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The devil tried to seduce John as Kristen. Rafe kept Ava at arm's length. Nicole told E.J. about Rafe. Maggie promised Xander she would talk to Jack about Gwen. Kristen told Gwen about Sarah, and she blackmailed Gwen to help her. Marlena manipulated Chanel into telling everyone that Paulina was Lani's mother. Theo wished Ciara well. Belle sued Marlena on Julie's behalf. Kate let Roman woo her. The devil sent Steve a false lead. Chanel and Johnny had sex. Sami called Marlena's phone.
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The devil tried and failed to seduce John, and Marlena manipulated Chanel into telling everyone that Paulina was Lani's mother
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As Kristen, the demonic presence tries to seduce John As Kristen, the demonic presence tries to seduce John

Monday, November 15, 2021

by Mike

At the Hernandez house, Ava started kissing Rafe after they settled their recent differences. Rafe eventually pulled away, prompting Ava to conclude that things weren't exactly back to normal yet. Ava insisted that was okay then offered to sleep in the guest bedroom for the time being -- and Rafe didn't object.

E.J. went to the Walker apartment to see Nicole, armed with a bagful of food, but was turned away with a reminder that it was late. "I already had dinner," Nicole elaborated as E.J. barged into the apartment. "Surely you have room for dessert," E.J. countered before producing Nicole's favorite type of ice cream. Unable to resist the tempting treat, Nicole agreed to let E.J. stay for a while.

E.J. eventually kissed Nicole, who responded favorably at first but pulled away when things started to escalate. "I'll feel like more of a slut than I already do," Nicole fretted. "Because my divorce isn't final? The Nicole I know would relish the chance to stick it to Samantha! And when was the last time you had sex, anyway -- that pathetic, drunken fling with Xander Cook? I mean, that was months ago --" E.J. argued. "Hey, for your information, I had sex on Halloween, okay?" Nicole snapped. E.J. groaned then conceded that Nicole had every right to play the field because they weren't exclusive yet. E.J. groaned again when Nicole clarified that the man in question was Rafe, not Xander. E.J. breathed a sigh of relief when Nicole insisted that nothing else was going to happen with Rafe.

Xander went to the Kiriakis mansion to check on Maggie -- and after they finished talking about Summer's death, they started talking about Sarah's departure from Salem. "Any word?" Xander wondered. "Not as much as I'd like -- a text now and then," Maggie responded. "But she sounds...happy?" Xander assumed. "Yes, she does," Maggie confirmed. "I admit -- a few months ago, if I had heard about Sarah being happy with someone else, that would have sent me on a month-long pub crawl...[but now]...I'm in love again," Xander bragged before gushing to Maggie about Gwen. Maggie had concerns but eventually agreed to at least try to be happy for Xander -- and also agreed to at least try to convince Jack to give Gwen another chance.

At the police station, Gwen listened in disbelief as Kristen first revealed the truth about Sarah's departure from Salem then promised to continue hiding that information from Xander -- on one condition. "All you have to do is spring me out," Kristen explained. "'All' I have to do?" Gwen protested. "It's gonna be easier to get me out of this place than to get me out of Statesville..." Kristen warned.

At the DiMera crypt, Marlena regained consciousness while John was still struggling to process what the demonic presence had just done to Susan. "You!" Marlena spat at Kristen -- or, more precisely, the demonic presence's recollection of what Kristen had looked like during its first reign of terror in Salem. "You're not Kristen -- the real Kristen --" John protested. "But I'm your Kristen," the demonic presence seductively countered, still in character.

"Three is a crowd..." the demonic presence grumbled to John as Kristen before moving Marlena to another part of the crypt. "You've underestimated John -- you always do!" Marlena warned. "I don't know, Marlena -- after all, Kristen was able to get Father Eric to betray his vows, and his vows were to the Almighty; John's vows are just So, yeah, he's gonna submit to his desires -- and he's gonna love every single second of it!" the demonic presence countered before rejoining John, who managed to resist the ensuing seduction attempt but showed hints that future attempts might be more successful.

The demonic presence eventually gave up and repossessed Marlena then promised to rejoin John and Susan later. "I've got a few things I've gotta do [first] -- corrupt some more souls, destroy a few more lives..." the demonic presence teased.

The devil spills a secret The devil spills a secret

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

In the town square, an annoyed Chanel worked the sample table outside Sweet Bits. "You're not going to your own mother's wedding?" Johnny asked. "Sorry if you had your heart set on being my plus one," Chanel said. Johnny asked what was wrong. Chanel said that she loved Abe, but the problem was Lani. Chanel told Johnny that Lani had told her that Paulina had planned to ask Lani to be the matron of honor and that it had not been spur of the moment like Paulina had said.

"[Paulina] never wanted me to be her maid of honor. She wanted Lani all along," Chanel said. "Why would your mom want Lani as her matron of honor instead of you?" Johnny asked. Chanel guessed that her mother loved Lani more than her. "How can she take pride in a daughter who is a never-ending disappointment?" Chanel said. Johnny assured Chanel that no one, including Paulina, thought that Chanel was a disappointment.

"Are you forgetting how I married a criminal for his money, which he didn't have, by the way, so I couldn't even get that right?" Chanel muttered. Johnny mentioned the bakery, but Chanel argued that her success with the bakery was too little, too late. With tears in her eyes, Chanel argued that Paulina had offered her a "participation trophy" position in the wedding.

"[Paulina] even lied about that to spare my feelings. The worst part about it all is that I think she wishes Lani was her daughter. Not me," Chanel said. As Chanel started to cry, Johnny hugged her.

At the Price apartment, Lani fixed Theo's tie. "It's been great getting to spend some time with my big sis," Theo said. Lani said she was happy to visit with Theo, but she was tired from staying up late with the babies. As Lani talked about the difficulties of having twins, Theo looked distracted. When Lani asked about it, Theo admitted he had been thinking about Ciara.

"Did something happen?" Lani asked. Theo told Lani about his run-in with Ciara and Ben in the square. "Ciara is pregnant. She is gonna have Ben's baby," Theo said. Theo said that he knew that Ciara wanted a family, but he was surprised it had happened so fast. "Only a couple months ago, she was engaged to me," Theo said. "I am so sorry. This would be upsetting for anyone," Lani said. Theo stressed that he wanted Ciara to be happy.

"I just wish I would have told her that yesterday," Theo said. "But you still can," Lani whispered. Theo promised that he would talk to Ciara. "Speaking of difficult conversations, how did your talk with Chanel go?" Theo asked. Lani told Theo about her conversation with Chanel. "Chanel promised that she was totally fine with [me being the matron of honor]," Lani said. Theo announced that he still needed to run errands for the wedding.

"This family is gonna drive me crazy. But you know what? I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. I mean, look at us. Here we are celebrating my aunt marrying our father," Lani said. "We are the all-American blended and extended family," Theo countered. Theo added that no one would take Lexie's place, but he liked Paulina. Lani hugged Theo and told him she loved him.

Paulina cooked breakfast for Abe in her apartment. "I'm glad you gave up on that idea of postponing the wedding," Abe said. "What was I thinking? I can't wait to be Mrs. Abraham Carver," Paulina said. Abe said he felt really good. Paulina started to sneeze. "Is that a cold or is that cold feet?" Abe asked.

"I refuse to be sick on my wedding day!" Paulina yelled. When Abe asked Paulina when she had started to feel sick, Paulina said it was likely allergies from Marlena's cat. "Marlena has a cat?" Abe asked. "Named Susan," Paulina added. Abe was surprised. "I can't imagine Marlena naming a cat after Susan Banks," Abe said. Paulina sneezed again.

"What were you doing at Marlena's last night?" Abe asked. Paulina stammered out a lie that she had talked to Marlena about officiating the wedding. "With the week we've had, I don't want to take any chances. I don't want anything to get in the way of our wedding day," Paulina said.

When Lani arrived, she gave Abe a big hug. Lani confirmed that Chanel would meet them at the church to help Paulina get ready. "Where's Theo?" Paulina asked. "He had to run an errand, but he will be here," Lani promised. "I can dress myself," Abe said. Abe hobbled into the bedroom with his cane. With a tsk, Paulina complained about Abe's tacky cane.

"It's not very fashionable, but the fact that he is walking at all, let alone down the aisle, Auntie P, is pretty much a miracle," Lani said. "You don't have to tell me how lucky he is, how lucky we all are that he is still here with us. And speaking for myself, I know that I am the luckiest woman in the world to be marrying that man today. And you, you standing up for me, that is just the cherry on the top," Paulina said. "There is nowhere else I would rather be," Lani said as she hugged Paulina. "You don't know how much that means to me," Paulina whispered.

In the Horton living room, Eli asked Julie if he could escort her to Abe's wedding. "I told you, I'm not going," Julie said. "Are you sure I can't get you to change your mind?" Eli asked. Julie said she was too worried about Doug to enjoy the wedding. "I can't understand how Marlena can stop me from seeing my own husband," Julie complained. "Kayla still hasn't gotten through to her yet?" Eli asked. Julie explained that Kayla had been unable to reach Marlena.

"I'm not going to sit here and take this anymore," Julie said. Eli apologized for not having been able to help Julie. "It's not your problem. I just don't get how Marlena has the power, the right, to stop me or anybody from seeing my husband," Julie said. Eli promised to take Julie to Bayview the next day and demand to see Doug. "You will always be the top priority for me," Eli said with a smile.

Julie gave Eli a bracelet to give to Paulina as "something borrowed." Julie noted that it had been a gift for her when Doug had been mayor, and it included a key to the city charm. "Sounds like Doug," Eli said. "I just can't imagine him all alone and so frightened in that awful place," Julie said with a cracked voice. After a moment, Julie choked back her tears. "You tell [Paulina] it's from the old first lady of Salem to the new first lady of Salem. With love," Julie said. "You are the most thoughtful person I know," Eli said. With a shake of her head, Julie regretted that she had been suspicious of Paulina when she had first arrived in town. Eli noted that Julie had been right to be suspicious because of Paulina's Price Town plans.

"It was her vision. It was inappropriate, it was unwanted in Salem, but it was a vision. Eli, I believe she is a good woman at heart. And what's more important, she is good for Abe. So, you see? When I'm wrong, I can admit it," Julie said with a grin. Julie reminded Eli to tell Paulina that the bracelet was only a loaner for the wedding. Eli promised to pick Julie up in the morning, and he added that he would call Marlena again, as well.

After Eli left, Julie looked at her wedding photo with Doug. "How I'd love to go to that wedding with you on my arm, instead of sitting here fretting over Marlena's draconian laws," Julie complained. After a moment, Julie narrowed her eyes. "Why do I have to wait until tomorrow?" Julie wondered aloud.

Belle startled awake from a nightmare about her mother. Shawn asked Belle if she had dreamed that her mother was possessed by the devil again. Belle shook her head no, and she said her nightmare had been about death row. "This time, my mother was the executioner, and she was killing that adorable stray cat that was at her house yesterday," Belle said. Shawn noted the cat was better off at the shelter.

"Don't you think she has been acting a little weird lately?" Belle asked. "She seems fine to me," Shawn said with a shrug. Belle said John's absence had her on edge, so Shawn suggested that they go visit Marlena after breakfast. "Who needs breakfast?" Belle purred as Shawn kissed her.

Outside Ben's apartment, devil Marlena's phone rang with a call from Steve Johnson. The devil ignored the call. Inside Ben's apartment, Ben and Ciara read a baby book. When Ciara wished aloud for a bagel, there was a knock at the door. "If there is an everything bagel on the other side of this door, you got magic powers," Ben joked. When Ben opened the door, it was "Marlena." "Marlena" handed a gift to Ciara.

"Did Susan say anything else about the evil presence she felt around our baby?" Ben asked. Marlena said yes. "[Susan] said it was the devil," "Marlena" said. Ciara chuckled uneasily. "The devil is after our baby?" Ciara asked. "That's what Susan said," "Marlena" confirmed. "Marlena" added that Susan had watched Rosemary's Baby on TV, and it had affected her subconscious. Ciara noted that she and Ben had watched the same movie.

"You didn't think it meant that the devil was trying to get to your child, did you?" "Marlena" asked. Ciara and Ben said no. "Unlike Susan, you are rational people. The devil after your baby? That would be ridiculous," "Marlena" said. "Marlena" said she had persuaded Susan to realize that her vision had been because of the movie and that Susan had left for Memphis. "I can't wait to meet the little baby," "Marlena said. As "Marlena" put her hand on Ciara's baby and held it there for an overly long time, Ciara appeared uncomfortable.

"Something wrong?" Ben asked. "It's just, when you touched my stomach, it almost felt like the baby kicked, even though I know it is far too early," Ciara said. Ben reminded Ciara that the baby book had said that the baby would not kick for another twelve weeks. "Maybe the baby is just excited to meet me," "Marlena" said with a chuckle. With a nod, "Marlena" said she needed to leave to officiate Abe's wedding. Ciara offered to open "Marlena's" gift before she left, but "Marlena" said to open it later. Ben thanked "Marlena" for the peace of mind.

After "Marlena" left, Ciara asked Ben if he had been bothered by what Marlena had said. "Of course not. Ciara, obviously the devil isn't after our baby," Ben said. There was a knock at the door. It was Theo. "Is this an okay time?" Theo asked. Ciara invited Theo inside. "I thought that you were supposed to be at your father's wedding?" Ciara asked. Theo said he was out running errands in the area.

"The reason that I came today is to apologize. When you guys told me that you were having a baby, what I should have said then, what I want to say now, is congratulations. I wish both of you, all three of you, every happiness," Theo said. Ciara and Ben smiled at one another, and they thanked Theo.

"You don't even have anything to apologize for. I was the one who hurt you. It was the last thing that I ever wanted to do. I just hope that we can still be friends," Ciara said. "Always," Theo said. Ciara and Theo hugged to commemorate their renewed friendship.

After Theo left, Ben and Ciara talked about how excited they were that Marlena was so supportive of the baby. "If [Marlena] wasn't so supportive of me in my session with her, we might not be pregnant in the first place," Ben said. Ben encouraged Ciara to open Marlena's gift. Inside the box was a bola necklace.

"It is supposed to soothe the baby by calling their guardian angel over to watch them in the womb," Ciara read on the card. Ciara picked up the note from Marlena in the box which read, "Ben and Ciara, I know your baby is destined to do great things." Ben put the necklace on Ciara, and the ball charm hung directly against her belly. The necklace glowed red.

When Belle had been unable to reach Marlena on her cell phone, she and Shawn went over to the penthouse. "My mom is obviously not here. Where could she be?" Belle said. Shawn suggested that Marlena had headed over to the church for the wedding. "What's that?" Shawn asked. Shawn picked up a large wooden cross from the floor.

"Where did it come from?" Belle asked. Shawn noted that the cross did not look like something John or Marlena would own. "No, it looks like something Susan Banks would have in that big purse of hers. She was here yesterday," Belle said. Shawn shrugged. "What's it doing down there on the floor?" Shawn asked. Before Shawn and Belle could discuss the object further, Belle's phone rang with a call from the office about an urgent case.

Belle went over to Julie's place to talk to her about her case. "What's so urgent?" Belle asked. "I want you to sue your mother for me," Julie said.

When Theo arrived at Paulina's apartment, Abe was already dressed. "This? Is not going to work at all," Theo said. At the church, Lani helped Paulina get ready for the wedding in the bridal room. "You look beautiful," Lani said. "With you by my side and Chanel on the other, I can't imagine anything more perfect. And speaking of my daughter, I thought she would have been here by now," Paulina said.

"She'll be here. You know we had a really good talk last night," Lani said. With a grimace, Paulina admitted that Chanel had been cold to her at the hospital. "I hope she is not holding a grudge against me," Paulina said. Lani told Paulina that she had talked to Chanel about acting as matron of honor. When Paulina mentioned that she had asked Lani on the spur of the moment, Lani pulled a face.

"You said that you were going to ask me to be your matron of honor the night before, but you didn't get a chance because my dad had been shot. So, why are you saying right now that it was a spur-of-the-moment decision? What's going on?" Lani asked.

In the square, "Marlena" ignored a call from Eli on her phone. "Grandma!" Johnny called out from across the square. "Marlena" said she was on her way to the bakery. "What would you recommend?" "Marlena" asked. Chanel suggested the angel food cake. "Marlena" scowled. "How about Death by Chocolate?" "Marlena" asked. Johnny introduced Chanel to "Marlena."

"You're Paulina's daughter, aren't you?" "Marlena" asked. "Not the way she is acting," Chanel muttered. Johnny explained that Chanel was having a rough day. "Marlena" noted that she was a therapist, and she encouraged Chanel to talk to her. Johnny's phone beeped with an urgent message from his bank about some paperwork.

After Johnny left for the bank, "Marlena" put her arm around Chanel and guided her to a table to talk. "So, you feel like your mother prefers Lani to you?" "Marlena" asked. "Yes. I totally do. Johnny thinks I'm just imagining things, but I swear I'm not," Chanel said. With a nod, "Marlena" told Chanel she was right. "Did my mother tell you something?" Chanel asked. "Just enough for me to know that you should trust your instincts," "Marlena" said. Chanel begged "Marlena" to tell her what Paulina had said.

"There is a reason that [Paulina] treats Lani differently," "Marlena" said. "And do you know what that is?" Chanel asked. "I'm afraid I do," "Marlena" countered. Chanel pushed for details, but "Marlena" said she could not break confidentiality. Near tears, Chanel pleaded for information about why Paulina had chosen Lani over her to act as the matron of honor.

"I just hate to see you suffer like this. May God and the medical board forgive me for breaking my solemn oath, but the reason Paulina chose Lani to be her matron of honor, is [that] Lani is not her niece. She is her daughter," "Marlena" said.

The devil tries to sabotage the wedding The devil tries to sabotage the wedding

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

by Mike

At the Price condominium, Theo insisted that Abe couldn't walk down the aisle with the help of an "ugly-ass hospital cane" that wasn't fit for a wedding ceremony -- or any other event, for that matter.

"What do you want me to do? I'm still unsteady -- I mean, the last thing I want to do is wipe out!" Abe protested. "Good thing your best man's got you covered," Theo bragged before producing a much more elegant cane. "My bride is going to be very pleasantly surprised," Abe guessed while inspecting the new cane. "Not really -- [see], I figured that this could be a wedding gift for the both of you, but I wanted to make sure that she approved first, so I texted her a photo before I bought it," Theo admitted. "Smart man," Abe declared with a chuckle, drawing a shrug from Theo.

At the Horton Town Square, Chanel struggled to process what "Marlena" had just revealed. " mom had an affair with Abe when he was dating my aunt?" Chanel translated. "No -- your mother didn't meet Abe until she came to Salem; Lani's father is a guy named Ray," the demonic presence clarified as Marlena. "It all makes sense now..." Chanel grumbled before starting to give "Marlena" examples of Paulina's tendency to favor Lani.

"Chanel, I want you to know that I did everything I could to persuade Paulina to tell Abe the truth before the wedding -- and I thought I had convinced her, but then she decided that she couldn't do it [after Abe was shot]; I guess she just didn't want to hurt him...or hurt Lani..." the demonic presence stressed as Marlena. "Then I guess I'll have to do it myself," Chanel decided. "You can't," the demonic presence insisted as Marlena. "Well, what if I don't reveal my source?" Chanel suggested. "Paulina would know," the demonic presence predicted as Marlena.

"How can you marry my mom and Abe, knowing what you know? Isn't Abe your friend?" Chanel wondered. "Oh, yes, Abe is my very good friend -- very good -- and that's why it's so difficult for me to stay silent about this...but that's just the way it has to be... Say, why don't I give you a ride to the church -- we can talk more about it on the way," the demonic presence responded as Marlena. "I'm not going," Chanel announced. "No -- you have to go!" the demonic presence objected as Marlena. "How am I supposed to walk her down the aisle [and] watch her take a vow to love, honor, and cherish Abe [while] knowing that she's been lying to him?" Chanel fretted. "Sometimes we just have to dig deep and figure out what's the right thing to do -- and, in this case, that's going to be up to you," the demonic presence explained as Marlena.

At the Brady Pub, Roman offered to drive Kate over to St. Luke's for Abe and Paulina's wedding ceremony. "Just as long as there's no confusion..." Kate eventually agreed. "Never mind -- just forget I even brought it up!" Roman irritably backpedaled.

"Obviously, you are never gonna give me that word, so I don't know why in the hell I keep asking -- just a glutton for punishment, I guess --" Roman grumbled. "Chowder!" Kate interjected. "What?" Roman sputtered. "That's the word we're supposed to use when we're talking about this, [remember]? I'm saying 'yes' to pursuing a relationship -- to you 'romancing the hell out of me,' [as] you put it so elegantly!" Kate clarified. "I see," Roman muttered. "Really? [So], after all of the inquiries, the suggestions, the're hearing the words that you want to hear, and you're gonna leave me hanging like this?" Kate protested. "You took forever to say 'chowder,' [so] I would think that you could wait just a few seconds before I kiss you," Roman teased before admitting to having known what Kate was saying all along.

Steve entered the hospital and found Kayla at the nurses' station. "You didn't get my text," Kayla guessed with a groan, prompting Steve to produce a cell phone. "I was called in for emergency surgery -- I can't go to the wedding," Kayla summarized as Steve realized that the device was in silent mode. "Apologize to Abe and Paulina for me and give them my love," Kayla begged Steve.

"Something else I'm gonna do when I'm at that wedding [is] have a talk with Marlena. [You know], I called her again this morning -- went straight to voicemail -- [and] I called Brady, [and] I talked to Belle, [and] I also called Paul in San Francisco, [but] nobody knows anything [about John]. I'm telling you, baby, something is off about all of this. I need answers, and Marlena won't be able to avoid me at that wedding," Steve declared. "You really think she's hiding something?" Kayla wondered. "I don't want to think that...but Marlena hasn't been herself -- [and] I have a theory about what might be going on with her; it's a little out there, [but] maybe Marlena's been taken over by someone else...[namely], Hattie Adams," Steve responded.

"It wouldn't be the first time, and no one's heard a peep out of that woman in months," Steve noted. "But she was on good terms with Marlena when she left -- not to mention, she practically saved the day when you were running around as Stefano. I don't think that she is the one causing trouble," Kayla argued. "Well, if it's not that, then what the hell is wrong with Marlena?" Steve wondered.

At St. Luke's, Lani continued grilling Paulina, who eventually admitted to having just been caught in a lie. "After everything that happened with Price Town, you promised me that you would never lie to me again!" Lani snapped. "Baby, I didn't lie to you -- I lied to Chanel; [she] put me on the spot when she asked me why I chose you over her...and, well, I blurted the first thing that came to my head," Paulina backpedaled.

"[So], why would you ask me to stand up for you [instead of] your own daughter?" Lani wondered. "Because...I...want you to know how special you are to me -- [and] I've let you down so many times [that] words aren't enough [anymore]; I had to show you! [But] I couldn't tell Chanel that -- I knew it would hurt her feelings," Paulina claimed. Lani believed that Chanel could have handled the truth, but Paulina disagreed.

Chanel soon arrived and made a few passive-aggressive remarks while helping Lani finish preparing Paulina for the wedding ceremony.

Meanwhile, Eli helped Olivia get settled on a pew in the chapel. "It was so sweet of you to pick me up at the airport," Olivia acknowledged. "My pleasure -- we're just sorry that Tamara couldn't make it to the wedding; we were hoping she'd be able to reschedule her tour," Eli responded. "Tour, shmour -- that's not the reason Tamara's not coming to Paulina's wedding!" Olivia protested. "Then what is?" Eli wondered. "Abe!" Olivia clarified. "But I thought Tamara and Abe had talked -- and that Tamara gave them her blessing!" Eli objected -- and Olivia didn't get a chance to respond because Abe and Theo arrived just then.

"Olivia, look, we are just thrilled that you could make it -- how was your trip?" Abe began. "Rushed," Olivia snapped. "This is Theo, my son and Lani's brother," Abe explained. "I don't see the resemblance," Olivia argued. "I can't wait to see Paulina walk down this aisle..." Abe declared as Eli and Theo both made up excuses to step away from the awkward conversation.

The demonic presence soon entered the chapel, still posing as Marlena, and shuddered while looking around. "How I loathe this place..." the demonic presence muttered before being spotted. "In my day, people got married by a preacher man -- emphasis on man!" Olivia spat after Abe took care of the introductions. "Well, this is a very different time, and people are a little more enlightened now," the demonic presence countered as Marlena.

Roman soon entered the chapel with Kate and announced that Kayla wasn't going to be able to make it to the wedding. "But Steve should be here any minute...and seems very anxious to talk with you, Marlena," Roman added. "Oh... All right..." the demonic presence responded as Marlena before stepping aside and producing a cell phone. "Time for Steve Johnson to go on a little wild-goose chase..." the demonic presence muttered. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Steve took a phone call from an unknown number then informed Kayla that someone had just provided a tip that could shed light on what had happened to John. "I should get on it right away," Steve decided before sending a text message to Abe, who read it then announced to "Marlena" that there was no need to wait for anyone else to arrive. "That's a shame!" the demonic presence stated as Marlena.

The wedding ceremony soon began -- and as Chanel was walking Paulina down the aisle, the demonic presence glared at a Bible and fantasized about burning it. "If anyone knows of just cause why these two may not be joined in holy matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace," the demonic presence eventually declared as Marlena before glancing at Chanel, who eventually spoke up, as if having just been compelled to do so.

Chanel reveals Paulina's secret Chanel reveals Paulina's secret

Thursday, November 18, 2021

by Mike

Belle went to the police station to talk to Shawn about Julie's request, armed with legal paperwork.

"My mom convinced Julie to sign this document [that] waives her authority to make any medical decisions as Doug's spouse and gives it all solely to my, I mean, I guess I could argue that Julie just didn't know what she was doing when she signed her rights away -- [that] she was distraught [and] desperate [and] didn't think it through," Belle explained. "But then you'd have to cast doubt on your mother's professional judgment," Shawn noted. "Right -- which, normally, I wouldn't dream of doing...but, lately, her judgment just, I don't know, seems off...and not just in this case; [I mean], she dressed as the devil on Halloween, [and] the way she treated that poor cat..." Belle reasoned before deciding to take Julie's case.

At St. Luke's, the demonic presence grinned in anticipation of what was about to happen, and it managed to celebrate in plain sight because the people in the chapel were all too distracted to pay it any attention. "[Chanel], is there something you need to say to me before I get married?" Paulina wondered. "I don't have anything to say to you -- but I do have something to say to Abe and Lani," Chanel responded.

"Honey, if this is about you not being maid of honor...well, then, I thought we talked this all out together, and I told you I only asked Lani because --" Paulina stammered. "I know damn well why you asked Lani -- you asked her because she's not really your niece; she's your daughter!" Chanel declared. The demonic presence watched with a shiver of delight as Paulina and Chanel's loved ones reacted to the unexpected revelation.

"I'm sorry, Lani, but it's true, [okay]? We're not cousins; we're sisters! [Look], I know I sound crazy -- I just found out myself -- but when you were born, Mama gave you away to her sister to raise as her own, [and] they've been lying to us our whole lives!" Chanel elaborated. "Ugh! I don't know where she's getting all this nonsense, but this is grade-A hooey!" Paulina insisted before trying to get the wedding ceremony back on track. "Where did you hear this? Who told you this?" Abe challenged Chanel, ignoring Paulina's protests. Chanel glanced at "Marlena," prompting the demonic presence to get back into character and adopt a neutral expression.

"It doesn't matter where I heard it or who told me -- it's the God's honest truth!" Chanel eventually responded. "I hate to say this, daughter -- my only daughter, Chanel -- is lying!" Paulina shamelessly maintained. "Why would Chanel make up something like that?" Abe wondered. "Because...she's trying to hurt me, or because of the maid of honor snub, or because I cut her off when she first came to town!" Paulina answered. "I'll put my hand on a Bible in this church and swear to God -- I'm not lying!" Chanel stressed. "[Then] whoever told you was mistaken, [but] you're wrong about this!" Paulina countered.

"No, she isn't," Olivia admitted. "Mama!" Paulina objected. "I cannot let my daughter bear false witness against both [of] her daughters in the house of God," Olivia reasoned before verifying Chanel's information -- and the demonic presence celebrated again while everyone's attention was elsewhere. "But if Tamara is not really my mother...that means..." Lani tearfully summarized. "That I'm not your father," Abe quietly concluded. ", please, I can explain everything -- and I will later, I promise -- but let Marlena just finish the ceremony, then we can deal with this as husband and wife...or as a family --" Paulina begged.

"There's not going to be a wedding -- not today, and not ever!" Abe snapped before storming out of the chapel, ignoring Paulina's protests. Paulina glared at Chanel and Olivia and sighed at Lani then chased after Abe -- and the demonic presence practically danced a jig, but its celebration again went unnoticed. Theo sank onto one of the pews in shock, Eli comforted Lani with a hug, and Olivia comforted Chanel with a hug -- and the demonic presence produced an emery board and started casually filing Marlena's fingernails. "My whole life is a lie!" Lani fretted to Eli, who led the way to another part of the church so they could talk privately.

"I just feel so bad for Lani -- and Abe; for this to happen on his wedding day..." Roman whispered to Kate. "Want to go find him?" Kate responded. "No -- I know Abe; he's gonna want to be alone to process this, [and] he knows I'm there for him when he's ready," Roman decided before starting to exit the chapel with Kate. "I'm sorry I ruined the wedding," Chanel called out to Kate and Roman. "We're not the ones you need to apologize to," Roman advised before disappearing from view with Kate.

"You didn't have to do this!" Theo snapped at Chanel. "My mom was lying to Abe and Lani --" Chanel reasoned. "It's my dad's wedding day, and you made it about you because you were feeling upset that you didn't get picked as maid of honor!" Theo argued. "You think that's what this is about?" Chanel objected. "I think you wanted to make yourself the center of attention, and you didn't care who you hurt," Theo confirmed. "That's not true!" Chanel insisted. "I always knew that you were a self-centered brat, but I never thought your damn selfishness would destroy our family!" Theo spat.

The demonic presence chuckled to itself as Theo continued lashing out at Chanel. "Abe had a right to know that his bride was keeping this secret from him!" Chanel maintained. "And your mother was wrong to keep it...but why out it this way? Instead of setting fire to the wedding, why not try to protect the people you love?" Theo countered. "The truth would have still broken their hearts!" Chanel noted. "But it wouldn't have turned their pain into a spectacle!" Theo stressed. "What on earth possessed you to do this?" Theo wondered. "That's enough," the demonic presence interjected as Marlena.

"Chanel was just doing what she thought was right, [and] judgments won't help anything right now," the demonic presence reasoned as Marlena. "Chanel, I think you should take your grandmother home -- it's been a very trying day for everybody --" the demonic presence continued as Marlena. "You don't know my life -- you can't just send me home like I'm some damn old woman!" Olivia snapped. "She's right, Big Mama -- there's nothing for us to do here," Chanel argued.

Olivia glared at "Marlena" before exiting the chapel with Chanel. "Well, I think my work here is done -- I do love destroying a good wedding..." the demonic presence declared. "Did you say something, Dr. Evans?" Theo wondered. "No -- not a thing," the demonic presence responded as Marlena before sauntering out of the chapel with a grin of satisfaction -- and Theo was too distraught to give much thought to what had just happened.

Meanwhile, Eli wondered if Lani and Abe had ever done a test to confirm that they were biologically related. "No -- my mom, she told me he was my father, and I believed her; [you know], I felt so lucky to have a dad that I didn't even question it, and I couldn't have asked for a better dad... And now..." Lani responded. "Listen, this does not have to change anything --" Eli argued. "What do you mean? It changes everything!" Lani countered. "I didn't have my biological father, [remember]? But the father that I did have, he loved me, and that's what mattered most. And I know that Abe loves you -- he's your father in every way that counts, and he will always be that," Eli stressed.

Paulina caught up with Abe in the town square. "You can't outrun me, you know -- it's hard to be a runaway groom walking with a cane," Paulina warned. "Do you think this is a joke?" Abe snapped. "No, of course not -- I just want to talk," Paulina responded. "You have cost me the most important thing in my life!" Abe declared. "I never meant to hurt you!" Paulina insisted before telling Abe the whole story.

"I've lived a very exciting life, Abraham -- I've made a lot of money, I've traveled the world -- but not a day went by that I didn't miss Lani and imagine the kind of life that we could have had together. But when I came to Salem and I saw you with her and I saw how happy you were, I knew I'd made the right choice -- I protected my daughter from a very bad man, and she ended up getting the very good father that she deserved. So, yes, I will apologize for all those lies and the way that I hurt you both...but I won't apologize for the way it turned out," Paulina summarized at the end of the tale. "So, now you're coming clean -- now, who's that supposed to be for? Me? Lani? Or just you?" Abe countered before storming off.

At the Brady Pub, Kate bragged to Roman about having always known that Paulina was bad news. "We still don't know the whole story," Roman reminded Kate. "You and Abe are really cut from the same cloth -- you're both good guys, [and] you both deserve to be happy..." Kate mused. "Is this your way of warning me that I can't trust you?" Roman guessed. "You know who I am," Kate noted. "Maybe better than you know yourself," Roman agreed. "That doesn't scare you?" Kate wondered. "No -- not at all. You are worth the risk," Roman insisted. "I hope so..." Kate fretted.

Kate gave Roman a quick kiss then headed upstairs to change clothes -- just as Abe entered the pub. "Can I get you something?" Roman began. "Just a friend," Abe requested. "You came to the right place," Roman declared before giving Abe a hug.

Theo went to the Price-Grant apartment to check on Lani. "I want to tell her that she's still my sister, no matter what," Theo explained to Eli. "I told her," Eli assured Theo before revealing that Lani was out searching for Paulina -- and answers.

At the Price condominium, Chanel wondered if Olivia was disappointed. "Did you do what you believed was right?" Olivia challenged Chanel. "I thought so..." Chanel answered. "Well, then, you've got nothing to feel sorry about, have you?" Olivia reasoned. "[So], it was that head-shrinker, wasn't it? Told you to blow up the wedding, too, didn't she? [Look], child, I've been around long enough to know when the devil's got somebody's tongue!" Olivia declared as Chanel squirmed.

At the DiMera crypt, John woke up to the sounds of Susan pounding on the front door and calling out for help. "I need you to do something for me," John began. "Anything!" Susan agreed. "Shut. The hell. Up!" John demanded. "Satan possessed your body, too!" Susan concluded. "No, I'm not possessed," John insisted. "But your tone --" Susan protested. "At the risk of sounding rude...I have been locked in here forever, and the sound of you pounding and screaming like that is making my head explode! I'm surprised you haven't woken the dead by now!" John snapped. "I can feel them!" Susan suddenly realized. "Well, they're not gonna be any help to us now...and if someone doesn't come to save us soon, I'm afraid we're gonna join their ranks," John tiredly fretted.

Susan argued that John couldn't just give up and leave Marlena at the mercy of the demonic presence. "I know the horror of being possessed by the devil himself...and God only knows what I did -- what sins I committed, I mean -- while the Prince of Darkness had possession of my body..." Susan whispered. "So, you don't remember," John translated. "I remember waking up from a very vivid dream about being tormented by hairballs...and then...oh, and then I confronted the devil...and then...nothing," Susan clarified. "Consider yourself lucky," John advised. "Why? What did I do under the spell of Satan, huh? John Black, you tell me right now, 'cause if I'm gonna die in this crypt, I need to know what mortal transgressions I committed so that I can confess my sins to God and ask for his forgiveness!" Susan begged.

"All right -- if you have such an urgent need to tried to seduce me!" John revealed. "Oh, no -- Dr. Marlena Evans is my friend, and she is my hero, and I would never willingly betray her --" Susan fretted. "And you didn't, because it wasn't you -- he transformed you --" John clarified. "What, into the cat again?" Susan assumed. "Kristen DiMera," John elaborated. "Ugh, that she-devil? Oh, my God, I was doubly possessed! Oh, I really am in hell..." Susan grumbled.

"I wish I'd stayed as a little kitty cat -- instead, I made you cheat on your saint of a wife, and I am now eternally damned --" Susan stammered. "No, you're not, because I didn't...[but] the devil made it clear that he's not giving up -- he still intends to use you so I will betray Marlena; you see, he needs to corrupt her soul so he can completely possess her," John clarified. "So...he's gonna come back here for me?" Susan translated. "I'm afraid so," John confirmed.

Horrified, Susan went back to pounding on the front door of the crypt and calling out for help, ignoring John's sighs of irritation. "I need to resign myself to being used as the devil's tool of debauchery -- I mean, fact is, I may soon be tearing at your garments and ravishing you with utter abandon --" Susan eventually admitted. "I don't think that's gonna happen --" John disgustedly objected -- but Susan was apparently already imagining the scenario and was getting flustered as a result. "Oh, my God, is it getting hot in here?" Susan muttered before fishing a handful of hairpins out of a sweater pocket.

"You have hairpins? You can pick these locks!" John raved. "I can? Oh, John Black, I can! That is just such a great idea -- oh, my goodness, it's gonna be like you and I in a Jason Bourne movie!" Susan declared. "Just like that," John dryly agreed before impatiently prodding Susan to get started.

John explained how to use the hairpins to pick the lock on the manacles, but Susan wasn't able to accomplish the task. John assured Susan that an older lock, such as the one on the front door of the crypt, might be easier to pick with the hairpins. "What do I do when I get out of here?" Susan wondered. "What you do best -- you're gonna scream your brains out and tell all of Salem the devil has Marlena," John responded.

Susan eventually managed to pick the lock on the front door then said a quick goodbye to John and started to flee from the crypt -- but the demonic presence arrived just then.

Lani demands answers from Paulina Lani demands answers from Paulina

Friday, November 19, 2021

by Mike

Lani found Paulina in the town square -- and began their conversation with a slap. "I vowed a long time ago that I was never, ever gonna let anyone put a hand on me again!" Paulina snapped at Lani, ready to retaliate. "But after what I did to you, I suppose I deserved that," Paulina conceded. "Damn right you did," Lani agreed.

"I never thought I could be more angry with you than I was that day when we found out your real plans for this place, but I gotta give you credit -- you've really outdone yourself; in one fell swoop, you took away my brother, my mother, and my father!" Lani spat. "I'm sorry!" Paulina responded. "So, who is my father, anyway?" Lani wondered.

Paulina started telling Lani the whole story. "[So, anyway, then] I gave birth to you in Mama's home because the hospital was too risky, [and] the same midwife that delivered Tammy and me [also] delivered you -- right on Mama's bed -- [and when] she put you in my arms, I just looked into your beautiful eyes, and I just realized I couldn't let you go -- you were my baby girl; I just couldn't give you up, not even to my sister! [So], I told my mama I wasn't going through with it...[but] she made me realize that the best way I could be a mother to you was to keep you safe from Ray, so I agreed to the plan -- but not before I convinced that midwife to cut a lock of your hair for me; [it was taboo to] cut a child's hair before their first birthday, but she looked at me and saw my breaking heart, and she agreed," Paulina concluded while clutching the locket that contained the precious keepsake.

Lani realized that the story explained why Paulina had really canceled their planned trip to Paris -- and also explained a lifetime of extravagant gifts, including the blank check for the twins' combined college tuition bill. "How could you think that it was just okay for you to keep this big lie going?" Lani wondered. "Ever since I came to town, I've wanted to tell you!" Paulina insisted. "But something always stopped you -- [like] when you lied that what you wanted to talk to me about was me being your matron of honor," Lani guessed. "Hurting my baby girl, that was the last thing I wanted to do -- but in that moment, I was thinking about my other girl," Paulina reasoned.

"There are no words to say how sorry I am -- if I could just do it all over again, if I could just be stronger and wiser... But, honey, I was convinced that telling you this lie all these years [was my way of] being the best mama I could be, and that's all I ever wanted was just to be a mother to you," Paulina stressed. "You are not my mother -- and you never will be," Lani declared before storming off.

At the Price-Grant apartment, Eli retrieved two bottles of beer from the refrigerator then handed one of them to Theo. "Kind of wish I was like one of those little ones -- sleeping through this nightmare..." Theo admitted. "I'm not their uncle," Theo suddenly realized. "Technically..." Eli conceded. "I totally get it if you want to pick a different godfather for Jules -- [you know], someone who's related," Theo stressed. "Theo, you're the best damn godfather my daughter could ever have, okay? Nothing's gonna change that -- blood or no blood," Eli insisted.

"Dad has always been this rock for everyone -- the strongest, the wisest, the bravest -- and his rock has always been family...and Paulina has just blown that all to hell. He may have survived that bullet wound a few weeks ago, but this will break his heart," Theo fretted to Eli.

At the Brady Pub, Roman offered a bottle of beer to Abe, who gratefully accepted it then bitterly revealed what had just happened with Paulina. "Giving Lani up like that -- that had to be really painful for Paulina," Roman mused after Abe finished talking. "Are you defending her?" Abe wondered. "No, not at all -- I'm just saying that it sounds like she was really caught in a really terrible situation," Roman clarified. "She was -- and I feel for her," Abe admitted.

"But for her to come to town after all these years [and] build a relationship with Lani [and] me, knowing this secret could change all of our lives..." Abe grumbled. "I do wonder why she didn't just stay away -- leave well enough alone," Roman agreed. "The kicker is that I was dumb enough to trust her...again! [I mean], after what happened with the Horton Town Square, I knew exactly the kind of lies that Paulina was capable of, and I still gave her another chance! I mean, just exactly how stupid could I be?" Abe fretted. "You weren't stupid -- you were in love," Roman stressed. "How am I supposed to get past [this]?" Abe wondered.

Theo eventually entered the pub and joined Abe at the bar, and they comforted each other with a hug. Lani entered the Price-Grant apartment and broke down in Eli's arms. Alone in the town square, Paulina sobbed while sniffing the lock of Lani's hair.

The demonic presence entered the DiMera crypt and held up a set of keys then informed Susan and John that it had actually unlocked the front door itself. "John Black did an excellent job at coaching me -- and, you know, I am very good with my hands! If you would have gotten here a little bit later, you know, we would have been outta here..." Susan insisted before hissing at the demonic presence then rushing out of the crypt.

"Well, she's full of surprises..." the demonic presence mused with a laugh. "Aren't you going after her?" John wondered. "In these heels?" the demonic presence objected with a scoff while watching a spider crawl across the floor. "I always like to give people a little bit of hope before I crush it," the demonic presence explained with a shrug before stepping on the spider.

Meanwhile, Susan reached the mansion and started pounding on the locked terrace doors while calling out for help -- and Johnny, who was upstairs at that time, rushed down to the living room to investigate the commotion but found nothing amiss there. Seconds later, someone started pounding on the mansion's front door -- but when Johnny opened it, Chanel was standing on the other side. "Hey, were you just calling my name before you knocked?" Johnny began. "No -- why?" Chanel responded. "Never mind -- I'm just happy you're here," Johnny declared. Back at the crypt, the demonic presence admonished a black cat. "She got all the way to the mansion -- quite the little sprinter! Why, if I hadn't stopped her, she would have gotten to your grandson!" the demonic presence explained to John with a shake of the head.

John wondered what the demonic presence had done while away from the crypt earlier that day, prompting it to vaguely brag about having ruined Abe and Paulina's wedding ceremony. "Enough about me -- we have some unfinished business," the demonic presence declared. "Not in the mood," John protested. "I'm not even sure that matters -- you know me well enough to know that I never leave a job half done, [so] there's no sense in you resisting, John; I will have your soul," the demonic presence countered. "Let me just slip into something a little more comfortable..." the demonic presence added before heading off to another part of the crypt, still carrying the cat.

Back at the mansion, Chanel started filling Johnny in on everything that had happened since their previous conversation. "Breaking confidentiality like that -- that doesn't sound like my grandmother..." Johnny mused during Chanel's tale. "I'm just glad someone cared enough to tell me the truth..." Chanel grumbled before continuing the recap for Johnny.

"You know that part in the ceremony where they ask if anyone knows why the couple shouldn't get married? Well, when that moment came, I just felt...compelled to say something -- [and] I looked up at Dr. Evans, and she was looking back at me, and it was like it was just the two of us in the room, and she was looking at me like she could see into my soul, and it was like she was urging me to tell the truth," Chanel eventually concluded. "That's...weird..." Johnny declared. "[Especially because] she was the one that told me I had to keep it a secret," Chanel agreed. "So...what, was she upset that you told everyone?" Johnny wondered. "She didn't seem upset at all -- and I was careful not to let on that she was the one who told me, because I didn't want her to lose her license to practice medicine. I didn't want to wreck her life," Chanel responded.

"I just wrecked everyone else's," Chanel fretted, prompting Johnny to offer a hug of comfort. "All you did was tell the truth, okay? And you can't control how other people are gonna respond to that, so you can't let it get you down," Johnny advised. "Kind of hard not to..." Chanel grumbled. "Well, I think that you are incredibly brave," Johnny stressed. "No one has ever called me 'brave' before," Chanel confessed. "What about 'perfect'?" Johnny wondered. "Oh, hell no!" Chanel responded. "Well, then, clearly nobody knows you as well as I do," Johnny decided. "You still like me?" Chanel translated. "I'm crazy about you -- the way you work so hard, how you always choose to do the right thing, how you can look at me and it's like the only thing in the world I give a damn about is making you happy --" Johnny elaborated. "Let's go upstairs," Chanel interjected.

Back at the crypt, the demonic presence rejoined John, posing as its recollection of Kristen again, and resumed its seduction scheme with another trip down memory lane. Elsewhere, Marlena spotted a cell phone -- and eventually managed to reach it, despite being shackled to a wall. While Marlena was struggling to get the device to pick up a signal, a call from an unknown number somehow managed to get through. "Hello?" Marlena began. "Thank God you picked up!" Sami responded.

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