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Paulina made plans to return to Salem. Brady needed surgery after a car accident caused by Kristen. Kate escaped Kristen's car. Tripp and Allie kissed. Jake and Gabi declared their feelings and made love. Rafe and Ava went on a date. Nicole got drunk and slept with Xander. Ava apologized to Steve for her misdeeds. Kristen kidnapped Sami and Lucas. Sami and Lucas argued and kissed. Kate found Jake and Gabi in bed together. Kristen knocked out Kate and kidnapped Chloe. Brady told John that Kristen was disguised as Susan.
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Brady needed surgery after a car accident, A drunk Nicole slept with Xander, and Kristen kidnapped Chloe
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Brady is rushed to the hospital

Brady is rushed to the hospital

Monday, May 10, 2021

by Mike

Abe took Lani to the Brady Pub for dinner -- and they eventually started talking about Paulina, who hadn't been seen or heard from since leaving Salem two weeks earlier.

Lani warned Abe that Paulina -- who had a tendency to move from one interest to another at the drop of a hat -- might never return to Salem to follow through with the plan to revamp the town square. "I just figured that she was very busy..." Abe argued. "Too busy to text or call?" Lani countered. "Yeah, you're right -- it is a bit concerning..." Abe admitted.

As if on cue, Abe received a phone call from Paulina just then. "Looks like we spoke too soon," Abe mused before answering the call, using the speakerphone setting for Lani's benefit. "It's been awhile since we heard from you," Lani noted. "I know, and I apologize -- it's just that some stuff came up in my Miami office, and it's just kept me all too busy," Paulina -- who seemed to be sitting in an office at that moment -- explained. "[But] you are coming back to Salem...right?" Abe wondered. "Wild horses couldn't keep me away," Paulina insisted.

Paulina wrapped up the phone conversation after thanking Lani -- and, by extension, Eli -- for having agreed to let Chanel stay with them for the time being. "See? All your concerns were unfounded!" Abe said to Lani, who admitted that, for once, it was actually nice to have been proven wrong. Meanwhile, Paulina unfolded some blueprints and studied them with a hint of guilt. "Not what you had in mind, Abe -- I do know that -- [but...there's] no turning back now..." Paulina muttered with a shrug.

At Julie's Place, Claire and Tripp took turns warning Allie about Chanel's penchant for scamming people out of money. Allie eventually silenced Tripp and Claire and revealed that Chanel was actually an old friend from London. "I don't need you two saving me -- nothing weird is going on here," Allie insisted. "Oh, really? Well, then, how come she was kissing you before?" Claire countered.

"Tripp was here earlier -- he saw the whole thing!" Claire elaborated. "Were you spying on me?" Allie incredulously challenged Tripp. "No, I wasn't 'spying on' you -- I ran into your grandfather, and he said you were here, [and] I just...I wanted to see you, that's all. But when I got here, you were...busy...and so I left," Tripp responded. "[And] how is what Allie and I do any of your business?" Chanel snapped at Tripp. "DuPree...that guy I told you about -- this is him," Allie explained. "You've got to be kidding! This cheapskate is the guy you're into?" Chanel protested, embarrassing Allie and intriguing Tripp.

Allie forced a smile and pulled Tripp outside for a private conversation, leaving Chanel alone with Claire -- who soon mentioned Theo. "You know him," Chanel realized. "Yeah, I do -- [so] I have a pretty good idea of how you treat your 'friends'!" Claire snapped. "Maybe if I use little words, this will get through your head -- I don't want anything from Allie except her friendship!" Chanel countered. "Right -- and a little roll in the hay..." Claire guessed. "What is wrong with you people? Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss!" Chanel stressed.

"It doesn't matter what kind of kiss it was -- and, just so you know, Allie has never been into girls!" Claire argued. "You've led a pretty sheltered life, haven't you?" Chanel concluded. "What's that supposed to mean?" Claire wondered. "It means I'm done listening to you," Chanel answered before starting to storm off. "Aren't you forgetting something?" Claire called out, stopping Chanel. "Allie said she would pay for the drinks...but if you don't believe me, call the cops," Chanel responded. "Maybe I will!" Claire warned.

Meanwhile, Allie started to say something to Tripp about the earlier kiss with Chanel. "You don't owe me an explanation," Tripp acknowledged. "I know, but I just don't want you to get the wrong idea -- not that it would be 'wrong,' [but]... I just mean... I'm not gay or bi -- Chanel and I are just really good friends," Allie clarified. "With benefits?" Tripp translated. "No, not at all -- second, we were reminiscing on all of our great times, and then the next, she kissed me... But it's really not a big deal -- it was totally a one-time thing," Allie elaborated.

"There's nothing going on with Chanel and me -- and I want you, of all people, to know that," Allie stressed. "Why?" Tripp wondered. "Because...I just wanted you to know," Allie claimed with a shrug. "Right..." Tripp responded. " you do, [so]..." Allie added before starting to head back inside the restaurant.

"Look, maybe I shouldn't say this..." Tripp awkwardly began, stopping Allie. "Say...what?" Allie prodded Tripp. "Chanel asked if I was the guy you were 'into' -- or, technically, the 'cheapskate' you were 'into' --" Tripp continued. "No, you're not -- at all!" Allie insisted. "Oh... Okay... I'm sorry -- I just thought I kind of felt a vibe between us..." Tripp concluded. "I meant you're not a 'cheapskate,'" Allie clarified. "Oh! Okay -- so...I am the guy you're 'into'?" Tripp translated.

"I don't know... I mean, I do know, but... It's complicated, obviously," Allie responded. "Does that have to be a bad thing?" Tripp wondered. "How could it not be? [I mean], I screwed up your life in so many ways -- and I know you forgave me, but...for months, you had people hating you and judging you, and that was all because of my mistake, can there ever be anything between us?" Allie argued. "I thought we agreed that everything in the past was behind us," Tripp countered. "That's what I want..." Allie admitted.

"[But]...I don't know how you could just let it all go -- how you could ever see me as anything more than just a friend," Allie explained. "I do know -- 'cause I have let all that go," Tripp declared. "Maybe I should just stop talking," Tripp realized before giving Allie a kiss -- just as Chanel exited the restaurant, having apparently found a way to end the earlier standoff with Claire. "Fast work!" Chanel raved, prompting Allie and Tripp to pull away from each other. "Oh, keep doing what you were doing!" Chanel encouraged Tripp and Allie. "We'll have drinks again -- my treat -- as soon as I get a job," Chanel assured Allie before rushing off.

"That one is something else..." Tripp mused with a shake of the head. "Yeah, she really is...but in a good way -- you just have to get to know her," Allie stressed before starting to say goodbye to Tripp, having just received a text message from Roman. "I could go with you [to pick up Henry], if you want..." Tripp offered. "No, it's okay -- [but] later?" Allie responded. "Sure, yeah..." Tripp agreed with a smile as Allie walked away.

Gabi entered the DiMera mansion with a sigh and joined Jake in the living room then started complaining about unreliable vendors. "That's exactly what I need -- could you pour me one of those?" Gabi begged Jake, who was holding a glass of whiskey. "Make it yourself," Jake snapped. "Nice mood -- what's the matter with you?" Gabi wondered. "Kate's gone," Jake grumbled.

Gabi was stunned to hear that Kate had abruptly left Salem for parts unknown earlier that day. "I can imagine her dumping you, but I can't see her walking away from DiMera and her precious Chad -- [and besides], why would she all of a sudden want to leave town when all her family is here?" Gabi mused. "I don't know...[but] her parting shot was that you and me, we should team up and run DiMera together -- that we're a match made in heaven," Jake responded. "Funny -- that's what you said you and Kate were," Gabi noted. "Yeah, well...I was wrong -- it's happened before, [but] not very often," Jake explained.

"I was wrong about me and Gwen [and] about me and Kate...but you and me -- maybe I wasn't wrong [about us, after all]..." Jake declared before suddenly trying to kiss Gabi -- and earning a slap for the effort. "You rejected me because you were so crazy about Kate -- [and] you're not gonna come crawling back to me two seconds after she walked out that door, [because] I do not want to have Kate's sloppy seconds!" Gabi snapped at Jake before storming upstairs.

Later, Jake personally delivered a martini to Gabi's bedroom as a peace offering of sorts. "Just the way I like it," Gabi observed, eyeing the three olives in the drink. "You think I'd forget?" Jake responded before starting to leave. "Wait," Gabi called out, stopping Jake.

"Look, I know that you're hurting -- I mean, I was hurting, too, when you told me you wanted to spend your life with Kate and not me -- but, just so you know, that pain doesn't last forever," Gabi advised. "[So], it was easy for you to get over me," Jake translated before admitting that was a somewhat hurtful thing to hear. "That's not even what I'm saying, [actually] -- I'm just saying...I loved you, and then you loved Kate...and before that, you loved Gwen, and I've loved other men, including your brother --" Gabi tried to clarify. "Who do you love now?" Jake wondered. "Can we please just stay on track?" Gabi snapped, and Jake nodded in agreement.

"We grow up believing these fairytales that we have this one true love -- that the glass slipper's gonna fit, and the prince's kiss is gonna wake us up, and we're all gonna live happily ever after -- but that's a load of crap! [Look], I believe in making your own fairytales, [so]...just don't give up on love, and you'll be fine. [Plus, who knows] -- maybe there's somebody out there [who's even] better for you [than Kate was]," Gabi concluded. "Maybe I'm looking at her," Jake suggested.

Kristen continued driving while yelling at Kate for having almost caused them to get into a potentially deadly accident with another driver -- someone who had seemingly managed to swerve their vehicle then continue on their way. Meanwhile, Brady's vehicle ground to a halt after hitting a tree somewhere within the woods surrounding the road.

"How are you even awake? I gave you enough sedative to knock out an elephant!" Kristen grumbled before attempting to inject Kate with the needle of a second syringe that had already been prepared at some point for just such an emergency -- but, at that same time, Kate was trying to strangle Kristen, who was still driving in the midst of all the chaos. "You're gonna get us killed!" Kristen snapped before finally managing to plunge the needle of the syringe into Kate's left wrist, ending their struggle.

"We are almost to the airfield -- and then you will be out of my hair for good!" Kristen spat as Kate slumped toward the rear passenger-side door -- but then, to Kristen's dismay, Kate opened the door and rolled out of the vehicle. Annoyed, Kristen parked the vehicle on the side of the road then started searching the area for Kate. Meanwhile, Brady regained consciousness and shakily reached for a nearby cell phone then called for an ambulance -- but passed out again while telling the 9-1-1 operator about what had happened.

At the hospital, Lucas squirmed as Chloe accused Sami of having posed as Dr. Dunn earlier. "What? Oh, that's ridiculous -- isn't it, Lucas? [I mean, Chloe's] obviously upset -- she's going through the five stages of grief [because] she can't come to terms with your diagnosis, [and] this is denial...right, Lucas?" Sami protested with a nervous laugh. Lucas played along, but Chloe wasn't convinced.

"'Dr. Dunn' was Stan -- and 'Stan' is you!" Chloe snapped at Sami, who scoffed and feigned ignorance while again looking to Lucas for help. "Wait a minute -- didn't you tell me that Dr. Dunn's first name was 'Michael'?" Lucas challenged Chloe, prompting Sami to insist that Dr. Dunn's visitor badge had indeed featured that first name. "Oh, stop it -- you did not run into Dr. Dunn [earlier, Sami]! You disguised yourself, [just] like you did, like, 15 years ago, [and pretended to be Dr. Dunn]!" Chloe maintained.

"Oh, wow -- I had totally forgotten all about that [disguise]..." Sami claimed with a wistful shake of the head. "Oh, the hell you had!" Chloe argued before seeking confirmation from Lucas that "Dr. Dunn" had borne a striking resemblance to Sami's old alter ego, Stan. "Eh, maybe a little, sure..." Lucas responded with a shrug. "Oh, come on -- 'Dr. Dunn' was a dead ringer for Stan! You had to have seen that...unless... Wait a minute -- are you in on this with Sami?" Chloe challenged Lucas.

"Lucas, if you care about me, you're gonna tell me what's really going on here!" Chloe demanded -- just as Kayla exited a nearby elevator. "Oh -- Sami... You're here..." Kayla observed before Lucas could give Chloe an answer. "So, you must have heard about Brady, [then]..." Kayla concluded. "No -- what about him?" Sami responded. "He was in a car accident [on] Route 9," Kayla elaborated. "Is he gonna be okay?" Chloe wondered. "The EMT just said that he had swerved off the road and crashed, [so]...I don't know," Kayla admitted before rushing off to get ready for Brady's arrival.

Chloe started to follow Kayla -- and Lucas tried to tag along for emotional support. "No -- you have been lying to me this entire time, so just stay the hell away from me!" Chloe spat before storming off -- and Lucas shot Sami a glare as soon as the coast was clear. "I knew she would recognize you -- or should I say 'Stan'!" Lucas grumbled. "Oh, my God -- who cares, okay? Brady might actually be dying!" Sami fretted. "Listen, I care about Brady, [too]...but what are we gonna do about Chloe [now that] she knows we want to get her out of town?" Lucas wondered. "You tell me, since you're the one who told Chloe you were dying in the first place!" Sami snapped. "You're the one who pulled Stan out of your bag of tricks -- that's what tipped her off!" Lucas countered.

"The next time I'm alone with her, I am gonna tell her everything," Lucas decided before changing the subject, advising Sami to fill John and Marlena in on the situation with Brady. "I think [they're] having dinner at the Bistro," Sami recalled while retrieving a cell phone -- which started ringing just as Lucas headed off in search of an update on Brady's condition.

"Look, I don't have time to talk to you right now -- I'm at the hospital --" Sami began after answering the call. "You know what? If you don't do exactly as I say right this second, I'm gonna hang up, and I'm gonna call E.J. --" Kristen warned. "You don't understand --" Sami continued. "Do you think I'm playing a game, Sami?" Kristen snapped.

"Kristen, listen to me! I'm at the hospital -- and they just brought Brady here!" Sami concluded. "What happened?" Kristen stammered, fighting back tears. "I'm not exactly sure, but his car went off the road somewhere on Route 9," Sami clarified. "Route 9?" Kristen repeated with a gasp of horror, connecting the dots. "He's alive...but that's all Kayla would tell me," Sami elaborated. "I'm on my way!" Kristen stressed. "Bring your dentures, okay? You can't just go walking around here like --" Sami advised before realizing that Kristen had already ended the call.

Meanwhile, Kayla examined Brady with the help of a nurse. "Pupils are even, so no brain injury --" Kayla observed. "Blood pressure's dropping!" the nurse reported. "Poor capillary refill -- possible internal injuries --" Kayla noticed -- just as Chloe entered Brady's room and requested an update. "Not now, Chloe!" Kayla snapped -- just as a flatline alarm started blaring. "We're losing him!" Kayla fretted as the nurse prepared a defibrillator. "Please, you can't let him die!" Chloe begged, fighting back tears.

Lucas rejoined Sami at the nurses' station and started to provide an update on Brady's condition -- but Kristen approached just then, disguised as Kate, and begged Sami to reveal whether "he" was all right. Lucas assumed that Chloe had told Kate about the brain tumor, and Sami agreed that Chloe was the type of person who didn't know how to keep a secret. Lucas started to set the record straight, but Kristen tiredly interrupted as Kate then stormed off. "That was weird..." Lucas mused. "Super weird -- [I mean], where could she possibly be going, and what would be more important to Kate than finding out that her son is dying?" Sami responded.

Kayla eventually managed to get Brady stabilized. "How bad is it?" Chloe wondered. "I won't know until I take him to surgery," Kayla answered before rushing off to schedule the procedure. "Please, Brady, hold on -- Rachel needs her daddy; we all need you. I need you to hang in there, okay? I need you to pull through," Chloe stressed while grasping Brady's left hand.

Brady suddenly stirred then looked at Chloe. "Kristen..." Brady began with great effort. "No -- it's me," Chloe clarified, somewhat hurt, before explaining why Brady was in the hospital. "No, Chloe -- 'Kristen'..." Brady tried to continue. "What?" Chloe prodded Brady. "'Kristen' -- she's not Kristen," Brady managed to conclude, leaving Chloe confused -- but Kristen, who was still disguised as Kate and had arrived in time to hear the statement but had not yet been noticed, seemed to understand exactly what it meant.

Meanwhile, Kate slowly crawled through the woods surrounding Route 9 while weakly whispering for help from Jake -- who was still at the DiMera mansion and seemed to be seconds away from trying to kiss Gabi again.

Jake tells Gabi that he wants her

Jake tells Gabi that he wants her

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

A drunken Xander sat in Rafe's office and waited to hear his fate. Rafe walked in and asked for an explanation about the jewelry Xander had offered to various people in the square. When Xander explained that he had wanted to sell Sarah's engagement ring because it was a painful reminder of his loss, Rafe took pity on Xander and let him walk free. "Whoever your date is, I hope she breaks your heart into a million pieces," Xander grumbled as he walked out.

At Nicole's apartment, Ava showed Nicole the two dresses Ava had purchased for her date. "I kind of like the green. It matches your eyes," Nicole said. With a shrug, Ava said, "I don't want Rafe to look at my eyes." Excited, Ava ran into the bedroom to try on the red dress for Nicole. Nicole poured a double shot of whiskey, and she downed it in one gulp.

When Ava returned in her lowcut dress, Nicole forced a smile. "Nice," Nicole said. "Are you okay?" Ava asked. Nicole swore that she was fine. "I mean, are you okay with me going out with Rafe?" Ava clarified. Nicole stressed that she wanted both Ava and Rafe to be happy. "If you find happiness together, then all the best," Nicole said. Relieved, Ava thanked Nicole for her help.

"Anyway, I am counting the minutes until Eric gets home. You know, he is supposed to call me and give me his flight information," Nicole said as she poured another drink. Nicole's phone rang. Excited, Nicole ran across the living room to her phone. It was Eric on the phone, so Nicole ushered Ava out of the apartment. After Ava left, Nicole answered the phone, "Is this the man I love?" After a moment, Nicole shouted, "Not coming home?"

Eric explained that he had extended his stay in Africa. "I know they need you there but what about me? Huh, Eric? I need you here!" Nicole yelled. Frustrated, Nicole ended the call. When Eric called back, Nicole ignored the call. Nicole phoned Rafe, but the call went to voicemail.

At Julie's Place, Ava met with Rafe for their date. "I just silenced my phone so we won't be disturbed," Rafe said. When Rafe complimented Ava on her dress, she admitted it was new. "I can't take full credit for it. Nicole came shopping with me," Ava said. "Really?" Rafe said. Ava told Rafe that Nicole had wished Ava and Rafe to be as happy as Nicole was with Eric.

"I think I'm a little nervous," Rafe admitted. Rafe told Ava he had not been on a date in a long time. "I don't think I've actually ever been on a date," Ava confessed. Ava explained that she had spent most of her life pining over Steve or had been matched with Charlie's father. Rafe suggested that they not talk about past romantic partners. "Tonight, it's just you and me," Rafe said as he held Ava's hand. "I'd like that very much," Ava agreed.

When the food arrived, Rafe teased Ava about her humming when she cooked. "It's kind of adorable," Rafe said. "Commissioner, I would like to let you know that I have never met anyone who likes dental floss as much as you do," Ava shot back with a grin. As Ava laughed, Rafe told her that she had beautiful eyes. Ava went to the bathroom to freshen up, and Rafe looked at his phone. There was a missed call from Nicole. With a sigh, Rafe shoved his phone back in his pocket.

In Gabi's room at the DiMera mansion, Jake sat on the bed next to Gabi. "Maybe Kate kicking me to the curb the way she did is the universe's way of saying she and I aren't meant to be together," Jake said. "Maybe there is somebody out there better for you," Gabi countered. "Maybe I'm looking at her," Jake whispered. As Jake leaned closer, Gabi's phone rang. Gabi answered the call, and Jake sighed loudly.

"Philip? What's going on?" Gabi asked. Philip told Gabi that there was a problem with the summer line, and he needed to see Gabi at his house. Gabi promised she would rush over. "I got to go. I got some work issues," Gabi told Jake. In disbelief, Jake said, "I thought we were having a moment." Gabi reminded Jake that she did not want to be Jake's rebound from Kate. "I moved on, Jake. So should you," Gabi said.

When Gabi arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, Philip showed Gabi that the vendor had screwed up the measurements of the clothing line. All the clothes were doll sized. "What am I supposed to tell the buyers? Honey, we shrunk the clothes?" Gabi joked. "I called the manufacturer, and they are refusing to take responsibility, so it looks like we are stuck eating the cost," Philip said. Philip added that there was no time to redo the clothes.

"We're not going to be able to launch the summer collection for Gabi Chic in time for summer," Gabi grumbled. With a sigh, Gabi noted that she could give the clothes to Arianna for her dolls. "Does she have 6,000 dolls?" Philip said with a chuckle. Gabi furrowed her brow. "No, but tons of kids have dolls. And tons of parents would be willing to shell out big bucks to dress those dolls in fabulous clothing," Gabi suggested.

Philip asked Gabi if the parents would pay enough for the clothes to cover costs. With a nod, Gabi guessed that they would make enough to meet or beat their sales projections. When Philip asked about the launch, Gabi said they could market it as the Gabi Chica line. Elated, Philip hugged Gabi. When Philip hugged Gabi a little too long, Gabi smiled awkwardly.

"I think we've established this isn't a good idea," Philip said as he slowly let go of Gabi. "Why not?" Gabi asked. Philip pointed out that if they were intimate, Gabi would think about Jake. "I'm way over that lunkhead. And besides, he is probably drinking himself into oblivion because your mother is gone," Gabi said. Confused, Philip asked Gabi what she meant. Gabi told Philip that Kate had dumped Jake and then left town. Philip admitted that Kate had not told him anything but that he would call her. Philip thanked Gabi for her quick thinking on the clothing line, and he told her to enjoy her night.

At the nurses' station at the hospital, a suspicious Sami asked Lucas why Kate had rushed off if Kate believed that Lucas was dying of a tumor. "Maybe she knows I'm not," Lucas suggested. Sami warned Lucas not to tell Chloe the truth, especially with Brady in the hospital. Concerned, Sami told Lucas that Kristen had called her earlier, and Kristen had asked for help to find Kate.

"Why would Kristen be looking for my mother?" Lucas asked. Sami said she did not know, but when Kristen had heard about Brady, Kristen had told Sami that she was on her way. "Kristen's not even here yet. Don't you think that's weird? I mean, I told her about Brady, and she was so upset. Where the hell is she?" Sami wondered aloud. Lucas was more concerned about Chloe's safety.

"On top of that, thanks to you and Stan the man, I have to track down my mother and convince her that I'm not about to croak. Although it seemed like she didn't really care, the way she just kind of took off like that. Why would she do that?" Lucas said. "Because maybe she isn't your mother," Sami suggested.

In Brady's hospital room, Chloe held Brady's hand as he stirred awake. "What happened?" Brady asked. Chloe told Brady he had been in an accident but that he would be fine. "Kristen, she's not," Brady whispered. "She's not what?" Chloe asked. "She's not Kristen," Brady finished. Kristen, disguised as Kate, walked into the room. Confused, Chloe asked Brady what he meant. Brady sighed and passed out.

"Oh, my God! Brady! Is he going to be all right?" "Kate" asked. "I don't know. Some maniac ran him off the road," Chloe said as she clutched Brady's hand in hers. Kristen thought about when she had fought with the real Kate for control of Kristen's car. As Chloe walked over to get a tissue from the table, "Kate" rushed forward and grabbed Brady's hand.

"Kate, why are you here?" Chloe asked. "Kate" let go of Brady's hand, and she lied and said that she was there to see Lucas. "I just got the news that [Lucas] has an inoperable brain tumor. So, I saw you in here, and I assumed you were with my son. Isn't that where you should be, Chloe?" "Kate" asked. "My place is right here with Brady," Chloe said. "Kate" narrowed her eyes with jealousy.

"Who are you? The Kate Roberts I know hates my guts," Chloe said. "Kate" noted that Lucas was going through hell and needed Chloe. "Lucas doesn't need me or anyone right now," Chloe countered. "How can you be so cruel? He's dying," "Kate" said. Chloe explained that Lucas had lied about his brain tumor. When "Kate" asked why, Chloe suggested that "Kate" should talk to Lucas and Sami. Chloe asked "Kate" to leave so that she could be alone with Brady.

"Before I go, can you tell me if Kayla gave any information about his condition," "Kate" said. Chloe said that the crash had caused internal bleeding. "I just wish that the person who did this, the disgusting coward who ran him off the road and didn't even stop, could be here to see what they'd done to him. And poor Rachel," Chloe said. Upset, "Kate" left the room.

At the nurses' station, Sami argued that it had not been Kate that had walked by but that it had been Kristen in a Kate mask. "Think about it for a second. Hasn't Kristen been parading around as Susan Banks for weeks now, fooling everyone. And before that, didn't she have a Nicole costume? I mean, wasn't she pretending to be Nicole for months? I'm telling you, that wasn't Kate. That was Kristen," Sami said. Lucas glanced over and saw "Kate" approaching.

"Mom? Is that you?" Lucas asked "Kate." Suspicious, Sami asked "Kate" why she was so upset. Kristen lied and kept up the ruse that she was Kate. "I was visiting a friend of mine who is in the hospital," "Kate" said. Sami mentioned Brady, and "Kate" feigned ignorance. "Stop it, Kristen. We know it's you," Sami said.

Sami lunged at "Kate" in order to rip off her mask, but Lucas intervened and pulled Sami away. "Keep your hands to yourself!" "Kate" yelled. As "Kate" stomped off, Sami asked Lucas if he believed that it was Kristen. "If that was Kristen, where the hell is my mother?" Lucas asked. Lucas told Sami that it was hard to believe that Kristen had kidnapped Kate.

"Kristen kidnapped me. I don't think it's that out there," Sami said. Sami encouraged Lucas to call Kate and confirm that she was okay. Sami left to find John and Marlena at the Bistro to tell them about Brady. When Lucas could not reach Kate on the phone, he went over to the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Philip. "Have you seen Mom lately?" Lucas asked. Philip said that Gabi had told him that Kate had left town. "I just saw [Kate] at the hospital," Lucas said.

At the hospital in the file room, Kristen ripped off her Kate mask. "That conniving whore wants to replace me! Oh, my God, Brady, my love. I so badly want to get back to you. I will get back to you," Kristen vowed.

Brady stirred awake in his hospital room. Chloe asked Brady what he had wanted to tell her. "Kristen, she," Brady whispered. Chloe assured Brady that she would not leave his side. Kristen returned to the room, disguised as a nurse.

A still drunken Xander stumbled into the Brady Pub, and he sat down at the bar next to Jake. Xander pulled Sarah's ring out of his pocket, and he held it in front of Jake's face. "I'm all for marriage equality, pal, and nice pecs, but no, thanks," Jake said. Xander shoved the ring back in his pocket. "I was going to ask if you wanted to buy it, but I won't. Not now. I can see you've recently been dumped. Same as me," Xander said. Jake called Xander a psychic.

"Doesn't take a psychic to see you've lost the love of a good woman," Xander said. "Two of them, actually," Jake countered. After the bartender poured them both a drink, Jake toasted, "To the women who ain't here no more." Both Xander and Jake gulped down their drinks.

"The truth is, I belong with Gabi. She knew it. Kate knew it. I just refused to acknowledge it. I mean, I had so many chances. I just blew it," Jake said. "Maybe in the midst of all that chaos and confusion, you couldn't see yourself with Gabi," Xander countered. "Everybody saw it, man. I mean even that whack-doodle-doo Susan Banks saw it," Jake muttered. Jake lamented his bad decisions.

"Stop pretending to be someone that you're not," Xander advised. Xander told Jake to be selfish and ruthless. "Hurt her before she ever has a chance to hurt you," Xander said. With a nod, Jake rose and said goodnight. After Jake walked out, Xander wandered into the bathroom. Nicole walked into the restaurant, and she sat on Xander's stool. With no bartender, Nicole called out for help. Xander returned, and he pushed his drink toward Nicole.

"Not from you. I'll wait for the waitress," Nicole said. "Can you?" Xander asked. Nicole sipped her drink and told Xander to go away. "Don't be like that, Nicole. Come on. Tell your favorite ex-husband what's got you down," Xander said. "I'm not telling you anything," Nicole said. With a shrug, Xander sat down next to Nicole and finished Jake's drink.

As Nicole poured more drinks, Xander talked about Jack's toast about love at Xander's bachelor party. Xander complained that Rex had ruined the wedding. "Well, mine actually came for the wedding, and then he couldn't wait to hightail it halfway across the world," Nicole said. "Don't worry. I'm sure Father Sanctimonious will be back in no time," Xander grumbled. Nicole told Xander that Eric had been scheduled to return home, but Eric had extended his trip again.

"If [Eric] loves me, how could he make me feel so horrible?" Nicole wondered aloud. Nicole emptied the bottle of liquor into the glasses. "I dedicated my entire life to proving I was worthy of Sarah's love. Changed who I was for her," Xander said. "I was patient, understanding, and supportive," Nicole said. "Where has that got us? Bending over backwards to be good people," Xander muttered. Xander suggested that he and Nicole should "reembrace our dark side."

After the bartender cut off Xander and Nicole from alcohol, they stumbled through the square together. Xander remembered that there was a minibar in his room, and he invited Nicole upstairs. "Why not?" Nicole said. Nicole and Xander laughed as they stumbled through the doors of the Salem Inn. Across the square, Sami spotted them. "What the hell was that?" Sami wondered aloud.

In the DiMera living room, Jake was drinking at the desk when Gabi returned home. "Did you solve your work issue?" Jake asked. "Yeah. Philip and I make a great team," Gabi said. "Not as great as you and me," Jake countered. Jake told Gabi that she had been right about him wanting to be with her. As Jake got close to Gabi, she commented that he smelled like alcohol.

"I'm not drunk. My head and my heart are clear on this. Finally," Jake said. Gabi rolled her eyes. Jake noted that from the moment he had hooked up with Kate, Kate had been insecure about Jake's feelings for Gabi. "I don't even want to hear this," Gabi said. Jake asked Gabi to hear him out. Gabi grew quiet, but she kept her back turned to Jake.

"The truth is, my feelings for you, they never went away. And deep down, I always knew that. I just didn't want to hurt Kate. And I was too damn proud to admit that you were right. But I'm admitting it now. Gabi, you are the one that I want. And only you. That's it. And I have denied it over and over again, so I understand if you don't believe me," Jake said. When Gabi said nothing, Jake sighed. "You already said you're moving on," Jake whispered. Gabi turned and grabbed Jake's wrist.

"I haven't moved on. I just, that was my pride getting in the way of what I really want," Gabi said. Hopeful, Jake asked Gabi what she wanted. "I want you, Jake," Gabi said. Jake grabbed Gabi and kissed her passionately. Entangled together, Jake and Gabi kissed as they awkwardly stumbled out of the living room and up the stairs to the bedroom. Upstairs, Jake and Gabi undressed one another hurriedly and made love.

Steve is stunned to learn Rafe is on a date with Ava

Steve is stunned to learn Rafe is on a date with Ava

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

by Mike

John and Marlena finished eating dinner then exited the Bistro and spotted Sami, who was about to follow Nicole and Xander into the nearby Salem Inn to snoop on them on Eric's behalf. "Well, this is a surprise!" John raved. "Seeing somebody at the inn?" Marlena assumed. "No -- actually, I've been looking for you both..." Sami responded before apologetically delivering the bad news about Brady's hospitalization.

John and Marlena rushed off to the hospital -- and Sami rushed into the Salem Inn as soon as the coast was clear, cursing Nicole for being such a distraction to the matter with Brady.

Meanwhile, at Julie's Place, Ava continued freshening up in the bathroom -- and Rafe seized the opportunity to contact Nicole, who had just settled on the bed in Xander's hotel room. "We're supposed to be forgetting our troubles," Xander argued, snatching Nicole's cell phone and sending Rafe's call to voicemail. "And there's only one surefire way to do that..." Xander, who had bragged earlier about being a fairly capable mixologist, added while handing Nicole one of two glasses that were filled with some combination of ingredients from the minibar.

Steve entered Julie's Place before Rafe could record a voicemail message for Nicole. "Kind of spiffed up for eating alone, aren't you?" Steve observed. "Actually, I'm on a date," Rafe explained. "Oh? Good for you! Who's the lucky lady?" Steve responded. "That would be me," Ava, who had just emerged from the bathroom, clarified.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Kristen posed as a nurse to chase Chloe out of Brady's room. A short time later, Chloe ran into Kayla at the nurses' station and mentioned that Brady was being prepped for surgery at that moment. "Huh... [You know], the O.R. was backed up all night, [and] I just now got him scheduled for surgery..." Kayla mused. "[Then] why would [a nurse] be in there already?" Chloe wondered.

John and Marlena exited a nearby elevator just then, stopping Kayla from giving more thought to what Chloe had just revealed. "[Brady] suffered some internal bleeding, [but] we're prepping him for surgery right now, [and] I'm very confident that we'll be able to repair the damage," Kayla informed Marlena and John, the latter of whom requested to see Brady for a moment.

Kayla led John to Brady's room, where Kristen was in the process of tearfully apologizing for what had happened earlier that night. John entered the room and asked for a moment alone with Brady, prompting Kristen to jump back into character as a nurse then rush off -- and Kayla was already gone by then, making the getaway an easy one.

Meanwhile, Sami found Xander's hotel room -- where Nicole was in the process of insisting that Rafe was just a friend. "[A friend] you have the hots for," Xander decided, having grown suspicious when Nicole had started complaining earlier about having been prevented from taking Rafe's phone call. "I am a married woman!" Nicole stressed. "[But] your husband is not coming back, [and] you're lonely...[so now] you're into Rafe," Xander maintained. "So what if I am?" Nicole countered.

"Ugh -- I can't hear a word they're saying!" Sami, who had pressed an ear against the hotel room door in an effort to eavesdrop, grumbled before preparing to knock -- then abandoning the plan in order to instead take a phone call from Kristen, who was at the park. "Come meet me," Kristen demanded. "I'm busy!" Sami protested. "I don't care -- come now, or my next call will be to E.J.," Kristen countered.

Sami took one more look at the hotel room door, still desperate to know what was going on inside, then rushed off with a sigh -- as Xander bragged about having correctly deduced that Nicole had feelings for Rafe. "Why does that make you so happy?" Nicole wondered. "I just think it's funny. Or tragic. Maybe both! [I mean], for starters, he's currently on a date --" Xander explained. "Yeah, I know -- with my friend Ava," Nicole grumbled. "Vitali? [So], the squeaky-clean police commissioner is dating the money-laundering mob princess?" Xander incredulously translated. "She's on the straight and narrow now," Nicole clarified.

"[And] I should be happy for her, because that's what a good friend would be -- happy -- [but], instead, I made her feel like she wasn't good enough for him," Nicole admitted. "Because you're jealous of her," Xander guessed. "Of course -- [which makes me] an awful, horrible person!" Nicole fretted. "[That's right -- I mean, after all], if you weren't, you wouldn't be here with me," Xander reasoned.

"[But] so what? Join the club!" Xander advised. "I don't want to 'join the club' -- don't you get it? I have no right to be jealous of Rafe and Ava, okay? I am married -- and I love my husband!" Nicole protested. "Even though he up and left you? [Well, then], you're loyal -- I'll say that..." Xander mused. "[But, see], I am an awful person [because after] I get in a terrible fight with [Eric], the first thing I do when I hang up is think of Rafe and want to call him and cry on his shoulder --" Nicole acknowledged. "Is that a euphemism?" Xander interjected. "[And even when] I remembered he was out on a date...[well], I wanted to crash it, really," Nicole concluded. "[But instead], you went to the pub to get drunk," Xander noted. "And now I'm here, drinking with you -- my disgusting ex-husband," Nicole grumbled. "Cheers, darling!" Xander countered.

"Does that sound like the actions of someone who is happily married?" Nicole wondered. "Well, I wouldn't know, would I?" Xander answered. "Well, do I look like someone who loves her husband and wants to work it out?" Nicole asked. "Not particularly, no!" Xander replied with a snicker. "Well, then, what the hell am I doing?" Nicole fretted. "I believe they call it 'reverting to form'..." Xander summarized.

"[But] it's like I keep trying to tell you -- you shouldn't go after the good guys [in the first place]; I mean, Eric, he hurt you...and sooner or later, Rafe will do exactly the same thing. It's just like me and Sarah. At the end of the day, [we're] just not worthy of someone like that," Xander argued. "I am not like you!" Nicole insisted. "Of course, you are!" Xander countered.

"[And], in fact, I'd say one of the best decisions you've made recently is coming back to my room...[because, after all], you know what they say -- 'birds of a feather flock together'... [So], why not flock?" Xander flirtatiously suggested while locking eyes with Nicole. "Are you insane?" Nicole asked incredulously. "No, I'm just drunk," Xander matter-of-factly replied. "I would never, never sleep with you -- [or even] touch you! I hate you, remember?" Nicole spat. "Yeah, well, I hate you, too...but there's a thin line between love and hate, so what do you say we just roll right over that line?" Xander reasoned.

"Oh, my God -- you have a come-on for every occasion, don't you?" Nicole guessed. "Is it working?" Xander wondered. "No!" Nicole claimed. "Well, that's why I keep trying -- 'cause sooner or later, I'll find one that does..." Xander teased. "Nothing you say could change my mind -- you make me sick!" Nicole declared. "Fine, be that way -- keep pining for Eric, waiting for him to come back from Africa...or for Rafe to get tired of Ava... [But] I'm done waiting -- I'm not gonna sit around, hoping that Sarah gets tired of Rex [and] comes to her senses [then] returns to me!" Xander responded.

"No, I'm done being a victim -- from now on, I do what I want when I want! And if you were smart --" Xander continued. "Oh, shut up!" Nicole snapped. "Make me!" Xander countered, leaving Nicole unsure of what to do or say next. After a few seconds of silence, Nicole ripped open Xander's shirt, then slapped Xander, then kissed Xander -- and they continued making out as they finished undressing each other.

Meanwhile, at Julie's Place, Steve reminded Rafe of Ava's past misdeeds -- then warned that getting involved with a woman who was capable of such things was a really bad idea. "Okay -- I understand where you're coming from, and I appreciate you looking out for me...[but] I'm on a date, so --" Rafe responded. "No -- Steve has a right to say what he just did...because every word of it is true," Ava conceded.

"Steve...all that time, when I was tormenting you [and] trying to force you to love me...I did it because I thought that we belonged together -- because I thought that I was in love with you. But it wasn't 'love' -- it was obsession. And, honestly, I just...I didn't know the difference [because], growing up, I never saw love -- I mean, not any healthy version of it, anyway," Ava continued.

"And I'm not saying this as an excuse -- I'm not, because I know there's no excuse for any of it. I'm just saying it because I want both of you to know that I understand [that] what I did was wrong, and I've learned from my mistakes, and I'm doing everything that I possibly can to never, ever make them again. I want to be a better person -- for my son...and also for myself, 'cause I want to be somebody who is worthy of love, someone who could be worthy of a man like Rafe. [And] I think one good way to start doing that is to apologize to you, Steve -- I should have [apologized] to you a long time ago, for everything that I have done to you and Kayla and your entire family. I want you to know how truly sorry I am," Ava concluded, leaving Steve seemingly stunned and Rafe seemingly proud.

"I appreciate your apology, Ava -- I do -- but...I ready to move on and forgive you yet...and I need to look out for my friend. [But] I've said my piece, [and] that's all I can do, [so] two have a good night," Steve responded before exiting the restaurant.

"I'm sorry," Ava said to Rafe once the coast was clear. "You got nothing to be sorry for," Rafe assured Ava. "But he's right -- you're a good guy, and I am...complicated... [Which means] this is gonna happen a lot -- you're always gonna have to answer for why you are with someone like me -- [so,] I understand if you want to run for the hills right now, before this goes any further," Ava stressed. "Thank you...but I am right where I want to be," Rafe insisted, grasping Ava's hands.

Rafe and Ava soon left the restaurant and headed back to the Hernandez house -- where Rafe tried to keep the date going, but Ava decided to put a stop to it. "I had a really, really nice time tonight...and I just think, given my history, that I should quit while I'm ahead," Ava reasoned. "Okay... Well, hey, I had a nice time, too -- a really nice time," Rafe conceded before giving Ava a goodnight kiss -- then trying to contact Nicole again once the coast was clear.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Chloe curiously noted that Marlena was watching a nearby elevator closely, as if expecting it to transport a specific person to their floor at any moment. "Sami -- I ran into her in the town square [earlier], and she said she was coming right over," Marlena explained. "Hmm... Maybe she's with Lucas..." Chloe grumbled. "Why do you say it like that?" Marlena wondered. "Eh, never mind -- it's not worth getting into," Chloe responded.

John soon rejoined Marlena and Chloe and reported that Brady was still unconscious. "Actually, he woke up for a few moments when I was with him [earlier]. He asked for Kristen, but then... [I don't know] -- it was strange; it's like he was trying to tell me something, but he wasn't making any sense. [I mean], he said Kristen's...not Kristen..." Chloe revealed -- but Kayla wheeled Brady toward the operating room on a gurney just then, giving Marlena and John no time to ponder the statement. John, Marlena, and Chloe each said a few words to Brady before letting Kayla continue the journey.

Meanwhile, at the park, Kristen ordered Sami to find Kate. "You know, I just ran into her at the hospital...unless maybe it wasn't her..." Sami knowingly challenged Kristen, who tried to feign ignorance at first but eventually made a full confession. "You put Kate Roberts in a duffel bag?" Sami interjected during the tale, laughing at the mental image. "It was a big bag, Sami -- it wasn't, like, some small carry-on or anything! [Look], do you want to hear this or not?" Kristen snapped. "Yeah, no, [go on -- but] I wish I had popcorn..." Sami responded.

"Oh, my God -- you're the one who forced Brady off the road? You're the one who caused that accident? Brady is in the hospital right now, [and] he's fighting for his life...because of you?" Sami incredulously summarized at the end of the tale. "All this time, I've been trying to protect him...and now..." Kristen regretfully fretted, fighting back tears. "Okay, look -- I know you didn't mean to do it, [and] I understand how terrible you must be feeling... [Granted], of all the people in the world, you deserve to feel terrible... [Still], I know you really love him..." Sami assured Kristen. "Thank you?" Kristen responded.

Kristen reiterated that Kate needed to be found right away -- but Sami refused to help with the search. "She's Will and Allie's grandmother...[and] I kind of like her -- you know, we have a thing -- [and] I just couldn't look Lucas in the face if I had done something to help you kidnap his mom," Sami explained. "If you don't help me, [then] I'm gonna make that call to E.J. --" Kristen warned. "Oh, Kristen -- you and your threats..." Sami dismissively responded. "We had a deal, Sami --" Kristen argued. "This isn't part of that deal, okay? This has gone too far -- I mean, you have to see that...right?" Sami countered.

"Kate needs help -- like, real help -- and, frankly, so do you..." Sami stressed before starting to contact Rafe -- prompting Kristen to attack with yet another syringe that had already been prepared at some point for just such an emergency. "Oh, you bitch!" Sami spat before starting to strangle Kristen -- then suddenly passing out.

Nicole realizes that she made a big mistake

Nicole realizes that she made a big mistake

Thursday, May 13, 2021

by Mike

At the police station, Rafe received a visit from Lucas, who reported that Kate was missing. "I have a very good reason to [suspect] that she didn't leave town [voluntarily]," Lucas stressed. "But you won't tell me," Rafe guessed. "I can't break a confidence, all right? The repercussions would affect way too many people now," Lucas explained. "Then I can't help you," Rafe insisted. "Thanks for nothing -- I'll find her myself!" Lucas spat.

Nicole woke up in Xander's room at the Salem Inn and immediately remembered what had happened the previous night. "This is a dream -- oh, God, no, this is a nightmare..." Nicole reasoned. "I didn't do it... I didn't do it... I didn't do it..." Nicole insisted. "Oh, God -- I did..." Nicole, who had been staring at the ceiling, concluded with a groan after finally daring to glance at Xander's side of the bed. "Actually...we did 'it,'" Xander stressed with a smirk, drawing a shudder from Nicole, who rushed into the bathroom and vomited. "Not the usual effect I have on women..." Xander muttered with a snicker.

"Feeling better?" Xander asked when Nicole emerged from the bathroom a short time later. "I don't think I could possibly feel any worse than I feel right in this moment," Nicole replied, prompting Xander to advise that drinking more alcohol was the best way to cure any hangover. "I make a killer Bloody Mary," Xander offered. "I don't want a Bloody Mary -- I just want to go back in time," Nicole fretted.

"[Look, what happened last night] -- it's not a big deal," Xander assured Nicole. "It is a big deal -- I cheated on my husband...[and] with the most disgusting man in the world, [no less]!" Nicole argued. "Tell me how you really feel," Xander countered. "You're a terrorist...and a blackmailer...and a serial abuser of women...[and] my husband, [meanwhile], is the best person in the world --" Nicole elaborated.

"Come on, Nicole -- I know you feel bad, but you shouldn't be beating yourself up like this," Xander protested. "Of course you'd say that -- because you have no sense of right and wrong," Nicole summarized. "Well, no, I don't think you did anything wrong...but even if you did, it wasn't your fault," Xander insisted. "Yes, it was -- [after all], no one made me do it," Nicole argued. "Didn't they? [I mean], think about it -- how long has 'the best man in the world' been gone? [And] how long have you been raising your little girl all alone? [And] how long have you been looking after his niece and her baby alone? And you didn't have to go all the way to Africa to find people to help, and you didn't make a big deal [just now] about all the good that you do...which is a lot..." Xander countered.

"Don't try to be nice -- you can't pull it off," Nicole advised after recovering from the shock of Xander's words. "I'm not trying to be nice -- I'm trying to say that sometimes human beings drink too much [then] have sex...and it's not because they're bad; it's because they're human and under pressure," Xander clarified, giving Nicole a shrug.

"I don't understand why you're sticking up for your husband when he's being such a first-class jerk --" Xander admitted. "Don't you dare!" Nicole warned. "And, deep down, you know [I'm right]; I mean, if Eric wanted to be a saint more than he wanted to be your husband, then he shouldn't have married you -- but he did marry you, with all that 'faithful until death us do part' crap, and then...[he just] left his beautiful, passionate wife right after he tied her up in all his stupid morality. So, no, I don't blame her if, for one night, she wants to feel a man's arms around her -- and the fact that you're beating yourself up right now makes me want to knock his block off [and] stick that halo of his where the sun don't shine!" Xander concluded. "You're incredible!" Nicole spat before storming back into the bathroom to get dressed.

Xander was still wearing only a pair of boxer briefs when Nicole emerged from the bathroom a short time later. "Your opinion means nothing to me, [okay]? Eric has devoted his whole life to helping other people --" Nicole stressed. "And making very sure everyone knows about it..." Xander muttered. "[And] you are...bottom of the barrel!" Nicole concluded.

"[Yeah], Eric's the best -- Eric's just so good, isn't he? Just like Sarah..." Xander sarcastically conceded. "And you and I fell hard for that, didn't we? And look what they did, the 'good' people -- they played us like a pair of suckers!" Xander bitterly added. "No?" Nicole halfheartedly objected. "Yes!" Xander firmly insisted.

"And think of all the time and energy we devoted to deserving the 'good' people -- atoning for being so 'bad'..." Xander grumbled with a sigh of regret. "At least Sarah had the decency to end it, [though] -- Eric's still stringing you along," Xander added. "That is...not true?" Nicole halfheartedly objected again. "Well, he bailed on you last night -- [he] basically told you that you're not as important to him as his good works," Xander reasoned. "You only see it that way because you'," Nicole countered. "Exactly -- [and] why have a drink with someone like me, out of everybody in the world...and then two, and then two more? [Because] you wanted to be with me...[just] like I wanted to be with you," Xander guessed.

"You wanted to be with a [fellow] 'bad' person who thinks you're a knockout -- someone who didn't want to improve you, who just wanted to sleep with you. You knew exactly who I was -- and that's just what you were looking for. You wanted me just as much as I wanted you," Xander summarized. "I 'wanted' you to stay away from me, okay? You are the last thing that I want!" Nicole defensively protested. "Didn't seem that way last night..." Xander triumphantly recalled. "Because I was wasted, okay? [And] I was desperately missing my husband -- who is the only person that I want!" Nicole insisted.

"[In fact], I thought about Eric the whole time!" Nicole stressed. "The whole time? At no point did your mind drift to...Rafe Hernandez?" Xander knowingly countered. "You know what? Not only is Eric my husband, but he is [also] the love of my life -- he is the only one I love [now] and will ever love!" Nicole indignantly declared. "Don't give me that crap, Nicole -- don't you remember [that] before we got horizontal last night, you confided in me that you do have feelings for Rafe, and you're jealous of Ava? [So], my takeaway from our night of passion -- or desperate loneliness, in your case -- [is that] you were impressed with my prowess between the sheets...but it was Rafe you really wanted," Xander argued.

"You are totally wrong -- totally off base!" Nicole snapped. "You sure about that?" Xander responded. "Where is my phone..." Nicole muttered while searching the hotel room, suddenly eager to get away from Xander -- who found the device first. "Oh, would you look at that -- voicemail...from him," Xander observed. "Eric?" Nicole translated. "No -- the other one," Xander clarified before playing the voicemail message for Nicole. "Aw -- that's so thoughtful... You know what? I think your feelings might be reciprocated..." Xander mused at the end of the recording, in which Rafe had apologized for having missed Nicole's earlier phone call and had expressed hope that everything was okay. "God, I hate you!" Nicole spat before snatching the cell phone from Xander then storming out of the hotel room.

"Well, Sarah, if you're wondering how I handled losing you...I'm doing fine; I've just made one great decision after another! After a few cocktails, I married a sweet young girl who was actually just trying to rob me...and then, after a few cocktails last night, I hooked up with my ex-wife, who now hates me even more than she did when I locked her up in a cage. So, yeah, I feel like I'm really getting it together. Yes, indeedy -- I'm definitely better off without you..." Xander muttered with a sigh before downing a serving of vodka from the minibar.

Meanwhile, Nicole exited the Salem Inn, looking somewhat unkempt -- just as Rafe was passing through the area.

At the hospital, John complained to Marlena and Chloe that Brady had been in the operating room for a really long time. "I know...but it's a delicate surgery -- they just can't rush it," Marlena explained.

A short time later, Kristen emerged from a nearby elevator, disguised as Susan, and begged for an update on Brady's condition. "We're still waiting," Chloe responded, annoying Kristen, who clarified as Susan that the question had been directed at John and Marlena. "Susan, you can't talk to Chloe that way -- she's been wonderful [during this ordeal]," Marlena protested, prompting "Susan" to reluctantly apologize to Chloe.

Kristen stayed in character as Susan while claiming to have figured out that something had happened to Brady after experiencing yet another premonition earlier. "He was in a car accident last night," John explained. "Some maniac drove him off the road," Chloe elaborated.

Kristen struggled to stay in character after Chloe declared that the premonitions Susan experienced could finally prove to be truly useful for a change if they revealed the identity of the mystery driver. "Susan" insisted that there was no way to control what the premonitions would reveal -- and that the earlier premonition hadn't revealed anything about the mystery driver. "He's gonna burn in hell for what he did!" John spat. "Or she..." Chloe stressed.

"Susan" nervously advised that any further conversation should be about Brady's well-being instead of the identity of the mystery driver. Chloe objected that the implication that Brady might not survive the surgery wasn't helpful, prompting Kristen to defensively lash out as Susan -- and neither Marlena nor John appreciated the outburst. "You really need to calm down, [Susan -- in fact], if you want to help, [I think you should] go to the chapel and pray...for a really long time," John demanded before rushing off in search of someone who might have an update on Brady's surgery. "I think John just wants immediate family here, [so just] go to the chapel, [Susan], please -- I don't want you here when John comes back," Marlena added.

Kristen struggled to stay in character as Susan while jealously pointing out that Chloe wasn't "immediate family," either -- but, again, Marlena didn't appreciate the outburst. "Susan" apologetically backpedaled then reluctantly walked away. "I don't understand her -- I mean, she's always weird, but she seems really obsessed with Brady..." Chloe said to Marlena once the coast was clear.

Marlena didn't respond, prompting Chloe to wonder if everything was okay. "Oh... Yeah..." Marlena, who had been checking a cell phone, stammered. "I just thought Sami would be here by now -- I mean, she said she was coming over, [and] I've been calling and texting her, but I can't seem to reach her..." Marlena explained.

Chloe suggested again that Sami might be with Lucas -- and Marlena again sensed some bitterness. "I know my daughter, okay? I know what she's capable of doing. Look, you don't have to worry about hurting my feelings," Marlena stressed after realizing that Chloe was reluctant to explain what was going on.

"Oh... Wow... And I thought I'd heard everything..." Marlena muttered after Chloe revealed that Lucas had been pretending to have an inoperable brain tumor -- and that Sami had been helping with the ruse. "Oh... That scares me..." Marlena whispered after Chloe elaborated that Sami had even broken out the old Stan costume to pose as a doctor who could verify Lucas' claim. "I don't doubt that you're telling me the truth, [and] I'm sorry [that Sami did that to you...but] are you sure that Lucas isn't sick?" Marlena wondered at the end of Chloe's tale. "I mean, no, not 100%...but I just assumed that they were lying about all of it..." Chloe admitted before getting Marlena's blessing to leave the hospital for a while and search for answers. "I'm not sure I want to hear [them]..." Marlena fretted before promising to contact Chloe as soon as Brady was out of surgery.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami woke up in the wine cellar and immediately realized that Kristen was responsible. "Damn it -- I should have known better than to turn my back on [her]..." Sami conceded with a sigh.

Meanwhile, Lucas entered the mansion in search of Kate. "I know Kristen did something to you -- I just know it..." Lucas fretted after calling out for Kate and getting no response. "Well, I guess I have no choice now -- I gotta tell Rafe everything..." Lucas decided -- just as Kristen approached from behind and attacked with a fire poker.

Kristen -- who was in possession of Sami's cell phone and had rushed out of the hospital earlier to do damage control after listening to a voicemail message in which Lucas had threatened to tell Rafe the truth about Kate's disappearance -- dropped the fire poker then started to drag Lucas' motionless body off to the wine cellar.

Upstairs, Gabi woke up and saw that Jake was carefully getting dressed. "So, you got what you wanted, and now you're sneaking out," Gabi guessed while smacking Jake with a pillow. "[Actually], I was [just] trying not to wake you," Jake clarified. "Like hell you were -- you just wanted to act like this didn't happen!" Gabi maintained.

"[Okay, I guess that after] all the games that we played with each other, we can never trust when the other person is telling the truth [now...but] here's the truth -- I went to bed without eating last night, and I woke up starving, and I thought maybe you'd be hungry, too. [And] we went from pretty intense conversation last night to pretty intense sex, [so] I thought somewhere in the middle -- [like] breakfast in bed -- would be [a] nice [and] friendly [gesture]," Jake explained. "And I totally blew it," Gabi fretted. "No -- like I said, I totally understand why you would have thought that I was sneaking out," Jake insisted.

"[But] when I told you [last night] that you are the one that I want, I meant it -- and that's not gonna change," Jake stressed. "How can you be so sure?" Gabi wondered. "[Because] every time you smile at me, it's like my heart [just] starts beating faster...and every time you touch me, [or] I touch you, it's unlike anything I've ever felt before in my life with anybody...and I know it probably sounds corny, but when I'm with you like this, everything makes sense -- life makes sense -- [and]..." Jake stammered. "You know, I really do envy songwriters..." Jake admitted, embarrassed about the awkwardness of the speech. "I love you," Jake concluded with a shrug.

Gabi begged to hear those last three words again, and Jake complied then offered a kiss for good measure. "I was telling you [earlier] about how we grow up believing in fairy tales where we get this one true love..." Gabi began after pulling away from Jake. "And, for me, that was Stefan -- you know, he was the love of my life -- [and] I believed that would never change...[but] you've made me believe in love again..." Gabi continued. "[And when] I left to Mexico, there wasn't a minute that I didn't miss you terribly [and] worry that I'd lose you..." Gabi continued. "[And] this is hard for me to say [because] I feel guilty [about moving on from Stefan...but]...I love you, too -- I love you so much," Gabi concluded before kissing Jake again -- and they continued making out as they started undressing each other, not yet aware that a disheveled and dazed Kate was watching.

Meanwhile, Kristen rolled Lucas' motionless body into the wine cellar -- and Sami was too busy looking for a way out of the place to realize what was happening until the door slammed shut.

Kristen emerged from the secret tunnels a short time later, still disguised as Susan, and saw that Chloe had arrived at some point and was curiously inspecting the fire poker.

At the hospital, John rejoined Marlena and excitedly reported that Brady was out of surgery and was doing well. "[But] they're just letting him have one visitor at a time..." John apologetically added. "Go," Marlena replied.

John rushed off to Brady's room after thanking Marlena for having made the whole ordeal bearable. Brady was already awake when John arrived -- and was quick to reveal, with great effort, that Kristen had escaped from Statesville.

Kristen attacks Chloe

Kristen attacks Chloe

Friday, May 14, 2021

A disheveled Nicole walked out of the Salem Inn, and she ran into Rafe. "I'm sorry I missed your call last night," Rafe said. Nicole told Rafe she had been busy. "I saw you coming out of the Salem Inn at this hour of the morning, I figure you spent the night there," Rafe commented. "I had a breakfast meeting for Basic Black," Nicole said. Rafe pointed out that Nicole was in the same outfit she had worn the previous day.

"You do not owe me any explanations, but I am worried about you," Rafe said. "I wore this because it is part of Basic Black's new summer line-up, and I wanted to show several of the buyers what it looked like on a real person," Nicole said. Concerned, Rafe asked Nicole if she was sure she was okay. Nicole told Rafe that Eric had extended his stay in Africa again.

"I think my marriage is over," Nicole confessed. Nicole told Rafe about her call with Eric. "That's exactly what he did last time!" Rafe said. Nicole admitted that she was concerned that Eric did not want to return to her. "Is that why you called me last night?" Rafe asked. Nicole said she had not wanted to interrupt Rafe's date.

"I'm so sorry that I was not there for you," Rafe said. Nicole admitted that she had gone to the pub and gotten drunk. "It's been a long time since I've been hungover," Nicole said. "Getting to that morning meeting must've been rough," Rafe said. With a look of guilt on her face, Nicole confessed that she had not been at the hotel for a meeting.

"I lied because the truth is humiliating. And I was such a drunken, disgusting mess, and I just didn't want Allie and the kids to see me like that," Nicole said. Nicole lied and said she had gotten a room and passed out. "You shouldn't have had to go through that alone," Rafe said. "I better get used to being alone," Nicole countered. Rafe assured Nicole that she was not alone, and he hugged her.

When Rafe noted that Nicole smelled like patchouli, Nicole said that the fragrance was from work. "I just really wanna go home and stand in the shower for like two days," Nicole said. Rafe offered to walk Nicole home, but she declined. Nicole asked about the date. "We had fun," Rafe said. Nicole promised to call Rafe for details, and she walked away.

When Nicole returned home, she stared at a wedding photo of her with Eric. "After you and I hung up, you know what I did? I got drunk, and I slept with a pig like Xander. And this morning, I lied to Rafe about it," Nicole said. Nicole complained that she smelled like Xander. "I just gotta wash it all off," Nicole muttered.

At the DiMera mansion, Jake and Gabi were in the throes of passion in her bedroom when a battered Kate stumbled into the room. "What happened to you?" Jake asked. "I guess I could ask you the same question," Kate said. Confused, Gabi said, "I thought you left town. What the hell happened to you?"

"I should have known that I would fight my way all the way back here and then find the two of you in the sack," Kate said. Confused, Jake asked Kate what she meant by "fight." "Do you not remember dumping me?" Jake asked. "That wasn't me," Kate said. Kate explained that Kristen had broken up with Jake. Confused, Jake and Gabi asked Kate to explain. Kate said that Kristen had worn a Kate mask, but Gabi did not believe that Jake would have been deceived.

"Really? Because Brady Black was sleeping with Kristen for months before he realized it wasn't Nicole," Kate said. "Oh, yeah," Gabi whispered. "I thought Kristen was locked up," Jake said. Kate explained that Kristen had switched places with Susan. Kate said that when she had learned the truth, Kristen had knocked her out and tied her up downstairs.

"I knew there was something off about you. Her," Jake said. When Gabi asked how Kristen had gotten Kate out of the basement, Kate said she had woken up in a duffel bag. "No freaking way," Jake muttered. Kate said Kristen had drugged her, but Kate had jumped out of a moving car. "I ended up unconscious in a ditch all night," Kate said.

"Only you could survive that," Gabi noted. "You're damn right," Kate said. Jake asked Kate if she was okay. "Seriously? It took less than two days for you to jump back into bed with her," Kate said with a rueful chuckle. "I thought we were done!" Jake said. "You got to be with who you always wanted to be with, correct?" Kate asked. Jake said he did not know what to say. Kate suggested that Jake get back into bed with Gabi, because they deserved one another. Kate wobbled out of the room.

"Go after her. I mean, that's what you want, right? You only slept with me because she dumped you," Gabi said. "Something like this doesn't just happen," Jake said. "It happens here all the time. So, get used to it, pal," Gabi joked. Frustrated, Gabi chastised herself for having given in to Jake.

"No. Everything I said last night was the truth. I don't wanna be with her, Gabi. I want to be with you," Jake whispered. Gabi said she had noticed how Jake had reacted to the news. Jake admitted that he cared for Kate and always would. "But she and I, we never said 'I love you' to each other," Jake said. Jake added that he had said it once to Kate, but it had not felt right because he had thought about Gabi.

"I'm sorry for what Kate went through. Nobody should have to go through that. And I'm sorry she walked in on us, but I am not sorry for what happened last night, because I never stopped wanting you," Jake said. "I never stopped wanting you, either. You. Not Stefan," Gabi said. Gabi nestled her head against Jake's shoulder, and he kissed the top of her head tenderly as he hugged her.

"Are you sure?" Gabi asked. Jake said he was sure. "But I have to go find Kate. You saw the shape she was in. I gotta make sure she is okay," Jake said. As Gabi sighed, Jake added that he needed to be the one to tell Kate that the relationship was over.

In the DiMera wine cellar, Sami cradled Lucas' head and encouraged him to wake up. As Lucas stirred, Sami told him that Kristen had locked them in the tunnel. "What's the last thing you remember?" Sami asked. "I was upstairs in the living room, and I was about to call Rafe," Lucas said. Lucas said Kristen had knocked him out before he had told anyone about Kristen.

Sami said Kristen had confirmed that she had impersonated Kate, and Kristen had stuck Sami with a needle to quiet her. "That's terrible! Well, where's my mom? Is she okay?" Lucas asked. Sami told Lucas that Kate had escaped from a moving car. "Oh, great. She's probably dead," Lucas lamented. "Your mother? She's indestructible," Sami countered. Lucas blamed Sami for their predicament because she had refused to tell the police about Kristen from the start.

"Now we're stuck in this basement together, my mom is probably dead, and what? It's all about you again, isn't it?" Lucas complained. Sami told Lucas that the reason she was locked in the cellar was because she had refused to help Kristen kidnap Kate. "Kristen is going to kill Kate when she finds her, and I didn't want to let that happen!" Sami yelled. With a sigh, Sami said their only hope was that Kate had survived and was on her way home.

"As much as I dread the thought of being locked in this basement with you for the rest of eternity, when I get out, it's not gonna be a picnic for me, either," Lucas said. Sami reminded Lucas that she had not asked him to tell Chloe that he was dying. "Why do I care if Kristen tells E.J. that you and I slept together?" Lucas said. When Sami argued that the truth would ruin her life, Lucas countered that the lie had ruined his life. Sami told Lucas that he could do better than Chloe.

"Like who? You? Isn't that how we got in this mess in the first place?" Lucas said. "I hate myself so much. I can't believe I cheated on E.J. It's the one thing I said I would never do. I'm practically as big a slut as my brother's wife," Sami said. Lucas asked Sami what she meant, and Sami told Lucas that she had witnessed Nicole stumble into the Salem Inn with Xander.

"I don't know, Nicole hates his guts," Lucas said. "Well, you and I hate each other half the time, and we still have two kids together," Sami countered. "I never tried to kill you. Not once!" Lucas said. "Debatable," Sami muttered. Lucas accused Sami of going after Nicole because Allie loved Nicole. Annoyed, Sami stressed that she was after Nicole because Nicole was cheating on Eric. Lucas argued that Nicole and Eric were devoted to one another.

"She cheated on you," Sami noted. "Well, she didn't love me. She loves Eric, so there you go," Lucas said. When Sami called Nicole selfish, Lucas argued that Eric should not have left his newlywed wife for months at a time. "Are you saying it's his fault?" Sami asked. Lucas argued that Nicole was likely lonely.

"You think it's okay for Nicole to have sex with that creepy Xander because my brother is out of town?" Sami asked. Lucas pointed out that Sami did not know if Nicole had had sex with Xander. "Second, don't take your guilty conscience out on Nicole," Lucas added. "Maybe I should take it out on you!" Sami countered. When Sami yelled that confinement with Lucas was the worst, Lucas joked, "What's a matter? Can't resist the temptation." Lucas pointed out that he and Sami had a history of hooking up. Lucas mentioned that Sami had slept with E.J. the first time because E.J. had blackmailed her.

"That was a long time ago. Would you please stop tearing into E.J.!" Sami yelled. "You said he didn't appreciate your sacrifices. You said that yourself," Lucas said. Sami argued that E.J. was the father of her children. "I'm the father of your children, too, but you have no problem badmouthing me, do you?" Lucas shot back. Sami grumbled that sleeping with Lucas had been the biggest mistake of her life.

"Listen, if E.J. can't forgive you after everything you've done, after everything he did to you, if he can't forgive you, you know for a fact that he doesn't deserve you. You know that," Lucas said. Sami warned Lucas not to say another word. "What? You're gonna hit me? Go for it," Lucas said. Sami attempted to slap Lucas, but he grabbed her wrist before she could connect. Sami kissed Lucas.

In the DiMera living room, Chloe was surprised to see "Susan" exit the door to the tunnels. Chloe's phone rang. Marlena called to inform Chloe that Brady was out of surgery and awake. "I'll be right there," Chloe said. When "Susan" asked about Brady's condition, Chloe said that Brady was stable. "Susan" suggested that they rush back to the hospital, but a suspicious Chloe asked why "Susan" was in the DiMera mansion.

"Susan" said she had been in the chapel when she had had a premonition that she needed to go to the DiMera mansion. "To pay a visit to the DiMera tunnels?" Chloe asked. Chloe continued to question "Susan," and "Susan" called Chloe nosy. "I'm not a psychic like you are, but I'm predicting that you're lying through your teeth," Chloe said.

Chloe felt around the desk for the button to trigger the door to the tunnels, and "Susan" pulled her away. "Let go of me!" Chloe protested. "Get your hands off her!" Kate yelled from across the room. Kate stumbled into the room, clothes torn from her ordeal. "Stay out of this, Kate!" "Susan" yelled. Kate advised Chloe to run.

"But Susan is hiding something down there," Chloe said as she pointed toward the tunnels. "It's not Susan. It's Kristen," Kate said. Confused, Chloe noted that Kristen was in prison. Kate explained that Kristen had broken out of prison to stop Chloe from stealing Brady. "If you make the wrong move right now, she's gonna snap your neck like a twig," Kate said. Kristen continued to pretend to be Susan.

"Susan" laughed and pretended that Kate was on drugs. "Only the drugs you gave me before you left me for dead in a ditch!" Kate barked. "Susan" called Kate a liar. Chloe gasped. "It's finally starting to make sense. Any time I would go to see Brady, you treated me like the enemy," Chloe said.

Chloe reached over and snatched the wig off of Kristen's head. "You have picked the wrong time to develop a few brain cells," Kristen growled. Kristen admitted that she had broken out of prison to deal with Chloe. "I'm tired of playing nice. You know what? I should have done this from the very beginning," Kristen said. Kristen grabbed Chloe and put her in a chokehold.

At the hospital, Brady told John that Kristen had traded places with Susan. "But Susan was just here," John said. "It wasn't Susan. It was Kristen," Brady said. Brady told John about his trip to Statesville. "Kristen got it in her head that Chloe was after me, so she strong-armed Susan into trading places with her," Brady explained. "Kristen has been living in my house for two months?" John sputtered. Brady nodded yes. Brady said he had been headed for Salem to convince Kristen to return to prison, but someone had run him off the road.

"Susan rushed in here saying that she had a premonition that you had been in some kind of an accident," John said. John wondered aloud how Kristen had learned about the accident so quickly. Marlena walked in, and Brady told her about Kristen. After John and Marlena checked the chapel for Kristen, they returned to Brady's room.

"I think it's time to call the Salem PD," John said. Brady asked John not to call the police, because it would ruin Kristen's shot at parole. "If I can get to [Kristen] first, I can persuade her to go back," Brady said. John and Marlena argued that Kristen could be dangerous if she felt cornered. "I called Chloe to tell [her] that you were here, and she was going to come right over. She should be here by now," Marlena said.

Brady shook his head, and he noted that Kristen had had multiple opportunities to hurt Chloe if that had been her goal. "I better call Chloe and warn her," Marlena said. When Chloe did not answer her phone, Marlena announced that she would call "Susan" to encourage her to visit Brady. When Kristen failed to answer the call, John noted that Kristen would be anxious for news about Brady. "I have a really bad feeling about this now," John said.

In the DiMera living room, Chloe begged Kate for help. A woozy Kate collapsed onto a chair. Kristen's phone rang, and she ignored the call from Marlena.

At the hospital, Marlena looked at John. "I have a worse feeling because I haven't been able to reach Sami all morning," Marlena said. "What's Sami have to do with anything?" Brady asked. John urged Marlena to call Sami.

In the DiMera living room, Kate groaned as Sami's phone rang. "Whose phone is that now? Who else did you kidnap?" Kate yelled. Chloe struggled with Kristen, and Kristen ignored the call from Marlena.

When Sami did not answer the call, Marlena told John that she had no proof that Kristen had done anything to Sami. "I do know that Chloe is very upset with Lucas and Sami right now, for some reason," Marlena said. Confused, Brady asked how the situation was connected to Kristen. "There's a lot of strange things going on right now, and I don't think that's a coincidence," Marlena said. Brady was unconvinced.

"I know you don't want to think that Kristen has started hurting people again, but you have to admit you know she is capable of it," John said. "I agree with your dad. I think we have to call the police," Marlena said. With tears in his eyes, Brady told John to make the call to Rafe.

In the DiMera living room, Kristen struggled to keep a hold of Chloe. "I'm going to give an educated guess that the owner of that phone is down in my old room in the tunnels," Kate said. Chloe confirmed that she had watched Kristen exit the tunnels. Kate struggled to her feet and announced that she would head downstairs to look. Kristen shoved Chloe toward Kate, and then she grabbed a fire poker.

"You're not going anywhere," Kristen said. When Chloe noted that Kristen could not fight both her and Kate, Kristen smiled. "Kristen, too many people are onto you. You know you are never going to get away with this," Kate warned Kristen. "Back away," Kristen growled.

After Jake got dressed, he headed downstairs to find Kate and talk to her. When Jake walked into the living room, Kate was unconscious on the floor.

Outside, Kristen shoved a gagged and tied-up Chloe into the trunk of her car. As Chloe begged for help, Kristen smirked. "Too bad there's no seatbelts in there, Chloe, because it is gonna be a bumpy ride," Kristen said.

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