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Hope believed that Ciara was alive. John struggled with mood swings and memory issues. Ben mourned. Jan befriended Claire, and Belle objected. Philip threatened Jan. Lani was livid that Eli arrested Kristen. Brady asked Victor to help Kristen. Allie returned to Salem. Eric contemplated returning to Africa. Xander and Philip butted heads at Titan.
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Ben dreamed and Hope believed that Ciara was alive
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Marlena and Brady assess John's condition Marlena and Brady assess John's condition

Monday, September 14, 2020

by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Kristen nervously greeted Eli, acknowledging that it had been a while since they had last seen each other. "Look, I'm sorry I put you in such an awkward position, but I really do appreciate you covering for me," Kristen stressed. "Who said I was?" Eli countered.

"You put my wife in a terrible position. She's pregnant with twins, and it's not an easy pregnancy -- and she's a cop! But you didn't care about any of that, did you? You used your friendship as a way to make her turn a blind eye to a serious crime -- again!" Eli snapped. "No, no -- I...I didn't ask Lani to 'turn a blind eye' to anything; I just needed someone I trusted to watch Rachel so that I could be here for Brady, that's all," Kristen clarified. "Since when did the Salem P.D. start offering daycare to fugitives?" Eli countered.

"You may have got Lani to rationalize with what you did...but not me," Eli declared before attempting to handcuff Kristen. "If you [arrest me], what is Lani gonna think?" Kristen challenged Eli while dodging the handcuffs. "That's between Lani and me -- it's none of your damn business," Eli insisted. "Really? I mean, you two wouldn't be married right now if it wasn't for me, [you know; in fact], you might be married to Gabi [instead]!" Kristen countered. "You're probably right," Eli grudgingly conceded. "If your marriage means anything to you, you will walk right out that door, and you will forget that you ever saw me," Kristen advised -- but before Eli could make a decision, Lani knocked on the hotel room door and called out a greeting.

Lani was stunned when Eli opened the hotel room door. "Eli [came here] to arrest me...[but] I think maybe [he's had] a change of heart," Kristen explained to Lani. "Please tell me she's right," Lani begged Eli. "I'm sorry -- I have a job to do," Eli said to Lani before handcuffing Kristen. Lani, who had gone to the Salem Inn with the intention of returning Rachel to Kristen, promised to continue taking care of the child after realizing that it wasn't going to be possible to stop Eli from proceeding with the arrest. Lani sighed as Eli dragged Kristen away.

At the hospital, Marlena and Brady started explaining things to John. "I don't know what you're talking about," John admitted. "That's okay -- that's normal; [it's] called 'retrograde amnesia,' [and it's] nothing to worry about," Marlena stressed. "This 'Sammy' [you said I was arguing with] -- who is he?" John asked, prompting Marlena and Brady to exchange looks of concern.

"I'm sorry there's so much I don't remember," John said, misinterpreting Marlena and Brady's concern as annoyance. "That's okay -- [all that matters right now is that] you're conscious [and] talking to us," Marlena stressed. "You both are being very kind to me...but I'm sorry [again], because I don't know who you are," John admitted, leaving Marlena and Brady even more concerned.

At the police station, Hope joined Eve in one of the conference rooms and, with great difficulty, revealed what had happened the previous night. "Hope, I swear to God, that was not part of the plan!" Eve stressed near the end of the tale. "Vincent had his own plan -- a plan that had nothing to do with you, Eve," Hope clarified before finishing the tale.

"You and Vincent are the same -- [you both wanted] a life for a life," Hope summarized. "Did you get to see her? Did you get a chance to say goodbye to her?" Eve asked. "The fire chief wouldn't let me -- he said there was...there was 'nothing to see'..." Hope replied. "What does that mean?" Eve wondered. "All the firefighters found were Ciara's wedding and engagement rings -- that's it," Hope clarified before breaking down.

At the hospital, Marlena rejoined John, who had just undergone an evaluation. "'Dr. Johnson' said that I'm doing all right," John informed Marlena.

"What about you? Are you one of my doctors, also?" John wondered. "Well, I'm a doctor...[but] I'm also your wife," Marlena revealed. "You are?" John replied. "Yes. We've been together, uh...a very long time. We, uh...we have a daughter -- her name is Isabella, [but] we call her 'Belle' --" Marlena elaborated. "Isabella..." John repeated. "Yes -- that was your first wife's name," Marlena explained. "That young man that was [here earlier] -- is he our son?" John asked. "He's your son...uh, with Isabella. [She] died very young," Marlena clarified.

"Sounds like I've been through a lot," John mused. "You've been through quite a lot...[and] we've survived a lot together. It's never been ordinary..." Marlena confirmed, managing a laugh. "Tell me about it," John requested. "Oh... Um... Well, uh, for, on the day we were about to be married, before I had a chance to say 'I do'...I was shot --" Marlena revealed. "What? Why?" John interjected. "I'll explain it at some point...but, uh, the thing is that, um, when I was shot, I -- I went into a coma, [and] it didn't look very good for me, but you never left my side --" Marlena continued. "And [now] you are [at mine]," John noted. "I survived because I had to find my way back to you...and [now] I am going to sit right here at your bedside until I know that you are well again," Marlena concluded.

"So, let me ask you something -- do I call you 'Doc'?" John said, drawing a gasp of delight from Marlena. "Do you remember that?" Marlena asked, fighting back tears of joy. "Eh, I might have been pretty out of it when I came to, but I could never forget you for long, Doc," John replied with a wink. Marlena released a sigh of relief then gave John a hug -- just as Brady returned.

" everything okay?" Brady wondered, finding the scene a bit weird in light of what had happened earlier. "Your father's had a breakthrough -- he remembers who I am," Marlena explained. "I'm glad to hear that..." Brady stressed before starting to talk to John, clearly hoping that the breakthrough had included more than just one memory. "I'm doing better, Bob -- thanks," John said before cracking a smile, drawing a groan from Marlena -- and a sigh of relief from Brady, who had taken the mistake seriously at first. "Don't ever do that to me again!" Brady begged before giving John a hug.

"I think everything's gonna be okay!" Brady said to Marlena. "Good to see ya, kid -- where the hell ya been?" John said to Brady. "I've spent the last few weeks with Kristen and Rachel," Brady explained before starting to rush off to the Salem Inn to give Kristen the good news, guessing that John and Marlena wanted some privacy. "Kristen's in Salem?" Marlena repeated. "And Rachel," Brady confirmed. "Is that a good idea?" Marlena asked. "No...[but] she wanted to be with me," Brady replied, shrugging. After Brady left, John jokingly begged Marlena to fetch strawberries and whipped cream from the cafeteria.

At the police station, Kristen used Eli's cell phone to contact Brady, who didn't recognize the number but eventually took the call. Brady didn't dwell on the oddity for very long, assuming that Kristen was simply using a burner phone. Brady informed Kristen that John had woken up earlier and seemed to be on the road to a full recovery. "I'll probably be back at the inn shortly," Brady predicted. "I'm not there..." Kristen admitted.

Meanwhile, Lani stormed over to Eli's desk. "What'd you do with Rachel?" Eli asked. "She's being watched by an aide...[but] what do you care? [I mean, you just] handcuffed her mother in front of her!" Lani replied.

"I didn't know you were gonna show up with the baby!" Eli explained. "I didn't expect to run into you, either -- [after all], I thought we had an understanding -- so maybe next time you can level with me instead of lying to my face!" Lani countered. "I didn't 'lie' to you, okay? I was planning on coming straight here [after I left our apartment, just like I told you]. I started thinking about Ciara [while on my way here, though] -- she didn't do anything to anyone, [but] that didn't matter to Eve [or] Vincent, [and] I just feel like all the bad guys are getting all the wins, and there's no justice in this world. [Anyway], the more I thought about it, the madder I got, and next thing I knew, I was at Kristen's door," Eli clarified.

"[So], this is 'justice'?" Lani incredulously summarized. "The rule of law is for everybody -- I mean, it won't mean anything if we just bend it for ourselves and for our friends!" Eli defensively argued. "The only reason you knew Kristen was in Salem is because I told you, Eli -- you traded our personal relationship so you could feel like a hero! How could you do that to me?" Lani snapped.

At the hospital, Ben slept peacefully, dreaming of a future that was basically identical to the one Ciara had dreamed about while trapped with Vincent.

Ben's dream, like Ciara's, eventually took an unexpected turn. "Do not thank me -- thank Bo," Ben explained while presenting Ciara with a Mother's Day gift -- wedding rings. "Why would you give me something that I already have? [And] how did you even get them? I never take them off..." Ciara challenged Ben. "I don't know..." Ben, who was just as confused as Ciara, admitted.

Ben awoke with a start just then -- and broke down after seeing Ciara's wedding rings.

Hope receives startling news Hope receives startling news

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

In the Kiriakis living room, Maggie found Victor loading a gun. When Maggie asked Victor why, he said that he planned to kill Ben. Maggie told Victor he could not kill Ben. "Of course, I can. He's laid up in the hospital. He's a sitting duck," Victor argued. Maggie groaned in exasperation. Maggie told Victor that Ciara's death was not Ben's fault, but Victor disagreed. "Do you want to end up in prison?" Maggie asked. "I'll hire somebody else to do it," Victor said as he reached for his phone. Maggie grabbed it out of his hand.

"No one is shooting anybody," Maggie said. Maggie begged Victor to understand that Ben had never wanted to hurt Ciara. "But he did hurt her. Maybe not with his own hands," Victor said. Victor lamented that he had been unable to convince Ciara to see that Ben had been bad for her. Maggie reminded Victor that Ciara had loved Ben.

"I should've killed Weston when I had the chance. I failed, Maggie. I failed her and now she is gone," Victor said. "You did everything that could have been done," Maggie assured Victor. Maggie added that Victor should grieve instead of blame himself. Victor grumbled that Ciara had given him hope. "Ciara was an amazing woman," Maggie agreed. Victor lamented all the things that Ciara could have done with her life. Maggie urged Victor to let go of his anger and instead comfort the other people that loved Ciara.

Outside of Julie's Place, Hope cried as she looked at a photo of Ciara on her phone. Abe saw Hope, and he pulled her into his arms to comfort her. Hope talked to Abe about Ciara's death, and Abe confirmed that he had told Theo the news. Abe asked Hope if she wanted him to appoint someone else as interim police commissioner so that Hope could have time to grieve. Hope shook her head no. Hope said she wanted to keep busy. "[Vincent] needs to pay for what he put my daughter through," Hope said.

At the police station, Eli told Lani that he had been compelled to follow the law and arrest Kristen. "Is this how our marriage is going to be? You're going to be choosing your job over your wife?" Lani asked. Eli disagreed with Lani's characterization. Lani told Eli that he had betrayed her. "How am I ever supposed to trust you?" Lani asked.

"[Kristen] tried to murder someone," Eli stressed. "Someone that made her think her child was dead," Lani countered. Eli asked Lani if she supported vigilante justice. "No, but it is okay to feel sympathy for someone who felt the same thing that we did [for David]," Lani said. Eli disagreed. When Lani mentioned Rachel, Eli grew defensive.

"That little girl has already lost so much time with Kristen because of Victor, and now she may lose her forever because of you," Lani said. As Lani turned to leave, Eli stopped her. Lani noted that she needed to pick up Rachel because she was "all that Rachel has right now."

After Lani collected Rachel, she met up with Abe at Julie's Place. Lani explained that the baby was Kristen's daughter. Abe folded his arms and frowned. "So, Kristen DiMera is back in town, and you're babysitting for her?" Abe asked. Lani explained that she had wanted to help her friend. "She trusted me to protect her," Lani lamented. Lani told Abe that Eli had arrested Kristen behind her back.

"My own husband double-crossed me. I have never felt more betrayed," Lani confided. "Honey, he was just doing his job," Abe said. In disbelief, Lani said she was surprised that Abe had taken Eli's side. "Technically, as a cop, he did the right thing, but as a husband, he totally screwed me over," Lani said. Abe pleaded with Lani to remember that the situation was complicated. Angry, Lani argued that Eli should have warned her before he arrested her best friend.

"You know how much Eli loves you. He would never do anything to hurt you," Abe said. "How could someone who is about to be a father want to rip a child away from her mother?" Lani countered. Abe advised Lani to get past her anger because Lani and Eli needed to support one another when the twins arrived. "Talk to Eli," Abe said. "I really don't have anything to say to him right now, Dad. And besides, I'm watching Rachel," Lani said. Abe offered to babysit.

Shawn returned to Hope's house and was surprised to find Claire there. Claire explained that she had wanted to clean the house for Hope. "It's sweet that you are trying to help," Shawn said. When Shawn asked Claire why she had not gone to the hospital to see John, Claire admitted that she did not think she would have been able to keep from crying in front of John.

After Shawn left for the hospital, Claire stared at a photo of Ciara and cried. The front door opened, and without turning to look, Claire asked Shawn if he had forgotten something. "I don't think so," Jan said. Claire turned and saw Jan standing in the front doorway, a bouquet of flowers in her hand.

"Sorry to barge in, but the door was open. You must be Claire," Jan said. When Claire asked Jan who she was, Jan said she was an old friend of Claire's parents. "You just missed my dad," Claire said. Jan asked about Belle. When Claire said she was alone, Jan offered to keep Claire company. "You don't need to do that," Claire said. "I adore both of your parents. I'd like the chance to get to know you," Jan said. Jan offered to help Claire clean, but Claire politely declined.

"I know everyone grieves in their own way. Me? I like being around other people," Jan said. Jan asked Claire to pass along her condolences to Claire's parents. As Jan turned to leave, Claire stopped her and said that she agreed that talking to someone was a good idea. "I'm an excellent listener," Jan said. Jan asked about Ciara.

"I loved her because she was so sweet, smart, and loyal," Claire said. Claire added that she felt guilty for how she had treated Ciara in the past. When Jan asked for details, Claire explained that she had almost killed Ciara once. "I completely understand. Sometimes we hurt the ones we love," Jan said. Claire asked Jan what she had done.

"I used to get really obsessive about things. Like, I used to have these recurring thoughts. Or overwhelming feelings, and it's like they would take over my entire life," Jan said. "Me, too," Claire said. Jan admitted that when she had acted out, she had known that she had been wrong, but she had not been able to stop herself. Claire said she had felt the exact same way.

"I've learned to manage those emotions," Jan said. Claire asked Jan about her therapy. With a smile, Jan said she had returned to Salem to right the wrongs of her past. "I came back to make things right, too. I was just starting to rebuild my relationship with Ciara," Claire said. Claire cried over the loss of her best friend. "You're not alone. I'm here for you," Jan said.

At the hospital, Brady called Kristen on the phone to tell her about John. Kristen told Brady that she had been arrested. When Brady asked what had happened, Kristen asked Brady to meet her at the station so that she could explain. As Brady ended the call, Belle exited the elevator. Belle was eager to see John, but Brady stopped her to ask for a favor. Brady explained to Belle that he had been with Kristen and Rachel while he had been out of town.

"I hated to leave her and Rachel behind, but I had to see dad," Brady said. Belle guessed that Kristen had followed Brady to Salem. "And now, [Kristen] has been caught and arrested for trying to kill Victor all those months ago," Belle said. Brady asked Belle to act as Kristen's lawyer. Belle pointed out that Kristen had hurt her parents.

"Do it for me please? Okay? Just say you'll do it," Brady said. With a sigh, Belle promised to think over Brady's request. Belle recommended that Brady make sure that Kristen did not say a word to the police. "You can get in a lot of trouble for aiding and abetting," Belle noted. Brady argued that his priority was to keep Kristen out of prison so that she could be with their daughter.

After speaking with Belle, Brady went to the police station to talk to Kristen. Kristen cried as Brady hugged her. When Brady asked what had happened, Kristen explained that Eli had arrested her. "What about Rachel?" Brady asked. Kristen said Lani had arrived with Rachel during the arrest. "Lani is taking care of her," Kristen said. Kristen apologized for not being more careful.

Brady refused to be angry with Kristen for traveling to Salem because her instinct had been to support him in his time of need. Kristen worried aloud that Brady would get in trouble for helping her run from the police. Brady clasped Kristen's hand, and he urged her to focus on fighting to get out of prison. Brady told Kristen that he had asked Belle to represent her, but Belle had not decided yet.

"I've been away for so long, I'd forgotten that everyone in this town hates me," Kristen said. Kristen argued that no one would be on her side. "Belle will come around. She will help us. In the meantime, she advised you not to say anything to the police," Brady said. Kristen agreed.

"This is so unfair! After all that Victor did, he is out on the street, free and clear," Kristen said. Kristen added that she would have done society a favor by ridding it of Victor. "Nicole had the right idea. You want to take out Victor Kiriakis, you need someone else to do the dirty work. Where is Jan Spears when you need her?" Kristen wondered aloud.

Brady advised Kristen not to talk about tactics to murder Victor. Kristen agreed. Brady noted that what Victor had done was unforgivable. "Yeah, but he is out on the street. I'm locked up in here," Kristen said. Brady said that he had an idea.

In the bullpen of the police station, Eli called Lani's cell phone and left a voicemail. Eli apologized. "Give me a call back so we can talk," Eli said. As Eli ended his call, Hope arrived. Eli said that he had made an arrest, and an eager Hope asked if it was Vincent. Eli shook his head no. "The man responsible for what happened to my daughter is still out there. That's who we need to find," Hope said. Eli promised that the police were doing all they could to track down Vincent.

An officer called in with a lead on Vincent, who might have been spotted on a bus. Eli gave Hope the information, but he suggested that she go home and rest instead. Hope refused to rest until she learned what had happened to her daughter. "I think I might be able to help with that. I have the forensics report on the explosion," Shawn said as he walked into the room. Shawn said he had not reviewed the report yet, but the lab had confirmed that the explosion had been a remotely triggered bomb.

"Did they find any of [Ciara's] remains?" Hope asked. Shawn said the answer was likely in the report. Eli offered to review the report for Hope, but she insisted that she would do it. When Hope opened the envelope, a puzzled look crossed her face. "They didn't find any of [Ciara's] remains. No bone fragments," Hope announced. Hope exclaimed that Ciara couldn't have been in the car when it exploded.

Shawn cautioned Hope not to jump to conclusions, but Hope argued that Ciara could have escaped. "We never saw her in the car that night," Hope said. Shawn nodded slowly as he realized he had not seen his sister in the car. "Then, where is she?" Eli asked. "That's what we are going to find out," Hope said. Hope ran out of the precinct with Shawn right behind her.

Lani visited Kristen in the interrogation room, and she assured Kristen that Rachel was safe with Abe. "I'm scared," Kristen admitted. Lani patted Kristen's hand. "I finally found true love with Brady, and now I could lose that forever," Kristen whispered. Lani apologized. "I begged [Eli] to keep it quiet," Lani said. Kristen said she knew, and she stressed that Lani had not let her down. "Lani, I couldn't ask for a better friend," Kristen said. "I'm gonna make this right," Lani promised.

Brady went to the Kiriakis mansion, and he told Victor and Maggie that he was in town to visit John, who was awake. "I assume you've heard about Ciara," Maggie said. Brady nodded yes. "It's absolutely tragic, but it's not why I'm here," Brady said. Brady informed Victor that the police had arrested Kristen, and he asked Victor for his help.

Shawn caught up with Hope in the park, and he asked her what she planned to do. Hope explained that the only person that knew whether Ciara had been in the car at the time of the explosion was Vincent. Hope reminded Shawn about the bus lead on Vincent. "My daughter may still be alive, and if there is even one millionth of a chance [of] that, I will never give up until I know for sure what happened to your sister," Hope said.

After Claire cried on Jan's shoulder, she apologized for unloading onto a stranger. Jan assured Claire that it was fine. "I know we just met, but I feel like I know you," Jan said. When Claire asked for Jan's name, Belle walked in. "Get the hell away from my daughter," Belle growled.

John lashes out at Sami John lashes out at Sami

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

by Mike

Claire was stunned and confused when Belle started trying to drag Jan out of Hope's house. "Mom, what are you doing? Your friend was being really nice to me about Ciara!" Claire protested, getting between Belle and Jan. "This is not my 'friend' -- this is Jan Spears!" Belle clarified, horrifying Claire, who had heard the name before.

"No wonder you didn't tell me who you were!" Claire snapped at Jan. "[No] -- you were so upset when I came in, [and it just] didn't seem like the right time for a formal introduction," Jan reasoned, giving Claire an innocent shrug. "I heard what happened to Ciara... I stopped by to say how sorry I am --" Jan explained to Belle. "Because that's so you..." Belle sarcastically summarized before ordering Jan to leave immediately -- and never return. "Don't people deserve a second chance -- especially after they've overcome mental illness?" Jan protested, staying put. "In case you have forgotten, I know how to get a restraining order," Belle warned, prompting Jan to agree to leave. "I didn't mean to mislead you, Claire," Jan stressed while exiting the house.

"What did she do to you?" Belle asked Claire once the coast was clear. "She was nice to me," Claire admitted. "Oh, honey -- she was [just] trying to bond with you because she knows about your situation," Belle guessed. "My 'situation'? What, are you saying that she was reaching out to me, one nut job to another?" Claire summarized. "That's not what I... [Look], what I meant is, she is aware that you are in a fragile emotional state -- because of Ciara!" Belle clarified. "Jan is dangerous, honey -- you know what she's done!" Belle stressed. "[And] you know what I've done!" Claire countered.

"Ciara gave me the second chance that Jan wants, [and] I really think that she deserves to get [a second chance, too]," Claire argued. "If you let Jan into your life, you will regret it," Belle warned. "I don't want to argue with you anymore, okay? I'm gonna go and visit Grandpa John at the hospital -- I want to be around someone that's not always mad at me," Claire replied before storming off.

At Titan, Xander entered one of the offices and found Philip there, getting comfortable. "What do you think you're doing in my office? [Look], I moved my things in last night, [which means] I claimed this office first!" Xander snapped. "Eh, that's a matter of perspective," Philip argued, waving a hand dismissively.

"[Anyway, look], your lucky pen, and your silly chair, and your stress balls, and your hockey stick, and all your other badges of masculinity are locked up in the janitor's closet [now, so] why don't you get ['em and] take 'em to your new office -- which is right across from the executive washroom," Philip advised, but Xander stayed put. "I see you need a chair with extra lumbar support, since you don't have a spine of your own..." Xander mused, drawing a fake laugh from Philip. "I'd love to keep up the witty repartee, but I have a company to run, so..." Philip declared while pointing Xander toward the office door.

Xander picked up a "World's Greatest CEO" mug and, after learning that Kate had just given it to Philip earlier that day, tossed it to the floor. "Let's talk about qualifications [as a way of deciding who gets this office]," Philip suggested, ignoring what Xander had just done. "While I was running the Chicago office, I picked up an MBA. You, on the other hand, got out of prison and became my father's favorite leg-breaker," Philip summarized. "If that's all I was, Victor wouldn't make you share this job with me, would he?" Xander countered. "Whatever..." Philip replied, again waving a hand dismissively.

"Look, you need to accept reality -- [I mean], I'm my father's only surviving child, which makes me the heir to his throne," Philip reasoned while settling in the desk chair. "Monarchies get overthrown, you know...[and] if you're planning to muscle me out of this office and my share of the title, [then] you're gonna have a fight on your hands," Xander warned. "Good luck getting me out of this chair," Philip countered, once again waving a hand dismissively. "I don't need to get you out of the chair," Xander replied before wheeling the chair out of the office, with Philip still sitting in it, then shutting and locking the door. "Much better!" Xander declared with a sigh of contentment.

Later, while removing Philip's belongings from the office, Xander discovered that one of the desk drawers was locked -- and that the key was nowhere to be found. "Bloody hell..." Xander grumbled.

Meanwhile, Philip emerged from one of the town square's stores with a replacement "World's Greatest CEO" mug in one hand and a set of keys in the other hand -- and ran into Jan. "Good to see you again," Jan declared. "I don't share the same feeling -- last time I saw you, I was trying to pry a detonator out of your hand," Philip countered. "I let my anger get the better of me...but I'm not like that now, or I wouldn't have been released from Shady Pines," Jan explained. "Stay the hell away from Belle," Philip warned. "I wouldn't think of hurting her -- in fact, I just left her..." Jan replied before telling Philip about what had happened earlier.

"[Claire and I] have a lot in common -- I think we could even become friends," Jan bragged at the end of the tale before starting to walk away. "You're not gonna be friends with Claire -- [in fact], you're not gonna go anywhere near her or Belle!" Philip warned, grabbing Jan's left arm and squeezing tightly. "If you pull anything, I'm not gonna call the authorities like I did in New York to get you locked up [again] -- this time, I'm gonna take care of you myself...permanently," Philip vowed as Jan cried out in pain and struggled to get away. "Have I made myself clear?" Philip challenged Jan, unaware that Xander was nearby.

"Sorry to interrupt, mate -- need the keys to my desk," Xander called out, prompting Philip to release Jan. "How'd you track me down?" Philip wondered. "Knew you'd be in a hurry to replace Mummy's wee gift," Xander explained. Philip waved the keys at Xander tauntingly then walked away, still holding them. "Tosser..." Xander grumbled. "What does that mean in American?" Jan asked. "Bloke who's all mouth and no action -- [and] you better hope I'm right, [because] I couldn't help overhearing Philip just threaten to put an end to you," Xander replied. "Anybody ever tell you to mind your own business?" Jan snapped. "I wasn't sticking my nose in your business -- I just don't think that Philip should get away with threatening people like that," Xander clarified before extending a hand to Jan, who shook it with a smile.

Meanwhile, Philip went to Hope's house to check on Belle. "I'm not gonna let Jan Spears hurt you or Claire -- that's a promise," Philip stressed, and Belle responded with a hug of gratitude.

At the hospital, John received an unexpected visit from Sami. "Mom told me the good news -- I'm so happy for you!" Sami began. "I got you something to humanize your room..." Sami continued while removing a potted cactus from a gift bag, getting pricked in the process. "The guy in the plant store said that it's really low maintenance. Like me!" Sami concluded with a laugh while placing the cactus on a bedside table.

Without saying a word, John picked up the cactus and inspected it -- then hurled it at the wall behind Sami, who was never really in danger of being hit but was close enough to reflexively duck regardless. "You got a lot of nerve, coming in here with a potted plant after what you said to me!" John snapped. "I didn't know you remembered..." Sami admitted. "I didn't -- not for a while -- but then it all came back to me," John replied.

"I simply stood up for Eric and Nicole, [but you didn't like that], so you told me that I wasn't part of your family [and that] I never would be -- [that] I was 'a nobody'!" John summarized. "I was upset --" Sami interjected. "And leave it to you to bring in a plant that doesn't need any care -- [that's] how you treat people, [after all]; you think they can survive on nothing, [and] you need all the love and attention because you're so special! Do you have any idea how sick I am of you?" John continued. "Why don't you scrape up what's left of that damn plant and get the hell out of here!" John concluded, scowling.

"John, please just give me a chance to apologize to you for what I said... [Look], I didn't mean a word of it --" Sami stressed. "But you said it, anyway -- [because] you knew it would hurt!" John summarized. "I was hurting, too!" Sami explained. "Oh, spare me the act -- I've watched it for years! You're the same person you've always been, Samantha Gene -- you're nothing but a mean, nasty bitch!" John spat. "[I knew it] -- you hate me; [in fact], you have always hated me, and you were just [pretending otherwise] for my mom [all along]! I hope you get another blood clot, and I hope [this next one] goes right to your cold, dark heart!" Sami countered -- just as Marlena entered the room.

Marlena dragged Sami out of John's room and demanded an explanation. "Wow -- that does not sound like John," Marlena declared after Sami offered an honest summary of John's outburst. "I agree...but that is what happened," Sami replied. "Well, until I -- until I get to the bottom of it, I'd like you not to bother him, please," Marlena requested. "I didn't start anything with him --" Sami tried to stress. "You have started things since you first came back to town -- you've antagonized everybody in the family, and I will not have you doing that to John! Geez, he could have died..." Marlena countered before returning to John's room.

"[Sami's] right, Doc -- I did exactly what she said," John admitted with a sigh of regret after Marlena repeated Sami's claim. "What's going on with me, Doc?" John wondered. "You had one huge outburst -- and it was with Sami! [I mean], Sami could incite a sphinx!" Marlena reasoned. "No -- I felt like I went crazy! And I embraced it 100% -- I had no control!" John stressed. "You're not crazy. Look, an aneurysm's a trauma to the brain, [so] it isn't unusual that you would have, uh, an outburst," Marlena explained. "Then let me ask you this -- is it permanent?" John asked. "In most cases, the -- the loss of control begins to subside once the patient makes progress, [so] --" Marlena replied. "Don't jerk me around -- much time?" John snapped. "See? Just. Like. That!" John summarized with a snap of the fingers before apologizing.

Nicole entered the DiMera mansion and found Lucas in the study, desperately searching for ways to get Allie's baby to stop crying. "Want some help?" Nicole asked. "Come on -- let...let me deal with him, all right? I'll give you a break," Nicole continued when Lucas didn't immediately hand over the baby. "Lucas! Remember what the judge said, okay? The restraining order has been lifted, and Eric and I are free to spend time with our nephew," Nicole continued when Lucas hesitated again. "It's not the judge I'm worried about," Lucas clarified. "Sami," Nicole realized. "Bingo," Lucas confirmed.

After a bit more thought, Lucas reluctantly handed the baby to Nicole, who quickly managed to get the situation under control.

Lucas eventually advised that it would be best for Nicole to leave before Sami returned -- but it was already too late. "Give me the baby," Sami ordered Nicole, who reluctantly complied then stormed out of the mansion.

Alone at the Walker-Brady apartment, Eric took a seat on the couch and felt something under the cushion -- then sighed after realizing it was a stuffed animal that belonged to Allie's baby. While Eric was setting aside the item, someone knocked on the apartment door. "Angie?" Eric said with a gasp of shock after opening the door. "Hi. It's been a long time," Angie replied.

"I thought about you and all the villagers when I read about the Ebola outbreak," Eric revealed. "We lost a lot of people...[and] it's not just sickness -- you know, we had to deal with the rebel militias when you were [in Africa], but it's worse now; 65% of the population is living below the poverty level, and President Kabila's gone all out to stop foreign aid [because] he wants investors for his industries instead," Angie reported. "I'm so sorry to hear that..." Eric stressed. "[Anyway], we're not going to give up -- [in fact], I'm on my way to a fundraiser now, [which is] why I'm in the country," Angie explained.

"[And] I'm hoping to make you an offer you can't refuse -- [you see, while I'm here], the Elders have asked me [to] 'find Father Eric and beg him to come back,'" Angie admitted. "I can't tell you what it means to be remembered by all the villagers, [but] I'm not 'Father Eric' anymore," Eric protested. "You may not wear the collar, but you are still that man -- [I mean], I can see that just by looking at you," Angie countered.

"[Still] obligation was to be of service [back then]...but things are different now -- I'm newly married to the love of my life, and I have an incredible five-year-old stepdaughter... My home is here now,, I'm sorry, but I can't accept your offer," Eric insisted. "I can't say that I'm not disappointed, but I totally understand and respect your decision. If you happen to change your mind, you know where to reach me," Angie replied before giving Eric a farewell hug -- just as Nicole entered the apartment. "What'd I miss?" Nicole asked Eric after Angie left.

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas advised Sami to try to be nicer to Nicole in the future. "I know that you can't stand Nicole, but you have to stop rubbing her face [in] the fact that you have custody of this baby! [Look], that is your sister-in-law [now, so] she has a right to see this baby, and if you continue this...[well, I mean], what are family gatherings gonna be like between the two of you and everybody else? It's gonna be a nightmare!" Lucas said to Sami. "Well, you're right about that...[which means] there's only one thing to do..." Sami decided. "Make peace with Nicole," Lucas translated. "No -- get the hell out of Salem, and take that baby with me!" Sami clarified, drawing a groan from Lucas. "We can talk about this tomorrow -- we will figure something out," Sami promised after listening to Lucas' objections.

Satisfied, Lucas took the baby to another room -- and as soon as the coast was clear, Sami dialed a phone number and tried to book two first-class plane tickets to Rome. "He's just an infant -- can't he travel on my passport? [Look], I live in Rome, and I need to get that baby home as soon as possible!" Sami explained to the travel agent. "Like hell you are!" Allie, who had just entered the mansion, snapped.

PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the first round of the U.S. Open golf tournament, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the schedule change. Regular programming resumed on Monday, September 21, and picked up where the Wednesday, September 16, episode concluded.

PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air

Friday, September 18, 2020

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the first round of the U.S. Open golf tournament, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the schedule change. Regular programming resumed on Monday, September 21, and picked up where the Wednesday, September 16, episode concluded.

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