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A drunken Xander punched Philip. Kristen ignored Susan. Ben asked Marlena to hypnotize Ciara, but Ciara resisted the idea. "Kristen" asked Brady not to visit the prison for a while. "Susan" told Brady that Chloe had feelings for him. Kate warned Philip not to date Gabi. Theo ran into his old flame Chanel. Rafe exonerated Sami. Tripp told Allie that he had a confession. Jan woke from her coma. Ava told Nicole that she had been with Charlie when he had died. John told Marlena that he remembered a gunshot from the night of Charlie's murder.
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Sami was exonerated, Ava made a confession to Nicole, and Kristen ignored Susan's pleas to switch places again
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Kristen faces a new challenge

Kristen faces a new challenge

Monday, March 29, 2021

by Mike

While passing through the town square, Gabi and Philip discussed Gabi Chic -- which was getting a new website but, thanks to Kate and Jake's recent power play, no longer had a storefront in Salem. "If you'd [just] let me file a complaint --" Gabi begged. "Let it go," Philip advised. "I can't!" Gabi insisted. "We'll find a better space," Philip promised.

"I was thinking the Magnificent Mile," Philip suggested. "I would love to expand to Chicago...but don't you think our flagship store should stay here in Salem?" Gabi argued. "Obviously, we have a lot to talk about -- why don't we do it over dinner," Philip offered. "I...don't know what you have in mind, and I'm still kind of getting over somebody..." Gabi stammered. "Same here -- [so] this would be a business dinner," Philip clarified. "[Except] this isn't just 'business' for me right now -- see, Will and Sonny are raising my daughter, so Gabi Chic is all that I have," Gabi admitted. "I get that," Philip stressed. "[Then] you're okay with helping me take down your mother?" Gabi wondered. "Mom understands that when it comes to business, anything goes," Philip answered. "Good -- then I would love to have dinner with you," Gabi decided.

At the Brady Pub, Roman continued a phone conversation with Kate, who was at the DiMera mansion. "So, Sami plans to recant her confession...[and] you've decided that the D.A. and the police are just gonna go along with that," Roman summarized. "Yes, [because] Rafe is gonna fix things! [Look], it's gonna be fine!" Kate insisted. "From your lips to God's ears... How come I'm always the last one to know everything?" Roman grumbled. "You were the first to know that Rex was in town -- [and] all I got was...'Hi, Mom -- I'm leaving town with my ditzy ex-wife. Goodbye!'" Kate countered.

"God, Roman -- this has not been my favorite day!" Kate admitted. "Yeah -- me, neither..." Roman agreed -- just as Xander stumbled into the pub. "[And] it just got worse..." Roman muttered before saying a quick goodbye to Kate -- who didn't get a chance to respond but, despite being confused, didn't feel like giving the matter much thought.

A few minutes later, Jake found Kate in their darkened bedroom, preparing an ice pack. "Your assistant said you wanted the day off, so I got worried... You feeling sick?" Jake began. "No -- I just have a villain of [a] tension headache from finding out that my gun was used in a murder, Gabi's moving back into the house, and my son blew into town [then left again after] creating total havoc," Kate answered. "Rex?" Jake assumed. "Yeah. [He] reconciled with his ex-wife [right] before she was about to marry Xander [today] -- and, ostensibly, they're going to live happily ever after, but I wouldn't bet the ranch on it; [I mean], Sarah has always been fickle, [but this] whole thing came totally out of nowhere, [and] something isn't right about [it], and I just can't put my finger on it..." Kate elaborated before also fretting about Xander's next move.

"If you're that worried about Rex, I know a couple of guys in Philly who wouldn't mind sending a message to Xander," Jake offered. "You don't even know Rex!" Kate argued. "He's your son -- what more do I need to know?" Jake countered. "Oh, my God -- that's so sweet!" Kate raved. "Only you would find it 'sweet' to sic a couple of leg-breakers on a guy," Jake mused. "People think that we have nothing in common, but deep down, we are oh-so-simpatico," Kate declared. "I'm so glad you finally realize that I'm all about you," Jake admitted. "I do," Kate confirmed before starting to undress Jake, ready to treat the tension headache another way.

Meanwhile, Xander stumbled toward the pub's upstairs bedroom -- then stopped after Roman reported that Sarah and Rex had already left Salem together earlier that day. Xander released a sigh of defeat then demanded a bottle of scotch from Roman, who refused to serve even a bottle of beer to someone who had obviously already had too much to drink. "Oh, you are just a real gift in my life, aren't you?" Xander grumbled, getting right in Roman's face -- but Philip, who had just entered the pub with Gabi, ended up taking Xander's punch instead after trying to intervene.

Roman chased Xander off as Gabi tended to a cut on Philip's upper lip. Xander stumbled over to the nearest liquor store and purchased a bottle of scotch then started drinking again while en route to the Salem Inn -- where Sarah was seemingly waiting, ready to beg for forgiveness and get the wedding ceremony back on track. Xander was thrilled at first -- then grew distraught again when the drunken hallucination suddenly ended.

Meanwhile, Roman apologetically admitted to having had enough excitement for one day -- and Gabi and Philip took the hint, insisting that they could just eat at the DiMera mansion instead of the pub. Upon arriving at the mansion a short time later, Gabi demanded Philip's bloody dress shirt, planning to have it cleaned. Philip, who was also wearing an undershirt, removed the dress shirt after realizing that it would be pointless to try to talk Gabi out of the idea. Philip also accepted further medical care -- and Kate and Jake approached while Gabi was tenderly administering it.

At Basic Black, Brady and Chloe tried to figure out what had prompted Sarah to suddenly dump Xander and get back together with Rex -- an outcome that Chloe and Brady had both wanted but had never truly expected. "How did Maggie react to all this?" Chloe wondered. "She's upset -- [and] this is the last thing she needed, because she's already going through this grim situation with her other daughter," Brady answered.

"And that makes me feel just a little bit guilty about reveling in Xander's misfortune, I suppose..." Brady admitted. "Well, maybe you should!" Chloe suggested. "Hold on -- you feel sorry for him?" Brady asked incredulously. "Actually, I do!" Chloe matter-of-factly replied. "I can't believe you -- [I mean], the fact that you are able to forgive Xander and empathize after everything he put you through... It's amazing," Brady raved. "I haven't 'forgiven' him -- I mean, I haven't [even] 'forgiven' Mimi for things she did to me over 20 years ago -- [but]...I know what it's like to have your heart broken, [and] I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy," Chloe clarified. "I know you had to get over a lot for us to be friends again, and that really means a lot to me," Brady stressed, grasping Chloe's hands. "It means a lot to me, too..." Chloe responded before attempting to confess to having feelings for Brady -- whose cell phone chimed just then.

"Statesville visiting hours have started," Brady explained to Chloe after checking the device, elaborating that Kristen's visitor privileges had been revoked as punishment for the prison break but were supposed to be back in place as of that day. "[Then] you should get going -- [and besides], I have a video chat with Parker [soon, anyway]," Chloe backpedaled, but Brady had heard enough before the interruption to suspect that something was wrong. "Have dinner with us tonight -- at Dad and Marlena's place," Brady insisted in an effort to improve Chloe's mood, adding that it would be a very pleasant meal because Susan hadn't been seen or heard from recently.

Kristen wheeled a large cedar chest into the Evans-Black townhouse while disguised as Susan -- then released a sigh of relief. "Oh, my God -- that was the longest 24 hours of my life..." Kristen grumbled. "Enjoy your life in paradise, Sarah..." Kristen added -- just as Marlena entered the living room.

"Susan -- you're back... [You know], I was a bit concerned when you didn't come home last night -- why didn't you tell me you were staying out?" Marlena began. Forcing a smile and mimicking Susan's voice, Kristen apologized for having worried Marlena -- then claimed to have been acting on a sudden urge to see Roger, who was on tour.

After Marlena stepped into the kitchen to let John know that there would be another mouth to feed at dinnertime, Kristen received a phone call from Susan, who pointed out that it was time for them to end their game. "Gosh -- has it been a month already?" Kristen asked. "Today!" Susan replied. "I need just a little more time --" Kristen begged Susan -- just as Marlena returned.

Kristen immediately started mimicking Susan's voice again, which confused Susan -- whose confusion turned to anger when Kristen said a quick goodbye then hung up without waiting for a response. Kristen continued pretending to be Susan while explaining to Marlena that Roger had just called to check in -- and had needed to be reminded that they could never be together for very long during a tour because only one of them was properly suited for the touring lifestyle. Marlena clearly had questions about the odd situation but didn't get a chance to voice any of them before being summoned to the hospital.

Shortly after Marlena left the townhouse, Chloe arrived -- and Kristen struggled to stay in character as Susan after finding out why Brady wasn't with Chloe. Meanwhile, at Statesville, Brady entered the visitors' lounge -- just as Susan was in the process of complaining aloud, to no one in particular, about how rude and bossy "Ms. Kristen DiMera" had been during their earlier phone conversation.

Vivian helps Susan with Brady

Vivian helps Susan with Brady

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

At the hospital, Ciara and Theo watched cartoons on the television in her room. Ciara suggested that they eat ice cream, and Theo joked about times in the past, when Ciara had eaten all the cookie dough out of his bowl. As Ciara laughed, Theo noted, "You seem to be feeling better." "You mean after everyone told me that I'm married to a serial killer?" Ciara said. Ciara looked at her wedding photo.

"I look at this picture, and I see how happy I am, and I wonder," Ciara started. "How you could have forgotten being in love with Ben?" Theo asked. Ciara shook her head no. "I wonder how I could have married him in the first place. I mean he killed three women. He almost killed Will. He is a psychopath," Ciara said. Ciara argued that there was something seriously wrong with her if she had fallen for Ben. Theo told Ciara that she had visited him in South Africa when she had first started dating Ben.

"I kind of hoped you would have stayed in South Africa, you know, since it would have been cool to hang out with my oldest and maybe best friend," Theo said. "Maybe best friend?" Ciara yelped. Ciara smacked Theo, and he laughed. "But you came back to Salem to be with Ben," Theo said. Ciara asked Theo why he had not stopped her.

"No one stops you from doing exactly what you want, ever," Theo said. Theo stressed that Ciara had been crazy in love with Ben. Ciara asked Theo for his opinion of Ben. "I don't know him well enough to say," Theo admitted. With a sigh, Ciara said she did not care what anyone thought, because she only felt disgust toward Ben.

"I know how confusing this must be, not remembering your life with Ben, but it's not just Ben," Theo said. With a groan, Ciara begged Theo not to mention Claire. Theo reminded Ciara that she had promised to "think about forgiving Claire." Ciara said she could not forgive Claire. "I get that a lot obviously has happened, but all that I have right now, is what I feel. And what I feel is, I still hate Claire for hurting me so much," Ciara said. Theo told Ciara that she and Claire had gotten close again.

"There actually is something that I remember. You always defend Claire," Ciara said. Ciara apologized, and Theo told Ciara she did not need to apologize to him. Ciara asked if her family and friends had been happy about her decision to marry the Necktie Killer. "Most people weren't. Not at first. Especially your mom. But I mean, they all tried to talk you out of it, but you wouldn't listen. You had to have things your way," Theo said. Theo joked that Ciara had always gotten her way. "I'm glad that you remember me," Theo said. "I am glad, too," Ciara agreed.

Down the hallway, Ben met with Marlena in her office to talk about Ciara. "I know how upsetting this is for you, but the amnesia may very well be temporary. We just have to give it some time," Marlena said. "I'm not going to lose my wife again. I can't," Ben said. Marlena cautioned Ben to remember that there was nothing they could do but wait. Ben asked about the drug that Will and Jack had taken to recover their memories.

"Maybe if [Ciara] took it, maybe she will remember who I am," Ben said. "That drug was developed as an antidote for memory loss. Memory loss that was created by an experimental drug. Ciara's amnesia was most likely caused by brain trauma," Marlena said. Hopeful, Ben said that he wanted to proceed if there was a chance it could help. Marlena reminded Ben that there could be harmful side effects to the drug, since it had been developed by Rolf.

"I would never want to put Ciara's health at risk. Even if it kills me," Ben said. Ben talked about his psychic connection to Ciara while she had been held captive. "Now I stand right in front of her face, and she just wants me gone," Ben said. Ben asked Marlena if she could hypnotize Ciara. Marlena was unsure, so Ben reminded her that Ciara hated Claire, too.

"If you won't do this for me, will you do it for your granddaughter?" Ben asked. Marlena sat in silence. Ben asked why Marlena was reluctant. "I couldn't do it without her consent," Marlena said. Ben asked Marlena to talk to Ciara, and Marlena reluctantly agreed.

When Marlena arrived at Ciara's room, Ciara had her head lying on Theo's shoulder as she cuddled up to him on the bed. "Look at you in such good spirits," Marlena commented. Ciara credited Theo with her cheer. While Theo left to get ice cream, Marlena told Ciara that she was happy to see Ciara alive and well. "Alive, but honestly, I'm not so well," Ciara said. Ciara confessed that she did not understand how she had fallen for Ben.

"I can see why you're confused and anxious. That's why I'm here. To see if I can help," Marlena said. When Ciara asked how, Marlena told Ciara that she might be able to help Ciara get her memories back.

While Theo waited for the elevator in the hospital, Ben rounded the corner. "You were with Ciara. How is she?" Ben asked. Theo told Ben that Ciara had not remembered anything new. Ben told Theo that he hoped Marlena would be able to help Ciara remember her life.

In the DiMera living room, a shirtless Philip sat in a chair as Gabi cleaned the wound on his face. "You're an excellent nurse," Philip whispered. A laughing Kate and Jake walked into the room, and they stopped dead in their tracks. "What the hell is going on?" Kate asked. Kate grabbed Philip's shirt from the chair, and she noticed the blood on the collar.

"What did you do to him?" Kate asked Gabi. "You got it all wrong," Philip announced. When Kate asked Gabi if she had hit Philip, Jake snickered. "Of course not!" Gabi said. Philip explained that Xander had punched him, but he was fine.

"There is nothing fine about being half-naked with Gabi Hernandez straddling you," Kate said. Gabi sighed. Philip stressed that Gabi had only given him first aid. "Looked more like a lap dance to me," Kate quipped. "Let's let these two enjoy their evening," Jake suggested to Kate, but she refused to move. Kate asked why Xander had hit Philip.

"Xander was drunk, and being a jerk, so I told him that Philip could take him with one of his hands tied behind his back, and that's when Xander punched him in the face," Gabi explained. "So, there you are. Nothing but trouble," Kate said. When Jake asked why they were at the mansion, Gabi said she had invited Philip to dinner. "This is my place," Gabi said. Jake took Kate's arm to guide her out of the room, but Gabi suggested that Jake and Kate join them for dinner. Jake laughed. Kate refused.

"Why not? We're practically one big happy family, since you and Jake decided not to move out of my house," Gabi said. "You're the competition," Jake said. "In competition!" Kate added. Kate said she had no interest in eating dinner with members of a rival company. "Oh, Kate, don't tell me you're afraid of a little friendly rivalry," Gabi said. Kate threw Philip's shirt at him, and she asked him to help her with the wine. "You used to have such good taste," Kate said.

After Kate walked out, Philip asked if it was safe to leave Gabi and Jake alone together. "I'd hate to ice another bloody lip," Philip joked. "I learned long ago not to turn my back on your new business partner," Jake said. Gabi assured Philip he did not need to worry. After Philip left, Jake smiled. "When you said you were moving on, you weren't kidding," Jake said. Gabi asked Jake if he was jealous. Jake scoffed at the idea.

"You seemed a little more than just cozy with your new business partner," Jake said. "I could do worse than Philip Kiriakis. In fact, I have. Much worse," Gabi said pointedly. Jake chuckled. Jake argued that he and Kate would have the last laugh in their corporate war.

In the foyer, Kate told Philip that she did not care about the wine and that she wanted to talk about Gabi. "You encouraged me to make a deal with her," Philip said. "And I warned you not to get personally involved with her," Kate countered. Philip stressed that he was not interested. Kate argued that Gabi's only interest in Philip was to get back at Kate for dating Jake.

"I'm a man now. I'm capable of making my own decisions. So why don't you worry about DiMera, and I'll worry about Titan," Philip said. Kate and Philip rejoined Jake and Gabi in the living room, and they toasted to competition. "And to whoever comes out on top," Gabi added. The foursome clinked glasses.

At the penthouse, "Susan" was disappointed to answer the front door and see Chloe in the hallway rather than Brady. "[Brady] is meeting me here. He went to the prison to visit Kristen," Chloe said as she walked inside. When "Susan" appeared to be alarmed by the news, Chloe asked what was wrong. "I just think she is going to get a heck of a surprise when Brady shows up," "Susan" said.

While Chloe sat down and worked on her phone, "Susan" commented on how easily Chloe had settled in. "I promised Brady I would finish going over these contracts," Chloe said. "[Brady] invited you to dinner?" "Susan" asked. Chloe confirmed he had. "Susan" suggested that Chloe should help John with dinner, since she had not provided a bottle of wine or a gift. With a nod, Chloe went into the kitchen.

Once Chloe was gone, Kristen dropped her Susan persona and called Vivian's cell phone. Vivian heard the buzzing of the phone under her pillow, and she answered it. "I need your help," Kristen said. "I'm sorry. I'm reading a fascinating book, and I'm just getting to the good part," Vivian said. Frustrated, Kristen warned Vivian not to toy with her. Kristen told Vivian that Brady was at the prison, and she asked Vivian to run interference. Vivian argued that Kristen still owed her.

"Have you come up with anything to break up Jacob and that bitch Kate?" Vivian asked. "I have been a little busy," Kristen growled. "So that's a no?" Vivian asked. Kristen promised to break up Jake and Kate soon. Annoyed, Vivian reminded Kristen that she could go to the visitors' room and tell Brady about the switch with Susan. "You wouldn't!" Kristen said. Vivian warned Kristen not to test her.

"I swear on whatever you want, I will keep my end of the bargain," Kristen promised. After a moment, Vivian agreed. Kristen ordered Vivian to intervene with Brady. "Make sure Susan plays her part," Kristen growled. As Kristen ended her phone call, she turned and saw Chloe standing in the doorway with a cheeseboard. Chloe asked "Susan" who she had talked to on the phone. "Susan" lied and said she had talked to Roger about his tour.

"I heard you say 'Susan needs to play her part.' It didn't sound like you. It sounded like," Chloe said. "Susan" interrupted to confess that she had been role-playing with Roger on the phone. "I've heard enough. I'm going to see if John needs any help in the kitchen," Chloe said. "Susan" asked Chloe to stay and talk to her about Chloe's feelings for Brady. Chloe admitted that she had almost confessed her feelings to Brady. When "Susan" asked Chloe why she had stopped herself, Chloe explained that Brady had been on his way to see Kristen.

"I just really didn't think it was appropriate timing for me to tell him about my feelings for him," Chloe said. "Susan" reminded Chloe that Chloe had said that Kristen was a mean person. "So, when are you going to make your move, girlie?" "Susan" asked. Chloe said that she felt safe with Brady. "We can really be our true selves around each other -- I think that's why it is so perfect," Chloe said. "It's too bad he is already taken," "Susan" said. Chloe agreed.

"Brady is so sweet and kind and patient, and well, Kristen, she is just such a mess," Chloe said. "Excuse me," "Susan" blurted out. Chloe noted that Kristen was selfish and could not control her temper. "Susan" fidgeted with discomfort as she bit her tongue. As Chloe wondered aloud about Brady's future if Kristen remained in jail, "Susan" gripped the cheese knife tightly in her hand. While Chloe returned to the kitchen, "Susan" stabbed the cheese.

Susan muttered to herself about Kristen as she sat in the visitors' room at the prison. "Kristen?" Brady called out as he walked in. Susan switched into her Kristen voice, and she asked Brady why he was there. "I came to see you," Brady said. Flustered, "Kristen" squirmed until Brady pointed out that she appeared jittery. "I was hoping you'd be happy to see me," Brady said. "Kristen" explained that it had been "so long" since she had last seen Brady. Brady apologized, and he explained that he had been delayed by his recovery from the shooting. When Brady added that he was busy at work with Chloe, "Kristen" scoffed.

"[Chloe] is the reason I'm locked up in here," "Kristen" said. Confused, Brady reminded "Kristen" that she was in prison because she had confessed to stabbing Victor. "I'm just really confused," "Kristen" grumbled. Brady added that Kristen's sentence had been extended because of her escape and threats against Chloe.

"You certainly are protective of her," "Kristen" complained. "These are just facts, and, for the record, I am only friends with Chloe," Brady said. "Kristen" said that she knew for a fact that Chloe had a romantic interest in Brady. "How could you possibly know?" Brady asked. Susan thought about what Kristen had told her. "A woman just knows these things," "Kristen" told Brady. Brady told "Kristen" that he wanted to focus on her. When Brady reached for "Kristen's" hand, he saw that she had a license plate on the table underneath it.

"What's this?" Brady asked as he grabbed the license plate that Susan had made for Roger. Brady asked, "Who's the King?" As "Kristen" stammered that the answer was obvious, Vivian walked into the room. "We were actually in the middle of a private conversation," Brady said. Vivian sat down at the table with Brady and "Kristen." When "Kristen" mentioned the license plate, Vivian lied and said that "Kristen" had made the plate because Brady was "the king of your heart." Brady cocked his head in confusion.

"Words can't describe how much I love you," "Kristen" said. Brady thanked "Kristen" for the plate, and he asked Vivian to leave. "I hate to bust your bubble, but I'm not the one going. Kristen is," Vivian said. Vivian explained that "Kristen" was due in metal shop. Concerned, Brady said they had not talked or looked at pictures of Rachel yet. "Kristen" perked up, but Vivian told Brady, "Maybe next time." Vivian hinted that "Kristen" had news for Brady.

"You told me that you thought it would be best if [Brady] wouldn't come in a while to visit you," Vivian said. "Kristen" lied and said she had not told Brady yet, because she had not wanted to hurt Brady's feelings. "I'm going to really, really miss you," "Kristen" said. "She really doesn't think you should be here for a while," Vivian chimed in.

Worried, Brady asked "Kristen" if she wanted him to stay away. "It's not what I want exactly," "Kristen" said. "She really feels this is the best thing," Vivian said. When Brady asked why, "Kristen" said she wanted Brady to focus on Rachel without the distraction of prison. "I need to focus on my penance," "Kristen" said.

"No. I love you, and I want to be here to support you," Brady said. Vivian told Brady not to worry. "[Kristen] has me to lean on," Vivian said. Brady argued that Vivian and Kristen hated one another. Vivian laughed. "I have a lot of people I hate much more than I do this lady," Vivian said with a smile. "Kristen" smiled back at Vivian. Brady asked "Kristen" if she was serious. With a nod of her head, "Kristen" said she needed to focus on herself.

"I'm going to miss you," "Kristen" said. "I'm going to miss you, too. Okay, honey, if that's what you want. If that's what you need," Brady said. Brady asked "Kristen" if he would see her in a couple weeks. With a shrug, "Kristen" said it might be longer, but then she would want to see him every day. "If time is what you need, then I'll give that to you," Brady said. Brady thanked "Kristen" for the license plate, but she grabbed it from Brady's hand. "Kristen" explained that the license plate was to remind her of Brady. After Brady left, Susan and Vivian both groaned. Susan thanked Vivian for her help.

At the penthouse, Kristen frantically called Susan at the prison to talk to her about Brady's visit. "I need to know that Brady didn't find out my secret," Kristen said in her normal voice. The front door closed. Kristen turned around and saw Brady stare at her suspiciously.

Marlena talks to Ciara about hypnotherapy

Marlena talks to Ciara about hypnotherapy

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

by Mike

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Kristen jumped back into character as Susan and nervously wondered how long Brady had been standing at the front door. "[Long enough to know that] you're keeping something from me," Brady answered before demanding an explanation, making Kristen even more nervous. Kristen struggled to stay in character as Susan while trying to think of a way out of the predicament -- and ultimately decided to claim that the secret was that Chloe had feelings for Brady, who found that hard to believe.

Later, Brady privately told Chloe about what had happened earlier at Statesville. "I'm sorry," Chloe stressed while placing a comforting hand on Brady's left knee. "If there's anything I can do..." Chloe offered -- but Brady pulled away and requested some space. "Of course..." Chloe conceded, clearly confused -- and an eavesdropping Kristen, who had advised Brady to take that course of action during an earlier performance as Susan, smirked triumphantly as Chloe exited the townhouse. Kristen rejoined Brady, still in character as Susan, and dismissively insisted that Chloe would eventually get over the rejection.

At the Brady house, Belle finished reading the Spectator's online article about Sami's decision to confess to having murdered Charlie. "Not exactly what I would have recommended if I was still representing you, Sami..." Belle muttered -- just as Claire staggered into the living room. "Ugh... Mom, help me... We don't have any aspirin -- please tell me you have some in your bag..." Claire begged between groans of pain. "Coming down with something?" Belle assumed. "Champagne hangover," Claire explained. "In the middle of the day?" Belle asked incredulously. "Don't blame me -- blame Chanel," Claire defensively replied.

Belle produced a bottle of aspirin and handed it over as Claire began to elaborate. "Is getting drunk in the middle of the day gonna be a thing for you?" Belle worriedly challenged Claire at the end of the tale. "No -- [but] it did feel kind of good to blow off some steam," Claire responded. "Because of Ciara," Belle guessed. "Yeah -- it just makes me really sad that, after everything we went through to become friends again, she's just back to hating me," Claire confirmed, prompting Belle to offer a hug of comfort.

At the Salem Inn, Chanel pulled a chair over to the room-service cart that had just been delivered to Paulina's suite. "Hair of the dog..." Chanel raved while filling a glass with Champagne -- just as Paulina, who had been running errands, returned and demanded to know what else had been ordered. "Caviar, filet mignon, cracked crabs, asparagus with hollandaise...oh, and a chocolate mousse for dessert," Chanel shamelessly revealed. "[Well], this is my room, [so] this is my dinner," Paulina declared with finality, annoying Chanel.

"I cut off your credit cards because your spending was out of control -- [I mean], wine touring at chateaus in Europe, [and] glamping safaris in South Africa, [and] a carnival in Rio -- [and] you're not even sorry!" Paulina grumbled. "Sorry for what -- that I had a good time [and] saw the world [while] I broadened my horizons? Isn't that what you gave me the cards for in the first place?" Chanel countered. "Maybe it was...but, baby, that party is over! [Look], you need to learn responsibility -- it's time for you to make your own way!" Paulina argued.

"So, you leave your daughter to sink or swim, but you're covering college for a niece and nephew you barely know? [I mean], how is that fair?" Chanel protested. "It's fair because it's my money [that] I worked [hard] to get, [and] I spend it the way I want to -- and I don't want to spend any more money on a lazy ingrate like you!" Paulina reasoned. "I don't need to be reminded of how much you worked -- [because that's why] I spent my life in daycare and with nannies!" Chanel grumbled. "Oh, I just tried to do the best I could to give you a good life --" Paulina explained. "I would have rather had you!" Chanel stressed.

"You think that I didn't want to spend more time with my little girl? [Trust me, I wanted that] more than anything in this world --" Paulina insisted. "Maybe not 'anything'..." Chanel muttered. "[But] your father was gone, [so] I had to put a roof over our heads and some food on the table --" Paulina reasoned. "It didn't have to be caviar!" Chanel argued. "No...but I could afford it, [and] I just wanted to spoil you -- I thought it would show you how much I loved you," Paulina countered. "Well, it showed me something..." Chanel grumbled. "I am not pretending to be the best mom -- I could have been more hands-on, and it's definitely my fault that you don't understand the value of money -- but that needs to change," Paulina concluded. "Starting tomorrow?" Chanel begged. "No!" Paulina snapped, prompting Chanel to storm out of the suite.

At the hospital, Ben informed Theo that Marlena had agreed to offer Ciara the option of undergoing hypnotherapy as a treatment for selective amnesia. Ben was hopeful that Ciara would agree to accept Marlena's help, but Theo suspected that the offer would be declined. "[Ciara] refuses to accept that she even could..." Theo tried to explain. "'Love a serial killer' -- is that what you just couldn't bring yourself to say?" Ben snapped. "Well...I was trying to be tactful --" Theo explained. "You don't have to be 'tactful' [because] that's not me -- I am not that guy anymore, man," Ben insisted.

"Did you bother even trying to tell her that? Did you stick up for me at all, Theo?" Ben wondered. "No -- actually, I didn't," Theo admitted. "Instead, you just decided to throw me under the bus -- you told Ciara that she shouldn't be with me," Ben guessed. "I didn't tell her anything -- she's scared, and I was [just] being a supportive friend," Theo clarified. "A 'supportive friend' would be supporting her marriage!" Ben argued. "Why should I? I don't even know you!" Theo reasoned. "You know damn well [that] I love Ciara [and that] she loves me," Ben insisted. "Do I? 'Cause I wasn't around when you two were together," Theo countered. "She came and visited you all the way in South Africa -- I'm sure she would have told you how she felt about me," Ben protested. "[That's] different [than] seeing it in person," Theo explained.

"My dad -- and everyone else -- tells me you have [changed, but] I [still] don't know this version of you," Theo stressed. "Look, I know how much you mean to Ciara, so I will do whatever it takes to prove myself to you...but I would hope that you're gonna be a good enough friend to try and convince Ciara to retrieve her memories," Ben responded. "Honestly, I'm just glad that I can have my best friend back," Theo noncommittally declared before rushing off in search of ice cream for Ciara, leaving Ben confused and concerned.

Meanwhile, Marlena explained to Ciara that hypnotherapy was one of the available treatment methods for patients with selective amnesia. "Marlena, I appreciate you trying to help me, but...why would I want to remember Ben Weston somehow duping me into falling in love with him?" Ciara protested. "You weren't 'duped' -- that love was real. [Listen], the truth is, you were very wary of him in the beginning -- as you should have been -- but then you spent more time with him, and you got to know each other, fell in love," Marlena clarified.

"How could I fall in love with a man who killed three women -- [and] tried to kill Will?" Ciara wondered. "[Ben] was having a hard time...but he took medication, and he worked so hard on himself, and he became the man that you fell in love with -- [and], odd as it seems, I believe in him, [too]," Marlena answered. "[But] can someone like that ever really get better?" Ciara asked skeptically. "Ben did -- if he hadn't, I never would have advocated for his release from Bayview, and I certainly would not have been in favor of your relationship with him," Marlena confidently replied.

"Honestly, it's like you're telling me about someone else's life," Ciara admitted. "Don't you want to remember it -- all the things that have happened that you've missed? The friendships, the fun, the weddings, the dances, the parties -- everything?" Marlena wondered before deciding not to press the matter any further for the time being.

Marlena said goodbye to Ciara then tracked down Ben. "I did the best I could," Marlena summarized with an apologetic shrug. "Thank you for trying," Ben responded, clearly disappointed. "I'm not giving up on her," Marlena assured Ben, who nodded then walked away -- just as Belle exited a nearby elevator.

"Are you okay? I saw the news that Sami confessed," Belle began while greeting Marlena with a hug. "Yes, she did...[but] then she recanted," Marlena clarified before telling Belle the whole story. "So, the real killer's still out there," Belle summarized. "Yeah -- and the police have some leads, [but] I haven't heard any specific names yet," Marlena responded. "Hmm... Well, anyway, I'm here to see Ciara -- Claire's a mess, and I thought maybe I could help," Belle explained, prompting Marlena to provide an update on Ciara's situation.

While passing through the town square, Chanel bumped into Theo, who was annoyed at first -- then stunned into silence. "Why are you in Salem? You didn't come here looking for me...right?" Theo eventually challenged Chanel. "Someone has a high opinion of himself..." Chanel countered. "Sorry -- I just thought that --" Theo stammered. "I'm kidding -- and, no, I'm not a stalker; I had no idea you were here," Chanel clarified.

Theo and Chanel were each surprised to learn that the other had family in Salem. Theo tried to find out more about Chanel's family, but Chanel was more interested in finding out what Theo had been up to since they had last seen each other in South Africa. "When you broke up with me," Theo summarized. "It was mutual -- and we're still friends, right?" Chanel countered. "Yeah, I guess -- I mean, we did agree, 'no hard feelings'..." Theo conceded. "It's so good to see a friendly face -- I missed you..." Chanel flirtatiously declared before trying to get a free dinner out of Theo, who declined with an explanation about needing to get back to the hospital to see a friend. After Theo left, Chanel returned to Paulina's suite -- and Paulina, realizing that Chanel was upset about something besides their earlier argument, made things a bit better with an offer of leftover crab.

Ben went to the Brady house to update Claire on Ciara's situation. "If it makes you feel any better, my mom's gone to see her -- she's making a case for me...and, hopefully, you, too," Claire revealed, grasping Ben's hands. "This can't be permanent, Claire -- she has to remember me!" Ben fretted.

At the hospital, Belle wrapped up a conversation with Ciara then tracked down Marlena and summarized that the idea of hypnotherapy was definitely being considered. "She said she wants to remember how close she was with Claire!" Belle raved. "What about Ben?" Marlena wondered. "Uh...that, I'm not so sure about..." Belle admitted.

Jan emerges from her coma

Jan emerges from her coma

Thursday, April 1, 2021

by Mike

Sand flowed from the top of an hourglass to the bottom as Jan struggled to process what Shawn was saying. "I was in a coma for a whole year? No wonder I feel rested..." Jan eventually responded. "[Well], this isn't your first coma, [remember...and] the last one lasted fifteen years, [so] compared to that one, this one must have felt like a catnap," Shawn teasingly guessed.

"[And] you've been turning that [hourglass] over every day since I went into the coma? Have you been beside me, month after lonely month, for a whole year, praying that I'd wake up when the sand ran out?" Jan excitedly challenged Shawn. "Uh...actually, I use it to remind myself to put money in the meter -- I mean, I hate parking tickets, so..." Shawn clarified, giving Jan an apologetic shrug.

"Oh..." Jan grumbled. "I'm here, actually, [because] I need to take your statement -- [you know], about the incident [that] put you in a coma," Shawn explained. "John Black -- he went nuts at our wedding, and he attacked me, [and] he had his hands around my throat, and he kept squeezing, and then everything went black... I mean, he was strangling me -- he almost killed me!" Jan recalled. "Yeah, but you made it -- you're gonna be fine." Shawn dismissively argued. "No -- what he did was a crime, [and] I want to press charges!" Jan firmly countered. "Okay, you're more than welcome to do that...but it's not gonna get you anywhere, [because] John's fate has already been sealed," Shawn began to explain to Jan.

Sami entered Statesville's execution chamber and greeted John, who was strapped to a gurney and connected to an I.V. line. "What are you doing here?" John wondered. "You're being executed, aren't you? [Well], you need an executioner for that...[and] I applied for the job the second you landed on death row -- if anyone's gonna put you down like a dog, it's going to be me," Sami answered.

"Oh, come on, Samantha Gene -- you can't do that [to me]; I've always loved you like a daughter!" John protested. "Really? Did you lob a cactus at [Belle's head and tell her] that you think she's a 'mean, nasty bitch'?" Sami countered. "Oh, that... That was just because, you know, I wasn't in my right mind --" John dismissively reasoned. "Right, [because of] the aneurysm -- yeah, I remember that tired, boring excuse...[but] it did not work for you in the trial, and it is not gonna work for you here," Sami skeptically declared. "Actually, it was the truth," John insisted. "You want to talk about the truth? 'Cause I do!" Sami snapped.

"I despise you!" Sami spat. "No!" John dismissively protested. "Yes, John! You try walking in on your mom doing the horizontal mambo on a conference room table -- how do you think you'd feel about the guy [after that]?" Sami bitterly countered. "I thought we worked through all that --" John admitted. "You decided that we'd 'worked through' it -- not me! That is an image that is burned into my mind forever, and it still makes me nauseous! You broke up my mom and dad [and] destroyed our family -- [and then] you destroyed her! My mother is dead, you bastard -- and it is all your fault!" Sami snapped.

Jan again struggled to process what Shawn was saying. "[John] choked Marlena to death, like he tried to do to me -- [and now he's] going to be executed," Jan incredulously summarized. "Yep -- today, as a matter of fact. [You know], the media wanted to name him 'The Salem Strangler'...[but] that was already taken, [so]..." Shawn dryly elaborated. "This town has been home to way too many serial killers," Jan acknowledged. "Yeah, well, it keeps me in a job -- a guy's gotta make a living," Shawn declared. "Poor Belle -- I mean, she must be beside herself with grief... I'm surprised you're not with her," Jan mused. "Belle and I aren't together anymore," Shawn admitted. "Really? I want to hear all about it -- don't leave anything out!" Jan begged.

Claire entered the Evans-Black townhouse and cringed at the sight of Belle and Philip, who were kissing passionately in the middle of the living room. "You need to get a room -- you're like two horny teenagers!" Claire complained. "We're just in the honeymoon phase still," Belle explained. "Give us a break, Claire -- you know your mom had to fly off to meet with the governor," Philip stressed. "And you were alone for...what was it, one night?" Claire countered. "[Anyway...Mom], did you manage to get a stay of execution for Grandpa John?" Claire continued. "The governor is thinking about it...[and] the fact that he didn't say no makes me very hopeful," Belle responded before saying goodbye to Claire and Philip then rushing off to Statesville to see John.

Philip offered to make breakfast for Claire. "Really?" Claire asked incredulously. "That's what fathers do for their kids -- 'woke' fathers, anyway," Philip matter-of-factly replied. "I'm still getting used to that..." Claire admitted. "It was the saddest day of my life when I had to tell you I wasn't your daddy...[but] one of the happiest days [was] when I found out that you were really mine, [after all] -- and now me and your mother are back together, [and] I still can't believe we're finally a family again!" Philip declared. "About that... [You know], Pop-Pop made you CEO of the family business, and if you can't pull strings for your own daughter...I mean, who can you pull strings for?" Claire reasoned as a way of starting to ask Philip for a favor.

While passing through the town square, Xander spotted Chloe, who was somewhat unkempt and was wearing oversized black-rimmed glasses and black clothes. "Mind if I ask why you're dressed up like that?" Xander began. "I was just about to ask you the same thing," Chloe admitted to Xander, who was dressed as a priest.

"You...look like a ghoul..." Xander observed. "That's the whole point, you big dummy -- this is my pop star persona!" Chloe explained. "Pop star?" Xander incredulously repeated. "'Ghoul Girl'! [Come on] -- where have you been? I've had three number-one hits in this past year! I just came back from a sold-out tour! They say I'm better than Billie Eilish!" Chloe tiredly elaborated. "I had no idea," Xander admitted. "Obviously..." Chloe muttered.

"[Anyway], what about you -- what's with the getup? Oh, wait, let me guess -- after Sarah dumped you, you gave up all women and became a priest," Chloe dryly challenged Xander -- just as Bonnie approached, dressed as a nun. "What the hell..." Chloe stammered. "When [Justin and I] the sack...he kept calling me 'Adrienne' -- [and] that's not something you can laugh off [forever]..." Bonnie explained before promising to pray for Chloe, whose look suggested a need for divine intervention, then heading off to the nearby Salem Inn with Xander.

Philip protested that doing a favor for Claire would basically be an act of nepotism. "So? [Look], I have been working really, really hard to be a good assistant for Chloe -- I have done everything that she's asked me to do -- and the thing is that when she hired me, she promised to let me be feature vocalist on her next album, and now she keeps blowing me off --" Claire argued. "She's the one with the recording contract -- it's her album..." Philip stressed. "But you are her producer --" Claire countered. "I think it would go better for you [if you] work out this problem with Chloe yourself," Philip advised.

"What 'problem'?" Chloe, who had just entered the townhouse, demanded to know. "A little while back, you promised you'd let me sing on your next album, and every time I've tried to book time in the studio with you, you've kind of just blown me off just a little bit..." Claire stammered. "Oh, well, I've been really busy, but I will be happy to put something in the soon as you get my special herbal tea from the square," Chloe ordered Claire. "I will be right back!" Claire promised. "I thought she'd never leave," Chloe admitted to Philip once the coast was clear.

"I was hoping that you and I could have a little private session of our own," Chloe explained while undressing Philip. "I'm married to Belle -- [and] she's your friend, [so] how could you betray her like this?" Philip protested after pulling away from Chloe. "Oh, please -- like she has any right to judge me, [given] the amount of times she's cheated..." Chloe argued. "Okay, maybe not...but I still don't get it -- you said you weren't interested in me!" Philip stressed. "Yeah, well...that was then; this is now. See, ever since I reassumed this 'Ghoul Girl' persona, it's just made me think of our high school days, and how much in love we were, and how we couldn't keep our hands off each other, and I just want that kind of passion again -- don't you?" Chloe reasoned. "When you put it that way..." Philip conceded while undressing Chloe.

Bonnie started undressing Xander as soon as they entered their hotel room -- but Xander eventually pulled away and admitted that Bonnie's role-play fantasy wasn't that appealing. "You promised me that we could redo the Father Eric-Kristen DiMera sex video, [so] be a good boy toy and do what mama wants!" Bonnie demanded, but Xander still wasn't feeling it -- so they traded costumes to further spice things up.

Jan yet again struggled to process what Shawn was saying. "I'm so sorry, [Shawn...but] I did try to warn you that Belle didn't truly love you -- not like I did... [After all], did she ever dress up like an old woman to lure you into a trap? I don't think so! [And] did she ever put you into a baseball uniform or handcuff you to a bed or lock you in a cage, just for the chance to be with you? No! [See], I put in the work, [and] all she ever did was take you for granted! [I mean], you deserve so much better!" Jan eventually declared. "Yeah, I know... [I mean, as soon as] Belle found out [that Claire was actually Philip's daughter], she went running to him -- that was the excuse she was looking for," Shawn bitterly admitted.

Claire arrived a short time later, while Shawn was revealing other things that had happened in Salem during Jan's coma -- including Jack's discovery of a long-lost daughter and Vivian's latest return from the dead, neither of which seemed that interesting to Jan, at least by Salem's standards. "Hey, Dad -- I mean, Shawn... Still getting used to that..." Claire began. "So am I," Shawn replied before leaving so Claire could have some time alone with Jan. "I figured you hated me..." Jan admitted. "We've had our ups and downs...but we're still friends -- and I could really use a friend right about now --" Claire began to explain. "Because they're about to fry your grandpa," Jan guessed. "I will be lost without him...but, no, that is not why I'm here; [actually], I need some information about an old enemy of yours..." Claire started to elaborate.

Claire rushed off after getting some advice from Jan about the best way to handle Chloe -- and Shawn returned a short time later, wearing a baseball uniform. "You were right before -- never, ever has anybody loved me that way that you have, and that's a very attractive quality, [and] I've been in denial this whole time, [but] now I just think that I've got to admit [that] I've got feelings for you...[and] I think it's about time that you and I give it a try," Shawn explained to Jan before offering a pair of handcuffs as an engagement ring of sorts. "Batter up, baby!" Jan agreed -- and, a short time later, Shawn was half-naked and handcuffed to the hospital bed, eagerly waiting to seal the deal with Jan, who was confident about being up to the task despite having just emerged from a coma.

Claire returned to the Evans-Black townhouse just as Philip and Chloe finished getting dressed. Oblivious, Claire handed a cup of herbal tea to Chloe -- who dropped dead after gulping down the drink. Claire offered to take ownership of the "Ghoul Girl" persona, and Philip happily accepted the offer.

At the Brady Pub, Steve watched in awe as Kayla ate. "Do you happen to remember the number of the rectory at St. Luke's, [Sweetness]? I was wondering if they still give the priests training to do exorcisms...[because] the way you're scarfing down that breakfast, it's like you're possessed or something," Steve eventually declared. "Oh, come on -- cut me some slack! I'm eating for two now, remember?" Kayla defensively countered.

"I remember," Steve confirmed while patting Kayla's massive baby bump. "You know, this pregnancy has not been easy! I see the way that people look at me, [and] I know what they're thinking -- 'How can that woman have a baby at her age?' And I would try to explain it to them, but then I would just be a pregnant woman who's crazy!" Kayla fretted. "I'm sorry, baby -- I know you don't like me to tease you [about this]. Plenty of women your age have babies by in vitro these days, [though] --" Steve tried to respond. "Uh, no, they don't -- and [besides], you and I both know this is not your garden-variety in vitro; a mad scientist implanted a clone inside of me, [and now] I'm about to give birth to Stefano DiMera!" Kayla countered.

"Do you ever regret not terminating this pregnancy?" Steve wondered. "I just couldn't do it -- once I felt him kick, I just thought...maybe it'd be nice to have another baby around the house. [And besides], he's gonna be born an innocent little baby, like everybody else -- and maybe [his life] will turn out differently [this time] because he'll have us as his parents," Kayla answered. "I don't know -- he's still from the same gene pool --" Steve began to argue -- just as Kayla's water broke. "We're about to find out if our little experiment of 'nurture versus nature' works..." Kayla declared. "Let me get you to the hospital --" Steve offered. "No time!" Kayla insisted.

"I don't remember any of our other babies being born with a goatee..." Kayla mused after Steve helped deliver the baby. "Stefano, if you think that I'm gonna breastfeed you, think again!" Kayla snapped when Stefano started crying, prompting Steve to rush off in search of baby formula and a bottle.

Steve returned a short time later with the supplies. "You're not gonna believe this, but...I laid [Stefano] down [then] looked away for a second, and when I looked back, he was toddling out the door like some...slimy sea monkey! [Look], maybe Rolf did something to him when he created him -- maybe he did something that allowed him to age quicker -- but all I know is that we need to find him before he hits his prime!" Kayla fretted.

John apologized to Sami for having caused Marlena's death. "I don't remember any of [it] -- one minute, we were just sitting there, [and] I was feeding her strawberries and whipped cream...and the next minute, she was just lying there dead on the floor..." John tried to explain. "Okay, first of all, the 'strawberries and cream' thing is disgusting -- it always has been, and everyone thinks so! And in the second place, nobody believes your story -- not the jury, and certainly not me! You decided that my mom was cheating on you with my dad, and you made her pay!" Sami countered.

"Sami, shut up!" Belle, who had just entered the execution chamber, snapped. "Oh, look who made it in time -- it's Stink! You get to see me shoot your dad up with a needle full of poison!" Sami raved. "You'll do no such thing!" Belle insisted before stepping aside to take a phone call from the governor.

"Tink?" John begged after Belle ended the call. "I'm just so sorry, Dad..." Belle stammered, fighting back tears. "Yes!" Sami raved. "I knew I should have hired Carrie..." John grumbled. "Any last words?" Sami wondered. "I love you and your brothers so much -- even though those bums were too busy to come and say goodbye..." John said to Belle. "I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart...that you really are a mean, nasty little --" John said to Sami, who interrupted before any more words could be uttered.

"Stop the execution!" Marlena, who had just entered the execution chamber, demanded before Sami could begin administering John's lethal injection. "I don't understand -- I tried to revive you, and I couldn't... Did Dr. Rolf bring you back?" John guessed. "No -- you see, the person you killed was Hattie Adams; [she had] kidnapped me [and] threw me down a well because she wanted to take over my life...again...[but] I couldn't let that happen, [so] I fought it for so many months [until], finally, I kicked and clawed and scratched my way out so I could make my way back to you to save you from...whatever you've gotten yourself into this time," Marlena clarified. "Well, I'll be damned..." Sami muttered.

"[But, John], you did still actually kill a woman..." Sami stressed. "What's the big deal -- it's just Hattie Adams!" John countered, and Sami conceded the point then canceled John's execution -- and administered the lethal injection to Belle instead. "That felt good..." Sami admitted before rushing off -- and John and Marlena were too busy making out to notice Belle's death.

Kayla and Steve burst into the DiMera mansion in search of Stefano -- but found only a baby blanket there. Steve and Kayla stared at the original Stefano's portrait while wondering where the new Stefano could be hiding.

Instead of continuing to search for Stefano, Steve and Kayla turned to the camera -- and, after a brief pause, Kayla nudged Steve impatiently. "You were supposed to wink!" Kayla reminded Steve. "I did wink!" Steve assured Kayla. "With the other eye!" Kayla clarified. "Oh, right..." Steve agreed before complying. "April Fools'!" Kayla and Steve said in unison -- but then...

Shawn joined Belle at the hospital. "I got here as fast as I could -- is it true?" Shawn began. "Unfortunately, yes -- Jan Spears is waking up from her coma..." Belle confirmed.

Ava confesses to Nicole

Ava confesses to Nicole

Friday, April 2, 2021

In the hallway outside Jan's room, Shawn met up with Belle. "Is it true?" Shawn asked. "Unfortunately, yes. Jan Spears is waking up from her coma," Belle said. "I'm looking forward to making this arrest after what she did to you," Shawn said. With a sigh, Belle said she did not want to think about the day Jan had attacked her.

"Jan's a genius at making things worse than you could ever imagine," Shawn said. "Not just for us -- for everyone," Belle said. Shawn promised Belle that he would arrest Jan and that Jan would never be able to hurt them again. Belle talked about the night Jan had attacked her, and Shawn assured Belle that he would arrest Jan.

Dr. Snyder introduced himself to Belle and Shawn as Jan's doctor. "What's going on?" Belle asked. "Miss Spears is awake and alert," Dr. Snyder said. Belle asked if Jan had suffered any brain damage. Dr. Snyder said that he needed to do tests. "[Jan] is lucid, and her speech is fine," Dr. Snyder said. Shawn held up his badge, and he asked to talk to Jan. The doctor agreed.

When Shawn and Belle walked into Jan's room, Jan said she was surprised that Belle and Shawn were not on their honeymoon. "Claire was afraid I'd be upset when she told me that you guys were finally getting married, but I wasn't at all. I mean, I always knew you two belonged together. So, how was the wedding? Do you have pictures?" Jan asked. After a moment of silence, Jan continued to talk about the wedding.

"Did Claire invite Charlie? I have to say, I know I shouldn't play matchmaker, but I just thought they'd make such a cute couple," Jan said. "What the hell are you trying to pull here?" Belle asked. Jan said she wanted to catch up because she did not know how long she had been unconscious.

"You've been here since the day that you kidnapped Belle," Shawn said. "Then crashed our wedding and took my wedding dress," Belle added. "And threatened to kill her if I didn't marry you," Shawn interjected. With a shake of her head, Jan said she had no memory of that. Shawn warned Jan that her act would not work.

"We don't trust you," Shawn said. Jan asked Belle if she felt the same way. "Why would I trust you?" Belle asked. Belle recounted numerous times that Jan had attacked her. "I simply don't know what you're talking about," Jan said. Belle laughed. "I know what I'm talking about, and I can also testify that you held me at gunpoint," Belle argued. Shawn added that there was a roomful of witnesses to when Jan had blackmailed Shawn.

"All right. It's all coming back to me now. Good times," Jan said with a smirk. Jan explained that she had been foggy from the coma. Shawn started to read Jan's rights to arrest her. "Wait! I remember something else from that day. I remember your father trying to strangle me," Jan said. Jan promised, "If I'm going down, so is daddy dearest."

In the interrogation room at the police station, Rafe told Sami that Trask had refused to drop the charges against her. "I did not murder Charlie Dale!" Sami protested. "[Trask] knows about you confessing, she knows why you confessed, and she does not give a damn. She is hellbent on prosecuting you for murder one," Rafe said. Sami groaned. "I hate when people can't admit they're wrong!" Sami yelped. "Like you always do," Rafe countered.

"We have to figure out who really did kill Charlie Dale. By we, of course, I mean you," Sami said. Rafe stressed that he intended to find the real killer. "You have single-handedly made my job harder," Rafe complained. Sami said she understood. Rafe told Sami that Trask wanted him to find more evidence to convict Sami, not exonerate Sami.

"I'm scared," Sami confessed. "Yeah. You should be," Rafe whispered. Sami begged Rafe to find the real killer. "I have something more important to do right now," Rafe said. Shocked, Sami asked what was more important. "Proving that you didn't do it," Rafe countered. Sami said she knew that Rafe had wanted to help Allie, and she apologized.

"Let's get you out of here, and then you can be sincere," Rafe said. Sami asked Rafe what he planned to do. "Go into the evidence," Rafe said. Rafe reviewed the autopsy report, and he noted that it supported Sami's story. When Sami asked if Trask knew, Rafe explained that Trask had argued that Sami could have fired both bullets. Rafe asked Sami when she had arrived in town.

When Sami answered that the plane had landed at five in the morning and then she had gone through customs, Rafe grinned. Rafe explained that the coroner had placed time of death between midnight and 3:00 a.m. "You did it! You cleared me!" Sami shrieked as she jumped into Rafe's arms. "I knew I could trust you!" Sami yelled. "Right. That's why you've been lying to me since the beginning of this case, right?" Rafe quipped. Sami smiled, and she asked if Rafe would let her go.

"I can't, because I have to get the approval from Trask," Rafe said. Frustrated, Sami argued that the evidence cleared her. Rafe explained that the evidence also proved that Sami had lied, and Trask could hold that against Sami. Rafe promised to talk to Trask, because he wanted to get Sami out of his way.

When Rafe returned, he told Sami that the murder charges had been dropped and that Sami was free to go. "The bad news is that [Trask] is thinking about bringing other charges against you," Rafe said. Elated, Sami said that as long as the charges did not include murder, she was thrilled.

As Ava poured Tripp a cup of coffee at the Hernandez dining room table, Tripp read an article about Sami on his tablet. "So, Sami is claiming that she only confessed to protect Allie?" Ava noted. Tripp told Ava that he and Claire had talked to Sami. "And you believe that neither one of them did it?" Ava asked. "Yeah, I do," Tripp confirmed. Ava noted that the real killer was still on the loose. "I guess," Tripp said.

Ava thought about the night of Charlie's murder when she had gone to his apartment. Tripp thought about when he had visited Charlie that same night. "Mom, there is something I need to talk to you about," Tripp said. Tripp said he wanted to talk about the night that Charlie had died. As the weight of that sentence hung in the air, Nicole walked into the house.

"You just missed Rafe. He already left for work," Ava said. When Nicole explained that she was there to talk to Ava, Ava noted that she and Tripp were "in the middle of something." Tripp assured Ava that they could talk later. As Ava nodded, Tripp asked Nicole about Henry. Nicole told Tripp that Henry was teething. Tripp offered to stop by and help Allie.

"Allie would love that! She says you've been great with Henry," Nicole said. Nicole handed Tripp one of her bags of pastries to take with him to see Allie. After Tripp left, Nicole commented that she was happy to see Allie and Tripp get along. "Especially after everything that they have been through," Ava said. Nicole handed her other bag to Ava, and she noted that the bag had Ava's favorite cookies.

Nicole apologized for having accused Ava of Charlie's murder. "That was completely unfair," Nicole said. "Actually, Nicole, you weren't wrong. I did go to see Charlie that night," Ava confessed. Nicole assured Ava that whatever Ava told her would remain a secret. With a sigh, Nicole said that she regretted that she had told Ava that Charlie had threatened Tripp's life.

"Nothing that you could have said or done that night would have made any difference. It was like Charlie was in my mind, you know, he was taunting me," Ava said. Ava thought about when Charlie had drugged her food, and she had believed that Charlie had killed Tripp. "I knew what [Charlie] was capable of, and I wasn't going to let him hurt Tripp," Ava told Nicole. "You said that you didn't kill [Charlie]. Is that true?" Nicole asked.

Ava told Nicole then when she had arrived at Charlie's apartment, she had found him on the floor. "So, you didn't shoot him," Nicole said. "No, I didn't," Ava said. Ava told Nicole that Charlie had been alive when she had entered his apartment. "What did you do?" Nicole asked. Ava said that she had put pressure on the wound, while Charlie had told her that he'd loved her.

"Before I go, can you tell me back that you love me, too, please? Please just this once," Charlie had begged. "Of course, I love you," Ava had said. Ava had started to call the police when Charlie had died. "And then, he was gone. My son was gone," Ava said.

As Ava broke down in tears, Nicole hugged and comforted her. "As awful as that was, at least you got that last moment with him," Nicole said. In tears, Ava said that she had hesitated to tell Charlie that she loved him. "And when I did tell him, I don't know if I was just telling him what he needed to hear," Ava whispered. Ava said she did not know if she had meant it when she had told Charlie that she loved him.

"I just left him alone and dead," Ava said. Ava started to sob. When Ava calmed down, Nicole asked Ava why she had pretended not to know about Charlie's death until Rafe had told her. Ava explained that when she had arrived at Charlie's building, she had watched Tripp leave.

Allie paced Nicole's apartment and rocked Henry in her arm as he cried. Allie called Lucas to ask about Sami. "Has Rafe gotten it straightened out?" Allie asked. Lucas told Allie that Trask did not want to drop the charges. When Henry settled down, Allie put him in his crib in the bedroom. Tripp knocked on the front door. Allie mentioned that Henry had finally fallen asleep. Tripp suggested that she could take a nap, and he would be there if Henry woke up.

"I don't think I could sleep right now. I just talked to my dad," Allie said. Allie told Tripp that the police had refused to drop the charges against Sami. Tripp and Allie sat on the couch and talked about Sami's case. Tripp joked that Allie was lucky to have a teething baby to distract her. "Nothing I do is calming [Henry] down," Allie said. Tripp told Allie that she was a good mom.

"I can't believe how nice you are to me after what I did to you," Allie said. "You made a mistake. I made a few of those myself, and it's because you are human," Tripp said as he placed his hand on Allie's hand. When Allie argued that Sami was in jail because of her, Tripp corrected Allie and noted that Sami was in jail because of Charlie.

"All this crap that is descending on us is because of Charlie, and we need to stop blaming ourselves for things that he made us do," Tripp said. Confused, Allie told Tripp that he had no reason to blame himself for anything. Tripp told Allie that Ava blamed herself for Charlie's upbringing. "Maybe, but I mean, you didn't do anything to him," Allie said. "Not concrete," Tripp whispered. Tripp pointed out that he had Kayla's support, and Allie had Sami and Nicole's support, but Charlie had never had anyone in his corner like that.

"That's not your fault. [Charlie] was ready to blame you for what he did. He tied your mother to a chair and drugged her. You have every reason to hate his guts, and you never have to feel guilty about it. Ever," Allie said. Tripp apologized for whining, but Allie said she understood that the situation was complicated. "But he was still your brother, and he died. Even if you didn't love him, that hurts," Allie said. Allie added that she felt for Ava's pain as a mother.

"You're amazing. You think about me and my mom, and you must be worried sick about yours," Tripp said. "Trask scares me. She's so rigid. I wish I would hear something," Allie said. Tripp asked Allie if she wanted him to leave. "No. It's nice to be with someone who wants the truth to come out as much as I do," Allie said. When Tripp asked Allie about her relationship with Rafe, Allie explained that she had remained close to Rafe, even after he and her mother had divorced.

"I really just should have trusted [Rafe]. Told him the truth from the beginning," Allie said. "You thought you were protecting your mom," Tripp reassured Allie. Tripp asked Allie if Rafe had spoken to her about the case. With a shake of her head no, Allie said that Rafe would focus on the case until he solved it. "So, Rafe's not going to give up until he knows who really shot Charlie," Tripp said. Allie nodded yes. With a sigh, Tripp said that he needed to tell Allie something.

At the penthouse, Marlena told John that Jan was awake. "I'm the one that put her in the hospital in the first place, and I'm the one who tried to kill her," John said. John muttered that he still pictured Jan's face when she had lifted her wedding veil. "I just thank God Brady slipped out when he did," John said. As John started to yell about Jan, Marlena argued that Jan had pushed him too far.

"You're not to blame for what happened," Marlena said. "What the hell happens next?" John asked. Marlena argued that John's aneurysm had left him with control issues. "Maybe, but I sure as hell know how I felt when I found out that Charlie Dale was gonna get away with what he did to Allie. I wanted to strangle him, too," John admitted. John added that he had no memory of when he had visited Charlie.

"I guess it's a good thing you blacked out before you went inside," Marlena said. "That's just the thing, Doc. I'm not so sure I didn't go inside," John confessed. Marlena pointed out that John had blacked out in the car and had woken up in the car. Concerned, Marlena asked John why he thought he might have left the car. "There is something I'm not telling you. I haven't been completely honest with you," John said. John explained that he had a memory of a gunshot.

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