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Chad asked Jack to talk to Abby. Gwen confessed to Jack that Xander had lied to protect her. Allie torpedoed Chanel's date with Johnny. Ciara asked Ben if he wanted to have a baby. Brady and Chloe shared a hotel room. Chloe warned Philip to curb his jealousy. Rafe told Ava that he wanted to be with her. Anna and Tony went to check on Carrie in Zurich. John and Marlena flew to Zurich to help Shane. Eli and Lani went to Miami. Calista convinced Bonnie to steal Xander's money. E.J. persuaded Nicole to rehire Xander.
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Calista convinced Bonnie to steal from Xander, Ciara and Ben talked babies, and several Salem residents headed out of Salem
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Allie and Johnny realize their shared connection to Chanel Allie and Johnny realize their shared connection to Chanel

Monday, August 30, 2021

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. received a visit from Trask, who was furious about what had just happened at the courthouse. "How the hell did you get the charges dropped against Xander Cook?" Trask challenged E.J. "I made a motion to dismiss, [and] the judge complied," E.J. reminded Trask. "[Because] the DiMera family used its influence to overrule the justice system -- again!" Trask guessed, amusing E.J.

"Has it entered your mind that I might just be better at my job than you are at yours?" E.J. teased. "A lot has changed since you last lived in Salem -- your father's dead now --" Trask began. "I'm aware of that," E.J. snapped. "[And] you may think you and your family can [still] get away with perverting justice, but I'm putting you on notice -- your days of running roughshod over the people in this town are over!" Trask concluded.

"Are we done?" E.J. asked tiredly. "Not by a long shot. For starters, I'm gonna find out how you managed to remain a member of the state bar during your long convalescence in Italy -- which included an extended period where you were mentally incompetent --" Trask suspiciously replied. "I'd be offended by that statement if I hadn't just bested you," E.J. interjected, drawing a scoff from Trask, who pointed out that it was easy to defeat an opponent after stacking the deck to ensure that outcome. "[But] I'm warning you, Mr. DiMera -- you don't want me for an enemy --" Trask stressed. "You were my enemy years ago -- I'm used to you," E.J. dismissively argued. "[Because] I won't stop digging until I find something to use against you -- and your drug-dealing client," Trask vowed. "You won't dig up anything on me that you don't already know -- as you pointed out, I've been recovering from serious injuries for years," E.J. countered.

"Did you know that your sister Kristen pushed my daughter down a flight of stairs and killed her?" Trask wondered. "No," E.J. responded. "She also broke out of prison [and then] threatened or harmed four other people, including your wife, and now she's on the run -- so, you better hope that [she] hasn't reached out to you in any way, because [if she has], I will find out," Trask declared.

"You also have a son who just showed up in Salem --" Trask recalled. "You leave Johnny out of this!" E.J. warned. "Hit a nerve, did I? Well, maybe that's because you're planning on grooming him to take over the family business --" Trask mused. "Get out of my house -- now!" E.J. demanded. "But you should really rethink that -- I mean, if you actually care about what's good for him..." Trask advised.

"I also found it interesting that you just...appeared, claiming to be Mr. Cook's lawyer, before he ever used his phone call..." Trask noted. "Xander was my caregiver for years, [starting] right after my accident -- I owe him one," E.J. explained. Trask nodded skeptically then exited the mansion with a look of determination, clearly convinced that the key to E.J.'s downfall could be found somewhere within one of the three topics they had just discussed.

At the Salem Inn, Xander ordered room service while Gwen was taking a shower. "What's all this?" Gwen asked after rejoining Xander. "I took the liberty of ordering more oysters. So, why don't you lose the robe and get back into bed -- we can gobble up this lot...and then each other," Xander replied while ogling Gwen. "I don't think so," Gwen objected. "Come on! [Look], where else would you rather be?" Xander countered. "Nowhere..." Gwen admitted.

"[But] this is completely mental, okay? I only just came over [here] to thank you for covering for me with my dad, and...that was yesterday, and I'm still here!" Gwen fretted. "What can I say? I just love the way you say 'thank you'! I skipped breakfast just so I could hear it all over again --" Xander reasoned. "And lunch -- and now it's, what, bloody happy hour --" Gwen acknowledged. "So, lose the robe, and let's get happy!" Xander begged. "Oy!" Gwen protested as Xander playfully tugged at the robe's drawstring. "Come on, love -- you know you want to," Xander teased. "I'm gonna regret this..." Gwen predicted with a groan before removing the robe and jumping back into bed with Xander.

"How many calories do you think we just burned?" Gwen asked Xander later. "Well, to my mind, we've earned the right to order down for steak and Champagne, [at least] --" Xander replied before starting to climb out of bed to use the desk phone, prompting Gwen to warn that they probably already owed the hotel quite a bit of money. "Not to mention your lawyer --" Gwen added -- just as Xander's cell phone started ringing. "Eh, I'll worry about him tomorrow..." Xander declared while reaching for the device. "Oh -- speak of the devil..." Xander observed before answering the call.

"So sorry to bail on you like this --" Xander began to explain to Gwen after ending the call. "No, it's all right -- my dad's gonna be wondering where I am, anyway..." Gwen responded. "I'll be glad to see the back of my legal troubles -- even if it is gonna cost me a literal fortune..." Xander admitted. "I really don't know how to thank you --" Gwen stressed. "You already did," Xander teased. "I'm going to miss you..." Gwen fretted. "Going somewhere?" Xander guessed. "No, but my dad would absolutely hate it if he knew that we were seeing each other -- [and] it wouldn't make sense to him, anyway, because he doesn't know that you covered for me, [so] he'd be determined to get to the bottom of this, and if he found out the truth --" Gwen clarified. "I get it...but...there's no chance we could keep it a secret -- us, our little...whatever you want to call it?" Xander begged. "In this town?" Gwen protested. "Right..." Xander muttered.

At the Horton house, Jack received a visit from Chad, who handed over a gift bag that contained something Thomas had made at a summer camp. "I was just thinking I needed a new paperweight..." Jack claimed after pulling an unidentifiable item out of the gift bag, drawing a laugh from Chad. "Good save," Chad declared before explaining to Jack that the item was supposed to be a vase -- but it had exploded in the kiln.

"I'm hoping the vase he makes for Abby is more successful -- and survives the trip to Boston, if necessary..." Chad added before fretting to Jack about the possibility that Abigail might never return to Salem. "I'm getting a version of the same treatment you're getting [from her]," Jack revealed, disappointing Chad, who had been hoping to get some insight into Abigail's state of mind.

"Can you maybe talk to Jen? I know she says that Laura's estate seems to be more complicated than she had thought, but it just feels like Abby's using that as an excuse to just stay away from me...and, like, even if she doesn't want to be around me, the kids miss their mom, you know?" Chad said to Jack, who promised to talk to Jennifer and Abigail about the matter right away.

Jack also vowed to start spending more time with Thomas and Charlotte in Abigail's absence, prompting Chad to apologize for having chosen to leave the kids at the mansion that day. "I just didn't want to take the chance of them running into their old nanny -- or that drug runner you had sleeping on your couch..." Chad explained, drawing a nod of understanding from Jack, who clarified that at least one of those concerns had been addressed.

"You're kidding!" Chad exclaimed at the end of Jack's tale. "I wish I was...but at least [Xander's now] out of here -- [and] out of [Gwen's] life -- for good," Jack responded. "Well, it's good to see you, but I should get out of here -- I don't want to run into Gwen, so --" Chad decided. "Oh, I wouldn't worry about that -- I haven't seen her since last night; actually, I'm starting to get a little worried --" Jack admitted.

As if on cue, Gwen entered the house just then. "Not quick enough..." Chad grumbled before stiffly greeting Gwen. "Where on earth have you been?" Jack challenged Gwen. "Well...I...went to bed early last night, and I woke up with the birds, and then I had an early meeting with an employment counselor, and I spent the rest of the day walking," Gwen responded. "You didn't say anything before about an employment counselor," Jack noted. "Well, I can't expect you to keep me on the dole forever," Gwen explained. "What did the counselor say?" Chad interjected. "That I would need a reference from my last job -- [and] I said that would most likely be a problem..." Gwen answered. "You were right," Chad confirmed.

Gwen nodded and forced a smile then rushed off to the kitchen to make a pot of tea. "Sorry -- I just can't, in good conscience, tell an employer that she was a good nanny, with how things ended... You're her father, [so] you feel obligated to her...[but] I do not," Chad said to Jack once the coast was clear. "I know -- I get it," Jack assured Chad.

Changing the subject, Jack again promised to talk to Jennifer and Abigail on Chad's behalf right away. "Abigail loves you, Chad -- please don't give up on [your] marriage," Jack advised. "I don't intend to..." Chad stressed before exiting the house -- just as Jack's cell phone started ringing.

"Damn it!" Jack shouted after a brief phone conversation with someone -- just as Gwen reentered the living room. "What is it?" Gwen wondered, prompting Jack to explain that Xander was no longer facing any charges. "He better stay the hell away from you -- or [else]..." Jack declared as Gwen squirmed.

Xander met with E.J. at the police station to sign some paperwork -- and Trask made a point of overseeing the entire process. "The charges will be expunged from your personal record as long as you keep to the straight and narrow for the next two years," E.J. informed Xander. "Him? Forget it..." Trask declared with a scoff.

Trask announced an intention to keep Xander's money as evidence while trying to determine if it had been obtained illegally, prompting E.J. to clarify that it was DiMera money that had been obtained from Sami in exchange for services rendered. "I suggest you contact Samantha for the details -- but good luck finding her, though; she's left town," E.J. advised. "Major trouble in paradise?" Trask teased. "My client has not broken any laws [in accepting that money]...and if you try to file new charges, I'll just work my magic all over again," E.J. snapped. "Bribe another judge, you mean," Trask responded. "Do you want the score to read 'two to zero'?" E.J. wondered.

Trask grudgingly agreed to hand over the money to Xander right away. "But be prepared to dole it out in civil settlements to the families of drug overdose victims," Trask warned Xander before storming off. "Let's hope that doesn't come to pass...because you and I know that every dollar in that briefcase is mine," E.J. said to Xander once the coast was clear.

At the town square's new bar, Allie quietly informed Tripp that Chanel's mystery man really was Johnny, of all people. Allie awkwardly greeted Johnny, who did not yet realize what was happening. "You two know each other?" Chanel asked incredulously. "You know Allie?" Johnny curiously replied. "Only since forever!" Chanel matter-of-factly confirmed. "Well, not as long as I have, guaranteed," Johnny dryly stressed.

Johnny extended a hand to Tripp, having apparently already heard all about Allie's boyfriend. "This is my...good friend Chanel... We're here to meet the BFF and her boyfriend for some drinks," Johnny explained to Tripp. "I'm the BFF," Allie clarified for Johnny as Tripp stifled a laugh. "And 'Giovanni' my twin brother," Allie informed Chanel.

Johnny and Chanel both stared at Allie in disbelief. "How did you not know?" Allie challenged Chanel. "You said you had a brother named 'Johnny' -- [but] you didn't say anything about your grandfather calling him 'Giovanni'!" Chanel reminded Allie. "Actually...he wasn't my grandfather..." Allie stressed. "'re twins..." Chanel protested. "It's...complicated -- you'd have to know my mother..." Allie declared. "So, I guess we can kind of skip the whole awkward 'getting to know you' part and just get right to drinking, yeah?" Johnny hopefully suggested, already searching for the bartender.

"You don't look anything alike," Chanel observed after Johnny returned with drinks. "Well, we have different dads, remember?" Allie responded. "I get all my good looks from my dad --" Johnny bragged. "His ego, too," Allie teased, and Johnny grudgingly conceded the point. "But that's [all] I get from him, so...don't worry," Johnny assured Chanel. "Why would I?" Chanel challenged Johnny. "How much have you heard about the DiMeras?" Johnny wondered. "Theo filled me in some on your family -- his mother was a DiMera --" Chanel recalled. "Aunt Lexie, yeah..." Johnny confirmed.

"How do you know Theo?" Johnny asked. "I was on vacation in South Africa [and] met him in Johannesburg -- we dated for a while... [Look], what can I say -- I get around..." Chanel replied. "Yeah..." Johnny muttered before gulping down some beer, drawing a shameless shrug and a teasing wink from Chanel -- and amusing Allie and Tripp.

"That 'thirst trap' guy that I was begging you to show me..." Allie suddenly realized, and Chanel apologetically confirmed the suspicion. "It was just a selfie...with my shirt off..." Johnny defensively stressed. "You were begging to see a shirtless selfie?" Tripp incredulously challenged Allie. " sure that he was up to Chanel's standards," Allie carefully assured Tripp.

"Do I pass?" Johnny wondered. "Ew -- you're my brother!" Allie objected. "No, I need to know -- I hear I've got competition," Johnny teased. "What does that mean?" Allie responded. "That the last person that Chanel kissed before me...was you," Johnny clarified. "You told Johnny we kissed? What, you've known him for, like, three days?" Allie snapped at Chanel. "I didn't tell him -- my mom opened her big mouth when Johnny and I were having drinks. Not that I care who knows about us..." Chanel explained. "There is no 'us'!" Allie insisted. "You know what I mean..." Chanel backpedaled.

"[Look, the point is], I don't go around blabbing about my past relationships to a guy I just met --" Chanel continued. "Doesn't sound like this 'relationship' is totally in the past..." Johnny observed. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Tripp snapped. "Tripp, buddy, calm down --" Johnny began. "I'm not your 'buddy' --" Tripp protested. "All I'm saying is that Allie and Chanel are still best friends and business partners -- it's not like they're not gonna see each other anymore," Johnny reasoned -- and Tripp conceded the point and backed off after a moment of thought.

"You've been holding out on me -- not only do I have a gay older brother, but I have a sister who's bi --" Johnny challenged Allie. "No, you don't -- and if you keep acting like this, Tripp and I are going to leave --" Allie snapped. "Don't blame him -- it's all my mother's fault --" Chanel interjected. "Look, I'm not judging anybody -- honestly, I thought it was kind of hot, the idea of Chanel hooking up with a woman...'til I found out it was, you know, you..." Johnny joked, further annoying Allie -- and Tripp, who quickly tossed some cash on the table.

"[That] will cover our drinks -- we're out of here," Tripp announced before starting to leave with Allie. "Look, I'm sorry --" Johnny protested. "No, you're not! When did you become E.J.?" Allie spat at Johnny before continuing to exit the bar with Tripp, ignoring Chanel's objection.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie reluctantly introduced Justin to Calista. "Is that what you said you could never explain to me -- that you have a sister-in-law I didn't know about?" Justin wondered. "She...friended me on social media after all this time, and...well, I guess I got carried away and invited her to the wedding..." Bonnie clarified. "It's your wedding as much as mine, so...if Calista's important to you, then she should be there," Justin insisted. "Oh, I am so important to Bonnie -- and I can't even tell you how important she is to me..." Calista teased.

Calista continued threatening Bonnie with the incriminating gun after Justin went to fetch a bottle of Champagne. Justin popped the cork on the bottle of Champagne while heading back to the study, and Bonnie reacted to the sound with a scream of horror, assuming that Calista had just fired the gun. "You seem a little jumpy..." Justin observed. "Wedding jitters," Bonnie explained.

Bonnie squirmed while Calista was telling Justin about Harrison's unsolved murder. Bonnie got fed up when Calista asked Justin for directions to one of the mansion's available guest rooms. Bonnie insisted on getting Calista a room at the Salem Inn instead -- for extra privacy, of course -- and Justin didn't object. Bonnie escorted Calista out of the mansion -- and tried to snatch the gun in the process but found it impossible to do so.

Johnny took Chanel back to the DiMera mansion for dinner. "I'm not that hungry," Chanel admitted to Johnny when they arrived. "You haven't been saying much -- would it have anything to do with that scene Allie made?" Johnny responded. "I can't believe you're brother and sister!" Chanel declared. "Yeah...but we are..." Johnny stressed.

"Look, the last couple of days have been...a lot of fun...but you having a thing for Allie -- things just got complicated..." Johnny noted. "For you...or for me?" Chanel wondered. "Look, I don't care if you kissed Allie -- as long as you are sure you're over her," Johnny answered. "I told you I was," Chanel reiterated. "I hope so -- I don't want to be in a rivalry over you with my sister," Johnny declared. "Then we're good, because Allie's with Tripp now -- she's happy, and so am I," Chanel maintained. "Then...I'm happy, too," Johnny stressed before kissing Chanel passionately.

At the Walker apartment, Tripp noted that Allie hadn't said much since they had left the bar earlier. "Are you upset that Chanel is seeing your brother?" Tripp guessed. "It's just...weird -- and I hate to say it, but I really hope it doesn't last," Allie admitted. "What bothers you about [it]?" Tripp wondered. "Growing up, he was my best friend -- we'd tell each other everything -- and now...I feel like I don't even know him! I mean, he was a total jerk tonight --" Allie explained. "Yeah, he was," Tripp declared. "And Chanel's my best friend -- I mean, what if he's a jerk to her?" Allie fretted. "She can take care of herself," Tripp predicted. "Still...I just hope they break it off before it gets serious," Allie stressed. "Chanel told me that they almost slept together last night..." Tripp awkwardly informed Allie after a moment of silence.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie casually asked for a blank check to pay the caterer -- but Justin insisted on handling the matter personally. Meanwhile, at the town square, Calista overheard Xander refusing to pay E.J. one million dollars until the rest of their agreement was settled. Calista soon received a phone call from Bonnie, who begged for more time. "I know exactly where you can get a million bucks..." Calista informed Bonnie.

Belle warns Philip about his jealousy Belle warns Philip about his jealousy

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

At the Brady Pub, Philip worked on his computer over dinner. Chloe called. When Philip asked about New York, Chloe explained that their plane had been grounded in Wilkes-Barre. "I knew this trip was a bad idea," Philip said. Chloe told Philip that he could reach her at the Pocono Paradise Motel. "You and Brady? Are you kidding me?" Philip said. Chloe assured Philip that it was just for the night and that she would call him in the morning.

Annoyed, Philip slammed his laptop shut as Belle walked into the pub. "Your brother is still after Chloe," Philip said. Philip told Belle about Chloe's plane trouble. "You think Brady booby-trapped his own plane?" Belle asked with a chuckle. Philip noted that Brady could have paid the pilot to fake the emergency. Belle noted that Brady and Chloe had always planned to stay overnight, but it was just a different location.

"In New York, Chloe would have been spending her free time with Parker and her parents. Now Brady has her all to himself, in the middle of nowhere," Philip said. Belle asked Philip if he honestly believed that Brady would keep Chloe from her son. "I think Brady would stoop to anything to get her back!" Philip shot back.

Belle told Philip that he was paranoid. Philip asked Belle for help to prove that the plane had actually been grounded. With a groan, Belle argued that Brady was too heartbroken over Kristen to win over Chloe. Philip reminded Belle that Brady had kissed Chloe. "She picked you, Philip. You trust her, don't you?" Belle asked. "Call the pilot," Philip said.

Belle argued that, hypothetically, if Brady had paid off the pilot, the pilot would not admit it to Philip. "I'll offer him more money," Philip said. When Bell commented that Philip sounded desperate, Philip admitted that he was desperate. "I feel like this is my last shot at getting things right with Chloe. I can't let her slip through my fingers again," Philip said. Philip reminded Belle of the summer after high school when Brady and Chloe had taken a short trip to Dry Creek together.

"Brady interfered and stole her away from me," Philip muttered. "Well, he didn't set out to do that. He was just trying to help her," Belle noted. "I still lost her. I'm not going to let history repeat itself," Philip said. Philip announced that he was going to Wilkes-Barre. Belle grabbed Philip's phone.

"How do you think that is going to make you look?" Belle asked. "Like a man in love?" Philip said. "Like a total psycho," Belle joked. Philip claimed he would bring flowers and tell Chloe that he had wanted to surprise her. "She is going to see right through that," Belle said. Belle argued that the gesture could make Chloe think that Philip did not trust her.

"It could drive [Chloe] directly into Brady's arms. Is that what you want?" Belle asked. When Philip said no, Belle urged Philip to calm down and ditch the jealousy. Belle reminded Philip that she had warned him repeatedly in high school that his jealousy would ruin his relationships. When Philip noted that he did not want to wait, Belle reminded Philip of the things he had done in Dry Creek.

"Like tracking Chloe down there and paying off the sheriff to arrest Brady and then lying to Chloe about it," Belle said. "They were going to stay in the same room. If I hadn't shown up," Philip started. "Nothing would have happened, Philip! Chloe was faithful to you," Belle said. Belle argued that if Philip followed the same path, he would lose Chloe again.

"Try trusting Chloe for a change and just see how that works," Belle said. "Okay. You got through to me. I'm not going to do anything stupid," Philip said. With a nod, Belle announced that she needed to get home to Shawn. Philip thanked Belle for being a good friend. After Belle walked out, Philip worked on his computer, but he was distracted. "He is going to try something," Philip whispered. Philip called the Titan jet.

Chloe answered the knock on her hotel room door, and she found a wet Brady in the hallway. "This is officially the business trip from hell," Brady said. As Brady toweled himself dry, he explained that there had been an elderly couple in his room. Brady told Chloe that the old man had called him a pervert and had dumped the contents of an ice bucket on Brady's head. Brady confirmed that the hotel had double-booked his room, and he asked to stay with Chloe.

"Are you telling me the truth?" Chloe asked. "You think I made this up?" Brady countered. Chloe noted that the situation sounded improbable, and she reminded Brady that he had been open about his feelings for her.

"The answer is no. I didn't plan any of this, and frankly, I think you know me a little too well to think I would do something that underhanded. That's actually more your boyfriend's style," Brady said. "You're not exactly a saint, either," Chloe said. Brady admitted that he did not like Philip, but he respected Chloe's decision. As Brady started to go to the lobby, Chloe stopped him. Chloe told Brady he could stay in her room.

"Philip is not going to be happy about this," Chloe grumbled. "I do have a dim memory of him saying something to me. What was it? Oh, yeah, 'I'll kill you, Brady'," Brady said. Surprised, Chloe asked if that was true. Brady confirmed that Philip had been afraid that Brady would be inappropriate with Chloe. "Does he really have to know?" Brady asked. Chloe refused to lie outright or lie through omission.

"Tell him. I don't care," Brady said. When Chloe sighed dramatically, Brady asked Chloe why she wanted to be with someone with whom she could not be honest. "I can be honest with Philip about everything except you," Chloe said. "Why is that?" Brady asked. Chloe noted that she and Brady had been married.

"And a couple months ago, you said you wanted me back," Brady added. "And you ever so gently said that you weren't interested, so I got over you. Even when you kissed me," Chloe said. Brady noted that he had not known that Chloe had gotten over him when he had kissed her. "Well, I have. And for the record, I'm still over you," Chloe stressed.

"Philip has always been insanely jealous. It's not on me; that's just the way the guy is," Brady said. Chloe argued that Brady was an expert at pushing Philip's buttons. When Brady asked how, Chloe said that Brady had only asked her to go on the trip because it would annoy Philip. Brady stressed that he had asked Chloe on the trip because she was vital to the company. Chloe raised a suspicious eyebrow.

"I like spending time with you. Is that wrong?" Brady asked. "Yes, it is wrong when I have a boyfriend," Chloe countered. Brady groaned. Chloe argued that Brady was the problem, not Philip. "Even if I wanted to come between you and Philip, I wouldn't be able to, right?" Brady said. Frustrated, Chloe yelled that Brady had made his choice.

Chloe complained that she had given Brady space when he had chosen Kristen, and since she had chosen Philip, Brady had not given her the same courtesy. As Chloe started to tear up, Brady argued that Chloe had only chosen Philip because Kristen was a threat. "I don't want to argue with you!" Chloe yelled. Chloe marched into the bathroom and slammed the door.

When Chloe was ready for bed, she exited the bathroom. Brady struggled to get comfortable in a chair. "Brady, the last few months, you've been shot and in a car accident," Chloe noted. "I'm comfy. You can go to bed," Brady said. After a moment, Brady asked Chloe if she minded if he read.

"For God's sake, just come sleep in the bed," Chloe said. "I don't want to make you uncomfortable," Brady said. Chloe told Brady to stay on his side of the bed. Brady took his blanket and scrunched it up in the middle of the bed. "Think of it as the wall of Jericho," Brady said.

As Shawn paced his living room and finished up his phone call with Claire, Ben and Ciara walked into the house. Shawn told Ciara that Theo "was doing all right." Ciara told Shawn that she and Ben were leaving Salem. "First Claire and now you?" Shawn exclaimed. Ciara clarified that they were leaving for their honeymoon.

Shawn asked Ciara and Ben about their plans. Ciara rolled her eyes and noted that Ben had suggested the cabin. "I spent a lot of time fixing that place up!" Ben protested. "I know, and it looks great, baby," Ciara said. Ciara said she wanted something more appropriate for a honeymoon.

"[We decided on] a place that is very important to Mom and Dad," Ciara said. "New Orleans," Ben added. "That's where they had their unofficial wedding," Shawn said. Ciara and Shawn explained that their parents had had a lot of happy years after that wedding. "And so will we," Ben said. Ben explained that they planned to hit the road, and Shawn asked them to stay for dessert and their wedding present first.

"It just so happens that it ties in with your honeymoon location," Shawn said. Ciara opened the present, and inside was a book. "I found a used copy of the book of poetry that Dad gave Mom for her 18th birthday," Shawn said. Ciara explained that Grandpa Shawn had given a copy of the book to Bo before he had joined the Merchant Marines. "And Mom gave me my own copy when Belle and I got married the first time," Shawn added. Ben thanked and hugged Shawn.

"Starting to feel a lot of pressure to live up to that love story," Ben said. "Our parents' love story is definitely an incredible one. Much like yours and Ciara's," Shawn said. "I agree," Ciara added. As Belle was still not home, Shawn told Ben and Ciara that they did not need to wait to get on the road. Ben and Ciara thanked Shawn for the gift. With a grin, Ciara told Ben, "Maybe we can give [a copy of this book] to a kid of ours someday."

When Belle returned home, Ben and Ciara were gone. Belle explained to Shawn that she had run into Philip at the pub. "Did I miss anything while I was gone?" Belle asked. Shawn told Belle that Ben and Ciara had visited before they had left for their honeymoon.

In Nicole's apartment, Tripp told Allie about what Chanel had said about her first date with Johnny. "Well, that's a very private thing for her to tell a guy she barely knows," Allie said. "It was definitely an overshare, but I think she was just really psyched about her date. I mean, she seems really into your brother," Tripp said. Allie appeared upset. When Allie asked why Johnny and Chanel had not slept together, Tripp explained that neither had had a condom.

"Well, thank God for that," Allie said. "What does that mean?" Tripp asked. Allie noted that every baby deserved a father. "You don't think your brother would step up?" Tripp asked. "He's more of a love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy. Which is why I don't think it's a good idea that he and Chanel are dating. Someone is definitely going to get their heart broken," Allie said.

Tripp told Allie that he thought that Johnny had been just as interested in Chanel as Chanel had been interested in Johnny. "No, if Johnny truly likes Chanel and respected her, he wouldn't try to get her into bed after one date," Allie argued. Tripp disagreed, but Allie reminded Tripp that she knew Johnny better than he did. "He's using her!" Allie snapped. Allie said that she needed to talk to her brother. Allie walked out. "What just happened?" Tripp said.

Ava went by Nicole's apartment to visit Henry and drop off leftovers. Tripp explained that Henry was with Steve and Kayla. Ava heated up the leftovers, and Tripp told Ava about Allie's brother. "He's already dating [Allie's] friend Chanel," Tripp said. Tripp explained that Allie was unhappy with the coupling because Johnny was "a player."

"That's the reason [Allie's] not here right now. She tore out of here to warn him to back off. She was pretty worked up," Tripp said. Ava asked Tripp why he seemed upset. Tripp noted that the friend could take care of herself. Ava guessed that Allie was jealous of Chanel. "I did not say that," Tripp said. "You did not have to," Ava countered. Ava reminded Tripp that he had told her about Chanel and Allie's kiss.

Tripp explained that Allie had feelings for Chanel but that she had chosen him instead. "So, why is she so bothered that her brother is with Chanel?" Ava asked. Tripp shrugged. "It bothers me," Tripp admitted. Ava advised Tripp to talk to Allie and find out where he stood with her. "Otherwise, you might find yourself being the odd man out. And that's a very lonely place to be," Ava said.

In the DiMera mansion, Chanel kissed Johnny passionately. "Now will you believe me when I tell you I'm over your sister?" Chanel asked. "It's a start. But I think I might need a little more convincing," Johnny said. With a grin, Johnny kissed Chanel.

After Johnny confirmed that the cook was off duty, he made two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Chanel asked Johnny about the portrait of Stefano. "Nanno looks like the man you don't mess with," Chanel said. "You got that right. A lot of people were afraid of him, but he was always really great to me. He's the one who called me Giovanni," Johnny said. Chanel asked which name he preferred. With a shrug, Johnny told Chanel to call him whatever she wanted. "As long as you call me," Johnny said. Chanel laughed.

Chanel and Johnny finished up their dinner. "My compliments to the chef," Chanel said. Johnny suggested that they go for a swim. "I don't have a swimsuit," Chanel whispered. "The funniest thing. Neither do I," Johnny said. Chanel noted that there was a houseful of people, and she did not want to be spotted. Johnny pitched a trip upstairs to pick up where they had left off the last time.

"I came prepared this time," Johnny whispered. "Sure of yourself, aren't you?" Chanel countered. Chanel entwined her arm with Johnny's, and they started for the stairs. Allie stomped into the house. "Hold it right there, Johnny DiMera!" Allie said. "What do you think you're doing?" Johnny asked. Allie said she wanted to talk to Johnny.

"Whatever talk you want to have, we can just wait till tomorrow," Johnny said. "So you guys can go upstairs and finish what you started last night?" Allie asked. "I may have overshared a little. Sorry," Chanel interjected. Allie told Johnny that she did not want him taking her friend to bed.

"I'm telling you the truth. If you sleep with him, he's just going to move on to the next one," Allie said. When Johnny argued that Allie did not know what she was talking about, she told Chanel that Johnny had bragged to her after his dates in the past. "That was five years ago! We haven't even lived in the same place since then!" Johnny objected. "Have you really changed?" Allie asked. Annoyed, Johnny asked Allie to leave. Allie refused. Allie told Johnny that she would not let him sleep with Chanel and toss her aside.

"I would never do that to her. I swear!" Johnny said. Allie scoffed at her brother. Frustrated, Johnny told Allie to stay out of his romantic life and go home to her boyfriend. "You know what? I'm the one that is going to leave. I'm going to let you two sort this out," Chanel said. Chanel grabbed her purse and walked out.

Johnny blamed Allie for Chanel's departure. "She got out just in time," Allie muttered. Allie reminded Johnny of when he had dumped her friend Katie. "You didn't care what that did to [Katie], but I saw it. She was a wreck. I was afraid she was going to do something to herself," Allie said.

Johnny argued that he was no longer the same guy that he had been in high school. Suspicious, Allie countered that if that were true, Johnny would not have pushed to have sex with Chanel after their second date. "Are you jealous or something?" Johnny asked. When Allie said no, Johnny told her that he did not believe her. "And deep down? I don't think you do either," Johnny said.

Tripp walked with Ava in the square, and she asked him to keep her updated on the situation with Allie. "Thank you again for the amazing dinner. Rafe doesn't know what he is missing," Tripp said. "I think he did," Ava countered. After Ava walked away, Tripp turned around and saw a flustered Chanel walk by.

"So, tonight was crazy, right? I can't believe that your new guy is Allie's brother," Tripp said. "Me neither. And she's definitely not happy about that," Chanel said. When Tripp noted that Allie had gone to the mansion to talk to Johnny, Chanel confirmed that she had been at the house when Allie had arrived. "How did it go?" Tripp asked. "Talk to her about that. Goodnight," Chanel said curtly.

Philip finds Chloe and Brady in a compromising position Philip finds Chloe and Brady in a compromising position

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

by Mike

Rafe entered the Hernandez house and found Ava sitting next to a suitcase in the darkened kitchen, arms crossed and lips pursed. Rafe groaned and guessed that Ava wasn't about to announce that they were going to Hawaii for a romantic getaway. "No -- I was waiting to tell you to your face [that] I'm moving out," Ava responded before explaining what had happened earlier that day, prompting Rafe to clarify the situation.

Ava was surprised and touched that Nicole had decided to stop leaning on Rafe for the time being. "[But] it's not entirely up to her, [so]...what do you want, Rafe? Or should I say...who do you want?" Ava wondered. "You are the woman that I want to be with. [Now], one day, I'd like to be friends with Nicole again -- unless, of course, it makes you uncomfortable --" Rafe answered.

"Rafe, I am not trying to control you -- your feelings are your feelings," Ava stressed. "Okay... [Look], maybe I had some thoughts that a friend shouldn't have for another friend...[but] I never acted on them, and can you honestly [say that], for as long as we're going out -- however long that is -- that you would never be attracted to another man? And if you were, would you just give up on everything [and] not try to work things out [with me]?" Rafe reasoned, and Ava conceded the point while fighting back tears.

"[So, I want to] work things out [with you]...unless, of course, you don't want that," Rafe declared. "I've never felt, with any other man, the way that I feel with you, [and] I want to be with you more than anything," Ava admitted. "Okay, good -- I can't tell you how happy that makes me! [And] we can make this work, I think -- [I mean], every couple has its share of ups and downs, [and] it's just how you deal with the 'downs' that matters, right?" Rafe stressed. "Yeah... Well, I deal with the 'downs' by screaming and threatening to move out, [so]...can you deal with that?" Ava responded. "Maybe, like, half the time?" Rafe joked, earning a laugh and a kiss from Ava, who soon asked for help unpacking.

At the Walker apartment, Allie vented to Nicole about what had happened earlier. "[Johnny's being] totally ridiculous -- [I mean], why would I be jealous of [his relationship with] Chanel? I'm with Tripp now!" Allie argued at the end of the tale. "That doesn't mean you can't be jealous," Nicole countered before admitting to having recently been in a similar situation.

"I'm sorry -- I don't mean to make this about myself," Nicole stressed at the end of the tale. "Maybe I was jealous... [Now] I feel like a fool -- [and] what is Tripp gonna think? I ditched him here to go stop Chanel from sleeping with Johnny! [And, speaking of] Johnny and Chanel...I mean, I don't know how I'm gonna face either of them!" Allie fretted. "You and Tripp have been through worse things. [And] you have been a good friend [to Chanel] and a great sister [to Johnny]. You had a bad night [and] messed up, [but] so have they, [and] there's no way they're gonna want to lose you any more than you want to lose them," Nicole advised.

At the Price condominium, Chanel confided in Paulina about what had happened earlier. "DiMera? As in DiMera Enterprises? As in the DiMeras who have more money than the GDP of a small country? [You know], they have a seat on the stock exchange! Oh, girl, you done good -- you've learned from your mistakes, [and] this time, when you set out to snag a rich man, you actually made sure that he really is rich, not like that Xavier person --" Paulina raved during the tale. "Xander," Chanel clarified. "Whatever," Paulina muttered. "And I didn't 'set out to snag a rich man' -- I didn't even know Johnny had money when I met him; I just liked him," Chanel insisted. "Well, if you like him poor, then you must be crazy about him rich!" Paulina joked. "Yeah, but he's not -- he's on the outs with his dad," Chanel explained.

"[But...Johnny and Allie] -- you said they were twins!" Paulina protested during the next part of the tale. "With different fathers -- it can happen," Chanel responded with a shrug. "Well, if anything can happen, it does in Salem..." Paulina conceded before letting Chanel finish the tale.

"I didn't get that ['player'] vibe when I met [Johnny] -- I've got a sixth sense about people, and I would have warned you if I thought that boy was trouble -- [ Allie really just] warning you to stay away from Johnny to protect you...or [because] she just wants you for herself?" Paulina mused after giving the matter some thought. "She had her chance with me, and she didn't take it -- she said she just wanted to be friends," Chanel argued. "[Well], friends don't tell friends who they can and cannot see. [Now], you have a right to be happy, and you don't need anyone's permission for that, [so] long as you don't step on others, never be afraid to go after what you want -- [and don't] walk away from a boy that you really like [just] because that's what Allie would want you to do," Paulina recommended, earning a hug from Chanel, who appreciated the advice.

At the DiMera mansion, Johnny released a sigh of frustration while waiting for Chanel to respond to a text message that had been sent earlier that night. "Okay -- she's not answering your texts," Johnny eventually surmised, unaware that Chanel was simply struggling to decide how to answer the text message.

"That's okay, buddy -- you just gotta up your game," Johnny hopefully reasoned before starting to record a selfie video. "Hey, Chanel -- it's me..." Johnny began. "You know that it's me, because it's a video" Johnny conceded. "Hey, I'm sorry about my sister earlier, causing a scene..." Johnny declared. "I just wanted you to look at this face..." Johnny explained. "Do I look like a player? No! Do I look like somebody that is aggressive towards women? No! Because I'm not -- at all! I think that women are actually the superior sex, and know...we would all be better off if they -- if you -- ran the world, you know? I...just...think..." Johnny stammered before deleting the selfie video with a groan -- just as E.J. entered the living room. "Quite a performance," E.J. teased, annoying Johnny.

E.J. guessed that Johnny had blown things with Chanel. "First of all, I didn't 'blow' the date, okay? And even if I did...I don't think it's that big of a deal to blow a first date -- I mean, it's nothing like blowing a marriage... How is Mom, anyway? You talked to her lately?" Johnny countered. "No, I haven't," E.J. muttered. "I'm sorry -- I shouldn't have said that; [it] was below the belt," Johnny backpedaled. "I think I had it coming to me," E.J. acknowledged. "You've been a real jerk," Johnny confirmed.

"Whereas I have been...well, as Allie put it, just like you -- which is not a compliment," Johnny grumbled before telling E.J. about what had happened earlier. "Your sister's gay?" E.J. sputtered at the end of the tale. "No -- [and] Chanel is not gay, either!" Johnny insisted. "So, they were just experimenting?" E.J. assumed. "I guess," Johnny responded.

"Then [Allie] shouldn't have a problem with you seeing Chanel," E.J. argued. "No, she shouldn't...but she does -- she's jealous, whether she wants to admit it or not, and that is why she came over here tonight to deliberately make me look bad and try to [convince] Chanel that I'm a player. [And] Chanel trusts Allie, so...I think she's gonna believe what Allie said," Johnny fretted. "Prove her wrong," E.J. recommended. "How? I mean, saying 'I'm not a player' is exactly what a player would do!" Johnny protested. "See Chanel as often as you can without coming close to making a move on her. Talk more about her than you -- ask her questions about her business and what she wants to do next. Make her see that you don't just want to get her into bed," E.J. suggested.

"I can't believe I'm talking about this with my dad..." Johnny muttered. "There once was a time when we would talk about everything -- I miss that..." E.J. declared. "Yeah -- me, too," Johnny admitted. "Maybe that's why I want you to come and work at DiMera -- maybe if we work together, we can have that back again," E.J. reasoned.

"[So], all of your parental concern tonight was just a ploy in order to reel me in and get me to do what you want me to do -- [now,] which one of us is the player here..." Johnny mused. "I [just] want you to know what it really means to be a DiMera -- it's not money [or] power; it's family working together, [and] it's our connection to [your grandfather]," E.J. explained. "Sorry -- I just don't really think I'm the 'company' kind of guy. I'm a filmmaker --" Johnny reiterated. "No, you're not -- you're a rich kid playing with his phone! Making movies is a pipe dream -- [and] do you really think Chanel is going to fall for a guy who has a dream and can't make it happen?" E.J. argued.

"If there's anybody who understands what it's like to have a dream, it's Chanel -- she wanted to start her own bakery, and she didn't let anyone or anything get in her way! So, I'm gonna make my movie -- and when my film opens, Chanel is gonna be right there with me!" Johnny insisted. "Well, when she wants nothing to do with you, don't say I didn't warn you," E.J. countered before storming out of the living room -- and Johnny gulped down some whiskey in frustration once the coast was clear.

At the Pocono Paradise Motel in Wilkes-Barre, Brady gratefully admitted to Chloe that the bed was much more comfortable than the chair. However, three hours later, Brady was still wide awake -- unlike Chloe, who soon rolled over and draped an arm around Brady's waist. "You are not making this easy..." Brady quietly grumbled while gently moving Chloe's arm.

Still sleeping soundly, Chloe draped the same arm around Brady's waist again -- but, this time, it landed a few inches lower than before. One second later, Chloe draped a leg over Brady's thighs. Brady released a hushed groan of frustration as Chloe squeezed tightly -- and, just then, Philip entered the room, having somehow managed to obtain a key card, and turned on the lights.

"Why am I not surprised..." Philip jealously muttered as Chloe woke up and pulled away from Brady. "What the hell are you doing here?" Chloe snapped at Philip as Brady climbed out of bed. "Making an ass out of himself," Brady declared. "You really expected me to believe 'engine trouble in the middle of nowhere'?" Philip countered. "I don't give a damn what you believe or what you don't believe," Brady responded. "I knew he was pulling a fast one! I was just trying to get here before it was too late --" Philip tried to explain to Chloe. "Oh, my gosh -- this is adorable, Chloe; I think he's here to defend your virtue!" Brady interjected.

Chloe and Brady took turns clarifying the situation for Philip, who remained convinced that something had happened between them earlier that night. "You two were like a pair of spoons [just now] --" Philip noted. "We were not --" Chloe began to protest. "Eh... To be fair, you were snuggled up next to me when --" Brady bragged. "In my sleep!" Chloe stressed. "Well, at least I got here in time, [then]," Philip concluded.

"Damn it, Philip -- there's nothing going on here!" Chloe insisted, jumping out of bed in anger. "But instead of trusting me, you fly here in a jealous rage --" Chloe began to add. "It's not you I don't trust -- it's him!" Philip shouted at Chloe while pointing at Brady. "I warned you [that] if you touched her, I would kill you --" Philip firmly reminded Brady, who pressed a finger against Chloe's right shoulder in response. "Go ahead and try," Brady dismissively challenged Philip as they exchanged glares. "Stop it!" Chloe tiredly demanded. "This is not funny!" Chloe admonished Brady. "And you are so far out of line, I could kill you!" Chloe warned Philip.

Chloe asked Brady for some time alone with Philip. "Who needs sleep, anyway?" Brady dryly conceded before exiting the room -- and as soon as the coast was clear, Philip started trying to patch things up with Chloe, who quickly interrupted. "You've crossed a line -- [and] you may tell yourself that you're trying to protect me, but in reality, you are demeaning me! [Listen], I'm not gonna let your stupid jealousy dictate how I live my life...and if you can't get past that, then we are through!" Chloe snapped, and Philip nodded in response. "Brady, he knows how to punch all of my buttons, [and] he makes me crazy, [and then] I do stupid things sometimes...and I realize now that it makes you think that I don't trust you, but I do, I swear! [So], I'll get over it -- I've learned my lesson," Philip declared.

"Now, let's get out of this godforsaken place!" Philip suggested. "And go where?" Chloe wondered. "I have a working jet, [so] I'll take you to New York -- [and] Titan has a corporate suite [there] --" Philip clarified. "But what about Brady?" Chloe interjected. "He can stay here until his plane gets repaired [and then] meet you in New York tomorrow," Philip answered. "Brady and I traveled together on a business trip -- I'm not leaving him," Chloe objected. "Okay -- he can come with us," Philip backpedaled. "No -- you can go home, and Brady and I will stay here," Chloe decided. "In the same bed?" Philip protested. "You trust me...right?" Chloe reasoned, drawing a forced smile from Philip.

Brady returned just then and explained to Chloe and Philip that the motel's night manager had threatened to call the police and report that someone was loitering in the lobby. "It's okay -- Philip was just leaving," Chloe insisted. "Oh, that's a shame!" Brady teased as Philip gave Chloe a quick kiss then exited the room.

Brady quickly climbed back into bed, but Chloe didn't follow suit. "What are you doing?" Brady wondered as Chloe seized a few pillows and a blanket. "Isn't it obvious? I'm making a bed on the floor. My back is fine," Chloe responded before turning away from Brady, who watched with a shake of the head as the makeshift bed was being constructed.

Adventures beyond Salem await many of the town's residents Adventures beyond Salem await many of the town's residents

Thursday, September 2, 2021

by Mike

At the Price-Grant apartment, Eli emerged from a bedroom and joined Lani in the kitchen. "Do you know what time it is?" Eli began. "I do," Lani confirmed. "Did you set my alarm last night?" Eli continued. "I did," Lani confirmed. "Woman, you know I had a late shift last night -- I don't have to be up for a few more hours!" Eli concluded. "Wrong -- you have to be up now because we have someplace to be," Lani clarified.

Eli groaned after realizing that Lani was right. "I vote we cancel --" Eli begged. "And hurt Auntie P's feelings? She is so excited about this -- to whip up an extra-special breakfast so we can all start the day together... It's her way of making up after everything that happened," Lani argued. "Didn't we already forgive her and move on?" Eli countered. "You know my auntie -- she likes to go big. She has to prove herself -- prove how sorry she is [and] how much she loves us -- and this is how she does it," Lani explained. "And you're sure there's no way we can get out of this?" Eli grumbled. "Not a chance," Lani insisted.

At the Price condominium, Paulina continued a phone conversation with Tamara. "Everything's gonna be fine, big sister -- I'm back in everybody's good graces now, and I promise you, Abe will not find out that Lani's my daughter or that he's not really the father...because if he does, I surely will lose him, and I am not going to let that happen!" Paulina stressed before saying goodbye to Tamara and ending the call.

"What was that all about?" Abe wondered, joining Paulina in the living room. "What was what all about?" Paulina stammered. "I heard you say something like...'I would surely lose him, and I can't let that happen'..." Abe clarified. "Oh! Well, I was telling my sister that...I had to cancel twice with my new hairdresser here in Salem, and if I have to cancel again, he'll probably drop me as a client..." Paulina claimed.

Lani and Eli eventually arrived with the twins, who were both sleeping soundly. "At least someone gets to sleep..." Eli grumbled. "What is that smell?" Eli added, drawing a gasp of horror from Paulina, who rushed off to the kitchen. "I set the temp too high -- my casserole is ruined!" Paulina explained after returning to the living room. "It doesn't matter --" Lani insisted. "Yes, it does!" Paulina fretted.

"I'll just start over --" Paulina decided. "No -- [look], I gotta get back to the station, [so] why don't we reschedule? I've got the whole Labor Day weekend off --" Eli suggested. "'Labor Day weekend' -- that's it!" Paulina realized. "Instead of a different time, how 'bout a different place? Forget about breakfast in Salem -- let's do lunch in Miami! [Look], I'll charter a jet, [and] it'll whisk us all off by the time we finish packing!" Paulina elaborated.

"It sounds awesome, but I still gotta get to work --" Eli maintained. "Take a personal day!" Paulina countered. "What about the kids?" Lani protested. "Bring 'em along!" Paulina recommended. "I don't know -- the twins have never traveled before..." Lani fretted. "Well, hasn't Julie been begging for some quality time with Jules and Carver? Now is her chance! [Plus], isn't your maternity leave up [soon] -- you have to go back to work on Tuesday? [And] the two of you, have you had any 'you' time since those precious little dolls have been born --" Paulina argued. "No!" Eli stressed before giving Lani an eager nod. "Let's do it," Lani agreed.

After Eli and Lani rushed off to the Horton house with the twins, Paulina contacted Chanel and explained the situation. "Chanel can't join us," Abe guessed after Paulina ended the call. "She's too busy gearing up for the opening of the bakery next week," Paulina explained. "This is very extravagant and very impulsive..." Abe noted. "Well, I'm a 'very extravagant and very impulsive' kind of girl -- [and] I'm happy!" Paulina reasoned. "Well, in that case..." Abe conceded before agreeing to go along with the idea.

At the Hernandez house, Jake woke up and greeted Gabi with a kiss -- then tried to take things further. "No, you don't, mister! Up and at 'em -- come on, it's your first day of work!" Gabi protested, drawing a groan from Jake, who grudgingly crawled out of bed and started to get dressed.

"You made the front page!" Gabi raved while showing off a tablet computer that was displaying the Spectator's online article about Jake's move to Titan. "With the way my brothers tossed my ass out of the family business, I hope they're reading this and choking on their scones," Jake declared in a mockingly posh manner, and Gabi agreed with a giggle. "They're so arrogant -- they're so full of themselves and their DiMera power!" Gabi grumbled. "The way Tony and E.J. and Chad all gloated when they voted me out as CEO, I can't wait to rip their little empire out from under them," Jake spat. "They're not gonna see us coming!" Gabi predicted.

Jake finished getting dressed then gave Gabi another kiss -- and tried to take things further again. "You can't be late!" Gabi objected. "Come on -- [I mean], what do you expect [when] you start talking corporate takeovers [and] destroying empires [and] bringing down the enemy? [Seriously], do you realize how hot you are [right now]?" Jake countered. Gabi conceded the point with a confident grin then gave in to Jake's advances.

At the DiMera mansion, Tony entered the living room and greeted Chad, who was holding a scone in one hand and a tablet computer in the other. "Did you see this?" Chad asked while showing Tony the Spectator's online article about Jake's move to Titan. "Eh, if that ex-mechanic, ex-hoodlum is as successful at Titan as he was at DiMera, we have nothing to worry about," Tony replied. "Believe me -- I'm not worried," Chad insisted.

"I was supposed to meet Anna in the solarium for breakfast, but I haven't been able to find her -- have you seen her?" Tony wondered. "Heard her -- burning rubber," Chad answered through a mouthful of scone. "Excuse me?" Tony responded. "She took off about 15 minutes ago -- like a bat outta hell," Chad clarified after swallowing the food. "Well, that's strange... I wonder where she went..." Tony muttered.

Tony tried to contact Anna, but the call went to voicemail. "I suppose a little mystery is always good for a marriage..." Tony mused with a shrug after recording a message for Anna. "At least your wife is in the same city... [And, you know], it's not like I can call [my wife, even, because] I promised her I would give her time and space to figure things out... [Plus, to make matters worse], the traditional Labor Day picnic with Thomas and Charlotte [has been canceled because] Jack asked if he could take the kids for the weekend up to the lake, and who am I to say no..." Chad grumbled. "It will work out with you and Abigail -- trust my words," Tony assured Chad.

"[And, in the meantime]...I may not be as pretty, but I have been told I'm good company, so...why don't you join me for breakfast?" Tony suggested. "I appreciate the invite, but I have an early meeting, so... Thank you for listening..." Chad responded before exiting the mansion. "Anna, where are you?" Tony muttered once the coast was clear.

Anna burst into the Brady Pub and greeted Roman, who apologetically explained that the restaurant wasn't open for business yet. "I don't need breakfast -- I couldn't possibly eat a bite, not when life as we know it could change forever! [Look], we have an emergency on our hands, Roman -- and we have got to do something about it right now!" Anna responded.

"Can I at least have a cup of coffee before we take on the world?" Roman begged. "No -- there's no time to waste; our daughter needs us!" Anna insisted. "What's wrong with Carrie? Was there an accident?" Roman wondered. "No, nothing like that -- she's fine...physically, at least... But emotionally, she's a total wreck!" Anna clarified.

"It's her marriage, Roman -- it's flatlining, Code Blue!" Anna elaborated. "Come on -- I just saw Carrie and Austin in February, [and] everything was fine --" Roman protested. "Well, whatever was 'fine' in February is kaput now!" Anna maintained. "What happened?" Roman wondered. "She called [earlier, and] she was totally broken up -- she could hardly speak, and the only thing I could get out of her was that she and Austin had a terrible fight," Anna answered.

"We have to help our baby, Roman -- we need to get to Zurich right now!" Anna declared. "Anna, we're not going to Zurich, okay? Carrie and Austin are adults, [and] they will work this out," Roman objected. "And what if they don't? I couldn't live with myself if our baby girl's marriage implodes because we couldn't be bothered to get on a plane when she needs us the most --" Anna countered. "Did she say that?" Roman wondered. " I am her mother -- I can read between the lines!" Anna responded.

"I'm not going to Zurich -- and neither should you," Roman maintained. "Don't you care about our daughter's marriage?" Anna protested. "Of course I care -- but, as I've been saying, [this is] none of our business...[and] I doubt if she'd appreciate her parents flying halfway around the world to interfere in her life in this way," Roman reasoned. "Well, I think she would -- [and] if you won't help me, then I guess I just have to do it myself... Ugh!" Anna spat before storming out of the pub.

Gabi and Jake ran into Chad while passing through the town square. "And my day was going so well..." Jake grumbled. "I hear congratulations are in order -- heard about your little job over at Titan," Chad acknowledged. "Little job?" Gabi protested. "Well, relatively speaking," Chad clarified.

"See, I don't know if you know this, but I was actually CEO over there," Chad informed Jake. "For...what, about two seconds?" Gabi recalled. "Sure, it was brief...but it's not like I got my ass handed to me because I couldn't do the job..." Chad teased. "You son of a bitch!" Jake spat while lunging toward Chad, prompting Gabi to intervene. "Don't give him the satisfaction," Gabi advised Jake.

"It's okay -- go ahead, make fun -- but it's a mistake to underestimate Jake; he's gonna be running Titan before you know it," Gabi declared, drawing a nod of skepticism from Chad. "Have fun punching a clock for Philip," Chad encouraged Jake. "You're a condescending jerk -- you know that?" Gabi snapped. "Yeah -- [but] I'm also the CEO of DiMera," Chad bragged. "Co-CEO," Gabi clarified.

"How is Abigail? Is she still in Boston with her mom?" Gabi teased. "How's Arianna? Still in Phoenix with her two dads?" Chad countered. "For now, yes...but I intend on having her come live with me," Gabi announced. "Oh? I'm sure that's gonna go over real well with Sonny and Will..." Chad mused. "What, are you suggesting that they're gonna have a problem with that? Because they won't!" Gabi objected. "You sure about that?" Chad wondered. "What the hell do you know? I just spoke to Sonny yesterday -- he says he hasn't spoken to you in weeks, so...some 'best friend' you are!" Gabi spat.

"You're right -- my bad," Chad conceded. "Too busy feeling sorry for yourself because Abigail went bye-bye?" Gabi guessed. "She'll be back," Chad insisted. "You sure about that? Because you not only cheated on her, but it was with her sister, so I don't think the odds sound very great for you," Gabi argued. "Go to hell," Chad spat before starting to walk away.

"Wait, Chad -- actually, since you haven't spoken to him, you should know that Sonny is making his company public," Gabi called out, stopping Chad. "That's great news -- I'm very happy for him," Chad responded. "You should let him know that," Gabi advised. "You should mind your own business," Chad countered. "Well, I'm pretty sure this is my business, because Sonny and Will are currently caring for my daughter -- and Sonny is crazy busy, and so is Will because of the newspaper, so there's a possibility that Arianna might have to come live with us, since we are in a position to give her a loving and stable home --" Gabi bragged, drawing a laugh from Chad. "'Stability' -- yeah, right, that's exactly what people think of when they think of you," Chad joked. "Snipe at me all you want...but if you really care so damn much about your BFF Sonny, you should give him a call and congratulate him," Gabi reiterated.

Chad watched with a shake of the head as Gabi sauntered off with Jake. "You were a little hard on Chad, don't you think?" Jake challenged Gabi. "Well, he deserved it -- I mean, what a pompous ass; he thinks he's better than us [and] smarter than us because he and E.J. got DiMera handed to them on a silver platter!" Gabi reasoned. "Just like Philip failed his way to the top at Titan 'cause he's [Victor's son]," Jake stressed. "Exactly -- and that's why we're gonna win, because we know what it means to work our tails off [and] never lose sight of the prize!" Gabi declared.

Chad headed over to the Brady Pub and asked if Roman had talked to Will recently. "I talked to him the other day," Roman replied. "Well, I wanted to take a weekend trip to Phoenix, [but] I don't want to impose..." Chad explained. "He said that he and Sonny were missing family and friends, so I think a visit from you would be just what they need," Roman insisted.

Chad stepped aside and contacted Sonny. "I know it's been a while, and I'm sorry about that..." Chad began when Sonny answered the call. "I heard about the great news about the IPO, [and] I was thinking maybe I could come out and congratulate you in person..." Chad explained. "Just for the weekend -- if you're not too busy..." Chad clarified. "You don't mind?" Chad wondered. "I'm gonna have 'em fire up the DiMera jet right away, then, [and] I'll be there in no time!" Chad excitedly promised before saying goodbye to Sonny and ending the call with a grin of anticipation.

Anna stormed into the DiMera mansion and joined Tony in the living room. "Oh -- there you are, darling!" Tony began with a sigh of relief before wondering what had prompted Anna to skip their breakfast date. "Why is everyone so obsessed with breakfast -- especially at a time like this?" Anna grumbled before explaining everything to Tony.

"I think [Roman gave you] exactly the right answer -- I don't think either of you should be going to Zurich to fix a problem that is not your responsibility to fix; I think you should let Austin and Carrie work it out themselves," Tony declared at the end of the tale. "Why are you taking Roman's side in this?" Anna snapped. "I'm not taking sides, Anna -- look, I know how much you love your daughter and how much you want to help save her marriage, but what happens when you land and the problem between them was just a lovers' spat, and you then discover them in each other's arms? Or, heaven forbid, the problem continues, and your presence only makes things worse -- you'd never forgive yourself [then]!" Tony reasoned. "No, I would never forgive myself if I didn't go! [Now], I have to pack, [and] I have no idea when I'm coming back, [so] you can enjoy your breakfast -- [and] your lunch and dinner -- without me!" Anna countered before starting to storm upstairs.

"I'm going, too," Tony decided, stopping Anna. "Really?" Anna responded. "Of course -- you're my wife, Anna; what's important to you is important to me!" Tony insisted. "Besides, someone has to take care of you, 'cause the last time you were in Europe without me --" Tony teased. "Oh, please -- let's not go there!" Anna protested. "Fine -- but, just to be on the safe side, I'm just gonna make sure you don't get yourself into any kind of trouble," Tony concluded.

"Oh, darling, no one's ever taken such good care of me!" Anna swooned. "Ah, now I'm back in her good graces!" Tony bragged. "What are you talking about?" Anna wondered. "Well, I know you were a little upset with me because I didn't invest in Johnny's movie," Tony explained. "But let's look at it this way -- [that means we still] have money [and] freedom to travel whenever and wherever we please," Tony noted. "And I have a feeling -- a very strong feeling -- we're going to be very glad we did," Anna stressed. "To Zurich, [then] -- I'll book our flight," Tony declared before giving Anna a kiss.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, John received a phone call from Shane while planning a romantic Labor Day weekend with Marlena. "There goes our weekend," Marlena guessed after John ended the call. "Shane wants Black Patch for a top-secret case -- couldn't go into details over the phone, but he wants Steve and me in Zurich as soon as possible," John explained to Marlena with a sigh before contacting Steve.

"Sounds like you've lost your partner," Marlena observed after John ended the call. "Steve is Justin's best man -- I didn't even realize today was the big day," John admitted. "And Kayla is Bonnie's matron of honor," Marlena recalled. "How crazy is that, [after] all the hell Bonnie gave Adrienne..." John mused. "I guess they saw how happy [Justin is with Bonnie] and decided that's what was important," Marlena suggested.

"Well, guess I better call good ol' Shane back and tell him I'm flying solo on this one..." John grumbled. "Not necessarily..." Marlena teased. "Steve said he can't make it --" John reiterated. "I can," Marlena clarified. "Doc, I know it might sound romantic to spend the last few days of summer in Zurich, but...well, I don't have to remind you, this is a work trip here -- I'm sure I'm gonna spend the whole time on the case, [so] it's not gonna be much fun for you," John warned. "Well, I could keep you company on the flight -- and I could visit with Austin and Carrie; you know, I haven't seen Carrie for such a long time, and...well, I'm sure we have lots to catch up on..." Marlena argued.

"[Plus], without your partner...well, who knows -- you might need a little help on the case..." Marlena suggested. "You want to go play spy with me in Zurich?" John asked incredulously. "Well, you've said that I've been very helpful to you [and] helped you solve cases in the past, and you've said I'm a very good detective, and you've also said that we're a terrific team... [Plus], in 2017, I went to Europe by myself and tracked down Stefano --" Marlena proudly replied. "That's a fact -- [also], you're beautiful, and you're brilliant, and you're brave, and there's no one else I would rather have on my side..." John conceded, prompting Marlena to brace for a gentle rejection of the idea. "So...looks like you and I are going to Zurich, doesn't it?" John summarized, drawing a squeal of excitement from Marlena.

Later, John and Marlena exited the townhouse with their luggage. "All right, Doc -- next stop is Zurich," John declared. "Together -- as it should be," Marlena stressed. "As it should be," John agreed before giving Marlena a kiss.

Gwen confesses to Jack Gwen confesses to Jack

Friday, September 3, 2021

On the way to New Orleans, Ben and Ciara camped in the woods. "I don't know what is better, camping out under the stars or waking up to watch the sunrise," Ciara said. "Sunrise? I was too busy looking at my beautiful wife," Ben countered. Ben fished the book of poetry out of Ciara's purse, and he showed her a Shakespearean sonnet he liked.

"It reminds me of where I was in my life before I met you and where I am now because of you," Ben said. Ciara read the sonnet aloud. "Outcast and alone. That was me when I first met you," Ben said. Ben continued to read from the book, and then they made love. Over breakfast, Ciara dug into her backpack to look for hot sauce, and she noticed that she was almost out of birth control pills.

"I'm sure there is a pharmacy in between here and New Orleans," Ben said. "Or not," Ciara countered. Ciara asked Ben if he wanted to have a baby.

In the Horton living room, Gwen read an op-ed from Jack about Xander's release. "Poor Xander. Publicly crucified for something he didn't do," Gwen whispered. Jack walked in and asked Gwen if she was okay. "I just read the hatchet job that you did on Xander. How could you?" Gwen asked. Jack reminded Gwen that Xander had ruined their friendship.

"So, you just slam him in the newspaper then, completely destroy his reputation?" Gwen asked. "His reputation? [Xander] is a career criminal!" Jack shouted. When Gwen suggested that Jack should have handled the situation privately, Jack argued that it was his obligation to expose corruption. "Xander is as corrupt as they come," Jack muttered. Gwen countered that another reporter should have written the story.

"[Xander] does not deserve this," Gwen said. "He risked your life. Why the hell are you defending him?" Jack yelled. Gwen said she sympathized with Xander's desperate situation. "He put everyone under this roof in danger! How can you excuse that?" Jack yelled. "I'm not. I'm just saying that I understand it," Gwen said. Jack demanded the truth about Gwen's relationship with Xander. Gwen argued that Xander was not the horrible person that Jack believed Xander to be.

"You told me to give [Xander] a chance," Gwen said. "That's before he turned you into his drug mule," Jack countered. Gwen reminded Jack of all the horrible things she had done, and she asked Jack to give Xander another chance. Jack argued that, unlike Gwen, Xander had not changed. "Xander is the same selfish, deceitful liar he has always been!" Jack growled. When Gwen protested, a confused Jack asked why Gwen insisted on defending Xander.

"I know what it's like to do something terrible because you just feel like you have no choice," Gwen said. "[Xander] could have come to me," Jack said. "I'm sure that if Xander felt like being honest with you was an option, he would have done that," Gwen countered. Jack said that he could not let Xander's actions stand. Worried, Gwen asked Jack what else he planned to do to Xander.

"Between what I write and what my staff uncovers, we might be able to get the charges against Xander reinstated, and he can go to prison where he belongs!" Jack bellowed. Gwen pleaded with Jack to back off, and she warned Jack not to cross E.J.

"I'm not afraid of him! The bottom line is Xander is guilty as sin, and he needs to pay!" Jack said. "No, you are wrong, Jack. He is not guilty. I am the one who's guilty," Gwen confessed. Gwen explained that Xander had lied to cover for her. "I wanted to stop delivering drugs for [Snyder], but he wouldn't let me," Gwen said. Gwen told Jack that she had fought with Snyder, and Xander had defended her.

"[Xander] was the one that was trying to get me out of this horrible mess that I had gotten myself into. And then, Snyder just dropped dead. Right in front of us. And that's when things got really complicated. So, I am not an innocent victim in this. I'm the one who got Xander into this whole mess. I'm so sorry. You must think that I'm a terrible person," Gwen said. Confused, Jack asked Gwen why she had agreed to run drugs for Snyder at the start.

"[Xander] didn't want you to know that I was running drugs. Because he didn't want you to think less of me. He was trying to protect my relationship with you. He lied so that I wouldn't have to tell the truth," Gwen said. "What is the truth?" Jack asked. Gwen told Jack that Snyder had blackmailed her. "What was he holding over you?" Jack shouted.

At the Salem Inn, Xander lay in bed and thought about his night with Gwen. Someone knocked on the door. "She's back!" Xander exclaimed as he leaped out of bed to answer the knock. It was E.J. "You made the paper," E.J. said. When E.J. noted that Jack had written a hatchet job, Xander informed E.J. that Jack was no longer his friend. "I came to collect my million dollars," E.J. announced. E.J. suggested that he could help Xander sue Jack for libel, but only after Xander paid him for his work on the drug case. E.J. spotted the briefcase, and he asked Xander to give it to him.

"I will. After I get my job back at Basic Black," Xander said. "You'll have your contract today. But there better not be one penny of that money missing, or I'll have those charges reinstated so fast, it will make your head spin," E.J. warned. Xander promised to deliver all the money. With a nod, E.J. left. "E.J. better come through with that contract, or he is not getting a damn dime," Xander muttered.

E.J. went to Basic Black to talk to Nicole. "I read Jack's editorial. He didn't paint you in a very flattering light," Nicole said. "It's better to be feared than respected," E.J. said. With a smirk, E.J. asked Nicole to rehire Xander. "Sure. That'll happen. Over my dead body," Nicole said. After noting that he was the CEO of the company, E.J. reiterated his request.

"Did Chad sign off on this?" Nicole asked. "Forget Chad. You answer to me," E.J. said. E.J. pulled a contract out of his briefcase, and he asked Nicole to sign the papers. Nicole refused. Nicole reminded E.J. of the language in her contract that gave her and Brady full control of hiring. "There is no way in hell that we are hiring Xander!" Nicole said.

Curious, Nicole asked E.J. why he wanted to work with Xander. "You will live to regret it," Nicole warned E.J. "I won't regret getting my money back," E.J. said. When Nicole asked about the money, E.J. said it was the million dollars Sami had paid Xander to expose his affair with Nicole. "I knew it!" Nicole growled. E.J. said he refused to let Sami or Xander get away with taking the money.

"Just leave me out of it," Nicole said. When E.J. said he could not get the money back unless he secured Xander's job at Basic Black, Nicole shrugged. "How would you feel if I told you to hire Lucas?" Nicole asked. E.J. argued that the situation was not the same. "We all have to put up with colleagues we don't like," E.J. said. "But I don't dislike Xander. I hate him with every fiber of my being," Nicole said. Nicole asked E.J. if he needed the money that badly.

"It's the principle. I can't let Samantha win," E.J. said. "Well, I can't let Xander win," Nicole countered. E.J. told Nicole if she refused to sign Xander's contract, she was fired. Angry, Nicole reminded E.J. that he had already threatened to fire her for not talking to Johnny. E.J. said he did not want to fire Nicole, because she was good at her job.

"How can I be good at what I do if I work with someone I hate?" Nicole asked. "Hatred can be a very powerful motivator. Just use it to make Xander's life a living hell," E.J. advised Nicole. Nicole signed Xander's contract.

In the Johnson living room, Steve woke Kayla from her fully clothed slumber on the couch. "That must have been some bachelorette party," Steve said. "What was I thinking, letting Bonnie talk me into doing shots?" Kayla groaned. Kayla told Steve that she had been surprised that Bonnie had not been "bubbling over with excitement" at the party. "There was definitely something off with her," Kayla said.

After Kayla swallowed some aspirin, she told Steve that Bonnie had drunk excessively. "She was determined to get smashed," Kayla said. "You don't think she's getting cold feet, do you?" Steve asked. Kayla said she was certain that Bonnie was eager to marry Justin, and that the problem was Calista. "Who the hell is that?" Steve asked. Kayla told Steve about Bonnie's sister-in-law.

"[Calista] came all the way to Salem for the wedding, and she didn't go to the bachelorette party?" Steve asked. "I think there is some kind of bad blood between them," Kayla said. Steve suggested that would explain Bonnie's mood at the party. "Every time I thought [Bonnie] was going to say something [about Calista], she would just clam up and order another drink," Kayla said. "Wonder what that was about?" Steve said.

Bonnie woke up in Justin's arms in their Kiriakis bedroom. Justin commented that Bonnie did not need to worry about wedding day superstitions. "We're waking up together, and nothing bad has happened," Justin said. Calista walked into the room. "There's not going to be a wedding unless you want to marry a murderer," Calista said. When Justin demanded an explanation, Calista claimed that Bonnie had murdered Calista's husband.

"I don't believe you," Justin said. "Well, it's a good thing I brought proof. I have the murder weapon right here in my bag, and it has Bonnie's grubby little fingerprints all over it," Calista said. Justin asked Bonnie if the accusation was true. When Bonnie remained silent, Justin gasped. "You're a killer? I'm not marrying you!" Justin yelled. "I can explain!" Bonnie said. Justin told Bonnie that the wedding was off.

Bonnie awoke with a scream. Justin asked what was wrong, and Bonnie explained that she had had a nightmare that someone had ruined their wedding. Justin comforted Bonnie. "Everything is going to be fine. Our wedding is going to be perfect," Justin said. Calista walked in. "I have something for you, Bonnie!" Calista said. Nervous, Bonnie insisted that she did not want anything.

"It's old, borrowed, and blue," Calista said as she reached into her purse. "No! No! Please!" Bonnie stammered. Calista pulled a handkerchief out. "It belonged to my late husband, Harrison Lord," Calista said. Bonnie reiterated that she did not need any presents. Calista shoved the handkerchief back in her bag. Justin kissed Bonnie, and he told her he would meet her downstairs for breakfast.

After Justin left, Calista asked about her money. Calista reminded Bonnie that Xander had a million dollars in his room at the Salem Inn. "Which is exactly what you owe me!" Calista barked. Calista asked Bonnie why she had not stolen the money from Xander. Bonnie claimed that she was no longer a schemer, and she did not want to go back to prison.

"Because I'm marrying the most wonderful man I ever met," Bonnie said. "He doesn't know the real person he is marrying," Calista countered. Bonnie argued that Justin had already seen her at her worst. "Justin believes I've changed. He believes I turned my life around, and I have," Bonnie said. Bonnie asked if she could pay Calista later. With a shake of her head, Calista said that she would not be fooled again. Calista told Bonnie to pay her before the wedding, or she would give the gun to Justin.

After Justin dressed for the wedding, he headed downstairs to the living room. Calista was snacking on the breakfast spread. "Bonnie told me to make myself at home," Calista said. Justin expressed his surprise that Calista was in town when she and Bonnie were not close. Calista noted that she had not seen Bonnie since Harrison's death. "But I wouldn't miss [Bonnie's] wedding for the world," Calista said.

When Justin asked about Bonnie, Calista explained that Bonnie had left to run an errand. Calista downed several mimosas, and Justin cautioned Calista to slow down. "Maybe you're right. I guess I'm just trying to chase away the blues," Calista said. Justin asked what was wrong. Calista admitted that she had a hard time watching people start their lives together.

"I don't know if Bonnie told you, but I lost my wife," Justin said. "I'm so sorry," Calista whispered. Justin asked Calista about her husband. "[Harrison] was murdered for his money. The person who killed him stole every penny he had, leaving me not just a widow, but a pauper, too. And the worst part is, they got away with it," Calista said. Calista asked Justin if he agreed that the murderer should be "brought to justice."

"I think anyone who is proven guilty in a court of law should pay," Justin said. Justin told Calista that the pain and anger would fade over time. "I'll drink to that," Calista said. Justin noticed Bonnie's makeup bag on the table, and he suggested that Calista take it over to Kayla's house. When Calista noted that she was tired and tipsy, Justin decided to take the bag over himself.

Calista kicked back and continued to sip drinks. Steve arrived, and she explained that Justin had left. "Looks like it's just you and me, big boy," Calista said with a grin. At the Johnson house, Kayla was surprised to see Justin with Bonnie's makeup bag. "[Bonnie] is not here," Kayla said.

Bonnie visited Xander in his room at the Salem Inn. "I came to invite you to our wedding," Bonnie said as she walked into the room. "What?" Xander yelped. Bonnie saw the briefcase in the corner. Xander asked Bonnie why she had decided to invite him to the wedding on the day of the event. "What am I missing?" Xander asked suspiciously. Bonnie said she believed Justin would want Xander there, and she ordered him to hop in the shower.

"I'm not taking no for an answer," Bonnie said. "Honestly, I feel quite awkward," Xander said. With a laugh, Bonnie told Xander he would be the life of the party. Reluctantly, Xander agreed. On her way out of the room, Bonnie stole the key card to the room. While Xander was in the shower, Bonnie crept back into the room. As Bonnie emptied the pile of money from the briefcase into her bag, E.J. knocked on the door.

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