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Sonny enacted a plan with Chad and Abigail to tempt Leo. Leo convinced Craig to go for Kayla's job, and it worked. John "exorcised" Belle. The devil planted evidence at Belle's house. Devil Johnny kissed Gabi. Jake told Gabi about the devil. Kate blamed the devil for the evidence Lucas had planted against E.J. E.J. remembered his shooting. Clyde made parole. Xander refused to commit to Gwen. A jury acquitted Rafe. Abigail suggested Chad talk to Rolf about Sarah. Maggie asked Tony to move in. Chad tempted Leo.
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Sonny crafted a plan to tempt Leo, E.J. remembered his shooting, and the devil planted evidence at Belle's house
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Chad considers helping Will and Sonny deal with Leo

Chad considers helping Will and Sonny deal with Leo

Monday, March 21, 2022

by Mike

Abigail headed over to the hospital to check on Sarah -- and arrived just as Kayla was wrapping up a heated phone conversation with a board member who wanted to know why Marlena hadn't been fired yet. "The nerve!" Kayla grumbled.

Kayla vented to Abigail about the campaign to end Marlena's career -- then provided an update on Sarah's condition. Abigail still felt responsible for what had happened to Sarah, but Kayla insisted that Kristen was to blame.

At the Brady Pub, Craig laughed off Leo's advice about going after Kayla's job, no longer interested in being a troublemaker. Leo argued that the beauty of the situation was that Craig wouldn't even have to cause any trouble in order to secure Kayla's job. "If she refuses to fire Dr. Beelzebub Evans, she'd be losing it on her own," Leo elaborated.

"Craig, you can't fight this -- it's fate! [I mean], you know that I am not really a religious person, [but] I believe that everything happens for a reason -- [and now], at the very moment that Nancy is trying to sabotage your career in New York, the devil herself sends University Hospital into a tailspin! It's like some higher power wants -- no, needs -- you to be the new chief of staff, [and] this could be the start of a whole new life for us!" Leo added, and Craig conceded the point after some thought and admitted that it would be nice to live closer to Chloe again. Craig headed over to the hospital to talk to Seth Burns but ran into Kayla first. Craig claimed to have been looking for Kayla so they could discuss job openings, adding that even low-level jobs would be acceptable.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chad groaned, "Leo is a creep." Sonny and Will, who were seated next to each other on the sofa, nodded in agreement. Chad questioned how they would find someone willing to hit on Leo. Sonny suggested that they could ask someone who Leo had already expressed an interest in. Will added that it would also need to be someone who could make Leo’s “wildest dreams” come true. Will and Sonny became silent, their eyes widened as they looked at Chad.

Chad figured out that Will and Sonny wanted him to seduce Chad. Chad said that they should move to Plan B, a plan that included Chad shooting Leo in Horton Town Square. Going to jail, Chad said, would be “vastly better” than what Will and Sonny were suggesting. Chad asserted that waking up with a tarantula on his pillow would also be more appealing. "All right, come on -- you were in a bed with him in Phoenix, [and] that didn't kill you..." Will reminded Chad, who fought back a sudden wave of nausea while remembering the incident, which had occurred during Labor Day weekend the previous year, when many of Salem's past and present residents had found themselves entangled in an international adventure involving an artifact known as the Alamainian Peacock. "You said you'd help us..." Sonny added. "That was before I knew that the two of you were out of your ever-loving minds!" Chad explained.

"I thought we were friends! And want me to..." Chad stammered. "Chad, don't worry -- your virtue is safe with us," Will insisted. "When we say 'go to bed with him,' that is what we mean...but that's all we mean," Sonny clarified. "With your looks and the DiMera money, all you have to do is just crook your little finger, and he'd be putty in your hands..." Will began to elaborate while demonstrating the suggested hand gesture.

"Maybe I should have put it differently..." Will backpedaled after realizing, with Sonny's help, that Chad was misinterpreting the hand gesture as a sexual one. "You will not have to do anything -- the minute you two are horizontal, we're gonna send Craig in --" Sonny tried to conclude for Will before they lost Chad entirely. "Whoa, I am sorry -- 'send Craig in'? What, am I supposed to have an audience now, too?" Chad objected.

"Craig needs to know the truth about Leo, okay? And one picture is worth a thousand words --" Sonny reasoned. "It is not my responsibility to open his eyes! I am sorry, [but] there's not one reason why I should do this for him --" Chad argued. "Chad, I'm not asking you to do this for Wesley -- I'm asking you to do this for Sonny --" Will began to clarify. "Will, don't --" Sonny tried to protest.

"I'm sorry -- I have to," Will explained to Sonny before forging ahead. "It took Sonny a long time to get over what Leo did to him -- he was humiliated [and] betrayed by that little worm -- and he did get over it, but then he found out that [Leo's] doing it to someone else, and...Chad, he can't sleep -- I know he tries to hide it, but this is eating him up inside!" Will informed Chad as tears welled up in Sonny's eyes. "It's true," Sonny whispered.

"Aw, Sonny... This doesn't sound like it is about Wesley at all -- this sounds like it is about revenge," Chad mused -- and neither Sonny nor Will bothered to deny the suspicion. "Why didn't you just say that?" Chad wondered. "'re in?" Sonny translated. "I am a DiMera -- we invented revenge!" Chad stressed. "But you owe me! [And] I don't even know if this is gonna work, okay? Sure, yes, I am irresistible, but Leo knows that I am straight [and] married [and] really love my wife --" Chad added. "That is where Abigail comes in," Will countered before starting to elaborate -- and Chad summoned Abigail over to the mansion afterward.

Abigail agreed to go along with the plan then headed over to the town square with Chad in the hope that Leo would eventually pass through the area. "You haven't touched me in months!" Abigail snapped at Chad when they finally spotted Leo. "I have had a lot on my mind --" Chad reasoned. "You think I don't notice that the only time you light up is when you talk about going to visit Will and Sonny in Phoenix? And that other guy, whatever his name is -- Leo Stark?" Abigail countered.

Stunned, Leo interrupted to say hello to Chad and Abigail. Leo got an icy response from Abigail and a flustered response from Chad. Even more intrigued than before, Leo said a quick goodbye and started to head into the Salem Inn -- then turned back around and caught Chad staring. Leo grinned at Chad then continued walking away. "Hooked," Chad bragged to Abigail once the coast was clear.

Meanwhile, at the Kiriakis mansion, Will and Sonny finished moving the study's largest pieces of furniture back to their original locations. "I guess that means we're done with our workout," Sonny summarized. "Not necessarily," Will countered before giving Sonny a passionate kiss. "Why don't we take this upstairs," Will added after pulling away from Sonny, who eagerly agreed.

Shawn rushed over to the DiMera mansion and prodded "Johnny" for more details about what was going on with Belle. "This is all your fault, Johnny -- [I mean], the devil would have never come back if you hadn't dared it to [with] your damn movie!" Shawn snapped before apologizing for the outburst.

Upstairs, Belle woke up while John and Marlena were arguing about whether they were both going to be present for the exorcism. "Johnny... It's him..." Belle tried to warn Marlena and John -- but Shawn burst into Johnny's bedroom just then, with the demonic presence close behind. John and Marlena started to lash out at "Johnny" for having summoned Shawn to the mansion against their wishes -- but they got distracted when the demonic presence suddenly started bragging, as Belle, about having kissed Abigail while posing as E.J. in an effort to cause trouble. No one noticed that "Johnny" was touching Belle's left leg the entire time, creating a link that allowed the demonic presence to possess both of them at the same time.

The demonic presence started lashing out, as Johnny, then tried to strangle Belle as punishment for messing with E.J., but John, Marlena, and Shawn quickly intervened. John again insisted on doing the exorcism alone, but Marlena still didn't like that idea, and Shawn didn't, either -- so the demonic presence suggested, as Johnny, that if they all spent the entire exorcism clutching the St. Benedict medal that Gabriel had given to John, the devil wouldn't be able to possess any of them. John conceded that "Johnny's" idea had merit, and Marlena and Shawn agreed to give it a shot.

The demonic presence guessed, as Johnny, that John, Marlena, and Shawn weren't going to agree to let anyone else participate in the exorcism. The demonic presence rushed out of the bedroom without waiting for a response and shut the door -- then kept a hand on it to make supernatural events, such as unexplained gusts of wind, occur inside the bedroom during the exorcism so John, Marlena, and Shawn would believe that the devil was still there with them.

The demonic presence eventually stopped the performance -- and when Belle woke up again a short time later and seemed to be back to normal, John, Marlena, and Shawn all assumed that the exorcism had been a complete success.

Jake questions Belle about the devil

Jake questions Belle about the devil

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

At the Brady house, Belle told Shawn that she had a headache. "What do you remember about last night?" Shawn asked. Belle said she did not remember much. "Did something happen?" Belle asked. With a sigh, Shawn informed Belle that John had performed an exorcism. "My mom was possessed again?" Belle asked. Shawn told Belle that she had been possessed.

After Shawn explained what had happened, Belle gasped. "So, I have been possessed since Christmas? Did you have any idea?" Belle asked. Shawn said no. Shawn told Belle that the devil had said it had been keeping a low profile so that it could finish its work. "I think he was just biding his time until my sister gave birth," Shawn said.

"So, all this time, I have been plotting to steal their baby without even knowing it?" Belle asked. Belle was stunned. Shawn remembered that he had the sonogram results in the desk, and he checked the envelope. It was unsealed. "I must have opened the envelope. I swear that I don't remember doing that," Belle said. Shawn reminded Belle that the devil had done it, not her. Belle urged Shawn to talk to Ciara.

As Gabi worked in her office at DiMera Enterprises, Kate arrived. Kate asked why Gabi had wanted to talk to her. "You're fired," Gabi said. "You can't fire me," Kate said. Gabi explained that she had fired Kate because Kate was "a disloyal bitch." Gabi said that she could not trust Kate.

With a sigh, Kate offered to pick up the conversation later. "I have a very important meeting. I'm in the middle of a negotiation for a new acquisition," Kate said. Gabi told Kate that Johnny would take over the negotiation. Kate laughed. "Get the hell out," Gabi said. "I'll go, but the minute I walk out that door, you're screwed," Kate said. Kate reminded Gabi that she had no allies at the company.

"I'm not alone. I have Johnny," Gabi said. Kate reminded Gabi of the wreckage Johnny had left in his wake. "How long do you think it is going to be before he turns on you?" Kate asked.

Jake went to Ben and Ciara's apartment to ask for an update about Johnny. "There's been a lot going on. Including an exorcism," Ciara said. Ben told Jake that the devil had not been in Johnny, but instead inside Belle. "That doesn't make sense. We were convinced it was Johnny," Jake said. Ben explained that Susan had confirmed that Johnny was clean.

"[Susan] is wrong on this. I'm telling you, I am convinced the devil was in Johnny and working to tear me apart from the woman I love," Jake said. Jake pointed out that all the weird problems had benefitted Johnny and hurt Jake's relationship with Gabi. "What kind of bizarre things?" Ciara asked. Jake told Ben and Ciara about the meeting and texts with Maggie and the faked documents. "And you think that Johnny is behind all these things?" Ciara asked. Jake noted that devil possession of Johnny was the only thing that made sense.

"You're right that all those things did benefit Johnny, but Belle still could have been behind them. I'm thinking Johnny was in the right place at the right time," Ciara said. "So, Johnny is a user and a jerk but not the devil?" Jake asked. "Exactly," Ciara said. With a nod, Jake announced that he wanted to find out the truth, and he walked out.

When Shawn arrived, he told Ben and Ciara that the devil had opened the sonogram envelope. "I'm trying to keep Belle calm, so is there any way you can [keep it here]?" Shawn asked. Ciara took the envelope back. Ciara hugged her brother, and she wished Belle well. Shawn left.

After a moment, Ben and Ciara agreed that they still were not ready to know the results. "We need to put this thing away somewhere we won't be so tempted," Ben said.

Jake went to the Brady house to talk to Belle. "I'm really sorry to bother you. I know you just went through a very terrible experience," Jake said. "It's fine," Belle assured Jake. Jake asked Belle for help. "If it turns out my suspicions are correct, then I can help you out, too," Jake said. Jake asked Belle if she had impersonated Jake when she had been possessed. When Jake told Belle the date, she confirmed she had been at the prison to talk to E.J. on that date.

"If you can prove that you were somewhere else at the time [of the meeting with Maggie], then we can prove that it wasn't you morphed into me. That it was Johnny," Jake said. Belle went to fish her calendar out of her purse, and she found Maggie's phone inside her bag. "Maggie supposedly sent me a message after that meeting that made it look like we were conspiring behind Gabi's back. [Maggie] swears she didn't send it," Jake said. With a stammer, Belle noted, "It looks like it was me."

"If this is true, you have no idea what this could mean for me and Gabi," Jake said. Jake swore to Belle that he had not maneuvered to oust Gabi. Belle explained that she had a copy of all the DiMera legal documents on her laptop. When Belle checked her computer, she found the petition for Gabi's shares. "I must have forged your signature on it. Jake, I'm so sorry," Belle said. Belle swore she had no memory of it.

"I think it is pretty clear that Johnny wasn't the one causing all those problems for you and Gabi. It was me," Belle said. "It wasn't your fault, right? And honestly, you've done me a huge favor. Now I can go to Gabi and prove to her that I didn't betray her," Jake said. Jake told Belle that he was grateful for her help. As Jake picked up Maggie's phone, Belle asked Jake to send Maggie her apologies. "You're one of the good ones. You got nothing to be sorry about," Jake said.

When Shawn returned home, he confirmed that Ben and Ciara were not upset about the sonogram. "You okay?" Shawn asked. Belle told Shawn about her conversation with Jake.

In the DiMera living room, devil Johnny asked Chad for a moment to talk. "Do you want to apologize?" Chad asked. "It's not about Gabi. It's about my dad," devil Johnny said. Devil Johnny told Chad that E.J. had not kissed Abigail. Devil Johnny told Chad that Belle was to blame. "How is that possible?" Chad asked. Devil Johnny explained that Belle had been possessed since Christmas.

"[John] got rid of the devil for good, but before that, Belle confessed what she did to Abigail," devil Johnny said. "So, Belle morphed into E.J. so I could see him make a play for my wife? Why?" Chad asked. Devil Johnny said the devil had wanted to rip apart the family. Chad dropped his face in his hands.

After devil Johnny left, Chad paced the living room. "I sent E.J. to prison for something I thought he did to Abigail, and it wasn't him," Chad whispered. Chad pulled out his phone and called Kate. "I need to see you as soon as possible," Chad said. "I'm right here," Kate said as she walked into the living room. Kate ended her phone call, and she smirked at Chad.

"I guess you heard the big news. Gabi fired me," Kate said. "I hadn't," Chad said. Kate noted that she would have quit if Gabi had not fired her. "Gabi and Johnny are running the company into the ground. It's a joke, Gabi in charge with my nephew. Speaking of Johnny," Chad said. Chad asked Kate to sit down. Chad told Kate about the devil's confession about E.J.

"I was going to set E.J. free, and I got played," Chad complained. Chad argued that he needed to confess that he had planted the evidence to frame E.J. "Without implicating Lucas. And yes, I know that I'm going to get charged with perjury," Chad said. "Well then, you are going to end up behind bars, too," Kate said. Kate advised Chad not to abandon his family.

"If the situation was reversed, do you really think that E.J. would do the same thing?" Kate asked. "It doesn't matter. What's right is right," Chad said. Kate suggested that they redirect the blame for the planted evidence to the devil.

Upstairs in Johnny's bedroom, the devil smiled as he talked to himself about Chad's guilt. "I've already convinced half these idiots that Belle has been wreaking havoc this whole time and not Johnny DiMera. It should be a breeze to get the rest of them to buy it, too," the devil said. The devil thought about when he had planted evidence on Belle's laptop at her house to make her look guilty. After the devil had placed the laptop back in Belle's bag, it had pulled the sonogram envelope out of the desk and opened it.

Susan visited E.J. at the prison, and she gave him a bear hug. "Seeing you in here when you haven't done a darned thing, it just breaks my heart," Susan said. "I knew this would upset you. That's why I said you didn't have to come," E.J. countered. Susan said she was there to free E.J. "We're going to get your conviction overturned," Susan said. Susan explained that Belle had failed E.J.

"Belle is an excellent attorney. She gave me superb advice that I failed to heed at every turn," E.J. said. "Belle may be a fine, fine lawyer, but the devil sure as heck isn't," Susan said. Susan told E.J. what had happened. "Poor Belle. That must have been terrifying for her," E.J. said. Susan confirmed that Belle had been exorcised. "And you're sure it was a success?" E.J. asked. "Yeah, the devil is back in hell, where he belongs," Susan said.

"You want me to argue that I deserve a new trial because my attorney was possessed by the devil?" E.J. asked. When Susan nodded yes, E.J. explained that the judge would never believe the story. "There's got to be something someone can do to clear your name," Susan said. E.J. told Susan to have patience. Clyde walked into the visitors' room.

"Well, if it isn't my favorite cellmate. And who might this lovely lady be?" Clyde said. E.J. introduced Clyde to his mother. Clyde held out his hand for a handshake. Susan stared coldly at Clyde. "I know who you are. I saw your picture. You're Ben Weston's daddy. And you are a very bad, bad, bad man," Susan said. Clyde excused himself to go to the phone bank.

"That wasn't very nice," E.J. whispered to Susan. Susan begged E.J. to steer clear of Clyde. E.J. reminded Susan that Clyde was his cellmate. "He has done terrible things," Susan said. "This is prison, Mother. Everyone in here has done terrible things," E.J. countered. E.J. added that he needed Clyde to have his back. Susan warned E.J. that Clyde had a secret.

E.J. thought about the night of his shooting and that Clyde had been there. "Don't worry. I'll be fine," E.J. assured Susan. Susan offered to stay in town, but E.J. told her he could take care of himself. With a squeal, Susan hugged E.J. and told him she loved him. After Susan left, E.J. shared a look with Clyde.

Clyde walked over after his phone call. "That's your mama? Not exactly what I expected," Clyde said. With a smile, E.J. confirmed that Susan was "a bit eccentric." E.J. added that Susan was protective of Ben and Ciara. With a nod, Clyde admitted that he had been a terrible dad, but he had worked things out with Ben. "[Ben] knows he's got nothing to fear from me anymore," Clyde said. Clyde added that E.J. did not need to fear Clyde, either.

"I'm guessing your call with your attorney went well," E.J. said. Clyde explained that he was set to appear before the parole board and that he might go home that day. "You seem confident," E.J. said. "I feel real good walking out of here, knowing that I paid for all my crimes," Clyde said. E.J. thought about the night of the shooting again, but this time, he remembered that Clyde was part of the shooting itself. "Anything wrong?" Clyde asked. "It was you," E.J. said.

Devil Johnny greeted Gabi in her office at DiMera Enterprises. Gabi informed Johnny that she had fired Kate. "Didn't you used to be friends?" devil Johnny asked. "Yeah, before Jake and before she backstabbed me at the shareholders' meeting. Why? Do you have a problem with me giving her the axe?" Gabi asked. Devil Johnny said no. "You shouldn't have to work with anybody you can't trust," devil Johnny said.

"Agreed. Which brings me to my next point. Johnny, can I trust you?" Gabi asked. "You don't trust me?" devil Johnny said. Gabi reminded Johnny of all the family members he had stabbed in the back. "What is it you really want?" Gabi asked. Devil Johnny assured Gabi that he did not want to be CEO, but she was hesitant to believe him.

"I can completely understand where all this is coming from. You loved a man, you trusted him, and he lied to you. He used you. He stabbed you in the back. I'm not Jake," devil Johnny said. "You hurt people you supposedly care about," Gabi countered. Devil Johnny argued that he had had reasons for his actions.

"As for Chanel, it would have never lasted. She wants my sister. Always has," devil Johnny said. "If you knew that, why did you marry her?" Gabi asked. Devil Johnny claimed that he had been swept up in the passion of Italy. "As soon as I got home, I realized [Chanel] wasn't the woman for me. You are," devil Johnny said. Devil Johnny approached Gabi, and he sat on the desk next to her chair.

"We're both single, available, hot. I think it's time for us to --" devil Johnny started. "To what? Take this relationship to the next level?" Gabi asked. Devil Johnny nodded yes. "We're both ambitious, ruthless, incredibly passionate. We both go after what we want, and as I've said, what I want is you," devil Johnny said. Devil Johnny kissed Gabi.

Jake went to the Kiriakis mansion to return Maggie's cell phone. When no one was in the living room, Jake left a note for Maggie with the phone. Jake called Gabi's cell phone, but she was too preoccupied with devil Johnny's kiss to notice.

Susan went to Ben and Ciara's apartment after she left the prison. "I just came to say farewell," Susan said. Susan said that she was ready to leave, since the devil was gone and the baby was safe. Ciara thanked Susan for her help. Susan glanced across the room at the sonogram envelope and gasped. "I know what that is!" Susan yelled. Susan started to say the gender of the baby, but Ben and Ciara yelled at her not to tell them the results.

"My lips are sealed," Susan said. After Susan left, Ciara joked that she did not want to know the gender of their baby from Susan. "How do you want to find out?" Ben asked. With a grin, Ciara said, "I think I have an idea."

Belle is horrified to learn what she did while possessed

Belle is horrified to learn what she did while possessed

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

At the Kiriakis mansion, Jake placed a call to Gabi and wondered why she wasn't picking up. Jake left Gabi a voicemail and said he had proof that he hadn't betrayed Gabi. Gabi had been making out with a possessed Johnny in her office at DiMera Enterprises before she abruptly stopped. "I can't do this," Gabi said and stepped out into the lobby.

In the lobby, Johnny accused Gabi of wanting to use him in the bedroom to gain the upper hand on him in the boardroom. Johnny said that the kiss in Gabi's office hadn't been part of any plan and suggested that Gabi really wanted him. "The question is, are you going to take what you want?" Johnny asked. Gabi admitted she wanted Johnny, and the two kissed passionately.

As Gabi and Johnny madly undressed one another, Jake stormed into the office and confronted them. Jake explained that the devil had morphed into Jake in order to trick Gabi into thinking that Jake had betrayed her to win Gabi's shares of DiMera Enterprises. Gabi told Jake that the devil had been exorcised at Christmas, but Jake insisted the devil had only left Marlena's body and taken another body as its host.

Gabi asked who the devil had possessed, and Johnny answered that it had been Belle. Gabi was stunned that the devil had remained in Salem. Jake accused Johnny of taking advantage of Jake's rocky situation with Gabi. Johnny tried to goad Jake into a fight after he bragged about what Jake had walked in on between Johnny and Gabi. Gabi managed to separate the two, and Johnny left the room.

Gabi asked again if Jake was sure it had been the devil that had made it look like Jake had gone behind her back. "You didn't do any of this?" Gabi asked. "No, Gabi, I didn't betray you, and I never would. It sure as hell didn't take you long to betray me, though," Jake surmised.

Jake couldn't believe that Gabi had been about to have sex with Johnny when Jake had walked in. Gabi tried to apologize for not trusting Jake and begged his forgiveness. She asked if there was any future at all for her and Jake. Gabi tried to explain that the devil had been the one that had caused all the trouble for her and Jake's relationship, and she said she still wanted Jake. Jake looked at the title on Gabi's desk. "No, you got what you wanted -- CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Congratulations. Nothing else matters to you," Jake said. Jake left the office as Gabi started to weep.

At Statesville, E.J. remembered that Clyde had been the one who'd had E.J. shot and left for dead years earlier. Clyde initially denied the allegation but soon confessed that E.J. was right. Clyde tried to blame the shooting on a henchman who'd been trigger happy. E.J. was furious at Clyde for costing him years of his life, but Clyde cavalierly dismissed E.J. "You didn't die. You're alive. The way I see it: no harm, no foul," Clyde said.

Clyde asked what E.J. was going to do, since E.J. knew Clyde had been the one behind E.J.'s shooting. E.J. threatened to go the parole board, but Clyde warned E.J. not to rat him out. Clyde cautioned E.J. to leave the past dead and buried. "The past isn't dead and buried, Weston. For me, it's still very much alive," E.J. said after Clyde left the room.

At Shawn and Belle's house, Belle begged Shawn to tell her more about the things she had done when she'd been possessed. Shawn explained that Belle had not only morphed into Jake but also E.J. in order for Chad to believe that E.J. had assaulted Abigail. Shawn told Belle that before E.J.'s trial, a possessed Belle had cornered Abigail and forced a kiss on Abigail.

Belle blamed herself for everything that had happened. "E.J. hired me to represent him. I don't feel like I could live with myself if something happened to him in that hellhole," Belle said. Belle put on her coat and rushed off to Statesville to tell E.J. she was responsible for him being in prison.

Belle arrived at the prison and apologized to E.J. for how she had handled his case. E.J. reminded Belle that she'd been possessed at the time of the trial and that it couldn't possibly have been Belle's fault. Belle told E.J. that she had been the one to kiss Abigail at the courthouse so that Chad would undermine E.J. on the stand.

Belle told E.J. that because she'd been possessed at the time of his trial, they could argue for a mistrial on the basis that E.J. had been ill-advised by counsel at the time. E.J. politely told Belle that he doubted a court would believe that his attorney had been possessed by Satan. Belle said she was going to make the attempt regardless. E.J. and Belle both struggled to make sense of how long Belle had been possessed. "All I know is that I need to get you out of here," Belle told E.J.

Belle then received a notification on her phone and looked puzzled. When E.J. asked what had happened, Belle said that E.J. would be getting a new cellmate and announced that Clyde had been granted parole.

At Horton Town Square, Chanel and Allie held hands and kissed for the first time in public. Ben and Ciara saw the couple, and Allie introduced them to Chanel. Allie explained to Ben and Ciara that she and Chanel had always been attracted to one another and that both of them were free to pursue a relationship, since Chanel and Allie were single. Ben and Ciara congratulated Chanel and Allie.

Ciara showed Chanel and Allie the envelope that contained the sonogram of her baby and explained that the devil wanted to take the baby for himself. Allie assumed Ben and Ciara had given the envelope to her so that Allie could reveal the sex of the baby to them, but Ben said their idea had been a gender reveal party. Ben asked Allie and Chanel to bake a cake for the event. Allie and Chanel were both thrilled by the news and accepted Ben and Ciara's proposal.

After Ben and Ciara left, Allie teased Chanel about the sex of the baby. Allie playfully told Chanel that Chanel didn't need to know the baby's gender, as the two of them laughed happily together. A grinning Johnny interrupted them. "Don't you two make the sweetest couple," a demonic Johnny said. Johnny asked if Allie and Chanel were officially a couple then noticed the envelope that Allie held and remembered having opened it at Ben and Ciara's apartment. Johnny pretended to wish Allie and Chanel well together before he left.

Back at their apartment, Ben told Ciara he didn't care whether the cake turned out to be blue or pink because his life was already perfect. Ben and Ciara heard a knock at the door. As Ben opened it, he was startled to see his father there. Ben asked Clyde if he had escaped from prison, and Clyde told him that he'd been granted parole on the condition that he find a place to stay with people that were responsible. Clyde gloated that since Ben and Ciara were expecting a child, he couldn't think of a more responsible home than theirs. "By the way, what are we having, a boy or a girl?" Clyde asked.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad wanted to know who would believe "the devil" had been responsible for framing E.J. Kate explained that no one would believe it unless they heard it from the one person perfectly positioned to make sure that E.J. had been found guilty. "His defense attorney, Belle Brady," Kate said.

Kate reasoned that Belle had had the means, motive, and opportunity to frame E.J. Kate said she and Chad just needed to convince E.J. and Belle that Belle herself had been the one who had set up E.J. Chad was skeptical of Kate's plan and worried about the harm it would cause Belle, but Kate told Chad he had three options: Chad could throw Lucas under the bus, take the fall himself and go to prison, or pin it all on "the guy with the horns and the pitchfork."

Later, Chad went to Shawn and Belle's house to see how she was feeling after the exorcism. Shawn told Chad that Belle had already left to visit E.J. and that Belle was having a hard time with the guilt she felt about the things she'd done. Chad said he had stopped by to make sure Belle knew he didn't blame her for anything that had happened. Shawn received a call from Kate, who informed him that she and Victor had hired their own private investigator to look into Philip's disappearance. Kate asked if Shawn could send over a copy of Philip's police report as soon as possible. Shawn readied himself to head back to the police station, and Chad asked to stay so that Chad could visit with Belle face to face. Shawn gave Chad his blessing.

After Shawn left the house, Chad inserted a thumb drive into Shawn's computer and phoned Kate, who instructed Chad that the thumb drive would upload the paper trail that Lucas had put on E.J.'s computer. Kate received a text message and told Chad that he needed to leave soon because Shawn was on his way back.

Chad arrived back at the DiMera mansion and handed the flash drive over to Kate and asked what she planned to do with the information on it. Kate said she planned to destroy the evidence and pretend that it had never existed. Chad wasn't sure he and Kate were making the right decision, but Kate said that Belle would do the right thing and admit to everything so that E.J. could be released from prison.

Maggie receives bad news about Sarah's condition

Maggie receives bad news about Sarah's condition

Thursday, March 24, 2022

by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Gwen wrapped up a phone conversation with Jack then greeted Xander, who had just returned to their hotel room with goodies from Sweet Bits. Gwen explained to Xander that Jack had called to find out how they were doing in the wake of Sarah's return. "And he also said that he is going to be here for our wedding," Gwen added. "Assuming that you still want to get married," Gwen backpedaled.

"Gwen, come on -- you know how much I love you!" Xander finally responded after Gwen repeatedly demanded an answer. "That is not an answer," Gwen objected, and Xander conceded the point. "I don't see how I can make plans for the future until I know that Sarah's gonna be okay. [Now], I know that's not what you want to hear, and I swear I'm not trying to hurt you, but I just do not have a better answer for you right now," Xander explained before rushing off to the hospital to check on Sarah, prompting Gwen to seek comfort from the Sweet Bits goodies.

Abigail went to the hospital to check on Sarah again -- and ran into Maggie while searching for Kayla. Abigail seized the opportunity to apologize for being partially responsible for what had happened to Sarah, but Maggie dismissed the concern and insisted that Kristen was to blame. Maggie added that Abigail actually deserved praise for having rescued Sarah from Kristen's clutches. Abigail chalked that up to dumb luck, but Maggie saw it as the work of a skilled and determined reporter.

Meanwhile, Sarah tried, as Renee, to enlist the help of a visiting nurse. "Untie me!" Sarah begged as Renee, but the nurse refused to violate the hospital's policies and procedures. "I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important -- I'm just so desperate to get ahold of my fiancé..." Sarah explained as Renee, prompting the nurse to agree to at least dial a phone number and hold the phone during the conversation. "Do you have a White Pages?" Sarah requested as Renee, drawing a shrug of confusion from the young nurse. "Never mind -- I think I still know it..." Sarah backpedaled as Renee before starting to recite the phone number for the nurse.

Tony and Anna were together in the living room of the DiMera mansion, arguing again about what was going on with Sarah, when they realized that one of the mansion's landline phones was ringing. Tony irritably asked Anna to deal with the matter at once, not wanting to endure the noise for even a second longer. Anna reluctantly answered the call, knowing that telemarketers were the only ones who still dialed the mansion's landline number regularly, then sighed and handed the phone to Tony after Sarah started lashing out as Renee. "You have to come and get me -- right now!" Sarah begged Tony as Renee before starting to complain about being restrained in a hospital bed.

Xander entered Sarah's room during the phone conversation. "My precious Tony, the love of my life --" Sarah continued as Renee -- and Xander sighed while listening from the doorway, prompting the nurse to abruptly end the call then rush off. "I do hate seeing you tied up like this..." Xander fretted. "Then why don't you untie me," Sarah challenged Xander as Renee. "I don't think that untying you is a very good idea right now," Xander responded.

Meanwhile, Kayla approached Maggie and Abigail, armed with Sarah's latest test results. "I compared these results to a scan that we took of Abigail right after her exposure, and the damage to Sarah's brain is far more extensive -- [probably because Abigail] ingested the drug orally in a glass of Champagne, so the liquid diluted the drug and mitigated its impact. Sarah, on the other hand, was injected with a full syringe of a larger dose that was concentrated, so I'm afraid the damage to her brain is far more severe," Kayla reported before advising that it would probably be best to have Sarah transferred to Bayview for more specialized treatment.

"[But], Maggie, you have power of attorney over Sarah's medical decisions, so what happens next is really up to you -- as long as Sarah is not a danger to herself or anybody else, you get to decide where she's treated," Kayla stressed. "Well, then, I think the best medicine for my daughter would be for me to take her home," Maggie decided before heading off to Sarah's room to deliver the news. Guessing that it would be best to talk to Sarah privately, Maggie informed Xander that Kayla was waiting at the nurses' station and had been given permission to explain what was going on. After Xander rushed off in search of Kayla, Maggie updated Sarah -- who refused, as Renee, to go along with the plan.

Abigail passed by the nurses' station while Kayla was telling Xander about Sarah's test results. Xander blamed Abigail -- who accepted some verbal abuse then interrupted after suddenly realizing that Rolf might have an antidote.

Maggie entered the DiMera mansion while Anna and Tony were once again arguing about what was going on with Sarah. "It's not Sarah that I hate -- it's that horrible witch Renee DuMonde!" Anna explained after realizing that Maggie had overheard part of the argument. Maggie nodded then started sharing the latest news about Sarah's condition.

"Sarah refuses to come home with me -- she considers this her home, and she only wants to be here...with you, Tony," Maggie eventually revealed. "I know that's not a viable solution," Maggie added when Anna started to object. "[And] I know [this] is also not a great way to solve this problem -- it would be a terrible imposition -- but I'm admittedly somewhat desperate, [and this is] all I could come up with for now, okay? So, please, feel free to say no and tell me if it's an outrageously unfair request, [but]...Tony, I was hoping that you would move in with us," Maggie tearfully concluded. "You want to use my husband as some sort of...what, therapy animal?" Anna sputtered, annoying Tony.

Tony agreed to go along with the plan -- then guessed, after Maggie left, that Anna wouldn't have hesitated to make the same request of someone if Carrie had been in trouble. Anna softened and conceded Tony's point, but she remained conflicted.

Nicole went to the police station to see Rafe, who was disappointed to hear that Eli was still in a coma. "Him and Lani, they don't deserve this," Rafe fretted. "No, they don't...but both of us know that bad things often happen to good people -- and a lot of bad people get away with too much," Nicole grumbled. Rafe guessed that Nicole was talking about Ava. "It's like she's vanished into thin air!" Nicole complained.

Meanwhile, Ava lounged in a motel room somewhere, eating potato chips and watching a live broadcast of Trask's press conference about Rafe's case. "My office has just been informed that the jury's verdict [is] imminent...[and] the speed with which the decision has been made gives me every confidence that the verdict will be the correct one -- guilty," Trask informed the gathered reporters.

"Damn well better be," Ava muttered before contacting Gwen from a burner phone, eager to brag to someone about the situation. "Hurrah for you," Gwen grumbled, prompting Ava to guess that something was wrong -- and that Sarah was probably to blame. Gwen confirmed the suspicion then told Ava everything. Ava tried to offer words of comfort at first -- but unceremoniously hung up on Gwen after hearing that Rafe's verdict was about to be announced.

Xander soon rejoined Gwen and explained everything that had happened at the hospital. Xander planned to head to Statesville right away to talk to Rolf -- and wanted Gwen to tag along.

At the courthouse, Trask fumed as Rafe and Nicole celebrated their victory. Meanwhile, Ava started trashing her hotel room in protest.

Later, at the Hernandez house, Rafe and Nicole continued celebrating then started to discuss the future of their relationship -- but Ava soon barged in and interrupted their conversation.

Craig schemes with Leo

Craig schemes with Leo

Friday, March 25, 2022

After the jury acquitted Rafe, he returned home with Nicole to celebrate his release. Rafe asked Nicole about starting a relationship. As Nicole leaned in and kissed Rafe, Ava exited the bedroom and entered the kitchen. "How the hell did you get in here?" Rafe asked. Ava held up her key. Rafe ordered Ava to drop the key and leave his house.

"You think you can get rid of me that easily?" Ava asked. Ava told Rafe that she had wanted to congratulate him on the verdict at his trial. "The police are looking for you," Nicole said. When Ava noted that Rafe was no longer a police officer, Rafe corrected her. "I just got a text from the mayor saying since I beat those charges, I've been reinstated as commissioner. I guess my first official act will be to place you under arrest," Rafe said.

"What exactly are you gonna arrest me for?" Ava asked. Ava noted that she had been detained at the station for questioning, but no one had told her that she could not leave the precinct. "Then why did you hire some phony lawyer to smuggle you out of the police station?" Nicole asked. Ava reiterated that it had not been a crime to leave the station, but Rafe argued that it was a crime to take part in a kidnapping.

"So, I put on a mask and pretended to be someone else. It was a prank," Ava said. "We all know it wasn't a prank," Nicole grumbled. Rafe argued that Ava had witnessed Abigail's kidnapping, but she had not told the police about it. When Rafe asked for his key again, Ava smirked. "You going to give it to her while I watch?" Ava asked. "No, I'll be changing the locks," Rafe said. With a shake of her head, Ava said she did not understand the hostility.

"It was you two that were having sex on the conference table and then lied to me about it for months. And then you falsely accused me of getting you falsely accused of a crime," Ava said. "Come on! You set Rafe up, and it looked like a setup. That's why he was acquitted," Nicole argued. Ava noted that she had wanted to congratulate Rafe, but she should not have bothered.

"I'll send you my forwarding address. Assuming you weren't really going to arrest me," Ava said. Ava held her wrists out for handcuffs, but Rafe did not move. "I didn't think so," Ava said. Ava wished Rafe and Nicole well. "For as long as it lasts," Ava said.

After Ava left, Rafe and Nicole returned to their celebration, and they sipped Champagne. "I can't stop thinking about Ava's parting words," Nicole complained. "It's just Ava trying to get in the last word," Rafe said. Nicole listed the possible meanings of Ava's declaration, but Rafe said he was not worried. "We lied to her for way too long," Nicole said. Rafe agreed. Nicole argued that Ava's first plan had failed, and she feared that Ava was "out for blood."

"[Ava] set up the wrong guy. I'm going to get to the bottom of Abigail's kidnapping, and Ava's involvement in it. I promise you that," Rafe said. With a grin, Nicole said, "I've never been in a relationship with a cop before, and it is kind of nice." Rafe asked Nicole to join him for a bath.

At the DiMera mansion, Sonny met up with Chad to discuss their plan to take down Leo. "Revenge, right? Invented by DiMeras," Chad joked. Sonny asked about Chad's staged fight with Abigail. With a shrug, Chad noted that Leo had appeared to buy the performance. Sonny told Chad he was confident that Leo would fall for Chad's performance.

"I'm sure one fight wasn't enough to convince [Leo] that I'm on the market," Chad said. "That's a very good point," Sonny conceded. Abigail walked into the living room. "How long is this whole scheme going to take? We have other things going on," Abigail said. When Sonny asked about the other things, Abigail explained that they intended to visit Dr. Rolf in prison. Sonny asked about Sarah. Abigail told Sonny about Kayla's report on Sarah's diagnosis.

When Sonny asked if both Chad and Abigail needed to talk to Rolf, Chad insisted that he would not abandon his wife. Sonny nodded in agreement. "This whole thing with Leo has become such an obsession with me, and now I've dragged you guys into it," Sonny said. Sonny wondered aloud if he should give up on the plan. "Or you could just get it done tonight," Abigail suggested.

After Sonny called Chloe to confirm the plan, he updated Chad and Abigail. "[Chloe and Brady] will make sure that [Craig] does not walk in on [Chad] and Leo too early or too late," Sonny said. Chad noted that if Craig was late, the scheme would fall apart. "That's assuming I can even get Leo into bed," Chad added. "That's not going to be a problem," Sonny said. "I guess it's time for me to go and trash our marriage. Wish me luck, guys," Abigail said.

At the Salem Inn, Leo examined his face in the mirror while Craig checked his email. "I got an email from the hospital HR department, and it looks like a job offer," Craig said. Leo praised Craig as the next chief of staff, but Craig corrected him and said it was a staff position. "Nobody double-crosses me and gets away with it," Leo growled. "Nobody double-crossed you," Craig said with a chuckle. Leo argued that a staff position was beneath Craig, but Craig reminded Leo that he had offered to start at entry level.

"They're lowballing you!" Leo said. "I thought you didn't care about the money," Craig countered. Leo argued that he was less concerned with the money than with the fact that they did not respect Craig's qualifications. "Tell them what they can do with their staff position," Leo said. "If I take a job like this, we can stay in Salem just like we planned. The stress level would be cut in half, and I can go back to patient care," Craig said. Leo ordered Craig to reject the offer and demand the chief of staff position. With a sigh, Craig called Seth's office, and he left a message to call Craig back. "Let's just be patient and see what happens," Craig said to Leo.

Marlena met up with Kayla in Kayla's office to talk about Belle's ordeal. As Marlena started to confide in Kayla, they were interrupted by Seth Burns. "I must insist that you fire Dr. Evans immediately," Seth said. Kayla refused. Seth argued that the community was upset that Marlena had claimed to be possessed by the devil.

"And there is a new rumor floating around now about your daughter," Seth added. Marlena offered to resign. "You are not going to be bullied into quitting! I won't stand for it," Kayla said. "Retirement is an option," Seth argued. When Kayla noted that the devil situation had been resolved, Seth scoffed at the idea. Seth argued that Kayla's loyalty to the hospital should override her loyalty to her friend.

"I recommend you take some time to reconsider your position," Seth said. After Seth walked out, Marlena argued that Seth had a point. "You did nothing wrong," Kayla insisted. "And if you don't fire me, they will replace you with somebody else who will, and I don't want you out of your job," Marlena said. Kayla disagreed. Kayla argued that if she fired Marlena, it would set a precedent that the staff could be fired for a personal problem. "This is a fairly unique personal problem," Marlena noted. "If I can't control the staffing, I might as well not even have this job," Kayla said.

At the nurses' station, Steve updated Tripp on the search for Ava. "I have a feeling she'll be back," Steve said. Tripp said that he believed Ava had changed. "I know you do," Steve said. Tripp noted that Ava did not know Abigail, and he did not know why Ava would have kidnapped her. "I don't know her motive, either, but she was at that airstrip, talking to Abigail right before she got knocked out and flown to the DiMera private island," Steve noted. Tripp reminded Steve that Abigail was safe and that there was no proof that Ava had kidnapped Abigail.

"Maybe not, but that might not be the only crime your mother is involved in," Steve said. Steve told Tripp that Rafe believed that Ava had framed him. "Why would she do that to Rafe? She loves him," Tripp said. Steve told Tripp that Rafe and Nicole were more than friends. "So, the person she loves and her best friend were sneaking around behind her back? Yeah, I know how that feels," Tripp said.

Tripp told Steve that Ava had warned him against trusting the people he loved. "I thought she was talking about Allie and me, but maybe she was talking about herself. Even though she was totally right about Allie and me," Tripp said. "I'm sorry that didn't work out," Steve said. "I gave Allie so many chances to tell me that she and Chanel were more than friends, and I had to find out from Johnny," Tripp muttered. Tripp added that he had thought of Chanel as a friend, just like Ava had thought of Nicole as a friend.

"Makes it a whole lot worse," Tripp said. Steve asked if Tripp was okay. Tripp admitted that he missed Allie and Henry. "It's gonna take awhile to get over this," Steve said. Steve promised to be there for Tripp, and he hugged his son. "How sweet. The world is full of love today," Ava said as she approached. "Where have you been? I've been worried about you," Tripp said. Ava noted that she had needed time alone.

"The police are looking for you," Steve said. "I'm aware of that. I just saw Rafe, and for some reason, he didn't run me in. Maybe he had more important plans with Nicole," Ava said. Steve asked Ava what she knew about Abigail. Ava said she was under no obligation to answer questions. Ava asked Tripp to join her for dinner, and they left. Steve called someone and asked them to tail Ava.

At the café in the square, Tripp told Ava that he knew about Rafe and Nicole. "Part of me knew about it," Ava admitted. "You were right about Allie, too," Tripp said. Confused, Ava asked Tripp what he meant. "She cheated on me with Chanel. We're through," Tripp said. Tripp gave Ava her ring back. Ava offered to hold on to the ring until Tripp met the right person.

In the town square, Craig and Leo met up with Seth Burns. When Craig introduced Leo to Seth, Seth asked why his name sounded familiar. "Maybe you've seen my artwork," Leo suggested. Seth told Craig that HR had told him that Craig was interested in a staff position. "Or any position that might be open," Leo chimed in. Craig explained that they had heard rumblings about the chief of staff position.

"I'm very interested [in the chief of staff job]," Craig said. Leo sang Craig's praises, and he pointed out that Craig had increased profits at his last hospital. "Let me speak for myself," Craig told Leo. "I'm sorry! I can't help but chime in. I'm just so proud," Leo said. Seth told Craig that he had not fired Kayla. "I understand, but I know how difficult it can be to replace someone at the top," Craig said. "Luckily Craig is ready. He is efficient, effective, and respected," Leo added.

In the DiMera living room, Sonny poured two oversized tumblers of scotch. "To Leo getting what he deserves," Sonny said. "I know you said that Leo could never love a guy like Craig. Are you sure we're doing the right thing here?" Chad asked. Worried, Sonny asked Chad if he had cold feet about the plan. Chad insisted that he was committed to the plan, but he had been thinking about what Gwen had done to break up his marriage.

"I love Abby with my entire heart and soul, and Gwen still came between us. So, what I'm trying to say is, I've been on the other side of this," Chad explained. Sonny argued that the situation was different. When Sonny said that they were trying to save Craig from a mistake, Chad asked if Craig would "see it that way."

"[Craig] thinks he knows Leo, but he is new to this game. And the longer it goes on, the worse it is going to be when Leo inevitably stabs him in the back!" Sonny yelled. Sonny added that what Gwen had done was not the same. "You don't know that. You weren't here," Chad said. Sonny apologized. "All we are doing is giving Leo the chance to show his true colors. He doesn't have to take the bait," Sonny said.

While Craig interviewed with Seth in the square, Leo returned to the hotel room. Abigail visited. "What are you doing here?" Leo asked. "I gotta know what exactly happened in Phoenix between you and Chad?" Abigail said. Abigail explained that she had caught Chad dressing in women's clothes. With a chuckle, Leo noted that it would take more than a night with him to make that happen.

"Something happened between you two," Abigail insisted. "If you're wondering about the time we ended up in bed together --" Leo started. "Wait! The two of you, what?" Abigail asked. Leo insisted that nothing had happened. "It was a misunderstanding," Leo said. With a nod, Abigail explained that Chad had repeatedly mentioned his time with Leo. "He keeps going on and on about what a great time he had," Abigail added. Abigail told Leo that she had had a huge fight with Chad.

"And then I heard him say your name in his sleep," Abigail said. "He did? Maybe he was talking about another Leo," Leo said. "Please. It's obvious that my husband is attracted to you," Abigail countered. Leo acted surprised, but Abigail insisted that she had seen the way that Chad had looked at Leo. "And I saw the way that you were looking at him," Abigail added. Leo insisted that he looked at every good-looking man.

"We have two kids who need their father. I am begging you, please, whatever you do, don't sleep with him again. No matter how bad he wants you to," Abigail said. "I'm in a committed relationship. I'm happy for the first time in my life. And I wouldn't do anything to ruin that, even for a guy as hot as your husband," Leo said. Leo stressed that he would not be tempted even if Chad asked to be with him. "You have nothing to worry about," Leo said. With a sigh, Abigail thanked Leo.

After Abigail left, she called Chad. "I did my best to lay the groundwork. You're on," Abigail said. When Abigail returned home, Sonny was alone in the living room. "How'd it go with Leo?" Sonny asked. Abigail said she had done everything she could to sell the lie. Sonny thanked Abigail for her help. "If Leo is really into Chad, then the sooner he is gone, the better," Abigail said.

Seth returned to Kayla's office to ask about her decision. Kayla said she had not changed her mind. "Then I'm going to have to take that decision out of your hands," Seth said. Kayla noted that Seth could not fire Marlena without a board hearing. "I'm not firing Marlena. I'm firing you," Seth said.

"If you can't fire me, you shouldn't be able to fire Kayla," Marlena argued. Seth explained that the bylaws stated that a staff physician required a hearing, but the board could fire Kayla for cause. "While Dr. Johnson is being removed as chief of staff, her hospital privileges are suspended pending review," Seth said. Seth confirmed he had already found a replacement. "I'd like Dr. Wesley to start as soon as possible," Seth said. Craig walked into the office as Seth walked out.

After Marlena left, Kayla asked Craig, "Did you suck up to me because you did not want me to suspect that you were going to steal my job? Or did you want me to give you a job if your grand scheme didn't work out?" Craig told Kayla that he had mixed feelings about the situation. "I didn't create it. You did when you put your responsibilities to an old friend ahead of the responsibilities of the hospital," Craig said. Craig said he would fire Marlena. "Leo put you up to this, didn't he? Well, it worked," Kayla said. Kayla walked out with her box of belongings. With a grin, Craig settled into the chair behind the desk. Craig called Leo and told him the good news.

"I knew you could do it!" Leo yelled. "Thanks for believing in me," Craig said. Craig told Leo that Leo likely would not see much of Craig for a couple weeks while Craig got up to speed at the hospital. "It's all going to be worth it. You'll see," Leo said. After Leo ended his call with Craig, there was a knock at the door. It was Chad. "What are you doing here?" Leo asked. "I needed to see you," Chad whispered.

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