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T.R. shot Eli and bribed Beth to keep quiet about his past. Eli suffered complications after surgery. Allie realized she was bisexual. Chanel and Allie agreed to date. Maggie committed Sarah. Abigail accused Gwen of having been Ava's accomplice. Chloe told Brady she was ready to be with him. Leo suggested Craig pursue Kayla's job. Will and Sonny asked Chad for help. Johnny made everyone believe that Belle was possessed. John prepared to exorcise his daughter.
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T.R. shot Eli, Allie realized she was bisexual, and Johnny made everyone believe that Belle was possessed
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Ben warns Marlena that Belle might be possessed

Ben warns Marlena that Belle might be possessed

Monday, March 14, 2022

by Mike

Allie and Chanel were standing outside Sweet Bits, offering free samples of baked goods to passersby, when T.R. approached and snatched one of the treats -- then tried to hand each of them a revised copy of the script for Johnny's movie. Chanel and Allie again refused to participate in the movie, prompting T.R. to remind them that they were each under contract.

Allie threatened to badmouth Johnny to the press if forced to do the movie -- and Chanel threatened to badmouth T.R. to the press if forced to do the movie. "It makes even more sense to me now that my mom was all 'you go, girl' about the #MeToo movement -- turns out it was from her firsthand experience..." Chanel elaborated. "You know about that?" T.R. stammered. "And I also know that you're Lani's biological father. And she and I are real close -- imagine how she'd feel about you shoving her little sister around..." Chanel responded. T.R. gulped then advised that Chanel and Allie needed to talk to Johnny because the director, not the producer, was the one who had the final say on all casting matters.

Will went to the DiMera mansion to talk to "Johnny" about what was going on with Marlena. "You look great -- married life seems to be agreeing with you," the demonic presence observed as Johnny. "Well, no one could ever say that about you..." Will countered. "You heard Chanel and I weren't able to make it work," the demonic presence translated as Johnny.

"I heard a lot of things -- and none of them very good," Will revealed. "It's not like you to pass judgment based on hearsay," the demonic presence noted as Johnny. "I don't think of something my grandmother said as 'hearsay' --" Will began to argue. "Has Kate been badmouthing me?" the demonic presence grumbled as Johnny, prompting Will to clarify that Marlena was the grandmother in question. "And she's being very rational and trying to see your side of things...but, Johnny, I just want to take that smirk on your face and shove it down your throat," Will spat.

"To announce the end of your marriage to a whole roomful of people without even giving your bride a heads-up --" Will began to add. "Could you give me just a rough estimate of how long this sermon is gonna last? Because I actually have work to do..." the demonic presence interjected as Johnny. "Right, 'cause you're Mr. Corporate Big Shot now, running the show while your daddy's in prison," Will recalled.

Will continued denouncing "Johnny's" recent actions. "Very, very DiMera of you --" Will began to summarize. "And all of this righteous indignation feels very, very Horton of you...but a little misplaced -- [I mean], I might have embarrassed Chanel a little, [but] at least I didn't knock her up then dump her for some dude..." the demonic presence countered as Johnny.

Will glared at "Johnny" then pointed at Stefano's portrait. "You know, that man did a lot of despicable things [and] caused a lot of suffering, but even he drew the line at torturing someone in his own family," Will noted. "Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but you're the one who's on the attack...and to say that I'm 'torturing' you is a little..." the demonic presence argued as Johnny before making a few specific hand gestures while theatrically struggling to think of the right word to say next. "Gay?" Will tiredly guessed, understanding the stereotype that the hand gestures were meant to evoke. "Hyperbolic," the demonic presence innocently clarified as Johnny.

Will gave "Johnny" a skeptical nod then declared that, in any case, the earlier comment about torture had been misconstrued. "I'm not talking about you sneering at me -- I don't give a rat's ass what you think about me. I'm talking about what you're doing to Grandma Marlena," Will explained. "You just said she sees things from my side!" the demonic presence objected as Johnny. "I said she's trying to!" Will clarified.

"The fact that you're her grandson [and] she's gonna love you no matter what does not change the fact that what you are doing to her is unforgivable!" Will declared before producing a cell phone and showing "Johnny" an article about Marlena -- "Devil Doc's Career Going to Hell?" -- that had been posted on the Intruder's website earlier that day. Will suggested scrapping Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story and doing The Sami Brady Story instead, but the demonic presence laughed off the idea as Johnny. Will gave "Johnny" a shake of the head then nodded at Stefano's portrait again. "Yeah, screw Grandma -- the show must go on. He'd be proud," Will concluded before storming off.

While passing by the Brady Pub, Susan noticed that Belle was inside with Shawn -- and that Belle's coat was hanging on a rack near the front door.

Susan entered the pub and started inspecting Belle's coat -- but Belle and Shawn soon approached and demanded to know what was going on. Susan warned Shawn that Belle was possessed -- and that the proof had been on Belle's coat the previous day but had apparently been concealed since then. Shawn explained that Belle's coat had simply had a bit of soot on it, but Susan remained concerned that there was more to the story. Susan produced a wooden cross, but Belle was unfazed. Susan shrugged then rushed off to talk to Marlena about the matter. Belle sighed and fretted to Shawn that there was usually some truth to Susan's premonitions.

Ben went to the Evans-Black townhouse to alert Marlena to the possibility that the devil had possessed someone else during the most recent exorcism. "This isn't really a very good time --" Marlena, who had just finished reading the Intruder's online article, began to protest before Ben could say anything. "I know -- and I'm sorry," Ben, who had apparently also read the article, responded while giving Marlena a sympathetic shake of the head.

Ben sighed then forged ahead, explaining to Marlena -- without going into details -- that Johnny had shown signs of demonic possession recently, but Susan had determined that Belle was actually the one who was possessed. Marlena took the warning seriously, knowing that Susan's instincts were usually right. Shortly after Ben rushed off, Marlena received a visit from Susan, who admitted that Belle might not be the one who was possessed, after all.

Will went to Sweet Bits to talk to Allie about what had just happened with "Johnny" at the DiMera mansion. "I love him -- he's my brother -- but...I wanted to deck him," Will admitted. "Yeah -- welcome to my world..." Allie muttered.

"I'm really glad you're here -- I couldn't do this over the phone..." Allie added before telling Will about what had happened with Chanel. "Are you waiting for me to be shocked? 'Cause that'd be a little hypocritical, don't you think?" Will joked. "God, I missed you," Allie responded with a laugh. "Right back at you," Will countered, also laughing. Allie continued the tale, filling Will in on how "Johnny" had blurted out the information after Tripp had proposed on Valentine's Day.

"I love Tripp, but...Chanel... God, I don't know, Will -- I'm just so confused!" Allie fretted before seizing a hug from Will. "'Confused' isn't the worst thing to be -- and figuring out who you are can be a life's work...unless you're like Mom, and you're born with all the answers," Will advised, drawing another laugh from Allie. "Am I gay?" Allie wondered, giving Will a shrug.

Meanwhile, Chanel went to the DiMera mansion to try to convince "Johnny" to nullify her contract -- and Allie's, as well. The demonic presence argued with Chanel for a while as Johnny but ultimately agreed to honor the request. Belle soon interrupted and demanded to speak to "Johnny" privately. After Chanel stepped into another room, Belle started to ask if "Johnny" had seen what Susan had seen on her coat the previous day -- then realized that Johnny was the one who was possessed.

At the Price-Grant apartment, Lani told Eli about what had happened with T.R. the previous day. "And he eats his fries with mayo, too!" Lani raved at the end of the tale. "What more do we need to know..." Eli muttered.

Lani glared at Eli, who was willing to apologize for the sarcasm but wasn't willing to apologize for the skepticism. "I trust you...but I don't trust him," Eli explained to Lani before admitting to having asked Billie to use the ISA's resources to do a deeper dive into T.R.'s background. Lani was upset at first but conceded, after some thought, that Eli was right to be concerned. Lani encouraged Eli to continue the investigation.

Later, while Eli was working, a woman entered the police station and called out a greeting. "I got a call yesterday from a friend of yours -- Billie Reed -- [and] she said you're checking into T.R. Coates. [Well], I'm his ex-girlfriend [Beth Howard, and] I was in Chicago for an audition today, [so] I figured it'd be easier to come talk to you in person," Beth explained before informing Eli that T.R. was still using heroin and beating women.

"You don't have to just take my word for it. [See], he was such a gentleman -- wouldn't bruise my face when he knew I had an audition coming up -- [but]...last time, I ended up in the hospital, [and] they took photos...and let's just say...that time, I didn't have an audition coming up. Detective, keep him away from your wife and kids -- he is the devil incarnate!" Beth advised Eli before offering to provide an official statement.

Eli rushed off to the Salem Inn in search of T.R., but they crossed paths in the park instead. T.R., who had just finished a drug deal, tried to discreetly dispose of a bag of heroin, but Eli quickly spotted the incriminating evidence. Meanwhile, Lani entered the police station in search of Eli but found Beth instead.

Marlena went to the DiMera mansion after receiving word from Shawn that Belle had gone there to talk to Johnny about what Susan had seen the previous day. Chanel found Johnny passed out in the living room -- just as "Belle" greeted Marlena at the front door with glowing yellow eyes.

T.R. and Eli have an explosive fight

T.R. and Eli have an explosive fight

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

In the park, Eli picked up the bag of drugs that T.R. had dropped. "Heroin. And that's your drug of choice," Eli said. "Is that one of the lies Beth told you?" T.R. asked. T.R. stressed that he was sober. "I guess you don't put your hands on women anymore, either," Eli countered. "No! Never," T.R. said. Eli smirked, and he asked to see the contents of the bag in T.R.'s pocket. T.R. lied and said the bag contained something from the bakery.

"Mind if I take a look?" Eli asked. T.R. refused. When T.R. attempted to walk away, Eli grabbed his arm. "Get your hands off me!" T.R. growled. "Is that what you told Beth and Paulina before you beat them?" Eli asked. T.R. laughed. Eli shoved T.R. against the wall to handcuff him. "You don't want to do this, man!" T.R. yelled. "What I want to do will make me lose my badge," Eli said.

When Eli announced that T.R. was under arrest, T.R. spun around and grabbed Eli's gun out of the holster. The gun fired. T.R. laid an unconscious and bleeding Eli onto the ground. Shaking, T.R. looked at the gun in his left hand and the blood on his right hand. "I warned you! But you wouldn't listen! Now look what you did!" T.R. yelled.

The drug dealer, Frank, returned to the scene. "I got your text," Frank said. Frank noticed Eli on the ground, and he started to back away. "I didn't see nothing. It's none of my business," Frank said. As Frank turned to leave, T.R. cocked the gun. Frank stopped dead in his tracks. "I just made it your business," T.R. said. T.R. said that he needed Frank's help.

At the police station, Lani ran into Beth Howard when Lani stopped by to talk to Eli. "[Eli] said he had something to take care of and that he'd be back soon to take my statement," Beth said. Lani asked Beth why she was at the precinct. Beth explained that she was there to talk to Eli about T.R. With a sigh, Lani noted, "T.R. Coates is my father."

"Your husband told me about you," Beth said. "What made you come looking for Eli?" Lani asked. Beth said Billie Reed had called her. Beth told Lani about her past relationship with T.R. When Lani asked Beth if T.R. still used drugs, Shawn entered the room before Beth could answer.

"I'm sorry," Shawn said. As Shawn turned to leave, his phone beeped with a message. "Shots fired in the park. Detective, would you be available to back me up?" Shawn asked. "Of course," Lani said as she leaped to her feet. Lani asked if Beth could wait for her to return. "Sure. I'll be here," Beth said. Lani rushed out of the station with Shawn.

When Lani and Shawn arrived in the park, they saw Eli on the ground. On a nearby park bench, an unconscious Frank had a needle in his arm. Eli's gun was on the bench next to Frank. Lani checked Eli. "He's got no pulse! He is not breathing!" Lani yelled to Shawn. Lani started CPR. Shawn called for help. When the EMTs arrived, they confirmed that Lani had restored Eli's heartbeat. "Please, let him be okay," Lani whispered. While Lani went with Eli in the ambulance, another EMT examined Frank. The EMT confirmed that Frank was dead.

"It looks like what was in that needle was enough to kill three people," the EMT observed. Shawn nodded. "What the hell were you doing here, Eli? Why did you let some low-life drug dealer get close enough to grab your gun?" Shawn wondered aloud.

At the Salem Inn, a shaken T.R. paced his room and muttered, "What did you do?" T.R. yelled at himself to get his act together. "I know [Eli] pushed your buttons. I know he made you angry," T.R. said. T.R. looked at the blood on his hands. After a deep breath, a calmed T.R. said, "Time to clean this mess up." After a shower, T.R. bagged up his clothing.

"No reason to panic. You did what you needed to do," T.R. said. T.R. noted that he needed to burn the clothes. "And nobody will know I was there," T.R. whispered. T.R. remembered that Eli had told him that Beth was at the police station. "It's always a woman that gets in the way. Guess I'm going to have to do something about Beth, too. I'll be damned if I let her or anybody else come between me and my daughter," T.R. said.

At the police station, Beth continued to wait in the interrogation room. Beth's phone rang with a call from an unknown number, and she answered the call. "Hello?" Beth said. "Long time no speak," T.R. said. "T.R.? I changed my number. How the hell did you get this," Beth complained.

"You didn't think I would just let you go, did you?" T.R. asked. "What you did to me isn't a secret anymore," Beth warned. T.R. said he knew about her conversation with Eli. "Did you tell anyone else at the police station what you told Eli?" T.R. asked. Beth told T.R. that she had met his daughter, and she had almost told her everything. Worried, T.R. asked Beth what she had said to Lani. "Nothing. She got pulled away for some shooting in the park," Beth said. Beth added that when Lani or Eli returned, she planned to make an official statement with the police about T.R.

"Before you say another word to the cops, you need to talk to me first," T.R. said. T.R. told Beth that he had an offer for her. Reluctantly, Beth met up with T.R. in his hotel room at the Salem Inn. "Come in," T.R. said. "Can't we meet in the lobby. I'd like to meet somewhere public," Beth said. T.R. refused. "I have something sensitive I want to discuss with you," T.R. said. Suspicious, Beth noted, "This was a mistake." T.R. assured Beth that he would not hurt her.

"I've heard that before. I have 9-1-1 cued on my phone. All I have to do is press send," Beth said. "That won't be necessary. You're safe with me," T.R. promised. Beth hesitated, but she entered T.R.'s room. T.R. slipped a Do Not Disturb sign on his door.

At the hospital, Lani whispered to Eli, "I love you so much. Just hang on a little longer." The EMTs wheeled the gurney off to surgery. Alone in the waiting area, Lani started to sob.

Allie talked to Will in the square. "I need to figure out why I can't shake these feelings about Chanel and why I let them ruin my relationship with Tripp. Am I gay, and I just can't admit it?" Allie asked. "Those are questions you are going to have to answer yourself," Will said.

"Maybe I'm gay and I'm just in denial about it? I mean, that's how it was with you," Allie said. Will noted that he had always been attracted to guys. "But you had a baby with Gabi," Allie pointed out. "I cared a lot about Gabi. I still do, but if I'm being honest, I don't think I was ever sexually attracted to her," Will admitted. Allie was surprised.

"It's just, Gabi is like super hot," Allie said with a laugh. Will asked Allie if she was attracted to Gabi. Allie shook her head no. "At least I don't think I am," Allie said. When Will asked if Allie had been attracted to women before, Allie said she had never been attracted to a woman until Chanel. "Then maybe we should talk about Chanel," Will said. Allie told Will that after her first kiss with Chanel, she had not imagined dating her.

"But you liked it when she kissed you?" Will asked. "I really liked it," Allie said. Will asked what had happened after the kiss. Allie said she had pushed her feelings aside, but they had never gone away. "Did you talk to her about it?" Will asked. "I told her that I didn't feel that way about her and moved on," Allie said. "Except you didn't. Not really," Will said. Allie admitted she had initiated the second kiss.

"That was a big step," Will said. "But then I pulled back again, and I just threw myself into this relationship with Tripp," Allie said. Will asked Allie about her relationship with Chanel at that moment. "When I'm around her now, it's like there is this charge between us. This pull that makes me want to kiss her and touch her all the time. It's like I almost can't breathe," Allie said. Will asked Allie if that answered her question.

"I don't know, because I'm definitely attracted to men. Like what I had with Tripp, that was real," Allie said. "Are you sure that you weren't just trying to convince yourself?" Will asked. Allie shook her head no. "And when we were together, physically, I mean, it was great. There was never a moment when I was faking it. Or pretending to like something I didn't. I really loved being with him. Until I screwed it all up," Allie said. "But you didn't mean to hurt him," Will noted. "But I did," Allie said. Allie admitted that while she had been with Tripp, she had been battling her affection for Chanel.

Will asked about Allie's night with Chanel. "It was great. And I can't stop thinking about it," Allie confessed. "How did it compare to being with a guy?" Will asked. Allie compared sex to ice cream. "You can like two different flavors at once, right?" Allie said. Will smiled. Allie asked Will if she sounded ridiculous. "Honestly? You sound bisexual," Will said. Allie frowned.

"Is bisexuality a real thing? You know, is that not just something people call themselves so that they don't have to decide or so they can keep their options open?" Allie asked. "Bisexuality is very much a real thing," Will said. Will explained that Allie could fall in love with anyone regardless of their gender identity. Relieved, Allie said, "I guess I'm bi."

"If that's what feels right to you," Will said. "The feelings are one thing but then finding a label that fits is just very confusing," Allie said. Will advised Allie to take her time to figure things out. "If you didn't talk to [Mom and Dad] at first, then who did you talk to?" Allie asked. Will told Allie about how he had opened up to Marlena. "[Marlena] helped me be proud of who I was. Who I am," Will said.

"Can you believe I'm someone's mother when I'm so all over the place?" Allie asked. Will reminded Allie that she was a great mother. "You have so many people who love you and support you. And if and when you decide to come out or whatever you decide you are, we're all going to be there for you," Will said. Allie hugged her brother, and she thanked him for his advice. "Listen to your heart. Gay, straight, bi, trans, pan, you know what they say, love is --" Will said. "Love," Allie finished. Will told Allie that it would be scary, but she would be okay. "I love you," Will said. "I love you, too," Allie said.

In the DiMera foyer, Marlena gasped when a possessed Belle opened the front door. "It's true! They told me, but I didn't want to believe them," Marlena said. Devil Belle grinned. "You stay away from my daughter!" Marlena yelled. The devil invited Marlena into the house. "The fun is just getting started," the devil said.

"We drove you out!" Marlena countered. The devil told Marlena that it had left Marlena's body of its own free will. "As much as I've loved our time together, I've grown tired of our little dance. It was time for a new partner," the devil said. "Leave my daughter alone!" Marlena said. The devil laughed. "Ben and Ciara are chasing their tails, convinced that little Johnny is my new host, but you and I both know I prefer the female form," the devil said.

The devil grabbed Marlena by the throat, pulled her into the house, and pinned her against the wall. "Always fighting me, Marlena," the devil said. "Belle, fight," Marlena gasped. The devil asked Marlena to give up, but Marlena refused. The devil noted that Marlena would be dead in a few minutes.

Chanel returned to the DiMera living room to finish her conversation with Johnny. Belle was gone, but Johnny was unconscious on the floor. "Johnny!" Chanel cried out as she dropped to the ground next to him. "Please wake up! Please be okay!" Chanel yelled. As Chanel shook Johnny's body, he stirred awake. "You're alive! Thank God," Chanel said. Chanel asked what had happened.

"When I left here, you were talking to your Aunt Belle," Chanel said. A look of concern crossed Johnny's face. "Not Belle," Johnny whispered. Chanel helped Johnny to his feet, and she asked him what he had meant. "I need to explain something," Johnny said. Before Johnny could tell Chanel what had happened, they heard loud noises in the foyer.

"And with any luck, I'll see you in hell!" the devil said with a cackle. As Marlena struggled to breathe, Chanel ran into the foyer. "Jesus!" Chanel yelled. "Guess again!" the devil yelled. The devil made Chanel freeze. "Let me go!" Chanel screamed. "Why would I do that? You've got front row seats to the best show in town. The death of Dr. Marlena Evans! Plus, I want you to stick around so I can kill you next," the devil said. While the devil focused on Marlena, Johnny ran up behind devil Belle, and he hit her over the head.

Devil Belle fell to the ground, unconscious. Marlena collapsed against Johnny for a moment, then she checked on Belle. "What is going on?" Chanel asked. "The devil is inside [Belle]," Marlena said. As Marlena attempted to wake Belle, Johnny hovered behind Chanel and blinked his yellow devil eyes. Devil Johnny smiled as he watched Marlena worry over her daughter. The devil turned his eyes back to their normal color, and he pretended to be Johnny.

"Grandma! I'm so glad you're okay," devil Johnny said. Marlena asked devil Johnny how he had known that Belle was the devil. Devil Johnny told Marlena that Belle's eyes had turned yellow, and she had attacked him. "Never mind me. What are we going to do to save [Belle]?" devil Johnny asked. Devil Johnny turned his head to cover his smile.

"I don't know what to expect when [Belle] wakes up," Marlena said. "We should call someone," Chanel said. Devil Johnny argued that they could not risk waking up Belle. "I think you're right. We're going to have to neutralize her," Marlena agreed. "You're talking about fighting the devil? Alone? I did not sign up for this!" Chanel said. Devil Johnny stopped Chanel, and he asked her to help them.

Devil Johnny, Chanel, and Marlena carried Belle upstairs to his bedroom and tied her to the bed. "You think this will hold her?" Chanel asked as she tugged at the ropes. "Long as you make it tight enough," devil Johnny said. "I know that the devil is inside of her, but I don't want her hurt. That's my little girl," Marlena said. Devil Johnny argued that the ropes were for Belle's safety. "I hate seeing her like this," Marlena whispered. When devil Johnny noted that Belle would be angry when she woke, Marlena offered to sedate Belle until they figured out what to do next.

"I should go. I'm supposed to be meeting with Allie," Chanel said. As Marlena turned to leave with Chanel, devil Johnny told Chanel, "I owe you." Devil Johnny assured Marlena that he was fine to stay with Belle until Marlena returned. "Are you okay?" devil Johnny asked. "I'm shaken, but I'm okay," Marlena confirmed. Devil Johnny assured Marlena that they would drive the devil out of Belle. After Marlena and Chanel left, devil Johnny's eyes turned yellow again. "Alone at last," the devil said.

Chanel met up with Allie in the town square. When Allie smiled, Chanel asked, "What's with the look?" Allie fidgeted. "I'm not giving you a look," Allie said. "You seem a little confused," Chanel noted. "I am no more confused than I have always been. But maybe now a little bit more aware of it," Allie said. Chanel gave Allie a puzzled look, and Allie told her not to worry about it. "Did you talk to Johnny?" Allie asked. Chanel's eyes went wide, uncertain where to begin. "Johnny and I, we didn't get a chance to finish talking about the movie," Chanel said.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena sedated Belle. "I need to try to reach John," Marlena said. Devil Johnny promised to stay with Belle while Marlena tracked down John. Marlena hesitated, but devil Johnny reminded Marlena that Belle was tied up. "You call me if there is any change at all," Marlena said. "It's all going to work out. I know it is," devil Johnny said.

After Marlena left, the devil sat next to Belle. "We need to make this look good. What do you say we practice a few moves, Auntie Belle?" the devil said. The devil made the bed shake. "She has got the devil in her, for sure!" the devil said mockingly.

Xander offers Maggie a way to help Sarah

Xander offers Maggie a way to help Sarah

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie tried to contact Jake, but the call went to voicemail. "I just got back from Chicago, and I was hoping that you could explain to me why there was a surprise DiMera shareholder meeting yesterday -- and how, instead of Victor joining the board as we discussed, Johnny DiMera was installed in his place," Maggie said before ending the call.

Xander entered the study just then and began telling Maggie about what was going on with Sarah. "I can't believe what I'm hearing!" Maggie exclaimed at the end of Xander's tale. Xander produced paperwork that would allow Maggie to force Sarah to get the necessary treatment. Maggie refused to sign the paperwork without first talking to Sarah about the matter -- and Xander insisted on being present for the conversation.

At the DiMera mansion, Anna started an argument with Tony, upset because they had slept in separate bedrooms the previous night.

Tony reminded Anna that Sarah had demanded that arrangement -- and that Kayla had advised that it would be best to play along for the time being. Anna reminded Tony that Kayla wasn't a psychiatrist and therefore wasn't the best person to turn to for advice on how to deal with Sarah's delusion. Anna started to tell Tony that they needed to talk to Marlena instead -- and Sarah joined them in the living room just then.

Sarah reported, as Renee, that Marlena was upstairs at that moment, dealing with someone who was tied to a bed. Tony and Anna both laughed that off as another delusion, but Sarah assured them, as Renee, that it was true.

Changing the subject, Sarah vowed, as Renee, to start the process of being proven the rightful owner of the mansion -- then to start the process of having Anna banned from the premises for Tony's safety. Sarah added, as Renee, that the attorney who was going to be handling that process would also be handling the process of ending Tony and Anna's marriage -- and could get to work as soon as some paperwork was signed. Anna fumed as Sarah produced the paperwork and a pen then tried to hand both items over to Tony -- but Maggie and Xander burst into the mansion just then.

After seeing evidence of Sarah's delusion, Maggie asked for Xander's paperwork then proceeded to sign it -- just as Kayla entered the mansion with a cop. "I called Kayla before we left and told her we might need some assistance," Xander explained to Maggie. Sarah lashed out at Maggie, as Renee, while being dragged out of the mansion -- then continued lashing out after being restrained to a bed at the hospital. Meanwhile, back at the DiMera mansion, Anna and Tony started arguing again, at odds over whether the development was cause for celebration. Tony eventually stormed off, disgusted about Anna's apparent lack of compassion. Anna fought back tears as Tony disappeared from view.

While passing through the town square, Gwen ran into Abigail, who seized the opportunity to demand some answers. "It is pretty damn clear to me -- glaringly obvious, actually -- that you are the person who bashed me over the head at the airstrip," Abigail snapped at Gwen, having decided that there was no one else who would have had a reason to help Ava and Kristen keep Sarah away from Salem.

Xander arrived while Gwen was trying to poke holes in Abigail's theory. Xander defended Gwen then started blaming Abigail for what was going on with Sarah. After Abigail slinked off, Gwen breathed a sigh of relief then thanked Xander for the support.

At the Salem Inn, Beth realized that T.R. was high on heroin. Beth tried to flee, fearing the abuse that the drug usually triggered, but T.R. blocked the hotel room door.

T.R. insisted that there was no reason to panic -- then offered Beth an opportunity to play Celeste in Johnny's movie. "But you want something," Beth guessed. "Just the courtesy of keeping our private history private," T.R. clarified. "You're a little too late for that -- I already gave every little detail about you to that detective," Beth warned. "Yes...but he's in no position to repeat your story," T.R. responded.

Beth was surprised to hear that Eli was the person who had been shot in the park earlier -- and that T.R. already knew about the incident, despite having been nowhere near the police station when the shooting had been reported. Beth guessed that T.R. had somehow been involved in the shooting. T.R. laughed off the accusation then asked Beth if they had a deal. Beth considered turning T.R. down but ultimately decided to take the deal.

At the hospital, Lani hesitantly began the process of contacting loved ones to explain what was going on with Eli. "I'll see you soon," Lani tearfully stated at the end of a phone conversation with Valerie -- just as Abe arrived.

Lani gave Abe more details about what had happened to Eli. "Drug bust gone bad," Abe summarized at the end of Lani's tale. "I don't know... The dealer has been on our radar, but he wasn't an active case," Lani argued, adding that Eli had never gotten around to working any cases that day because of an unexpected visit from T.R.'s ex-girlfriend Beth.

Kayla eventually interrupted and informed Lani and Abe that Eli was out of surgery.

T.R. realizes that Eli is still alive

T.R. realizes that Eli is still alive

Thursday, March 17, 2022

by Mike

At the Salem Inn, T.R. handed Beth a copy of the script for Johnny's movie. "You always get your way," Beth grumbled. "Just lucky, I guess," T.R. bragged. "Right... It was just 'luck' that the one person I told my story to, the one person who knows the disgusting truth about you -- your son-in-law -- gets shot and killed right after he met with me," Beth skeptically summarized. "As I said before, I had nothing to do with that...but I freely admit that I am relieved that poor Eli took my secret to the grave," T.R. shamelessly responded.

Paulina approached Sweet Bits while Chanel was having a phone conversation with Allie. Paulina overheard enough of Chanel's end of the chat to know that something had happened with Johnny at the DiMera mansion earlier that day. Paulina protectively demanded more details, but Allie had just finished explaining to Chanel that Marlena didn't want a lot of people to know that Belle was possessed, so Chanel said a quick goodbye to Allie then ended the call and vaguely clarified that they were trying to get their contracts nullified so they wouldn't have to participate in Johnny's movie.

Paulina offered to talk to T.R. about the matter, prompting Chanel to further clarify that it was apparently Johnny's call to make. "Mr. Coates said he'd be fine with letting Allie and I out of the movie -- as a favor to you," Chanel revealed. "He wants a chance to make things up to me," Paulina explained.

Beth approached while Chanel was telling Paulina that it probably wouldn't be difficult for T.R. and Johnny to find someone else to play Celeste because that was a juicy role. "I'm the new Celeste," Beth informed Chanel and Paulina before getting the introductions out of the way. Paulina soon rushed off so Chanel and Beth could chat about the role.

Valerie entered the hospital while Kayla was filling Lani and Abe in on what had happened during Eli's surgery. "The surgeon removed the bullet without any complications, and Eli is in stable condition...[but] he's not out of the woods -- the next 24 to 48 hours are critical," Kayla summarized. "Permanent brain damage?" Valerie wondered. "We'll have to wait and see," Kayla answered.

Kayla led Lani and Valerie to Eli's room. "Ray..." Eli repeatedly muttered while thinking about the shooting, but neither Lani nor Valerie realized what was being said -- and Kayla, who also didn't realize what was being said, dismissively assured them that it probably wasn't even intelligible language. "He's probably just dreaming," Kayla elaborated. "No..." Eli protested -- but, again, Lani, Valerie, and Kayla all failed to realize what was being said. Eli grew more agitated with each attempt to get the point across to Lani, Valerie, and Kayla -- and eventually suffered a seizure as a result.

Meanwhile, Julie entered the hospital with Shawn, who rushed off after getting Abe to repeat everything that Lani had said earlier about what Eli had done that day. Abe comforted Julie with a hug then realized that someone was missing from the family vigil. Paulina was delighted to receive an unexpected phone call from Abe -- until the reason for the call was made clear. T.R. was still at the Salem Inn at that time -- and was checking online for Eli's obituary while complaining about having wasted a whole bag of premium heroin on the drug dealer when less would have still caused a lethal overdose. "How is that punk still alive?" T.R. grumbled after figuring out why Eli's obituary had not yet been published anywhere.

At the Walker apartment, Allie tried to contact Tripp, but the call went to voicemail. "I got your text, and I think I found everything you left here... I put it all in a box, so...just...whenever you want me to drop it off, just give me a text...or a call...or whatever you want... I hope you're doing well..." Allie said before ending the call then sighing while clutching one of Tripp's shirts.

At the Horton Town Square, Chanel and Beth continued chatting about Johnny's movie. Chanel eventually mentioned to Beth that Paulina had been in a relationship with T.R. years earlier. Chanel fretted to Beth that T.R. wanted another chance with Paulina but might not truly be a changed man. "I have something I need to tell you --" Beth began before pausing to take a phone call.

Beth rushed off to the police station after a brief phone conversation with Shawn, drawing a shrug of confusion from Chanel, who headed over to the Walker apartment to tell Allie about what had just happened. Allie seized the opportunity to fill Chanel in on the epiphany that Will had inspired. "So, are you comfortable identifying as bisexual?" Chanel wondered. "I think so? I mean, it feels right..." Allie answered.

Allie said she still loved Tripp but assumed that their relationship was over for good -- and Chanel still loved Johnny but assumed that their relationship was over for good. "Before I realized I was bisexual, I couldn't really imagine you and me -- us -- together as a couple...and, usually, I would be the first one to say that jumping into a new relationship right after an old one ends is a terrible idea...but you're my best friend, Chanel, and we know everything about each other, and we obviously have feelings for each other, so...I don't that we're both single, maybe this is our chance to give us a shot -- you know, see if we have a future," Allie suggested, and Chanel agreed -- then they sealed the deal with a kiss.

At the police station, Shawn tried to find out what Beth had discussed with Eli during their earlier meeting. Beth was stunned when Shawn revealed that Eli was still alive. "This changes everything!" Beth exclaimed. "For Detective Price -- she still has her husband," Beth backpedaled. Shawn nodded then continued questioning Beth about what had happened with Eli earlier.

T.R. headed over to the hospital and found Paulina with Abe and Julie. "The man Lani thought was her dad," T.R. summarized after being introduced to Abe. "Is her dad," Abe countered. "I appreciate you looking after my little girl. I don't know how to thank you," T.R. declared while extending a hand. "I don't need your thanks. Being Lani's father is the greatest gift to my life. Lani will always be my daughter, and I'll do my best to protect her -- and, to that end, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave," Abe responded, ignoring the gesture. "Now, why would I do that? I'm family -- [and] my daughter and I have already started to bond, so I'm sure she wouldn't have a problem with me being here," T.R. bragged.

Lani approached just then and started to provide an update on Eli's condition. "We were talking to him about what had happened, and --" Lani stammered. "I can explain!" T.R. insisted. "Explain what?" Lani wondered. "Why I'm here," T.R. backpedaled. Lani was upset to learn that Eli's shooting had already hit the news. Lani shrugged then finished reporting that Eli had suffered a seizure earlier.

"Caused by subdural hemorrhage. We were able to get that under control, but I'm afraid that he is now in a coma," Kayla elaborated after joining the group. Shawn arrived a short time later and began to explain what had just happened with Beth. Paulina was surprised to learn that Beth was one of T.R.'s exes. "She confirmed that last year, during her six-month relationship with Mr. Coates, there was no physical violence, and he was sober during the entire time they were together," Shawn reported, drawing a sigh of relief from T.R. -- and Paulina, as well. Abe watched with a mixture of concern and jealousy as Paulina accepted a comforting hug from T.R.

Meanwhile, Lani and Valerie visited Eli, who was on a ventilator.

Chloe and Brady grow closer

Chloe and Brady grow closer

Friday, March 18, 2022

As Sonny and Will worked out in the Kiriakis living room, a grinning Chad walked in. "What, the Kiriakis family can't afford a home gym?" Chad joked. Chad hugged Will and Sonny hello. "We heard you found Sarah Horton," Sonny said. Chad explained that Kristen had held Sarah captive until Abigail had tracked them down. Sonny asked Chad if the island had been scary.

"At least I wasn't dealing with Leo Stark," Chad said. Chad joked about his last encounter with Leo. "What drove me craziest about Leo is that nothing fazes him. I mean I told him that I was straight, that I was married, that I got two kids, and then the guy still doesn't take no for an answer," Chad said. "That is Leo, all right," Sonny agreed. When Chad wondered what Leo was up to, Will and Sonny exchanged a look.

"You've heard from the little troll?" Chad asked. Will and Sonny told Chad that Craig had started dating Leo. "Why doesn't [Chloe] just tell her dad that Leo is a total sleaze?" Chad asked. "She tried, and when he refused to believe her, she asked us to talk to him," Will explained. "That did not work, either," Sonny said. Will asked Chad for his help.

"We have to show [Craig] with his own eyes what a degenerate this guy is," Sonny said. Sonny suggested that they go after Leo's weaknesses. "We thought we would offer Leo two of his biggest temptations, sex and money, in one great-looking package," Sonny said. "You want to offer Leo more money and better sex than Leo is getting from Chloe's dad?" Chad asked. Sonny and Will nodded yes.

"Why are you guys looking at me like that? What do you want me to do?" Chad asked. "Something along the lines of making Leo's wildest dreams come true," Will said. "How am I supposed to do that?" Chad asked. "By going to bed with him," Sonny said.

At the Salem Inn, a bored Leo brushed Craig's ear, and Craig startled awake. "Oh! I thought you were asleep," Leo said. "I was," Craig said. Leo kissed Craig's neck, but Craig started to go back to sleep. Annoyed, Leo said, "Fine. Take a nap. See if I care." "We've been going all day. I need a break," Craig mumbled. Craig noted that he was no longer a young man, and he offered to buy Leo dinner instead. "Fine. But when we get back here, I'm having you for dessert," Leo countered.

Kayla met up with Steve at the bistro in the square for a drink. "How is Eli doing?" Steve asked. Kayla confirmed that Eli had slipped into a coma. "There's something else. The board is pressuring me to fire Marlena," Kayla said. "They want you to fire her?" Steve asked. Craig interrupted as he passed by to ask why the board would want to fire Marlena. "This is a private conversation," Steve grumbled.

"Craig Wesley?" Kayla said. "Good to see you again, Kayla," Craig said. "You remember Craig. He's Chloe's dad," Kayla explained. Steve nodded yes, and he apologized. When Kayla noted that it was good of Chloe's parents to visit their daughter, Craig explained that he and Nancy were no longer together. "I'm sorry," Kayla said. "I'm not. I'm his new boyfriend," Leo said as he hooked his arm around Craig's arm.

"The two of you are dating?" Kayla asked. "We're in love, aren't we?" Leo asked. Craig smiled. "I know I am," Craig said. "I'm sorry if I don't say congratulations. I still remember what you did to my sister's son," Steve said. "And my nephew Will," Kayla added. "I read about what happened to poor Adrienne," Leo started. Steve jumped to his feet and warned Leo not to talk about his sister. Craig positioned himself between Steve and Leo.

"Leo is a changed man. You have my word on that," Craig said. Craig reiterated his question about why the board had wanted to fire Marlena. "Being possessed by the devil, that would be a game-changer," Leo interjected. Leo stressed that he respected Marlena. "That Marlena devil was one fierce bitch," Leo said. Kayla narrowed her eyes.

"You shouldn't believe everything you read in the Intruder," Kayla said. "Salem's top shrink didn't really go on a demonic rampage?" Leo asked. Leo suggested that Marlena should sue for libel. "That's enough," Steve barked. Steve refused to discuss his friends with Leo. "I'm sorry if I hit a nerve," Leo muttered. Craig told Kayla that he admired her loyalty to her friend.

"I just remember how tough the board could be when I was chief of staff," Craig said. Kayla thanked Craig. "Thanks for smoothing over an awkward situation like only you can. Isn't he charming and adorable?" Leo said. Craig suggested they go on a double date sometime, and Leo promised not to discuss the devil. Leo pulled out his phone to look at his calendar.

"Steve and I are really so busy right now. We have to check our calendars," Kayla said. "Some other time," Craig noted. With a nod, Craig and Leo walked away. "There's a lid for every pot," Kayla said.

Steve and Kayla sat back down at their table, and Steve wondered aloud how Craig could fall "for a creep like Leo Stark." Kayla shrugged. "I think [Craig] is brave coming out at this point in his life, but to choose a guy like that?" Steve asked. "It does seem like not a great match," Kayla agreed. Kayla asked Steve to let her know if she was talking too loud about work in the future.

"So, Craig overheard us. It's no big deal," Steve said with a shrug. "No. You don't understand. I heard that Craig pulled every dirty trick in the book to steal the chief of staff job away from Mike Horton," Kayla explained. Steve asked Kayla if she was worried that Craig would pursue her job. Kayla said she was not worried, but she was mindful that Craig was back in town with a con man for a boyfriend.

When Craig and Leo got to the pub, Craig commented that he was stunned that the board wanted to fire Marlena. "A legend who turned into a complete monster," Leo reminded Craig. Craig chuckled. "Like you said, alleged," Craig said. When Leo suggested a steak, Craig noted that he would have to double his cholesterol meds. "You'll work it all off once we get back to the hotel," Leo said with a grin. Craig laughed. "You love it," Leo said. "I do. And I love you," Craig said. With a sigh, Craig said he wished Chloe would accept them as a couple. Leo assured Craig that Chloe would "come around."

After drinks, Craig's phone beeped with a message from a friend at his hospital. "Nancy has been in touch with me and various others at the hospital, informing us that you are getting divorced. She has also told us the reason," Craig read aloud. "Why would she do that?" Leo asked. Craig noted that Nancy was hurt, and he understood why she had lashed out.

"It could be a problem for us. For me, I mean. The hospital? She's beloved there. She organizes the volunteers, she does the fundraising," Craig explained. "They cannot fire you for being gay," Leo said. "I know, but they could freeze me out of important social circles, which could end my career," Craig said. Leo reminded Craig that his career had started in Salem.

"What if you come back? Pick up where you left off?" Leo asked. Craig said he loved New York, and he did not know what he would do in Salem. Leo reminded Craig that the board was at odds with Kayla over Marlena's job. "If Kayla stands her ground, her job could be in trouble," Leo said. "Now I hear what you're saying," Craig said with a smile. "You could be Dr. Craig Wesley, the once and future chief of staff at Salem University Hospital," Leo said.

Marlena stared at the Stefano portrait in the DiMera living room. "You're loving this, aren't you, you old bastard?" Marlena yelled. Marlena blamed Stefano for having unleashed the devil on Salem. John rushed into the living room and into Marlena's arms. "Your message just said emergency. I was going out of my mind," John said. Marlena told John that Belle was possessed by the devil.

"No, it can't be," John said. Marlena told John about how Belle had attacked her and Johnny. "When I looked at her, her eyes were glowing," Marlena said. Marlena blamed herself. "Something about this doesn't make any sense here. I spent far too much time with Belle the night after the exorcism. I would have seen the signs," John said. "[The devil] knew that. He stayed away from you," Marlena said. John asked what had changed. "It wasn't voluntary. Susan came back to town. She warned me about him," Marlena said. John asked for details, and Marlena told him about Susan's vision.

"I need to see Belle for myself," John said. Marlena warned John that Belle was sedated. "Is she alone?" John asked. "Johnny is with her. Johnny was the one that kept her from hurting me," Marlena said. Curious, John asked how Johnny had stopped the devil. Marlena told John that Johnny had knocked devil Belle unconscious.

Upstairs, a tied-up Belle remained asleep in Johnny's bed. "Aunt Belle, you seem to be in a bit of a bind," devil Johnny joked. The devil talked about how pleased he was that Marlena had believed his story that Belle was possessed. "As long as you keep making like Sleeping Beauty, no one will ever be the wiser," devil Johnny said. The devil grinned.

"Things would definitely go more smoothly if you never woke up. The good people of Salem would want to believe that the devil died when you did," devil Johnny said as he stroked Belle's sleeping face. With a nod yes, devil Johnny wrapped his hands around Belle's neck. "Johnny! What in the hell are you doing?" John yelled as he walked into the bedroom. Devil Johnny cheerfully greeted John.

"You had your hands wrapped around her neck," John said. Devil Johnny stammered that he had been worried and had wanted to check for a pulse. John pulled Johnny away from the bed. "Where is Shawn? Does he know about this?" John asked. Marlena explained that she had wanted to show John before she told Shawn. "[Belle] is going to need him," John said. Marlena told John about Eli's shooting.

"Shawn is in charge of the case. And somebody has to be there for Julie," Marlena said. With a growl, John argued that Shawn needed to know about his wife. "We just thought that the fewer people that caught wind of this, the better," devil Johnny said. "You're not calling the shots here!" John barked. John argued that they did not know for certain that Belle was possessed.

"Before I accept the fact that we're dealing with the devil again, I'm going to make damn sure that Belle's behavior isn't caused by something else," John said. "I know you hate this, but [Belle] is definitely possessed," Marlena said. Devil Johnny agreed. "I want to see for myself," John said. As Marlena grabbed a flashlight from her medical bag, devil Johnny grabbed Belle's hand. Marlena lifted one of Belle's eyelids, exposing a yellow devil eye. John groaned.

"What are we going to do?" Marlena asked. John said he had not been able to reach Eric. "If there is going to be another exorcism here, I'm going to have to perform it myself," John said. When Johnny reminded John that he was not a priest, John snapped that the priesthood had not protected Marlena. "It was our love for one another. And now that same love is what is going to have to save our child," John said.

Chloe visited Brady at the penthouse to complain about Leo. Chloe told Brady that she had talked to her father on the phone, and he was furious with her. "Because we were trying to grill Leo," Brady said. "That and also sending Sonny and Will to warn him about that creep," Chloe said. Chloe told Brady that Craig had sided with his lover.

"I feel like I don't know my own father anymore," Chloe lamented. "Sooner or later, your dad will realize that you have his best interests at heart," Brady said. Brady told Chloe that Will and Sonny would not give up. "I just wish I knew what this secret plan of theirs was. I'm just hoping it doesn't blow up in our faces. Or my dad's," Chloe said. Brady urged Chloe to trust Will and Sonny. With a sigh, Chloe noted that her father had told her that he had never been happier in his life.

"I know a little something about the illusion of happiness. I remember Theresa. And Kristen. Sometimes you just want to believe something so badly that you almost will yourself to think it is true," Brady said. "Tell me about it. You ignore all the warning bells in your brain because you want to believe the fairy tale," Chloe said. "Sometimes the worst part is that the real thing is staring at you right in the face," Brady said as he stared into Chloe's eyes. "And you don't recognize it," Chloe whispered.

After a moment, Chloe looked away, and she thanked Brady for having been her friend. "How many personal dramas have you seen me through?" Brady asked. "I don't feel like it's that many," Chloe said. Brady listed all the things that Chloe had done for him in the past year. "I'll always be here for you," Chloe said. "I don't know what I did to deserve having you come back into my life the way you have, but I'm so grateful that you have," Brady said. As Brady brushed Chloe's hair, she leaned slightly toward him.

Before Chloe and Brady could kiss, John returned home. Brady asked about John's trip. "I can't talk about it right now," John said as he marched past them into the bedroom. John retrieved his exorcism kit. When John headed for the front door, Brady asked if everything was okay. "Everything is fine. Just working on a case here. Here to pick up some stuff. You have yourself a good night," John said as he walked out.

"I'm pretty sure he wasn't telling me the truth," Brady said. With a laugh, Chloe agreed. "What now?" Brady whispered. Chloe advised Brady not to worry. "Just before my dad came in, I hope you don't think that I was coming on to you. You know how I feel about you, but I also know you are hung up on Philip," Brady said. "Maybe I'm not," Chloe confessed. Chloe said she hoped that Philip was okay, but she was ready to let Philip go.

"The reality is, I don't know where [Philip] is or when he is coming back. Or if he is coming back. You know, I think I just have to accept that maybe he is dead," Chloe said. With a shake of her head, Chloe said she did not know what had happened, but she knew that Brady was not responsible. Brady breathed a sigh of relief. "And I'm tired of living my life in limbo," Chloe said through tears. Chloe said she did not want to live like her father had done.

"I don't want to live a life where I deny what I feel for you," Chloe said. "Really?" Brady whispered. Chloe nodded yes. "Do you have any idea how long I've been waiting to hear you say those words? Chloe, I just need to know that you're sure about it," Brady said. Chloe thanked Brady for his patience with her. "I think it's always been you," Chloe said. "Hallelujah. Come here," Brady whispered. Brady kissed Chloe.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena told Johnny that John had gone home to get what he needed for the exorcism. "Who knew that stuff would keep coming in handy?" Johnny said. Angry, Marlena told Johnny that she was in no mood for jokes. "I just hope Grandpa John is able to save her soul before it is too late," devil Johnny said. Devil Johnny encouraged Marlena to go downstairs and eat.

"I'm not hungry, and I'm not leaving her until John gets back," Marlena said. While Marlena fussed over Belle, devil Johnny sat in the chair behind her. "Maybe I should just get rid of Marlena right now? She's starting to bore me. It would be easy. I could blame it on Belle," the devil thought. As devil Johnny stood and reached his hands toward Marlena's neck, John returned. Devil Johnny offered to help.

"The best thing you can do right now, Johnny, is just leave us alone," John said. "You just said Belle needs people around who love her!" devil Johnny said. John explained that he did not want the devil to jump into Johnny. "I'm not afraid," devil Johnny said. "The fewer people in this room, the better," Marlena said. John asked Johnny to wait downstairs. Reluctantly, devil Johnny walked out.

"I've never actually seen this done before. I've only been on the receiving end. Just tell me what you would like me to do," Marlena said. John asked Marlena to leave the room, too.

Downstairs, an annoyed devil complained, "If I'm not there when the ritual starts, John is going to find out that Belle is not possessed." Devil Johnny pulled out his phone and called Shawn. "Can you come over to my house right away? Something has happened to Aunt Belle," devil Johnny said breathlessly. The devil smiled.

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