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Nancy matched with Clyde on a dating app. Leo signed a pre-nup. Ave secured an immunity deal in exchange for info on Gwen. Jackie Cox announced at the wedding that they were married to Leo and that Leo did not love Craig. Abigail told everyone at the wedding about Gwen's misdeeds. Jack disowned Gwen, Xander dumped Gwen, Rafe arrested Gwen, and Gwen told Abigail that she had murdered Laura. Chanel and Tripp kissed. Ben and Ciara decided to name their son Bo. The devil planned to kill Ben. Abe rejected Paulina, and T.R. kissed her. T.R. accidentally confessed to Beth that he'd been involved in Eli's shooting.
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At the double wedding, Abigail revealed Gwen's evil deeds and Jackie Cox announced they were married to Leo
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Ava and Abigail consider helping each other

Ava and Abigail consider helping each other

Monday, April 18, 2022

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Nicole and Eric awkwardly greeted each other with a hug. "When did you get back to Salem?" Nicole wondered after pulling away from Eric. "Early this morning --" Eric began to respond. "Did you leave the priesthood?" Nicole sputtered, realizing that Eric wasn't wearing a clerical collar. "I only have to wear it when I'm saying Mass or performing a sacrament," Eric explained.

"[Anyway], the last time I was here, it was a bit intense, [so]...I had some free time, [and] I just wanted to be with the people that I love -- I missed my family, and I missed my friends, and...I missed you," Eric added while preparing the double espresso that Nicole had ordered earlier -- then, after an awkward silence, they moved on to the matter of catching each other up on everything that had happened since their previous conversation.

Eric couldn't help admitting that it was a relief to know that Nicole was no longer with E.J. "I meant what I said at New Year's -- I just want you to be real happy with whomever it is that you're with -- but E.J. was just not the man that I --" Eric began to explain. "I'm seeing Rafe," Nicole blurted out, leaving Eric speechless. "How did that happen?" Eric eventually wondered. "Long story..." Nicole uncomfortably answered -- and Clyde emerged from the kitchen just then.

Eric and Nicole were both stunned to learn that Clyde had been paroled and was working at the pub. Clyde assured Nicole and Eric that they were looking at a changed man. After Clyde returned to the kitchen, Nicole started to complain to Eric that some people were simply incapable of changing. Nicole eventually stopped and admitted to Eric that, after having received many second chances over the years, it would be hypocritical to deny Clyde the same opportunity.

Eric nodded then changed the subject, begging to hear the "long story" about Rafe -- and Nicole decided to share everything, even though parts of the story were embarrassing. "Nothing to stop you from living happily ever after [now]," Eric concluded at the end of the tale. "I'm just a little skeptical of that particular phrase for obvious reasons...[but] I'm happy," Nicole responded. "I'm glad. Like I said, that's all I want for you," Eric maintained. Nicole smiled then said goodbye to Eric and rushed off.

Nancy rushed over to the Kiriakis mansion in search of Bonnie. "Sorry for dropping in like this, but it's an emergency!" Nancy began after finding Bonnie in the study. "Look at you, all gorgeous -- did you come by for a refresh?" Bonnie responded, eyeing Nancy's recently dyed hair. "No, it's not that kind of emergency -- I need some advice, and I didn't have anyplace else to go!" Nancy clarified before getting Bonnie up to speed on everything that had happened since their previous conversation. "Just. Say. No! [Seriously], you cannot go to that wedding!" Bonnie advised at the end of the tale, but Nancy still felt conflicted.

"Look, Bonnie, I can tell by the look on your face that you feel that I'm, like, wimpy and totally pathetic -- I mean, I'm sure that you had a lot more respect for me when I wanted to just kill the guy -- [but] I've been reading a lot of books [about] failed marriages [in which] one member of the marriage is gay, [and] I feel like I have so much more empathy for what Craig has been going through -- a lot more than I had in the beginning --" Nancy tried to explain. "I get it," Bonnie interjected. "I want to go," Nancy decided. "Then I respect your decision," Bonnie responded. Nancy gave Bonnie a nod of gratitude -- then started fretting about having to attend the wedding ceremony without a date.

Bonnie produced a cell phone and created a profile for Nancy on a dating website -- then they chose Clyde as a suitable candidate.

At the Horton Town Square, Leo continued reading the prenuptial agreement that a messenger had just delivered -- until Craig approached from behind and called out a greeting. "How could you ambush me with a prenup on our wedding day?" Leo spat while smacking Craig's chest with the document. "I swear I've never seen this before!" Craig assured Leo while inspecting the paperwork. "Well, then, where did it come from?" Leo challenged Craig.

"Me," Chloe, who had just entered the town square, admitted with a shameless grin while producing a pen. "I have never been so insulted in my entire life! Craig and I aren't even married yet, and you're talking divorce?" Leo snapped. "That's the whole point of a prenup, Leo -- to figure it out ahead of time. And what better way to prove that you're marrying my father for love and not money?" Chloe reasoned. "With something that is private and sacred -- and also special and exciting...and happens at least twice a day and sometimes more!" Leo bragged, disgusting Chloe and embarrassing Craig.

"Okay, won't sign it," Chloe translated before urging Craig to take that as proof that Leo was a gold-digger. "Leo, I am so sick of all the people that I know and care about constantly coming after me with suspicions and warnings about you, [and] if you signing this puts a stop to all that, then I think you should do it...please -- for me," Craig begged -- and Leo complied after some thought, leaving Chloe speechless.

"Leo stepped up, so I will, too -- if he makes you happy, then I am happy, and that's all that matters... You have my blessing," Chloe conceded after recovering from the shock of Leo's move, drawing a sigh of relief from Craig, who also signed the prenuptial agreement. Chloe rushed off to deliver the paperwork to Justin, leaving Craig alone with a pouting Leo.

Gwen entered the town square's bar and saw that Gabi was sitting alone at one of the tables. Gwen approached and observed, while eyeing Gabi's glass of Champagne, that someone seemed to be celebrating something. Gwen hinted that Gabi wasn't the only person in Salem who was in a celebratory mood. "I was actually thinking of booking this place -- it'd be a wonderful venue for a little celebration," Gwen began to elaborate while claiming the extra chair at Gabi's table.

Gabi was stunned to hear that Gwen was planning a double wedding with Leo Stark, of all people. "I hate that weasel with a vengeance!" Gabi spat. "Okay, well, I know he's not perfect, [but] he's my friend, and I'm terribly fond of him!" Gwen responded. "You may be the only person on earth who is," Gabi argued. "His fiancÚ is quite mad about him, too!" Gwen countered. "God help that guy..." Gabi muttered.

Gwen tiredly suggested a different topic of conversation, prompting Gabi to helpfully advise that the task of booking a venue for the wedding reception was traditionally assigned to a bride's maid of honor. "Matron, actually -- and it's Abigail --" Gwen began to clarify. "Abigail, who you drugged and sent to the loony bin -- she's your matron of honor?" Gabi interjected. "We're moving past all that --" Gwen tried to explain. "Even the 'sleeping with her husband' part?" Gabi wondered, annoying Gwen.

"Never mind -- none of my business," Gabi conceded. "No, it isn't --" Gwen snapped. "And besides, I really am so happy right now [and] so really, really impressed with myself -- ooh, more than usual..." Gabi bragged before starting to tell Gwen about what had happened earlier. "Ava's been arrested?" Gwen nervously repeated during Gabi's tale. "Can you imagine how desperate Ava must feel right now?" Gabi obliviously mused. "I just realized I have a million things to do, so..." Gwen worriedly declared before rushing off.

Abigail rushed over to the police station and joined Ava in one of the conference rooms. "You've been arrested," Abigail realized. "It's just a big misunderstanding -- and I think that you can help me resolve it," Ava explained. "You want your story in the Spectator," Abigail assumed. "No, I don't want you to interview me, Abigail -- I want you to talk to Trask on my behalf," Ava clarified.

"Last time I was here, Chad came [and] paid me a visit and offered me a quid pro quo -- I give him [the person] who bashed you over the head that night at the airfield, [and] he will go to bat for me with the D.A. and get me a deal --" Ava reminded Abigail. "Which you refused [because] you saw nothing and know nothing," Abigail skeptically summarized. "Yeah, well, maybe I wasn't being completely up-front [then -- but now] I've been wrongly accused [and] need a little assistance, [so] the way I see it is...if I tell you who attacked you that night, and you take that to Trask and get me a deal, we both get justice," Ava coyly countered.

Abigail rushed off -- then rejoined Ava a short time later and reported that Trask wasn't willing to play along. "Why the hell not?" Ava wondered. "You framed the police commissioner, Ava -- it's a felony. The person who hit me would only be charged [with] assault, and it's not nearly enough to interest Trask," Abigail explained. "It wasn't just assault -- they kidnapped you, they took you to a desert island and held you captive --" Ava argued. "I reminded her of all that, but she still thinks that you're a bigger fish than whoever knocked me out," Abigail clarified. "This person has committed other crimes since then [and is now] a much bigger fish than me," Ava teased, prompting Abigail to demand more details.

"If I give away everything I know up-front, then you could take all of that to Trask and cut me out, and then I've got nothing to bargain with, and there's no reason for her to give me immunity," Ava noted. "Well, then, I guess we're at a standoff," Abigail summarized before wishing Ava luck then starting to leave. "It was Gwen," Ava revealed as a way of regaining Abigail's interest.

Abigail again rushed off to talk to Trask on Ava's behalf. "Sorry, Gwen -- I don't really have many friends, and I do hate to lose you, but it was you or me, so...what choice did I really have..." Ava muttered while alone in the conference room -- which Gwen eventually tried to enter while wearing a flimsy disguise, just as Abigail returned from the meeting with Trask. Meanwhile, at the town square's bar, Gabi continued celebrating, certain that Ava's luck had finally run out.

Ava promises to bury Gwen

Ava promises to bury Gwen

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

At the police precinct, a disguised Gwen attempted to sneak into the interrogation room to talk to Ava. Abigail spotted her, and she called out to Gwen before Gwen could reach Ava. "What are you doing here?" Gwen asked. Abigail said she was there to talk to Ava about the assailant at the airstrip. "I told [Ava] that she might be able to use the information to leverage a plea deal," Abigail said. Gwen appeared nervous.

"And did she tell you what you want to know?" Gwen asked. "Sadly, no," Abigail lied. Abigail asked Gwen why she was at the police station on her wedding day. "I was looking for you," Gwen lied. "Then why did you look so surprised to see me? And what's with the hat?" Abigail asked. With a nervous chuckle, Gwen noted that the paper had told her that Abigail was at the station.

"The reason I was surprised was because I didn't know that Ava had been arrested," Gwen explained. Abigail told Gwen that the police had arrested Ava for having framed Rafe. "These charges don't have anything to do with what happened to you?" Gwen asked. "No, and like I said, she won't give me the name of the person that helped her do it," Abigail lied. Gwen argued that the pilot was to blame.

When Gwen asked Abigail if she was ready to go, Abigail pretended that she had a call from the office. Abigail promised to meet up with Gwen at the Horton house. As Gwen walked out, Abigail feigned a call with the paper until Gwen was out of the building. Abigail rushed back into the interrogation room.

"Did you convince the D.A. to give me a deal? Because that is the only way I'm giving you dirt on your sister," Ava said. Abigail told Ava that she had run into Gwen in the squad room. "I didn't give you up," Abigail promised. "[Gwen] was probably on her way in here to talk to me about keeping my mouth shut," Ava muttered. Abigail told Ava that she would not tip her hand to Gwen until she heard the whole story from Ava.

"That depends on what the D.A. said," Ava countered. Abigail stressed that the D.A. was interested, but she wanted more information. "Are you certain that the D.A. is willing to make a deal?" Ava asked. "Absolutely," Abigail said. Ava told Abigail that if Abigail secured a deal from the D.A., Ava would give Abigail all the evidence she needed to "bury your sister."

After Chloe's chat with Craig and Leo, she visited Brady at the penthouse. "Slapping Leo with that pre-nup? That was brilliant," Brady said. Chloe told Brady that Leo had signed the prenuptial agreement. Brady looked through the signed agreement, and he was surprised that Leo had signed away his right to any compensation. "You sure Leo read this?" Brady asked. "Every word," Chloe said. Chloe explained that Craig had convinced Leo to sign the agreement.

"Is it possible that Leo Stark wasn't after my father for his money? What if he is actually marrying him for love?" Chloe asked. Brady did not believe it. Chloe argued that Leo had no reason to sign the agreement unless he planned to stay married to Craig. "We thought of everything, and nothing worked," Chloe said. Brady told Chloe about Sonny's quest to talk to Jackie Cox. "This seems like a long shot," Chloe said. Brady called Sonny and Chad, and he updated them on the prenuptial situation.

"Did they have any luck finding this Jackie person?" Chloe asked. Brady said no. With a groan, Chloe announced that she needed to get ready for the wedding. "I feel like I'm going to a funeral. I should get dressed in all black, since I am Ghoul Girl," Chloe joked. Brady told Chloe she would not be alone. "Are you ready to go public?" Chloe asked. "I want the whole world to know that you are my girl," Brady whispered.

After a few kisses, Chloe asked Brady if he was ready to tell Rachel about their relationship. Brady told Chloe that he had talked to Rachel about Kristen and that Rachel did not want her father to be alone. "When we're together, [Rachel] sees how happy that makes me. So, I think she would think that that was a good thing," Brady said. Brady's phone beeped with a message from Sonny. "They have something on Leo," Brady said.

After Xander picked up Jack and Jennifer at the airport, they returned to the Horton house. "Gram's garden looks absolutely stunning, and Jack tells me it's because of you," Jennifer said. "I said I'd look after it," Xander said with a shrug. With a big smile, Jennifer said she was glad to be home.

"Gwen is matron of honor. Let's hope this means that the two of them are finally patching things up," Jack said. Xander noted that Gwen and Abigail were out running errands for the wedding and would be back soon. "You do know you are not supposed to see your bride on the wedding day," Jennifer said. Xander noted that Sarah had insisted on that tradition, and it had not helped.

"I talked to Aunt Maggie. It's really terrible," Jennifer said. "I just feel like if I had been there that night with her, I could have protected her. Well, anyway, I'm not very fond of that superstition," Xander admitted. With a shrug, Xander said he and Gwen had agreed that they had already had their share of bad luck. "[We hope] that finding each other is the beginning of a better life," Xander added. "We really hope you do," Jack said.

Xander told Jack and Jennifer about the plans for a double wedding with Gwen's friend. Jack and Jennifer were surprised to hear that Craig had left Nancy for a man. "A guy named Leo Stark," Xander confirmed. "What? The same Leo Stark that caused so many problems for Will and Sonny?" Jennifer asked. Xander nodded yes. Xander told Jack and Jennifer that Gwen was old friends with Leo. A look of worry crossed Jack's face.

"I was never crazy about Craig, the way he stole my brother's job, but Nancy worshipped him. She must be devastated by all of this," Jennifer lamented. Jennifer changed the subject to the wedding, and she asked if there would be kilts. "I decided to spare Jack that. No, I got tuxes for us," Xander said. "My bony kneecaps thank you," Jack countered. With a glance at his phone, Xander noted that they needed to leave.

"You're here!" Gwen said as she walked into the house. Gwen rushed over and hugged her father. "I wouldn't have missed it for the world," Jack said. Gwen asked Jack if he would walk her down the aisle. "Give you away? I feel like I just got you. Yes, I would be honored," Jack said. "And when it's all over, you'll be my father-in-law. Like the sound of that," Xander said. "So do I," Jack agreed. With a sigh, Gwen noted that everything was perfect.

"It's good to see the two of you looking so happy," Jack said as Xander and Gwen stared into one another's eyes. "Yeah, we are, aren't we?" Gwen whispered. "Definitely," Xander agreed. After Jack and Xander left to pick up their suits, Jennifer and Gwen stood in awkward silence for a moment. "I'm very happy that you are going to be there tonight," Gwen said. "I am, too," Jennifer agreed. Jennifer announced that she wanted to say something, but Gwen cut her off.

"I know I'm not your favorite person, and for good reason. When I came to Salem, I was terribly unhappy, and I took that all out on you and your family, and especially Abigail," Gwen started. Gwen noted that Abigail had appeared to forgive her, and it had meant the world to her. "With [Abigail's] forgiveness and Xander's love, I've stopped becoming that person who did all those horrible things," Gwen said. Gwen explained that she had been angry and spiteful because she had believed that no one would ever love her.

"And I have Jack. And I have Xander. And for the first time, I feel like I have a family of my own," Gwen said. Gwen asked Jennifer what she had wanted to say. Jennifer noted that family meant everything to her and Jack. "So, what I wanted to say is, Jack is really proud of the person that you've become. And so am I," Jennifer said. Jennifer smiled, and she hugged Gwen.

Abigail walked into the house, and she watched her mother hug Gwen. As Gwen thanked Jennifer, Abigail announced herself. After a quick hug, Jennifer said she could not believe that Abigail was going to be the matron of honor. Abigail looked at Gwen and said firmly, "Yes, I am." Abigail offered to help Gwen get dressed, but Gwen said she was fine.

After Gwen ran upstairs, Jennifer asked Abigail what was wrong. "I just learned some very interesting intel about our bride-to-be," Abigail said. Abigail told Jennifer that she had confirmed that Gwen had been the person that had knocked Abigail unconscious at the airstrip. Abigail asked Jennifer not to tell Gwen.

"How can I keep my voice down? I just told her how proud I was of her!" Jennifer said. Jennifer noted that Jack would be devastated. "Why did she do this to you?" Jennifer asked. "I think I know. I don't want to talk about it until I know for sure," Abigail said. Abigail told Jennifer about her conversation with Ava.

"So, this whole miraculous change in her character has just been an act this whole time?" Jennifer asked. "I think so. And it scares me," Abigail said. "You can't let her do anything else to you," Jennifer said. Abigail promised that she would protect herself. "But I can't do that until I know the whole truth," Abigail said.

"The whole truth about what?" Gwen asked from the doorway. Abigail lied and said she had been talking to Jennifer about how to handle a sketchy source. Gwen apologized for interrupting. With a shake of her head, Abigail noted that she was the matron of honor, and she was ready to assist if needed. Gwen asked for help with her dress, and Abigail followed her upstairs.

In the town square, Leo told Craig that he would do anything for Craig. Craig apologized for having put Leo "on the spot" with the prenuptial agreement. "You asked very politely," Leo said. Leo told Craig that he had hesitated to sign the prenuptial because he had felt ambushed by Chloe.

"If I hadn't signed it, it could have ruined our wedding day. Maybe even our whole marriage. Because Chloe and everyone else would continue to think that I'm a gold digger," Leo said. Craig called Leo selfless and thanked him. "I promise you won't regret it," Craig said.

Craig and Leo returned to their hotel room. Craig noted that Leo was uncharacteristically quiet. When Craig asked if Leo had been thinking about the prenuptial agreement, Leo said yes. "I'm not marrying you for your money. I'm marrying you because you're the love of my life," Leo said. Craig noted that they should get ready for the wedding, but Leo said he needed to talk about something first.

"I have a confession to make," Leo said. Leo told Craig about his history with Xander. "When you meet this tall, dark, and handsome Scotsman, you will understand why I wanted to get under his kilt," Leo joked. Craig shook his head, and he told Leo that he appreciated the honesty. "You make me happy," Craig said. Leo started to lead Craig into the shower, but Xander and Jack knocked on the hotel room door.

"Jack Deveraux," Craig said. "Hello, Craig," Jack responded. "You two know each other?" Leo asked. Craig asked why Jack was there. "Jack is Gwen's dad. He's also my best man," Xander explained. Jack pulled out a bottle of single malt scotch from behind his back, and he suggested that the four of them drink a toast together.

"So, you're Xander Cook. Leo and I were just talking about you," Craig said. Xander smiled awkwardly. After the men took a sip, Xander downed his drink and suggested another. "Might want to slow down there, big guy. Don't want to disappoint the Mrs. tonight," Leo suggested. "That's not gonna be a problem," Xander said as he poured another drink. "Lucky her," Leo whispered.

When Craig mentioned Nancy, Jack asked if she was okay. "She's in a great deal of pain, and I feel terrible about that, but I just couldn't lie to her anymore. Let alone myself. Anyway, she is an amazing lady, and I pray that she finds the right man that she can spend this next chapter of her life with," Craig said. After a moment, Craig proposed a toast to Leo.

"The man who makes my heart sing, and who I'll soon be lucky enough to call my husband," Craig said. "To the bravest man I know. My husband-to-be, who took on all the people he loved because he loves me," Leo said. Craig and Leo clinked glasses.

"To my bonny bride. She's everything I love in a woman. She's beautiful, she's bright, and she can drink you lot under the table," Xander said. "To my good friend Xander, who stood up for my daughter, stood behind her, and showed me finally how to see what he saw in her: a young woman who just wants to be loved. And now she is, by both of us," Jack said. Jack held his drink aloft. "To love!" Jack said. The men clinked their glasses together.

After Jack and Xander left, Craig noted that Xander "was not all that." Craig told Leo that he only had eyes for Leo. There was a knock at the door. When Craig answered, Xander stood there, clad only in a towel. As Craig stared at Xander's abs, Xander asked if they had any spare shampoo. Craig stammered that there was extra in the bathroom, and Leo rushed to grab it. As Xander leaned in the doorway, Craig made awkward small talk.

"You nervous [about the wedding]?" Xander asked. Craig shook his head no. Leo returned with the shampoo bottles. "I'll see you guys at the wedding!" Xander said with a grin. Leo and Craig watched Xander dash down the hallway. "I take that back. In a towel he is --" Craig started. "All that," Leo said in agreement.

Outside the Brady Pub, Nancy paced while she talked on the phone. "I don't know why I let you talk me into this, Bonnie. Look, it is one thing to like a guy's picture, but it is another thing to meet face to face," Nancy said. Bonnie made Nancy repeat positive phrases about herself, and Nancy ended her call. When Nancy went inside the pub, she hesitated then started to leave.

"Nancy!" Clyde called out. Nancy turned around. Clyde smiled at Nancy, and he walked over and shook her hand. "I'm Clyde. Clyde Weston," Clyde said. "Nancy Miller," Nancy said hesitantly. Clyde steered Nancy over to his table. With a smile, Clyde told Nancy that she was prettier than her picture on the website. Nancy told Clyde he was handsome. "I guess we're off to a pretty good start," Clyde said. Nancy admitted that it was the first date she had been on in a long time.

"I'm divorced. What's your excuse?" Nancy asked. "I just got out of prison," Clyde said. Clyde asked Nancy if his criminal past was a deal breaker. After a moment, Nancy said it was not. Nancy explained that she had been married to a man that had lied to and cheated on her. "I've just met you, and you have been honest and open with me. And I respect that," Nancy admitted. Nancy told Clyde about her divorce, and she mentioned that Craig had invited her to his wedding.

"I might go. That's kind of one of the reasons I got on the dating site," Nancy said. "Are you asking me to escort you to that wedding?" Clyde asked. Nancy shrugged. "Do you feel used?" Nancy asked. Clyde said no and that he could find a suit for the wedding. "But I don't think you really want me to go," Clyde said. Nancy asked why.

"Because I think you're worried about people seeing you there alone. I think you're afraid that people will feel sorry for you, and I tell you, that just ain't going to happen," Clyde said. Clyde advised Nancy to go alone and let the world see what he saw in her. "What's that?" Nancy asked. "A beautiful, strong woman who doesn't need a man to make her complete," Clyde said.

Nancy asked Clyde if he had said no because he was not interested in her. "You don't have to let me down easy," Nancy said. "Life's too short to fool around. If I wasn't interested in you, I wouldn't waste your time or mine," Clyde said. Nancy told Clyde that she liked him, and he said he felt the same way. "Which is another reason for me to stay away from that wedding," Clyde said. Clyde said he did not want to share Nancy with other people on their first date.

Chloe and Brady ask Justin to stall the double wedding

Chloe and Brady ask Justin to stall the double wedding

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

by Mike

Jennifer paced around the living room of the Horton house while Abigail was making a phone call outside and Gwen was getting dressed for the double wedding in an upstairs bedroom.

"Did you talk to Trask? Did she make a deal with Ava?" Jennifer quietly began when Abigail reentered the house. "I wasn't able to get ahold of her. I'm assuming she's still thinking it over," Abigail responded, matching Jennifer's tone. "It's been hours! [And besides], what is there to think over?" Jennifer incredulously protested, drawing a shrug of uncertainty from Abigail. "In the meantime, we just gotta keep quiet -- I mean, we can't tip Gwen off --" Abigail warned Jennifer.

"How do I look?" Gwen called out from the living room doorway before Abigail could say anything else to Jennifer. "Beautiful!" Abigail dramatically gushed. "I can hardly find the words..." Jennifer dryly muttered. "God, I can't believe it's finally happening -- I'm gonna marry the man of my dreams!" Gwen excitedly mused.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin and Bonnie prepared for the double wedding. "I want to be there for Nancy. It's gonna be super hard for her to watch her ex-husband marry someone else -- especially that creepy Leo Stark," Bonnie fretted. "Yeah, I'm not a big fan of Leo's, either -- especially after what he did to Sonny," Justin grumbled. "It's a shame Sonny couldn't change Craig's mind," Bonnie mused. "It is. I guess there's nothing anyone can say or do to change his mind," Justin noted.

At the Salem Inn, Craig finished donning a tuxedo then wondered why Leo was still wearing only a silk robe. "I cannot have you see me before my grand entrance down the aisle," Leo explained before chasing Craig out of their hotel room -- then trying to contact someone as soon as the coast was clear. "Come on! Why aren't you picking up? The wedding is about to start, and I really need to talk to you..." Leo muttered while waiting for the person to answer the call.

At the Horton Town Square, Jack tried to set a few boundaries with Xander so there would be no confusion about how they were going to treat each other as in-laws. "'Dad' is not happening --" Jack began. "Pops? Papa? Papi? El Padre?" Xander suggested. "You know, there's still time for me to stop this wedding!" Jack warned.

Xander laughed off Jack's threat then stepped aside to take a phone call from Maggie. "She just wanted to wish me well," Xander explained to Jack after ending the call. "Sarah?" Jack wondered. "No change," Xander reported.

Jennifer approached Xander and Jack just then and announced that Gwen and Abigail had sneaked into the nearby Salem Inn through a back entrance and were going to hide in the hotel's lobby until the wedding ceremony began. "My bride -- she always has a trick up her sleeve, doesn't she?" Xander raved. "Yes, she does..." Jennifer muttered.

Gwen seized the opportunity to question Abigail about Chad's absence. "He and my cousin Sonny had to make a quick trip out of town...[and] we were hoping that he was gonna get back in time for the wedding, but it just doesn't really look like that's gonna happen," Abigail explained. "Is there something you're not telling me?" Gwen nervously wondered. "It's nothing to do with you -- I promise," Abigail coyly responded. Gwen breathed a sigh of relief then changed the subject, thanking Abigail for having agreed to be a part of the wedding ceremony. "Obviously, we've had our ups and our downs -- mostly downs --'re my sister, and I'm looking at today as a fresh start for both of us," Gwen stressed, drawing a forced smile from Abigail.

Justin and Bonnie soon entered the town square -- and Brady and Chloe arrived a short time later. Brady pulled Justin aside and requested a favor. "Draw out the ceremony as long as possible -- whatever you do, do not let Craig and Leo tie the knot," Brady elaborated. "Can I ask why?" Justin responded. "Let's just say that Chloe and I hope that this match made in hell goes up in flames," Brady clarified.

Meanwhile, Chloe pulled Craig aside and apologized for having failed to find a way to get Parker and Joy to the wedding ceremony. "It was last-minute, honey -- it's okay," Craig assured Chloe before admitting to having been holding out hope that, at the very least, Nancy would be able and willing to attend the big event. "That may be too much --" Chloe began to respond, and Craig started nodding in agreement -- but then they both spotted Nancy at the opposite end of the town square. Craig smiled and blew a kiss to Nancy, who returned the smile then approached Bonnie, eager to talk to someone about what had happened with Clyde. "We're having dinner tomorrow!" Nancy bragged. "Score!" Bonnie exclaimed.

Craig and Xander soon gave Justin the signal to start the wedding ceremony. "Okay... Two weddings... Coming right up..." Justin agreed while glancing at Brady, who responded with a subtle shake of the head then prodded Chad for an update via text message. Jack headed over to the Salem Inn and found Gwen and Abigail in the lobby. "My goodness -- after longing for a father for so know that you're gonna walk me down the aisle..." Gwen gushed to Jack. "I love you," Jack stressed as Gwen started crying. "I'm just not used to being happy," Gwen sheepishly confessed as a way of explaining the tears. "Get used to it," Jack proudly advised, dismissing the concern. As Gwen and Jack hugged, Abigail reacted to the entire exchange with an eye roll -- then a jazzy version of a wedding march began playing outside the hotel.

Xander and Craig waited with Justin at the end of a white carpet that stretched from the entrance of the hotel to the center of the town square. Abigail emerged from the hotel and walked down the aisle alone as the jazzy version of the wedding march continued playing -- then the music seamlessly transitioned to a more traditional version of the wedding march, prompting Jack and Gwen to emerge from the hotel and walk down the aisle together, and that same music continued playing as Chloe emerged from the hotel and walked down the aisle alone. Once Abigail, Jack, Gwen, and Chloe were each in place, the music seamlessly transitioned to a funky version of the wedding march, and Leo emerged from the hotel and posed for a few pictures before strutting down the aisle alone.

Everyone else had chosen fairly traditional clothing, but Leo was sporting a white hat with an attached veil, plus a black-and-white tuxedo that was decorated with skulls, hearts, doves, skeletal hands, stars, and other symbols. Gwen and Craig both seemed to find Leo's outfit amusing; Chloe, Nancy, and Brady each seemed to find it obnoxious; and the rest of the wedding guests all seemed to find it perplexing. "Hope I didn't show you up," Leo fretted to Gwen. "It's nothing I wasn't expecting," Gwen assured Leo. "Great job drawing up that prenup so fast," Leo snapped at Justin. "Trust me, it was my pleasure," Justin assured Leo.

Justin glanced at Brady again then began the ceremony with a slow, rambling speech. " most of you know...marriage is an honorable institution...and should not be entered into lightly or, if any person here can show just cause why either couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace..." Justin eventually declared.

After waiting a lot longer than most officiants would, Justin started to resume the ceremony -- but Nancy stood just then and insisted on saying something, ignoring objections from Bonnie and Chloe. "Craig Wesley, though we are no longer married, we will always be family -- nothing will ever change that -- so I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, that I wish you all the happiness in the world," Nancy stressed. "Thank you, Nancy -- I can't tell you how much that means to me," Craig responded. "Yes, thank you for saying the middle of my wedding..." Leo grumbled. "Oh -- and, by the way, I just want to say, for the record...I have a date tomorrow!" Nancy bragged. "And he's quite a stud!" Bonnie added.

Justin resumed the ceremony, slowly acknowledging every single member of the wedding party. Leo, who was without a best man, seized the opportunity to order Brady to take the job. Justin offered to say a prayer or two as another way of stalling the ceremony, but Leo was quick to veto that idea. Justin tried to do Xander and Gwen's portion of the ceremony first, but they deferred to Leo and Craig as the couple who were paying for the double wedding. Justin invited Craig and Leo to exchange custom vows, and Leo went first, leaving Craig too emotional to respond with anything other than a quick "ditto" -- then they moved on to the exchanging of rings and traditional vows.

Justin also faked a sneezing fit but eventually ran out of ideas to further delay the pronouncement of Craig and Leo as "husbands for life" -- but Chad burst into the town square and breathlessly stopped the ceremony before the "for life" part of the statement could be uttered. "Chadwick, sit down -- there is nothing you can do to stop this marriage from happening!" Leo snapped. "Oh, really? How 'bout the fact that you're already married?" Chad countered.

Leo assured Craig that Chad's accusation was a lie. "Don't take my word for it -- why don't you listen to world-renowned drag queen Jackie Cox," Chad advised Craig as Jackie sauntered into the town square. "Who the hell is this?" Craig challenged Leo. "This is Leo's BFF -- we met Jackie in Arizona last year, when Leo tried to abscond with that emerald," Chad informed Craig. "Allegedly!" Leo stressed.

"I was in New York, performing my hit one-woman show JackieVision -- now on tour -- when Sonny and Chad showed up backstage," Jackie began to explain. "Sonny got a work call on the way here -- otherwise, he would have had a front-row seat --" Chad tried to continue. "Blue Eyes, let me tell the story," Jackie demanded, drawing a sheepish apology from Chad.

Jackie claimed to be married to Leo. "How would that even be possible? I wouldn't have been able to get a marriage license!" Leo argued. "We both know it's because you married me using your birth name -- Super-Duper Matthew Cooper!" Jackie countered before admitting to having just added the "Super-Duper" part for fun.

"This is more than I'd hoped for!" Chloe raved to Brady as they both watched with glee. "Is this for real?" Jennifer whispered to Jack. "I don't know, but I find this strangely riveting!" Jack admitted, and Jennifer nodded in agreement.

Jackie produced a marriage certificate and handed it to Craig. "Read it and...try not to weep," Jackie advised. "It says here that Matthew Cooper is lawfully wedded to Darius Rose -- who the hell is 'Darius Rose'?" Craig snapped. "There is no 'Darius Rose' -- this is made up!" Leo insisted, drawing a scoff from Jackie. "You and I need to set the record straight -- so to speak..." Jackie challenged Leo before starting to shed the drag costume.

"You see, I'm not merely Jackie Cox -- drag queen, entertainer, dancer, comedian, Billie Reed enthusiast... I'm also Darius Rose -- Darius Rose Cooper, doting husband to one Mr. Matthew Cooper," Darius explained after completing the transformation. "You're married to him?" Craig snapped at Leo. "Her?" Craig backpedaled while glancing at Darius. "I'm out of drag -- you can use he/him or they/them pronouns...and thanks for asking!" Darius responded.

"Darius and I were married --" Leo admitted to Craig. "Are married," Darius maintained. "But it's not what it looks like!" Leo insisted before explaining to Craig that Darius was from Canada and had been in need of a green card in order to live and work in the United States. "Okay,'re just saying that you're friends, right?" Craig translated. "Well...we did hook up a few times, then we realized we were better off as sisters," Leo clarified. "These days, our relationship is strictly platonic -- no hanky, even less panky..." Darius grumbled.

Leo apologized for having neglected to tell Craig about the marriage, explaining that there had simply never been a good time to do so during their whirlwind romance. "If I divorce Darius, he loses his green card and gets sent back to Canada -- do you know how cold it is up there when you like to wear miniskirts?" Leo reasoned -- and Craig seemed to understand that logic.

Craig wasn't happy about being blindsided with such information -- especially during the double wedding -- but saw it as further proof of Leo's big heart. Chloe, Brady, Nancy, and Bonnie all tried to object, but Craig still wanted to marry Leo right away. Justin insisted that wasn't going to be possible because Leo was already married. Leo shrugged and assured Craig that they could just get married some other day instead.

Chad interrupted to warn Craig that Darius had more news to share about Leo. "Leo doesn't love you, Doc," Darius informed Craig. "Sure, he thinks you're...good-looking for your age and have a decent sense of humor -- little corny sometimes, but at least you're not a total sourpuss...or so he tells me... But, really, what he cares about is that you're a doctor, that you rake in the big bucks..." Darius continued. "Your entire relationship has been one big flimflam," Darius concluded.

Leo denied the accusations, so Darius elaborated that they had been planning to steal Craig's money since the night that Leo and Craig had first met each other at a medical convention. Darius added that Leo's decision to sign Craig's prenuptial agreement had ruined the plan. "You screwed me over, Matty!" Darius spat. "I tried to call and tell you, but your mailbox was full -- my God, do you never delete messages?" Leo countered.

Leo claimed to have fallen in love with Craig at some point. Leo begged for Craig's forgiveness, but Craig just smacked Leo with the marriage certificate then trudged into the Salem Inn without saying another word. Leo tried to chase after Craig, but Brady objected. Nancy resisted the urge to comfort Craig, explaining to Bonnie that it was no longer appropriate to do so. Chloe followed Craig into the hotel's lobby and apologized for what had just happened. Craig broke down in Chloe's arms.

Abigail stepped aside to take a phone call as Justin wondered if Xander and Gwen still wanted to get married. "I suppose there's no reason why we can't --" Gwen began to respond. "Actually, there is," Abigail interjected while ending the phone call.

Abigail exposes Gwen's misdeeds

Abigail exposes Gwen's misdeeds

Thursday, April 21, 2022

by Mike

Trask stormed into the police station and joined Ava in one of the conference rooms. "What the hell took you so long? I've been chained to this chair for the last eight hours!" Ava snapped. "The wheels of justice turn slowly," Trask responded.

"As if what I'm doing today has anything to do with 'justice'..." Trask grumbled. "You are in a terrible mood...which makes me think that my day is about to get so much better!" Ava teased. "Don't gloat, okay? You and I both know we had you dead to rights! [Seriously], do you have any idea how lucky you are that you're not facing serious time?" Trask countered before producing a document and a pen then shoving both items at Ava.

"As much as I hate it...yes, the deal's been finalized -- you're getting full immunity," Trask summarized while Ava was inspecting the document. "I love 'full immunity'!" Ava raved. "Abhorrent as it is to me..." Trask muttered. "Oh, please -- get off your moral high horse with me! You made this deal because I am handing you your favorite thing in the world -- a headline-making case," Ava argued before signing the document then shoving it back at Trask. "Don't leave town. And clear your calendar -- I want to make sure you're prepped within an inch of your life when you testify against Ms. Rizczech," Trask demanded. "I will cancel my trip to Tahiti," Ava joked.

"Ms. Vitali, again -- don't push it, all right? After what you did to Commissioner Hernandez, if you so much as jaywalk, I will find a way to turn it into a capital offense!" Trask warned. "I will be a model citizen," Ava promised. Trask scoffed then summoned a guard to remove Ava's handcuffs. Ava gave Trask a wave and a smile then started to rush off. "I don't want to run into Gwen when you bring her in, because she might be a tad peeved with me --" Ava began to explain while exiting the conference room. "For selling her out to save your own worthless ass?" Trask concluded.

Ava sighed and turned to face Trask again. "She won't be here for a while because we still have to draw up the warrant," Trask revealed. "Well, that's good -- she still gets to marry the love of her life before she gets thrown into the slammer!" Ava mused. "I wouldn't count on that -- I don't think that wedding is gonna go exactly as planned..." Trask teased before explaining to Ava that it had seemed fair to give Abigail the distinct pleasure of blowing up Gwen's life for a change -- and that the fireworks had probably started before the wedding ceremony had ended.

Rafe entered the town square's bar and claimed a chair at Gabi's table. "Thank you for meeting me," Gabi cheerfully began before starting to order a bottle of Champagne, prompting Rafe to object that a glass of beer would suffice. "Whatever -- as long as we toast to taking down Ava Vitali once and for all," Gabi shamelessly insisted before flashing Rafe a triumphant grin then changing the order to a glass of Champagne and a glass of beer.

"Listen -- what Ava did was wrong, and she needs to pay the consequences...but I don't think it is something that I should celebrate," Rafe protested. "Do you have any human emotion at all?" Gabi sputtered. "If I gloated, I wouldn't be perfect," Rafe reasoned. "And we can't have that, now, can we..." Gabi grumbled. "Okay -- if she had keyed my car or slashed my tires...fine, I'd let it go, you know? But she came after me, my job, what I do --" Rafe backpedaled. "And for that, she deserves everything she's got coming to her!" Gabi concluded. "Yes, she does!" Rafe agreed.

Satisfied, Gabi raised the glass of Champagne, and Rafe raised the glass of beer. "To Ava Vitali going off to Statesville for a very, very long time!" Gabi declared. "Very long!" Rafe repeated. "Or not..." Ava bragged while approaching Rafe and Gabi's table. "She escaped!" Gabi guessed. "Right -- I staged a jailbreak and came directly to an upscale little bar right in the middle of the town square," Ava sarcastically agreed before whispering to Rafe that it was obvious that some members of the Hernandez family were smarter than others. "You made bail," Rafe tiredly concluded. "I didn't have to," Ava teased before showing Rafe and Gabi the document that had made the immunity deal official.

Ben headed over to the auto repair shop and found Jake in the upstairs apartment. Ben wondered if it was a bad time, and Jake responded with a shake of the head then produced two bottles of beer. "[Ciara's] visiting her grandparents, and my dad is working --" Ben began to explain. "And there ain't a damn thing to watch on TV," Jake concluded, having just noticed the same thing a few minutes earlier.

Ben was curious to know why an air mattress was set up in the apartment, so Jake started revealing everything that had happened since their previous conversation. "Good thing Gabi's not the jealous type," Ben joked at the end of Jake's tale. "Dude, I practically had to train her with a fire hose to [stop] her from killing Ava!" Jake declared. "[Speaking of] 'hose'...did you sleep with Ava?" Ben countered with a smirk, drawing a laugh from Jake. "Ava gave me a massage -- that's it," Jake insisted. "And there was no interest in...'returning the favor'?" Ben wondered. "It wouldn't matter if there was any interest, because Ava is in jail," Jake responded. "Not anymore," Ava clarified while joining Jake and Ben in the apartment.

"You know, I should be used to it by now, but I really hate getting arrested," Ava admitted to Jake and Ben, the latter of whom rushed off a short time later. Alone together in the apartment, Ava and Jake decided to start sharing the bed so neither of them would ever have to deal with back pain again -- even though sharing a bed with someone platonically was a foreign concept to both of them.

Gabi stormed into the police station and started lashing out at Trask for having given Ava an immunity deal. "I'm not about to justify myself to you," Trask snapped at Gabi. "Your boss, Mayor Carver -- I can't wait to see what he thinks when he finds out that you let Ava Vitali free after what she did to Rafe with your help!" Gabi warned Trask before walking away. "Bitch!" Trask grumbled as Gabi disappeared from view.

At the Horton Town Square, Abigail delighted in announcing to Gwen, Xander, Jack, Jennifer, Chad, and Justin that the wedding ceremony had just been derailed again.

Abigail began to elaborate that Gwen was about to be "otherwise engaged" and would therefore not be able to get married that day. Gwen interrupted to declare that Abigail was being "pathetic" and had been planning all along to hijack the wedding ceremony. "You just want to humiliate me in front of Xander and my father -- you are just a spiteful little --" Gwen spat. "Bitch, look in my eyes -- I'm not bluffing," Abigail countered. "Off our meds, are we?" Gwen teased. "Oh, you are going down, sister! [See], I have a little wedding present for you -- the final nail in your coffin," Abigail responded. "What should we do?" Justin whispered to Chad. "Sit back and enjoy the show," Chad advised Justin.

Xander wanted to move the confrontation to a more private location, but Abigail wasn't willing to grant the request. "That 'fabulous' anniversary party that you planned for my folks -- that was public...right?" Abigail reminded Gwen. "She got me drunk, and then she made sure there was this really huge audience there to witness me destroying my parents' marriage, [because that] made it even more fun for her --" Abigail clarified for Xander.

Gwen interrupted to beg Jack to put a stop to Abigail's outburst. "No, Jack -- this is between the two of them," Jennifer advised. "You know what's going on?" Jack guessed. "Oh, yeah -- I have a pretty good idea," Jennifer confirmed. "I should stop this..." Jack fretted, still conflicted. "No! Look at Gwen's face, Jack -- she knows what's coming...and knows she deserves it," Jennifer maintained.

Abigail forged ahead, revealing that Ava had been arrested earlier and had sold out Gwen in exchange for an immunity deal. "You know what they say about honor among thieves..." Abigail reasoned with a shrug before starting to clarify that Ava and Gwen had started working together months earlier, when Kristen had blackmailed both of them into orchestrating a jailbreak.

"[See, Kristen told Gwen] that Sarah was on the island back in November...and, for those of y'all keeping score, Chad and I, we didn't bring Sarah back here until...I don't know, what was it, baby -- March? So, that means Gwen knew that Sarah was on the island for four months!" Abigail elaborated before continuing to reveal the lengths that Gwen had gone to in order to keep Xander from being reunited with Sarah.

By the end of Abigail's speech, Xander -- and everyone else -- knew that Gwen had impersonated Sarah, had knocked out Abigail at the airstrip, and had arranged for Sarah to get another dose of Rolf's mind-altering drug instead of getting the antidote. "I am done with you," Jack snapped at Gwen. "When we were thisclose to saving her -- to Sarah being Sarah again -- you might as well have just put a bullet through her brain! You are the worst person I have ever known!" Xander spat at Gwen before storming off.

"This was none of your damned business!" Gwen shouted at Abigail between sobs. "You don't fool me -- just because you cloud it all in this Horton morality, Horton gentility... I know that this is payback, and you and your old lady, you are no better than me -- and your bogus, disgusting piety just makes me sick!" Gwen continued, prompting Jennifer to intervene. "I don't care if I make you sick -- you're not tough! She's tough -- she has a backbone, and you are a coward, and she just brought you down!" Jennifer snapped at Gwen.

Rafe arrived just then and arrested Gwen. "We're good -- you did what you had to do," Jack assured Abigail. "I didn't want to be right," Abigail admitted to Jack.

Rafe started to escort Gwen to the police station -- but they passed Abigail on the way. "Just so you know -- your precious grandmother, I killed that old bitch on purpose," Gwen whispered in Abigail's left ear before continuing to follow Rafe. "What did Gwen just say to you?" Jennifer asked Abigail once the coast was clear.

The devil toys with Johnny

The devil toys with Johnny

Friday, April 22, 2022

Ben massaged Ciara's feet as they relaxed in their apartment. "It is nice to have a little alone time, isn't it?" Ciara said. Clyde returned with a large bunch of blue balloons. "I just had to do something to celebrate us having a baby boy," Clyde said. With a grin, Clyde suggested that they name the baby Clyde Benjamin Weston, Jr. Ciara noted that the baby was not Clyde's son, so he could not be a junior.

"It don't matter. Whatever you name the little guy, I'm going to love him to death," Clyde said. Clyde said he wanted to give his grandson everything he had been unable to give to Ben. "We hope we didn't hurt your feelings," Ciara said. Clyde announced that he had a date. When Ciara inquired about the timing of the date, Clyde realized that Ben and Ciara wanted a night alone. With a cackle, Clyde said he would find something to do, and he left.

In the hospital, Lani held Eli's hand, and she told him about the twins. "Jules and Carver, they miss you so much. Baby, please, please wake up," Lani pleaded. As Lani started to weep, Tripp handed her a tissue. While Lani dried her eyes, Tripp examined Eli. "Any change?" Lani asked. Tripp explained that Eli's number on the Glasgow coma evaluation scale had not changed. Lani thanked Tripp for his kindness.

"I wasn't expecting that," Lani admitted. Lani noted that she was surprised that Tripp had been so kind to her after how Chanel and Allie had hurt him. "I hope you know that Chanel feels terrible that you got hurt in all this," Lani said. "I feel bad too. I said some mean things to her, and what happened was my fault," Tripp said. Tripp asked Lani if she needed anything.

"Bring my husband back," Lani said. "I wish I could, but Eli's stable. His condition isn't deteriorating. I've seen comatose patients regain consciousness after months and months. Don't give up," Tripp said. Lani thanked Tripp, "For giving me hope."

As Paulina babysat the twins in her apartment, Jules cried. "I know you miss your daddy, I know you want your pacifier. I can't find the damn thing. You need to sleep. Grandma Paulina needs a glass of wine," Paulina said. Paulina called T.R., and she left him a voicemail. "You said that you'd help out with the twins tonight. Where the hell are you?" Paulina said. At the Salem Inn, T.R. slept in his bed as a needle lay on the floor nearby.

In Paulina's living room, there was a knock at the door. Paulina yelled, "The door is open." Abe walked in, and with a chuckle, Paulina admitted she had been expecting T.R. "I needed help with the kids, and he volunteered," Paulina explained. Abe said he had dropped by with a gift. When Abe pulled Jules' missing pacifier out of his pocket, Paulina gasped, and she returned the pacifier to Jules.

"If that doesn't put her to sleep, I don't know what I'll do," Paulina said. Abe informed Paulina that Jules liked it when people sang "My Girl" to her. Paulina urged Abe to sing. After a serenade, the babies drifted off to sleep while Abe and Paulina talked. Paulina yawned. "Maybe I don't have what it takes to be a grandma," Paulina said. Abe assured Paulina that she was great. With a sigh, Paulina said she was worried about Eli. Paulina thanked Abe for stopping by for a visit.

"It means the world to me," Paulina said. As Paulina and Abe hugged, a peck on the cheek became a full kiss on the lips. Abe pulled away. "I"m sorry," Abe whispered. Abe explained that part of him would always love Paulina, but that he was hesitant to risk his heart again. Paulina apologized. "I guess I was telling myself that we might be able to get past what happened. It looks like I was wrong," Paulina admitted.

"It doesn't mean that you can't call me any time that Jules and Carvet get to be too much for you. I will drop whatever I'm doing and come straight here. I mean that," Abe said. Paulina thanked Abe. Abe said goodnight, and he left.

Beth went to the DiMera mansion to talk to Johnny, but E.J. answered the door. E.J. explained that he did not know if Johnny would ever return to Salem. "So he just took off and didn't let any member of the cast know?" Beth asked. "Or any member of his family," E.J. added. E.J. promised to tell Johnny that Beth had stopped by if Johnny called him.

After Beth left the DiMera mansion, she went to T.R.'s room at the Salem Inn. Inside, a groggy T.R. woke up. T.R. hid his drug works in a drawer, and he stumbled to the door to answer it. "What the hell has gotten into you?" T.R. barked. Beth told T.R. that Johnny had left town. "Why didn't you tell me?" Beth asked. T.R. admitted that he had not known about Johnny's departure.

As T.R. swayed on his feet, Beth said, "You're high as a kite, aren't you?" T.R. told Beth to relax, because he could direct the movie without Johnny's help. "What if the investors pull out when they find out [Johnny] is no longer attached?" Beth asked.

"I can get my hands on [Paulina's] money once I marry her," T.R. reminded Beth. Beth told T.R. that Paulina was not a fool. "I can make that problem go away. Just like I did with my daughter's cop husband," T.R. muttered.

"What the hell does that mean?" Beth asked. Beth accused T.R. of having shot Eli. Furious, T.R. warned Beth to keep her mouth shut. As T.R. calmed, he looked at his watch, and he realized he was late to meet up with Paulina. Beth advised T.R. to clean up his act, then she left in a huff.

When T.R. arrived at Paulina's apartment, Paulina noted that the twins were already asleep. T.R. lied and said he had been stuck on a conference call. "Whatever," Paulina muttered. T.R. asked why Paulina looked down. "Abraham stopped by. I made a damn fool of myself," Paulina said. Paulina told T.R. what had happened with Abe.

"I have to face that [Abe] is never going to trust me again," Paulina said. "I know what that feels like. To believe that you don't deserve another chance when you want that chance so badly," T.R. said. Paulina asked T.R. what he meant. T.R. explained that he would do anything to prove himself to Paulina. Paulina asked T.R. what he wanted to prove. "That I'm not the man that I was back then. I'll never hurt you again," T.R. said. T.R. leaned in close, and he asked Paulina for another chance. Paulina let T.R. kiss her.

After Abe left Paulina's place, he delivered dinner to Lani at the hospital. "It's so hard to keep seeing [Eli] like this," Lani whispered. "You know, you don't have to be here all the time," Abe said. With a nod yes, Lani said she spent most of her time with the kids, but she felt like she needed to be with Eli as much as she could. "I have to keep telling Eli how much I love him, and how much I want him back," Lani said. Lani cried in Abe's arms.

Beth walked in with flowers. "I hope I'm not interrupting," Beth said. Lani introduced Beth to Abe, and then Abe left for home. Confused, Lani asked Beth why she was there. "I just can't stop thinking about your poor husband," Beth explained. Beth reminded Lani that she had spoken to Eli before the shooting. "He seemed like such a nice guy," Beth said. Beth thought about T.R.'s confession and warning. "There is something I need to tell you," Beth said.

Clyde went to the DiMera mansion to talk to E.J. about a business proposition. "My offer to help you leave Salem is on the condition [that] you never come back. I have no interest in forming any sort of partnership with you," E.J. said. Clyde stressed that he would not leave Salem. "If we could make a deal, it could work out very well for you too," Clyde said. Clyde offered to run a business with E.J. as a silent partner.

"I know how you make silent partners. With a bullet in the back," E.J. said. "Those days are over," Clyde said with a chuckle. E.J. asked Clyde about the business, and Clyde mentioned that the local drug dealer had overdosed. "Drugs? I have no intention of getting involved in that," E.J. hissed. E.J. added that he believed Clyde wanted to get leverage over him so that E.J. could not go to the police about the shooting. Clyde played dumb.

"The deal that we made at Statesville still stands. You don't tell anyone about my part in what happened to you, I watch your back," Clyde said. "I'll keep quiet. At least for now," E.J. said. E.J. told Clyde that he had no interest in a business partnership with Clyde in the future. When E.J. asked Clyde to leave, Clyde said he had promised to give Ben and Ciara privacy for the night. Clyde sat on the couch, and he turned on the TV.

In the DiMera crypt, an exhausted Johnny weakly called out for help as he remained chained to the pillar. "I'm here, G!" Chanel called out as she burst into the crypt. Johnny asked Chanel to unlock the chains, and she said they needed a key. Johnny asked Chanel to go to the house and get help instead. "I have to tell you something first. It's about Allie," Chanel said. Chanel told Johnny about the gender cake. Frustrated, Johnny said he was more concerned with his captivity than cake.

"I don't know how to tell you this, but Allie is possessed!" Chanel said. "I know that already!" Johnny shouted. Johnny added that he had never stopped loving Chanel. "I never should have given up on you. I'm so sorry," Chanel said. Johnny told Chanel not to apologize. With a nod, Chanel announced that she would go get help. Johnny sighed with relief. The devil's laugh echoed in the crypt as it transformed from Chanel into Allie. "Gotcha," devil Allie said.

"So you're not Chanel," Johnny whispered. "Did you really think Chanel would come to your rescue?" devil Allie asked. Devil Allie told Johnny that Chanel hated him. "Once Chanel finds out the truth, we're going to get back together," Johnny said. Devil Allie reminded Johnny that he was chained up in a crypt. "I'd face reality if I were you," devil Allie advised. Devil Allie gagged Johnny, then called Chanel with Johnny's phone.

Devil Allie spoke in Johnny's voice on the phone, as a helpless Johnny listened to the conversation on speakerphone. "I know you probably don't care, but my brother-in-law is in a coma, so I really don't give a damn about anything you have to say," Chanel said. In Johnny's voice, the devil told Chanel that he was in Italy and had signed the divorce papers.

"And my lawyer says I don't have to pay a penny of alimony. I hear Allie dumped you too. Nobody seems to want you, Chanel," "Johnny" said. "I can't believe I ever loved you," Chanel said. After Chanel ended the call, devil Allie smiled at Johnny. "I told you. She's not coming to your rescue. No one is," devil Allie said. Devil Allie pulled the gag off of Johnny's mouth.

"You should have believed me when I told you Chanel was done with you. Last time you broke her heart, she had sex with Allie. I wonder what she's going to do this time?" devil Allie said. With a sigh, the devil announced that it needed to check on its baby. Johnny warned the devil to stay away from Henry.

"Not Henry, you moron. I'm talking about Ciara's baby. I have big plans for that little boy," devil Allie said. "Please don't do anything to that baby," Johnny pleaded. Devil Allie explained that it had no plans to hurt the baby, but the devil did want to take out Ben. "[Ben] is getting in my way," devil Allie said.

"You're going to kill Ben?" Johnny yelled. Devil Allie told Johnny to worry about Chanel instead. "You leave her alone!" Johnny shouted. With a grin, devil Allie projected the image of Chanel at the hospital on the wall like a film.

At the hospital, an emotional Chanel paced. Tripp saw her, and he asked what was wrong. "Like you care you jerk," Chanel snapped. "Okay. I had that coming. I had no business going off on you," Tripp said. Tripp said he had had time to think, and he hoped that Allie and Chanel would be happy together. "We're not together, and we never will be," Chanel said. Confused, Tripp asked what had happened. "Allie dumped me. Even faster than her brother did," Chanel explained.

In the Dimera crypt, Johnny watched the projection on the wall of the conversation between Chanel and Tripp. Chanel told Tripp, "[Allie did not look at me like] a human being who was hurting because of her." "No wonder you're not in good shape," Tripp said. Chanel told Tripp that Johnny had called her to tease her about what Allie had done.

"I could never stand that little punk. I don't know what you saw in him," Tripp said. "Well I don't see it any more. He and his sister, they did a number on me, and I just wish I never met either one of them," Chanel whispered. "I'm with you there," Tripp agreed. Tripp told Chanel that he was off duty, and he asked her if she wanted to get a drink.

"I'm here to see Lani," Chanel said. "Some other time," Tripp said. As Tripp started to walk away, Chanel noted that she was in no shape to see her sister. "So why the hell not?" Chanel said. At the DiMera crypt, devil Allie leaned in close to Johnny. "You're not going to like this next part," devil Allie said. With a pat on Johnny's shoulder, the devil walked out.

Ben and Ciara sat in their living room and discussed when they had first started talking about having children. Ben admitted that he regretted he had not been on board with the idea from the start. "Who cares? You got over it, and now you're looking at this beautiful adventure with open eyes," Ciara said. "Having this baby is one of the two best things that has ever, ever, ever happened to me," Ben said.

Talk turned to baby names, and Ben reminded Ciara about their shared dream of the future. "We named our kid Bo," Ben said. "I'd really like to name him after my father," Ciara confessed. When Ciara asked what Clyde would think, Ben told Ciara that Clyde was irrelevant. Ben and Ciara agreed to name their son Bo.

"I really wish I got to know your dad," Ben said. "Me too. I miss him more and more every day. But, it's like I can feel him rooting for us and little baby Bo," Ciara said. Devil Allie knocked on the door. When Ben let devil Allie in, she explained that she wanted to make up for the cake debacle.

"The party cake was not your fault," Ciara insisted. "It was Chanel's, true, but still," devil Allie lied. Devil Allie gave Ciara a bag of tea, and she explained it had helped her through the final weeks of her pregnancy with Henry. "I could really use a good night's rest," Ciara admitted.

When the tea was ready, Ciara noted that it was delicious. "And it is already working. I'm already feeling kind of sleepy," Ciara said. Devil Allie smiled. "That's what it is supposed to do," devil Allie said. Ciara announced that she was ready for bed, and Ben helped her into the bedroom.

In the living room, devil Allie pulled a vial of liquid out of her purse. "Once I get rid of daddy, I'll have mommy all to myself," devil Allie whispered. Devil Allie placed drops from the vial into a mug of tea. When Ben returned, he said, "Ciara's sleeping like a baby." Devil Allie said she had made tea for Ben as well, and she handed him the mug. "You're going to love how this makes you feel," devil Allie said.

At the DiMera crypt, the devil's movie projection of Chanel continued. Johnny watched Chanel and Tripp drink a toast at the bar in the square. "To the evil twins. They deserve each other," Chanel said. "I'll drink to that," Tripp agreed. Chanel suggested another round of drinks. "That doesn't seem like the sensible thing," Tripp said. "Yeah, but so what," Chanel noted. As Tripp called out for another round of shots, Johnny grimaced as he watched the devil vision projection.

"To having fun," Tripp said. "I mean, why should Allie and Johnny get to have all of it and not us?" Chanel said. Tripp agreed, and he suggested that he and Chanel should continue to have fun. After a few more shots, Tripp wiped the liquor off Chanel's chin. "Better now?" Chanel asked. "You look amazing," Tripp whispered. In the crypt, Johnny's eyes widened as he watched in horror. Tripp kissed Chanel.

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