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Roman asked Kate for another chance. Abe planned to propose to Paulina. Chanel and Johnny reconciled. Ava told Philip about Gabi's plotting. Victor asked Brady to seduce Chloe. Philip and Chloe planted a tree. Jack apologized to Xander. Xander asked Gwen how she felt about him. Abigail apologized to Gwen. E.J. took back the DiMera mansion. The police rearrested Xander. Ben worried about his genes. John confirmed to Allie that Marlena had once been possessed by the devil. Johnny decided to focus his movie on Marlena's possession. Doug was possessed by the devil. The devil jumped into Marlena's body, and she threatened to quiet Doug.
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Johnny decided to focus his movie on Marlena's possession, as the devil jumped from Doug's body into Marlena's
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Marlena realizes that Doug is possessed Marlena realizes that Doug is possessed

Monday, September 20, 2021

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Roman and Kate reminisced about their past attempts to build a life together -- and how those attempts had been derailed. "Remember how shocked everyone was when they found out that Marlena was the Stalker? I mean, people just believed that she had been possessed again. But, of course, [she] was just brainwashed by Andre," Kate recalled. "Another former lover of yours," Roman stressed.

"You have chosen some very questionable men over the years, [so] why not give a decent, good -- really good -- guy who genuinely cares for you another shot?" Roman challenged Kate. "I did give [you] another shot when I found out that you weren't dead...but then I found out that you slept with Marlena on the island," Kate reminded Roman. "Okay, look, how 'bout this -- instead of dredging up the past, we make it about the present," Roman suggested before offering to treat Kate to dinner. "I am tempted -- I really am -- [but] love is so risky, even with a great guy like you, [and] I don't want to risk it," Kate decided before rushing off. "I am not giving up," Roman vowed once the coast was clear.

Johnny stopped talking and nervously glanced around the town square, concerned that someone might have heard what he'd just blurted out about Marlena, then breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that no one was within earshot. "Possessed by the devil -- is that even a real thing?" Johnny mused before continuing to read Will's script.

Allie eventually approached with a takeout bag from Sweet Bits and guessed that Johnny had stopped by to see Chanel. "She's running the counter while I take my lunch break," Allie reported. "Yeah, whatever," Johnny muttered while still reading Will's script, drawing a sigh from Allie. "Is this how it's going to be -- you're going to stay mad, just because I told the truth about you to Chanel?" Allie assumed, prompting Johnny to look up from Will's script. "You were right -- I did hurt your friend. But I'm right, too -- I'm not that guy anymore," Johnny stressed.

Allie was surprised -- and suspicious -- when Johnny proposed a truce. "Just like that?" Allie wondered. "If you throw in a pastry," Johnny confirmed. "Why are you being so nice? Oh, I know -- it's because you want me to play Mom in your little movie, right?" Allie guessed. "Actually, Mom may not get star billing anymore," Johnny responded.

Allie listened in stunned silence as Johnny disclosed that a portion of Will's script was about an unbelievably outlandish trauma that had supposedly befallen Marlena decades earlier. "She trashed a church -- set it on fire! And that's not all -- she set the Salem Christmas tree on fire, and she walked butt naked into a party!" Johnny elaborated. "Because the devil made her do it," Allie skeptically summarized. "Her eyes glowed yellow -- [and] she levitated off her bed, apparently!" Johnny maintained. "[And] tried to kill a priest," Allie incredulously repeated.

Allie refused to believe a word of what Johnny had just revealed -- and guessed that Will had fabricated the whole story to make Sami's life seem more interesting to Hollywood bigwigs. "Only one way to find out," Johnny said to Allie before producing a laptop and starting a videoconference with Will. "I got that story straight from Mom...[but she] had had a few glasses of wine by then," Will recalled. "You don't say something like that just because you're tipsy," Allie insisted. "Did you follow up with Grandma afterwards?" Johnny wondered. "I asked her about it a couple times, but she just laughed it off," Will answered.

Allie decided that Sami, not Will, had fabricated the whole story in an effort to interest Hollywood bigwigs. "You know Mom -- she has a...flexible...relationship with the truth," Allie reasoned. Will agreed it was possible. "If it isn't true, I can't really include it in my biopic," Johnny declared. "My brother, the purist," Will teased before advising Johnny and Allie to question Sami about the matter.

After ending the videoconference, Johnny wondered how Will could have put something in a script about a real person's life without knowing if that thing was true, prompting Allie to point out that Will hadn't been working as a reporter at that time and had therefore had no obligation to stick to the facts. Johnny conceded the point then tried to contact Sami, but the call went straight to voicemail.

Johnny recorded a message for Sami then ended the call and complained to Allie that they probably wouldn't get a response anytime soon. "Why don't we just ask Grandma directly," Allie suggested. "I stopped by earlier, but she had already left for work," Johnny revealed before adding that John had concerns about the movie, prompting Allie to guess that they had just figured out why.

"Ask him," Allie recommended. "You ask him -- [he's] never been able to say no to you...and I bet if you bring him over some of those muffins he loves, you'll crack him wide open," Johnny countered. "This whole thing creeps me out, [though] -- I don't know if I want to get involved," Allie admitted. "Since when have you ever been afraid of anything? Come on -- aren't you even a little curious?" Johnny protested.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, John received a visit from Abe, who extended a dinner invitation then realized that something was wrong.

"I see why you're concerned," Abe declared after John explained the situation. "You were there right from the very beginning," John acknowledged.

Abe thought it made sense for the story of Marlena's demonic possession to be included in a movie about Sami's life -- and John conceded the point. "I just don't think that Johnny understands the Pandora's box that he could be opening up if he goes ahead with this," John explained. "I know what Marlena went through was terrifying...but it's over -- you know, if the devil wanted her, he's had over 25 years to get her back, and he hasn't even tried," Abe stressed.

After Abe left, John placed the lid back on the box that contained reminders of what had happened decades earlier. "You're right, Abraham -- it's all in the past," John decided with a laugh -- just as Allie arrived, armed with a box of goodies from Sweet Bits, and casually started asking questions about the incident. Meanwhile, Johnny continued reading Will's script in the town square. "She turns into a jaguar? No wonder [no one] wanted to produce Will's script -- it's way too far-fetched..." Johnny mused before pausing to take a phone call. "Mom -- finally!" Johnny began.

At the hospital, Kayla and Julie took turns updating Eli on the situation with Doug.

Meanwhile, Marlena continued Doug's therapy session, as if nothing out of the ordinary had just occurred. "Stop pretending that you don't remember me -- hurts my feelings after everything that we shared; all those nights together at your penthouse, desecrating St. Luke's... Remember when John caught us red-handed?" "Doug" challenged Marlena, still using a demonic voice. "Oh, my God..." Marlena whispered. "Not 'God,' Marlena -- but just as powerful...which you know better than anyone," "Doug" countered. "It can't be..." Marlena protested. "Tell me, Marlena -- have you missed me as much as I've missed you?" "Doug" wondered.

"I've been trying to find my way back to you for over two decades!" "Doug" revealed. "This is impossible..." Marlena maintained. "They say patience is a virtue, but I'm not very big on virtue, as you know..." "Doug" joked. "This is dementia..." Marlena suggested. "Doug doesn't have dementia, and you know it -- he's just a little shaken up by having me inside his body," "Doug" clarified.

"[But], between us, I don't know how he's kept it all together all this time -- that wife of his, she would try the patience of a saint; that's why I've reserved a special place for her in hell with me!" "Doug" added. "That's not funny, Doug --" Marlena declared, prompting "Doug" to slam a fist against the desk with a force that rattled everything on it. "Stop calling me 'Doug' -- you know who I am!" "Doug" demanded.

"No -- you can't be the..." Marlena insisted. "Yes, I can...and you, of all people, know my name -- go ahead, say it," "Doug" prodded Marlena, who remained in denial about what was happening.

"Doug doesn't have any knowledge about our history -- he wasn't even in Salem at that time," "Doug" stressed. "You read about it in the newspapers," Marlena reasoned. "How did I forget how stubborn you are..." "Doug" grumbled.

Marlena stood and ordered "Doug" to stop playing games. "Sit. Down," "Doug" commanded Marlena, and the words echoed off the walls of the office.

Marlena hesitantly complied -- then gasped when "Doug" suddenly shut off all the lights in the office with a wiggle of two fingers and pierced the darkness with glowing yellow eyes. "Now do you believe me?" "Doug" asked Marlena -- and, again, the words echoed off the walls of the office. "Oh, my God -- it's really you!" Marlena exclaimed. "Stop invoking God -- unless you want to say his name in vain..." "Doug" warned.

Marlena gasped again as "Doug" turned the lights back on with another wiggle of two fingers then reverted to a human eye color. "After all these years... Why have you come back to Salem?" Marlena wondered. "For the fun of it -- we are having fun, aren't we?" "Doug" responded. "I will not let you do this to Doug!" Marlena insisted. "So selfless and noble... It doesn't surprise me -- in fact, I've been counting on you to feel exactly that way..." "Doug" admitted. "Tell me what you want," Marlena demanded. "Isn't it obvious? What I want, Marlena, is you," "Doug" clarified -- and, yet again, the words echoed off the walls of the office.

"That reign of terror that we shared -- that was magnificent! We brought Salem to its knees! Imagine what we could do this time around --" "Doug" reasoned. "You used me to terrorize the people of this town -- people that I love, that I care about... You'll never get inside me again!" Marlena protested. "That's disappointing to hear..." "Doug" grumbled.

"Pity that Doug has to pay the price [for] your selfishness, your choice to protect yourself -- Doug be damned, so to speak..." "Doug" mused. "Don't you dare hurt him!" Marlena snapped. "It doesn't have to happen -- it's so simple; all you have to do is invite me back into you," "Doug" advised. "Never!" Marlena objected -- and the demonic presence inside Doug responded with a laugh then started giving its host chest pains.

Eli tried to keep Julie calm at the nurses' station while Kayla was busy checking the backup generators in the basement. "What would make the electricity suddenly go out? I mean, there's not even a storm!" Julie wondered. "Probably just some glitch in the works... But it seems to be okay now," Eli responded.

Julie wanted to check on Doug, but Eli repeated a warning that Kayla had provided before the power outage -- it was never a good idea to interrupt a therapy session. "Just trust that Marlena will keep Doug calm and safe," Eli advised before reluctantly rushing off to investigate a robbery that had just occurred somewhere near the hospital.

Julie produced a rosary and tried to pray but found it impossible to focus on the task. "What is taking so long?" Julie fretted before rushing off to Marlena's office and barging into it. "Sorry -- I just wanted to..." Julie began to explain to Marlena, who was standing in a corner of the office, before spotting Doug's motionless body on the floor. "What happened?" Julie shouted at Marlena while trying to rouse Doug.

John tells Allie about the devil John tells Allie about the devil

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Paulina babysat the twins while Lani worked. When Lani stopped by to pick up the kids, Paulina commented that the twins "love their Auntie Paulina." "You mean their Grandma Paulina," Lani corrected. Paulina ignored the question as she settled the twins into their stroller. Lani remarked on the face Paulina had made at Lani's comment.

"You didn't think my dad would tell me that you guys discussed getting married. Which would make you my stepmother," Lani said. When Lani asked why else Paulina would call herself a grandmother, Paulina laughed. Paulina asked how Lani felt about Paulina's relationship with Abe. Lani said she had given her blessing to Abe.

"But we have to get a few things straight," Lani said. Lani reminded Paulina that she had a history of lying. "If you can promise me that our agreement [to be honest] also applies to your relationship with my dad, then you and me, we're all good," Lani said.

"You sure?" Paulina asked. Lani noted that Paulina had been a mysterious presence in her life, and she asked Paulina to promise not to hurt Abe. Paulina thought about her conversation with Marlena about Lani's real mother. "Something I have to tell you," Paulina said. Paulina said that she had learned that actions affected other people.

"Just say it," Lani urged. Paulina hesitated. "Eli's grandfather, he groped me," Paulina said. Paulina told Lani about her interaction with Doug. Lani could not believe that Doug had grabbed Paulina. "Apparently he has not been acting like himself lately," Paulina said. Confused, Lani asked why Doug's behavior affected Abe.

Paulina said she was worried that Abe would be jealous, but Lani dismissed the idea. "If anything, [Abe] would just be worried that you are okay. And that Doug would be okay," Lani said. Lani noted that Doug had an appointment with Marlena, and she would help him. With a sigh, Paulina asked Lani if she was ready to give Paulina her blessing.

"I will, I just, I have one more condition. I will not call you 'Mom,'" Lani said. Paulina chuckled nervously. "That would be kind of weird, huh?" Paulina said. Lani agreed. "I am more than happy just to have you as my Aunt Paulina," Lani said. Paulina hugged Lani and said that she loved her. "I want the best for you," Paulina said. Abe returned to the apartment.

"Can I get in on this hug with my two favorite ladies?" Abe asked. Paulina helped Abe with his bags, and she asked why he had purchased so much food. "I invited John and Marlena to dinner," Abe said. "Marlena can't come here!" Paulina blurted out. Confused, Abe asked what was wrong. Paulina stammered that she did not feel like entertaining. "Maybe we can ask John and Marlena to come another time?" Abe said. Paulina nodded in agreement.

"It might be better. I mean, John seemed as if he had something else on his mind," Abe said. "Like what?" Paulina asked. Abe thought about his conversation with John about Marlena's possession. "Just something that happened a long time ago," Abe said. Before Lani left, she reminded Paulina, "You promised. No more secrets. No more lies." Paulina told Lani that she would move heaven and earth to make Abe happy.

At the penthouse, Allie asked John if the devil possession story in Will's script was true. "Of course not," John said. John lied and said that Will had a creative imagination. John added that Sami had made up the story. Allie admitted she was disappointed that the story was not true, because it was a great tale of good versus evil.

"Thank you for telling the truth. I know I can always come to you," Allie said. Allie apologized for wasting John's time. As Allie started to leave, John stopped her. John confessed that the story was true. John explained that he had lied because he wanted to protect his loved ones.

"I don't ever really want to talk about this," John said. Allie asked John to tell her the story. "It's not for the faint of heart," John said. John explained that Stefano had opened the door to the devil, and the devil had used Marlena to terrorize the town. "Ultimately, it was the strength of our connection and the power of our love that drove the demon out of her and straight back to hell," John said. Allie asked if all the elements in the script were accurate. John confirmed everything was true.

"The details of every one of those events is still crystal clear," John said. "How have I not heard of this before?" Allie asked. With a shrug, John noted that it was not a great bedtime story. "Was there an exorcism or something?" Allie asked. John explained that he had performed the exorcism.

"It was our love that saved her," John said. "Just when I thought your love story couldn't get more romantic," Allie said. "It didn't feel romantic at the time. In fact, it felt like the end of the world," John whispered. John admitted that he did not like to think about that time in his life because the emotions flooded back.

"I can't even explain what it's like to come face to face with pure evil. It was the most traumatic, horrible thing we had ever been through. We barely survived. The last thing that I want is for your grandmother to have to ever live that again," John said. John stressed that he did not want to step on Johnny's dream, but he wanted Johnny to find another script.

"It's not just the idea of reliving bad memories that worries you?" Allie asked. "I'm worried that we could be tempting him," John confessed. "You're talking about the devil?" Allie asked. John said he did not believe it could happen again, but he did not want to tempt fate.

In the square, Johnny was reading Will's script when Sami appeared to call his phone. Johnny asked Sami about Marlena, but the line went dead. When Chanel walked over, Johnny ended the call. Chanel told Johnny that it was cute that he liked his mother. With a shrug, Johnny noted that the call had been full of static. Johnny's phone beeped with a text message. The text asked Johnny not to make any effort to reach her because she was "tied up."

Chanel asked Johnny why he had wanted to talk to his mother. "I need to know if it is true or not that my Grandma Marlena was possessed by the devil," Johnny said. Chanel asked Johnny if he was joking. Johnny explained that the story was in Will's script.

"The devil wanted to make someone pure and good into his vessel to turn Salem into Hell on earth," Johnny said. Johnny showed the levitation passage in the script to Chanel. "I'm just not into the horror thing. You know there is enough scary stuff in this world," Chanel said. Johnny explained that horror movies were a way to express fears and work through them.

"I express myself through the culinary art of baking, but I do make a mean devil's food cake," Chanel said. With a grin, Johnny noted that the other great thing about scary movies was snuggling close to someone one liked. Johnny invited Chanel over to watch The Exorcist. When Chanel made a face, Johnny asked if her reaction was to the movie or to him.

"Allie seems to think that all I care about is getting you into bed, but that is just not true," Johnny said. "What do you care about?" Chanel asked. Johnny told Chanel that he liked her, and he hoped she felt the same way about him. Chanel said that before she had known that Johnny was Allie's brother, she had really liked him. Chanel added that she admired Johnny's passion for film. "Maybe we can pick up where we left off," Chanel said.

Johnny and Chanel made out on the bench in the square. Allie made a nauseated face as she approached. "Looks like someone kissed and made up," Allie said. "We have," Johnny said. "You cool with that?" Chanel asked. Allie noted that Chanel was a grown woman. "Like you said, Johnny, it's none of my business," Allie added. Johnny asked about Allie's conversation with John. "He said that it's all true," Allie said.

A worried Julie went into Marlena's office to check on Doug. Doug was unconscious on the floor. Marlena stared blankly at the wall. "Help him!" Julie screamed at Marlena. Marlena shook her head as if awoken from a daze, and she rushed to check on Doug. Marlena called in a code blue.

At the nurses' station, Kayla and Tripp talked about the power surge. Kayla's phone beeped with a notification about Doug's code blue. After Kayla attended to Doug, Tripp talked to Julie. "What is his condition?" Julie asked. Tripp promised they would have news soon. Julie spotted Marlena across the hallway.

"What happened back there in the office?" Julie asked. "What do you mean?" Marlena countered. Julie explained that when she had walked into Marlena's office, Marlena had been frozen. "Like you'd seen a ghost," Julie said. "Not a ghost," Marlena countered. Worried, Julie asked Marlena if she was okay.

"I was just asking Doug some questions," Marlena said. Marlena thought about her conversation with Doug before the devil had revealed himself. "What did [Doug] say?" Julie asked. Marlena said that "Doug" had admitted he had locked Julie in the freezer on purpose. "What has gotten into my Doug?" Julie wondered aloud. Marlena told Julie that "Doug" had said, "I'm not Doug."

"Who in the world does he think he is?" Julie asked. "I'm not sure what to make of Doug's condition," Marlena said. Marlena's face went blank as she thought about when the devil had spoken through Doug. Julie asked how Doug had ended up on the floor. With a shrug, Marlena said that Doug had collapsed during their conversation. Marlena thought about the devil's request to offer herself in Doug's place.

"Something doesn't feel right about any of this," Julie said. "This has all been very sudden," Marlena said. Suspicious, Julie asked Marlena what she was hiding.

In Doug's room, Tripp showed Kayla the results of the EKG. Kayla noted that there was no evidence of a cardiac event. When Tripp leaned in to check on Doug's connections to the machine, Doug grabbed his wrist. Tripp asked Doug to let go. Unconscious, Doug did not release his grip. Kayla helped Tripp pry his arm loose. "Strong grip," Tripp muttered. Doug's blood pressure dropped. "We're losing him," Kayla said.

Marlena returned to the penthouse, and she told John about Doug's collapse. "He's still unconscious," Marlena said. "What's wrong with him?" John asked. "I'm sure it's going to turn out fine for everybody," Marlena said.

At the hospital, Kayla talked to Tripp in the hallway. "When someone reaches Doug's age, every moment is a blessing," Kayla said. Kayla noted that sometimes the only thing left to do was pray.

In Doug's hospital room, Julie held his hand as she sat by his bedside. Doug's eyes fluttered open. "He left me and went into her," Doug said. Confused, Julie asked what he meant. Doug fell unconscious again. At the penthouse, John hugged Marlena, and he told her that he was there for her. "I'm here for you too, John," Marlena said. Marlena's eyes turned yellow, and she grinned as she hugged John.

Philip hopes for a fresh start with Chloe Philip hopes for a fresh start with Chloe

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

by Mike

Abigail entered the Horton house and joined Gwen in the living room. "If you're looking for Jack, he's not here --" Gwen reported after getting over the shock of Abigail's visit. "Actually, I came to talk to you," Abigail clarified before starting to apologize for having inadvertently caused Gwen's miscarriage. "You did not consciously try to hurt me or the baby," Gwen acknowledged when Abigail's lengthy and emotional apology finally ended.

"You don't have a need to be sorry..." Gwen guiltily began to add. "Because I spent weeks telling everybody that you pushed me down the stairs, and you and I both know that's not true -- I lost my balance, and I fell," Gwen eventually concluded. "[Still], had I not followed you to the top of the stairs and grabbed your arm, you'd probably be nine months pregnant right now -- but instead, we have to live with the consequences of that day for the rest of our lives," Abigail responded. "I'm really sorry that you have to live with all that guilt -- I know what a heavy burden guilt can be..." Gwen admitted. "I'm just glad everything's out in the open -- I can't stand letting things just fester," Abigail declared as Gwen fought back tears.

At the Salem Inn, Jack repeatedly knocked on the door to Xander's room -- then eventually called out a greeting. "Sorry -- I thought you were the front desk; I'm a bit behind on the rent this month..." Xander explained to Jack after finally opening the door. "The inn started sending hired muscle to collect?" Jack jokingly guessed after seeing Xander's injuries. "No, I just...fell off my skateboard," Xander dryly claimed.

Jack apologized for having privately and publicly trashed Xander recently. "Gwen told me the truth," Jack announced. "And you have no problem with it? Jack, I have to say, that is very big of you -- [I mean], you say you love Gwen, and I believe you, but...well, Abigail's been your daughter her whole life, [so] you must love her more, and now that you know what Gwen did --" Xander responded.

"I don't understand -- what does Abigail have to do with Gwen being a prostitute?" Jack wondered. "Gwen...told you she was a prostitute..." Xander stammered. "I thought you knew," Jack admitted. "It's just that...when she and I discussed it, she always used the term 'escort' instead," Xander backpedaled before adding that Gwen was concerned about being seen as the bad seed of the Deveraux children -- and being loved less as a result. "They're all equal in my eyes," Jack insisted.

"There seems to be something between you [and Gwen] that's a little bit more than casual friendship, [so] a protective father, I have to ask you -- what are your intentions toward my daughter?" Jack challenged Xander -- just as another visitor arrived. "It's the front desk!" Xander worriedly whispered to Jack -- but then Gwen called out a greeting.

Gwen started fussing about Xander's injuries, and Jack knowingly took that as a sign that it would be best to give them some privacy. Xander waited until the coast was clear then told Gwen about what had just happened. "So, now we both know where we stand with Jack -- the only question is...where do we stand with each other?" Xander eventually challenged Gwen.

Chloe was surprised when Philip showed up at Basic Black and suggested a picnic date at an undisclosed location.

"Remember this place?" Philip asked Chloe when they reached their destination. "Course I do -- we used to come here all the time in high school," Chloe replied before starting to reminisce with Philip.

"Oh -- and do you remember when we carved our initials into that tree?" Chloe eventually wondered, prompting Philip to glance at a nearby spot. "Yeah, that's where it used to be -- and then you chopped it down..." Chloe recalled. "I saw you with Brady -- I heard you two talking about how you'd slept together -- and I had to face that things were over for you and me, so...I grabbed an axe, and I went to our tree, and I chopped it down," Philip elaborated.

Philip rushed off -- then rejoined Chloe a few minutes later, carrying a sapling. "Where, exactly, did you find that?" Chloe asked. "I got it at the garden center -- it was in my trunk," Philip replied.

"I thought we could plant it the same spot as our old tree," Philip explained, earning some lighthearted mockery from Chloe, who was wearing a dress and heels. "I know it can't erase the mistakes of the past, but I'm hoping that it can be the start of a new, better beginning for us -- [and then], someday, we can carve our initials into this tree, [too]," Philip declared. "If our arthritis isn't too bad by then -- [I mean], do you know how many years it's gonna take for this tree to be big enough for us to carve anything into it?" Chloe argued. "That's another reason I wanted to plant it -- I wanted to show you how much faith I had in us. We're gonna be together a long, long time," Philip countered.

At the Hernandez house, Jake entered the kitchen and greeted Gabi, who was preparing a batch of tamales. "I am sick and tired of Ava's Italian food -- tonight, we're gonna have a fiesta Mexicana!" Gabi explained to Jake.

Jake told Gabi that the timing was appropriate because they actually had a good reason to throw a party. "Somebody is paying a visit to his grandfather [as we speak]," Jake revealed. "How do you know?" Gabi wondered. "Let's just say I'm...keeping tabs on the situation," Jake answered. "[And] you think Brady's gone to see Victor to get him to dump Philip? [Then] it's only a matter of time before Philip's out -- and you and I are running Titan!" Gabi guessed.

Gabi and Jake celebrated the development with a passionate kiss -- just as Ava entered the kitchen. "Get a room!" Ava advised with a cringe of disgust, prompting Jake and Gabi to pull away from each other. "This is my house!" Gabi snapped. "I live here, too -- [and] there's this little thing called 'common courtesy'..." Ava countered, drawing a dismissive scoff from Gabi, who insisted that they wouldn't be housemates much longer.

Ava understood the implication but wasn't even slightly concerned about the possibility of getting kicked out of the house, since things were better than ever with Rafe -- despite Gabi's recent efforts to sabotage the relationship. "[But] if you've got such a big problem with Rafe and me being together, why don't [you and Jake] find someplace else to live?" Ava challenged Gabi. "I'm pretty much over this bitch's crap!" Gabi complained to Jake before agreeing to move out. "What about the tamales?" Jake protested as Gabi stormed off to another room to start packing. Ava stifled a laugh as Jake chased after Gabi.

Philip received a text message while offering to take Chloe to a shoe store to look for a new pair of heels. "Something I have to deal with now... Damn... You mind taking a rain check?" Philip said to Chloe, who was fine with the change of plans.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady finished describing Philip's recent behavior to Victor, who didn't see it as a reason to name someone else as Titan's CEO. "The problem is Chloe Lane, as I always knew it would be, [so]...steal her away from Philip," Victor ordered Brady. "You seriously want me to make a play for Chloe?" Brady incredulously repeated. "No, I don't 'want' it -- but if you're occupied with Chloe, you're not likely to make another stab at that...mental case..." Victor reasoned before urging Brady to put the plan in motion right away.

"Don't just stand there -- are you gonna try and take Chloe away from Philip or not?" Victor prodded Brady -- just as Chloe joined them in the study. "I'd like to know the answer to that question myself," Chloe challenged Brady as Victor sighed.

At the Horton Town Square, Gabi stewed as Jake scarfed down a doughnut from Sweet Bits. "You left the tamales [at Rafe's house -- and besides], it's not the bakery's fault that it's occupying the space you wanted for your store," Jake reasoned, and Gabi conceded the point. "How very mature of you," Jake teased, annoying Gabi.

Jake assumed that Gabi's plan was to stay at the Salem Inn for the time being. "Like everybody [else] in this town? No! If you want to be rubbing shoulders with every misfit in town, that's [up to] you -- but not me!" Gabi objected, prompting Jake to warn that it was going to be hard to find alternative accommodations for the night on such short notice.

Abigail was in the living room, picking up some toys the kids had left out, when Gabi and Jake entered the DiMera mansion a short time later. "I didn't know you were back in town," Gabi admitted. "I just got back this morning... What are you guys doing here? Chad told me you moved out," Abigail responded. "You'll be the first to hear the good news -- we're moving back in," Gabi declared.

Philip went to the Hernandez house to see Ava. "I was surprised to get your text -- what's up?" Philip began. "I thought that you might like to know in advance that Gabi Hernandez DiMera is plotting against you," Ava, who had overheard everything that Gabi and Jake had said earlier, replied.

Gabi blindsides Chad and Abigail Gabi blindsides Chad and Abigail

Thursday, September 23, 2021

by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Gwen laughed about the fact that Jack had tried to give Xander the old-fashioned "what are your intentions toward my daughter" interrogation earlier, like some character in a Jane Austen novel. "He's very protective of you," Xander explained. "Yeah, I know -- it's something I'm not really used to," Gwen admitted.

"[Just] like I'm not really used to a man so much as lifting a finger for me -- but you have done so much more than that," Gwen added. "It was pretty noble of me -- who knows where that came from..." Xander joked before asking if there was any particular way in which Gwen wanted Jack's question to be answered.

"Why do you care about how I feel? [I mean], no one's asked me that since the nun standing over my bed after I woke up from my tonsillectomy -- I was eleven. [And] I jumped into bed with you so that I could forget how I feel...[although], actually, I've been doing that for as long as I can remember; not jumping into bed with men I don't care about or know -- that came later -- but trying to forget about how I feel. I used to read a lot as a girl -- Dickens is really good to help you forget -- and then...'Hello, 13!' And then I discovered alcohol, sex... Didn't do drugs, though -- even though I knew it would do the trick, because Mom did drugs, and she always used to forget I ever existed... Anyway, I learned early on to forget about how I feel about life in order to survive it," Gwen said to Xander, who understood the defense mechanism.

"I couldn't tell you how many women I've slept with, but I can tell you exactly how many I've been in love with -- one. [And], for me, it was the real thing -- I never felt like that my whole life -- and I was so sure she felt the same way...but, in the end, she felt she belonged with someone else -- someone more...suitable..." Xander grumbled. "A cheating, fickle doctor, just like herself," Gwen summarized. "Well, I'm just very touched that you hate her so much on my behalf," Xander teased. "It's just...I see how hurt you are by her still... [And] that is why it's best just not to talk about feelings -- in fact, it's better to just simply not have any feelings at all -- [so], to that end, I think [that] perhaps we should part ways before things just start to get potentially messy between us," Gwen reasoned. "Maybe that would be safest [and] smartest," Xander conceded.

"Maybe I should just go right now," Gwen suggested. "Maybe you should," Xander agreed. "Problem is...I really don't want to," Gwen whispered before giving Xander a kiss.

At the police station, Rafe received an office visit from E.J., who demanded the money that Bonnie had stolen from Xander. "The D.A. expressed concerns about the provenance of that money, so until the Lockhart case is resolved -- which isn't gonna be anytime soon -- you're not getting that money back," Rafe informed E.J. "Bull -- you're just holding my money hostage because you don't like me," E.J. guessed. "'Dislike' is such a tepid word for how I feel about you...[but] that money is evidence -- that's why the D.A.'s holding it, and that's why you're not getting it back. Now, of course, you can talk to Trask directly, but...well, she doesn't like you any more than I do, so..." Rafe countered.

Rafe wondered why E.J. cared so much about a sum of money that was basically just pocket change to a DiMera. "It's a matter of principle," E.J. explained. "You talking about 'principle' is like Sami talking about 'restraint'..." Rafe joked. "Samantha, she's a cheater --" E.J. began to clarify. "I'm well aware," Rafe interjected. "[And] she used my money to pay Xander to expose another cheater, and I can't let that stand," E.J. concluded. "Ah -- so, Nicole was right..." Rafe mused. "Well, listen, if you want revenge, you're gonna have to figure out another way to do it," Rafe advised before chasing E.J. off.

At the Hernandez house, Ava finished telling Philip about having overheard Gabi and Jake discussing a plan to take over Titan. "I thought the lady did protest too much..." Philip mused.

"So, you called me over here to tell me this...out of the goodness of your heart?" Philip challenged Ava. "Well, Gabi has been doing everything she can to cause trouble for me and Rafe, so...just thought I'd return the favor," Ava reasoned with a shrug before admitting that Philip was going to be expected to do something in exchange for the information. "Why am I not surprised..." Philip grumbled.

"I appreciate the heads-up...but I didn't ask for it, and I don't appreciate there being strings attached after the fact," Philip stressed. "I am just asking you to keep me in mind if a job opens up at Titan," Ava countered. "I thought you wanted to be top chef at Julie's Place," Philip recalled. "I called to check on my résumé, and I got the old man -- who not only blew me off, he started cursing at me!" Ava explained. "Wow -- what's gotten into him..." Philip wondered. "I don't know, and I don't care -- but I don't want to work for crazy people," Ava declared. "Well, that rules out Titan..." Philip joked. "I have limited options," Ava admitted.

Philip guessed that Victor wouldn't like the idea of Ava working at Titan, given their history. "Oh, you still answer to that old man? I thought you were in charge," Ava challenged Philip.

"[And] I know you're gonna have some job openings, because you're gonna have to fire Gabi and Jake. Don't you want someone with my fashion sense...considering that you got none?" Ava reasoned. "I can't fire Gabi unless I want to lose Gabi Chic, and that's a very profitable division," Philip admitted. "So, you're gonna just sit there with a traitor in your midst and let her and her boyfriend plot to destroy you," Ava summarized. "They won't get away with it," Philip promised.

Rafe entered the house just then and wondered what was going on, prompting Philip to rush off with a comment about Ava being more than capable of explaining everything without any backup. Ava gave Philip a forced smile and waited until the coast was clear before telling Rafe that an informal job interview had just occurred. Rafe found it hard to believe that Philip would ever even consider hiring Ava, of all people. "Maybe Philip actually believes that I have changed, and he wants to give me a chance," Ava reasoned. "Doesn't sound like Philip to me," Rafe argued. "Maybe Philip's changed," Ava countered.

"Speaking of change..." Ava quickly added before cheerfully informing Rafe that Gabi and Jake had moved out earlier. "You got in another fight with Gabi," Rafe guessed, drawing a shameless shrug from Ava.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady started to insist that there was a reasonable explanation for what Chloe had just overheard, prompting Victor to interrupt. "It's exactly what it sounds like -- since you have once again insinuated yourself into the center of this family, Brady and I were discussing how best to handle you," Victor admitted to Chloe. "'We' weren't -- you were!" Brady protested. "You came to me," Victor countered.

"He says to me that you're clouding Philip's judgment -- and I say that, since [Philip's] chasing after you, he has no judgment," Victor elaborated. "But I'm good enough for Brady?" Chloe wondered. "Well, unfortunately, Kristen has set the bar for 'good enough for Brady' so low that even you could crawl over it," Victor reasoned. "[So], now that you've given Brady and me your blessing, can I call you 'Grandpa Kiriakis'?" Chloe called out as Victor was exiting the study.

Chloe released a scream of frustration and admitted to Brady that the most understandable crime Kristen had ever committed was the crime of plunging a knife into Victor's chest. "Everything he was talking about, that was him -- it did not come from me," Brady maintained. "You came here to talk to him about something," Chloe argued. "I told him I thought Philip was losing focus," Brady revealed. "So, your defense in all this is that you weren't plotting to steal Philip's girlfriend -- just steal his job," Chloe summarized. "I don't want Philip's job -- I'm happy where I am. And, to be even clearer, I don't even want Philip fired," Brady insisted.

Brady wondered if Chloe was going to tell Philip about what had just happened. "No -- he would go justifiably nuts," Chloe answered. "Wouldn't be a long trip..." Brady joked, annoying Chloe, who seized the opportunity to brag about what Philip had done earlier. "That's adorable -- he took you to the stump of the tree that he chopped down in a jealous rage... Nice," Brady mused. "He's at least trying to change -- he's not being condescending or arrogant or complacent like you!" Chloe countered.

Philip entered the mansion a short time later and joined Chloe and Brady in the study -- and seized the opportunity to propose a truce. "I found out today I was out of line with you -- I now know that you didn't put the keylogger on my laptop, [because] I found out who actually did," Philip explained before apologizing and inviting Brady to stay for dinner.

Philip rushed off to let Henderson know that there would be an extra person at dinner that night. "See? I told you!" Chloe bragged. "We'll see," Brady responded.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad entered the living room just in time to hear Gabi and Jake inform Abigail that they were moving back in. "Over my dead body!" Chad objected. "Oh? Do I need to remind you? It doesn't matter what you want, because I inherited this house from Stefan -- it's mine," Gabi countered.

"I only let you stay here out of the kindness of my heart," Gabi stressed. "What heart?" Chad protested -- and Abigail took that as a sign that it was time to intervene before things got even more heated, but Gabi dismissed the concern. "He's right -- I am the villain of the piece," Gabi conceded with a shameless shrug.

"[So]...pack your crap and get out -- now!" Gabi demanded, surprising not just Abigail but also Chad, who was curious to know what had prompted Gabi's sudden one-two punch of moving back into the mansion and kicking out other people who were living there. "It's the right time to make the right move," Gabi vaguely reasoned. "On a number of fronts," Jake cryptically added. "What's that supposed to mean?" Chad wondered. "You'll see," Jake promised.

Chad started to lash out, but Abigail interrupted and tried to appeal to Gabi's motherly instincts, arguing that Thomas and Charlotte had already been through a lot lately. "Do you seriously want to just throw us all out on the street?" Abigail challenged Gabi. "Who said anything about you leaving? No, you and the kids are more than welcome to stay," Gabi assured Abigail.

"But you are willing to kick my husband out on his ass," Abigail summarized. "Eh, for what it's worth, he's not much of a husband..." Jake interjected, and Gabi agreed -- then added that there really wasn't that much difference between a couple sleeping on opposite ends of a mansion and a couple sleeping on opposite ends of a town.

Chad started to storm off in search of Harold, guessing that the butler had been gossiping again, but Gabi argued that it would be wrong to start blasting the mansion's staff for simply being honest with their boss. Gabi impatiently demanded to know if Chad was going to make a scene or just leave peacefully. "Because, one way or another, you are going," Gabi insisted.

Chad decided to cooperate, drawing an objection from Abigail. "It's fine," Chad assured Abigail. "I'll go -- but I'll be back," Chad warned Gabi. "We'll see about that..." Gabi muttered as Chad headed upstairs to pack. "I hate this!" Abigail grumbled while Gabi and Jake were celebrating with a round of drinks. "You're more than welcome to leave if you want to," Gabi countered.

Chad soon returned with a suitcase -- just as E.J. entered the mansion. "What the hell's going on here?" E.J. wondered. "We just kicked your brother out of the house -- oh, and you're next," Gabi responded. "Oh, this is going to be so much more fun than I first thought..." E.J. mused with a laugh before producing a document and showing it to Gabi, who stared at it in stunned silence.

"I now own this house," E.J. summarized as Chad curiously snatched the deed. "This can't be legal -- the bank never notified me!" Gabi protested. "Two can play at Stefan's game," E.J. explained. "Did you buy the bank?" Chad wondered. "We can discuss those details later," E.J. responded before declaring that Gabi and Jake were trespassing and needed to vacate the premises immediately.

Gabi looked to Abigail for support. "I was nice to you!" Gabi stressed. "Yeah -- and then you tried to throw my husband out on his ass!" Abigail countered. "Oh, you don't want him, anyway..." Gabi reasoned. "How 'bout I throw you out on your ass," Chad interjected while glaring at Gabi, prompting Jake to intervene. "They're not worth it -- let's go," Jake advised Gabi before storming out of the mansion, shoving past Chad and E.J. in the process. "I am calling my lawyer!" Gabi warned before chasing after Jake, but E.J. just laughed off the threat. "I was right -- that was fun!" E.J. declared before celebrating with a drink.

Abigail thanked E.J. for having thwarted Gabi's attempt to kick Chad out of the mansion. "Yeah -- and thanks for doing it all behind my back," Chad grumbled. "You had a lot on your mind, and it was something I could do to take care of the family," E.J. explained. "Yeah, but now you own the 'family' house, right?" Chad countered. "Better than being beholden to Gabi," E.J. argued. "Implying that I'm now 'beholden' to you," Chad translated, prompting Abigail to intervene.

"You did kind of spring it on him," Abigail said to E.J. after Chad headed upstairs to unpack. "We'll work it out -- we always do," E.J. insisted before hinting to Abigail that someone else was going to lose to a DiMera before the end of the day.

Gabi and Jake headed back to the Hernandez house and informed Ava that there had been a change of plans. "You see this working out well, Gabi?" Jake wondered. "No, I don't," Gabi admitted.

At the Salem Inn, Xander and Gwen discussed their future while they were lying in bed together. "There's nothing in the way of us getting together [anymore]," Gwen noted. "Except for the fact that I could get chucked back in prison any moment," Xander fretted. "I am not letting you go to prison. [And besides], E.J. already got the judge to drop the charges, [so] how can they just dredge that up again -- isn't that, like, double jeopardy or something? [Plus], if E.J. was going to [reverse that decision], don't you think he would have done it by now?" Gwen argued. "Yeah -- maybe he's not as powerful as he thinks he is!" Xander decided.

Xander climbed out of bed and got dressed while awaiting the delivery of a room-service cart. "I think that room service is probably the greatest achievement of Western civilization," Gwen raved. "I haven't used it in days -- every time there's a knock at the door, I jump, thinking it's the bloody cops," Xander admitted -- just as a visitor arrived.

Xander opened the hotel room door without a hint of concern -- and found Rafe standing on the other side of it. "The charges against you have been reinstated," Rafe announced before placing Xander under arrest as Gwen watched in horror.

Devil Marlena focuses on Doug Devil Marlena focuses on Doug

Friday, September 24, 2021

Ben and Ciara continued their honeymoon in New Orleans. After running to the hotel in the rain, Ben and Ciara made love in their room. In bed later, Ciara said she had been affected by the tour of Oak Alley plantation. Ben grew quiet. "Is there something on your mind?" Ciara asked. Ben admitted that he had been thinking about something the tour guide had said.

"In order for us to move forward, we have to reckon with your past. And anything that was built on violence or ugliness will always be there underneath the surface," Ben said. Ciara asked why that had bothered Ben. "In a way, I felt like she was talking about me," Ben admitted.

"You haven't been ignoring your past. Actually, you have been actively facing it," Ciara noted. Ciara pointed out that Ben had been going to therapy and making amends. "It doesn't change who I am. I was a man even capable of murder, and no matter how much I try to atone for what I did, for the lives I took, it's always gonna be a part of me. For the rest of my life," Ben said. Ciara reminded Ben that he did not need to let his past define him.

"Focus on all the good. And how much progress you've made. And how you've saved my life, and how happy you make me. Doesn't that count for something?" Ciara asked. "My past has been on my mind a lot lately," Ben said. When Ciara asked why, Ben said he had been preoccupied with his past since Ciara had mentioned starting a family. Confused, Ciara asked Ben to explain.

"What if that sickness that made me do those horrible things got passed on to our child, Ciara, an innocent baby? Mental illness can be hereditary," Ben said. Ciara asked Ben if the reasons he had given to delay having a baby were just excuses. Ben stressed that his reasons were legitimate concerns. "At the heart of it all, you not wanting to pass down your bad genes to this baby, that's the reason why you wanna put this off?" Ciara asked. Ben said yes.

"I'm sorry for not being up-front with you about my feelings. I just don't ever want to disappoint you, and I know how much having a baby means to you," Ben said. "Means to us," Ciara corrected. With a sigh, Ciara asked Ben to be honest. "Does that mean you might never want to have a baby with me?" Ciara asked.

At the DiMera mansion, Chanel met up with Johnny for their movie night. "I thought maybe my sister convinced you to ghost me," Johnny said. "Allie said she'd apologized for calling you a liar, and she was totally fine with it if I wanted to date you," Chanel said. Chanel stressed that it was her decision to date Johnny.

As Chanel and Johnny settled in on the couch, Johnny said that he wanted to watch The Exorcist for research. "So, you're still planning on making the movie about your mom?" Chanel asked. "Is that a problem?" Johnny countered. Chanel noted that John did not want Johnny to dredge up the past. Johnny said he was sure that John would change his mind.

During the movie, Chanel was scared, and she told Johnny to turn off the film. "Not a fan of the spider walking scene," Johnny said. "How is a movie that is almost 50 years old this scary?" Chanel said. Johnny raved about director William Friedkin. "I will be lucky if my movie turns out half as well," Johnny said. Chanel stared in silence until Johnny asked what was wrong.

"Do not make your movie," Chanel pleaded. Johnny assured Chanel that it was only pretend. "Was it pretend when it happened to your grandmother?" Chanel countered. "We don't know for sure that it did," Johnny said. When Chanel reminded Johnny that Allie had confirmed the story with John, Johnny said if it were true, it would only help sell the movie. "There is nothing to worry about," Johnny stressed. Johnny suggested that they finish The Exorcist, and Chanel reluctantly agreed to continue.

As the movie played on, a scared Chanel buried her face in Johnny's shoulder and squeezed his hand until he cried out in pain. "I can't take any more," Chanel said. Johnny asked Chanel to at least watch the end with him. "I hope you know I wouldn't be putting myself through this for just anyone," Chanel said. "Just anyone? What are you saying, Chanel?" Johnny said playfully. Chanel told Johnny that he owed her one.

At the end of the movie, Johnny noted that the devil was banished. "Yeah, and the two priests ended up dead. I'm not sure I'd call that a happy ending," Chanel said. "Yeah, but that's what ups the dramatic stakes," Johnny said. Johnny announced that he planned to scrap Will's screenplay and make Marlena's possession the sole focus of his film.

In the Brady Pub, Steve and Kayla talked over a glass of wine about Doug's condition. "It just breaks my heart. And God forbid she loses Doug, I don't know what she'd do," Kayla said.

Outside the pub, Paulina apologized to Abe for having canceled their dinner with John and Marlena. "We'll have John and Marlena over another time," Abe said. Abe and Paulina headed inside the pub, and Abe told Paulina that he enjoyed having an evening alone with her. "Abraham! Come on over!" Steve called out from across the room. "So much for just the two of us," Paulina joked.

As Abe shook hands with Steve, Kayla said, "And you must be Paulina Price." "And you must be Steve and Kayla Johnson!" Paulina exclaimed. When Paulina noted that Steve was just as described, Steve pointed at his eye patch. Paulina noted that Abe had shown her a Halloween picture of Steve and Kayla from years past. When Paulina called Steve a sexy pirate, he chuckled and invited Paulina and Abe to join them for dinner.

"That would be lovely," Paulina said. Abe pulled up a couple chairs. Paulina told Steve that she had met his son. "You must be so proud of [him], on his way to becoming a doctor," Paulina said. Paulina called Tripp "a charming young man." Over dinner, Paulina talked about the food, and she complimented Abe's cooking skills. "I was going to cook tonight," Abe said. "Now come on, don't make me feel bad," Paulina said. Paulina explained that she had canceled their dinner with John and Marlena because she had not felt like entertaining anyone.

"But Abe told me that John had a lot on his mind lately, so I guess it worked out for the better, anyway," Paulina said. Abe explained that John had been thinking about the past. "He didn't say anything to me about it. What's going on?" Steve said. Abe explained that John had been thinking about when Marlena had been possessed by the devil. Paulina nearly choked on her food.

"I thought I heard you say that Marlena, Dr. Marlena Evans, was possessed by the devil?" Paulina asked. Abe confirmed it was true. "We certainly heard the stories," Kayla said. "But we weren't in town at the time," Steve added. "I was, and I can assure you that it really did happen," Abe said. Kayla asked Abe why John had been dwelling on the incident that had happened decades before. Abe told the group about Johnny's movie and that the possession would be part of the story.

While Paulina went to the restroom, Abe asked Steve and Kayla what they thought about his girlfriend. "She is terrific," Kayla said. "She's great, man. And funny as hell," Steve said. With a grin, Abe confided that he planned to propose to Paulina. Kayla and Steve congratulated Abe. Abe told them about his plan to cook a surprise dinner while Paulina was out with Lani.

"You gotta make sure to make all her favorites," Steve said. "I've already made note of that, and then I only have one thing left to do. And that is to get her daughter's blessing," Abe said. Abe called Chanel's phone, but she didn't answer.

"I can't imagine Paulina's daughter not approving of her mom marrying you, the mayor of Salem. Not to mention the greatest man on earth," Kayla said. "Not to mention, anyone can see how in love you two are," Steve added. "That obvious?" Abe said with a laugh.

"I only met her earlier this year. Already, I can't imagine living my life without her," Abe said. "I think she feels the same way. Just the way she looks at you," Kayla said. Steve and Kayla told Abe they were happy for him.

"And why is that?" Paulina asked as she returned to the table. "We're just so happy that the two of you found each other," Kayla said. Steve called Paulina "a keeper." When Abe suggested ordering dessert, Paulina said not to order the devil's food cake. "I can't believe that Marlena was possessed. That kind of thing only happens in the movies," Paulina said.

Eli joined Julie at Doug's hospital bedside. "What happened?" Eli asked. Julie told Eli what she had seen in Marlena's office. "[Marlena] finally called for assistance. Eventually, she told me he'd collapsed. But getting an answer out of her was like pulling teeth," Julie said. Eli suggested that Marlena had been in shock.

"To be perfectly honest, Marlena was not herself," Julie said. Julie told Eli about Doug's last words before he had fallen unconscious. "Why would Doug say he went into her? Who is he? And who is her?" Eli asked. Julie shrugged. When Eli suggested that Doug had been confused, Julie said she was not so sure. Julie told Eli that when Doug had exhibited strange behavior, Doug had had a strange look in his eyes.

"Unlike anything I've ever seen before. Not like himself. Then, a little while ago, when he tried to talk to me, he was my precious Doug again. He was not confused. He was trying to tell me something," Julie said. Doug muttered and stirred awake. Julie asked Doug if he remembered what had happened to him.

"You were in a therapy session, and you collapsed," Julie said. "Help...Marlena," Doug stammered. As Doug shook restlessly, Julie asked Eli to watch Doug while she talked to the nurse and called Marlena. After Julie left, Doug repeatedly cried out, "Marlena! Help."

At the penthouse, Marlena sat in the darkened living room and rooted through John's box of memories from the last exorcism. "You and I made quite a splash all those years ago, didn't we, Marlena? But mark my words, Salem ain't seen nothing yet," devil Marlena said. Devil Marlena cackled with delight. The devil admired Marlena's face in the mirror.

"It's a very good thing that you let me back in, because if you hadn't, that old soul Doug would be paying the ultimate price," devil Marlena said. John returned home with dinner. As John talked about the delay at the restaurant, devil Marlena kept her back turned to John so that he did not see her eyes.

"Are you all right?" John asked. When Marlena faced John, her eyes were back to normal. "I was lost in thought about Doug," Marlena said. John noted that Marlena looked shaken, and he expressed relief that Abe had canceled their dinner together. John glanced over at the couch, and he saw his memento box open.

"I didn't mean to leave this out," John said. "Why were you going through that?" Marlena asked. John explained that he had pulled the box out of the closet after Johnny had visited to ask about investing in his film. "Yes, the Sami movie," Marlena said. "And what happened to you," John said. "You can say it. Marlena was possessed by the devil," Marlena said. With a sigh, John said he had hoped they would never have to talk about the experience again. John added that he had a bad feeling about the film.

"What did you say to Johnny about the movie?" Marlena asked. John admitted that he had told Johnny that he needed to talk to Marlena first. Marlena asked if Johnny had asked about possession. John said that Johnny had not read that part of the script when they had talked, but since then, Allie had visited to ask about possession. John told Marlena about his conversation with Allie.

"I made sure [Allie] understood that in the end, good triumphed over evil," John said. Marlena let out an annoyed gasp. With a shrug, John admitted that the exorcism had been tricky, since he had believed he'd been a priest at the time and later learned he had not been one. "Certainly had me fooled about that," Marlena muttered under her breath. "What was that?" John asked. "None of us really understood it," Marlena said. John noted that it did not matter because Marlena's soul had been saved.

"After all these years, going through that box has just reinforced my belief that it was our love that defeated the devil. That and our faith in God," John said. John grabbed his Bible from the box and held it in front of Marlena. "Put that damn thing away!" Marlena barked. John asked Marlena why she was upset. Marlena lied and said that the reminder of the past had put her on edge. "I'm right there with you," John said. Marlena asked John to put the Bible away and change the subject.

"This is exactly why Johnny shouldn't be making a movie about any of this stuff here. You know, in a way, I just feel it's inviting evil back into our lives," John said as he threw everything back into the box. "I think you could be right about that," Marlena said. "So, you agree that Johnny shouldn't be making this movie?" John asked. Before Marlena could respond, her phone rang. It was Julie.

"[Doug] woke up? I thought he was heavily sedated?" Marlena said. Julie explained that Doug was agitated, and he had repeated Marlena's name. Marlena promised to head over to the hospital to see Doug. After Marlena ended her call, John asked Marlena to send his love to Doug and Julie. "And I'll say a prayer for them while you're gone," John added. Marlena flinched, and she said, "How thoughtful of you." John grabbed the dishes and went into the kitchen.

Devil Marlena blinked to reveal her eyes were yellow again. In the devil's voice, Marlena said, "I cannot have that bumbling old man telling people that I'm back." At the hospital, Julie returned to Doug's room. Eli confirmed that the nurse had checked Doug. "Is Marlena coming?" Eli asked. Julie told Doug that she had called Marlena. "She is coming to help you, sweetie," Julie said as she rubbed Doug's shoulder. "No!" Doug grunted. Julie asked what was wrong. "She needs help," Doug said before he fell unconscious again.

When Marlena arrived at the hospital, Eli and Julie met her at the nurses' station. "Has Doug said anything since you called?" Marlena asked. "He did say one thing that we found strange," Julie said. "Initially we thought that he was asking for your help, but it turns out he was saying that you were the one that needed help," Eli said. "He's clearly confused," Marlena said. Julie asked Marlena to put Doug at ease.

"I'll do what I can," Marlena said. Julie started to follow Marlena into Doug's room, but Marlena stopped her. "I think it's best that I see him alone," Marlena said. Julie thanked Marlena for being a great friend. After Marlena walked away, Julie thanked God for Marlena.

At the penthouse, John rooted through his box again, and he stared at the Bible. John read aloud, "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies. Thou annointest my head with oil. My cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever."

At the hospital, a yellow-eyed devil Marlena walked into Doug's room and slammed her purse down on his bed. "Doug, seems like you've been a little bit of a tattletale. I think we'll just have to do something about that," devil Marlena said. Doug shook as he looked at the devil beside him.

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