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Vincent and Eve brainwashed Ben. With help from Chloe, Ciara and Hope found Ben in an abandoned medical facility. Lucas told Allie he had known about Sami's talk with Rafe. Allie refused to sign the adoption papers when she learned that Will had lied to her. Bonnie begged Justin for help. Lani and Eli learned that they were having twins. Xander and Sarah made love. Gwen spied on Gabi. Gabi convinced Jake to help her with Li. Sonny refused to forgive Will for lying to him.
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Vincent and Eve brainwashed Ben
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Eve begins brainwashing Ben Eve begins brainwashing Ben

Monday, August 3, 2020

by Mike

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Belle updated Sami on the search for Ben -- and Sami, in turn, updated Belle on the situation with Allie.

Sami empathized with Eve but conceded that blowing up a church had been a rather extreme way of starting a revenge scheme. Belle hoped that Ben would be found before Eve had a chance to finish the revenge scheme.

Belle empathized with Sami but stressed that it was never a good idea to go against a grown child's wishes on such a serious matter as the future of that child's baby. Sami hoped that Allie would forgive the transgression.

At the Brady-Walker townhouse, Nicole fretted to Eric that, thanks to Sami's interference, Will and Sonny might not be able to adopt Allie's baby, after all.

Will rushed over to the hospital with Sonny after finding out, during a phone conversation with Lucas, that Allie's baby had been born the previous night.

"Ari seemed happy to find out that she's getting a little brother -- even though she does think boys are annoying," Sonny said to Will while they were walking through the halls of the hospital. "Well, she does have a point..." Will joked. "I want her to have an integral part in this experience, but...we're not actually gonna name the baby 'Scruffy'...right?" Sonny asked Will hopefully. "I don't know -- 'Scruffy Horton-Kiriakis' kind of has a nice ring to it..." Will joked again. Just then, Will and Sonny arrived at the nursery and peered through the window at Allie's baby.

"I know he's premature, but he looks really strong, doesn't he?" Will observed. "He looks perfect!" Sonny confirmed. "Our son... We're so lucky -- we're so incredibly lucky!" Will raved to Sonny as they both fought back tears of joy. Just then, Eric and Nicole arrived and admitted to Will and Sonny that they had been present for the birth of Allie's baby but had never called the prospective adoptive parents to explain what was going on because Sami had told them not to make the call. "Why?" Will wondered, stunned and confused. "Maybe she thought [that] if you weren't here, [then] Allie would bond with the baby and decide to keep him," Nicole guessed.

"Allie made it very clear that she wasn't ready to be a mother, so I don't care what Sami wants; Allie wants us to have the baby. I mean, it's -- it's a done deal," Sonny declared. "Not exactly..." Nicole countered, and Eric hesitantly elaborated that Allie had not yet signed the adoption paperwork because Sami had bullied Rafe into declining to adopt the baby.

Nicole and Eric rushed off to see Allie so Will and Sonny could discuss the development privately.

"Damn her!" Sonny spat before quickly apologizing to Will, who understood the outburst. "I know you're Sami Brady's son, but thank God you are nothing like her," Sonny continued as Will squirmed guiltily. "I'm gonna go find Sami and tell her to stay the hell out of our business! [I mean], everyone [else] in the family seems to be afraid of her, but I'm not -- I'm a Kiriakis, and she's gonna pay for what she did!" Sonny concluded before starting to rush off, ignoring Will's objections. Just then, Sami entered the hospital.

At a restaurant somewhere in New York City, Ciara and Claire ate breakfast while waiting for Hope and Shawn -- who eventually arrived together and reported that Eve's apartment had been in a state of disarray, and no one had seen Eve there in weeks. After giving the matter some thought, Shawn contacted Chloe, who rushed over to the restaurant. "We need to find Eve -- it's a matter of life and death," Ciara explained to Chloe.

In a warehouse at an undisclosed location, Ben dreamed about waking up next to Ciara on the morning after their wedding ceremony and finding out that it had actually gone off without a hitch -- but the dream threatened to turn into a nightmare when Ben spotted the necktie of a wedding suit and picked it up while Ciara's back was turned.

Before anything else could happen in the dream that was perhaps really a nightmare, Ben awoke with a start, having just been doused with a bucketful of cold water in the real world. "Wakey, wakey..." Eve said to Ben in a singsong voice as Vincent tossed the bucket across the warehouse. "Did you have sweet dreams?" Eve asked Ben, who was strapped to a surgical chair and had been stripped down to a pair of boxer briefs. "Your nightmare is just beginning..." Eve wickedly warned Ben as Vincent took a seat at a table next to the surgical chair.

"Feeling a little off?" Eve guessed as Ben weakly struggled to escape from the surgical chair. "See that?" Eve asked, pointing at an I.V. line that had been connected to Ben's right arm. "It's delivering a mind-altering drug right into you," Eve explained. "And, in the history of the world, there's never been a mind that needs more altering than yours..." Eve mused. "[Anyway]...feeling maybe a little groggy, disoriented, [and] vulnerable to suggestion?" Eve guessed again as Ben listened in a daze. "[And] when's the last time you took your meds?" Eve challenged Ben with mock concern.

"What do you want?" Ben, who had not yet spoken, finally managed to choke out. "Have you forgotten already? I mean, I told you [last night] that I was gonna turn you back into the Necktie Killer!" Eve replied. "You can't," Ben insisted. "We'll just have to see about that, won't we?" Eve countered. "[Anyway, don't worry about your meds], because we have some lovely new meds here for you...[and] some, uh...other special surprises... [And it's] all designed to break you down [and] make you mine -- [then make you] choke the life out of your precious Ciara," Eve explained. "Just like you choked the life out of my precious Paige!" Eve spat.

"No!" Ben maintained, glaring at Eve defiantly. "Yes!" Eve maintained, grabbing Ben's injured thighs and squeezing them tightly.

"I want you to know how I feel," Eve declared as Ben writhed in pain. "I know I hurt you, [but] Ciara didn't, [so] do whatever you want to me -- kill me -- [but] leave her alone!" Ben begged Eve between screams.

"You know, Ben, maybe there is a higher power, a divine plan... [See, after they stopped your execution], I went to my baby's grave [and] cursed God...[but] then I realized [that] maybe God let you live [so you could] find love [then] know what it felt like when it was killed. [Yeah, I think] God gave you Ciara so I could make you kill her. [And then you'll get to] stand at her grave and curse God," Eve mused, ignoring Ben.

Eve released Ben's thighs. "Vincent here is a protégé of Dr. Rolf [and was] doing some very interesting things with mind control before the FDA shut him down," Eve revealed. "Talk about government overreach..." Vincent grumbled. "So, Ben, here's what's gonna happen -- [Vincent is gonna make you] go through hell [until you're] basically [just] dying to do whatever I want you to do [and] have no will of your own whatsoever [anymore]," Eve concluded before stepping aside so Vincent could place a crown of electrodes atop Ben's head then connect the crown to a pair of jumper cables that were attached to a car battery.

"You son of a bitch!" Ben spat at Vincent. "I do hope you're not taking this personally, [because] it's certainly not personal for me," Vincent clarified while connecting Ben to a machine that monitored vital signs. "I'm a scientist, you see, [and I've] dedicated my life to learning about human behavior. [For instance], human beings are somewhat simple creatures -- if we like something, we keep doing it; if we don't, we do everything we can to avoid it," Vincent explained while producing a device that had two buttons and was connected to both the I.V. line and the car battery. "It's called 'conditioned responses,'" Vincent elaborated.

"[This green button] controls a dose of a pleasure-enhancing drug, [and this red button] serves a dose of painful electric shock," Vincent summarized while showing Ben the device. "Allow me to demonstrate," Vincent offered before pressing the red button, causing Ben to writhe in pain again. "Are you a fan of immersive art, [Ben]?" Eve interjected. "Because you are about to be immersed in some sensations [while taking] a visual trip down memory lane," Eve continued while pointing a projector at a large curtain that was hanging in Ben's direct field of vision. "I'm gonna project some images, [and Vincent] will track -- [and], eventually, control -- your reactions," Eve concluded.

"How...?" Ben wondered when the first image appeared -- an image of Ciara at the wedding. "Ben, come on -- I told you [last night that] I was at the wedding, watching from the shadows. [And] I just took the liberty of capturing a few of the special events right on film for my own purposes," Eve explained before showing Ben more images from the wedding. "The monitor indicates that you find the images of your wedding pleasurable," Vincent said to Ben. "I love to see Ciara happy," Ben confirmed. "Well, that is about to change," Eve warned Ben before signaling for Vincent to press the red button a few times.

Next, images of Serena's lifeless body appeared, and images of Will's seemingly lifeless body followed, and then images of Paige's lifeless body followed those -- and Vincent pressed the green button in sync with each image. Then images of the wedding appeared again, and Vincent pressed the red button a few more times. As the cycle continued, Eve showed emotion only when Paige's images appeared.

Finally, when Ben was nearly unconscious, Eve produced a mannequin that was wearing a wedding dress and had a tablet computer in place of a head. "That's her wedding dress..." Ben weakly observed. "Why, yes, it is -- [see], last night, while you were unconscious, I went to the Salem Inn [and] 'borrowed' it [from Ciara]," Eve explained before turning on the tablet computer and playing a slideshow of images of Ciara from the wedding -- some of which had been manipulated so that a necktie appeared to be tightening around Ciara's neck. Vincent pressed the red button in sync with the normal images and pressed the green button in sync with the manipulated images.

"Kill Ciara -- end your pain," Eve advised as Vincent stood Ben in front of the mannequin.

Vincent intensifies Ben's treatment Vincent intensifies Ben's treatment

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Lucas visited Allie in her hospital room, and he apologized for missing the birth of the baby. "The baby came early. You couldn't have known," Allie said. When Lucas asked if Allie was happy that he had not been there, she said no. "The only person I don't want around me right now is my mother," Allie said. Lucas reminded Allie that Sami loved her, but Allie did not want to hear it. Allie argued that all mothers loved their kids and that Sami did not deserve a medal for loving hers. Allie added that what she wanted from Sami instead was respect.

"Do you know that she had the nerve to go to Rafe and push him to say no to taking my baby?" Allie said. When Lucas remained quiet, Allie realized that Lucas had known about Sami's interference with Rafe. "I didn't find out till after the fact. I really didn't," Lucas said. Allie reminded Lucas that when she had caught Lucas and Sami talking about Sami's interference, he had lied and said they had been talking about Claire instead.

"Why did you lie to me?" Allie asked. Lucas explained that he had not wanted to cause trouble. "The only person that is here for me is my brother. Will is the only person I can count on," Allie complained. Lucas stressed that he was there for Allie, but she asked him to leave. "I'm sorry," Lucas said as he walked out.

By the nurses' station at the hospital, an irate Sonny told Will that he intended to tell Sami to stay "out of our business." Sonny was adamant that he was not afraid of Sami. "I am a Kiriakis, and [Sami] is going to pay for what she did!" Sonny said. Sami stepped off the elevator and said hello.

"There she is. Right on cue. You here to cause even more trouble?" Sonny grumbled. Confused, Sami asked what was wrong. Sonny yelled at Sami for failing to call them when Allie had gone into labor. Sami claimed that she had been excited and had not thought to call Will and Sonny. When Sonny noted that he knew Sami had pressured Eric not to call them, Sami sighed.

"Well, you're here now. We're all here. Let's go check on my grandson," Sami said. Sonny held up the adoption papers and told Sami that her actions with Rafe had jeopardized the adoption. Sami looked at Will, and he failed to say that Sami had already told him about her confrontation with Rafe. Sheepishly, Will said that Nicole had told them the truth. With a groan, Sami complained that Nicole had made it her mission in life to destroy Sami.

"This is not about your decades-long feud with Nicole Walker. This is about your son and me and something that was extremely important to us, and you ruined that," Sonny said. Sami asked Sonny what he meant. Sonny said that not only had Sami hurt them, but she had hurt Arianna because they had already told her about the new baby. "And now it might not happen because of you," Sonny said. Sonny yelled at Sami for sticking her nose "where it doesn't belong." When Sonny asked Sami what she had to say, Sami asked how the situation was her fault.

"Allie does what she wants. Believe me," Sami said. Still angry, Sonny argued that it was Sami's fault because she had manipulated Allie's decision behind her back. Will calmly reminded Sonny that Sami wanted them to have the baby. Sonny accused Sami of intentionally working to prevent Will and Sonny from adopting the baby.

"There's something I need to say," Wil started. Sami gave Will a warning look. "Now is not the right moment to defend me," Sami told Will. Sonny asked Sami if she had an excuse for why she had stopped Eric from calling him and Will. "I made no secret that my first choice would be for my grandson to be raised by his own mother," Sami said. Sami added that Nicole could confirm that she had made an effort to get Allie to sign the adoption papers.

"Why don't I believe you?" Sonny said. "Believe what you want. Will knows the truth. Don't you, Will?" Sami countered. As Sonny stared, unsure, Sami offered to take the papers to Allie and convince her to sign them. Sonny argued that Sami would make the situation worse. "We are going to go talk to Allie," Sonny said as he motioned to Will. Sonny explained that they would ask Allie what she wanted and support that decision. Sami said she was confident that Allie would "make the right choice."

At the police station, Rafe looked at a text from Nicole. "Allie had her baby LAST NIGHT!! It's not 2 late 2 change your mind!!" the text read. As Rafe started to put his phone away, Hope called. Rafe told Hope that Allie had given birth. "Congratulations! I'm thrilled for you. I am," Hope said. Rafe told Hope that he had declined Allie's offer to adopt the baby. Rafe changed the subject to Eve. Hope told him that she was hopeful, but she had no leads. Rafe asked about Ciara. Hope told Rafe that Ciara was struggling, and Hope promised to send her love on for Rafe.

After Rafe ended the call, Allie called. Rafe congratulated Allie on the birth of her son. "I really need to talk to you," Allie said. Rafe agreed to meet Allie at the hospital. When Rafe arrived, he beamed with joy. "I can't wait to meet him," Rafe said. Allie told Rafe that she knew that Sami had talked him out of adopting her baby.

"Sami and I did talk about my adopting your baby, and yes, she did make it clear that she thought it was a bad idea," Rafe confessed. When Allie asked Rafe why he had not told her, Rafe explained that he had meant what he had said about not being ready to adopt a child. Rafe talked about how difficult it had been to get rid of David's stuff, and he told Allie about when he had painted David's wall with animals. Rafe admitted that he had not been able to paint over the mural in David's room. Allie took Rafe's hand, and she thanked him for being honest with her.

Allie noted that Rafe had had such a large impact on her life that she thought of him whenever she was sad or worried. "I think about you and how lucky any kid would be to have you as their dad," Allie said. Allie asked Rafe if he would have said yes if Sami had not talked to him. Rafe frowned.

Down the hallway, Sami stood outside the maternity ward, and she stared through the window at her grandson. Lucas joined her. "How's Allie?" Sami asked. "Not happy. With either of us," Lucas admitted. Sami apologized, but Lucas accepted part of the blame. "It's nice of you to say, but I know I'm the culprit here," Sami admitted. Lucas noted that blame did not matter. "Let's focus on what we have. A beautiful grandson," Lucas said with a grin. While Lucas went to talk to a nurse about holding the baby, Sami continued to stare through the window.

"I made your momma so mad today, but someday, she'll understand. And so will you, that everything I did was just to keep you in our family," Sami said. Sami saw Rafe walk by, and she called out to him. "Allie asked me to come. She wanted to talk to me about her baby," Rafe explained.

Will and Sonny entered Allie's room. Sonny said they had heard what Sami had done. "She has no business interfering with the decision that you make for your child," Sonny stressed. Allie agreed. Sonny handed the adoption papers to Allie, and he promised that the child would be in a loving home. "We feel so grateful that you've chosen us to raise your child," Sonny said. Allie handed the papers back to Sonny. "I'm not signing these," Allie said.

In a restaurant in New York, Shawn, Ciara, and Claire talked to Chloe about Eve. "We don't really speak much anymore. We kind of drifted apart. Why are you looking for her?" Chloe asked. Ciara informed Chloe that they suspected that Eve had bombed the church and kidnapped Ben. When Hope joined the group at the table, she overheard Chloe say that it was "inconceivable" that Eve had done something so heinous. Hope argued that Eve had wanted revenge against Ben since Paige's death and had to have been driven over the edge by the idea that Ben would be happy with Ciara.

"Given [Eve's] history, I think she was more than capable of orchestrating the bomb and then kidnapping Ben. Anything to destroy Ben. Anything to destroy his happiness," Hope said. Hope noted the look on Chloe's face, and she asked Chloe if she agreed. "No, I don't believe that Eve is capable of that," Chloe disagreed. Shawn asked Chloe if she knew Eve well. With a shrug, Chloe admitted that she had not seen Eve recently.

When Hope pushed for more information, Chloe admitted that Eve had been different when she had returned to New York from Salem. "She was just different," Chloe said. Chloe noted that "it was like her light finally went out." Chloe said that Eve had been more bitter and negative. "Did she ever talk about Ben?" Ciara asked. Chloe noted that Eve had talked about Ben, and Eve had wished him ill. With a sigh, Chloe admitted that it was possible that Eve had bombed the church. Chloe talked about Eve's anger.

"Did you tell her she should get help?" Hope asked. Chloe said she had repeatedly counseled Eve to see a therapist about her rage issues, but Eve had refused. Chloe admitted that she had realized that Eve was too toxic and had distanced herself from her. "It's weird that I saw her a few months later, and she seemed different again," Chloe said. Chloe explained that Eve had acted as if she had "some new purpose in life." Shawn asked what had changed.

"[Eve had] said that she felt like her life was finally coming back together again because she met someone," Chloe said. Chloe added that Eve had not talked about the man despite oversharing about her relationships in the past. "Did she give you a name?" Hope asked. "Vincent," Chloe said. Chloe said that the only thing she knew about Vincent was that he worked at a facility called Daybreak. Claire looked up the clinic online, and she noted that it was nearby. Shawn urged caution, but Ciara argued that Vincent was their only lead. Hope agreed to go with Ciara, but she ordered Claire to stay behind with Shawn to talk to CSI.

After Hope and Ciara left, Claire grew impatient. Shawn reminded Claire that they would have news soon. Citing the need to pick up Parker, Chloe said goodbye. Before Chloe left, she told Claire to reach out to Chloe if she needed to talk about life or her music. Chloe expressed her wish that Eve was not behind the bombings, and she hoped that Eve might find peace in life. After Chloe left, Claire talked about what Chloe had said. "I'm starting to think it would be better for Ben if Eve wasn't the one who took him," Claire said.

In a warehouse, Eve and her henchman, Vincent, finished their brainwashing session with Ben. Shaken, Ben awkwardly rose to his feet. Eve wrapped a necktie around his hands, and she pointed Ben toward a mannequin with Ciara's wedding dress on the body and a video of Ciara's face on a screen where the head would be. "Kill Ciara. End your pain," Eve whispered. Ben stared at Ciara's face on the screen, then he looked down at the necktie in his hands.

"Please don't kill me, Ben," Ciara's voice said. Ben looked up and saw a vision of Ciara standing before him, begging for her life. Ben gripped the necktie tightly. "I know you won't hurt me, because you love me. Don't you love me, Ben?" the vision of Ciara asked. "Why hasn't he done it yet?" Eve whispered to Vincent. "He will," Vincent assured Eve. Ben gripped the necktie, and he wrapped it around the neck of the mannequin.

"Ciara," Ben whispered. Ben looked at the vision of Ciara, and he imagined her grasping his hand. "Run," Ciara whispered. Ben ran out of the room with Vincent in pursuit. Eve fumed. When Vincent caught up to Ben in the alley outside the building, he hit Ben with a club. "He almost got away," Eve grumbled as she joined Vincent. "His resistance to conditioning, I've never seen anything like it," Vincent commented. Furious, Eve said, "You swore that you could [brainwash] him." Vincent said he would intensify the treatments.

"You will kill Ciara Brady," Vincent growled. Once Vincent had strapped Ben back into his chair for conditioning, Eve noted that Ben had been strapped to a similar chair on death row. "I didn't kill my sister," Ben whispered. "But you killed my little girl, didn't you?" Eve countered. Eve yelled that Ben deserved to die. "Kill me! Do it!" Ben screamed. Ben argued that he deserved to pay. "Get justice for your daughter, but leave Ciara alone," Ben pleaded.

Eve admitted that she was tempted to kill Ben outright. "That would be too damn easy," Eve purred. Music played softly in the background, and Eve explained that Paige had composed that music before her death. "Sadly, she never got to finish it and write the lyrics, because you took that tie, and you took her voice away," Eve whispered to Ben. Eve screamed that she did not care who she hurt.

"Because I want you and the rest of the world to feel my pain!" Eve yelled. "Hurting me or hurting Ciara, Eve, isn't going to bring Paige back," Ben said. Eve said that she knew she would feel the pain for the rest of her life. Eve added that Ben did not deserve to live a happy life with the woman he loved while she had to live with the loss of her daughter. Vincent started the conditioning again. As Ben screamed through the brainwashing treatment, Eve yelled encouragement. "Pour it on!" Eve yelled.

Ciara and Hope arrived at the facility that Eve had mentioned to Chloe. "This place looks totally abandoned," Ciara said. Hope agreed. As Ciara looked around the alley in front of the building, she spotted a tie on the ground. "This is the tie that Ben wore to our wedding," Ciara said. Ciara and Hope rushed inside the building, and they gasped at what they saw.

Will and Sonny get devastating news from Allie Will and Sonny get devastating news from Allie

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

by Mike

Justin was in the town square, in the midst of a coffee break, when Bonnie passed by with a cell phone held against one ear, in the midst of a conversation with someone.

"What are you talking about? We had a deal!" Bonnie snapped at the person on the other end of the call. "Well, of course I read the contract!" Bonnie indignantly insisted. "Kind of..." Bonnie reluctantly clarified. "This is not fair -- you can't do this to me; I am the writer..." Bonnie continued to protest before apparently sensing that the person might have just ended the call without any warning.

"Ugh!" Bonnie screamed while blindly hurling the cell phone across the town square -- and right toward Justin, who narrowly dodged it. "You are not gonna believe what just happened to me!" Bonnie said to Justin while retrieving the device, oblivious to the possibility that it could have hit someone. "Probably not..." Justin agreed, clearly uninterested. "Just wait until you hear!" Bonnie continued while claiming a seat at Justin's table. ", actually --" Justin tried to protest, still uninterested. "So, [today], my publisher sends me a copy of this contract..." Bonnie continued, producing a document and shoving it at Justin.

"Apparently, there's something called a 'rider' buried deep in all those words that says I'm not getting my royalties that I thought I was getting -- because I haven't sold enough books! I poured my heart and soul into this book, and I am getting screwed over!" Bonnie concluded with a shake of the head as Justin flipped to the last page of the document. "You signed the contract," Justin pointed out with a shrug while shoving the document back at Bonnie. "Well, yeah...but they tricked me -- [I mean, they] told me one thing, and then they put something else in black and white! It's an outrage! It's fraud!" Bonnie explained to Justin.

"I just gotta find a lawyer [and] sue their asses!" Bonnie decided. "I just wish I knew one..." Bonnie fretted before suddenly perking up, having apparently just remembered Justin's profession.

"No," Justin said with a dismissive chuckle. "I haven't even asked yet!" Bonnie noted. "The answer is still 'no,'" Justin maintained. "[But] you're the best lawyer in town -- everybody knows [that] -- and I need the best for this!" Bonnie stressed. "You can't seriously think that I would ever represent you!" Justin argued. "Oh, come on, Justin -- this isn't personal; it's business! I mean, yeah, you might have to pro bono it...but think about what it would do for your reputation!" Bonnie reasoned. "Forget it -- there's no way I'd ever take your case! [And besides], my reputation is fine, thank you!" Justin countered.

"I deserve your hatred and your scorn [because of what I did to Adrienne]...but if you would just please read my book..." Bonnie begged, producing a copy of Love Made Me Loony and shoving it at Justin. "It's all in here -- how the guilt ate me alive...eventually...and how I'm filled with remorse every single day..." Bonnie continued. "I am not gonna read your damn book, [and] I am not going to help you, [and] I am not going to forgive you! [Look], I can never, ever get the time I lost with Adrienne back, and that's because of you!" Justin spat, shoving the book back at Bonnie.

"If it makes you feel better, I am still paying for [that] -- thanks to what I did, my daughter barely speaks to me, and you know damn well that Lucas has given me the boot for good," Bonnie fretted between sobs that seemed perhaps a bit too sudden and dramatic to be genuine. "This book was the only thing I had left in my life -- it was the only thing that gave me hope! [I mean, writing it] was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but I could finally hold my head up high [afterward] -- I could finally be proud of something that I did for a change! And now these S.O.B.s, they just want to take it all away from me!" Bonnie continued.

"[But] you don't care, [and] I don't expect you to, so just forget it! [You know], I might as well just go back to cleaning houses, so just tell Maggie I'm available...if she'll even hire me again..." Bonnie concluded, still sobbing. "You made your bed," Justin pointed out. "So, I just lie in it, [right]? So what that I'm getting screwed over, right? I deserve it, right?" Bonnie translated before storming off, leaving behind the contract and the book.

Steve went to the Brady townhouse to see Kayla, armed with a bouquet of yellow roses.

"I was hoping you'd be here," Steve began while presenting the flowers to Kayla, who had actually just finished a work shift. "Oh, really? What's going on?" Kayla replied. "Did you forget already, baby? I'm moving in!" Steve clarified, drawing a smile from Kayla. "Since you weren't here last night, I just figured that, uh, maybe you had second thoughts about moving in here, which I would understand --" Kayla admitted. "Sweetness, what did I tell you [when we first discussed this]? I don't care where I live, as long as I'm with you -- and since you're here, I am, too," Steve maintained.

Steve soon directed Kayla's attention to a framed photograph from their first wedding. "We look like babies! Where'd that come from?" Steve said to Kayla, who was just as surprised to see the item on display. "I guess Justin found it in a drawer when he was moving out -- [see], after I asked [him] to move in, I was clearing out some things, [and] I came across this...[and] I was really trying to start fresh [and] only look ahead...[but] I couldn't bring myself to throw this away; [I guess that], even then, I knew I could never let you go," Kayla explained with a shrug before giving Steve a kiss.

While looking at the image, Steve suddenly remembered that Kayla had unwittingly shown it to Stefano at one point while trying to get Steve to stop being so distant and cold. Steve still felt guilty about everything that had happened back then, but Kayla insisted that Stefano was to blame for every last bit of it.

Changing the subject, Kayla wondered if Steve was still sure that living at the townhouse, where Justin had once resided, was going to be okay. "You keep asking [if] starting our life here works for me...but what about you, Sweetness? [I mean], as hard as it is for me to say this, I know that you felt love for Justin. [And] I also know that our love is as strong as it ever was, [but] this can't be an easy transition for you, so I want you to take it easy [and] slow. Whatever you want to do, wherever you want to live -- it's fine with me, [because] my home is you, Sweetness," Steve assured Kayla, who smiled and breathed a sigh of relief.

At the hospital, Will stayed silent as Sonny wondered if Allie was suddenly refusing to sign the adoption paperwork because Rafe had decided to adopt the baby, after all. "Rafe and I [did have] a nice little talk [earlier] -- and he, for one, was actually honest with me..." Allie began to explain to Sonny as Will squirmed guiltily. "I wanted to hear his side of the story..." Allie continued, recalling the earlier conversation with Rafe.

"Rafe, my parents have never had any trouble lying to me, [but] you have always been honest with me, so...please, be honest now," Allie begged. "Okay... I mean...if your mom hadn't talked to me...I mean, it's no secret that I've always wanted to be a father [and] have kids, so...I might have said yes [to your offer]," Rafe admitted. "Then that settles it -- I want you to adopt my baby," Allie declared.

"So...Rafe is adopting your baby, then," Sonny summarized. "Actually..." Allie began to clarify.

Meanwhile, outside the nursery, Sami listened to Rafe's recap of the earlier conversation with Allie. "Wait -- so...Allie asked you to adopt her baby again, and you still said no? [But]...why?" Sami questioned Rafe.

"[Allie, look]...when I originally told you that I didn't want to adopt your baby because I wasn't over losing David, that was true...[and] I've thought a lot about [this since I turned down your offer], and I've realized that [if I had instead accepted your offer], I would have been saying yes for the wrong reasons, [and] it would have been a mistake... [I mean], to adopt your baby because I'm still grieving over having lost David -- that would be wrong. [And besides], you've already told Will and Sonny that they could adopt your baby," Rafe argued. "Yeah, but that was only because you said no! You have always been my first choice -- they know that; they'll understand!" Allie countered.

"[Look], whatever doubts you're having, it just proves what a good person you are, and it just shows what a great dad you'll be, [so]...please, just say yes!" Allie begged. "No -- [look], I'm sorry, [but] this whole thing [is just] too complicated -- it doesn't feel right, you know?" Rafe maintained. "It's complicated because of my mom -- the wrecking ball -- but it doesn't have to be! This is between you and me, and --" Allie argued. "No, it's not just between you and me -- that's the point! Don't you see that? There are other people involved -- other people's feelings! Look, I just...I think it's better for everyone, including your son, if I just take a step back, [so]...I'm sorry -- the answer is still 'no,'" Rafe countered.

"You have no idea how much that means to me --" Sami began to rave. "I didn't do it for you, Sami; I did it for me and for Allie. [I mean], she's about to make the biggest decision of her life, and now she has all the facts," Rafe clarified. "I don't like how you just said that... What else did you tell Allie?" Sami demanded to know.

"Rafe's a decent guy -- he's just trying to do what he thinks is the right thing," Sonny reasoned. "But what I don't get [is]...if you're not giving him the baby, then why aren't you giving it to us?" Sonny questioned Allie. "Because of my brother," Allie explained, shooting Will a glare. "You said you were on my side, no matter what -- my big brother who would protect me from our scheming, selfish mother -- but you were in on it the whole time! [I mean], all this time, you and Mom were plotting behind my back to make sure Rafe didn't get my baby!" Allie snapped at Will.

"Will wasn't scheming with Sami -- he wouldn't do that; we both agreed that whatever you decided, we would respect your choice," Sonny assured Allie. "Yeah, well...not so much," Allie maintained, still glaring at Will. "It's not like Rafe threw you under the bus -- he's not that kind of guy; he's honest and cool..." Allie explained to Will while recalling more of the earlier conversation with Rafe.

"Of course Mom ruined everything -- [I mean], why am I surprised? [And] it's bad enough [that] she lied to me, but then she forces other people to keep her nasty little secrets, too!" Allie grumbled. "[Yeah], don't blame Will -- it's not his fault; your mom forced him to stay quiet," Rafe agreed. "I was talking about my dad... Will knew, too?" Allie replied.

"Maybe I should give Will a heads-up," Rafe realized. "Uh, it's a bit late for that," Sami guessed, knowing that Will and Sonny were with Allie at that moment.

"Will someone please tell me what is going on here?" Sonny begged. "It's simple -- all this time, my brother has said he's on my side, but really, he's been plotting with my mom to make sure Rafe doesn't get my baby!" Allie reiterated. "You knew what she was doing, and you never said anything, Will -- all this time, I thought that you were the only person in our stupid family that I could trust, but this whole time, all you cared about was getting the baby for yourself and Sonny! I can't believe that my own brother would play me! How could you be so selfish?" Allie spat at Will.

"Is this true?" Sonny asked Will, who had not yet spoken. "I'm sorry," Will sheepishly stressed, avoiding eye contact with both Sonny and Allie.

"Allie, you gotta know that Sonny did not know anything about this --" Will began to add. "Oh, so you lied to him, too -- your own husband -- just so you could get whatever you wanted?" Allie assumed. "I didn't mean to lie to you -- or you!" Will insisted, turning from Allie to Sonny. "I thought you were different, but no -- you are just as bad as Mom; [no, actually], you're worse, because you came in here with your whole 'good guy' act, fluffing my pillows and bringing me gummy bears [and] acting like you give a damn --" Allie grumbled. "I do, Allie! I'm -- I'm -- I'm sorry!" Will repeated. "Yeah, [well], it's too late, and it's not good enough!" Allie spat.

"If you'd just let me explain --" Will begged. "It is very clear to both of us what happened!" Sonny snapped at Will. "I don't know what to say except...I am really sorry -- I am so sorry..." Sonny said to Allie before storming off. "Why would I give my baby to someone like you?" Allie challenged Will before demanding privacy.

Will chased after Sonny. "There's nothing more to talk about! Stay away from me!" Sonny spat at Will while boarding an elevator.

Sami soon approached Will. "Are you okay?" Sami began. "No, I'm not okay -- and it's your fault!" Will replied. "I am so sorry --" Sami tried to stress. "Why did I keep my mouth shut? What the hell was I thinking?" Will fretted. "I'll talk to Allie --" Sami tried to offer. "No, you won't!" Will insisted.

"Do you have any idea how excited Sonny and I were when we got here [and] saw that little boy that we thought was gonna be our son?" Will snapped at Sami. "I had no idea that I was gonna mess this up for you so badly, Will, but you and Allie are friends, [so] --" Sami tried to reason. "No! It's over, okay? It's over! Allie hates me, and my husband is devastated because I betrayed him!" Will countered.

Meanwhile, Rafe entered Allie's room. "I tried so hard to do the right thing -- to make the right decision -- and it's a disaster!" Allie fretted while ripping up the adoption paperwork. "I'm so sorry --" Rafe began. "Not sorry enough to want my baby..." Allie grumbled. "I don't think that's the answer --" Rafe argued. "Then what is? Because you don't want my kid, and there's no way I'm giving my little boy to my lying brother!" Allie countered.

While storming through the town square, Sonny ran into Justin. "I thought you might be passing out cigars," Justin began. "Not exactly..." Sonny replied with a sigh.

In New York City, Ciara and Hope found Ben's motionless, still nearly naked body -- but the warehouse that had served as Eve and Vincent's torture chamber had otherwise been cleared out, and they were both gone. "He's alive...[but] his breathing is really, really shallow, [and] he's not responsive..." Ciara tearfully informed Hope, whose cell phone didn't have a signal at that moment.

Ben soon stopped breathing, but Ciara was able to successfully perform CPR. "This is really you, right? This isn't a dream?" Ben weakly asked after regaining consciousness, and Ciara nodded in response. Hope rushed out of the warehouse to try to find a place with better reception, leaving Ciara alone with Ben, who slowly started to remember everything that had happened -- up to a point.

"[Eve] stuck me with a syringe, [and] that's when it all went dark...[at least] until you walked in...and then there was light..." Ben concluded, unable to remember anything that had happened between those two moments.

Meanwhile, Hope ran into Vincent, who had apparently returned for Ben. "I need to talk to you about Eve Donovan...and what you did to Ben," Hope began, surprising Vincent, who refused to cooperate with a cop who didn't have any authority within New York City. "I have the authority to make a citizen's arrest," Hope warned. "That would be a very big mistake," Vincent countered.

Vincent lunged at Hope, who had been prepared for -- and therefore easily deflected -- the attack. Hope knocked out and tied up Vincent then continued searching the area for a place with better reception.

When Hope returned, Vincent was gone. Meanwhile, Ciara kissed then hugged Ben -- who spotted the necktie just then and stared at it intently.

Eli and Lani receive shocking news Eli and Lani receive shocking news

Thursday, August 6, 2020

by Mike

At the Brady townhouse, Kayla flirtatiously offered to show Steve the master bedroom -- just as Roman knocked on the townhouse door then knowingly ordered the couple to stop hiding and open it.

After letting Roman rave about the birth of Allie's baby, Steve and Kayla managed to reclaim their privacy and pick up where they had left off earlier.

At the police station, Eli wrapped up a phone conversation with Hope then updated Lani on what was happening in New York City.

A short time later, while Lani and Eli were preparing to leave for the night, Lani suddenly felt a brief twinge of pain that prompted Eli to insist on a trip to the hospital.

After performing an ultrasound, Sarah assured Lani and Eli that everything was okay. "Your baby is fine -- actually...they both are," Sarah elaborated, stunning Lani and Eli. "Wouldn't we have known sooner?" Eli wondered. "[Well], it is rare to be this surprised this far along, but it is not unheard of -- [I mean], one embryo was likely positioned behind the other one [before]," Sarah explained.

"Double the fun?" Lani said to Eli with a shrug after Sarah left the examination room. "And double the diapers, [and] double the college tuition... I need to double my shifts!" Eli fretted, drawing a laugh from Lani, who was also feeling overwhelmed. "[Still]...this is great, isn't it?" Lani asked. "Yeah, it is," Eli replied. Suddenly giddy with excitement, Eli and Lani celebrated the good news with a hug then started making plans.

At the Brady Pub, Jack received a phone call from Jennifer, who was supposed to be en route to the restaurant. "[They] oversold the flight?" Jack repeated. "[And] no other flights?" Jack assumed. "Keep me posted," Jack requested before ending the call with a sigh and tossing aside a bouquet of white roses that had been intended for Jennifer. Meanwhile, outside, Xander suddenly released a shout of triumph, piquing Jack's interest.

"Did you just win the lottery?" Jack assumed after joining Xander outside. "Even better -- I have a date with the woman I love!" Xander, who had just wrapped up a phone conversation with Sarah, clarified. "I thought you'd given up on [being with her because] you didn't want to hurt her again, [so]...what happened?" Jack wondered. "Everything changed for the better -- right after she accused me of sleeping with a hooker!" Xander began to explain. "[And] the best part was right after the church blew up!" Xander raved in the middle of the story. "[I mean, sure], it was awful, and I feel sorry for anybody who suffered...[but she found my actions] pretty heroic!" Xander concluded with a grin.

"I'm so happy for you," Jack stressed. "I can't screw this up, Jack -- my entire future with Sarah is riding on tonight!" Xander fretted. "You're not gonna screw it up -- you've been planning this for months!" Jack argued. "In my heart, yes...but, as for an actual plan, I have nothing!" Xander admitted. "Well, you still have plenty of time -- take it easy..." Jack advised. "You're right -- it's not too late to pull together something special..." Xander agreed. "The Bistro?" Jack suggested. "Paris," Xander countered. "Don't overdo it -- that's when things certainly go wrong," Jack warned. "Simple? Yeah!" Xander decided.

Jack tried to hand over the bouquet of white roses, but Xander guessed that it wouldn't be wise to give one woman flowers that had originally been intended for another woman. "Good point," Jack conceded before wishing Xander luck. "Thanks for the advice -- it's good to have a mate; [I mean], I'm not exactly loaded down with them at the moment, you know?" Xander said before giving Jack a hug.

After Xander rushed off, Jack stepped back into the pub to get rid of the flowers -- and found Jennifer waiting there. "Somebody didn't show up, and I got the last seat," Jennifer explained while greeting Jack with a hug.

Chad met up with Kate in the town square so they could chat. "So, you're off to Florida [again], huh?" Kate began. "Yes, I am -- so Jennifer can come home," Chad confirmed.

"[And] I just have, uh, a little time before my flight, so...[why did you call me]?" Chad prodded Kate. "[To find out why] you're leaving me in a house full of strangers! [I mean], I was passing Lucas' bedroom this morning, and 'Gwen' was there, lounging on his bed, [and when] I confronted [her, she] said that it's her room, and she's your guest!" Kate explained. "True," Chad admitted. "Why?" Kate wondered. "So she can spy on Gabi," Chad clarified. "Okay... Um... So, we both know that Gabi is a schemer -- I get it -- there a specific [reason] that you want Gwen to be spying on [Gabi]?" Kate challenged Chad.

"Are you not paying attention [anymore]? Gabi believes that she's entitled to a position at DiMera!" Chad reminded Kate. "But the board fired [her] for the escapade with Julie!" Kate reminded Chad. "Right, but ever since Gabi was acquitted of poisoning Abigail, she's been trying to worm her way back into the company -- and, lately, she's stepped up her game; [in fact], when I came back from [my previous trip to] Florida, she was in the study with Li Shin, [and they had] wine glasses raised, toasting to their latest successes!" Chad complained before starting to tell Kate the rest of the story.

"Well, we know that Gabi always has an angle, [so] that she's found out that her mechanic isn't Stefan, maybe she's gonna use her 'assets' to go after Shin," Kate suggested at the end of Chad's tale. "I'm thinking the exact same thing...which is why I could use an extra set of eyes. [Look], I don't like the idea of [Gwen] and Jake moving in [any more than you do], but I saw an angle, so...I played it," Chad reasoned. "[And] this woman has no problem with doing this for you?" Kate assumed. "Oh, she [is] all in -- [she] hates that Gabi's going after Jake, so [she] jumped at the chance to be my spy," Chad confirmed.

"Obviously, it's wrong of Gabi to take advantage of this situation with Abigail, [but]..." Kate began to argue before reconsidering. "Say it," Chad demanded. "[Look, I understand that] Abigail is more important to you than the company...[but] maybe there's a possibility that you neglected your duties a little bit," Kate concluded with a shrug. "No, I didn't -- [and], like I told [Shin], I am perfectly capable of balancing my personal life and work; [I mean], as long as I have a phone and a computer, I can work from anywhere!" Chad insisted. "And yet you missed a big meeting," Kate countered. "Because my assistant..." Chad began to reiterate.

"Never mind -- it's not important," Chad conceded. "You need my help," Kate guessed. "You're working for Abe," Chad acknowledged. "Mm-hmm..." Kate confirmed. "[Look], it's not gonna happen again, [because] I've spoken to [my assistant, and] I told [Shin] I was going out of town tonight, [and] we have [another] meeting with this other potential investor scheduled, [but it's] later in the week, so..." Chad stressed. "You have this all locked down, [with] no chance for miscommunication," Kate skeptically summarized. "Yes!" Chad confidently insisted.

"I'm going to keep an eye on things while you're away," Kate decided, still concerned. "I appreciate that, but I am sure Gwen will do just fine," Chad countered, still confident. "[And] what if Gwen ends up wanting more -- like a piece of the DiMera fortune?" Kate warned. "Let me just worry about one gold digger at a time -- compared to Gabi, Gwen is an amateur," Chad replied.

At the DiMera mansion, Gwen sneaked into Gabi's otherwise unoccupied bedroom and randomly opened a drawer -- which just happened to contain, among other things, a framed photograph of Stefan. "Wow -- my Jake really is a dead ringer for your husband...or maybe it's the other way around, since it's your husband who's dead..." Gwen mused -- just as Gabi started barking orders at Harold from somewhere nearby.

Seconds later, Gabi burst into the bedroom -- but Gwen was already hiding in the closet at that point.

Unaware that anything was amiss, Gabi produced a cell phone and started to dial Li's office number -- just as Jake entered the bedroom, wearing only a towel.

Flustered, Gabi quickly ended the call then gawked at Jake, who had just finished a work shift and was covered with grease. "You're still working?" Gabi asked incredulously. "I still need some spending money...unless my new digs come with an allowance..." Jake tiredly replied. "Don't press your luck!" Gabi warned. "[Look, I just] need to borrow some soap -- we ran out," Jake explained. "[No wonder] -- Harold told me [that] Gwen spends all day in the bathtub, eating chocolates [and] drinking Champagne!" Gabi grumbled. "Well, she always did have a thing for living the good life..." Jake revealed.

"Are you kidding? She doesn't know the difference between a French-milled soap and a bar of lye! And even little Charlotte has better table manners! [And] don't get me started on her clothes and her makeup! Nothing about her says 'luxury'! She's nothing but a cheap whore!" Gabi spat. "I didn't come in here to listen to you trash my girlfriend!" Jake countered. "I'm sorry -- I just think you could do so much better!" Gabi explained. "I didn't come in here for advice on my love life, either!" Jake stressed. "You love her?" Gabi challenged Jake. "Where I come from, guys don't really talk about their feelings," Jake evasively informed Gabi.

"You kind of opened up to me after your mother died..." Gabi argued. "Yeah, well...maybe a little...but I was feeling lost, and, uh...well, I promise never to let it happen again!" Jake replied before changing the subject, impatiently demanding to know if Gabi was going to reveal where more soap could be found. "I'll show you," Gabi decided before leading Jake to another room.

As soon as the coast was clear, Gwen emerged from the closet, still reeling from everything that had been said during Gabi and Jake's conversation.

"Really, bitch, why don't you say [those things] to my face -- then I'll show you where I'm gonna put that bloody soap!" Gwen grumbled while storming out of the bedroom. "If anyone's a whore, it's that bloody Gabi -- I saw how she was looking at my man!" Gwen muttered while storming into the study in search of a stiff drink. Just then, Gwen received a phone call from Chad, who wanted an update on Gabi's activities. Gwen informed Chad that Gabi had tried to contact a 'Mr. Shin' earlier but had been interrupted. Meanwhile, Gabi dialed Li's office number again and posed as Chad's assistant to report that Chad wanted to move up the meeting that had originally been scheduled for later that week.

Gabi asks Jake for a favor Gabi asks Jake for a favor

Friday, August 7, 2020

Sarah met up with Xander in the square for their date at the café. Sarah apologized for being late. "It's fine. I would have waited all night," Xander said. Xander asked Sarah about the hospital emergency, and Sarah told Xander that Lani and Eli had stopped by as a precaution. "They're having twins!" Sarah said excitedly. Sarah admitted that it was difficult to be around babies all the time.

"It just reminds me of everything that I've lost," Sarah said. Xander reached across the table and clasped Sarah's hand. "I wish there was something I could do to make you happy. To make you feel better. Take the pain away," Xander said. Sarah shook her head. Xander mentioned the twins, then paused, and he suggested that they toast to Eli and Lani's good news. "Might lift your spirits a bit," Xander said. "It's worth a try," Sarah said.

After a few sips of Champagne, Sarah said she was feeling better. Sarah's phone beeped. "Is it the hospital?" Xander asked. With a shake of her head, Sarah noted that the message was a reminder to take her car into the shop. As Sarah talked about her car's squealing brakes, Xander offered to buy Sarah a new car. Sarah raised a questioning eyebrow. "It's the least I could do," Xander said. "It's not the least you could do. It's nowhere near the least you could do," Sarah said with a laugh.

With a big sigh, Xander wondered aloud if he had "blown this." "I just want so badly to make you happy, and I can't help but go overboard," Xander said. Sarah smiled. Xander confessed that when Sarah had mentioned Eli and Lani's twins, he had almost suggested that Sarah adopt one of the babies. "Ridiculous, right?" Xander said. Sarah smacked Xander's hand. "Completely ridiculous!" Sarah exclaimed. Sarah said she had no desire to adopt a baby and added that Lani and Eli had no interest in giving up one of their children.

"Of course, they wouldn't, and I caught myself immediately and realized what an insane thought that was to even have. All I'm saying is it just speaks to how utterly desperate I am to try and find a way to take away your pain," Xander said. Sarah asked Xander to stop being desperate. "Being with you is fun. It makes me happy. And that's all that I need right now," Sarah said. Sarah asked Xander to be himself. "Being myself is how I got into trouble in the first place," Xander muttered. Sarah said that Victor had told her that Sarah had known what she had been getting into when she had gotten involved with Xander.

"I knew that you were far from perfect, but you have an enormous heart. So as long as you're honest with me, we're good," Sarah said. With a nod, Xander asked if they could start over. Sarah smiled, and they finished their date. Afterward, Xander and Sarah walked through the square and stopped in front of the Salem Inn. Xander joked that things had gone well after he had stopped attempting to buy Sarah a new car.

"Yes, that's right. When you became the Xander than I know and --" Sarah said before cutting herself off. With a grin, Xander told Sarah to let him know if she changed her mind about the car. Sarah laughed. Xander offered to drive Sarah home, since the brakes on her car were bad. "I was hoping I could stay the night with you," Sarah said. "Are you sure?" Xander asked. Sarah told Xander that she missed him. "I miss you, too," Xander whispered before he grabbed Sarah and kissed her.

When Sarah and Xander walked into his hotel room, Xander asked Sarah if she was sure she wanted to stay. "I want this. I want you," Sarah said. Sarah pulled Xander close and kissed him. After making love, Sarah told Xander, "This just feels right." Xander agreed. "I'm sorry I shut you out of my life for so long," Sarah whispered. Xander said he understood why Sarah had pushed him away, and he promised not to jeopardize their relationship again. "You better not," Sarah said.

In the DiMera living room, Gabi talked to the painting of Stefano about how she had outsmarted Chad. "Mr. Shin is going to be so disappointed in Chad when he gets here and sees that his CEO is AWOL, and I will be back on top where I belong. What do you have to say about that?" Gabi said. "Sounds good to me," Jake said as he walked into the room. Frustrated, Gabi asked why Jake was not upstairs with his "horny girlfriend." With a chuckle, Jake explained that he had dropped his phone. As Jake looked around the room for it, Gabi asked Jake if he had heard her conversation.

"Your conversation with dear old dad? Just enough to know that you like being on top, which personally, I find pretty hot," Jake joked. "You're disgusting," Gabi grumbled. Annoyed, Gabi asked Jake why he needed his phone urgently. "I'm expecting company," Gabi added. Jake explained that he needed his phone for a film project upstairs. As Jake laughed, Gabi gagged in disgust. When Jake finally found his phone, Gabi ordered him to leave. After a bit of banter, Jake walked out.

Li Shin walked in and said hello to Gabi. "We're meeting clients tonight at the Bistro," Li said. Playing dumb, Gabi asked, "Tonight?" Gabi told Li that Chad had left for Florida. Li explained that Chad's assistant had confirmed the important meeting. "I guess Abigail was more important," Gabi said. When Li noted that the investor needed to meet with the CEO, Gabi offered to step in.

"That's not going to work this time. They are expecting a DiMera," Li said. Gabi reminded Li that she was a DiMera, but Li explained that it needed to be a blood family member. "I'm going to have to cancel the meeting," Li said. "Wait! I have an idea," Gabi said. Reluctantly, Li agreed to wait while Gabi rushed upstairs.

Gabi pulled a half-naked Jake out of his room. "Your timing sucks!" Jake yelled at Gabi. "I don't care, I need your help," Gabi said. When Gabi ordered Jake to get dressed and accompany her to the square, Jake demanded to know why. Gabi promised to owe Jake one if he did her this favor. Reluctantly, Jake agreed. Gwen interrupted and demanded an explanation.

"He'll be back in a few hours," Gabi said. When Gabi noted that Jake was helping her with a problem, Gwen said no. With a sigh, Jake promised he would be home soon. "Just so you know, Jake, I am really, really not happy right now," Gwen said. Furious, Gwen stomped out. "That favor you owe me? It just doubled in size," Jake said. Gabi nodded yes and told Jake to put on a suit. When Jake said he didn't have one, Gabi said, "You are a grown man."

"I could go back to bed with Gwen if you want," Jake said. Gabi apologized. Jake explained that he had owned a suit, but Gwen had burned it after their breakup in Philadelphia. Gabi giggled. Jake offered to wear a leather jacket instead, but Gabi shook her head no. Gabi grabbed one of Stefan's suits out of the closet. Jake frowned as he looked at the suit.

"I promise it will be worth it to you," Gabi said. Grudgingly, Jake said, "Just when I thought my life couldn't get any weirder." Gabi hurried downstairs and told an impatient Li that she had a "flesh and blood DiMera." Li worried aloud that the person was Tony, but Gabi pointed to Jake as he walked in, tie askew. Gabi frantically motioned to Jake to straighten his tie.

Nicole visited Allie at the hospital, and Allie complained about the mess with Rafe. "I should have never told you what she did," Nicole lamented. "No. I'm glad you did," Allie said. Allie said that Nicole and Eric were the only ones she could trust because Will had lied to her too. When Allie noted that she was glad she had learned about Will's part before she had signed the adoption papers, Nicole went silent. Allie expressed surprise that Will had lied to Sonny, but Nicole noted that lying to someone a person loved happened "more often than you think."

"Will's not the only one who made a mistake like that. I did something like that, too," Nicole admitted. Nicole told Allie that she had kept the paternity of Sarah's baby from Eric. "I was insecure," Nicole admitted. Nicole said she could not judge Will for keeping quiet, especially since Sami had forced Will to keep her secret.

"[Sami's] his mom, and in spite of it all, he loves her. And he doesn't want to defy her, and I would imagine that he felt like he didn't have much of a choice," Nicole said. Allie nodded in agreement. Nicole asked Allie if she was willing to forgive Will and change her mind about the adoption. Allie said it felt wrong for Will to adopt the baby, because the situation had proven to her that Sami had too much control over Will.

"It was just one time," Nicole said. "What if she tells him how to raise the baby? Or what if I give the baby to Will, and she convinces him to give the baby to her?" Allie said. Nicole asked Allie what she planned to do. Allie told Nicole that she had asked Rafe to adopt her baby again, but he had declined. With a shrug, Allie said she did not know what to do. Nicole suggested that Allie visit her son. Allie admitted that she wanted to see her son, but she was scared to hold him.

Suspicious, Allie asked Nicole if Nicole was attempting to change Allie's mind about keeping the baby. Nicole stressed that she supported Allie's right to make a decision. "No matter where he goes, he is still your son," Nicole said. Allie asked Nicole if she had seen the baby. With a smile, Nicole nodded yes. Nicole advised that seeing the baby might give Allie closure. "It's up to you," Nicole said. Nicole walked Allie down the hallway, and she put her arm around Allie as she looked through the window of the maternity ward at her son. "That's my son," Allie whispered as tears filled her eyes.

At Eric's apartment, Sami demanded that Eric help her fix "the mess your horrible wife created." Eric ordered Sami never to insult his wife again. Sami apologized, but she added that Eric could not blame Sami for being angry with Nicole. "Allie deserved to know the truth," Eric stressed. When Sami argued that Allie hated her because of Nicole's actions, Eric countered that Sami was the only person to blame. Sami disagreed.

"What do you want?" Eric asked. Sami asked Eric for help reconciling with Allie and Will. "How do I fix this?" Sami asked. Eric told Sami to stop blaming Nicole and admit that Sami had been wrong. "I can go to my kids and tell them I'm sorry," Sami agreed. Sami started to leave for the hospital, but Eric stopped her. Eric advised Sami to give Allie space to cool down. "Start with Will," Eric suggested. Sami asked Eric to talk to Allie and smooth things over. Eric agreed.

"I want you to be happy. I want your kids to be happy," Eric said. As Sami hugged her brother, Eric asked Sami to apologize to Nicole. Sami was outraged. "I know damn well, and so do you, that it wasn't about telling Allie the truth. [Nicole] did it to make my daughter hate me," Sami argued. Sami refused to apologize to Nicole. "Never mind. I don't need your help with my kids. I'll do it myself, and I will do it my way!" Sami yelled as she marched out.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Will quietly asked Sonny if he had heard Will's voicemails. "I heard them," Sonny said without looking up from his phone. "But you didn't call me back," Will said. With a groan, Sonny put his phone on the table and looked at Will. "Why would I? We're not getting your sister's baby because of you. You blew it, so there is nothing to talk about," Sonny said. Will explained that he had not conspired with Sami but had merely not told anyone what Sami had done.

"That's not all you did. You lied to me, and I can't understand why," Sonny said. "The reason I lied is because I didn't want to drag you down into my mom's mess," Will said. Sonny argued that Will had caught him off guard. "What about Ari?" Sonny asked. Sonny said he would not have told Arianna about the baby if he had known that the situation could have blown up in their faces. When Will argued that Arianna was not even excited about the baby, Sonny countered that Will had promised to build their marriage on trust.

"Our marriage was tested after what happened to my mom. And now it is being tested because of yours," Sonny said. Will argued that this situation was different. Will apologized for lying to Sonny. Will said he loved how good Sonny was with kids, and he wanted to be able to provide another child for him. "Can you forgive me?" Will asked.

"If you need someone to blame, you can blame me," Sami said as she walked into the room. Sami apologized for dragging Will into her mess, and she begged Sonny to forgive Will. "I don't have time for this, because I have to go find my daughter and let her know that she is not getting a little brother or sister anytime soon," Sonny said. Sonny walked out even as Will called out his name. Sami told Will to give Sonny space to cool off. "He might never forgive me," Will said. "I know he will forgive you, because he loves you," Sami said. Sami asked Will to forgive her.

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