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Allie asked Will and Sonny to adopt her baby, and they gave her papers to make it official. Will assured Rafe that he was not ready to adopt yet. The police cleared Claire of the bombing, and she appealed to Ciara to help her track down Ben. Nicole told Allie about Sami's interference with Rafe. Allie went into premature labor and banned Sami from the delivery room. Nicole coached Allie through the birth. Gwen and Jake moved into the DiMera mansion. Chad asked Gwen to spy on Gabi. Ciara and Claire realized that Eve had likely kidnapped Ben. Eve told Ben she would make him the Necktie Killer again.
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Ciara and Claire realized that Eve had likely kidnapped Ben
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Will and Sonny get good news from Allie Will and Sonny get good news from Allie

Monday, July 27, 2020

by Mike

Bonnie sneaked into the DiMera mansion then crawled into bed with Lucas, who awoke with a start and made it clear that nothing was ever going to happen between them again.

While passing through Horton Town Square, Steve and Kayla reminisced about their impromptu getaway, which had just ended -- perhaps a bit too soon for both of them. "Man, I have stayed in some crappy places in my time, but that [hotel] room in the Dakotas -- [I mean], was it a dump or what?" Steve complained. "The trip really was magical, [though] -- especially when we got to Lake Louise," Kayla stressed.

Steve bought a bouquet of yellow roses from one of the stores and presented the flowers to Kayla with a kiss -- just as Justin passed through the town square.

Justin seized the opportunity to congratulate Kayla and Steve on their reconciliation. Steve, in turn, seized the opportunity to thank Justin for having had the integrity to tell the truth and let Kayla go. "I really hope you find someone [else] who makes you as happy as you made..." Steve began to stress before stopping abruptly, having just spotted Bonnie at the other end of the town square. "Adrienne?" Steve concluded, stunned. "Adrienne!" Kayla repeated, also stunned. "Just keep your panties on -- I'm not [Adrienne]," Bonnie tiredly clarified.

"How the hell could you show your face here after what you did to Adrienne?" Steve asked incredulously. "Back off, Patchy-Poo -- I get it, all right? Everyone in this town that I care about -- that is near and dear to my heart...and other parts -- has made it crystal clear that I am not wanted and [that] I am hated! [But] I'll leave when I'm good and ready!" Bonnie defensively replied. "I'll be watching you," Steve declared. "Don't strain that eye, tough guy," Bonnie countered as Steve walked away with Kayla. "I tried to warn you -- those supercouples, they always end up together," Bonnie said to Justin with a shrug.

While waiting for Roman at the Brady Pub, Kayla spontaneously invited Steve to move into the Brady townhouse, knowing that Justin had vacated it while they had been gone -- and, to Kayla's surprise, Steve agreed.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Will and Sonny finished eating breakfast in the dining room then settled in the living room to chat. "I [still] can't believe [that], while I was hanging with my dad yesterday, you could have been killed in that church explosion!" Sonny fretted. "I know -- I mean, it's scary... But I'm fine, [and] Allie and the baby are fine, too," Will stressed. "Any word on Ben?" Sonny asked. "No... [And] I'm worried..." Will replied. "Well, maybe we'll -- we'll hear something soon," Sonny suggested. "Well, I [heard] one thing [already] -- the cops are questioning Claire," Will revealed.

At the police station, Shawn listened in stunned silence as Belle told Rafe that Claire had an airtight alibi for each moment of the previous day and therefore couldn't have had anything to do with the bomb that had gone off during Ciara and Ben's wedding ceremony. "She was with me at my mother's [townhouse] the entire day," Belle claimed. "[Actually]...I wasn't at my grandma's [townhouse] all day yesterday -- [I mean], I left for, like, a half hour to just go and get some fresh air," Claire admitted. "Well...yes..." Belle backpedaled.

"[But] you didn't go anywhere near the church...right?" Belle prodded Claire. "No, I wouldn't have dared -- not after Ciara banned me from the wedding and her life," Claire assured Rafe. "Where'd you go? [And] what time? [And] did you happen to see anyone?" Rafe asked. "[I went to] Salem Park... [And] I didn't really check the clock, [but it was]...maybe late afternoon, early evening? I...just...sat on a bench for a while, and then I went back [to my grandma's townhouse]... [And] I was upset, [so] I wasn't really paying attention to other people..." Claire replied.

"You have nothing, [so] either charge her or let her go -- now!" Belle interjected. "Okay -- Claire's free to go...for now...[but] don't leave town," Rafe conceded.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Will and Sonny agreed that, despite past misdeeds, it was difficult to imagine Claire being capable of setting off a bomb during Ciara and Ben's wedding ceremony, of all times -- if only because of the potential for a lot of collateral damage. "Her dad, her grandparents, [her] pregnant [cousin] --" Will began to specify.

"Speaking of...I can't stop thinking about what's gonna happen with Allie's baby," Sonny interjected. "As I was leaving the hospital [last night], I saw Rafe go into Allie's room," Will hesitantly revealed. "Well, there's a good chance that he agreed to adopt her baby [last night, then]," Sonny glumly concluded. "I'm happy for Rafe," Will diplomatically declared. "Me, too -- I mean, he's gonna be a great father," Sonny diplomatically declared.

At the hospital, Allie woke up and greeted Sami. "How are you feeling?" Sami wondered. "Like I can't wait to get out of here," Allie admitted. "Sarah said you'll be released in a couple hours," Sami reported, delighting Allie.

"I heard Rafe came to visit you -- did he finally agree to adopt your baby?" Sami asked casually. "Actually, Mom, he turned me down [because], after everything he went through with David, he's just not ready to be a father again," Allie flatly replied. "I'm so sorry..." Sami claimed. "Are you?" Allie countered. "Of course I am -- [I mean], I know it's what you wanted," Sami maintained. "But it's not what you wanted," Allie acknowledged. "All I want is for you to be happy," Sami insisted. "If you say so..." Allie muttered. "I do," Sami stressed.

" that Rafe is not an option...if you want to take some time to reconsider keeping the baby for yourself, I just want you to know that my offer still stands -- [I mean], I want to help, and so does your father, [and we] just want to make sure you understand you have [other] options --" Sami continued. "The option I chose is to give my baby up for adoption, and that is final," Allie declared.

After chasing Sami off, Allie summoned Will and Sonny to the hospital -- and surprised the couple with the news that Rafe had decided not to adopt the baby.

"Are you sure that you want Sonny and me to be the parents [instead, though]? I mean, didn't we talk about [how] you thought it was a little weird -- [you know], the thought of your brother raising your child?" Will asked. "Yeah, but after the bomb went off last night, I was so shook up, [and] it made me really realize how much I care about this kid [and want him or her to have] a good home and a good life, and if that could be with people that I know and trust in my own family...well, that's, like, the best thing I could hope for, so...yes, I am absolutely sure," Allie replied.

"And I hope you guys don't feel like you're just some sort of fallback plan," Allie stressed. "No, not at all -- [I mean], we knew that you asked Rafe before you even knew that we were an option, so..." Sonny reasoned, and Will nodded in agreement -- just as Lucas arrived and wondered what was going on. "We're gonna let Allie fill you in because Sonny and I should go talk to a lawyer," Will said. "Uh-oh..." Lucas muttered as Will and Sonny rushed off, both giddy with excitement. Allie summarized the situation for Lucas, who grudgingly agreed to support the adoption plan.

Will and Sonny paused outside Allie's room to celebrate their good news with a hug. "I gotta go find my dad so he can draw up the adoption agreement -- do you want to come with me?" Sonny asked after pulling away from Will. ", you know, I -- I think I'm gonna go see Rafe and, uh, make sure he's really okay with this..." Will replied before rushing off, giving Sonny the impression that something was wrong.

Sami went to the Evans-Black townhouse to see Belle, having heard that Claire was a suspect in the bombing. Sami advised Belle to take Claire to Hong Kong immediately, before Rafe could find a reason to make an arrest. "They lock up the wrong person in this town all the time!" Sami warned, and Belle worriedly conceded the point -- just as Claire emerged from a bedroom.

"We're leaving Salem," Belle informed Claire, who tried to object but was ignored.

While Claire was reluctantly packing, Shawn entered the townhouse and announced that surveillance footage had been found that backed up Claire's story. Claire was relieved about being in the clear, but Belle still thought it would be best for them to head to Hong Kong immediately. Shawn wanted to stay behind to help Rafe investigate the bombing but agreed with Belle's argument -- which didn't matter to Claire, who refused to leave Salem.

Sonny tracked down Justin in the town square. "I need you to draw up some adoption papers -- Allie is giving Will and me her baby!" Sonny announced. "That is wonderful!" Justin raved. "It really is!" Sonny agreed. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Lucas told Sami about Allie's decision. "You're welcome," Sami triumphantly declared before telling Lucas about how Rafe had been talked out of agreeing to the adoption.

"[Allie's] gonna be so mad at you -- she's gonna go ballistic when she finds out that you controlled this whole outcome!" Lucas predicted. "That's not gonna happen because Allie doesn't know anything about it," Sami countered. "Doesn't know anything about what?" Allie, who had just been discharged, asked while approaching Sami and Lucas from behind.

At the police station, Rafe told Will not to worry about Sami's interference in the adoption plan. "[Just] celebrate the great news, okay?" Rafe encouraged Will before changing the subject, revealing that Claire had been cleared as a suspect in the bombing. Rafe wondered if anything had happened while Will had been with Ben before the wedding. "Well, Ben did get a call from his father from prison..." Will revealed.

"[And] Clyde mentioned something about sending him a wedding present!" Will suddenly remembered.

Ciara works to find the bomber Ciara works to find the bomber

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Nicole and Eric returned home after their honeymoon in Africa. Nicole suggested they return to Africa for Holly's birthday. "You know what we just did there? We made plans. Like an old married couple," Nicole said. With a grin, Nicole suggested that she and Eric spend time alone while Holly was still at day camp.

In the hospital, Sami and Lucas talked in the hallway about Allie's decision. Sami admitted that she had convinced Rafe to decline Allie's baby. Lucas warned Sami that Allie would be furious when she learned what Sami had done. "Allie doesn't know anything about it," Sami said. "I don't know anything about what? What did you do this time, Mom?" Allie asked. Defensive, Sami told Allie to stop blaming her. Sami lied and said they had been talking about the fact that the police had cleared Claire of the bombing.

"What does it have to do with me?" Allie asked. Sami said Allie had been with Claire. "So that's what I don't know anything about?" Allie pushed. Sami changed the subject to Will and Sonny, and then she suggested that they head home to talk. Allie interrupted to ask if Sami could get her gummy bears from the vending machine. With a smile, Sami ran off to get treats for her daughter.

"Did you just get rid of your mother?" Lucas asked with a grin. Allie explained that she had no intention of going home with Sami. Lucas reminded Allie that Eric and Nicole had just returned from their honeymoon. "That might be weird," Lucas suggested. Allie said she would rather stay with honeymooners than her mother. With a sigh, Allie ordered Lucas not to tell Sami that she was not returning to Marlena's penthouse.

When Sami returned, Allie was gone. Sami asked if Allie had taken a cab to Marlena's to avoid her. "No, she has just been through a lot in the last 24 hours so she just probably wants to be alone," Lucas said. Sami wondered aloud why Allie continued to push her away. Lucas advised Sami to give Allie space. With a raised eyebrow, Lucas asked Sami if she had made up the story about Claire. Sami stressed that the police had truly cleared Claire as a bombing suspect.

"Who blew up the church?" Lucas asked. Sami complained that Rafe needed to hurry up and find the culprit. With a scowl, Lucas noted that Rafe was under a lot of pressure, including Sami dissuading him from an adoption. "I'm supposed to be honest, aren't I?" Sami said. "I've never known you to have an issue with being dishonest, have I?" Lucas retorted. Sami argued that she did not want her ex to adopt her grandchild. Lucas warned Sami that Allie would never forgive her if Allie found out that Sami had forced Rafe's hand.

"This is what [Allie] wanted. She was sure," Lucas stressed. Sami reminded Lucas that at Allie's age, she had been certain that she wanted Austin to be Will's father. "You remember how great that turned out," Sami said. Lucas argued that it was Allie's life, not Sami's. When Lucas asked Sami if she had told anyone about her conversation with Rafe, Sami admitted she had talked to Will.

"I am just looking out for our little girl," Sami said. "Really? Because I know better. You only look out for one person, and that's good old Sami Brady," Lucas said.

At the police station, Will told Rafe about Ben's phone conversation with Clyde before the wedding. "Clyde mentioned something about sending [Ben] a wedding present," Will said. "A bomb would be a hell of a wedding present, wouldn't it?" Rafe countered. Will agreed that a bomb was "very Clyde." Rafe asked Will if he knew the motive. Will shrugged. With a nod, Rafe wondered aloud if Ben had been taken from the church. "But where?" Will asked.

At the Salem Inn, Ciara dreamed of her wedding and the first time she had made love with Ben. Ciara woke with a start. Hope sat on the bed next to her. "I can't believe I actually fell asleep," Ciara said. "They found Ben. He's dead," Hope said. Ciara woke up from her dream within a dream. Ciara started to weep. Hope rushed out of the bathroom, and she embraced her daughter.

"You're all right. It was a nightmare. It was just a bad dream," Hope said. "Was my wedding day just a bad dream?" Ciara countered. Ciara asked if there was any news. Hope told Ciara that the police had cleared Claire. Angry, Ciara asked how Claire had been cleared. Hope told Ciara about the video footage in the park.

"[Claire] wasn't anywhere near the church yesterday," Hope said. Ciara refused to believe that Claire had not been involved, and she argued that Claire had had the bomb delivered. Hope quietly reiterated that Claire was not involved. "I want to know what happened to my husband," Ciara said through tears. Rafe knocked on the door.

"He's dead, isn't he?" Ciara asked Rafe. "I'm here because we might have a lead," Rafe corrected. Rafe told Hope and Ciara about Ben's call with Clyde. Ciara shook her head and noted that Clyde was Ben's father and would not hurt him. Rafe announced that he was headed to the prison to speak with Clyde. "I need to be the one to talk with him," Ciara said. Hope argued that Ciara was not trained in interrogation and was emotionally fragile.

"Both of my parents were cops. I know all about interrogations, and I was actually on the receiving ends of a couple of them, remember?" Ciara argued. Rafe agreed with Ciara, and he noted that because she was Clyde's daughter-in-law, Clyde might trust Ciara. Hope insisted that she go with Ciara and Rafe, but Ciara argued that Clyde would not open up to her if he knew that Hope and Rafe were involved.

After Ciara left, Hope ordered room service for Rafe. Rafe admitted that he had not eaten or slept all night. "I hope you're not upset at me for taking Ciara's side just now," Rafe said. Hope agreed that Rafe had done the right thing. "Not doing anything is kind of driving me crazy," Hope admitted. "There actually is something you can do," Rafe said. Rafe asked Hope for help reviewing security footage to free up police officers for the search. "Shawn and I will handle it," Hope assured Rafe. Rafe promised to keep Hope posted on any news.

Will returned home to the Kiriakis mansion, and Sonny informed him that Justin was working on the adoption papers. Will told Sonny about his conversation with Rafe and that Claire was cleared. "Now they have no idea who planted the bomb," Will said. A messenger dropped off the adoption papers. Sonny noted that the only thing they needed was Allie's signature. "What are we waiting for? Let's go," Will said.

At Eric and Nicole's apartment, Nicole redressed and grabbed water while Eric rooted through his bag for a gift he had purchased for Nicole. "I hope it's not an elephant statue," Nicole joked. Eric opened a jewelry box to reveal tanzanite earrings from the foothills of Kilimanjaro. "I feel bad. I didn't get you anything," Nicole said. "There are ways you can make it up to me," Eric said. As Eric and Nicole started to kiss again, Allie returned home.

"My timing sucks," Allie said sheepishly. Nicole quickly buttoned her blouse. Eric said it was fine that Allie was there. "Mom doesn't know I'm here, so don't tell her," Allie said. Eric reminded Allie that Sami would find her soon enough. "Not today, okay?" Allie asked. As Eric nodded yes, Nicole spotted the hospital bracelet on Allie's wrist.

Allie told Eric and Nicole about the bombing at the wedding and that Will and Sonny had agreed to adopt the baby. When Nicole asked about Allie's concerns about the awkwardness of Allie's brother adopting the child, Allie shrugged. "Will has been through it himself. He found out that dad was his dad and not his uncle, so he'll know how to handle all that," Allie explained. Eric agreed that Will and Sonny would be excellent parents.

"I'm just surprised that Rafe decided not to adopt the baby," Nicole commented. Allie explained that Rafe was not ready to be a father because of the emotional loss of David. When Allie mentioned that she was hungry, Nicole offered to pick up food, and she left. Allie apologized to Eric for barging in on him and Nicole after running from Sami. "I understand. Remember, you do what you want to do, not what [Sami] wants," Eric advised Allie. Allie said she was hopeful that Sami would leave her alone, since she had made a decision about the adoption that Sami endorsed.

Will and Sonny arrived to see Allie. "What's up?" Allie asked. Sonny handed Allie the adoption papers. "These are all the terms that we discussed," Sonny said. The smile fell from Allie's face. "Something wrong?" Will asked. Allie shook her head no. Sonny suggested that Allie should talk to his father or her own lawyer. Eric and Will agreed.

"Maternal visitation?" Allie said as she read through the document. "Yeah. Obviously, we don't want to shut you out of your child's life," Will explained. Allie thanked Will and Sonny. "That means so much to me," Allie said.

In the town square, Nicole spotted Rafe leaving the Salem Inn, and she called out to him. Rafe said he was in a hurry, but he took time to ask Nicole about her honeymoon. Nicole told Rafe that Allie was back in the apartment. "[Allie] wants to live with us instead of Marlena's. She has had it with Sami," Nicole explained. Nicole told Rafe that she was surprised he had decided not to adopt Allie's baby. Rafe explained that he was not ready to be a father yet, and the situation was complicated.

"Complicated how?" Nicole asked. Rafe noted that fathering Sami's grandchild was an issue. Suspicious, Nicole asked Rafe if Sami had talked him out of the adoption. Rafe admitted that Sami had talked to him, but he added that it was for the best that Sami had been honest with him. "Allie wanted you to raise her baby. She's wanted that from the beginning," Nicole said. As Nicole started to rant about Sami, Rafe interrupted her. Rafe thanked Nicole for being a good friend, then he left to head back to work.

Will and Sonny returned to the Kiriakis mansion to celebrate their likely adoption of Allie's child with Champagne. "It's not every day that you find out you're going to be a dad again," Will said. "To our child," Sonny toasted.

At the police station, Sami interrupted Rafe while he was working. "I'm in the middle of a major manhunt right now," Rafe said. Sami shushed him and said she only needed a minute. Sami thanked Rafe for turning down Allie's offer. "You're still here," Rafe noted. Sami asked for a favor. Sami said that although the ultimate decision had been Rafe's, Sami wanted him not to tell Allie that she had talked to him about the adoption.

At Eric and Nicole's house, Allie read over the adoption papers while Eric unpacked. "I don't see why I need a lawyer to look over these. Not that I have a lawyer," Allie said. Eric offered to help Allie secure a lawyer. With a shake of her head no, Allie noted that she trusted Will. Nicole returned home with food. Allie said how relieved she was to have the decision about the adoption made and that she was eager to sign the adoption papers. "When did you get the papers?" Nicole asked. Eric noted that Will and Sonny had visited. "Before you sign anything, I think there is something you should know," Nicole said.

At the prison, Ciara told Clyde about the explosion at the wedding and about Ben's disappearance. "Where the hell is he?" Clyde asked. Ciara said the police had no information about the bomb. "You're here because you think it was me," Clyde said. Ciara reminded Clyde that he had told Ben about a wedding present. Clyde explained that he had collected a nest egg for Ciara and Ben as a gift. Upset, Clyde asked Ciara if she believed he would blow up his own son. Ciara argued that she did not want to believe it, but she needed to figure out what had happened to Ben.

Clyde reminded Ciara that he had been the one to break Ben out of prison to avoid the death penalty. "I hurt him plenty when he was a kid. I wouldn't lay a finger on him now," Clyde stressed. Ciara asked for help figuring out who had attacked Ben. After a moment, Clyde asked Ciara why she believed Ben was the target. "Maybe somebody was after you?" Clyde asked. Clyde suggested that Orpheus was to blame.

"What the hell does Orpheus have against me?" Ciara asked. Clyde explained that Orpheus resented Ciara for forcing Christian at gunpoint into admitting to Jordan's murder. "Do you really think he would blow up a church full of people just to get back at me for that?" Ciara asked. Clyde noted that Orpheus liked to hold a grudge.

"What better way to hurt you than to take away your husband from you?" Clyde posited. Clyde argued that between Orpheus' love of explosives and Ben's disappearance from the rubble, a kidnapping seemed most likely. Clyde added that Hope and other enemies of Orpheus had been at the wedding.

"He could have killed a whole lot of birds with that one bomb," Clyde said. Ciara called for the guard. When Clyde asked Ciara what she planned to do, she explained that she would talk to the warden about a conversation with Orpheus. "Orpheus isn't here," Clyde said.

In a tent in a warehouse, Ben stirred awake from unconsciousness. Ben was tied to a chair. "Where am I?" Ben whispered. Ben thrashed against his restraints and called out for help. Ben remembered the explosion. "Ciara," Ben said before he started to cry. "Let me out of here!" Ben screamed. "At least have the guts to show your face, you bastard!" Ben yelled. A door opened, and a bright light flooded in.

The identity of Ben's captor is revealed The identity of Ben's captor is revealed

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

by Mike

Lucas entered the DiMera mansion and greeted Kate then started to share some news.

"I already know -- you slept with Bonnie," Kate interjected, stunning Lucas. "Who told you I slept with Bonnie?" Lucas asked. "Harold -- [he] saw her leaving your room this morning, buttoning her blouse. [And, look], I don't need the details; I just want to know...why the hell would you do that? [I mean], did you fall off the wagon? [Because] that's the only explanation [that] I can imagine..." Kate replied. "I didn't fall off the wagon -- [and] Bonnie is definitely the last woman I would sleep with on this earth, okay? [Look], when I woke up, she was in my bed -- [and] it was weird, [but] I kicked her out immediately," Lucas clarified.

Relieved, Kate changed the subject, wondering what Lucas had been trying to reveal earlier. "Will is gonna adopt Allie's baby," Lucas announced, surprising Kate.

"You know, I'm kind of confused by that, because didn't Allie ask Rafe to adopt the baby? [And, I mean], he's talked to me a number of times about [how] the disappointment of his life is that he didn't have children. [And] I understand [what] it feels like to have a child taken away from you, [the way that David was taken away from Rafe, but Allie's] determined about what she's doing -- [I mean], it's not like she's gonna just turn around and change her mind and want the baby back -- [so] I just think it's kind of weird [that] Rafe turned her down..." Kate mused. " want to ask him about that..." Lucas advised before starting to rush off.

"What are you keeping from me?" Kate wondered. "I don't know what you're talking about," Lucas claimed. "You are such a terrible liar -- [I mean], you have been since you were a little boy!" Kate declared. "You never told me I was a terrible liar before!" Lucas countered. "I always know whether you're telling the truth or not. [For example, what you said] about not sleeping with Bonnie [and] not falling off the wagon -- I knew that was true [right away]. As soon as we started talking about Allie and the baby, [though], your left eyebrow started twitching, Lucas -- twitching, just like it is now!" Kate elaborated, silencing Lucas.

"I can't tell you," Lucas insisted. "You don't even have to say anything, because I know exactly how Sami works -- she convinced Rafe not to adopt the baby, [and] now she doesn't want Allie to know," Kate guessed. "Good job -- you did it," Lucas confirmed. "[So, now] I am supposed to cover for Sami, [too]?" Kate assumed. "Just...think of it from a different angle, okay? [I mean], if Allie finds out, [then] she might not give the baby to Will, [and then] my family's gonna fight, [and] it's gonna be hell for me, [and you can't] let that happen, [so...please], just zip your lip, all right?" Lucas begged. "Okay..." Kate grudgingly agreed after a bit of thought.

"[But] the truth is going to come out eventually," Kate warned Lucas, who seemed to have already reached the same conclusion.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Will and Sonny continued celebrating their good news. "Can you believe it? I mean, we're gonna have another baby!" Will raved. "I totally can't believe it -- I mean, uh, I thought for sure that Rafe would say yes when Allie asked him," Sonny admitted. "Yeah... Um... He didn't feel ready -- I mean, who knew..." Will muttered with a shrug while squirming a bit, recalling how Sami had recently confessed to having tried to bully Rafe into turning down Allie's offer -- and had then stressed that Will could never tell anyone, including Sonny, about that interference. "Well, we're ready -- no doubt about that," Sonny declared with a grin.

"Allie could be signing those papers right now..." Will said to Sonny, also grinning.

At the Brady-Walker apartment, Nicole warned that there was something that Allie needed to know before signing the adoption paperwork -- and it involved Sami.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Sami insisted that Rafe could never share the details of their recent conversations with anyone. "If Allie finds out that I talked to you [about the adoption], it could ruin everything!" Sami fretted. "All I told Allie was that after what happened with David, I wasn't ready to adopt her baby -- uh, which is true... [Anyway], I did not say a word to her about you, and I intend to keep it that way... [But] I ran into Nicole [earlier] -- she's back -- [and, while we were talking], she pretty much guessed that you'd interfered," Rafe revealed. "And you didn't deny it -- [instead], you threw me under the bus!" Sami concluded before storming off.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Will and Sonny shared their good news with Arianna, who didn't exactly share their excitement about the new addition to their family -- until they decided, after discussing the matter privately, that they would also add a puppy to their family in the near future. Arianna guessed that the puppy was a bribe, having learned about the concept from Gabi.

Sami arrived at the Brady-Walker apartment and demanded to talk to Nicole privately, prompting Allie to reveal that it was too late because the truth was already out. Allie started lashing out at Sami for having manipulated Rafe -- then doubled over in pain. Realizing that Allie was in labor, Sami sprang into action, offering tips on how to deal with the contractions -- and Allie accepted them gratefully.

At Statesville, Clyde informed Ciara that Orpheus had disappeared a few weeks earlier. "'Disappeared'? Are you kidding me? What, did they throw him in solitary or something? Oh, no -- don't tell me [that] daughter of his got him released!" Ciara protested. "I don't know what the hell happened to him -- and neither does anyone on the inmate grapevine. [And when] I tried to ask the guards about him, they wouldn't give me a straight answer -- [and when] I kept after 'em, they said, 'Mind your own business and stop askin' questions!'" Clyde clarified.

"[Well, if he] really did get out, then he could definitely be responsible for planting that bomb at my wedding, [so] we have to find him, Clyde -- [and] I know you still have contacts on the outside that do what you say, [so] you have to get them to find Orpheus, or some members of his gang, or whatever --" Ciara insisted. "Well, Orpheus doesn't have a 'gang' -- he usually works by himself -- [but] I will get the word out to my people... [However], if he's gone into witness protection or cut a deal with the ISA [again], that would make it very hard to find him [but] wouldn't stop him from getting back at his enemies," Clyde replied.

In a warehouse at an undisclosed location, Ben squinted at a man who was standing in a doorway, visible only as a silhouette in front of a blindingly bright light. "Who's there? Who the hell are you?" Ben demanded to know, prompting the man to take two steps forward then slam the door shut to block out most of the light. "Hello, Mr. Weston -- my name is Vincent," the man said, somewhat pleasantly. "Is that supposed to mean something to me?" Ben asked. "I should think so...since I'm the man who blew your wedding to smithereens," Vincent replied.

"Lovely affair, [by the way] -- only problem was the bomb I planted in the vestibule... I waited for just the right moment to detonate it -- right after you and your lovely Ciara were pronounced man and wife..." Vincent continued. "Where the hell is Ciara?" Ben snapped. "Relax, Mr. Weston -- Mrs. Weston's just fine; she wasn't the target," Vincent clarified.

"I was?" Ben concluded. "Since you're the one who's tied up, I'd say so. [You see], the explosion was specifically designed so that you would take the brunt of the blast. It knocked you out long enough for me to drag you out of the church and into the trunk of my car without anyone seeing us. [And then] I brought you here," Vincent elaborated. "You went through an awful lot of trouble to get me here. Why?" Ben challenged Vincent. "Well, that's easy -- I did it because I was paid to," Vincent explained. "Who's this...employer...of yours?" Ben asked before suddenly remembering Clyde's recent comment about sending a wedding gift.

Ben guessed that Clyde had hired Vincent. "Clyde Weston?" Vincent assumed. "No...but if you think it possible, you must have quite a complicated father-son relationship," Vincent mused with a chuckle. "If Clyde wasn't the one who put you up to this, who was it?" Ben wondered. "Tell me! I deserve to know! Who put you up to this?" Ben shouted.

"You're in no position to be making demands, Mr. Weston," Vincent pointed out before producing a baton and slamming it against Ben's left thigh, drawing a scream of pain.

At the police station, Ciara told Rafe about what Clyde had said.

"It wasn't Orpheus -- he was transferred to a federal supermax prison, [and] there's absolutely no way that Orpheus could have planted a bomb and orchestrated a kidnapping from there," Rafe informed Ciara after a phone conversation with Shane. "If it wasn't Orpheus, then who the hell was it, Rafe?" Ciara wondered.

Meanwhile, Vincent continued beating Ben with the baton -- until someone else entered the warehouse and put a stop to the torture.

"Eve Donovan?" Ben realized. "Hello, Ben," Eve replied. "I'll take it from here," Eve said to Vincent, who nodded then walked away.

Ben faces off with Eve Ben faces off with Eve

Thursday, July 30, 2020

by Mike

Jake entered the auto repair shop and found Gwen waiting in the upstairs apartment.

"Well, there you are! God, I move all my bloody things in here, thinking that we're back together, and you just pull a disappearing act! Where the hell have you been?" Gwen snapped. "Out searching for Ben -- a bomb went off at his wedding; did you [not] get my text [about it]?" Jake replied. "Yes, I did -- [and I've been] so worried..." Gwen stressed in a gentler tone while massaging Jake's shoulders.

"No sign of him yet..." Jake fretted. "What kind of a sicko bombs a wedding?" Gwen mused. "You know, for a second, I thought that maybe the bomb was meant for me -- a little gift from my old 'friends' back in Philly -- [but then] I realized that [there are] easier ways to kill me than blowing up an entire church full of people," Jake admitted. "[Still]...if you thought, even for one second, that the mob might be after you, [then] why didn't you come here to check on me?" Gwen snapped, stopping Jake's massage. "I couldn't," Jake explained. "Why?" Gwen demanded to know.

"I had to help out Gabi -- [see], she hurt her ankle in the explosion, so I gave her a ride home," Jake elaborated. "Really? And there was no one else at this wedding that could drive her home -- like some other guest, or her brother, perhaps?" Gwen challenged Jake. "Her brother is a cop, so he had a job to do...[and] Gabi doesn't really have very many friends, so..." Jake clarified. "Well, then, why did Ben and Ciara invite her to the wedding in the first place?" Gwen wondered. "They didn't -- I did," Jake admitted. "What the hell? I'm your girlfriend!" Gwen protested.

"I know that you say that you're my girlfriend and we're back together, but we haven't exactly had a chance to discuss where things stand --" Jake argued. "We are bloody sleeping together -- I thought that that meant something to you!" Gwen reasoned. "We slept together -- [as in], one time!" Jake clarified. "Is there something more going on between [you and Gabi]?" Gwen wondered. "No! [But] your paranoia [is what] destroyed our relationship [before], and look -- you're doing it again!" Jake replied. "Fine -- you're right..." Gwen conceded with a sigh before apologizing.

"[It's just] hurt my feelings -- [I mean], I'm supposed to be your woman, [but] you took Gabi with you [to the wedding]... [But] I am your woman...right?" Gwen reasoned before kissing Jake. "Yeah, you're my woman," Jake confirmed after pulling away from Gwen. "Talk is cheap -- prove it," Gwen challenged Jake as they advanced toward the bed.

Chad entered the DiMera mansion and found Gabi sitting in the study -- with Li Shin.

"I wasn't expecting you..." Chad admitted while greeting Li with a handshake. "Clearly..." Li grumbled. "What are you doing here?" Chad asked. "Well, I came all the way to Salem to introduce an important potential investor to you...but, apparently, you had business elsewhere..." Li replied. "Yeah, I was in, um -- I was in Florida, uh, visiting my wife... My, uh -- my assistant was supposed to inform you of that..." Chad explained. "I never got the message," Li reported. "I'm sorry -- [I mean], I don't know why you weren't informed of that...or why I wasn't told that you were even coming; I was [always] reachable, [and] I would have come right home..." Chad stammered.

"There was no point -- we had only a brief window to woo this investor. [But], fortunately, Gabi stepped up [and] saved the day," Li revealed, giving Gabi a nod of gratitude. "She did?" Chad grumbled, glaring at Gabi. "I did!" Gabi bragged, smirking at Chad. "I'm not sure how, uh -- how Gabi could help, [since] she's not with DiMera anymore..." Chad protested. "She [still] knows all the players and the synergy of our company...[and] she's a natural-born salesperson, not to mention totally charming," Li clarified. "Not. To. Mention..." Chad muttered. "Bottom line is, I made [the deal] happen," Gabi summarized. "We were just toasting to it," Li stated.

"That's excellent news," Chad conceded with a forced smile. "Right? I was just so happy to help -- [I mean], my late husband was a DiMera, so I'm always gonna be supportive of this family, [and] DiMera needed me [today]. And I know, [Chad, that] right now, for you, it's more of a priority to take care of your sick wife -- [not] this company," Gabi sweetly reasoned. "[Yes], my wife is sick -- because of Gabi!" Chad explained to Li, who countered that a jury had actually cleared Gabi of all charges. "[Well], we can talk about that another time...[but] let's not forget why Gabi was dismissed [from DiMera] in the first place," Chad continued.

"[Anyway], I'm sorry that you weren't informed that I was out of town, and I won't let it happen again," Chad concluded. "I should hope not," Li snapped at Chad before bidding Gabi a fond farewell.

"I know what you're trying to do -- [and] I'm not gonna let it happen," Chad warned Gabi once the coast was clear.

Gabi gave Chad an innocent shrug then changed the subject, revealing what had happened during Ben and Ciara's wedding ceremony.

Chad was surprised to learn that Gabi had attended the event with Jake. "We bonded after his mother died," Gabi explained. "Vivian's dead? That's great news!" Chad declared. "Oh, wow -- we agree on something for once," Gabi mused. "[So], what's your angle? [I mean], you know that Jake has got a girlfriend, right? [So]...what, you're, uh, gonna make a play for him behind her back [and use him as] your way back into DiMera?" Chad wondered, drawing another innocent shrug from Gabi. Just then, Jake entered the mansion with Gwen, and they announced that they were moving in.

At the Brady-Walker apartment, Sami continued offering Allie tips on how to deal with the contractions -- which soon stopped just as suddenly as they had started. "[Of course -- Allie] can't be in labor; she's only eight months along. [This was] probably Braxton Hicks," Sami concluded. "Isn't that the lame band you and Dad used to listen to on the yacht rock channel?" Allie asked. "No -- 'Braxton Hicks' is false labor," Nicole replied. "Oh... Well, whatever this was, it didn't feel 'false' to me," Allie stressed. "Well, this is your first time, [so] how do you know?" Sami countered. " water just broke!" Allie realized.

"I'll get the car [and] bring it around front," Eric announced before rushing off. "We have to get you to the hospital," Nicole explained to Allie before starting to pack a few things for the trip. "You can't have your water break already -- it's too soon!" Sami protested. "Why are you yelling at me?" Allie wondered. "I'm not 'yelling'!" Sami argued. "Yes, you are -- you're yelling at me, like this is my fault, [but] if it's anyone's 'fault,' it's yours, [because] you went to Rafe [and] talked to him behind my back [and] got him to bail out of my adoption, [and now] arguing with you [about it has] made me go into labor!" Allie countered.

Just then, Allie doubled over in pain again, prompting more coaching from Sami. "Shouldn't someone be timing out how far apart the contractions are?" Allie asked after recovering. "They're about six minutes apart," Nicole replied, annoying Sami, who had forgotten all about the importance of timing the contractions. "Okay -- the car's out front, and I called the hospital to let 'em know we're on the way," Eric breathlessly announced while bursting back into the apartment. "Get your hands off my daughter!" Sami snapped when Nicole tried to help escort Allie out of the apartment. "I love you, but your sister makes me want to just..." Nicole complained to Eric.

When the group arrived at the hospital, Allie chose Nicole, not Sami, as a labor coach.

At the Salem Inn, Ciara wrapped up a phone conversation with Hope then entered the Brady-Weston room -- and found Claire waiting there. "How the hell did you get in here?" Ciara wondered. "I told the sweet guy at the front desk that we're family," Claire explained. "[But you didn't] tell him that you were committed to a mental hospital for trying to kill me in a fire," Ciara guessed. "I would never hurt you again!" Claire maintained. "[Yeah, so you've said] -- and yet, somehow, bad things keep happening when you're around..." Ciara mused. "I did not set off that bomb, and I am not responsible for Ben's disappearance!" Claire insisted.

"The police found a video that proved [that] -- you know this, right?" Claire challenged Ciara. "I know that you were cleared of the bombing...[but] that doesn't explain why you snuck into my room!" Ciara challenged Claire. "Because it was probably the only way you'd talk to me," Claire reasoned. "You're probably right about that," Ciara conceded. "[Look], Ciara, I know I did horrible things, and I have to live with that for the rest of my life...but it is in the past!" Claire stressed. "Is it?" Ciara wondered. "Yes -- I swear! [Look], somebody set me up -- [and] I'm not leaving Salem until I find out exactly who it was!" Claire insisted.

Ciara allowed for the possibility that Claire's theory was correct, and they decided to team up to identify the culprit. "We're still family, and right now, I need all the help I can get," Ciara admitted to Claire.

In a warehouse at an undisclosed location, Eve sauntered toward Ben, wearing a sequined red dress that seemed fit for a celebration. "Long time no see," Eve acknowledged. "You don't look so good there, Ben -- poor guy..." Eve observed with shameless amusement as Ben winced in pain, clearly still feeling the effects of Vincent's beating. "My new friend Vincent just doesn't know his own strength, I'm afraid," Eve explained with an unapologetic shrug. "[But] you can't blame him -- he was only following orders. [See], I'm responsible for your current predicament -- I took you away from your beautiful bride," Eve stressed.

"Ciara better be --" Ben weakly began. "She's fine," Eve tiredly reported. "Thank God..." Ben muttered. "You should be thanking me!" Eve snapped.

"I'm the only reason you and Ciara are alive! [You see], I was there, Ben -- [at your wedding, that is]. My invitation was lost in the mail, so I had to watch from the shadows, [but] I wouldn't have missed it for the world, [because] I had to see it for myself...[and], I have to admit, it was a beautiful wedding -- [well, what I saw of it, anyway; you see], I had to leave before the end of the ceremony, [although] I heard...that it was a real blast..." Eve declared. "I should have known..." Ben admitted. "That's right -- you should have known!" Eve agreed.

"[After all], you had to have known that I would still be holding a grudge against you...since you murdered my daughter! You had to have known that I have wanted to see you dead ever since you strangled the life out of her! [And] I thought the state was gonna take care of that for me a few months ago...[so], on the day of your execution, I sat by my TV [and] waited to hear [that] it was over...but no -- you skated once again; one more time, you escaped your punishment!" Eve continued. "Well, let me tell you something right now -- you are not gonna escape this time..." Eve concluded.

"If you're gonna kill me, do it -- just do it! Get it over with!" Ben challenged Eve. "I've thought a lot about killing you -- taking a tie and wrapping it around your neck [then] squeezing it until the life left your face -- [but] that would just be letting you off too easy," Eve admitted. "So, instead, you planted a bomb? [I mean], you could have killed so many people --" Ben snapped. "Oh, come on -- there's a couple of people [who were] at the wedding [and] got some bumps and bruises...but you can't make a revenge omelet without cracking a few eggs, right?" Eve reasoned with a shrug, dismissing Ben's concern.

"What are you gonna do to me?" Ben wondered. "I want you to suffer the way that I've suffered -- I want you to feel the same kind of pain that I felt when you murdered my daughter. [And] you don't have a daughter, [but] you have a wife..." Eve replied. "I'm warning you -- do not lay a finger on my wife, or I swear to God, I will --" Ben snapped. "[What], strangle me, like you strangled my daughter?" Eve guessed while wrapping a hand around Ben's neck. "Don't you dare touch her!" Ben reiterated. "Just calm down," Eve advised while pushing Ben away.

"I am not gonna kill Ciara -- you are," Eve clarified for Ben.

Ciara and Claire decide on a suspect Ciara and Claire decide on a suspect

Friday, July 31, 2020

A furious Sami complained to Eric in the hospital hallway about Nicole's role as Allie's birthing coach. "Allie was very clear. This is what she wants," Eric said. Sami argued that Allie was scared and confused. Eric countered that if Sami had listened, "none of this would be happening." Sami gasped. "Are you saying it's my fault that [Allie] went into premature labor?" Sami asked.

"I just meant that maybe you and Allie would be on better terms if you weren't you," Eric said. Sami groaned. Eric added that he hated that Sami and Allie were fighting. "My little girl is having a baby, and I just want to be there for her," Sami said. "Allie knows you're here, and if she needs you," Eric said with a shrug. Sami nodded then grumbled that Allie would not be mad if Nicole had "kept her mouth shut."

"Maybe if you hadn't gone behind Allie's back and talked Rafe out of adopting the baby," Eric argued. Eric started to call Will, but Sami stopped him. Eric asked Sami why she wanted to wait to tell Will and Sonny. Sami confided that she believed there was a chance that Allie might change her mind after holding her baby.

"You know damn well Allie is adamant about adopting her baby. She's already made a commitment to her brother and Sonny," Eric said. [Allie] is the mother. Nothing is official, and I know better than anyone not to underestimate the bond between mother and child," Sami argued.

In the delivery room, Sarah told Allie that the baby was almost there. Nicole held Allie's hand and told her, "You can do this." Nicole added that if Allie was strong enough to stand up to Sami, she was strong enough to go through labor. Allie lamented that her life was such a mess.

"When I was your age, I was lost, too. I didn't think my life would amount to anything, I didn't think my dreams would come true, but now, I have this wonderful daughter and a husband who loves me more than life itself," Nicole said. Nicole assured Allie that her life would get better. Another contraction gripped Allie, and she cried out.

"That's it! The baby is ready," Sarah said. Sarah asked for a big push, and Allie bore down. "Why won't this baby come out of me?" Allie asked. Nicole urged Allie to rest between contractions. Sarah told Allie to push hard on the next contraction. As the pain gripped Allie again, she pushed until the baby came out with a cry. "Congratulations, it's a boy," Sarah said. Allie asked if the baby was okay. Sarah said yes, and she asked Allie if she wanted to hold her baby before they took him to the NICU. Allie looked at Nicole.

"It is up to you, sweetie. Whatever you decide, no one is going to judge you," Nicole said. Allie shook her head no. "Just take care of him," Allie said. The nurse wheeled the baby out of the room, and Allie confided to Nicole that she had wanted to hold her son. "But I couldn't. I just couldn't," Allie said before breaking down in tears.

When Sarah exited Allie's room, she passed Sami and Eric. "How is [Allie] doing? Has she had the baby?" Sami asked. "She did. You have a grandson," Sarah said. Sami and Eric hugged in celebration. Sarah informed Sami and Eric that the baby appeared healthy and was on his way to the NICU for an exam. Sami asked about Allie. "She is resting. She did really great," Sarah said.

"I have to go. I can't stop. I have to see my daughter," Sami said through happy tears. "Let's go!" Eric agreed. In Allie's room, she asked Nicole if she was a horrible person for not wanting to hold her baby. "No, I totally understand," Nicole said. Allie noted that it was for the best that she had not gotten a good look at her son. Nicole agreed. Allie thanked Nicole for her help. As Allie and Nicole hugged, Sami and Eric walked in.

"I heard the good news. Did you get a chance to hold him?" Sami asked. Allie said no, and she asked about Lucas. Sami said she had left him a voicemail. When Sami asked Allie how she was feeling, Allie said she was fine, and she added, "I'm feeling like I want you to leave." Allie blamed Sami for her early labor. Eric noted that Allie did not know that, but Allie said she needed to rest regardless. Sami nodded.

"You do need rest," Sami said. Sami added, "Alice Caroline, I do love you very, very much. You can push me away all you want, but I want you to know I'm never, ever giving up on you," Sami said. After Sami left, Eric thanked Nicole for helping his niece through labor. "I feel lucky for the privilege," Nicole said. Eric suggested that they go visit the baby, but Nicole noted that Allie had asked her to stay in case Sami returned.

"I know Sami screwed up, but I have to admit, I feel bad for her," Eric said. Nicole nodded in agreement. Down the hallway, Sami gazed through the window of the NICU at her grandson. "Welcome to the world, little one. Your grandmother loves you very much," Sami whispered. Sami promised that she would be there for the baby "no matter what."

In the DiMera living room, Jake and Gwen walked in with their bags, ready to move in. Jake shook Chad's hand and said, "You must be my brother Chad. I'm Jake." Chad grinned and noted that Jake looked exactly like Stefan. "Maybe that's why they call us identical twins," Jake said with a smile.

"I can't wait to pick out our room," Gwen said. "Over my dead body," Gabi objected. Gabi argued that there was no room. "This place could house an army," Gwen said. "This place is not a halfway house for wayward grifters," Gabi countered. Gwen argued that Gabi did not have the power to kick her out of the house because Jake was entitled to half of Stefan's property. Chad smiled as he watched Gwen and Gabi fight, and he interjected that Stefan would have willingly given half to his twin.

"He's only saying that because he hates me," Gabi said. Gabi argued that Jake had no claim to the house, and if he did, Jake was entitled to move in, not Gwen. Jake stepped between the two women and told Gabi he did not want to upset her. "Who cares if she is upset. You have every right to live here, and so do I," Gwen said. When Gabi argued that Gwen was not a serious girlfriend, Gwen explained that she and Jake had made their relationship official that afternoon. Gwen caressed Jake's chest. Chad laughed.

"We had a talk," Jake said. "We didn't really do much talking, did we?" Gwen interjected. Gwen kissed Jake, and Gabi looked away in disgust. "Listen, this is not the back alley of some dive bar, okay? Have some self-respect," Gabi muttered. Gwen and Jake pulled apart. "Maybe this was a bad idea, moving in," Jake said. Chad disagreed and said he wanted to get to know Jake.

"Stefan was your brother, too. And from what I heard, you hated the guy," Jake said. "That's right, but Stefan was a psychopath who raped my wife," Chad said. Chad noted that he and Jake had a clean slate. Chad added that Jake and Gwen were welcome to stay at the house. Furious, Gabi reminded Chad that he had no say in who could live in the house. Chad argued that since he was a guest, he could have houseguests, and he invited Jake and Gwen to stay.

After Jake and Gwen went upstairs, Gabi asked Chad what he was up to. Chad said he wanted to get to know his brother. "You know that Jake has a claim to DiMera. He is a direct threat to your power," Gabi argued. Chad disagreed. "He's a mechanic. He doesn't want to be the CEO of an international corporation," Chad said.

Gabi argued that Chad did not know what the future held. Chad asked Gabi if she objected to having Jake in the house. With a scowl, Gabi said she did not want a reminder of her dead husband walking around her house. Gabi added that Gwen was obnoxious. "I think she's cool," Chad said with a grin. "You just like that [Gwen] pushes my buttons," Gabi said. Chad playfully called Gabi jealous.

Upstairs, Jake and Gwen picked a room and settled in. "Looks like somebody is already staying here. Lucas Horton," Jake read off a paper on the dresser. "Doesn't sound like a DiMera to me, and guess who gets priority," Gwen said. Jake noted that they had already made enough enemies in the house. As Gwen looked around, she spotted a book on the bedside table.

"This is the new Bonnie Lockheart novel! I've been dying to read this," Gwen exclaimed. Gwen fell onto the bed and flipped through the book. Jake left to explore while Gwen read through the book. Chad walked in with fresh towels. Chad told Gwen to check with Harold if she needed anything. Gwen thanked Chad for backing her and Jake.

"You sure you don't mind us invading your space?" Gwen asked. Chad noted that the house was big enough to share, and he had not been able to resist the invitation once he'd seen how much it had upset Gabi. "You really loathe her, don't you?" Gwen asked. Chad noted that Gabi was a big reason his life had been "a living hell the past few years." Chad asked Gwen to help him spy on Gabi. "I'm rather keen on the idea," Gwen admitted.

"I think with the two of us working together, we might be able to bring her down. Once and for all," Chad said. Gwen asked Chad if there would be room "at the DiMera table" for her and Jake if they helped Chad. Chad said he believed Gwen was ambitious and ruthless, and she admitted he was right. Chad warned Gwen that he would be a good ally, but she did not want him as an enemy. "Duly noted," Gwen said.

Downstairs in the living room, Gabi stared into the fire. "I just wanted to talk to you because we started to become friends, and I hope I didn't spoil that," Jake said as he walked into the room. "Of course not. Forcing yourself into my home has really endeared you to me," Gabi grumbled. Jake apologized for Gwen, and he explained that Gwen was protective of him. Gabi argued that Jake was na´ve and that Gwen wanted Jake's money for herself.

"[Gwen] is not going to stop with just moving in here. She is going to force you to go after the DiMera fortune and twist your arm to marry her," Gabi argued. "It's my decision what I do with this family fortune," Jake stressed. "Whatever decision you make, I hope you do it for yourself and not for her," Gabi said. Gabi warned Jake that he could not trust Gwen. Fidgeting, Gabi asked Jake if he was really back together with Gwen, then she cut herself off and noted it was none of her business. Jake confirmed that he was working things out with Gwen since he knew he was not Stefan.

"I don't see any reason why Gwen and I shouldn't try to work things out, right?" Jake asked. Gabi pointed out that Jake made it sound like his relationship with Gwen was a default choice. Jake said he wanted to make the living arrangements work. "I'm not going to kick you out just yet," Gabi assured him. As Jake turned to leave, Gabi warned Jake to watch his back with Chad. "I may not be as business savvy as Stefan, but I'm not an idiot. I know Chad has an agenda," Jake said.

At the Salem Inn, Ciara thanked Claire for offering to help her track down Ben. "You don't have to thank me. I would do anything for you," Claire said. Claire suggested that they make a list of suspects. Ciara confirmed that Clyde and Orpheus had been eliminated as suspects. "Who else would want to hurt Ben?" Ciara wondered aloud.

"Not to be mean, but this is going to be a very long list," quipped Claire. Claire suggested John and Sonny as possible suspects, but Ciara dismissed both as unlikely. "Who else could it be?" Claire asked. Claire suggested Tripp had reverted to his old vengeful ways. Ciara disagreed. "When Tripp left town, he had already moved on," Ciara said. Ciara added that when Tripp had left town, he'd had feelings for Haley, not Ciara. Claire laughed.

"I always knew there was something going on between those two," Claire said. When Ciara mentioned that J.J. was more competitive with Ben than Tripp, Claire suggested J.J. as a suspect. Ciara noted that J.J. was a good person, but Claire reminded her that J.J. had almost shot Ben at one point in retaliation for Paige's murder.

"Ben has been living in Salem for years now. Ben has had plenty of opportunities to get him. Why would he choose now?" Ciara asked. Claire noted that J.J. had almost killed Kristen in a drug-fueled fit of vengeance. As Claire noted how much J.J. had loved Paige, she stopped, then chuckled.

"That's it. I mean, of course J.J. would want to avenge Paige's death, but Ciara, so would her mother. Eve," Claire said. Ciara and Claire both exclaimed that they could not believe they had not thought of Eve right away. "[Eve] tried to pin all those fires that I set on [Ben]. She tried to frame him for my crimes, and now she is trying to frame me for her crimes," Claire said. Claire argued that the situation was Eve's M.O. Ciara agreed that Eve had the motive and knowledge.

"I know that she has done some really crazy things, but Claire, would she go that far?" Ciara asked. "To avenge her daughter's death? Hell, yes," Claire said. Ciara noted that the only lead she had on Eve was that her mother had visited Eve to apologize for what Hope had done to Eve as Princess Gina. "Let's go talk to your mom!" Claire said.

At the warehouse, Ben strained against his ties to the chair as he warned Eve not to hurt Ciara. "What are you going to do? Strangle me?" Eve asked as she gripped Ben's throat in her hands. Eve said she was not going to kill Ciara. "You are. In fact, you're going to use your own bare hands," Eve said. When Ben stressed that he would never hurt Ciara, Eve told him that she did not believe that he was a changed man. Eve told Ben that he would kill again "when I am finished with you."

"What do you think you're going to do to me?" Ben asked. Eve reasoned aloud that there was still evil in Ben and that he needed someone to bring it out of him. "Well, it's not Ciara," Ben said. "It's not Ciara. It's me. I am going to turn you back into the Necktie Killer," Eve said. Ben asked how. Eve said she planned to brainwash Ben. "You know how to brainwash people, Eve?" Ben asked. "No," Eve said with a laugh. Eve explained that her henchman, Vincent, would do the work.

"It's never going to work," Ben said. Ben struggled against the restraints as Eve went into the next room. When Eve returned, she held a syringe. "What is that?" Ben yelled. Eve injected Ben with the syringe of fluid. "A little something to get you ready for tomorrow, Ben, because that's when the real fun begins," Eve said.

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