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After Abigail ripped the mask off of Ava, Gwen knocked Abigail unconscious. Allie told Chanel that Johnny had kissed Gabi. E.J. denied he had kissed Abigail. Rafe told Nicole he would dump Ava for her. Shawn arrested Rafe. Chanel talked to Abe. Johnny's film investor, T.R. Coates, was Lani's father, Ray. Though Craig and Nancy reconnected, Craig confessed to Chloe that he was in love with a man. Nicole believed Ava had framed Rafe. Xander proposed to Gwen. Chad learned Abigail was missing. The judge sentenced E.J. to ten years in prison. Kristen held Abigail and Sarah on the same deserted island.
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Craig confessed he'd fallen in love with a man, Kristen held Abigail on the same island as Sarah, and Johnny's investor turned out to be Lani's father
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Paulina has an awkward encounter with Tripp

Paulina has an awkward encounter with Tripp

Monday, January 24, 2022

by Mike

At the town square's bar, Gabi stared at "Johnny" in shock while thinking about one of the kisses they had shared earlier. "What are you doing here?" Gabi stammered, clearly flustered. "I wanted to see you again," the demonic presence responded as Johnny, grinning knowingly. "How did you know I was here?" Gabi wondered. "When I want something, I always find a way to get it," the demonic presence explained as Johnny. "Women just love to be called 'something' and 'it'..." Gabi grumbled. "Let me rephrase -- when I find myself in a conversation with a charming, smart, drop-dead-gorgeous woman, I do whatever I can to continue the conversation," the demonic presence backpedaled as Johnny. "Well said..." Gabi declared.

Gabi admitted to feeling flattered that "Johnny" had tracked her down. "What do you say we get out of here and go someplace more private," the demonic presence suggested as Johnny. "That sounds provocative -- you want to show me your etchings?" Gabi responded. "I don't have any -- but I do have a very sizeable...block of DiMera shares, and I think that could be really useful to you," the demonic presence clarified as Johnny. "You want to be alone with me business," Gabi incredulously translated. "Among other things..." the demonic presence seductively declared as Johnny.

"[Look], my sister interrupted us before, so why take the chance of someone else interrupting us?" the demonic presence reasoned as Johnny -- and, as if on cue, Jake approached just then and pointedly wrapped an arm around Gabi. "What, exactly, were you talking about?" Jake wondered. "His sister interrupting us at the mansion [earlier]," Gabi stammered as the demonic presence, as Johnny, teasingly smirked at Jake.

Gabi shot "Johnny" a look of desperation then sent Jake to the bar to order some drinks. "I noticed you didn't tell your boyfriend that I kissed you -- I take that to mean you'd like to keep that our little secret...and that you wouldn't mind if it happened again," the demonic presence challenged Gabi as Johnny once the coast was clear. "I didn't want him to beat the crap out of you," Gabi responded. "[Then] I'd advise you to rethink your relationship with him -- I mean, that kind of behavior doesn't indicate mutual trust," the demonic presence warned as Johnny. "Yeah, Johnny, keep on giving me relationship tips -- how's Chanel these days?" Gabi snapped.

Jake returned with drinks just then and wondered if Gabi and "Johnny" were ready to finish discussing a potential partnership. Jake and Gabi told "Johnny" about their plan to get Victor into DiMera Enterprises. "Something -- or someone -- would really have to persuade me in thinking this is a good idea," the demonic presence declared as Johnny before rushing off, giving Gabi a pointed look on the way out of the bar. "What are you not telling me?" Jake challenged Gabi once the coast was clear. Gabi admitted to having shared a kiss with "Johnny" earlier -- but assured Jake that it was just part of the plan.

At the Price condominium, Allie started to reveal what had just happened with Johnny -- then stopped after realizing that Chanel also had news to share. "It's kind of a big deal..." Chanel warned before informing Allie that Paulina knew about their one-night stand. "Oh, my God... Okay, I don't feel so good..." Allie sputtered. "Mama wouldn't say anything to anybody -- especially not to Tripp," Chanel insisted. "I hope that you're right -- it would just kill Tripp if he found out..." Allie fretted.

"That's exactly what I was trying to tell you [when you wanted to confess before] -- I'm glad you finally figured it out for yourself," Chanel declared. "Yes, I did finally realize for myself that he cannot find out -- especially because, you know, what happened between us is never, ever going to happen again," Allie stressed. "Right -- never again," Chanel confirmed.

At the hospital, Paulina thought about Chanel and Allie's one-night stand while waiting for a doctor in one of the examination rooms. "Stay out of it, Paulina -- it's none of your damn business; it doesn't concern you at all," Paulina muttered.

"Okay, great -- a patient talking to herself... Please tell me you're not gearing up to tell me off," Tripp called out from the doorway. "Why would I be telling you off?" Paulina stammered. "'Cause you've been waiting in here for way too long. Look, I'm sorry -- we're swamped tonight --" Tripp responded. "Oh, I can see that..." Paulina interjected before nervously claiming to have simply never imagined that Tripp would be the doctor who would have to face her after the long delay. "Luck of the draw," Tripp explained with a shrug before starting to examine Paulina's injured ankle. "Not so fast -- [look], I want another doctor!" Paulina blurted out, confusing Tripp.

"It's nothing personal --" Paulina tried to clarify. "Well, it kind of is... I mean, did you have a problem with the way I treated your ankle before?" Tripp responded. "No, you did a great job..." Paulina admitted. "Okay -- then, why would you want to be seen by someone else?" Tripp wondered. "Actually...I don't... I apologize -- just go ahead [and] treat me, [and] I'll just sit here [and] keep my big mouth shut..." Paulina backpedaled.

Tripp resumed the examination -- then declared, at the end of it, that Paulina could start walking without the use of a cane once again. "Chanel, she'll be ecstatic -- won't have to hear my clomping around in the morning --" Paulina declared. "How is Chanel doing?" Tripp wondered. "A lot better, thanks to Allie..." Paulina answered before stopping abruptly.

"You seem a little nervous -- [and] I think I know why," Tripp assured Paulina. "You know?" Paulina sputtered. "That there was a point in time when Chanel and Allie were a little bit more than just friends, [and] they kissed a couple of times in the past? [Yeah -- see], Allie doesn't keep secrets from me," Tripp explained. "Is that right..." Paulina responded. "[But] it's over -- Allie loves me," Tripp declared. "And the check is in the mail..." Paulina muttered. "Sorry -- I didn't catch that," Tripp prodded Paulina. "I said...I'm so happy for you!" Paulina backpedaled before thanking Tripp then rushing off. "Well, you can kind of see where Chanel came from..." Tripp mused while watching Paulina disappear from view.

Paulina returned to the Price condominium and greeted Chanel. "You said I should go after a divorce settlement -- and that is exactly what I am going to do!" Chanel informed Paulina, still fuming because Allie had mentioned earlier that "Johnny" had kissed Gabi. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Tripp received a visit from Allie, who seized a hug and declared that it wasn't fun when they were apart from each other.

At the Hernandez house, Rafe continued a heated phone conversation with Trask as someone began knocking on the front door. "I'd be more than happy to talk to Internal Affairs -- the sooner the better -- [because] I want them to investigate; [then] they will see that I have been set up!" Rafe shouted at Trask before adding, for the visitor's benefit, that the front door was unlocked. "I have nothing to feel guilty about," Rafe assured Trask -- just as Nicole entered the house.

"Trask," Rafe explained to Nicole after ending the call. "I figured as much. She's not backing down?" Nicole responded. "Oh, no -- she's having the time of her life," Rafe grumbled. "I brought wine!" Nicole revealed, drawing a sigh of relief from Rafe.

Nicole started to change the subject, eager to continue discussing Rafe's theory that Ava was behind the Internal Affairs investigation -- then stopped abruptly. "Me and my big mouth --" Nicole fretted. "It's okay -- she's not even here," Rafe stressed. "Where is she?" Nicole wondered. "See, that's the fun part -- I have no idea," Rafe admitted. "Is she playing games with us? [I mean], do you think she left us here alone on purpose?" Nicole guessed.

At the Horton Town Square, Abigail stared at "Sarah" and Gwen in stunned silence. "I'm used to you attacking me, but...a total stranger?" Gwen challenged Abigail before making a show of suddenly recognizing "Sarah" -- and then "Sarah" and Gwen took turns making a show of awkwardly acknowledging their respective connections to Xander.

Gwen wondered if Abigail was going to apologize for having accused "Sarah" of being an impostor. "I am sorry, Sarah --'s just...Kristen tried to do the same thing to Kate --" Abigail began to explain. "Kristen DiMera? What does she have to do with this? I mean, really, you've lost your mind, Abigail --" Gwen sputtered.

"Sarah" interrupted to pointedly advise Gwen that it would be best to just drop the matter -- then rushed off after sweetly hoping that Abigail would seek professional help right away. "Satisfied?" Gwen challenged Abigail. "I guess I have to be," Abigail answered. "Got that right!" Gwen teased as Abigail walked away with a shake of the head.

"Sarah" rejoined Gwen as soon as the coast was clear -- and they ducked into the Salem Inn together to recover from their close call with some stiff drinks. After shedding the Sarah costume, Ava revealed what Gwen had missed earlier. "Thank God you and I switched places after I was Sarah [before, when] I kicked Xander in the teeth for the final time -- otherwise, this whole thing could have been an absolute disaster!" Gwen stressed while thinking about having left the Kiriakis mansion earlier and having then rejoined Ava at the Salem Inn -- where Ava had donned the Sarah costume again because Gwen hadn't felt confident about being able to pull off the ruse any longer.

Gwen still didn't want to pose as Sarah again, but Ava didn't have any more time to spare that night. "I'm having dinner with Rafe and Nicole," Ava explained. "You hate them!" Gwen objected. "I know that. You know that. They don't -- well, not yet..." Ava clarified. "Let me guess -- you're making penne è la strychnine," Gwen joked before begging Ava to reconsider.

Ava sighed then contacted Rafe and made up an excuse about running late -- and possibly even missing the dinner entirely. Ava hung up on Rafe, who vented to Nicole about what had just happened -- then seized a kiss, having decided that the dinner was just a plot to get them to give in to their feelings for each other again.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail vented to Chad about what had happened earlier, still trying to make sense of it all. "I felt like I was in some sort of a bad play -- [I mean], it just all felt so staged," Abigail stressed. "Well, if it is, then there's another actor involved," Chad noted. "Maybe it was a fake call -- you know, maybe it was Gwen in a Sarah mask, and then Kristen calls me from the inn and then walks out in a Gwen mask... Oh, my God -- my head hurts..." Abigail declared.

"I'm really scared for Sarah -- [and] whoever the person is that I talked to, that 'Sarah' was on their way to the airstrip, so...that just means tonight is my last chance to get to the bottom of this," Abigail fretted. "Just relax, okay? I'm gonna go read the kids a book, and then we can do dinner...[and] when I get back, I'm gonna do everything in my power to take your mind off of this Sarah thing," Chad declared before rushing upstairs -- then returning a short time later and discovering that Abigail was gone. Meanwhile, Abigail caught up with "Sarah" at the airstrip and pounced -- and was stunned to discover, after tearing off the costume, that Ava was the impostor.

Abigail is in danger

Abigail is in danger

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

In the town square, Ned the pilot approached Xander, and he asked if Xander had secured the requested money to pay Ned for his information. When Xander started to walk away, Ned stopped him.

"I don't need you to tell me where you took Sarah. I already found her myself," Xander said. "We had a deal!" Ned yelled. When Xander said no, a disappointed Ned remarked that he had spent a small fortune on a new watch. Xander suggested that Ned take the watch back, but Ned argued that he loved the watch too much to return it. "Sometimes, no matter how much we love something, we still end up losing it," Xander growled.

At the DiMera mansion, a worried Chad texted Abigail to ask her why she had run out of the house. Belle stopped by to pick up toiletries for E.J. Chad refused to help E.J. "Not after what he did to my wife," Chad said. Confused, Belle asked what had happened. "[E.J.] forced himself on my wife," Chad said. When Chad shared the details, Belle noted that it did not make sense.

"You made it very clear that we would be pleased with your testimony. So, why would E.J. sabotage himself like that?" Belle wondered aloud. "Because E.J. is an arrogant bastard who thinks he can do whatever he wants," Chad countered. Belle agreed that there was no excuse for E.J.'s behavior.

Shawn escorted E.J. into the bullpen of the police station, where D.A. Trask demanded to know why E.J. was not in holding. "[E.J.] is meeting with his lawyer," Shawn explained. Trask warned E.J. that it was a waste of time to appeal the case. "At last, all my hard work has paid off, and I get the distinct pleasure of seeing one of your kind directly where you belong: Statesville Prison," Trask said.

When Belle arrived at the police station, Trask told Belle that her meeting was a waste of time because the case against E.J. had been irrefutable. Trask teased Belle for having made the mistake of placing E.J. on the stand. "You must be mortified," Trask whispered. Shawn exited the interrogation room, and Belle noted that Trask was nervous about Belle's meeting with E.J. Trask laughed. "I won," Trask said. Shawn kissed Belle, and he escorted her to see E.J.

While Belle talked to E.J. in the interrogation room, Shawn returned to work in the bullpen. Trask mentioned the IA investigation against Rafe. "Come on. There is no way that you can believe that Rafe is corrupt," Shawn said. "My opinion is irrelevant. But when these allegations are made, I have no choice but to investigate," Trask countered. Shawn argued that Trask would not find any evidence against Rafe. Trask theorized aloud that Rafe had committed corrupt acts in order to make the police department look good.

"[Rafe] would not manufacture convictions. There's no way that he would do this because he is a good cop and a good man," Shawn said. Trask noted that a respected opinion about someone was not exculpatory. Trask told Shawn that she trusted his judgment, and she asked him to review all of Rafe's recent arrests. "See if you can uncover a pattern," Trask said. Trask ordered Shawn to start with the most recent arrest in lockup.

In the interrogation room, E.J. asked Belle about the plan for the appeal. "I just talked to Chad. He told me what you did to Abigail," Belle said. A puzzled look crossed E.J.'s face. Belle told E.J. what Chad had said. E.J. laughed. "That's insane," E.J. said. When E.J. asked for specifics, Belle explained that Chad had watched E.J. kiss Abigail in the witness room during the break in the trial. "That's impossible," E.J. said. Belle asked why Chad had changed his mind about his testimony if it was not over a kiss.

"Maybe he was never intending to help us," E.J. suggested. Belle disagreed. E.J. stressed that he had never left the courtroom during the break. "The only time I left my seat is when you called me up to the witness stand," E.J. said. E.J. asked Belle to talk to Johnny as his witness. "Why is Chad so sure he saw you kissing Abigail?" Belle asked. E.J. said that Chad had lied in an effort to oust E.J. from the company.

"Before you made a pass at his wife, he was ready to exonerate you!" Belle argued. "For the last time, I did not make a pass at his wife," E.J. said. E.J. argued that Chad had made up the kiss because he was "being eaten alive by guilt." E.J. noted that if Chad had told the truth on the stand, Chad would have lost his job and gone to prison. When E.J. called Chad delusional, Belle joked that E.J. sounded like her mother.

"I did take that role in Johnny's movie that involved sex scenes with Abigail. It's not a stretch that I would make a play for her," E.J. said. E.J. argued that Chad had convinced himself that he had protected Abigail from E.J. Belle noted that even if Chad had subconsciously invented a kiss, it did not explain why Abigail had supported Chad's claim. "[Chad] is her husband. She is going to support him no matter what," E.J. argued. Belle told E.J. that his theory was insane. "I swear to God, I never laid a finger on Abigail," E.J. stressed.

After Belle left, E.J. waited for an officer to escort him back to his cell. Instead, Trask walked into the room. "You're about to get some company," Trask said with a grin.

At the Hernandez house, Rafe and Nicole discussed why Ava had decided not to join them for dinner. "Maybe she was just planning on walking through that door in the hope of seeing," Rafe said. "Seeing what?" Nicole asked. Rafe grabbed Nicole and kissed her. After a moment, Nicole slowly pulled away.

"I shouldn't have done that," Rafe said. "It's okay. Obviously, I wanted to kiss you, too. But we can't do this. You are with Ava," Nicole stressed. Rafe agreed. "I guess I just let my frustration get the best of me," Rafe said. Rafe noted that his suspicions about Ava might have been paranoia based on his guilt about his affair with Nicole. "I still don't understand how she would know about [the affair]," Rafe added. Nicole suggested that Ava might have truly wanted to spend time with her boyfriend and best friend.

"Or is she just playing nice? Meanwhile, she is on a revenge rampage," Rafe said. Rafe recounted the various incidents, and he argued that Ava's absence from their dinner was the strangest incident of them all. "Maybe something came up," Nicole said. "Did it? Or is she just leaving us alone in the hopes of catching us doing something?" Rafe countered. Nicole told Rafe that she wanted to give Ava the benefit of the doubt.

"I don't like being tested. And I don't like playing games," Rafe muttered. "For all we know, Ava could be completely innocent," Nicole said. Rafe agreed that Ava could be innocent, but that did not matter. "It doesn't change the way I feel about you," Rafe explained. Rafe told Nicole that he needed to end his relationship with Ava.

"It's not working. I can't go on like this," Rafe said. "I don't think this is the best time to make a decision like this. I think maybe you should wait until things settle down and the investigation is over," Nicole suggested. Rafe argued that it was not fair to lie to Ava about his feelings for Nicole. "Breaking up with Ava is the right thing to do. For all three of us," Rafe said. Rafe said he did not want to hurt Ava, but he needed to be honest.

"I want to be with you, Nicole," Rafe said. "Are you sure that is how you really feel?" Nicole asked. Rafe nodded yes. "Unless that's not what you want," Rafe said. Nicole reminded Rafe that she was newly divorced. "We can take this as slowly as you want," Rafe whispered. Rafe asked if the only reason he and Nicole were not together was because he was with someone.

"Someone that we both care about," Nicole interjected. "Yes. Someone that I would want to end the relationship with," Rafe said. Worried, Nicole asked Rafe to think about his decision. Rafe said he had spent months thinking about what he wanted. "Now I finally want to do something about it. Don't you?" Rafe asked. Before Nicole could respond, there was a knock at the door.

When Xander returned home to his room at the Salem Inn, Chad stopped by to ask about Abigail. "What's going on?" Xander asked. Chad said Abigail had run after Sarah. "I found her. I just came from Uncle Vic's. [Sarah] turned up there," Xander said. Chad said that Abigail had wanted to talk to Gwen. Confused, Xander asked why.

"Because [Abigail] thinks she doesn't have the whole story yet. She is convinced that the woman you found with Maggie isn't the real Sarah," Chad explained. Chad told Xander about Abigail's mask theory, and he pointed out that Gwen had a motive to pose as Sarah.

"Until Gwen showed up," Chad added. "Why didn't you say that in the first place? Obviously, Gwen wasn't impersonating Sarah!" Xander yelped. Chad shrugged and said he was confused. Xander asked Chad why Abigail would visit Gwen if she already knew that Gwen had not been wearing a Sarah mask. "Because [Abigail] is not convinced that it was Sarah," Chad explained. Chad said that Abigail had a reporter's instinct.

"Are we sure it's the journalistic instincts talking or the voices in her head?" Xander asked. "Watch it," Chad warned. Xander argued that Abigail needed to let go of her unfounded suspicions. "I did! We were at home, having a relaxing night. I went to check on dinner, I came back, and she was gone! Johnny said that she flew out of the house, so I assumed she came here," Chad said. Frustrated, Chad left.

Abigail went to the airstrip to confront "Sarah" before she left town. Abigail tackled "Sarah" and ripped off her mask. "I knew it!" Abigail said. Ava turned her head to face Abigail, and Abigail was surprised to see Ava's face. "What the hell?" Abigail blurted out. Abigail said that she never would have guessed that the masked person was Ava instead of Kristen or Gwen. "Surprise," Ava whispered.

"What reason do you have to even be impersonating [Sarah]?" Abigail asked. Ava shrugged. "It was a prank," Ava said. Abigail argued that the prank was twisted and evil. Abigail pulled out her phone and announced that she was calling Rafe. Ava warned Abigail not to make that call. "What am I supposed to do? Just let you walk away?" Abigail retorted. Gwen hit Abigail over the head with a rock and knocked her out. "I heard Abigail attacking you over the phone. I thought you might need backup," Gwen said. Ava thanked Gwen for the assist.

"I thought we threw Abigail off Sarah's scent for good. What happened?" Gwen asked. Ava told Gwen that Abigail had explained that the situation had not felt right. "My sister really is like a dog with a bone, and now that she has seen you with the Sarah mask, she'll never stop looking for Sarah. What do we do?" Gwen asked. "The same as what you do with any dog you can't control. You put them down," Ava said.

"You can't be serious!" Gwen exclaimed. Gwen refused to add another death to her list. "Plus, she's my sister," Gwen said. "Half-sister," Ava shot back. Gwen said that she hated that Abigail had uncovered their secret, but she did not want her sister murdered. "We need to think of something because she was about to call the cops when you knocked her out," Ava said. After a moment, Gwen suggested that they say Abigail had suffered a delusion.

"Rafe's not going to buy that," Ava said. "We'll never know unless we try!" Gwen yelled. Ava argued, "Rafe thinks I've gone legit, and we are going to keep it that way." Ned stepped out of the bushes. "Evening, ladies," Ned said. Ned offered to take Abigail out of Salem for a price. Ned added that Abigail's influential family would spare no expense to find her. "To make this lady disappear, and really disappear, it would take some effort. It's going to cost you," Ned said.

Shawn stopped by the Hernandez house to tell Rafe about Trask's request to review Rafe's arrests. "This is ridiculous. Rafe didn't do anything wrong. It is so obvious that he is being set up," Nicole said. Shawn agreed. Rafe calmed Nicole. "[Trask] wants someone to go over all the cases, and well, I'm just glad that it is you," Rafe said. Shawn said that he had told Trask that he believed Rafe was innocent.

"I spoke to a guy who was arrested last night," Shawn said. Rafe admitted he had signed off on an arrest at the docks. "It was totally clean," Rafe said. "Actually, he is claiming that the evidence was planted," Shawn said. Frustrated, Rafe argued that it was a lie. "Trask sent me here to place you under arrest," Shawn said.

As Shawn pulled out his handcuffs, Ava walked in. "I'm so sorry I'm late, but I brought desserts. What's going on?" Ava said. Shawn arrested Rafe. Nicole and Ava exchanged a look.

At the Salem Inn, Gwen returned home. Xander told Gwen that he had had a conversation with Chad about a mask. "Tell me all about it," Gwen said innocently.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad called Abigail's voicemail and left another message for her. The doorbell rang. It was Belle. "I just saw E.J., and I wanted you to know, he adamantly denied making any kind of pass at Abigail," Belle said. Distracted, Chad noted that he did not care. Belle asked what was wrong. "I can't find Abigail," Chad said.

At the airfield, Ned closed up a large suitcase. "I'm so glad those ladies coughed up the cash. Because this is a lot of work, Mrs. DiMera," Ned said. Ned dragged the bag toward his plane.

The devil faces off with a new adversary

The devil faces off with a new adversary

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, the demonic presence entered the otherwise unoccupied living room, wearing only a half-open silk robe, and unsheathed a fencing saber then started stroking it suggestively. "My, my -- you're a big one, aren't you?" the demonic presence observed before cutting the air with the saber. "It's all about seizing the offensive -- and, of course, the thrust..." the demonic presence stressed before setting aside the saber.

The demonic presence produced a cell phone and dialed a number -- but the call went to voicemail. "Gabriella, it's Johnny -- I was just about to do a little fencing; why don't you blow off my boring old Uncle Jake and stop by the mansion? I'll even let you play with my foil -- if you ask nice..." the demonic presence declared as Johnny before ending the call -- just as someone rang the doorbell. "Guess she was already on her way... That's the good thing about playing with bad girls -- they never make you wait..." the demonic presence mused as Johnny before stepping into the foyer and opening the front door then flashing a smirk -- which quickly faded.

"What the hell are you doing here, Mr. Coates?" the demonic presence stammered as Johnny. "Call me 'T.R.' -- Mr. Coates was my father," T.R. protested while entering the mansion. "I'm sorry -- please, come in... It's just that you are the last person I expected to see in Salem..." the demonic presence backpedaled as Johnny. "Nice place," T.R. noted while looking around the mansion. "Thanks...'T.R.'... I like to call it 'The House That Nonno Built' -- ['Nonno' being] my late grandfather; he of a kind," the demonic presence responded as Johnny. "God rest his soul," T.R. declared. "Heh -- I don't think that he and God were on very good terms," the demonic presence clarified as Johnny.

"I'm more concerned about our terms -- [see], you and I had a deal, and I'm here to see that you keep your end of our bargain, because no matter how interesting your 'Nonno' might be, the only family lore I'm interested in is Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story," T.R. revealed while stepping into the living room and seizing some breakfast foods that had been left out on the coffee table. "These last months, I was on location Down Under -- it was summer, and it was hotter than Hades... [Anyway], I was off the grid and unreachable -- so, you can imagine my surprise when I got back to civilization and one of my assistants told me that you left a message that you were shelving the film --" T.R. continued.

"I can explain," the demonic presence interjected as Johnny before telling T.R. about everything that had happened with Marlena since their deal had been struck. "Even more reason to do the film -- you've got a built-in sequel; hell, it practically writes itself...and if we put our heads together, I'm sure that we can come up with Possessed: Part Three without too much trouble!" T.R. argued. "I do have some thoughts..." the demonic presence teased as Johnny.

"[But] what are you doing about it? Sitting around in your pajamas all day is not gonna make you rich and famous -- you've gotta get up off your ass and think big, son! [And] it takes more than ideas -- it takes guts and energy, which is what I thought you had the day you knocked on my door to pitch your project! [Now], I told you when we met that you needed to be motivated [and] stay motivated -- that the film business was cutthroat --" T.R. declared. "And I told you that cutting throats wouldn't be a problem for me..." the demonic presence countered as Johnny while approaching T.R. from behind with the saber.

Oblivious, T.R. offered to deal with Marlena so "Johnny" wouldn't have to do so -- and the demonic presence decided to take the out. "I feel like I'm making a deal with the devil," the demonic presence joked as Johnny. "Oh, I may act like a badass, Johnny, but I'm actually a very gentle soul -- unless I'm crossed..." T.R. responded.

At the Price condominium, Paulina continued a phone conversation with a divorce attorney. "Do I need to say it again? Johnny DiMera ripped out my little girl's heart, so if he wants a divorce so damn bad, then I want that nasty little piece of work drained of every trust fund cent he has!" Paulina reiterated.

Paulina ended the call after threatening to replace the divorce attorney with a more cutthroat individual if necessary -- and someone rang the doorbell just then. "Speak of the devil..." Paulina muttered after opening the condominium door and finding Marlena standing on the other side of it.

"I hope you'll accept these as a small peace offering..." Marlena began while trying to hand over a bouquet of flowers. "So...that exorcism, it really took?" Paulina wondered, ignoring the gift. "Yeah, it did," Marlena confirmed. "That's what they thought after the first one..." Paulina noted.

Paulina hesitantly stepped aside so Marlena could enter the condominium. "You can't blame me for being cautious -- when you were breaking bad as Beelzebub, you gave me a look that could kill, threatened my life, then blew it to hell," Paulina explained. "I heard," Marlena responded. "The way my secret came out at my wedding was on that horned fool -- but keeping the truth from Abe and lying about it...that is on me," Paulina conceded.

"Do you suppose that, in time, the two of you could hope to find your way back together?" Marlena wondered. "I opened up to you once before about my love life, and now I'm a very single lady --" Paulina grumbled. "I'm sorry -- I will never forgive myself for the way that I betrayed your confidence," Marlena stressed. "Eh, it wasn't you," Paulina acknowledged.

"I will say this -- I know that man still loves me seven ways to Sunday, and I go to bed every night and wake up every morning hoping he'll remember that... But he has made it crystal clear he'll never trust me again," Paulina revealed. Marlena nodded then started to leave with the bouquet after thanking Paulina for having at least been willing to hear, if not accept, an apology. "I think I have a vase those might fit in..." Paulina called out, stopping Marlena, who handed over the bouquet with a smile. "For what it's worth, I know how happy you made Abe --" Marlena stressed. "Did he say that?" Paulina wondered. "No -- I'm sorry; I haven't spoken to him..." Marlena clarified.

"After what I put the two of you through, I've just kept my distance -- [which is] why I didn't go to the party for Johnny and Chanel..." Marlena explained. "Oh, and what a 'party' it was -- I'm sure you heard..." Paulina muttered. "No," Marlena admitted, prompting Paulina to elaborate.

At the Walker apartment, Tripp woke up in Allie's arms and carefully began to climb out of bed. "Where do you think you're going?" Allie objected while grabbing Tripp. "Oh, I'm sorry -- I was trying not to wake you; I guess I'm losing my touch," Tripp responded. "You are definitely not losing your touch," Allie insisted before kissing Tripp.

"But you used to be so much better at sneaking out at all hours of the night," Allie conceded. "You make it sound like I'm sneaking around," Tripp joked. "Well, those days are behind us, because you're no longer a med student with crazy-ass hours," Allie raved. "Yes -- I do not miss that," Tripp admitted. "I know it's been official for a couple weeks, but we never got to celebrate, so..." Allie explained before producing a gift box and handing it to Tripp -- who found a Caduceus pin inside. "Wow -- this is awesome!" Tripp declared. "I thought maybe you could pin it to your jacket, since it's an ancient symbol of medicine," Allie suggested.

"Well...actually, it's not... [See], the Caduceus has come to be the symbol of medicine in modern times, [but] the ancient symbol is actually the Rod of Asclepius -- I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing that right, but that's not important..." Tripp clarified. "Tell me what it actually means," Allie requested. "Well, with the two snakes [instead of one] ancient times, it's associated with alchemy and thieves and liars..." Tripp answered before pausing to observe that Allie suddenly seemed tense for some reason. "I'm sorry --" Allie began. "No, I'm sorry -- you give me this awesome gift, and I just go all 'nerd' on you with useless trivia... I'm sorry you're stuck with such a geek of a boyfriend --" Tripp fretted. "There's no one that I'd rather be 'stuck' with," Allie insisted before kissing Tripp.

"Oh, now, that was the best possible way to spend the morning -- and I won't even be late for work...although it would be totally worth it..." Tripp declared while getting dressed later, drawing a laugh from Allie, who attached the Caduceus pin to Tripp's shirt. "I'm actually spending the day home with Henry -- Nicole had some work emergency, and the babysitter is sick," Allie revealed. "Chanel gonna be okay?" Tripp wondered. "Yeah -- I texted her earlier, and she said she's got it," Allie answered. "I actually know, what happened with Johnny..." Tripp clarified. "So sweet of you to ask!" Allie noted. "DuPree's your best friend, right? I mean, you love her, so that means she's important to me, too," Tripp explained before rushing off -- and Allie sighed once the coast was clear.

At the Horton Town Square, Chanel ran into Abe while en route to Sweet Bits. "I was just on my way to your bakery to get some almond croissants -- I hear they're out of this world," Abe declared. "They are very popular..." Chanel responded.

Abe, perhaps sensing some tension, started to walk away -- but Chanel objected. "I'm really glad I ran into you -- I know you're angry with me for ruining your wedding to my mom, and I want to apologize --" Chanel began. "Look, what happened with your mother and me, it's not your fault -- all you did was tell the truth...which is something Paulina should have done a long time ago," Abe insisted. "Maybe, but it was her truth to tell, not mine," Chanel countered. "You had no choice in the matter," Abe acknowledged. "Even if the devil made me do it...I saw how happy you and Mama both were that day, and I see how unhappy you both are now, and..." Chanel fretted.

"I think all that bad karma came back around and bit me," Chanel eventually concluded with a sigh. "What do you mean?" Abe wondered. "You haven't heard," Chanel realized. "I can't imagine how that felt -- how that must feel now --" Abe declared after Chanel elaborated. "Like hell -- that's how it feels... And that's why Mama thinks we should bleed Johnny for every penny that he has," Chanel stressed. "Is that what you want?" Abe wondered. "At first, I didn't want Johnny to pay...but then Allie told me she saw him kissing some girl... I mean, already? It's just all so horrible and complicated..." Chanel fretted.

Abe hugged Chanel and stressed the importance of leaning on family and friends in times of need -- like Allie. "You know, Lani and I -- well, we are closer than ever, and I hope you and I can stay close, too...if that's what you want," Abe added. "It's definitely what I want," Chanel confirmed before hugging Abe again.

At the Salem Inn, Nancy and Craig woke up in each other's arms. "You were so sweet and loving last night -- I've missed that, [and] you, [and] this..." Nancy declared before kissing Craig. "You wore me out last night -- I'm tired," Craig protested when Nancy tried to take things further. "Oh, okay -- I understand," Nancy assured Craig before apologizing again for having jumped to the wrong conclusion about the recent distance between them.

Later, Nancy and Craig met up with Chloe and Brady at the Brady Pub for breakfast. Craig eventually stepped outside to take a phone call -- and Chloe followed after Nancy noticed that Craig had forgotten to don a jacket before leaving. "I know, honey -- I miss you, too," Craig assured the call as Chloe approached from behind.

Tripp went to the Price condominium to see Chanel, who was thinking about contacting Johnny. Tripp made it clear that Chanel deserved better than Johnny and had friends to lean on in times of need. Chanel thanked Tripp with a hug to hide signs of guilt.

Marlena went to the DiMera mansion to talk to "Johnny" about what had happened with Chanel. "Not my finest hour, I admit, and I'm sorry for that -- for hurting Chanel -- but I'm even sorrier that I am gonna hurt you..." the demonic presence began to confess as Johnny.

Paulina ran into Abe while passing through the town square, and they briefly chatted about what Chanel was going through before parting ways. Paulina smiled while watching Abe walk away, delighted that their latest conversation hadn't been quite as tense as any of their other recent conversations had been -- and then someone approached from behind and called out a greeting. "Oh, my God -- Ray?" Paulina snapped while staring at T.R. in disbelief.

Chloe demands the truth from Craig

Chloe demands the truth from Craig

Thursday, January 27, 2022

by Mike

At the Hernandez house, Ava turned on a tablet computer and loaded the Spectator's online article about Rafe's arrest. "That's what you get for cheating on me with that cheap slut," Ava declared -- just as someone knocked on the front door.

Ava set aside the tablet computer then opened the front door -- and found Nicole standing on the other side of it. "What a coincidence," Ava noted. "Why?" Nicole wondered. "I was just thinking about you...[and] eggplant parm -- you know, I should have sent you home with some last night, but I was just too upset to even think straight after Rafe was arrested," Ava explained. "Well, it's safe to say that neither one of us had an appetite after that," Nicole responded.

"[Anyway]...I came to check on you," Nicole claimed while thinking about Rafe's theory that Ava was behind the Internal Affairs investigation. "You know, you really are the sweetest [and] best friend..." Ava raved before starting to fret to Nicole about the possibility that Rafe could be convicted and sent to prison. "I have complete faith that that's not gonna happen -- because Rafe is innocent," Nicole assured Ava.

"And you know that better than anyone...don't you?" Nicole challenged Ava. "What is that supposed to mean?" Ava wondered. "You're the closest person to him -- you know what a great guy he is, how honest he is --" Nicole explained. "Yeah -- Rafe is nothing if not honest..." Ava muttered before warning Nicole that it would surely take a mountain of solid evidence to convince the police to arrest their own commissioner.

Nicole reasoned that the evidence had been falsified, but Ava admitted to having doubts about that being the case. "When I needed Rafe to believe in my innocence, he didn't -- so, why would I automatically believe in his?" Ava argued while picking up a butcher knife and some fresh vegetables. "Your precious plushie -- Rafe was convinced that I went into your office and chopped its head off. Can you believe that? I mean, what possible reason would I have to go and do something like that to my best friend [or] the man that I love -- who wouldn't hurt me any more than I would hurt them?" Ava elaborated while aggressively chopping the vegetables.

"[Now, granted], I did wonder there for a while -- [you know], about the two of you -- [and] I was a little jealous at first, and the old me might have gone in there and chopped that poor guy's head off...[or] aimed for some other body part, if he had been anatomically correct... [Actually], the old me -- you know, the one that sabotaged Steve's plane and kidnapped Kayla -- might have thought about framing Rafe... [Yeah], the old me might have thought [that] if I can't have him, [then at least if] he's rotting in prison, then neither can you... [But], of course, I am not the old me -- I am the new and improved Ava Vitali, [a] perfectly sane [and] law-abiding citizen who would never believe that her best friend and the man she loves would go behind her back and hook up," Ava added while continuing to aggressively chop the vegetables. "Of course not," Nicole responded before rushing off.

At the police station, Shawn joined Rafe in one of the conference rooms, armed with goodies from Sweet Bits. "Peace offering," Shawn explained before starting to apologize to Rafe. "You got nothing to be sorry for, Shawn -- you know, when that third con came forward and said that I had falsified evidence, you had no choice but to make the arrest...[especially since] you got Trask breathing down your damn back," Rafe assured Shawn while accepting the goodies.

Rafe still suspected that Ava was responsible for what was happening, but Shawn was quick to argue that there was no clear motive to back up that theory. "That's...not exactly true..." Rafe admitted before telling Shawn about what had happened with Nicole a few months earlier. Shawn promised to continue pursuing the lead, prompting Rafe to warn that Ava could be dangerous if cornered.

Abe went to the Price-Grant apartment to see Lani, armed with gifts for the twins. "You know, you don't have to have an excuse to visit," Lani stressed. "I do know that -- but I was in the neighborhood," Abe insisted.

"And...since seeing you always lifts my spirits..." Abe added. "Bad day already?" Lani prodded Abe. "Eh, I had a run-in with Paulina --" Abe revealed. "What did Paulina do this time?" Lani wondered. "Well, you know, maybe 'run-in' is too strong a word... We were civil -- friendly, even... But there's always going to be tension between us," Abe backpedaled.

"At least things are better between you and Paulina...aren't they? I mean, you saved her life -- those are her words --" Abe noted. "She is so dramatic..." Lani grumbled before confirming that things were improving -- then hoping that Abe would eventually be able to say the same thing. "I don't think that's possible...[because] I don't think I'd ever be able to trust her again," Abe admitted.

"[She let] me think that I was your real father, and she always knew otherwise --" Abe elaborated. "Please -- when you say things like that... [Look], you are my real father -- in every way that matters," Lani stressed. "I should have chosen my words more carefully -- what I meant was that you have a biological father out there," Abe clarified before starting to assure Lani that it was okay to be curious about the man. "I know everything that I need to know about Paulina's ex -- apparently, he was abusive, controlling, cruel..." Lani declared. "You might have other relatives out there --" Abe noted. "I have zero interest in meeting him [or] them," Lani insisted.

Abe nodded then changed the subject, wondering where Eli was hiding. "He's in D.C., visiting his mom," Lani explained before starting to discuss Rafe's arrest with Abe -- and they both agreed that the charges were bogus.

Lani declined to fill in for Rafe as the police commissioner, citing a lack of time for such a job -- so Abe headed over to the police station and convinced Shawn to step in for the time being. Meanwhile, Nicole joined Rafe in one of the conference rooms and started to explain what had just happened with Ava.

At the Horton Town Square, T.R. tried to seize a hug from Paulina, who recoiled in response. "Stay the hell away from me -- or I'll lay you out flat right here and now!" Paulina warned. "You got some fight in you now," T.R. observed. "I always did -- it just got beaten out of me by you!" Paulina spat. "I am not gonna hurt you --" T.R. insisted. "Too late for that!" Paulina countered.

"What are you doing here, Ray? What do you want from me?" Paulina wondered. "I go by 'T.R.' now --" T.R. revealed. "Yeah? Well, you can slap on an alias to run from all the skeletons in your closet, Terrell Raymond, but you'll always be 'Rotten Ray' to me!" Paulina declared. "Hmm. Some things never change -- like that mouth on you..." T.R. mused.

T.R. assured Paulina that it was just a coincidence that they were in the same town at the same time. "I have business here in Salem -- [see], I'm a movie producer now, [and] one of the filmmakers I'm working with just happens to live right here in town; he's a young man from a fine, upstanding family..." T.R. explained. "Johnny DiMera? That's the son of a bitch that broke my daughter's heart --" Paulina blurted out after T.R. elaborated. "You have a daughter? I had no idea you had children --" T.R. sputtered. "My family is none of your damn business -- and my daughter has nothing to do with you!" Paulina insisted. "I didn't say she did..." T.R. noted. "For the record, I had Chanel years after we split -- with my husband George!" Paulina clarified. "Is she your one and only?" T.R. wondered. "Yes, she is!" Paulina responded.

T.R. declared that Chanel was lucky to have Paulina as a mother -- and George was lucky to have Paulina as a wife. "Is he with you?" T.R. wondered while looking around the town square. "My George is dead, God rest his soul --" Paulina revealed. "Oh -- I didn't realize... My condolences --" T.R. stammered. "[And] I'd rather be in a grave right beside him than anywhere near you!" Paulina added.

"I don't blame you for feeling that way -- I mean, the way I treated you, it was unforgivable... I'm truly sorry --" T.R. responded. "You're what?" Paulina sputtered. "You heard me. But I don't expect you to forgive me -- and I know this might just sound like words to you, but I'm not that man anymore --" T.R. continued. "So, you're trying to tell me you've changed? [Look], a man like you doesn't change, Ray Coates -- and never will!" Paulina protested.

T.R. offered to take Paulina to dinner and prove that things were different. Paulina declined the invitation and ordered T.R. to leave Salem at once and never return. "Last time I checked, you didn't own this town...although, someday, you might, knowing you -- but, in the meantime, I still have business with Johnny DiMera, and I'm not going anywhere until it's settled," T.R. insisted. "Fine -- but you stay out of my way, and if you go anywhere near my family, I swear --" Paulina warned. "Is everything okay?" Lani wondered while approaching Paulina and T.R. with the twins.

Behind the Brady Pub, Chloe listened in stunned silence as Craig continued a phone conversation with someone. "It won't be that much longer 'til you see me," Craig assured the caller while starting to wander in an effort to stay warm -- and Chloe followed in an effort to stay within earshot but stepped on something in the process. "I'll be back later today -- I'll talk to you soon," Craig hastily promised the caller before hanging up then nervously greeting Chloe.

"I brought you your coat [because] Mom thought that you could be cold...but you sounded like you were pretty hot to me..." Chloe snapped while shoving the coat at Craig.

Meanwhile, inside the pub, Nancy and Brady continued eating breakfast while waiting for Craig and Chloe to return. "Yesterday, Brady, I would have been absolutely convinced [that] Craig was lying to me about that being a work call...[but] today, I'm perfectly calm because I know that my husband -- my loving, wonderful husband -- has gone out of his way to show me how much he loves me," Nancy declared.

"There's only one thing that would make me happier," Nancy teased. "What would that be?" Brady wondered. "Getting you and Chloe back together again," Nancy elaborated. "Chloe and I already told you we're just friends --" Brady protested. "Uh-huh... Brady, ever since the two of you were singing duets in the park way back when, I've known that you are the only man for my daughter -- [and], in my opinion, the only reason that she went back to Philip this time was because you were entangled with Kristen DiMera," Nancy countered.

"[Chloe] and Philip were together when he disappeared, and we don't know if he's alive or dead, so there is no way that I can pursue something with Chloe right now --" Brady argued. "But you do have feelings for her?" Nancy guessed. "Yes, I do," Brady confirmed. "[Then] what if we never find out what happened to Philip -- are you okay wallowing in limbo forever?" Nancy wondered. "That might be the way it has to be, Nancy -- yeah," Brady responded. "No, it's not -- not the way I see it," Nancy objected before spontaneously deciding to convince Craig to stay in Salem long enough for them to find a way to get Brady and Chloe back together again.

Brady tried to talk Nancy out of the idea but was ignored. "I can't wait to see [Chloe's] face when I tell her!" Nancy raved. "Me, neither..." Brady muttered as Nancy suddenly realized that Chloe hadn't donned a jacket before going to search for Craig.

Meanwhile, behind the pub, Chloe demanded an explanation from Craig. "It's not what you think --" Craig began. "It's exactly what I think -- [that] you are cheating," Chloe argued. "Yeah, I am --" Craig confirmed. "You stood in my office, and you swore to Mom that she is the only woman for you --" Chloe noted. "She is --" Craig maintained. "How can you possibly say that when you just admitted to having an affair? Who is she? Do I know her? Does Mom know her --" Chloe wondered. "It's a man, Chloe -- I'm cheating on your mom with a man!" Craig explained. "You're...sleeping with...a man?" Chloe sputtered.

Chloe fought back tears while struggling to process what Craig had just revealed. "I'm sorry -- I didn't want you to find out this way --" Craig declared while trying to comfort Chloe with a hug. "You didn't want me to find out any way, obviously!" Chloe countered while pushing Craig away. "I knew that you and Mom had problems...but all couples do from time to time, [so] I always just thought that maybe Mom was just a little bit crazier about you than you were about her, and I just sort of assumed it's because she's a more demonstrative person than you are..." Chloe admitted. "Dad, are you trying to tell me that you're gay?" Chloe wondered.

"I'm attracted to men...[and] if that makes me gay, then I'm gay," Craig whispered. "Okay... Well, have you had these feelings forever and just never acted on them, or...?" Chloe responded. "I don't know -- it's just...I met this guy, [and] we had great chemistry together --" Craig began. "Okay, I don't want to hear --" Chloe decided. "Chloe, you have to believe me -- I never meant to hurt your mother," Craig insisted. "Well, then, you need to call this guy back -- whoever he is -- and tell him that you're not rushing back to see him; you have to end this --" Chloe advised. "I can't," Craig protested. "Why not?" Chloe countered. "Because I'm in love with him," Craig explained.

"It's been a few months, [and] I've never felt this way before --" Craig added. "Mom -- are you still in love with her?" Chloe wondered -- and Craig didn't respond. "So, you're not willing to break off things with this man," Chloe concluded. "I won't -- I can't," Craig insisted. "Okay -- well, then, at least respect Mom enough to tell her the truth!" Chloe demanded -- just as Nancy approached.

"Dad has something he needs to tell you," Chloe informed Nancy. "The phone call --" Craig began. "I hope they didn't call you to ask you to come home -- [because] we're staying in Salem!" Nancy announced.

Kristen questions Abigail on the island

Kristen questions Abigail on the island

Friday, January 28, 2022

In the square, while Paulina yelled at T.R. Coates to stay away from her family, Lani walked by with the twins. "Is everything okay?" Lani asked. Worried that Lani would discover that T.R. was Lani's father, Ray, Paulina assured Lani that everything was fine. "You were trying to chase me out of town," T.R. said. "Why would she do that? Who are you?" Lani asked. Paulina interrupted to explain that T.R. was a business associate of Johnny DiMera.

"What you heard was me voicing my opinion about my soon-to-be ex-son-in-law," Paulina said. "She's not a fan," T.R. noted. "At the moment, neither am I," Lani said. Paulina warned T.R. not to get involved with Johnny. As Paulina started to dismiss T.R., he asked for an introduction to Lani. Lani introduced herself as Lani Price Grant.

"She's my niece!" Paulina interjected. "And these little munchkins," T.R. said as he started to look in the stroller. "My family, so you best keep your distance if you know what's good for you," Paulina warned. When Lani noted that Paulina had been harsh, T.R. agreed. "Keep her name out of your damn mouth," Paulina growled. T.R. stressed that he did not mean any harm.

"I didn't even know you were here, [Paulina]," T.R. said. Paulina told T.R. to focus on his movie and leave her family alone. Lani followed Paulina out of the square. When Lani and Paulina returned to Lani's apartment, Paulina glanced in the hallway to confirm that T.R. had not followed them. "You didn't need to walk us home," Lani said. "I just wanted to make sure that that man didn't harass you," Paulina said. Paulina argued that she was an excellent judge of character.

"He didn't seem that bad to me," Lani said. "You saw how aggressive he was," Paulina said. Lani argued that Paulina had been the aggressive one. Paulina countered that any friend of Johnny was her enemy. "You told him I was your niece. Why wouldn't you want him to know I was your daughter?" Lani asked.

"I wasn't sure if you were comfortable with me introducing you that way. Not yet, anyway. You only called me mom once, and that was because I was about to be crushed by a chandelier," Paulina said. Lani reminded Paulina that she had been happy to tell everyone at Chanel's party that Paulina was Lani's mother.

"That was among family. This man, he was a complete stranger," Paulina lied. When Lani noted that the secret was out, Paulina countered that she wanted to protect Lani. "From what?" Lani asked. Paulina argued that it was best if men like T.R. did not know that she had another daughter.

"Are you being cautious, or are you just not telling me the whole story?" Lani asked. Paulina told Lani that she knew men like T.R. Concerned, Lani asked Paulina how she could tell what kind of person T.R. was after one conversation. "Just like you're good at sniffing out criminals, I've got a nose for users. You don't get to be a big-time movie producer without being cutthroat," Paulina said. Lani called Paulina paranoid. Paulina asked Lani to stay away from T.R. Reluctantly, Lani agreed.

While Lani stepped in the bedroom to take a call from work, Paulina looked at a picture of the twins. "That was a close call. Don't worry, little angels. I'm going to keep you and your mama safe. Mr. Tyrell Raymond Coates is never going to find out that your mama is his daughter," Paulina whispered.

At the DiMera mansion, Johnny called Judge Barnes. "What [E.J.] did completely traumatized my mother, and I'm glad you found him guilty. My hope is that you'll put him behind bars for a very long time," "Johnny" said.

At the courthouse, Belle handed E.J. his suit for the sentencing hearing. Belle asked if Johnny would attend the hearing. "I get the sense that he is avoiding me," E.J. said. "Is there anyone else you can think of who will vouch for you?" Belle asked. E.J. continued to dress in silence. "I feel like I let you down," Belle said. E.J. countered that his conviction was his own fault.

"If I had taken your advice, I might not be in this position," E.J. said. "I can't argue with that. Usually I'm right," Belle joked. E.J. told Belle that she was a good lawyer, and he thanked her for having believed in him. "Even when my family doesn't," E.J. added.

Gwen sat in her room at the Salem Inn and texted Chad from Abigail's phone. "Everything's good. Sorry again I had to leave like that," the text read. From the DiMera living room, Chad texted Abigail that he understood that Abigail's parents needed her. As Chad poured a drink, "Johnny" joined him. "I'm sure you saw that my father's sentencing hearing is about to start," "Johnny" said. "Johnny" said that E.J. deserved the maximum sentence.

When Chad mentioned that Abigail had left town without saying goodbye to him or the kids, "Johnny" asked Chad if he was worried. "She finally texted me," Chad said. Chad explained that Abigail had gone to Boston to help her parents with an emergency. "I need [Abigail] back soon. For when production begins," "Johnny" said. Confused, Chad asked "Johnny" if the movie would upset Marlena. "Johnny" said he did not have a choice.

"Producer showed up this morning. Said if I didn't give him the movie I promised, he'd ruin my career," "Johnny" explained. Chad asked about the producer, and "Johnny" told Chad about T.R. "Sounds like he is playing hardball," Chad said. With a shrug, "Johnny" noted that he had signed a contract. "True, but that was before the devil came back to Salem," Chad countered. Johnny said that T.R. was interested in a trilogy.

"What are the sequels gonna be about?" Chad asked. "Johnny" said that the second movie would be about the most recent possession. "And the third?" Chad asked. "We'll figure something out," "Johnny" said. With a sigh, Chad told "Johnny" that he did not think it was a good idea but that he was happy for "Johnny" and his career. Chad suggested that "Johnny" should transfer his and E.J.'s shares in the company to Chad, since "Johnny" would be busy with the movie.

"That won't be necessary. I still plan to be involved with DiMera Enterprises," "Johnny" said. Chad asked "Johnny" if he was sure. "I can handle being a business mogul and a movie mogul at the same time," "Johnny" said. "Very ambitious of you," Chad said. While Chad stared at his phone, "Johnny" sat at the desk and worked on his script. "Johnny" asked Chad if Abigail was still game to play the lead role.

"You'll have to ask her when she gets back to town," Chad said. "Johnny" said he was confident that Abigail would rejoin the project. "What's more fun than acting like you have the devil in you?" "Johnny" said. "Johnny" asked Chad if he was still interested in playing John in the movie.

"I'll think about it," Chad said. "Come on. I can't imagine you'd want to watch someone else have sex with your wife," "Johnny" said. Chad noted that it was fake sex. With a chuckle, "Johnny" said he thought it would be another way to annoy E.J. After a moment, Chad said he did not want to "dance on [E.J.'s] grave." "Don't you think he'd do the same thing to you?" "Johnny" countered. Chad noted that E.J. was still his brother.

At the courthouse, E.J. and Belle returned to the waiting room after the sentencing. E.J. screamed. "I knew bad news was coming, but to hear those words spoken," E.J. started. Belle assured E.J. that she would start on his appeal. "My fate has been sealed. I'm innocent, and I'm going to be rotting away in Statesville prison for the next ten years," E.J. said. Belle offered to help sneak E.J. out to the prison van away from the paparazzi.

"I just need some time to myself before they take me away," E.J. said. Suspicious, Belle asked E.J. why he wanted to get rid of her. "You're trying to escape, aren't you?" Belle asked. "Never ask questions you don't want to know the answer to," E.J. said. Belle asked E.J. if Kristen had helped him make a plan. "You're only going to make this so much worse," Belle said. When E.J. asked what would be worse than going to prison for a crime he had not committed, Belle reminded him of his children.

"If you run, you'll never see your children again," Belle said. After a moment, E.J. agreed to call off his extraction. "I am putting my trust in you," E.J. said. "I am going to clear your name," Belle promised.

In the DiMera living room, Chad's phone beeped with a news alert about E.J.'s sentence. "Ten years. I can't even imagine," Chad said. "Don't tell me you're feeling sorry for my father?" "Johnny" asked. "You're not?" Chad countered. "Johnny" argued that E.J. had kidnapped and traumatized his mother. "Whatever happens, he did that to himself," "Johnny" said. Chad slowly nodded yes.

"What I feel is relief. Justice was served, now we can all move on," "Johnny" said. "Johnny" noted that he wanted to focus on his movie, and he asked Chad to call Abigail for him. After "Johnny" left, Chad called Boston and talked to Jennifer. Jennifer told Chad that Abigail was not with them in Boston. "If she's not with you, then where is she?" Chad asked.

In the square, T.R. did an internet search on Lani. "Johnny" met up with T.R. in the café to tell him that he had talked to his grandmother. "We're good to go. We're bringing the devil back to Salem," "Johnny" said. T.R. and "Johnny" shook hands.

At the Salem Inn, Gwen called Ava and told her that she had texted Chad on Abigail's phone. "I know that [Chad] is going to figure it out eventually, I'm just trying to buy us some time so we can figure out what to do next," Gwen said. Gwen noted that they had been lucky that the pilot had agreed to deliver Abigail to Kristen. Xander returned home, so Gwen hurriedly ended her call.

"I heard you mention Kristen's name. Why are you talking about her?" Xander asked. Gwen lied and said she had read an article about Kristen in the paper. "Who were you talking to on the phone?" Xander asked. Gwen said she had talked to Claire, and she changed the subject to Xander. Xander held up a bag, and he announced that he had bought a gift for Gwen.

When Gwen unwrapped the present, it was a snow globe. "I know it's not the same as going there in person, but it's the best I can do," Xander said. Xander apologized for having canceled their travel plans so that he could search for Sarah. "That's okay," Gwen whispered. "I'm really truly sorry," Xander said. Gwen noted that Xander had loved Sarah, and he had wanted to make sure that she was safe.

"[Sarah] just truly wanted to get away from me, and I guess I didn't want to accept that," Xander whispered. "I know how hard it is to realize when somebody you really care about doesn't feel the same way," Gwen said. Xander told Gwen that he had not realized how much Sarah hated him. "You should have been there," Xander said. Gwen thought about how she had been there, dressed in the Sarah disguise.

"You would not believe how angry she was," Xander added. "I can imagine," Gwen whispered. Gwen asked Xander if he could forgive her for having been insecure. "I completely overreacted. I saw you obsessing over Sarah, and I panicked," Gwen said. Gwen told Xander that he was the only person she had in her life. "If I lost you, I'd be completely alone," Gwen whispered. Xander promised Gwen that she would never lose him.

After Gwen and Xander made love, Xander told Gwen about "Sarah's" advice. "She told me to stop obsessing about our breakup. Get on with my life. Focus on you," Xander said. "She said that?" Gwen asked. Xander promised to focus on his future with Gwen. To prove his devotion, Xander got out of bed and got down on one knee.

"I know I don't deserve a woman like you -- someone so strong and loyal and so beautiful. But would you take pity on this poor, pathetic, completely naked scoundrel and grant me the honor of becoming my wife?" Xander asked.

On the DiMera hidden island, Kristen dragged the oversized canvas bag that held Abigail into a house. "Ava and Gwen, you ladies both owe me," Kristen muttered. Once inside, Kristen opened the canvas bag and placed Abigail on the couch. When Abigail stirred awake, she was alone in the room. "Where the hell am I?" Abigail asked. "Welcome to Fantasy Island," Kristen said as she returned with a glass of juice.

"What is this place?" Abigail asked. "It's an old DiMera property on a deserted island," Kristen said. Kristen placed the juice in front of Abigail. "I'll pass," Abigail grumbled. Kristen noted that Abigail was dehydrated from the flight and sedatives. "I'm getting the hell out of here," Abigail said as she stumbled to her feet. Kristen reminded Abigail that she was on a deserted island, and then she pulled a gun out. With a tired groan, Abigail sat back down on the couch.

"If I'm not going anywhere, you mind telling me how I ended up here?" Abigail asked. Kristen asked Abigail about her last memory. Abigail said she remembered that she had gone to the airport because she had believed that "Sarah" had actually been Kristen in a mask. "Solid theory," Kristen said. Abigail added that she had remembered that Ava had been in the mask.

"Did you put her up to it? Because I know the two of you are friends," Abigail said. Kristen chuckled. "What happened at the airfield when you figured all this out?" Kristen asked. Abigail said she remembered that someone had hit her over the head before she had been able to call Rafe. When Kristen asked who, Abigail guessed that Kristen had knocked her out. "I can neither confirm nor deny," Kristen said. Kristen told Abigail that she had been too nosy.

"You mean that I was getting too close to the truth about what actually happened to Sarah," Abigail said. "What truth is that?" Kristen asked. Abigail guessed that Kristen had done something to Sarah. Abigail reminded Kristen of what she had done with Kate, and Abigail said that she believed Kristen had done the same thing with Sarah. "Why would I do that?" Kristen asked. "To shut her up," Abigail said. Abigail asked about Sarah. In another room of the house, a woman that looked like Sarah stared at the wall.

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