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Gabi was unable to sleep with Philip because of her feelings for Jake. Kristen wore a Kate mask to break up with Jake. Paulina learned about Chanel's double cross. John told Belle that he'd seen her shoot Charlie. Belle believed Sami had framed her for murder. Jan told Trask about the recording of John's hypnotherapy. Rafe kissed Ava. Ciara left Salem with Theo. Sami convinced Lucas to continue to lie to Chloe. Tripp treated a sick Henry, and he shared a moment with Allie. Gabi advised Abigail to save her marriage. Gwen miscarried. Abigail knocked Gwen down the stairs.
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Gwen miscarried and was later knocked down a staircase by Abigail, and Ciara left Salem with Theo
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Paulina finds out about Chanel's role in Xander's scheme

Paulina finds out about Chanel's role in Xander's scheme

Monday, April 26, 2021

by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Chloe started reading online articles about brain cancer, hoping to find a way to help Lucas -- then gasped when a news alert popped up for an unrelated article that also hit close to home.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Brady finished reading Rachel a bedtime story -- then received a phone call from Chloe a short time later. "You haven't heard," Chloe assumed when Brady cheerfully answered the call. "Oh, my God -- I had no idea! [And] I was just talking to Sami -- I'm sure she didn't have any idea, either!" Brady confirmed after Chloe elaborated that Belle had been arrested the previous night as the latest suspect in Charlie's murder case.

Brady ended the call after promising to find out more information then report back to Chloe -- who immediately went back to researching brain cancer as a way to pass the time. Chloe eventually contacted a specialist, Dr. Dunn, and convinced the doctor to make a special trip to Salem to see Lucas. "Oh, I am so relieved [and] so grateful [that you're willing to do this] -- trust me, I tried to get my friend to go [to you], but in his current state of mind..." Chloe tried to explain to the doctor, who apparently understood.

Later, Chloe received a phone call from Brady, who reported that, according to John and Marlena, Belle was going to be held at the police station for at least one more night -- and hadn't been allowed any visitors yet. "I'm gonna try to get in there to see Belle tomorrow morning -- you're welcome to come with me if you want," Brady offered. "I would, but...I can't -- I have a really important doctor's appointment tomorrow," Chloe admitted. "'Important' -- that word makes me think that this is not a routine checkup, [so] something wrong?" Brady wondered. "No, I'm fine -- it's not me; the doctor's appointment is for a friend," Chloe answered. "I see," Brady responded, breathing a sigh of relief.

At the Horton Town Square, Philip warned Gabi that jumping into bed with one man wasn't necessarily going to make feelings for another man go away. "You're right, Dr. Freud, [but] I think it's gonna make me feel a hell of a lot better, so let me ask you a question -- do you want to psychoanalyze me...or do you want to sleep with me?" Gabi countered. "What do you think?" Philip answered.

Philip took Gabi to the Kiriakis mansion, and they started making out and undressing each other as soon as they entered Philip's bedroom -- but Gabi eventually pulled away and apologized.

"Jake," Philip guessed. "I couldn't stop thinking about him," Gabi confirmed. "I get it," Philip stressed. "I don't! Why am I so pathetic? [I mean], he clearly doesn't want me -- he's having sex all over my house with your mother!" Gabi grumbled. "Can we not..." Philip begged. "Sorry... But, seriously, why can't I just get over him? Why can't I forget about him the way that he forgot about me?" Gabi wondered. "Because you want everyone to believe that you're a hell-on-wheels bitch with a heart of stone, but you're really a softy. It'll be our secret, okay?" Philip responded. "Oh, this is so embarrassing -- [I mean], I barely know you, [and] you're my boss... Oh, I have made a total fool of myself... I'm so sorry --" Gabi fretted. "Don't be," Philip advised, comforting Gabi with a hug.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen jumped back into character as Susan then rushed toward Jake, ostensibly eager to get the introductions out of the way but actually just desperate to prevent a clear line of sight to Kate's motionless body. "I know exactly who you are!" Jake realized -- and Kristen struggled to stay in character as Susan while insisting that was impossible because they had never met each other before.

"[Right...but] my buddy Ben was telling me about you -- you're the...lady...who has the premonitions, right? You told Ben that his wife's not dead. [And], from what I understand, you're also my brother E.J.'s mother," Jake elaborated, drawing a sigh of relief from Kristen, who confirmed the suspicion as Susan then claimed to have dropped by unannounced due to another premonition -- one in which Jake's soul mate had been partially identified as a beautiful, dark-haired woman named "Gabi."

"I used to date a woman named 'Gabi'...but that's been over for quite some time, [and] I'm with Kate now, [so]...thank you for stopping by, but I think a little off," Jake declared before suddenly walking across the living room, ignoring Kristen's attempts to object as Susan. "What the hell is this doing all the way over here?" Jake muttered while picking up a glass -- and Kristen, who had left the item lying on the floor after using it to knock out Kate earlier, again struggled to stay in character as Susan while claiming to have no explanation for the oddity.

"Thought you were a psychic," Jake teased while placing the glass on the desk, next to a shopping bag -- and as Kristen defensively tried to clarify, as Susan, that being psychic didn't mean magically having the answer to every question, Jake peeked inside the bag and realized that it contained items that Kate had purchased for their planned getaway. Fearing that Kate's motionless body would soon be discovered due to being dangerously close to the desk, Kristen nervously dragged Jake out of the living room while advising, as Susan, that Kate was probably upstairs at that moment, packing for the trip -- which Gabi should be packing for instead. "Kate is the only woman [for me]," Jake maintained. "Harold can show you out," Jake added before heading upstairs in search of Kate.

"Finally!" Kristen exclaimed once the coast was clear. "Oh, Kate... Babe, you could have made this easy on yourself, but no -- no, you had to figure out that I am 'Susan Banks,' huh? And because you couldn't just leave things alone, I had to resort to violence -- which I abhor!" Kristen grumbled while dragging Kate's motionless body toward the false panel that led to the secret tunnels. "Now I'm gonna have to 'disappear' you like I did Sarah Horton... It's not personal, doll -- it's that damn Vivian Alamain; it's all her fault..." Kristen reasoned while opening the false panel.

Meanwhile, Jake headed back downstairs while trying to contact Kate, whose cell phone had apparently been silenced at some point. "When you get this, call me -- we've got a plane to catch!" Jake said when the call went to voicemail, entering the living room while speaking the last words of the message -- but the false panel finished shutting behind Kristen and Kate, who was still unconscious, while Jake was focused on ending the call.

At Julie's Place, Xander awkwardly gulped down some Champagne as Chanel desperately tried to explain away the blunder that Paulina had just caught. "Save it, sister!" Paulina snapped, silencing Chanel. "I sent you to all the best schools [and] paid for everything from water polo to ukulele lessons -- [even] took your damn dolls to high tea -- [but because] I spoiled you rotten, now you're rotten to the core, [and you don't] want to work to make an honest living, so your genius plan was to throw in with a criminal to bilk your mama out of a cool ten mil! [You know], I have never been so disgusted with another human being in my entire life!" Paulina spat before standing to leave the restaurant, prompting Chanel to make a full confession as a form of damage control.

"And that's when we decided to split [the, you see], I didn't marry Xander with some big plan to extort you -- I legit thought he was gonna be my meal ticket; I didn't know he was some washed-up, slacker CEO who couldn't get hired as a bag boy at the mini-mart," Chanel concluded. "Excuse me!" Xander defensively protested.

"I see... Well, I guess there's only one thing to do, [then]..." Paulina responded with a sigh, leaving Chanel and Xander hopeful that something good was about to happen -- but those hopes were dashed when Paulina took back the check without warning and ripped it up, ignoring Xander and Chanel's protests. "You get nothing -- the both of you!" Paulina declared.

"But now Xander won't divorce me, and I'll be stuck in this miserable sham of a marriage!" Chanel fretted. "Cry me a river!" Paulina countered. "You said it yourself -- he's a horrible, horrible guy! Don't you care what happens to me?" Chanel objected. "I can barely stand to look at you -- [and now] I'm not sure who's more of a danger to whom! [Look], you made this particular bed -- and it's the only bed you've ever made up in your entire life, I might add -- [so] you lie in it!" Paulina spat before storming out of the restaurant.

"My mom hates me [now -- and] it's all your fault!" Chanel snapped at Xander. "My fault? You're the genius who blurted out that we were splitting the payoff!" Xander argued. "You're the Mr. Big Man that let my mom negotiate you down from ten million to a hundred grand! No wonder you couldn't cut it as a CEO! What a loser!" Chanel countered. "If I'm a loser, you're an impulsive little brat!" Xander spat. "And this is a match made in hell! I want a divorce -- and I want it now! [And] you're not gonna get anything from my mother now, so there's zero reason for you to force me to stay in this stupid marriage!" Chanel declared. "Fine -- you can have your damn divorce! I can't think of anything lovelier than never having to see you again, [anyway]!" Xander decided. "Back at you!" Chanel responded.

"The ring!" Xander demanded when Chanel tried to rush off. "I offered to return it to you the morning after we eloped, [and] you said I could have it!" Chanel protested. "Something to remember me by?" Xander teased. "Ugh, gross!" Chanel spat while removing the ring and tossing it at Xander. "I'd sell it if I were you -- two failed marriages in two months, and I'm thinking the third won't be the charm!" Chanel advised Xander before storming out of the restaurant. "Oh, Sarah... I've made such a hash of everything... I still don't understand why you went away... One day, we were madly in love, and the were gone," Xander grumbled between gulps of Champagne while staring wistfully at the ring.

Abe took Theo to the Brady Pub for dinner. "You know, when I met your ex-girlfriend, I didn't realize that [she] was Paulina's daughter and Lani's cousin -- I mean, what are the odds, huh?" Abe declared during the meal, drawing a nod of agreement from Theo, who was also still having trouble believing the crazy coincidence.

"Did you have feelings for her at one time?" Abe wondered. "At first, I thought she was cool -- fun -- but...Chanel is all about Chanel, all the time, [and] I did figure out, pretty early on, that she is not the one for me -- [and there's] no way in hell I'm gonna be [her] meal ticket," Theo answered.

"Well, she's nothing if not determined...although I think [that], in trying to find some alternative solution, she has managed to land herself in some serious trouble," Abe revealed. "Xander and Chanel, married -- wow... Although I do think they kind of deserve each other..." Theo declared after Abe elaborated.

"I'm just glad I caught on and got out when I did -- especially [since now] I'm free to be with someone I care about, and who cares about me," Theo admitted. "I'm just afraid of you getting hurt again," Abe fretted after Theo elaborated. "[I get that]...but I'm all grown up now, [and] I know what I'm doing, so don't try to talk me out of it," Theo warned. "As if I could... [And] I guess I won't be able to talk you [into] staying [here] a little longer, [either]," Abe grumbled. "I wish, [but] I have to get back to work," Theo responded. "[You know], I'm so proud of you, son -- the life you created, that business you're growing with J.J. -- [but]...I just wish it wasn't so far away," Abe stressed while giving Theo a farewell hug.

Shortly after Theo exited the pub, Paulina entered it -- and rushed straight over to Abe's table with a sigh of relief. "A friendly face!" Paulina raved. "Everything all right?" Abe wondered. "Far from it!" Paulina answered. "Look, Chanel is a young woman, trying to find her own way -- [she'll] learn from her mistakes," Abe reasoned after Paulina elaborated.

Paulina produced a handkerchief and started to wipe away a few tears -- then remembered that the item had been borrowed from Abe during their previous conversation and had just been cleaned so it could be returned. "You need it more than I do," Abe insisted. "Oh, what am I doing? I'm Paulina Price! I don't cry in my own beer -- I don't even drink beer!" Paulina declared after recovering. "Well, how 'bout some coffee [instead, then]?" Abe offered. "No time right now -- I gotta make my next move!" Paulina decided. "What's that?" Abe asked. "I'm leaving Salem!" Paulina replied.

"[But] what about your big plans for the town square? You know, I pushed for that rezoning, and're just giving up?" Abe protested. "Me, give up? Don't be ridiculous, Abraham -- those words aren't even in my vocabulary! [But] now that the project has been given the green light, I need to fly to Miami to settle some affairs and...make Salem my new home base," Paulina clarified. "Permanently?" Abe translated. "You think this town can handle me?" Paulina wondered. "Well, I'm not so sure...but I'm glad to hear it," Abe answered. "You're not just saying that to make me feel better?" Paulina asked hopefully. "No -- [in fact], on the heels of my son leaving town, you've made my day, [because] when you first said you were leaving, [too]...I realized I'd miss you," Abe hesitantly replied. "Don't worry -- you're not gonna get rid of me that easily!" Paulina declared.

At the Price-Grant apartment, Eli changed the twins' diapers as Lani revealed that Xander had threatened to keep Chanel trapped in a loveless marriage forever unless Paulina coughed up ten million dollars as a divorce settlement. "From what I know [about] Aunt Paulina, that's not gonna go over very well," Eli mused. "Understatement of the decade -- Aunt Paulina did not get rich by giving her money away; I mean, she keeps a change jar, she uses her paper towels twice, and she is the queen of regifting," Lani confirmed.

Lani soon started to rush off to a nearby store to purchase more baby wipes, but Eli objected, arguing that they needed to take advantage of the fact that the twins had both just fallen asleep at the same time. Lani conceded the point then started undressing Eli -- but Theo arrived just then. "Hope this isn't a bad time," Theo began when Lani opened the apartment door -- and Eli, who was still shirtless, responded with a forced smile. "I can come back..." Theo offered, but Lani insisted that wasn't necessary, drawing another forced smile from Eli, who reluctantly donned a shirt.

"I won't stay long -- I just came to say goodbye," Theo explained. "What happens when Ciara gets her memory back?" Lani warned after Theo elaborated. "We'll deal with that when -- if -- it happens. [Now, look], don't try to change my mind -- I've already heard all the arguments," Theo responded. "[Then] just don't stay away too long," Eli requested.

Theo gave Lani a farewell hug then rushed off -- and ran into Chanel in the town square a short time later. "Are you okay?" Theo wondered. "I'm fine... I don't suppose you'd reconsider taking me back to South Africa with you?" Chanel responded while fighting back tears. "Sorry -- no," Theo maintained. "That's the answer I expected...but it's okay -- I'll figure something out; I always do," Chanel declared.

Meanwhile, Eli and Lani tried to pick up where they had left off earlier -- but Paulina arrived just then. "I hope this is not a bad time," Paulina began when Lani opened the apartment door -- and Eli, who was still shirtless, responded with a forced smile. "Ooh, this is an excellent time for me! For you, not so much..." Paulina declared while ogling Eli, who again forced a smile then awkwardly donned a shirt.

"Oh, well, don't worry -- I won't stay long; I just came to say goodbye," Paulina explained. "There has been a lot of that going on today..." Lani muttered. "We will watch Chanel for you," Eli promised after Paulina elaborated. "Good luck with that..." Paulina grumbled before venting about Chanel's role in Xander's scheme.

Eli and Lani rushed off to another room to get a picture of the twins for Paulina -- who shared a secret with the babies once the coast was clear.

John tells Belle he saw her shoot Charlie

John tells Belle he saw her shoot Charlie

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

At the penthouse, John showed Marlena a news story about Belle's arrest. "It's all over the news. Our little girl has been arrested for murder," John said. "That does not mean she's guilty," Marlena countered. John reminded Marlena of his hypnosis session, and Marlena stressed that John had only remembered a small part of what had happened.

In the square, Nicole read on her tablet about Belle's arrest. "Oh, my God," Nicole muttered. "Shocking, isn't it?" Jan said as she walked over. With a smirk, Nicole said she had heard that Jan had woken up from her coma. Nicole asked Jan why she was not behind bars. Jan told Nicole about her deal with Belle. "Killing [Charlie] in cold blood, it just doesn't seem like Belle," Nicole said. Jan remembered shooting Charlie then shook off the memory.

"I know you hate Belle, but you can't possibly think she murdered Charlie," Nicole said. "I don't hate Belle," Jan grumbled. With a groan, Nicole reminded Jan that Shawn was married to Belle. Jan shrugged, and she said she no longer had any interest in Shawn because she was a new person. "You have to admit that Belle is not the type to commit premeditated murder," Nicole prompted. Jan shrugged.

"Belle was inside Charlie's apartment that night. They found a button from her coat right next to the dead body. And mere hours earlier, Belle walked in on Charlie about to attack Claire," Jan said. Jan added that Belle had to have acted out of fear for her daughter. When Jan noted that it was one less rapist in the world, Nicole scoffed.

"I don't approve of murder," Nicole said. "You certainly used to, as I recall," Jan shot back. Jan argued that Rafe would not have arrested Belle if the police had not believed that Belle had killed Charlie. As Jan mused over how much time Belle would spend in prison, Nicole shook her head. "You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" Nicole asked. Jan denied the accusation. Nicole said she believed that Jan still hated Belle.

"As I said before, I think Belle did a really good thing ridding the world of Charlie Dale. Until just recently, I had no idea who he really was. Claire brought me up to speed at the hospital," Jan said. Confused, Nicole asked why Claire would visit the woman that had kidnapped Claire's mother. Jan explained that she and Claire had been friends and that she had apologized to Claire.

"Now everything is peachy keen," Jan said. "Except for her mother was arrested for shooting someone at point-blank range," Nicole barked. "Not someone. A vile, disgusting pig who forced himself on innocent women. Like my Claire. When I think of how he trapped her, how he terrorized her, I felt like I could have killed him myself," Jan admitted. Jan added that though she had wanted to kill Charlie, she could not have because she had still been in a coma at the time of Charlie's murder.

Nicole and Jan bickered about their pasts, and Nicole argued that, unlike Jan, she had changed. "So have I, and yet I have to beg people to believe my metamorphosis was real, while you can convince anyone that you're a perfect angel. Including the police commissioner," Jan said. "Rafe is a forgiving, understanding person, and he was a comfort to me through some tough times," Nicole said. With a chuckle, Jan noted that it was hypocritical for Nicole to lecture Jan about Shawn's marital status when Nicole was involved with Rafe while Nicole was married to Eric. "What exactly are you implying?" Nicole asked. "Maybe you're in love with Rafe Hernandez," Jan suggested. Nicole told Jan that she was absurd.

After Belle made bail, she headed home. Claire hugged her mother. "I can't believe that this is happening. I just want to go back in time and fix it, but I can't. I'm just so sorry, Mom. This is all my fault," Claire said. Belle assured Claire that she was not to blame for Charlie's death. Claire asked Belle to tell her the truth about the shooting. "I did not kill Charlie. I swear. When I got back here that night, I never left," Belle stressed. Confused, Claire asked how a button from Claire's coat had ended up at the crime scene. Belle had no answer.

After Belle's chat with Claire, she went over to the penthouse to see her parents. "How can we help?" Marlena asked. Belle noted that Shawn had hired Justin to represent her. "[Justin] thinks the case is flimsy, too. I mean all they have is the button," Belle said. Belle stressed that there could be no other evidence because she had never been in Charlie's apartment.

"It's not like anybody has ever seen me there," Belle said. "Well, I did," John blurted out. John told Belle about his memory of the shooting. "How the hell could you have seen me at Charlie's apartment? I was never there!" Belle yelped. Marlena cautioned Belle to "take it easy." Upset, Belle said it was hard to stay calm when her own father had accused her of murder.

"Why is this the first time I am hearing about this?" Belle asked. John explained that he had not remembered the shooting until recently. John reminded Belle of when he had run into Charlie in the square, and Marlena had escorted John home in order to calm John down. "But I didn't rest. I snuck out, and I drove over to Charlie's. And just as I pulled up in front, I got this searing pain in my head, and I just, I don't know, I blacked out," John said. Confused, Belle asked when John had seen her shoot Charlie.

John explained that he had had flashes of memory. "John was afraid he might have lost control," Marlena interjected. John said Marlena had hypnotized him, and he had remembered the shooting. "You were in your red coat. It was the same red coat I saw you in earlier that night, that's how I knew it was you," John explained. Belle swore she had not been in Charlie's apartment.

"Did you see my face?" Belle asked. "No. I only saw you from behind with the red coat and the hood up," John said. "Maybe then it was somebody else in a similar coat," Marlena suggested. Belle noted that the button had been missing from her coat. "Someone else was in Charlie's apartment in my coat, and they did it on purpose," Belle said. Belle argued that someone had framed her for murder. "Who would hate me enough to do something like that?" Belle asked. After a moment, Belle groaned. "I know who did it," Belle whispered.

Shawn visited Ciara in her hospital room, and he told her that he had found their mother. When Ciara asked about Hope, Shawn explained that Hope's last lead on Ciara had taken Hope to Morocco. "How did she sound?" Ciara asked. "[Hope] was ecstatic, what do you think?" Shawn said. Shawn told Ciara that Hope was on her way back to Salem.

"You need to call Mom back and tell her not to come home," Ciara said. "You don't want to see her?" Shawn asked. Ciara explained that she had made plans to leave Salem with Theo that day. "I love Theo. I do. And I know you guys are close, but I don't think you should do this," Shawn said. "Because of Ben," Ciara sneered. Shawn told Ciara that Ben had been the only person that had believed that Ciara had survived the car explosion.

"Yes, I know, Shawn, I've heard all of this from you before. What a good man Ben is, and how he never gave up on me, and how he has changed for the better. That's the only reason why I let Marlena hypnotize me in the first place," Ciara said. Shawn apologized for how negative the experience of the hypnosis had been for Ciara. Ciara said she never wanted to undergo hypnosis again.

"Stop trying to convince me that Ben and I belong together, because we don't! I don't want him in my life!" Ciara yelled. "That doesn't mean you have to move to a different continent," Shawn countered. Ciara disagreed. "I don't feel safe around [Ben], so I need to go somewhere where he can't just come after me whenever he wants," Ciara said. As Shawn started to respond, Ciara interrupted to say that no one would change her mind.

"Stay and visit with Mom, and you can go visit Theo in a few weeks," Shawn suggested. "Nope. I'm ready now, Shawn. Can you please just call Mom and tell her to meet me in Johannesburg? I mean, it is closer to where she is, anyway," Ciara said. As Shawn started to argue that Hope would want to return to Salem, Ciara stressed that she did not want to worry that Ben might attack Ciara again.

"What do you mean attack?" Shawn asked. Ciara told Shawn about when Ben had attempted to inject Ciara with the memory serum. "Theo had to wrestle the syringe out of his hand," Ciara said. "I'm sorry. I didn't know this," Shawn said. Shawn said he understood why Ciara wanted to leave, but he did not want Ciara to leave town yet. "I've already said my goodbyes," Ciara said. Shawn and Ciara hugged goodbye, and Shawn promised to call Hope about the change of plans.

At the nurses' station, Ben greeted Theo as he stepped off the elevator. Ben begged Theo not to take Ciara away from Salem. "I'm not letting [Ciara] do anything. This is what she wants," Theo said. Theo warned Ben to back off because Ben upset Ciara. "You convince Ciara to stay, to stay in Salem, I will back off. I will respect her wishes, and I will stay away. But I can't have her living on the other side of the world," Ben said. Ben told Theo that he feared that if Ciara left town, it would be the end of any possible future for Ben's marriage to Ciara.

When Theo said no, Ben asked for a few more days. "Try to get [Ciara] to stay here a little while longer," Ben suggested. "I'm sorry, but I'm not going to make up some story to make Ciara stay here. I can't deceive her like that. It's wrong," Theo said. Frustrated, Ben again asked for a few days. Theo warned Ben that he was clinging to the past, and he asked Ben to move out of Ciara's way. "You'll realize, the right thing to do, the only thing to do, is to let [Ciara] go," Theo said.

After Ben's conversation with Theo, Ben went to see Claire at her house. "I tried to get Theo to convince Ciara to stay in Salem. He won't do it. They're headed to the airport as soon as Ciara is released from the hospital," Ben said. Frustrated, Ben said he needed to intervene, and he asked Claire to distract Theo so that he could kidnap Ciara.

"Where are you going to take her?" Claire asked. "I'm taking [Ciara] to the cabin, because I know if it is just the two of us there, she is going to remember everything," Ben said. "You are not thinking clearly," Claire said. Frustrated, Ben said he was desperate. Claire refused to let Ben enact his plan. Ben was adamant that if Ciara left with Theo, the marriage would be over. Claire stressed that Theo and Ciara were only friends, but Ben argued that Theo and Ciara's romantic history would draw them together.

"If you kidnap Ciara, she is going to freak out. Ben, she's gonna be traumatized," Claire argued. Ben disagreed. Claire warned Ben that he would push Ciara further away. "So, you won't help me distract Theo for a little while? I thought you were my friend," Ben said. "I am your friend, Ben. So, I will not lie to Theo so you can kidnap Ciara," Claire stressed. "I guess I'll do this on my own," Ben said before he stomped out of the house. "Please, God, don't let Ben do something he'll regret," Claire whispered.

In the Hernandez kitchen, Rafe talked on the phone to Doug. "Thanks so much for letting me know," Rafe said. As Rafe ended the call, Ava walked in and asked him about his good news. "Hope is coming home tomorrow," Rafe explained. When Rafe noted that he was happy that Hope would be reunited with her daughter, Ava asked Rafe if he was happy to see Hope, too. Rafe admitted that he and Hope had almost given their relationship another go, but circumstance had separated them before they had been able to act.

"[Hope] said she had to focus on finding Ciara," Rafe said. With a grin, Ava asked Rafe what he planned to do once Hope returned to Salem to reunite with Ciara. "I don't know," Rafe admitted. Ava changed the subject to Belle's arrest. "Trask forced me to do it. She didn't have any evidence, though. No case against her," Rafe said. Ava asked about the button. Rafe told Ava that Belle had sworn that she had never been in Charlie's apartment.

"So, she could be lying," Ava said. "I think she's telling the truth," Rafe said. With a nod, Ava said she did not judge Belle. "Protecting your family is a powerful motive, but I'm not convinced that Belle is the one that did it," Rafe said. Rafe explained that Belle would not have kept quiet when Allie and Sami had been falsely accused. "What's next?" Ava asked. Rafe told Ava that he would keep investigating until he found the killer.

Rafe's phone rang with a call from Ciara. Rafe told Ciara that he did not want to intrude on Ciara's reunion with Hope and that he would visit Ciara in the hospital after. "Actually, Rafe, I'm calling to say goodbye. I'm leaving Salem," Ciara said. Ciara told Rafe about her plan to leave with Theo that day. "Mom's meeting us there," Ciara said. Stunned, Rafe asked, "I thought Hope was coming here to Salem?" Ciara said she had asked Hope to change her plans.

When Rafe ended his call, Ava asked him if he was okay. "I'm fine," Rafe said. "You know you don't have to pretend with me," Ava goaded. After a moment, Rafe sighed. "I don't know why I expected anything else," Rafe grumbled. When Ava asked Rafe what he meant, Rafe noted that Hope had not called or even texted him. "This is the way it always is with me and Hope. There is always something that just gets in the way," Rafe said. Rafe added that he could not get upset about Hope's prioritization of Ciara. Ava hugged Rafe to comfort him.

"You're a good man," Ava said. As Ava pulled away, she looked in Rafe's eyes, and she said, "Hope was a fool to let you go." Rafe leaned forward then Ava and Rafe kissed.

At the hospital, Theo and Ciara walked down the hallway. "You sure you're ready to go?" Theo asked. "I'm ready now," Ciara said. Ciara stressed that leaving was what she wanted. As Ciara pressed the elevator button, the doors opened, and Ben walked out.

Trask tries to find more evidence to use against Belle

Trask tries to find more evidence to use against Belle

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Nicole thought about Jan's earlier accusation while reading an online article about Rafe's refusal to comment on Belle's arrest.

Jan entered the police station and sauntered over to Shawn's desk. "Go away -- I'm busy," Shawn snapped. "Working on Belle's case, I assume. Must be terrible to find out it was your wife who killed the rapist. Wow..." Jan mused. "She didn't kill anyone," Shawn insisted. "I suppose you have to think that -- hard to accept that the love of your life is a murderer..." Jan acknowledged.

"[But] how do you explain the button of her coat being found at the crime scene?" Jan wondered. "Okay, that button is a laughable piece of evidence that Trask used to make Rafe arrest Belle -- but once that ruthless woman pulls her head out of her ass, she's gonna realize there's not enough to convict, and she's gonna drop the charges!" Shawn stressed, breaking a pencil in frustration.

"Like hell I will," Trask, who had entered the police station a few seconds earlier but had not been noticed, warned Shawn before vowing to talk to Rafe about the issue of detectives discussing the details of ongoing cases with civilians. "I didn't [say] anything that's not already all over the Internet," Shawn reasoned. "Instead of denigrating the State's case, you should be out there finding evidence to convict the murderer!" Trask argued. "We have analyzed [and] reanalyzed every single piece of evidence [we have], and that button [is] the only thing that links Belle to the crime scene! And even if we can put her there, that doesn't mean that she's the shooter -- that place was like Grand Central Station that night!" Shawn countered.

"I was hoping that you were professional enough [to] remain objective, but clearly you aren't, [so] --" Trask began. "I am objective --" Shawn interjected. "I am going to ask Commissioner Hernandez to pull you from this case," Trask concluded. "Okay, fine -- I mean, you could get Sherlock freakin' Holmes on this case, [but] nobody's ever gonna find a piece of evidence that's gonna prove that Belle shot that jerk! [And do] you know why? 'Cause she didn't -- that's why!" Shawn snapped. "I think you're protesting too much -- there's evidence out there, and I'm gonna find it!" Trask called out as Shawn stormed off -- and Jan, who had been listening intently, smirked mischievously while thinking about the recording of Marlena's hypnotherapy session with John.

At the Hernandez house, Rafe and Ava continued kissing for a while -- then paused to discuss what was happening. "Where'd that come from?" Ava challenged Rafe. "I'm not sure..." Rafe admitted before starting to kiss Ava again -- just as Nicole began knocking on the front door insistently while calling out greetings to anyone who might be inside the house.

"I'm so glad I caught you before you left for work!" Nicole said to Rafe after Ava opened the front door. "Is something wrong?" Rafe wondered. "I ran into Jan [earlier], and she was over the moon about Belle's arrest..." Nicole began to explain to Rafe before realizing that Ava might not want to be involved in any conversation about Charlie's murder.

"It's okay -- we were actually just talking about the case," Rafe informed Nicole on Ava's behalf before starting to elaborate that Belle was probably going to be proven innocent eventually -- but a text message from Trask cut the conversation short. "We'll talk later," Rafe promised Ava and Nicole before starting to rush off. "It looks like you have a little...jam...or...I don't know, something...on your face -- you might want to get that," Nicole advised Rafe as Ava stifled a laugh.

"He seemed a little stressed...[but, then again], who wouldn't be, working for a ray of sunshine like Trask..." Nicole said to Ava after Rafe exited the house. "He's got a lot on his mind," Ava explained. "You do, too -- [I mean, I got the feeling that] you were kind of upset when you answered the door earlier -- [so] you want to talk about it?" Nicole offered.

"It's just that...just before you showed up here...Rafe kissed me," Ava revealed after a moment of thought, stunning Nicole. "So, that wasn't jam on Rafe's face...and, apparently, you kissed him back," Nicole muttered. "I did...[but] maybe I shouldn't have..." Ava admitted before telling Nicole about the series of events that had likely prompted the kiss.

"I think you're right -- I think you shouldn't have," Nicole declared, surprising Ava. "Are you mad at me?" Ava asked incredulously. "It's just that...Rafe and I have been friends a long time, and I just want him to be happy..." Nicole carefully replied. "Which translates into 'you are not good enough for him [because you're] mafia and he's a cop,'" Ava summarized. "Well, it's the truth, isn't it? [I mean], you and Rafe are just two very different people..." Nicole reasoned. "Oh, my God -- you are so condescending! [Look], I gave up that life that was so different from Rafe's..." Ava snapped before suddenly realizing something.

"Now I see why me kissing Rafe is so objectionable for you -- you want him for yourself," Ava guessed. "You seem to have forgotten that I am married," Nicole protested. "So has Eric..." Ava countered before quickly apologizing. "I should go," Nicole decided. "No, please -- come on, don't be mad at me, all right? [Look, I know] that was way below the belt, [but] go after me, I'm gonna fight dirty -- it's's old habits," Ava explained before apologizing again. "It's fine -- and I didn't [mean to] go after you; I'm just worried about Rafe, and it came out wrong," Nicole claimed. "Well, Rafe is a grownup, I think, so...he knows how to take care of himself -- [and] I'm not gonna take advantage of him, I swear," Ava stressed -- and Nicole nodded in response and forced a smile.

Rafe entered the police station and approached Trask, failing to notice that Jan was lurking nearby. "What now?" Rafe began. "I want Brady off the Dale case -- he's lost his objectivity," Trask explained. "'Cause he didn't say 'how high' when you asked him to jump?" Rafe guessed. "I'd watch my tone if I were you," Trask warned.

"You're in charge of a murder case that only got solved --" Trask continued. "It's still not solved," Rafe stressed. "The killer was arrested --" Trask argued. "Someone was arrested -- under your orders, based on a flimsy piece of evidence that we found at the crime scene, [which] could have easily been planted by the actual killer. [And] when I don't find anything [else] to implicate Belle Brady in the murder, you're gonna be forced to drop the charges," Rafe countered. "There's [more] evidence out there -- and I'm gonna find it!" Trask called out as Rafe stormed off.

"If the cops won't help you nail that bitch, I will," Jan assured Trask once the coast was clear. "Jan Spears," Trask recalled. "I was in a coma..." Jan began. "[One of] the negative things I've heard against you is that, for years, you've waged a terrorist operation against Belle Brady and her family -- [and] another one is that you lie like a rug. What you told me is not only hearsay but crap," Trask declared at the end of Jan's tale before starting to storm off. "The conversation was recorded!" Jan revealed, stopping Trask. "If you're jerking my chain, you will pay --" Trask warned. "I'm only telling you what I saw [and] heard," Jan insisted.

"Okay, I'll get a search warrant -- but I'll need to get a statement from you; [it's] standard procedure --" Trask declared. "John Black's already tried to kill me [once, and] if he finds out it was me who tipped you off, God only knows what he'll do to me! [Look], I can't risk it, [so]...can't you say you got an anonymous tip or something?" Jan begged. "I guess if I can get that recording, I won't need your statement," Trask conceded. "Thank you! Oh, God, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest -- I haven't been able to sleep for the past two nights [because] I've been so scared of John [but also] felt like I was helping a murderer go free..." Jan claimed. "Not to worry -- Belle Brady's not getting away with it," Trask promised before rushing off -- and Jan smirked triumphantly once the coast was clear.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, John and Marlena shrugged at each other as Belle worked out a theory about Charlie's true killer. "I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner -- I mean, she despises me; she always has..." Belle grumbled, assuming that Marlena and John knew which woman was being referenced. "Isn't it obvious? It was Sami!" Belle clarified after realizing that John and Marlena were both confused.

Meanwhile, Sami paced around one of the townhouse's bedrooms while continuing a phone conversation with Lucas, who was at the DiMera mansion. "I [still] cannot believe that you told Chloe that you have an inoperable brain tumor -- I mean, who do you think you are, me? [Seriously], did you even try [seducing her with] flowers or...I don't know, candy...[before deciding to] go with 'let's do it before I start to lose my motor skills'?" Sami snapped. "You know what? If you're the one who has all the answers, maybe you should seduce her yourself next time! And, oh, by the way, you're welcome!" Lucas countered.

"I had to embarrass myself [just to protect] you and your dirty little secret --" Lucas grumbled. "It's our secret...[but] it's not 'dirty' -- [and, look], I'm sorry that I dragged you into this," Sami backpedaled. "Well, what are ex-husbands for... [But, see, the problem is that now] I can't undo the fact that I told Chloe that I am dying --" Lucas started to respond before realizing that Chloe had just entered the mansion.

Lucas nervously greeted Chloe -- then hastily ended the phone call, ignoring Sami's protests. "Ugh, damn it..." Sami worriedly muttered.

Meanwhile, Marlena and John laughed off the accusation that Belle had just indirectly leveled at Sami. "That's ridiculous -- first of all, Sami doesn't hate you!" Marlena argued. "Oh, right -- yeah, she's nuts about me; that's why she sold me on the black market!" Belle countered. "Oh, that's ancient history!" Marlena declared, and John agreed.

"It had to be Sami!" Belle maintained -- just as Sami approached. "Wow, this is starting to feel like déjà vu -- is there something that ever happens to you in your life, Belle, that you don't blame on me?" Sami snapped after Belle explained what was being discussed. "Uh, should I go through the litany of things you've done to me?" Belle countered. "I know I've done some...bad...things to you --" Sami began. "That's an understatement..." Belle grumbled. "But I would never make you take the rap for a murder for me -- and besides, if I was looking for a fall guy, I would pick someone who was a more credible murderer, not a wet noodle like you!" Sami concluded.

Belle started to lunge at Sami in anger, but Marlena and John intervened. "Belle, there's no way [Sami] could have taken your coat -- she was on a plane when Charlie was killed," Marlena reasoned. "So she says..." Belle argued. "So says the Salem P.D.! [Now], I don't have time to wait here for you to gather up the strength to issue an apology that I deserve, [because] I have other fires to put out [on this] not-great day, [so]..." Sami countered before rushing off.

"Man, I hate it when Sami's right..." Belle admitted to John and Marlena with a groan once the coast was clear. "Luckily, that is a very rare occurrence..." John assured Belle as Marlena stifled a laugh. "I'm just [grasping at straws, Dad, because] I'm scared -- I mean, if you think that I was the one in the coat, what are the cops gonna think?" Belle fretted. "Nothing -- because they're never gonna know about it," John, who had stopped Belle from telling Sami that part of the story earlier, insisted -- and Marlena agreed that it would be best to keep that information from the police, at least for the time being.

Shawn soon arrived and started venting about what had just happened at the police station -- then listened in stunned silence as Belle admitted, against Marlena and John's advice, that there actually was at least one incriminating piece of information out there that Trask didn't know about yet. "What, you think this is funny?" Belle snapped when Shawn started chuckling at the end of the tale. "No, I just find it to be ironic -- Trask just had me taken off the case, so now I have no obligation to report what I just heard, [and] Trask is never gonna know anything," Shawn clarified, drawing a grin from Belle.

Meanwhile, Chloe apologized for having startled Lucas. "Harold let me in -- I just wanted to bring you some green juice, [which has] good health benefits," Chloe explained while handing Lucas a bottle of the concoction. "[And] I actually really need [those] health benefits, [so]...thank you... [Anyway], how long were you standing there?" Lucas stammered. "Long enough to [now] think it's time you told me the truth," Chloe responded.

"I am so sorry, Chloe -- I really am! You must think I'm a jerk --" Lucas fretted. "No, [but] I don't understand -- yesterday, you told me that you didn't want anyone to know that you're sick, [but] you were talking to Sami [about it just now, so]..." Chloe clarified. "Right... Yeah, I was thinking about what you said earlier -- you know, how my family has the right to know -- [so] I told Sami...[but] she's the only [other] one who knows," Lucas backpedaled, adding that it was going to stay that way.

Chloe agreed that it would probably be best for Lucas to keep everyone else in the dark. "[At least] until you go see Dr. Dunn," Chloe reasoned before starting to tell Lucas about the specialist. "Wait -- I already have a doctor!" Lucas protested. "Yeah -- who told you that this was hopeless! I mean, what kind of a terrible thing is that for a doctor to tell someone -- [especially] in this day and age, [when] there have been so many amazing advancements in cancer treatments the past few years!" Chloe countered before trying to drag Lucas off to see Dr. Dunn.

"I don't need a specialist, 'cause I'm not dying, okay? [Look], the only reason why I reached out to you was because of Sami --" Lucas began to explain to Chloe -- just as Sami entered the mansion. "The tumor [is] already affecting your behavior!" Sami fretted before Lucas could say anything else to Chloe. "I called the doctor right after Lucas told me the news, and he warned me about stuff like this," Sami informed Chloe as Lucas tried to object. "I'm gonna try to talk some sense into him," Sami assured Chloe before pulling Lucas aside for a private conversation.

"I swear to you, if you tell Chloe you are not dying, I will kill you myself! [And besides, then] she's just gonna go back to Brady, and then it's gonna be up to Kristen [to keep them apart], and she's gonna eliminate Chloe one way or another -- [and once that's done, Kristen's] gonna call E.J., and we both know how DiMera men handle it when 'their' women stray! We don't want that, do we?" Sami whispered to Lucas. "I can't go on that appointment --" Lucas fretted to Sami -- just as Chloe approached.

"The doctor said he'd hold the appointment --" Chloe, who had just wrapped up a phone conversation, began to explain. "Lucas almost fainted [just now] -- I don't think that he is up for seeing a specialist [today]," Sami declared while forcing Lucas into the nearest chair. "Oh, wow -- I guess we'll reschedule, then..." Chloe conceded before stepping aside to make another phone call.

Sami and Lucas continued arguing with each other -- silently -- while Chloe was distracted. "Belle has been charged with murder, [so] I have to go be there for her..." Sami announced to put a stop to the argument, prompting Chloe to promise to keep an eye on Lucas. "Please tell Belle I'm thinking of her," Chloe requested, and Sami agreed -- then rushed off after shushing Lucas with a gesture.

At the hospital, Ciara and Theo waited expectantly as Ben thought about Claire's earlier advice. "What are you doing here?" Ciara eventually challenged Ben. "I...just...came to give you something," Ben claimed before producing the washer and offering it to Ciara. "You tried to give that to me before, [but] I didn't want it then, and I definitely don't want it now," Ciara insisted.

"I don't want anything that reminds me of the fact that I was insane enough to marry you!" Ciara spat. "Then don't take it for me -- take it for your dad. [After all], this washer came from your father's motorcycle. [So], take this as a reminder of him," Ben countered -- and Ciara agreed after a moment of thought.

Ciara hesitantly reached for the washer -- and touched Ben's hand in the process. "Come on, Ciara -- we have a plane to catch," Theo declared when Ciara didn't immediately pull away from Ben. Ciara took the washer and followed Theo into an elevator then locked eyes with Ben while waiting for the doors to close -- and never looked away.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, John reminded Marlena, Belle, and Shawn that no one else could ever know about what they had just discussed -- and as they each nodded in agreement, Rafe knocked on the front door, cutting the conversation short. "You don't have to look so somber -- I know I'm off the case, and I'm okay with it," Shawn assured Rafe. "That's not why I'm here..." Rafe admitted with a sigh before producing Marlena's recording device, which had just been seized from the hospital.

Jack learns that Gwen is planning to leave Salem

Jack learns that Gwen is planning to leave Salem

Thursday, April 29, 2021

by Mike

Steve went to the Horton house to see Jack -- and eventually got around to asking for an update on the main matter they had discussed during their previous conversation. Jack admitted with a sigh that Steve wasn't the only one who was waiting for an update on that particular matter. "You said Gwen was getting [another] pregnancy test [done] yesterday morning!" Steve protested. "Yeah -- [and] I haven't heard a word from [Gwen or Abigail since then]... Kayla say anything to you?" Jack responded. "She can't!" Steve stressed.

"I probably shouldn't say this, but I wish [Gwen] had never tracked you down," Steve declared. "You're right -- you probably shouldn't say that," Jack muttered -- just as Gwen entered the house and called out a greeting. "The door was open..." Gwen explained after finding Jack and Steve in the living room. "I'm sorry to barge in like this -- do you have a moment?" Gwen continued, and Jack nodded in response, prompting Steve to say a quick goodbye then start to rush off. "Whoa -- wait!" Jack objected, wanting to properly introduce Steve and Gwen to each other.

"I remember seeing you at Jack and Jennifer's anniversary party -- the one that blew up in their faces," Steve said to Gwen. "Yes -- I remember seeing you [there], too," Gwen responded. "You have to understand something -- I may be your uncle, but I'm not ready to be the doting type [just yet]. I know my brother is trying to do right by you, and I respect that...but if you want to be welcomed into this family, you need to beg Abigail's forgiveness and start treating her with the kindness and respect she deserves," Steve advised Gwen before continuing to exit the house.

"Steve...isn't known for his tact," Jack explained to Gwen with a shrug once the coast was clear. "It's okay," Gwen insisted before changing the subject, telling Jack about everything that had happened since their previous conversation. "[Your decision to keep the baby] is gonna make it a whole lot more difficult for you and me to have a good relationship," Jack warned. "Yes, probably...but I swear [that] I am not doing this to hurt Chad and Abigail -- the reasons have nothing to do with them and [are] entirely to do with me," Gwen stressed.

"I hope that you can be happy for me -- because I am so very happy, and I'm already hopelessly in love with this child," Gwen admitted. "I totally understand why you want to have this baby," Jack confirmed. "I'm so glad... [And, you know], I've talked to Chad, too, and he [also] understands... [Abigail] wouldn't even listen to a word that I said, [though -- she's] in so much pain... [Anyway, I want] to make this as easy as I can for [her], so...I'm going to leave Salem," Gwen declared. "Does she have any idea?" Jack wondered. "No," Gwen answered.

"[But] I am going to start showing [soon] -- I'm going to literally be a bigger and bigger reminder of how much I've hurt her -- [and] Salem's not that big of a town, [so] I don't want to have Abigail worried about running into me at the grocery store or something... [And, frankly], I don't want my baby to grow up with a stepmother who wishes that they didn't exist... [So], I think that the most sensible thing to do is just to create a lot of distance between Abigail and myself," Gwen reasoned. "Where will you go?" Jack wondered. "South Philly, probably?" Gwen answered.

"But you've got no one there!" Jack protested. "It's fine -- I'm tough," Gwen argued. "[Still]...if you stay here, you'll at least have me! [Look], I get why you want to go, your father, I can't let you do that, [so]...I want you to go back to the Salem Inn [and] pack your things [then] move in here [instead]," Jack countered. "But what about Abigail?" Gwen wondered. "That is my problem -- [and] I don't want you to stew about that when you should be taking care of yourself and my grandchild. The rest is just gonna work itself out," Jack answered. Gwen nodded and thanked Jack with a hug then exited the house, fighting back tears.

Once the coast was clear, Jack contacted Jennifer and confessed to having just made a unilateral decision that would impact their entire family. "I'm a little surprised and a little taken aback,'s your home, too, and Gwen is your daughter... What worries me most is how Abigail is gonna feel about this," Jennifer declared, making Jack squirm.

At the hospital, Kayla praised Tripp for having done really well during rounds that day. "I'm glad you think so -- Snyder rode me pretty hard yesterday," Tripp admitted. "Well, he's chief resident -- and harassing medical students, I think, is in his job description," Kayla reasoned.

Allie exited a nearby elevator with Henry just then and approached Kayla and Tripp. "Henry was up all night, really fussy, and now his temperature's 103," Allie explained. "You were right to bring him in -- we'll take good care of him," Kayla stressed. "I think he might have an ear infection," Tripp informed Allie after examining Henry -- and Kayla, who had been supervising, agreed with the diagnosis. "We will put him on antibiotics...but it'll take about 72 hours for it to kick in," Kayla summarized. "You can give him children's acetaminophen [in the meantime to] help with the pain and also bring his fever down," Tripp added. "Thanks, Doc," Allie said to Tripp. "I'm still just a med student," Tripp clarified. "Thanks, Tripp," Allie backpedaled.

Kayla rushed off to call the pharmacy about Henry's prescription, leaving Allie and Tripp alone with the child. "Why does this say 'Johnson' on it?" Allie asked while examining Tripp's employee badge. "I decided to take my dad's name," Tripp replied. "Wow, that's so great -- he must be so proud!" Allie raved. "I hope so," Tripp admitted.

"Can you keep a secret?" Tripp challenged Allie. "I may be Sami Brady's daughter, but...yes, I can keep a secret," Allie assured Tripp. "Okay -- well, when you came in here with Henry, and you looked so scared, I tried to act all cool and calm...but, on the inside, I was just as scared as you were," Tripp admitted. "Really?" Allie responded. "Yeah -- I mean, he's so little, and he can't tell anybody what's wrong, you know? And he's my nephew -- I don't ever want to see him sick or in pain," Tripp explained. "Getting sick or hurt [is] just a part of life...[but] you're going to be the one who makes people feel better, [and] you are going to be great [at it]!" Allie declared while grasping Tripp's hands and making eye contact.

Meanwhile, Steve entered the hospital and found Kayla at the nurses' station. "I'm not surprised -- we both know he's sweet on Allie," Steve declared after Kayla raved that Tripp had been great with Allie and Henry earlier. "Don't tell him that!" Kayla advised. "I learned my lesson the first time," Steve agreed.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail read six previously unseen text messages from Jack then deleted all of them without bothering to send a response -- just as Chad approached. "Ready to go?" Chad asked. "What?" Abigail replied. "Couples therapy -- we have an appointment today," Chad clarified. "Go by yourself -- I'm done with that," Abigail spat before storming out of the mansion.

Chad sighed then went through the process of canceling the appointment -- a process that ended just as Jake entered the living room in search of Kate. "I thought that you two were headed off to some island together," Chad admitted. "When it came time to go to the airport, I couldn't find [her -- and I] still can't!" Jake explained. "Well, Kate always has a lot of irons in the fire -- you should know that by now," Chad reasoned. "No, man -- she was looking forward to this trip, [and] she wouldn't blow me off with a four-word text [explaining that] 'suddenly, something came up'!" Jake insisted.

"All right, well, I haven't heard from her -- and, look, honestly, I have a lot of my own stuff to worry about right now," Chad revealed before getting Jake up to speed on what was going on with Gwen. "Oh, crap... I'm sorry, man...'s kind of your doing, right?" Jake declared. "Yeah...[and] I think it's probably gonna cost me my marriage," Chad conceded. "So, it looks like Gwen got exactly what she wanted," Jake mused. "I don't know. She seems to feel really bad about how this is hurting so many people," Chad argued. "Look, man, I've known Gwen for...a lot longer than you have...and she's always working some sort of agenda," Jake warned.

Meanwhile, Kristen entered the wine cellar and greeted Kate, who was tied to a chair. "[Jake's] going to be looking for me!" Kate warned. "Because of that beach getaway you missed? [You know], you're still going to have an island paradise -- unfortunately, you'll be traveling alone," Kristen countered before revealing the details of the plan. "It's never gonna work," Kate insisted. "It always does," Kristen bragged.

"Why are you going to all this trouble? Why don't you just let me handle it? [Seriously], just let me go, and I'll dump Jake," Kate offered. "You [already] made yourself clear [before] that you're not about to give up I'm just gonna have to break his heart myself. [And then] you'll be leaving Salem...never to be heard from again. [But] don't worry -- I don't think it will take [him] long to get over you; you seem to have that effect on men," Kristen responded before exiting the wine cellar.

Philip and Gabi were at Titan, discussing what they had almost done the previous night, when Abigail interrupted. "Your assistant told me you were here," Abigail explained to Gabi. "In the middle of a meeting," Gabi stressed. "It's over now -- I'm gonna take you to lunch," Abigail insisted before dragging Gabi off to Julie's Place.

Gabi grumbled that Abigail couldn't possibly have chosen a worse place to beg for a favor -- and that there were surely plenty of other people who would be much happier to help out, anyway. "They don't exactly possess the skills I need," Abigail reasoned before getting Gabi up to speed on what was going on with Gwen.

"I feel really, really bad for you -- I mean, this is bad -- [but]...I don't know what you expect me to do [about it]. You want me to...what, kidnap her again and force [an abortion] on her?" Gabi challenged Abigail. "No, I know we can't do that -- I mean...can we?" Abigail responded. "Don't even think about [it]!" Gabi advised. "Right..." Abigail conceded.

"I don't know what else to do, though -- I mean, if Gwen has this baby, I can't [ever] pretend like my husband didn't sleep with my sister...[and, seriously], how can I move on from that?" Abigail fretted. "If I had the answer to that, maybe I could move on myself," Gabi muttered. "Wait, you're still hung up on Jake? I thought that I sensed something between you and Philip [earlier]!" Abigail protested. "Philip is [just] a distraction...[and] the old me would have just gone [through with it] when we got into bed, [but]...ugh, I think I've lost my killer instinct!" Gabi grumbled. "I know you have -- when we had Gwen locked up in the DiMera basement, you're the one who lost your nerve!" Abigail stressed.

"You know what? When I was down there with Gwen -- lying my head off, telling her that I was gonna help her get you -- we were talking about how you have everything that you need [for] your life to be perfect -- two beautiful children; a wonderful husband who, for many reasons I will never understand, adores you; an enormous family who thinks you walk on water... So, yes, Gwen is having Chad's baby -- maybe you just need to face the music and go back to your otherwise perfect life; just focus on your life, count your blessings, and try to fix your broken marriage! Just deal with it!" Gabi advised. "That's a lot easier said than done, and you know it -- you have just as many things going for you as I do, and you still can't get over Jake!" Abigail countered. "That's true," Gabi conceded.

"[And it's] taken me a hell of a long time, but I'm finally facing reality -- Jake doesn't want me, so I just need [to] try to fix my broken heart and move on. Now, can you say the same thing?" Gabi challenged Abigail -- whose cell phone started ringing just then. "Ugh -- it's Chad... I cannot talk right now..." Abigail insisted as the device continued ringing. "Are you kidding me?" Gabi snapped before snatching the device and answering the call on Abigail's behalf. "Abigail's right here," Gabi assured a confused Chad before shoving the device back at a stunned Abigail then rushing out of the restaurant. "We need to figure out what happens next -- will you just please come home so we can talk?" Chad begged Abigail as Kristen emerged from the secret tunnels and sneaked upstairs to Kate's bedroom.

Jake went to Titan to find out if Philip had seen or heard from Kate recently. "Maybe [this is] her way of telling you she's changed her mind about you," Philip reasoned. "Look, I know you don't want to hear this, but your mom feels the same way about me as I do about her," Jake insisted. "[Well, look], my mother's totally capable of taking care of herself -- if she wants you to find her, you'll find her, [so]...calm down," Philip advised.

"[Now], I suggest you get going before Gabi comes back, [because she's still] not over you --" Philip warned. "She's not over my brother -- I just happen to look like him," Jake clarified -- just as Gabi returned. "This keeps happening to us -- I gotta do a better job of staying outta your way!" Jake grumbled to Gabi before rushing off. "[He was] looking for my mom. I tried to tell him she's had a change of heart, but he wasn't buying it," Philip explained to a clearly intrigued Gabi. Meanwhile, Kristen finished getting into character as Kate then arranged to meet with Jake at the Brady Pub.

Abigail entered the DiMera mansion and joined Chad in the living room. "I hate what's happening with Gwen...but I don't want to lose you over it, [so]...I am willing to trust that our love will help us find our way through this," Abigail declared. "You have no idea what it means to hear you say that," Chad responded before seizing a hug from Abigail, who allowed the embrace but didn't seem completely comfortable with it just yet.

At the Salem Inn, Gwen packed for the move to the Horton house. "Okay, little one -- I thought it was just gonna be you and me, but now we've got your Grandfather Jack in our corner..." Gwen mused with a smile -- before suddenly doubling over in pain and collapsing to the floor.

Gwen receives bad news

Gwen receives bad news

Friday, April 30, 2021

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen put on her "Kate" mask and got ready to meet Jake. "You have Kate's face, voice, clothes, everything to make Jake believe that you are his beloved cougar. Now, all you have to do is give the performance of your life. Or Vivian's gonna make sure that you lose everything," Kristen said as she looked in the hallway mirror.

When Kristen, disguised as "Kate," arrived at the pub, she awkwardly hugged Jake. "What's going on?" Jake asked. "I had kind of a crisis of the heart," "Kate" said. Confused, Jake asked "Kate" what she meant. "I think we need to end this. Right now," "Kate" said. Jake asked "Kate" if she was angry at him for having admitted that he was jealous of Gabi and Philip. "Yes. Exactly. I am. And honestly, Jake, that was a really stupid, painful thing to say to me," "Kate" said. Jake called himself an idiot.

"But I also told you I am completely committed to you. So, come on, let's book another flight. We can leave today," Jake said. As Jake reached across the table to take "Kate's" hand, she pulled away and said no. "I'd be thinking the whole time about whether you're thinking about Gabi," "Kate" said. "Kate" explained that when a woman of her age dated a man of Jake's age, it was important not to wait around to be dumped. "That's not gonna happen," Jake argued.

"This is ending, and there is nothing you can say to change my mind," "Kate" stressed. Confused, Jake said "Kate's" decision did not make sense. "Of course, it does. You're in love with another woman," "Kate" said. Jake protested. "What's it about, Kate? The age difference?" Jake asked. "Kate" said yes. "You said it doesn't matter," Jake countered.

"I was lying to you, and I was lying to myself, because things like that matter to me. And you need to just accept that and move on," "Kate" said. "Kate" announced that she was moving out of the house and quitting her position at DiMera Enterprises. Jake grabbed "Kate's" arm. "What are you not telling me?" Jake barked. Roman intervened.

"I just broke it off with Jake, and now he's acting like a neanderthal!" "Kate" yelled. "Let go of her right now," Roman said. "This doesn't concern you," Jake said. "Kate" warned Jake that Roman would break Jake in half. "Maybe that's the kind of man I should be with," "Kate" added. Jake let go. "Something tells me I'm not getting the whole story here, and I'm not gonna stop until I find out the rest," Jake said.

After Jake stomped out of the restaurant, "Kate" gulped Jake's beer. "God, that was awful," "Kate" said. "Kate" thanked Roman for his help. "It looks like you did what I actually said," Roman noted. Confused, "Kate" asked Roman what he meant. Roman reminded "Kate" of his suggestion that he was a better match than Jake. "Does that mean you actually might be thinking of us getting back together?" Roman asked.

At the Salem Inn, Gwen packed up her belongings. "Okay, little one. I thought it was going to be just you and me, but now we have your grandfather, Jack, in our corner," Gwen said as she rubbed her belly. With a grunt, Gwen doubled over in pain. "My baby," Gwen cried out.

After Tripp treated Henry for an ear infection at the hospital, an impressed Allie told Tripp that he would be an amazing doctor. With a shrug, Tripp said he was still a student and had a long way to go. "You're gonna be great. I just know it," Allie said. Allie reached out and held Tripp's hand. As Allie and Tripp stared into one another's eyes, Dr. Snyder walked into the room. Tripp ripped his hand away from Allie.

"Would you tell me what the hell is going on in here?" Snyder said. Tripp introduced Dr. Snyder to Allie and Henry, and he explained how he had treated the patient. "I'd like a word with you in private," Sndyer said. With a nod, Tripp followed Snyder into the hallway.

"I know that your stepmother is chief of staff here, but I hope you know that doesn't mean you get special treatment," Snyder said. "I want to be treated like everybody else in my class," Tripp said. Snyder said what he had walked in on was unprofessional and a breach of ethics. Tripp started to explain that Allie was his friend, but Snyder interrupted to stress that Tripp should not cross the line again.

When Gwen arrived at the hospital, Dr. Snyder escorted Gwen into a room for an ultrasound. Worried, Gwen babbled about Braxton-Hicks. "Do you think that's what this is?" Gwen asked. When Snyder finished, he said, "I'm very sorry." Stunned, Gwen said, "Don't say it." Snyder told Gwen that he could not detect a heartbeat. "This can't be happening," Gwen whispered. Gwen said she had not had checkups or vitamins yet, and she asked if it was her fault.

"[Kayla] said the baby was a good size and that it had a strong heartbeat," Gwen said. "Unfortunately, miscarriages can happen out of the blue and for a variety of reasons, but you mustn't blame yourself. Some things just aren't meant to be," Snyder said. "Thanks for letting me know that my baby didn't even stand a chance!" Gwen yelled. Snyder informed Gwen that a nurse would be by to schedule a D&C procedure. As Snyder turned to leave, Gwen asked Snyder if he had been able to see the sex of the baby. "It was a girl," Snyder said. Gwen clutched her stomach, and she whispered, "My poor girl."

Claire paced her living room, and she thought about her argument with Ben about his plan to kidnap Ciara. "What a mess," Claire whispered. Ben walked in. "I owe you an apology," Ben said as he pulled a bouquet of flowers out from behind his back. Ben apologized for having yelled at Claire. "I get it. You were just trying to stop Ciara from leaving town. Did you?" Claire asked.

"Kidnap her? No. Even though I had every intention of doing so until I got to the hospital, and I saw her. I couldn't do it. I couldn't go through with it after everything she has been through. I had to let her go," Ben said. Ben confirmed that Ciara and Theo had left for South Africa. As Ben started to cry, Claire hugged him.

"Ciara is going to get her memory back, and when she does, she is going to come back to you," Claire said. "I feel like I might have lost her for good," Ben admitted. Claire told Ben that his decision to let Ciara go had been the right one. "My whole life has been all about her for so long, I don't even know what the hell I'm supposed to do anymore," Ben said. Before Claire could respond, Allie walked in.

"I was just leaving," Ben said. Claire hugged Ben goodbye, and he walked out. "He's in bad shape," Allie said. "You would be, too, if you just had your heart broken into a million pieces," Claire said. Allie shook her head in disbelief. Claire changed the subject to Allie. Allie told Claire about Henry's ear infection and that Tripp had treated him at the hospital.

"[Tripp] was like a real doctor. He had the white coat and everything. It was pretty cute," Allie said. With a twinkle in her eye, Claire asked, "You mean he was pretty cute?" Claire reminded Allie that she had asked Allie if she liked Tripp, and Allie had never answered the question. "You do, don't you?" Claire asked. "You're right," Allie confessed.

"Today, I was so relieved when [Tripp] figured out what was wrong with Henry. I grabbed his hand. I haven't felt this way about a guy in a long time," Allie said. When Claire asked Allie how she felt, Allie admitted that she had wanted to kiss Tripp, but Tripp's boss had interrupted the moment.

"There's always next time," Claire said. With a shrug, Allie said that, based on her history, she was not sure. Allie admitted it was difficult to open up to somebody new. "I think you and Tripp could be good for each other," Claire said.

In the town square, Tripp saw Ben at the café. "How is Ciara doing?" Tripp asked. Ben told Tripp that Ciara was out of the hospital but that she had left town with Theo. "What about you two?" Tripp asked. "She wants nothing to do with me," Ben said. With a nod, Tripp said he had heard about Ciara's memory loss. "Some of those memories should have come back to her by now," Tripp said. "It hasn't happened yet," Ben said.

"I know you guys loved each other," Tripp said. "We did," Ben whispered. After a moment, Ben teased Tripp about his coat. Tripp told Ben that he had treated Henry that morning. "I just found out [Henry's] my nephew," Tripp said. "Your brother," Ben started. Tripp nodded yes. "Somebody made [Charlie] pay," Tripp said. Tripp added that he planned to spend as much time with Henry as possible.

"Allie deserves it. She deserves somebody better than [Charlie]. She's a really nice girl," Ben said. Tripp smiled and nodded his head in agreement. "[Allie] is a really good mom to Henry," Tripp said. "How about that smile on your face when I said her name. What's going on with you two?" Ben teased. Tripp said he was not sure. "I liked her ever since the first time I saw her, but then everything just went haywire," Tripp said.

"I didn't think I had a snowball's chance in hell with Ciara, but I was wrong. So, if you really do feel that way about Allie, don't give up," Ben advised. After Tripp left to return to work, Ben rose to leave, and Jake ran into him. When Ben saw the look on Jake's face, he asked Jake if he was okay. "No. Kate just broke up with me," Jake said.

At the Horton House, Jack called Jennifer to inform her that he had invited Gwen to move into the house. "I didn't want [Gwen] to go through this pregnancy alone," Jack explained. "It's your home, too, and Gwen is your daughter," Jennifer said. Jack hesitantly said he believed Abigail would accept it in time. "I just didn't feel like I had a choice. Gwen has no one but me," Jack said. "That's because of the way she's lived her life," Jennifer countered.

In the DiMera living room, Chad told Abigail, "I know how hard Gwen's pregnancy is going to be on you. And I can't tell you what it means to me that you're willing to work on things with me." "You know who convinced me I needed to try? Gabi," Abigail said. Chad was taken aback. Abigail explained that Gabi had pointed out all the good things in Abigail's life.

Chad asked Abigail why she had been with Gabi. "I didn't feel like I had anyone else to talk to," Abigail said. "You could have gone to therapy with me today and talked about it," Chad pointed out. With a shrug, Abigail said she had wanted to talk to someone that hated Gwen and understood Abigail's point of view.

"Just yesterday, you were defending Gwen," Abigail countered. Chad said he did not want to defend Gwen; he just believed that Gwen had not gotten pregnant on purpose. Abigail changed the subject. Chad told Abigail about his chat with Jake. "I think [Kate] probably came to her senses," Chad said.

Jack burst into the room, and he apologized for interrupting. "I'm actually glad you're here. I'm sorry I've been ignoring your texts," Abigail said. Abigail said she did not want her anger with Gwen to come between Abigail and Jack. "I would never side with Gwen against you. Not ever," Jack said firmly. Jack told Abigail that he had asked Gwen to move in with him. When Abigail asked why, Jack noted, "[Gwen] is pregnant and alone."

"Well, she wouldn't be if she hadn't tricked a married man into sleeping with her," Abigail said. "That's right, but she doesn't have a job. She's totally unprepared to be a mother. She needs support from somewhere," Jack said. Abigail countered that Gwen wanted to leech off of Jack. "It was my idea!" Jack objected. Jack explained that Gwen had planned to leave town because she had not wanted to cause any more problems for Abigail.

"So, you convinced her to stick around here and keep screwing things up?" Abigail asked. "She's my daughter, and she's carrying my grandchild," Jack argued. Abigail asked if Jennifer knew about the arrangement. Jack said that Jennifer understood. "I can't even go and visit my parents without having to face her!" Abigail complained. Jack promised to arrange things so that Abigail did not have to see Gwen.

"You don't care about how I feel, so just go ahead and do what you want," Abigail said. Abigail stormed out of the room. When Abigail got to her bedroom, she called Jennifer. "Mom, no, you cannot seriously be okay with Gwen moving into the house. She's the reason Grandma is dead," Abigail said. "Your father doesn't believe that," Jennifer countered.

Jennifer asked Abigail to think about whether Abigail would turn her back on her children if they did something wrong. "No," Abigail admitted. "Your dad wants a chance to be a father to Gwen. The kind of father that he would have been if he'd known about her. You and I have to give him that chance," Jennifer advised. "What if [Gwen] ends up hurting him?" Abigail asked. Jennifer noted that Jack could take care of himself.

"It would mean the world to your father if you could just be civil to Gwen," Jennifer said. "You know I would do almost anything for you, really, but civil? After everything Gwen has done to me in my life? No. I don't think I can do that," Abigail said.

Downstairs in the DiMera living room, Chad advised Jack to give Abigail time to cool off. "I did not want to throw this at [Abigail]," Jack said quietly. Chad told Jack that he appreciated that Jack was there for Gwen. "I don't know how much I can be [there for Gwen and the baby]," Chad said. Chad added that if nothing else, he would provide financially for the baby.

"I'm glad that you asked Gwen to stay here. At least that way I know that she and the baby will be safe, protected," Chad said. "I'm telling you, she's different already. She told me how much she loves the baby," Jack said. "I hope that feeling continues," Chad whispered.

"I just hope Abby can come to terms with all of this. She is so filled with anger right now. Rightfully so," Chad said. Jack nodded in agreement. "It scares me. I just don't think it gonna take much more to push Abby over the edge," Chad confided to Jack. Chad asked Jack to keep him posted on the health of the baby. "If you could just keep it between us," Chad added. Jack agreed, and he asked Chad to think about the situation from Abigail's perspective. "I do. When I thought Charlotte was Stefan's, I went nuts. I did things I'll regret for the rest of my life," Chad admitted.

Upstairs, Gwen entered Abigail's bedroom. "What the hell are you doing here?" Abigail asked. "I was looking for Chad," Gwen said. "[Chad] is downstairs now," Abigail said. "Sorry to bother you," Gwen said quietly. As Gwen turned to leave, Abigail asked her why she wanted to talk to Chad. "Is this about your precious baby?" Abigail asked. "Yes, it is, and actually, I should probably tell you," Gwen said.

Before Gwen could tell Abigail about the miscarriage, an angry Abigail said Jack had told her about Gwen's new living arrangements. "You are such a parasite. Do you know that? You use everyone around you until you get what you want. My dad. Chad. And now this little baby. This child is nothing but a meal ticket for you," Abigail said. Gwen told Abigail to shut up.

"I don't want to hear a word out of your mouth. First you stole my husband, and now you are trying to steal my dad," Abigail argued. Gwen said that she had wanted to leave town, and Abigail groaned. "You love what this is going to do to me!" Abigail yelled. "You have no idea about how I feel," Gwen said with tears in her eyes. Abigail advised Gwen to leave town. "Because nobody here gives a damn about you or your damn baby!" Abigail grumbled.

"How could you say that about my baby? She didn't do anything to you," Gwen said. "No, but you sure did. That baby was an accident. Conceived out of your need to destroy me. You know, really, I feel bad for it, because you are gonna be a God-awful mother. Just like yours was. A lying, heartless slut," Abigail said. "You bitch!" Gwen yelped before she slapped Abigail.

Abigail ordered Gwen to leave the house, but Gwen refused until she talked to Chad first. Gwen walked out. Abigail caught up with Gwen at the top of the staircase, and she grabbed Gwen's arm. "I said stay away from Chad!" Abigail screamed. Gwen asked Abigail to leave her alone.

"I want you and that baby out of my life for good!" Abigail yelled. Abigail let go of Gwen's wrist, and Gwen tumbled down the stairs, screaming. As Jack and Chad exited the living room, Gwen tumbled to the ground in front of them. Chad and Jack looked up the stairs at Abigail as she gasped in horror. Gwen did not move.

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