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The devil forced Marlena to convince Ben to get Ciara pregnant. Roman pulled his investment from the movie. E.J. invested in the movie in exchange for the role of John. Chad and Abigail spent the night together. Paulina and Abe set a date for their wedding. Gabi confronted Ava about Philip's blackmail. Jake warned Philip not to trust Ava. E.J. stopped Rafe and Nicole from kissing, and then E.J. kissed Nicole. Ciara got a job at Titan. Philip punched Brady. Chloe moved out. Marlena told John her dream about the devil. Marlena gave Johnny permission to make his movie about her.
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The devil forced Marlena to convince Ben to get Ciara pregnant, and Marlena told John about her devilish dream
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The demonic presence uses Marlena to manipulate Ben The demonic presence uses Marlena to manipulate Ben

Monday, October 11, 2021

by Mike

Johnny visited the town's printer then returned to the DiMera mansion with a boxful of identical scripts and joined Abigail in the living room. "Just the person I was looking for," Johnny began before handing Abigail one of the scripts.

"You can tear up the old one -- that is the rewrite, hot off the press," Johnny explained as Abigail opened the script to a random pair of pages in the middle. "You wrote another script that fast?" Abigail asked incredulously. "Yeah -- I was working on it all night...but I gotta tell ya, that thing practically wrote itself; I guess you could say the devil was my muse," Johnny flippantly replied.

Johnny handed Abigail another script to give to Chad then made it clear that brutally honest feedback was desired. "Maybe read it with the lights...on," Johnny teasingly advised before carrying the rest of the scripts upstairs.

Chanel and Allie emerged from Sweet Bits while discussing, with a mixture of excitement and exhaustion, the fact that they had been busy all day -- so busy that they had sold out of everything they had baked, and they hadn't had a single chance to chat with each other about personal stuff. "What did you end up doing last night?" Allie wondered. "Turns out it was good I didn't go out with you [and Tripp], because I was involved in a surprise engagement," Chanel responded. "What? You and my brother got engaged?" Allie sputtered. "Relax, Horton -- I am not engaged to your brother after three dates," Chanel insisted with a laugh before clarifying that Abe and Paulina had gotten engaged -- news that delighted Allie.

Chanel hinted that something had, however, happened with Johnny the previous night that was almost as romantic as an engagement -- and Allie again jumped to the wrong conclusion, begging to be spared the gory details. "It would only be 'gory' if he was a lousy...singer," Chanel teasingly elaborated. "My brother brought out his guitar and 'serenaded' you?" Allie incredulously translated.

"I told you he was a player," Allie maintained. "Well, if he is, far, he's playing it exactly right," Chanel countered. "Tell me that you recorded [him]," Allie begged, seeing an opportunity to blackmail Johnny. "I did not -- [it] was a very lovely, private moment," Chanel responded, drawing a sigh of disappointment from Allie, who thought "cringey" was a more fitting adjective.

"I'm sure my brother couldn't be cheesier if he tried," Allie declared. "I bet I can," Johnny argued, approaching Allie and Chanel with a heart-shaped box. "Chocolates? You know she's a baker, right?" Allie teased. "They're chocolate-covered mixed nuts," Johnny clarified. "My favorite! You're good!" Chanel swooned, drawing a shrug from Johnny and an eye roll from Allie.

Allie started to rush off, uninterested in witnessing the next phase of Johnny's plan to woo Chanel. "Hang on -- I'm here to woo you, too," Johnny called out, stopping Allie. Johnny produced another script and handed it to Allie, who immediately rejected it, just as uninterested in accepting a role in the movie. Johnny urged Allie to reconsider, teasing that some of the juiciest scenes in the script still featured their mother, even though it had been reimagined as a story about their grandmother.

"Wait 'til you read about the moment that [Mom] walked in on Grandma [Marlena] and Grandpa John on top of the Titan conference table," Johnny elaborated with a laugh. "Okay -- one, ew...and two, what does that have to do with the possession?" Allie responded. "[It's] the event that pushed Mom over the edge -- I mean, it's why she changed Aunt Belle's paternity test results, why she kidnapped her... A lot of people say that that was the birth of Sami Brady as we know her," Johnny clarified. "Your mom did all of that?" Chanel interjected through a mouthful of chocolate-covered mixed nuts. "Oh, it's literally just the beginning," Allie answered.

Chanel wondered what had happened to Marlena after being exposed as an adulteress. "My Grandpa Roman divorced her --" Allie began. "Leaving Marlena all alone, vulnerable, and full of shame -- and that's how the devil found his way in," Johnny concluded.

Johnny continued trying to convince Allie to participate in the movie -- and Chanel eventually started trying to help out. "I thought you were against the movie," Allie reminded Chanel. "I'm just could come in handy to have your twin owe you forever," Chanel advised Allie. "Think about how much you would enjoy holding that over me," Johnny encouraged Allie. "Fine -- [but] I just hope that this doesn't all come back to haunt us..." Allie said to Johnny and Chanel after some thought.

Allie soon rushed off with the script -- and once the coast was clear, Johnny thanked Chanel for the support then wondered what had prompted the sudden change of heart. "I'm still properly afraid of the devil, like any good girl should be...but I see how passionate you are about this story, and I know you're not gonna give up -- and I kind of wanted to move the conversation along...[you know], so I could be alone with you..." Chanel explained. "And I could demonstrate my 'passion' in a different way?" Johnny guessed before giving Chanel a kiss.

At the Brady Pub, Roman emerged from the kitchen with a bowl of chowder and approached Kayla, who had not actually ordered anything but seemed to need comfort food. "Nothing does the trick like Ma's cure-all," Roman reasoned as Kayla gratefully accepted the offering. "I wish it could cure everything..." Kayla grumbled before telling Roman what was wrong.

"Damn, that breaks my heart -- I mean, I knew [Doug] was having trouble, [but] it sounds like it's really getting a lot worse," Roman mused at the end of Kayla's tale. "Well, I think we know, better than most, that dementia is a degenerative illness...[but] in Doug's case, it just seems like it's progressing with alarming rapidity," Kayla fretted. "We did get a miracle for Ma," Roman noted. "It's gonna take at least that, if not more, for Doug to recover," Kayla declared.

After finishing the chowder, Kayla said goodbye to Roman then started to exit the pub -- just as John entered it. "How's Marlena?" Kayla wondered. "Nowhere near 100%," John reported before getting Kayla to promise to keep an eye on Marlena at the hospital. John waited until Kayla was gone then approached the bar and informed Roman that they needed to have a serious conversation.

Roman listened to John's concerns about Johnny's movie -- then dismissed them all, still determined to help fund the project. "I am not gonna go back on my word to my grandchild -- [and besides], if I'm okay with it, why shouldn't you be?" Roman reasoned. "It's not about the affair, Roman -- it's about Marlena being possessed by the devil! [Look], we don't know what's gonna happen if we reopen that door, [so] why take the risk?" John fretted.

Roman conceded John's point then promised to try to convince Johnny to leave that part out of the movie about Sami's life -- since, after all, it wasn't like that was the only dramatic thing that had ever happened to the star character. John breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Roman for the support -- just as Allie entered the pub. "I can't believe it, but I just let Johnny talk me into playing Mom in his stupid movie," Allie grumbled. "Wait a minute -- are we looking at the star of The Sami Brady Story?" Roman translated. "No -- I am just a supporting character now; [see], Johnny totally rewrote the script, [so] it's a horror movie now, [and] he even changed the title [to]...Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story," Allie clarified.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad and Abigail read through the part of the script that detailed the conversation that had led to John and Marlena's fateful sexual encounter atop the Titan conference table -- a private conversation that Johnny had somehow managed to recreate with an uncanny level of accuracy. "Why aren't you upstairs at the party with everyone else?" Chad said as John. "I just needed some time by myself," Abigail said as Marlena. "What are you running away from?" Chad said as John. "I think maybe that's enough for one day," Abigail declared, no longer in character, and Chad agreed that the scene was hitting a bit close to home.

Abigail eventually decided to continue reading through the scene with Chad. "It says they kiss..." Abigail hesitantly noted at the end of the scene before locking eyes with Chad.

At the Horton house, Ciara and Julie continued confiding in each other about what was going on with their respective husbands. Ciara eventually rushed off -- and Julie received a visit from Kayla a short time later. Kayla predicted that Julie would probably be allowed to see Doug at Bayview sometime the following day -- or the day after that, at the latest. Kayla admitted that, in the meantime, there wasn't much Julie could do for Doug -- except pray.

At the hospital, Ben donned a jacket then started to exit Marlena's office, unaware that anything was amiss. "Don't let me down, Marlena -- or there will be a steep price to pay," the demonic presence, which was still speaking through Marlena's recorder, warned. "You didn't hear that?" Marlena called out, stopping Ben, who responded with a shake of the head. "Ben can't hear me, 'Doc' -- I have a direct line right into your head...and, more importantly, your soul," the demonic presence explained. "Must have been something outside," Marlena reasoned while giving Ben a forced smile.

"Tell him to have this baby -- if you don't, I'll have to pay a visit to poor, vulnerable Doug..." the demonic presence demanded. "Maybe you should head home -- get some rest," Ben advised Marlena before starting to exit the office again. "Wait -- you can't leave!" Marlena protested, stopping Ben again. "Aren't...we...finished?" Ben responded, confused.

Marlena hesitantly declared that Ben had drawn the wrong conclusion from their earlier conversation. "Look, God forbid --" Marlena began to elaborate. "Don't bring him into this," the demonic presence growled. Marlena shot the recorder a glare then concluded that any child who inherited Ben's mental illness could simply manage it with medication.

Ben started to exit Marlena's office yet again after arguing that creating a potentially evil child then expecting medication to keep that evil under control for the child's entire life was just too risky. "Stop him -- now! You have to!" the demonic presence insisted. "Why?" Marlena challenged the demonic presence, stopping Ben yet again. "Isn't the answer kind of obvious?" Ben responded, understandably unaware that Marlena had directed the question at something else entirely -- something that was refusing to provide the desired clarification.

"There's a very big difference between healthy fear and unhealthy avoidance. [Look], Ciara loves you so much, and she wants to have a family with you -- [now], if you deny her the chance to be a mother, she'll accept that on the surface...[but] when one half of a couple makes a decision that affects them both, there can be a level of resentment, [and] it really can damage a marriage," Marlena advised Ben. "'re saying...?" Ben prodded Marlena. "I'm saying...go home, make love to your wife, and see if you can make a baby together," Marlena urged Ben.

"This does not sound like you -- [I mean], you never tell me what to do; you ask me questions, but then you leave me room to make my own decisions..." Ben observed. "I just...don't want you going down the wrong road," Marlena explained. Ben shrugged and thanked Marlena for the advice then rushed off.

"Brilliantly played, Marlena -- using Ben's own love for Ciara as a weapon against him? You did me proud --" the demonic presence raved, prompting Marlena to turn off the recorder in disgust. "You think you can get rid of me by shutting off the recorder? After all these years, you should know you can never get rid of me," the demonic presence continued.

Marlena again wondered why the demonic presence wanted Ben to conceive a child with Ciara. "I have big plans for Ben Weston's baby," the demonic presence teased with a cackle, drawing a shudder of concern from Marlena. Meanwhile, at the Weston apartment, Ben assured Ciara that there was no longer anything stopping them from trying to conceive a child.

The devil tells Marlena his plan The devil tells Marlena his plan

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

In the square, Johnny and Chanel kissed. Johnny thanked Chanel for her help in convincing Allie to join the movie. "I've got a lot more parts to cast. How would you feel about playing one?" Johnny asked. "I have been told I take a great picture," Chanel said playfully. Chanel told Johnny that she had reenacted television shows when she had been a kid. Curious, Chanel asked what role Johnny wanted her to play.

"I was thinking you could play Celeste," Johnny said. Johnny told Chanel that Celeste had been the first to sense that the devil had been in Salem. "So, she is like the hero of the movie," Chanel said. "She should be, but when she tried to warn everyone, nobody believed her," Johnny said. Curious, Chanel asked why Johnny wanted her to play Celeste.

"Wait. Is she black?" Chanel asked. "I guess she is, now that I think about it," Johnny said. When Chanel raised an eyebrow, Johnny stammered that that was not the only reason he had thought of Chanel for the role. "[Celeste] is wise. She's beautiful. And you have a connection to her," Johnny said. Johnny explained that Celeste was Theo's grandmother. Chanel balked at the idea of playing an older woman. Johnny offered the part of Lexie instead.

"So, my only options are to play Theo's mama or his big mama?" Chanel asked. Johnny reminded Chanel that Allie was playing Allie's mother. Chanel said she would think about the offer, and she told Johnny that he should keep wooing her. With a grin, Johnny suggested that they return to his room to get his guitar.

"Is that where you keep your casting couch?" Chanel joked. "You are really giving me a hard time tonight," Johnny said with a laugh. Chanel suggested that they go to dinner instead. "We could go to the pub. I'm sure I could talk my grandpa into giving us a free meal," Johnny said. "You really think you can just charm your way through this world, don't you?" Chanel said. Johnny noted that he usually did.

At the pub, John was alarmed to see that Allie's new movie script was for the Marlena Evans story. Roman noted that he had agreed to fund a movie about Sami's life. "It's not every day that somebody gets possessed by the devil," Allie said. "No way this is going to happen. He's not going to make this movie!" John bellowed. Frustrated, John asked Allie if she had made any attempt to talk Johnny out of making the movie.

"I did talk to him. I swear! But [Johnny] is stubborn, and he says that this is the movie he has to make. I don't think anything is going to stop him," Allie said. John said he knew what to do. "[Johnny] never bothered to get the rights to Marlena's story," John said. When Allie noted that Marlena had given Johnny her blessing to do the movie, Roman reminded Allie that he and Marlena had believed the movie was about Sami.

After John left to find Marlena, Johnny and Chanel walked into the pub and joined Allie at her table for dinner. Allie warned Johnny that John had seen the script, and John was furious. "He's going to tell Grandma that she shouldn't give you the rights to make the movie," Allie said. Roman interrupted to add that he would not invest in the movie if it was about Marlena.

"I feel bad about breaking my word, but admit it. You pulled a bait and switch on me. It's not fair. It's not right. And this new story of yours, I don't think you get what a really bad idea this is," Roman said. Roman told Johnny that the movie could destroy the lives of the people he loved. "Thank you for trying to help me," Johnny whispered.

After Roman walked out, a frustrated Johnny wondered aloud who he could get to invest in his movie. Allie suggested crowdsourcing, but Johnny did not want to wait. "I'm not hungry anymore," Johnny said. Johnny apologized to Chanel for bailing on her, and she said she understood.

In the DiMera living room, Abigail and Chad read through a scene of Johnny's movie together. When they got to a kiss, Abigail hesitated. "We still have a lot of issues to work out, and I don't want to cloud that by being intimate too soon," Abigail said. Chad noted that it was just a scene kiss. "You don't have to worry about me turning this into something that it's not, all right?" Chad said. With a grin, Chad asked if Abigail found him to be too irresistible. "Suddenly, I don't think that is going to be much of an issue," Abigail joked. Chad and Abigail continued with the scene, and they leaned in to kiss.

"Well, well. What have we here?" E.J. said as he walked in the room. As E.J. poured a drink, he encouraged Chad and Abigail to continue with their reconciliation. Abigail explained that they had been running lines from Johnny's screenplay. When E.J. bristled at the fact that Chad had been helping with the movie, Chad suggested that he might consider auditioning for the role of John. E.J. glowered.

"It's your favorite pastime, isn't it? Getting under my skin," E.J. said. Chad laughed. "You think that everything is about you," Chad said. Chad looked at Abigail, and he noted that playing another couple with problems might be good for them. "And when will you do your job?" E.J. asked. Chad said he could act and do his job. E.J. argued that he was the only one working long hours.

"I can't help it if I'm better at time management than you are," Chad sneered. "That's your assessment. Mine is that you're simply not pulling your weight," E.J. said. E.J. threatened to talk to Shin. Chad argued that E.J. had been pushing him out of the job from the start. "I entered into our agreement in good faith. I wanted it to work," E.J. said. Frustrated, Chad argued that E.J. had used Chad's investment in the movie as an excuse to make his move against Chad at DiMera.

"I have a hard time trusting people who betray me," E.J. said. "I believe in Johnny. I'm supporting him, and this is your way of paying me back? Just be a man and call it what it is," Chad said. Frustrated, E.J. argued that Chad was the one taking on a second job with the film. Abigail pointed out that E.J. had acted as Xander's attorney as a side job.

"What I do is none of your business," E.J. told Abigail. Abigail continued unfazed. "[Chad] has all the time in the world to be in Johnny's movie in his spare time, and still put in a full day at DiMera," Abigail argued. E.J. disagreed. With a rueful laugh, Chad noted that E.J. was drooling over the chance to oust Chad. "You never should have undermined me with my son," E.J. growled.

After E.J. walked out, Chad suggested that they start the scene again. Abigail asked Chad if he was worried about his job. Chad explained that he had been "killing it at the office" and that he did not believe that Shin would want to change things. With a tired smile, Abigail said that she was done rehearsing for the day. Chad offered to check on the kids with Abigail and then walk her to her room. "That sounds nice," Abigail said. Abigail took Chad's hand, and they went upstairs.

After tucking the kids into bed, Abigail asked Chad if he had been serious about playing John in the movie. With a shrug, Chad said he liked the idea because it could be a fun adventure for them. "And I don't have to worry about you doing some sex scenes with some random guy," Chad joked.

Johnny returned home to the DiMera living room, and he groaned in frustration. Johnny grabbed Abigail's script off the couch, and he threw it at the wall. "Something wrong?" E.J. asked as he entered the room. Johnny told E.J. that Roman had pulled out his money from the film. "My dream project is over before it even got started," Johnny lamented. E.J. offered to cover Roman's investment. Suspicious, Johnny asked what E.J. wanted in return. "What I want is to play John Black," E.J. said.

In Marlena's office, Marlena talked about Ben to the voice of the devil on her tape recorder. The devil said he had plans for Ben's baby. "Ben Weston always listens to you. He takes your words to heart. And soon, I'm going to get what I've been wanting for so long," the devil said. Worried, Marlena asked why the devil was interested in Ben's child.

"Weston was right to be worried about passing on his dark, twisted legacy to his child," the devil said. Marlena stressed that there was no such thing as a serial killer gene. The devil countered that certain genes could result in psychopathic behavior with the right environment to nurture that behavior. Marlena argued that Ben and Ciara were not like Ben's parents. With a chuckle, the devil said that he could turn the child into the perfect instrument of evil.

"You don't know Ben the way that I know him. He despises what he's done, and he is not inherently evil," Marlena said. "The capacity for evil still resides in him as it would in his child," the devil said. "That doesn't mean that behavior would ever surface," Marlena argued. "I chose Ben very carefully," the devil said. Marlena argued that Ciara was the product of generations of good people. The devil conceded that it was a challenge that he looked forward to facing.

"Ben and Ciara's bloodlines are the perfect combination. Their progeny will have enormous potential for evil and also a pure and innocent soul. One that could easily be corrupted," the devil said. Frustrated, Marlena said, "I will not allow you to use Ben." Marlena grabbed her phone to call and warn Ben. John knocked on the door, and Marlena hung up the phone.

"You're alone. I could have sworn I heard another voice," John said as he walked into the room. Marlena said she had been listening to her session with Ben on the recorder. "How did it go?" John asked. Marlena shared her concern that she had sent Ben down the wrong path. "I need to talk to him," Marlena said. "Now?" John asked. Marlena explained that it was urgent, but John disagreed.

"You are paler now than you were when you left the house. What has got you so upset?" John asked. Marlena said that her session with Ben had been emotional. "I think Ben still needs me," a preoccupied Marlena said. John refused to let Marlena go anywhere but home. After a moment, Marlena grabbed her recorder and locked it in the desk drawer.

When Ben returned home, Ciara asked about his session with Marlena. "If you wanna have this baby, let's have a baby," Ben said. Ben explained that he knew how important it was to Ciara, and therefore, it was important to him. Ciara kissed Ben in celebration. "You really want us to have a baby? You want this now?" Ciara asked. When Ben said yes, Ciara screamed and jumped up and down.

"What did Marlena say to change your mind?" Ciara asked. Ben told Ciara that Marlena had reminded him that the baby would be half Ciara. "And since you are the best, strongest, most beautiful person I've ever met, I can't be afraid of what's happening on my side of things. And I can't let it stop us from having a baby," Ben explained. "I love you so much," Ciara said.

When Ciara asked about the session, Ben told her about the dream he had had in New Orleans about their Necktie Killer child. "And you didn't think to tell me about this?" Ciara asked. "We were on our honeymoon! And Dr. Evans reassured me today that she's not even sure if the illness I had is actually hereditary," Ben said. Ben added that if their child did inherit his illness, the child could get treatment.

"Sounds like Marlena really gave you some good advice," Ciara said. Ben's smile fell away, and he noted that Marlena had acted differently. "She usually doesn't tell me what to do. She lets me make my own decisions for myself, but today she made it seem like I would be making this huge mistake if I decided to never have kids. Like she really wanted me to listen to her," Ben said. After a moment, Ben said it had seemed like Marlena had a personal stake in their decision to have a baby.

"Are you sure that this is what you really want? Because as much as I want to have a baby with you, I don't want you to do this if you think you have to because you owe me," Ciara said. "I'm not doing it just because you want it. Dr. Evans made me feel a whole lot better about this idea. I cannot wait to make a baby with you," Ben said. With a grin, Ciara grabbed the birth control pills from her purse. "Go for it," Ben said. Ciara dropped the pills in the trash.

Ben asked Ciara how soon it could be before she was pregnant. After a search online, Ciara announced that she could get pregnant sometime within the next year. "Doesn't really narrow it down, does it?" Ben said. Ben suggested that they get started, and Ciara jumped into his arms. After Ben and Ciara made love, she asked Ben if it had felt different. "It was definitely not just you," Ben agreed. "I'm wondering if we just made a baby," Ciara whispered. The windows flew open, and wind whipped around the room.

At the penthouse, John tucked Marlena into bed. "I'm just still so worried about Ben," Marlena said. "Have you figured out why yet?" John asked. "Just a gut feeling," Marlena whispered. John suggested that Marlena was focused on Ben because she had been unable to help Doug. Marlena nodded her head yes. John reminded Marlena that she needed to take care of herself.

"I'm sure Ben will be fine. It can wait until tomorrow," Marlena said. John told Marlena that he had purchased a white noise machine on Abe's recommendation. John offered to turn it on for Marlena. "Let's hope it works," Marlena said. John turned on the machine, and he left to make a cup of tea for Marlena. As Marlena closed her eyes, the growls of the devil whispered through the machine. "Forget all about Ben Weston," the devil whispered. "Have to warn Ben," Marlena whispered in her sleep. The curtains billowed as the devil told Marlena to give in to him. Marlena twitched in her sleep, and she started to levitate above the bed.

While John fixed tea in the kitchen, Roman stopped by. Roman informed John that he had pulled his financing from Johnny's movie. "Thanks, Roman. I know that wasn't easy," John said. "No, but you're right. The last thing we want is for Marlena to have to relive that time," Roman said.

The demonic presence tries to gain full control of Marlena The demonic presence tries to gain full control of Marlena

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

by Mike

Lani and Eli went to the Price condominium to help Paulina and Abe celebrate their engagement.

After Eli and Lani left, Abe and Paulina started making wedding plans -- and eventually decided that they wanted the event to be an intimate affair that would take place during the third week of November.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail groaned in response to Chad's reasoning. "I was kidding," Chad backpedaled. "Were you? 'Cause your jealousy is kind of what got us into trouble in the first place, [and now] I'm kind of starting to wonder if it's happening again -- [if] you want Johnny to give you [John's] part in the movie because you don't trust me [in] a sex scene with another man," Abigail countered. "No, this has got nothing to do with [that] -- I just want to spend time with you, [and] I think that doing this movie will be good for us," Chad declared.

"And who knows -- maybe by the time the film is done, we'll be able to sleep in the same room..." Chad muttered before forcing a laugh then stopping Abigail from responding. "I'm not trying to pressure you at all -- I just miss sharing a room with you...and a bed... But I know you're not ready for that, and I respect that -- and I would never try to skip past everything that I have to do to make things right between us, anyway; I'm just expressing hope for the future, [but] I'll wait as long as it takes [because] I love you," Chad clarified.

Chad said goodnight to Abigail then started to walk away. "Hold on," Abigail called out, stopping Chad. "Why don't you stay in my room tonight," Abigail suggested, stunning Chad. "Ever since I came home, I've kept you at arm's length, but you've been very patient [and] understanding [and] devoted, and you've taken care of the kids [and] given me the time and space that I need -- everything I have asked, you have done, and more -- and so I think it's time I let you back in," Abigail reasoned before giving Chad a tender kiss.

"So...does this mean we're back together?" Chad asked Abigail later. "Our problems don't disappear just because we made love -- we've still got a lot of things to work on -- [but], moving forward, I would like to work on everything together," Abigail replied, delighting Chad.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, John guessed that Johnny was upset about having lost an investor -- and Roman confirmed the suspicion. "But we'll get past it -- the important thing is that we do everything we can to protect Marlena," Roman declared. "Amen to that," John agreed.

Meanwhile, in the master bedroom, Marlena continued levitating above the bed -- and the demonic presence voiced its approval through the white-noise machine. "You're finally starting to let go -- you're almost there!" the demonic presence raved. "We have already achieved so much together -- if you let me back in, there will be no limit to what we can accomplish! But we cannot delay -- our time is now; I need you to be mine tonight!" the demonic presence stressed. "I can feel you're still fighting me, that you're not ready to fully commit -- [so], perhaps you'd be more open to the idea if you knew my plans, which can only come to fruition with your help. You can never go back on the approval you gave Ben to bring a child into the world -- the future is in your hands, Marlena. I think it's time that I share with you exactly what I have in store for that child -- [it's] so monumental, so magnificent, and it all begins with --" the demonic presence explained.

John knocked on the bedroom door just then and called out to Marlena. "Damn that John Black -- always trying to come between us!" the demonic presence growled. John tried to enter the bedroom then called out to Marlena again after realizing that the door was jammed. "Just ignore him, Marlena -- he'll go away," the demonic presence advised. John started trying to break the door down, and each attempt seemed to weaken the demonic presence's connection to Marlena, who was no longer levitating by the time the door finally gave way.

Marlena groggily greeted John. "Sorry -- I didn't mean to wake you up; I just got really worried when I couldn't open the door...and I swear I heard some voices in here..." John explained before disapprovingly guessing that Marlena had made a phone call instead of resting. "I was asleep," Marlena assured John, whose next guess was that the white-noise machine had somehow picked up a radio frequency for a few seconds. "But it looks fine to me..." John observed. "Maybe I was talking in my sleep," Marlena suggested.

Marlena started to climb out of bed, planning to get dressed then head over to the Weston apartment to check on Ben, but John refused to allow that to happen until the following day at the earliest. John urged Marlena to just relax and drink some tea instead -- then explained, when asked, that the tea was no longer hot because a visit from Roman had delayed its delivery. John instructed Marlena to also hold off on probing for details about Roman's visit until the following day at the earliest -- but that demand was met with more resistance than the previous demand. John sighed then reluctantly filled Marlena in on everything that had happened earlier. Marlena felt bad for Johnny, whose dream was being dashed, but John dismissively argued that there were plenty of other stories that the aspiring filmmaker could tell -- and any of those stories would still have Roman's full support.

At the Weston apartment, Ciara watched as Ben jumped out of bed and closed the French doors that a strong gust of wind had just blown open. "Is there a storm coming?" Ciara wondered. "Everything looks clear," Ben responded. "Weird..." Ciara mused. "I really hope that wasn't, like, some kind of...bad omen..." Ben fretted. "You think that some unknown force is trying to warn us not to get pregnant," Ciara translated.

"Of course not," Ben backpedaled with a dismissive scoff, but Ciara wasn't convinced. "I didn't expect one session with Marlena to magically erase all of your reservations," Ciara assured Ben. "I'm sorry for freaking out -- it's just could be pregnant right now, [and] I guess I'm just a little nervous about having a baby," Ben explained, prompting Ciara to stress that the odds of them conceiving a child on their first try were pretty slim. "So, that means we are gonna have to try again...and again...and --" Ciara flirtatiously summarized. "I am down for that!" Ben eagerly declared.

Ben tried to seize a kiss, but Ciara pulled away. "Between the two of us, I am getting the short end of the stick here," Ciara teasingly argued. "What do you mean, 'short'?" Ben defensively protested. "I'm gonna be the one to gain all the weight [and] wake up with the morning sickness [and] the swollen ankles -- all you're gonna have to do is run to the store and get me my cravings whenever I want," Ciara clarified, drawing a sigh of relief from Ben, who conceded the point.

Ben and Ciara were both tired -- but not tired enough to fall asleep immediately, so they decided to turn on their television and find a movie to watch until they dozed off. "I'll watch anything," Ben stressed while handing Ciara the remote control. "Oh, my God -- it's Rosemary's Baby!" Ciara incredulously alerted Ben after tuning the television to a movie channel. "Isn't it about a woman birth to the devil's baby?" Ben nervously recalled as Ciara turned off the television. "That movie coming on was totally random -- [it] wasn't a bad omen," Ciara assured Ben, who forced a smile and nodded in response -- then seized a hug to hide signs of doubt.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, the white-noise machine crackled angrily as Marlena rested peacefully in John's arms.

E.J. uses Johnny to toy with Chad and Abigail E.J. uses Johnny to toy with Chad and Abigail

Thursday, October 14, 2021

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Johnny entered the living room in search of coffee -- and found E.J. sitting on the couch, stuffing documents in folders. "Ah, good morning, son -- I had Harold brew your favorite Italian roast; I hear Fellini couldn't start the day without a good espresso," E.J. cheerfully began. "Suddenly, you're an expert on Fellini..." Johnny suspiciously muttered. "I make it a point to educate myself on all my investments -- and what investment is more important than your film?" E.J. innocently reasoned. "You just want to stick it to Uncle Chad," Johnny knowingly argued. "I could take my money and walk if my intentions aren't pure enough for you..." E.J. shamelessly countered.

Johnny laughed off the threat, making it clear that losing E.J. as an investor wouldn't be nearly as devastating as losing Chad as an investor and losing Abigail as a leading lady. "Then we don't let them quit," E.J. advised before handing Johnny the folders, each of which contained a legally binding contract. "So, you want me to lock [them in] before I announce that you'll be playing Aunt Abigail's romantic lead -- that's..." Johnny began to summarize. "Good business?" E.J. proudly offered. "Underhanded," Johnny disapprovingly concluded. "Do we have a deal?" E.J. impatiently demanded to know -- and Chad and Abigail entered the living room before Johnny could respond.

Abigail and Chad were both stunned to learn that E.J. had suddenly decided to support Johnny's movie. E.J. claimed to have simply realized that it was time to start being a better father to Johnny, who watched guiltily as Chad and Abigail skimmed then signed their respective contracts. Abigail and Chad started hinting that a third contract still needed to be signed -- then they each shot E.J. a questioning look after realizing that they were confusing Johnny. "I'd like to play opposite my wife as John Black... [Look], I told your father -- he didn't mention it?" Chad said to Johnny. "No, he didn't..." Johnny responded while glaring at E.J.

"I'm sure you would be great --" Johnny regretfully began to explain to Chad. "Actually, I already have a contract for the role," E.J. interjected while producing another folder. "Great -- all right, I'll sign --" Chad declared while reaching for the folder. "Maybe I wasn't clear," E.J. teased while opening the folder -- and Johnny squirmed as Chad and Abigail realized that the contract had already been signed.

Abigail and Chad desperately looked to Johnny for help as E.J. triumphantly stressed that the contracts were ironclad. "Look, you know why your dad's doing this, and it's not to support you or do what's best for your film! So, solve the problem -- rip up his contract," Chad challenged Johnny. "I'm sorry, but the decision's already been made," Johnny responded. "But, Johnny, you have creative control, so you can unmake it," Abigail argued. "Yeah -- and lose all the money I need to make this movie," Johnny countered. "I'll give you the money," Chad offered. "Very generous -- but the contract's already been signed," E.J. interjected.

"I really am sorry, [but] it's the only way I could get this movie made -- it's not personal; it's just business," Johnny explained to Chad and Abigail with a shrug, drawing a nod of approval from E.J. "You know, if you're still determined to be in this film, I'm sure there's a role for you -- ooh, perhaps you could play Roman; something tells me you could bring a great deal to the role of a cuckold," E.J. joked -- and Chad lunged forward in response, but Abigail quickly intervened as Johnny just watched shamefully. E.J. taunted Chad and Abigail a bit more then rushed off with a smirk -- and Johnny tried to follow.

Chad grabbed then shoved Johnny. "I didn't know you wanted to play John!" Johnny maintained. "That's not what this is about, okay? You scammed us into signing those contracts so you could get what you wanted, integrity be damned -- your father would be proud!" Chad spat. Johnny gave Chad another shrug then continued rushing off.

Abigail advised Chad to cut Johnny some slack -- then advised that there might be a way to thwart E.J.'s plan. "E.J. threatened to tell Shin that you were too distracted by side projects, and he was hoping to get you ousted -- so, flip it on him; convince Shin that E.J. is incapable of properly running DiMera because he's got a side gig of his own. It'll scare the hell out of him, and maybe he won't do the movie," Abigail elaborated. "When have you ever known my brother to quit when he wants something? And right now, what he wants is to come between us!" Chad argued. "Then he is gonna be sorely disappointed, okay? Because you are the man that I love, [and] no one's getting between us," Abigail countered before giving Chad a kiss.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip joined Chloe in the study and began to apologize for what had happened the previous day, calling it a misunderstanding. "'Misunderstanding'? You were a complete ass!" Chloe snapped, and Philip conceded the point and amended the apology -- then produced a watering can and a bouquet of fire-and-ice roses. "Yeah, 'cause that solves everything..." Chloe grumbled before snatching the bouquet and tossing it in the trash can -- then storming off while declaring that Philip was going to have to get used to watering their sapling alone if nurturing it was even a real concern.

Seconds later, Jake entered the study and gave Philip a smirk. "Looks like your girlfriend's pretty angry with you -- makes two of us," Jake began before starting to lash out at Philip. "Gabi started this -- I'm just fighting back," Philip reasoned at the end of the rant before unceremoniously firing Jake. "The last time you got mixed up with the mob, Brady took a bullet that had your name on it -- you might not be so lucky next time," Jake warned before storming off -- and Philip showed a hint of concern once the coast was clear.

At Basic Black, Nicole and Brady entered the CEO's office while discussing future plans for the company -- then paused when they noticed an oversized bouquet of assorted roses that was sitting on the conference table. "Probably Philip's latest grand gesture to Chloe," Brady guessed as Nicole opened the attached card. "Actually, they're for me -- from E.J.," Nicole clarified. "Well, that would explain the size -- obviously overcompensating..." Brady joked.

Brady hoped that Nicole wasn't falling for E.J.'s act. "What 'act'? He's just thanking me for a lovely evening," Nicole argued. "He's trying to suck you back into a bad situation," Brady countered. "I appreciate your concern, Brady, but after you messed up your chances with Chloe, do you really think you should be doling out relationship advice?" Nicole teased. "Fine -- [then] do whatever you want to do with E.J., [and] I'll stay out of it," Brady decided.

Nicole laughed off the promise, prompting Brady to insist that it was sincere. "I can change -- if you've noticed, I haven't said a thing about Chloe and Philip; I haven't gotten in their way at all, and if Chloe wants my blessing for the two of them, I'm happy to give it [and even be] their biggest cheerleader --" Brady stressed. "I don't need your blessing, Brady -- and you can pack in the cheerleading, too," Chloe advised with a sigh while entering the office.

Nicole rushed off in search of food, sensing that Chloe and Brady needed to talk privately. "I'm not defending Philip's actions, but...what we had, it was intense [and] passionate -- [I mean], we weren't just in love; we couldn't get enough of one another, if you recall -- [so], if I were Philip, I might be having a hard time with it all, as well," Brady reasoned after Chloe finished venting about what had happened.

Brady offered to talk to Philip, but Chloe predicted that would just make the situation even worse. "I'll be okay once I calm down -- which you have helped me do so much already," Chloe declared before giving Brady a hug of gratitude -- just as Philip entered the office.

At the Hernandez house, Rafe and Ava entered the kitchen while discussing breakfast options -- and they were both shocked to discover that Gabi had already prepared a meal for them. "Bu˝uelos?" Rafe observed. "Just like Mami used to make," Gabi confirmed. "Okay -- who are you, and what have you done with my sister?" Rafe demanded to know as Gabi sweetly handed Ava a cup of coffee.

"I just realized you're right -- this is our home; we should be living here harmoniously, [and] we should be kind to each other," Gabi reasoned, drawing a sigh of relief from Rafe and a nod of agreement from Ava. "I promised the guys down at the squad room that I would bring 'em Sweet Bits, and they sell out early, so I gotta go -- [but] we will celebrate this truce tonight," Rafe excitedly announced before rushing off with half of a bu˝uelo -- and Gabi angrily tossed the other half at Ava once the coast was clear. "You lying hag -- you gave Philip that dirt on Jake, didn't you?" Gabi snapped. "I don't know what you are talking about," Ava claimed.

"Has your stink all over it," Gabi maintained. "What if it does -- what are you gonna do about it?" Ava countered. "I don't get it -- this is between Philip and me, [so] what's in it for you?" Gabi wondered. "All these months, you have done nothing but try to break up Rafe and me -- so, when Philip needed a hand trying to smack you down, I decided I was gonna show you what it feels like when someone tries to take away something you love," Ava explained. "You will never take Jake away from me," Gabi insisted. "No, I am talking about what you really love -- what's so much a part of you that you live and breathe it," Ava teased.

"Imagine the day that you sign over the company that you grew with blood, sweat, and tears -- and Gabi Chic rises from the ashes of your stupidity and Ava Chic," Ava elaborated. "Oh, there is no chance in hell I will ever give my company to Philip so that you can run it -- I would rather..." Gabi began to protest. "Send your boyfriend to prison for a few decades?" Ava offered.

"What do you think Rafe's gonna do when he finds out that you've been trying to steal my company?" Gabi wondered. "Oh, Rafe would be furious if he found out that I helped Philip steal your company -- ooh, he would dump my ass so fast... But he isn't going to find out, because if you go running to your big brother, you're going to need to tell him that Jake was involved in a murder that he helped cover up -- [and] what do you think the police commissioner's gonna do with that?" Ava responded. "Rafe knows, better than anybody, how much Gabi Chic means to me -- if I sign it over to Philip, he's gonna know I've been blackmailed," Gabi argued. "You'll make him believe [otherwise] -- and between you and me, I actually think that Rafe is going to feel relieved, knowing that someone who's close to the family is running Gabi Chic," Ava countered.

Gabi started to say something else to Ava -- then just scoffed instead. "You just figured it out, haven't you? It's over -- and I've won," Ava summarized with a smirk. "Don't take a victory lap just yet, Vitali -- I am not gonna give up on my company or Jake," Gabi warned with a scowl.

Nicole ran into Rafe while en route to Sweet Bits. "I hate to tell you, but I cleaned 'em out," Rafe revealed before opening a large box of doughnuts and counting them then concluding that it would be safe to trade one for some time with a friend -- and Nicole reluctantly accepted the offer.

Rafe eventually wondered why Nicole had agreed to go on a date with E.J., of all people. "Maybe I had to suppress memories of the way E.J. treated me in the past, but...damn it, Rafe, my marriage imploded, and so did his, and we're both alone, and maybe this was just my way of trying to get past the misery and feel attractive again and alive again --" Nicole explained. "I get that -- I do -- but, I mean, you could do so much better than him --" Rafe interjected. "Yeah, I could -- [in fact], if I had it my way, I would have gone to dinner with you!" Nicole countered.

"I miss our friendship...[but] we have an agreement to keep our distance because you are with Ava, and I am gonna honor that agreement," Nicole elaborated. "I shouldn't have said anything about E.J. -- it's just...the guy, he's such a...and every time I think about you two or see you two together, I just get so damn..." Rafe responded. "What?" Nicole prodded Rafe. "Jealous," Rafe concluded. "Don't say that -- you can't; you are with Ava," Nicole advised. "I know, but..." Rafe began. "What?" Nicole prodded Rafe again.

While rushing through the park with a brown paper bag, Jake paused to inspect what was hidden inside it -- a gun.

Nicole is tempted by Rafe Nicole is tempted by Rafe

Friday, October 15, 2021

Outside the Brady Pub, Rafe admitted to Nicole that he was jealous of E.J. "Don't do that, Rafe. Don't say that. You can't. You're with Ava," Nicole whispered. "I know," Rafe said. Rafe and Nicole leaned toward one another to kiss. "Am I interrupting something?" E.J. asked. Nicole explained that she and Rafe had been talking over a doughnut.

"I thought you and Nicole were trying to stay away from each other?" E.J. asked. "Nicole didn't do anything wrong," Rafe said. "I didn't say that she did. I'm being supportive," E.J. countered. E.J. said that he knew that Nicole did not want to make any trouble for her friend Ava. "Nicole is trying to move on, and you won't let her. I wonder how your girlfriend would feel about what I just saw," E.J. said to Rafe.

"You're inserting yourself into something that is none of your business, and you're trying to make everyone uncomfortable," Rafe said. "The only one making Nicole uncomfortable is you," E.J. said. Defensive, Rafe reminded E.J. that E.J. had a history of treating women terribly. "It's no wonder things didn't work out with you and Sami," Rafe added. With a chuckle, E.J. noted that he was not the bad guy in the situation. Nicole defended Rafe.

"Wake up, Nicole. He is playing silly games with both you and Ava," E.J. said. When Rafe muttered that E.J. "deserved it," E.J. smiled. "You want to hit me," E.J. said. "You have no idea how much," Rafe muttered. With a smirk, E.J. noted that it would make a great viral video if the police commissioner punched a private citizen. "Stop it now," Nicole growled at E.J. Nicole told Rafe to leave. Reluctantly, Rafe grabbed his box of doughnuts and walked away.

"That was fun. Lucky I came along when I did," E.J. said. "I really wish you hadn't," Nicole said. Nicole told E.J. that he had antagonized Rafe. "You told me you wanted to get over Rafe," E.J. said. Curious, E.J. asked what would have happened if he had not interrupted. When Nicole could not answer the question, E.J. asked her if she wanted someone to see her making out with Ava's boyfriend in a public place. Nicole shook her head no.

"I wasn't just saving you from Rafe, but from yourself," E.J. said. "I don't need to be saved from Rafe or myself!" Nicole objected. After a moment, Nicole admitted that E.J. had stopped her from an action that she would have regretted. "But you at least have to admit that you could have handled that differently," Nicole said. E.J. admitted that Rafe got under his skin.

"And you get under his," Nicole countered. "A fella has got to have hobbies," E.J. joked. E.J. promised that he was on Nicole's side. "I know," Nicole whispered. E.J. asked Nicole if she had been about to kiss Rafe. "Yes," Nicole said. E.J. told Nicole not to blame herself.

"He's the one that has a girlfriend," E.J. pointed out. "But still, I have to try and get past these feelings. And I do not want to come between Ava and Rafe," Nicole stressed. With a sigh, Nicole admitted that she struggled to resist kissing Rafe. "So kiss me instead," E.J. said. "What?" Nicole asked. E.J. kissed Nicole.

At Basic Black, an emotional Chloe hugged Brady. Philip walked into the office. "What the hell?" Philip said. "Take it easy. I can explain," Brady said. "Philip," Chloe started. Philip punched Brady. Chloe helped Brady back on his feet, and he confirmed he was fine. "What the hell is wrong with you? Have you lost your mind?" Chloe yelled at Philip.

"You were in his arms. Again!" Philip countered. Chloe stressed that Brady was not after her, but Philip disagreed. "I think he wants to take you away from me, and somehow, I'm the bad guy. He's lucky that one punch is all that he got," Philip said. With a sigh, Brady told Philip that he sounded like "a crazed idiot."

"I told you there was no point [in talking to Philip]," Chloe said. Brady told Philip to leave the building, or Brady would have security drag him out. The scowl fell from Philip's face, and he made a quiet plea to Chloe to go with him so that they could talk privately. "You should leave," Chloe said. "My security team, they play really rough," Brady added. "We'll talk about this later," Philip said.

After Philip left, Chloe asked Brady if he was okay. "I'm fine. What I'm upset about is the way he is treating you," Brady said. "I think you may have been right about him all along," Chloe said. "I wish I wasn't," Brady said. "I don't think he knows how to change. I think it's up to me to fix this," Chloe whispered. Chloe lamented that Philip continued to sabotage his chances with her with his jealousy.

"It's not getting better. It's getting worse, Chloe. You can see that he's starting to lose more control, right?" Brady said. Chloe nodded in agreement. Brady asked Chloe what she planned to do. "I need to do something now before somebody gets really hurt," Chloe said.

Allie was working in the square at a table for the bakery when Johnny said hello. Johnny handed Allie a contract for the movie. "I thought Grandpa Roman pulled his financing," Allie said. Johnny explained that E.J. had decided to invest in the movie. Confused, Allie asked what had changed E.J.'s mind. Johnny admitted that E.J. had demanded a role in the movie.

"[E.J.] wants to play Grandpa John," Johnny said. When Allie asked why, Johnny explained that E.J. had demanded the role as a way to annoy Chad. "And you're cool with this?" Allie asked. "The important thing is, I get to make my movie. So I need you to sign," Johnny said. Allie refused because John had objected to the movie.

"[John and Roman] asked you to cut the possession part of the story, and instead you made it the entire movie," Allie said. Johnny argued that he was not exploiting Marlena but instead honoring Marlena and John's love story. With a nod, Allie agreed to sign the contract if Marlena gave Johnny permission to use the story. "If [Marlena] is not okay with it, then neither am I," Allie added.

After Rafe left the pub, he wandered back to the square. "Is something wrong with the doughnuts?" Allie asked. Rafe explained that he had not gone into work yet. "I had a little run-in with your stepfather. I almost forgot what a piece of work E.J. is," Rafe said. "We are in agreement on that one," Allie said. Rafe asked about Sami, and Allie said that Sami had not been in contact.

"You think everything is okay?" Rafe asked. Allie shrugged. "It's probably better that [Sami] is not around, anyway. I'm not sure how she would feel about me playing her in Johnny's movie," Allie said. Allie added that she would not do the movie unless Marlena approved. "If it were me, I definitely wouldn't, but I don't know what's going on in [Marlena's] head," Allie said.

In Ben and Ciara's apartment, Ben cleaned up the room as Ciara slept. Ben thought about when the windows had flown open after Ciara had wondered aloud if she was pregnant. Ciara stirred awake. "Are you okay?" Ciara asked. Ben said he had been thinking about the windstorm.

"You're not reading anything into it, right?" Ciara asked. "No," Ben said. Ciara asked Ben if he still wanted to have a baby, and he said yes. With a nod, Ciara said she needed to go out and look for work. Ben asked Ciara if she planned to go talk to Victor about a job at Titan.

"Grandpa Victor is not leaving that room until he gives me the answer that I want," Ciara said. Ben kissed Ciara. "Save that thought for later, and maybe we can have another go at trying to have a baby," Ciara said.

After Ciara left the apartment, she walked over to Sweet Bits to pick up a pastry for Victor. "What do you need from Victor?" Allie asked. Ciara explained that she needed a job so that she was financially secure when she and Ben had their baby. Allie squealed. "Is that actually happening?" Allie asked. Ciara explained that Ben had had reservations, but Marlena had helped Ben work through his issues.

"[Ben] still has his doubts, but he said that whatever happens happens, and we'll get through it together," Ciara said. Ciara worried aloud that she had pressured Ben against his judgment. Allie noted, with a shake of her head, that Ben's fear would disappear once a baby was in their lives.

When Ciara arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, Philip was drinking and stewing over the fight he had had with Chloe. "Is your father around?" Ciara asked. Philip noted that Victor was in the living room next door. Concerned, Ciara asked Philip if he was okay. "No, and no, I don't want to talk about it," Philip said. With a nod, Ciara walked into the next room to see Victor.

Chloe walked in, and Philip gasped. Philip apologized for having hit Brady. "Apology not accepted. Not this time," Chloe said. "I wish you could see it from my perspective," Philip said. Chloe argued that Philip's perspective was warped. Frustrated, Philip yelled, "Why can't I get you to see what's right in front of you?" "I can't do this anymore!" Chloe countered.

"Are you breaking up with me?" Philip asked. Chloe said that she needed to take a step back from their relationship and figure out what she wanted. Chloe confirmed that she was moving out of the house. "You don't have to do that. I can give you as much space as you need," Philip said. "I don't want you to give me anything," Chloe said. After Chloe headed upstairs, Philip growled, "Brady."

A restless Marlena twitched in her sleep in her penthouse bedroom. Marlena dreamed of how the devil had pleaded with her to be his. Marlena startled awake. As Marlena threw on her robe, John entered with a tray of breakfast. "I let you sleep in a little bit," John said. John asked Marlena how she felt. "I'm not sure. I had an upsetting dream," Marlena confessed. When John asked about the dream, Marlena told him that she had dreamed that she had been levitating.

"Right here. Right off the bed. It seemed so real," Marlena said. John asked Marlena for details about the dream. Marlena said a voice had talked to her. "Did you recognize the voice?" John asked. "I hadn't heard it for so many years, but I do know exactly who it is," Marlena stammered. John asked who it was. "Satan. It's the devil," Marlena whispered. John stressed that Marlena had had a bad dream, and he told her to focus on her health and her patients.

"Doug and Julie, they are going to need you to be at the top of your game, and I know how concerned you were about Ben last night," John said. Marlena remembered when the devil had told her in the dream that he needed Ben and Ciara's baby. "I need to go see Ben," Marlena said.

When Marlena arrived at Ben's apartment, she asked if he was okay. "I took your advice. Ciara and I made the decision together that we are ready to have a child. She even threw away her birth control pills last night," Ben said. "That's a very big step," Marlena said. Ben laughed nervously. "And we took it thanks to you," Ben said. With a grin, Ben admitted that he and Ciara had felt like she was already pregnant.

"That's wonderful," Marlena said. Ben's smile faded away. "This really strange thing happened. The wind blew, and it knocked open the windows, and it blew out all the candles," Ben said. Marlena asked why that was strange. Ben noted that the night had been calm with no wind. "And second of all, when the wind entered the room, it put this, like, cold shiver through my entire body," Ben said. Ben confessed that he had worried that the wind had been an omen.

"Maybe it was," Marlena whispered. Confused, Ben asked what she meant. Marlena remembered when she had talked to the devil in her office, and she had intended to call Ben and warn him. Ben startled Marlena out of her memory. "Do you actually think that the wind could have been, like, a sign that Ciara and I shouldn't have a baby?" Ben asked. Marlena's phone beeped. Ben encouraged Marlena to check on the message.

When Marlena pulled her phone out of her purse, a purple devil emoji graphic on the screen spoke to her with the voice of the devil. "Don't even think about telling him, Marlena. My plans for Ben's child are for you and me alone," the devil said. "What is it, Dr. Evans?" Ben asked. Marlena noted that the phone message was unimportant. Ben asked Marlena if she thought the wind was a bad sign.

"I'm thinking of this as a good omen," Marlena said. "Tell him his baby will be a gift to the world," the devil's voice said. Marlena assured Ben not to worry. "I think this baby will be good for everybody," Marlena said. The devil laughed. "Especially for me!" the devil said. Ben thanked Marlena for checking on him, and she left.

When Ciara returned home, she had good news. "You are looking at the new junior executive at Titan!" Ciara said. Ciara noted that Victor had complimented her work from the last time she had worked there. "But he still hates me," Ben said. Ciara smiled. "I will work to make that change," Ciara said. Ben told Ciara about his conversation with Marlena. "Now, I want us to have a baby just as much as you do," Ben said.

Johnny went to the penthouse to talk to Marlena. "You just missed her. Maybe I can help," John said. Johnny explained that E.J. had agreed to provide the missing funds and play John in the movie. "You can't be serious," John said. Johnny said that the only thing left was that he needed to secure Marlena's permission to tell the story.

"I'm afraid you're out of luck. Because there is no way in hell she's ever gonna give you that," John said. John said he knew that Johnny was talented, but he cautioned Johnny to find another story. "Why can't you just try reading the script?" Johnny asked. "I lived it. I don't need to read it. And I definitely don't want your grandmother to have to read it," John said. John told Johnny about Marlena's nightmare.

"This movie is bringing back horrible memories. Trust me, Johnny, you don't want to put her through this," John said. John asked Johnny to prove his love for Marlena and end the project. "I've been so focused trying to raise money to do this movie, I didn't stop to think about the consequences it has for my own family," Johnny said.

Outside of the penthouse, Marlena's phone beeped again. The devil emoji graphic was back on the phone screen. "You did well, Marlena. Once again, you talked Ben Weston out of his doubts," the devil said. Marlena ordered the devil to leave her alone, but the devil noted that Marlena was on the verge of giving in to him. "We are almost one," the devil said.

Marlena was surprised to see Johnny with John when she went into the penthouse. John cautioned Johnny to let it go, but Marlena asked Johnny why he had wanted to talk to her. "I came over to ask for your permission [for your story], but after talking to Grandpa, I'm having second thoughts," Johnny said. When Johnny noted that his script had been a bad idea, Marlena disagreed. "I want you to make the movie," Marlena said.

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