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A vision of Jordan tormented Ben. Jan kidnapped Claire in a stolen car, and Jan learned Chloe was in the trunk of the car. Belle offered Jan a deal to save Claire. E.J. took back his money from Xander. Xander blackmailed Nicole for a job. Sami confronted Nicole about her night with Xander. Brady ended his relationship with Kristen. Kristen escaped from custody with Ava’s help. Ava and Rafe had sex. Xander moved in with Jack. Snyder forced Gwen to be his drug mule. Kate had hysterical blindness, but she lied about memory loss in order to hold onto Jake.
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Jan kidnapped Claire, Kate suffered unexpected blindness, and Sami confronted Nicole about her night with Xander
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Jan confesses to Claire Jan confesses to Claire

Monday, May 24, 2021

by Mike

Tripp stormed into the Brady-Johnson townhouse while Steve and Kayla were making out on the living room couch. "Pompous ass!" Tripp grumbled. "What are you doing here? I thought you were on duty!" Steve awkwardly protested. "Well, I'm supposed to be..." Tripp confirmed. "What happened?" Kayla wondered. "Dr. Snyder happened," Tripp answered, seething with rage.

"I intubated my first patient today -- [or], at least, I tried to, [but] when I had trouble establishing the airway, he told me to step aside, and then he sent me home and told me not to come back until I can do it properly," Tripp elaborated. "So...what, he wants you to practice intubation on us?" Steve asked incredulously. "You are not expected to know how to intubate a patient on your first try -- or even the second try! It is Dr. Snyder's job to teach you! I'll talk to him first thing in the --" Kayla assured Tripp. "No -- [look], I really appreciate you wanting to help, [but] he already thinks I'm only in this program because you're my stepmom, [so] the last thing I need is you running to my rescue," Tripp objected.

"Why don't you just fire the jerk?" Steve asked Kayla, recalling that Snyder had been causing problems for years. "Because there are procedures that need to be followed -- there's documentation of incidents that you have to have --" Kayla began to explain. "And treating med students like crap is just [considered] par for the course [for a chief resident]," Tripp interjected. "[Right -- so], if he's called on it, he is just gonna claim that he's doing what's best for the student [by] toughening them up," Kayla concluded. "When what he's really doing is robbing them of their confidence?" Steve incredulously protested. "Well, I really hope that that doesn't happen to Tripp...[but, yes], it's damaging, to say the least," Kayla confirmed.

"[And] it's escalating -- [I mean], I used to just excuse his behavior as Snyder being curmudgeonly Snyder, but I can't do that anymore because it's becoming a toxic environment, and I just feel like something really bad is going to happen because of him..." Kayla fretted to Steve after Tripp stormed off to another room to spend a few hours working with an intubation kit.

At the Horton house, Gwen stuffed the bag of pills back in its envelope while nervously wondering how long Chad had been standing in the living room doorway. "I just got here -- sorry if I startled you," Chad responded. "No, it's fine -- I'm just a bit jumpy these days," Gwen explained. "What are those?" Chad asked. "Painkillers that my doctor gave me," Gwen replied.

"If you're looking for Jack, I don't know where he is," Gwen admitted. "He had to go down to the Spectator, so I told him I'd check in on you," Chad clarified. "You didn't have to do that... [Look, just] stop feeling sorry for me and go back home to Abigail -- I'm sure she's not very happy with you being here with me right now," Gwen advised.

"As a matter of fact...Abigail's gone [to] Boston to spend some time with her mother [and] sort some things out," Chad revealed. "I see... Must be hard on you -- and the children..." Gwen mused. "The kids are resilient -- and it'll help that they can video chat every day," Chad responded. "I miss them," Gwen whispered. "They ask about you," Chad reported. "Thanks for telling me that -- that means a lot," Gwen raved before changing the subject, curious to know more about Abigail's abrupt departure from Salem. "She was feeling guilty about the baby," Chad elaborated. "Oh..." Gwen muttered.

"When I said that Abigail pushed me --" Gwen began. "You were lying -- Jack told me," Chad interjected. "I'm sorry. I know that doesn't even mean anything after all the crap that I pulled -- who cares if I'm sorry, right? But I am, and I'm going to tell Abigail -- I will phone her myself, and I will tell her the truth, and I will tell anyone else that she wants me to tell. I'm sorry that I am the reason she left," Gwen stressed.

"Don't be -- she didn't leave here because of you; [she left because] she's upset with herself [about] how she felt about the baby [and] that she tried to encourage you to terminate the pregnancy," Chad explained. "Yeah, well, she was terribly upset at the time," Gwen reasoned with a shrug. "We all were," Chad recalled. "[Actually]...I don't think I have ever been happier," Gwen admitted, fighting back tears. "[Well, still], I regret my part in all of it...but I am very sorry you lost the baby -- [especially since] she was my child, too," Chad declared. "Thank you for saying that," Gwen whispered.

After Chad left, Gwen contacted Snyder and demanded an explanation for the bag of pills. "I told you not to open the package! Just do as you're told!" Snyder snapped. "I am not going to break the law for you!" Gwen insisted. "[Then] I will make it public knowledge that you lost that baby before you took that little header down the stairs -- and you did everything you could to keep it quiet," Snyder countered.

At the Weston apartment, Ben stared in shock at Jordan, who smiled and waved in response. "What's the matter, Ben? You look like you've seen a ghost," Jordan teasingly observed. "Oh, that's right -- you have. And do you want to know why you keep seeing dead people? It's because you're crazy," Jordan added, tauntingly whispering the final four words.

"What do you want?" Ben wondered. "Oh, I think you know what I want...and you also know that I'm not [really] a ghost -- I am your guilty conscience, and what I really want to know is...why are you cheating on your wife?" Jordan answered. "What the hell are you talking about?" Ben asked. "Oh, you know exactly what I'm talking about -- making out with Claire!" Jordan replied.

"I didn't 'make out' with Claire -- it didn't mean anything!" Ben protested. "Uh-huh... Well, if it didn't mean anything, why is your guilty conscience standing in front of you?" Jordan countered. "Okay, maybe I am [feeling] a little guilty about it -- but it was Claire who kissed me!" Ben stressed. "Oh, right -- right after you told her all about your pain and anguish, right? Just like you told Ciara all about your pain and anguish? I mean, you really use your suffering like some men use cologne -- I mean, it sounds like a real panty-dropper..." Jordan mused. "Just stop!" Ben snapped.

"Don't shoot the messenger, okay? I am just your conscience, [so] I am [just] saying what you think deep down inside. Just like [how, on the surface, you were all], 'Divorce papers? Oh, no -- it can't be!' [But, really], what did you think Ciara was doing when she went with Theo to South Africa -- going for a photo safari? That her going eight and a half thousand miles to get away from you was her version of couples therapy?" Jordan reasoned. "She doesn't remember what we had!" Ben explained. "Oh? Well, unfortunately for you, she does remember that you're a serial killer!" Jordan argued.

"God, brother, why do I bother talking to you? This is just like on your wedding night, when I told you that your wedded bliss was going to end in a disaster [because] she was gonna figure out who you are -- a killer -- and [then] go running in the other direction," Jordan noted. "That's not what happened!" Ben objected. "Well, actually, it is!" Jordan maintained. "[No] -- Eve [and] Vincent --" Ben tried to clarify. "Oh, my God, here come the excuses -- [as if] it wasn't you who [started this when you] strangled Eve's beautiful young daughter [and] shot Vincent's fiancée like a dog..." Jordan interjected. "Please stop," Ben whispered.

"Does it surprise you that your past came back to haunt you? [Because, personally], I really think that you asking her to marry you was the most selfish thing in the history of 'selfish'!" Jordan challenged Ben, who conceded the point with a nod. "She lived in hell because of you...and now, when she asks you for a divorce, you go and find comfort in the one person who set her on fire a couple times!" Jordan continued. "I mean, really, that is a match made in heaven...or hell... Granted, Claire's never actually killed anyone, unlike you...but it wasn't for lack of trying," Jordan concluded.

"You're one to talk," Ben muttered. "Well, yeah, I guess it does run in the family... Is this also where you leap to her defense? 'It wasn't her fault -- she's mentally ill!' Tell me again that you don't have feelings for her," Jordan responded. "I don't," Ben reiterated, but Jordan still wasn't convinced. "Just give Ciara the divorce she wants -- then you don't have to feel guilty," Jordan advised. "No -- I won't ever give up on Ciara," Ben insisted. "Boring!" Jordan grumbled.

While exiting the hospital, Belle ran into Snyder, who mentioned what had happened earlier. "You told [Jan that we're onto her]? Why in God's name would you do that?" Belle snapped. "To preempt any idea she might have about a malpractice suit," Snyder explained. "I'm sorry -- you didn't tell me not to talk to her," Snyder added. "I guess we didn't think you'd be that stupid!" Belle spat.

At the Brady house, Jan kept a gun aimed at Claire while apologizing for what was about to happen. "I didn't want it to come to this -- I really did want to be friends... Don't blame me for this -- blame your father!" Jan explained before elaborating. "That doesn't make any sense -- why would [he] try to trick you into admitting you killed Charlie? [I mean], you were in a coma when it happened -- everybody knows that it couldn't have been you!" Claire protested.

"I...may have...woken up earlier than I let on," Jan admitted. "What? Why would you not want people to know [right away]?" Claire stammered. "Because having everyone think I was comatose was a great cover -- I could find out people's secrets and use them to get what I wanted," Jan reasoned. "And what was it that you wanted?" Claire wondered. "Your father, of course!" Jan clarified. "[So, one day], I decided to sneak out of the hospital and then go see him -- oh, Claire, it was so romantic; it was Valentine's Day..." Jan began to elaborate, smiling at the memory -- but the smile turned into a scowl as the story continued.

Outside the Brady house, Jan watched through a window as Shawn presented Belle with a Valentine's Day gift. "Oh, it's the coat from the window at Saxton's -- oh, I love it!" Belle raved before thanking Shawn with a kiss.

"Isn't it just like your mother to reduce Valentine's Day to crass materialism..." Jan grumbled. "Anyway, I decided to keep an eye on this place...and when I came back, I couldn't believe what I saw -- Charlie was attacking you! I was just about to go in and pull him off you, but then your mother showed up...[and] when I heard Belle threatening him, that's when I got the idea -- [a way] to punish Charlie for hurting you and to get rid of your bitch mother at the same time. [Then] I hung around to see what would happen next...[and, eventually], your dad came home, and your mom told him what had happened, [and then] they realized that you had left the house, so your father went to go find you, leaving his clueless wife there, all alone...[and] as soon as she left the room, I snuck in here and grabbed her coat," Jan continued.

"And then I went straight to [Charlie's] place... Of course, I didn't have a gun then, [like I do now, so] I thought I'd stab him in his bed while he slept, [using one of his own kitchen knives], but then I saw the gun sitting there -- it was too perfect, like it had been left just for me... I didn't find out 'til weeks later that Charlie had taken it away from Allie earlier that night," Jan continued.

At the Dale apartment, Charlie emerged from the bedroom and saw Jan from behind in the living room. "Mrs. Brady?" Charlie assumed, recognizing Belle's coat. "Someday," Jan predicted after spinning around and aiming the gun at Charlie. "I thought you were supposed to be in a coma!" Charlie admitted while raising both hands submissively. "Supposed to be...but I'm not," Jan clarified with a shrug.

"What are you doing here?" Charlie stammered while sidestepping Jan then backing away, through the kitchen and into the center of the living room. "I saw what you did to my friend, Claire -- threatening her, backing her up against a wall... What were you gonna do if her mother hadn't come in when she did?" Jan responded. "Nothing! She was threatening me!" Charlie insisted, stammering again. "I don't care what she did -- that's no way to treat a lady!" Jan countered. "This is for Claire, for Allie, and for me -- for everyone who's ever been a victim of men like you! You're not gonna get away with what you did!" Jan declared. "Don't shoot!" Charlie begged -- but Jan didn't listen.

"He went down like a sack of potatoes!" Jan bragged. "He wasn't dead yet, [though -- I mean], I thought he was [because] there was so much blood and he wasn't moving, but I couldn't check because I had to get back to the hospital before anyone realized I was gone...and that's when I heard a noise outside the apartment... Later, when I heard John say that he was there, I realized it must have been him -- [I mean, talk about] a stroke of good luck... And then that damned apartment turned into Grand Central Station -- as soon as John left, someone else showed up..." Jan continued.

Jan hid in the bedroom as Tripp pounded on the apartment door and called out to Charlie. "Tripp... Tripp, help me..." Charlie begged with great effort, but Tripp couldn't hear the plea, which was barely audible even from Jan's location. "Ah -- look who isn't dead..." Jan observed after Tripp left, rejoining Charlie in the living room.

"I thought about putting another bullet in him to finish him off, but then I decided..." Jan continued.

"You don't deserve to be put out of your misery," Jan declared as Charlie desperately gasped for breath.

"I was about to go, but then I remembered there was one more thing I had to do..." Jan continued.

Jan placed the gun on the floor then ripped a button off of Belle's coat and tossed it into the kitchen.

"Then I left him there to die, [and] I came back here [and] put the coat exactly where I found it so that no one would ever know it was gone... Your mom must have heard me -- she came in a second later -- but she never saw me, so I tucked myself back into my hospital bed, and I just waited for them to arrest her...[but], instead, they arrested that cow Sami, and then they went on to look at 16 other suspects, so I had to wake up [and] steer those idiot cops in the right direction," Jan concluded. "[And] now you've confessed to me, so...what are you gonna do [next]?" Claire asked worriedly. "You'll see," Jan coyly replied.

At the Salem Inn, Shawn received a visit from Belle. "Why didn't you answer your phone?" Belle snapped at Shawn in lieu of a greeting. "What are you doing here? Jan is on her way!" Shawn warned, ignoring Belle's question. "No, she's not -- she knows that we're onto her!" Belle countered before explaining everything to Shawn.

Meanwhile, Claire suddenly began hyperventilating. "Please, water -- I can't breathe!" Claire choked out. "This better not be a trick!" Jan warned before starting to search the bar for a bottle of water -- and Claire seized the opportunity to produce a cell phone and dial Ben's number. "Ooh, let me guess -- is that your new girlfriend? She probably wants you to come over and finish what you started earlier -- bow-chicka-wow-wow... Go ahead, answer it -- go ahead, just pretend I'm not here!" Jordan encouraged Ben, who chose to let the call go to voicemail instead.

Claire hid the cell phone behind a potted plant just before Jan turned away from the bar with a bottle of water. Claire took the bottle and started gulping down the water as Jan watched suspiciously, ready to fire the gun at the first hint of trouble. "Jan, my parents could come home any minute -- put the gun away [and] just let me go!" Claire begged.

Meanwhile, Shawn told Belle about Jan's earlier phone call. "Why would Jan bother to call you and say that she was with 'a friend'?" Belle challenged Shawn. "[Especially since] Jan doesn't have any friends... [Eh, who knows -- I mean], why does Jan do anything that she does?" Shawn responded with a shrug, not getting Belle's point. "To tell you something! You're right -- Jan doesn't have any friends. But there is one person that she thinks is her friend --" Belle elaborated. "Oh, my God -- it's Claire!" Shawn finally realized, suddenly just as concerned as Belle was about what might be happening at that moment.

Meanwhile, Jordan picked up a pen and tauntingly offered it to Ben, who took it and tossed it across the apartment. "I'm not signing these damn [divorce] papers, and there's not a thing that you can say or do that's gonna make me change my mind, so just go away!" Ben snapped. "You are just putting off the inevitable...but fine, I'll go... Don't forget to check your voicemail..." Jordan countered before disappearing.

Once the coast was clear, Ben checked to see if Claire had even left a voicemail message -- then found it impossible to resist listening to the message after seeing that it was unusually long. Ben rushed out of the apartment after hearing enough of the message to know that Claire was in danger at the Brady house. Meanwhile, Shawn and Belle rushed out of the Salem Inn after a failed attempt to contact Claire, presumably also en route to the Brady house. Ben arrived at the Brady house first -- and found signs of a struggle in the living room.

Brady asks Kristen for help Brady asks Kristen for help

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Steve and Kayla settled in for a quiet night alone at home. Still upset about Dr. Snyder's abuse of Tripp, Kayla ranted about Snyder's behavior. "You know what else is unfair? We have a couple hours to spend alone, and we used most of it talking about that jerk," Steve said. Kayla agreed. With a grin, Kayla kissed Steve. Kayla said she felt guilty for working so much, but Steve stressed that Kayla's job was important.

"Do you know how proud I am of you?" Steve asked. Kayla smiled. Steve joked that Kayla was such a catch that another man was bound to woo her away from him. "First off, every single one of my colleagues knows that I am a happily married woman. And if, by chance, somebody didn't, well, I would quickly disabuse the notion that I could possibly have eyes for anybody else but you, my handsome, sexy, adorable husband," Kayla said. Steve teased that if the person were not disabused of the notion, they would "meet a tragic fate." Steve added that every part of him was devoted to Kayla.

After a few more kisses, Kayla took a sip of her wine and noted that Snyder made her crazy. "Tripp is smart, and he's tough, and he knows Snyder is a bully. He won't be intimidated by him," Steve said. Steve added that Tripp would work hard and prove his competence. Kayla agreed. Steve told Kayla that he appreciated that Kayla was protective of Tripp. After a quick kiss, Kayla took Steve's hand and led him into the bedroom.

Belle and Shawn rushed home to look for Claire, and when Shawn heard a noise in a bedroom, he drew his gun. "Come out with your hands up!" Shawn shouted. Ben stumbled out. "Where is Claire?" Belle yelled. Ben explained that Claire had left him a voicemail of her confrontation with Jan. Ben played the recording. "What has Jan done to her?" Belle said. Shawn used an app to track Claire's phone, but the phone was still in the living room.

"They couldn't have gotten that far. I'm going to see if I can find them," Ben said before he ran out of the house. Shawn called the police station for help, then he sat down with Belle to comfort her. "What does Jan want with Claire?" Belle wondered aloud. Shawn assured Belle that Jan would call them, or Ben would find Jan first.

In the park off the square, Jan held Claire at gunpoint. "Why are you doing this to me?" Claire asked. "It's got to do with the sins of your father," Jan said. "You don't want to kill me," Claire whispered. When Jan noted that she needed to teach Claire's parents a lesson, Claire asked Jan why she had not shot Claire at the house. Jan said it was too messy to clean up.

"You've always said that you wanted to be my friend," Claire said. "And you said that you didn't want to be mine. Over and over. So don't think you can play the friend card now," Jan grumbled. Claire said she did not believe that Jan wanted to hurt her. Jan admitted that a part of her cared about Claire. "Besides, you might be worth more to me alive than dead," Jan said. Claire promised not to tell anyone about Jan's murder of Charlie if Jan let her go. "I can't give you what you want. Not until I get what I want," Jan said.

Lucas visited Brady in his hospital room to yell at him about Kristen. "[Kate] could be in that bed for the rest of her life. Laying there unconscious. The doctors give her about a 50/50 chance," Lucas growled. Lucas blamed Brady for Kristen's actions. "If I had any idea that [Kristen] had broken out of prison..." Brady started. Frustrated, Lucas asked Brady how he had not realized that Kristen had posed as Susan.

"I thought that the woman had changed. I was hoping that she'd changed," Brady said. "[Kristen] is using Chloe's life as a bargaining chip. That's low for even her," Lucas said. Brady argued that Trask would never offer Kristen a plea deal. "Because Kristen is going to back down? And tell us everything all of a sudden?" Lucas asked.

Brady asked Lucas why he had lied to Chloe about a brain tumor. "Can't we just concentrate on finding Chloe?" Lucas asked. Brady asked Lucas if he and Sami had teamed up with Kristen. "Are you serious? Kristen threw Sami and I in the DiMera dungeon. She sent Xander Kiriakis in to kill us!" Lucas yelled. "I didn't know about that," Brady stammered. Angry, Lucas told Brady that if Chloe was hurt, it was just as much Brady's fault as Kristen's fault. After Lucas stormed out, Brady whispered, "God help me, he's right."

At the police station, Philip visited Kristen in the interrogation room. "How do you plan on spinning kidnapping my mother and leaving her for dead?" Philip asked. When Kristen cracked a joke, Philip threatened to take justice into his own hands. Kristen shouted for help, but Philip noted that no one wanted to help Kristen. "Especially since it came out that you hired Xander to kill my brother and Sami. I'm warning you, they did not take it well," Philip growled. A look of surprise crossed Kristen's face.

"Sami, Lucas, they're not dead, and they're really looking forward to testifying against you," Philip said. Philip told Kristen that Sami had outbid her for Xander's allegiance. "What do you want?" Kristen asked. Philip told Kristen that her best option was to tell him where to find Chloe. "As I told the police, I will be happy to tell them where she is as soon as I get granted full immunity," Kristen said. Philip told Kristen that the D.A. had refused to offer any deal.

"The D.A. wouldn't talk to you about my deal," Kristen said. "Like I said, there is no deal. Trask said you're looking at life in prison," Philip said. Kristen argued that if anything happened to Chloe, it would be both Philip and Trask's fault. With a laugh, Kristen called Philip a loser. Kristen continued to taunt Philip, and he attacked her. As Philip's hands tightened around Kristen's throat, Brady entered the room.

"Get off her!" Brady yelled. Philip let go. Brady asked Philip to calm down and let him talk to Kristen alone. "If you don't get her to tell you the truth, I swear I will finish what I just started," Philip vowed before he walked out. Kristen told Brady he should not have left the hospital. "You really think you're in a position to tell me what I can and can't do after what you've done?" Brady said. Kristen said she was sorry.

"If I would have known that it was you in the other car, I would have never left you," Kristen said. "I don't know what you're talking about," Brady said. Brady ordered Kristen to explain. "I'm the one who ran you off the road," Kristen said. Kristen explained that Kate had attacked her while Kristen had been driving the car.

"If [Kate] hadn't done that, then no one would ever hear from her again. Because that's what you do to people that cross you, right?" Brady said. With a groan, Brady lamented that he had believed that Kristen had changed. Brady said he knew that Kristen had ordered Xander to kill Sami and Lucas. "And God knows what you planned to do with Chloe," Brady added. With tears in her eyes, Kristen said that if she did not get an immunity deal, she would lose Rachel and Brady forever.

"I can't live without you! All I wanted was to be close to you," Kristen said. "If you loved me, then you'd tell me where Chloe is now," Brady said. "So, I was right about you and Chloe," Kristen said. Brady groaned with frustration. Brady told Kristen that his request was about decency and not about his feelings. Kristen yelled that she needed to fight for a deal so that she did not lose her daughter.

"There's no deal!" Brady yelled. Brady argued that Kristen was torturing everyone, but Kristen said that she was using her only leverage. "So, you don't love me enough to do what I'm asking. Just so I'm clear. Okay, I'll see you at the trial," Brady said. As Brady turned to leave, Kristen yelled that she loved him. "I will tell you where she is," Kristen said.

Brady invited Philip back into the room, and Kristen told them that Chloe was in the trunk of Kate's car. "I wasn't going to leave her there. I just got a little sidetracked," Kristen explained. Kristen told Philip where to find the car, and he rushed out of the precinct. "I'm not heartless. There's ventilation," Kristen started. "This would be a good time to shut up," Brady grumbled. Brady added that if Chloe was injured, he would never forgive Kristen.

While on the phone with her mother, Sami returned home to the penthouse. "Xander did not lay a finger on us," Sami assured Marlena. "Not yet," Xander said from the open doorway. Sami ended her call as Xander walked into the apartment. "You got your money from E.J. Now just get out," Sami said. Xander informed Sami that the money E.J. had wired to him was gone. "Maybe there is some sort of glitch," Sami suggested.

"I talked to my bank. They say [E.J.] reversed the transaction. So, last night, you agreed to pay me ten million dollars not to kill you. There was no time limit on that agreement," Xander said. Sami noted that Kristen was in prison. "As long as you're alive, you owe me that money," Xander said. Sami reiterated that she could not give Xander any money without E.J.'s approval, and she refused to call E.J. When Xander noted that he could still kill Sami, Sami pointed out that the police knew that Kristen had hired him as an assassin. Sami called Xander's bluff.

"Fine," Xander said as he pulled a gun out of his jacket. Sami argued that Xander had no motivation to kill her, but Xander said it was worth it to wipe the smug look off of Sami's face. Behind Xander, Lucas entered the penthouse. Lucas grabbed a baseball bat by the front door and slammed it down on Xander's arm.

"I think you broke my arm," Xander whimpered. Sami walked over to examine Xander's arm. Xander screamed as Sami touched him, and she diagnosed a sprain. Lucas took out his phone to call the police, but Sami told him no. Sami asked Xander not to tell anyone about the bat, or they would break his other arm. Xander agreed, and he called Sami crazy.

"You don't know the half of it!" Sami yelled as Xander scurried out. After Sami closed the front door, Lucas demanded to know why Sami had let Xander go. "We have bigger problems than Xander to deal with," Sami said. Sami told Lucas that E.J. had retracted his payment to Xander, even though he knew the money was to save Sami's life. Lucas noted that it had been a big risk for E.J. to take back the money. Sami added that Xander had been the one to tell her about the return transaction, not E.J. Sami gasped.

"E.J. must know that I slept with you!" Sami yelled. "Don't go to the worst-case scenario," Lucas cautioned. Sami asked Lucas what other reason E.J. would have to take back the money from Xander. Sami argued that Kristen had to have told E.J. the truth. "Kristen doesn't have enough to worry about now?" Lucas said. Lucas added that if E.J. had learned that Sami and Lucas had slept together, he would have jumped on the next plane. There was a knock at the door. "It's him!" Sami shrieked.

As Ben walked through the park in pursuit of Claire and Jan, he imagined Jordan was there. "Not again," Ben said. "Your guilty conscience, back to haunt you," Jordan said. Ben ordered Jordan to go away. Jordan blamed Ben for Claire's predicament because he had not answered her phone call. "I guess your woman-killing spree isn't over, after all," Jordan said. Ben spotted Claire's locket snagged on a bush.

When Ben opened the locket, Jordan commented that the photos inside of Claire and Ciara were sweet. "Before you came along and ruined everything," Jordan added. Ben started to leave the park, but Jordan stopped him. "You're too late," Jordan said. Ben ordered Jordan to get out of his way. Jordan continued to harass Ben about his feelings for Claire. "You are not a decent human being, and you never help. Remember that. Always," Jordan said.

Jan called Shawn from a car. "I guess you finally figured out I wasn't going to keep our rendezvous," Jan said. Jan looked at Claire in the driver's seat, and she held a finger over her lips to warn Claire to remain quiet. Shawn said he knew that Jan had talked to Snyder. "I'm sure you leapt to the very unfair conclusion that I killed Charlie Dale, because you always think the worst of me," Jan said. Jan added that she knew Shawn had invited her to his room to trick her into a confession. "I have your daughter," Jan said.

At the Horton house, Shawn shared his phone with Belle so that they could both hear Jan on the phone. "I don't really blame you. Belle turned you against me like she always does. She's there, isn't she?" Jan said. Shawn lied and said Belle was not there. Jan poked Claire until she cried out, then she demanded that Shawn put Belle on the phone.

In the car, Jan held the gun at Claire's face as she waited for Belle to answer. Belle begged Jan to let her take Claire's place. "Are you kidding? I don't wanna spend another second with you as long as I live," Jan said. Belle offered to confess to Charlie's murder and go to prison so that Jan could have Shawn.

"What's the catch?" Jan asked. "No catch. As long as you let Claire go," Belle said. Jan asked how she could trust Belle but then would not let Belle answer. "I'll think about it," Jan said before she ended the call. When Claire noted that they could not drive anywhere without car keys, Jan said she could hotwire it.

At the Horton house, Belle sniffled back tears. "My God, [Jan] hates me, and she's taking it out on Claire," Belle said. Shawn assured Belle that they would find Claire and get her back. Ben called Shawn to tell him about the locket he had found in the park. "We talked to Jan. She's got Claire," Shawn said. Shawn promised to contact Ben if he needed anything, and he ended the call. "You're wrong, Jordan. I'm going to find Claire," Ben whispered.

As Kristen and Brady waited in the interrogation room for news from Philip, Kristen asked about Rachel. Brady reminded Kristen that he had been in the hospital. "I know I've made a mess of everything, but Brady, I did it out of love," Kristen said. "Is that supposed to make me feel better?" Brady countered.

"Do you still love me?" Kristen asked. As Brady stared blankly at Kristen, Philip walked into the room. "The car wasn't there. That bitch lied again," Philip said.

On the road in a freshly stolen car, Jan continued to point her gun at Claire's face as Claire drove. As Jan dictated directions, there was a banging noise in the trunk. "What the hell is that?" Claire asked.

Brady reaches a turning point with Kristen Brady reaches a turning point with Kristen

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

by Mike

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Sami fearfully tried to hide Lucas in another room, assuming that E.J. was the person who was knocking on the front door. "I am not scared of E.J. DiMera -- I got this," Lucas assured Sami before opening the front door -- and finding Rafe standing on the other side of it.

Sami breathed a sigh of relief as Lucas casually greeted Rafe, who sensed that something was amiss but didn't press the matter after being told that everything was fine. "I came to ask you some questions [about] how you [and Lucas] ended up in the DiMera basement together," Rafe explained to Sami. "We weren't 'together'! I mean, eventually, we were, [but] I was thrown in separately [from Lucas] -- you know, like, one at a time, [meaning that] Kristen tossed me into the DiMera dungeon...and then, later...she found Lucas and threw him in there, too," Sami defensively clarified. "I know what 'separately' means," Rafe dryly stressed. "Just trying to be clear!" Sami innocently reasoned.

"[Okay, well]...I get that part...but now I need you to go back to the beginning and tell me how you got mixed up with Kristen in the first place," Rafe continued, prompting Sami to fake a coughing fit and fetch a glass of water to stall for time. "Well, I guess it's because Kristen was living here, pretending to be Susan, and...from day one, I thought something was off," Sami eventually answered. "Then why didn't you say anything?" Rafe wondered. "Yeah -- why didn't you say anything?" Lucas interjected, enjoying watching Sami squirm. "Because...I wasn't sure!" Sami explained with a shrug. "But you figured it out [at some point]," Rafe summarized. "Yeah!" Sami confirmed.

"[And then] I went to call you, [but then] I was distracted, [and] that's when she drugged me... [And] that's the whole story, [so] you can stop grilling me now!" Sami concluded. "I'm not 'grilling' you -- why are you so defensive?" Rafe responded. "I'm not; I'm just...upset -- you know, the whole experience was very traumatizing! First of all, I was stuck in the dungeon with him, my ex-husband, [and] we don't exactly get along -- you know, we're like oil and water, totally incompatible!" Sami explained, prompting Rafe to wonder how Lucas had gotten roped into the ordeal. "You know my story [already]," Lucas reminded Rafe. "Let's hear it again," Rafe ordered Lucas.

"I came to you because my mother was missing, [but] you wouldn't help me, so I had to find her myself," Lucas summarized. "And I do owe you an apology for that -- I should have taken your concerns more seriously. But you didn't give me much to go on..." Rafe acknowledged before prodding Lucas to continue the story. "[After I left the police station], I went to the mansion to look for...Jake...and Kristen knocked me over the head with a fire poker," Lucas revealed. "Why?" Rafe wondered. "Probably because Kristen thought that Lucas was onto her Susan impersonation! [Now], would you please stop harassing him? [He's] still recovering!" Sami interjected.

Rafe guessed that Lucas was leaving something out. "[I think you knew], that day at the police station, [that Kristen] had kidnapped your mother, [but] you wouldn't tell me -- because, [as you said], you did not want to betray the confidence of someone else who was involved, [since] that person might never forgive you. [So], who was that?" Rafe challenged Lucas before glancing at Sami knowingly.

"Kristen has something on you, doesn't she?" Rafe guessed, but Sami dodged the question. "Chloe is missing -- do you not care?" Rafe snapped at Sami. "Of course, I care!" Sami assured Rafe. "Then help me, damn it!" Rafe begged. "I don't know anything that would help you find Chloe -- if I did, I would tell you, but I don't, okay? There's nothing I can do to help you hurt Kristen!" Sami insisted. "I don't know why I even bother!" Rafe grumbled, recalling that Sami hadn't cooperated in the early stages of Charlie's murder case, either.

Sami evasively wondered if Rafe had subjected Xander to a similar interrogation yet. "Yeah, I heard Xander went after the two of you," Rafe admitted. "On Kristen's payroll!" Sami stressed. "Here's his gun -- why don't you take it and give it back to him... Wait, no -- don't give it back to him! Just take it -- I don't want it," Lucas interjected while producing the weapon and handing it over.

"Whatever it is you're hiding, it will come out," Rafe warned Sami and Lucas before exiting the townhouse. "Matter of time before he figures it out..." Lucas fretted to Sami. "You opened the door [when] I was rattled [because] I thought it was E.J. [out there], and then it turned out to be Rafe -- it just threw me off my game, [and] that's how Rafe got suspicious!" Sami explained. "So, it's my fault, like it always is, right?" Lucas translated. "Maybe it's good that it happened, [though, because] now we know we gotta be smoother if we're gonna keep this secret," Sami decided. "I don't know [how long we'll be] keeping the secret -- Kristen knows, [and] she's already been caught, [so] she has nothing to lose now [by telling E.J.]," Lucas argued.

At the Salem Inn, Xander winced in pain while trying to move the arm that Lucas had injured earlier. "Damn it, Sami -- I should have shot you when I had the chance..." Xander grumbled before gingerly producing a cell phone and dialing Nicole's number. "Get your ass over here -- to my room at the Salem Inn -- [right now...or] your husband's gonna find out all about how we slept together," Xander demanded when Nicole answered the call.

Nicole arrived a short time later -- and immediately noticed that Xander's right arm was injured. "Never mind that -- all you need to know is that I'm in a rather precarious situation, financially speaking, [because] when I turned legit, I had some big debts to settle from my past, [and now that I've quit my job at Titan], all my credit cards have been cut off, [and] I owe so much money on this room [that] I'm about to be evicted! [And] I had a way out -- I was about to become an incredibly rich man -- [but then] your bloody sister-in-law, Sami, she screwed me out of ten million dollars; we had a deal, and that bitch double-crossed me!" Xander explained to Nicole.

"Why am I not surprised... But that's not my problem, so..." Nicole responded before starting to leave Xander's room. "Actually, it is...because she saw us stumbling in here together the other night," Xander clarified, stopping Nicole. "You didn't say anything to her, did you?" Nicole fretted. "No, and I don't plan to...but if you don't pay up..." Xander warned. "Wait -- you want me to pay you ten million dollars?" Nicole realized. "[Or] I'll be forced to tell Sami that her suspicions are correct," Xander confirmed. "Everyone in this town knows [that] you're a liar [and] that I hate you, and they will never believe that I wanted to have sex with you after everything that you did to me, [so] good luck trying to sell that story!" Nicole spat.

"Especially when there's no proof that we had sex!" Nicole added. "Oh, but there is, my dear -- [see], the morning after, when you came over to look for your wedding ring, and you heard a phone ring in the bathroom --" Xander clarified. "You said that was your phone," Nicole recalled. "I lied!" Xander admitted. "So, someone --" Nicole realized. "Yep!" Xander confirmed. "Oh, my God -- who?" Nicole snapped. "I'm not telling you that -- certainly not for free..." Xander insisted.

"But if you do pay up, I'll make sure they keep their mouth shut," Xander promised. "I don't have ten million dollars!" Nicole objected. "I'll take five," Xander conceded. "I don't have five million dollars, [either] -- not even close!" Nicole protested. "Okay, I get it -- you can't give me what you don't have... But there is one other thing you could give me..." Xander suggestively challenged Nicole, who recoiled with a cringe and firmly refused.

"Oh, I'm not talking about sex, darling," Xander clarified. "Okay... Then what do you want from me?" Nicole wondered. "A job," Xander revealed. "Are you insane? I can't give you a job!" Nicole argued. "Course you can -- you run Basic Black!" Xander countered. "With my partner, Brady -- who hates you more than I do!" Nicole stressed. "Just tell him you need me on your team. [Because], actually, you do -- I mean, Chloe's MIA, [and] who knows if she'll ever turn up again, [so] I could take her job!" Xander reasoned. "Wow -- you really are a monster!" Nicole observed. "Just looking out for your bottom line," Xander explained.

"Forget it!" Nicole snapped. "Then I'll have no choice but to call Sami," Xander reiterated. "She won't believe you," Nicole maintained. "It doesn't matter; she'll still run with it -- right to Eric -- 'cause Sami would love nothing more than to get her brother away from you for good," Xander predicted. "[Look], even if, by some miracle, I could give you a job, it wouldn't be for a while --" Nicole responded, having apparently realized that Xander had a point about Sami. "Well, time's a luxury I can't afford...but you know I'm a reasonable man, Nicole -- I'll give you 24 hours to get Brady on board," Xander offered. "That's not enough time!" Nicole protested. "Well, it better be -- [and] once I know it's done, my lips are sealed; [otherwise], I'll have to call Sami and spill the proverbial beans," Xander countered. "I hate you for this!" Nicole spat. "See you at the office!" Xander teased as Nicole started to storm out of the hotel room -- which Rafe had just approached.

At the police station, Kristen denied having lied to Brady and Philip about the location of Kate's vehicle. "Why would I?" Kristen argued. "Because you lie about everything!" Philip reasoned. "No! [Look], it could have been stolen, or it may have been towed -- I don't know, [okay]? I swear -- on Rachel's life!" Kristen maintained. "I believe you," Brady assured Kristen after some thought. "You're an idiot!" Philip spat at Brady before storming out of the conference room.

"Thank you for believing in me --" Kristen began. "You don't know where the car is [now] -- that, I believe. What I can't believe is that you kidnapped Chloe [and] put her in the trunk of a car [in the first place]. You want to tell me what your plan was?" Brady interjected. "I did not have a plan for Chloe, [okay]? I was just going from moment to moment, [and] I was just trying to desperately keep everything from falling apart!" Kristen explained. "Well, your panic [almost] got people killed -- could [still] get people killed! Do you understand that? People I care about!" Brady stressed. "I know, [and] I feel bad about that -- I'm sick to death that I did that!" Kristen responded.

"But...Brady, I need you to [just] answer my question [from before] Philip came barreling in here -- you didn't answer it [then, and] I need to know! Do you still love me?" Kristen tearfully challenged Brady. "Yes, I still love you -- I will always love you," Brady hesitantly assured Kristen. "Hearing you say those words -- that's what I live for, Brady; it's what gets me up in the morning, [and] it's the reason I keep going throughout the day! [And, look], I know I've disappointed you, and I swear -- I swear I will make it up to you! [Look], we are gonna get through this, [because] Kate is gonna wake up, [and] they'll find Chloe, and everything's gonna be okay, because if you love me, everything is gonna be okay --" Kristen excitedly declared. "No, it won't," Brady quietly argued.

"You didn't let me finish, Kristen -- I still love you...but I can't be with you anymore, [because] I hate what you do, what you can't stop doing --" Brady elaborated. "But I've changed --" Kristen insisted. "I thought you did, [and] that was why I was willing to build a life with you --" Brady admitted. "A beautiful life!" Kristen stressed. "It's not 'beautiful' -- it's tragic! You're behind bars, I'm raising our daughter by myself, and now this --" Brady objected. "But you understood why I went to prison!" Kristen recalled. "I did, [and] that's why I was willing to wait -- as hard as it was gonna be, I was willing to wait 'cause I thought we were a team -- but then you went rogue! You were supposed to be patient and trustworthy, [but] you were jealous and insecure --" Brady countered.

"I was locked in a cage!" Kristen explained. "[And] I visited you whenever I could -- I did everything in my power to reassure you that you were the only woman in my life [and] that I was devoted to you [and] loved you -- but it wasn't enough, Kristen; it is never enough!" Brady snapped. "I admit it -- I was weak," Kristen whispered. "'Weak'? Kristen, you were so paranoid, you broke out of prison twice!" Brady stressed. "You got shot -- what was I supposed to do?" Kristen wondered. "I'll tell you what you weren't supposed to do -- you're not supposed to hold your brother at gunpoint, [or] stick a gun in Chloe's face at a hospital, [or] switch places with Susan Banks and manipulate her in order to spy on Chloe and me! Do you understand how nuts that is?" Brady spat.

"It isn't 'nuts' -- because I love you!" Kristen reasoned. "Well, I don't want to be loved like this -- it's too much! You go to these lengths -- these obsessions that you have... I thought it was in the past, Kristen -- I thought we left it back there -- [but] it's still here, and it's never gonna change; this is the way it's gonna be, and I can't do it anymore!" Brady countered. "I know I've lost it, and I know I've done horrible things, [but] can't blame all of this on me, [because] you just admitted to me that you had feelings for Chloe, [and] she was trying to replace me, [and] she was aggressively working to convince you that you would be better off without me, [and] I guess it apparently worked --" Kristen argued. "Whether I feel something for Chloe or not has nothing to do with the reason that I can't be with you, [okay]? The reason is you," Brady clarified.

"Do not give up on me! [Look], I'll go back to prison, [and] I'll pay for everything I've done, [and] once you've calmed down, I know that you'll forgive me -- [I mean], you just have to give me another chance, please!" Kristen begged. "I wish I could," Brady responded. "Think about our daughter --" Kristen advised. "What's gonna happen to her if I don't [give you what you want] -- the same thing that's gonna happen to everyone I care about?" Brady guessed. "No, I am not a threat to anyone --" Kristen insisted. "You are -- as long as I am with you, you will always be a threat; that is what I understand now. [And] it breaks my heart, but for the sake of my family and my friends -- and especially that beautiful little girl of ours... [Look], I have to end this with you -- [and] I'm sorry, [but] it's over for good this time," Brady countered before exiting the conference room, ignoring Kristen's tearful protests.

Jan continued forcing Claire to drive their stolen getaway vehicle, unconcerned about the noises they were hearing. "There might be something wrong with the car --" Claire suggested. "Nice try...[but] you probably [just] ran over a squirrel or something," Jan countered. "Or maybe there's someone in the trunk..." Claire realized. "Don't be silly!" Jan protested.

Jan and Claire started hearing noises again just then. "Still think that's a squirrel?" Claire wondered. "Pull over," Jan demanded -- and when Claire complied, Jan reached out to kill the engine. "But how will we start the car again?" Claire objected. "Duh -- I'll just hot-wire it again," Jan answered. "But what if it doesn't work? Then we're gonna be stuck out here!" Claire warned. "If you're [recommending that I should instead] leave you in the driver's seat while the engine is running, the answer is 'no'!" Jan snapped before proceeding with the plan to kill the engine. "If you try to run, I will shoot you in the leg," Jan advised.

Jan exited the vehicle and approached the trunk. "I'm sure it's nothing dangerous -- [but] if it is, I'll just...blow it away," Jan decided before opening the trunk and pointing the gun inside -- then withdrawing the weapon with a smirk after realizing that Chloe was the source of the noise. "Well, well, well -- if it isn't my old pal, Ghoul Girl... You seem to have gotten yourself into quite the bind... I'm gonna have to ask you to stop all that banging -- it's very annoying," Jan teased as Chloe frantically begged for help. "Don't worry, G.G. -- I'm not gonna shoot you. Not yet, anyway..." Jan added before closing the trunk and rejoining Claire -- who had been about to attempt an escape.

Claire was stunned when Jan casually mentioned that Chloe was bound and gagged in the trunk. Claire argued that it would be best to let Chloe go, but Jan disagreed. "She could suffocate in there!" Claire warned. "Eh, I suppose she could...but it wouldn't be our fault -- [it would be] on whoever tied her up and stashed her back there, a person who apparently hates her even more than I do...[or just] doesn't like her singing... [And besides], two hostages are better than one," Jan countered before hot-wiring the vehicle again. "Such a magnificent skill..." Jan mused.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Philip asked Shawn for help with the search for Chloe. Shawn lashed out at Philip then apologized and explained why it was a bad time. "Belle's with Justin right now, [preparing to] confess to the killing, [because] that might be the only way to save our daughter," Shawn added while giving Philip access to the surveillance footage from the parking lot where Kristen had left Kate's vehicle -- which, to their surprise, clearly showed that Jan and Claire had stolen it.

Kate's medical condition changes unexpectedly Kate's medical condition changes unexpectedly

Thursday, May 27, 2021

by Mike

Susan paced around Statesville's visitors' lounge, looking a bit less like Kristen than before. "They confiscated my dentures and my contacts, and I'm me why don't they just let me go?" Susan grumbled -- just as someone approached from behind. "I come in peace!" Susan stressed with a gasp while raising both hands submissively and shutting both eyes tightly. "Susan," Marlena called out. "Dr. Marlena Evans!" Susan realized, quickly relaxing.

Susan turned to face Marlena then apologized for having agreed to switch places with Kristen. "I did it for you and Mr. John Black!" Susan explained. "You always lead with your heart...and, sometimes, that gets you into trouble," Marlena acknowledged. "Oh, I know -- it's a curse, but it is who I am!" Susan conceded.

"I don't want anyone else to get hurt, though!" Susan fretted. "I don't think anybody else will get hurt -- Kristen is now in custody, and I persuaded the warden that you should be free to go," Marlena responded, earning a hug of gratitude from Susan. "I thought they were gonna put me in the hole for aiding and abetting!" Susan admitted. "Well, there was some concern that you should be held responsible for helping Kristen escape --" Marlena began to explain, drawing a sigh of regret from Susan. "But I was able to help the authorities understand that Kristen had taken advantage of your...trusting [and] childlike nature," Marlena concluded. "Sounds like you gave me an insanity defense..." Susan mused with a hint of indignation -- but Marlena quickly changed the subject, producing a bag of clothes from Susan's wardrobe.

Gabi entered the Hernandez house and found Ava in the kitchen. "Where's my brother?" Gabi demanded to know. "Working late -- [so], I'm bringing him lasagna," Ava responded while covering a dish with tinfoil. "You two still playing house?" Gabi assumed. "We're dating," Ava bragged, leaving Gabi speechless.

Gabi quickly recovered. "You know, it's only a matter of time before he gets tired of your...cannoli...and moves on... [Anyway], I came here to tell him there's been no change with Kate -- oh, did you know that Kate and Rafe used to be...close?" Gabi stressed. "I'll pass on the message," Ava promised. "I'll be in the hospital with Jake, in case Rafe wants to stop by..." Gabi teased. "I thought that Jake was dating Kate," Ava admitted, taking the bait.

"Not anymore -- see, Jake and I, we got back together...and we are madly in love," Gabi bragged. "Hmm. Well, Kate's in a coma -- does she know?" Ava wondered. "Kate doesn't know all the details, but she did find us in bed together, so...I mean, that must have clued her in..." Gabi answered. "Well, falling into bed doesn't exactly make a relationship..." Ava noted. "Jake and I are in love, okay? And Jake is gonna tell Kate as soon as she gets better!" Gabi snapped.

"You better not mess with my brother, because he has had his heart broken way too many times, and if you hurt him, I will find you!" Gabi warned Ava, who responded to the threat with a dismissive scoff and a shake of the head as Gabi stormed out of the house and slammed the door shut.

At the hospital, Kayla entered Kate's room and greeted Jake. "I have left messages for [Lucas and Philip]... I've got Kate's latest scans back, [and] the swelling on her brain has receded, so we're gonna start taking her out of the coma," Kayla revealed. "That's great!" Jake raved. "It is..." Kayla agreed. "But...?" Jake prodded Kayla. "She could be perfectly fine...or there's a possibility that she could have brain damage -- and we won't know until she fully wakes up," Kayla admitted. "How long will that take?" Jake asked as Kayla fiddled with some medical equipment. "It's hard to say, [but] I've dialed back the medication, so..." Kayla replied, giving Jake a shrug.

"Maybe you're assuming that Kate and I are still a couple, but in the interest of just being honest, I thought you should know that we're not anymore...[but] I still care about her, and I want to be here to help her out in any way I can, [so]...what I'm trying to say is...can I still stay?" Jake stammered. "Sure -- [actually], when she [comes out of the coma], it'd be better if she wasn't alone, [anyway]," Kayla responded.

After Kayla left, Jake grasped Kate's right hand. "I definitely do still care about you, Kate -- you are so important to me, and you always will be... I'm so sorry I disappointed you -- sorry I let you down... When you wake up, I will explain everything...and I just pray to God that you're understanding..." Jake muttered.

Gabi eventually joined Jake in Kate's room. "When [Kate] walked in on us, she thought that you slept with me only because she -- well, technically, Kristen -- broke up with you, [and] she stormed out before you could explain that you love me -- that you never stopped loving me -- [so]...what if Kate wakes up ready to pick up where you left off? I mean, how are you gonna tell her the truth? I mean, are you gonna tell her the truth?" Gabi challenged Jake. "Of course, I'm gonna tell her about us," Jake assured Gabi. "When?" Gabi wondered. "Well, maybe not as soon as she wakes know, hopefully, when she's ready, she'll be understanding," Jake answered. "Yeah, Kate's been known to be a very understanding person..." Gabi sarcastically conceded.

"Have I mentioned lately how much I love you?" Jake asked before leaning in to kiss Gabi -- but Kate started stirring just then, interrupting the moment. "Jake, is that you?" Kate muttered. "Yeah, it's me. You're safe -- you're in the hospital, but you're gonna be fine," Jake responded as Kate looked around the room wildly. "I can't see you -- I can't see anything!" Kate fretted, nearly hyperventilating. "Okay, I'll go get Kayla --" Jake decided. "No -- please don't go; please don't leave me!" Kate begged. "I'll go," Gabi offered. "Why is Gabi even here?" Kate asked Jake incredulously after Gabi exited the room. "She tried to break us up -- I really don't want her here!" Kate informed Jake, who promised that Gabi was gone.

"Why am I in the hospital?" Kate wondered. "You don't remember?" Jake translated. "I remember shopping, and [then] I came back to the house to pack because I was excited about the vacation, and that's when I saw Susan -- Kristen..." Kate recalled. "And that's the last thing you remember?" Jake assumed. "Yes," Kate confirmed.

At the Salem Inn, Rafe demanded to know why Nicole was in Xander's hotel room, of all places. "Believe me, you have no idea how much I do not want to be here...but I needed to talk to Xander --" Nicole tried to explain. "Actually, I asked Nicole to come see me [because] I had a proposition for her," Xander summarized. "[But] it's completely innocent, of course -- look, Xander just wants a job!" Nicole clarified.

"Well, it's great [that] you're actually looking for legitimate work, but there is no way that Nicole would ever hire you --" Rafe advised Xander. "Well, actually...I'm considering it," Nicole revealed. "You cannot be serious!" Rafe protested. "Look, it's just that...Chloe's missing, and Brady's still recovering -- I could really use the help --" Nicole reasoned. "What Nicole is trying to say is that she's realized that I have a lot to offer and [that] she'd be lucky to have me," Xander interjected. "Uh-huh..." Rafe skeptically muttered. "Anyway, is there news about Chloe?" Nicole wondered, desperate to change the subject. "Kristen has finally started cooperating, but we still have not found Chloe," Rafe answered, somewhat dismissively.

Nicole reacted to Rafe's tone, prompting Rafe to explain that it was a response to Nicole's obvious attempt at distraction. "I understand that you are overwhelmed, but Xander is not the answer -- and besides, there is no way that Brady would ever okay you hiring him!" Rafe argued. "Yeah, Brady has always been a kind of small-picture kind of guy -- yeah, it would be just like him to ignore a brilliant opportunity because of some silly grudge... Luckily, Nicole is much more pragmatic," Xander declared. "And what value could you possibly add to the company?" Rafe challenged Xander. "He did work for the competitor -- and who would know more about Titan's strategy than the former co-CEO?" Nicole answered for Xander.

"Hmm... Okay... Well, would it change your mind if I told you that Xander tried to kill Sami and Lucas?" Rafe asked Nicole before requesting some time alone with Xander. "You know what a drama queen Sami is -- and she is definitely one to stir up all kinds of trouble when she gets her knickers in a twist about something," Xander dismissively explained to Rafe as Nicole was preparing to leave -- and the hidden implication clearly got through to its intended target. "[This] will give you the perfect opportunity to pay Brady a visit [and] convince him that hiring me is a smart move," Xander advised Nicole, who agreed with a forced smile then said goodbye to Rafe and exited the hotel room.

Xander continued feigning ignorance, even after Rafe produced the gun that Lucas and Sami had handed over earlier. "I was wondering where that went -- they must have stolen it!" Xander declared before reaching for the weapon, which Rafe refused to relinquish. "Could be evidence in an attempted-murder investigation," Rafe reasoned. "Based on what -- Sami's word?" Xander guessed, stifling a laugh. "The investigation's ongoing...[but] if you're cleared, you'll get your gun back," Rafe explained. "A word of advice -- stay away from Nicole," Rafe added while exiting the hotel room. "I just asked her for a job -- wasn't like I was trying to seduce her or anything," Xander stressed. "As if you could!" Rafe countered.

Chad stormed into the police station and joined Kristen in one of the conference rooms. "I just came from Kate's bedside -- you put her in a coma? [And Chloe] -- you kidnapped her and stashed her in a car? [Seriously, Kristen], what the hell's the matter with you?" Chad spat. "I didn't want any of this to happen, [okay]? I did it all for Brady!" Kristen tearfully explained.

"[But] you'll be happy to know that he came here [earlier], and he wants nothing to do with me!" Kristen bitterly revealed. "What did you think would happen -- that he would be thrilled that you were stalking him as Susan [and] managed to put one woman in a hospital [then] vanished another? [I mean], if this is your idea of 'love' --" Chad argued. "I don't need a lecture!" Kristen snapped.

"I need to get out of here -- and you are the only one that can make that happen! [I mean], you have the money and power to give me a new life! [Look], I can't go back to prison!" Kristen begged. "You want me to help you escape? Have you lost your mind?" Chad protested. "Think about our father -- think about what he would say right now [about] how family is everything! And no matter what I have done, we are still family -- DiMeras! So, please, Chad -- brother... I need your help!" Kristen reasoned. "I love you as a sister, [and] we may be DiMeras, [but] I didn't condone the things that Father did, and I sure as hell don't condone what you did," Chad stressed.

"I know you're in pain...but while you're in prison, you have to find a purpose -- other than Brady. [Look], a while back, weren't you gonna become a nun? I mean, maybe you should reconnect to your faith," Chad advised. "I'll have to find the good inside myself again -- for [Rachel]," Kristen conceded. "I know it's there," Chad stressed. "I appreciate you saying that to me," Kristen admitted. "And, in the meantime, I'm gonna be there for your daughter and my niece -- a lot of people will be," Chad promised. "Will you talk about me to her, please? Just tell her how much I love her, and how she's always gonna be in my heart," Kristen tearfully requested. "Of course," Chad agreed.

Brady entered the Evans-Black townhouse while John was in the process of organizing a search with Steve. "Never mind, Steve -- he just rolled in," John revealed before ending the phone conversation with Steve then greeting Brady with a sigh of relief. "I'm sorry I worried you --" Brady began. "Hell yeah, you worried me -- you blast out of the hospital, and then you disappear... Where'd you go?" John interjected. "I went to see Kristen," Brady clarified.

Marlena entered the townhouse with Susan a short time later, just as John finished preparing a cup of tea for Brady. "Dr. Marlena Evans, she told me that you were in a terrible, terrible, terrible car crash! [Look], I never wanted anyone to get hurt -- [I mean], I really, really, truly thought I was protecting you from Chloe...[but] I should have known that the mean, mean, mean Kristen --" Susan fretted. "Your heart was in the right place -- I understand that. And I got just as caught up in believing Kristen's lies," Brady conceded. "Can you forgive me?" Susan wondered. "There's nothing to forgive," Brady insisted.

"Now, forgiving myself for what happened to Kate and Chloe -- that's a whole 'nother thing, but... Well, I'm just glad I saw the light, and I was able to end things with Kristen," Brady added. "That must have been so hard for you," Marlena guessed -- but Brady didn't respond right away, and Susan soon changed the subject, thinking aloud of ways to make amends for having played a part in everything that had happened. "I could watch little Rachel for you!" Susan decided. "Oh --" Brady tried to object. "I mean, I love that little baby like she was my own!" Susan continued. "That is so sweet of you...[but]...I've gotta think that Roger is missing you so much and wants you home pretty soon," Marlena declared. "And vice versy!" Susan admitted before rushing off to a bathroom with a box of hair dye.

Marlena stepped into the kitchen to prepare a cup of chai -- Susan's favorite type of tea. When Marlena tried to deliver the drink a few minutes later, Susan was nowhere to be found -- and the box of hair dye was still sealed. "Maybe she went out the back way," John suggested. "I wonder where she went..." Marlena muttered.

Susan entered the police station and joined Kristen in one of the conference rooms. "You're out of Statesville... I'm really glad -- I am so sorry you ended up being there longer than we agreed," Kristen began. "I'm just sorry that I agreed to that silly plan of yours -- you know, I wouldn't have done that if I would have known that people were gonna get hurt!" Susan stressed. "I never wanted that, either, Susan -- I was just trying to hang onto the man I love!" Kristen explained. "Yeah, well, that didn't go so well, did it?" Susan noted. "No -- I lost Brady forever..." Kristen admitted.

"And without him, my life might as well be over..." Kristen fretted. "Oh, honey, don't say that -- [look], there's plenty for you to live for --" Susan argued. "[Like] what? Missing the love of my life every day? Never getting to see my daughter grow up? No, I've ruined everything!" Kristen countered.

"I forgive you," Susan declared. "You do?" Kristen whispered. "Yeah, I do...[because] you love big -- you love big, big, big -- [and] so do I, [and] people like us, we will go to extremes to protect the people we love," Susan reasoned. "[Right] -- it was only because I didn't want Chloe stealing Brady or Rachel away from me!" Kristen confirmed. "Yeah, well, I mean, you lost them, [anyway] -- courtesy of no one but yourself," Susan noted.

"Are you gonna go back to Memphis?" Kristen wondered. "[Yeah] -- Roger is missing me something fierce -- [but] I will come back, and I will check on Brady and Rachel," Susan answered. "I appreciate that -- [and] thank you for forgiving me... Friends?" Kristen whispered. "Friends? Yeah!" Susan agreed.

Kristen requested a farewell hug, and Susan excitedly complied. Kristen knocked Susan out during the embrace with a quick pinch to a pressure point at the base of the neck -- perhaps one of Rolf's tricks. "You are too trusting for your own good...but it is nothing personal, Susan -- I can tell you that," Kristen muttered before starting to change into Susan's clothes.

Chad went to the Evans-Black townhouse to see Brady. "I just came from [the police station, and Kristen] wanted to tell [Rachel], in her own words, why she had to go away," Chad explained while handing Brady an envelope. "Yet again..." Brady grumbled. "[And] she wanted me to help her escape -- obviously, I didn't, but I thought that's something [you] should know," Chad revealed before starting to rush off, eager to check on Kate again. "Keep us posted on that," John requested.

Later, Brady received a visit from Nicole. "You did the right thing," Nicole insisted after Brady admitted to having ended things with Kristen earlier. "Did I? I mean, your brain can tell you that you've done the right thing, know, the heart tends to fight back a little bit..." Brady countered with a sigh before changing the subject, thanking Nicole for having singlehandedly kept things going at Basic Black recently. "It's going okay, but I really could use some help, [so] I wanted to ask you about a possible hire..." Nicole reluctantly began to explain. "You're out of your damn mind!" Brady incredulously protested at the end of the request.

Chad entered the hospital and approached Gabi, who apologetically started to explain what had happened earlier. Meanwhile, Kate recalled having been thrilled about the idea of jetting off to a remote island with Jake so they could work on their relationship in peace. "That was the plan, but..." Jake muttered. "This kind of changes everything, doesn't it?" Kate grumbled. "Yeah, it does..." Jake whispered while comforting Kate with a hug.

Ava entered the police station and stepped into the conference room in which Kristen was being held, carrying a container of food. "Thank God it's you, and not Rafe..." Kristen, who was back in disguise and had been preparing to leave, muttered with a sigh of relief as Ava stared in disbelief at Susan's motionless body. "You cannot seriously think you'll get away with --" Ava protested. "It worked before!" Kristen reasoned. "Yeah, well, it's not gonna work now -- I'm not gonna let you!" Ava insisted. "You would be dead if I hadn't had Rolf bring you back to life -- you owe me, [and now] it's payback time!" Kristen countered. "No, because Rafe will never forgive me --" Ava argued. "Shut your mouth [and] keep it closed, [and he'll never find out, because] I'll do the same...since these pearly whites would be a dead giveaway..." Kristen snapped.

When Rafe entered the conference room a short time later, Ava was in the process of trying to rouse Susan -- and Kristen was gone. "I brought you dinner, and I found her like this," Ava explained to Rafe while pretending to believe that Susan was Kristen. "That's not Kristen!" Rafe realized as soon as Susan regained consciousness and started speaking. Susan explained what had happened, and Ava claimed to know nothing more about the matter -- then released a sigh of regret after Rafe rushed off to start the search for Kristen, who was passing through the park at that moment.

"If only I could say goodbye to my sweet little Rachel... It won't be forever, though -- I'll be with my daughter again, and I'll be with Brady again... He'll forgive me -- he always does... Yeah, you haven't seen the last of me, Salem," Kristen muttered.

Sami confronts Nicole about her affair Sami confronts Nicole about her affair

Friday, May 28, 2021

Rafe delivered coffee to Ava while she was still in bed. "You worked late last night," Ava said. "Definitely not getting much sleep," Rafe admitted. "I wish there was something I could do to help you," Ava said. Rafe told Ava that he had a few more questions for her. "Take me through you running into Susan Banks at headquarters," Rafe said. Ava repeated her lie that she had entered the room after Kristen had left.

"You're absolutely sure that you had no interaction with Kristen whatsoever?" Rafe pressed. Rafe said Ava was the only person that could have seen Kristen switch with Susan. "Do I need a lawyer?" Ava joked. Rafe pointed out that the timeline from witnesses of Ava's arrival and Kristen's escape did not match. "What did you do for 20 minutes?" Rafe asked. Ava said she had visited Rafe's office first and then had looked around the precinct for Rafe before she had walked into the interrogation room. Rafe asked Ava if anyone had seen her wandering around.

"Wow. I did not know I needed an alibi. What are you doing here, Rafe? You bring me coffee and then you start interrogating me. Are you accusing me of helping Kristen escape?" Ava asked. Rafe stressed that it was his duty to investigate anyone with a connection to Kristen. "[Kristen] saved your life. Maybe she went to you, maybe she said that you owe her, and you need to help her escape," Rafe suggested. Ava swore she had not seen or helped Kristen.

"I made a promise to Tripp and myself that I would change, and if I break that promise, then I'm going to lose everything. Besides, I wouldn't do anything to get you into trouble, make you look like a fool for trusting me. Please tell me that you believe me," Ava said. Rafe told Ava he believed her, and he apologized for pushing so hard.

"It just seems like lately, everyone is keeping something from me," Rafe said. Ava asked Rafe what was wrong. Rafe told Ava that Sami and Lucas had lied about their captivity and that Xander was mixed up with Nicole. "That's weird. [Nicole] despises [Xander]," Ava noted. When Rafe said that Nicole had told Rafe that she wanted to hire Xander for a job, Ava thought about Nicole's confession to her.

"I like Nicole a lot, and I don't want her mixing it up with that creep for any reason," Rafe said. "Neither do I," Ava agreed. Rafe took Ava's hand in his, and he told her that he respected her drive to change her life. "I've made some bad choices. I'm trying to make better ones. And I like you looking out for me," Ava said. Rafe kissed Ava, and they had sex.

At the penthouse, Sami cuddled Henry on the couch as Allie paced the room. "I wish we would hear something about Claire," Allie complained. Sami assured Allie that the police would be able to track Jan and Claire in Kate's car. Allie worried aloud about Kate, too. "Kate is a tough cookie. She is going to pull through," Sami said.

"I have no idea how you and Dad managed to stay locked up in that tiny room together. I mean you must have really gone at it," Allie said. Sami thought about when she and Lucas had made love in the wine cellar. "Yeah. We sure did," Sami muttered. Sami put Henry in his stroller to nap. "When do you think you're going to go back? I know you're missing E.J.," Allie said. Sami said she had wanted to wait to see Eric, but Allie told her that Eric had decided to stay in Africa longer.

"I'm sure Nicole was all broken up about it," Sami said. "Actually, she went out and got super wasted," Allie said. Sami remembered the night she had watched Nicole stumble into the Salem Inn with Xander, and she told Allie she had seen Nicole. Allie informed Sami that Nicole had admitted she had gotten a room at the Salem Inn that night. "And she said she was all alone that night?" Sami asked. "Yeah. Who would she be with?" Allie asked. Sami covered and noted that Nicole had friends she could have reached out to.

"[Nicole] told me that she booked the room so that she could just sleep it off. She was all alone," Allie said. With a sigh, Allie remarked that Nicole had been upset the next morning because she had left her wedding ring in the hotel room. "She takes her wedding ring off to sleep?" Sami asked. Allie shrugged. "Uncle Eric is the love of [Nicole's] life. She always says that," Allie said. Sami rolled her eyes discreetly, then offered to take Henry back to Nicole's apartment so that Allie could visit Kate. Allie told Sami that she loved Sami, and she left. "Nicole, you are such a lying slut," Sami muttered to herself.

Xander stopped by Nicole's apartment to talk. Xander walked past Nicole and dropped his duffel bag on the floor. "I'm moving in," Xander announced as he plopped down on the couch. Xander asked Nicole to fix him breakfast. "You can starve to death, for all I care. You think this is funny?" Nicole said. Xander asked Nicole if she had spoken to Brady. "[Brady] is never going to lift a finger to help you ever," Nicole stressed. Xander said that if Nicole could not give him a place to stay or a job, then he had no choice but to tell Sami about his one-night stand with Nicole.

"You said you changed when you met Sarah. You're still the same disgusting pig you've always been," Nicole said. "That wasn't the impression I got when you were climbing all over me," Xander said. Nicole yelled at Xander to stop mentioning the sex. Nicole reiterated that Sami would never believe Xander. With a grin, Xander reminded Nicole that there was a witness to his conversation with Nicole at the hotel.

"I tried to convince Brady to hire you," Nicole admitted. "Try harder," Xander countered. Nicole noted that Brady was upset about Kristen and Chloe. With a groan, Xander said that he had his own problems, and he needed Nicole to help him. "I hate you," Nicole said. Xander told Nicole that he would find somewhere else to stay so that he did not tempt her to break her marriage vows again. Xander kissed Nicole on the cheek, and he grabbed his duffel bag. "Talk to Brady soon, or I'll talk to Sami," Xander warned on his way out.

As Jack poured his morning cup of coffee in the Horton living room, Gwen entered with a tray of breakfast. "Bangers and mash," Jack said with a chuckle. "I was going to bring it up to your room, but I'll just give it to you here. I hope you like it," Gwen said. Jack took a bite and smiled. "You didn't have to go to all this trouble," Jack said. Gwen countered that she had been nothing but trouble since Jack had invited her to move into the house.

When Jack expressed surprise that Gwen had been up early to cook, Gwen told him that bangers and mash was her mother's hangover cure. Jack stopped chewing. "I don't know what to say," Jack said. Gwen told Jack that he did not need to apologize for her childhood. "I'm glad we are getting to know each other now," Jack said. "Me, too. I can't tell you what it means to me that you didn't turn on me. Even after all the mess with Abigail," Gwen said. The doorbell rang, and Gwen jumped up to answer the door.

Dr. Snyder barged into the foyer when Gwen opened the door. "Did you do what I told you to do? Because I got to tell you," Snyder started. Jack walked into the foyer and noted, "I didn't like the tone of your voice just now. What exactly is it that you told my daughter to do?" Gwen introduced Snyder to her father. When Snyder explained that he was there to tell Gwen to take her medications as prescribed, Jack appeared suspicious.

"It is important to me that my patients make the best choices for their well-being," Snyder said. With a nod, Jack announced that he needed to get dressed, and he went upstairs. Gwen grabbed the envelope of pills out of a desk drawer, and she shoved them at Snyder's chest. Snyder renewed his threat to tell Jack the truth about the miscarriage.

"If I go down, I'm taking you with me," Gwen growled. Snyder laughed. "You keep that envelope, and you do as you're told," Snyder said. Snyder ordered Gwen to make the delivery as soon as possible, or he would talk to Jack. Gwen stared at the envelope for a moment, then she grabbed her purse and started to leave. When Gwen opened the front door, Xander was on the porch.

"Where are you off to in such a hurry?" Xander asked. Gwen said she was on her way to run an errand. Xander announced that he was there to see his friend Jack. "What are you doing here?" Xander asked. "I live here. With my father," Gwen said. "Oh, so you must be the long-lost daughter who came home to blow up Jack's marriage," Xander said. Gwen explained that she had thought that Jack had abandoned her, but she had learned that Jack had never known of her existence.

"So, now we're all just trying to move past that," Gwen said. "I'm sure Jack will try to do right by you. He's a good egg. Not so sure about you," Xander said. Insulted, Gwen told Xander that she did not care what he thought about her. "If you do anything else to hurt Jack, I'm the one you'll answer to," Xander stressed. Jack walked down the staircase as Gwen assured Xander that he did not need to worry about her. Jack overheard Gwen tell Xander that she wanted to make her father proud. Gwen walked off in a huff.

When Jack poked his head around the corner, Xander said good morning. "Is that bangers and mash I smell?" Xander said as he walked past Jack into the house. After Xander finished the remains of Jack's breakfast, he asked Jack if he could crash at the house until Xander secured a job. Jack noted that there were no rooms available, but Xander said he was happy to stay on the couch. "I'm not going to be any trouble," Xander said.

After Nicole called Brady and left him a voicemail, Sami arrived at the apartment with Henry. Nicole placed Henry in his crib for a nap, and Sami told Nicole that she was sorry to hear that Eric had decided to stay in Africa longer. "I knew who Eric was when I married him. He will always do what he believes is right," Nicole said. Sami joked that Eric's goodness was annoying. When Sami attempted to empathize, a suspicious Nicole asked why Sami was at the apartment.

"I thought you and I could talk," Sami said. "Cut the crap, Sami. You and I don't have girl talk," Nicole shot back. With a grin, Sami told Nicole that she knew what Nicole had done. "What exactly are you accusing me of, Sami?" Nicole asked. Sami explained that she empathized with Nicole's situation, but she knew about Nicole's night of drinking. "There's one little detail to that story that you left out when you were telling my daughter. That you didn't go into the inn by yourself. You went into the inn with Xander Kiriakis," Sami said.

"Xander already told me you saw us walking into the inn," Nicole said. "Why did you leave that part of the story out?" Sami asked. Nicole explained that Xander had walked her into the lobby. "That Xander. Always such a gentleman," Sami joked. Nicole countered that everyone had their moments of humanity, including Sami. When Sami asked if the hotel would confirm that Nicole had rented a room, Nicole noted that the records were none of Sami's business. "There is no way in hell you spent that night alone. You paid my brother back for everything he has ever done for you by sleeping with a creep he despises," Sami growled.

In Kate's hospital room, Lucas offered to feed his mother her breakfast. "I'd rather die," Kate grumbled. Lucas urged Kate to eat something, and he put a fork in her hand. After a bite, Kate swatted at Lucas, and he joked that she had not lost her fight. "I do hope that you get your sight back -- and your memory," Lucas said. Kate thanked Lucas for supporting her. "What are sons for?" Lucas said. Kate asked Lucas why Jake was not in her room.

"Jake is here. He's been here at the hospital all night," Lucas said. "He was?" Kate asked with surprise. Lucas explained that Kayla only allowed one visitor at a time. "It is just so odd, losing a block of time like this. I don't remember Kristen attacking me," Kate said. With a grin, Kate said she was relieved that her relationship with Jake was good. Lucas grimaced. "Yeah. Things are the same," Lucas said. Kate lamented that she and Jake had not gone on their vacation to get away from Gabi.

When Gabi stepped off the elevator at the hospital, she saw Jake sitting in the waiting area. Jake leaped to his feet to intercept Gabi from going into Kate's room. Gabi noted that she had been helping Chad with the kids. "Oh, right. God, they must miss Abigail," Jake whispered. "So does he. You know he was here last night to see Kate, and he was in bad shape," Gabi said. Gabi explained that Chad had fought with Kristen. Gabi asked about Kate's condition.

"Kayla still doesn't know what caused the blindness, and Kate was so distraught last night that they had to give her a sedative," Jake said. Jake admitted he had stayed with Kate all night. "It would be right up Kate's alley to use her blindness to draw you in," Gabi suggested. "That's not gonna happen," Jake said. Jake told Gabi that he still wanted to be with her. With a sigh, Jake informed Gabi about Kate's partial amnesia.

"What is the last thing that Kate remembers?" Gabi asked. "Looking forward to our trip. She doesn't remember anything about when Kristen kidnapped her," Jake said. "That's good, I guess," Gabi said. Jake added that it meant that Kate did not remember having walked in on Jake and Gabi in bed. "I'm getting the uneasy feeling that she still thinks the two of you are still a couple," Gabi said.

Lucas exited Kate's room, and he interrupted before Jake could respond to Gabi. "[Kate] really seems depressed," Lucas said. Lucas added that the only thing that Kate was positive about was the vacation she had planned with Jake. Gabi gave Jake a look but said nothing.

When Dr. Snyder returned to the hospital, Lucas, Jake, Allie, and Gabi asked him about Kate's condition. Gabi asked about the memory loss in particular, but Snyder announced he needed to examine his patient first. Snyder went into Kate's room and tested her eyesight. "What is it?" Kate asked. "The results are very clear. There's not a damn thing wrong with your eyesight," Snyder announced. When Kate disagreed, Snyder noted that Kate might have hysterical blindness from an emotional trauma. Close to tears, Kate recounted the events of the past few days, including her discovery of Jake in bed with Gabi.

In the hospital waiting area, Gabi asked Jake if he still planned to tell Kate that he wanted to be with Gabi. Jake took a deep breath and sighed.

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