracted Claire looked at her phone. "I'm meeting Ciara here to talk about her wedding. I'm going to be her maid of honor," Claire said. Claire called Ciara a "perfect human being." Gwen was impressed that Claire had talked Ciara into making her the maid of honor. Claire said she was excited to make amends with Ciara.

"Are you being sincere about making amends with her?" Gwen whispered. Claire waved hello to Ben and Ciara as they approached. After Gwen left, Ben said, "What are the odds that you'd be friends with Jake's ex?" Claire agreed that the coincidence was surprising. When Claire said she guessed that Ciara had told him the good news about the wedding, Ben smirked.

"I wouldn't exactly call it good news, but it's news," Ben said. "Thanks, Ben. That really sets a nice tone," Ciara said. Ben said he did not want to pretend, but Ciara asked Ben to be civil. Claire said she understood why Ben was worried. "I got help, Ben. Just like you did. Isn't it a little bit hypocritical for you to say that you are the only one around here that deserves a second chance?" Claire asked. Ben argued that when he had left Bayview, he had not made demands of people. "Just 'cause you got out, that doesn't mean yet that you're well. Remember Jordan?" Ben said. Ciara begged Claire and Ben to stop fighting.

"If you and Will can get past what you did to him, shouldn't I get the same chance with Ciara?" Claire said. With a groan, Ciara sarcastically noted, "I just love planning my wedding with the two of you guys." Ben and Claire apologized, but Ciara waved them both off while she stepped aside to answer her phone. "Right now, you've got the upper hand," Ben said to Claire. Ben argued that Claire had made him look like the bad guy.

"I really do hope that you are better," Ben said. Ben promised to watch Claire like a hawk. "If you appear to be a threat, I'll shut you down," Ben warned. Claire said that she loved Ciara, and she wanted to help Ciara in any way she could. Claire claimed that Ciara wanted them to be close again, too. As Ben muttered about Claire setting fire to his fiancée, Ciara returned.

"We worked everything out," Ben said. "Like I said, I understand why he reacted the way he reacted," Claire said. As Claire took Ciara's hand, Ben put his arm around Ciara. Claire smiled. Claire told Ciara that she had a couple wedding dresses to show Ciara, and she asked Ben to step aside so that he did not see them. Ben kissed Ciara goodbye and started to leave. Ciara stopped him and quietly thanked him.

At the DiMera mansion, Jake roused Gabi from sleep with breakfast in bed. Jake said he wanted to celebrate the good news. "What are you talking about?" Gabi asked. Jake announced that the DNA tests were in and that they proved he was Stefan. Gabi beamed with joy. "I wanted so much for it to be true," Gabi said. With a nod, Jake said they needed to work on getting his memory back. Gabi kissed Jake.

"Gabi. Wake up," Chad whispered. Gabi woke and found Chad standing next to her bed, holding a tray of breakfast. Chad informed Gabi that the jury had reached a verdict, and he urged Gabi to celebrate her last meal as a free woman. Gabi argued that she believed the jury would not convict her, but Chad disagreed.

"I did not drug Abigail!" Gabi shouted. "And you never lie?" Chad said. "I'm not lying now, and I did not lie to the jury," Gabi countered. Chad reiterated the facts of the case and Gabi's defense. "Stefan is dead, right, and as soon as I get those DNA test results back, I'm going to prove it," Chad said. Gabi told Chad to visit Jake at the garage, "Take one look, and you will know that he is your brother." Gabi offered to introduce Chad to Jake, but Chad said he was not interested.

"I know that you and Stefan did not get along, but he is still a DiMera. You don't care that he's alive?" Gabi asked. Chad said he would be interested if he believed the story was remotely true. Chad urged Gabi to spend her last day as a free woman doing something other than chasing down a rumor about Stefan.

Chad walked downstairs and found Jack teaching Thomas how to play cards. "Don't take grandpa's IOU's. You can't trust them," Chad whispered. Jack informed Chad that Jennifer was at the duck pond with Charlotte and that Thomas was more interested in going to the zoo. "I want daddy to take me," Thomas said. Chad told Thomas that he would have to return to Florida. "No, daddy, don't go!" Thomas yelled.

Chad said he and Abigail missed Thomas and Charlotte. "Mommy still needs some time to get better," Chad said. Chad promised he would return soon. Jack promised Thomas that they would have fun while Chad and Abigail were out of town. Chad told Thomas he loved him.

Upstairs, Gabi called the lab to check on the DNA test. The results were not ready. "I know you're Stefan. I just have to find a way to prove it," Gabi mused to herself.

In her apartment, Lani looked at flowers from Eli with a card that read, "I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you." Lani called Eli to thank him for the flowers. "Happy wedding day!" Eli said. Eli said he wanted to make sure that Lani started her day right. "I want this day to be perfect," Lani said. Eli assured Lani that it would be a great day. "What could possibly go wrong?" Lani wondered aloud. Outside her apartment, someone lurked in the hallway.

Lani asked Eli about his bachelor evening with Rafe. With a chuckle, Eli said he and Rafe had each drunk a beer and gone to bed early. "I just want to tell you that I cannot wait to be your husband. I love you so much," Eli said. Lani said goodbye. While Lani prepared to take a shower, someone gently knocked on the door and then crept into the apartment. Lani grabbed her gun and shouted, "Freeze!"

Valerie screamed, "Don't shoot!" As Valerie's bag of groceries tumbled to the floor, Lani asked Valerie why she had not announced herself. Valerie said she had knocked. Lani was surprised to hear that Valerie was there to visit her. With a grin, Valerie said that she wanted to cook breakfast for Lani on her big day. "There's nothing I wouldn't do for you," Valerie said.

Over breakfast, Lani talked about her first aborted wedding to Eli. "You don't want to cross Gabi Hernandez because that woman takes revenge very, very seriously," Lani said. Lani complained that she hated the way that Gabi hurt people and then would use her daughter as a shield against blame. "Was she thinking about her daughter when she comandeered Julie's heart and blackmailed you?" Valerie said. "Or drugged poor Abigail," Lani added. Valerie noted that the best woman won. When Valerie asked Lani what had kept her from taking her vows at the convent, Lani gave credit to Kristen.

"I know some people are disapproving of [Kristen], but if it wasn't for Kristen, Valerie, I wouldn't have come back here, and I wouldn't have fought for Eli. I'm so glad I did, because we are finally getting our happy ending," Lani said. When Lani complimented Valerie's food, Valerie told Lani that she had met David while working at her father's diner. Valerie said the biggest regret of her life was not telling Eli about David sooner.

Valerie gave Lani her mother's handkerchief. "Something old and something blue," Valerie said. "You are a beautiful bride, and your wedding day is going to be perfect," Valerie said. Lani and Valerie said they loved one another, and Valerie left to meet up with Eli.

Outside Lani's apartment, the mystery person continued to lurk. After Lani showered, there was a knock at the door. Lani opened the door and found Kristen dressed as a nun. "Surprise!" Kristen said. Ecstatic, Lani hugged her.

At Rafe's house, Eli thanked Rafe for letting him sleep on the couch. "That's what friends are for," Rafe said. "Well, I testified against Gabi," Eli said. With sigh, Rafe noted that Eli had not testified against Gabi but had instead given impartial evidence to the court. Rafe said he understood that it had been difficult for Eli to do his job, considering his history with Gabi. "What do you think [Gabi's] chances are?" Eli asked. "I think she's innocent, but Gabi, in her own special way, has done everything she can to make a jury believe otherwise," Rafe lamented. Eli offered his support if Rafe needed any help. Rafe reminded Eli that it was Eli's big day.

"There is something that you can do for me," Eli said as he handed his suit to Rafe. Eli laughed as he watched Rafe iron his suit for him. "Lani will appreciate this. She wants this day to go perfect," Eli said. As Eli dressed, Rafe gave him a pair of cufflinks. Eli told Rafe that he wanted Rafe at the wedding, but Rafe said he did not feel right attending the wedding after what Gabi had done to Lani and Eli.

"It's your day, okay? I want everything to be perfect for you guys," Rafe said. "It means a lot to me, you know, having you as a best friend," Eli said. Rafe and Eli hugged. "I think Lani is making a terrible decision," Rafe joked as he walked out. Eli continued to dress, and Valerie arrived. Valerie told Eli about her breakfast with Lani. When Valerie mentioned how jumpy Lani had been, Eli commented, "She probably just has pre-wedding nerves.

When Rafe arrived at the DiMera mansion, Gabi was gone, and Chad was alone in the living room. "The jury has reached a verdict," Rafe announced.

At the garage, Jake left a voicemail asking for instructions on how to return the book. Luca appeared. "I thought you were in custody," Jake said. "I convinced the D.A. it was all a misunderstanding," Luca countered. Luca told Jake that he was there to make Jake pay for what he had done. "To make it clear to the other employees that you don't betray the boss and get away with it," Luca said. Jake said he had the book, and he had left multiple messages in order to arrange a way to return it.

Jake retrieved the book from the shelf, and he tossed it over Luca. "You actually came through," Luca said. "We're even," Jake said. "Walking away isn't always that easy," Luca said before he walked out. Jake returned to work as Gwen arrived. "Thank God you're not dead!" Gwen said. Gwen explained she had seen Luca driving away from the garage. Jake said he had given the book to Luca.

"Sometimes when you are in deep, it is hard to cut ties," Jake said. "Like us. I thought we were over for good, but now that we're back together..." Gwen said. With a furrowed brow, Jake muttered, "Who says we're back together?" Gwen said she was ready to make up. "So, I'm just supposed to forget that you almost got me killed?" Jake asked. With a shrug, Gwen said she had not known how much trouble the book would cause Jake.

"I don't think it's a good idea," Jake said. Hurt, Gwen asked Jake if he was rejecting her because of Gabi. Jake said no, but he could not rule out the possibility. "You really think you're him, or are you just doing this because you want to for Gabi?" Gwen asked. "I'm not interested in that crazy woman," Jake grumbled. Gwen noted that there was nothing in their way. Jake said he needed time to think. Unfazed, Gwen walked over and straddled Jake.

"This isn't about thinking. It's about feeling," Gwen said. Gwen kissed Jake. "Get your nasty paws off my husband," Gabi said as she walked into the garage.

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