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Abe cleared Jake. Devil Marlena raised the undead. Charlie killed Carmine, and Ava was arrested. Tripp saved Allie from Charlie. Allie told Tripp she loved him. Nicole stabbed Deimos with scissors, and he disappeared. Nick buried Jake alive, but Gabi saved him. Eli questioned Philip about Carmine. Rafe and Nicole had sex. Abigail learned the truth about Gwen's miscarriage, and she told Jack. Maggie married Justin and Bonnie. Trask blackmailed Xander. Kayla confirmed Ciara was pregnant. Steve worried about John.
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Devil Marlena raised the dead, Justin and Bonnie were married, and Rafe and Nicole had sex
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The demonic presence unleashes dead villains on Salem

The demonic presence unleashes dead villains on Salem

Monday, November 1, 2021

by Mike

At the cemetery, Charlie climbed aboveground then bowed at "Marlena's" feet, realizing at once that the demonic presence was in control of the psychiatrist's body. "Marlena's granddaughter needs to be taught a lesson," the demonic presence began. "If you're talking about Allie Horton, I'd like to teach her a few lessons myself -- [but] I have scores to settle with lots of folks in Salem," Charlie spat. "The more mischief you make, the happier I'll be," the demonic presence advised.

After Charlie rushed off, the demonic presence turned to another grave and inspected a bouquet of flowers that had been left nearby. "Julie Williams -- I should have known... The only mortal dumb enough to have mourned this fallen angel..." the demonic presence mused before summoning Nick aboveground -- then seizing a kiss. "Is that why you raised me from the dead?" Nick wondered. "No -- that was just a...little diversion; [you were] struck down in your prime, [so] you're still so young...and handsome...and tempting..." the demonic presence answered.

The demonic presence changed the subject, eager to know what Nick would do if given another day among the living. "I guess I'd avenge my death," Nick decided -- and the demonic presence encouraged that idea with a squeal of delight. " you want me to kill [Gabi]?" Nick assumed. "I want you to do whatever creates the most misery for the most people -- have ya met me?" the demonic presence responded before starting to look around the cemetery in search of one more dead villain to unleash upon Salem -- and Nick also studied the gravestones, hoping to help.

"That's an interesting name -- Greek god of terror..." Nick observed. "Don't ever use the 'G' word around me!" the demonic presence warned. "Uh...'Greek'?" Nick translated. "Just go do your job!" the demonic presence demanded. "Yes, ma'am -- sir?" Nick stammered. "I'm not a real person -- I don't have a pronoun!" the demonic presence protested before again ordering Nick to leave.

Once the coast was clear, the demonic presence turned to the gravestone that Nick had found -- then nodded approvingly and summoned Deimos aboveground. "I feel a" the demonic presence observed before ripping Deimos' shirt. "My half-brother Victor carved it into my chest -- said I was the devil, so he put your mark on me," Deimos explained.

After sending Deimos off to wreak havoc, the demonic presence approached Tom and Alice's graves and started taunting them.

At the police station, Rafe and Gabi joined Jake in one of the conference rooms. "Rafe talked to Abe --" Gabi began. "Mayor Carver corroborated your statement [and] picked Carmine Merlino's picture out of a photo array -- [plus], Abe overheard Carmine admitting that he's the one who whacked Zanetti," Rafe concluded.

Jake, like Gabi, assumed that the matter was therefore settled, but Rafe warned them not to start celebrating just yet. "[Jake] is guilty of bringing a loaded firearm to a public park, which is against city ordinances -- not to mention the fact that the D.A. is gonna want to speak to him about all his priors with Merlino. [So], you wanna know the best way to help yourself, [Jake]? Roll on Merlino -- who his friends are, who might want to help him out..." Rafe advised. Jake protested that it was going to be difficult to flip on Carmine because they hadn't spoken to each other in years, prompting Gabi to reiterate that Rafe needed to question Ava.

Nicole went to the hospital to see Abe -- and they both admitted to feeling guilty about the fact that they hadn't talked much recently. "I hear you're engaged to Paulina -- are you happy?" Nicole asked Abe, who nodded in response then changed the subject, more concerned about finding out what was going on with Eric. "We're getting a divorce," Nicole revealed with a shrug, prompting Abe to offer a few words of comfort.

Abe was surprised to learn that Nicole was trying to move on with E.J., of all people. "He helps me forget someone else -- someone that you would have approved of," Nicole admitted to Abe -- just as Rafe arrived. "Got time for a coffee?" Rafe asked while exiting the room with Nicole a short time later, having stopped by simply to get a signature on a transcript of the statement that Abe had provided earlier. Abe smiled knowingly as Nicole accepted Rafe's offer.

Nicole was surprised when Rafe stopped at the nearest coffee station. Rafe explained to Nicole that if they chatted over free coffee, there would be less risk of having their interaction misinterpreted as an inappropriate one. "I have reason to believe that the woman I'm living with might be indirectly responsible for Abe getting shot, [so] I gotta ask you -- did Ava ever give you any indication that the mob life she left behind wasn't actually that far behind her?" Rafe wondered. "She hasn't said anything that's made me wonder if she's still in contact with her family," Nicole answered. "Well, maybe Gabi's making up stories again..." Rafe mused.

Ava was in the process of cooking dinner when Carmine barged into the Hernandez house and started making demands. "[Really], the town dump? You know how bad that place stinks? [I mean], what am I supposed to do, hide out in the sewers for the rest of my life? [No] -- you either find me some five-star accommodation, or you're gonna wind up in the cell right next to mine!" Carmine snapped. "Thought you knew better than to threaten your boss," Ava countered. "You used to wield a knife with the best of 'em, but now you're using it to cut up eggplant in a dump like this, [so], I ain't afraid of you anymore," Carmine declared. "You better be," Ava warned.

Carmine scoffed then grabbed a towel and prepared to strangle Ava with it -- but someone else entered the house just then and plunged Ava's butcher knife into Carmine's chest. "You can't be here -- you're dead..." Ava stammered while staring at Charlie in shock. "And now I'm undead," Charlie responded before adding that Carmine, on the other hand, was really just dead.

"Hey, I just saved your life -- [so], will this make you love me?" Charlie challenged Ava. "I told you the night that you died --" Ava reminded Charlie. "Yeah, but I don't think you meant it -- I think you were happy to have me off your hands. [And, you know], I heard what you said about your poor, dead son [later]. You'll never love me, will you? I'll never be perfect like your sainted Tripp!" Charlie snapped. "Okay, this is a nightmare --" Ava guessed. "It will be -- I want you to see the hell that I call 'home sweet home'..." Charlie countered before finding another butcher knife and advancing toward Ava with it. Ava shoved Charlie away then fled from the house.

Tripp wanted to take a late-night walk through the cemetery as a way of celebrating Halloween, but Allie backed out of the plan before they made it to their destination. "I'm not superstitious, but cemeteries really creep me out -- I mean, I don't like being surrounded by a bunch of dead people, especially on Halloween; I don't care if they're six feet under," Allie explained before offering to wait for Tripp in the town square. "That's okay -- I'd rather be with you," Tripp assured Allie.

"Besides, I think we could figure out something else to do..." Tripp flirtatiously suggested, but Allie didn't take the bait. Tripp quickly realized that Allie was upset about something. Allie, who had caught Tripp and Chanel talking at the hospital earlier, admitted to being somewhat annoyed because they had lied about what they had been discussing. "I know you both really well. [Now], you clammed up as soon as you saw me, and then you both seemed guilty -- [and] she said that you guys were talking about Abe, but you weren't, were you? You were talking about me," Allie guessed, and Tripp confirmed the suspicion.

"I'm sorry. This isn't really my favorite subject -- [you know], me being more into you than you're into me...[which] I didn't know you told Chanel about..." Tripp admitted. "She's my best friend -- and I only told her that because I feel so awful," Allie explained. "I didn't even want to bring it up -- I don't want you to feel any type of pressure," Tripp stressed. "I've never said 'I love you' to anyone -- and after what Charlie did to me..." Allie reasoned.

"I know it's awful to say, but...I'm glad he's dead -- it's so much easier to put him out of my mind when I know he's out of my life forever," Allie confessed. "You don't have to explain anything or apologize for --" Tripp insisted. "I want you to know this -- those three little words have been on the tip of my tongue so many times...and now I feel like maybe --" Allie responded -- but Tripp received a phone call from Ava before anything else could be said. "Meet me at the pub -- he's after me!" Ava shouted before hanging up on Tripp, who explained the situation to Allie then rushed off.

Tripp found Ava outside the pub. "What's going on?" Tripp wondered. "You won't believe me, [but]...I saw your brother!" Ava responded.

Allie returned to the Walker apartment -- and a short time later, someone started pounding on the front door. "This trick-or-treater better not wake Henry..." Allie grumbled before opening the door -- and finding Charlie standing on the other side of it.

After saying goodbye to Rafe, Nicole headed over to Basic Black in search of a distraction -- then fell out of a chair in shock when Deimos entered the CEO's office.

Rafe returned to the Hernandez house to talk to Ava about Gabi's accusations -- and found Carmine's motionless body on the kitchen floor.

At the police station, Gabi complained to Jake that only one of them deserved to be treated like a murderer. "You don't have it in you, unlike me -- I killed Nick Fallon not once but twice, and he had it coming to him both times!" Gabi declared before saying goodbye to Jake then storming off in search of Rafe. While passing through the park, Gabi contacted Will to find out how Arianna was celebrating Halloween. After ending the call, Gabi looked around the park. "Why do I feel like somebody walked over my grave?" Gabi muttered -- just as Nick approached from behind. "I know the feeling," Nick snapped.

The undead wreak havoc

The undead wreak havoc

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Nicole was working at Basic Black when undead Deimos walked in. Nicole screamed and fell off her chair. "You remembered," Deimos said. "But you're dead," Nicole stammered. "You murdered me, and yet here I am. I must say, Nicole, you haven't changed a bit. Have I?" Deimos asked with a chuckle.

"You and I have some unfinished business," Deimos said. Nicole scrambled to her feet and backed away as Deimos advanced toward her. "I will never forget how absolutely radiant you looked in red the night you killed me," Deimos said. Nicole asked Deimos if Dr. Rolf had revived him. Deimos laughed.

"The one who brought me back is a hell of a lot more powerful than Dr. Rolf, and quite a bit more evil," Deimos said. Nicole asked who. "I may have said too much already," Deimos said. Deimos noted that Nicole had always been able to get him to open up to her. "It's really ironic that the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with ended it. In cold blood. No remorse. That just didn't sit well with me, Nicole. So, I came here to tell you that I still hold a grudge," Deimos said.

"I did not murder you in cold blood," Nicole objected. Deimos argued that he had been defenseless when Nicole had stabbed him in the heart. Nicole thought about the night of Deimos' death when he had told her that he had bribed a judge to take Holly away from her. "Is there really anyone more unfit to be a mother than you?" Deimos had said. Deimos had announced that he'd intended to raise Holly without Nicole. "I will never let you take my daughter!" Nicole had screamed as she'd grabbed a nearby knife. Nicole and Deimos had fought for control of the knife, and Nicole had managed to stab Deimos.

"Remembering how you plunged that knife into my chest? Deep into the chest of an innocent, unarmed man?" Deimos asked. "Innocent? You broke the laws of man and God in order to take my daughter. She was innocent," Nicole said. Nicole argued that Deimos' intentions for Holly had been depraved. "I didn't murder you. I put you down like a rabid dog!" Nicole snapped. Deimos told Nicole that she had been a fool to believe that she would get away with his murder.

"I guarantee you, Nicole, the punishment is going to fit the crime," Deimos growled. Nicole grabbed a pair of scissors and pointed them at Deimos. "Don't come any closer!" Nicole cried out. "Are you going to kill me again? Go ahead. Do your worst," Deimos said. Deimos held his arms out to leave his chest exposed. Nicole stabbed Deimos in the chest. Deimos attempted to strangle Nicole, but he collapsed to the ground. Nicole cautiously approached Deimos, and she felt for a pulse. When Nicole leaned forward to listen for a heartbeat, Deimos did not move. "I gotta call Rafe," Nicole whispered.

In the park off the square, Gabi gasped when she ran into the mobile corpse of Nick. "Not quite in the flesh but close enough," Nick said. Gabi shook her head in disbelief. Nick asked Gabi if she had missed him. "I'm dreaming," Gabi whispered. "Of having your beloved husband back?" Nick asked. Gabi noted that she had told Jake about Nick, and Nick was in her head.

"Did you tell him about your first husband? About your first love?" Nick asked. Nick kissed his fingers and then touched Gabi's lips with them. Gabi screamed. "You are not here!" Gabi yelled. "You don't dream about me?" Nick asked. Gabi argued that she needed to wake up from her dream.

"Sorry, babe. This isn't a dream. It's your worst nightmare," Nick said. "It can't be you. I killed you," Gabi said. Nick asked Gabi which murder attempt. Gabi thought about when Nick had attempted to rape her, and she had hit him on the head with a rock. With a grin, Nick reminded Gabi of how, after the incident, she had dumped him in the river with her friends.

"I wasn't dead. I came back, didn't I? Just like I'm back now," Nick said. Nick laughed as he talked about how he had appeared at Ariana's christening. Furious, Gabi said that she should have hit Nick a couple more times with the rock. "The world is a much better place without you!" Gabi said. "But you made sure you killed me the second time around," Nick said. Gabi argued that Nick had threatened to take her daughter.

"It was premeditated murder, Gabi. You even admitted it," Nick said. Gabi thought about when she had confessed that she had grabbed the gun, put the silencer on it, and put it in the diaper bag. "I served time. I paid my debt to society," Gabi said. "I don't give a crap about society. I'm talking about your debt to me," Nick said. Gabi argued that after prison, Julie had made it her mission to keep making Gabi pay for what she had done to Nick.

"Not nearly enough," Nick said. With a laugh, Nick told Gabi that he would make her pay. Gabi asked Nick if he was going to kill her. "That would be too easy," Nick said. Nick said he wanted Gabi to suffer. "I decided to kill your boyfriend," Nick said with a laugh. Gabi pleaded with Nick, but Nick said he preferred to know that Gabi would live her life with Jake's blood on her hands.

"I'm begging you, please, don't kill him," Gabi said. "What if it's already too late?" Nick asked. Nick told Gabi that he had risen from his grave and gone straight to the police station to get Jake. "How did you know he was there?" Gabi asked. Nick said that the undead had "telepathic GPS." When Gabi asked what had happened to Jake, Nick said he had put Jake in Nick's grave.

"You buried him," Gabi whispered. "I think of it more like a sublet," Nick said. When Gabi asked if Jake had been dead or alive, Nick told Gabi to find out. Gabi ran off. "I hope she is not too late," Nick said. Once in the cemetery, Gabi frantically dug with her hands at Nick's grave. "Jake!" Gabi screamed.

Julie exited her restaurant, and she ran into Kate. "You scared me to death!" Julie said. Kate invited Julie to Thanksgiving. Julie laughed. "And what were you expecting me to bring? A poisoned pumpkin pie perhaps?" Julie asked. With a smirk, Kate said she had expected Julie to turn her down. "It was a fairly painless way to extend myself," Kate said. "Isn't that how you always extend yourself?" Julie retorted.

Kate told Julie that she was genuinely sorry about Doug. Julie thanked Kate, and she asked why Kate was really there. "I came here to tell you that your cousin Nick Fallon is back from the dead," Kate said. Kate explained that a couple of trick-or-treaters had seen Nick at the pub. Julie said that it was likely a costume. "What kid wouldn't want to dress up like a psycho killer," Kate said. Julie defended Nick, and she asked Kate to have empathy for him.

"For a young man that had a very difficult life and was traumatized by what happened to him in prison," Julie said. "Right. Then he set out to traumatize Gabi Hernandez in exactly the same way," Kate countered. Julie noted that Gabi had gotten her revenge when she'd shot Nick. "You may not recall, but I remember very clearly because he died in my arms," Julie said. "Allegedly," Kate said. Julie told Kate she was wrong. With a shrug, Kate said she agreed it was unlikely, but Nick had cheated death before.

"When you and Gabi and Sami tried to drown him in the river. Talk about the three witches from MacBeth," Julie said. "He did manage to crawl back out of the water, didn't he?" Kate said. Kate added that it was unlikely that Nick had crawled out of his grave "this time." With a chuckle, Kate added that she had crawled out of a grave once. "Maybe he managed to pull off the same trick?" Kate said. With a shrug, Kate walked away.

At the Hernandez house, Rafe found Carmine's body in the kitchen. Ava was not home. Rafe went out front and called Eli for assistance. When Eli and CSI arrived on the scene, Rafe explained that he had returned home and found Carmine's body in his kitchen. "Do we know who killed him?" Eli asked. Rafe thought about what Gabi had said about Ava's connection to Carmine. With a sigh, Rafe told Eli that it was possible that Ava was involved in the stabbing.

"Gabi was at the station with Jake when [Carmine] was murdered, and Ava was the only one that was here," Rafe said. "And?" Eli asked. Rafe told Eli that Carmine had worked with Ava when she had been the head of the Vitali crime family. "[Carmine] probably knew that Jake was in custody, so he came here to see Ava. And Gabi said she thinks that Ava's the one who helped Merlino get away when he shot Abe," Rafe explained. Eli asked Rafe to hand over the case to him.

"I know, but listen to me. I'm just going on what Gabi said to me, and it wouldn't be the first time that she has fed me a load of crap. And not to mention Ava said she was out of the mob, so she could be jerking me around, too," Rafe said. Eli asked Rafe to make a statement. With a nod, Rafe answered his phone. An officer informed Rafe that Jake had escaped from the jail.

"What has Gabi done this time?" Rafe muttered. "That was a stupid thing for Jake to do," Eli said. "If it was Jake," Rafe countered. Rafe noted that Jake had cooperated with the police and had had no reason to break out of jail. "I asked [Jake] to be patient. He seemed to agree," Rafe said. "But not Gabi?" Eli asked.

Outside the pub, Ava met up with Tripp. "I saw your brother," Ava stammered. "Charlie is dead. You know this," Tripp said. Ava explained that Charlie had attacked her at Rafe's house and stabbed someone in front of her. When Tripp remained silent, Ava begged Tripp to believe her. Ava lied to Tripp and said she did not know the man that Charlie had stabbed in Rafe's house. "Does Rafe know him?" Tripp asked. Ava shook her head no.

"After Charlie stabbed him, he said that he was undead. And then he talked about the night that he died," Ava said. Tripp suggested that they go to the hospital, but Ava refused. "[Charlie] said he was going to kill me. And he was so calm about it that I knew he meant it. So, I pushed him, and I ran," Ava said. Ava begged Tripp to leave town with her. Tripp reiterated that Charlie was dead.

"This is just like what happened to you when Charlie drugged you," Tripp said. "I was not drugged tonight," Ava swore. Tripp argued that the hallucinogens that Charlie had given Ava could reside in the body for years. "I remember the delusions back then. Tonight was not like that. Tonight? Tonight was real," Ava stressed. Ava gasped. "We need to call Allie. We need to warn her," Ava said. Tripp reassured Ava that Henry was in the pub with Lucas.

Worried, Ava asked Tripp to call Allie. "I'm not going to scare her for no reason," Tripp said. Tripp told Ava not to worry. "I saw him," Ava insisted. Tripp offered to take Ava home to prove to her that there was no body at Rafe's house.

When Ava and Tripp arrived at Rafe's, the coroner was taking Carmine's body out of the house. "I told you there was a dead body. You didn't believe me. I was telling the truth," Ava said. Eli approached, and Tripp asked what had happened. "There's been a homicide," Eli said. Eli told Ava that he needed to take her down to the station for questioning. When Tripp asked why, Eli explained that the deceased was a former associate of Ava.

"I didn't kill him. It was Charlie. I saw him," Ava said. "Charlie is dead," Eli said. Ava asked to talk to Rafe. "[Rafe] is at the station. You can talk to him there," Eli said. Tripp insisted on going with Ava to the station, but she begged Tripp to look for Charlie instead. "I have this awful feeling about Allie," Ava said. Ava ordered Tripp to check on Allie. "If you don't, and something happens to her, you are gonna regret it for the rest of your life," Ava said.

At the police station, Rafe talked to an officer about when he had last seen Gabi at the station. The officer said that Gabi had not been in the station when another officer had taken a handcuffed Jake down to lockup. "What the hell is going on?" Rafe muttered. As Rafe worked, Nicole called. "I need you now!" Nicole said.

When Rafe arrived at Basic Black, Nicole met him in the hallway outside her office. "Deimos was here," Nicole said. "What?" Rafe asked. Nicole explained that Deimos had attacked her in the office, and she had stabbed him with a pair of scissors. "Deimos Kiriakis is dead," Rafe said. Nicole told Rafe to go into the office and look at the corpse. When Rafe went into the office, Deimos was gone. The scissors were on the floor.

At the police station, Eli handcuffed Ava to the table in the interrogation room. "I need you to listen to me. Charlie is back. He came back, he killed Carmine, and then he was going to kill me," Ava said. Ava pleaded with Eli to send an officer to help Tripp at Allie's apartment.

Allie answered the door of Nicole's apartment, and she was stunned to see undead Charlie in the hallway. When Allie attempted to slam the door shut, Charlie shoved it open. Charlie entered the room, and he put the chain on the front door. "You won't get rid of me that easy. Not this time," Charlie said. In disbelief, Allie told Charlie, "Whoever you are, this is sick."

"You know who I am," Charlie said. "Charlie is dead, and it is sick for you to put this ridiculous mask on," Allie said. As Allie backed away, Charlie walked toward her. Allie insisted that Charlie was wearing a mask. Frustrated, Charlie shoved Allie onto the couch, and he dared her to pull off his mask. Tentatively Allie reached out and touched Charlie's face. With a gasp, Allie jumped away. Charlie laughed.

"You're dead!" Allie said. Charlie explained that he was undead. "Don't touch me," Allie said as she backed away. "I came here for my son," Charlie said. Allie told Charlie that he was not Henry's father.

"You can't accuse me of raping you and say Henry isn't mine," Charlie yelled. Allie argued that it took more than biology to be a father. "You don't even know him," Allie said. "Because of you! You told everyone that I was a rapist!" Charlie screamed. Charlie said that he had died before he had had a chance to get to know his son.

"You did everything you could to keep me away from him. Now I'm going to take him away from you," Charlie said. "No!" Allie yelled. Charlie shoved Allie away, and he marched into Henry's bedroom. Allie ran to the front door to escape, but Charlie returned to the room. "You bitch! You knew he wasn't in there!" Charlie yelled. Charlie stopped Allie's escape from the apartment. Allie grabbed her phone, but Charlie slapped it away. Charlie demanded to know where to find Henry.

"I will never tell you where Henry is," Allie said. "Not willingly," Charlie countered. Allie told Charlie that he was not Henry's father in any way that mattered. "Who's the father then? Tripp?" Charlie asked. With a grumble, Charlie complained about Allie's romance with his brother. Allie asked Charlie if he had noticed how few people had attended his funeral.

"Did you know that I didn't? I was afraid that I'd be fined for excessive celebration," Allie said. Charlie seethed. "You know how you're always whining about how mommy loves Tripp best? Well, she does. Of course, she does," Allie said. Allie started to walk toward Charlie, and he started to back away. Charlie covered his ears, and he yelled at Allie to stop talking about Tripp.

"You brought him up! You always bring him up," Allie said. Allie asked Charlie to imagine being a mother who had one perfect son and one who was the definition of a loser. Charlie grabbed Allie by her shoulders and shook her. "I said shut up!" Charlie screamed. As Allie shook in fear, Charlie let her go. Charlie argued that Allie had distracted him so that he would forget about Henry.

"Where is my son?" Charlie asked. Allie refused to say. "Nothing that I can do will get you to tell me," Charlie said. Charlie told Allie that he would have to kill her. As Charlie pulled Allie into a chokehold, Tripp kicked open the door to the apartment. Tripp's eyes went wide. "Get the hell away from her," Tripp said.

Nick and Charlie continue seeking vengeance

Nick and Charlie continue seeking vengeance

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

by Mike

Philip bumped into someone outside the Brady Pub -- and was quick to apologize for having caused the collision but was told not to give it another thought. "Weird -- that guy in the zombie costume looked just like Nick Fallon... But how can that be? Nick is dead!" Philip muttered while watching the person walk away.

At the police station, Eli apologized for having called Shawn in to work at such a late hour. "All Hallows' Eve has brought out the goons, the goblins, and the crazies," Eli grumbled before telling Shawn about Jake's disappearance and Carmine's death. Shawn agreed to take a stab at interrogating Ava so Eli could continue investigating.

Shawn joined Ava in one of the conference rooms and tried to figure out what had happened to Carmine -- but received the same story that Eli had received earlier. Meanwhile, Eli went to the Kiriakis mansion to question Philip about Carmine's murder. "The person you want to talk to is Jake," Philip advised. "I'd like to talk to Jake, but he busted out of jail tonight and is still at large," Eli responded. "Any leads?" Philip wondered. "He may have had help..." Eli teased. "Gabi," Philip guessed, but Eli refused to confirm or deny the suspicion.

At the cemetery, Gabi fretted that it was going to take all night to dig down to Nick's casket by hand. Already exhausted, Gabi paused to take a few deep breaths -- and spotted a shovel nearby. Relieved, Gabi grabbed the shovel then continued digging until Nick's casket was unearthed. Gabi opened the casket and found Jake's motionless body inside. Gabi dragged Jake out of the casket and checked for a heartbeat then started performing CPR. Jake eventually started breathing again -- then weakly recounted what had happened after Gabi had left the police station earlier. "A cop was taking me to lockup, you know, and someone grabbed me from behind, and...that's the last thing I remember," Jake muttered.

"I'm so sorry -- this is all my fault," Gabi admitted before telling Jake the rest of the story. "A zombie? That's crazy!" Jake declared, drawing a shrug from Gabi. "Isn't it just?" Nick agreed, approaching Gabi and Jake from behind. Nick shoved Gabi aside then lunged at Jake with a stake, determined to finish what had been started earlier. Jake was still too weak to mount a defense, but Gabi recovered and swung the shovel at the back of Nick's head just in time.

Jake found enough strength to help Gabi put Nick back in the casket. "How do you explain how the hell he got out of here tonight -- climbed out of this grave?" Jake wondered. "I have no clue -- and, honestly, I don't even think I want to find out," Gabi responded.

At the Walker apartment, Charlie kept Allie in a chokehold as Tripp struggled to process what was happening. "Mom was telling the truth -- you really are here..." Tripp muttered. "So, I guess Mommy filled you in -- warned her precious Tripp that big, bad Charlie was in town... Of course... [And now it's] Superman Tripp to the rescue -- why am I not surprised..." Charlie grumbled.

"Look, let her go, okay? I'm the one you hate," Tripp challenged Charlie. "You're right about that, big brother -- and this is finally my chance to do something about it," Charlie spat. "You're not even scary -- you're just pathetic! [Seriously], you were a loser when you were alive, and now you're just a loser as a zombie!" Tripp countered. "Shut the hell up!" Charlie warned Tripp while shoving Allie aside.

Tripp continued trying to goad Charlie into a fight. "At least you'd be picking on somebody your own size, instead of --" Tripp reasoned. "'Poor, innocent' Allie? She wanted it that night -- she's never gonna admit it, but she did!" Charlie declared. "You shut the hell up right now --" Tripp warned. "Or...what, you're gonna kill me? I'm already dead -- and that's your fault, [because] you were there the night that Jan shot me; you knocked on the door [and] called my name [then] walked away!" Charlie snapped. "I didn't know you were inside," Tripp explained. "You didn't know I wasn't! You could have busted down the door, [and then] you could have called an ambulance...[and then] I'd still be alive!" Charlie countered.

"[But] I'm glad you didn't try to rescue me, 'cause then Jan would have had the pleasure of killing you, and now that pleasure is mine -- [and] what better way to pay you back for the hell that you made my life than to take you back down to hell with me..." Charlie mused before slamming Tripp against a wall. A lengthy fight ensued, but Tripp got the upper hand after Allie found an opportunity to swing a frying pan at the back of Charlie's head.

"It's over!" Tripp advised after pinning Charlie to the couch. "You think you won -- [after all], you have our mom, my son, you even got the girl... But guess what, big brother -- you can play house all you want, but deep down, you know she's always gonna be damaged goods; all you got was my sloppy seconds!" Charlie spat while continuing to struggle, prompting Tripp to pick up the frying pan and finish what Allie had started earlier.

Allie eventually stopped Tripp, seeing that Charlie was no longer responsive. Tripp checked on Allie then turned to Charlie again -- and found that the couch was empty. Allie watched as Tripp checked the entire apartment, but Charlie was nowhere to be found. "You know when I said I wanted to do one of those ghost tours on Halloween? Yeah, I'm over it," Tripp declared. "That just happened, right? That was real, wasn't it?" Allie wondered. "I don't know what the hell is going on, but it's not just us, okay? My mom saw him, too," Tripp responded before telling Allie about what had happened with Ava earlier.

Tripp assured Allie that everything was going to be okay. "Because of you!" Allie acknowledged. "Hey, the only reason I'm still breathing is because you're pretty good with a frying pan," Tripp countered. "I love you," Allie whispered. "Don't say that --" Tripp protested. "No, I want to say it, because it's true -- I love you, Tripp Johnson," Allie maintained before giving Tripp a passionate kiss.

At Basic Black, Nicole told Rafe about what had happened earlier. "Let's say Deimos did come back from the dead -- I mean, he's got a hell of a lot of enemies, so why is he gonna come after you?" Rafe challenged Nicole. "Revenge!" Nicole explained. "For what?" Rafe wondered. "I...rejected him, okay? And you know how obsessed he was with me!" Nicole answered. "Right..." Rafe muttered.

"Of course, you don't believe me -- I wouldn't believe me!" Nicole fretted. "What I believe is that you're here alone in the dark, and it's Halloween, and everyone's thinking of ghouls and goblins, and it's natural that your mind just, you know, maybe played tricks on you --" Rafe reasoned. "No, my mind was not 'playing tricks on' me!" Nicole insisted before conceding, after a bit more thought, that Rafe might be right.

Nicole apologized for the false alarm then encouraged Rafe to spend the rest of the holiday with Ava. "Actually..." Rafe muttered with a sigh before starting to vent to Nicole about what was going on with Ava -- then also venting about the possibility that Gabi had helped Jake escape from police custody. "And I thought I was gonna spend tonight confiscating toilet paper and shaving cream..." Rafe concluded with a shake of the head.

Nicole advised Rafe to talk to Ava, believing that there might be a reasonable explanation for everything. "I've tried with Ava [already] -- I've given her the benefit of the doubt, I've defended her to my sister, I've avoided you [and] pretended that a bench and a doughnut and bad coffee at the hospital is enough... [Well], it's not -- it's just not, because every time I see you, I just want to..." Rafe responded. "What?" Nicole prodded Rafe.

At the police station, Shawn tried to contact Rafe on Ava's behalf, but the call went to voicemail. A short time later, Jake arrived with Gabi, and they started to tell Shawn and Eli about what had happened. Meanwhile, at Basic Black, Rafe kissed Nicole, who responded favorably -- and they continued making out as they climbed atop the conference table in the CEO's office.

Justin and Bonnie try to finish their wedding ceremony

Justin and Bonnie try to finish their wedding ceremony

Thursday, November 4, 2021

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie advised Victor to try a scone, raving that Cook's latest batch might just be the best yet. Victor, who was staring at a tablet computer, just gave Maggie a quick grunt in response, not even bothering to look up from the device in the process. "You know, what I missed most about being away was our lively conversations over breakfast -- you know, the news about politics, and catching up... It's just all so invigorating..." Maggie sarcastically declared. "I'm sorry -- it's this article; Ava Vitali, she's in police custody on suspicion of killing the guy that shot Abe!" Victor cheerfully explained.

Maggie agreed that it was a relief to know that the shooter was no longer a threat to anyone, but Victor clarified that the best news in the article was the part about Ava facing a murder charge. "Another miscreant behind bars -- you know, the Salem P.D. lockup must be running out of room..." Victor mused. "Actually, a few spots just opened up," Justin announced, joining Victor and Maggie in the study. "Could this day get any better?" Victor raved, celebrating not only Justin's release but also Kristen's apprehension. "D.A. Trask dropped all the charges -- [which means] I probably won't be disbarred," Justin bragged.

Maggie was surprised to learn that Victor was responsible for the turn of events. "Bonnie and I owe you," Justin acknowledged. "Bonnie? What the hell's she got to do with it?" Victor protested. As if on cue, Bonnie burst into the living room just then, carrying a bottle of Champagne, and declared that it was time to get the party started. Stunned, Victor insisted that Trask had made a mistake. "I negotiated a huge deal for [Justin] and Xander to be released; it didn't include the release of some dime-store Dolly Parton!" Victor explained. "Well, I guess Patchy renegotiated the terms, because now both Gwen and I are free as birds," Bonnie responded.

Victor wanted to contact Trask and get Steve's part of the deal revoked, but Maggie objected, arguing that Justin, Bonnie, Xander, and Gwen had all been through enough already. Justin agreed then suggested an impromptu wedding ceremony as a way of making up for lost time -- an idea that surprised Bonnie, delighted Maggie, and horrified Victor. "I'm gonna kill Steve Johnson..." Victor grumbled after Justin and Bonnie rushed off to get ready, drawing a look of exasperation from Maggie.

At the police station, Trask cringed as Xander and Gwen celebrated their joint release with a passionate kiss. Trask revealed that Victor had only intended for Xander and Justin to be released -- and that Steve had intervened to ensure that Gwen and Bonnie would also be released. "If it were up to me, all four of you would be serving time in Statesville...[but] your freedom was a small price to pay for what I got in return -- the bitch who murdered my daughter," Trask explained.

Meanwhile, Chad joined Kristen in one of the conference rooms -- and apologetically handed over a letter from E.J. "Dear Kristen, I know you were counting on me to represent you against your latest charges, but the board has advised me not to take on your case, as it will reflect badly on the company. I will do what I can to help you behind the scenes...but, unfortunately, I cannot do so publicly," Kristen read aloud before crumpling the letter in disgust.

"I lobbied hard, [but] E.J. refused to go against Shin," Chad explained. "I nursed this bastard back from the grave, and this is how he repays me?" Kristen grumbled. "Don't panic, okay? E.J. hired another attorney who's supposed to be top-notch," Chad revealed. "Am I supposed to be grateful? When did E.J. become such a coward that he couldn't come down here and tell me to my face that he was abandoning me?" Kristen snapped.

"I'm sorry you're in this mess," Chad declared. "I'm only in it because Victor sicced Steve Johnson on me -- ugh, I really ought to just stab the old man in the heart again..." Kristen spat. Chad laughed and advised Kristen not to go that route. Kristen smiled and thanked Chad for being a more supportive brother. "Are you not scared of incurring Shin's wrath?" Kristen wondered. "You know me -- I like to live dangerously," Chad reasoned.

Jack treated Steve to breakfast at the Brady Pub as a gesture of gratitude. "You really came through for my daughter," Jack acknowledged. "I was happy to do it," Steve insisted. "Even though you're not a fan?" Jack wondered. "Gwen is my niece -- what kind of an uncle would I be if I just let her go to prison?" Steve reasoned. "Well, for what it's worth, I truly believe that Gwen has changed -- she's done for good with her secrets and lies," Jack stressed.

Abigail went to the hospital to ask Kayla for access to Snyder's office -- and Kayla decided to grant the request after Abigail explained everything. "The police had sealed Snyder's office...but, as of this morning, the case is officially closed, since all the charges against Xander have been dropped -- apparently, he was the last unresolved part of the case; the rest of the drug ring has already been rounded up. [Anyway], I don't see why you can't [look around] -- I already retrieved all the patient information, so now all that's left are [Snyder's] personal effects," Kayla reported while letting Abigail into Snyder's office.

Kayla wished Abigail luck then headed back to the nurses' station -- and Steve approached a short time later. "[Gwen] might be lying to Jack again --" Kayla started to explain to Steve -- who received a phone call from Justin before anything else could be said. After ending the call, Steve filled Kayla in on what Justin was planning, and they rushed off to get ready for the event.

Jack entered the Horton house -- and found Xander and Gwen sprawled out on the couch, making out and undressing each other. Jack looked away as Xander and Gwen each scrambled to get back to a more presentable state -- then they all celebrated with a toast. Afterward, Xander said a quick goodbye to Gwen and Jack then started to rush off. "Text from Trask -- paperwork's finished; I can collect my briefcase!" Xander explained before disappearing from view.

Steve and Kayla entered the Kiriakis mansion and joined Victor and Maggie in the study. "This is all your fault," Victor grumbled before refusing to pay Steve for having apprehended Kristen.

Justin and Bonnie eventually returned to the study -- and announced that the wedding was going to have to be postponed because the justice of the peace was unavailable. Victor was delighted -- until Maggie admitted that there was a solution to the problem. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but...I suppose I could officiate -- [see], I got ordained in prison last year; I had a lot of time on my hands," Maggie explained. "You couldn't take up macramé?" Victor grumbled. "But you don't even like me!" Bonnie acknowledged. "You're not exactly my favorite person...but you are Justin's, and that counts for something," Maggie reasoned.

A short time later, the wedding ceremony began. Kayla and Steve separately recorded every moment of the event for Mimi and the Kiriakis boys, respectively. Victor -- who didn't want to watch the ceremony but also didn't want to leave the study -- was warned to stay silent when Maggie paused to allow objections to be raised. No one else wanted to protest, and the event concluded without a hitch. Victor sighed as Justin and Bonnie kissed.

Xander entered the police station and approached Trask, who had just finished taunting Kristen. Trask started to hand over Xander's briefcase -- then took it back. "You're gonna be giving the money to me -- [or] I will blow your girlfriend's life sky-high," Trask warned Xander.

Chad went to the hospital to help Abigail search Snyder's office. "Snyder was really into legal thrillers..." Chad observed before removing a stack of books from a shelf then starting to leaf through each of them -- and something fell out of the one titled Miscarriage of Justice. "Looks like a medical record," Chad explained before handing the document to Abigail, who took a closer look -- and realized that it wasn't just any medical record.

At the Horton house, Gwen received Jack's blessing to continue dating Xander. "Thanks, Dad," Gwen blurted out before starting to apologize. "Don't be sorry -- I have been waiting months to hear you call me that," Jack responded. Gwen and Jack celebrated the development with a hug -- just as Abigail and Chad stormed into the house. "You're just in time to join our little celebration!" Jack raved. "Sorry, Dad -- party's over," Abigail spat.

Abigail tells Jack the truth about Gwen

Abigail tells Jack the truth about Gwen

Friday, November 5, 2021

At the Kiriakis mansion, Steve asked Kayla about what she had said before the wedding. "You said there's a chance that Gwen is lying to Jack again," Steve said. Kayla explained that Abigail suspected that Gwen had lied about Synder's blackmail. Kayla said she had let Abigail search Snyder's office for answers. "I really hope she comes up empty on this one, for Jack's sake," Steve said. Steve told Kayla that Trask had dropped the charges against Gwen.

"No matter what she has done, she's still my niece. Just like Abigail. I couldn't let her go to prison. But to hear she is still keeping secrets?" Steve said. Kayla stressed that they had no proof yet. Steve noted that Gwen and Jack were "on their way to being a family." Steve added that he hoped nothing derailed that. "I think that Abigail feels the same way," Kayla said. Kayla said that Abigail had told her that she hoped there was nothing to uncover and that Abigail just wanted the truth. "Jack believes that they can put all the bad blood behind them. So, I say we stay optimistic, too," Steve said.

Belle startled awake in her bedroom after a nightmare about her mother. "My mom was possessed by the devil. Again," Belle told Shawn. Belle said that Marlena had told her to "expect the unexpected." With a look of revulsion, Belle recounted that devil Marlena had cackled at her in her dream. Shawn reassured Belle that her mother was not possessed.

"It's probably just a combination of jet lag and seeing her in that weird Halloween costume yesterday. Dressed as the devil with those creepy contact lenses that made her eyes look like they were glowing," Belle said. "It must be difficult, given her history," Shawn said. Shawn pulled Belle into his arms, and he encouraged her to go back to sleep. After a moment, Belle announced she was wide awake. With a devilish grin, Shawn suggested he had an idea.

After Belle and Shawn made love, they talked about Ciara and Ben's decision to start a family. Shawn said he thought Ciara and Ben should wait a few years. "After everything they've been through, [it] makes sense that they wouldn't want to take anything for granted," Belle said. Shawn asked Belle if she wanted to go with him to visit Abe at the hospital. With a shake of her head, Belle said she needed to check on her mother.

"And make sure she isn't possessed by the devil?" Shawn asked. "I know it's a little nuts, but I need to see her out of that costume so I can get that image out of my head," Belle said.

When Belle arrived at the penthouse, no one was home. Belle saw the pitchfork from Marlena's costume, and she whispered that it was just a costume. There was a knock at the door. It was Steve. "You look like you've seen a ghost," Steve said. "Something like that," Belle muttered. When Steve asked if anyone was home, Belle said no.

"I was hoping to talk to your dad about some business," Steve said. "My dad? He is out of town on a case," Belle said. "What makes you think John is away on a case?" Steve asked. "My mom said he was," Belle said. Steve remarked that he was not aware of any case, but it was not out of the ordinary. "I just did a solo job for Victor Kiriakis," Steve noted. Steve said that if Marlena had told Belle that John was on a case, then John was on a case.

At Ben and Ciara's apartment, an excited Ciara continued to stare at her pregnancy test results. Ben chuckled as he saw Ciara when he exited the shower. "It still seemed like a one in a million chance," Ciara said. Ciara called the pregnancy a miracle. Ben countered that they were young and healthy, so it was not a surprise, either.

"Do you think it happened after the first time we tried?" Ciara asked. "Maybe. Although we did do it like a bunch of times after," Ben said. Ciara asked Ben if he agreed that the first time had felt special with the gust of wind. Ben said he had worried that the wind had been a bad omen. "Maybe it was a good omen," Ciara countered. Ben suggested that they go to the hospital to confirm the pregnancy.

At the hospital, Shawn was surprised to see Ben pacing in the waiting area. "It's Ciara," Ben said. "Is something wrong?" Shawn asked. Ben told Shawn that Ciara was likely pregnant. Shawn said he was surprised it had happened so fast. "You still worried about you and Ciara having a baby?" Shawn asked. Ben said that Marlena had helped him get past his fears.

In the exam room, Kayla drew Ciara's blood, and she promised to put a rush on the results. "It must be such a huge moment, finding out that you're going to be a mom. Knowing that your life is going to change forever," Ciara said. "You have no idea," Kayla said. Ciara admitted she was scared, and Kayla told Ciara that was normal. Ciara talked about how Marlena had helped Ben get over his fears about the baby.

"You both will be caring and attentive parents, and if you see anything off, you'll get help right away," Kayla said. "Given [Ben's] psychological history and the way he grew up, I'm kinda scared that the worry may never go away," Ciara said. Ciara added that Ben would be a better father than Clyde had ever been. "Our child will be surrounded by love," Ciara said.

After Ciara's examination, she returned to the waiting room. "What are you doing here?" Ciara asked Shawn. Shawn explained that he had stopped by to see Abe and had run into Ben. "What did the test say?" Shawn asked. Ciara said she did not have the test results yet. With a sigh, Ciara held Ben and Shawn's hands while they waited for news.

When Kayla returned, she confirmed that Ciara was pregnant. Ciara and Ben screamed with joy, and they celebrated with a kiss. After Ben and Ciara left, Belle arrived at the hospital, and Shawn told her the good news about the baby.

At Ben and Ciara's apartment, Ciara took her first prenatal vitamin. "I'm not letting you do anything until that baby is born," Ben said. Ciara asked Ben if he was happy about the pregnancy. "Are you still having reservations?" Ciara asked. "There's nothing more that I want in my entire life," Ben said. Susan Banks knocked on the door. "I had a premonition about your baby!" Susan yelped.

When Kayla returned to work, Steve located her and told her that he could not find John. Steve noted that Marlena had said John was on a case, but no one could confirm. Steve added that John had not answered his phone. "Something is not right here," Steve said.

In the interrogation room at the police precinct, Trask demanded that Xander give her his money. "If you don't, I will blow your girlfriend's life sky high," Trask said. "I do not take kindly to anyone who threatens the people I care about," Xander said. With a smirk, Trask told Xander that she knew Gwen's secret. Xander played dumb. Trask told Xander that she planned to go to Jack and tell him the truth.

"I still have no idea what you're talking about," Xander said. Trask explained that she had overheard Xander and Gwen's conversation in the interrogation room. "My guess is that Gwen had already miscarried before her little tumble down the stairs," Trask said. "That's absurd," Xander said. When Trask announced that she was going to talk to Jack, Xander stopped her. Trask promised not to say a word if Xander let her have the briefcase.

"So, Madame District Attorney doesn't really care about blackmail as long as she is getting paid," Xander said. Trask insisted that the money was not for her. Xander demanded to know why Trask wanted the money. "I'm going to use the money to honor my daughter's memory," Trask said. Trask said the money would go to a legal defense fund for undocumented immigrants.

"I want to be able to offer [parents] resources, information, hope. There's nothing more I can do for my daughter, but maybe I can help someone else's," Trask said. "As an immigrant myself, I think what you're doing is quite noble. But why do you have to do it with my money?" Xander asked. Trask said that the money covered all the time and energy expended by the police and prosecutors to deal with Xander's lies and crimes.

"You're not really entitled to this money," Trask said. Trask told Xander that he needed to decide between the money and Gwen. With a groan, Xander said, "Fine. Keep it." Xander agreed to give Trask the money in exchange for her assurance that she would keep the secret from Jack. "Jack Deveraux won't hear it from me," Trask said.

In the Horton living room, a livid Abigail and Chad interrupted Jack and Gwen's celebration. "What are you so angry about?" Jack asked. "My sister has been lying through her teeth again," Abigail said. When Jack asked what was wrong, Abigail explained that Gwen had lied about the miscarriage. "Turns out I didn't have anything to do with it," Abigail growled.

"I already admitted that I lied about what happened when I lost my baby," Gwen said. Gwen reminded Abigail that Abigail had said some terrible things the day of the miscarriage. "You said that I would be a horrible mother. So, I wanted to hurt you the way you hurt me, and I said you pushed me down the stairs, but it wasn't true. It was a horrible, tragic accident," Gwen said.

"It was horrible, and it was tragic, but I wouldn't exactly call it an accident," Abigail said. Jack objected, but Chad asked him to listen. "I fell down the stairs on accident, and I lost my baby," Gwen stressed. "Both those statements are true, but not in that order. Right, Gwen?" Abigail said. Jack asked what was going on. Abigail asked Gwen if she wanted to tell the truth.

"Why are you doing this? You hate me so much?" Gwen asked. "Don't. You put her through enough. Don't blame her," Chad said to Gwen. Abigail explained that she felt terrible about the fight and the fall, but she wanted the truth to come out. "You lost that baby before you fell down the stairs," Abigail said. Shocked, Jack said he did not understand.

Abigail told Jack that Snyder's blackmail was not about sex work, but instead about the timing of the miscarriage. "Tell him!" Abigail snapped. Jack asked why Gwen would lie about the sex work. Abigail countered that the lie about the miscarriage was worse, so Gwen had said the blackmail had been about sex work instead.

"The day that Gwen showed up at the house, and I said those horrible, horrible things to her, she was coming from the hospital. Where she was treated for severe abdominal pain," Abigail said. "That can't be right," Jack said. Abigail continued that Snyder had confirmed that Gwen had miscarried before the fall, and he knew that Gwen's fall had not been the reason for the loss.

"Gwen wanted everyone to think that I was responsible for killing her unborn child. Dr. Snyder knew how desperate she was to keep the real story from coming out, and that is what he was using to blackmail her," Abigail said. "And even after she admitted the fall was an accident, she still let us believe that Abigail was partly to blame," Chad added. With a triumphant look on her face, Abigail announced that Gwen had not been pregnant when Abigail had argued with her. Jack turned to Gwen, and he asked her if it was true.

"I don't know where Abigail got this insane idea. Maybe she is off her meds," Gwen said. Gwen denied the accusation. Jack asked Abigail if the story was a way to assuage her guilt about the miscarriage. "It's not a story, Dad. It is the truth," Abigail said. Gwen demanded proof. Abigail pulled out the page from Gwen's medical chart that Abigail had found in Snyder's office. Gwen started to reach out, but Jack grabbed the paper first. Jack read over the document.

"Where did you get that?" Gwen asked. Abigail explained that she and Chad had searched Snyder's office. "It's a record of your first visit to the hospital. The one Snyder agreed to keep secret if you'd run drugs for him," Chad said. "You broke into his office?" Gwen asked. Abigail explained that Kayla had let them into the office.

"Everything Abigail said is right here in Snyder's notes," Jack said. Jack noted that when Gwen had fallen, Gwen had already known she had lost the baby. "How could you do this?" Chad asked. Chad argued that Abigail had responded gracefully after Gwen had acted to destroy Chad's marriage to Abigail. "Was that really graceful the way she screamed at me at the top of the stairs?" Gwen asked. Chad countered that Abigail had regretted the argument.

"My wife had nothing to do with what happened to that baby, yet you let her believe that she did," Chad said. In the corner, Jack said in stunned silence with Abigail at his side. Chad reminded Gwen that Abigail's guilt had driven her out of town, away from her family. "Abigail told me that she wanted to be rid of me and my baby. She meant that. She asked me to get an abortion," Gwen said.

"You told me that having a baby had nothing to do with hurting Abigail. Yet that was a lie!" Chad yelled. "She wants to hurt all of us. After all of the understanding and the forgiveness that we have shown her, she is still deceiving us and causing us pain. It's all she knows how to do," Abigail said. With tears in her eyes, Gwen said Abigail was not perfect. Abigail agreed.

"But I was raised by loving people, so I know how to love. You weren't. So, you don't know how to love anyone but yourself. And I feel sorry for you, Gwen. I really do. I wish things could be different between us, but it is very obvious to me that they can't. You're a toxic person, and I don't want you in my life," Abigail said. Abigail hugged Jack, then she left with Chad.

"How could I have been so blind?" Jack whispered. "I'm sorry," Gwen said. "I trusted you. I supported you. And my other daughter told me that all you wanted was to hurt me and our family. Why, Gwen? Why would you do this?" Jack asked. Gwen admitted she had lied about the timing of the miscarriage. "But [Abigail] was wrong when she said I don't know how to love," Gwen said through tears.

"Really? I think she was right on the money. Your family turned the other cheek for you, opened their hearts to you. My brother kept you from going to prison," Jack said. Jack told Gwen that she did not know how to treat people. "I may not be very good with relationships, but I do know that how I feel about you, is how a daughter should feel about her father. I feel grateful. And I feel safe. And for the first time in my whole miserable life, I actually feel value as a human. I feel like somebody actually cares about me. I matter to somebody," Gwen said. Jack asked Gwen why she had lied.

"Because I didn't want to lose what we have, because it means more to me than anything else in this world. I couldn't bear the thought of you looking at me that way that you are looking at me now. With so much anger and contempt. I knew that any love that you've had for me or any sort of connection that we had would be gone the minute that you found out what I'd done. And now I can see that I was right. Please, Dad," Gwen said. "No," Jack said. Jack told Gwen not to call him Dad, and he stormed out of the room. "Please!" Gwen called out. Alone, Gwen sat down and cried.

In the DiMera living room, Chad asked Abigail if she was okay. "I have just spent so much of the last six months blaming myself for Gwen's miscarriage, and now that the truth is out, I don't have to do that anymore. And I feel like this huge weight has just been lifted off of my chest," Abigail said. "And dropped on Gwen," Chad added. Chad told Abigail that he was glad that she would no longer have to carry around any guilt.

"That was one of the big issues that kept us apart," Chad said. "Thank you for your patience," Abigail said. Chad thanked Abigail for her forgiveness. "I'm very glad that the truth has come out, but I just feel horrible that my dad is so hurt. I think he was really starting to care for Gwen. I don't know if their relationship will survive this," Abigail said.

When Xander returned to the Horton house, Gwen was still alone in the living room. Gwen told Xander that Jack had learned the truth about her miscarriage. "That bitch," Xander grumbled. Gwen asked Xander how he knew Abigail had figured it out. When Gwen said that Jack wanted nothing to do with her, Xander pulled Gwen into his arms. "I'm so sorry," Xander whispered. Xander promised Gwen that everything would be okay.

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