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Craig's new boyfriend was Leo Stark. Brady and Chloe told Craig about Leo's past, but Craig committed to Leo. Tripp and Allie's engagement ended after Johnny told Tripp that Allie had slept with Chanel. Gabi rebuffed Johnny and Jake's seductions. Ben and Ciara decided to talk to Susan about whether Johnny was possessed. T.R. asked Paulina for forgiveness. Abigail told "Renee" about the serum. Chad and Tony rescued everyone from the island, but Kristen escaped. To Anna's horror, Kayla asked Tony to humor "Renee." Ava asked Gwen for a reason to stay quiet. Jack told Xander about Sarah's kidnapping.
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Craig's new boyfriend was Leo Stark, Gabi rebuffed Johnny and Jake's seductions, and Chad and Tony rescued everyone from the island
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Tripp proposes to Allie

Tripp proposes to Allie

Monday, February 28, 2022

by Mike

At the Brady-Weston apartment, Ben and Ciara continued fleshing out their theory about the devil's new host -- then decided to get Susan's take on the matter, not wanting to worry Marlena unless they were absolutely certain that they were right.

Jake entered the Kiriakis mansion and wondered what Maggie wanted to discuss. "I never texted you -- I haven't seen my phone since I misplaced it yesterday," Maggie insisted before changing the subject, deciding to seize the opportunity to ask Jake a few questions on Victor's behalf. "I'm gonna have to get back to you on that -- I gotta go look into something," Jake objected before Maggie could even share a single one of Victor's inquiries.

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi pondered "Johnny's" plan to stop Jake from gaining control of DiMera Enterprises and Titan. "We need to screw Jake before he screws us -- and, speaking of screwing, do you have any Valentine's Day plans? [Seriously], Jake shouldn't be the only one closing deals, [right]? Your boyfriend is plotting against you, [and] my soon-to-be ex-wife is trying to clean me out -- we both deserve to have a," the demonic presence declared as Johnny. "Meaningless sex?" Gabi translated. "Sex with me is far from 'meaningless'..." the demonic presence insisted as Johnny.

"You put your faith in Jake, and he let you down, [and] I can only imagine how disappointing that must be for you...but I promise that I won't disappoint you -- in business...or anywhere... So, what do you say -- why don't we go upstairs and make this a Valentine's Day to remember..." the demonic presence whispered as Johnny, making Gabi swoon.

"I'm sorry -- I can't --" Gabi stammered as the demonic presence leaned in for a kiss. "Can't...or won't?" the demonic presence countered as Johnny. "I'm...just not ready to go that far...yet..." Gabi explained. "But you're not ruling it out?" the demonic presence assumed as Johnny. "Let's just see how this meeting goes," Gabi responded. "Are you really gonna leave me here all by myself?" the demonic presence objected as Johnny. "I'm sure you'll be just fine -- I want to go home, and I want to...prepare for the meeting, and...aren't you still married?" Gabi muttered before rushing out of the mansion, still flustered.

"I don't like being rejected -- and I don't like being left alone... What's a horny devil to do with himself..." the demonic presence grumbled as Johnny once the coast was clear.

Gabi headed back to the Hernandez house -- and Jake arrived a short time later. Gabi was confused when Jake revealed what had just happened at the Kiriakis mansion. "I think that little punk Johnny DiMera stole her phone and sent me that message --" Jake announced. "I just don't know what he'd gain by having you go over to the mansion to see Maggie... [Now], the other theory is [that] you're lying -- but I know you have no reason to lie to me, so we can take that out of the equation..." Gabi responded. Jake agreed then dropped the subject, conceding that Gabi might be right about there being no real benefit to such a scheme.

Jake tried to kiss Gabi, who dodged the attempt and claimed to be too concerned about Rafe's trial to focus on anything else. Gabi rushed off to the police station to check on Rafe, and Jake released a groan of frustration once the coast was clear.

At the Horton Town Square, Chanel continued begging to know how Allie planned to respond to Tripp's marriage proposal. "You know what? I shouldn't have asked -- [I mean], Tripp's the one proposing, [so] he should be the first one to hear your answer, not me," Chanel eventually backpedaled. "No, you deserve to know -- you' best friend, and you've been with me through this entire relationship," Allie quickly countered.

"I'm just so caught off guard -- I mean, Tripp and I never even talked about getting married...[and] I know a lot of people get engaged on Valentine's Day, but I did not think it was my time..." Allie admitted. "So...?" Chanel prodded Allie. "I'm just not sure... What do you think -- am I ready?" Allie responded. "I'm probably not the best person to be giving advice on marriage," Chanel joked. "Did you have doubts when [Johnny] asked you?" Allie wondered. "I didn't -- I mean, yeah, I was surprised, but I think I said yes before he even finished asking the question," Chanel confessed. "Because he was convincing," Allie guessed. "Because it felt right," Chanel stressed.

"No matter what you decide, you know I love you," Chanel assured Allie. "Back at you," Allie responded before hugging Chanel. The embrace lasted a bit longer than necessary, and when Chanel and Allie finally pulled away from each other and parted ways, they both seemed somewhat conflicted. The demonic presence approached while Chanel was exiting the town square. "You're still upset, [and] you have every right to be, [but] we had fun together, [and] just 'cause we're getting divorced, that doesn't mean that the fun has to stop..." the demonic presence suggested as Johnny. "Seriously?" Chanel protested.

Chanel guessed that "Johnny" was only playing nice in an effort to get out of having to pay a hefty divorce settlement -- and the accusation led them into a lengthy argument about the matter. "Isn't there some way we can try and figure this out without the lawyers? Let's go someplace [and] figure it out, just the two of us -- we can go back to your place...or mine..." the demonic presence eventually requested as Johnny. "I'm never going back there again!" Chanel protested before starting to head off to another location, and the demonic presence eagerly followed.

Tripp headed over to the park and found the perfect spot for a moonlit picnic and marriage proposal -- then made it even better with flowers, candles, tiki torches, and strings of miniature white lights that were attached to otherwise bare white trees.

Craig passed through the area while Tripp was putting the last of the decorations in place. "Well, don't you have the romantic setup going here -- [I mean], looks like you've got some big plans for Valentine's Day," Craig observed. "Thank you -- [and, yeah, I guess] you could say that; I'm planning to propose to my girlfriend," Tripp responded. "I remember that feeling -- proposing to my wife, getting ready... Mind you, it was 30 years ago..." Craig mused. "30 years -- that's something to be proud of --" Tripp acknowledged. " wife and I are in the process of splitting up," Craig clarified.

"Tonight, my daughter is supposed to meet my boyfriend, and...I'm telling you, I'm just a nervous wreck about it..." Craig fretted before starting to apologize for having just unloaded on a total stranger, prompting Tripp to dismiss the concern. Tripp and Craig offered each other a few words of encouragement before parting ways.

Brady entered the town square's bar and approached Chloe's table. "This...isn't --" Chloe began to protest when Brady handed over a long-stemmed red rose. "Relax -- there was a kid selling them out on the street, and he was trying to raise money for his school band," Brady clarified. "Oh, okay -- well, thank you for being so sweet [and] supporting the arts," Chloe responded with a sigh of relief before changing the subject, fretting to Brady about what was going to happen later.

"What if I don't like the guy? Or, even worse, what if I do like him?" Chloe wondered. "There's nothing wrong with you wanting both of your parents to be happy," Brady insisted. "I kind of wanted to tell [my mom about this], but what was I gonna say -- 'Hey, Mom, instead of staying [in for Valentine's Day] and eating cheeseburgers with you and watching sappy movies, I'm gonna meet Dad's new boyfriend'?" Chloe grumbled. "It's definitely an interesting situation," Brady agreed. "That's one way to put it..." Chloe muttered before thanking Brady for having tagged along.

Chloe and Brady reminisced about previous times they had spent Valentine's Day together. "Maybe..." Chloe eventually began -- but Craig arrived before Brady got to hear the rest of the sentence. "I'm glad you invited Brady -- I know how close the two of you are... [Look], I understand how difficult it might be for you to meet the new man in my life, [but] he is gonna put us all at ease -- he's funny, [and] kind, [and] I'm sure he's gonna love the both of you, as you're gonna love him..." Craig assured Chloe and Brady while waiting for the man to arrive. "I just realized I don't even know his name --" Chloe noted. "Leo Stark?" Brady interjected, eyeing the bar's newest arrival. "How did you know?" Craig wondered before greeting Leo with a hug.

Allie met up with Tripp at the park. "You did all this for me?" Allie began. "No -- I just needed to make a couple extra bucks, so I started an event-planning business," Tripp joked. "Well, your clients are going to be very impressed," Allie predicted. "Even though we're outdoors, in much colder weather than I was expecting?" Tripp fretted. "It's a beautiful night -- I think it's perfect to be out under the stars," Allie insisted. "I just thought it'd be a little more private than some restaurant," Tripp reasoned. "Definitely --and, I mean, this would make any girl feel special; it's beautiful," Allie gushed. "So is my inspiration," Tripp countered before kissing Allie.

"I was planning on waiting to do this after our meal, when we were, you know, gazing into each other's eyes over dessert, but now that I have you here, I realize that there's no way I can wait that long, so..." Tripp admitted before producing a jewelry box and starting a speech then getting down on bended knee and proposing to Allie, who accepted without hesitation.

Chanel soon approached with "Johnny" then started to rush off in another direction after spotting Allie and Tripp. "What are you doing with him?" Allie challenged Chanel. "Well, hello to you, too, sis," the demonic presence snapped as Johnny. "Johnny just wanted to talk about the divorce," Chanel explained. "This looks romantic -- what do you two have going on out here?" the demonic presence wondered as Johnny.

Allie and Tripp shared their news. "Congratulations -- I'm really happy for you two," Chanel declared with a forced smile. "Johnny, aren't you gonna say something? [I mean], you can't be a little happy for your twin sister?" Allie wondered. "No, I am -- I'm just curious to find out if you told Tripp before you accepted his proposal," the demonic presence responded as Johnny. "Told me what?" Tripp interjected. "That she slept with my wife," the demonic presence clarified as Johnny.

Chloe tells Craig about Leo's past

Chloe tells Craig about Leo's past

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

At the Salem Inn, T.R. read through Johnny's script. "I had a feeling this film would change my life. I had no idea just how much," T.R. said. Paulina visited with a vase of flowers.

"I see you got my flowers," T.R. said. With a chuckle, Paulina dropped that bouquet on the ground, and the glass vase shattered. "I knew I should have gone with the roses," T.R. joked. Paulina argued that T.R. should have stayed away. "Once I realized [Lani] was my child, I just couldn't help myself," T.R. said. "Appearing on her doorstep out of nowhere?" Paulina said. T.R. agreed that he had handled the situation poorly.

"That's why I sent the flowers to you. To apologize," T.R. said. Paulina noted that there was no apology on the card. Paulina ordered T.R. to leave town. "I can't do that because I'm shooting a film, and I want to get to know my daughter," T.R. said. Paulina warned T.R. not to hurt Lani, but he countered that he could not hurt his daughter more than Paulina had.

"The only reason I lied about being Lani's mother was to protect her from you!" Paulina countered. "I was talking about Price Town," T.R. said. Paulina was taken aback. Paulina admitted she had made a mistake with Price Town. "And they forgave you? Even Lani?" T.R. asked. "Even Lani," Paulina confirmed.

T.R. noted that if Lani could forgive Paulina, Paulina could forgive him. Paulina argued that a real estate scheme was not the same thing as domestic violence. "Do you understand that?" Paulina asked. "I do," T.R. whispered. "Then don't compare my betrayals to yours!" Paulina yelled. T.R. agreed.

"Actually, I'm ashamed. The drugs, drinking, they turned me into somebody even I didn't recognize. I was on a downward spiral, and I didn't even know it. But after you disappeared, it got worse. I ended up in prison," T.R. said. Paulina rolled her eyes, and she asked if she was supposed to feel sorry for T.R.

"No, because that's when I finally realized that I needed to turn my life around," T.R. said. T.R. said that prison had forced him to change his life. T.R. told Paulina that he had been unable to enjoy his success in life because of the guilt he had felt about his treatment of her.

Paulina said she had moved on with her life and did not want to hear T.R.'s explanations. "There were so many times I tried to track you down to apologize, but I never wanted to upend your life. But now, fate has brought me back to you, and I finally have a chance to make things right. If you let me," T.R. said.

Paulina asked T.R. if he believed flowers were enough to apologize for the past. Before T.R. could respond, Paulina thought about when she had sent flowers to Lani. "I might be a bit of a hypocrite," Paulina said. Paulina added that true forgiveness needed to be earned over time.

"I will put in whatever time it takes, because no one as wonderful as you has ever come into my life. Instead of honoring you, treasuring you, and treasuring everything we had, I threw it all away," T.R. said. T.R. said he regretted what he had done. "I never got over you, and I don't know if I ever will," T.R. said. T.R. asked for the chance to make up for the past and get to know Lani.

"Think about it," T.R. said. "I have to go. Sorry about the mess," Paulina said. "It's my mess. It's on me to clean it up," T.R. said. After Paulina left, T.R. kneeled down and picked up the flowers.

In the park, Chanel and Johnny stumbled onto Tripp and Allie's romantic picnic. When Tripp and Allie announced their engagement, Chanel congratulated them. "Johnny? Aren't you going to say something?" Allie asked. Johnny asked Allie if she had told Tripp that she had slept with Chanel.

Confused, Tripp asked Johnny to explain. "I guess you didn't tell him. Oops. My bad," Johnny said. Tripp called Johnny a liar. "Find something else to do besides making trouble," Tripp said. "You can't be that surprised. Those two have been lusting after each other for months," Johnny said. Tripp argued that the kisses were in the past.

"Recently, they did a lot more than [kiss]," Johnny said. Johnny told Tripp that Allie had slept with Chanel the night that Johnny had dumped Chanel. When Tripp asked Allie if it was true, Chanel shouted, "Don't listen to him!" Chanel said it was a lie, but the look on Allie's face betrayed the truth.

"We talked, she put me to bed, then she left. End of story!" Chanel argued. Johnny said he had overheard Chanel and Allie talk about their "night of passion." Tripp stared at Allie. Johnny explained that Tripp deserved to know the truth before he married Allie.

"And you accuse me of being a player," Johnny said. With a shake of his head, Johnny walked off. Chanel begged Tripp to believe her. "I want to talk to Allie. Alone," Tripp said. Reluctantly, Chanel left. "You let Chanel do all the talking," Tripp said. Allie stammered that she did not know what to say.

"Was Johnny lying?" Tripp asked. Through tears, Allie admitted that she had slept with Chanel. Allie explained that it had "just happened." "I spent the night, but I woke up, and I felt so horrible. I felt so guilty. I hated lying to you. I wanted to come clean!" Allie said. "But you didn't!" Tripp countered.

Allie said she had gone to the hospital to confess. "But I didn't want to hurt you," Allie said. "Maybe you shouldn't have slept with Chanel!" Tripp argued. Allie stressed that she loved Tripp and that her night with Chanel had been a mistake. "Yeah, right," Tripp whispered. Allie told Tripp that she would not have accepted his proposal if he was not the one she wanted to marry.

"You don't seriously think that we're still getting married?" Tripp said. "I will do whatever it takes to make this right," Allie said. "You must think I'm the world's biggest chump," Tripp said. Tripp noted that Ava had warned him that Chanel was a threat. "I chose to believe in you. To trust in you. And look where that got me," Tripp said.

"You are the one I want to be with, okay? And I'm going to keep saying it until you believe it because it's the truth," Allie said. "No, it's not. It's a lie you've been telling me and yourself. Clearly, the person you want to be with is Chanel," Tripp said. Allie denied the accusation, and she asked for forgiveness.

"How could I ever trust you again?" Tripp asked. Tripp pointed out that if Johnny had not told him the truth, Allie would have kept the secret. "It's over, Allie," Tripp said. "I love you with my whole heart," Allie pleaded. Allie asked for another chance. After a moment, Tripp asked for his ring back. With tears in her eyes, Allie gave Tripp the ring.

Chanel caught up with Johnny in the square. "What the hell is wrong with you? How could you do that to your sister?" Chanel asked. "All I did was tell the truth," Johnny said. "I was a mess that night because of what you did to me. Allie and I just got caught up in the emotion!" Chanel said. With a chuckle, Johnny noted, "So it was the sweet kind of cheating, not the sleazy kind? In that case, Tripp will totally understand."

Chanel asked Johnny why he had asked to remain friends. "I guess I just got caught up in the spirit of Valentine's Day," Johnny said. "So, you pretended that you wanted to get along with me and then we'd bump into Allie and Tripp, and you would just blow everything up," Chanel said. Johnny said he had been compelled to intervene when he'd seen that Tripp had proposed.

"I do know what it's like to suddenly realize you married the wrong person," Johnny said. "Did you ever, because I am going to take you for everything you're worth," Chanel growled. With a grin, Johnny said he was eager to tell the lawyers that Chanel had committed adultery with his twin sister.

"Good luck convincing the judge that you're the victim," Johnny said. "I can't believe I ever loved you," Chanel muttered. "Did you? Or were you just enjoying the perks that I could provide you until you could get with my sister?" Johnny asked. Chanel called Johnny disgusting.

When devil Johnny returned home, he chuckled about his night of mischief. "I may not have gotten lucky tonight, but screwing with those losers was almost as satisfying," devil Johnny said. In Johnny's head, the voice of the real Johnny pleaded with the devil to stop hurting his loved ones. "Look who is awake," the devil said. "I have to let Chanel know that I love her. That I would never hurt her like this," Johnny said internally.

"And how do you plan on doing that?" the devil asked. "By getting rid of you," Johnny said. The devil laughed, then doubled over in pain. Johnny vowed never to give up. "Stop fighting me, or I will go upstairs and slaughter your little cousins in their sleep," devil Johnny said as he grabbed a letter opener. After a moment, the pain subsided. "Your love for Chanel and your sisters is a lot stronger than I anticipated. It's too bad they'll never find out just how much you care," devil Johnny said.

Over a romantic dinner at home, Eli confessed to Lani that he had visited T.R. "I appreciate you looking out for me, but you didn't have to go all caveman," Lani said. Lani asked Eli about the conversation. "I think he knows that from now on, he better treat you and Paulina with respect," Eli said.

Lani asked Eli for his opinion about T.R. "Understandably you have a lot of complicated feelings about your biological father. Right now, I think we should focus on us," Eli said. With a smile, Lani agreed. Eli toasted to his "incredible wife," and they danced in their living room.

After Eli and Lani made love, they returned to the kitchen. "I am not letting all this hard work go to waste," Lani said. As Lani started to cut the cake, Chanel knocked on the door. "What are you doing here?" Lani asked. "I needed to talk to someone," Chanel said. Chanel noticed the cake and decorations.

"I totally forgot it's Valentine's Day," Chanel said. Chanel turned to leave, but Lani stopped her. "What happened?" Eli asked. Chanel told Eli and Lani what had happened with Allie. "What did Tripp think?" Eli asked. "I haven't heard. What if I screwed everything up for them?" Chanel said. When Chanel noted that she was a horrible person, Lani argued that Chanel had not meant to hurt anyone. "Not like Johnny. What the hell is up with that guy?" Eli asked.

At the bar in the town square, Brady, Chloe, and Craig eagerly awaited the arrival of Craig's new boyfriend. Brady noticed Leo walk into the bar. "What's [your boyfriend's] name?" Chloe asked her father. "Leo Stark," Brady said. "How did you know?" Craig asked. Craig saw Leo, and he jumped to his feet to greet his lover. Chloe and Brady stared in horror as Craig kissed Leo hello. Leo saw Brady and blanched.

"You two know each other?" Craig asked. Chloe explained that she knew about Leo from Brady. "How is it that you two know each other?" Craig asked Leo. Leo explained that he and Brady had once believed that they might be brothers.

"Thank God that wasn't true, or that kiss we shared would have been all sorts of awkward," Leo joked. Brady noted that the kiss had not been mutual. "I had no idea that you all knew each other. What a small world," Craig whispered. Chloe asked Craig if Leo had ever mentioned that Leo had lived in Salem. "No," Craig said.

"Craig and I haven't gotten around to sharing everything about our respective pasts yet," Leo said. When Leo noted that his time in Salem had not been memorable, Brady scoffed. "Really? You had so many adventures here," Brady said. Leo quietly whispered to Craig that he did not like to talk about Salem because he had unpleasant memories of it.

"Not to mention the people you terrorized," Brady said. "What is that supposed to mean?" Leo asked. Brady was reluctant to say more, but Craig insisted that Brady continue. Brady told Craig that Leo had made his family's life a living hell. "Exaggerate much!" Leo objected. Chloe explained that Leo had attempted to destroy the Kiriakis family with a lawsuit.

Reluctantly, Leo admitted it was true. "But that is not the whole story, and these two know it!" Leo shot back. Leo added that he had been the victim. Brady asked if Leo had been the victim when Leo had attempted to steal company secrets. "I sure as hell was! You fed me bogus intel!" Leo said. Brady told Craig that his brother Paul had investigated Leo.

"This man has been involved in scam after scam, and it looks like you're his latest mark," Brady said. "I'm sorry, Daddy, but Brady is right. This man is a con artist," Chloe said. Leo begged Craig not to listen to Chloe and Brady. Brady argued that Leo was using Craig.

"I fell for Craig because he is brilliant and charming and wickedly funny," Leo said. With an awkward chuckle, Craig noted, "This is very uncomfortable to take in right now." Leo stressed that only Craig's opinion mattered. Leo explained that he had not told Craig about his past because he had not wanted to scare him off.

"I want to be a better person because of you. You believe me, don't you?" Leo assured Craig. Brady pointed out that Leo had been involved in a scam two months before in Arizona. "[Leo] double-crossed the ISA to get his hands on a stolen gemstone," Brady said. Leo admitted that was true.

"But right after that, I met this wonderful man, who cares for me more than anyone has in my entire life. And that is why everything has changed," Leo said. Leo explained that after the gem caper, he had been lonely and depressed. "I was forced into taking this thankless job handing out swag at medical conventions. As luck would have it, Craig came over to my booth and inquired about my nuts," Leo said.

"What?" Chloe asked. "Your daughter did not inherit your sense of humor," Leo said to Craig. Leo said he had been dressed as a chipmunk and had handed out bags of nuts to promote healthy snacks. "Anyway, we had a couple of laughs, and I felt this immediate strong connection. Like I had finally found my soul mate," Leo said. Craig admitted he had felt the same way.

"Even though your dad was honest with me from the get-go and told me he had a wife, it was clear to me and eventually to him, that his marriage was a lie. He was denying who he really was," Leo said. "So, you coerced him into cheating on my mother?" Chloe asked. Craig stressed that there had been no coercion. Leo told Chloe that he understood why she was suspicious.

"And I know that you and your father have a very close and loving relationship," Leo said. Leo added that his father had been "an abusive pig." Leo explained that he had acted out to avoid the pain of his childhood. "Nothing [made the pain go away] until I met your father. Finally, I was happy for the first time in my life," Leo said. Brady shook his head in disbelief.

"He is a predator," Brady said. "That is an unfair and cruel accusation," Leo objected. Brady countered that it was "verifiable and true." Brady told Craig that Leo had also hurt his cousin Sonny. Leo asked for a night alone with Craig.

"You two should leave, and we will talk about this later," Craig said. "We don't want you to get hurt, Dad!" Chloe said. "What I feel for you is real. This is not a con or a scheme or a ploy. I left all of that behind me, because like I said, for the first time in my life, I am honestly, truly happy because of you," Leo said. "He is playing you!" Chloe said.

"Chloe, I appreciate your concern. Yours, too, Brady, but like Leo said, I think this conversation is over. For the time being," Craig said. Frustrated, Chloe asked Craig if he had heard what they had said. "I admit some of it is upsetting, but we all do things in our past that we're not proud of," Craig said. Craig mentioned when he had plotted against Mike Horton.

"It ended in disaster, and I deeply regret it. As I'm sure you regret what it is that you've done," Craig said. "Profoundly," Leo agreed. Craig took Leo's hand. "I just want to focus on what you and I have together," Craig said. "Oh, my God," Chloe grumbled as she rolled her eyes.

"This is my life, and I am never letting him go," Craig said. "You are making a huge mistake," Chloe said. "That is enough," Craig countered. Chloe yelled, "You want this snake to break your heart the same way that you broke Mom's?" When Craig remained silent, a frustrated Chloe walked out.

Chad and Tony head to DiMera Island

Chad and Tony head to DiMera Island

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

by Mike

At the park, Allie sobbed while thinking about what had happened with Tripp earlier -- then released a hopeful gasp as someone approached.

"Oh -- it's you..." Allie muttered. "Sorry. Who were you expecting?" Kate responded. "Nobody. I was hoping it was Tripp, [though]," Allie admitted. "You've been crying! What's wrong?" Kate wondered. "Everything!" Allie fretted.

Kate comforted Allie with a hug then probed for more details. "God, I would just love to tear Johnny from limb to limb... [I mean], why would he do something so cruel?" Kate spat at the end of the tale. "I don't know... He's not the same anymore," Allie explained with a shrug. "[Well]...look, honey, if you are feeling confused about your sexuality, perhaps it isn't the best time to commit to --" Kate advised. "No, I'm not 'confused' -- I love Tripp!" Allie insisted.

"I hate [Johnny, though] -- I told him he's not my brother anymore," Allie added. "Good for you!" Kate raved. "Doesn't matter, anyway, though -- I mean, I'm the one who screwed everything up; I kept something huge from Tripp for weeks, and he found out, anyway --" Allie conceded. "In the worst possible way, at the worst possible time..." Kate noted. "I wouldn't blame Tripp if he never wanted to see me again," Allie declared. "As someone who has had...a certain number of relationships turn bad -- I don't think you should ever give up hope; [I mean], perhaps Tripp reacted the way he did because he felt blindsided, and once he calms down, he's going to realize how much he's thrown away," Kate offered.

Tripp trudged into the Brady Pub in search of a stiff drink, unaware that Roman was still tending the bar. "How'd it go?" Roman began, having guessed that Tripp's marriage proposal would occur on Valentine's Day. "[It] was a disaster," Tripp grumbled.

"I shouldn't be telling you this stuff -- I mean, she's your granddaughter..." Tripp fretted after sharing the whole story, but Roman didn't seem to mind continuing the conversation. "It's not that she cheated on me --'s not just that she cheated on me... It was with Chanel, so it just makes me think maybe she's not as into men as she wants to be..." Tripp mused.

"I can't answer that...but I can tell you that I do know what it feels like to be cheated on by the woman you thought you'd spend the rest of your life with," Roman responded. "Dad and Kayla told me," Tripp admitted. "Marlena, she told me that she loved me -- she swore that she loved me -- and I believed her...but it turned out that she loved John in a different way, and because of that, our marriage ended," Roman summarized.

"I think Allie loves me -- that's the hard part... I mean, she's a good person; she wouldn't just go behind my back for someone who meant nothing to her... So, maybe she just loves Chanel in a different way, like Marlena and John," Tripp conceded. "Well, you know, we'd been married a long time when we split up, [and] we had kids -- you're not there yet... Maybe this thing with Chanel is a phase, you know? But, look, what do I know? You tell me, though, that you believe that Allie still loves you, and you know you love her, so... Isn't there possibly some way that you two could get past this?" Roman wondered -- and Allie arrived with Kate while Tripp was pondering the question.

Kate joined Roman in challenging Tripp to consider giving Allie another chance -- but Allie didn't want Tripp to be put on the spot like that, so they stepped aside for a private conversation instead. "I think the reason that I couldn't tell you about what happened with Chanel and me is the same reason that I couldn't tell you [that] I loved you for so long -- it's because I felt like damaged goods, and I felt like I wasn't good enough for you... And now I've ruined that, and I will never stop hating how much I hurt you -- and I will never stop loving you, either..." Allie stressed. "You're saying all these things, and it seems like you mean it...but you've also said a lot of other things that I thought you meant, and I feel like I'll never really be sure that it's me that you want, and if we're not together, I can never really be sure of who you're with or what you're doing, and I can't live like that," Tripp responded before rushing off.

Kate apologized for having made the mistake of taking Allie to the Brady Pub. Allie rushed off in tears after conceding that Kate wasn't to blame for what was happening. Meanwhile, Tripp headed back to the site of the marriage proposal and blew out the candles then sighed while staring at the inscription on the engagement ring that had been meant for Allie. "Amore mio..." Tripp muttered.

While en route to DiMera Island via jet, Tony and Chad discussed their earlier meeting with Ned Grainger in Key West. "[He's] Abby's kidnapper -- [he] could have just sent us on a wild-goose chase!" Chad fretted. "[No] -- I have a decent relationship with [him, so] I was able to convince him that it was in his best interest to tell us the truth," Tony argued. "I hope you 'convinced' him," Chad spat while making a throat-slashing gesture. "I threatened him with Anna's wrath," Tony clarified with a chuckle. "Okay -- so, then, you brought out the heavy artillery," Chad translated with a grin, as if conceding that Tony's proposed punishment for dishonesty was even worse.

"It's's taking us so long to get there, [and] we have no idea what to expect when we land on that island -- if we ever do... I mean, I didn't even know this place existed -- I don't know anything about this place --" Chad grumbled. "I do -- I've spent some time there," Tony revealed. "On family business?" Chad assumed. "Actually, it was a romantic getaway," Tony confessed. "You and Anna?" Chad wondered. "No, no -- it was before her...and before you were born... There was a woman I was very much in love with..." Tony began to explain.

"The old man really got around..." Chad mused with a shake of the head at the end of the tale. "Anna's the love of my life... [Renee] did such hideous things to Anna, [but] it was all for naught, [and] she finally had to accept the fact that nothing she could do could come between us... I hate to say this -- I never wished Renee any harm -- life has become far less complicated now that she's dead..." Tony admitted.

Meanwhile, at the dilapidated mansion, Abigail finished reading Renee's diary then started to leave Sarah's bedroom -- and realized that the door was locked. "Kristen, let me out of here! You tell me I can come and go as I please, and then you lock the damn door?" Abigail shouted while pounding on the bedroom door. "I was out of my mind to believe her, anyway..." Abigail muttered after failing to get a response.

Sarah entered the bedroom a short time later, drawing a sigh of relief from Abigail. "What are you doing in my room?" Sarah began as Renee. "I came looking for you!" Abigail explained. "I had to sleep somewhere else last night -- [and] I don't even know who you are!" Sarah snapped as Renee. "I'm so sorry, Sarah --" Abigail responded. "Why does everyone keep calling me that?" Sarah protested as Renee.

Abigail explained everything to Sarah. "You're married to my brother? You and I, we're practically sisters!" Sarah raved as Renee at the end of Abigail's tale, having gotten nothing else out of it.

Meanwhile, Kristen wheeled a makeshift room-service cart into the bunker, where Steve and Kayla were tied to separate chairs and gagged. "Happy Valentine's Day, lovebirds!" Kristen began in a singsong voice. "Sorry about the gags -- it's head was killing me; I couldn't bear another lecture about how I turned the tables on you," Kristen explained with a shrug. "But, you see, I'm not the one who clobbered you," Kristen informed Steve, who had been hit from behind with a brick during the earlier standoff with Kristen. "It was Sarah... Oh, I'm sorry -- 'Renee DuMonde'..." Kristen clarified with a laugh.

Kristen teased that Sarah, as Renee, had been unable to resist rushing to the aid of a beloved DiMera sibling -- and then Kayla had been unable to resist rushing to Steve's aid, putting an end to the standoff. Kristen helpfully removed the gags so Kayla and Steve could respond -- and they immediately began demanding more information about Abigail's capture. "Oh, my God -- I mean, I make you guys this wonderful meal, and all you can do is carp on about Abigail? Look, I'm telling you, she's doing just fine -- well, I mean, except for her guilty conscience..." Kristen responded before starting to elaborate -- and Steve and Kayla listened to the tale in shock.

Afterward, Kristen loosened the bindings then rushed out of the bunker and locked the door before Kayla and Steve could free themselves.

Kristen returned to the dilapidated mansion -- and Tony and Chad entered it a short time later. "This place is enormous!" Chad observed. "Yes -- it has at least two wings," Tony confirmed.

Chad and Tony decided to split up to expedite the process of searching the mansion. Tony and Chad exited the living room in opposite directions -- just as Kristen entered from a third direction. "I could have sworn I heard the front door..." Kristen mused while looking around.

"I knew you'd find me!" Abigail gushed when Chad entered Sarah's bedroom a short time later. "Oh, my God -- this is so romantic!" Sarah raved as Renee before greeting Chad and declaring that it was nice that they were finally meeting for the first time. "What's going on with her?" Chad wondered -- but Tony arrived before Abigail could respond. "Tony? Oh, my darling, I can't believe you're here!" Sarah exclaimed as Renee before seizing a hug from Tony.

Meanwhile, Kristen headed back to the bunker to make sure that Steve and Kayla hadn't somehow managed to escape. Kayla and Steve were eating their anniversary meal and reminiscing about each of their wedding ceremonies when Kristen arrived. "Guess you weren't lying about not poisoning --" Steve conceded. "Actually..." Kristen teased.

Abigail tells Tony and Chad about Sarah's delusion

Abigail tells Tony and Chad about Sarah's delusion

Thursday, March 3, 2022

by Mike

Anna paced around the otherwise unoccupied living room of the DiMera mansion while trying to contact Tony. "Ugh -- straight to voicemail..." Anna muttered before ending the call.

"It's Valentine's Day, and I'm all alone -- [and] I can't reach my husband, [and] I have no idea where he is or if he's okay..." Anna fretted. "So, now, I have to stress eat," Anna decided, eyeing a box of chocolates that had been delivered to the mansion at Tony's request earlier that day -- the same box of chocolates that the demonic presence had picked through during its attempt to seduce Gabi. "Who ate all the chocolate-covered cherries?" Anna grumbled, staring at the wreckage of the gift in disbelief. "To heck with this!" Anna spat before storming out of the mansion.

At the Salem Inn, Gwen dodged Xander's advances while explaining that they had a wedding to plan -- and that spending every waking moment having sex wasn't going to get them any closer to finishing that task.

Xander conceded the point and pulled away from Gwen -- then wondered what, exactly, they still needed to plan. "Where --" Gwen began. "St. Luke's?" Xander suggested. "The two town pariahs, in front of God and everybody? Cue the lightning bolts..." Gwen argued. "We're not so bad -- my cousin Ciara married a serial killer in that church!" Xander countered. "That sounds...lovely...[but] I was actually thinking that we could choose somewhere that's a bit more personal to us --" Gwen maintained. "The Horton family home!" Xander offered. "Do you want Julie's pacemaker to stop?" Gwen wondered. "Good point..." Xander responded.

"Let's just table the venue for now [and] discuss the wedding party -- I'm gonna ask Jack to be my best man; maybe Jennifer would stand up for you?" Xander continued. "She thinks I killed her mother!" Gwen noted. "Not anymore -- she knows that was an accident --" Xander objected. "Still, it's in poor taste," Gwen declared. "[Then]...Ava Vitali?" Xander advised. "Why would you suggest that I ask Ava Vitali to stand up for me at our wedding?" Gwen stammered. "Why not? You said you two got close after her son died --" Xander reasoned. "No -- I said that I offered my condolences because I knew Charlie in passing!" Gwen clarified. "Oh... I got the impression that you two formed a deeper connection, both having lost a child..." Xander muttered. "I just said a few kind words to the woman -- you're making it sound like we're bosom buddies or something!" Gwen grumbled.

"No need to get upset -- it was just an idea..." Xander insisted before changing the subject, wondering if Gwen had read Jennifer's article about Abigail's disappearance. "Yes -- it was...heart-wrenching..." Gwen responded. "Maybe we should swing by there and express our support -- and then I can ask Jack if he'll stand up for me while we're there --" Xander decided. "I think that's a moment that should be shared between just the two of you," Gwen protested.

After conceding the point, Xander showered and dressed then rushed off -- and Gwen received a visit from Ava a short time later. "Are you mad? Xander could have seen you!" Gwen snapped while dragging Ava into the hotel room and shutting the door. "Relax -- I watched him leave, I waited a bit, and then I came up," Ava responded.

"Why are you here?" Gwen wondered. "I saw your step-monster's article," Ava answered. "Oh -- that..." Gwen muttered, waving a hand dismissively. "If Sarah and Abigail get back here [and] start squawking, it's not just my life that's gonna go up in smoke -- it's yours, too!" Ava noted. "Kristen's not gonna let that happen, because she promised --" Gwen insisted, still not worried. "You think she's gonna keep her promise?" Ava countered. "Well, she's your friend, isn't she?" Gwen reasoned. "A 'friend' who blackmailed us into helping her escape! Trust me -- if Kristen's back is up against the wall, she's not gonna think twice about selling us out, [and] if she starts singing, then..." Ava explained before listing all the things that Gwen stood to lose -- a boyfriend, a father, and even freedom.

Gwen couldn't resist bragging that Xander wasn't just a boyfriend anymore. "Looks like everybody's getting their happily ever after but me..." Ava grumbled. "Ava --" Gwen began to respond. "No, it's all good -- I mean, who needs love when you've got revenge to keep you warm..." Ava argued. "Revenge does not solve anything -- [seriously], it does not make you feel better; it just makes you feel worse. You have to find another way," Gwen insisted. "I tried, Gwen -- I went legit, I decided to stop being so possessive and paranoid... And what did that get me? A boyfriend who cheated on me with my best friend," Ava countered before rushing off.

Jennifer burst into the Horton house and started calling out for Jack. "Oh, there you are!" Jennifer observed when Jack appeared. "The Spectator just published the article about Abigail's disappearance..." Jennifer continued, ignoring Jack's attempts to interrupt. "We have it online..." Jennifer continued, still ignoring Jack's attempts to interrupt. "[And] I have a hard copy --" Jennifer continued while producing the document.

"I have news!" Jack shouted, finally silencing Jennifer. "I heard from Chad -- he and Tony know where Abigail is, [and] if everything is going right and well, [they] should be rescuing her as we speak," Jack reported, drawing a sigh of relief from Jennifer -- and Anna barged into the house in search of an update as the rest of the story was being shared.

"This abandoned DiMera island -- the one, you know, that's off the coast of Cartagena --" Jack began to explain to Jennifer and Anna. "I know that island in question -- I mean, I guess we've all heard of it, [but] for me personally, [that's where] Tony spent an extended holiday [once]...with his very unstable [and] bonkers ex-lover Renee DuMonde!" Anna spat.

Jack gave Jennifer a shrug then started to step aside to contact Gwen, prompting Anna to start badmouthing Abigail's sister -- just as Xander entered the house. Jack and Jennifer tried to stop Anna, who ignored their protests and forged ahead -- even after learning that Xander was planning to marry Gwen. "Yes, people can change, but in the case of Gwen Rice-Chex -- or Rizz...whatever, however, you pronounce her name -- I suggest you be careful, [because] you never know what a woman like that could still be hiding," Anna advised Xander, Jack, and Jennifer before rushing off. "Well, that was...delightful..." Xander grumbled once the coast was clear, drawing awkward laughs from Jennifer and Jack.

Changing the subject, Xander invited Jack to be a part of the wedding ceremony. After a dramatic pause, Jack happily accepted Xander's offer.

Xander rushed back to the Salem Inn and told Gwen about Jack's decision -- and Abigail's imminent rescue. "What?" Gwen stammered.

Meanwhile, Jack produced a bouquet of roses and reminded Jennifer that it was Valentine's Day -- and they started reminiscing about their life together as a way of celebrating the holiday.

At the bunker on DiMera Island, Steve and Kayla tried to laugh off Kristen's claim that the food they had just eaten had been poisoned. "What would be the point? You're already holding us captive!" Steve noted. "Yeah -- you wouldn't need to sedate us!" Kayla agreed. "If you think I gave you a sedative...well, you're wrong -- see, I gave you something a little bit stronger..." Kristen teased.

"Strong enough to permanently solve my problem that you two have been causing me," Kristen elaborated. "We knew you were dangerous, but...murder?" Steve protested. "Oh, come on -- chill out; no one's gonna die..." Kristen insisted. "But you said --" Kayla argued. "That I drugged you -- [and] I did...but not with poison..." Kristen clarified.

"See, I can't keep the two of you here on this island forever -- nor would I want to, frankly; you're such lousy company -- and, lucky for you, I'm not interested in killing you...[but] it would really suck if you remembered this little vacay and could testify against me, [so]...sorry, kids, but I'm afraid the island chicken comes with a side of amnesia, [thanks to a] nifty little concoction that will make you forget this whole ordeal," Kristen elaborated with a shrug, prompting Steve to pounce in anger. Kristen was wielding a gun but hadn't expected the move, so Steve easily managed to seize control of the weapon and hand it over to Kayla.

"Not so tough now, are you?" Steve observed after tying Kristen to a chair. "Oh, enjoy your victory while you still remember it...'cause you won't once the drugs kick in..." Kristen countered. "Just how much of that crap did you put in our food?" Steve wondered. "Enough to obliterate the memories of a herd of elephants...[so], if I were you, I would take this time that you have left to reminisce -- you know, to reflect on all those warm and fuzzy moments you had with your children [and] each other -- 'cause, soon, your epic love affair [will] permanently fade to black," Kristen responded.

"We need to find the others before our memories fade -- if we tell Sarah and Abigail what Kristen's done, then they can alert the hospital, and the staff can help us out as soon as we get home --" Kayla explained to Steve. "Good luck with that, considering I drugged Sarah and Abigail, too... [See], all of my guests are having my very special island chicken tonight -- [so], by morning, none of you will remember how to tie your own shoes," Kristen revealed with a cackle.

Meanwhile, at the dilapidated mansion, Abigail watched as Tony and Chad struggled to figure out what was going on with Sarah. "I can explain -- I think..." Abigail offered before starting to elaborate.

"Oh, God -- not you, too! I can understand this 'Sarah' nonsense from these two...but you, the only man I've ever truly loved? [Look], we can talk about it on the way to Salem, all right? I've been stuck on this island for long enough! Let's go!" Sarah snapped at Tony as Renee once Abigail finished the tale. "We'll be right down," Chad assured Sarah. "Wonderful -- that gives Tony and I a moment to be alone!" Sarah responded as Renee before rushing off with a squeal of excitement -- and Tony followed after, giving Chad and Abigail a look of dread.

Chad finished catching up with Abigail -- and was shocked to learn not only that Ava had been helping Kristen but also that Steve and Kayla were somewhere on the island. Abigail and Chad rushed off in search of Kayla and Steve -- but ran into Tony and Sarah first. "If you want to see your aunt and uncle, you will pull up a chair and join us," Sarah demanded as Renee while gesturing to a table -- and Chad and Abigail grudgingly complied, just as Tony had after receiving the same orders earlier.

Steve and Kayla burst into the mansion just as Tony, Sarah, Abigail, and Chad finished eating. "Kristen told us that she drugged the food --" Kayla fretted. "And I'm telling you [that] I switched it out," Sarah revealed as Renee while producing a vial. "[See], I found this earlier in the kitchen when Kristen was cooking -- it was filled with this weird, cloudy liquid, and it had a feather next to it... [Well], I remembered Kristen telling me that the serial killer that was after me used a raven's feather as his calling card --" Sarah continued as Renee. "That was probably just a chicken feather," Kayla interjected. "[Still], you can't be too careful, so I poured out the liquid, and I cleaned it very well, and then I filled it up with milk," Sarah concluded as Renee. "Just regular milk?" Chad wondered. "We have goats here," Sarah clarified as Renee. "So, we're not in any danger?" Abigail translated. "Not unless you're lactose intolerant," Sarah responded as Renee.

Abigail and Chad fetched Renee's diary from Sarah's bedroom, realizing that it might prove useful later. Meanwhile, Steve and Kayla headed back to the bunker to get Kristen, leaving Tony alone with Sarah -- who insisted, as Renee, that their first order of business upon returning to Salem would be to get Anna out of the picture.

When Kayla and Steve entered the bunker, Kristen was nowhere to be found.

Chad interrogates Ava

Chad interrogates Ava

Friday, March 4, 2022

At Salem University Hospital, Kayla held "Renee" in a room for observation. "We just want to run some tests," Kayla said. "I told you there is no need for tests. I switched out the poison," Renee said. "So you said," Steve agreed. Renee argued that Steve and Kayla were not sick, so there was no reason to hold her in the hospital.

"This isn't about the chicken, Sarah," Steve said. "Stop calling me Sarah!" "Renee" yelled. Kayla stressed that Steve was right. "The only reason that you think it's not who you are is because of the drug you were injected with last year," Kayla said. Kayla explained that they needed to run tests to make sure that Sarah had not suffered brain damage.

"My brain is not damaged. Now I would like to get home to Tony," "Renee" said. Kayla reiterated that "Renee" was Sarah Horton. "And I can prove it," Kayla added. "Renee" begged to be released. Kayla refused, and she asked "Renee" to let her run the tests. "Abigail recovered from a very similar condition, and so can you," Kayla said. "We want to help you any way we can," Steve said. "Renee" agreed. "Whatever is going on with me, I want to know the truth about my life. So, run the tests," "Renee" said.

After Steve and Kayla left Sarah's room, Kayla ordered the tests while Steve called Brady to update him on the situation. "I was waiting to call Maggie until we get Sarah's test results," Steve said. Kayla returned to Sarah's room to escort her down to the imaging room, but she was gone. "We should have known she was playing us. I never should have left her alone," Steve said. Security confirmed that Sarah had left the hospital.

Anna nervously paced the DiMera living room as she waited for Tony to return home with Chad and Abigail. When Tony walked into the room, Anna rushed into his arms. Tony assured Anna that he was fine. "Kristen got away, but Chad and I were able to bring Abigail and Steve and Kayla safely home," Tony said. "I have to admit, I had a queasy feeling when I heard where you were headed," Anna confessed.

When Anna noted that Renee was long dead, Tony chuckled nervously. "Actually, Renee was there," Tony said. Tony explained that there had been a woman on the island that believed she was Renee. "Then who is she really?" Anna asked. "Sarah Horton," Tony said. Tony told Anna about Sarah's ordeal and her new obsession with Tony.

"Nothing I said made a dent. She's stuck in this emotional delusion," Tony said. "Poor thing. Well, where is she now?" Anna asked. Tony explained that Kayla had taken Sarah to the hospital for tests. "[Sarah] will just have to accept that you are my one and only love of my life," Tony said. As Tony kissed Anna, "Renee" walked in.

"Get your hands off my Tony!" "Renee" barked. "I'm sorry, sweetheart, but this is my Tony," Anna countered. "Renee" argued that Tony had only married Anna because he had believed that Renee was dead. "Your marriage is a sham!" "Renee" yelled. Tony whispered to Anna to keep Sarah calm while he called Kayla. "You are not calling Kayla, and I am not going to be calm while this tramp tries to steal my life!" "Renee" said. Tony defended Anna, but it did not stop "Renee" from ordering Anna to leave her "family's home."

"I'm not going anywhere. This is my home," Anna said. "Renee" pointed to the portrait of Stefano and argued that Anna was not family. "Hello, Daddy. I've missed you," "Renee" said to the painting. "Do something," Anna hissed at Tony. After some more heated words, Anna and "Renee" started to physically fight. Tony stepped in and separated the two women.

Tony pleaded with "Renee" to be civilized so that they could work through the situation together. "Only one of us is sane here," Anna muttered. "Will you please, for my sake?" Tony growled at Anna. As "Renee" apologized to Tony, Steve and Kayla walked in. "Renee" refused to submit for any tests, and without permission, Kayla was unable to force "Renee" to accompany her to the hospital.

"She's not in danger anymore," Kayla added. Anna protested. While "Renee" stepped out of the room to freshen up, Tony asked Kayla for help. "We could get a court order," Kayla said. "What are we supposed to do until then?" Tony asked. Kayla asked Tony to keep Sarah safe. "You are not seriously suggesting that we let her live here?" Anna asked. Kayla noted that it would be the best way to keep track of Sarah.

After Steve and Kayla left, "Renee" started to tidy up the living room. "You can stay. For now," Tony said. "Well, I'm not going anywhere, either. Tony and I are husband and wife," Anna said. "Renee" announced that she would reach out to Don Craig to facilitate a divorce for Tony. Anna scoffed at the idea. When "Renee" threatened to have Anna forcibly removed from the property, Tony shouted, "I don't think so!" "Renee" promised to "take care of everything, and she walked out.

Anna yelled at Tony for having played along with Sarah's delusions. "Have a little compassion!" Tony said. Tony argued that Sarah needed kindness. "Treating a crazy woman with kindness drives your sane wife crazy!" Anna yelled.

At the police station, Ava sat alone in the interrogation room. "Those three losers who framed Rafe better not have ratted me out," Ava muttered. Chad walked into the room. "What are you doing here?" Ava asked. "I'm here to find out why you kidnapped my wife and who helped you do it," Chad said. Ava played dumb. "I don't even know your wife," Ava added.

Chad informed Ava that the police believed that Ava had kidnapped Abigail and held her on a desert island. "Where I just found her," Chad said. "And you think I brought her there?" Ava asked. Chad noted that Ava had disguised herself as Sarah Horton at the airfield before Abigail had been knocked unconscious. "I didn't lay a hand on her," Ava said. Chad asked who had hit Abigail over the head.

"I'm not leaving here until you identify your accomplice," Chad said. "As I told your wife on the runway, the mask was just a harmless prank," Ava said. Chad noted that even if Ava's story was true, she had not stopped the person that had kidnapped Abigail. "I'm sorry, I can't answer your question," Ava said. Chad told Ava that the pilot had confirmed that Kristen had been on the island when he had dropped Abigail there.

"[Kristen] is not the one that knocked [Abigail] out," Chad said. Chad warned Ava that the police would charge her as an accessory. "I had nothing to do with it," Ava said. Chad smirked. "I am going to make sure that someone pays for what they did to [my wife]," Chad said. Chad told Ava that he would let her walk away if she identified the person that had taken Abigail. "I want the big fish," Chad said. When Ava remained aloof, Chad asked her why she wanted to go to prison for someone else's crime.

"You make a compelling pitch, but I think I'm going to take my chances. If the cops had anything on me, they'd have already arrested me," Ava said. Chad told Ava to call him if she changed her mind.

At the Salem Inn, Gwen and Xander were asleep in bed when someone started to bang on the door to the room. It was Abigail. "What are you doing here?" Xander asked. "I came straight from the plane to tell you the truth about what Gwen did to me," Abigail said. Gwen argued that Abigail wanted to hurt her.

"What's this all about?" Xander asked. Abigail explained that the pilot of the plane had identified Gwen as an accomplice to the kidnapping. "You didn't want [Xander] to know the truth about what really happened to Sarah because you knew he would dump you so fast," Abigail said. "What does this have to do with Sarah?" Xander asked.

"Sarah has been held prisoner on a deserted island for the past year. And Gwen has known about it for months," Abigail said. "Xander, I can explain," Gwen started. "How could you do this?" Xander asked. Gwen startled awake from her nightmare.

"Are you all right?" Xander asked. "Bad dream," Gwen whispered. Xander noted that Gwen had been having a lot of nightmares. "Would it maybe help to talk about it?" Xander suggested. Gwen lied and said she had dreamed about Dr. Snyder. In the dream, Xander had also told Gwen that he was only with Gwen because he wanted to get over Sarah.

"We're getting married soon. Would that be happening if I didn't adore you and want to spend the rest of my life with you?" Xander asked. "No," Gwen whispered. Gwen said she knew that Xander genuinely loved her. "I cannot wait to be your wife," Gwen said. "Then why all these bad dreams? Are you nervous about Abigail coming home?" Xander asked. Concerned, Gwen asked Xander what he meant.

"I understand. I know you're still not on the best of terms with your sister," Xander said. "You could say that," Gwen whispered. Xander stressed that Jack and Abigail knew that Gwen had not been disguised as Sarah. With a shrug, Xander noted that it was for the best that Sarah had returned to town because it had helped him move on.

"You and I belong together, Gwen. Now there is nothing that is going to get in the way of us being Mr. and Mrs. Xander Cook," Xander said. With a grin, Xander kissed Gwen. Gwen's phone beeped. Ava texted, "ANSWER THE PHONE." Ava followed up with a call, and she demanded that Gwen meet her at the police station. Ava updated Gwen on the situation, and she threatened to name Gwen to the cops.

"I will be there as soon as I can," Gwen said. After Gwen ended her call, she lied to Xander and said the call had been from a wedding planner. "It's a bit early," Xander said. Gwen told Xander that she wanted to meet up with the planner. Xander offered to join Gwen, but she declined.

At the Horton house, Jack and Jennifer excitedly embraced their daughter when she walked in the door. "Where is Chad?" Jennifer asked. "He went to go confront my kidnapper," Abigail said. Abigail told Jack and Jennifer about Ava's disguise as Sarah. "She claimed it was a prank, but of course I knew it was more than that," Abigail said. Abigail told her parents that when she had confronted Ava, someone had knocked her out from behind. "Chad is with Ava now," Abigail said.

Talk turned to work, and Jack and Jennifer told Abigail that they were proud of her work at the paper. "I have my next big story. The kidnapping of Sarah Horton," Abigail said. Jack and Jennifer gaped at the news. Abigail told her parents that Kristen had held Sarah captive for a year. "So, Xander was right?" Jack asked. Abigail explained that Kristen had masqueraded as Sarah to dump Xander.

"It is just so terribly sad. Not just because it wasn't Sarah who broke Xander's heart, but then the poor woman ends up being Kristen's prisoner for months," Abigail said. "What a sadistic maniac," Jack said. Abigail noted that Kristen had escaped again. "But Sarah is alive and well?" Jack asked. "Alive, yes. Well? Not so much," Abigail said. Abigail told Jack and Jennifer about Sarah's mental state.

When Chad arrived, Jack greeted him in the foyer. Jack told Chad that he planned to call Xander and tell him the news about Sarah. "Although, Xander is getting married," Jack said. "To Gwen?" Chad stammered.

While Chad joined Abigail and Jennifer in the living room, Jack called Xander at the Salem Inn to tell him Abigail was home. "That is just wonderful news, Jack," Xander said. "You need to know that Sarah was there, too," Jack said. Confused, Xander asked Jack to explain. "Kristen didn't only impersonate Susan Banks. She also impersonated Sarah," Jack said. Jack told Xander that Kristen, not Sarah, had broken up with Xander. Overwhelmed, Xander fell on the bed.

"What about when Sarah came back to Salem to visit Maggie? That was Kristen, too?" Xander asked. "That was Ava Vitali," Jack said. Xander argued that the story was too insane to be true. "Where is Sarah now?" Xander asked. Jack told Xander that Sarah was at the hospital. Before Jack could tell Xander about Sarah's mental issues, Xander ended the call.

Jennifer joined Jack in the foyer, and she asked about his call. "You didn't tell him [the whole story], Jack?" Jennifer asked. "I tried! But he hung up the phone before I could," Jack said. Jennifer asked Jack if Xander knew that the real Sarah had not rejected Xander. "He knows that, but he doesn't know that the real Sarah considers herself to be Tony's late enamorada Renee," Jack said.

In the Horton living room, Abigail asked Chad about Ava. "I could tell she was panicked," Chad said. Chad noted that he was confident that Trask could charge Ava with aiding and abetting. "So, if she wants to save her own neck, there is only one way to do it," Abigail said. "That's to name her accomplice," Chad said.

"Renee" wandered around the town square, and she noticed the plaque honoring Tom and Alice Horton. "I'm here to take my life back. And to finally be with the man I love," "Renee" said. Across the square, Xander exited the Salem Inn, and he saw Sarah.

Gwen, swaddled in a large coat and hat, met up with Ava in the interrogation room at the police station. "Is that some sort of disguise?" Ava asked. "I'm trying not to call too much attention to myself," Gwen growled. Gwen reminded Ava that she should not be seen with Ava. "That is the least of your problems," Ava said. Gwen asked if Ava planned to rat her out.

"Despite committing my fair share of crimes, I've managed to stay out of prison for most of my life. I'm not getting locked up for this," Ava said. Ava asked Gwen to give her a reason why she should not trade Gwen's freedom for hers.

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