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Allie told Lucas that she had confronted Charlie, but Charlie had taken Kate's gun from her. Sami confessed to Charlie's murder then recanted when she learned Allie was innocent. Kristen shipped a disoriented Sarah off to DiMera island. Xander struggled with rejection. Abigail asked Gabi for help. Jake and Chad bonded. Roman made a play for Kate. Jack told Jennifer about Gwen's kidnapping. The twins had their christening. Ben told Ciara about their love story, but she had no memory of it. Paulina's daughter Chanel arrived in town and caused trouble. Nicole asked Ava if she had killed Charlie.
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Paulina's daughter Chanel arrived in town, and Kristen shipped a disoriented Sarah off to DiMera island
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Allie makes a confession to Lucas Allie makes a confession to Lucas

Monday, March 22, 2021

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander gulped down several servings of whiskey while telling Jack about what had just happened at the Brady Pub.

"I can't believe that Sarah would do this to you!" Jack declared at the end of the tale. "Oh, come on, Jack -- stranger things have happened, especially in Salem; people have come back from the dead, [and] we've had demonic possession, exorcisms, microchips implanted in people's brains... What's so hard to believe about some poor son of a bitch getting dumped on his wedding day?" Xander countered.

"Obviously, you don't know her very well -- and nor do I, 'cause I'll admit to being in a state of shock... Do you think she was just stringing me along this whole time -- that she was just always gonna dump me for Rex [but] was waiting for when she could inflict the maximum amount of pain? I mean, I get that I'm no catch [and] he's a doctor, [so] I guess the burning question is why she was ever involved with a loser like me in the first place," Xander fretted. "You're not a loser --" Jack began to protest. "That's open to debate," Xander argued. "[And] she got involved with you because she loved you," Jack concluded.

"I know you're trying to cheer me up, [and] I do appreciate it, mate...but..." Xander disagreed. "I can't imagine how you feel..." Jack admitted. "Well, if I was gonna try and explain it to you, I might say that I don't know how I'm gonna get through the day, let alone the rest of the year... Sarah was everything to me, Jack -- waking up to her in the morning and getting into bed with her at night...or the afternoon, [or] any time of day, really...[was] just the absolute highlight of my life, [and] everything else paled in comparison to it, [and] now I have to try and think of my life without her..." Xander fretted before suddenly saying goodbye to Jack then rushing out of the mansion and heading over to the Salem Inn -- where Sarah's wedding gift was waiting, along with a suggestive note about their wedding night. Xander crumpled the note with a scowl of anger.

Roman returned to the Brady Pub after running some errands and found Kate chatting with Rex at one of the tables. "Great to have our son back, isn't it?" Roman began. "Not for long, apparently..." Kate grumbled.

Rex explained everything to Roman then rushed off to the upstairs bedroom to pack -- and as soon as the coast was clear, Kate changed the subject, revealing what had happened with Rafe earlier that day. "So, you think Allie killed Charlie," Roman summarized. "I don't know -- but I do know that she had motive [and that] she used the same gun to threaten Tripp," Kate responded. "[And] you think Sami would cover for Allie -- even for murder," Roman further summarized. "Oh, come on -- you know [that] when it comes to Sami's kids, nothing is off the table," Kate reasoned.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen and Sarah continued tussling with each other in the wine cellar -- until Kristen managed to jab Sarah with the needle of the syringe that contained one of Rolf's drugs. "What was in here?" Kristen asked. "I don't know," Sarah replied. "You were going to inject me with something, and you don't know what was in it," Kristen incredulously summarized. "I found it on the floor," Sarah groggily explained.

"At least you're still alive -- God only knows what was in that syringe..." Kristen mused while helping Sarah get settled on the nearest crate of wine bottles. "Xander, my love -- you found me..." Sarah dreamily raved while stroking Kristen's cheeks -- and Kristen played along without hesitation, posing as Xander to explain to Sarah that they were going to flee to a remote island where Kristen would never be able to hurt them again.

Kristen fetched a large cedar chest with attached wheels and convinced Sarah to get in it, posing as Xander again to reason that it was the best way to hide from Kristen. Later, Kristen wheeled the cedar chest to the Brady Pub, disguised as Sarah, and apologetically broke things off with Rex for the time being, citing a need to be alone for a while as a result of everything that had happened that day. Kristen smirked triumphantly after walking away from a confused and disappointed Rex.

Lucas went to the Walker-Brady apartment to see Allie -- but found Tripp there instead. "Allie had to step out, and Nicole is working late, so I'm here watching Henry," Tripp explained. "That's really nice of you," Lucas acknowledged. "It's no problem," Tripp insisted.

"Listen, Tripp, I really need to talk to Allie -- do you have any idea where she is?" Lucas begged. "Sorry -- Allie didn't tell me where she was going," Tripp responded before curiously observing that it seemed like something serious was going on. "It has to do with what her mom's going through," Lucas vaguely clarified. "I heard they're holding her for Charlie's murder," Tripp admitted. "That's right," Lucas confirmed. "[And] there's no other suspects?" Tripp guessed. "Not that I know of," Lucas answered. "I guess the police wouldn't tell you if there were," Tripp conceded. "Probably not," Lucas agreed.

"Listen, Tripp, I think I'm gonna wait here for Allie, [so] you can go ahead and go," Lucas suggested. "I don't mind --" Tripp began to protest. "I actually want to talk to her privately, so..." Lucas clarified. "Right -- I'm sorry... Well, tell Allie that Henry and I had a great time," Tripp responded before rushing off.

At the police station, Rafe joined Allie in one of the conference rooms. "Thanks for coming down," Rafe began. "Finally going to let me see my mother?" Allie assumed. "That's...not, actually, why I asked you to come in," Rafe clarified before elaborating that Kate had just been identified as the owner of the gun that had been used to murder Charlie.

"Oh... I see..." Allie muttered. "Yeah -- [and] when I asked Kate about it, she said that the gun had been stolen. [Now], you knew where she kept it, and you took it once before, [so]...did you take matters into your own hands [again]?" Rafe challenged Allie -- who was just about to respond when Sami burst into the conference room and ended the conversation.

"I was getting my stuff when I found out from a beat cop that you were up here being grilled by Rafe," Sami explained while trying to chase Allie off. "Allie came down here voluntarily," Rafe stressed. "Because she trusts you -- and you betrayed that trust!" Sami guessed. "No, I didn't -- I was simply asking her some questions," Rafe insisted. "This interrogation is over -- she's leaving!" Sami declared. "That is not your call," Rafe argued before attempting to convince Allie to stay. "[He is] trying to railroad [you] the same way he tried to railroad me!" Sami advised Allie.

"Sorry," Allie whispered to Rafe before rushing out of the police station and heading over to the Walker-Brady apartment -- where Lucas was still waiting. Allie told Lucas about what had just happened -- then admitted to having stolen Kate's gun again on the night of Charlie's murder. "And then what?" Lucas prodded Allie.

Allie went to the Dale apartment to see Charlie. "Don't shoot!" Charlie begged while raising both hands submissively, but Allie kept the gun raised and began lashing out. "Do you really think you're gonna kill me? You don't have the guts! [I mean], you pulled the same stunt with my brother, [and] he's still around," Charlie eventually challenged Allie. "Only because your mother walked in!" Allie explained. "Fine, have it your way -- go ahead, shoot me!" Charlie countered -- but Allie hesitated, trembling. "See? We both know this isn't you. It's kind of nice, though -- [I mean], to know that you're not capable of killing makes me glad that you're the mother of my child," Charlie tauntingly declared -- and Allie still hesitated. "If that didn't send you over the edge, nothing will," Charlie triumphantly concluded before taking the gun from Allie, who rushed off in tears.

"I wanted to shoot him...but I couldn't," Allie explained to Lucas, who released a sigh of relief then stressed that they needed to share that information with Rafe right away so Sami would be off the hook for Charlie's murder. Allie was equally relieved -- and also touched -- to learn that Sami hadn't really murdered Charlie but had been prepared to take the fall for the crime.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Sami lashed out at Rafe for having tried to interrogate Allie without a lawyer present. "Maybe I did it intentionally [so that] if she had given me something I could use, it would be inadmissible! [You know], she is in big, big trouble, [and] I can help her...[but], once again, I am dealing with a Brady, so I have gotta claw through 19 walls of crap to get to the truth [because] you people are crazy -- [you] don't trust anyone, [and between] the lies and the subterfuge, [you] make it harder for me to convict you but also for me to help you!" Rafe countered.

"How is she in 'big, big trouble'?" Sami quietly prodded Rafe, who calmed down then clarified the statement. "Oh, God, Rafe -- she is in 'big, big trouble'..." Sami tearfully fretted after hearing the whole story, and Rafe agreed with a sigh then offered a hug of comfort. Sami apologized to Rafe for having lashed out earlier -- then confessed to having murdered Charlie.

At the Walker-Brady apartment, Allie told Lucas that Charlie had to have had a third visitor on the night of the murder. "Who was it?" Allie wondered, and Lucas shrugged in response. Meanwhile, Tripp stood in front of the door to the Dale apartment and recalled having pounded on it while calling out to Charlie on the night of the murder.

Abigail asks Gabi for help Abigail asks Gabi for help

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

At the Grant residence, Lani talked to Eli on the phone about Aunt Paulina's misunderstanding with the christening. "I know time is running out. I'm going to [tell her the truth]," Lani told Eli as someone knocked on the front door. It was Paulina. "Bad time?" Paulina asked. Lani invited Paulina inside, and she ended her phone call. Paulina hugged Lani and thanked Lani for choosing her to be Jules's godmother.

"Eli and I, we did have someone else in mind," Lani said. "Are you telling me you want someone else to be Jules's godmother?" Paulina asked. Before Lani could respond, Paulina chuckled. Paulina assumed that Lani had asked her mother, Tammy, to be godmother. With Tammy out of town, Paulina told Lani that Lani could offer the position to another person without any guilt.

"The truth is that now if they made a movie called The Godmother, well, Tammy would have a part in it. But me? Auntie Paulina? I would be cast in the lead role," Paulina said. "I think you misunderstood," Lani said. Paulina offered to call Tammy on Lani's behalf. Before Lani could object, Paulina hugged Lani goodbye and left.

At Julie's Place, Doug was stunned by the news about Ciara. "Does Hope know?" Doug asked. "Shawn is looking for her," Julie confirmed. Julie apologized to Doug for not telling him the news sooner. "I guess as long as [Ciara] is all right, it doesn't matter. What really matters is that Ciara is alive!" Doug said. Doug and Julie sat down at the counter, and she told Doug about her encounter with a half-naked Xander in their living room.

"Now I have to get the sofa fumigated," Julie complained. Julie added that she needed to tell Jack that Xander was no longer welcome at the house. Doug asked Julie when Jennifer planned to return home. "It seems settling Laura's estate is much more complicated than she imagined," Julie explained. Overcome with emotion, Julie lamented that Gwen had caused Laura's death.

"Gwen says that Laura's death was an accident," Doug said. With a nod, Julie argued that Gwen had every reason to lie and that Jack believed Gwen because he wanted to be fair to his estranged daughter. "Jack thinks [Gwen] is a victim," Julie said. Julie called Gwen evil. As Julie recounted a nasty thing Gwen had said to her after the kidnapping of the twins, Doug cautioned Julie to calm down. "[Gwen] is wounded. She is vulnerable. And Jack is right to not turn his back on her," Doug said. Doug encouraged Julie to focus on their blessings instead.

"Ciara is alive. The babies came home. Tomorrow is their christening day," Julie said. "That's right. We've gotta choose to live in the light, not the dark," Doug said. Julie agreed. "I hate it when you're right," Julie said. "I hate it when you're unhappy," Doug countered. With tears in her eyes, Julie noted that she had left off the most important blessing in her life. "I have you," Julie said.

Jack talked to Jennifer on the phone as he paced the Horton living room. Jack told Jennifer about Xander's aborted wedding. "That doesn't make any sense. I thought Sarah was crazy about Xander?" Jennifer said. "Crazy about Rex, too, apparently," Jack said. With a sigh, Jennifer noted, "When will people learn not to attempt a wedding in Salem?"

After a moment, Jack broached the subject of Gwen. "[Gwen told me] that Abigail kidnapped her," Jack said. Jennifer argued that Abigail had no reason to kidnap Gwen, and Jack explained that Abigail had ordered Gwen to confess to Laura's murder. "Oh, my God," Jennifer whispered. Jack said that he believed Laura's death had been an accident.

"Gwen never backed down. Even when Abigail threatened her with her life," Jack said. Jack told Jennifer about how Abigail had threatened to inject Gwen with Rolf's serum. "If this story is true, it was just a threat. Abigail would never have gone through with it," Jennifer said. Jack told Jennifer about Gabi's intervention. Confused, Jennifer asked about Gabi.

"Abigail recruited [Gabi] to help her drug and kidnap Gwen," Jack explained. "I thought they hated each other?" Jennifer said. Jack explained that they had teamed up, but Gabi had realized that Abigail had wanted to cross a line. "Ultimately, it was Gabi who let Gwen go," Jack said. Jack added that he had not asked Abigail for her side of the story yet and that he could barely believe that Abigail would have done such a thing.

"Really? After everything Gwen has put her through? I think it makes perfect sense that she would be upset," Jennifer said. Jack asked Jennifer if she thought Abigail's actions were justified. "No, but it is understandable," Jennifer said. Jennifer noted that it was a lot to ask Abigail to get over the death of a grandmother that she had adored.

"You're right, and I'm wrong no matter what I do," Jack said. When Jennifer asked what Jack meant, Jack told Jennifer about Abigail and Gwen's ultimatums to cut the other one out of Jack's life. "What did you say?" Jennifer asked. Jack said he had told Gwen that he would not cut Abigail out of his life. Choking back tears, Jack admitted that he was scared to tell Abigail that he would not cut Gwen out of his life.

"I'm scared I'm going to lose [Abigail] forever," Jack said. Jennifer told Jack that she had faith in him to broker a peace deal between his daughters. "All of this happened because my mother was trying to protect me. And Gwen is your daughter. So, no, it's not fun, but we're all in this together," Jennifer said. "You really are amazing," Jack whispered. Julie returned home with Doug, and she asked if Jack was talking to Jennifer on the phone.

"I want to tell her about Ciara," Julie said. "I think she could use some good news for a change," Jack said as he handed his phone to Julie. After Julie talked to Jennifer, she headed upstairs with Doug. Jennifer asked Jack to keep her updated about Abigail and Gwen. "I love you," Jack said.

In the town square, Gwen spotted Claire. "Long time no see! I've missed you," Gwen said. "Well I haven't missed you," Claire countered. Taken aback, Gwen cocked her head in confusion. Claire said she knew what Gwen had done to Abigail. "Are you all related in this town? I suppose that explains a lot, actually," Gwen said. Claire argued that Gwen's actions had been horrible.

"When [Abigail] told you that I drugged her, which there is no evidence that I did, did she tell you she also tried to do the same to me?" Gwen asked. "What?" Claire exclaimed. Claire and Gwen sat on a bench, and Gwen told Claire what had happened in the wine cellar. "You did all that horrible stuff to her. Was she just supposed to take it?" Claire asked. Gwen argued that Abigail was not an innocent person.

With a sigh, Claire told Gwen that she felt like their friendship had been a lie. "Why? I never had anything against you," Gwen said. "You were going after my family," Claire stressed. "I didn't know they were your family until just now, did I?" Gwen said. Gwen admitted that she was not a saint. "If you don't want to be my friend, it's your call. It's really too bad, though, because I really did consider you a friend," Gwen said. As Gwen started to walk away, Claire called out to her.

"I'm no saint, either. You know what I tried to do to Ciara," Claire said. Claire told Gwen that Ciara had lost some of her memory of Claire. "I am in no position to judge you. Sorry for dumping on you," Claire said. "Does this mean that we're still friends?" Gwen asked. Claire agreed to remain friends if Gwen promised not to hurt Abigail again.

"Dad tried to make the same deal with me," Gwen admitted. "I hope you work things out with Abigail," Claire said. As Claire and Gwen started to walk through the square, Gwen wondered aloud where to start. Claire suggested that Gwen start with an apology to all the people she had hurt. "You have to try if you want a relationship with your father," Claire said. Gwen thanked Claire for the advice. "That's what friends are for," Claire said.

Gabi continued to unpack in her room at the DiMera mansion. Abigail walked in. "What do you want?" Gabi asked. "You and I have some unfinished business," Abigail said. Gabi groaned. Abigail said she was glad that Gabi had moved back into the mansion, because they could work on a plan for revenge against Gwen. Gabi shook her head in disbelief.

When Abigail argued that Gwen had "screwed over" Gabi, Gabi shrugged and countered that half of Salem had screwed her over. Abigail asked Gabi if she intended to spend all her time on schemes to win back Jake. "No, I'm gonna run a business," Gabi said. Abigail offered to help Gabi break up Kate and Jake.

"I don't care how much I hate Gwen, I don't want another go at attempted murder. I could've ended up back in prison," Gabi complained. Abigail said she knew that Gabi had made a deal with Gwen. "I had to protect myself. I mean you going psycho on Gwen wasn't part of the plan," Gabi said. Abigail admitted she had gotten carried away, and she apologized. Abigail argued that they needed a better plan, but Gabi refused.

"Jake has made it very clear that there is no hope for us. He has committed to Kate, despite the fact that there weren't even 50 states when she was born," Gabi grumbled. "Well, she is still drop-dead gorgeous," Abigail said. Gwen nodded in agreement. Abigail reminded Gabi that Gabi normally did not take no for an answer. "I have my pride, and I told Jake I was moving on," Gabi said. "But did you mean it?" Abigail asked. Angry, Gabi yelled at Abigail to stay out of her business.

"I can help you," Abigail said. Gabi advised Abigail to drop her revenge plot against Gwen. "It is going to turn you into somebody you are not, and if you keep going like this, you are going to lose everything," Gabi said. "I don't need a lecture from you, of all people," Abigail snapped. Frustrated, Gabi argued that she was a living example of what happened when one let revenge take over one's life. Gabi added that everything would fall apart for Abigail, just like it had fallen apart for Gabi.

"You do care," Abigail said. "Not a lot!" Gabi objected. Gabi reminded Abigail that Gabi's actions had hurt Arianna. "Think about your children," Gabi pleaded. "Chad said the same thing," Abigail responded. Gabi urged Abigail to listen to Chad.

"And I'm going to tell you another truth. I'm done helping you. No matter what you say, I'm not going to help you," Gabi said. With a nod, Abigail asked if she and Gabi were enemies again. "We're not enemies and we're not friends," Gabi said. "So, frenemies?" Abigail asked. Gabi nodded in agreement.

Chad sat in the newly redecorated DiMera living room and stared at the chessboard. Jake returned from a run. With a smirk, Jake asked Chad if playing chess alone was boring. "Playing by yourself is the ultimate mental challenge," Chad murmured as he moved a chess piece. Jake asked Chad to teach him the game, but Chad declined. As Jake started to leave, Chad asked Jake if he had been thinking about Gabi during his run.

"Gabi moving back definitely caught me by surprise, but it's no big deal," Jake said. "[Kate] thinks that Gabi moved back in to start trying to get you back," Chad said. Jake said he had already assured Kate that Gabi meant nothing to him, and he had offered to move out. "Can I help you pack?" Chad said with a grin. Jake laughed. Jake explained that they did not want to look weak to Gabi or Shin.

"So, Kate put your interests ahead of hers then? I hope she doesn't come to regret that," Chad said. Jake was adamant that he had no interest in Gabi. With a shrug, Chad argued that the message had not sunk in with Gabi. "Not my fault. What Gabi and I had? That's my past. Kate is my future. I'd have to be a fool to let her go," Jake said. Chad asked Jake if he meant that. "Kate is, across the board, exceptional," Jake said. Chad warned Jake that if he hurt Kate, Jake would have to answer to him.

"You're really protective of Kate, aren't you?" Jake asked. Chad told Jake that Kate had been a friend of his mother. "When my mom died, Kate became like a second mother. She's actually the one that told me Stefano was my father," Chad explained. "That makes sense that you would want to take care of her. I get it," Jake said. With a grin, Jake added that Chad could not moralize, since he had hurt the woman that he loved.

"I screwed up royally. I did. And we're doing everything we can to make sure that never happens again. We're actually going to couples therapy," Chad admitted. Jake wished Chad well. When Jake noted that Abigail's return home was a good sign, Chad confessed that Abigail might have an ulterior motive. Before Chad could explain, Abigail walked into the living room. Jake announced that he needed to shower, so he said goodnight and trotted upstairs.

"Kinda weird to see the two of you getting along," Abigail said. "Any weirder than you and Gabi joining forces?" Chad asked. Abigail noted that her truce with Gabi was over. "Turns out hating Gwen is about the only thing we had in common. Now she just wants to focus on her company," Abigail said. Chad asked Abigail what she wanted. "I want to focus on the future," Abigail said. Chad smiled. Abigail teased Chad about their first therapy session. Chad told Abigail that he had opened up to Jake about his mother and that the memory had reminded him that his mother had lied to him his whole life.

"Maybe I should talk about that tomorrow. Maybe it messed me up more than I want to admit," Chad said. "I think it would be easier for you to take a bullet than it would be to go to therapy. And I know you're doing it for me, so thank you," Abigail said. Chad shrugged. "I told you I would do whatever it takes to get you back," Chad said.

Upstairs, Gabi ran into a half-dressed Jake in the hallway. Gabi apologized, and she started to walk past Jake, but he stopped her. Jake asked Gabi if they could be civil and not fight every time they ran into one another. "But we're so good at it," Gabi said with a smile. Jake chuckled. "Maybe we could try [to be civil]," Jake said. Gabi agreed.

Kate helped Roman clean up at the pub. "Call me crazy, but I kind of miss working here," Kate said. Kate admitted that she did not want to go home. "I'm glad to have the company. I was going to hang out with Rex tonight," Roman said. Kate remarked that it was a bad idea to ride off into the sunset with your ex on her wedding day to another man. "Aren't you drifting into pot and kettle territory there?" Roman asked. Kate clarified that the morals did not bother her.

"I just don't think that [Sarah] and Rex are right for each other," Kate said. "I was thinking the same thing about you and Jake," Roman countered. Kate admitted that her relationship with Jake was no longer a fling. "You're gonna grow old together?" Roman asked with a grin. Kate groaned. Kate stressed that she was not too old for Jake.

"No, [Jake] is just not grown up enough for you, and he is way too shallow to recognize that you are vintage Champagne and he is light beer," Roman said. Kate laughed. Roman said that Jake was not a good fit for her. "Then who is?" Kate asked. "For starters, me," Roman said. Surprised, Kate noted, "That certainly came out of nowhere."

"It's been a lot of years since we've been together, but in all that time, I've never met anyone who was better suited for me than you, and I think if you're being honest with yourself, you might just feel the same way," Roman said. Kate reminded Roman that he had made a similar speech when she had been married to Andre. "And then you kissed me," Kate added.

"Want me to kiss you now?" Roman asked. "No!" Kate stressed. Roman told Kate that she could not deny the connection between the two of them. Roman and Kate thought about when they had first kissed. "We did have some fun, didn't we?" Kate said. "And we could have a whole lot more if you would just give us a chance," Roman said. Kate noted that she was committed to Jake.

"We have this connection that people don't understand, including Jake and me," Kate admitted. "Can't blame a guy for trying," Roman said. Roman told Kate that he hoped things worked out with Jake, but if not, Roman would be there for her. Kate squeezed Roman's hand.

Jules and Carver's loved ones prepare for the christening Jules and Carver's loved ones prepare for the christening

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

by Mike

At the Price-Grant apartment, Eli and Lani flirted with each other while preparing for Jules and Carver's christening -- but Abe arrived before things could progress any further.

"So, are my grandbabies ready for their big day?" Abe began. "They are...because [Eli] got them all dressed up," Lani raved. "Yeah, well, it's the least I could do...[since Lani] has done everything else," Eli countered. "Does that include setting [Paulina] straight?" Abe wondered. "I was going to...[but] somebody was nice enough --" Lani tried to answer. "And brave enough," Eli interjected. "To volunteer and do it for me," Lani concluded.

At the Salem Inn, Paulina dressed for the christening then stepped in front of a wall-mounted mirror. "Coco Chanel once said, 'Before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off,'" Paulina grudgingly acknowledged. "Yeah, well, maybe Miss Coco never saw herself looking this good," Paulina decided with a dismissive shrug, unwilling to shed even a single accessory.

Paulina soon received a visit from Valerie. "I'm glad that you came by -- I have a little something for you," Paulina began while directing Valerie's attention to a gift bag that was sitting on the desk. "Oh, you shouldn't have --" Valerie tried to protest. "I know, but I did," Paulina countered as Valerie hesitantly removed something from the bag. "I got one for myself, too," Paulina, who was wearing a suit jacket, admitted while unzipping the article of clothing to reveal a T-shirt that was hidden beneath it -- a T-shirt that featured a wand and identified the wearer as a "Fairy Godmother."

"Those precious little babies, they are so lucky to have two strong, smart, God-fearing women for role models -- [and, you know], raising two babies on two cops' salaries [is] a heavy lift, [but with] you being a fancy surgeon [and] me being a real estate tycoon, those kids are gonna have everything they need, [so Eli and Lani] couldn't have picked two better women to be the twins' godmothers," Paulina declared. "Well, I can think of another person..." Valerie argued. "Tammy? [She's] already a godmother to my little girl -- well, she's not little anymore, but..." Paulina countered before claiming to have secured Tamara's blessing during a phone conversation the previous night. "Julie," Valerie clarified.

At the Price-Grant apartment, Abe declared that Valerie was "really taking one for the team" -- and Lani and Eli both laughed in agreement. "Aunt Paulina is pushy...[but she's] also a sweetheart, and I just don't want her to get her feelings hurt," Lani fretted. "She set herself up for it -- [she] has to learn that she just can't rush in and take over," Abe argued. "She doesn't always do that --" Lani insisted. "She tried to tell me how to do my job!" Abe countered. "She does have a point about there not being any Black-owned businesses in the square," Eli stressed after Abe elaborated. "[Which is why] I introduced her to the landlord...[but] that's as involved as I'm going to get," Abe responded. "Something tells me that Aunt Paulina is gonna get exactly what she wants -- she always does," Lani mused before stepping aside to take a phone call from Tamara.

After ending the call, Lani told Eli and Abe that Tamara felt really guilty about having to miss the christening but was contractually bound to a tour that had been scheduled a year earlier. "Did [your mom] explain why [your aunt] popped back in your life with no warning?" Eli wondered. "She doesn't have to explain -- I know that's just how [my aunt] is; she swoops on in without a warning, and then she leaves exactly the same way," Lani answered. "That couldn't have been easy for you when you were little," Abe guessed. "I got used to it," Lani insisted before changing the subject, revealing that Paulina had called Tamara the previous night and had spent most of the phone conversation bragging about being Jules's godmother. "Oh, boy..." Eli grumbled. "Right? Your mom has her work cut out for her," Lani summarized.

At the Salem Inn, Paulina told Valerie that Julie, who reportedly hadn't even had any sort of relationship with Eli until just a few years earlier, should be satisfied with being Jules's namesake. Valerie clarified that Julie hadn't even known that Eli existed until just a few years earlier. "[And] that was my doing," Valerie admitted. "[Still]...why should both of the godmothers just come from your side only?" Paulina protested. "That's a good point," Valerie conceded. "Thank you! [So], look, I'm sorry if her feelings are hurt, but she'll just have to accept that Eli and Lani, they want me to be Jules's godmother!" Paulina declared. "[But] that's not what they want," Valerie insisted. "Do so!" Paulina maintained.

Valerie clarified that Eli and Lani had been in the process of naming Julie as Jules's godmother during the recent family gathering at Julie's Place -- and that Paulina had simply misread the situation. "Are you sure?" Paulina wondered. "Positive," Valerie answered. "Why didn't Lani say something?" Paulina asked. "She didn't want to [correct you] in front of everybody... [And now she's busy] getting ready for the christening, [so] I told her I'd come and talk with you," Valerie replied. "[Julie's] no spring chicken -- I mean, how's she gonna be Jules's spiritual guide until she's grown up?" Paulina protested. "Well, I'm sure that Eli and Lani have thought about all that," Valerie reasoned. "And they still want her," Paulina summarized. "They do," Valerie confirmed.

Paulina thanked Valerie for having set the record straight -- then requested some privacy. Valerie hesitated, wanting to give Paulina a ride to the christening -- but the offer was rejected due to fear of humiliation. "Well, Coco, you win -- I'll take off the makeup," Paulina, who had been fighting back tears, grumbled after Valerie left.

At the Horton Town Square, Claire ran into Theo, who was dressed for the christening but was en route to the hospital to deliver a bouquet of flowers to Ciara. "She'll be really happy to see you..." Claire predicted before explaining to Theo that Ciara was suffering from what Marlena had described as "selective amnesia."

At the hospital, Ciara thought about the things that Ben had said during their most recent conversation. "He's the Necktie Killer -- he belongs in a mental hospital or in prison! How could I possibly ever love someone like him?" Ciara wondered with a cringe of disgust.

Ciara soon received a visit from Doug and Julie. "We thought we had lost you forever!" Julie began. "I can't wait 'til your mother finds out [that you're alive]!" Doug raved. "Shawn never got ahold of her?" Ciara translated. "Not yet, sweetheart...but he'll track her down," Julie replied.

"How are you feeling?" Julie wondered. "Well, I'm still a little sore from the surgery, and my head's pretty foggy... [Plus], this really strange thing happened to me yesterday -- [Ben Weston] came to visit me! [And] I was terrified -- I mean, I was alone with him, and I was afraid that he was gonna do something to hurt me -- [but] he told me that he loved me...and that I somehow loved him back! I mean, isn't that the sickest thing you've ever heard? And besides, why isn't he locked up somewhere?" Ciara answered. "There's a lot about Ben you don't know... [For starters], he's had a great deal of medical care -- really, years of therapy -- [and] he's back to being the good person he was when he first came to Salem..." Julie carefully explained while subtly silencing Doug, who clearly wanted to tell Ciara other things about Ben instead.

After leaving the hospital, Doug and Julie headed over to St. Luke's for the christening -- and discussed Ciara's situation on the way. "She's terrified of Ben right now -- she cannot imagine falling in love with a man that has that history," Julie reasoned. "[But] she did fall in love with him, [and she] deserves to know that -- [and] maybe she'd even remember, if we talk about it... [Look], I'm not gonna go against Kayla's orders, but I do not agree with her," Doug countered.

Meanwhile, Ciara received a visit from Theo. "You've healed so well -- you're walking great!" Ciara observed. "Yeah, I was lucky," Theo admitted. "Are you here on vacation?" Ciara wondered. "I came for [a] christening -- I'm actually gonna be the godfather to one of my sister's twins," Theo clarified. "I knew Lani was pregnant, but...twins? I mean, wow, that must have been such a great surprise! [And] the last time I saw Lani and Eli, it seemed like the pregnancy was bringing them together -- I think they'd make a really great couple, don't you?" Ciara raved. "What? Oh... Yeah..." Theo responded.

Theo soon changed the subject, hoping to convince Ciara to give Claire another chance. ''I'll think about it -- but only if you promise to come back and visit me again," Ciara eventually offered. "Deal," Theo agreed. "I hope you know just how happy it makes me to see you again," Ciara stressed, somewhat flirtatiously, as Theo was trying to rush off to the christening.

At the Weston apartment, Ben received a visit from Jake, who had heard that Ciara had been found alive. "You gotta be over the moon!" Jake guessed before realizing that Ben was actually miserable. "It was like a knife in my heart," Ben summarized after explaining everything to Jake. "Ciara will get her memory back -- and I think I know how to make that happen..." Jake declared.

Ben scoffed when Jake began talking about Rolf's memory-jogging serum. "Are you freakin' kidding me? [That] drug's not exactly FDA-approved, man -- I mean, didn't Will Horton have to take [it] on the sly?" Ben protested. "Yeah, he did, so it's not gonna be easy to get your hands on it... [Look, just] forget I even brought it up," Jake tiredly backpedaled. "I told you, Kayla told me that I had to give --" Ben defensively reasoned. "I don't care what Kayla said, dude -- [I only] care about what I saw when you and Ciara were together! She was crazy about you, man -- and she still is, even if her mind's playing tricks on her! So, [on second thought], if there's a magic memory drug for her, that's you, pal -- [and, as] Ciara's husband, you have every legal right to see her!" Jake countered.

"I'm not gonna pressure her [and] have her relapse --" Ben insisted. "Ciara's tough -- are you forgetting that? [She] can handle the truth, so if I were you, I'd be honest with her!" Jake argued. "You are not me!" Ben stressed. "Yeah -- and thank God, 'cause look at you! Who is this guy? You want your wife back? Fight for her!" Jake advised.

At St. Luke's, Jules and Carver's loved ones prepared to start the christening -- then collectively braced for a confrontation when Paulina unexpectedly entered the church and insisted on saying something to Julie. "I'm sorry," Paulina stressed before giving Julie a "Fairy Godmother" T-shirt -- the article of clothing that Paulina had settled on removing to satisfy Coco Chanel's rule about fashion. Julie accepted Paulina's apology, and everyone else breathed a sigh of relief.

Ben went to the hospital to see Ciara. "What are you doing here? I thought I told you to stay away from me! Get out -- now -- or...I swear to God, I'm gonna start screaming!" Ciara snapped. "Go for it, because I'm not going anywhere until you hear what I have to say," Ben countered.

Paulina's daughter, Chanel, arrives in Salem Paulina's daughter, Chanel, arrives in Salem

Thursday, March 25, 2021

by Mike

At St. Luke's, Lani pulled Paulina aside for a private conversation. "I am sorry for not telling you right away, when the misunderstanding happened, that you weren't meant to be Jules's godmother," Lani stressed. "It's not your fault -- no, this is all on me; I was so presumptuous! You know, always the star of my own movies..." Paulina admitted. "Well, you are [still] a star [to me]...and you're always gonna be an important part of the twins' lives [regardless]," Lani insisted while giving Paulina a hug.

Doug approached Paulina as soon as Lani walked away. "Anybody ever tell you [that] you're a silver fox?" Paulina wondered. "Only my wife," Doug answered with a chuckle. "Well, Miss Julie is a lucky, lucky woman!" Paulina declared before admitting to being curious about Doug's age. "95 years young and counting," Doug proudly revealed. "No! Well, whatever you're doing -- and whatever she's doing -- you just keep right on that!" Paulina advised while playfully smacking Doug's left shoulder.

St. Luke's priest, Father Bernard, entered the church just then, ready to start the christening. "It's my honor to be here -- I've never baptized twins before, so this is twice as special," Bernard began before asking each chosen godparent to formally agree to the responsibility. Valerie responded with a promise to always put Carver's needs ahead of everything else -- then jokingly warned of an intention to start spending more time in Salem again. Abe replied with a vow that Carver would receive just as much love and attention as Brandon, Theo, and Lani had always received since they had each entered the picture. Theo responded with a promise to at least try to live up to Abe's lofty example in every interaction with Jules. Julie replied with a vow to shower Jules with affection -- but it was somewhat hidden in the middle of a speech that was longer than all the other answers combined.

"I know the twins' big brother, David Abraham, is up in heaven, looking down on his siblings and welcoming them into their family," Bernard declared while baptizing Jules and Carver. Later, at Julie's Place, Jules and Carver's loved ones kept the celebration going with toasts to the twins and gifts for the twins -- including a signed check from Paulina that was blank for the time being but would eventually display the full amount of the twins' combined college tuition bill. "And you said I was being extravagant..." Julie whispered to Doug as Eli tried to convince Lani to accept the gift. "Eli, we will talk about this at home, in private...[and then, Auntie Paulina], I'll let you know," Lani declared with finality, snatching the check.

Later, as the celebration was ending and the guests were going their separate ways, Paulina privately questioned Julie about the obvious closeness between Abe and Valerie. "They used to be an item," Julie revealed. "Talk about a close-knit family..." Paulina mused before probing for more details. "I don't know the particulars [of the breakup]...but Valerie's seeing someone else now," Julie -- whose information was perhaps outdated -- elaborated. "And Mr. Mayor?" Paulina wondered. "Single," Julie answered. "Interesting..." Paulina muttered.

While passing by the Brady Pub, Tripp received a news alert about Sami's decision to confess to having murdered Charlie. Tripp settled on a nearby bench and read the Spectator's online article about the development with great interest -- then sighed while thinking again about having visited the Dale apartment on the night of the murder.

While passing through the town square, Claire continued a phone conversation with Belle. "I want Ciara to get her memory back, too -- just so things can go back to the way they were," Claire said -- just as a woman of similar age approached and demanded immediate attention. "It's an emergency!" the woman insisted.

Claire hastily wrapped up the phone conversation with Belle then irritably prodded the woman to explain what was going on. "That is the 'emergency'?" Claire snapped after the woman asked for directions to the Salem Inn. "Ugh -- could that sign be any smaller?" the woman grumbled when Claire pointed out that they were standing right in front of the hotel's entrance. "Are you okay?" Claire called out as the woman stormed into the hotel. "No -- I am most definitely not 'okay'!" the woman fretted while continuing to walk away. "Well, that makes two of us..." Claire muttered.

The woman returned a short time later and apologized to Claire for the earlier interruption. "It was rude -- and, had I not been such a hot mess, I would have gave you huge props on what you're wearing," the woman stressed. "Thanks..." Claire muttered. "The sad expression on your face doesn't really go with the great outfit, you know -- I mean, you look like you lost your best friend," the woman advised with a giggle. "I did..." Claire revealed with a sigh. "Oh, my God -- I'm so sorry --" the woman backpedaled. "Oh, she's not dead -- well, we thought she was for a while..." Claire began to explain before deciding to just tell the woman that it was a long story. "I have time," the woman insisted.

"I'm waiting for someone to get back [to] the inn -- which could not be more annoying, because I've been driving for two days straight, [and] what I really need is a king-size bed, a whirlpool bath, and a room-service menu," the woman grumbled. "The Salem Inn has a restaurant --" Claire suggested. "Ugh, girlfriend, no -- the only thing worse than eating alone is drinking alone!" the woman declared before asking if Claire liked Champagne. "It's kind of early..." Claire argued. "That's why they invented mimosas!" the woman countered before trying to further tempt Claire with talk of ordering the best bottle of Champagne that the town square's finest restaurant had to offer. "That sounds like it's gonna be way out of my price range..." Claire admitted. "No worries -- it's on me," the woman promised. "[Then] I guess..." Claire agreed.

Later, when the bottle of Champagne was nearly empty and Claire was finally getting around to determining that the woman was from Miami, Tripp approached and apologized for the interruption then asked the woman for a moment alone with Claire. "This is..." Claire began to explain to Tripp before suddenly realizing that the woman's name had never been revealed. "Chanel -- like my bag," the woman clarified, somewhat flirtatiously.

Chanel headed off in search of another expensive bottle of Champagne, leaving Claire alone with Tripp, who had just found out about Ciara's selective amnesia during a conversation with Roman at the pub. "The last thing [Ciara] remembers about you and me is walking in on us half-naked on the couch right after you two broke up," Claire whispered to Tripp, unaware that Chanel was walking away quite slowly in an effort to eavesdrop. "Say what?" Chanel interjected. "Oh, sorry -- I didn't realize you were listening..." Claire awkwardly admitted to Chanel as Tripp squirmed uncomfortably. "I am now!" Chanel stressed before probing for more details about Tripp and Claire's hookup. "Let' this right now..." Tripp begged. "Oh, we're doing it," Chanel insisted.

Chanel had another bottle of Champagne delivered, and Tripp started drinking as a coping mechanism while Claire was sharing their entire history in graphic detail. Tripp grew even more uncomfortable when Claire got to the part about Charlie. At the end of the story, Chanel tried to rush off without paying for the Champagne -- then feigned ignorance when Claire mentioned their earlier discussion about the inevitable bill. Tripp tried to intervene, not knowing just how expensive the bottles of Champagne were, but Claire insisted that the bill was Chanel's responsibility.

Claire and Chanel started arguing about the matter as Tripp continued trying to keep things civil -- and the argument seemed to be on the verge of getting physical when Eli approached and demanded to know what was going on. While Claire and Chanel were offering Eli two completely different explanations, Lani and Paulina approached with the twins. "Chanel?" Lani began. "You know her?" Eli asked. "I certainly do -- she's my daughter," Paulina replied with a sigh.

At the hospital, Ciara refused to hear Ben out. "Why would I? [After all], you don't know me, and I sure as hell don't know you -- at all!" Ciara reasoned. "Wrong -- again -- Ciara; you do know me...a lot better than you think," Ben countered. "The only thing I know about you is that you're the Necktie Killer!" Ciara insisted. "You know a lot more than that," Ben maintained.

"I'm calling security," Ciara decided. "Wait," Ben advised. "So you can strangle me?" Ciara assumed. "I would never, ever hurt you -- I love you --" Ben stressed. "That is exactly what Claire said, too -- that you 'love' me -- [and I guess] I'm not surprised because she's just as deranged as you are...[but], seriously, suggesting that I somehow love you back -- I mean, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my entire life! [And] when my grandfather was here earlier, I asked him what the hell this is all about, and [even] he didn't know what to say -- he was just confused, and he acted all weird --" Ciara protested. "Probably because [he] didn't know how to tell you --" Ben guessed. "What, that you have some kind of sick obsession with me?" Ciara wondered.

"This is not an 'obsession' -- this is the greatest love that you and I have ever known," Ben clarified. "No, it's not -- I could never love a psychopath like you!" Ciara argued. "You loved me enough to marry me," Ben countered -- and Ciara scoffed in response while eyeing the wedding ring that Ben was wearing. "You're such a liar -- I would never marry someone like you!" Ciara insisted. "You did," Ben maintained before starting to tell Ciara about the wedding ceremony. "Do you hear yourself? You are insane!" Ciara protested. "No -- [or, rather], not anymore," Ben replied.

Ben, who was carrying a backpack, suddenly unzipped the accessory and started to pull something out of it -- and Ciara nervously demanded an explanation. "I knew you weren't gonna believe me about the wedding, so I brought some things to show you," Ben clarified before begging Ciara to take a look at the items -- starting with their wedding photograph. "This is clearly Photoshopped," Ciara decided. "That is real...but there's more proof," Ben countered while producing Ciara's engagement ring. "That's a washer," Ciara protested. "You are exactly right, Mrs. Weston -- [it's] a washer from your dad's motorcycle, because I couldn't wait another day to ask you to be my wife...[but] I also didn't have the money to buy you a diamond, so I asked you if I could use this as a placeholder," Ben explained.

"No -- I crashed my dad's motorcycle; that's why I'm here --" Ciara argued. "You didn't come here after the crash -- you were with me, [and] that crash was the beginning of everything for us; that was the beginning of our love story," Ben clarified before telling Ciara everything -- then wondering if the story had jogged any memories. "I don't remember a single thing," Ciara insisted.

"Then we're gonna keep going, because I got a lot more stuff -- I got newspaper clippings, I have wedding invitations, and..." Ben stressed before producing the copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland that had once belonged to Vincent. "A children's book," Ciara summarized. "Does this mean anything to you?" Ben wondered. "No," Ciara answered. "What about..." Ben continued before producing the copy of Through the Looking Glass that had been retrieved from the wreckage of Vincent's lair. "I know it's the sequel...but I have no clue why you're showing it to me," Ciara replied.

"We don't have some sort of psychic connection!" Ciara insisted with a dismissive scoff after Ben explained the significance of the books. "Yes, we do -- and it defies space, [and] it defies time, [and] it is everything!" Ben maintained. "You're crazy!" Ciara snapped. "I'm not crazy -- [and] I am not gonna give up on you [or] on us, because nothing has ever broken us before, and nothing is gonna break us now, because our love is too damn strong!" Ben countered. "For the last time, I don't love you!" Ciara spat before asking Roman, who had just arrived, to get rid of Ben.

"Let me just show you a few more things --" Ben begged Ciara. "Go -- and take your stupid junk with you!" Ciara ordered Ben. "Leave," Roman gently advised Ben, who reluctantly complied while fighting back tears. "None of what Ben said is true...right, Uncle Roman? [And] be honest," Ciara asked once the coast was clear. "Ben is your husband," Roman replied after a moment of hesitation. "How is that even possible? I mean, I crashed my bike, and then they brought me here -- how did I even have time to get married? I don't get it --" Ciara protested, nearly hyperventilating -- and Roman interrupted with a promise to fetch Kayla then explain everything. After Roman rushed off, Ciara realized that Ben had purposely left behind their wedding photograph and the tattered copy of Through the Looking Glass.

Theo arrived a short time later, while Ciara was staring at the wedding photograph in disbelief. "Are you okay?" Theo began. "Not really," Ciara admitted. "How can I help?" Theo wondered. "Just hold me," Ciara requested. Theo complied, and Ciara managed a smile during their embrace. Meanwhile, at the chapel, Ben fought back tears while saying a prayer.

Sami tells Rafe the truth Sami tells Rafe the truth

Friday, March 26, 2021

Nicole returned home to her apartment after Allie put Henry down for his nap. "How are you doing?" Nicole asked. Allie admitted she was not doing well. "My mom didn't do it," Allie said. "But she confessed," Nicole countered. "To protect me. My mom didn't kill Charlie," Allie said. Allie told Nicole about Sami's confession to Lucas.

"[Sami] didn't shoot [Charlie's dead body] because she hated him so much. She did it to protect me," Allie said. "What a mess," Nicole muttered. Allie explained that Lucas was at the station, working on a solution. "In the meantime, the killer is still out there," Nicole said. Nicole thought about her conversation with Ava the night before Charlie's murder. Nicole announced that she needed to run an errand, and she walked out. "What was that all about?" Allie wondered aloud.

In the police station interrogation room, a frustrated Lucas asked Sami why she had confessed to Charlie's murder. "I had to. Do you know that the gun that killed Charlie Dale was your mother's?" Sami said. "Yes, I know that," Lucas said. Sami told Lucas that Allie had previously stolen the gun. "Yeah, I knew that, too," Lucas said. Sami explained that Rafe believed Allie had stolen the gun again in order to confront Charlie.

"[Allie] told me she did that. She did that. That's exactly what she did, "Lucas confirmed. "Then I did exactly the right thing!" Sami said. Sami said she could not let Allie go to prison. "Allie didn't do it. She didn't kill Charlie," Lucas said. Lucas told Sami that Allie had confessed that she had been unable to go through with killing Charlie. "She's innocent!" Lucas exclaimed.

"How do you know?" Sami asked. Lucas told Sami about his conversation with Allie and her confrontation with Charlie. "So that's how the gun had ended up at [Charlie's] apartment. Then the question is, who did kill Charlie Dale?" Sami asked. Sami told Lucas that Rafe had genuinely wanted to hear Allie's side of things, and Sami said she was relieved that the truth could come out.

"Except for you confessed," Lucas reminded Sami. "I only did it to protect Allie," Sami stressed. When Lucas noted that Sami's confession was perjury, Sami shrugged and noted that Rafe had not believed her confession. "[Rafe] made you stay overnight in jail," Lucas said. Sami argued that since she had confessed to murder, Rafe had not had a choice. "But now you can go find Rafe, and I can unconfess, and then he can go find whoever really did kill Charlie Dale," Sami said.

At the Hernandez home, Rafe returned home and found Ava in the kitchen, cooking lunch. Ava gave Rafe a taste test. "That definitely beats a tuna sandwich at my desk, for sure. Although it does seem like a lot of work for lunch," Rafe said. "I'm trying to butter you up," Ava admitted. Ava thanked Rafe for his hospitality. Suspicious, Rafe asked Ava what she wanted. "I have to make a confession," Ava said.

Ava explained that she no longer had a place to live. With a grimace, Ava admitted that the income she had used to secure her apartment had "not been entirely legit." Rafe smirked. "Mob money," Rafe said. Ava nodded yes. "Now I'm squeaky clean and broke," Ava said. "Sadly, the two often go hand in hand," Rafe countered. Ava promised to get a job, but she asked to stay at Rafe's house a little longer.

"I told you, no pressure, okay? And I mean it. You stay here as long as you like," Rafe said. When Ava asked Rafe if he was sure, Rafe joked that he was happy to have someone in the house that liked to cook.

"I've not met that many good guys in my life, and you are one. And I just want you to know how you've made me feel welcome," Ava said. Rafe chuckled nervously. While Ava prepared a plate, Rafe answered a phone call from Lucas. "I'll be right there," Rafe said. Rafe apologized to Ava, and he asked if he could eat Ava's food for dinner. "What about your lunch?" Ava asked. Rafe shrugged and said he would grab something on the way into work.

While Ava placed a plate for herself on the table, Nicole knocked at the front door. Ava invited Nicole in for lunch. "It smells wonderful, thank you," Nicole said. Ava fixed another plate while Nicole asked if Ava had heard about Sami. Ava said she was not surprised. "I know I'm [Charlie's] mom, but I'm just saying, I understand why she did it," Ava said. "I'm sure any mother in her position would have at least thought about it," Nicole agreed.

Ava asked Nicole what else she had learned. "Sami didn't do it," Nicole blurted out. "She confessed," Ava noted. Nicole explained that Sami had confessed to protect Allie because Allie had been at Charlie's apartment. "Afterward, they both assumed the other one did it," Nicole said. Nicole noted that the killer was still on the loose.

"What exactly are you accusing me of?" Ava asked. "I'm not accusing you of anything," Nicole said. Nicole reminded Ava of what she had said to Nicole the night before Charlie's murder. "You said you brought Charlie into this world, and maybe you should be the one to take him out," Nicole said. "I remember. It wasn't my finest moment," Ava whispered. Nicole asked Ava if she had killed Charlie. Ava thought about the night of Charlie's murder when she had visited his apartment. "Of course not," Ava told Nicole.

When Rafe arrived at the station, he asked Sami if she wanted to make a statement about Charlie's murder. "Not really, because I don't know what actually happened with the actual murder," Sami said. "You don't know what actually happened with the murder you confessed to?" Rafe asked. Sami nodded yes. "You were right, I was covering for Allie, just like you thought," Sami said. When Rafe asked if Allie had killed Charlie, Lucas jumped in and informed Rafe that Allie had told him that she had only confronted Charlie with the gun.

"Doesn't that imply at the very least that [Allie] intended to threaten [Charlie with the gun]?" Rafe asked. "The truth is that she went over there with the intent to kill [Charlie]," Lucas started. "But she couldn't go through with it!" Sami interjected. Sami explained that she had shot Charlie's dead body so that her fingerprints would be on the gun, and the evidence would implicate Sami instead of Allie.

"But now that I know that Allie didn't do it, I don't have to cover for her, and she doesn't have to cover for me, because neither of us did it," Sami said. Sami told Rafe what Allie had confessed to them about her confrontation with Charlie and how Charlie had taken the gun away from Allie. "But before I got there, someone else had to have shown up," Sami said. "So that's her story?" Rafe asked. Rafe noted that the D.A. would find the situation problematic, especially since Sami and Allie had not told the truth in their earlier statements to the police.

"Allie was trying to protect Sami," Lucas said. "And Sami was trying to protect Allie. What a mix-up. Can you believe it?" Rafe said in a mocking tone. Sami reminded Rafe that he had not believed her confession. "It doesn't matter what I believe. C'mon, Sami. You've got to admit to the D.A., judge, jury, this all, I mean, seems a little concocted," Rafe said. Lucas argued that they were telling the truth.

"I wish you would have let Allie finish her story, but now? Now this case is out of my hands," Rafe said. Confused, Sami reminded Rafe that he was the police commissioner. Rafe explained that Sami had obstructed justice, which would annoy the D.A. Angry, Sami argued that the D.A. could not charge her after the D.A. had failed to press charges against Charlie for rape.

"It was out of her jurisdiction," Rafe reminded Sami. "Okay, well, she has no trouble bending the law for her own daughter, does she? And by the way, she should recuse herself. She hates me," Sami argued. Lucas reminded Sami that Rafe was there to help her. Sami calmed down and apologized. "I need you to understand that this is a very serious situation. I cannot just cover up your charges," Rafe said. Sami asked Rafe if he believed her. "Yes," Rafe admitted.

"I'm sorry that I put you in the middle of this," Sami said. "I wish you would have trusted me," Rafe countered. Sami agreed Rafe was right. Rafe announced that he would ask the D.A. to withdraw the confession and to drop the charges. As Sami thanked Rafe, he said, "Just shut up." A weary Rafe walked out. Sami asked Lucas if he wanted to yell at her, too. "No. I'm a lot of things, but I'm not hypocritical," Lucas said. Lucas told Sami that he would have done the same thing in her shoes.

"You did. You went to prison to protect Will. We may have screwed up a lot, but no one can say we don't love our kids," Sami said. Rafe returned. "I tried," Rafe said. Rafe explained that Trask had refused to drop the charges when she had a confession in hand.

Outside the pub, John ran into Abe, and they talked about the christening. "It was a big, big success once we straightened out the issue with who was going to be the godparent," Abe said. Confused, John asked Abe what he meant. Abe told John about the misunderstanding by Lani's Aunt Paulina.

"In the end, Paulina was very gracious about the whole thing," Abe said. Abe told John about Paulina's offer to pay for the twins' college education. "That's pretty generous of her," John said. Abe noted that Paulina was not afraid to be generous with her money. When Abe mentioned Paulina's interest in the storefront in the square, John asked if Paulina intended to stay in town.

"Could be. I mean, she seems determined to want to put her stamp on Salem. Her very unique and distinctive stamp," Abe said. "I got to meet this woman!" John said with a chuckle. Abe noted that Paulina would be quite a presence in town.

In the town square, Chanel, Claire, and Tripp talked and laughed over Champagne. When Chanel rose to leave, Claire reminded her that Chanel had promised to pick up the bill. "When did I say that?" Chanel asked. Claire and Chanel argued, and Claire called over Eli as he passed by the bistro. Claire accused Chanel of running a scam. When Claire explained that Eli was a cop, Chanel claimed that the incident was a misunderstanding.

Chanel attempted to walk away, but Eli stopped her. "Get your hands off me!" Chanel shouted. "Chanel?" Lani said as she rounded the corner with the twins and Paulina. "You know her?" Eli asked. "[Chanel] is my daughter," Paulina said. Paulina asked Eli why he had been "manhandling" her daughter. Eli told Paulina what Claire had said. Claire grabbed the bill and argued, "Do you honestly think me and Tripp would order three bottles of Champagne?" Claire insisted that Chanel had promised to pay, but Chanel denied it.

Eli suggested that Chanel pay the bill, and then they could go somewhere private to talk about it. "I would be happy to, but I can't," Chanel said. When Eli asked why, Chanel explained that Paulina had canceled Chanel's credit cards. Chanel said that when she had learned that Paulina had left town, she had driven to Salem, since she had not been able to buy a plane ticket to follow Paulina. "I've been waiting for you out here," Chanel said. "Ordering Champagne when you knew your credit cards were canceled!" Claire chimed in.

"I was depending on the kindness of strangers," Chanel whispered as she smiled at Claire. "Where's the bill?" Paulina asked. Claire handed it over, and Paulina apologized for the drama. Claire thanked Paulina, and she turned to Chanel. "And just for clarification, you are not depending on our kindness. You were working a con," Claire said. Chanel thanked Claire for hanging out with her, and Claire grumbled that it would never happen again.

After Claire and Tripp walked away, Paulina paid the bill, and Lani introduced Eli to Chanel. "If you've got to be manhandled, it helps if he is hunky," Chanel said as she smiled at Eli. Chanel asked Lani if the babies were the reason why Paulina had traveled to Salem. Chanel flirted with Eli again.

"Chanel, I'm getting you out of here before you make a complete fool out of yourself," Paulina said. "Little late for that, don't you think?" Eli muttered under his breath. Paulina thanked Eli and Lani for including her at the christening. When Eli thanked Paulina again for her gift, Lani added that the gift was far too generous. Curious, Chanel asked about the gift. Paulina explained that she had offered to pay for the twins' college education.

"What? You cut me off without a dime, but you're paying for those babies to go to college?" Chanel yelped. "Let's talk about this later. When you're sober," Paulina whispered. Lani noted that they had not decided anything yet. Paulina asked Chanel to accompany her to her hotel room to talk. "Do you know how humiliating it was to stand there in that store and watch the sales clerk tear up my credit card, smirking at me?" Chanel yelled.

"Let me tell you something about them. They work. They have jobs," Paulina yelled as she pointed at Eli and Lani. Paulina added that when she had offered the tuition, Eli and Lani had thanked her. "Chanel, now you need to learn to do that sometime," Paulina said. As Paulina stomped off into her hotel, Chanel chased after her.

Eli and Lani returned home and settled in on the couch. "I wouldn't want your Aunt Paulina as mad at me as she was her own kid," Eli said. "Considering what [Chanel] did to Claire and Tripp? I'd say she has it coming," Lani said. Eli noted that after what he had seen with Chanel, "There can be such a thing as too much money." Lani countered that she had already given the twins the best by having Eli as their father. With a shake of her head, Lani wondered aloud if it was too late for Chanel to change.

At the Salem Inn, Chanel visited Paulina's room. "I don't think you should have talked to me like that in public," Chanel said. Frustrated, Paulina reminded Chanel that she had asked to speak to Chanel in private, but Chanel had insisted on talking in the square. "You don't listen. Ever. And I finally got it through my thick skull that you don't listen at all to anyone or anything," Paulina said. Paulina called Chanel self-absorbed.

"You hate me," Chanel said quietly. "No. I love you. More than anything in the world," Paulina said. Paulina said she felt she had failed Chanel. When Paulina pointed out that Chanel's stunt with Claire and Tripp had been "low rent," Chanel apologized. "Now that you got caught," Paulina noted. Paulina told Chanel that their dynamic had to change, and Chanel agreed to a budget. "You're going to figure out how to spend your paycheck," Paulina said. Confused, Chanel asked her mother what she meant. Paulina told Chanel that she needed to get a job.

"I don't need [a job]. We're rich," Chanel said. "I'm rich," Paulina corrected. Paulina explained that she had earned her money through work, and she expected Chanel to return to Miami and get a job. "How am I supposed to do that? I don't even have enough money for gas. I'm sorry, if I'm getting cut off, I'm staying right here," Chanel insisted.

When a tipsy Claire and Tripp arrived at Nicole's apartment, Allie asked about Ciara. "That is a long story," Claire groaned. With a chuckle, Allie noted that the news had to be good because it appeared that Tripp and Claire had been partying. "I am so sorry that I accused you of killing Charlie. We saw that your mom confessed," Claire said. Claire noted that she should have known that Sami had been the one to blame, since she had previously taken the law into her own hands. Claire gasped.

"It's okay. It's the truth," Allie said. Allie informed Tripp and Claire that Sami was innocent. "I know I've been drinking, but I thought when someone confessed, that pretty much meant that they were guilty," Claire said. Allie explained that Sami had lied to protect Allie until Sami had learned the truth. "Given who Charlie was and what he did, it's not like there's a lack of suspects," Claire said. "Which one did it?" Allie wondered aloud. Tripp shifted his eyes nervously.

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