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Gwen switched the antidote with more of Rolf's serum. Anna injected Sarah with the "antidote." Anna went to jail for assault. The devil jumped into Allie and chained Johnny up in the DiMera crypt. Jan told Belle she was pregnant with Shawn's baby, and a paternity test confirmed it. Ava moved in with Jake. Jake refused to give Gabi a second chance. E.J. left prison and asked Clyde to leave town. Belle commiserated with E.J. Devil Allie dumped Chanel. Ben told Clyde about the devil's interest in the baby. A resurrected Andre forged a goodbye letter from Johnny.
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The devil jumped into Allie and chained Johnny up in the DiMera crypt, and Jan revealed she was pregnant with Shawn's baby
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Chad convinces Rolf to help Sarah

Chad convinces Rolf to help Sarah

Monday, April 4, 2022

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Allie struggled to process the fact that Johnny was possessed. "Aw -- you look so scared, twinsie!" the demonic presence teased. "I can't say I blame you -- these eyes do take some getting used to..." the demonic presence conceded. "[And] that's just the beginning of what I can do -- [so], wanna see my powers up close? I can move things with my mind, do all sorts of cool tricks -- want me to make you levitate, like your Grandma?" the demonic presence offered. Allie demanded to be left alone then assumed that the devil had possessed Johnny after leaving Belle during the most recent exorcism. "Between you and me...your Aunt Belle was never really possessed," the demonic presence clarified.

"Well, I did take a short little trip into Belle's body, but just for a few minutes -- other than that, I've been partying down in Johnny Town since Christmas!" the demonic presence bragged. Allie realized that explained everything Johnny had done since then. Allie wondered why the devil had suddenly decided to reveal that Johnny was possessed. "To be honest, I wasn't planning on it -- you made me do this [with] all that talk about your special connection with your brother; [it] seems to have given him an invigorated energy to fight me from within. But that ends now!" the demonic presence responded.

The demonic presence lunged forward, intending to do whatever it took to sever the twins' special bond, but Allie dodged the first murder attempt then tried to get through to Johnny, who managed to stop the next three murder attempts. "Stop talking to him!" the demonic presence roared at Allie as Johnny continued growing stronger.

Upstairs, Abigail entered Tony and Anna's bedroom and called out a greeting. Anna, who was wearing a sleep mask and seemed to be having a nightmare, woke up and wondered if Abigail was truly present in the bedroom or if she had simply been a part of the dream. Abigail responded that Tony had sent over a bouquet of red roses after hearing from Harold that Anna wasn't feeling well. "How dare he send me flowers as consolation that he gives all his time and attention to that undead zombie Renee DuMonde!" Anna grumbled as Abigail stepped aside to take a phone call from Chad, who was at the hospital.

"I know this sounds terrible, but there are days when I wish Tony was back in that urn -- at least then I could hold him close!" Anna continued while Abigail was trying to talk to Chad, who had managed to convince Statesville's warden to allow Rolf to use the prison's infirmary to concoct an antidote for Sarah's condition. "Years -- I waited years for Tony to come back to me -- [and] I had many opportunities to stray, believe me!" Anna continued while Chad was explaining to Abigail that Rolf had agreed to help because refusing a request from Stefano's favorite son simply wasn't an option. "How long must I suffer this insult, this indignity..." Anna continued while Chad was saying goodbye to Abigail -- who revealed, after ending the call, that the ordeal might be over soon.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Tony tried to remember the identity of Anna's favorite poet, fearing that it would take more than one bouquet of red roses to repair the recent cracks in their relationship. "Byron!" Tony decided before producing a cell phone and starting to type the words of "When We Two Parted" into a text message for Anna -- just as Maggie burst into the study and revealed that Sarah was missing.

Tony helped Maggie search for Sarah -- but they found a note instead. "It's in Renee's handwriting -- she must have learned it by studying Renee's diary..." Tony observed before starting to read the note aloud to Maggie -- then stopping abruptly after recognizing the words of "When We Two Parted" in the note. "Oh, my God -- maybe it was Renee who had a passion for Byron..." Tony realized before sheepishly apologizing to Maggie for the digression then continuing to read the note aloud. "I've gone to see about securing an immediate divorce from that wretch that stands between us," Tony finished reading aloud to Maggie before starting to rush off.

Maggie insisted that Sarah would never hurt Anna, but Tony countered that the same couldn't be said about Renee. Before Maggie could follow Tony out of the study, Anna entered it and wondered where Sarah was hiding. Tony and Maggie were both relieved to learn that Anna was safe and hadn't received a visit from Sarah that day -- but they couldn't think of any other way to interpret the ending of the note.

At the Salem Inn, Xander emerged from the bathroom to greet an impatient visitor, wearing only a towel -- and was surprised to see that it was Sarah. "You and I need to talk, Alex -- and, for God's sake, put on some clothes!" Sarah began as Renee while barging into the hotel room. "I do wish you'd stop calling me 'Alex'..." Xander grumbled, prompting Sarah to produce divorce paperwork then promise, as Renee, to start respecting the request -- in exchange for a legal signature.

Gwen entered the hotel room while Xander was trying to jog Sarah's memory. "What's going on here?" Gwen began. "Hello, Gwen," Sarah responded as Renee. "Wait -- you recognize her?" Xander sputtered. "Oh, God, can we please cut the pretense? Everyone knows you two are in cahoots [and that] she's your lover!" Sarah advised Xander as Renee. "Gwen Davies, attorney at law? [Yeah], it's obvious that you're working with Alex here to steal my DiMera fortune," Sarah challenged Gwen as Renee. "What is she on about?" Gwen whispered to Xander. "I have absolutely no idea," Xander whispered to Gwen.

Sarah, as Renee, started begging Gwen to talk Xander into signing the divorce paperwork. Xander seized the opportunity to step aside and contact Maggie, who was relieved to learn that Sarah was safe and wasn't planning to do anything drastic. Maggie, who had just found out about the antidote from Anna, explained to Xander that they needed to find a way to get Sarah over to the hospital immediately.

Xander ended the call then signed the divorce paperwork, prompting Sarah to rush off to the Kiriakis mansion to tell Tony that they were finally free to get married. Once the coast was clear, Xander updated Gwen then started to get dressed, wanting to be at the hospital when the antidote was administered. Gwen wanted to know what would happen if the antidote worked, but Xander wasn't able to answer that question. Xander promised, however, to move on and forget about Sarah if the antidote didn't work. "And then -- if you'll still have me -- you and I, we'll be married," Xander stressed, drawing a sigh of relief from Gwen.

Sarah rushed into the Kiriakis mansion and found Tony and Maggie in the study -- with Anna. Sarah glared at Anna then started bragging, as Renee, about what had just happened with Xander, prompting Tony to declare that they could get married immediately -- but they would have to undergo a blood test at the hospital first as a requirement of the marriage license. Sarah shrugged then rushed off to the hospital, expecting Tony to follow -- and Maggie and Anna exchanged hopeful glances.

Shawn and Belle met up at the town square's bar for drinks. "I always thought the DiMeras were in league with Satan," Shawn joked while chatting with Belle about what the devil had done to E.J. "Well, from what I can tell, his only goal is to create chaos and pain," Belle explained before reminding Shawn about everything else the devil had done.

"Thank God I walked in before you slept with her..." Belle declared while remembering what Jan had pulled off with the devil's help. "Listen, Belle --" Shawn began to respond, but Belle was summoned to Statesville just then via text message. Shawn sighed as Belle rushed off.

At the hospital, Tony waited with Sarah in one of the examination rooms while Chad was telling Maggie, Anna, and Xander about the antidote. Maggie was concerned to learn that no one at the hospital could guarantee that the antidote was safe. "Look, Maggie, we both know that Rolf's work goes far beyond the boundaries of regular science -- but he swore to me, on my father's grave, that it would work, [and] he was absolutely loyal to Stefano," Chad stressed.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail entered the living room and saw that Allie was standing in the middle of it -- and that no one else was around. "Johnny and I -- you know how close we've been our entire lives, [but] we just haven't been getting along since Christmas, [so] I was hoping to come over here [and] just have it out... [Of course], when we go at it, we do not hold back -- and I love that, but there's always the chance one of us ends up dead on the floor..." the demonic presence explained to Abigail as Allie -- while Johnny's motionless body was lying on the floor, partially hidden behind the couch.

"Let's hope it doesn't get that far," Abigail responded. "Of course -- I was just joking..." the demonic presence agreed as Allie, forcing a laugh. Abigail offered to help "Allie" look for Johnny, whose car was still in the driveway -- and the demonic presence turned its attention back to its previous host once the coast was clear. "Well, Johnny Boy, it was fun while it lasted, but I have a new evil twin to play with -- so, what am I going to do with you..." the demonic presence mused with a sigh.

Abigail eventually returned to the living room and found that the terrace doors were open. Chad entered the mansion while Abigail was closing the terrace doors. Abigail explained to Chad that Allie had stopped by to talk to Johnny but, apparently, had gotten tired of waiting and had then exited the mansion through the terrace doors and neglected to close them. Chad shrugged then filled Abigail in on what had happened at the hospital. Chad revealed that Maggie hadn't decided what to do yet.

Gwen headed over to the town square's bar for a drink. "Xander, after everything we've been through, I can't lose you to Sarah..." Gwen fretted. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Sarah started roaming the halls in search of a nurse who could administer the blood test, ignoring Tony's objections -- and they eventually ran into Xander and Anna, as well as Maggie, who was still trying to decide whether to use the antidote. "What are you doing here?" Sarah snapped at Xander as Renee. "Oh, I know what you're doing [here] -- trying to stop the wedding!" Sarah snapped at Anna as Renee.

"You just need to admit [that] you've lost -- Tony and I are in love, and we are getting soon as I find someone in this damn hospital to stick me with a needle..." Sarah added as Renee, prompting Anna to snatch the antidote from Maggie and plunge the needle of the syringe into Sarah's right arm.

Belle entered Statesville and found Jan sitting at a table in the visitors' lounge. "If I had known the prisoner who wanted to see me was you, I most certainly would not have come," Belle snapped before starting to rush off, prompting Jan to stand and insist that they had something important to discuss. Belle was stunned to see that Jan appeared to be pregnant.

Jan reveals she is pregnant with Shawn's baby

Jan reveals she is pregnant with Shawn's baby

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

At the hospital, "Renee" antagonized Anna about Tony. Frustrated, Anna grabbed the syringe with the antidote out of Maggie's hand. Anna injected Sarah with the antidote. "Ow, you bitch!" "Renee" yelped. "You had no right to do that!" Maggie yelped. Anna argued that someone had needed to take action. "It wasn't your decision to make," Tony said.

"What was in that needle?" "Renee" asked. Anna stressed that she had done Sarah a favor. "You're going to get your memory back, and then you can stop living life as a dead woman," Anna said. "Renee" announced that she was headed to the police station to file a report. As "Renee" jumped on the elevator, Xander chased after her.

"Have you completely lost your mind?" Maggie asked Anna. Anna urged Maggie to remain calm, but a furious Maggie yelled that Anna had injected Sarah with an unvetted substance. "Is that true, Anna?" Tony asked. Anna explained that the lab had unofficially told Chad that the drug was safe. "But they recommended a full panel of testing," Maggie stressed. "Which would have taken months or years," Anna countered. Maggie argued that time was irrelevant when it came to the health and well-being of her daughter.

"I'm so sorry for what Anna has done," Tony said. Anna argued that Rolf had promised Chad that the antidote would work on Sarah. "[Rolf] swore on Stefano's grave, and you know how devoted that creep was to your father. Sarah could be getting her memories back right now, as we speak," Anna said. Tony argued that the outcome did not excuse Anna's reckless behavior.

With a sigh, Maggie announced that she would talk to the lab technicians about her options. "You have put my daughter's very life at risk," Maggie said. As Maggie stormed off, Anna called out that she had only wanted to help. "What you did was not out of compassion or concern for Sarah. It was strictly selfish, so if something happens to her, it will be on your head," Maggie yelled as she exited. Tony shook his head at Anna with disgust. Anna asked Tony not to be angry.

"You just put Sarah's life in danger, and for all we know, that drug could kill her," Tony said. Anna disagreed. "Why don't I have a say in all this?" Anna asked. "Sarah is not your daughter," Tony said. "But you're my husband," Anna countered. Tony told Anna that he understood that she was frustrated and angry, but she had behaved inappropriately.

"You assaulted that poor woman, and now she has gone to the police. Not only have you alienated Maggie, but you've also infuriated and embarrassed your husband. You could be in very deep trouble," Tony said.

Gwen sat in the bar off the square and stared at her phone as she waited to hear from Xander about Sarah. Gabi walked in. "Drinking alone? What's the matter? Trouble in paradise?" Gabi asked. Gwen was adamant that she wanted to be alone, but Gabi sat at her table, anyway. "You look pathetic sitting here alone. Trust me, I'm doing you a favor," Gabi said.

"Don't you have a business to run?" Gwen asked. With a shrug, Gabi said her meeting had been canceled. Gabi asked why Gwen was annoyed when Gabi was the one that had a right to a grudge against Gwen. "I almost ended up back in prison," Gabi said. "If you had, I'd be drinking in peace," Gwen muttered. Gabi wondered aloud why she had bothered to stop Abigail from injecting Gwen with Rolf's serum.

"You may have saved my neck, yes, but you ended up sealing Sarah Horton's fate," Gwen said. Gwen filled Gabi in on Sarah's situation. "Rolf has produced an antidote, apparently. And Xander and Maggie are at the hospital with Sarah now," Gwen said. "I get why you are in such a foul mood. Sarah, very soon, will be herself," Gabi said. Gabi noted that Xander and Sarah would get back together.

"If you are going to gloat about me losing the man that I love, please just go do it somewhere else," Gwen said. "I'm not gloating. [I'm] sympathizing. See, you are about to lose the man that you love. I already have," Gabi said. Gwen said she had been angry with Gabi about stealing Jake, but she had moved past her anger. "For what it's worth, I'm sorry that it didn't work out with you and Jake," Gwen said. Gwen admitted that Gabi had been a better match for Jake than she had been.

"Why are you being nice to me?" Gabi asked. "As you pointed out, yes, you did save me from that syringe, and if you hadn't have torched my relationship with Jake, then I wouldn't have fallen in love with Xander," Gwen said. With a faint smile, Gwen said that she still hoped she would get to spend the rest of her life with Xander.

After Gabi told Gwen the details of her breakup with Jake, Gwen sided with Gabi. "You had every right to believe that [Jake] had stabbed him in the back," Gwen said. Gwen said she was surprised that Jake had been unwilling to give Gabi a second chance. "It didn't help that he walked in on me almost having sex with Johnny DiMera," Gabi said. Gabi added that she did not even like Johnny. Gwen said she understood.

"You and I actually are a lot alike. We get hurt, and we lash out. We react impulsively," Gwen said. "And then end up going to extremes," Gabi added. Gabi lamented that she had made a mess of her relationship. Gwen told Gabi that when she had fought with Jake, make-up sex had always worked. Gabi groaned. "Today, when we parted ways, Gwen, it felt pretty final," Gabi said.

Ava moved into Jake's studio apartment above the garage. Ava told Jake that she was grateful but sad. "I finally let myself believe that I was going to have a real home with Rafe, and now that's over," Ava said. Over beers, Ava complained that Rafe had spent their whole relationship pining over Ava's best friend. Ava said she had believed that if she had changed for Rafe, she would have been worthy of his love. "But it was all for nothing," Ava said.

"I hear you. I tried to change who I was for Gabi, and all I got was heartache," Jake said. Jake told Ava that he had played the part of an executive, but that world had been too cutthroat. "I thought you two liked plotting together?" Ava asked. "I just realized it is not who I am. It's not what I want. At the end of the day, at heart, I'm just a simple mechanic," Jake said. Jake asked Ava if she intended to return to her old ways. Ava shrugged.

"You and I? Never should have tried to be people we're not," Jake said. Jake took Ava on a tour of the apartment, and he apologized for his small kitchen. Ava asked about the sleeping arrangements. "You're going to take the bed, and I'll take the floor," Jake said. Ava argued with Jake, but he insisted. "I'll grab an air mattress tomorrow," Jake explained.

At the police station, Rafe suggested that Shawn go home early. Shawn told Rafe that Belle was at Statesville to meet with a prisoner, so he intended to finish up paperwork at work instead. "I'm assuming that it was E.J. who asked to see Belle. There's a good chance he might be released soon," Shawn said. Shawn explained that Belle had found evidence that had been planted by the devil to frame E.J. Rafe groaned. "That old story," Rafe joked.

"Why would the devil frame E.J.?" Rafe asked. Shawn told Rafe that the theory was that the devil had wanted to destroy Sami and E.J.'s relationship, like it had attempted to destroy Shawn and Belle's relationship. "That's right. The devil sicced Jan Spears on you two," Rafe said. Shawn admitted that he had been suspicious, and he had tested Jan to make sure that she had been Belle.

"And unfortunately, and looking back with an obvious assist from Satan, [Jan] sure as hell fooled me. She managed to make me believe she was my wife," Shawn said. "At least Belle came in and broke it up before anything happened between you two," Rafe countered. Shawn stared at Rafe. "She did, didn't she?" Rafe asked. Before Shawn could answer, "Renee" walked into the precinct.

"My name is Renee DuMonde, and I'm here to report a crime," "Renee" said. "Renee" told Rafe that Anna had injected a substance into her arm. "Why would she do that?" Shawn asked. "Because she is jealous of me. She wants me out of the way so that she can have Tony all to herself," "Renee" explained. Rafe raised an eyebrow at Shawn, and Shawn whispered that Maggie had told him about Sarah's condition.

"There you are!" Xander said as he rushed into the precinct. When Xander took "Renee's" arm, she swatted at him. "Get your hands off me, Alex!" "Renee" said. Xander explained to Rafe and Shawn that Sarah was hallucinating because Kristen had injected Sarah with Rolf's drug. "So, Anna didn't assault her?" Rafe asked. "Actually, that part did happen," Xander admitted. "Renee" demanded justice.

When "Renee" returned to the hospital with Shawn and Xander, she demanded that Shawn arrest Anna. "I was trying to help you," Anna protested. "So, you admit to injecting this woman with an unknown substance?" Shawn asked. Anna argued that the substance had been "an antidote developed by a world-renowned doctor." Anna said she was certain that Sarah would get her memory back. "Renee" glared.

"Soon Sarah will be back to her old self, and then everyone can thank me," Anna said. "Renee" argued that Anna had confessed and that there were witnesses. With no choice, Shawn arrested Anna. Anna asked Tony for help, but he stood by while Shawn handcuffed Anna and recited her Miranda rights. "Renee" smiled.

After Shawn dragged Anna out of the hospital, an elated "Renee" told Tony that she was ready to resume their plans to marry. Tony asked "Renee" to wait for him in the exam room while he checked with the nurse about the reason for the delay. After "Renee" walked away, Tony asked Xander what they should do next. "Keep playing along. I mean, we'll have to keep her here until we see how she reacts to the drug," Xander said. Tony agreed that the hospital was the safest place for Sarah.

"Let's just pray that the only reaction she has is getting her memory back," Xander said. After Tony left to join "Renee," Maggie rejoined Xander. "Sarah just had Anna arrested for assault, and now Sarah and Tony are waiting for their supposed blood tests," Xander said. Maggie was relieved that Sarah had returned to the hospital. Xander asked what the techs had told Maggie.

"The drug is probably safe, except they do want to flush it out of her system just in case," Maggie said. Xander asked Maggie if she was sure that she wanted to flush out the drug rather than wait to see if it worked. "Just imagine what a relief it would be to have our Sarah back," Xander said. Maggie agreed, but she admitted she was worried that they did not know enough about the drug.

When Xander stressed that Rolf had been certain that the antidote would work, Maggie said she had no faith in the word of Dr. Rolf. "I know you're right. It just felt like we were so close," Xander said. "We have to be patient," Maggie said. Xander asked if he could stay at the hospital to make sure Sarah was okay, but Maggie said no. "Having Alex around, it's just going to make Sarah more upset," Maggie said. Maggie promised to keep Xander updated.

At the bar off the square, Gabi started to order another round of drinks when Xander texted Gwen. "[Xander] wants to talk," Gwen said. While Gwen returned to the hotel, Gabi went to Jake's apartment to talk to him. Ava was in bed, and Jake was fresh out of the shower when Gabi knocked on the door. Ava smiled at Gabi. "What the hell is she doing here?" Gabi asked.

When Belle arrived at Statesville, she was dismayed to learn that Jan was the prisoner that had summoned her. "You and I have nothing to talk about, Jan," Belle said. "But we do," Jan said. Jan stood up and revealed that she was pregnant. "I don't understand. How did that happen?" Belle asked. Jan explained that Shawn was the father. Belle called Jan delusional.

"Well, I haven't had sex with anyone else besides your husband," Jan explained. When Belle argued that Jan had not had sex with Shawn, Jan pointed out that Belle had walked in on them. Belle thought back to that night when she had found Shawn in bed with a disguised Jan. "I got there before you two had sex," Belle said. "You got there before round two," Jan corrected.

"That's impossible. Shawn would have told me that," Belle said. Jan noted that Shawn usually told the truth, but she had kept silent because she had thought Shawn had wanted to keep it their "little secret." "I guess the secret is out now," Jan said as she rubbed her belly. Belle refused to believe Jan, and she wondered aloud if Jan was pregnant at all. Jan grabbed Belle's hand and put it on her belly. Belle ripped her hand away.

"Even if that baby is Shawn's, why not say something sooner?" Belle asked. Jan explained that she had wanted to get through her first trimester first. "I figured I'd start with you, seeing as how we go way back. So, aren't you going to congratulate me?" Jan asked. Jan said she was relieved to have a second chance at motherhood.

"What Nicole's father did to me was unspeakable. And I felt so ashamed, and I wanted to terminate the pregnancy. But Shawn, he convinced me not to. And it wasn't just talk. [Shawn] was willing to marry me. He was willing to raise the child as his own. And so began our love story," Jan said. Furious, Belle screamed, "Shawn never loved you!" Jan argued that she had only lost Shawn because she had lost her baby.

"But this time, the baby is his. And we have another chance to raise a child together. It's all come full circle like a dream come true," Jan said. "Like a total nightmare," Belle muttered. Belle told Jan that even if Shawn was the father, he would not want to raise it with Jan. "[Shawn] thinks you're evil and crazy, just like every other person who has had the misfortune of crossing paths with you!" Belle yelled. Jan suggested that she and Belle make peace. "After all, my child and I are going to be in Shawn's life from now on," Jan said.

At the police precinct, Shawn placed Anna in the interrogation room, and he returned to the bullpen. Shawn asked if he could go home early. Rafe said yes, but he wanted to ask Shawn about their conversation prior to Sarah's arrival first. "It seemed like you had something on your mind," Rafe said. "It's not important," Shawn said as he walked out. Rafe went into the interrogation room to talk to Anna.

"Sarah Horton is not in her right mind. Something had to be done," Anna said. "You confessed to stabbing her with a syringe. Besides, there were three eyewitnesses," Rafe said. With a sigh, Anna argued she had only wanted to help. Tony walked into the room, and Rafe left to give them privacy. Tony told Anna that he had hired an attorney. "I don't think I'll need one. Any second now, Sarah is going to get her memories back," Anna said. "You better pray that is true. For Sarah's sake. As well as your own," Tony said.

When Shawn arrived home, Belle was there. "You are not going to believe what happened at work today," Shawn started. Shawn saw Belle's face, and he asked her what was wrong. Belle said she had talked to Jan Spears. "What does Jan want?" Shawn asked. Belle told Shawn that Jan was pregnant. "She claims that the baby is yours," Belle said.

At the hospital, Maggie checked on Sarah while Sarah waited in an exam room for her blood test. "Where's Tony?" Maggie asked. "He went to get his blood taken," "Renee" said. As "Renee" complained about the wait, she trailed off. "Sarah?" Maggie said. Sarah turned to her mother. "Yes?" Sarah said. "Oh, my God. You know who you are?" Maggie asked. "I'm Sarah Horton. You're my mommy," Sarah said.

When Gwen arrived at her hotel room, Xander told her what had happened at the hospital. "So, what now?" Gwen asked. "Maggie asked for the drug to be flushed totally out of Sarah's system because it's dangerous, but a part of me hopes [Maggie] changes her mind and the drug works," Xander said.

Gwen thought about when she had disguised herself as a nurse, and she had infiltrated the lab at the hospital. Gwen had located the syringe with Rolf's antidote. "Good thing I kept an extra dose of Rolf's mind-altering drug," Gwen had said. Gwen had pulled a second syringe out of her pocket, and she'd attempted to talk herself into switching the two syringes. "Alter Sarah's mind even more," Gwen had whispered.

After a moment of hesitation, Gwen switched the label and replaced the syringe. Gwen shook off the memory of her misdeed. "I think Sarah would be better off if they just left the drug in her system," Gwen said to Xander.

Shawn makes a confession to Belle

Shawn makes a confession to Belle

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

by Mike

Rafe went to the Walker apartment to have dinner with Nicole -- and during the meal, they pondered what Ava might try to do to them next, discussed Allie's new romance with Chanel, tossed around theories about Eli's shooting, struggled to make sense of the situation with Sarah, and joked about what Basic Black's lawyers were going to do to a group of websites that had recently started selling knockoffs of the fashion company's designs.

"Here we are, talking about our day -- what you did, what I did -- just like a normal couple..." Nicole eventually noted. "I guess that's exactly what we are," Rafe happily responded.

At the auto repair shop, Gabi demanded to know why Ava was with Jake in the upstairs apartment -- and why they were both half naked. "What better way for Jake and I to get over being leveled by the Hernandez wrecking crew than some old-fashioned bada-bing bada-boom..." Ava explained to Gabi while giving Jake a wink. "How could you sleep with that lowlife bitch?" Gabi snapped at Jake before vowing to kill Ava.

Jake stopped Gabi from lunging at Ava. "Nothing happened -- she's messing with you," Jake clarified for Gabi before adding that Ava was simply a roommate.

Gabi wasn't happy about the living arrangement, but Jake refused to toss Ava out just to appease a jealous ex-girlfriend. Ava called out mocking interjections as Gabi begged for another chance with Jake. "We're done," Jake maintained before ordering Gabi to leave, drawing a smirk from Ava. "This is not over -- not by a long shot!" Gabi warned Jake and Ava before storming off -- then breaking down after spotting a random happy couple while passing through the town square. Meanwhile, Jake declined to vent to Ava about what had just happened with Gabi, preferring to punch a few pillows instead.

Ciara entered the Brady-Weston apartment while Ben was lifting weights and listening to music. Ben turned off the music and set aside the weights then tried to greet Ciara with a hug and a kiss. "Gross -- you're sweaty!" Ciara protested while dodging Ben's advances. "You know you like it," Ben countered before trying again -- and getting a more favorable response from Ciara.

"Where's Clyde?" Ciara wondered after pulling away from Ben. "I'm flirting with my wife, and she's asking me where my dad is? Really? The honeymoon is definitely over..." Ben grumbled before informing Ciara that Clyde had secured a job at the Brady Pub earlier that day and was in the middle of a work shift.

Ciara admitted that it was hard to believe that Roman had been willing to hire Clyde, of all people. "Why, because my dad terrorized half of the Salem population?" Ben assumed. "Well, yeah, there's that...but Clyde and Kate used to be involved, and now my Uncle Roman and Kate are back together..." Ciara clarified.

"I still can't believe that Kate dated some..." Ciara began to add. "Redneck hillbilly drug dealer from the Ozarks?" Ben offered. "Well, I was gonna say 'jerk'...but, yeah, sure!" Ciara responded. "Kate is the main reason why Clyde came to Salem in the first place -- I mean, she tracked him down because she had an issue with my sister being Rafe's therapist, and she wanted to cause trouble for them -- so...I think, really, the main reason why she was even dating my dad was to get under Jordan's skin," Ben explained. "I bet you she regrets it now, considering all the hell that Clyde brought into this town," Ciara mused.

Ciara doubted that Clyde and Kate would ever get back together. "The last time she saw him, she shot him, so I don't think he's gonna want to have anything to do with her now," Ciara reasoned. "I don't know -- my dad's always loved a good challenge..." Ben argued.

At the Brady Pub, Kate stormed over to the bar and insisted that Roman needed to fire Clyde immediately because "that son of a bitch" was a dangerous man. Roman argued that Clyde had actually proven to be a really good worker thus far, but Kate countered that it wouldn't take long for the seemingly model employee to start using the pub as a front for illegal activity.

Clyde emerged from the kitchen just then and announced that the pub was "clean as a whistle" -- and Kate muttered that the same couldn't be said about Roman's newest employee. "Kate, I get it that you've got your issues with me...but, you know, I got a bone or two to pick with you, as well -- [see], I seem to recall that the last time we met, you shot me!" Clyde grumbled. "Yeah, well, that was a flesh wound -- and that was because you were trying to kidnap my great-grandson," Kate explained. "Your great-grandson!" Kate clarified for Roman. "You're going to employ the guy who tried to steal Allie's baby?" Kate snapped at Roman.

"How is the little tyke?" Clyde wondered before assuring Kate and Roman that nothing like that would ever happen again. "I know I've given you all good reason not to trust me, but I'm a changed person -- I swear that on the life of my unborn grandchild; I work every day to be a better man, one that child can be proud of," Clyde continued. "And who knows, [Kate] -- someday, if I'm successful, maybe you and I could give it another go..." Clyde concluded, prompting Roman to clarify that Kate wasn't single at that moment. "You two are a thing?" Clyde incredulously translated before nervously apologizing for the misunderstanding then awkwardly congratulating Kate and Roman.

Clyde rushed off, leaving Roman and Kate alone in the pub. Kate immediately started arguing again that Clyde couldn't be trusted, prompting Roman to demand silence. "Oh, don't you shush me!" Kate snapped, but Roman just grinned in response then produced a cell phone and loaded a romantic song. "No more talk about Clyde Weston -- I just want to dance the night away with the woman of my dreams," Roman declared before giving Kate a kiss. Clyde watched through one of the pub's windows as Kate danced with Roman.

At the Brady house, Belle reasoned that Jan had to be lying about being pregnant with Shawn's child because that claim couldn't possibly be true. "I mean, of all the crazy things she's ever done, this has got to be the craziest, because you would never, ever sleep with Jan --" Belle elaborated. "I did," Shawn whispered.

"I'm gonna be sick..." Belle muttered while struggling to process what Shawn had just revealed. "That's exactly the same way that I felt when you walked in and I realized that the woman I just made love to wasn't you," Shawn recalled before insisting that, until that moment, there had been no way of knowing that an impostor had had Belle's face, voice, and body.

"Why the hell didn't you tell me this months ago?" Belle snapped. "I was embarrassed, and I was ashamed, and..." Shawn admitted. "So, you lied to me -- you held me, and you told me that you would never betray me, while you were lying to me?" Belle protested. "I didn't know how to say the words, okay? I was afraid that if I said those words out loud, then it would be real, [and] I didn't want to do that to you -- I didn't want to do that to us -- and...I just wanted to forget that it ever happened," Shawn elaborated. "Well, we can't do that now, can we? Not with a baby on the way!" Belle grumbled before continuing to lash out at Shawn.

Shawn refused to believe Jan's claim without proof in the form of a paternity test, but Belle seemed resigned to the likelihood that it would just confirm that things were never going to be the same again.

"I can't be in the same house with you right now," Belle decided. "Oh, come on, Belle! You're acting like this is my fault when it isn't -- [I mean], Jan violated me!" Shawn objected. "I know that Jan violated you and that you had no way of knowing that it was me...[but] the problem is, you lied to me for months!" Belle countered.

"Look, I'm sorry --" Shawn began to respond. "I'm sorry, too -- I'm sorry that you didn't consider that this could be the outcome, [and] I'm sorry that you didn't trust or respect me enough to tell me the truth so that I didn't have to hear it from Jan Spears, so that I didn't have to find out that you are gonna be a father again from Jan Spears!" Belle spat before storming off to the Evans-Black townhouse in tears, leaving Shawn clutching a framed photograph from their wedding ceremony.

Chanel and Nicole search for Allie

Chanel and Nicole search for Allie

Thursday, April 7, 2022

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail continued a phone conversation with one of the Spectator's employees. "Lead with the latest on the Eli Grant investigation, [but] keep a close eye on E.J. DiMera's case, 'cause if his conviction gets overturned, we'll just need to run [that] first --" Abigail advised the employee while pacing around the living room. "You're a little behind the times," E.J. called out from the foyer.

Abigail ended the call then congratulated E.J. -- and they quickly established that there were no hard feelings between them because they had both been pawns in one of the devil's sick games. Abigail assumed that E.J.'s first order of business as a free man would be an indulgence of some sort -- such as a nap in a comfortable bed, a fancy breakfast, or a stiff drink.

"I don't nap, I'm not hungry, and it's a bit early for a drink...but I would like to speak with Johnny -- is he around?" E.J. responded, drawing a shrug from Abigail, who had last seen Johnny a couple days earlier. "He's been really busy ever since he joined the board at DiMera -- [busy] helping Gabi oust Chad using your shares --" Abigail began to explain. "That coup was staged without my knowledge," E.J. insisted.

Belle entered the Brady house while ignoring a phone call from Shawn -- then sighed when their paths crossed in the living room. "I came to pick up some papers for work -- I didn't know you'd be here [instead of] with the mother of your unborn child..." Belle snapped. "I have to wait for visiting hours to start --" Shawn explained. "They just started," Belle countered.

Shawn and Belle were each still convinced that the other was being unfair. "You hid something from me that I had a right to know!" Belle maintained. "I was in shock -- it was a total embarrassment to me!" Shawn reiterated. "To me, too..." Belle grumbled. Shawn remained hopeful that Jan was pregnant with someone else's child, but Belle insisted that they still had a major problem to deal with either way. "This baby may disappear, but you lying to me, that's never going away, [and] I don't think I'll ever get past that," Belle elaborated, prompting Shawn to storm off with a shake of the head.

Shawn headed over to Statesville and found Jan in the visitors' lounge. Jan excitedly greeted Shawn then sweetly apologized for having waited so long to reveal that they had conceived a child together. Shawn disgustedly challenged Jan to head over to the infirmary right away and submit to a test that could prove or disprove that claim.

"Do you honestly think that I would ever make love with anyone else but you? Shawn-Douglas Brady, you know you're the only man in the world for me! [But] our child is already so special to me -- I would never subject him or her or they to an invasive, totally unnecessary procedure, an amniocentesis --" Jan protested. "There's another way -- noninvasive, quick results, the baby is not harmed; [it's just] a little blood sample from you and a cheek swab from me," Shawn clarified. "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Jan decided. "Are you sure?" Shawn stammered. "I have nothing to hide," Jan insisted.

Meanwhile, Belle received a visit from E.J., who guessed that something was wrong after realizing that the usually attentive lawyer hadn't even known that a client's conviction had been overturned that day. Belle confirmed E.J.'s suspicion then shared the whole story. "You just don't know what it feels like to have your spouse sleep with someone -- and not just anyone, but someone that you just detest -- and then lie to you about it over and over --" Belle tearfully summarized. "Actually, I know exactly how that feels," E.J. quietly countered. Belle sighed and conceded the point then apologized to E.J. for the insensitive comment.

E.J. comforted Belle with a hug -- and Shawn entered the Brady house just then. "You're out?" Shawn began as E.J. pulled away from Belle. "Thanks to your wife," E.J. confirmed before rushing off so Belle and Shawn could talk privately. Shawn filled Belle in on what had happened with Jan -- then stepped aside to take a phone call from someone at Statesville. "The baby's mine," Shawn informed Belle after ending the call.

At the Brady-Weston apartment, Clyde offered to cook breakfast for Ciara while Ben was working at the auto repair shop. During the meal, Clyde begged to know the sex of Ciara and Ben's child, having decided to paint and furnish the nursery as a way of thanking them for their hospitality. "I almost preferred when the devil was fixated on my baby..." Ciara muttered before informing Clyde that the answer to that question would be revealed at a party later that day. Clyde fished for an invitation to the party, and Ciara complied after a moment of thought. Ciara eventually headed off to run some errands -- and Clyde received a visit from E.J. a short time later.

Chanel went to the Walker apartment to pick up Allie so they could head over to the bakery together and start working on the cake that would reveal the sex of Ben and Ciara's child. "She texted me and said she wasn't gonna come home last night and asked if I could take care of Henry -- I just assumed she was staying with you..." Nicole revealed. "What? She texted me last night, and she said that she wanted to spend the night here alone with Henry..." Chanel countered.

"I have a bad feeling about this..." Chanel fretted to Nicole while they were trying to figure out what had happened to Allie.

The demonic presence entered the DiMera crypt and greeted Johnny, who was shackled to a pillar and had just regained consciousness seconds earlier. "Oh, my God -- are you...the devil?" Johnny sputtered. "Ding, ding, ding -- someone give the man a prize!" the demonic presence responded.

Johnny couldn't remember anything that had happened since the Christmas exorcism. The demonic presence delighted in filling in some of the blanks for Johnny, who fought back tears while struggling to process the revelations about Chanel, Allie, and Tripp. "You're lying!" Johnny protested. "That is one of my favorite pastimes...but I promise you it's true," the demonic presence countered.

Chanel headed over to the DiMera mansion to question Johnny about Allie's disappearance but ran into Abigail first. Chanel rushed back out of the mansion after Abigail admitted to having had a strange encounter with Allie the previous day. Chanel returned to the Walker apartment and updated Nicole, who also had an update -- Tripp hadn't seen or heard from Allie recently, either.

Nicole rushed off to the police station to alert Rafe that Allie was missing, leaving Henry and Holly in Chanel's care at the Walker apartment -- which the demonic presence entered a short time later. Meanwhile, Abigail remembered that Allie had exited the DiMera mansion through the terrace doors the previous day. Abigail found footprints leading away from the terrace doors -- and followed them to the crypt.

Devil Allie breaks Chanel's heart

Devil Allie breaks Chanel's heart

Friday, April 8, 2022

Ciara went to pick up her gender reveal cake from Sweet Bits, but the bakery was closed. Ben walked by, and Ciara ran over to meet him. "Your dad told me you were at work," Ciara said. Ben confirmed he was running out to pick up parts for an engine.

"Allie told me that the cake for the party would be ready today, but the bakery isn't open," Ciara said. Ciara told Ben about her breakfast with Clyde. "[Clyde] wants to build the baby a cradle," Ciara said. Ben smirked at the idea. "He's definitely trying a little too hard," Ben said. Ciara admitted that she did not like the idea that Clyde would be a part of the baby's life. When Ben noted that he probably should not ask Clyde for help with the party, Ciara told him that she had invited Clyde to it.

"I felt uncomfortable not inviting him. I didn't want to hurt his feelings," Ciara said. "I know he can be pushy, and he's trying way too hard to convince us that he has changed and all, but I think maybe we need to try to give him the benefit of the doubt," Ben said. Ciara promised to make an effort for Ben's sake. "I know how important to you it would be if your dad actually has changed," Ciara said. Ben promised to talk to Clyde.

When Shawn returned home, he confirmed to Belle that he was the father of Jan's baby. "Don't you dare touch me!" Belle said. "You know that I never meant to sleep with Jan. You know that this baby is my worst nightmare, too," Shawn said. Upset, Belle announced that she was going to head into the office and that she planned to stay at the penthouse that night.

With a tremor in his voice, Shawn asked, "Are you moving out? Are you leaving me?" Shawn argued that he had lied because he had not wanted to talk about what had happened with Jan. Shawn stressed that he had been humiliated.

"Let me remind you, I'm not the first one in this marriage to sleep with someone else and lie about it," Shawn said. "Are you really going there right now?" Belle growled. Shawn argued that, unlike Belle, he had not known that he had been cheating.

"You are having a baby with Jan Spears, and you think that right now is the time to bring up my past mistakes? Mistakes that I have apologized for over and over," Belle said. "I'm sorry that the devil made Jan look like you, I'm sorry that Jan is pregnant, and I'm sorry that I did not tell you that I slept with Jan the minute that you walked in that door," Shawn said. Shawn said that he had mentioned Belle's affair because he had forgiven her.

"Can't you forgive me now?" Shawn asked. With tears in her eyes, Belle took a moment to collect herself. "It's not just about forgiving you. You and Jan are going to have a child. And that child is going to tie you to her for the rest of your life. I don't know if I can live with that," Belle said. Ciara walked in with a bag of decorations. As Belle wiped away tears, Ciara asked, "Am I interrupting something?" Belle walked out.

Shawn asked about Ciara's bag. Ciara explained that the bag had the decorations for the party at the Horton house. Ciara noted that Doug and Julie were excited to have a new great-grandchild. "Yeah, well, they are going to be twice as excited when they hear my news," Shawn said. Shawn told Ciara that Jan was pregnant with his child.

"[I lied about sex with Jan because] I wanted to pretend like it never happened," Shawn explained. "I am so sorry," Ciara whispered. Ciara asked Shawn how he planned to fix the situation.

"[Belle] is shutting me out," Shawn said. "Maybe staying at John and Marlena's will give her some time to think. They'll convince Belle to give you another chance," Ciara said. With a sigh, Shawn said, "What bothers me is I don't think they're the only ones she is turning to right now." Ciara advised Shawn to give Belle time.

"[Belle] was possessed. She did things that she would never do in a million years. She has to figure out how to live with that," Ciara said. Ciara noted that, like Marlena, it would take time for Belle to get over her possession. "You're right. We both just went through hell. Literally," Shawn said. Shawn said he hoped that when Belle felt like herself again, she would not be so angry with him. Ciara argued that Belle would never "give Jan the satisfaction of ruining your marriage."

E.J. visited Clyde at Ben and Ciara's apartment. "I'm your first stop [out of prison]. I'm flattered," Clyde joked. "This visit is anything but flattering," E.J. growled. E.J. said he wanted to renegotiate his agreement with Clyde.

"The last time we tried to coexist peacefully, I took a bullet," E.J. said. Clyde asked E.J. what he wanted. "I left town last time. Now it's your turn," E.J. said. As E.J. reached into his jacket, Clyde asked if E.J. planned to shoot him. E.J. chuckled, and he pulled out a checkbook. E.J. told Clyde to take the DiMera jet wherever he wanted, and he promised to pay Clyde enough money to start a new life.

"As long as that life is nowhere near mine. What do you say?" E.J. asked. Ben returned home. "What does he say about what?" Ben asked. Clyde lied and said that E.J. had offered him a job. "What does DiMera here get out of giving him a job?" Ben asked. Clyde explained that he and E.J. had been cellmates in prison.

"Elvis knows that business on the outside can be just about as cutthroat [as inside prison]," Clyde said. Clyde explained that the job required Clyde to leave Salem, and he turned down E.J.'s offer. "It would violate the terms of my parole. Besides, I'm looking forward to becoming a doting grandpa," Clyde said. "As you wish. But I must say, I'm very disappointed," E.J. said.

After E.J. left, Ben asked Clyde, "You want to tell me what that was all about?" Clyde reiterated the lie about a job offer. Suspicious, Ben demanded the truth. "Can't I do anything right?" Clyde asked. Ben asked Clyde to back off Ciara. "What are you giving me grief for, for taking an interest in my own grandkid?" Clyde asked. "Because we already have enough of the wrong kind of interest after our baby," Ben said. Concerned, Clyde asked Ben what he meant.

"We have proof that the devil wants our baby," Ben said. "Ciara said something like that. I thought she was joking," Clyde said. Clyde asked Ben if he was still seeing Marlena. "Marlena is not possessed anymore," Ben stressed. Ben added that the devil had been jumping bodies since Christmas.

"Why would he want your kid?" Clyde asked. "We don't know that, but I do know that right now, my baby is safe, and I intend to keep it that way," Ben said. Clyde nodded in agreement. "I saw the way Ciara fought for you. So, if the devil does come after your kid, he is in for a hell of a fight. And my money is on Ciara," Clyde said.

At the pub, E.J. saw Belle at the bar, and he joked about it being early in the day for a cocktail. "I just found out that my husband is having a baby with Jan Spears, so please tell me when is the socially acceptable time to start drowning my sorrows?" Belle said. "What does Shawn have to say for himself?" E.J. asked. Belle told E.J. that Shawn had thrown her affair in her face. "Even though [the affair with Philip] happened over a decade ago," Belle muttered. E.J. shook his head in dismay.

"I've just been sitting here thinking about how much Shawn and I have hurt each other over the years," Belle said. "I can relate to that. Samantha and I did the exact same thing," E.J. said. Belle changed the subject to Johnny. With a shrug, E.J. said he had been unable to track down his son. E.J. offered a toast to Belle for her work in fighting the devil and securing E.J.'s release.

At Nicole's apartment, Chanel was relieved to see "Allie" return home. "I was afraid something really bad happened to you," Chanel said. "I'm fine," devil Allie said. Chanel asked what had happened. The devil thought about when Allie had fought him when the devil had been in Johnny's body.

A weakened Johnny called out for help as he dangled from chains in the DiMera crypt. Johnny thought about when he had slipped on Chanel's wedding ring after their marriage ceremony. Frustrated, Johnny thrashed against his chains again. "Tony" stepped out of the shadows.

"Uncle Tony! You are an answer to a prayer," Johnny said. "I rather doubt that," "Tony" said. Johnny told "Tony" that the devil had locked him up and jumped into Allie. "You've got to stop her!" Johnny said. "I'm not your Uncle Tony. I'm your Uncle Andre," Andre said. Johnny noted that Andre was dead. As Andre paced the room, Johnny mumbled that he was hallucinating.

"I hate to disillusion someone so young, but I'm actually right here," Andre purred. Andre warned Johnny not to question the devil's power. "[The devil] sent me here to deal with you," Andre said. With a grin, Andre added that he did not plan to kill Johnny. "[The devil] has a vested interest in keeping you alive. At least for now," Andre said. When Johnny noted that his family would look for him, Andre explained that he was there to run interference with the family. Andre produced a letter, and he explained that it would be a tearful goodbye to Johnny's family.

"No one is even going to believe that," Johnny said. Andre read the letter aloud. "When I came back to Salem, I hoped that I was finally coming home. Instead, I felt more lost than ever. I made a lot of bad and selfish choices, and I hurt the people I most care about. I admit to being a bit of a dilettante. My commitment to projects and people came and went," Andre read. Johnny argued that the letter did not sound like him. Andre disagreed. Andre continued to read the letter aloud, which explained that Allie had convinced him to return to Italy and do some soul-searching. Johnny refused to sign the letter.

Andre took a pen and stabbed Johnny in the neck with it. With a smile, Andre signed the letter in Johnny's blood. "No one will doubt the authenticity of this letter now that your signature is written in blood," Andre said.

Outside the crypt, a curious Abigail followed footsteps to the front door. "What would Allie be doing in a crypt?" Abigail said. As Abigail reached for the door handle, Chad scared her. Chad apologized.

"I looked outside the window, and I saw that you were headed over to this place, and I wondered what you were up to," Chad said. Abigail explained that Allie was missing, and she had followed footprints from where she had last seen Allie. "What reason would Allie have for being inside the crypt?" Chad asked. "I just want to look inside," Abigail said. Abigail's phone beeped with a text from Chanel. "[Allie] is fine," Abigail said.

Chad and Abigail returned to the house without looking inside the crypt. Abigail said she was relieved that Allie was okay, and she hoped that Johnny was fine, too. "God only knows what [Johnny] is up to now. He's been weird ever since he broke up with Chanel," Chad said. Abigail told Chad that E.J. was out of prison and that E.J. could deal with Johnny.

"I didn't think he would be out so soon. That's great," Chad said. Abigail noted that it was amazing that Belle had not been disbarred. "What she did to E.J. was awful," Abigail said. "I guess," Chad said. Suspicious, Abigail asked Chad if he knew something.

"I just feel really bad about turning on E.J.," Chad said as he averted his eyes. "At least [E.J.] is out now, and you can start putting all that behind you," Abigail said. Abigail noted that when she had spoken to E.J., he had appeared unchanged by his prison experience. Abigail asked Chad if he could work with E.J. to oust Gabi from DiMera.

"There's nothing the old man would love more than his sons burying the hatchet to get rid of an interloper," Chad said. When Chad looked at Stefano's portrait, he saw a letter on the fireplace mantel. Chad opened the letter from "Johnny."

Andre returned to the DiMera crypt after he planted the fake goodbye letter in the house. "No one will come looking for you now. But don't worry, old boy, we'll meet again. Either here or in hell," Andre said. With a laugh, Andre disappeared into the shadows.

At Nicole's apartment, Chanel called Nicole to confirm that "Allie" was home safe. "Why was Nicole so worried? I sent her a text," devil Allie said. Chanel reminded "Allie" that Allie had promised to meet up with Chanel at the apartment. "I just wanted to be alone," devil Allie said. Chanel said she had not known that, so she had gone by the DiMera mansion. Devil Allie explained that she had fought with Johnny.

"What did you fight about?" Chanel asked. Devil Allie said she had yelled at Johnny for all the horrible things he had done since he had returned to Salem. "He is lucky I didn't kill him. He is still over there in one piece at the DiMera place," devil Allie said. Concerned, Chanel asked "Allie" what she had done after the fight. Devil Allie told Chanel that she had driven around town all night.

"I needed to think," devil Allie said. "About you and Johnny?" Chanel asked. "About you and me," devil Allie said. Devil Allie told Chanel that they should not see each other anymore. Devil Allie explained that her romance with Chanel had hurt her relationships with Tripp and Johnny.

"[Are those relationships] more important than I am?" Chanel asked. "Sorry about that," devil Allie said. Confused, Chanel reminded "Allie" that she had repeatedly told Johnny to "go to hell." Devil Allie said she did not expect Chanel to understand her relationship to her twin brother. When Chanel asked "Allie" if she was scared about her realization that she was bisexual, devil Allie stressed that she had not changed her mind about her sexuality.

"So, you're saying you changed your mind about me," Chanel whispered. Frustrated, Chanel argued that Allie cared about her. "We are way more than friends, and before you went to see Johnny yesterday, you were into me, into us," Chanel said. "I'm sorry if I made you think that. But I've decided that we are a mistake," devil Allie said.

"What did he say to you?" Chanel asked. "It's not what he said, but seeing him made me realize that I rushed into this. I didn't think about how it was going to hurt the people I care about," devil Allie said. Chanel shook her head in disgust. "What I'm hearing right now sounds a lot like the same speech that [Johnny] gave to me," Chanel said. Devil Allie argued that she was not like her brother.

"The cold way you're looking at me now? And it's not that you're like Johnny, it's that you are Johnny. I feel like I'm talking to the same person!" Chanel yelled. Chanel grabbed devil Allie's shoulders and looked in her eyes, but devil Allie had no emotional response. Devil Allie explained that Johnny had reminded her of their sibling bond.

"I know that son of a bitch put me down to you. What did he say?" Chanel asked. "He said that you want both of us. Me and him," devil Allie said. When devil Allie reminded Chanel that she had jumped from Johnny to her, Chanel countered that Allie had done the same with Tripp. "That's my point. This moved so fast. Too fast," devil Allie said.

"So, your brother did get to you? He's pulling the strings right now," Chanel said with a sniffle. Chanel begged "Allie" not to let Johnny come between them. Devil Allie explained that it was her decision. "I need time. I need to be alone," devil Allie said. Chanel asked about the bakery. "The bakery is yours," devil Allie said.

"Don't do this, Horton. I don't know what went on with you and Johnny last night. All I know is that something has been really off since you walked through that door," Chanel said. Chanel went to touch devil Allie's face, and devil Allie turned her head away. "It's over. Please go. I need to get some sleep before Henry wakes up," devil Allie said.

Horrified, Chanel asked devil Allie, "You can sleep now? I pray to God that you are gentler with Henry than you have been with me." Chanel exited into the hallway, and she started to sob. Inside the apartment, devil Allie's eyes turned yellow. "I need to focus all my energy on Ben and Ciara's baby," devil Allie said.

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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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