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Chad's seduction of Leo backfired. Craig proposed to Leo. Nancy blackmailed Craig to save Marlena's job. Clyde moved in with Ben. Roman hired Clyde. Tony kept "Renee" at arm's length. Belle realized the devil had framed E.J. Orpheus threatened E.J. Johnny told Tripp about Allie and Chanel. Beth told Johnny that T.R. had a past. T.R. cozied up to Paulina to get her money. Jake moved out. Ava moved in with Jake. Devil Johnny revealed his demon nature to Allie.
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Chad's seduction of Leo backfired, and Devil Johnny revealed his demon nature to Allie
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Chad tries to get Leo into bed

Chad tries to get Leo into bed

Monday, March 28, 2022

by Mike

At the Hernandez house, Rafe and Nicole continued celebrating their legal victory and their newfound romance -- and they eventually took their celebration to the candlelit master bathroom, where they shared a bubble bath and a bottle of Champagne. "I really love you," Nicole eventually declared. "I really love you, too," Rafe quickly responded.

At Statesville, E.J. sat alone in the visitors' lounge, fiddling with a computer. "So, Rafe Hernandez was found innocent... Lucky bastard..." E.J. eventually grumbled -- just as Orpheus entered the visitors' lounge.

Orpheus noted that E.J. had lost a cellmate earlier that day. "Yes, Weston got paroled -- good for him," E.J. declared. "You really think that?" Orpheus countered. "Why wouldn't I?" E.J. wondered. "Maybe because he tried to have you killed," Orpheus responded. E.J. feigned ignorance at first, insisting that a random drug addict was to blame for that particular incident -- then dropped the act after realizing that Clyde had filled Orpheus in on their earlier confrontation as an insurance policy of sorts.

E.J. assured Orpheus that no one else was ever going to find out about Clyde's involvement in the shooting. "Good, [because] he can be very useful now that he's on the outside, [so] I have a vested interest in Clyde remaining at large," Orpheus warned before bragging to E.J. about having eyes and ears everywhere. E.J. gave Orpheus a nod and a smile -- then scowled while exiting the visitors' lounge.

At the Brady-Weston apartment, Ben and Ciara started arguing about Clyde, who soon joined them in the living room. "Look, if I'm creatin' a problem by stayin' here, just say so," Clyde advised. "You are," Ciara confirmed while Ben was trying to dismiss Clyde's concern with a shake of the head.

Ben started to object, but Clyde interrupted and encouraged Ciara to continue. Ciara fretted that the apartment was supposed to be a safe place to raise an innocent child -- and that Clyde had enemies who could show up at any time and turn the place into a war zone. Clyde assured Ciara that all of those enemies were either dead or imprisoned -- and that being "on the straight and narrow" meant that no new enemies would ever be made. Clyde begged for a chance to prove to Ciara that Ben wasn't the only Weston who was capable of rehabilitation.

"Ciara, when I was looking for you, my dad literally shivved Orpheus to get his phone away from him just so I was able to reach you --" Ben stressed. "Ya might've left out the part about the shiv..." Clyde whispered. "All I'm trying to say is...if this guy didn't stick his neck out for us, you and I might not be together right now, [and] I would really like to return the favor," Ben concluded. "Fine," Ciara agreed with a sigh after some thought, echoing Ben's sentiment about what Clyde had done for them.

Later, Clyde received a phone call from Orpheus while alone in the living room, where the couch had been turned into a makeshift bed because the apartment didn't have a guest bedroom. "I just had a conversation with E.J. DiMera. He said all the right things, but he's got an attitude, [and] I'm not sure we can trust him to keep his mouth shut. Before push comes to shove, we may have to eliminate him, [so]...may I assume I have your blessing?" Orpheus challenged Clyde. "You may," Clyde assured Orpheus before ending the call.

Brady headed over to the DiMera mansion to wait with Abigail for updates from Chloe and Chad about their joint plan to make Craig see Leo's true colors. "Chloe and I tailed Craig to the hospital like a bunch of secret agents --" Brady began. "What is he doing at the hospital?" Abigail interjected. "We're not sure yet. [Anyway], Chloe's there now -- she's gonna try to intercept Craig to stall him long enough for Chad to work his magic on Leo...[and then], hopefully, Chloe will send Craig home at the right time --" Brady continued. "To find Leo in bed with my husband," Abigail concluded for Brady before cringing at the thought then fretting about how awkward the situation was surely going to be for Chad.

At the hospital, Chloe ran into Kayla and Steve -- then headed over to the chief of staff's office to confront Craig after they explained what had happened earlier. "Kayla was gonna lose her job, no matter what -- I just presented the board with a viable alternative," Craig reasoned with a shrug. "And was that your idea...or Leo's?" Chloe wondered with a scowl. "Yes, when we found out that the chief of staff position might become available, Leo suggested I lobby for [it...because] I'm qualified, and I need a job!" Craig snapped before telling Chloe about what Nancy had done.

"I'm sorry that she's doing that, but that doesn't mean that you're entitled to Kayla's job -- [and] the point is, Leo put you up to this! Dad, I can't understand why you don't see that he is pulling you into his schemes and his lies! Come on --" Chloe argued. "You know what, Chloe? From the way I see it, the only one scheming and lying is you! [I mean], you have been trying to sabotage this relationship from the moment it started, [and] it's gotta stop -- right now! Leo is not after my money -- he and I love each other! [Look], right now, I need your support more than ever -- and if you're not gonna give it to me, then the one thing I ask is that you stop interfering and let me live my life!" Craig countered before storming off to talk to Seth Burns about something, leaving Chloe in tears.

At the Salem Inn, Chad leaned against the doorframe of Leo and Craig's hotel room and peeked inside. "You alone?" Chad asked Leo hopefully. "Yeah -- Craig is at his new job," Leo curiously replied. "Can I come in?" Chad begged. "Okay... Why not..." Leo decided before stepping aside and watching in shock as Chad stumbled into the hotel room.

Chad, who was wearing a suit and a coat, eyed Leo nervously while removing the latter garment and tossing it aside. "Mind if I have a drink?" Chad requested. "Looks like it wouldn't be your first..." Leo observed. Chad stumbled over to the minibar and bent down to get a better look at its contents, knowing that Leo was watching from behind. Leo released a quiet gasp of tension while ogling Chad's backside with wide-eyed appreciation. Leo got even more flustered when Chad started swaying from side to side while still in the same revealing position. Leo gulped as Chad's formfitting pants readjusted with each movement.

Chad eventually removed two bottles of alcohol from the minibar then settled on the bed and opened one of the bottles while vaguely complaining to Leo about having gotten into a huge argument with Abigail earlier that day. Leo revealed that Abigail had actually visited earlier to vent about the incident, prompting Chad to awkwardly probe for more details.

"She says you called out my name in your sleep," Leo elaborated. "I explained that to her -- I was dreaming about a dog that I had when I was a kid, [and] his name was Leo!" Chad stammered. "I don't think she was convinced...and neither am I. [See], she also says she caught you in drag -- and that you want to get me into bed. [And] before you spotted me in the square last night, I heard the two of you arguing -- and I heard Abigail say that you haven't touched her in months. [So], is Abigail right -- are you having naughty thoughts about little ol' me?" Leo countered.

Chad opened the second bottle of alcohol then agreed to be honest with Leo. "Since Phoenix, I haven't been able to get you out of my head -- [I mean], all the attention that you gave me, [and] the way you looked at me like you wanted me... It was..." Chad whispered. "Intoxicating?" Leo offered. "Yeah -- that," Chad agreed.

"So...I was an ego boost -- something for you to throw in the wife's face if she were to turn you down," Leo translated. "No, no, no -- it was way more than that... [I mean], when someone is so into you and wants you so much, it...almost...makes you..." Chad tried to clarify. "Please, start finishing your sentences, Chad!" Leo demanded. "It almost makes you...want them back," Chad elaborated.

"But you were so freaked out when I tricked you into thinking that we had slept together!" Leo noted. "I think that it just never crossed my mind how much I might really be attracted to men," Chad explained. "Chadwick, if you had spilled all this tea in Phoenix, I would have been all over it -- and you -- but I'm in a committed relationship now, [and] if we were to give in to our forbidden lust, it would break Craig's heart --" Leo protested. "And Abigail's," Chad conceded.

"And, despite what Chloe and Brady think, I do love Craig --" Leo insisted. "Brady and Chloe don't approve of you?" Chad repeated. "And if we were to hook up, Craig would think they were right -- that I was just using him -- [and] he would never forgive me..." Leo fretted. "Well, I don't want to screw things up for you, so...maybe... I'm just gonna go..." Chad decided before starting to stumble out of the hotel room.

"Wait!" Leo called out, stopping Chad, who smirked triumphantly before turning back around. "He'd never forgive me...if he found out..." Leo backpedaled. "I won't tell if you won't," Chad promised. "Craig did say he was gonna be at the hospital for a while, [so]... Oh, what the hell -- I can't resist those baby blues!" Leo decided before stepping into the bathroom to slip into something more comfortable -- and urging Chad to also get more comfortable while waiting.

Chad contacted Abigail once the coast was clear and revealed that Leo had taken the bait. Abigail passed the message along to Brady, who passed the message along to Chloe, who had been having second thoughts about the mission but decided to stick to the plan after realizing that Leo truly was willing to betray Craig. A short time later, Craig returned from the meeting with Seth, and Chloe apologized for what had happened earlier then promised to stop badmouthing Leo.

After encouraging Craig to head back to the Salem Inn and celebrate with Leo, Chloe rushed off to the DiMera mansion to wait with Brady and Abigail for an update from Chad.

"Okay, you can do this -- you just have to fake it until Craig gets here..." Chad quietly reasoned while waiting for Leo to return. "Craig, you better get here soon..." Chad nervously added before draining a third bottle of alcohol then taking a deep breath and stripping down to a pair of boxer briefs. Leo emerged from the bathroom a short time later, wearing only a silk robe, and stopped Chad from climbing into bed. "I gotta see that ass first," Leo demanded, prompting Chad to reluctantly shed the underwear. "Even better than I imagined!" Leo raved while ogling Chad's naked body. "Let's get this party started!" Leo declared before shedding the robe and climbing into bed with Chad.

Craig entered the hotel room a short time later -- just as Leo was trying to seize a kiss from Chad.

Chad's seduction backfires

Chad's seduction backfires

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

As Xander and Gwen ate dinner at the bistro in the square, Gwen appeared distracted. Xander asked Gwen if she had made up her mind about whether she wanted to go with him to Statesville to talk to Dr. Rolf. "Because if he has the antidote for the drugs that he created that caused Sarah to lose her mind, then you might just get the old Sarah back? Well, wouldn't that be brilliant," Gwen said sarcastically. With tears in her eyes, Gwen guzzled her glass of wine.

"Judging by your attitude, you're not particularly thrilled at the prospect of coming along with me," Xander said. Gwen softened and said, "I'm sorry about being negative. It's not about Sarah. I understand why you want to help that poor woman." Gwen explained that she was ashamed of her past association with Rolf. "You're not that person anymore," Xander said. Gwen argued that she did not want to revisit her past, especially since Jack had forgiven her.

"If you convince Rolf to help Sarah, then Jack and the whole Horton clan will be forever indebted to you," Xander said. Gwen scoffed at the idea. "Why do you need me?" Gwen asked. Xander noted that Rolf hated him. With a sigh, Xander said he understood that Gwen might not want Sarah to get better.

"How dare you make me out to be like I'm the bad one here," Gwen said. Gwen blamed Abigail for Sarah's state. "I never said you were to blame, Gwen. I'm just saying it feels a little like maybe you don't want to help me help Sarah," Xander said. "And why would I be in such a rush to help you? So that Sarah can go back to her fabulous, old, wonderful self, and then the two of you can just get back together and live happily ever after? Because that's the plan, isn't it?" Gwen argued.

"I realize how difficult this must be for you," Xander whispered. Gwen held back tears, and she admitted that she felt like Xander was "slipping away." Xander grabbed Gwen's hand, and he reminded her of their connection. "I'm sure our connection just pales in comparison to the epic love story of Xander Cook and Sarah Horton, hmm?" Gwen said. Xander asked Gwen not to make light of their relationship.

"[Our connection] is every bit as real as what Sarah and I shared. I love you," Xander stressed. "I want to believe that, but it is very difficult when in practically the same breath, you are asking me to help you get your old fiancée back. Well, I am your fiancée now," Gwen said. Gwen asked Xander what would happen when Sarah fully recovered.

"Will you still want to marry me? Or will you want to marry her?" Gwen asked. "I don't know. I wish I did. And I do not blame you for being upset, but I have to see this through. I have to at least try and help Sarah," Xander said. Xander apologized for having asked Gwen to go with him to Statesville. "I'll go alone," Xander said.

In the Kiriakis mansion living room, Maggie greeted Tony. "It looks like you're settling in," Maggie said. Maggie told Tony that she knew Victor had not welcomed Tony into the house yet. "I can't imagine he is happy about a DiMera staying under his roof," Tony joked. "I can handle Victor," Maggie said. Maggie thanked Tony for helping her and Sarah.

"I have to say that Anna was the unsung hero in all this because I know how difficult this has been for her," Maggie said. "[Anna] has come to understand that all we want to do is help Sarah, and she is totally on board with my staying here," Tony said. "On board, my eye," Anna said as she walked into the room. Anna asked Tony to return home.

"I'll give you two privacy," Maggie said. As Maggie started to leave the room, "Renee" sauntered in. "Really, Anna? Isn't it bad enough that you're squatting in the DiMera family mansion? Now you're stalking us?" "Renee" said. Anna stressed that her husband belonged with her. "Renee" said Anna's relationship with Tony was over. "[Tony] and I are finally back together, and tonight, we are going to prove it in every way imaginable," "Renee" said. Maggie shook her head in dismay.

Anna started to retort, but Tony yelled at her to be quiet. Tony asked Maggie for time alone with Anna to talk. "You can't be alone with this lunatic," "Renee" objected. "Oh, I'm the lunatic?" Anna said. Maggie asked "Renee" to join her in the garden. "Won't you do that for me, dear?" Tony said. Reluctantly, "Renee" agreed to go into the garden with Maggie. When they were gone, Tony asked Anna why she was there. "Because you don't belong here, Tony. You belong with me," Anna said. Anna explained that when she had thought about the arrangement, she had realized that the situation was unfair.

"My living arrangements here are temporary, to keep Sarah stable, so that they can find a cure from her break from reality," Tony said. "And what if they never find a cure, Tony? That woman believes that she is Renee DuMonde with every fiber of her being," Anna said. Anna added that Sarah's impersonation got under her skin like the real Renee had many years ago.

"You have to be the rational one here. [Sarah's] a scared, fragile young woman who needs our help," Tony said. Anna refused to passively let another woman take her husband. "I'm not going to get into bed with Sarah Horton! And the fact that you have the slightest fear that I would, is not only insulting to my loyalty, my integrity, but also my intelligence. So, for God's sake, just trust me, will you? Go home," Tony said. Anna pouted, and she left.

When Maggie returned with "Renee," "Renee" beelined for Tony and hooked her arm through his. "I promise we will not overstay our welcome," "Renee" said. When "Renee" asked for time alone with Tony, Maggie asked Tony if he agreed. "Why would you think it isn't [okay]?" "Renee" asked. Tony said he was fine. With a nod, Maggie said goodnight and left.

With a grin, "Renee" put her arms around Tony's neck. Tony gently pushed her away. "Renee" suggested they go up to their bedroom. Tony explained that he had asked for separate bedrooms. "I thought that you wanted to be with me. Isn't that why you're here?" "Renee" asked. Tony argued that he needed to be faithful to Anna, because Anna would use an affair against him in the divorce.

"Who cares? I'm rich enough for the both of us," "Renee" said. Tony argued that the money was less important than Anna's temper. "[Anna] will drag this out in court forever," Tony said. Tony asked "Renee" for patience. Reluctantly, "Renee" agreed to wait.

In the DiMera living room, Chloe told Brady and Abigail that she knew the plan was good for her father, but she did not want to break Craig's heart. "I also hated dragging you and Chad into this," Chloe said. Abigail stressed that she was happy to exercise her acting chops. "You pulled it off brilliantly, by the way. Leo had no idea," Brady said. Abigail noted that it was all up to Chad. With a sigh, Chloe said she was anxious for Leo to be out of their lives.

"Leo's done enough damage, and not just to my dad," Chloe said. Abigail asked Chloe what she meant. Chloe explained that Leo had convinced Craig to go after Kayla's job at the hospital. "What could Aunt Kayla have possibly done to lose her job?" Abigail asked. Brady said that Kayla had refused to fire Marlena. Abigail conceded that it sounded like Kayla would have lost her job regardless of Leo's influence on Craig.

"I just hope that we hear from Chad soon," Abigail said. Brady announced that he needed to get home to his daughter, and he asked Chloe to join him. "We can wait on word there," Brady said. Chloe agreed. "I will call you as soon as I hear that your dad has kicked Leo to the curb," Abigail said. Chloe hugged Abigail goodbye, and she walked out with Brady.

At the Salem Inn, Chad undressed in Leo's room in preparation for Leo to exit the bathroom. Before Chad climbed into bed, Leo asked to see him naked first. Chad took off his underwear awkwardly. "Even better than I imagined," Leo said. With a nod, Chad climbed under the sheets as Leo disrobed. "Don't worry. I'm going to be real gentle," Leo said as he climbed into bed with Chad. Chad avoided kissing Leo until Craig entered the room.

"What the hell is going on? Who is this guy?" Craig asked. "Nobody," Chad said. "Actually, he's Chadwick. Chadwick, this is my boyfriend, Craig," Leo said. Chad acted indignant. "What are you doing in bed with this guy?" Craig demanded. Chad stressed that nothing had happened and that he felt bad about the situation.

"I can't imagine how hard this must be for you to find out that the person that you love is cheating on you," Chad said. Leo said he had expected Craig to walk in on them. "I texted my boo to come home. Isn't that right, sweetheart?" Leo asked. Craig took his phone out of his pocket and looked at it. Craig read the text aloud, "Come home quick. I have a surprise for you."

"When did you do that?" Chad asked. "When I went to the bathroom to change," Leo said. When Chad asked why, Leo countered, "You didn't really think we were going to have sex without my boyfriend present, did you?" Craig asked Leo if he wanted a threesome. "Yes," Leo said. As Leo got out of bed and pulled on a robe, Chad sat in the bed and shook his head in disbelief.

Leo told Craig that a drunken Chad had shown up at the hotel room and begged Leo to sleep with him. "I didn't beg," Chad interrupted. "He begged. I almost felt embarrassed for the guy. Obviously, my instinct was to kick him out. There is only one man for me, and that is you, Craig Wesley. But he was so insistent," Leo said. Leo told Craig that he thought Chad would be a good present for Craig.

"Present?" Chad shouted. "A gift from me to the man I love," Leo said. Craig was quiet, and Leo said Craig could thank him later. "I've never," Craig stammered. "Of course, you haven't. That's what you have me for. To help you explore. And I promise, this will bring us closer together," Leo said. Craig admitted he was open to the idea, so Chad panicked and jumped out of the bed.

"I thought you wanted to hook up," Leo said. "No! Not with the both of you," Chad said. "Don't you find Craig attractive?" Leo asked. Chad stammered that Craig was fine. "Then what? It's not what you expected because you and your wife set this whole thing up to trick me into cheating on my boyfriend?" Leo yelled. Chad hurriedly dressed. When Leo noted that Abigail had chewed the scenery, Chad yelled, "Shut up! Abigail is a great actress!" Leo noted that Chad's plan was a bust.

"Get out of my way," Chad growled. As Chad headed for the door, Craig stopped him. "You don't know me. You have no stake in whether I stay with Leo or not, so why are you doing this?" Craig asked. "Maybe, deep down, Chad was hoping something really would happen," Leo said.

"No! What I was hoping for was to show you what a dirtbag he is. Look, Craig, I'm really sorry about all this. I did it as a favor for friends. People I care about who care about what happens to you. So much that they would be willing to do anything to try and open your eyes about this con artist. If you're not willing to see who he really is, then it's on you," Chad said. As Chad opened the door, Leo countered, "Said the guy who knocked up his children's nanny!" Chad warned Craig to dump Leo, and he walked out.

Furious, Craig called Chloe. "Obviously, [my daughter] had something to do with this," Craig grumbled. Leo took Craig's phone, and he warned Craig not to call Chloe until he had calmed down. "Why are you so calm? Chloe and her friends have done nothing but harass you. And now, they send this Chad guy to seduce you. I'm sorry you had to go through this," Craig said. "I'm sorry, too. You have no idea how much," Leo joked. Craig apologized for being a prude, but Leo said he was a one-man kind of guy.

"You're all the man I need. I only threw [the threesome] out there to call Chad's bluff," Leo said. Craig complained they should sue Chad. "I just don't think you should have to endure all this just because you chose to be with me. I'm sick of it," Craig said. Leo agreed. "It's obvious Chloe is not going to stop," Leo grumbled. Leo said that he wished he knew how to convince Chloe that he was a new man and loved Craig. "There is something you can do," Craig said. "What?" Leo asked. "Marry me," Craig said.

Anna returned to the DiMera mansion, and she screamed as she walked into the living room. Abigail was startled. "Is everything okay?" Abigail asked. Anna told Abigail that "Renee" was after her husband. Anna and Abigail talked about Sarah's plight, and Anna wondered aloud why Sarah had not found a better diary to absorb.

"But, no, she had to become Renee DuMonde, bitch on wheels. Who never gave Tony and me a moment's peace. And now, I fear this version of her won't, either," Anna said. With a shrug, Anna noted that she needed to "suck it up," since Tony wanted to help Sarah. Anna asked about Chad. "[Chad] is pretending to want to have sex with someone he despises in order to help out our friends," Abigail said. Anna chuckled. "Wow. If Stefano could see his sons now. Selflessly helping others instead of plotting world domination," Anna said.

Anna's phone beeped with a text from Tony. "He says he's never loved a woman as much as he loves me, and he's counting the seconds until he can return to me," Anna read aloud. "I told you, you have nothing to worry about," Abigail said.

As Chad left the Salem Inn, he ran into Gwen and Xander. "Are you all right?" Gwen asked. "Never better," Chad said curtly as he looked at his phone. Xander told Chad that he intended to talk to Rolf, and he asked Chad for advice on what to say. Chad asked Xander if it was about the antidote for Sarah. "You know?" Xander asked. "I do, actually, and we are already planning to visit him," Chad said. Xander was elated.

"Just so you know, we're doing this for Sarah. We couldn't help Chloe, so maybe at least we can help her," Chad said. "Chloe?" Xander asked. With a wave of his hand, Chad muttered, "Never mind." After Chad walked away, Xander noted that if anyone could get the information out of Rolf, it was Chad. "This is just the break we need!" Xander said. Xander saw that Gwen still appeared unhappy. "It's fine. I'm glad that Chad can help you," Gwen said. Xander asked Gwen if she meant that. Gwen said she did.

"If Chad can't get through to Rolf, then I'll give it a go," Gwen added. "Really?" Xander asked. "Not for Sarah. But I would do it for you," Gwen whispered. Xander kissed Gwen and pulled her into his arms.

At the penthouse, Brady sat with Chloe on the couch. Chloe thanked Brady for letting her wait with him. Brady asked Chloe if she was afraid that Craig would blame her. Chloe told Brady about her earlier conversation with Craig. "He accused me of lying and scheming, and he's right," Chloe said. Brady reminded Chloe that the effort was to help Craig.

"The way he looks at it, I'm interfering, and it's none of my business," Chloe said. "He's ticked off, but right now, he is actually learning who Leo Stark is. Eventually, he is going to be eternally grateful to you for loving him enough to look out for him," Brady counseled. As Chloe nodded in agreement, Brady noted that Chloe had already done that for him. "I can't imagine my life without you," Brady said. Brady kissed Chloe, and he suggested they go to his room.

"I want to be with you now. But if I'm moving too fast--" Brady started. "No, you're not!" Chloe interrupted. Chloe kissed Brady, and they went down the hall to his room. After Brady and Chloe made love, Brady said, "That was worth the wait."

Chloe's phone beeped. Brady wanted to ignore it, but Chloe insisted she needed to check for news. Chloe groaned when she looked at her phone. "What happened?" Brady asked. "I guess Leo figured out it was a trap," Chloe said. With a sigh, Chloe lamented that her father would be furious with her, and the plan had not even worked.

When Chad returned to the DiMera mansion, Abigail rushed to greet him. "How did it go?" Abigail asked. "If you consider almost having your first gay threesome a win, then it was a smashing success," Chad said.

Nancy thwarts Craig's attempt to fire Marlena

Nancy thwarts Craig's attempt to fire Marlena

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

by Mike

T.R. went to the hospital to make sure that Eli was still comatose -- but Lani took the gesture as a selfless and loving one, further strengthening their budding relationship.

At Statesville, E.J. entered the otherwise unoccupied visitors' lounge, carrying a tabloid magazine from the library, and settled in a chair at one of the tables. "Look what I've been reduced to..." E.J. grumbled while flipping through the pages of the periodical -- and, just then, a piece of paper fell out and landed on the table. E.J. glanced down at the piece of paper and scowled while reading what was written on it -- "Consider this a friendly reminder to keep your mouth SHUT!"

At the Brady-Weston apartment, Clyde slept soundly on the living room couch as Ben quietly prepared two cups of coffee in the kitchen. After completing the task, Ben carried both cups over to the couch and placed them on the coffee table then roughly slapped Clyde's left arm a few times while loudly declaring that it was time to wake up. "Man, I got to sleep later than this in prison!" Clyde protested after checking the time, drawing a shameless shrug from Ben.

"Ciara's still asleep, isn't she? I mean, ya don't wake her up at this ungodly hour, do ya?" Clyde added while Ben was handing over one of the cups of coffee. "She's at a prenatal yoga class," Ben revealed before pointing out that securing a job was one of the conditions of Clyde's parole -- and that sleeping through normal business hours would make it pretty difficult to hunt for a job.

Clyde's cell phone started ringing just then, and Ben saw that the call was from someone at Statesville. "One of my buddies misses me already," Clyde guessed before asking Ben for some privacy -- then greeting the caller once the coast was clear. "I just got a friendly reminder from your pal Orpheus to keep my mouth shut," E.J. complained. "Well, then, your beef is with him, not me -- and how'd you get this number?" Clyde responded. "Let's just say you're not the only one who has friends -- and since I told you that I wasn't gonna say a word about our arrangement, you need to call off your dogs...or I'll have to hire some of my own," E.J. warned before hanging up on Clyde.

"Do I need to be worried about that phone call?" Ben wondered after rejoining Clyde a short time later. "No -- it's just the chaplain, you know, givin' me a little pep talk," Clyde claimed before changing the subject, offering to take Ben out for breakfast.

At the hospital, Nancy rushed into Marlena's office and started to apologize for being late -- then stopped talking after seeing Craig. "You look wonderful," Craig began, acknowledging Nancy's recent makeover.

Nancy was stunned to learn that Craig was the hospital's new chief of staff and was engaged to Leo. "Could you just leave? I came here to see my therapist, and now I need her more than ever!" Nancy snapped while Craig was trying to defend the new developments. "Nancy, I'm afraid that I can't be your therapist any longer," Marlena interjected.

Nancy was horrified to learn that Craig had just finished firing Marlena. "Nancy, this doesn't mean that you can't continue therapy -- I can recommend a colleague --" Marlena offered. "No, Marlena -- thank you, but he is not going to fire you," Nancy insisted before threatening to drag out the divorce proceedings for years unless Craig made things right immediately.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Brady and Chloe woke up in each other's arms and decided to repeat what they had done the previous night, just to see if they were both still happy about the development -- and then they put their plan into action with a passionate kiss. "What perfect timing! Mind if I watch?" Leo called out from the doorway of Brady's bedroom. "Your father let me in," Leo added while settling on a corner of Brady's bed.

After recovering from the shock of the interruption, Brady and Chloe started defending their failed plan to sabotage Leo's relationship with Craig. Leo bragged that the plan hadn't just failed -- it had prompted Craig to propose, making their relationship even stronger than before. Brady ordered Leo to leave while Chloe was struggling to process the news. "Chloe, we do have one thing in common -- we both love your dad -- so...maybe we can bury the hatchet, for his sake?" Leo suggested before rushing off. "I'd like the bury that hatchet in his crotch..." Chloe grumbled once the coast was clear.

Leo met up with Craig at the town square. "I ran into Chloe and Brady --" Leo began. "Where?" Craig wondered. "And I hope you're not gonna be too mad, but I was so happy and so excited that I might have let it slip we were getting married --" Leo continued. "Leo! I should have been the one to tell her!" Craig objected. "I know. I'm sorry. But I was very sensitive in the way I told her -- I really was!" Leo concluded.

Craig probed for more details, prompting Leo to elaborate that Chloe wasn't thrilled about the development but would learn to accept it eventually. "So, now all we need is for Nancy to agree to sign those divorce papers, and then..." Leo added before starting to hum the tune of a traditional wedding march. "She did that [already...but] there is just a little catch..." Craig began to inform Leo.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Marlena thanked Nancy for having forced Craig's hand earlier. "You didn't have to do that," Marlena stressed. "I know...but I wanted to -- [see], Craig ruined my life, Marlena, but I don't see any reason he should ruin yours, too," Nancy responded.

Chad went to the Brady Pub to fret to Kate about a major flaw in their plan to get E.J. released from Statesville -- the fact that it hinged on the discovery of the evidence they had planted on Belle's computer. "We have to be patient," Kate argued. "Easy for you to say -- it's not your brother who's serving time for a crime he didn't commit," Chad countered. "All right -- I will see what I can do to move it along," Kate decided after a moment of thought, drawing a nod of satisfaction from Chad. "Everything okay?" Roman asked Kate after Chad rushed off. "He's just upset with E.J. being in prison," Kate replied before starting to follow Chad out of the pub, giving Roman an excuse about needing to run an errand.

Later, Roman approached a table while flipping to a new page of a notepad then started to greet the "gentlemen" who were seated at the table, having not yet looked at either of them. "Well, look who you're callin' 'gentleman'!" Clyde bragged to Roman as Ben squirmed. "I'm a free man -- no thanks to you!" Clyde, who had been arrested during one of Roman's stints as police commissioner, added before reminding Ben of that fact.

Ben apologized to Roman for having chosen to take Clyde to the Brady Pub, of all places, for breakfast. Ben started to rush off, but Clyde stayed put -- and asked Roman for a job, having seen a "help wanted" sign hanging in one of the pub's windows earlier. Roman laughed off the request at first -- then realized that Clyde was being serious.

Roman pulled Ben aside for a private conversation about the matter then contacted Statesville's warden to confirm that Clyde had experience working as a cook. Once satisfied, Roman agreed to hire Clyde, if only as a way of keeping an eye on a potential threat to society. Ben advised Clyde to thank Roman then get to work right away.

Kate arranged a meeting with Belle in the town square. "Since you are general counsel for DiMera, I was thinking probably that you would be able to look up the details of my severance package on your laptop," Kate explained to Belle, who took the bait -- then rushed off after discovering the planted evidence.

Belle raced over to Statesville and found E.J. in the visitors' lounge -- along with Chad. Belle filled E.J. and Chad in on what had just happened at the town square. Chad congratulated E.J. then rushed out of the visitors' lounge -- and paused outside to contact Kate. Chad admitted to having been on the verge of telling E.J. the truth earlier. Kate was relieved to hear that Belle had arrived just in time to stop Chad from ruining their plan with a crisis of conscience. After ending the call, Kate entered the Brady Pub -- and was surprised to see Clyde there. Meanwhile, Belle found the threatening note that E.J. had received earlier. Belle guessed that life was about to get a whole lot easier for E.J., who forced a smile and nodded in response.

Tripp finds out about Allie and Chanel's romance

Tripp finds out about Allie and Chanel's romance

Thursday, March 31, 2022

by Mike

Abe headed over to the hospital and joined Lani in Eli's room. Lani tearfully informed Abe that Eli's condition hadn't changed since their previous conversation -- and that Valerie had just headed off to the airport to catch a flight back to Washington, DC. "She wouldn't have done that if she thought Eli was gonna wake up soon!" Lani fretted.

"We have to face it, Dad -- this can go on for a really long time! [And] it's like no matter what choice I make, someone is being neglected -- [I mean], obviously, the kids, they need their mother, and I miss them so much, but everything inside of me says that I should be here... [Honestly], I need a nanny, but I feel like if I get one, I am admitting to myself that Eli is never coming back --" Lani added, prompting Abe to point out that the twins had a lot of family members who would be more than happy to help out as needed so the hiring of a nanny wouldn't be necessary.

Rafe summoned Beth to the police station as part of the investigation into Eli's shooting. Rafe produced a copy of the statement that Beth had given to Shawn on the day of the shooting. Beth declined to add anything to the statement then signed it and rushed off. Rafe headed over to the hospital to talk to Lani about the shooting -- and admitted that the investigation had raised more questions than answers thus far. "And we have no witnesses!" Rafe grumbled. "Security footage?" Lani wondered. "No -- I mean, not in that section of the park; I mean, that's why the dealers and junkies go there," Rafe answered.

T.R. went to the Price-Grant apartment to see if Paulina needed help with the twins. "On what planet do you think that you can help? You don't know the first thing about babies!" Paulina challenged T.R. "But the woman at the store sure did," T.R. responded while holding up a gift bag that contained various items -- including pacifiers that Paulina desperately needed at that moment because both of the twins were crying.

Paulina sighed and agreed to accept T.R.'s help -- and Abe arrived a short time later, also bearing childcare supplies. Abe glared at T.R. --then pulled Paulina aside for a private conversation. "You may think that this is none of my business, but having that man here -- it's a damn big mistake --" Abe started to advise Paulina. "You're right, Abe -- it is none of your business," Paulina interjected, but Abe forged ahead. "I know your history with that man -- now, why the hell would you let him be around you and the twins?" Abe challenged Paulina, who didn't get a chance to respond because T.R. interrupted just then.

"I know you two are talking about me, so let's just get it out there," T.R. suggested before once again assuring Abe and Paulina that they were looking at a changed man who wasn't a threat to anyone.

"He's just being protective," Paulina explained to T.R. after Abe rushed off. "[Or] maybe he's jealous," T.R. countered, drawing a scoff from Paulina, who insisted that Abe had no reason to be jealous. "First of all, there's nothing going on between you and me -- and less than nothing going on between me and Abe..." Paulina summarized with a sigh, prompting T.R. to offer a few words of comfort about the situation with Abe -- and their hands touched during the conversation.

Nicole entered the Walker apartment while Allie and Chanel were kissing. "Oh... Good morning..." Nicole began. "It is a good morning," Allie agreed. "Really good," Chanel confirmed.

Chanel soon rushed off to the hospital to check on Lani. Once the coast was clear, Allie admitted to Nicole that Chanel had spent the night at the apartment -- and that they had decided to be more than just friends. "Could this possibly just be a rebound thing?" Nicole challenged Allie. "It is definitely not a rebound thing," Allie insisted before starting to tell Nicole the whole story.

"I'm bi," Allie concluded. "Well, then, I fully support you," Nicole responded. "I'm just a little nervous about going public because Tripp doesn't know yet..." Allie admitted. "It's gonna be hard...but if I were Tripp, I would want to hear it from you," Nicole stressed. Allie nodded then rushed off -- and Nicole followed, having decided to order some food from the Brady Pub.

While at the pub, Nicole ran into Abe, who seized the opportunity to vent about what had just happened with Paulina and T.R. "You remember how abusive my father was -- [and] he told everyone that he had changed, but he didn't, and it is rare that guys like that do," Nicole stressed. "That's what has me concerned -- [but], unfortunately, I don't have the right to say anything, since I'm not in Paulina's life anymore," Abe responded.

Rafe headed over to the Price-Grant apartment to talk to Abe about the shooting. "You just missed him," Paulina revealed before introducing Rafe to T.R. "Can I tell you how glad I am that you are back on the job and on this case -- oh, and I know you are as relieved as I am that the lowlife junkie that shot my son-in-law is dead --" Paulina added. "Thing is, he wasn't a junkie -- [see, we have] a reliable source who says he didn't use drugs; he only sold them. So, now I'm wondering how the hell he died of a massive overdose..." Rafe clarified. T.R., who was pretending to be busy with the twins, squirmed while listening to Paulina and Rafe's conversation.

The demonic presence emerged from Sweet Bits with an oversized, thickly frosted devil's food cupcake and saw that Tripp was sitting at a nearby table, drinking coffee and fiddling with a cell phone. The demonic presence approached and advised, as Johnny, that Tripp should try the bakery's devil's food cupcake because it was "to die for" -- and that the bakery was a safe space at that moment because neither Allie nor Chanel was working that day.

"Probably off somewhere making passionate love..." the demonic presence suggested as Johnny, prompting Tripp to argue that Allie and Chanel weren't a couple and had only slept together once. "Ooh... Man... As usual, you're the last to know..." the demonic presence mused as Johnny before clarifying for Tripp that Chanel and Allie had recently decided to be more than just best friends, business partners, and one-time lovers. "If you don't believe me, you can ask Linda in the bakery -- I got it out of her that 'Challie' spent last night together at Nicole's place... Hey, that's the same bed that you and Allie used to share, right?" the demonic presence teased as Johnny, prompting Tripp to storm off.

Tripp headed over to the hospital to start a work shift -- and ran into Chanel there. "I'm here to see Lani -- Eli's in a coma --" Chanel began. "I'm aware -- I work here," Tripp snapped. "Right..." Chanel conceded before started to rush off. "Surprised you can tear yourself away from your new girlfriend," Tripp grumbled. "'Girlfriend'? What are you talking about?" Chanel protested. "Oh, cut the crap," Tripp advised before telling Chanel about "Johnny's" big announcement.

"This is not how we wanted you to find out --" Chanel fretted. "You think I care? Come on -- don't flatter yourself," Tripp objected. "Well, Allie and I care about you -- a lot --" Chanel declared. "Oh, please! You know, I remember when you came running over here after I called off the engagement, [and you told me], 'What Allie and I did was a one-time thing -- she wants you, Tripp, not me! Can't you just find it in your heart to forgive her?' What a crock!" Tripp spat. "I had no idea we'd end up together!" Chanel explained. "Right... You've only been dangling yourself in front of Allie from day one, making sure she could never get you out of her head..." Tripp countered.

"You just couldn't let us be happy, could you? You know, I think you only went after her brother just to get under her skin --" Tripp argued. "I did not! I was in love with Johnny, and he broke my heart --" Chanel insisted. "Well, if that's true, that sucks for you...but I don't think it is, 'cause you sure got over him quick," Tripp maintained. "Look, I understand you're upset after finding out in the worst possible way, okay? Johnny never should have opened his big, fat mouth --" Chanel stressed. "Yeah, well, at least he told me the truth...which is more than you and Allie have ever done," Tripp noted before storming off.

Chanel contacted Allie and revealed what had just happened. "It's like Johnny, he just can't help but make it worse and worse for us..." Chanel tearfully mused before saying goodbye to Allie then ending the call and heading off to Eli's room in search of Lani -- and finding Tripp there, as well. "I was just leaving," Tripp declared before giving Chanel a glare then rushing off.

Beth headed over to the DiMera mansion to talk to "Johnny" about the movie. "You do have a good look...and I like how bold you are -- seeking me out, asking for my input -- [but] you don't have the role locked up yet --" the demonic presence declared as Johnny. "What? T.R. told me himself that I did!" Beth protested. "Wonder why he would do that when he knows that I have final say on casting..." the demonic presence responded as Johnny.

"If he gave you this role in exchange for sexual favors, that could blow up in my face -- and that is not gonna happen, because this is my big shot, and no one's gonna get in the way of that --" the demonic presence stressed as Johnny. "I didn't sleep with T.R. -- I swear! All I did was agree to keep quiet about his past --" Beth explained. "What past?" the demonic presence wondered as Johnny. "It's not important -- I shouldn't have even said anything," Beth backpedaled before promising that T.R.'s secret wouldn't impact the movie because no one else even knew about it. The demonic presence smirked then agreed, as Johnny, to keep Beth in the movie.

After chasing Beth off, the demonic presence turned to Stefano's portrait and smirked again. "As you always knew, Stefano, everybody's got a dirty little secret -- and I can't wait to find out what Mr. Coates's I can use it against him, just like I used Allie's secret against her..." the demonic presence declared, not yet aware that Allie had entered the mansion.

"I know what you did!" Allie snapped, startling the demonic presence. "Did you hear what I said? Turn around and face me, you son of a bitch!" Allie added before the demonic presence could hide its glowing yellow eyes.

Devil Johnny and Allie fight

Devil Johnny and Allie fight

Friday, April 1, 2022

As Jake finished packing, Gabi returned home. Gabi explained that she had left work because she had felt ill. "Sorry to hear that. See you around. But hopefully never," Jake said. Jake started to leave, but Gabi stopped him.

"Are we really going to end things like this?" Gabi asked. Gabi apologized to Jake, and she swore that she had believed that Jake had betrayed her first. "But you didn't think to ask me about it? Give me the benefit of the doubt?" Jake asked. Frustrated, Gabi reminded Jake that she had heard Jake conspire against her.

"Except it wasn't me!" Jake stressed. "How was I supposed to know that? The devil using Belle to morph into you is not exactly on my bingo card," Gabi said. Jake explained that he was upset about how Gabi had handled the situation. "You lied, and you plotted with Johnny. And you single-handedly destroyed our relationship, my career, my future," Jake said. Gabi argued that they would figure out a way to fix the situation.

"There is no fixing it! Because for us to fall apart as quickly as we did, it made me realize one thing. And that's that we had a fundamental problem with us from the beginning," Jake said. "What are you talking about?" Gabi asked. "You always wanted me to be Stefan. But guess what? I'm not, and I never will be," Jake argued. Gabi disagreed.

"All I'll ever be to you is a pale imitation of my twin brother," Jake said. "That is not true," Gabi said. Jake argued that if it was not true, then Gabi would take off Stefan's ring. Gabi clutched the ring on her necklace. "It's honoring his memory," Gabi stammered. With a shrug, Jake said, "We're broken, and there is no fixing us." Jake told Gabi he was moving back into his old apartment.

"It is the only thing I can afford, thanks to you," Jake said. After Jake left, Gabi sat at the kitchen table and cried until Sonny arrived. "Thank you for stopping by. Your text came in right when I needed it," Gabi said. Sonny pulled a bracelet out of his pocket.

"[Ariana] was really upset she couldn't give this to you before she went back to Phoenix," Sonny said. The bracelet had block letters that spelled out "Mom," and Gabi broke out into fresh tears. "I know you miss her, but Ari and Will will be back," Sonny said. "It's not just that. It's my whole life. It's Jake," Gabi said. Gabi told Sonny about her fight with Jake.

"I really did fall in love with Jake for who he really was. Or at least I thought I did," Gabi said. "You're second-guessing yourself," Sonny noted. Gabi noted that Jake had been right about how she had been quick to turn on him. "Maybe I didn't fall in love with him for who he really was. Maybe I was just waiting for him to let me down," Gabi said.

Sonny noted that Gabi did not look well, and he suggested she go to bed. "You will get over Jake," Sonny said. With a sigh, Gabi noted that Kate had told her that she was "doomed to be alone." "You are not alone," Sonny assured Gabi.

Outside the Brady Pub, Nicole left a voicemail for Rafe. "I love you," Nicole said. As Nicole ended her call, Ava walked up and said mockingly, "I love you, too." With a smirk, Ava noted that Nicole and Rafe were already at the "I love you" stage in their relationship. "Of course, you've been hiding your feelings for a long time, right?" Ava said. Nicole apologized, but Ava noted that Nicole was not sorry.

"Well, I'm about as sorry as you are for setting up Rafe for a crime he didn't commit," Nicole grumbled. Nicole asked Ava about her next move. "I guess you're just going to have to wait and find out," Ava said. "If you're going to come at me, then come at me!" Nicole yelled. "Okay," Ava said with a shrug. Ava slapped Nicole across the face.

"You did tell me to bring it," Ava said. Nicole slapped Ava in return. Ava leaped toward Nicole. As Jake walked by, he pulled Ava away from Nicole. "What, are you trying to kill each other?" Jake asked. "Yes!" Ava and Nicole shouted in unison. "You already cheated with my boyfriend. You don't get to hit me back," Ava said. Nicole warned Ava not to get between Nicole and Rafe, and she stomped off.

"In my old days," Ava muttered. "Don't say it! Don't even think it," Jake warned. Jake asked if Nicole was with Rafe. With a nod yes, Ava explained that Rafe and Nicole had slept together and lied about it. Ava explained that Rafe and Nicole were a couple in love.

"Your girlfriend is going to be over the moon. Her brother finally got over me," Ava said. "Girlfriend? Gabi and I broke up," Jake said. Ava asked what had happened. Jake suggested that they go into the pub and ice Ava's cheek over a drink. Once inside the pub, Jake told Ava that the devil had impersonated him. "Are you serious?" Ava asked. "Yeah. And on top of that, I think [Gabi] is still in love with my dead twin brother," Jake added. Ava shook her head in disbelief.

When Jake said that he and Gabi were over, Ava grinned. "I know that I'm probably supposed to have a sad face and tell you how sorry I am, but I would much rather buy you a glass of Champagne," Ava said. Jake noted that he intended to move into his old apartment.

"I heard something about you being wanted by the police," Jake said. Ava explained that she was no longer wanted. When Jake asked Ava if she wanted to get back together with Rafe, Ava said, "No. In fact, [Rafe] is convinced that I set him up on those charges because he cheated on me." "Did you?" Jake asked with a smile. Ava grinned.

Ava noted that if she told Jake she had set up Rafe, it would make Jake an accessory after the fact. "I'd never do that to you," Ava said with a wink. Jake offered a toast to two former crime associates "trying to walk the straight and narrow." After sipping their beers, Jake asked Ava about her plans. Ava said she planned to stay in town, but she had no place to live. Jake offered to let Ava stay in his apartment. Ava accepted Jake's offer.

At Eli and Lani's apartment, a nervous T.R. listened as Rafe told Paulina that Eli's suspected shooter was not a drug addict. "So, if the dealer who shot Eli doesn't use drugs, how did he OD?" Paulina wondered aloud. Rafe shrugged. "He just shot a cop. Maybe he was looking for a quick exit," T.R. suggested. "Well [the dealer] had a gun. That would be a bit quicker," Rafe countered. T.R. joked that a gun was less enjoyable.

With a dismissive nod, Rafe explained Lani's theory that the overdose had been accidental, but he said that he disagreed. "[The dealer] had no priors," Rafe said. "Just 'cause he didn't have any priors doesn't mean he wasn't using, right?" T.R. said. Rafe noted that something was off. Paulina asked Rafe if it mattered why the dealer had ODed.

"Unless you're suggesting that he didn't [shoot Eli]," Paulina said. "I don't mean to suggest that someone besides Frank shot Eli," Rafe said. Rafe reiterated that something was off. Paulina noted that Eli was lucky to have Rafe on the case. "I owe it to [Eli] to find out the whole story," Rafe said. Rafe mentioned that he had questioned Beth. "Why?" T.R. asked. "Because Eli was interviewing [Beth] right before the shooting," Rafe explained. Rafe noted that Beth had no insight as to why Eli had left the station.

"All [Eli] said was that he had to take care of something," Rafe said. "That's too bad," T.R. said. Rafe promised to keep digging into the case. "Nice meeting you," T.R. said. "You, too. Actually, Lani says that you have changed, and for her sake, I hope she is right," Rafe said. With a nod, Rafe left the apartment.

"That cop is wasting his time. Like you said, they already have their man. Who cares why that loser ODed?" T.R. said. Paulina argued that everyone wanted the full story. T.R.'s phone beeped. "Crisis with the movie," T.R. announced. T.R. told Paulina that she could call him if she needed help. T.R. started to lean toward Paulina, and she leaned away.

"What are you doing?" Paulina asked. "I was going to give you a goodbye hug, but I would never touch you without your permission," T.R. said. "You know I'm a hugger," Paulina whispered. T.R. hugged Paulina goodbye.

Rafe was working in his office when Nicole visited. Rafe touched Nicole's face, and she winced. "What's wrong?" Rafe asked. Nicole told Rafe about her slap fight with Ava. "Are you here to press charges?" Rafe asked. Nicole declined. Nicole explained that she had antagonized Ava, and she had hit Ava back. Frustrated, Rafe dropped his face into his hands.

"You can't do that!" Rafe said. Nicole admitted that she should have controlled herself. "But it was driving me crazy not knowing what Ava's going to do to punish us next," Nicole said. Rafe advised Nicole to call him the next time she ran into Ava. Nicole explained that she had called Rafe earlier, and he apologized because he had turned off his phone. "I was working on Eli's case," Rafe said. "I thought you knew who shot Eli," Nicole said. Rafe explained that he had questions about the shooting.

Rafe and Nicole reviewed the evidence of the shooting and the timeline. When Rafe noted that T.R. appeared to be a changed man, Nicole countered that it was rare for abusive men like T.R. to change. "At this point, Eli's the only one that knows what really happened," Rafe said.

Lani sat at Eli's bedside with Chanel. Chanel asked Lani what she needed. With a chuckle, Lani explained that Paulina had been handling everything, including reorganizing Lani's spice rack. "That sounds like her," Chanel said. Lani mentioned that everyone including T.R. had been supportive.

"Your bio dad? Really? Is that something you wanted?" Chanel asked. "I'll take all the support I can right now," Lani whispered. Lani said that T.R. had insisted that he was a changed man, and she wanted to believe him. "Even Paulina admits that he is a changed man," Lani added. Chanel noted that T.R. had almost seemed like a nice person when he had helped her and Allie get out of Johnny's movie contract.

"There is no way I could work with Johnny now," Chanel said. Chanel told Lani that even Allie was done with Johnny. Lani asked why Tripp had appeared upset with Chanel. With a grimace, Chanel explained that Johnny had told Tripp that Chanel and Allie were a couple.

"You and Allie have been seeing each other?" Lani asked. Chanel explained that the relationship was new and that Allie was bisexual. "Who knows, maybe I am, too. I've never really done the label thing," Chanel said. Chanel explained that she and Allie had agreed to explore their feelings for one another. "How's it going?" Lani asked. Chanel said things were good.

"You're totally over Johnny?" Lani asked. "I really did love him, but he's just not the guy I thought I married," Chanel said. "I hope you and Allie will be happy together," Lani said. Lani noted that Eli was scheduled for testing, and she intended to take the opportunity to go home and see her kids. "I'm so sorry that you're going through this," Chanel said. "The only person who needs to be sorry is the criminal who shot my husband in cold blood," Lani said.

Beth visited T.R. in his hotel room at his request. "I heard you paid a visit to the police commissioner," T.R. said. Beth explained that she had kept her promise not to tell anyone about T.R.'s past. "I need to make sure that you're going to keep your mouth shut. [The commissioner is] asking a lot of questions about Eli Grant's shooting," T.R. said. "What do you care? You said you had nothing to do with that," Beth countered.

"You know you can't trust the police. I need to know I can count on you. Or things could get dicey for both of us," T.R. said. When T.R. mentioned the movie, Beth confirmed that she had spoken to Johnny. "I stuck to the story, but he was asking a lot of questions about how I got hired," Beth said. Beth told T.R. that Johnny had assumed that she had slept with T.R. to get the role. "I didn't correct his assumptions," Beth lied. Suspicious, T.R. noted that if Beth lied to him, it could ruin the film if Paulina found out. Beth guessed that T.R. was after Paulina's money.

Lani returned home, and Paulina noted that the twins were asleep. "Did Dad leave?" Lani asked. "You mean Abe?" Paulina asked. Lani nodded yes. "It's just that Ray was here when [Abe] arrived," Paulina said. Paulina explained that Abe had been upset. "[Abe] is convinced that Ray is bad news," Lani said. Paulina said that T.R. reminded her of the man she had first fallen in love with as a young woman.

"He was so good with your babies. You should have seen them," Paulina said. "It was nice of him to come by and help out," Lani agreed. Paulina noted that T.R. had been a gentleman.

In the DiMera living room, a furious Allie marched in and yelled at her brother. Devil Johnny growled at Allie to leave, and he refused to face her with his yellow eyes. "If you won't turn around, I'll make you!" Allie yelled. Allie grabbed devil Johnny's shoulder and spun him around to face her. Devil Johnny's eyes were normal. Allie asked devil Johnny why he had told Tripp about her relationship with Chanel.

"I didn't realize it was a secret," devil Johnny argued. "It's not that it is a secret, but I wanted to tell Johnny myself," Allie said. Allie noted that it felt like devil Johnny had been enjoying watching her life fall apart. "You are doing everything possible to make sure that happens. Why?" Allie asked. Devil Johnny argued that he had owed Tripp the truth under "the bro code."

"Bro code? I'm your sister!" Allie shot back. "And when you do bad stuff, I'm going to call you out," devil Johnny countered. Frustrated, Allie argued that the situation was none of Johnny's business. Devil Johnny argued that it was his business because his wife was cheating on him with his twin sister.

"Your marriage is over!" Allie yelled. Allie argued that after the way Johnny had humiliated Chanel, he did not have the right to play the victim. "I want to know what happened to the brother I've loved my whole life," Allie said. Devil Johnny argued that Allie had previously called him a player.

"But you weren't cruel. I mean, I always thought there was a heart underneath there," Allie said. Allie noted that although she had fought with Johnny through the years, she had always felt a connection with him. "Sometimes I felt like I could read your mind, and now, I don't feel that connection anymore. It's like it's gone," Allie said. "I'm sorry you feel that way," devil Johnny said. The devil turned away from Allie.

"Who are you? Where is the brother I love?" Allie yelled. Inside devil Johnny's head, real Johnny pleaded, "I'm here! Allie, I'm right here, but he won't let me out!" Devil Johnny flinched as Johnny continued to yell in his head. "Why did you marry Chanel if you didn't love her?" Allie asked. "Because I knew it would get to you," devil Johnny said. Confused, Allie asked devil Johnny if he had married Chanel just to hurt Allie. Devil Johnny shrugged and compared his behavior to when he had stolen Allie's toys when they had been children.

"You're a grown man now! This is so not normal," Allie said. "Because it's not me, Allie! Can't you see?" Johnny yelled inside devil Johnny's head. Devil Johnny winced again. "But it's like underneath, I can still feel the real you," Allie said. "Yes, Allie! Come on! You can sense me, I know you can," Johnny yelled inside his head. Allie asked devil Johnny what he was hiding. Devil Johnny fidgeted.

"Are you all right?" Allie asked. "I'm fine," devil Johnny whispered. Worried, Allie asked devil Johnny again what was wrong. "Will you shut up!" devil Johnny yelled. "I'm trying to help you!" Allie said. Enraged, devil Johnny yelled that he had not been talking to Allie. "Then who are you talking to?" Allie cried out. Devil Johnny stressed that he was fine, but he doubled over when Johnny started to yell in his head again.

"What is happening to you? Talk to me. I want to help you. I love you," Allie said. Allie crouched down next to devil Johnny as he collapsed into a chair. "Leave me alone!" devil Johnny yelled. Worried, Allie offered to take "Johnny" to the hospital. Frustrated, devil Johnny jumped to his feet, and his eyes turned yellow. "I said leave me alone!" devil Johnny bellowed in his devil voice. Allied stared in horror up at her brother's devilish face.

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