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Chanel told Paulina about her wedding to Xander. Gwen confirmed she was pregnant, and Abigail ordered her to get an abortion. Kristen blackmailed Sami. Sami asked Lucas for help with Kristen. Chloe told Brady about her feelings for him. Brady told Nicole that he would not abandon Kristen. Theo told Chad that he had feelings for Ciara. Ben attempted to inject Ciara with the memory serum, but Theo stopped him. Philip and Gabi went on a date. Tripp and Allie flirted. Rafe matched a button from the crime scene to Belle’s coat. John remembered Charlie’s murder.
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Ben attempted to inject Ciara with the memory serum, Chanel and Xander wed, and Gwen confirmed she was pregnant
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Xander receives stunning news from Chanel Xander receives stunning news from Chanel

Monday, April 12, 2021

by Mike

At the Price-Grant apartment, Eli and Lani started making out on the living room couch, hoping to take advantage of the fact that the twins had slept past the crack of dawn for a change -- but someone began knocking on the front door insistently just as things were about to progress further.

"I know that knock..." Eli grumbled after reluctantly pulling away from Lani. "I'm coming, Paulina..." Eli called out while trying to quickly get back to a more presentable state of appearance -- and Lani stifled a laugh while watching the spectacle.

"Did Chanel stay here last night? Please say yes!" Paulina began when Eli finally opened the front door, drawing an apologetic shake of the head from a confused Lani. "She didn't come home at all last night -- I don't have a clue where she is! [And], you know, I've been telling [her] that she has to get a job and start being responsible -- well, yesterday, I lost my temper, and I told her to just stay away from me until she could support herself...but I didn't mean that she should sleep in the streets!" Paulina fretted.

"I'm pretty sure that is not what Chanel did," Eli stressed. "Right -- look, Auntie, don't panic; you know Chanel can take care of herself," Lani reasoned. "Not without credit cards -- and I canceled all of hers!" Paulina countered before fretting again about Chanel likely being asleep in a ditch somewhere.

"She might be with a guy..." Eli guessed. "Eli, I love you...but are you calling my baby a tramp?" Paulina snapped. "No, I was not saying that --" Eli insisted. "Well, [she] doesn't know anyone in this town, and only a tramp would go out with a man she doesn't know!" Paulina argued. "Maybe it was Theo," Lani interjected. "Your brother from another mother? How does she know him?" Paulina wondered. "They met in South Africa [and] dated for a few months," Lani clarified before telling Paulina about what had happened when Chanel had encountered Theo the previous day. "I knew she was seeing somebody when she was [in South Africa]... Oh, that girl -- she'll do anything to get out of working for a living..." Paulina grumbled as Lani stepped aside to contact Theo.

"I'm sorry for barging in on you --" Paulina said to Eli. "It's all good -- you and Chanel are family," Eli assured Paulina. "How could two cousins be more different than Lani and Chanel? I mean, Lani, she's got her act together, [but Chanel]..." Paulina fretted to Eli -- and, just then, Lani returned and apologetically reported that Theo hadn't seen or heard from Chanel since their encounter in the town square the previous day. "I'm gonna call headquarters and see if they [can] check the surveillance footage," Eli announced before stepping aside, leaving Lani alone with Paulina, who continued expressing regret for having spoiled Chanel so much over the years.

Eli eventually returned and reported that the town square's surveillance footage showed that Chanel had entered the Salem Inn with a man the previous night. Eli rushed off to talk to the Salem Inn's manager about the situation, and Paulina soon decided to follow, but Lani had to stay behind to keep an eye on the twins, who were still sleeping soundly. "I hope I never have to worry about you like that..." Lani said to the twins.

At the Salem Inn, Xander woke up in bed with Chanel, who was already wide awake -- or, perhaps, had never gone to sleep. "Oh, it's you... Uh... I'm so sorry, but I am totally blanking on your name..." Xander began, prompting Chanel to offer a reminder. "Right..." Xander -- who, like Chanel, was half-naked -- muttered. "We hooked up?" Xander assumed. "You could say that..." Chanel responded.

"Look, last night is a total fog, but from the way my head feels, I can tell there was a lot of drink involved... [Anyway], I'm very sorry if I acted like a drunken lout," Xander stressed before climbing out of bed to get some aspirin -- then turning back to Chanel with a look of confusion. "Why have I got this on?" Xander, who was wearing a kilt, asked Chanel. "It was your idea --" Chanel began to explain, but Xander quickly interrupted, unable to function any longer without aspirin and a shower.

Xander eventually emerged from the bathroom, wearing only a towel, and prodded Chanel for the rest of the story about the kilt. "You said it would be a shame for your wedding outfit to go to waste," Chanel finished explaining to Xander, who still didn't remember having had any such conversation the previous night. "Maybe this will jog your memory," Chanel, who was wearing Sarah's engagement ring, guessed with a grin, stunning Xander, who hadn't noticed it before. "You gave it to me -- you said I had to have it," Chanel insisted. "Then I was really drunk... [Well], it's not like Sarah wanted [it]..." Xander grumbled.

Xander decided to let Chanel keep -- or sell -- the ring. "I'm not gonna sell this ring -- not after you got down on one knee and gave it to me!" Chanel declared. "I got down on one knee?" Xander incredulously repeated. "[And] begged me to marry you!" Chanel matter-of-factly elaborated. "Look, Chanel, that was probably just the liquor talking -- [I mean], I've been drinking for two days straight --" Xander explained. "Well, you were still able to say your vows..." Chanel countered, producing a skimpy wedding dress and a marriage license. "Oh, God..." Xander muttered.

"[You said] that marrying me would help you get over Sarah -- [that] it would be like revenge sex, only worse," Chanel summarized. "And you had no problem with that?" Xander asked incredulously. "I did at first...but then I said to myself, 'He's great-looking, he has that accent, and he's loaded -- what have you got to lose?'" Chanel shamelessly replied. "I can't believe this..." Xander grumbled. "You should have seen yourself, [just] making sure we got married [right away] -- you had this big wad of money, and you were spreading it around, [and] that's how we got the license so fast... Oh, I was very impressed..." Chanel raved. "Look, Chanel -- whatever we did last night, we have to undo it," Xander insisted. "[But] we're so hot together..." Chanel seductively protested.

Meanwhile, Eli and Paulina approached Xander's room and knocked on the door, knowing only that a woman matching Chanel's description had accepted a bottle of Champagne that had been delivered to that room the previous night. "What the hell?" Xander snapped at Eli after opening the door, still wearing only a towel -- and Paulina glared at Chanel, who was also still half-naked, as if thinking the same thing.

Nicole entered Basic Black and greeted Chloe, who was staring wistfully at a photograph of Brady that accompanied an online article about the fashion company that a business magazine had just posted on its website. "Is Brady not in yet?" Nicole asked. "No -- he's working from home today," Chloe replied. "He didn't have a [medical] setback, did he?" Nicole wondered. "No, it has nothing to do with that -- I think that [he] decided to stay home because of me," Chloe clarified before elaborating.

"So, you think Brady's working from home because Susan told him what you said [about having feelings for him]," Nicole summarized at the end of the tale. "Well, I think he's figured it out, but I'm not sure if it's because of Susan or not," Chloe admitted. "Trust me -- it's because of Susan," Nicole insisted. "It doesn't matter how Brady found out -- he knows, [and] now he's working from home [because that's just] his way of saying that there's absolutely no chance [and that I should just] give up," Chloe reasoned.

"You just created that whole scenario without even knowing the facts," Nicole pointed out. "I don't know -- I mean, whether I like it or not, [Brady's] committed to Kristen, and they have a daughter together, so...I should just let him know that I respect that," Chloe argued. "That is the last thing you should do," Nicole countered. "Why?" Chloe wondered. "Oh, my gosh, this conversation is driving me nuts... [Come on] -- you're talking seriously about the sanctity of Brady's relationship with that lunatic [who] locked Holly and me up [then] came here and pretended to be me [because] she knew that was the only way she could get him! [Look], we both know that she is bad for him -- [and] this is your chance to make [him] happier than [she] ever could!" Nicole explained.

"[But what if I get] hurt again? I don't think I could take it," Chloe fretted. "[Then] why would you tell something so private to a wing-nut like Susan?" Nicole wondered. "She just kind of pulled it out of me," Chloe explained. "That doesn't sound like Susan -- [that] sounds awfully crafty..." Nicole mused.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Kristen entered the living room, disguised as Susan, and casually wondered if Brady was having any regrets about having rejected Chloe the previous day. Brady dodged the question, annoying Kristen, who struggled to stay in character as Susan while trying to get a straight answer.

"It's just...[look], I don't even like to admit [this] to myself, let alone say it out loud, [but...Kristen's] gonna be in prison a long time, [and] I'm feeling a real distance between her and me [lately]... We used to have this special connection -- you know, even when we were apart -- [but] I don't feel it anymore... [And the] last time I went to [Statesville], Vivian Alamain told me that Kristen didn't want me to visit her anymore, [and] Kristen confirmed it, [so I guess] she doesn't feel the connection [anymore, either -- I guess] she gave up on us," Brady eventually admitted, horrifying Kristen, who spontaneously decided to stop pretending to be Susan so the record could be set straight.

Brady received a phone call from Nicole just as Kristen was about to make a full confession. "I have to cut this short because I got a situation at the office," Brady explained after ending the call, ignoring Kristen's attempts to object as Susan. Kristen started breaking things in frustration after Brady exited the townhouse.

Meanwhile, Lucas woke up in bed with Sami, who was still sleeping soundly. "Sami, wake up -- we fell asleep!" Lucas whispered while shaking Sami, who soon awoke with a start. "Oh, my God -- what have we done?" Sami fretted to Lucas. "It was my fault -- you were vulnerable, and I went too far [and] took advantage of you, and I'm sorry --" Lucas stressed. "Oh, your apology is not accepted --" Sami insisted. "It's not like I seduced you!" Lucas protested. "[Exactly] -- I'm not accepting your apology because you don't owe me one!" Sami clarified.

"I'm really glad that you came last night -- I needed someone who knows me, and nobody gets me better than you [do]... I was feeling lonely, and you were very sweet, [and] it felt good to have your arms around me... [But] I cheated on my husband -- oh, my God, how could I have done [that]? What was I thinking? [I mean], you know, better than anyone, [that] after what happened all those years ago -- walking in on my mother having sex with someone who wasn't my father -- I swore I would never make that mistake [myself]... I know I have messed up a lot, but I am trying to be better [and] learn from my mistakes -- and now I've just cheated on the man that I love..." Sami fretted. "I know you still love him, and I am sorry you're going through this...but I'm not sorry for what happened last night," Lucas stressed. "Me, neither," Sami admitted.

"But no one can ever find out -- [I mean], if E.J. ever found out, there would be hell to pay! [Look], we cannot let him find out, okay? I love him, [and] I want our marriage to work!" Sami insisted. "You just told me that you had nothing to go home to -- that's what you said last night," Lucas argued. "[But] I feel better this morning, [so] I'm going to go home, and I'm going to make it right with him, and I'm going to make our marriage work, and that's it -- [so], we just can't let anyone ever know what happened, okay?" Sami countered. "I'm not gonna say anything," Lucas promised.

"[Then] that's it -- he'll never find out, [because] we're the only ones who know," Sami concluded with a sigh of relief. "Actually...we're not the only ones who know, because E.J.'s mom let me in here," Lucas remembered. "Oh, God..." Sami muttered before struggling to think of a way to sneak Lucas out of the townhouse. "Get dressed!" Sami ordered an amused Lucas while donning a robe.

At Basic Black, Nicole informed Chloe that there had been a change of plans. "I am taking [your scheduled] meeting, [and] you're gonna stay here and wait for you can tell him you love him," Nicole explained. "Brady is not even here!" Chloe argued. "He will be," Nicole promised. "I can't believe that you did this!" Chloe grumbled. "Yeah, well...I did,'re welcome!" Nicole countered before rushing off.

"I have to get out of here," Chloe decided after a moment of thought -- but Brady arrived before the plan could be put in motion.

Sami led Lucas out of the Evans-Black townhouse, believing that the coast was clear -- but Kristen appeared, still disguised as Susan, and demanded an explanation after Sami shut the front door behind Lucas.

Gwen takes a pregnancy test Gwen takes a pregnancy test

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

At the Salem Inn, a hungover and towel-clad Xander answered his front door when Eli and Paulina knocked. "What the hell?" Xander asked. Paulina saw her daughter, Chanel, dressed in lingerie. "What in God's name do you think you're doing with my daughter?" Paulina asked. When Paulina told Chanel to "make yourself decent," Xander joked, "It's a little late for that." Chanel asked Paulina to leave, but she refused.

"I've been looking for you, Chanel. I've been worried sick!" Paulina said. Eli added that Paulina had been worried for Chanel's safety when she had not returned any of Paulina's calls or texts. "You called the cops?" Chanel asked. Paulina said she had been worried that Chanel might be lying in a ditch somewhere.

"As you can see, I wasn't lying in a ditch. I was lying in Xavier's bed," Chanel said. "Who is Xavier?" Eli asked. When Eli turned and looked at Xander, Xander turned and looked over his shoulder. Xander sighed when he realized that Chanel had meant him. Eli corrected Chanel and said that the man was named Xander.

"Do you know this slab of beef?" Paulina asked Eli. As Paulina and Chanel bickered, Xander grumbled, "It's way too early for this." "Don't you think she's a little young?" Eli asked Xander. Startled, Xander yelped, "Hold on!" Chanel assured Xander that she was an adult, and she could make her own choices. Paulina asked Chanel if it was wise to jump into bed with a stranger.

"This is no stranger. This is my husband," Chanel said as she waggled her ring finger in the air. Eli dropped his face in his hands. "Why in the hell would you do a dumb thing like that?" Paulina asked. "You told me not to come home until I could support myself, and now I can, because your new son-in-law is a wealthy man," Chanel said. Eli asked Xander what he had been thinking.

"To be entirely honest, mate, I'm not sure," Xander said. Paulina asked Xander what he meant. Xander explained that he had spent the night of the wedding, drunk and heartbroken. "I don't care how much money that you have, or that you're built like a Greek God. Is that an eight-pack?!" Paulina yelled. Paulina said that she would make Xander pay for corrupting her daughter. Xander burst into laughter, then stifled it.

"Me corrupting her? I'm sorry, lady, have you met your daughter?" Xander asked. Chanel smiled. "He's kinda right," Chanel agreed. "Well, I'm going to make him kinda dead," Paulina said. Xander asked Eli to escort Paulina out of his room so that he could start his honeymoon with "Michelle." "Chanel!" Chanel said. "Isn't that what I said?" Xander asked. "Kill me now!" Paulina groaned. Chanel asked Paulina to leave, and Paulina marched out with Eli.

After Xander got dressed, he encouraged Chanel to dial back her extravagant room service order. "I'm not really that rich," Xander said. "You are the CEO of Titan industries, right?" Chanel said as she held up Xander's Titan ID badge. "I'm sorry, wee wifey, but you're a little bit behind on the times. Maybe you should order some cereal," Xander said.

In the town square, Paulina asked Eli about Xander. "What kind of man is this Xander?" Paulina asked. After a moment of silence, Paulina pleaded with Eli to tell her the truth. "I'm trying to think of an answer that won't make this situation worse," Eli said.

In the DiMera living room, Chad asked Abigail to talk about Gwen. "What is there to deal with? I tried to make nice with her, and she threw up on me," Abigail said. Abigail argued that Gwen's inability to look her in the eyes and swear that Gwen had not murdered Laura was confirmation that Laura's death had not been an accident.

"Call it what you want, why else would she just lose her lunch all the sudden?" Abigail asked. Chad assured Abigail that his only concern was how the situation affected Abigail. "You are becoming obsessed with Gwen. It's taking over your life," Chad said. Abigail asked Chad how she could move on when Gwen could not even be honest with her about Laura. Chad reminded Abigail that he was on Abigail's side.

"I will never let Gwen come between us again," Chad stressed. Abigail told Chad that she appreciated that Chad wanted to make their relationship work, but she did not think that her relationship with Gwen was salvageable. Chad reminded Abigail that she had wanted to make a truce with Gwen. "For your sake and for our family's sake, just call her, and we'll try again," Chad pleaded. Abigail looked at her phone, and she noted that she was angry when she even looked at Gwen's name. "Then call your father. Have him get the two of you together again," Chad suggested.

Gwen visited Jack at the Horton house to thank him for having called and checked on her. "How are you today?" Jack asked. "If you're worried that I'm going to throw up on you like I did on Abigail, you don't need to worry," Gwen joked. Jack asked Gwen if she believed she was pregnant. Reluctantly, Gwen told Jack that if she were pregnant, the only man that could be the father was Chad.

"New Year's Eve was over three months ago," Jack said. Gwen noted that with the stress of recent events, she had not kept track. Jack asked Gwen how she felt. "Do you think that I would want to be carrying Chad's child?" Gwen asked. "Do you?" Jack countered. Gwen said she no longer had an interest in revenge.

"Now, I know Laura is the one to blame for you abandoning me. You've been nothing but great to me, which is why I just want to put things in the past," Gwen said. "I can't tell you how happy that makes me," Jack said. Gwen told Jack that she wanted to be his daughter, and Jack assured Gwen that she already was his daughter.

"But you're also Abigail's sister," Jack added. "It's going to be hard to build a relationship with her if I'm pregnant with her husband's child, isn't it?" Gwen said. Jack offered to take Gwen to the doctor to get tested before they talked to Abigail. "There's no need. I come prepared," Gwen said as she pulled a home pregnancy test out of her purse.

When Gwen returned to the living room, Jack asked how long the results would take. "A minute or two," Gwen said as she looked at the stick in her hand. Gwen and Jack sat on the couch in silence until Jack asked her how she felt. "Scared," Gwen admitted. "That's why you came over here to take the test," Jack noted. Gwen confessed she had not wanted to be alone when the test results were ready. Jack's phone rang. It was Abigail. Jack ignored the call, and he held Gwen's hand. After a moment, Gwen sighed, then she looked at the testing stick.

"Yes, I'm definitely pregnant. I'm pregnant, and the dad is Abigail's husband," Gwen said. "There's no way I'm going to let you deal with this alone," Jack said. Gwen thanked Jack for his support. Jack noted that they needed to be careful. "Can you imagine how Abigail would react if she found out I'm pregnant with her husband's child?" Gwen muttered. Abigail walked into the room behind Gwen and Jack.

At Basic Black, Chloe gathered her belongings so that she could leave before Brady arrived. When Chloe opened the door, Brady was in the hallway. "I didn't expect to find you here," Brady said. Chloe explained that Nicole had lied to Brady. "Frankly, I haven't been [honest with you, either]," Chloe admitted. "I might have an idea as to what you want to say," Brady said. Brady asked Chloe if she had feelings for him. Frustrated, Chloe asked Brady if Susan had told him, and Brady confirmed she had.

"Damn it, why would [Susan] do that?" Chloe wondered aloud. "Susan said that she was worried that you'd get hurt," Brady said. Chloe groaned. Brady said he was glad that he knew about Chloe's feelings and that they should talk about it. "Is that why you've been working from home? To keep distance between us?" Chloe asked. Brady said he had wanted to avoid awkwardness.

"I'm with Kristen," Brady said. "Well, maybe you shouldn't be," Chloe countered. Brady reminded Chloe that Kristen was the mother of his child. Chloe told Brady that he was a good person and father. "And I think you're throwing your life away by being with that God-awful woman," Chloe said. Brady noted that Chloe was not the first person to have reservations about Kristen.

"This conversation is over," Brady said. Chloe disagreed. "You and I should be together again. I think it's what's best for you," Chloe said. Brady asked Chloe why. "Whenever I'm alone with you, I'm not thinking about Kristen. Like right now, I'm thinking about what it would be like to be in your arms again," Chloe said. Brady attempted to stop Chloe, but she insisted on finishing. Chloe confessed that she would not have said a word if she had not felt some indication from Brady that he felt something, too.

"The way that you've been acting and the way that sometimes you look at me. Come on, the way you reacted when you walked in on me and Philip and you thought that we had slept together?" Chloe said. "I just think that [Philip] is bad for you," Brady interjected. Chloe noted that Brady's face had not been "the face of a protective friend."

"Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me you don't feel anything when I touch you," Chloe said as she caressed Brady's arm. Chloe told Brady that if he told her there was no chance, she would never mention her feelings again. Brady hovered close to Chloe's face, but then leaned away. "I gotta go see about Rachel," Brady said. Brady walked out.

As Sami shoved Lucas out of the front door of the penthouse, "Susan" cleared her throat. Sami spun around and saw "Susan." "I just saw you sneaking Lucas Horton out of your mama's house like a guilty teenager," "Susan" said. Sami played dumb. "Are you cheating on my broth...are you cheating on my beloved son, E.J.?" "Susan" asked. Sami scoffed at the idea. Sami said that Lucas had visited the night before and had returned in the morning because he had left his wallet in the penthouse.

"When Lucas dropped his wallet, was that because [it] fell out of his pants after he took them off?" "Susan" asked. Sami acted shocked. "Susan" said she had overheard Sami and Lucas' conversation before Lucas had left. Sami started to return to her room, but "Susan" grabbed Sami's wrist and threatened to tell E.J. that Sami was a "lying, dirty hussy." When "Susan" pulled out her phone to call E.J., Sami gently put her hand on the phone.

"I am not having an affair with Lucas. You, of all people, know how much I love E.J. I spent years of my life searching for him, never giving up on him. I nursed him back to health. I believe that E.J. and I belong together, and I would hate to lose him because of what you think happened last night," Sami said. "I'm sure you would," "Susan" said. Sami begged "Susan" to forget what she had seen.

"I would do anything," Sami said. "Anything?" "Susan" asked. Sami pleaded with "Susan" as a mother not to hurt her son. "What can I do to prove my commitment?" Sami asked. "What can you do for me in exchange for keeping my mouth shut?" "Susan" asked. Sami said yes. After a moment, "Susan" promised to keep Sami's secret if Sami agreed to keep her secret. Sami agreed.

"I want you to swear on your children's lives," "Susan" said. "I swear. What's your secret, Susan?" Sami asked. "Susan" removed her teeth and wig. "It's Kristen DiMera," Kristen said. Kristen joked that it was the first time in history that Sami was speechless. When Sami asked how long Kristen had been disguised, Kristen told her that it had been a month. Sami asked about Susan. Kristen confirmed that Susan had willingly gone to Statesville in her place.

"I'm doing this to be close to Brady. It's the only way that I can keep from losing him to that bitch Chloe Lane," Kristen said. Sami asked Kristen if Brady knew the truth. When Kristen said no, Sami argued that Kristen was spying on Brady. "I'm doing more than spying. You don't know how hard I've been working to keep Chloe and Brady apart," Kristen said. "I have some idea," Sami said with a shrug. Kristen told Sami that Chloe had admitted to "Susan" that she had feelings for Brady.

Kristen argued that Chloe wanted to poison Brady against her. Sami encouraged Kristen to talk to Brady, but Kristen said no. "Because he'd think what you're doing is crazy?" Sami asked. Kristen explained that Brady had been upset with her when she had previously broken out of prison. "Do you think that he has feelings for Chloe? Really?" Sami asked. Kristen said that Brady had told "Susan" that Chloe was not a threat.

"There is only so much I can do with Susan Banks. Now I have a partner in crime," Kristen said with a grin. "Hang on there, Thelma. I have no idea what kind of kooky scheme you're coming up with in that devious mind of yours, but there is no way in hell that I am getting on that crazy train," Sami said. Kristen reminded Sami that she had promised to keep Kristen's secret. Sami objected, and she pointed out that she had made a promise to "Susan."

"But a deal is a deal," Kristen said. Sami refused. When Kristen complained, Sami reminded Kristen that she had drugged and brainwashed Sami to shoot Marlena on her wedding day. "And that doesn't even include the list of things you did to my twin brother," Sami added. "Are we going to start comparing a list of crimes, Sami? Because your list ain't short, either," Kristen said. "I'm not saying I'm a good person, but I'm a better person than you are," Sami argued. Sami said that Brady would be better off without Kristen.

When Sami threatened to call Brady, Kristen wrestled the phone away. Sami started to chase Kristen, but Kristen reminded Sami that she could call E.J. about Lucas. "Like [E.J.] would take your word over mine?" Sami said. "If I could convince all of Salem that I am Susan Banks, I could convince my brother that you are a lying whore," Kristen said. Sami started to call Kristen's bluff, but Kristen reminded Sami that Sami loved E.J. more than she hated Kristen.

"And you just told me, Sami, that you are devoted to him, and how devastating it would be to your marriage if he finds out about you and Lucas," Kristen said. "Maybe I was bluffing," Sami countered. Kristen said she was certain that Sami would not say a word because Sami could lose E.J. for good.

"Do you really want to take that chance?" Kristen asked. "I hate you," Sami growled. Sami agreed to help Kristen, and she asked how. "Your scheming is one of the best in the biz. Next to mine, of course," Kristen said. Kristen noted that she would continue to disguise herself as Susan while Sami worked to separate Brady from Chloe. "Your secret is safe with me, partner," Kristen said.

Abigail realizes that Gwen is pregnant with Chad's baby Abigail realizes that Gwen is pregnant with Chad's baby

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

by Mike

Gabi went to Titan to talk to Philip about plans for Gabi Chic's next line of clothing -- but Philip wasn't interested in having that conversation with Gabi just yet. "We have a deadline!" Gabi snapped. "You always go from zero to ticked off in, like, two seconds?" Philip wondered, somewhat amused. "No -- I just... This is really important, Philip, okay? You need to make time for this!" Gabi explained in a slightly calmer tone.

"Before we discuss business, we should talk about what happened the other night," Philip insisted. "Kate's just so much fun to mess with," Gabi reasoned with a shrug. "Jake, too -- I mean, he may be dating my mom, but I could've sworn that he got a little warm under the collar when he saw me plant that kiss on you," Philip stressed, grinning at the memory. "I didn't notice," Gabi claimed. "Sure..." Philip countered. "I didn't -- because I don't care about Jake or his reactions to things!" Gabi maintained. "Okay..." Philip muttered.

"[Seriously, I'm] not hung up on Jake -- that jerk does not appreciate what a woman like me has to offer! [Look, I'm just] a poor loser [who's] not used to getting dumped [by a guy, especially over a woman who] is, to put it tactfully, age-inappropriate for him!" Gabi reasoned. "Well, it's good to know you're not still hung up on him at all..." Philip joked. "Okay, maybe a little -- but I don't want to feel this way, Philip! I mean, I don't want to have to get hit with this every single time that I see him -- I want to get past this!" Gabi admitted.

"Well, in my experience...the only way to get past an old relationship is to start a new one," Philip advised. "Subtle..." Gabi countered. "I just thought we should give it a try -- we're off to a good start, [and] we're definitely age-appropriate..." Philip explained. "I don't know -- I mean, what do we have in common, besides [the fact that] we both work at Titan [and] like to screw with your mom and Jake?" Gabi protested. "Well, we're both in the same boat [with] exes, [too]. I thought I had something going with Chloe again -- the second time around...[or] maybe the third or fourth; it's hard to keep track -- and she totally rejected me. [But] I'm not gonna dwell on it, [because] I'm much more interested in moving forward -- which is why I'm very interested in taking you to dinner," Philip responded. "Dinner is too much pressure, [so]...lunch?" Gabi suggested, and Philip agreed at once.

Jake went to the Weston apartment to check on Ben, who was drinking beer and staring at photographs of Ciara. "Shouldn't you be at, like, a power lunch right now?" Ben asked. "After back-to-back meetings since 8:00 a.m., I decided I'd play hooky [and] see how you're doing -- but, judging by [the fact that] you look like hell, [I'm guessing] not so well," Jake replied.

Ben filled Jake in on everything that had happened since their previous conversation. "Maybe it's time to try that serum," Jake suggested at the end of the tale. "The memory serum -- Dr. Rolf's," Ben translated. "It worked on Will," Jake reasoned. "Yeah...[but] I talked to Dr. Evans about it, [and] she told me that drug was designed to fix the amnesia side effect from another drug, so it might not even work for Ciara...[and, besides, she also] said it could be dangerous, [and] no matter how much I want to get Ciara's memory back, I love her way too much to risk her health," Ben countered.

"I took that drug -- no side effects!" Jake reminded Ben before adding that Kate had also received a dose of Rolf's memory-jogging serum at one point, thanks to Vivian, and had also been perfectly fine afterward -- and had even regained a memory or two. "I don't know, man... [I mean], I know that, [despite] whatever the hell's going on inside Ciara's head, deep down...she loves me, and she would want to remember what we had... [But]..." Ben fretted. "Look, you don't have to decide now...[but] if you [ever do] decide you want to do this, I'll make a call [and] find out how Kate got her hands on Rolf's drug [back when Vivian wanted it for me -- and] you don't even have to use it [once we get it, but] there's nothing wrong with [having it] 'just in case'..." Jake stressed. "Call her," Ben requested after some thought.

Justin went to the hospital to see Ciara, armed with a bouquet of flowers and a card. "They're from your grandfather -- [he's] a little under the weather [with] a cold [and] didn't want to pass it along to you," Justin explained as Ciara was opening the card, which contained a note from Victor. "Dear Ciara, I so wish I could be with you today...but soon, my darling, we will spend lots of time together. And though I know it's been difficult for you, I truly believe that not being able to remember Ben Weston is the best thing that could have happened to you. I don't know if you've been told, Ciara, but...though I gave you my blessing before you got married, Maggie and I couldn't attend your wedding because she wasn't well -- which turned out to be a good thing, since we very well might have been blown to smithereens..." Ciara read aloud as Justin sighed helplessly.

"What is he talking about?" Ciara demanded to know. "Eve Donovan set off a bomb," Justin clarified. "Because Ben killed her daughter," Ciara realized. "I really wish [your grandfather] hadn't brought that up," Justin grumbled. "Honestly, I just can't believe that, [aside from my grandfather], so many people who love me -- including you -- were just okay with me being involved with a serial killer!" Ciara snapped.

"I can only speak for myself, [but]...I only thought of him as the man that you were madly in love with, who loved you [back], by the time [you two] had become engaged to be married, [because] he had turned his life around [by then] with therapy and medication and the fact that he was just so devoted to you," Justin explained. "You can maybe be a womanizer, [or] ruthless in business, [or] selfish, [or] mean-spirited, [and then] turn your life around and become a wonderful person...but not after you've taken the lives away from three innocent people! [Look], Justin, I understand that you care about me and that, apparently, you chose to be supportive when Ben and I were together, but there's no way that you can convince me that someone capable of doing what Ben did can turn his life around...which is why I wholeheartedly agree with my grandfather!" Ciara countered.

Ciara soon calmed down and apologized for having made Justin's visit an awkward one. "I haven't even asked you how you were doing -- how are your sons?" Ciara wondered. "Oh... Everyone is fine..." Justin answered before rushing off, perhaps wanting to avoid giving Ciara a chance to get around to asking about Adrienne.

Theo went to the DiMera mansion to catch up with Chad, who had just finished settling Thomas and Charlotte's daily argument about which movie they were going to watch. "I heard you were in town. Took you long enough to get over here," Chad teasingly grumbled. "Well, the Carver side of the family has been keeping me a little busy," Theo vaguely explained. "Yeah, I can imagine -- [and] I hear that you're a godfather now, [but] I'm guessing you don't need any tips in spoiling..." Chad mused. "Jules -- [and, yeah, I've] pretty much got that down," Theo confirmed.

"So, how's everything with you?" Theo wondered, drawing a cough from Chad. "Um... You know, the kids are awesome -- I mean, Thomas is the best reader in class, and I just taught Charlotte how to count in tens..." Chad bragged. "Brilliant -- just like their daddy," Theo summarized. "Well, no -- math was never really one of my strong subjects, and I'm mildly dyslexic, so I really couldn't read until...fifth grade, [I] they're not brilliant 'like their dad'..." Chad admitted, seemingly for the first time.

"[And] how is Abigail?" Theo wondered, drawing another cough from Chad. "Why don't we pull up the chairs and play a game of chess, [and] I'll tell you all about it," Chad suggested after some thought, and Theo nodded in agreement. "So, under the heading of 'TMI' are now up to date on all the DiMera drama...[and], judging by your silence, you must be appalled," Chad summarized while Theo was moving a chess piece at the end of the tale. "I just...I feel bad for you...and Abigail," Theo clarified. "Thank you...but do not feel bad for me. My sleeping with Gwen [was] a stupid, horrible mistake -- one of the dumbest things I've done in my entire life...and, believe me, that is saying a lot," Chad stressed.

"Look, enough about my problems -- tell me about yourself," Chad begged while moving a chess piece, prompting Theo to admit to being single again. "[But] there's sort of this situation with Ciara..." Theo hesitantly began to elaborate. "[Yeah], I heard she's having some issues with her memory. [And] maybe that's a good thing -- [I mean, I know] everybody wants to believe Ben's some new man, [and] they're all excited about his great redemption, [but] after everything that man put me and Abby through, the last thing I want is to see him have a happily ever after with a woman who's way too good for him [and] could do a hell of a lot better," Chad declared. "I'm pretty relieved to hear you say that -- I mean, I thought that I was the only one who felt that way," Theo confessed. "[And] you think that you might be the 'hell of a lot better' guy," Chad guessed.

"I'm not looking to start anything with Ciara -- I mean, Ben is still her husband, no matter how she feels about him right now, [so] it'd be wrong -- [but], yeah, I do still have feelings for her," Theo confirmed. "Well, for the record, I think that you would be much better for Ciara than Ben [is...but] if something were to happen between you two, and [then] she were to get her memory back [afterward and fall] back in love with him..." Chad warned. "It's definitely a risk," Theo conceded before moving another chess piece. "Still kicking my ass," Chad grumbled, realizing that the game was over.

Abigail stormed into the living room of the Horton house and demanded to know if what Gwen had just said to Jack was true. "Sorry, [but]...I am indeed pregnant...with Chad's child," Gwen confirmed, offering the pregnancy test to Abigail as proof. "I'm sure you're capable of faking a pregnancy test," Abigail snapped at Gwen. "I was here when she took the test," Jack interjected. "Were you in the bathroom with her?" Abigail challenged Jack. "No, of course not...[but] I watched her take the box out [and go into the bathroom with it, and this explains] why she got sick yesterday and threw up," Jack responded.

"Let's just assume that you really are pregnant, [Gwen] -- how do I know it's Chad's?" Abigail wondered. "There's no question that it's his -- I haven't been with anybody else since that night," Gwen insisted. "'That night' was New Year's Eve, so are you telling me you didn't realize you were pregnant until now?" Abigail asked incredulously. "Look, I haven't always been very regular, [and] with everything that's been going on, I just assumed that it was stress!" Gwen defensively replied. "Or you have known you were pregnant for weeks and weeks, and you were just waiting for the perfect little moment to drop your little bombshell," Abigail suggested.

"You don't believe me -- [and] why would you, after all the things that I did to you last year -- [but, look], I am trying to make amends with you because I know [that] what I did was wrong, Abigail, and all I want now is just for us to move on [and have] some sort of a relationship [as] sisters...[and], believe me, finding out that I'm pregnant with Chad's child [is] the last thing that I wanted," Gwen stressed. "Then you need to terminate it," Abigail demanded. "Perhaps we all need to take some time --" Jack interjected as Gwen turned away from Abigail in stunned silence. "What are we waiting for? [I mean], we can take care of this problem right here [and] now! [Look], I can call the clinic [and] make an appointment -- [and I'll even] drive you down there myself," Abigail prodded Gwen while producing a cell phone.

"Slow down --" Jack advised Abigail as Gwen remained silent. "Why? She [already] said she doesn't want to be pregnant --" Abigail argued. "Gwen just found out about this, [and] it's a lot for her to take in --" Jack reasoned. "What about what I'm 'taking in'? This despicable human being has found yet another way to ruin my life -- and Chad's!" Abigail countered. "At least this time I have found out soon enough that I can minimize that horror -- and the only way to minimize that...yes, to end the pregnancy, [so] ya damn well better do it, sis!" Abigail spat at Gwen, who still hadn't said a word, before storming out of the house.

"I guess there really is no good way for Abigail to have heard the news..." Jack conceded once the coast was clear, and Gwen nodded in agreement. "And her reaction -- I mean, well, there's no surprise there; I mean, imagine how my having Chad's baby would complicate all of our lives..." Gwen acknowledged. "Yeah...[but] it's your body [and] your decision -- Abigail has no right to make [it for you]; nobody has that right. [But] if you do decide to terminate this pregnancy, I want you to know I'm gonna be right here with you to support you every step of the way -- whatever you need," Jack stressed. "That's very kind of you, but..." Gwen responded. "Do you want to have this baby?" Jack wondered.

Abigail headed straight back to the DiMera mansion and joined Chad in the living room -- then immediately started gulping down shots of whiskey at the bar. "You're not supposed to be drinking on your meds, Abby!" Chad protested, but Abigail refused to stop. "You're scaring me, Abby! What's going on? Look, whatever it is, I'm sure it's not as bad as you think!" Chad continued. "Gwen's pregnant -- with your child," Abigail revealed before gulping down one more shot of whiskey then storming off to another room, leaving Chad speechless.

While passing through the town square, Jake ran into Gabi and Philip -- who quickly joined hands and made it clear that they were on a date. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Ciara slept soundly -- as Ben watched, holding a syringe that contained Rolf's memory-jogging serum.

Ben tries to administer Rolf's memory-jogging serum to Ciara Ben tries to administer Rolf's memory-jogging serum to Ciara

Thursday, April 15, 2021

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Jake laughed off Gabi and Philip's claim that they were on a date -- then realized that they were being serious. Jake watched in stunned silence as Gabi and Philip headed off to the nearby Bistro together, still holding hands. Jake walked away with a shake of the head as Gabi and Philip stopped at the entrance to the Bistro and read a sign that had been taped to the door. "'Closed'? Seriously? In the middle of lunchtime rush?" Gabi complained to Philip. "'Sprinkler flood -- will reopen next week.' [Look], it's no big deal -- I've got a plan," Philip assured Gabi.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate finished fretting to Lucas about Philip's apparent desire to have more than just a working relationship with Gabi -- who, of course, was encouraging the infatuation. "Well, you know, look at the bright side -- now that Gabi's all over Philip, she won't have any time to sink her teeth into Jake," Lucas pointed out -- but Kate didn't find that particularly comforting. "[Oh, right] -- if Gabi's all over Philip, that's probably gonna make Jake jealous, and that's really gonna make you mad," Lucas realized, annoying Kate.

Sami burst into the mansion before Kate could address Lucas' observation. "Welcome back, Sami -- congratulations on not being a murderer," Kate declared. "Maybe because you weren't planting evidence," Sami countered before dragging Lucas off to another room for a private conversation.

"The two of us alone in a bedroom -- are you sure you want to go down this road again?" Lucas teasingly challenged Sami. "I don't want spying eyes and ears to overhear us," Sami explained before informing Lucas that someone had already figured out that they had slept together the previous night.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Kristen accepted a phone call from Statesville -- then tried to explain to an increasingly impatient Vivian that it was going to take awhile longer to break up Kate and Jake because there were too many other things going on at that time that needed attention first. Kristen abruptly ended the conversation, further annoying Vivian, when someone knocked on the townhouse door.

Kristen, who was still disguised as Susan, opened the townhouse door -- and found Chloe standing on the other side of it. "I have a bone to pick with you, Susan -- I can't believe you told Brady that I have feelings for him!" Chloe snapped while storming into the living room -- and Kristen struggled to stay in character as Susan after realizing that Chloe had just found out about the betrayal during a conversation with Brady that Nicole had orchestrated to force them to talk about their feelings for each other. "[But, thanks to you, Brady already] knew that I had feelings for him, so I just...I figured I'd go for broke, [and] I just reminded him what a horrible person Kristen is...[and then I said], point-blank, [that] he would be better off with me," Chloe eventually revealed, making it even more difficult for Kristen to continue pretending to be Susan.

"[And then] I basically asked him if the feeling was mutual --" Chloe tried to continue -- and Kristen perked up at once then mockingly interrupted as Susan to guess that Brady had flatly rejected Chloe, and that was why they weren't still together at that moment. "Actually, [he] didn't really say anything -- he just made an excuse and then got out of there as fast as he could," Chloe clarified -- but Kristen remained upbeat, staying in character as Susan while reasoning that Brady had simply let Chloe down gently. "I didn't really take it like that at all [because] we've known each other since I was 16 years old, and we've always been honest with each other, [so]...I just feel like if he didn't have feelings for me, he would have just said so --" Chloe argued, again unsettling Kristen, who demanded silence in a voice that barely resembled Susan's.

Kristen quickly recovered and apologized to Chloe with a better imitation of Susan's voice, claiming that the outburst had occurred because their conversation about feelings was hitting a bit too close to home. "Maybe, then, you should just pack up your stuff and go join Roger on tour," Chloe suggested -- and Kristen laughed bitterly as Susan and guessed that Chloe would love to see that happen. "Susan, you don't exactly make things easy," Chloe explained with a shrug. "Seriously, do me a favor -- from now on, just mind your own business," Chloe added before storming out of the townhouse -- and Kristen yanked off a couple parts of the Susan costume in frustration as soon as the coast was clear. "Or else what, Chloe? I don't care what it takes, but you are not gonna steal the man I love!" Kristen spat.

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas laughed off Sami's concern about the person who had figured out that they had slept together the previous night. "This is like Voldemort going against Bugs Bunny! You got this -- you're gonna destroy her!" Lucas insisted. "Thank you -- that's very nice of you... But I don't get to be the Voldemort in this situation, because 'Susan Banks' [is] not Susan Banks -- [she] is Kristen 'Voldemort' DiMera!" Sami clarified. "Why would Susan [agree] to go to jail for [Kristen]?" Lucas wondered after Sami elaborated. "Remember the whole 'Voldemort versus Bugs Bunny' thing?" Sami reasoned, and Lucas conceded the point with a nod.

"Well, you know, it seems to me that you're the one who's in a position of power, because if Kristen broke out of jail, all you gotta do is call the police," Lucas pointed out. "[But then] she's gonna call her brother and blab to him about us sleeping together, [and then] he's never gonna forgive me!" Sami fretted. "Well, I'm not so sure about that -- I mean, you forgave [him] for sleeping with Abigail..." Lucas argued. "Thanks -- thanks a lot for that reminder," Sami grumbled. "Sorry -- it just slipped out," Lucas explained with a shrug.

"Figure out a plan to get me out of this!" Sami begged. "How am I supposed to do that? How am I supposed to get Chloe out of the picture? Should I knock her out? Should I kill her? Should I drag her by the hair? I have scruples, you know!" Lucas protested. "I'm not asking you to commit a crime -- stop being ridiculous!" Sami countered before stepping aside to take a phone call from an unfamiliar number -- then silently informing Lucas that Kristen was the caller. "I have a plan," Sami assured Kristen after getting an earful about what had just happened with Chloe. "Just trust me -- it's gonna work perfectly," Sami promised when Kristen probed for details.

"Great bluffing -- I almost believed you," Lucas raved after Sami hung up on Kristen. "I wasn't bluffing," Sami insisted. "You have a plan," Lucas incredulously summarized. "I have a plan!" Sami proudly confirmed. "Since when?" Lucas skeptically wondered. "Since right now!" Sami defensively answered. "Do I want to know it?" Lucas asked nervously. "Chloe is your ex-wife -- all you have to do is make her fall back in love with you!" Sami matter-of-factly replied. "Whoa, whoa, whoa --" Lucas tried to object. "It's brilliant, [I know -- and] you're gonna be great!" Sami declared, giving Lucas a wink.

Brady went to the Walker-Brady apartment to talk to Nicole about what had happened earlier with Chloe. "Your plan went exactly as you had hoped," Brady bitterly concluded. "Okay, yep, guilty as charged -- yes, I set you up," Nicole shamelessly admitted.

"You needed this, Brady -- and so did Chloe! [Look], Kristen is in prison for God knows how long, and now Chloe is in your life [again, and she] was your first love, [so]...can you honestly tell me you don't feel something for her?" Nicole wondered. "Even if I did -- and I'm not saying I do, [but] even if there was something there -- it's not like I'm going to turn my back on Kristen and leave her for Chloe," Brady answered. "Why not?" Nicole asked. "[Because, regardless of] whatever I might feel -- or might not feel -- for Chloe, I'm still in love with Kristen, [who] is in jail, [and] I promised that I would wait for her, no matter how long it takes, [so] that's what she's clinging to, [and] I'm not gonna tell the mother of my child that I'm leaving her --" Brady replied. "Oh, I'll do it -- I'll go to Statesville right now and --" Nicole eagerly offered. "Stop!" Brady snapped.

"I'm staying with Kristen -- I love her, and that's the end of the story!" Brady insisted before starting to storm out of the apartment. "You're such a lug!" Nicole declared, stopping Brady. "Don't call me a 'lug'! I don't even know what a 'lug' is!" Brady countered. "Fine, I'm sorry -- you're not a lug; you're actually a wonderful, loving, kind man," Nicole backpedaled.

"[But] Kristen is a psychopath --" Nicole continued. "No -- she's changed; she's a different woman --" Brady argued. "Oh, the hell she is! She has not 'changed' -- whether you can admit it to yourself or not, you have to know that Kristen will revert to form sooner or later, Brady! How can you not see that you and Rachel would be better off without her?" Nicole countered.

"We're done here," Brady grumbled. "Denying your feelings isn't gonna make them go away, Brady -- and you can't avoid Chloe, because you work together --" Nicole warned. "Nicole, stay out of it, please -- I mean it!" Brady snapped before starting to storm out of the apartment again -- just as Chloe approached it. "What are you doing here?" Chloe began. "I was just leaving," Brady replied before sidestepping Chloe and continuing to walk away.

Jake entered the DiMera mansion and joined Kate in the living room -- then gulped down a shot of whiskey while talking about Ben's predicament. "Thank you, by the way, for helping him get his hand on that drug for Ciara," Jake concluded. "Of course -- I mean, I hope it works," Kate responded.

Jake prepared a second shot of whiskey, prompting Kate to point out that it was only lunchtime. "Eh -- it's [already] been a long day...and then some," Jake explained with a dismissive shrug. "Did something else happen?" Kate wondered. "It's nothing -- Shin's just busting my ass over those quarterly reports," Jake claimed. "Okay... Well, I can help you with that --" Kate offered. "I know exactly what you can do to help me..." Jake declared before seizing a kiss from Kate. "Better already," Jake raved after pulling away from Kate. "How 'bout I take you to lunch, and then we come back here for dessert?" Jake suggested, and Kate agreed.

At Julie's Place, Philip and Gabi drank wine while waiting for their food to arrive. "Something wrong?" Philip eventually asked Gabi. "Not really -- just...not exactly my favorite place..." Gabi replied. "Why not? I hear the food here's great!" Philip protested. "Totally overrated -- like the owner," Gabi insisted.

"Doesn't help that she hates my guts..." Gabi admitted. "Why, because you killed her beloved Nick? Isn't that ancient history by now?" Philip wondered. "It is...but when it comes to me and Julie, me killing that S.O.B. is just the tip of the iceberg..." Gabi began to clarify. "Why are you telling me all this?" Philip asked incredulously at the end of Gabi's history lesson. "I don't have anything to hide -- I mean, it's not really a secret," Gabi matter-of-factly replied, giving Philip a shameless shrug. "I'm impressed...[and] I think we may be kind of kindred spirits -- [see], I have some deep, dark secrets of my own..." Philip began to confess.

"You have a son named 'Pocket'?" Gabi incredulously repeated at the end of Philip's history lesson -- just as Jake and Kate entered the restaurant. "Are you following us?" Gabi challenged Jake. "You were gonna be at the Bistro!" Jake reminded Gabi. "It was closed," Philip interjected. "I didn't realize that you had all spoken before," Kate admitted. "We didn't really talk about much...except that Philip and I are on a date --" Gabi explained. "Yeah,'d be good if you all moved along," Philip advised.

After Kate and Jake left, Gabi and Philip continued their date. "You're thinking about Jake DiMera nonstop," Philip eventually observed. "Why don't you buy me another bottle of wine and make me forget all about him?" Gabi flirtatiously countered.

Jake and Kate decided to eat lunch at the Brady Pub instead. "Is there any particular reason that you didn't mention that you saw Gabi and Philip out on a date?" Kate eventually asked. "[Maybe because] I thought we weren't talking about Gabi anymore," Jake coolly replied. "Yeah, just seems like it might have occurred to you that I'd want to know if my son was in her clutches," Kate argued. "Frankly, I thought you would be happy that Gabi's got her hooks in someone else," Jake countered. "I just hope that it's not Gabi's 'hooks' that upset you earlier," Kate muttered. "Okay, can we not do this right now, please? For the record -- final time, once and for all -- I'm not interested in Gabi, so there's no reason I would be upset that she's on a date with Philip...or anybody else, for that matter," Jake insisted before stepping aside to pay the bill -- but Kate remained suspicious.

At the hospital, Ciara continued sleeping soundly as Ben prepared to administer Rolf's memory-jogging serum. "I'm only doing this because I love you, and I know you want us to be together just as much as I do... I love you so much... I know this is extreme, but I don't know of any other way for you to remember me...or us...or what we have..." Ben whispered while aiming the needle of the syringe at Ciara's outstretched right arm -- but Theo arrived just then. "What the hell are you doing?" Theo snapped, waking Ciara and stopping Ben, who had gotten the needle of the syringe to within an inch of its target.

Theo quickly stepped between Ben and Ciara. Theo tried to seize the syringe, but Ben refused to hand it over. Theo started to call for help, but Ben snatched the room's phone. "You're trying to kill me because I rejected you!" Ciara assumed. "I'm trying to help you!" Ben clarified before elaborating -- and although Rolf's memory-jogging serum didn't sound familiar to Ciara, Theo admitted to having heard about it before.

"Ciara, I love you, [and] I know the hypnosis was horrible, and the first thing you remembered was terrifying, and I am sorry that you had to go through that...but if you could just remember everything, I promise [that] you wouldn't feel afraid or confused or alone -- you would feel safe; you would feel safe with me, and you would remember us, [and] you would know the truth about us and exactly how much we love each other, [so]...just, please, let me help you!" Ben begged.

"I told you I didn't want to be hypnotized [again] because I didn't want to remember my life with you...[but] instead of respecting my wishes, you go behind my back [and] sneak into my hospital room while I'm sleeping [to] inject me with an experimental drug without my consent, [and] you say you're doing that in the name of love -- [I mean], do you hear yourself? [Then again], I guess I should [feel] lucky that you don't have a necktie in your hands --" Ciara spat. "I would never hurt you!" Ben insisted.

"I saved your life!" Ben stressed. "My grandfather says that you're the reason why I almost died -- is that true?" Ciara countered. "If you knew everything -- if you knew the whole story --" Ben tried to explain. "Oh, my God -- I am so sick of you saying that to me! [Look], I don't want to know everything -- [and] I don't want to know you! I don't ever want to see you ever again, okay? So, just leave, Ben Weston -- get the hell out of my life already!" Ciara demanded. "If that's what you want..." Ben agreed, fighting back tears. "It is," Ciara maintained.

Ben nodded and started to walk away -- then lunged at Ciara with the syringe, prompting Theo to intervene again. "Get out of here, you maniac!" Theo ordered Ben after seizing the syringe. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Ben countered. "It's not about me -- it's about what Ciara wants!" Theo stressed. "Yeah, I know what it's about," Ben muttered.

"Ciara, I love you -- and I will love you forever," Ben declared before releasing a sigh of defeat then starting to walk away again. "Wait," Ciara called out, stopping Ben. "Do you remember something? Please, tell me that you remember me!" Ben excitedly responded -- but Ciara instead grabbed their framed wedding photograph and tossed it to the foot of the bed with a scowl. "Take it -- it's yours. I don't want to see it or you ever again in my life," Ciara snapped as Ben picked up the item. "Goodbye, Ciara," Ben whispered before numbly exiting the room.

Once the coast was clear, Theo tossed the syringe in the room's hazardous-materials bin then asked if Ciara was okay. "Thanks to you," Ciara replied. "I'm just glad I got here in time to stop him from injecting you," Theo stressed. "You have always been there for me -- [I mean], ever since we were kids, I've always known that I could count on you... You are my rock, Theo -- now more than ever," Ciara declared before kissing Theo.

John asks Marlena to hypnotize him John asks Marlena to hypnotize him

Friday, April 16, 2021

Allie visited Roman at the pub with baby Henry. As Roman and Allie talked, Tripp walked in. Allie said that Henry had been up all night, teething. "[Which is why] I look awful," Allie said. "Not at all. I think you look great," Tripp said. Tripp explained that he was there to pick up takeout for Steve and Kayla. While Roman prepared the order, Tripp took a seat at the table with Allie.

"On an hour's sleep, I'm not the most exciting company right now," Allie warned Tripp. Tripp said he had been up all night, studying for an exam, and that he was just as low energy. "I'll take boring over being a murder suspect any day," Allie joked. Tripp said he planned to go to bed early because he started his first rounds at the hospital in the morning.

"Why were they delayed? What happened?" Allie asked. Tripp looked at Allie, unsure what to say. "Oh, I happened. I can't believe I ruined medical school for you!" Allie said. Tripp pointed out that Allie had had good reason to believe he had attacked her. "As soon as you found out the truth, you came and apologized," Tripp said. "I could have ruined your whole future," Allie said. Tripp noted that a delay in rounds at the hospital was nothing compared to what Allie had suffered.

"I'm so sorry," Allie said. "We're good, okay? We're past it," Tripp said. Tripp asked Allie if they could agree to never mention the situation again, and she said yes. When Tripp asked Allie about her life, Allie admitted that it was the first time since Henry's birth that she had been able to think about her future. "You'll figure it out," Tripp said. With a shrug, Allie said that before her pregnancy, she had spent her life partying and avoiding responsibility.

"Meanwhile, you've been working your butt off to become a doctor," Allie said. "What are you interested in?" Tripp asked. Allie said she had no interests or ideas. Tripp admitted that he had been aimless until a few years before, and he told Allie that she was motivated and smart. "I haven't accomplished anything in my life," Allie said. "I strongly disagree," Tripp said as he looked at Henry. Allie said that she loved Henry but that her situation with Nicole was not permanent.

Allie said that it was difficult to make time for a job interview with Henry, and Tripp offered to watch the baby for Allie. "You do not have time for that," Allie said. "I wanna be a part of Henry's life. I'll make time," Tripp said. Henry gurgled, and Tripp went over to pick up his nephew. As Allie started to warn Tripp that Henry had been spitting up recently, Henry threw up on Tripp's shirt. Allie apologized, and she blotted at the stain.

"We should just get the shirt off you," Allie said as she started to unbutton it. Roman returned with the food, and he eyeballed Tripp and Allie laughing as she unbuttoned Tripp's shirt. "Food's ready," Roman said. As Tripp rebuttoned his shirt, Allie explained to Roman that she had planned to wash the spit-up off of Tripp's shirt for him. Roman smirked.

"It's fine. I'll just change when I get home," Tripp said. Roman headed back into the kitchen as Allie offered to pay for Tripp's dry cleaning. "Don't worry about it, seriously. Like I said, I need the practice, and by this time tomorrow, I will have been thrown up on at least a dozen times," Tripp joked. Henry threw his pacifier on the floor, and when both Allie and Tripp squatted down to pick it up, their fingers grazed. Tripp and Allie smiled at one another.

At the police station, Rafe crossed Ava and Tripp's names from his list of suspects. Melinda Trask walked in, and she ordered Rafe to find a new suspect. "If I can't have the killer's head on a silver platter, I may just have to settle for yours," Trask said. Rafe assured Trask that he had been working overtime on the case.

"You really went that extra mile to make sure your ex-wife walked," Trask said. When Rafe reminded Trask that Sami was innocent, Trask disagreed. "[Sami] lied to police," Trask said. Frustrated, Trask argued that Sami had tampered with the crime scene, as well. Rafe asked Trask if she wanted to waste time on Sami instead of the murderer. Trask pointed out that the other suspects on the board were all connected to Rafe.

"I am conducting an impartial investigation here. Now, for you to come in here and suggest otherwise," Rafe started. Trask interrupted to ask how Rafe had eliminated the other suspects. When Rafe talked about Allie's story, Trask ordered Rafe to find "actual proof" that Allie was not the killer. Rafe reminded Trask that there was a presumption of innocence.

"We also don't take the word of murder suspects or their parents. Especially when one of those parents is Sami Brady," Trask said. Trask requested another interview with Allie, but Rafe said he had known Allie since childhood, and he always knew when Allie lied to him. "Don't tell me how honest and transparent [Allie] is when she held back that she left the murder weapon at the crime scene," Trask said.

"Allie kept quiet to protect her mother. She was convinced that Sami did it, which clearly indicates that [Allie] didn't," Rafe countered. Trask asked Rafe why he believed that Tripp was innocent. Rafe told Trask what Ava and Tripp had told him about the night of the murder. "Do you have any leads?" Trask asked. Rafe pulled the evidence bag with the red coat button out of the box.

After a quick examination by Trask, she and Rafe agreed that the button had likely belonged to a woman. "Where was this found?" Trask asked. "Right next to Charlie's body," Rafe said. Rafe explained that the button had not belonged to Sami, Allie, or Ava. "So, if we find the owner of this button, we may also find our killer," Trask said.

In the bullpen, Belle broke the news to Shawn that she had made a deal with Jan. "I agreed to make the charges against her go away if she would do the same for my dad," Belle said. Angry, Shawn reminded Belle that Jan was a threat. "You just gave her an invitation to come after you again," Shawn said. When Belle said that she could handle herself, Shawn reminded Belle that Claire was in danger, too. Shawn argued that Trask did not need Jan or Belle to make a case.

"This agreement that you have is pointless," Shawn said. Shawn said he still planned to arrest Jan, regardless of any deal that Belle had made. Belle apologized for making a deal behind Shawn's back. Worried, Shawn told Belle that he could not forget the moment at the wedding when Jan had claimed that Belle had been dead.

"I don't want to keep living with that fear. All right, knowing that she is out there somewhere and that she could attack you at any time -- or Claire," Shawn confessed. Belle said that she did not believe Jan would hurt Claire, but Shawn disagreed. Shawn argued that Jan would do anything to get rid of Belle and get him.

"Is this agreement of yours even legal?" Shawn asked. Belle stressed that she had been careful with the language in the agreement. Shawn told Belle that Rafe needed a conviction on his record. "It makes the whole department look terrible. Not to mention [Rafe] is still in hot water with Trask because this Charlie Dale case is still unsolved," Shawn said. Belle asked if there were any updates. Shawn confirmed that all known suspects had been cleared.

"What are the odds that somebody else [besides Sami and Allie] were in Charlie's apartment that night he was murdered?" Shawn said. "Yeah. What are the odds?" Belle said quietly. As Shawn joked that both he and Belle had wanted to kill Charlie, Belle averted her eyes. "What's wrong?" Shawn asked. Before Belle could answer, Rafe exited the interrogation room.

Rafe announced that he was on his way to arrest Jan, but Shawn told Rafe not to bother. "I can't let my father go to prison," Belle explained. Belle said the matter was done. "I just wish you hadn't taken matters into your own hands," Rafe said. "You could have talked to us," Shawn added. Frustrated, Belle grabbed her orange coat in preparation to leave. Rafe noticed the buttons on the coat.

"What happened to your button?" Rafe asked. With a shrug, Belle said she did not know. Rafe grabbed the evidence bag from the box on the desk. "It's right here," Rafe said. "Where'd you get that?" Shawn asked. "The scene of Charlie Dale's murder," Rafe announced.

At the penthouse, Marlena told John that he would not have to worry about assault charges. "Jan won't press charges against you, and Belle won't press charges against her," Marlena said. "Are you saying that psycho is going to get off?" John asked. Marlena nodded yes. "Over my dead body," John growled. Marlena told John that it was too late because the paperwork had been signed. John was furious.

"You know our daughter. She is very strong-willed," Marlena said. John took out his phone, but Marlena reminded him that he would not be able to change Belle's mind. Marlena told John that Belle was talking to Shawn. "The only person who is more protective of our daughter than you are [is Shawn]," Marlena said. John asked Marlena to hypnotize him so that he could remember the night he had gone to Charlie's apartment.

"I got to know if I am a murderer," John said. John explained that Stefano had trained him to be an assassin, and he was worried that his aneurysm had triggered some of Stefano's programming. Marlena was reluctant to hypnotize John, but John said he was concerned that he was a danger. "I'm not going to be at peace until I know the truth. One way or the other. Please," John begged. Marlena agreed, but she whispered, "I hope this is not a terrible mistake."

Jan sat in her hospital bed and caught up on all the Salem news from the time that she had been in a coma. Claire walked in and slammed a crystal down on the bedside table. "It's the healing crystal you gave me. I'm returning it," Claire said. "It would have done you a world of good," Jan said. Claire told Jan that she hoped Jan would rot in prison. As Claire turned to leave, Jan grabbed her wrist.

"You're hurting me!" Claire said. "I'm sorry. You can go now. That's all I wanted to say," Jan said as she let go of Claire's arm. Claire reminded Jan that Jan had used her to kidnap Belle and blackmail Shawn. Jan claimed to be "a new woman" after her coma, but Claire argued that Jan had not been changed after her first coma.

"Plenty of people get a second chance at life. But a third? Now that is a genuine miracle. And no one cares," Jan said. When Claire asked Jan what she meant, Jan said that if anyone else woke from a coma, someone would celebrate. "At least you're alive," Claire said. "I have no family. No friends. I have nothing, except you," Jan said. Claire scoffed at the idea, and she stressed that she was not friends with Jan.

Jan said she had seen Ciara in the hospital, and she asked if Claire was friends with Ciara again. "Not that it's any of your business, but Ciara hates me again," Claire said. Jan asked what had happened. Claire told Jan that the situation was complicated, but Ciara did not want to talk to Claire ever again. "I can't say I'm surprised. She doesn't know you like I do," Jan said. Jan asked Claire if Ciara had called Claire names and held Claire's past actions against her.

"It is so painful, isn't it? To constantly be called something you're not. You've worked so hard to get better, only to be judged and dismissed. I would never do that. Says one misunderstood slightly psycho to another," Jan said. "Slightly?" Claire countered. "Don't treat me the way Ciara treated you. I know that I've made mistakes, just like you. And just like you, I deserve forgiveness, right? So can we please be friends again?" Jan asked.

"Why would I ever want to be friends with you?" Claire asked. With a sigh, Jan said she understood that Claire was wrapped up with her boyfriend, Charlie. Jan reminded Claire that she had helped Claire hook up with Charlie. "A little gratitude would be nice," Jan said. "Thanks a lot, Jan. Yeah, Charlie, he turned out to be a real winner," Claire said. "Isn't he?" Jan asked. Claire told Jan that Charlie had raped Allie.

"He didn't hurt you, did he?" Jan asked. Claire told Jan that Charlie had attacked her, but she had escaped. Jan promised to bash in Charlie's head with the healing crystal. "It's too late. Charlie's dead," Claire said. Claire told Jan that someone had murdered Charlie. "I wouldn't blame Allie if she killed him. I was raped when I was about her age," Jan said. "I had no idea," Claire said.

"Not to make excuses for all the terrible things I've done, but my life has never been the same," Jan said. Jan muttered that Charlie did not deserve to live, and that the murderer deserved a medal. With a smile, Jan offered to buy Claire dinner as an apology. "What are you talking about? You are going to prison for a very long time," Claire said. Jan told Claire about her deal with Belle. "I'm not going to prison. I'm free," Jan said.

Down the hall in Marlena's office, John asked Marlena to record the session. Marlena was reluctant to have anything on the record, but John was determined to hear the session later. "If I remember committing a crime, I don't want you covering for me," John said. Marlena reminded John that she could not testify against her husband, but John insisted.

Once the session started, Marlena asked about the night of Charlie's death. John said he had exited the car and had gone into Charlie's building. "I heard a voice," John said. In John's memory, he had opened the door to Charlie's apartment, and he had watched someone shoot Charlie. The killer had been wearing Belle's orange coat. "Oh, my God," John said.

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