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Ava warned Sami to back off of Nicole. Steve told Kayla about Ava's apology. Nicole almost told Rafe the truth, and she drafted an email confession to Eric. Gwen confided in Xander about Snyder, and Xander threatened Snyder on Gwen's behalf. Nicole gave Sami a fake hotel receipt, but Sami still insisted that Nicole had cheated on Eric. Kayla gave Tripp advice about Allie. Chanel almost discovered Paulina's secret plans. Lucas asked Sami to leave E.J. for him. E.J. arrived in Salem.
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Gwen confided in Xander about Snyder, and E.J. DiMera arrived in Salem
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Xander threatens to reveal Gwen's secret to Jack Xander threatens to reveal Gwen's secret to Jack

Monday, June 7, 2021

by Mike

At the Walker-Brady apartment, Allie and Chanel continued gazing at each other -- but someone knocked on the front door before anything else could happen.

"Hey -- I know I should have called first, but I have some news, and I didn't want to tell you on the phone," Tripp explained when Allie opened the front door. "Oh -- I'm sorry; I didn't mean to interrupt," Tripp added after entering the apartment and spotting Chanel. "No, it's cool -- you're not interrupting anything," Allie assured Tripp as Chanel remained silent.

Tripp informed Allie that Jan had killed Charlie. "It's a relief to know the truth... God, I remember when I thought my mom did it..." Allie mused. "Yeah -- I remember thinking mine did, too..." Tripp responded. "Wow -- I thought my mom was tough, but you both thought your moms were capable of murder?" Chanel interjected, drawing matter-of-fact confirmations from Tripp and Allie.

Tripp started to rush off so Allie and Chanel could get back to whatever they had been doing before the interruption. "Wait -- Allie and I have some big news, too!" Chanel called out, stopping Tripp, who seemed genuinely excited for the women when Allie elaborated -- but also seemed quite interested in the repeated celebratory hugs they shared afterward.

Chanel rushed off before Tripp found another opportunity to do so, eager to start preparing for the potential grand opening of Sweet Bits. "So, are you excited?" Tripp asked Allie, who nodded in response. "But I'm also really nervous -- I mean, running a business? I have zero clue how to do that!" Allie fretted. "Well, you had zero clue how to be a mom [at first, too], but you've done an awesome job with Henry," Tripp noted. "I could not imagine my life without him [now]," Allie admitted. "Yeah, well, I am only the uncle, but I feel the same way -- I mean, when I'm away from him for too long, I miss him... Just like when I don't see you for a while..." Tripp responded before locking eyes with Allie -- and they soon started kissing.

Allie eventually pulled away from Tripp with a gasp. "What's wrong? Are you okay?" Tripp wondered. "Yeah... I'm just... I don't know -- I wanted to kiss you so bad, but then... I don't know what happened -- I just had this really weird flash, and... I'm sorry --" Allie stammered. "No, it's okay -- I'll leave --" Tripp offered. "No, don't go -- I mean, I still just would love to hang out with you...unless that sounds really boring..." Allie suggested. "Are you kidding me? I can't think of anything else I'd rather do," Tripp responded, drawing a smile from Allie.

At the Brady-Johnson townhouse, Steve and Kayla finished eating dinner with Jack, who declined to stick around for dessert. "Julie's not exactly happy with me right now because I invited Gwen and Xander to move in with us, [so] I really should be getting home [to make sure] they keep from butting heads," Jack explained.

Kayla wondered how Gwen was doing in the wake of the miscarriage. "She's been on her own for so long, she tends to keep her feelings under wraps, [so] I just try to let her know that I'm in her corner if she wants to talk," Jack responded with a shrug. "Dr. Snyder's taking care of her now?" Kayla recalled. "Right -- [and] that should make things easier for both you and Gwen, considering how close you are with Abigail," Jack answered.

Kayla wondered if Jack had heard from Abigail recently. "As a matter of fact, I did call her on the way over here -- I wanted [to explain] that Gwen admitted that she was lying when she said that [Abigail] pushed her down the stairs, [and that Gwen was just] lashing out because Abigail told her that she'd be a terrible mother," Jack revealed. "As if that somehow excuses the lie!" Kayla grumbled. "I didn't say it did," Jack pointed out. "Well, now that Abigail knows the truth...will she be coming home?" Kayla asked. "Unfortunately, she still needs time -- she may not have pushed Gwen down those stairs, but she still blames herself for Gwen losing the baby," Jack replied. "Because Abigail has a conscience," Steve interjected.

Jack hoped that Abigail and Gwen would eventually be able to set aside their differences and start getting along with each other again. "I know -- it sounds foolishly optimistic," Jack conceded as Kayla and Steve exchanged looks of skepticism. "But the fact that Gwen has been honest lately -- contrite... Well, it gives me hope that maybe her days of lying are behind her," Jack reasoned with a shrug, but Steve and Kayla still seemed doubtful.

At the Horton house, Gwen continued insisting that there was a perfectly innocent explanation for the bag of pills Xander had just discovered. "If a doctor prescribed [these], they'd be in labeled vials, not little plastic bags...and there's an opioid epidemic, [so] no doctor's gonna prescribe all these to one person, [anyway]. So, that means one thing -- you're dealing drugs, aren't you?" Xander guessed. "Do I look like some lowlife drug dealer to you?" Gwen asked indignantly. "As someone with extensive experience in the criminal underworld...many criminals hide in plain sight," Xander matter-of-factly replied.

"Who are you to judge me?" Gwen snapped. "Well, normally, I wouldn't...but you're living under your father's roof, and he's my mate -- and as much fun as it would be to see Julie get dragged out of here on drug the end of the day, it's Jack that would be held responsible, 'cause he and Jennifer own this place, and I think it's fair to say that his reputation as editor of the Spectator would be destroyed... Friends don't allow that kind of thing to happen to friends, so I'm afraid your drug-dealing days are over," Xander answered. "[All right, maybe] you're just too thick to understand this, but I would never deal drugs!" Gwen maintained.

"I know what it's like to live with an addict," Gwen explained. "Your mom?" Xander assumed. "Yeah -- Mom and I, we had nothing...and the very little money we had just went right to her habit," Gwen confirmed with a pointed snort. "So, I would go hungry, and she would numb herself...'til she numbed herself to death," Gwen added. "Well, that is quite the tale of woe there, Gwen...but...considering all the stunts you've pulled since you came to town -- the lies you've told -- forgive me for not buying it. [But] I'll give you the benefit of the doubt...if you can explain why you have these painkillers in the first place -- [and] if you can't, then I'm gonna hand them over to Jack, and he can decide what to do with you," Xander responded. "You bloody bastard!" Gwen spat before lunging at Xander in an effort to seize the envelope that contained the bag of pills -- and Jack entered the house during the struggle.

"This is my home, not the Octagon -- if you want to live under this roof, then cool it with the damn wrestling matches!" Jack warned, distracting Xander long enough for Gwen to snatch the envelope. "I was trying to watch television, and Xander here decided to chuck me out of the room because he wanted to work out, [so] he took the remote from me...and I retaliated by taking this envelope of his," Gwen claimed. "Gwen's version of the story is utter bull -- so, would you like to hear the truth?" Xander offered. "Hold that thought," Jack requested before stepping into another room to respond to a text message about an emergency at the Spectator office.

"I can't believe you told him that envelope was mine!" Xander snapped at Gwen once the coast was clear. "Your word against mine, Cook," Gwen reasoned with a shrug. "As soon as Jack gets off that call, I'm gonna tell him what you pulled, and we'll see who he believes!" Xander warned. "For the last bloody time, I'm not selling drugs! Somebody is forcing me to deliver these envelopes against my will, okay? [Now], you say that you care about Jack -- [well], if that is true, you will drop this now, because he is the one who will suffer the most if I have to explain it to him!" Gwen vaguely explained -- and Jack returned before Xander could respond. "Where were we?" Jack began. "You were right, Jack -- Gwen and I were just acting like spoiled children," Xander summarized before apologizing to Gwen, who responded in kind.

At the Brady-Johnson townhouse, Steve told Kayla about what had recently happened at Julie's Place. "Are you serious? I knew that [Rafe] was giving [Ava] a place to stay, [her]? Come on!" Kayla grumbled. "Yeah... [Anyway], Ava said some things --" Steve continued. "Do I even want to know?" Kayla interjected. "She apologized for everything she put us through -- she went on and on about how sorry she is and how committed she is to being a better person," Steve elaborated. "Well, she's playing some kind of game -- I [just] hope that Rafe can see through it...and that he doesn't get hurt," Kayla declared. "So do I...but I'm pretty sure Rafe can take care of himself," Steve responded.

Sami passed through the town square while thinking about Nicole's earlier claim that nothing had happened with Xander on the night that they had been seen entering the Salem Inn together. "My brother deserves to know if his slut wife was cheating on him with Xander, [so] I'm gonna find proof -- and [then] Nicole Walker is going down," Sami muttered while approaching the Salem Inn. "If you're stupid enough to harass Nicole, you better be willing to pay the consequences," Ava called out from behind. "Are you gonna go all 'mob boss' on me?" Sami asked dismissively. "Oh, no -- I'm done with the mob," Ava patiently replied.

"[Look], I'm trying to protect my brother, [okay]? Long-distance marriages are difficult, and they can only work if both people are committed -- and it's clear to me that Nicole is not committed," Sami explained. "According to you... Well, but I guess you can relate, right? Since you're obviously in a similar situation with your own husband... So, tell me -- how's your long-distance marriage going?" Ava countered. "I'm not willing to discuss my marriage...or, really, anything else...with you until I find out whether or not you're gonna take responsibility for what your son did to my daughter," Sami coolly declared.

"I do take responsibility for what my son did to your daughter. I blame myself for what Charlie did and the person that he became, and I would give anything to be able to go back and be the mother that he deserved and give him the love that he needed. It's the biggest regret of my life, and I am truly so sorry for what he did to Allie," Ava stressed -- and the apparent sincerity behind the words left Sami speechless. "I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, too -- more than my fair share -- and what Charlie did to Allie was...awful...but something beautiful did come from it," Sami acknowledged after recovering. "Our sweet little Henry," Ava concluded for Sami.

"I guess we'll be competing to see who can spoil him more," Ava joked. "Challenge accepted," Sami responded. "And, since we share a grandson, I'm sure that we will be seeing more of each other," Ava added. "Yeah, I guess so -- and not just because of Henry; I think that Tripp and Allie are getting closer these days," Sami raved. "Yeah -- Tripp told me," Ava agreed.

"[Anyway], I am late for a dinner date, [but] I'm glad that we had this conversation --" Ava declared. "So am I -- [and] I'm sorry that it didn't start off well," Sami stressed. "Me, too -- but, to be clear, just because we're simpatico with Allie and Tripp and Henry... I meant what I said [earlier] -- Nicole is a good woman, and she has been to hell and back way too many times in her life, [so]...please, do not add to her suffering," Ava reiterated before rushing off. "You have too much faith in your friend, Ava -- Nicole is cheating on Eric...and I'm gonna prove it," Sami muttered before entering the Salem Inn.

At the Brady Pub, Nicole ordered a glass of wine from Roman, who guessed that it hadn't been easy to deal with Eric's extended absence. "I just hope he appreciates how understanding you are -- and how lucky he is to have such a patient and caring wife," Roman declared. "I think you're giving me too much credit -- I'm actually not that patient," Nicole admitted. "Well, in that case, sounds like my son should get back home soon!" Roman mused as Nicole laughed awkwardly. "Look, as much as I love and respect Eric -- and I do... It is not right or fair for him to expect you to be alone this long," Roman insisted -- just as Rafe approached and wondered if Nicole wanted some company.

Rafe's arrival triggered an abrupt change of topic. "Maybe [Jan's] coma will be permanent this time...but, just to be safe, maybe keep her in restraints?" Roman suggested. "That's actually not a bad idea," Rafe admitted. "Whatever you want, it's on the house," Roman offered as a reward for a job well done -- but Rafe only ordered a beer. "I'm actually meeting Ava for dinner," Rafe explained, drawing a forced smile from Nicole.

Nicole argued, after Roman stepped aside to serve other customers, that Rafe should have taken advantage of the free dinner then used the savings to do something else with Ava afterward. "It's been a very long day," Rafe declared. "Oh -- so, you probably just want to hit the sack," Nicole translated. "Not yet..." Rafe suggestively insisted, making Nicole squirm uncomfortably. "But I actually do want to talk to you...[about] you knowing that Ava and I slept together," Rafe added, making Nicole squirm even more. "I'm so sorry -- [look], I'd just gotten used to stopping by [unannounced] when I would look after [our teddy bear]... Now I will definitely call before I come over," Nicole stressed.

"[But] I'm happy for both of you -- I really am!" Nicole insisted. "Not that you need my approval, because your relationship is really none of my business..." Nicole acknowledged. "And how I feel -- I mean, I'm sure it doesn't really matter to you, and nor should it, because --" Nicole continued. "Just because I am with Ava, that does not mean that you don't matter to me or that I won't always be here for you," Rafe assured Nicole. "That means a lot to me. And vice versa!" Nicole responded. "Good -- [then] how 'bout we talk about you and Xander?" Rafe suggested -- and Nicole, who had just taken a sip of wine, nearly choked on the drink in response.

"You remember -- the whole scene in the idiot's room about how you were there to hire him?" Rafe elaborated, drawing a sigh of relief from Nicole. "You will be happy to know that I talked to Brady, and he wasn't thrilled about it," Nicole revealed. "Why were you even considering working with [Xander, though]? He kidnapped you, he blackmailed... Wait -- is that what this is about? Does he have something over you?" Rafe guessed -- but Ava entered the pub before Nicole could decide how to respond. "Sorry I'm late -- I ran into Sami," Ava began to complain, drawing a groan from Nicole and making Rafe a bit uncomfortable. "I'm sorry -- she was actually quite civil to me today," Ava backpedaled while elaborating.

Ava invited Nicole to stay for dinner, but the offer was politely declined. "We will finish our conversation later," Rafe warned Nicole, who forced a smile in response then rushed off. "Something is going on between her and Xander -- [and] I wish she'd tell me," Rafe fretted to Ava once the coast was clear. "I wouldn't worry about it, because Nicole can handle herself," Ava advised.

Rafe informed Ava that Jan had killed Charlie. "Wow... Well, I guess it's good that we now know the truth...[but that] doesn't make it any easier for me to forgive myself for just not being the mother that Charlie needed -- [or, actually], not being a mother to him at all," Ava admitted. "You were going through a lot --" Rafe reasoned. "There's no excuse...but I appreciate you trying to help me feel better," Ava stressed.

While passing through the town square, Nicole ran into Sami, who had just emerged from the Salem Inn. "You know, I [just] spoke to the manager, [and] he said that there was no Nicole Walker or Nicole Brady who had a room the night that I saw you and Xander stumble into the inn," Sami revealed. "I charged the room to Basic Black," Nicole claimed. "Is that really the best you can come up with?" Sami asked incredulously. "I have a receipt in my purse," Nicole coolly replied. "[Then] let's see it," Sami demanded -- and, after a lengthy search, Nicole managed to produce the document and hand it over for inspection.

"Okay, maybe you slithered out of this...for now...but I know you, Nicole -- I know how you operate -- [so], for my brother's sake, I will be watching you," Sami warned before returning the document then storming off. "And I know how you operate -- that's why I dummied up this receipt beforehand. I just hope this little piece of paper is enough to keep you from finding out the truth," Nicole muttered once the coast was clear. "Oh, my God -- of all the horrible, stupid things that I have done in my life, sleeping with Xander may be the worst one of them all," Nicole fretted.

Xander overhears Gwen talk to Snyder Xander overhears Gwen talk to Snyder

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Paulina moved into her new Salem apartment. "No lanai, no beach view, no palm trees, but it will have to do," Paulina said as she looked around the living room of apartment 227. As Paulina sat down at her desk to work, she thought about her conversation with Abe about diversifying the businesses in the square. "Oh, Abe, I'm sorry for lying to you about my intentions, but it's not personal. It's just business," Paulina said.

In the square, Lani and Abe talked over breakfast about Paulina's plans for the square. "The city has gone all out to attract a whole diverse group of small business owners," Abe said. Lani complimented Abe on his efforts to draw in people, as well. When Abe asked about Chanel, Lani said that Chanel had decided to sleep in rather than join them for breakfast.

"I just really hope that her bakery gets approval, she'll get her life on track, and she will get her own place," Lani said. "So, she has overstayed her welcome," Abe said with a chuckle. Lani said that she and Eli were happy to have Chanel for a couple days but that the apartment was too small for a long-term arrangement.

After breakfast, Abe took the twins over to Paulina's new apartment. "I couldn't have asked for a better surprise," Paulina said. "We wanted to welcome you to your new home, and it is lovely," Abe said. Paulina said she was fond of her new home. Abe told Paulina that he was glad she had decided to stay in Salem. When Abe turned the discussion to Chanel's proposal, Paulina chuckled.

"It's the best that I've seen. I was going to present it to the city council for final approval," Abe said. Paulina's eyes widened with surprise. "I don't think that's such a good idea," Paulina said. Confused, Abe asked why. Paulina argued that Chanel had never committed to anything long-term. Abe noted that Chanel's application had been thoughtful and thorough.

"You've been after [Chanel] to stand on her own two feet, so now, isn't it possible that she is finally going to do it?" Abe asked. Paulina pointed out Chanel's recent actions with Theo and Xander as proof that Chanel could not be trusted to work hard. Paulina added that if Chanel had been willing to con her own mother, then Chanel would be willing to do the same to the city. Abe argued that the law would prevent any fraud. Paulina warned Abe that Chanel's plan was either a whim or a con.

"Tell me the real reason you want me to turn her down," Abe said. "You got me. I don't think Chanel is a big risk," Paulina said. Confused, Abe asked Paulina why she would stop Chanel. "I don't want to see [Chanel] get hurt. The odds of starting a successful business, especially in this economy, are slim," Paulina said. Abe reminded Paulina that it was their job to let their children stand on their own, even if that meant failure.

"Chanel has no experience whatsoever," Paulina said. "At one point, neither did you. But look at you now. You are a superstar!" Abe said with a laugh. Abe advised Paulina to set aside her fears. "I have a feeling that [Chanel] may really surprise you. And that's the whole point of this project, right? Eliminating prejudice, embracing inclusion, believing in people who might otherwise be ignored or overlooked? We can help them shine," Abe said. Abe encouraged Paulina to believe in her daughter.

"You're right. Chanel is a grown woman. If this is something she wants to do, I gotta let her try. Come what may. Thank you for helping me see that," Paulina said. As baby Carver started to cry, Abe took him into the other room for a diaper change. Paulina cooed over Jules. "My little girl sure has picked a fine time to try and get her act together. Guess we'll just have to find a way to make it up to her," Paulina whispered.

When Abe was finished with Carver, he asked Paulina to join him and the twins on a walk. Delighted to spend time with the babies, Paulina eagerly accepted. On the way out the door, Paulina set the alarm, but she failed to lock the door.

In the Carver apartment, Eli poured a cup of coffee and reveled in the silence. Eli spilled his coffee on the floor, and when he failed to find a dish towel, he used the towel that was wrapped around his waist to clean up the mess. Chanel wandered into the room. "Look who is up early," Chanel said. Eli jumped to his feet, and he wrapped the towel back around his waist. When Eli cursed in frustration, Chanel asked him why he kept getting naked in the kitchen.

"I thought I was alone. Lani told me that you were going to breakfast with Abe," Eli said. "I overslept," Chanel said. With a groan, Eli told Chanel that she needed to find a job rather than sleep the day away. Chanel told Eli that she had been up late, working on a plan. With a grin, Chanel handed her notebook to Eli. Eli looked over the notebook, and he told Chanel that he was impressed with her work.

"A lot of small businesses fail their first year, and you're going to need more than just enthusiasm. You need capital. I take it your mom's helping you out with that?" Eli asked. Chanel said she was not sure. Chanel confessed that she wanted to grow her business without her mother's help. "You just don't want her to be disappointed," Eli said. Chanel told Eli he had pinpointed her issue.

"You must be excellent at getting people to confess," Chanel joked. Eli explained that he had learned that skill because he had worked with a mentor and partners. "I'm not doing the bakery alone. My BFF from London is doing it with me," Chanel said. "The girl you kissed?" Eli asked. Chanel was defensive. Eli explained that working with a romantic partner could be great, or it could be a disaster.

"It was just one kiss. Now it is all about cupcakes, cookies, and our newest addition, doughnuts," Chanel said. "Now you are talking a cop's language," Eli said with a laugh. Eli flipped through Chanel's notebook. When Lani returned home, Chanel and Eli were sitting close together on the couch, looking at the notebook. Eli asked Lani to have a look at the logo.

"I'd love to see it, but I can't see it if you don't make space," Lani said pointedly. Chanel slid down the couch to make room for Lani. Lani sat down and stared daggers at Chanel.

As Abe and Paulina walked through the square with the twins, Abe told Paulina that Alice and Tom would be proud of Paulina's efforts to transform the square. "And I am, too," Abe added. "None of it would be possible without your help and support," Paulina said. Abe agreed that he and Paulina made a good team.

At Paulina's apartment, Chanel knocked on the front door. When no one answered, Chanel checked the handle, and the door opened. Chanel called out to her mother but there was no answer. With a sigh, Chanel looked around the room, and she noticed her mother's folder with the plans for the square. Chanel opened the blueprints, and she furrowed her brow.

In the Horton house, Gwen watched Xander sleep on the couch. Gwen tiptoed into the room to retrieve her purse. After Gwen confirmed that the envelope of pills was in the bag, she turned to leave. "Where are you sneaking off to, Gwen?" Xander asked. Gwen said she had been making an effort not to wake Xander. Xander asked to finish their previous conversation about the pills. Annoyed, Gwen told Xander to mind his business. Xander grabbed the purse, and he snatched the envelope.

"I'm going to hold onto these," Xander said. Xander demanded to know about the details of Gwen's pill scheme. "If you care about Jack, you will drop this, because he is the one that's going to suffer the most if he finds out about what I'm doing," Gwen said. Xander scoffed. When Xander pointed out Gwen's actions to smear the family, Gwen reiterated that she had schemed before she had learned the truth about Laura's actions.

With a grin, Gwen snatched the knitted blanket from Xander's waist. "Julie went ballistic when I laid one finger on [this blanket]. What do you think she is going to say when I tell her that you were rolling around in this all night, half-naked?" Gwen said. With a smirk, Xander said Julie had already seen him wrapped in the blanket. Gwen grabbed the envelope and raced for the door. Xander leaped over the couch, and he cut off Gwen's exit.

"[I won't move] until I know who you're working for and what they have on you," Xander growled. "I have done something that I truly regret. Every time I think about what I did, I am deeply ashamed. I feel sick about it. Can you not understand that? I'm just trying to move past it now," Gwen said. Xander noted that he had a lot of regrets in his life. Xander offered to help Gwen with her blackmailer, but she refused.

"If you get involved, this is going to make everything so much worse. I can handle this by myself," Gwen said. "I think you're making a mistake," Xander said. Xander stepped out of the way, and he agreed not to tell Jack about the pills. Once Xander was out of the room, Gwen answered a phone call from Snyder. "I don't think this arrangement is going to work. Which means I'm gonna have a nice long talk with your father," Snyder threatened.

In the hallway, Xander eavesdropped as Gwen talked to Snyder on the phone. Snyder complained that the pill delivery was overdue. "No, Dr. Snyder, please. Just stay at the hospital and tend to your patients. I will get this done. Mark my words," Gwen promised.

At the hospital, Allie ran into Tripp after she visited Kate. Tripp asked Allie out to dinner. "Maybe. Text me," Allie said. Allie rushed off. As Kayla approached, she asked Tripp how things were going with Allie. "I thought they were going really well, but I'm getting the feeling that she is interested in someone else," Tripp said. Tripp told Kayla about his kiss with Allie and how she had reacted.

"Did you know why?" Kayla asked. "She had a memory of what happened with Charlie," Tripp said. Tripp told Kayla that he wanted to respect Kayla's privacy, but he also wanted to ask for her advice about Allie. Kayla reminded Tripp of when she had helped him set up a dinner with Ciara.

"You said that you would never push Ciara to do something that she didn't want to," Kayla said. "I didn't push Allie, either," Tripp countered. "My point is that you've been with a survivor before. And like Allie, Ciara pushed away from you, too, remember?" Kayla said. "All I want is for Allie to feel safe with me. I don't know what to do," Tripp said. Kayla asked Tripp how he had reacted to Allie when she had pulled away. Tripp told Kayla that Allie had told him she had had a flash. "I knew right away she was talking about Charlie," Tripp said. Tripp admitted he had felt anger at Charlie in that moment.

"That's natural to feel protective of people we care about," Kayla said. Kayla advised Tripp to give Allie space. Tripp told Kayla that he had offered to leave, but Allie had asked him to stay and hang out. "I was fine with that. Allie, you know, takes the lead. Period. End of story," Tripp stressed. Kayla chuckled. "This is just like the conversation that we had about Ciara," Kayla said. Tripp said he supported Allie, no matter what relationship Allie wanted to have with him.

"It's clear to me that you already know what to do," Kayla said. As Tripp thanked Kayla for listening to him, Snyder interrupted. Snyder reminded Tripp that his advancement at the hospital was dependent on Snyder, not Kayla. When Snyder warned Tripp not to take long coffee breaks, Tripp noted that his rounds did not start for 30 minutes. With a nod, Snyder left.

"[Snyder] has no right to talk to you like that," Kayla said. Tripp told Kayla that he did not mind Snyder's attitude with him, but he did not like it when Snyder was mean to patients. Tripp informed Kayla about the scene he had witnessed between Snyder and Gwen. "I definitely got a weird vibe like he was threatening her," Tripp said.

After Allie left Tripp, she went to visit Marlena in her office. Allie said she was hopeful that everyone could move on, since Charlie's murder had been solved, but she was not so sure. "I know we talked about this before in our therapy sessions, but I just thought that by now I would've moved on more than I have," Allie confessed. Allie asked Marlena for advice on how to deal with her trauma. When Marlena asked for details, Allie told Marlena about her evening with Tripp.

"Were you having thoughts about what happened with Charlie?" Marlena asked. "Yes. And you know, Tripp did nothing wrong. I felt very comfortable and safe. Yet, still the memory came to me. And it was so vivid and upsetting," Allie admitted. "Is this the first time since London that you've tried to have something physical with another person?" Marlena asked. Allie thought about Chanel. "No," Allie said. Allie told Marlena about her kiss with Chanel.

"Do you have some feeling about kissing a woman?" Marlena asked. "I feel fine with it, but she is just a friend," Allie said. Marlena asked Allie if both she and the friend felt the same way. Allie said yes, and she told Marlena about the bakery. When Marlena turned the conversation back to Tripp, Allie admitted that she was attracted to Tripp, but she was worried about the flashbacks to Charlie.

"I can't tell you how long it is going to be until you stop having those flashbacks. I can tell you that I'm very pleased that you are able to be so open about all of it," Marlena said. Marlena advised Allie to talk to Tripp about her feelings and to take the relationship as slowly as Allie needed to take it. "Do you trust [Tripp] enough to do that?" Marlena asked. Allie shrugged.

After Allie hugged her grandmother goodbye, she returned to the nurses' station to talk to Tripp. Allie started to apologize, but Tripp cut her off. "There is nothing to apologize for. I know you're dealing with a lot, and I just want to give you as much space as you need," Tripp said. Allie accepted Tripp's dinner invitation. "Then it's a date," Tripp said. Allie smiled at him.

Gwen returned to the Horton house after her drug run, and she ran into Kayla on the porch. "I assumed you were here for Jack," Gwen said. Kayla explained that she was there to talk to Gwen about Snyder.

At the hospital, Snyder entered an exam room and introduced himself to a new patient. "And you are?" Snyder asked. "Cook. Xander Cook," Xander said. When Snyder asked what was wrong, Xander grinned. "I am so glad you asked," Xander said.

Xander warns Snyder to leave Gwen alone Xander warns Snyder to leave Gwen alone

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Abe continued chatting with Paulina -- whose cell phone eventually chimed, interrupting the conversation. "It's the app on my security system -- seems I left the condo door ajar... You know, I was afraid I didn't do something right when I closed it... I'm sorry -- I better go and check it out," Paulina explained to Abe before admiring the twins once more then rushing off.

Meanwhile, at Paulina's condominium, Chanel continued inspecting the blueprints for the revamp of the Horton Town Square. "This doesn't make any sense... What are you up to, Mama?" Chanel eventually muttered -- just as Paulina entered the condominium. "Lani gave me the addy to your new digs, so I came by to show you my ideas for the bakery --" Chanel began to explain. "And since I wasn't here, you decided to snoop?" Paulina concluded. "I wasn't 'snooping' -- it was just lying there, waiting to be read --" Chanel argued. "You were snooping!" Paulina maintained while snatching the blueprints and refolding them.

"I thought you were combining the buildings to create an indoor marketplace for small businesses," Chanel admitted. "I am!" Paulina insisted. "Those blueprints look like they're for one big building," Chanel noted. "[Then they're] for a project back in Miami -- my assistant must have put [them] in the wrong folder... [I mean], you know Mary -- she's always messing things up..." Paulina stammered. "Didn't she send your luggage to Paris, Texas, once instead of Paris, France?" Chanel recalled. "Best excuse ever for a shopping spree!" Paulina declared.

Paulina quickly changed the subject, announcing that Abe had approved Chanel's application for Sweet Bits. "It's totally happening!" Chanel raved. "It seems to be..." Paulina agreed. "You don't think I can do it," Chanel translated. "Chanel, this isn't whipping up a batch of cookies when you get the munchies -- this is a real commitment [that will require] long hours, hard work, getting up early when you'd rather party all night..." Paulina warned. "And I swear I'm committed!" Chanel stressed before showing off plans for the bakery -- and leaving Paulina speechless at the end of the presentation.

"I think you have some great ideas," Paulina admitted after recovering. "[Then] say you're excited for me!" Chanel begged. "I'm just worried about you taking on such a huge project all by yourself," Paulina stressed. "Oh, it's not just me -- one of my besties is gonna be my right-hand woman," Chanel clarified. "Working with friends -- now, that can be tricky..." Paulina warned, but Chanel dismissed the concern.

"Well, then... [This is] absolutely wonderful!" Paulina declared with a forced smile, drawing a squeal of delight from Chanel. "[You know, my friend is] getting a secret family recipe for these bomb-ass doughnuts, [and] I was thinking we should have something [on the menu] that's passed down from our family, Grandma's sweet potato pie -- remember when we used to make it together at Thanksgiving? [So], how 'bout we make one right now? I want to make sure it's as good as I remember," Chanel suggested, drawing another forced smile from Paulina.

Chanel surprised Paulina with a kiss on the cheek as an expression of gratitude then rushed off to shop for supplies. "There's something I gotta tell you..." Paulina began with a sigh of guilt when Chanel returned. "I'm very proud of you, and I just know you and your bakery will be the biggest thing to ever hit Salem!" Paulina concluded, unable to finish the confession.

At the Horton house, Kayla vaguely explained that someone had recently suggested that Snyder might have threatened Gwen during one of their appointments. "What the hell did Xander tell you?" Gwen snapped before realizing that Kayla was actually talking about Tripp. "Why did you think that I was talking about Xander?" Kayla wondered. "'Cause...he's...always stirring up trouble, isn't he?" Gwen reasoned with a shrug.

"[Anyway], I think Tripp misread the situation," Gwen claimed. "[So], you don't think that Dr. Snyder did anything inappropriate?" Kayla translated. "He doesn't have the best bedside manner,, I have no complaints," Gwen insisted. "Okay, then..." Kayla responded before starting to leave. "I appreciate you reaching out -- I know I'm not your favorite person, considering how close you are with Abigail," Gwen called out. "Whatever may have happened between the two of you --" Kayla began. "What happened between us is that she caused me to lose my baby!" Gwen snapped before quickly apologizing for the outburst, drawing a diplomatic nod from Kayla.

At the hospital, Xander claimed that a friend had recommended Snyder as the best doctor to talk to about making a pain in the neck go away. "Who's your friend?" Snyder wondered. "Gwen Rizczech," Xander answered. "Lovely young woman," Snyder declared. "I don't know about that... Obnoxious, annoying, definitely has an attitude problem --" Xander countered.

"I thought you said she was your friend," Snyder protested. "Did I? [Then] I misspoke -- she's the daughter of my friend," Xander clarified. "[Anyway], she said you gave her excellent care after her accident -- [and] some really strong painkillers..." Xander elaborated. "Yes, well...she was in a great deal of pain," Snyder reasoned. "That would explain why she has such a great big bag of them!" Xander conceded with a shrug, pretending to have bought the story.

"What that doesn't explain, though, is why you're making her deliver them to other people," Xander continued with a scowl, dropping the act. "There must be some misunderstanding -- I would never suggest a patient share their prescribed medications with anyone --" Snyder insisted. "Hey, I'm not a cop, okay? I really don't give a damn if you are running an illegal drug ring out of this hospital. Just leave Gwen out of it," Xander advised. "I'm not forcing Ms. Rizczech to do anything -- she and I have a mutually beneficial arrangement; she runs errands for me...and I, in return, keep her secret about her miscarriage," Snyder explained. "What secret?" Xander wondered.

"Hmm. Apparently, Ms. Rizczech hasn't told you the whole story," Snyder teased. "So, enlighten me," Xander requested. "You're not suggesting that I break doctor-patient confidentiality, are you?" Snyder protested. "Why not? I mean, I don't suspect that ethics are especially high on your list of priorities..." Xander reasoned.

"Mind your own damn business," Snyder advised. "Gwen is my business...[and] if you mess with her, you mess with me," Xander stressed. "You don't intimidate me, Mr. Cook -- must be the paper gown, mate," Snyder countered, mockingly mimicking Xander's accent. "Maybe," Xander agreed before grabbing Snyder by the lab coat. "Leave. Gwen. Alone. Or you're the one who will be in serious need of painkillers," Xander warned before releasing Snyder with a hard shove then ripping off the paper gown and exiting the examination room, still shirtless.

Xander headed back to the Horton house -- where Gwen was getting an earful from Snyder. "I'll take care of it," Gwen promised before hanging up on Snyder. "He called, did he? That was fast... Quaking in his boots, I imagine?" Xander mused after answering Gwen's questions about the matter. "Well, I don't know if he was quaking, 'cause it was on the phone...[but] I heard lots of anger in his voice -- which is a bit of a problem, [since] he is blackmailing me!" Gwen snapped.

"I'll pay the good doctor another visit --" Xander offered. "If you threaten him, he will destroy my life!" Gwen fretted. "Because of what he knows about your miscarriage?" Xander summarized. "Do not bring up my miscarriage ever again!" Gwen warned. "I understand that it's a touchy subject --" Xander responded. "You heartless cretin -- you have no idea what [losing a child] is like!" Gwen argued. "True...but I did help Sarah raise a baby for a year, and I loved that little girl like she was my own, and then we had to give her up... I'm not saying it's the same thing, but I can imagine, just a little bit, the pain you must be going through -- and this son of a bitch Snyder is making it worse, so...if you change your mind and decide you do want some help, you just let me know," Xander countered.

At the hospital, Kayla questioned Snyder about Gwen's medical records, which were nowhere to be found. "She is my husband's niece, and I told him that I would pay special attention to her, [so I would] like to see her file...and, since I'm chief of staff, I am entitled to that..." Kayla explained. "Yes, I'm aware...but I don't really think there's anything out of the ordinary to see there --" Snyder stammered. "But you don't have a problem with me looking at her you?" Kayla wondered. "No...[but] I am afraid those records are not yet in the system [because] I handwrite everything -- I'm old-fashioned that way... [Look], I will make sure and have those records uploaded as soon as possible," Snyder answered before walking away, leaving Kayla even more suspicious than before.

At Julie's Place, Nicole thought about what Sami had said at the end of their encounter the previous day. "Sami won't give up until she proves I cheated on Eric [with Xander]..." Nicole conceded with a sigh before producing a tablet computer and starting to compose an email to send to Eric, who had not been answering phone calls recently, as a way of beating Sami to the punch with a full confession.

"I can't believe I'm gonna do this..." Nicole muttered before taking a deep breath then preparing to send the email -- but Abe entered the restaurant with the twins just then and called out a greeting. "It's so good to see you -- [and] I'm so glad I finally get to meet [Jules and Carver]!" Nicole gushed while turning off the tablet computer, leaving the email unsent.

"Yeah -- it's been awhile... How have you been? You know, Roman told me that Eric has extended his stay in Africa --" Abe responded. "Again..." Nicole bitterly confirmed. "He's been gone a long time --" Abe acknowledged. "Eight months, twelve days, and two be exact," Nicole grumbled.

"I know that he is needed there...but he is needed here, too; I need him! And I've just gotten so angry and resentful that he's chose to stay there so long, and I'm just [consumed with] this huge guilt --" Nicole fretted. "About what?" Abe wondered. "Eric is off on some selfless mission, helping people in need, and I'm here, complaining about how hard this is for me," Nicole, who might have been about to blurt out something else before the interruption, answered. "It's understandable [that] you're lonely, sad, and frustrated," Abe insisted.

"I just don't know how much longer I can live like this... [Anyway], I was gonna send Eric an email -- and I'll spare you the gory details, but...if I do send it, I'm pretty sure it will be the end of our marriage," Nicole admitted, fighting back tears. "Is that what you want?" Abe wondered. "Of course not...but there's truths in this email that I don't think even a saint like Eric could get past," Nicole responded. "I doubt that's true. What you and Eric have [already] been through would have torn most couples apart, [but] your love just got stronger," Abe argued. "[But] it has been less than a year, and my marriage is already falling apart," Nicole noted.

"I'm just starting to think that maybe marriage wasn't for me -- you know, maybe it's not in the cards for me --" Nicole fretted. "Oh, don't say that --" Abe protested. "[And] I'm just in awe of people who can make a marriage last forever -- like you and Lexie did," Nicole continued. "Well, it wasn't always smooth sailing for Lexie and me -- Stefano was a huge problem --" Abe stressed. "And so was my brother," Nicole recalled, making Abe squirm a bit.

"I don't mean to pry, did you get past that?" Nicole wondered. "Lexie's infidelity? It wasn't easy, obviously -- my pride was hurt, our trust was broken... I almost walked away, [but] there was one simple truth [that stopped me from doing that] -- Lexie was the love of my life, and there was nobody else on the entire earth that I wanted to be with more," Abe stammered. "Do you think it would have been better if you didn't know about her affair?" Nicole asked. "No, I don't -- [knowing the truth allowed us to] work together to get past it; if she had kept that secret, [it] would have destroyed our marriage," Abe replied.

After Abe left, Nicole again prepared to send the confession to Eric. "I can't do it -- I can't lose you, Eric," Nicole decided, saving the email to a draft folder instead.

Lucas rushed over to the Evans-Black townhouse after receiving an urgent text message from Sami. "I need your help desperately -- it's a matter of life and death!" Sami began, worrying Lucas, who gamely agreed to do whatever was needed. "Awesome -- okay, you can start by taking your shirt off --" Sami continued. "Really? I thought we weren't gonna do that anymore...[but] I showered, so we're good --" Lucas, who was wearing a dress shirt, excitedly declared while undoing its buttons. "We're not having sex! [Look], you're gonna just put this on --" Sami clarified while producing a storage case and revealing its contents.

"Is that a wire? I'm not putting a wire on!" Lucas protested while redoing the buttons. "Why not? It's John's -- I mean, it's fancy, it's official..." Sami argued. "You stole it from him?" Lucas guessed. "I borrowed it from him!" Sami claimed. "Why?" Lucas wondered. "Isn't it obvious? Nicole cheated on my brother with Xander -- and you are gonna help me prove it," Sami answered.

"No way," Lucas insisted. "You haven't even heard my idea! [Listen], all you have to do is go to Nicole, wear the wire, and convince her that you and I had this huge fight --" Sami began to explain. "That part's believable..." Lucas muttered. "And that I'm obsessing about this idea that she had a disgusting affair with Xander --" Sami continued. "Again, spot on..." Lucas acknowledged. "Focus, please, [because] this is the important part -- then you give her 'the Lucas eyes' --" Sami continued. "What?" Lucas sputtered. "You know -- that thing you do when you look at someone and make 'em feel like you can see into their soul [so] they just want to confess everything to you --" Sami clarified. "How's that work with you?" Lucas wondered.

"Stay with me here -- the point is, you're gonna do that with Nicole...[and] maybe throw a few drinks her way [for good measure]...and then, when she tells you she's a whore, I'll have the whole thing on tape!" Sami concluded. "It's never gonna work," Lucas predicted. "It's totally gonna work," Sami countered before starting to undo the buttons of Lucas' shirt. "Have you lost your damn mind?" Lucas snapped, pulling away from Sami and redoing the buttons again. "Maybe you should try [that 'fake brain tumor' thing] with Nicole -- that might soften her up --" Sami suggested while reaching for Lucas' shirt again. "All right, I'm outta here --" Lucas decided after dodging Sami again.

"Please, Lucas -- I have to protect my brother!" Sami reasoned before revealing what had happened the previous day. "That receipt is fake -- just like [Nicole] is!" Sami insisted. "She cheated on her husband, and she shouldn't get away with it --" Sami tried to conclude. "What is this about, really? Is this because Nicole cheated on Eric...or because you cheated on E.J.?" Lucas wondered.

"It's called 'projecting,'" Lucas recalled. "What, are you my mother now?" Sami snapped as Lucas produced a cell phone and checked online for the textbook definition of the term to confirm that it was the correct one to apply to the situation. "Yeah -- 'projecting: attributing one's own unacceptable urges to another,'" Lucas read aloud to Sami, who reluctantly conceded the point. "I hate what I did to E.J. -- and it's just easier to hate Nicole instead," Sami admitted, fighting back tears.

"I love E.J., [so] I don't understand how I could hurt him like this!" Sami fretted. "Maybe you're also in love with me," Lucas argued. "I am married to E.J. --" Sami protested. "Hell of a marriage..." Lucas muttered. "I have to believe that he is gonna come around --" Sami reasoned. "And what if he doesn't? [Look], I know you like a good challenge, and I know you don't like to give up, but it takes two to make a marriage work," Lucas countered.

"I think we should give us another shot. [Well, actually], I hadn't really thought about it until now...[but] we've been getting along pretty good [lately, and] we have been in love with each other since we were kids...and now that we're older, we're the best versions of ourselves -- smarter and wiser... Well, some of us are wiser -- you did confess to murdering Charlie Dale, which wasn't too smart --" Lucas declared. "It was a lot smarter than faking a brain tumor!" Sami interjected. "[And] dress up like Stan and pose as a doctor --" Lucas continued. "See? This is where we always end up --" Sami argued. "This is where we tear each other's clothes off and go at it like --" Lucas countered.

"We're bickering --" Sami maintained. "It's called 'magic' -- that's what we have; it's honest, it's real, and it's passionate, and I have never had it with anybody but you, and I want it again --" Lucas clarified. "I have a husband -- what E.J. and I had --" Sami stammered. "'Had' -- like...past tense, not now? I'm here now -- I'm your present! [Look], I'm all in if you are," Lucas responded before gazing at Sami pointedly. "What are you doing?" Sami wondered. "Giving you 'the Lucas eyes' -- is it working?" Lucas answered. "Oh, Lucas..." Sami swooned.

Someone knocked on the townhouse door just then. "Oh, my God -- do you think that's E.J.?" Sami whispered. "Paranoid much? It's probably Rafe again! You said the same thing last time!" Lucas responded. "Right, of course -- I'm just being silly; it couldn't possibly be --" Sami conceded with a laugh while walking over to the townhouse door and opening it. "E.J.!" Sami observed with a gasp.

PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the French Open tennis tournament, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the schedule change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, June 14, and picked up where there Wednesday, June 9, episode concluded.

PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air

Friday, June 11, 2021

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the French Open tennis tournament, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the schedule change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, June 14, and picked up where there Wednesday, June 9, episode concluded.

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