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Gwen accepted Xander's proposal. Chad searched for Abigail. On DiMera island, Sarah trusted Kristen, Abigail argued with Kristen, and Steve and Kayla woke up in a storage room. Craig told Nancy he was gay. Ben and Ciara moved. T.R. told Lani that he was her father. "Johnny" promised Gabi he would vote for Victor. Chanel served "Johnny" with divorce papers. Devil Johnny posed as Jake. "Jake" betrayed Gabi, and she overheard. Ava gave Tripp a family ring for his proposal. Devil Johnny overheard Chanel talk to Allie about their night together.
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Craig told Nancy he was gay, Gwen accepted Xander's proposal, and T.R. told Lani that he was her father
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Craig tries to tell Nancy the truth

Craig tries to tell Nancy the truth

Monday, January 31, 2022

by Mike

Kate entered the Brady Pub and informed Roman that a judge had sentenced E.J. to ten years in prison for kidnapping Sami. "Good -- couldn't happen to a nicer guy!" Roman declared. "I guess..." Kate muttered. "You 'guess'?" Roman snapped. "E.J. and I were close once --" Kate noted. "Don't remind me! As far as I'm concerned, you and Sami are both a lot better off out of that nest of DiMera vipers! And now Sami and Lucas are together, and so are we, and I hope E.J.'s new cellmate has been lonely for a long time!" Roman countered. "Okay..." Kate grumbled before rushing back out of the pub. "What's gotten into her?" Roman wondered with a shake of the head.

Kate headed over to the DiMera mansion to find out how Chad was handling the news. "I don't have time to think about E.J. -- or anyone else, for that matter!" Chad snapped before informing Kate that Abigail was missing. "Sounds just like Kristen," Kate declared after hearing the whole story, prompting Chad to start fretting about having failed to anticipate that Abigail would never drop an investigation before getting all the answers.

Kate assured Chad that Kristen would never cause serious harm to Abigail -- then offered to help with the search.

At the Salem Inn, Gwen turned down Xander's marriage proposal. "I can't marry you -- and you really don't want to marry me," Gwen reasoned. "It's you who doesn't want to marry me -- and it's because of Sarah, isn't it? [Seriously], what more do I have to do to prove to you that even if Sarah Horton walked through that door right now and begged to have me back, I would still choose you?" Xander countered.

Xander tried to propose again -- this time with Sarah's old engagement ring -- but Gwen found that even worse than the previous proposal. Xander apologized then promised to buy Gwen a different ring as soon as possible. Gwen eventually decided to accept Xander's marriage proposal -- then seized a hug to hide signs of guilt.

Meanwhile, Abigail continued trying to get Kristen to confirm that Sarah was also being held captive at the dilapidated mansion on DiMera Island. "Has anyone ever told you that you're quite annoying? You're like a mosquito with a press pass!" Kristen, who still had a gun aimed at Abigail, grumbled -- just as Steve's cell phone started ringing.

"Aren't you gonna get that?" Abigail wondered, assuming that Kristen's cell phone was ringing. "Don't you think it's a little rude, after everything that Ava's done for you, to just not answer her call?" Abigail argued as Kristen sent the call to voicemail. "Or maybe it's not Ava..." Abigail realized -- and Kristen confirmed the suspicion but didn't reveal the caller's true identity. "Maybe it was the DiMera pilot calling, asking for more money because he knows Xander and I are onto him; maybe he was calling to tell you just how much of Victor's money Maggie is willing to pay to find out where he flew you and Sarah," Abigail guessed -- and Kristen didn't clarify that the caller had actually been Brady.

"Don't push your luck with all these questions," Kristen warned. "Have you forgotten that my last name is also 'DiMera'?" Abigail responded. "You married a DiMera, Abigail -- that doesn't mean you are one," Kristen argued. "It does to Chad -- if you lay so much as a finger on me, he will hunt you to the ends of the earth... Not to mention how Brady would feel about that..." Abigail countered. "I don't need to worry about how Chad or Brady are gonna feel about this because they're not gonna know about this!" Kristen insisted before storming off to another room.

Abigail rushed out of the mansion as soon as the coast was clear -- but returned a short time later. "Should have known a decrepit mansion on a remote desert island [isn't] good enough for the DiMeras -- 'No, we gotta plant a whole freakin' jungle around it!'" Abigail grumbled before settling in a chair in the living room -- then spotting an eye patch under the coffee table. Abigail started searching the living room and soon found not only Steve's driver's license but also Kayla's.

Meanwhile, Kristen entered Sarah's bedroom -- and they embraced like old friends. "When can I go home? 'Cause, Kristen, I can't keep taking this -- just [being] inside one room, and never going out... I need to go home to him -- I know that he misses me as much as I miss him!" Sarah fretted. "Honey, we've been over this -- it's just not safe right now; you need to stay here so we can protect you," Kristen responded. "I'm a grown woman -- I can protect myself, and I can protect him, too! And you know how much he needs me!" Sarah argued. Kristen comforted Sarah with a slice of peach pie.

Kristen eventually rejoined Abigail -- who demanded to know what had happened to Steve and Kayla.

Back in Salem, Chloe and Craig went to the town square to meet up with Nancy -- but they arrived first, so they claimed a table near the Bistro then ordered a glass of wine and a glass of whiskey, respectively. "Liquid courage," Craig reasoned before draining the glass of whiskey in one gulp. "You can do this, Dad -- you have to do this, [because Mom] certainly can't [hear] from me [that] you're gay," Chloe declared.

"That's not accurate -- [I mean], I never said I was gay --" Craig protested. "You said that you're in love with a man -- the terminology doesn't matter. [And, in any case], Mom has to know -- she has a right to know -- and it has to come from you," Chloe countered -- just as Nancy approached and called out a greeting.

Craig squirmed while Nancy, still determined to play matchmaker, insisted that they were going to treat Chloe and Brady to dinner at the Brady Pub. "You two go to dinner, and Brady and I will meet you there for coffee and desserts," Chloe proposed. "We're gonna just give you a little alone time?" Nancy translated with a suggestive giggle. "I was thinking of giving you two some alone time," Chloe clarified.

"Dad has something he needs to talk to you about," Chloe explained. "It's important," Craig revealed. "I know what it is -- you're finally gonna take me on that cruise to Iceland before everything melts!" Nancy guessed before rushing off to the Brady Pub with a squeal of excitement -- and Craig followed after giving Chloe a look of dread.

Chloe summoned Brady to the town square -- then explained what was going on. "Your father is gay?" Brady sputtered at the end of the tale. "I don't know -- [I mean], he said that he's seeing another man, [but] we didn't exactly discuss the specifics of how he identifies... [Look], he says he loves my mom, but then he also says [that] he's in love with this other guy, and... I don't know -- I mean, I get the sense that maybe he's been in denial this entire time, [because] it just feels like it's really new to him... But, at the same time, I don't really give a damn about his pain because of what this will do to my mom... [You know], I think it's gonna be bad..." Chloe responded while fighting back tears.

"Did you ever suspect -- [you know], that he was gay?" Brady wondered. "I don't know... I mean, maybe... I always knew he was different from the other dads, but I was fine with that -- I liked it, you know? It was cool that he could talk to guys about sports [and], at the same time, he could talk to me about opera -- and I liked how he loved singers, and Broadway, and dancing, and old movies... I always just thought I was lucky -- so did my mom..." Chloe answered.

Meanwhile, Craig followed Nancy into the Brady Pub while trying to argue that it would be best for them to talk in a more private setting instead. "No -- we told Chloe that we were gonna meet her and Brady here!" Nancy reminded Craig as Roman approached their table and tossed a couple menus at them then started to walk away. "Roman, it's Nancy and Craig!" Nancy called out, stopping Roman. "You don't need to tell him that..." Craig muttered. "Oh? Roman, I hope you're not still holding a grudge..." Nancy realized. "Let's just say I don't feel real warm towards people who use my daughter -- like you two did just to get ahead at work!" Roman snapped.

Craig tried to use Roman's outrage as an excuse to move to a more private setting, but Nancy refused to leave -- then apologized for what had happened in the past. "How is Carrie?" Nancy wondered. "She and Austin are very happy," Roman responded before heading off to the kitchen to get bowls of chowder for Nancy and Craig.

"You know, Craig, under that rough exterior, Roman really is a sweet guy -- [and], in a weird sort of way, he kind of reminds me of you; [granted], he's not as handsome as you, but he's sweet [yet] tough, and he's strong, and he shoots from the hip, [but] he's still a sweet man [who] loves his kids [and] his family, and...well, he's a real man, you know what I mean? Like you!" Nancy declared as Craig squirmed.

Roman soon returned with the bowls of chowder then rushed off again -- and Craig started to tell Nancy everything once the coast was clear. "I knew it --" Nancy spat while Craig was talking. "There's something else --" Craig tried to elaborate. "Just spare me the details -- I don't want to find out that 'it just happened' or that 'she completes you' or whatever other load of crap --" Nancy protested as Roman returned to find out what was going on. "You want me to keep my voice down because I'm the one being loud while he just sits there like the sleazy little wimp that he is?" Nancy challenged Roman before dousing Craig with chowder then storming off.

Craig caught up with Nancy at the town square -- where Chloe and Brady were still talking. Chloe quickly realized that Nancy still didn't know the whole story. Craig explained that Nancy had reacted before the whole story could be shared. "My marriage is over, my husband is cheating on me -- I mean, what more is there to talk about?" Nancy argued.

Craig tells Nancy the truth

Craig tells Nancy the truth

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Ben surprised Ciara with a new apartment. "You've been looking for an apartment without me?" Ciara asked. Ben noted that apartment hunting was stressful, and he had wanted to spare Ciara from it. "I narrowed it down to my top three favorites, and then I asked Julie to come take a look at them. And we decided together that this is the best one," Ben said. Ciara did not want to leave their home, but Ben noted that they needed more room for the baby.

At the Horton house, devil Johnny stood in the darkened living room and thought about the burning Christmas tree. "Who are you? And what are you doing in my house?" Julie screamed. In the darkness of the living room, Julie waved a broom at the figure in the corner, not realizing it was "Johnny." Julie turned on the light.

"Johnny" apologized for having upset Julie. "You do not just walk into somebody's house," Julie said. "Johnny" said he was there to talk to Doug. "I wanted to talk to someone else who knows what it is like to have the devil inside him," "Johnny" said. "Johnny" explained that his movie was back on, and he needed to do research. Julie pointed out that Johnny had not reached out during Doug's ordeal.

"And now you want to talk to my husband, who has been through hell, to find out what hell is like? I suppose to make money off of his suffering. Off of your grandmother's suffering," Julie said. "Johnny" noted that Marlena was fine with the movie. "Good luck to [Marlena]. I'm not fine with it," Julie said. Julie told "Johnny" that he was a mix of his father's arrogance and his mother's insensitivity.

"I offended you. I didn't mean to. You're right about me. I am all those things you said. I'm sorry," "Johnny" said. After a moment, Julie calmed. "You're just young and stupid. I was in the same place myself, as I dimly recall," Julie muttered. "Johnny" asked if he could start over. With a wave of her hand, Julie told "Johnny" to come back another time. "I'm on my way out now," Julie said. Julie explained that she was on her way to take a housewarming gift to Ben and Ciara.

"They're moving?" "Johnny" asked. Julie pulled a cross out of her bag. Inscribed on the cross was, "God Bless Our Home." "I want them to be sure they have this, and they put it right outside their new home," Julie said. "Johnny" asked Julie if she smelled smoke. When Julie shook her head no, a fire alarm sounded. Julie ran into the kitchen. "Johnny" picked up the cross and looked at it.

When Julie returned, she told "Johnny" that there had been a fire on top of her stove. "Thank God for the smoke alarm," "Johnny" said. "Johnny" encouraged Julie to have someone look at the stove in case it happened again. Julie agreed, but she said she still felt compelled to deliver the cross to Ben and Ciara's apartment first. "Johnny" offered to take the cross over for her. "I'd like to do something to get back in your good graces," "Johnny" said. "Johnny" asked for the new address.

After a tour of the apartment, Ciara asked Ben why they should move before they needed the space. "This baby is going to be here before we know it," Ben said. Ben added that the move would give them time to prepare the apartment without a rush. "I guess," Ciara said. Ben asked Ciara if she liked the apartment.

"When would we sign the lease?" Ciara asked. "I already did," Ben said. Ciara groaned. Ben told Ciara that the landlady had given him an out on the lease if Ciara had disapproved of the apartment. With a nod, Ciara agreed to move in. Ben suggested that they christen their new apartment. "I saw that you made the bed up. You planned ahead," Ciara said. "I just wanted tonight to be perfect," Ben said. Ben picked Ciara up and carried her toward the bedroom. A knock at the door stopped them.

"It's probably Julie, but I'm going to tell her that there was an emergency," Ben said. Ben set Ciara down, and he ran to answer the door. It was "Johnny." Ciara excitedly hugged "Johnny," and she introduced Ben to him. "Johnny" explained that he was there to drop off a gift from Julie.

"[Julie] had some fires to put out, but she wanted you guys to have this right away. Didn't want you to spend another night here without it to protect you. She wants you to hang it outside," "Johnny" said. Ciara looked at the cross, and she asked why Julie believed that they needed protection.

With a shrug, "Johnny" said, "I presume that it was because the devil is after your baby." "Was," Ben corrected. Ben argued that the devil had been exorcised. "Thank God, Marlena is fine now, and it is all over and done with," Ciara added. Ben asked "Johnny" about his movie, and "Johnny" explained that he planned to move ahead with it. Ben told "Johnny" to keep Ciara and the baby out of the movie.

"I think you making a movie about what happened to Dr. Evans is creepy. And especially the fact that this is your grandmother. You really want to make money off what happened to her?" Ben asked. "Johnny" said he understood that Ben was devoted to Marlena. "The truth is, my grandma is fine with it," "Johnny" said. Ciara thanked "Johnny" for dropping off the gift, and he offered to hang up the cross for her. Ben thanked "Johnny," and he started to hang the cross outside the apartment himself. "Johnny" hugged Ciara goodbye.

"I think that this baby is going to have one protective father," "Johnny" said as he patted Ciara's stomach. After "Johnny" left, Ciara admired Ben's handiwork in the hallway. Ben swept Ciara up in his arms and carried her over the threshold. Devil Johnny returned to the hallway outside the apartment, and he turned the cross upside down.

In the town square, Craig begged Nancy to go with him somewhere private to talk about his affair. "My husband is cheating. My marriage is over. What else could there possibly be?" Nancy asked. Chloe asked Nancy to calm down. Frustrated, Nancy said she did not need to talk privately when everyone in town would know what had happened.

"Just be straight with me!" Nancy said. "I will. But not with an audience," Craig stressed. Craig told Nancy he would talk to her in their room, and he entered the hotel. "He is trying to do the right thing. Just go be with him," Chloe begged. Nancy wondered aloud what she had done "to deserve this." After Nancy followed Craig into the hotel, Brady hugged Chloe to comfort her.

Chloe nervously paced, and she told Brady that she felt like she was in the waiting room of an ER. "I just don't know how my mom is going to take it. Craig is her whole life," Chloe said. "You are underestimating your mom. She is tough. She is a formidable woman," Brady said. Chloe agreed. "I know that she'll survive, but will she be the same?" Chloe asked. With a sigh, Chloe confessed that although she knew that Craig was in pain, she was mad at him.

"I'd be worried if you weren't," Brady said. Chloe thanked Brady for his support. "No matter what, we are friends," Brady said. "I've known and loved this family since I was 15 years old, and now I feel like it's just gone forever," Chloe said.

In their hotel room, Nancy reminded Craig of when they had reconnected the day before. "I was the happiest woman in the world because I didn't know who you were or what you had done. I was just a happy, ignorant fool," Nancy said. Craig apologized for having hurt Nancy. "You're the most wonderful woman in the world," Craig started. Nancy interrupted to yell that she did not want to hear about that or about how much pain Craig was in.

"I'm such a coward," Craig whispered. With a gasp, Nancy asked Craig if the reason he had wanted to talk privately was to ask for her forgiveness. "You're never going to see her again, right? Isn't that what you want to tell me, Craig?" Nancy asked hopefully. Craig said he did not want Nancy's forgiveness. Nancy argued that they could get past the cheating if Craig promised never to cheat again.

"I can't do that," Craig said. "Are you telling me that you're in love with this woman?" Nancy asked. "I am in love. But it's not a woman. I'm in love with a man," Craig confessed. In tears, Nancy asked Craig if he had been thinking of men when he had been with her. "No, I love you," Craig started. "No! Just as a friend, right? But you never bothered to tell me how you were feeling!" Nancy shouted.

"That's because I never knew how I was really feeling!" Craig cried out. "Are you telling me that this is the first person, man, that you've ever slept with?" Nancy asked. Craig admitted that he had been attracted to men in college before he had met Nancy. "But you were sleeping with men then?" Nancy asked. "I was, and then, I realized that's not what I wanted. That's not the life I wanted to live, so I put those feelings aside, and I married you," Craig said. Nancy laughed. "Lucky me!" Nancy said. Nancy reminded Craig that she had feelings, too.

"I did love you. I wanted to build a life with you. I never cheated on you," Craig said. "Until now," Nancy reminded Craig. Nancy asked Craig if he was bisexual. "I owe you the truth. I'm gay," Craig said. Craig told Nancy that he did not expect her to understand. "I understand perfectly. You married me, Craig, knowing you were attracted to men," Nancy said. Craig explained that he had not told Nancy about his past, because he had "managed to control those feelings."

"You and I had a good marriage. We had beautiful children," Craig said. "We have a good marriage and beautiful children, based on lies," Nancy shot back. Nancy asked Craig what had changed. "I'm in love. And now that I know the way I feel about this man and it's him, I'm sorry, Nancy. It is just there is no turning back," Craig said. Nancy asked Craig how he could have fallen in love with this man after a few months.

"Because he has changed everything for me, Nancy. He has helped me to face things that I've spent my entire life trying not to face. And for the first time in my life, I know who I am, Nancy. And I can't go back to living the way I was. I just can't," Craig said. "I do not want to hear another word out of your mouth! Because now, it's my turn," Nancy said.

Nancy told Craig that he did not get to end their marriage. "I cannot be with a man who can just throw away our lives after all of this because he just realized something he should have been honest about years ago. Craig, you should have told me before I was your wife," Nancy said.

"I'm sorry," Craig said. Nancy countered that she did not care if Craig was sorry. "I can't even stand to look at you anymore. I want you to leave because our marriage is over. It's dead. And Craig, you are dead to me, too," Nancy said. Nancy ordered Craig to leave her room. As Nancy started to sob, Craig walked out.

On DiMera island, Abigail asked Kristen about Steve and Kayla. Abigail showed Kristen the driver's licenses and eye patch she had found in the room. "How do DiMeras eliminate problems?" Kristen purred. "Oh, my God. You killed them," Abigail whispered. With a chuckle, Kristen said she had neutralized Steve and Kayla, not killed them. Kristen argued that Steve and Kayla had interfered in her life.

"The right to privacy does not extend to kidnapping," Abigail said. Kristen told Abigail that she had caught Steve and Kayla playacting in Rome. "Ironically, they really are now living a celibate and cloistered life," Kristen said. Abigail demanded details, but Kristen warned Abigail to stop asking questions. Abigail argued that Steve and Kayla had to be on the island.

"You do know that your evidence doesn't prove that they're here," Kristen noted. Kristen opened the front door, and she told Abigail to explore. "You're not a prisoner here," Kristen said. "That's exactly what I am," Abigail countered. Kristen told Abigail that they were surrounded by a jungle and cameras.

"Most die in the jungle before they ever see the water. And the ones that do get that far, well they just get dashed on the rocks," Kristen said. Abigail told Kristen that her plan would fail. "Did you happen to send Chad a text?" Abigail asked. When Kristen asked why, Abigail said that she had explained her theories to Chad before she had left for the airport.

"How long do you think it will be before [Chad] figures out that I didn't just voluntarily leave him and my children?" Abigail asked. Kristen shrugged. Kristen noted that Chad was welcome on the island. "You've overplayed your hand, Kristen. This is all unraveling!" Abigail shouted. Kristen walked out of the room. Abigail vowed to find Steve and Kayla and escape the island.

Kayla awoke on the floor in a dark storage room. "What the hell have you done now, Kristen?" Kayla wondered aloud. Kayla thought about when she had fought Kristen for the gun, and it had fired. The bullet had missed both women. Kristen had gotten the upper hand in the struggle and had recovered the gun.

"Steve! Did Kristen really kill you?" Kayla wondered aloud. Kayla called out to Steve. There was a knock in the corner, and Kayla followed the sound to a trunk. Kayla opened the trunk, and a gagged Steve popped out of it. Kayla hugged Steve tight, and she told him that Kristen had said he was dead. "What happened?" Kayla asked. Steve told Kayla that Kristen had intercepted him at their hotel room in Rome.

"I don't even know where we are. She drugged me, I guess. I just woke up a few minutes ago," Kayla said. "So did I," Steve murmured. Steve and Kayla looked around the room. "This must be some kind of storm shelter. I bet we're on an island," Steve noted. Steve told Kayla about his conversation with Kristen about Sarah.

"I'd like to know just how many Salemites are on this island," Steve said. "You think Sarah is here, too?" Kayla asked. Steve said he did not believe they were alone on the island. "We have to get out of this place and find out who else is here," Steve said.

The devil tries to drive a wedge between Gabi and Jake

The devil tries to drive a wedge between Gabi and Jake

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Gabi and Jake ate breakfast while discussing Rafe's case. "These charges -- they're not gonna stick," Jake predicted. "I hope you're right..." Gabi muttered.

Jake eventually changed the subject, wondering who was blowing up Gabi's cell phone. "Who do you think?" Gabi responded. "Little twerp's persistent..." Jake grumbled. "Stop pouting, Jake -- Johnny is not gonna get his way, okay?" Gabi declared.

Chanel went to the DiMera mansion to serve "Johnny" with divorce papers. "You think you're gonna get this much money from me [after] we were married for, like, two days?" the demonic presence sputtered as Johnny. "You were so hot to get married that you didn't make me sign a prenup, so my lawyer says I can take you for a lot," Chanel reasoned. "My dad was right about you -- you just married me for my money!" the demonic presence translated as Johnny. "I married you for love -- and you know it! [But] you treated me like dirt, so... [Look], you had your fun, but now it's gonna cost you," Chanel countered.

The demonic presence scowled while watching Chanel walk away from the mansion -- then it slammed the front door shut before stepping into the living room and giving Stefano's portrait a shake of the head. "You were married, like, a million times -- how much alimony were you paying?" the demonic presence wondered.

Gabi soon entered the mansion, eager to try again to convince "Johnny" to go along with the plan to get Victor into DiMera Enterprises. "What's in it for me?" the demonic presence demanded to know as Johnny before trying to kiss Gabi -- who recoiled, not wanting to betray Jake. "I'm not the only one who wants to screw you -- so, you better start watching your back, [because Jake's] using you," the demonic presence warned as Johnny before agreeing to go along with Gabi's plan.

Gabi produced a cell phone, eager to give Jake the good news right away, but the demonic presence magically drained the device's battery. "Guess you'll have to catch up with Jake later..." the demonic presence noted as Johnny. "Yes -- I guess I'll do that after I share the news with Maggie..." Gabi agreed. "Any day now, Jake is gonna give you a good reason to question your trust in him..." the demonic presence predicted as Johnny, but Gabi laughed off the warning then rushed off to the Kiriakis mansion. "Guess I better go...change... Ah, sometimes I love my life..." the demonic presence mused once the coast was clear.

Ben opened the front door of the new Brady-Weston apartment to retrieve a package that had just been delivered -- and noticed that Julie's cross was upside down.

Later, Ben received a visit from Jake, who pointed out that the cross was upside down. "What the hell... It keeps doing that -- it must be, like, top-heavy or something..." Ben, who had already fixed the cross earlier, grumbled before fixing it again. "Didn't know you and Ciara were religious..." Jake admitted. "It was a housewarming gift from her grandma," Ben clarified. "Guess you can't be too careful -- the devil was after your baby..." Jake noted.

Ben quickly changed the subject, wondering how Jake was doing. "Could be better..." Jake fretted before telling Ben about "Johnny's" sudden interest in Gabi. "Screw Johnny -- all that matters is that you can trust Gabi...right? [So], as long as you and Gabi stick together, you're gonna come out on top, all right?" Ben argued -- and Jake nodded in response but still seemed concerned.

Jake eventually started to rush off -- and informed Ben, while exiting the apartment, that the cross was upside down once again.

At that same time, Gabi entered the Kiriakis mansion and headed toward the study -- where the demonic presence, which had morphed into Jake, was in the midst of a conversation with Maggie, who had just revealed that Victor had qualms about handing control of Titan over to anyone other than a family member. "Making Gabi [the] CEO of Titan -- it may be off the table... Is that a deal-breaker?" Maggie wondered. "It sure as hell is!" Gabi muttered while eavesdropping from the hallway. "Absolutely not!" the demonic presence responded as Jake.

Paulina approached the Price-Grant apartment and took a deep breath. "You cannot blow this -- you've been working your whole life to make sure that Lani doesn't go anywhere near Ray Coates, [but] now here he is in Salem, [so] you go in there [and] do whatever it takes to make sure he never finds out he has a daughter!" Paulina muttered before knocking on the apartment door -- then announcing, when Lani opened it, that they were about to fly south for the winter.

"This is my first winter up north in a long time, and I'm just sick to death of it -- and I was watching the weather report this morning, and they said some groundhog saw his shadow, and we're in for six more weeks of this garbage! [So, I was thinking]...'Why stay here when I have this big, huge, fabulous house sitting empty in Miami?'" Paulina elaborated. Lani tried to object, but Paulina insisted -- and claimed, as a way of settling the matter, that Olivia was lonely but couldn't travel.

At the Horton Town Square, T.R. continued a phone conversation with someone. "Salem has a certain amount of charm -- I'm beginning to think we can shoot the whole movie on location... [Yes], you assume correctly -- I won't be leaving this town anytime soon..." T.R. informed the person before ending the call.

Meanwhile, Allie and Tripp approached Sweet Bits. "Thanks for walking me to work," Allie raved. "I only do it for the doughnuts -- it's got nothing to do with spending a little extra time with you," Tripp joked. "Oh, no -- my illusions are shattered!" Allie fretted. "Ah, I love you," Tripp declared. "I love hearing you say that," Allie admitted. "Good, 'cause you're gonna be hearing it for the rest of your life," Tripp stressed. "Fine by me," Allie insisted.

Tripp and Allie kissed -- then made plans to finish what they had just started later that day. "You are the kindest, most caring person I've ever known -- I'm really grateful to have you in my life," Allie gushed. "I am beyond grateful to have you in mine -- and, although I am obviously not Henry's dad, I love him so much, [too]," Tripp responded. Allie guessed that Henry already thought of Tripp as a father figure -- and that their bond would get even stronger in the future. "I do hope that he thinks of me that way," Tripp confessed.

Tripp soon rushed off to the hospital to start a work shift -- and T.R. approached Allie as soon as the coast was clear. "I need to talk to Chanel DuPree -- it's important," T.R. began -- and Chanel arrived while Allie was probing for more information. "I'm here to talk to you about your role in Possessed -- [see], I'm the guy who's producing it, [and] if you don't fulfill your contractual obligations, I will sue you...and win," T.R. warned, issuing the threat to not just Chanel but also Allie, whose identity had been established during their earlier conversation.

Chanel was surprised when T.R. vaguely admitted to having a long history with Paulina. "I'm very sorry about your father --" T.R. stressed. "You knew him, too?" Chanel translated. "No -- sadly, I never had the pleasure..." T.R. clarified. "I miss him," Chanel declared. "I'm sure you do... [Anyway], I did meet your cousin --" T.R. responded. "You got the wrong information -- Lani's not my cousin; she's my sister... [Well], half-sister; [we have] the same mother," Chanel interjected. "I had no idea..." T.R. muttered. "I just found out myself," Chanel admitted.

"You can sue us or whatever, but there's no way we're doing that movie --" Allie insisted. "I'm sure we'll be able to work something out," T.R. countered before rushing off, leaving Allie and Chanel confused about the sudden turn the conversation had taken.

Tripp entered the Brady Pub and wondered if Roman had heard from Sami or Lucas recently. "Not a word...but I wouldn't expect to; [see], I think they're lying low," Roman responded.

"There a problem?" Roman prodded Tripp. "I just kind of like to do things by the book -- [plus], I'm also a little scared of Allie's mom, [and I know] she doesn't like to be left out of things..." Tripp explained.

Still confused, Roman continued probing for information. "I love Allie -- [in fact], I think I fell in love with her the first time I ever saw her at that club in London -- [and] I love Henry, too... [Anyway], I want to take care of Allie and Henry for the rest of my life, [so]...I'm gonna ask her to marry me," Tripp revealed, surprising Roman -- who had concerns because of what had just happened with Johnny and Chanel but ultimately decided to support the idea.

Allie entered the pub a short time later and wondered why Tripp wasn't at the hospital. "I just remembered that I needed to ask your granddad if he had heard anything from Dad or Kayla," Tripp claimed before rushing off. "What was that all about?" Allie asked Roman once the coast was clear. "He told you," Roman replied before stepping into the kitchen to get an order ready for Allie -- who still seemed suspicious.

Paulina went to Sweet Bits to tell Chanel that they were going to Florida to visit Olivia. Meanwhile, Lani finished packing at the Price-Grant apartment -- just as someone knocked on the front door. "What are you doing here?" Lani wondered after opening the front door and finding T.R. standing on the other side of it.

Lani learns that T.R. is her biological father

Lani learns that T.R. is her biological father

Thursday, February 3, 2022

by Mike

At the Hernandez house, Ava started reading an online article about Rafe's case -- and was pleased to learn that the trial would be starting soon. "Not fast enough...but it'll do," Ava declared with a smirk -- just as Jake entered the house.

"What are you so happy about?" Jake began. "Oh, just reading a silly article in the health section -- 'Ten Ways to Drive Your Lover Crazy' --" Ava claimed. "Good 'crazy' or bad 'crazy'?" Jake interjected. "Little of both," Ava responded. "Lucky Rafe!" Jake mused. "Lucky Rafe..." Ava agreed. "Sorry about everything that's going on with him -- I didn't see that coming," Jake stressed. "Neither did he..." Ava noted with a smirk while Jake's back was turned.

Jake teased that it would be more believable if someone leveled such accusations at Ava instead of Rafe. "Fair point -- but you and Gabi, you're not as pure as the driven snow, either. If you remember, you and I were in the same business. [And Gabi] may not have been convicted of most of her crimes, but her rap sheet is almost as long as mine; your girlfriend's a killer with a nice wardrobe," Ava countered.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie admitted that "Jake's" response to Victor's stipulation had been unexpected -- and Gabi, who was still eavesdropping outside the study, agreed with a scowl. "Making Gabi [the] CEO of Titan was one of your conditions," Maggie recalled. "It was...but I wouldn't want something like that to sour the deal... As long as I'm made CEO of DiMera Enterprises, I got everything I want," the demonic presence clarified as Jake. "Gabi helped engineer this deal, [though] -- isn't she gonna be upset when she learns that she's not getting the Titan job?" Maggie argued. "Thank you, Maggie!" Gabi muttered. "Don't worry -- I can handle Gabi," the demonic presence bragged as Jake.

Gabi stormed out of the mansion with a shake of the head while Maggie was promising to pass "Jake's" response on to Victor right away. "Let me walk you out --" Maggie offered. "Oh, no -- I know my own way out," the demonic presence protested as Jake, drawing a shrug from Maggie, who soon rushed off in search of Victor. "Well, now, if that doesn't drive Jake and Gabi apart, I don't know what will..." the demonic presence mused with a smirk after morphing back into Johnny.

The demonic presence produced a cell phone and dialed Gabi's number. "What the heck -- this thing was dead..." Gabi muttered before answering the call. "Just calling to find out how your visit with Maggie went," the demonic presence began as Johnny. "It didn't!" Gabi spat before starting to vent about what had derailed the meeting. "Where are you? I'll be right there!" the demonic presence offered as Johnny.

After ending the call, the demonic presence exited the mansion then headed over to the park to meet up with Gabi, who fought back tears while continuing to vent. "You saw Jake for who he really is, and I can't imagine how much it must have hurt to hear him talking that way...but maybe, honestly, it's good that you did, 'cause now you have the upper hand," the demonic presence eventually advised as Johnny. "Turnabout is fair play..." Gabi conceded. "You have the element of surprise...and you have something he doesn't -- me. I think we could do great things together, Gabi -- run this town, maybe even shake up the whole world..." the demonic presence stressed as Johnny. "Let's do it," Gabi responded.

Allie and Nicole ran into each other outside the Brady Pub and seized the opportunity to discuss the latest development in Rafe's case. Allie assured Nicole that Rafe would be declared innocent at the end of the trial because the whole case was clearly the result of some sort of misunderstanding. Nicole clarified that Rafe was actually being framed, prompting Allie to wonder who would do such a thing. "I can't say for sure -- not yet, anyway -- but I'm working on finding some proof," Nicole responded. "Okay -- well, you don't have to do it alone, [because] there are so many people who care about Rafe [and] will help you clear his name," Allie stressed.

"I mean, you have me, and Ava, and --" Allie noted. "I don't think Ava's gonna be much help..." Nicole muttered. "Why?" Allie wondered. "Ava and Rafe's relationship is...complicated," Nicole declared. "You're suggesting that Tripp's mother could be the one who's framing [Rafe] for this!" Allie realized. "It's just a hunch...[but], lately, I've been getting the sense that Ava is just having some anger issues," Nicole explained before admitting that Ava wasn't just upset with Rafe. "Why would Ava be mad at you? I mean, it's not like there's anything...going on and Rafe..." Allie protested.

"Oh..." Allie concluded. "It was just one time -- we are not having an affair! It's just...I was scared, [and] Rafe was there, [and] he was comforting me, [and] one thing led to another, and --" Nicole stressed. "I understand -- but are you sure it's just a one-time thing? 'Cause, you know, sometimes you say it's over, but the feelings are still there..." Allie argued. "We were just discussing that right before he was arrested...but we are not going to have an affair behind Ava's back. [And] we don't even know if she knows what happened between us -- but if she does, then she's lashing out at Rafe for betraying her with me, [so] I feel responsible to help," Nicole responded.

Nicole begged Allie not to share the information with anyone. "Not even Tripp?" Allie translated. "I know this is a lot to ask -- Ava is Tripp's mother, and I am sure you don't like hiding things from Tripp --" Nicole acknowledged. "I hate it..." Allie muttered before promising not to betray Nicole's confidence. Allie offered to help Nicole investigate. "You cannot go through Ava's things -- you would never betray Tripp like that!" Nicole protested, making Allie squirm.

Tripp went to the Hernandez house to see Ava, who was delighted to hear that a marriage proposal was in the works. "A few weeks ago, you said that you thought there was a little more than friendship going on between Allie and Chanel [and] that she was gonna break my heart --" Tripp noted. "You were probably right -- Rafe and I were going through some stuff, and I should not have projected it onto you," Ava admitted. "Were you afraid that he has feelings for someone else?" Tripp wondered. "It doesn't matter -- I figured out a way to work through it," Ava responded.

"[Anyway], I think Allie is a great girl -- [and, look], I am always gonna be an overprotective mama, but I see that she makes you happy, and that's all I could ever hope for, [because] I want nothing but the best for you," Ava stressed before hugging Tripp, who returned the sentiment then continued talking about the planned marriage proposal.

Ava rushed off to another room after hearing that Tripp didn't have an engagement ring yet -- then returned a short time later with a jewelry box that contained an antique diamond ring. "Knew I was saving this for a reason... [Listen], it was my grandmother's, and she gave it to me when I was a little girl, right before she died -- [see], my grandfather gave it to her when he proposed to her," Ava explained as Tripp stared at the ring in awe.

Ava directed Tripp's attention to an inscription on the ring. "Amore mio," Tripp read aloud. "That's what Allie is -- she's your amore," Ava noted. "Mom, this is amazing...but I can't take this --" Tripp objected. "Why not? It is a family heirloom -- that was your great-grandmother's -- [and] it's not like I've got a daughter I'm gonna pass it down to, [so] nothing would make me happier than to see my future daughter-in-law with that on her finger," Ava countered. "I can't wait to give it to her!" Tripp admitted before thanking Ava. "You don't have to thank me -- I am just so happy that you found someone who loves you as much as I do," Ava stressed.

"[But] what if you want it for yourself --" Tripp fretted. "You don't have to worry about that," Ava insisted. "Are you okay?" Tripp wondered. Ava dodged the question and chased Tripp off with more supportive words about the planned marriage proposal, which was going to occur on Valentine's Day. "We could have had our happily ever after, [too], but you threw it all away -- and now you'll have to pay for that," Ava muttered while staring at a photograph of Rafe once the coast was clear.

At the Horton Town Square, Chanel refused to go to Florida with Paulina, explaining that the timing simply wasn't right. "I'm 'obligated' to stay -- 'contractually'..." Chanel explained before telling Paulina about what had happened earlier. "Go home right now [and] pack a bag -- [and] be ready to go to the airport as soon as I get back!" Paulina ordered Chanel after realizing that T.R. knew the truth about Lani. "What is the hurry?" Chanel wondered as Paulina rushed off.

At the Price-Grant apartment, T.R. apologized to Lani for having shown up unannounced -- then explained that there was an important matter that they needed to discuss right away. "I know you are in business with Chanel's husband -- [so], if you've come here to try to talk me into asking her not to sue him --" Lani began to object. "That's not why I came to see you," T.R. insisted.

"[Though] I can't imagine she wouldn't value your opinion..." T.R. added. "You don't know Chanel -- her opinion is the only one that she values," Lani declared. "Like her mother before her..." T.R. grumbled. "The point is...even if I wanted to influence her -- which I don't -- I can guarantee you that I would have no effect," Lani stressed.

"But...she is your sister...right?" T.R. argued. "Who told you that?" Lani stammered. "Chanel," T.R. responded. "[Look], you have financial interest in Chanel's lawsuit because of your stake in Johnny's movie, [so] Paulina probably just didn't want you trying to get to Chanel through me --" Lani explained. "That's not why she lied... [Look], I knew your mother a long time ago -- over 30 years ago, to be exact -- [and] we had a relationship, so...when Chanel told me that you were Paulina's daughter, I did the math, and I realized that I could be your father --" T.R. clarified. "My father is some guy named 'Ray' --" Lani protested. "That's me, Lani -- I'm Terrell Raymond Coates," T.R. declared.

Lani ordered T.R. to leave and never return -- but the command was ignored. "Do not make me get my gun --" Lani warned. "Please, Lani -- I just want you to know that I am not the same man that I was when I was with your mother; I gave up the drugs, I got sober, I can't tell you how much therapy I've been through... I promise you, I'm a different man now -- one that you could be proud to call your father --" T.R. stressed. "Why would I want anything to do with you?" Lani interjected.

"All these years, I didn't know Paulina was my mother -- they told me she was my aunt, [and] her sister raised me as her own, [and] you want to know why?" Lani continued. "Because of me," T.R. guessed. "Because she was so afraid [that] if you even found out that I existed, then you would never leave her alone -- that you would keep threatening her [and] abusing her -- and her worst fear was that if you found out that I was your daughter, that you would do the same thing to me. And then you come waltzing in here, telling me about all the self-help work you've done on yourself, and...what, you just expect me to run into your arms [and] call you 'Daddy'?" Lani continued.

"You are not my father -- I already have a father, and he is the best man that I know --" Lani began to conclude. "I am happy to hear that -- but that doesn't mean that we can't get to know each other --" T.R. argued -- just as Paulina arrived. "Stay the hell away from my daughter!" Paulina demanded. "Oh, so you're admitting she is your daughter [now]," T.R. responded.

"You can kick me out of here, but that does not change the fact that Lani is also my daughter. [And] I missed a lot of years, and I will never be able to get those back, but I'm gonna do whatever I have to do to be a father to [her] now -- that's a promise," T.R. added before walking away -- and Paulina hugged Lani tightly once the coast was clear.

At the Horton Town Square, Chanel told Allie about the planned trip to Florida. "This isn't about us sleeping together," Chanel assured Allie -- just as the demonic presence approached from behind.

PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air

PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air

Friday, February 4, 2022

Due to NBC's coverage of the 2022 Winter Olympics, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the Olympic coverage. Regular programming resumed on Monday, February 21, 2022, and picked up where the Thursday, February 3, 2022, episode concluded.

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