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Abe saw Lexie when he briefly died. Lucas yelled at Brady about Chloe. Kristen warned E.J. that Steve had hacked his phone, and Nicole confessed she had helped Steve. Ava agreed to hide Carmine. Jake told Rafe the truth about the shooting. Steve caught Kristen before she could kidnap Rachel. Philip made up with Chloe. Steve made a deal with Trask. Theo returned home. Belle saw Marlena dressed as the devil. Johnny used a Ouija board. The devil chained up John in a crypt. Ciara learned she was pregnant. The devil made Charlie rise from his grave.
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Abe saw Lexie in the afterlife and the devil chained John in a crypt
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Abe's loved ones hope for a miracle

Abe's loved ones hope for a miracle

Monday, October 25, 2021

by Mike

At the hospital, Lani and Eli tried to keep Paulina calm as they all waited for an update on Abe's condition. Paulina eventually decided to barge back into Abe's operating room to find out what was going on -- and Lani's objections were ignored, so Eli offered to go instead, seeing that as the better of two bad ideas.

Kayla was in the process of using a defibrillator on Abe when Eli entered the operating room. "He's gone," Kayla apologetically informed Eli. "There's nothing else you can do?" Eli incredulously challenged Kayla. "It's a long shot, but..." Kayla responded before starting to perform CPR on Abe, who was heading toward a blinding light at that moment.

Eli rejoined Lani and Paulina at the nurses' station -- and found Julie there, too. "They're...still working on him..." Eli vaguely reported before casually advising Lani to contact Theo and Brandon. "I had to leave a message [for Brandon, but Theo's] gonna get on the first flight from Johannesburg," Lani announced after completing the task. Paulina squirmed as Lani talked about how great it was to have Abe as a father.

Julie started reminiscing about Abe as a way of distracting Lani and Paulina. "He was still a cop [when Doug and I met him, and] he was working on a case that involved my son David -- Eli's father..." Julie explained. "Abe has been a part of our lives for 40 years!" Julie realized. "And I know that he's gonna be around for many, many more," Julie declared. Still trying to be a distraction, Julie eventually started talking about what was going on with Doug at Bayview. "You want to get into that hospital? I know a lawyer -- he can get anybody in anywhere!" Paulina offered. "Thank you -- I'll think about it," Julie responded. Julie and Paulina comforted each other with a hug.

Meanwhile, Abe ended up at the garden in which Lexie had died years earlier. Lexie was waiting there to greet Abe, and they reminisced about the good times they had shared together -- and the bad times, too. Lexie eventually tried to chase Abe off. "I don't want to leave you," Abe protested. "I'll be here, my darling, waiting...but it's not your time yet -- I think you know that," Lexie responded. Abe conceded the point and said goodbye to Lexie then exited the garden.

Kayla was just about to declare a time of death when Abe's heart suddenly started beating again. Stunned but elated, Kayla finished getting Abe stabilized then rushed out of the operating room to give Abe's loved ones the good news. "It was intense for a while, and he still needs to go to surgery...but I am very optimistic that he is gonna pull through," Kayla announced before agreeing to let Lani see Abe -- and Paulina obtained permission to tag along after promising to be as quiet as a mouse during the visit. Abe was awake when Lani and Paulina entered the operating room. Abe weakly said a few words to Lani and Paulina -- and Lexie watched from a corner of the room, hidden in shadows, then silently walked away.

At St. Luke's, John struggled to process the fact that the demonic presence really had possessed Marlena again. "Dear God..." John muttered. "You've confused me with the other guy -- let me clarify for you..." the demonic presence countered before eyeing a wall-mounted cross -- then magically turning it upside down.

John reached for the nearby baptismal font, but the demonic presence just scoffed dismissively then preemptively placed one of Marlena's hands in the pool of holy water -- which immediately started boiling but caused no harm. "Any better ideas?" the demonic presence wondered as John watched the demonstration in shock. "I have picked up some new techniques over the decades," the demonic presence explained with a shrug before starting to teleport around the church.

Eventually, the demonic presence stopped showing off -- then started bragging about how a decades-long plan to repossess Marlena had finally been accomplished with Doug's help. "He tried to warn me..." John realized. "You wouldn't listen...but I was afraid [that], at some point, you might believe him, so I clocked Julie over the head, and I framed Doug for it," the demonic presence explained before admitting that previous attempts to repossess Marlena -- during the Salem Stalker incident and during the time when John had been presumed dead after a hit-and-run accident -- hadn't worked because Marlena had never stayed vulnerable for long enough.

John started calling out to Marlena, and the demonic presence weakened as a result but soon recovered. The demonic presence magically hurled John through the air -- and John crashed against a wall and lost consciousness. The demonic presence picked up a candlestick holder and prepared to beat John to death with it, but Marlena refused to allow that to happen. "Ugh! All right, fine -- I won't kill him... At least not yet... He may be useful in some way... But I certainly can't leave him here in this condition... Ugh!" the demonic presence growled before starting to drag John out of the church.

Kristen returns to Salem

Kristen returns to Salem

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Paulina was sitting in the waiting area of the hospital when Maggie arrived with flowers. Maggie introduced herself. "I'm an old friend of Abe's," Maggie said. "He told me about you. What a fine person you are," Paulina said. "That's very nice coming from a wonderful man like Abe," Maggie countered. Maggie offered her support to Paulina.

"I am just such a mess," Paulina said. "You're entitled," Maggie said. Paulina told Maggie that she had spoken to Abe after surgery. "He said 'love you' right before he closed his eyes again," Paulina said. Paulina admitted that she had been scared. "He has become such an important part of my life," Paulina said. "From what I've heard, he feels the same way about you," Maggie said. Paulina confessed that she was surprised she had found love so late in life.

"I'm just so glad that Abe, too, has found love. 'Cause he has so much to give," Maggie said. "My daughter is in there with him now. I mean, no, my niece, Lani. I'm sorry. I don't know what I'm saying," Paulina whispered. "You've been through a lot," Maggie said. Maggie asked about the shooting. With a shrug, Paulina said she wanted to get ahold of whomever was to blame.

"I think it would be better for you to let the police take care of whoever did this to Abe. And for you to focus on Abe's recovery and yourself," Maggie said. "You are a very wise woman," Paulina said. When Paulina told Maggie that she looked like Bonnie Raitt, a flattered Maggie admitted that she was a big fan. Paulina suggested that when Abe was healed, they would go out for Bonnie Raitt karaoke. "We will give them something to talk about," Paulina said. "Damn right," Maggie agreed.

When Chloe exited the Salem Inn, she saw Nicole sitting at the café. Nicole and Chloe talked about Abe's condition. "Abe is the closest thing I have to a father. I don't know what I would do without him in my life," Nicole admitted. After a moment, Nicole shook her head, and she changed the subject to Chloe. Chloe explained that she had moved into the Salem Inn. When Nicole asked why, Chloe told Nicole about her fight with Philip.

"Please tell me you broke it off with [Philip]," Nicole said. "I did not, but I do feel like we shouldn't be living under the same roof," Chloe said. Chloe added that she had only intended to stay in the mansion until her arm had healed. Nicole's phone rang with a call from E.J. "No one important," Nicole said. On Nicole's voicemail, E.J. asked Nicole if she would go on a third date with him.

As E.J. ended his call to Nicole from his house, Kristen entered from the passageway to the tunnels. "What are you doing here?" E.J. whispered. Kristen closed the doors to the living room so that she could talk to E.J. privately. When E.J. asked Kristen why she was in town, she slapped him. Kristen told E.J. that Steve had hacked his phone.

Kristen demanded to know who had been at the table when Steve had hacked E.J.'s phone. E.J. was reluctant to mention Nicole by name, so he told Kristen he had been on a date. "Steve obviously duped that person into leaving the table," E.J. said. "And then [Steve] hacked your phone that you so stupidly left in plain sight," Kristen grumbled. E.J. warned Kristen to focus her wrath on Steve instead of him, since he was her only ally. Kristen demanded that E.J. help her hide.

"Or I swear on my daughter's life, I will take you down with me," Kristen growled. E.J. told Kristen that she would have to remain in the tunnels. "It's not exactly secret anymore," Kristen complained. "You saw to that," E.J. countered. Frustrated, E.J. told Kristen that she had been stupid to return to the family home when Steve was on her trail. "I left a bogus trail to keep him busy for months," Kristen said. Reluctantly, E.J. agreed to let Kristen stay in the wine cellar. As Kristen turned to leave, E.J. asked her where she was going.

"Brady's, of course," Kristen said. E.J. laughed. "I'm beginning to think you've lost your grip. If Brady sees you, he'll turn you in," E.J. argued. Kristen stressed that Brady would not see her. "[Rachel] is all I have to live for," Kristen said. "You're making a big mistake," E.J. said quietly. Kristen insisted. After a moment, E.J. reluctantly agreed to let Kristen go.

At the café in the square, Nicole called the hospital for an update on Abe. Once Nicole told Chloe that Abe was out of surgery and in stable condition, Chloe changed the subject back to the "mysterious phone call" Nicole had ignored. Nicole told Chloe that E.J. had called to invite her to dinner. "Why didn't you take his call?" Chloe asked. Nicole admitted that she had helped Steve hack into E.J.'s phone on their last date.

"I hope [Steve] finds [Kristen] and throws her behind bars for the rest of her miserable life," Nicole said. Nicole told Chloe about her two dates with E.J. "Do you think that all these interruptions might be a sign?" Chloe asked. Nicole shrugged. "I think that I want to give it a try. E.J. is trying to put his life back together, and so am I," Nicole admitted. When Nicole told Chloe that E.J. had kissed her, Chloe gasped. Chloe pointed out that there were more men in town than Xander and E.J.

"I need a distraction," Nicole said. Nicole admitted that she could not stop thinking about Rafe. "I knew it!" Chloe said. Nicole said she had been reluctant to talk about it because it was a complicated situation. "By the time I sorted out my feelings, Rafe was with Ava," Nicole added. Chloe asked Nicole what would have happened if Nicole had run into Rafe instead of Xander the night she had cheated on Eric.

"I think Rafe would have seen how angry and hurt and drunk I was, and he would have gotten me home and into bed," Nicole said. "Because he is an honorable man," Chloe said. "And because he was finding something with Ava," Nicole added. Nicole said she could not tell Rafe how she felt.

"So, you're dating E.J. instead. That makes a lot of sense," Chloe said. "About as much sense as you wanting Brady and dating Philip," Nicole countered. When Chloe argued that Brady had been in love with Kristen, Nicole reminded Chloe, "Not anymore." Chloe stressed that she liked Philip when he was not acting jealous. "We just have a really long history," Chloe said. "So do E.J. and I," Nicole said. Nicole explained that Sami was not in the picture that time, but Chloe argued that would not last.

"A long time ago, I was so in love with E.J. Maybe I can love him again," Nicole said. "Assuming it's not doomed to begin with," Chloe said. Chloe warned Nicole that if E.J. or Kristen learned that Nicole had helped Steve, there would be hell to pay. Nicole noted that Kristen was too busy hiding from police to worry about her. Nicole added that she believed E.J. would understand why she had helped Steve.

"Then why aren't you returning his calls?" Chloe asked. Nicole said she had been preoccupied with news about Abe. With a grin, Nicole wondered aloud if she should go to the DiMera mansion and take E.J. up on his dinner invite. "You're just going to show up on his doorstep?" Chloe asked. "I know E.J. He likes surprises," Nicole said.

In the penthouse, Brady read through Johnny's script. "How can Marlena be okay with this?" Brady muttered. Lucas visited. "What the hell are you trying to pull with Chloe?" Lucas asked. Brady told Lucas that his relationship with Chloe was not Lucas' business. With a sigh, Lucas informed Brady that he and Philip had seen Brady go into the Salem Inn with Chloe.

When Lucas asked Brady if he had spent the night with Philip's girlfriend, Brady stressed that he had only helped Chloe with her suitcase. "I've been more than respectful of her relationship with Philip," Brady said. Lucas argued that Brady was always around Chloe. "Philip is your flesh and blood, Brady. He deserves better from you, and you know it," Lucas said.

"So, Philip sent you here to fight his battle for him?" Brady asked. Lucas stressed that Philip did not know he was there. "Chloe is probably the best thing that has happened to him in a long time. And from what I heard, you had your chance with Chloe, and you blew it," Lucas said. Brady reminded Lucas that he had been in a committed relationship with Kristen when Chloe had been single. Brady asked Lucas if he had asked Chloe what she wanted. Lucas remained silent.

"I didn't think so," Brady said. Angry, Lucas started to unload on Brady about Kristen. Brady asked Lucas to keep his voice down, since Rachel was down the hallway. Lucas apologized. "You've got no right to point fingers at me, and neither does Philip," Brady said. Brady added that if Philip wanted to know what had happened in the hotel, Philip could ask Brady or Chloe himself. Lucas called Brady a liar.

"You and Philip can believe whatever you want to believe, that's fine," Brady said. Brady joked that Lucas should tell Philip to challenge him to a duel. "You are one cold son of a bitch, aren't you?" Lucas said. Brady told Lucas to leave. After Lucas was gone, Brady worried aloud that he should warn Chloe. Brady looked around for his phone. While Brady went into the bedroom, Kristen crept into the penthouse.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. was closing the door to the tunnels when Nicole rang the doorbell. "Surprise," Nicole said. "I was just thinking about you," E.J. said.

In the Kiriakis living room, Philip thought about when he had watched Brady walk into the Salem Inn with Chloe. "That bastard," Philip whispered. Ava marched into the room. "Whatever it is, it will have to wait," Philip said. Ava told Philip about Jake's arrest and Abe's shooting.

"What reason would Jake have to shoot Abe Carver?" Philip asked. Ava shrugged, and she complained that the shooting screwed up their scheme to take Gabi's company. When Philip noted that Carmine was not a threat to Jake, Carmine walked into the room. "I wouldn't be so quick to say that if I was you," Carmine said.

"What are you doing here?" Ava asked. "You two both owe me. I'm here to collect," Carmine said as he sat down on the couch. Philip told Carmine that he would not be able to shake Philip down for more money. "I'm in a mess because of you two," Carmine said. Carmine told Ava about his meeting with Jake.

"The guy you shot is the mayor of this town, you idiot! Jake's in jail for shooting him," Philip said. "I'm aware," Carmine said. When Ava asked who had shot Abe, Carmine claimed that it had been an accident. "You shot Abe Carver," Philip noted. Carmine yelled that it was Philip's problem, not his. "You think it's my problem?" Philip asked. "If it wasn't for you and her, I'd still be in Philly, minding my own business," Carmine argued.

"We didn't ask you to come to Salem and shoot the mayor. We didn't ask you to come to Salem at all," Ava said. Carmine argued that he had defended himself. "I don't think the mayor is going to see it that way, and I guarantee Jake won't," Philip said. Ava noted that Jake was likely telling the cops everything. Carmine warned Ava and Philip to handle the situation, or he would implicate them.

'What do you want?" Philip asked. Carmine asked for a room to hide in until the search for him had died down. While Carmine was in the bathroom, Philip argued to Ava that Jake was to blame. "You think Gabi is going to let Jake take the rap? She hates my guts," Ava said. Frustrated, Ava muttered that she did not know why she had agreed to help Philip.

"Rafe cannot find out that I am mixed up in what happened to Abe Carver," Ava stressed. Philip asked Ava what they should do. "We need to do what [Carmine] wants," Ava said. Philip argued that he could not keep Carmine hidden in the Kiriakis mansion. "You know how to disappear people. You get rid of Carmine," Philip said. Ava agreed.

In the interrogation room at the police precinct, Gabi paced the room while Jake worried aloud about Abe's condition. When Rafe walked in, Gabi asked about Abe. Rafe explained that Abe had died, but the doctors had revived him and sent him into surgery. Relieved, Gabi smacked Rafe's arm.

Jake asked Rafe if he had talked to Abe. Rafe explained that Abe could not have visitors for another day. "You realize your best option is telling the truth. All of it," Rafe said. Gabi protested that Jake was innocent, but Rafe countered that Jake's fingerprints were on the gun. "I've got plenty on [Jake]," Rafe said. Gabi argued that Jake had likely touched the gun after the shooting. Frustrated, Rafe warned Gabi that he would kick her out of the room if she interfered.

"You didn't just happen to pick up the gun, did you?" Rafe asked. Jake said no. Rafe noted that the gun was registered in Jake's name. Gabi started to interrupt again, but Jake gently asked her to stay quiet. "I'll tell you everything I know," Jake said. Gabi whispered, "This is good for him, not good for you. Don't say another word." Gabi reminded Rafe that Jake had a right to have his attorney present.

With a shrug, Rafe noted that Jake should have used his phone call to secure a lawyer instead of Gabi. "[Rafe] is going to talk to the mayor in the morning. He's going to find out everything that went down, no matter what I do right now," Jake told Gabi. Before Jake could start, Gabi told Rafe that Philip had been investigating Jake for leverage to steal her company.

"What does this have to do with Abe?" Rafe asked. Jake explained that Philip had tracked down Jake's old coworker Carmine in an effort to dig up dirt for blackmail. When Rafe asked what Carmine had on Jake, Jake stressed that there was nothing with which to blackmail him. "But Philip convinced [Carmine] to go on record, saying I took out a guy we both knew," Jake said. Jake gave Rafe the name of the victim.

"So, in addition to the attempted murder charges that you are facing here, you're also wanted for murder in another jurisdiction?" Rafe asked. "He told you he didn't do it," Gabi interjected. Rafe warned Gabi again to keep quiet or else leave the room. Jake told Rafe that Carmine wanted to pin Jed's death on Jake with Philip's assistance.

"What does all this have to do with Abe?" Rafe asked. Jake explained that he had called Carmine and had asked for a meeting. "I was hoping maybe I could reason with [Carmine]," Jake explained. Jake admitted he had threatened Carmine with his gun. "I wasn't going to hurt him. I just wanted him to go away and leave us alone. Carmine knew I was bluffing," Jake said. "He knows that Jake is no killer," Gabi said. Jake told Rafe that Carmine had wrestled the gun away from Jake.

"That's when Abe walked up. He saw what was going on, sized up the situation, tried to intervene. That's when Carmine turned on him and shot him," Jake said. When Rafe asked what had happened next, Jake explained that Carmine had dropped the gun and run while Jake had stayed behind and called 9-1-1.

"He also gave Abe CPR, which I think saved his life. Now, if he shot Abe, do you think he would stick around to do that?" Gabi asked. Gabi insisted that Jake had told the truth. "Your story has some believable elements. That would explain the additional prints on the gun," Rafe said. Rafe asked about Carmine. "If it were me, the first person I would check in with is Philip Kiriakis," Gabi said. Jake vowed that Abe would back up his story.

"Even if he does, you're not off the hook. You brought a loaded gun and a mobster to the park. And because of you, Abe Carver almost died," Rafe said. Jake asked about the charges. "I don't know yet, but if you [Gabi] know what's good for you, you will walk away from this criminal and never look back," Rafe said. Gabi refused to dump Jake, and she reminded Rafe that he was dating Jake's ex-mob boss.

"You going to go off on Ava again? You can save your breath," Rafe said. Worked up, Gabi refused to back down. Gabi told Rafe that Ava had given Philip the information on Carmine. "[Ava] is in this up to her neck!" Gabi shouted.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Ava poured a drink. When Carmine returned to the living room, Ava agreed to help him. "I may be out of the life, but I am still your boss," Ava said. Ava warned Carmine that if he continued to push her, she would "squash him like a little bug."

Philip knocked on Chloe's door at the Salem Inn. When Chloe opened the door, Philip looked past her into the room to see if she was alone.

Kristen decides to run off with Rachel

Kristen decides to run off with Rachel

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

by Mike

At Julie's Place, Victor ordered a glass of whiskey then started reading a menu -- just as Trask called to get an update on the search for Kristen. "I haven't managed to track down that she-devil as yet...[but] I've got Steve Johnson on the case -- I assure you, he'll find her. Good evening, Ms. Trask," Victor snapped before hanging up on Trask.

"Were you just talking to the D.A.?" Jack began while approaching Victor's table and claiming its extra chair. "Maybe we can get her to prosecute you for eavesdropping," Victor grumbled. "Aw, come on, Victor -- as long as I'm here, why don't you tell me about the deal you just made with her," Jack countered. "I don't know what you're talking about," Victor insisted.

Unconvinced, Jack continued pressing for details about Victor's plan to get Justin, Xander, Gwen, and Bonnie out of their respective legal predicaments. Victor vaguely clarified that the plan didn't involve Gwen or Bonnie, prompting Jack to warn that Justin and Xander weren't going to be happy about that. "You'd have made a hell of an attorney," Victor acknowledged. "Does that mean you'll help Gwen and Bonnie?" Jack wondered. "Not that good," Victor responded. Disappointed, Jack continued probing for details about the deal Victor had made with Trask, hoping to be able to afford to make the same kind of deal with the district attorney. Jack was surprised when Victor explained why only one person could ever make such a deal.

At the Salem Inn, Chloe stared at Philip in shock. "Were you expecting someone else?" Philip wondered while barging into Chloe's room. "No -- I'm just surprised to see you here; [I mean], we haven't spoken since I left the mansion, and I didn't tell you where I was going..." Chloe responded. "I called your office," Philip claimed.

Philip made a point of getting Chloe to confirm that they were still together -- then suggested an impromptu dinner date. Chloe received a phone call from Brady while Philip was ordering room service. Chloe sent the call to voicemail as Philip watched suspiciously. Later, Philip tried to take advantage of the fact that the dinner date was taking place near a bed, but Chloe rejected the idea. "I'm really tired -- I didn't get a lot of sleep last night," Chloe explained, annoying Philip. After Philip left, Chloe listened to Brady's voicemail message -- and realized that everything that had just happened had been a trap.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Kristen spotted a framed photograph of Brady while passing through the living room. "Oh, Brady, I wish I could stay...but don't you worry -- I won't be gone long," Kristen muttered before venturing onward to Rachel's bedroom -- then waking the child and seizing a hug. "Daddy said you had to go away," Rachel reported, drawing a nod from Kristen, who made the child promise not to say anything about their surprise reunion to anyone -- including Brady.

Kristen admitted to having missed everything about Rachel, including the tantrums -- which were more common during the fall and winter months, since the child hated wearing a coat. "I wore it pumpkin-picking with Daddy and Chloe," Rachel grumbled, annoying Kristen. "That must have been a fun trip... Hey, speaking of trips, how 'bout you and I go on a trip of our own, just the two of us?" Kristen responded, and Rachel agreed with a nod.

Steve approached the townhouse just as Kristen was exiting it with Rachel -- and, seconds later, Brady entered the living room and demanded to know what was going on. Steve suggested that it would be best to have that conversation after Rachel was tucked back into bed, and Brady conceded the point then gently pulled the child away from Kristen.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way -- your choice," Steve advised Kristen once the coast was clear. "Have you met me? Making things difficult is my stock in trade," Kristen snapped, prompting Steve to shrug then pounce with a zip tie. "Did you have to make it so tight?" Kristen grumbled. "You were the one who wanted to make things difficult," Steve countered.

Brady soon returned and again demanded an explanation, prompting Steve and Kristen to take turns providing their respective sides of the story. Brady decided not to stop Steve from turning Kristen in, believing that a kidnapping attempt had just been thwarted. Kristen started ranting about Chloe while being dragged out of the townhouse, but Brady ignored the comments.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole fretted to E.J. about what had happened to Abe -- then changed the subject, making a joke about the fact that they were drinking expensive wine but were eating cheap delivery pizza. "Being unpredictable can keep one's enemies on their toes -- when you employ the element of surprise, it makes it that much harder for them to betray you," E.J. explained before starting to talk about what had happened with Steve and Kayla the previous night -- and Nicole eventually realized the point of the rant. Nicole unapologetically confessed to having betrayed E.J. then listed Kristen's many misdeeds as a way of justifying the decision.

E.J. eventually backed down and forgave Nicole -- but refused to turn on Kristen, who was not only family but was also owed a favor for having exposed Sami's infidelity. "Why are you still wearing your wedding ring?" Nicole challenged E.J. "Because the damn thing's stuck," E.J. responded before letting Nicole, whose hands were greasy from the pizza, remove the ring. Nicole started to rush off afterward, prompting E.J. to seize a kiss as a way of proving that all had been forgiven. Nicole pulled away with a hint of discomfort then continued exiting the mansion -- and E.J. stared at the ring with a hint of sadness once the coast was clear.

At the police station, Trask joined Xander in one of the conference rooms. "Am I being released?" Xander began. "Your uncle hasn't met my terms," Trask grumbled. "Then what am I doing up here?" Xander wondered. "Someone demanded to see you," Trask answered before stepping aside to let Gwen into the conference room. "You've got 30 minutes," Trask stressed before walking away -- and as soon as the coast was clear, Xander begged Gwen not to confess to having been Snyder's true partner in crime. Xander assured Gwen that there was no need to do that because Victor was in the process of fixing everything.

Trask soon returned -- then left again after receiving a phone call from Steve. As Xander and Gwen fretted about whether Trask had overheard what they had just been talking about, Steve entered the police station and announced that Kristen had been apprehended. Trask was shocked and annoyed when Steve refused to hand over Kristen until Xander, Gwen, Bonnie, and Justin were all released.

The residents of Salem celebrate Halloween

The residents of Salem celebrate Halloween

Thursday, October 28, 2021

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Chad and Abigail started to help each other out of their Halloween costumes -- cowboy and evil queen, respectively -- but E.J. barged into their bedroom, dressed as a priest, while they were still basically fully dressed.

"Hope I'm not interrupting anything," E.J. began. "I'm Father John Black, and I'm here to perform an exorcism on my precious Marlena," E.J. explained. "Cute costume, but you really should be dressed as the devil," E.J. advised Abigail as Chad released a groan of frustration. "It's really not the time or the place --" Abigail objected. "What my wife is trying to say is...'Get the hell out -- now!'" Chad snapped.

"You're still so insecure," E.J. teased. "And you're still a jackass who doesn't understand the concept of personal space," Chad countered. "Well, there certainly won't be any space between Abigail and me when we start filming -- and you can't handle that, can you? [I suggest you] come to terms with the fact that your wife and I will soon be on the big screen -- making mad, passionate love for all the world to see," E.J. bragged.

"I know he's my brother, but I loathe him," Chad admitted to Abigail with a sigh after E.J. headed off to the living room to practice lines. "Must work on that eyebrow thing..." E.J. muttered while settling on the couch with a copy of the script -- and, seconds later, Abigail stormed into the living room. "That stunt you pulled earlier was pathetic -- honestly, I'm embarrassed for you, that you can't stop playing these stupid, petty, vindictive games -- [and] I have tried to be a good sport, but...I don't need this, [so] I'm out!" Abigail snapped at E.J. -- but Chad entered the living room just then and objected to the idea, knowing that the movie was important to Abigail.

At the Horton Town Square, Allie finished helping Chanel hand out Sweet Bits goodies to trick-or-treaters -- then admitted to having mixed feelings about the fact that they didn't have any leftovers. "I didn't get to try any!" Allie explained. "Good thing I saved you one," Chanel responded. "DuPree, you're the best!" Allie declared as Chanel produced a sugar cookie that had been decorated with icing on one side to create the appearance of a carved pumpkin.

Chanel held out the cookie so Allie could take a bite of it -- then they locked eyes and started inching toward each other, but a person who was wearing a werewolf mask lunged at them with a growl before anything else could happen. "Gotcha!" Johnny bragged with a laugh while removing the mask. "You scared the hell out of us!" Chanel, who was dressed as a witch, snapped while smacking Johnny's chest -- and Allie, who was dressed as a cat, agreed with a glare. "Have a little sense of humor, guys -- it's Halloween!" Johnny reasoned before producing a Ouija board and telling Allie and Chanel that it was time to have some fun.

"I was up in the attic, looking for a costume, when I found this in a box of old toys," Johnny explained. "You don't want to be messing with that stuff, G -- bad things can happen..." Chanel warned. "Nah, it's harmless," Johnny insisted. "I used to be so scared of this thing when I was a kid..." Allie recalled. "But now you're over it!" Johnny countered before claiming a table and setting up the Ouija board -- and Allie and Chanel reluctantly agreed to play along.

"Tell us, oh powerful spirits...was Grandma Marlena really possessed by the devil?" Johnny began -- and the planchette moved to the upper left corner of the board, where the word "yes" was printed. Chanel and Allie were suspicious, so Johnny didn't touch the planchette while asking if the devil knew about and approved of the movie that was being made about Marlena's demonic possession -- and the planchette moved to the "yes" two more times, even though only Allie and Chanel were still touching it. "We have to ask it something besides yes-or-no questions," Allie argued. "Who does Chanel really want to be with -- me...or my sister?" Johnny wondered. Annoyed, Chanel and Allie both let go of the planchette before anything happened.

Chanel stormed off, ignoring Johnny's apologies -- and Allie demanded to know what had prompted the question. "I saw Chanel feeding you a cookie -- it looked...intimate," Johnny explained. "There was nothing 'intimate' about that!" Allie insisted. "Did I strike a nerve?" Johnny wondered. "You can't just go around saying hurtful and obnoxious things and expect people to laugh it off -- you're acting like E.J.!" Allie snapped. "Ouch..." Johnny muttered.

At the hospital, Abe weakly assured Paulina, Lani, and Theo -- who had just arrived -- that there was no need to postpone the upcoming wedding ceremony just because the groom was recovering from a near-fatal gunshot wound.

After the matter was settled, Lani and Paulina rushed off so Abe could have some time alone with Theo. Lani seized the opportunity to question Paulina about what they had been discussing before Eli had interrupted to tell them about Abe's shooting. "I want you to be my maid of honor -- or, well, I suppose it would be 'matron of honor,' since you're a married woman," Paulina claimed. "Of course...[but] what about Chanel -- won't she be upset that you're asking me to be your matron of honor instead of her?" Lani responded. "That is an excellent question," Chanel, who had just exited a nearby elevator, snapped.

Lani rushed off so Paulina and Chanel could talk privately. Paulina apologized to Chanel and claimed that what had just happened had simply been a spur-of-the-moment attempt to distract Lani from what was going on with Abe. "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings -- and I would never leave you out of the ceremony; [see], my daddy died a long time ago, [and] I'm going to need someone to give me away, [so] would you do the honor of walking me down the aisle?" Paulina added. "If you do me the honor of letting me make your wedding cake," Chanel responded. Paulina agreed then gave Chanel a hug.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, the demonic presence admired the Halloween attire it had picked out for Marlena to wear -- an elaborate, stereotypical devil costume, complete with a pitchfork. "With that pesky John Black out of the picture, I can finally be who I really am!" the demonic presence raved with a cackle -- just as Belle burst into the townhouse, eager to surprise anyone who might be inside.

The demonic presence was surprised -- so surprised that it didn't have time to change Marlena's glowing yellow eyes back to a human color. "Contacts -- kind of fun, huh?" the demonic presence explained as Marlena. "No -- they're pretty creepy," Belle insisted. "Oh? Well, I was only trying to get in the holiday spirit..." the demonic presence reasoned as Marlena. "Like that?" Belle protested. "I'm embracing my past," the demonic presence clarified as Marlena.

Belle -- who had just returned from South Africa with Shawn on the same flight that Theo had taken -- also found it odd that "Marlena" was able to think about anything other than Abe at that moment. The demonic presence scoffed as Marlena and assured Belle that Abe was going to be just fine. "Thank God --" Belle began to respond. "Don't credit God for that!" the demonic presence objected as Marlena before forcing a smile and arguing that Abe's doctors and nurses deserved the credit instead. Belle begged "Marlena" to remove the contacts, prompting the demonic presence to reluctantly retreat to the master bedroom as a show of compliance.

Belle was stunned to learn that Johnny was in the process of filming Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story -- and that "Marlena" had encouraged the idea. "What does Dad have to say about this?" Belle wondered. "It isn't up to..." the demonic presence snapped as Marlena before calming down and admitting that John wasn't thrilled about the idea but wasn't going to be around for the rest of the process, anyway. "He had a call about an important case for Black Patch, [and] you know your dad -- when duty calls, you'd have to chain him up to keep him away..." the demonic presence claimed as Marlena.

At the Horton Town Square, Johnny and Allie continued using the Ouija board. Johnny asked if the devil was in Salem at that moment, and the planchette moved to the "yes" again, prompting Johnny to ask about the devil's exact location -- and the planchette moved around the letters that were printed on the board until the words "DiMera crypt" were spelled out.

Meanwhile, the demonic presence entered the DiMera crypt as Marlena and greeted John, who was chained to a pillar in the center of the building. "I remember a time when you thought you were Stefano's brother... Turned out not to be true -- you were nothing more than a Pawn -- but I thought it would be fitting to bring you here as your last resting place. You know, Marlena stopped me from killing you at the chapel the other day...but now I'm back to finish what I started," the demonic presence growled.

Johnny finds the devil

Johnny finds the devil

Friday, October 29, 2021

Belle returned home to a darkened house, and she was surprised by a half-naked Shawn in a monster mask. Relieved, Belle laughed when Shawn took off his mask. After Shawn finished getting dressed, he asked Belle about her parents. Belle explained that John was out of town for work, so she had only spoken to Marlena.

"I think [Marlena] is taking kind of a devil-may-care attitude, actually," Belle joked. Shawn raised an eyebrow. Belle told Shawn that Marlena had been dressed like the devil. "Pretty odd choice for a Halloween costume, you know, considering her history," Shawn said. Belle agreed. Belle told Shawn that Marlena had explained that the costume was cathartic.

"[Marlena] also said that she was supporting Johnny's movie project. Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story," Belle said. "How does your dad feel about that?" Shawn asked. Belle shrugged. "Maybe she is just really happy to just exorcise those demons once and for all," Belle said with an awkward chuckle.

In the cemetery, Ben visited Jordan's grave. "I often think about how good of a sister you really were to me when we were kids. Nowadays, I'm trying to have kids of my own. And I really just want to make sure I can give them a better life than we ever had so they don't end up the way that I did or you did," Ben said. Ciara crouched down besides Ben at the grave.

"Are you okay?" Ciara asked. Ciara explained that she had received Ben's text, and she asked why Ben had not asked her to go with him. "Jordan terrorized you. I wouldn't expect you to want to come here and pay your respects," Ben said. Ciara noted that Jordan had been sick. When Ben countered that he had also been sick, Ciara stressed that, unlike his sister, Ben had gotten help for his mental illness. Ciara asked Ben if he was still afraid that their child would turn out like Jordan.

"Of course, I think about Jordan and how she turned [out]. But maybe I have to just trust that your goodness is gonna shine through," Ben said. "And our baby will have what you and Jordan never had -- a house filled with so much love," Ciara said. Ben held Ciara tight as she shivered. Ciara asked Ben if he was up for dinner at the pub with Shawn and Belle. Ben noted that he had said what he had wanted to say to his sister. "I feel a lot better," Ben said. As Ben and Ciara walked away, a wind gusted across Jordan's grave.

When Ben and Ciara met up with Belle and Shawn at the pub, Shawn informed the group that Abe was stable. "We were with Gabi and Jake right before [the shooting] happened," Ciara said. Shawn asked for details. Ben confessed that he had spoken to Jake about an errand, but Ben did not say more than that. Ben promised to let Shawn know if he thought of anything else.

"Did you come here to give my husband the third degree or to enjoy some clam chowder and hear about our honeymoon?" Ciara asked. Belle asked about the honeymoon. Ciara told Belle and Shawn about their trip, including the visit to Oak Alley. Ben mentioned how he and Ciara had also helped the ISA recover a stolen gemstone.

"I will be more than happy to tell you all about it later, but right now, we actually have some really special news to share," Ciara said. Ciara told Belle and Shawn that she and Ben had decided to start a family. Belle and Shawn cheered supportively. Ben and Ciara talked about how they had struggled with the decision, but Marlena had convinced Ben to move forward.

"[Marlena] flat-out told us that we should have a child, and ever since then, she's just been texting me and calling me. Just really making sure that we're moving forward with the whole plan," Ben said. "Really?" Belle asked. "[Marlena] has been very invested in me having a baby," Ciara said. "[Marlena] doesn't usually tell people what to do or make it so personal," Belle said. Shawn yawned, and Ciara teased him. The couples said goodnight, and Belle and Shawn wished Ben and Ciara luck with the baby.

After Belle and Shawn left, Ben noted that Ciara had not touched her chowder. "My stomach has been kind of funky all day," Ciara admitted. When Ben asked Ciara if she was sick, Ciara smiled. Ciara took a pregnancy test out of her purse. "Do you really think you could be pregnant right now?" Ben asked. Ciara noted that she was late. As Ben took a deep breath, Ciara ran into the pub bathroom to take the test.

After, Ciara walked over to Ben, and she kissed him softly. Ben assumed the worst, and he promised Ciara that they would keep trying. Ciara smiled. "We're having a baby," Ciara said. Ciara held up the pregnancy test. Ben pulled Ciara into his arms and twirled her around. "I love that we are about to have a baby together," Ben said.

When Belle and Shawn returned home, they talked about Ben and Ciara's plan to start a family. Belle said she was glad that Marlena had helped Ben make a decision, but she thought it was strange that Marlena was still so involved. "I mean, she's always been invested in Ben's health and happiness," Shawn said. "It just seems like maybe she is a little overly invested in Ben and Ciara having a child," Belle said.

In the DiMera mansion living room, Anna gasped as she read through the movie script. "Where did you get that?" Tony asked. Anna said she had borrowed the script from Abigail, and she asked Tony if he had read the latest version. "You really need to be involved in this movie," Anna said. Tony reiterated that he could not be a part of the film because of E.J.

"E.J. is not only investing in this movie, but he is playing the role of John Black," Anna said. Tony was surprised. Anna urged Tony to play himself in the movie. "Let's not forget it wasn't me. It was my cousin Andre who usurped my life at that point," Tony said. Anna refused to accept a no, and she announced that she would call Johnny and ask him to cast Tony.

"You will do no such thing," Tony said. Tony explained that the character in the movie was the same age as Marlena, who was being played by Abigail. "So, he'll rewrite the character," Anna said. Anna called the role of Tony pivotal, as Tony's wife had lusted after the sexy priest. "A less confident man would feel threatened by you calling John Black sexy," Tony grumbled. Tony turned away from Anna as she continued to talk about John and about Kristen's attraction to him.

"So, now he is sexy and hot?" Tony asked. "As was Tony!" Anna added. Confused, Tony asked if the movie was about Marlena or Kristen. Anna explained that Kristen had been one of the first people to realize the devil was in Salem. "As far as I'm concerned, there is only one person that's actually perfect for the role," Anna said. When Tony asked who, Anna said it was her.

"If you're going to play Tony, it just makes sense," Anna said. "Let's not forget that Kristen left Tony for John," Tony said. When Anna noted that Kristen had actually jilted Andre, an annoyed Tony argued that Kristen had not known that Tony had actually been Andre. Anna asked Tony why he was resistant to the idea of acting in the movie. A frustrated Tony yelled that he was not eager to revisit a dark chapter in his family's history.

"What if we ask Johnny to rewrite the Tony and Kristen subplot and highlight their love story. And then, in this version, they can end up living happily ever after. Just like us," Anna said. Anna kissed Tony, and he softened. Anna asked if they should talk to Johnny. With a shrug, Tony said he did not think a rewrite would improve the movie.

"I just don't think an audience would like to see a married couple drinking Champagne and talking about how much in love they are," Tony said. "I think people love to watch other people in love," Anna countered. With a chuckle, Tony admitted that Anna knew more about drama than he did. Anna suggested that they rehearse a scene and pitch themselves to Johnny for the movie.

"All this talk about the past has reminded me of when I first came to Salem. Drumroll, please... 40 years ago?" Tony said. Anna laughed. "You're much too young to have done anything 40 years ago," Anna said. Tony told Anna that falling in love with her had been the best thing that had happened to him.

"Your precious Anna is one lucky woman," Anna said. "No, the lucky one, that's me. I knew it from the start. I mean, the smartest thing I ever did was marry you," Tony said. Tony and Anna thought about the night he had proposed to Anna and when they had married. "Best decision I ever made those 40 years ago, coming to Salem," Tony said. Tony told Anna that she was the light of his life. "And don't you ever, ever forget it," Anna whispered.

At the café in the square, Johnny and Allie were shocked when the Ouija board stated that the devil was in the DiMera crypt. "That was a more specific answer than I was expecting," Johnny said. Johnny swore he had not moved the piece. To prove it, Johnny and Allie asked the board if the devil was in the DiMera crypt. The board said yes. Freaked out, Allie yelled at Johnny that the board was fake, and he had moved the piece. Johnny suggested that they go to the crypt and find out the truth. Allie refused because she had plans with Tripp.

"What, are you too scared to go alone?" Allie asked. Johnny scoffed. Johnny announced that if the devil was in the crypt, it would be great research for the movie for him to face the devil directly. "I intend to get it all on camera," Johnny said. Allie argued that the crypt would be empty. "We will see about that," Johnny said.

In the DiMera crypt, John dangled from his chains while devil Marlena informed him that she was ready to kill him. John laughed. "No, you can't," John said. "I can, and I will," devil Marlena growled. The devil told John that he was no match for the devil's power. Devil Marlena grabbed John by the neck and throttled him. "You'll never get away with this," John croaked out. Devil Marlena told John that John had underestimated him.

"I have gone to great lengths to make sure that you don't trip me up this time," Marlena said. With a smirk, Devil Marlena told John that she had spoken to Belle. "Soon, Marlena will be notified that there was a terrible mishap overseas. That her beloved husband, John, died on some mysterious mission. Boo hoo hoo!" Devil Marlena said. With a cackle, the devil laughed as he talked about the mourners at the funeral.

"They will have no idea that I was the one who ended your life while you're all chained up like a dog," Devil Marlena said. John begged Marlena to fight for him. With a smirk, Devil Marlena said that Marlena had fought before and lost. "I know you're still in there," John whispered. John begged Marlena to fight for their love.

"There is no one coming for you, John. I can feel the life force draining out of your body," devil Marlena said. Outside the crypt, Johnny attempted to open the door, but it was locked. "There always used to be a key in the lock," Johnny said. Inside the crypt, Devil Marlena urged John to let go. Johnny banged on the door. "Lucifer! You in there?" Johnny called out. Inside the crypt, Devil Marlena whipped her head around to stare at the door. John stammered out for help as loudly as he could.

"Damn it!" Devil Marlena said. The devil backhanded John across the face, rendering him unconscious. Outside the crypt, Johnny introduced himself to the devil through the door. "Would love to meet you," Johnny added. As Johnny turned to leave, Marlena opened the door and walked out. "Grandma?" Johnny said as he looked at Marlena's devil costume.

"I finished your script. I wanted you to know that I liked it," Marlena said. "Thank you, but that still doesn't explain what you're doing here inside the DiMera family crypt," Johnny said. Marlena said she had wandered the grounds and had decided to pay her respects to Stefano. "Dressed like the devil?" Johnny asked. Marlena laughed.

"It's a Halloween costume. I did it for you," Marlena said. Marlena added that she had liked the script, and she had felt that it was accurate. Johnny looked at the crypt, and he wondered aloud if they should use it in the movie. As Johnny started to walk over to the open door to the crypt, Marlena grabbed his wrist forcefully. "I wouldn't go in there if I was you," Marlena said. Marlena explained that there was a large rat in the crypt. Johnny said he was not afraid of rats, and he had planned to write one into his movie. Inside the crypt, John stirred awake.

"You sure you didn't see anything else in there?" Johnny asked Marlena. With a shake of her head no, Marlena closed and locked the door to the crypt. "What brought you out here?" Marlena asked. Johnny told Marlena that a Ouija board had told him that the devil was in the DiMera crypt. Marlena laughed and fluttered her devil cape. "The board knew!" Johnny said with a laugh. Johnny asked Marlena if she believed in the spirits. With a nod, Marlena said that after what had happened to her, she believed that the supernatural was real.

"I think it's important that you carry out your vision. I mean, this movie is going to let people know that there are forces out there that people can't begin to understand. And they have no idea what the devil is capable of doing," Marlena said. Johnny asked Marlena if he could take a picture of her in her costume to prove to Allie that the Ouija board had been right. Inside the crypt, John rattled his chains, and Johnny heard it. Marlena pretended that she had not heard anything.

"It sounded like chains or something," Johnny said. "Maybe it is the spirits," Marlena joked. Marlena told Johnny that he had a wonderful imagination. When Johnny suggested they go inside the house, Marlena told him to go ahead, and she would catch up. After Johnny walked away, Marlena blinked, and her yellow eyes returned.

"I'll deal with you another time, John Black," Devil Marlena whispered. Devil Marlena walked through the cemetery over to Jordan's grave. "Soon, she won't be the only bad seed in the family," Devil Marlena said. Devil Marlena whispered that Ben's child would be hers, and no one could stop her.

With a chuckle, Devil Marlena recounted what Johnny had said about Allie not believing in the supernatural. "I guess I'll just have to make her a believer," Devil Marlena said. The devil looked at Charlie Dale's grave. "Rise up and prove to Allie that my powers are real," the devil said. A hand burst through the dirt and grass.

Inside the DiMera crypt, John struggled to get out of his chains. "I've got to save all of Salem from pure evil," John said.

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