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Gabi and Jake negotiated with Victor. Rafe questioned Chad about Kristen. Rafe told Nicole he wanted to be with her. E.J. told Ava that he knew she had helped Kristen. Paulina and Kate had a heart-to-heart. Ava threatened Gabi. Lucas rescued Sami. Sami walked in on E.J. and Nicole, and they did not believe she had been kidnapped. Chloe found Brady unconscious, drunk, and covered in Philip's blood. Brady claimed he was innocent, but Chloe was not sure. The police found a prosthetic leg in the river.
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Sami walked in on E.J. and Nicole in bed together, and Brady was found unconscious and covered in Philip's blood
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Brady is rushed to the hospital

Brady is rushed to the hospital

Monday, December 6, 2021

by Mike

Gabi and Jake entered the Kiriakis mansion while Victor was in the process of searching the study for a bottle of antacids.

"Titan have another bad day?" Gabi teased before offering to help Victor save the company -- and Jake also promised to provide assistance. "I don't care if you're Steve Jobs and John D. Rockefeller reincarnated -- I wouldn't hire you [two over] a member of my own family," Victor insisted. "Like who?" Jake wondered. "All right, fine -- [but even if] the next CEO of Titan won't have Kiriakis blood in his veins, [you're still] the ones that planted that spyware to take down Philip, [so] why should I hire two people to run Titan who tried to destroy the company?" Victor countered. "We only installed that keylogger to expose how incompetent Philip was," Gabi reasoned, but Victor wasn't convinced.

At the Salem Inn, Gwen entered the Rizczech-Cook hotel room and informed Xander that the vending machine in the lobby was in desperate need of a restock but had yielded two granola bars. "I was thinking we could go out [and] treat ourselves to a nice dinner at Julie's Place [instead], like a couple of civilized human beings," Xander suggested. "That sounds absolutely wonderful...but how are we gonna pay for that?" Gwen protested. "Come on -- you've never heard of 'dine and dash'?" Xander countered. "I am actually quite well versed in the concept...[but] with all these recent brushes with the law, don't you think that it's just best to keep our noses -- and everything else -- clean?" Gwen warned. "I don't think we'll do time for a dine-and-dash...[but] you have a point," Xander decided before assuring Gwen that the meal would be paid for -- with a credit card that had arrived in the mail that day.

At the Horton Town Square, Rafe and Ava discussed Kristen's escape from police custody while they were waiting outside the Bistro for an order they had just placed. "We've had units searching for the last hour, and I finally just got word that they found the van and the two guards who were accompanying her -- [now], apparently, Kristen was able to overpower them and force the van from the road...[and then], in the confusion of the crash, she was able to get away," Rafe explained. "Well, that sounds like a daring escape -- couldn't have been easy to pull that off..." Ava mused. "Exactly -- which is why I don't believe for a second that she did it herself," Rafe stressed.

"She had help -- and I think that I am staring at her accomplice as I speak," Rafe declared while facing Ava -- but also facing the Salem Inn, from which Xander and Gwen had just emerged. "We're gonna have to postpone," Rafe informed Ava before dragging Xander off to the police station for questioning -- and Gwen started freaking out as soon as the coast was clear. "The whole reason that I agreed to help Kristen escape was so that I wouldn't lose Xander, but now..." Gwen fretted. "Xander's innocent, so Rafe doesn't actually have anything on him," Ava stressed. "[Still]...I can't help thinking that this whole thing is just gonna fall apart," Gwen admitted before starting to make a confession.

"Forget I said anything," Gwen backpedaled. "What, you don't trust me? We just committed a felony together -- if I need leverage on you...oh, baby, I got plenty," Ava argued. "I suppose you're right -- plus, I've been dying to tell somebody about what I did..." Gwen conceded before telling Ava the truth about Sarah. "Kristen does not mess around, does she?" Ava mused with a laugh at the end of the story before advising Gwen to stop feeling guilty and just enjoy living happily ever after with Xander.

At the police station, Rafe joined Xander in one of the conference rooms, carrying snacks from a vending machine. "What is it with granola bars today?" Xander grumbled before declining Rafe's offer. "Your entire premise makes no sense -- [I mean], why would I lift a finger to help [Kristen after] she's done nothing but cause me grief? [Look], rotting in prison for the next few years is too good for Kristen DiMera -- and if someone helped her break out, I hope you lock them up, too!" Xander assured Rafe before storming off.

Kate left the Brady Pub to run a few errands -- then returned and discovered that the restaurant was closed. "That's strange..." Kate muttered before producing a set of keys and unlocking the front door -- then stepping inside and flipping a light switch. "What the..." Kate exclaimed as soothing piano music began playing and strings of miniature white lights, many of which were attached to otherwise bare white trees, illuminated a pair of tables that had obviously been set for a romantic dinner. "You gave me the word -- now it's my turn," Roman explained with a shrug after emerging from the kitchen.

Roman helped Kate get settled at one of the tables then reached for a bottle of Champagne that was chilling in a bucket on the other table. After toasting to surprises, Roman served Kate lobster chowder as a change of pace from the clam chowder that was served at the pub each day. Later, Roman served Kate filet mignon -- and as they continued eating, they decided to host a holiday dinner for their kids and grandkids later that month and announce their reunion at that time. Finally, Roman served Kate crème brûlée -- and then they shared a dance. "Well, aren't you two just full of surprises?" Rex called out from the pub's entrance while Kate and Roman were still dancing.

At the hospital, Chloe watched as Kayla examined Brady. "His vitals are stable, and he doesn't seem to be in acute distress..." Kayla announced. "Well, I mean, something happened to him -- I found him, and he seemed confused, and he was slurring his words, and then he just passed out," Chloe stressed. "He does have a bump on his head -- I mean, there could have been some kind of trauma that caused him to lose consciousness," Kayla conceded. "Could that be where the blood's coming from?" Chloe wondered. "I searched his entire scalp, and there is no wound. [Look], I'm gonna order a CT scan just to make sure that he isn't concussed...but as far as any injuries, I just don't see any," Kayla responded.

"How did you find him?" Kayla wondered. "I was looking for Philip," Chloe explained. "You think..." Kayla realized. "That could be Philip's blood -- yeah, it's crossed my mind," Chloe answered before trying to contact Philip -- whose cell phone started ringing from within Brady's jacket pocket. "His blood alcohol level was 0.25 -- over three times the legal limit," Kayla declared while reading a text message that someone in the lab had just sent. "[And] the blood on his clothing was not his -- it's O-positive," Kayla added. "Philip's blood type!" Chloe fretted.

Rex confirms he was not with Sarah

Rex confirms he was not with Sarah

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

In the Brady Pub, Roman and Kate slow danced together. As Roman kissed Kate, Rex walked into the pub. "Well, aren't you two just full of surprises?" Rex said. Rex hugged his parents. After an apology, Rex told Roman he was impressed.

"After all these years, you finally won her back," Rex said. Roman asked Rex to keep the relationship a secret for the moment. "Well, mom, let me be the first to say that you have traded up with dad here," Rex said. After a toast to Roman and Kate, Roman mentioned that he wanted to tour the national and state parks by RV. As Roman and Rex chatted about fishing, Kate argued that she thought a trip to France was a better idea.

"You two can go fishing in the Seine, but Sarah and I? Are going shopping," Kate said. A puzzled Rex asked, "Sarah?" Kate said she had assumed Sarah had returned to Salem with Rex. When Rex asked why Sarah would be with him, Kate said, "Why wouldn't she be? You left together." Rex confirmed that he had not left town with Sarah.

"That was one of the reasons I didn't call. I was kind of embarrassed. I was hoping Maggie would tell you, and then we could just pretend the whole thing never happened," Rex said. Rex explained that Sarah had gotten cold feet. "She said she needed to find herself," Rex said. "I hope she finds herself in Outer Mongolia," Kate grumbled.

With a chuckle, Rex reminded Kate that she had given them her blessing. "I gave you my blessing because I couldn't do anything about it, okay?" Kate said. "I don't get it. If she didn't go with you, where in the hell did she go?" Roman asked. "I have no idea," Rex said.

Rex admitted that Sarah had never returned his calls. Roman noted that everyone believed that Sarah had been with Rex. "Xander does," Kate chimed in. "Sarah would have told Xander, wouldn't she?" Roman said. "I guess not. What a lovely, thoughtful woman you had in Sarah," Kate joked.

"Apparently, Xander has moved on with Jack Deveraux's long-lost daughter, who is quite a prize herself," Kate said. "Judging again, how unlike you," Rex said. "I'm just saying it's a match made in heaven," Kate countered.

Gwen returned to her hotel room at the Salem Inn, but Xander was not there. Gwen grabbed a little bottle of liquor to calm her nerves. "You just helped a convicted felon and absolute sociopath escape from prison. But it was not your fault. You didn't have a choice," Gwen said. Gwen reminded herself that only Kristen knew the truth. "So that means that there is no way that Xander will find out," Gwen said.

When Xander returned home, a relieved Gwen rushed into his arms. "What are you so worked up about?" Xander asked. Gwen said she was unnerved by Xander's police detainment. "If you're with me, you are going to have to get used to seeing the cops haul me in. I'm all their usual suspects rolled up into one guy," Xander said. "That's not very fair, is it?" Gwen said. With a shrug, Xander told Gwen to look at the situation from the cops' point of view.

Xander noted that Kristen had to have had help. "I wonder who the hell did help her?" Xander said. Xander reminded Gwen that she had been at the station, too, and he joked that she could have helped Kristen escape. Gwen told Xander to stop joking.

"Sorry, I thought it was funny. I mean, why would you help her? You don't even know her, do you?" Xander asked. Gwen changed the subject to dinner at Julie's Place. Xander reminded Gwen that when he had suggested dinner at Julie's Place, she had argued that they should avoid committing any more crimes. "And I meant it," Gwen stressed. Xander looked closely at Gwen, and, unnerved, she asked what was wrong.

"I'm just wondering, has the bad girl I fell for gone good?" Xander said. "I thought you liked good girls?" Gwen countered. "Are we talking about you or Sarah?" Xander said. Gwen apologized for mentioning Sarah. With a shrug, Xander said that he knew that Gwen had overheard his conversation with Kristen. "I'd understand if you were a little jealous," Xander said.

"I know how much she hurt you," Gwen said. "You were right when you said that Sarah is my past. You're my present, and hopefully my future. I don't give a damn why Sarah left me for Rex. That's her loss," Xander said. "And my gain," Gwen said softly. Gwen kissed Xander. As the two prepared to leave for dinner, Gwen noticed a stain on Xander's sleeve.

"As I was leaving the police station, some clumsy cop bumped into me with a pizza. I like this shirt and it's going to stain," Xander complained. Gwen asked Xander to put the shirt in the sink for her to wash later.

Xander told Gwen that he was glad he had talked to Kristen, because it had given him closure on his relationship with Sarah. "I don't care why Sarah went with Rex or where they went. You're here. Sarah could be on the moon for all I care. I just wanted to tell you that," Xander said. Xander went into the bathroom to change, and Gwen left to grab a table at the pub.

When Gwen entered the Brady Pub, she hung back when she saw Rex. "[We are glad you're back] without the tiresome Sarah," Kate told Rex. Roman asked Rex how long he planned to stay. "Not sure yet," Rex said.

Gwen backed out of the pub and into Xander as he walked up. "Are you ready for an above average dinner?" Xander asked. Gwen told Xander that she did not want pub food, and she suggested they go to the bistro instead. "Whatever my lady wants, my lady gets," Xander said.

In the Kiriakis living room, Gabi and Jake pitched Victor on why he should name them as CEOs of Titan. "If you make us your CEOs, Gabi Chic is yours, and everything I have done for that brand, I will do for Titan. Victor, what do you say?" Gabi asked.

"Sounds very tempting. Lots of positives there, and only a few negatives I can think of," Victor said. When Jake asked about the negatives, Victor said, "Well, I think you're both idiots." Victor noted that his disdain for Gabi and Jake was obvious, and that only idiots would offer "chump change" like Gabi Chic.

"What about DiMera Enterprises?" Jake asked. Victor smiled. "That cinches the deal," Victor said. Jake added that he could not just hand over the company. "You know what they call people who can't deliver? Idiots," Victor quipped. Jake explained that he knew how to get the company. Victor argued that Jake had been unable to keep his family company when he had been in control of it.

"You're sure as hell not going to pry it from E.J. DiMera now that he's in charge," Victor muttered. Gabi pulled up the Titan stock numbers, and she showed them to Victor. "I think that number reflects the perception that Titan is a corporate dinosaur run by a capricious old man who just fired yet another inept relative that he installed as CEO," Gabi said. Gabi warned Victor that it was unwise to insult people that offered him a company that made money.

"I offered you DiMera Enterprises because we can deliver. Now E.J. may know what he's doing, but he has got the entire family at each other's throats," Jake said. "A house divided, ready to collapse," Gabi added. Jake suggested that Victor agree to a timetable. "If you're not a board member by such and such a date, then, no deal. But don't just flat-out turn us down. Vic, don't be an idiot," Jake said.

"Is this where I tell you that you have spunk?" Victor asked. "No, this is where you tell us that you'll at least think about it," Gabi said. "It would be fun to watch Stefano's family self-destruct," Victor mused. Gabi argued that Victor had given his family every opportunity to run the company, but it needed new blood.

"We have the advantage. Chad, E.J., they don't see this coming," Jake said. "And you don't have to risk anything. All you have to do is sit back and watch us make it happen for you," Gabi added. With a shrug, Victor said it was all talk. "You put things in place to give me a seat on the DiMera board of directors, then we'll finish this conversation," Victor said. "We will do that. And before you know it, the three of us are going to be running Titan and DiMera Enterprises," Gabi said. Jake shook Victor's hand on the way out.

"They come in here ready to give me Gabi Chic, and they go out determined to give me a seat on the DiMera board of directors. Like fish in a barrel," Victor said. Victor made finger guns, and he chuckled to himself.

When Gabi and Jake returned home to their bedroom, Jake complained about his tie. "I felt like a quack," Jake said. Gabi complimented how Jake had handled Victor. "I learned everything by watching you," Jake said. Jake leaned in to kiss Gabi, and she said she wanted to talk first.

"We really need to decide who is going to be CEO of Titan," Gabi said. "We got to discuss that now?" Jake asked. Gabi suggested they split the job 50/50. "Like hell we will," Jake said. Jake suggested that once they took over both companies, Gabi could run Titan, and he could run DiMera. Gabi grinned. "In the meantime, I'm going to work on a little merger of our own," Jake said. Jake and Gabi fell onto the bed together.

In the DiMera living room, Chad poured a drink. Abigail asked about work. "I was in back-to-back meetings all day," Chad said. Chad added that when he had seen the missed calls from Abigail, he had decided to go home and talk to her in person. Abigail told Chad that Kristen had escaped from prison.

"It sure shakes your faith in the Salem PD, don't it?" Chad said with a chuckle. Chad pulled out his tablet to look at the news story, and Abigail joked that it was difficult for reporters to put a fresh spin on a DiMera escape story. "That's weird," Chad said. Chad told Abigail that when he had spoken to Kristen, she had seemed defeated. Chad wondered aloud if Kristen had improvised her escape.

"I think there had to be some kind of plan. I don't see how she could have pulled it off alone. But then, after everything she had done, I don't know who in their right mind would have helped her," Abigail said. Chad noted that E.J. was the most likely person to have helped Kristen, but he had been busy at work all day. Abigail told Chad that the police had questioned Xander.

"I don't really actually care who helped her or why they did it. Honestly, I wish her well, and I hope she learned her lesson and stays the hell away from Salem," Chad said. "She's gonna come back. She always comes back," Abigail countered. Chad changed the subject to Abigail's work. With a shrug, Abigail said her work on the script might be pointless. "The story is in turnaround," Abigail said. "Or development hell," Chad joked. Abigail laughed.

"You disappointed I'm not going to have a lot of scenes with E.J.?" Abigail teased. "No problem. I have plenty of reasons to hate E.J.'s guts," Chad said. Chad told Abigail that he had worked on a deal for the company for months, and E.J. had torpedoed his work in a meeting. "It was in front of the entire board, and Shin, who was obviously E.J.'s audience," Chad said. Chad told Abigail that Shin had separated E.J. and Chad before they could physically fight.

"That seems like an overreaction," Abigail said. With a shrug, Chad admitted that it had been obvious that without intervention, Chad would have punched E.J. Abigail reminded Chad to be careful with his brother. With a nod, Chad said he understood that E.J. was ready to stab him in the back. "And the deal?" Abigail asked. "I closed it," Chad said with a grin. "So, if [E.J.] was trying to sabotage it, it didn't work," Abigail said. Chad said he did not believe that E.J. wanted to hurt the company and that he only wanted to make Chad look bad in front of the board.

"Despite headquarters being an absolute war zone, the company is set to have the best year yet. And Titan took a big hit when Victor fired Philip, so now the only threat to DiMera is whether I can work with E.J. without killing him," Chad said. Talk turned to evening plans, and Abigail said that dinner would be ready in an hour. "For the rest of the night, no business. Only pleasure," Abigail purred. Chad and Abigail kissed.

In the hospital, Chloe sat in the waiting area and stared at a picture of Philip on her phone. "How's Brady doing?" Shawn asked as he walked over. Chloe said that Kayla believed Brady would be fine. Shawn asked to talk. "You want to talk to me or ask me questions?" Chloe guessed.

"Little bit of both," Shawn admitted. Shawn explained that John had been worried about Brady and had asked Shawn to track him down. Shawn said that when he had heard about Brady, he had gone to the crime scene to have a look. "Let me show you something," Shawn said as he pulled a bag out of his pocket. Inside the bag was a bloody knife. When Shawn suggested that devil Marlena was involved, Chloe shook her head no.

"I don't think she has anything to do with this," Chloe said. Shawn stressed that witnesses had seen Marlena with a knife. Chloe told Shawn all she knew about Brady and the crime scene. "The blood doesn't belong to [Brady]," Chloe said. "Do you know whose it is?" Shawn asked. Chloe said no, but she knew that the blood type was a match for Philip.

"What makes you think that the blood that was on Brady belonged to Philip?" Shawn asked. Chloe said that she had gone to the riverbank with Philip, and they had found their sapling tree uprooted. "Philip was pretty insistent that Brady had done it, and he was furious about it," Chloe explained. "Belle told me that the two of them are pretty tense right now," Shawn said. Chloe blamed herself. Chloe told Shawn about her conversations with Philip and Brady that evening.

"[Brady] did talk about Philip, but he didn't seem angry. In fact, he was kind of gloating because Victor had fired Philip again. Ugh, maybe that was why he was celebrating," Chloe said. Shawn raised an eyebrow. Chloe told Shawn that Kayla had confirmed that Brady's blood alcohol level had been three times above the legal limit. Shawn asked Chloe if Brady had seemed sober when they had spoken at the pub.

"He did not seem drunk to me," Chloe said. Chloe added that the next time she had seen Brady, he'd been unconscious at the riverside, covered in blood. "Do you know where Philip is?" Shawn asked. "No. I have no idea," Chloe whispered.

"It is possible that Brady went out on a bender, he went to the tree, he had a confrontation with Philip, and he stabbed him," Shawn said. "It could be possible, but I just don't see Brady doing that. Even drunk, why would he attack Philip with a knife?" Chloe countered. Shawn said he needed to piece together the evidence. When Shawn asked about calling Philip, Chloe said she had found Philip's phone in Brady's jacket. Chloe handed the phone to Shawn.

As Shawn scrolled through the contents of the phone, he confirmed that there was a series of threatening texts on it from Brady. "What do they say?" Chloe asked. Shawn showed the texts to Chloe. "Philip, you don't deserve to be with Chloe. If you don't cut yourself out of her life, I'll have no choice but to cut you out of it myself," Chloe read aloud.

Shawn asked Chloe if Brady had been next in line to take Philip's job, but Chloe confirmed that Brady was happy at Basic Black. "I don't think that they ever fought about the business stuff. It was always personal. About me," Chloe said. "I think it is safe to say that Philip didn't see these texts until after you were gone," Shawn said.

"It looks really bad," Chloe whispered. Shawn wanted to question Brady, but Chloe noted that Brady was not in any condition to cooperate yet. With a nod, Shawn said he would call the officer at the scene to find out if there was any new information. "I'm going to call Victor and see if he has heard of anything," Chloe said.

When Chloe called Victor, he answered, "What the hell do you want?" Chloe asked Victor if he had heard from Philip. "After that last stunt he pulled with Ava Vitali, he is as good as dead to me," Victor grumbled.

When Shawn returned to Chloe, she told him that Victor had not heard from Philip. Shawn informed Chloe that the officers at the scene had found more blood, and he had ordered them to drag the river. "We're going to have to start looking at this as a possible homicide. And unfortunately, Brady's our prime suspect," Shawn said. Chloe shook her head in disbelief.

Lucas attempts to rescue Sami

Lucas attempts to rescue Sami

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

by Mike

E.J. went to the Hernandez house to thank Ava for having helped Kristen escape from police custody. "I have no idea what you're talking about," Ava claimed. "I have been watching [Kristen] very closely -- I've made it a point to have eyes and ears everywhere. [But] not to worry -- I have no intention of telling Rafe, [because] if I were to expose your collaboration with Kristen, the commissioner would dump you so fast your head would spin...[and then] he'd make a beeline to Nicole, and I'm not going to let that happen," E.J. stressed.

Rafe approached the front door of the DiMera mansion and rang the doorbell just as Chad and Abigail were en route to their bedroom for a pre-dinner workout of sorts. Chad gave Abigail a groan of frustration then opened the front door and greeted Rafe. "Police business," Rafe explained before starting to question Chad about Kristen's escape from police custody. "I'm not protecting Kristen -- she's my sister, and I love her...but she hurt a lot of people I care about," Chad assured Rafe while recalling everything that had happened with Kristen during their most recent conversation at the police station. Chad eventually produced a cell phone and handed it to Rafe, who was hopeful that someone within law enforcement would be able to determine exactly what Kristen had done while in possession of the device.

Once everything was settled, Chad and Abigail headed upstairs to pick up where they had left off earlier, and Rafe exited the mansion -- just as Nicole approached it. "That cold-blooded, heartless person who helped aid and abet that psychotic bitch -- I hope you find them and nail them to the wall --" Nicole spat after realizing that Rafe was investigating Kristen's escape from police custody. "What are you doing here?" Rafe wondered. "E.J. invited me to dinner," Nicole explained. "So, you two are still seeing each other," Rafe translated before asking Nicole if the relationship was serious. "Well, I mean, we haven' know..." Nicole responded, delighting Rafe, who had been finding it difficult to forget about their one-night stand. Rafe and Nicole locked eyes and started inching toward each other -- but E.J. arrived before anything else could happen.

Kate went to the hospital for a board meeting -- and ran into Paulina in one of the break rooms. "Are you okay?" Kate wondered. "Not really," Paulina admitted before starting to explain what had happened earlier. "Why did you give up your daughter?" Kate eventually interjected, prompting Paulina to start another tale. "You don't know what it feels like --" Paulina began to conclude at the end of the second story. "I do know what it feels like -- I know exactly what it feels like," Kate clarified before revealing what had happened with Curtis years earlier. "I'm so sorry!" Paulina declared. "No, I'm sorry -- I should never have judged you before I had the facts," Kate countered before wishing Paulina luck with everything.

Meanwhile, Tripp rounded a corner and called out to Allie, who was pacing around the nurses' station. "Thank God -- you're finally here!" Allie responded. "Sorry -- they just let me observe open-heart surgery, so..." Tripp explained.

"What's going on?" Tripp wondered, prompting Allie to reveal what was going on with Sami and Lucas. "[So, anyway, my mom's] in some remote part of Wisconsin -- [and my dad] should be there by now, [but] I've called a bunch of times, and he's not picking up, [so] I'm freaking out --" Allie fretted at the end of the tale, prompting Tripp to suggest that it might be best for them to continue their conversation at the Walker apartment.

Sami tied Jason to a chair while waiting for Lucas to swoop in and save the day. "You bitch!" Jason snapped at Sami after regaining consciousness. "Hit you pretty hard with that tray," Sami explained with a shrug when Jason started complaining about a headache. "My shift is about to end, and the other guard -- Pete -- will lose his mind if he sees me like this, [and then] he will go tell the boss, and then --" Jason warned. "I'm not scared of Pete, I'm not scared of you, and I'm not scared of your boss...whoever he is --" Sami insisted. "Or she..." Jason teased. "Are you saying that your boss is a woman?" Sami responded. "I'm saying...don't assume," Jason clarified.

"Why are you still here?" Jason wondered. "Because the stupid key broke in the stupid lock, okay?" Sami grumbled. "Well, if the lock's busted, you're not going anywhere," Jason decided. "I managed to reach my ex-husband -- and Lucas is on his way here to rescue me any minute!" Sami bragged. "From Salem? [Then it shouldn't] take that long to get here...[but] if you don't know [exactly] where this place is, [then] it's impossible to find -- [and] even if he did make it, [Pete] probably saw him sniffing around and knocked him out...[or] killed him, for all we know --" Jason argued. "Shut up -- I think I hear something!" Sami interjected before grabbing the serving tray then hiding behind an open door.

Lucas soon approached the doorway and made eye contact with Jason then called out for Sami a couple times. Sami emerged from her hiding place with a sigh of relief and tossed the serving tray aside then hugged Lucas -- who continued making eye contact with Jason. "This place is just in the middle of nowhere -- it took me a while --" Lucas began to explain after Sami pulled away. "It doesn't matter -- you're here now!" Sami raved. "Is this the S.O.B. who kidnapped you?" Lucas wondered. "He's just one of the guards -- his name is Jason," Sami clarified. "Who do you work for?" Lucas demanded to know while grabbing and shaking Jason, who just winked in response.

Lucas and Sami decided to turn Jason over to the local police for further questioning. After being freed from the chair, Jason slammed Sami against a wall then rushed off, and Lucas followed but eventually returned empty-handed. "He got away," Lucas explained before adding that it had been difficult to focus on pursuing Jason while unsure if Sami had just been injured.

At the Walker apartment, Tripp suggested to Allie that Marlena might have kidnapped Sami while possessed. "I thought you didn't believe in demonic possession," Allie responded. "What happened on Halloween -- you know, it kind of changed my outlook on certain phenomena... [Look], I'm still not entirely sure we saw Charlie, but enough people -- smart people that I respect -- swear that the devil made Marlena do what she did, so... [Anyway], as a man of science, I will always be a skeptic, but I do believe that some things might defy scientific explanation," Tripp admitted. "I'm impressed a doctor --" Allie began to rave. "Not a doctor yet," Tripp stressed. "A top med student could be so open-minded," Allie concluded.

"[But] there's no way that my grandma could have kidnapped my mom -- [I mean], the whole possession thing didn't start until her appointment with Doug, and that was way after my mom disappeared," Allie noted. "Well, there goes my theory... So, if it wasn't the devil, then...who was it?" Tripp wondered -- just as someone knocked on the apartment door.

Allie opened the apartment door and found Lucas standing on the other side of it -- and then Sami stepped into view. Allie breathed a sigh of relief and gave Sami a hug.

Chloe questions Brady about Philip's disappearance

Chloe questions Brady about Philip's disappearance

Thursday, December 9, 2021

by Mike

At the hospital, Chloe fought back tears while pacing around Brady's room -- then settled in a bedside chair when Brady started stirring. "How are you feeling?" Chloe began. "I have a headache, I'm really achy... If I didn't know better, I'd think I had a hangover," Brady responded before begging to know what had happened. "I was hoping you could tell me," Chloe admitted before starting to elaborate.

"I don't even remember thinking about picking up a drink, let alone doing it... [And, look], you know how long I've been sober -- why would I screw that up? [And besides], you've never been as drunk as you say that I was, but [trust me] -- you can't even remember your name [in that state], let alone send threatening texts to somebody and then make good on the threats! [Listen], I swear on my kids' lives -- I did not attack Philip; I would have remembered if I did, [and] he's family, [so] I would never... [Now], I don't give a damn what Shawn thinks, [but] I care about what you think, [so] you think I did something to Philip?" Brady challenged Chloe after getting the whole story.

Belle entered the police station and approached Shawn's desk. "I got your message -- is there news about my mom?" Belle began. "I wish," Shawn responded. "Well, then, what's so urgent?" Belle wondered. "It's Brady," Shawn explained.

"I just can't believe this -- Brady hasn't had a slip in ages!" Belle declared while Shawn was elaborating. "That's not everything," Shawn warned. "He would never hurt Philip!" Belle insisted after hearing the rest of the story -- and Shawn received a phone call just then. "Forensics found one set of prints on that knife -- it's Brady's," Shawn summarized for Belle after a brief conversation with the caller.

"I get how bad this looks, but...I mean, come on -- there has to be some other explanation! There are no witnesses, [and] all of the evidence that you have is circumstantial, and you don't even have Brady's statement yet [or] know for sure that the blood at the scene is Philip's... [Seriously], you don't have a case, [and] you know it," Belle challenged Shawn, who conceded the point.

"I was gonna get a warrant to go down to search his room at the Kiriakis house and find something that we could test, but I just didn't want to upset Victor unless I really had to," Shawn explained. "You don't have to. I know a much faster way to get Philip's DNA -- [it's] already in the hospital database; [remember], he's had more than his fair share of paternity tests," Belle advised. Shawn thanked Belle with a kiss then dialed the hospital's phone number -- and soon received confirmation that Philip's blood was on the knife.

Outside the DiMera mansion, Rafe and Nicole backed away from each other as E.J. approached. "What are you two doing out in the cold?" E.J. began. "We just ran into each other," Nicole responded. "I invited myself -- official police business," Rafe explained after E.J. pointed out that only Nicole actually had permission to set foot on the property that night. "I had nothing to do with my sister's vanishing," E.J. insisted before ordering Rafe to leave -- then taking note of Nicole's reaction.

"I could see I was interrupting something close between the two of you -- if you'd like to finish what you started..." E.J. challenged Nicole after they entered the mansion. "Takes one to know one -- I might not be over Rafe, but you are definitely not over Samantha Gene Brady," Nicole responded. "That's ridiculous," E.J. protested. "You know I'm right. I guess Marlena's not the only one who has to exorcise a demon..." Nicole teased. "Well, then, perhaps you could help me with that," E.J. suggested before kissing Nicole. "I feel liberated from my demons already!" E.J. declared after pulling away from Nicole. "You?" E.J. prodded Nicole -- who saw Rafe talking instead.

"Something wrong?" E.J. wondered. "Must have been [this] martini -- it hit me harder than I thought," Nicole responded. "Dinner will fix that --" E.J. promised. "Actually, I have a better idea -- let's go to your bedroom," Nicole suggested. "Are you sure?" E.J. challenged Nicole. "Yeah -- I have to get Rafe out of my mind," Nicole explained. "You don't feel used, do you?" Nicole fretted. "Yes...but in a good way. I will do my best to wipe Rafael Hernandez from your consciousness," E.J. answered before leading Nicole upstairs.

At the Hernandez house, Ava checked a cell phone then fretted that Rafe was late -- and Gabi entered the kitchen just then. "Aw -- lose your boyfriend? Please say it's for good," Gabi began. "It must take a lot of energy to be such a bitch all the time," Ava countered. "I just figure if I keep it up, you'll get the hint and get out of here," Gabi explained. "Oh, I'm not going anywhere," Ava insisted.

"You know, Rafe's sweet, but he's not stupid -- one of these days, he's gonna dump you. [I mean], you think you're such an operator...but all you really are is just an ex--mafia princess who has no job, no home of her own, and only seems to be able to make some mediocre pasta," Gabi declared, prompting Ava to pick up a butcher knife. "I'm also pretty good with one of these, so...the next time you decide to shoot your mouth off, I'd remember how Carmine Merlino ended up on this kitchen floor," Ava warned, causing Gabi's smirk to fade in an instant -- and Rafe entered the house just then.

"Thank God you showed up -- she was trying to stab me!" Gabi fretted while rushing into Rafe's arms. "I was just giving Gabi a friendly reminder about pushing my buttons," Ava explained. "Well, come on -- are you gonna arrest her?" Gabi prodded Rafe. "Are you bleeding?" Rafe challenged Gabi. "No, but that doesn't mean anything --" Gabi responded. "Then just go to your room," Rafe interjected. "Are you serious? You're taking her side?" Gabi snapped. "Please -- I have had a long night..." Rafe grumbled. "Okay, fine, I am gonna go -- because Jake is waiting for me!" Gabi declared.

"But don't come crying to me when Lizzie Borden here stabs you in the back!" Gabi warned Rafe while storming off. "Just so you know, she used an axe!" Ava clarified for Gabi before casually probing for details about Rafe's day -- and the earlier incident was never mentioned again. Rafe admitted to having talked to Nicole earlier but made Ava think that the encounter had been totally innocent.

At the Walker apartment, Lucas and Allie waited anxiously as Tripp examined Sami. "Blood pressure's a little high, but that's understandable... [Otherwise], after what you've been through, I'd say you're in pretty good shape," Tripp eventually declared. "Look who sounds like a doctor!" Sami teased. "Yeah, well, it's all talk right now -- I still have a long way to go," Tripp stressed. "He does not -- he is almost through with medical school," Allie clarified. "Good for you!" Sami raved.

Allie was relieved to have a med student's assurance that Sami was okay, but Lucas was quick to reveal that Tripp didn't have all the facts yet. "The guy who was guarding her pushed her down, and she fell pretty hard," Lucas elaborated. "Did you hit your head?" Tripp wondered. "No," Sami responded. "Yes, you did," Lucas argued. "Did you lose consciousness?" Tripp continued. "No," Sami repeated -- and Lucas reluctantly admitted that was true. "Okay, well, I definitely suggest that you see a real doctor and let them check you out --" Tripp tried to conclude. "She will -- I'll make sure," Lucas promised while giving Sami a stern look.

Sami scoffed then changed the subject, thanking Lucas for having swooped in and saved the day. "Your dad is a real hero," Sami informed Allie. "Oh, I believe it -- what bothers me is that we don't know who the villain is," Allie responded. "I [do] know who did this to me -- [I mean], it had to be Nicole!" Sami declared. "No way," Lucas protested. "Are you kidding me? After I blew up her marriage to Eric? She hates me for it --" Sami maintained.

"Oh -- so...she hired someone to kidnap you?" Allie skeptically translated. "Yeah -- payback!" Sami matter-of-factly confirmed. "You guys always really talk like this?" Tripp interjected. "Yeah, we do -- you'll get used to it," Sami answered. "I'm not saying Nicole doesn't hate you, but...kidnapping?" Allie objected. "Are you kidding me? She masterminded stealing my newborn child and giving me someone else's!" Sami noted. "Really?" Tripp sputtered.

"Nicole's different now -- [plus], she's a wonderful mother to Holly, [and] if she had you kidnapped, she could go to prison --" Allie argued. "[And] why would she risk that? [And besides], she already got back at you, didn't she?" Lucas reasoned. "Your marriage is over, and so is hers, so you're even --" Allie summarized. "Wait a second -- who said my marriage is over?" Sami protested.

"You gotta be kidding me -- you are gonna go crawling back to that bum? Are you serious?" Lucas objected. "I'm not completely blameless -- and there's no time like the present to try to work things out," Sami explained. "You just got out of a horrible situation -- why would you put yourself right in the middle of another one?" Lucas wondered. "Are you comparing my marriage to being held hostage?" Sami translated. "Honestly, I don't see much difference, to tell you the truth," Lucas confirmed.

Lucas tried to get Tripp to agree that Sami needed to go to the hospital instead. "Are you serious right now? You are using your daughter's boyfriend to further your agenda? Do you realize that's a little pathetic?" Sami argued. "The only agenda I have right now is to make sure you're okay --" Lucas reasoned. "I'm fine -- [so], thank you for everything, but I am gonna go see my husband and get my marriage back!" Sami declared before rushing off.

"You're a hero -- [I mean], you brought Mom home --" Allie raved while hugging Lucas. "Yeah, well, if I had known she was gonna go back to E.J., maybe I would have left her there," Lucas grumbled. "Just kidding...sort of," Lucas backpedaled.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. begged to know if Nicole was still thinking about Rafe. "Hmm... Is sex with you good enough for me to forget about Rafe? Huh... I am gonna have to mull that over," Nicole responded. "That's not what I was hoping for!" E.J. protested. "What about you -- were you able to forget all about your passionate nights with your precious Samantha?" Nicole wondered. "I don't believe I know anyone by that name," E.J. claimed.

Sami opened the bedroom door and watched in shock as E.J. and Nicole started kissing, unaware that they had an audience.

Sami fights with E.J. and Nicole

Sami fights with E.J. and Nicole

Friday, December 10, 2021

In the Hernandez kitchen, Rafe asked Ava what she wanted for Christmas. "I have everything that I want," Ava said. While Ava cleaned up, Rafe retrieved the Christmas decorations from storage. Ava and Rafe looked through the collection of hand-made ornaments.

"I am in the Christmas spirit this year. What about you?" Ava said. "I am," Rafe agreed. "I think it has something to do with us being together," Ava said. Rafe agreed.

Kate chastised Lucas for his lateness to the pub. "I kind of had a busy day," Lucas said. "What's wrong now?" Kate asked. "Why are you chipper? Disgustingly chipper? What, did you get to swindle an orphanage or something?" Lucas asked. Kate told Lucas that Rex was back in Salem.

"Why are you so morose?" Kate asked. "Because Sami is back in town, too," Lucas said. Lucas updated Kate on Sami's situation and the rescue. Lucas told Kate that Sami had been adamant that she did not want to tell anybody yet.

"What is more important than your father knowing that you were kidnapped?" Kate asked in disbelief. "To Sami, you mean? Oh, I got two words for you: E.J. DiMera," Lucas countered. Kate groaned. "I take it she is looking for a reconciliation," Kate said. "Something like that," Lucas said. Lucas told Kate that Sami believed that her kidnapping would make up for the fact that Sami had cheated on E.J.

"Maybe that could happen, but is Sami going to be able to forget about what is happening between Nicole and E.J.?" Kate countered. Lucas' jaw fell open. "What?" Lucas asked. "You didn't know?" Kate said with a grin. When Lucas seemed pleased, Kate warned Lucas not to get his hopes up.

"Of all the women in the world, E.J. has to pick Nicole to rebound with? Come on. Sami despises her more than anything. This could really do it. This could really break the spell he has on her," Lucas said almost gleefully. Kate countered that Sami could also dig in her heels. Annoyed, Lucas called Kate a downer.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami walked into E.J.'s bedroom as he made love to Nicole. Sami cleared her throat. "Samantha? You're back?" E.J. stammered. "Yeah. And I can see how much you missed me," Sami said. Nicole reached for a blanket to cover up, but Sami told Nicole not to bother.

"Nicole and I were in the middle of something, weren't we?" E.J. said. E.J. leaned over to kiss Nicole. "Don't touch her again, E.J.!" Sami demanded. Nicole announced that she would go. Sami grabbed Nicole's clothes off the floor and threw them at her.

"Get out of here," Sami growled. "Don't mind if I do," Nicole said. E.J. yelled that Sami should be the one to leave. "I'm not going anywhere until I have had my say," Sami yelped. Nicole took her clothes into the bathroom to dress.

"Why should I listen to what you have to say?" E.J. asked. "Because I am your wife!"' Sami snapped. "My loving and faithful and loyal wife," E.J. said sarcastically. When E.J. yelled that Sami had cheated on him, Sami countered that E.J. was cheating on her.

"Which is the perfect example of divine justice. Don't you agree?" E.J. asked. Nicole returned to the room, and Sami told her, "He is only sleeping with you to hurt me."

"You have not changed. You've been away for a few months now, and you come back here, still thinking the world revolves around you. E.J. and I are both consenting adults. And we made an adult decision to start seeing each other again, and it had nothing to do with you," Nicole said. "You're available because my brother finally wised up and decided to dump you. He's not available! He's my husband, you bitch!" Sami said. Sami slapped Nicole.

"The only reason I have the misfortune of being your husband is because you vanished before I could serve you divorce papers," E.J. said. "You filed divorce papers?" Sami stammered. E.J. argued that after Sami had cheated on him with Lucas, he had had no choice.

"I told you before you skipped town that our marriage was over, but you refused to accept it!" E.J. said. "I didn't skip town, you pompous ass. I was kidnapped," Sami said. Nicole rolled her eyes. "Tell me you are not buying this," Nicole said. "It's the truth," Sami barked.

Sami told E.J. and Nicole that someone had grabbed her at Gabi's house. "And why should I believe you, Samantha? Because you're so forthright and honest? Because you would never think of spinning a far-out story to get yourself out of trouble," E.J. asked. Sami scoffed.

"Or maybe she has been soaking up the sun at some five-star hotel," Nicole suggested. "On my money," E.J. added. In disbelief, Sami yelled, "Do I Iook like I have a tan? I don't believe this!" Sami yelled that she had been held prisoner for three months. "And this is how you react?" Sami asked.

"If you want a more horrified reaction to your tale of woe, I suggest you tell Lucas Horton," E.J. sneered. "I did. That's how I'm even standing here right now," Sami said. E.J. looked stricken. "What?" E.J. whispered. "Lucas is the one who rescued me," Sami said.

"You were being held prisoner, and you called Lucas?" E.J. asked in disbelief. "No. I called Allie, and Lucas happened to be standing there. And he helped me figure out where I was, and he came and rescued me," Sami said.

"You never called me to say you were kidnapped," E.J. said. "I did call you, E.J. Of course, I called you. But your phone was dead. Maybe too much sexting with Nicole," Sami said. E.J. shook his head. "Let's just say you were kidnapped. Why was there no ransom demand? Who would want the aggravation of holding you captive against your will unless there was money to be made?" E.J. asked. Sami argued that Nicole was to blame.

"You got me out of the way so you could have your chance with E.J.," Sami said. Nicole laughed. "I have had enough. Why don't you call me if and when you get this nutjob out of your life," Nicole told E.J. Sami refused to let Nicole leave, so Nicole smacked her.

"I wasn't going to stoop to your level, but then I thought, why not?" Nicole started. Sami tackled Nicole onto the bed. E.J. pulled Sami off of Nicole. "Samantha, you are not wanted here!" E.J. yelled. "I was kidnapped! And you're not letting me stay?" Sami screamed back. E.J. threatened to throw Sami out of the house.

"This isn't over," Sami growled. Sami stormed out of the room. E.J. helped Nicole put on her shoe. "I'd say I feel like Cinderella, but she didn't have to bitch slap Prince Charming's ex-wife," Nicole said. E.J. told Nicole that she did not need to leave.

"What if Sami was telling the truth? And she was kidnapped?" Nicole asked. E.J. said he was glad that Lucas had rescued Sami, but he still wanted a relationship with Nicole. However, when E.J. hugged Nicole, he looked unconvinced by what he had said.

In the Kiriakis living room, Maggie asked Victor to go to bed. Victor stared at Philip's high school yearbook. Maggie asked Victor if he was worried about Philip. Victor explained that Chloe had called.

"She wanted to know if I've seen [Philip]," Victor said. Victor admitted that he had told Chloe that Philip was dead to him. "Why do you say things like that, Victor, when you know you don't mean it?" Maggie asked. Victor stressed that he had meant every word. "My son is a colossal screw-up," Victor said.

"When I saw you looking at his picture, you looked so sad," Maggie said. "I was remembering the high hopes I had for him," Victor said. "And you were also thinking about how much you love and you miss him," Maggie added. Maggie reminded Victor that Philip would have a permanent place in his heart like Bo and Isabella.

"Don't use Philip's name in the same breath as my other children. I often wonder why God took them from me so soon and left me with the one son who has done nothing but bring shame to the Kiriakis name," Victor grumbled.

At the police station, Shawn talked to Trask about the evidence against Brady. "That's enough for me. Go make the arrest," Trask said. "Without a body? What am I going to charge him with?" Shawn asked. "I'd like to know that," Belle interjected. Curious, Trask asked Belle if she was Brady's attorney.

"Yes. I am. And I was just telling my husband that your entire case against my client is entirely circumstantial," Belle said. "Brady is your client? Since when?" Shawn asked. "Since she walked into the room," Belle said as she stared at Trask. Belle warned Trask that she would not let Trask railroad Brady for a headline.

Trask asked Shawn if he was too close to the case because of his multiple familial connections. "You have a lot of nerve coming in here, questioning my husband's integrity," Belle said. "I am perfectly capable of separating my family loyalties from my work," Shawn said. Trask told Shawn to find out what had happened to Philip and arrest the person responsible. Trask stomped off.

"I really wish you would have told me that you were representing Brady before you told Trask," Shawn said. "He's my brother, and she was drooling at the idea of arresting him," Belle said. With a nod, Shawn noted that the situation looked terrible for Brady. "I need to get to the hospital and let him know that he has an attorney, whether he wants one or not," Belle said.

When Shawn arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, Victor noted the late hour. "I take it this is not a social call," Victor said. Shawn told Victor that Philip was missing. "And with the evidence that we have, we have reason to believe he is the victim of foul play," Shawn said. "You must suspect somebody," Victor said. Reluctantly, Shawn told Victor that Brady was the main suspect. Shawn explained the details of the case.

"I knew this was going to happen!" Victor said. "What do you mean you knew this was going to happen?" Shawn asked. "Chloe Lane was in the center of this whole thing. I knew that damn tramp would be the death of one of those boys," Victor argued. Victor called Kate, and he asked her to come over.

"How do we break this to her? It's every mother's nightmare," Maggie said. "Look, there's still hope that Philip is out there, and he is alive and well," Shawn assured Maggie. "No, if you believed that, you wouldn't be dragging the damn river. You think Philip is dead, don't you?" Victor asked. Before Shawn could answer, the station called to notify Shawn of a development in the case.

At the pub, Lucas asked Kate if Victor had told her why he wanted to talk about Philip. "No, he just wants me to come over right away, and somehow I don't think it's because Philip is getting a citizen of the year award," Kate said. Lucas offered to go with Kate, but she declined. "I think you've been through enough already," Kate said. Kate asked Lucas to stay and talk to Roman about Sami, and he agreed. "I'm sure Philip is fine," Lucas assured Kate.

When Sami arrived at the pub, she called out to Roman. "I could use a cup of chowder and someone to talk to," Sami said. Lucas exited the kitchen and walked behind the bar. "Will I do?" Lucas asked.

At the Kiriakis mansion, a flustered Maggie asked Kate if she wanted a cup of tea. "I'm here, so why don't you just tell me what the emergency is," Kate said to Victor. "I think you should sit down," Victor whispered. "People only ask you to sit down if there is bad news, so just tell me. Was Philip arrested?" Kate asked. Victor told Kate that Philip was missing. "And the police suspect foul play. They think someone may have hurt our boy or worse," Victor said.

A frustrated Brady walked out of his hospital room. Chloe chased after Brady and asked, "Where are you going?" Brady said he needed to help in the search for Philip. Chloe pointed out that Brady was still in his hospital gown. "Better than lying around in a hospital gown, waiting for Shawn to build a case against me for something I didn't do," Brady said. "I didn't accuse you of anything," Chloe said.

"You think that either Philip is badly hurt or dead, and you think that I did it," Brady said. Chloe convinced Brady to go back to his hospital room. "I'm glad you are kind of listening to some reason," Chloe said. With a wince, Brady said the pain in his head had convinced him to go back to bed.

"Kayla thinks you may have hit your head on a rock when you passed out," Chloe said. "That must have been some rock," Brady muttered. Chloe asked Brady why he had wanted to go back to the scene of the crime. Brady asked Chloe again if she believed he had hurt Philip. After a moment of hesitation, Chloe said she did not know.

"You were drunk, and you sent those messages," Chloe started. "No! I wasn't drunk, and I didn't send messages!" Brady yelled. Brady said he would have remembered if he had had a drink. "Are you sure?" Chloe asked through tears. "I've been clean and sober for a long time now. Please believe me. I swear I didn't do this," Brady pleaded. Brady said he did not care if everyone thought he was guilty.

"I just need to know that you still believe in me," Brady said. With a nod, Chloe said she knew that Brady was sincere. "The Brady Black I know would never hurt Philip or anyone else," Chloe said. "I'm still that guy," Brady said. "When you're sober, absolutely. But I've seen what it looks like when you fall off the wagon," Chloe said. Chloe choked back tears.

"I didn't touch a drop of anything," Brady stressed. Chloe asked Brady how the alcohol had ended up in his body. With a shake of his head, Brady admitted that he did not know. "I remember what that looks like. The mood swings, the blackouts, the rage," Chloe said. "I never laid a hand on you," Brady said. Chloe told Brady that he might not have hit her, but there had been moments that she had feared that he would.

"You don't know what it looks like when you're out of control. When you're loaded," Chloe said. After a moment, Brady nodded. "I guess I finally understand why you chose Philip over me. After all these years, you still don't trust me, do you?" Brady said. Chloe said that the scene at the river had "brought back a lot of memories." Brady apologized.

"You don't need to stay here with me," Brady said. Chloe told Brady that it did not matter what she thought. "It is always going to matter to me what you think!" Brady said. Belle walked in.

"Chloe was just telling me that she's not sure whether or not I did something to Philip or not. How about you, sis? You think your big brother has it in him to kill someone?" Brady asked. "No one knows if a murder has even been committed," Belle stressed. Belle advised Brady not to use an attitude when the police questioned him.

"That's going to happen?" Brady asked. "The D.A. tried to talk Shawn into arresting you," Belle said. Belle explained that she had pointed out the weaknesses in the case, and Trask had backed off. "This can't be happening!" Brady said. Belle warned Brady that the evidence against him was accumulating.

"What evidence?" Chloe asked. Belle said she was there as Brady's lawyer, and she asked Chloe to leave. "Whatever you have to say, I'm fine with Chloe hearing," Brady said. "The D.A. could call Chloe as a witness," Belle said. Brady stressed that the matter would not go to trial because he was innocent.

"Shawn got the results of the comparison between Philip's blood and the blood found on the knife. It's a match," Belle said. "Oh, my God! Philip," Chloe whispered in disbelief. Belle warned Brady to choose his words carefully around other people. "I had to stop him from leaving here to go down to the river," Chloe said.

"Are you out of your mind?" Belle yelled. "I'm going to do whatever I have to do to clear my name. Chloe has doubts about what I did last night, and I've known her forever, so what do you think the cops think?" Brady asked. Belle told Brady to piece together what had happened after Brady had left the pub.

"There's nothing there. It's blank," Brady said. Brady worried aloud that the police would find Philip at the bottom of the river. "Everybody is going to think that I put [Philip] there," Brady whispered. "I'll start putting your defense together," Belle said. Brady thanked Belle for her help. Belle's phone beeped with a text from Shawn. "The divers found something," Belle said. "Philip?" Chloe exclaimed.

At the river, Trask arrived on the scene. A diver held up a bag. "What is that?" Trask asked. "It's a prosthetic leg. The only person I know that needs one of those is Philip Kiriakis," Shawn said.

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