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Kristen visited Salem, and Brady ran off with her. Gabi and Gwen fought over Jake. The jury found Gabi not guilty. Lani and Eli married after interruptions from Gabi and Vivian. Rafe stopped Vivan from shooting Lani. The DNA test confirmed that Jake was a match for Stefan, but Jake had no memory of Gabi or Vivian. Jake sought solace in Gwen's arms. Allie asked Rafe to adopt her child. Will and Sonny told Allie that they wanted to adopt her child.
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Lani and Eli married after interruptions from Gabi and Vivian
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Gabi learns her fate Gabi learns her fate

Monday, June 29, 2020

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Chad and Rafe briefly argued about whether Gabi was responsible for Abigail's hallucinations -- then they called a truce, conceding that they would both have to live with whatever the jury had decided.

Rafe rushed off with a groan after Chad revealed that Gabi was likely with Jake at that moment, once again trying to prove that the mechanic's resemblance to Stefan was more than just a coincidence.

At the auto repair shop, Gabi and Gwen took turns ordering each other to stay away from the man one woman thought of as Stefan and the other woman thought of as Jake.

Gwen was stunned -- and Jake was outraged -- when Gabi eventually revealed that a DNA test was being performed at that very moment to settle the matter for good. "You did not have my permission to run that test!" Jake snapped. "You're gonna thank me when the results come in," Gabi countered. "Wow -- you really are delusional, aren't you?" Gwen observed.

Gabi and Gwen's argument eventually got physical. While Jake was separating the women, Rafe entered the shop -- and, like everyone else, the detective was stunned to see just how closely the mechanic resembled Stefan. "The verdict is in," Rafe announced. Gabi traded insults with Gwen once more then rushed off with Rafe, looking a bit nervous. "She on trial or something?" Gwen asked Jake, who nodded in response and elaborated that Gabi could actually end up going to prison for a very long time. "I'm not surprised..." Gwen admitted with a shake of the head.

At the Hernandez house, Eli received an unexpected visit from Billy, who had also attended Eli and Lani's first wedding ceremony. "Did Lani invite you?" Eli wondered. "Actually...I did," Valerie, who had just emerged from another room, clarified. "Is that a problem?" Billy asked. "No -- it''s not a problem; it's just that Lani and I, we, um, only invited close family members...but, hey, I would be thrilled to have my old FBI mentor there," Eli replied. "Well, I'm glad to hear you say that...because Billy isn't here as your former mentor; he's here as my date," Valerie revealed. "And lucky to be so," Billy stressed.

"You two hardly know each other!" Eli protested. "We ran into each other at a charity event in D.C. awhile ago," Valerie clarified. "[And] chatted away the entire night," Billy elaborated. "And then he asked me out to dinner, and we've been dating ever since," Valerie concluded. "Ever since when?" Eli wondered. " months ago?" Valerie recalled. "And it's been the happiest three months of my life," Billy declared. "Aw!" Valerie raved before giving Billy a kiss. "Hmm," Eli muttered, cringing at the sight. "Let's take a picture together!" Valerie suggested, oblivious to Eli's discomfort.

"I think I left my phone in the car," Billy explained while rushing off, perhaps just making up an excuse to give Eli a minute alone with Valerie. "'re dating my mentor..." Eli said to Valerie once the coast was clear. "Why didn't you tell me?" Eli wondered. "I -- we -- wanted to wait until we were sure there was something really there..." Valerie stammered. "Well, it definitely looked like there was something 'really there' to me [earlier]," Eli stressed. "Yes -- uh, I like him a lot...and I think the feeling is mutual..." Valerie admitted. "You gonna be all right with that?" Valerie asked, suddenly concerned.

"If you two make each other happy, then I'm happy for the both of you," Eli replied after making Valerie sweat for a bit.

While passing through the park, Marlena spotted Brady, who was wrapping up a phone conversation with Tate.

"Why are you so dressed up?" Brady asked Marlena after ending the call. "I'm officiating at Eli and Lani's marriage today," Marlena reminded Brady, who gave the officiant a message of congratulations to pass along to the happy couple -- and a message of gratitude to pass along to the groom in particular. "He stopped me from making a very big mistake," Brady explained to Marlena before revealing what had happened at Titan the previous day. "All I want is for [Kristen and Rachel] to come back home to me...[but] I don't know how it's ever gonna be possible," Brady admitted with a sigh at the end of the tale.

Kristen ducked into Lani and Eli's apartment to hide from prying eyes. "What are you doing here?" Lani asked. "Did you really think that I would miss my dear friend's wedding?" Kristen replied.

"Did you go back to the convent [and] take your vows?" Lani wondered, eyeing Kristen's habit. "Nope, I did not -- I just, uh, needed a disguise to sneak into town," Kristen clarified. "So, you are aware that there is a warrant out for your arrest, [then]," Lani summarized. "Yes -- I have been keeping tabs on Salem since I left," Kristen confirmed.

"You are taking a huge risk, coming back here --" Lani warned. "I know that...but it is your wedding day, my darling, and I had to come here to congratulate you," Kristen countered. "[Plus], I wanted to thank you in person for helping me escape [and] track down my daughter -- I mean, I wouldn't be with her right now if it wasn't for you," Kristen continued. "After all these years, I'm finally a mother, [and] it is...even more wonderful than I've ever dreamed of," Kristen concluded, beaming with happiness and pride.

Kristen was thrilled when Lani casually revealed that someone else might soon have another chance at motherhood. Lani remained determined to try not to get too excited about the pregnancy at any stage of it, given what had happened in the past, but Kristen chose to believe that everything would work out that time. "[And] you have to [believe that, as well] -- for your sake and the baby's," Kristen advised Lani, who conceded the point but admitted that it wasn't going to be easy. "[But] Eli is just being so supportive and wonderful..." Lani raved.

Lani wished that Kristen could attend the wedding ceremony. "[Well, at least] I can definitely help you get ready [for it -- and, with my help, you'll be] looking like the most beautiful bride there ever was," Kristen assured Lani.

Kristen presented Lani with something new -- a cross pendant necklace, which was meant to serve as a reminder of their time together at the convent -- then also handed over a silver rattle after realizing that the bride already had something old and something blue but still needed something borrowed. "[That] was mine when I was little, [and then] I gave it to Rachel...[but now] I want you to borrow it -- for today and for your little baby. [I mean, Rachel] played with it for about a week [then] lost interest, [anyway]," Kristen explained. "Okay...but only because this ensures that you and I will see each other again," Lani decided. "Of course!" Kristen agreed.

Abe entered Julie's Place and took a look around the space, which had been decorated for Eli and Lani's wedding ceremony.

Julie soon emerged from the kitchen and greeted Abe -- then started barking orders, wanting help with the remaining preparations. Abe humored Julie at first but soon got fed up and refused to do anything else. "I'm so sorry -- I didn't realize I was being --" Julie began to stress. "Pushy... Demanding... Rude..." Abe helpfully offered. "All of the above," Julie sheepishly conceded. "I'm just used to giving orders to Doug -- poor darling -- [and] I really didn't realize..." Julie explained before apologizing again. "Doug's not coming?" Abe translated. "He's feeling a little under the weather today," Julie confirmed.

Abe decided to continue helping Julie -- but was quick to make it clear that they didn't need to run themselves ragged because Eli and Lani wanted only a nice and simple wedding ceremony, not an absolutely flawless one. Julie conceded the point then started to rush back to the kitchen in search of a few bottles of Champagne, leaving Abe to handle the task of folding cloth napkins -- but the deeply ingrained instinct to micromanage everything, including that task, drove Julie to pause at the doorway to the kitchen and critically watch Abe's every move.

"Is that how you're gonna do them?" Julie eventually asked, drawing a glare from Abe. "Lovely... Perfect... Couldn' better myself..." Julie grudgingly assured Abe. "Good to know," Abe replied as Julie ducked into the kitchen -- and, seconds later, Tamara entered the restaurant. "Well, you certainly are a full-service mayor..." Tamara observed with a chuckle before greeting Abe with a hug. "How's it going out there?" Julie soon called out to Abe from the kitchen. "Why do you suddenly look terrified?" Tamara wondered as Abe got back to work. "Well, 'terrified' might be too strong a word...but Julie's coming," Abe explained with a shudder.

"As lovely a person as she is, she can be a huge pain in the..." Abe continued before stopping abruptly, hearing Julie's footsteps.

Julie was so thrilled to see Tamara that micromanagement was set aside for a moment -- but only for a moment. "All folded and accounted for, ma'am," Abe declared with a sarcastic salute when Julie's attention turned to the napkins once again. "I see..." Julie grumbled. "Is there a problem?" Abe wondered. "No... No problem..." Julie muttered, forcing a smile. "Is there anything else I can disappoint you with?" Abe asked. "I...think I'll...handle the rest by myself," Julie replied. "Well, in that case...I'm going to go and make a quick phone call," Abe decided before stepping aside.

Julie began folding the napkins a different way as soon as the coast was clear. "I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but...really, at a party, who folds a napkin like this?" Julie whispered to Tamara with a cringe of disgust. "It's such an honor for me to be hosting this [wedding ceremony for Eli and Lani, and] I don't want anything to go wrong -- [especially since their] last one was such a nightmare...[and] I do feel some responsibility for that... [Plus]...well, truth to tell, I wasn't sure I'd live to see this day..." Julie explained to Tamara.

"Then treat it like just what it is -- a gift," Tamara advised Julie. "It's going to be wonderful, and joyous, and life-affirming...even if the napkins are a little messy," Tamara assured Julie. "I heard that!" Abe called out to Tamara and Julie from the other end of the restaurant before resuming a phone conversation with someone.

After ending the call, Abe said goodbye to Tamara and Julie then rushed off to pick up Lani -- who was still with Kristen when the mayor arrived at the apartment complex a few minutes later.

Abe sent a text message to Lani from the parking lot then entered the apartment complex -- and caught a glimpse of a nun while passing through the halls.

"That was Sister Mary Elizabeth from the Salem Sisters of Saint Joseph -- the convent back in Italy asked [them to] send over a gift," Lani smoothly claimed when Abe entered the apartment and mentioned the oddity. "Well, that's very thoughtful," Abe acknowledged while eyeing the new necklace that Lani was wearing.

While passing through the town square, Chad crossed paths with a reporter. "No comment," Chad snapped at the reporter before heading off in a new direction -- and crossing paths with Gabi.

"Nothing to say about the fact that I was completely and totally exonerated?" Gabi asked Chad tauntingly.

While passing through the park, Kristen spotted Brady, who was staring longingly at digital photographs of the two of them together.

After giving the matter a moment of thought, Kristen headed off in a new direction -- just as Brady looked up. "Kristen?" Brady, who could see only the back of Kristen's habit, called out hopefully.

At Julie's Place, Eli and Lani's wedding ceremony began -- and, seconds later, Tamara collapsed.

Drama strikes Lani and Eli's wedding Drama strikes Lani and Eli's wedding

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Gabi taunted Chad in the square about her not guilty verdict. "Your wackadoodle wife is locked up in an institution, and I'm free," Gabi said. Chad argued that the jury was corrupt. "Just because you weren't convicted, doesn't mean that you're innocent. I will have justice for Abby, one way or another," Chad said. Gabi reiterated that Rolf was to blame.

"The truth is, I'm not a danger to Abigail. I'm a danger to you, Chad. Because now I'm free. Free to take back DiMera," Gabi said. Chad called Gabi a joke. Gabi countered that Chad had neglected the business in favor of personal issues. "The board has seen that you've been distracted and, quite frankly, negligent," Gabi said. Chad argued that even if the board wanted a change, they would not look to Gabi.

"I actually created and ran the biggest subsidiary of this company," Gabi said. Chad reminded Gabi that she had been ousted before her arrest. Gabi argued that Jake's DNA test results would move the board to reappoint Stefan as CEO. When Gabi commented that she and Stefan would be more successful in life than Chad and Abigail because Gabi was sane, Chad ground his teeth. "Bye, loser!" Gabi said as she walked away.

In the park, Brady confessed his love for Kristen to her photo on his phone. Brady noticed someone lurking nearby. "Kristen?" Brady asked. "Hello, Brady," Kristen said as she turned to face him. Brady rushed into Kristen's arms. "You took a hell of a risk for coming here to see me," Brady said. Kristen confessed that she had sneaked into town to see Lani on her wedding day. Kristen explained that Lani was her best friend, and she had wanted to thank Lani for helping her escape.

"But if you hadn't run into me, we wouldn't have seen each other," Brady said. Kristen explained that she had not planned to see Brady because she could not bear to say goodbye to him again. "Fate just wanted us to be together," Brady whispered. Brady kissed Kristen passionately. Brady asked about Rachel.

Kristen said she had not been able to risk taking Rachel with her, but she showed pictures to Brady so he could see how much Rachel had grown. As Brady and Kristen smiled over the photos on her phone, Chad rounded the corner. "Kristen?" Chad said. Kristen asked Chad to walk away and forget he saw her.

"I'm sorry. I can't do that," Chad said. Chad explained that he would not turn Kristen in, but he would not let her go without asking for a favor. "I just found out Gabi was acquitted. She got off scot-free for drugging Abigail," Chad said. Chad added that Gabi had threatened to take the company. When Kristen pointed out that Gabi did not have a claim to the company, Chad told Kristen and Brady that Stefan might be alive.

"I despise Gabi, and I will do anything in my power to help," Kristen said. "I need your shares of DiMera," Chad said. Chad explained that he just wanted to consolidate power. Kristen said she would give Chad her shares if it meant that Chad could keep Gabi from destroying their father's legacy.

"Are you sure?" Brady asked Kristen. Kristen pressed her face against Brady's hand and nodded yes. Kristen hugged Chad goodbye. "Take care of yourself and my niece," Chad said. Kristen told Chad that she had been praying for Abigail's recovery. "I've been keeping tabs on what is going on here in Salem," Kristen explained. With a nod, Chad walked away.

Brady told Kristen about his efforts to get the charges against her dropped. "I couldn't let you take the fall for me then, and I'm not going to let you take the fall for me now," Kristen said. Kristen kissed Brady goodbye, and he grabbed her hand as she started to leave. "I'm going with you," Brady said. Kristen noted that Brady could not abandon his son.

"I have no intention of abandoning my son, but I don't know my daughter," Brady said. Brady said he could not get used to being alone without Kristen and Rachel. Brady said he did not know how long he could stay with Kristen, but he knew that he needed to be with her. "Okay," Kristen said.

Chad returned home to the DiMera mansion, and he stared at the portrait of Stefano. "Why do I care so much about protecting your legacy? I do know that I can't let Gabi take anything else from this family. I was so sure that Gabi was the one making Abigail sick. Why did I want so badly for it to be her?" Chad said. Chad wondered aloud whether he had blamed Gabi because he could not face the possibility that someone else had poisoned Abigail on Stefano's orders. "You wouldn't do that to your son, would you, Dad?" Chad asked the painting.

At Julie's Place, Lani and Eli's wedding started. As Lani approached Eli, Tamara wobbled. Tamara collapsed on the ground. "Tamara!" Marlena shouted. Lani rushed over to her mother to check on her. Tamara looked up at her daughter, and the group helped Tamara into a chair. As Tamara sipped a glass of water, she assured Lani that she was fine.

"You fainted," Lani said. Julie offered to call an ambulance, but Tamara declined. Valerie examined Tamara to assess her health. "It's just my blood sugar," Tamara said. Billy pulled a snack out of his pocket and handed it to Tamara. Tamara thanked Billy, and she apologized to everyone for the distraction from the wedding. Lani wanted to postpone the wedding, but Tamara refused to delay the proceedings.

"I'm going back to my hotel room to lie down and get some rest. And you are going to marry the love of your life. No arguments," Tamara said. Reluctantly, Lani agreed. "You know that you are a part of this wedding, no matter whether you are here or not, right?" Lani asked. Tamara told Lani that Lani was always in her heart. While Lani helped her mother to her feet, Abe and Eli stepped aside to chat.

"And here I was promising Lani that nothing would go wrong," Eli said. "I was promising the same," Abe said. Abe was hopeful that nothing else would go wrong. Across the room, Billy offered to escort Tamara to her room at the hotel. "Hopefully, I'll be back for cake," Billy joked. Lani asked Tamara if she was sure that she was fine. "Yes, sweet girl. Go get yourself hitched," Tamara said with a laugh. With the wedding back on track, Marlena restarted the ceremony.

"Marriage isn't the stuff of fairy tales. It's about sweat, tears, and the occasional diaper. But after those setbacks and obstacles, if you really hang in there, something magical happens. What you find is a love that is strong. A love that is deep. A love that is enduring, and that is what Eli and Lani are looking forward to today," Marlena said.

Marlena commented that fate had intervened at the last ceremony, and Julie countered, "Fate? A euphemism for Gabi Hernandez." Everyone laughed awkwardly. Julie apologized for saying Gabi's name out loud, and she joked that she would not repeat the name for fear of causing Gabi to appear at the wedding.

"This is not going to be about she who must not be mentioned. This is about love. A love so perfect, so powerful, so complete, so selfless, it takes my breath away," Julie said. Julie added that Gabi was in court that day and would not bother them. "If there is any justice in this world," Julie started. "There is justice in this world, Julie, because I am free," Gabi said as she sauntered in, dressed for a wedding.

"No!" Julie cried out. "You have said my name three times, and poof, I have magically appeared," Gabi teased. "Gabi, don't do this," Marlena pleaded. Angry, Gabi said she had wanted to tell everyone about the jury verdict, since Eli and Lani had spent time out of their wedding planning to testify against her in court.

"And then, they saved your life after you'd been kidnapped by those mobsters, because they are good people. Good people don't hold grudges," Abe said. "No. I hold a grudge," Lani said. "Yes, and I hold a bigger one," Julie chimed in. Julie ordered Gabi to leave her property.

"Everything is going to be okay," Eli whispered to Lani. Furious, Lani shook her head no. "No, because I knew that she would find a way to ruin it again," Lani said. Eli reminded Gabi that she had claimed she had been with him because she had loved him and not because she had wanted revenge. "If you meant that, leave!" Eli shouted. Abe reached for Gabi's arm, and she pulled it away. Julie opened the door, and Gabi walked out.

"Everything from this moment on will be perfect," Eli promised Lani. "From this moment on," Lani agreed. Eli gave Lani a glass of water, and he commented on the necklace around Lani's neck that Kristen had given her. "It was a gift from a friend. A really special friend," Lani said. Lani said she was ready to continue. Abe locked all the exits. "I should have set up rat traps," Julie commented. When the ceremony resumed, Julie recited a poem, and then Marlena continued.

"A reunion of husband and wife, in the heart, mind, and body is for their mutual joy. For the help and comfort given one another in prosperity and adversity and for the procreation of children," Marlena said. Abe and Valerie smiled at one another, and Lani beamed at Eli as he reached over and stroked her belly. With no objections, Eli assured Lani that she could breathe. Lani admitted that she had expected someone else to interrupt the ceremony.

"I know that we're in the middle of the ceremony, but I just want to say that I am so thankful that you guys are here, sharing this day with us. A day I wasn't sure would happen," Lani said. Lani admitted that she had been holding her breath since she and Eli had gotten engaged. Abe promised that he had locked all the doors.

"When you make your vows to each other, you will be sanctified, and you will be protected and surrounded by all the great love we feel for you," Julie said. Marlena agreed. "Everything is fine. Nothing to be afraid of," Marlena promised. The sound of broken glass echoed from the kitchen.

Hope delivered pizza to Rafe at his home. "This is a nice surprise," Rafe said. Hope explained that she had wanted to check up on him. Rafe told Hope that he had video chatted with David. "It will get a little easier each time. I promise," Hope said. Over pizza, Rafe told Hope about his ironing work on Eli's suit. "You bummed to not be going to the wedding?" Rafe asked. With a shrug, Hope said she understood why Eli and Lani wanted to keep the ceremony small.

"As much as I love my sister, I still cannot believe that she tried to destroy them," Rafe lamented. "At least, in the end, true love won out this time," Hope said. Rafe asked about Hope's life. With a chuckle, Hope told Rafe that she had decided to accept the key to the city. "I'm almost regretting saying yes to Kate, because she failed to mention that the ceremony is at the same time as Kayla and Justin's wedding," Hope complained. Hope informed Rafe that she had decided to accept the award for Abe's sake, but also because she had felt bad for Kate.

"[Kate] was upset about her family," Hope explained. Rafe asked Hope if she meant the situation with Allie. "I know she's pregnant. Sami, on the other hand, does not [know]," Rafe said. Hope's eyes went wide with surprise. Hope noted that Sami would be furious if she learned after everyone else. "There will be hell to pay either way, knowing Sami," Rafe said.

"I just want to say I'm sorry again for screwing things up that night that Sami and I," Rafe started. "Slept together? It's in the past," Hope said. Rafe wondered aloud how their marriage would have ended up if he had not acted so stupidly. Hope said she was happy that she and Rafe had moved past their problems and had become friends again. Rafe agreed.

"Thank you again for helping me with this whole thing with David," Rafe said. Rafe clasped Hope's hand in his, and she hugged him. Gabi walked in with Champagne. "I should go," Hope said. Gabi said she would offer Champagne to Hope, but she knew that Hope was "Team Abigail." Hope said she hoped that whoever had poisoned Abigail would meet justice. Gabi agreed.

"I keep telling everybody it's Rolf. I know he was in prison when the crime occurred, but he was the mastermind," Gabi said. Gabi asked Rafe why he and Hope were not at Lani and Eli's wedding. "They wanted to keep it small. Probably to deter uninvited guests," Rafe said. Gabi grinned. With a wave, Hope said goodbye and left.

"So, you and Hope? What's going on there?" Gabi asked. Rafe said he and Hope were just friends. Gabi asked Rafe if he was sure there was not more. Rafe stressed that there was zero chance that he and Hope would get back together. Gabi's phone rang. The DNA test results were ready. "I'm going to find out if my husband is alive," Gabi told Rafe.

At Julie's Place, Julie noted that the crashing noise in the kitchen sounded like a broken dinner plate. "I know a clumsy caterer when I hear one," Julie said. "Who are you calling clumsy?" Vivian Alamain said as she walked out from the kitchen. Julie gasped. "Sorry for the noise, but I wasn't invited to the wedding, so I had no choice but to crash," Vivian said. Vivian looked across the room and scowled at Lani.

Eli and Lani are married Eli and Lani are married

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Claire helped Ciara try on wedding dresses that had been borrowed from the most exclusive boutique in town. Ciara raved that Claire was a miracle worker for having somehow managed to convince the owner to let them take the dresses out of the boutique for a few hours. "This decision's gonna be a lot easier to make without some, uh, random saleslady staring at me," Ciara predicted. "Whatever you need, I'm gonna make it happen -- you have my word that I am gonna do everything I possibly can to make sure that you and Ben have the most memorable wedding ever," Claire promised.

Ciara decided, while wearing one of the dresses, that it was the perfect choice. "If you like it, that's what matters," Claire conceded with a cringe of disgust. "Yeah, okay...but what do you think? I mean, you are the fashionista -- the one with the blog and all the followers -- so..." Ciara countered. "I hate it -- I...I think that it''s basic, and I think it looks like something that belongs on top of a wedding cake," Claire admitted, cringing again. "Um... Okay, yeah... Okay, yeah -- I guess you're right..." Ciara agreed after a moment of thought.

"Look, I -- I'm only trying to help you make the [truly] perfect choice...'cause if I do anything to screw up your wedding, we both know that your fiancé will kill me," Claire reasoned, drawing a forced laugh from Ciara, who took the comment as an inappropriately worded joke. "[No] -- Ben actually threatened me," Claire insisted. "Threatened?" Ciara incredulously repeated. "Yeah -- um, when we were in the square [and] you went to go take that work call, he...let me have it," Claire vaguely elaborated. "[And] said those words exactly -- that he was gonna kill you?" Ciara challenged Claire. "Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit..." Claire admitted.

"But, um...Ciara, he was really intense -- it freaked me out... [Anyway, look], I'm sorry for even bringing up that [whole thing] -- it's understandable [that] he doesn't fully trust me yet...[although I'm] determined to show him [that] all I really want to do is make everyone's life better and happier!" Claire stressed before changing the subject, urging Ciara to take off the "hideous" dress and move on to the last of the boutique's options. Ciara complied -- then agreed with Claire's assertion that the new dress was the truly perfect choice. "It is gonna take [Ben's] breath away," Claire predicted.

After Ciara stepped into the bathroom to change into street clothes, Claire picked up the "hideous" dress and posed with it in front of a full-length mirror.

When Ciara emerged from the bathroom, Claire offered to take the dresses back to the boutique.

At the Hernandez house, Rafe listened with obvious concern as Gabi continued a phone conversation with the hospital's receptionist. "Yes, I know I called ten minutes ago -- and I'll call [again] in another ten!" Gabi snapped before hanging up on the receptionist, who still had nothing new to report. "Damn it -- they said the DNA results would be [ready] within the hour!" Gabi grumbled. "[But] it hasn't even been an hour yet, Gabi -- you gotta be patient," Rafe advised. "Patient? Do you realize what this means? When I get these results, my life is gonna change!" Gabi stressed. "If you get the results you want..." Rafe countered.

"These results have to confirm [that] my husband is really, truly still alive!" Gabi insisted. "I know how much you want [that to be true, but] he was declared brain dead, [and] his heart was given to Julie --" Rafe argued. "Don't look at me like I'm crazy [when the truth is that] you just don't want him to be alive!" Gabi snapped. "That is not true -- I just don't want you to be gutted all over again if you find out he's [not]; I just don't want your heart to be broken all over again," Rafe clarified. "It's gonna be the opposite of that -- it's gonna be whole again!" Gabi declared. "Okay..." Rafe replied. "I'm gonna prove you wrong!" Gabi vowed.

At the auto repair shop, Ben worked on a motorcycle with Jake, who kept making silly mistakes. "What's up with you, man?" Ben eventually asked. "I don't know -- guess I'm a little distracted," Jake replied. "Anything to do with a particular woman?" Ben wondered. "Well, Gwen says she might want to get back together..." Jake admitted. "The jealous, possessive 'roller coaster from hell' that you can't quit," Ben pointedly summarized. "Yep -- that's the one," Jake confirmed. "You know, being with her, it can be really, really good...but, eventually, something always messes it up," Jake mused with a shake of the head.

While on the subject, Jake told Ben about Gwen's earlier fight with Gabi. "If Gabi's brother hadn't shown up to take her to court, God knows what would have happened!" Jake declared at the end of the tale. "Wait a minute -- what if that's what this whole thing is about? [I mean], Gabi's nutso idea that I'm her dead husband -- maybe it's to game the judge into thinking that she's bonkers so that he'll send her to the loony bin instead of prison!" Jake suddenly realized. "Sorry -- do you want me to say 'mental institution' or 'hospital' [instead of 'loony bin']?" Jake quickly backpedaled. "I don't care what you call it," Ben replied.

"Okay... [Well], anyway, hopefully the pain in the ass gets what she deserves," Jake stressed. "Look, you know, I'm not a fan, but Gabi's had it rough," Ben admitted, prompting Jake to counter that no one's backstory was tragic enough to make a theory about the resurrection of a brain-dead organ donor sound any less crazy.

Ben conceded Jake's point -- just as Gabi entered the shop and started bragging to the surprised mechanics that, after having been acquitted earlier, another victory was imminent because the results of the DNA test were finally ready to be picked up at the hospital. "Come with me," Gabi urged Jake. "I'll pass," Jake decided. "But this could change your whole life!" Gabi stressed. "I like my life the way it is," Jake insisted. "With that skank Gwen?" Gabi incredulously summarized. "Stop calling her that!" Jake tiredly countered. "And if anybody's a 'skank' --" Jake started to add. "I'm gonna take a break," Ben announced before rushing off.

"Well, there you go -- you scared him off," Jake snapped at Gabi. "No, you're the one that's scared -- [of] those results!" Gabi argued. "[You probably] paid somebody to give you the results you want," Jake guessed. "I would never do something like that -- [it] would be beneath me!" Gabi insisted. "Gabi, nothing is 'beneath' you," Jake countered. "[And] I look so much like your dead husband, and your great big bed is...well, empty...[so] maybe you really want a nice, warm body to lay next to -- or beneath -- you, [and] you think waving the DNA results will land --" Jake continued, earning a slap from Gabi.

"I don't want anything to do with you, 'Jake Lambert' -- I want my husband back!" Gabi insisted. "So, I'm going to that hospital, and I'm gonna get those results...and if you are not Stefan -- and that's a big 'if' -- I will never step foot in this place again, all right? But if you are...I will be back," Gabi stressed before storming off.

Jake gave the matter some thought then also rushed off, deciding that it would be wise to watch Gabi open the test results so they couldn't be changed when they inevitably disproved the theory about Stefan being alive.

Ben joined Ciara at the Salem Inn, and they took turns catching each other up on what had happened since their previous conversation. Ben remained suspicious of Claire but was nevertheless pleased to hear that Ciara had found the perfect wedding dress. Ciara remained skeptical of Gabi's theory but was nevertheless curious to find out if Jake really was Stefan -- and Ben guessed that Jake was curious, too.

Ready to focus on another matter, Ben started kissing Ciara -- who received a phone call from someone at the boutique before things could progress any further.

"What's wrong?" Ben asked after Ciara ended the call. "My dream wedding dress -- it's ruined! There are nail polish stains all over [it, and] they can't get them off!" Ciara replied, prompting Ben to soothingly predict that someone at the boutique would eventually figure out a way to fix the problem. "No, Ben -- it's completely destroyed!" Ciara fretted. "Well, maybe you can just get another one, [then] -- there's still time," Ben reasoned. "'Another one'? Ben, that was a one-of-a-kind dress! [And] I've tried on practically every gown in this town, and the wedding is so close..." Ciara countered.

"I just don't understand -- how could this happen?" Ciara wondered -- as Claire started painting a fingernail while lounging in the living room of the Evans-Black townhouse.

At Julie's Place, Vivian asked the stunned bride and groom and their equally stunned wedding guests, "Did you really think I'd miss this day -- a chance to give the bride my very best?"

"You're all complicit in this -- every one of you -- [for] celebrating the wedding of a killer to a callous bastard who exonerated her!" Vivian snapped. "But the only one who will pay the ultimate price is the woman who put a bullet in my son..." Vivian continued, producing a gun. "Look at your faces -- such disappointment, such horror... Oh, it's understandable; you thought you were coming to a wedding -- to a joyous event -- when, in fact, you're at an execution!" Vivian concluded, cocking the gun and aiming it at Lani with a scowl.

Eli protectively stepped in front of Lani, prompting Vivian to fire a warning shot at the ceiling. "I thought you were smarter than that," Vivian said to Eli, who reluctantly returned to Lani's side. "Vivian, I know you're mourning the loss of your son, but this is not the way to handle [it] --" Marlena advised. "It's the only way -- and you, of all people, Dr. Marlena Evans, should understand the psychology of vengeance," Vivian countered. "Ready to give your daughter away for keeps, Mr. Mayor?" Vivian asked Abe.

"Vivian, I almost lost my son to a bullet, [so] I understand your pain, [and] I know how hard forgiveness is, [but] this kind of revenge, won't end your suffering --" Abe stressed. "Actually...I'm feeling pretty damn good right now," Vivian countered. "Vivian, I know that you hate me, blame me, and will never forgive me for what I did to your son, and I get that, and I am so sorry for your loss, and I deeply regret that I am the one who was responsible for it...[but] please think about what you are doing, [because] I'm pregnant, so you wouldn't just be killing me [but also] my unborn child," Lani warned.

"You dare to ask me for anything? You took my son from me! You think that empty words and excuses are gonna save your sorry soul?" Vivian spat before again cocking the gun and aiming it at Lani with a scowl -- just as Rafe suddenly appeared and grabbed the weapon, having been summoned to the restaurant via an urgent text message that Eli had discreetly composed and sent while Vivian had been focused on Marlena, Abe, and Lani.

"This isn't over! You think you've won? You think you're safe? You'll never be safe -- I'll find you and send you to hell!" Vivian warned Lani. "Just shut up [and listen, Vivian] -- you almost murdered someone for no reason, [because] it appears as though your son might actually be alive!" Rafe revealed, stunning Vivian, who begged for more details. "Down at the station," Rafe promised before escorting Vivian out of the restaurant.

"I don't think I'm gonna book weddings here anymore -- they don't seem to go well..." Julie admitted with a sigh.

Lani was unsure about resuming the wedding ceremony, given everything that had happened. "If I could just get some sort of sign..." Lani fretted -- just as Billy returned with Tamara, who was feeling better. "Looks like you got your sign," Eli observed, and Lani nodded in agreement then signaled for Marlena to resume the ceremony -- which finally went off without a hitch.

EDITOR'S NOTE: With this episode, Eli and Lani become the first Black couple to get married on-screen in the 55-year history of Days of our Lives.

The results of Jake's DNA test are revealed The results of Jake's DNA test are revealed

Thursday, July 2, 2020

by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Ciara continued fretting to Ben about the ruined wedding dress. "[It] was in perfect condition when I gave it to Claire to [take] back to the dress shop, [so] how could nail polish get all over [it]?" Ciara wondered. "Wait -- Claire brought it back?" Ben repeated. "What? She saw that I was busy [with work, so] she offered to take it -- she insisted, actually..." Ciara explained.

"I knew it -- [I mean], the way she worked on you to be your maid of honor... Obviously, she was up to something!" Ben declared. "That is not fair -- I mean, to assume that Claire would want to ruin my dress... [Look], you should have seen how happy she was [when I found it]!" Ciara protested. "[And you think] she couldn't fake [that emotion, even after we watched] her fake every other emotion in the book right before she set you on fire?" Ben incredulously summarized. "Okay, fine..." Ciara grudgingly conceded. "[That's] exactly how she would act if she's trying to gain your trust back," Ben warned.

"Then, when you finally do trust her, she's golden -- and then she can infiltrate and sabotage our wedding from the inside," Ben continued. "Look, I don't mean to be cynical -- I just don't trust her at all," Ben concluded. "It's okay -- I understand... [But, if you are right], why would she do something so obvious as to pour nail polish all over the dress that she helped me pick out? I mean, wouldn't [she] have known that she would have been the prime suspect?" Ciara argued. "Yeah...[and] she would [also] assume that's what you would think -- [and] that you would not suspect her [as a result]," Ben reasoned.

Claire was in the process of sealing a bottle of nail polish when Gwen stormed into the Evans-Black townhouse and slammed the door shut. Claire guessed that something had just happened between Gwen and Jake. Gwen irritably clarified that something had almost happened with Jake -- but Gabi had ruined the moment. "Thank God that she's about to go to prison for drugging this 'Abigail' person!" Gwen raved, prompting Claire to reveal that Gabi had actually been cleared of all charges earlier that day. "She was caught with a drug that landed a woman in the bloody mental ward!" Gwen protested. "I guess that wasn't enough proof..." Claire explained.

"Well, great -- [now] she's just gonna be free to just harass Jake as much as she likes..." Gwen fretted. "You know, she actually stole his toothbrush to run some DNA test on him!" Gwen revealed, stunning Claire. "You have to be completely deranged to believe that you can bring someone back from the dead!" Gwen declared. "Actually..." Claire began to respond. "You actually think it's possible," Gwen realized. "Okay, look, I know it sounds crazy...but, in Salem, you would be surprised how many people survive death," Claire admitted.

"I'm actually glad they let Gabi off, because now she won't [be able to say] that I just won Jake by default," Gwen decided after some thought. "Eh...if you ask me, a win is still a win..." Claire declared. "I'm not scared of her -- she should be scared of me!" Gwen stressed before changing the subject, wondering if Claire felt the same way about Ciara. "Well, uh, my day has officially started to suck -- [I mean], I can't believe you actually think I want to hurt Ciara!" Claire indignantly protested. "Pretending to be her best friend is an easy way to pull out the rug from under her and ruin her life..." Gwen knowingly reasoned.

"I know I asked you this before, but [then] we were interrupted by the very happy couple, [so...again], what do you plan to do [to them]?" Gwen challenged Claire -- who still wasn't able to answer the question because Ciara and Ben interrupted again just then, knocking on the townhouse door. "I was just telling Gwen how much fun we had today -- [and] do not worry, [because] I took great care of the dress," Claire began after letting the couple in. "Oh, we know you 'took care of' it..." Ben agreed. "I'm sorry -- uh, I'm not quite sure what you're talking about..." Claire admitted, prompting Ciara to explain what had happened to the wedding dress.

As Claire was reacting to the news with dramatic protests of horror, Ben spotted the bottle of nail polish and suggested comparing it to the shade of nail polish that was on the dress. Claire claimed to be innocent, but Ben wasn't convinced. "Look, mate, if she says she didn't do it, then she didn't do it, okay? So, let it go!" Gwen interjected. "Stay out of this," Ben advised. "Why should I? Claire is my friend, and I don't like people accusing my friends of lying," Gwen countered. "Right, because you're such an honest bunch... Why were you in Bayview, again?" Ben shot back.

"That's right -- I'm perfectly sane..." Gwen admitted. "You're the one who needed psychiatric help," Gwen recalled. "[And] you're so fiercely protective of your girlfriend [that] I'm scared you might strangle me right here!" Gwen joked, and Ciara lunged forward in response, forcing Ben and Claire to work together to stop a fight from breaking out.

Once everyone calmed down, Claire again claimed to be innocent -- then also conceded that it was only natural for Ciara and Ben to be suspicious, given the trio's complicated history. "If you say you didn't do it, then...I believe you," Ciara decided after some thought, drawing a sigh of relief from Claire and a shake of the head from Ben. "[Then] I'm still your maid of honor, right?" Claire hopefully assumed. "Um...yes," Ciara hesitantly confirmed, drawing another sigh of relief from Claire and another shake of the head from Ben. "Thank you!" Claire said while hugging Ciara.

"[And, look]...this isn't a total loss -- [I mean], yes, the dress was beautiful...but there are lots of beautiful dresses out there, and I am gonna help you find the perfect one...again!" Claire assured Ciara. "And I'm gonna pay for the dress that was ruined -- [well, I mean, I'll] borrow the money and then pay it back when I get a job," Claire promised. "You don't have to do that --" Ciara protested. "I want to," Claire maintained. "Why are you even offering? If you didn't ruin the dress, why would you pay for it?" Ben asked suspiciously. "[Because] the dress was my responsibility," Claire coolly replied.

"That Ben really does have a screw loose..." Gwen declared after Ben and Ciara left. "But, know, Claire, he kind of does make a good point -- why would you offer to pay for the dress if you didn't ruin it?" Gwen challenged Claire, who started playing with the bottle of nail polish while once again claiming -- albeit much more mischievously than before -- to be innocent.

At the hospital, Jake watched closely as Gabi opened and read the results of the DNA test. "It's a match!" Gabi eventually announced. "I kept telling myself not to get my hopes up, but you're him!" Gabi added before seizing a kiss from Jake, who quickly pulled away then skeptically demanded to see the test results. "I don't get it...but it's right there in black and white..." Jake conceded with a scoff of disbelief as Gabi cried tears of joy. "[So...what], my last two years in Philly are the only real memories I have, and everything else...[is] fiction?" Jake assumed. "Dr. Rolf [is] fully capable of implanting somebody with false memories," Gabi confirmed.

"It just all seems so real..." Jake admitted, fighting back tears of sadness. "I know...[and] I hate that you remember this whole other life -- I hate that you remember being with that other woman, Gwen, and not me -- but I'm gonna fix this, [and] very soon, you're gonna remember exactly how much we loved each other," Gabi promised. "I'm sorry, but...even if these results prove that I'm [your husband]...Gabi, nothing else has changed for me -- I still don't feel anything for you," Jake stressed. "That's not your fault," Gabi conceded before seizing another kiss from Jake then dragging the mechanic away, ready to start jogging Stefan's memory.

At the police station, Rafe told Vivian about Jake. "Oh, my God... If my son's alive, I -- I'll get my life back... I've been so miserable without him..." Vivian declared. "Before you get too excited about getting your life back, you should probably get a lawyer," Rafe advised. "What for?" Vivian wondered. "'What for'? You just tried to kill Lani Price! It wasn't that long ago -- [surely] you couldn't have forgotten [already]!" Rafe replied.

Rafe exited the conference room in which Vivian was being held -- just as Gabi arrived with Jake.

Rafe couldn't believe that Gabi had actually been right all along about Jake being Stefan. Gabi wanted Rafe to convince Rolf to hand over a vial of the memory-jogging serum immediately, but the commissioner doubted that the doctor would be willing to cooperate. "Rolf wants to make you suffer, [and] what better way to make you suffer than to keep you from the man you love?" Rafe reasoned.

Gabi couldn't believe that Vivian actually happened to be in police custody at that moment -- although the charges weren't particularly surprising. Gabi begged Rafe to let Jake see Vivian, believing that the meeting could jog Stefan's memory. Rafe agreed to grant the request, but Jake had reservations -- especially after finding out about some of Vivian's most notorious misdeeds. Gabi eventually managed to convince Jake to meet with Vivian.

When Jake entered the conference room, Vivian gasped and immediately decided that Stefan was indeed still alive.

At Eric and Nicole's apartment, Allie fantasized about how perfect it would be to work out an adoption agreement with Rafe, of all people. Eric -- who, having been politely banned from Nicole and Holly's day of fun, was the only other person in the apartment at that time -- advised Allie to give the matter plenty of thought before making a final decision. "If you do decide to offer Rafe your can't change your mind [later]. Rafe just went through something that was very similar [to what I just went through, and] you can't put him through that again," Eric stressed. "I hear what you're saying, but you don't need to worry," Allie declared.

"I'm not going to jerk Rafe around -- I want him to have this child," Allie insisted. "You do now," Eric countered.

"After the baby's born, are you gonna stay here in Salem [or] go back to Europe?" Eric wondered. "I don't know -- I'll...probably move back home...[but] I hadn't really thought about it..." Allie admitted. "Okay... Well, let's just say that you do move back to Europe -- [you'll still] have family here, [so] I'm sure you'll come back to visit, and when you do, I'm sure you're gonna want to visit that little boy or girl...[so, do] you plan on telling this child that you're their mother?" Eric continued. "I...hadn't really thought about that, either..." Allie admitted again. "Well...those are [just] some of the [decisions that could] change this child's entire life," Eric concluded.

Allie understood Eric's point but still wanted to give the baby up for adoption -- and, at the same time, felt really guilty about wanting to do that.

Will entered the Kiriakis mansion and greeted Sonny, who was quick to ask about Gabi's trial. "Gabi's been cleared," Will excitedly reported, drawing a sigh of relief from Sonny, who guessed that Gabi was relieved, too. "[Yeah], I guess -- I mean, I didn't get a chance to see her [afterward] 'cause I had to, you know, file the story [for the Spectator]," Will admitted. "That's okay -- we'll see her later, when she checks on Ari," Sonny assured Will. "Man, I was so afraid that we'd have to tell Ari that her mom's going to prison again," Will revealed. "[But] now we can actually share some great news with Ari [instead]," Sonny suggested.

"[That] might be jumping the gun a little bit -- especially since we haven't even talked to Allie about it yet," Will warned, and Sonny conceded the point. "[But, given] the way that Allie's been praising us on how we're raising Ari, I think she's gonna be on board with us adopting her child," Sonny predicted. "I think you're right -- I mean, I don't know why she'd say no..." Will agreed. "[Especially since] she's part of the family, so it's not gonna be a closed adoption, [which means] she's gonna be able to watch her child grow up," Sonny reasoned. "Yeah..." Will agreed again.

"[But] what if she wants more than that -- [I mean], how would you feel if she wanted to play, like, a role in the baby's life?" Will asked. "I think, uh, I'd be okay with it...[but] what about you?" Sonny replied. "Definitely," Will confirmed. "Right, 'cause we're not exactly strangers to the untraditional custody arrangements -- [I mean], think about what we've done with Gabi over the years," Sonny reasoned, and Will agreed.

Excited to still be on the same page, Will and Sonny headed off to Eric and Nicole's apartment to see Allie -- who wasn't there.

"You could leave her a message," Eric suggested. "Uh...thanks, know, I think we kind of need to talk to her face to face," Will replied. "Sounds important," Eric observed. "It is -- uh, we want to ask her..." Sonny began to explain before turning to Will. "If we can, uh, adopt her baby," Will concluded for Sonny. "Wow..." Eric stammered. "Yeah, we...we know -- it's, uh, kind of a big decision..." Will acknowledged.

"I, uh...I wasn't expecting that..." Eric admitted. "And, to be honest, I'm sure Allie isn't, either..." Eric began to warn Will and Sonny.

Meanwhile, Allie dragged Rafe from the police station to the town square so they could have a private -- and very important -- conversation.

Jake meets Vivian Jake meets Vivian

Friday, July 3, 2020

When Lani and Eli returned home after their wedding, a flustered Eli wondered aloud how to accomplish carrying Lani across the threshold. "I knew you were a stickler for logistics. You're thinking about this like it's a drug bust," Lani joked. Lani suggested that she would open the door, and then Eli could surprise her. With the door open, Eli swept Lani up in his arms and carried her inside.

"Oh, my God," Lani said. The apartment was decked out in rose petals, fairy lights, and candles. "Who did this?" Lani asked. Eli guessed that his grandma Julie had set up the room. Eli noticed a card and read it. "Dearest Lani and Eli, I wanted to make sure your wedding night was as special as the two of you are. Here's to finding your way back together. Love, Julie," Eli read aloud. Lani said she was grateful for Julie's love and support.

With a chuckle, Lani said that when she had talked to Julie about Doug, Julie had lit up like a schoolgirl talking about her boyfriend. "They really have had an amazing life together," Lani said. "Just like we will," Eli agreed. Lani admitted that she had been uncertain if they would end the day married. When Eli made fun of Vivian, Lani agreed and said that Vivian was "evil to the core."

"In spite of all that, she loved her son with a vengeance. And I think she just can't accept the fact that he's dead," Lani said. Lani and Eli curled up on the bed and talked about their wedding over cake. With a sly smile, Lani went upstairs to get changed. When Lani returned in lingerie, Eli said, "That was a great surprise." Lani and Eli made love as fireworks exploded outside.

After, Eli held Lani in his arms and told her, "We're going to have a great life together." "We are. And we're going to be a family soon," Lani added. Eli thanked Lani for not giving up on him. Lani thanked him for the same. "I love you, Mrs. Grant," Eli said. "I was thinking Price-Grant," Lani said. With a chuckle, Eli said he would call Lani whatever she wanted as long as she loved him. Lani and Eli kissed.

At Julie's Place, Julie had just finished cleaning up after the wedding when Hope arrived. "I told you to wait," Hope said. "You know I never listen," Julie said. Hope asked about Doug, and Julie assured her that Doug just had a chest cold. Julie admitted that Doug was disappointed that he had missed out on the wedding. "How did the wedding go?" Hope asked. Julie told Hope about Gabi and Vivian crashing the wedding.

"[Rafe] not only saved the day, your ex-husband saved Lani's life," Julie said. Julie confirmed that Lani and Eli had finally gotten married after Rafe had dragged Vivian off to jail. "God willing, they are finally going to get their happily ever after," Julie said.

At the police station, Gabi and Jake told Rafe that the DNA test had confirmed that Jake was a match for Stefan. When Rafe mentioned that Vivian was handcuffed in the interrogation room because she had attempted to shoot Lani, Gabi shook her head. Gabi told Jake that Vivian was his mother. Gabi told Jake that he had loved his mother so much that he had taken a bullet for her.

"Maybe if you see her, that will spark up a memory," Gabi suggested. Gabi asked Rafe if Jake could talk to Vivian. With a shrug, Rafe said that was fine. Allie walked in and asked to talk to Rafe. With a nod, Rafe suggested that he and Allie go get a bite to eat and talk. Rafe told Jake and Gabi that they had permission to talk to Vivian. Jake was hesitant to see Vivian, but Gabi insisted that Jake needed to talk to his mother in case it jogged his memory.

"You're going to remember how much you loved me and how much I loved you. And want you," Gabi whispered. Jake asked Gabi to join him, but Gabi urged Jake to talk to Vivian alone. "Just remember, she loves you very, very much," Gabi said. Jake walked into the interrogation room. "Stefan. You're alive. My son," Vivian said. Vivian asked Jake if he remembered her. Before Jake could say anything, Vivian begged him to let her help him.

"You don't look like you're in much of a position to help yourself, let alone me," Jake said as he nodded at Vivian's handcuffs. Jake told Vivian he had never seen her before in his life. Vivian asked Jake to take her hand and close his eyes so that he could "feel my blood coursing through your veins." Jake started to leave, but Gabi marched in and blocked his exit. "What kind of mother are you?" Gabi asked Vivian. "Exemplary!" Vivian barked. Gabi argued that Vivian should not have given up on her son after asking him only once if he remembered Vivian.

"What am I supposed to do? I'm chained to a chair," Vivian muttered. Gabi argued that Vivian only had herself to blame for her arrest. As Jake watched Gabi and Vivian banter, he mumbled, "It's like a car wreck. You can't look away." Gabi urged Vivian to remind Jake of moments from their lives together. "I can't!" Vivian yelled. With a nod, Gabi asked Vivian to tell Jake about the day they had met. Jake asked about the birth. "It's complicated," Vivian said. Vivian told Jake that someone had told her that he had died in childbirth.

"I only met you as an adult," Vivian said. "Did you go looking for me?" Jake asked. Vivian shook her head no. Vivian explained that she had believed that Jake was dead until he had shown up on her doorstep. Vivian said that after she had told Jake about his birth father, he had reclaimed his birth name, Stefan Octavius DiMera. Vivian concluded that they had returned to Salem and taken over DiMera Enterprises.

"Is any of this familiar to you?" Vivian asked. "As a matter of fact, it is," Jake said. "So, you do remember?" Gabi asked hopefully. With a nod, Jake said that he remembered reading about Vivian's tale in an article about Stefan. "You may be his mother, but you're not mine," Jake said. Confused, Gabi noted that the DNA test confirmed Vivian was his mother. Jake reminded Gabi that she had donated Stefan's heart, and he still had one.

"That is scientific proof that I am not your son!" Jake shouted. Furious, Jake yelled that Vivian and Gabi were making him question his sanity. Jake walked out. Gabi rose to chase him, but Vivian grabbed her hand. Gabi wrenched her hand free and ran after Jake, but it was too late. Jake was gone. Gabi returned to talk to Vivian. "I know my son. He just needs time to digest this," Vivian said. Vivian told Gabi not to harass Jake.

"He seems different. He's changed," Vivian muttered. "Yeah, he thinks he is a mechanic that works in a garage," Gabi said. Vivian asked Gabi what they should do. "Actually, it's what are you going to do?" Gabi countered. Gabi explained that although Rolf would not listen to her, he would listen to Vivian. Vivian was unsure. Gabi argued that Rolf would help Stefano's "bastard heir" if Gabi was not involved.

Vivian asked Gabi to talk to Rafe about setting her free. "You tried to murder the mayor's daughter in front of her family. I totally get where you were coming from, but I don't think the mayor is going to let you go," Gabi said. Vivian said her son needed his memory back. "Believe me, I'm going to make that happen. One way or another," Gabi promised.

At the garage, Jake paced his bedroom and poured a drink. The door opened behind Jake. "Gabi, I don't want to hear it. Just get the hell out," Jake said. "Gabi? It's me," Gwen said. Gwen asked Jake if Gabi was still attempting to convince him that he was Stefan. "Apparently, I am," Jake said. Shocked, Gwen asked Jake if he was joking. Jake confirmed that the DNA was a match.

"So what? No, you know what this Gabi is like. She probably doctored the results," Gwen argued. Jake disagreed. Gwen urged Jake to get another test. "I also met a woman who is supposedly my mother," Jake said. Jake admitted that he had no memory of Vivian. "You're not seriously starting to believe all this, are you?" Gwen asked. Jake shrugged.

"How are you going to hold onto who you are?" Gwen asked Jake as she pushed up close to him. Jake kissed Gwen. "What are you doing?" Gwen asked. "I'm holding onto my past," Jake whispered. Jake grabbed Gwen into a passionate kiss, and they tumbled onto the bed.

In the square, Rafe and Allie sat in the café and talked. "What's this important, private thing that you want to talk to me about?" Rafe asked. Allie thanked Rafe for being supportive to her. "Even though you're not my real dad, you've always been a great dad. The best. And I know you would have been a great dad to David," Allie said. Rafe said he would be fine. Allie asked Rafe if he wanted to adopt her baby.

"I can't think of anyone who would be a better dad," Allie said. "I really wasn't expecting that," Rafe said. Allie explained that when Rafe had talked about David as a person, it had given her the idea to ask Rafe. "You weren't trying to make [David] into something. You just wanted him to be him," Allie explained. Allie said it had reminded her of how Rafe had listened to her as a child, unlike her parents.

"I really don't know what to say," Rafe said. Rafe urged Allie to talk to Sami first. "Who cares how she feels? It's not her business," Allie objected. Rafe argued that Sami would have strong feelings about her ex-husband adopting her grandchild. Rafe added that Allie also needed to consider his feelings. Rafe explained that he was still grieving the loss of David. "I'm not sure I'm ready to go down that road yet," Rafe said. Allie asked Rafe if he was saying no to her.

"What I'm trying to say is, I need time," Rafe said. Rafe said he needed to be sure because he wanted to be the kind of father that Allie's baby deserved. "You're already thinking about what is best for the kid," Allie said. Allie told Rafe to take all the time he needed, because Rafe was the best person she knew.

When Rafe returned to the station, Hope thanked him for saving Lani's life. "It wasn't a big deal," Rafe said. Noticing Rafe's solemn expression, Hope took the hint and started to leave. Rafe asked Hope for advice. Rafe told Hope about Allie's offer. "How do you feel about it?" Hope asked. Rafe admitted he was not sure.

Will and Sonny went to Eric's apartment to talk to Allie, but she had already left. Eric offered to take a message for Will. "We wanted to ask her if we could adopt her baby," Will said. "I didn't see that coming. To be honest, I don't think Allie did, either," Eric said. Eric explained that Allie had already decided to give her baby to someone else. "Who?" Will asked with surprise. "She didn't know that we were interested," Sonny said. Will started to call Allie, but Eric stopped him.

"You should know, I think she has already made up her mind," Eric said. When Will started to argue that he was family and not a stranger, Eric told Will and Sonny that Allie wanted to give the baby to Rafe. Confused, Will asked Eric when Allie had made her decision. Eric explained that Allie had run into Rafe in the square, and he had told her about losing custody of David. Will admitted that Rafe was a great guy, but he noted that Rafe was not family.

"She decided without knowing that we, that you, wanted the baby. She didn't know that anyone in the family was interested," Sonny pointed out. Eric noted that Allie was with Rafe. With a sigh, Will said that he knew how much Rafe wanted a child, so it was likely that Rafe would accept Allie's proposal. Sonny said they would be happy for Rafe if he agreed, but they should not give up hope yet. Eric offered to introduce Will and Sonny to a social worker he knew that was amenable to same sex couple adoptions. Will thanked Eric for his offer.

"I don't mean to sound down on Rafe, but I just thought that adopting Allie's baby would be the perfect solution for Allie and us," Will said. As Eric wrote down the contact info for his friend, Allie returned home. Allie asked Will and Sonny why they were there. "We actually came to talk to you. About your baby," Will admitted. Will asked what Rafe had said.

"He said he'll think about it," Allie said. "So, he hasn't agreed yet?" Sonny asked. "No. Why?" Allie asked. Will said he and Sonny had hoped that Allie would let them adopt her baby. Will explained that he and Sonny had been discussing adopting a second child and had seen Allie's arrival in town as a sign. "It never even occurred to me," Allie said. "We don't want to put you on the spot or anything," Sonny said. Will agreed, and added, "Especially since you already talked to Rafe about it."

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