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Paulina told T.R. that she wanted to take things slowly. The devil showed Johnny video of Tripp and Chanel kissing. Paulina stopped Tripp and Chanel from having sex. Devil Allie drugged Ben and chained him in the crypt. Jake remembered his fight with the devil and told Gabi. Eric convinced Belle to move home. Jan moved in with Shawn for medical reasons. Eric told Nicole he wanted her to be happy. Devil Allie made it look like Evan had killed Ben. Susan told E.J. that Johnny had been possessed. E.J. and Susan saved Johnny and Ben from Andre. Devil Allie drove Ciara out of town.
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Jan moved in with Shawn for medical reasons, and Devil Allie made it look like Evan had killed Ben
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Ben falls into the devil's trap

Ben falls into the devil's trap

Monday, April 25, 2022

by Mike

Abe entered the Brady Pub and saw that Kate was tending the bar. "I didn't know you were working here again," Abe began. "I'm not working here -- I'm just helping Roman out behind the bar because I have a lot of free time on my hands," Kate clarified. "Interested in coming back to the mayor's office?" Abe wondered. "I think you're just fine without me," Kate responded. "I'm not so sure about that..." Abe argued before dropping the subject, not wanting to pressure Kate.

Abe ordered a double gin and tonic from Kate. "That sounds serious," Kate noted. "Just one of those days," Abe explained. "Okay... Well, I am not really an official bartender, but I do think that I have the ability to be a good listener, if you want to talk about it..." Kate offered, prompting Abe to start venting about what had just happened with Paulina.

"It rattled me -- and I wish to hell it hadn't," Abe eventually concluded. "You still have feelings for her," Kate knowingly summarized. "But how can I ever trust her [again]? I mean, I understand why she lied to cover up Lani's parentage -- but that wasn't the first time...and I know that if I got involved with her again, it wouldn't be the last," Abe fretted. "I'm hoping that you will give her another chance...because, obviously, you have feelings for her -- and vice versa -- and I remember a time that Paulina made you a very happy man," Kate declared. "I thought that Paulina made your blood boil," Abe admitted. "Oh, please -- just about everyone has made my blood boil at one point or another!" Kate joked.

Abe admitted to Kate that Paulina might move on with T.R. soon. "That's not surprising at all -- that's how abusive relationships work. [But] if she does take that man back, I feel it won't end well, [and] she is going to need someone to be there to help her pick up the pieces," Kate warned Abe.

At the Price condominium, Paulina and T.R. continued kissing for a while -- then paused to discuss what was happening. "It's as if no time has passed at all," T.R. declared. "Somehow, you [still] make me feel like that young girl who was swept off her feet by a handsome young boy," Paulina admitted. "The twins are asleep, [and] Chanel is out, [so] maybe I could sweep you off your feet again tonight..." T.R. suggested before leaning in to kiss Paulina again.

"Not tonight -- not yet," Paulina objected, stopping T.R. "Because of Abe?" T.R. guessed. "It happened so fast with us [back then] -- one day, we're necking in the back of your car, and the next, I'm in over my head -- [so] I just want to take things nice and slow [this time]," Paulina explained. "Of course... I understand..." T.R. responded. Paulina failed to notice T.R.'s gritted teeth and clenched fists while they were saying goodnight to each other.

At the hospital, Beth started to inform Lani that T.R. had shot Eli -- but Julie arrived just then, and T.R. arrived just in time to interrupt a second attempt. "You know, I have already intruded on your family time for too long..." Beth backpedaled before rushing out of Eli's room -- and T.R. waited until the coast was clear then started questioning Lani and Julie about what had just happened. "[Beth] said that she found out something today that she thought I deserved to know," Lani explained before guessing that Beth's decision to leave without sharing the information meant that it wasn't particularly important. Julie dismissed Lani's theory, arguing that T.R.'s arrival had simply spooked Beth -- and that they should take that as a sign of danger.

T.R. laughed off Julie's concern then rushed out of Eli's room -- and stormed over to a motel to confront Beth. "I didn't say anything!" Beth assured T.R. "But you were going to!" T.R. guessed before barging into Beth's room and slamming the door shut, muffling the screams of fear that began seconds later.

At the town square's bar, Tripp and Chanel continued kissing for a while -- and Johnny continued watching from the DiMera crypt as the scene played out. "Got your mind off Johnny and Allie?" Tripp wondered after pulling away from Chanel. "'Johnny and Allie' who?" Chanel responded before straddling -- then starting to grind against -- Tripp.

Johnny, still shackled to a pillar, struggled to break free as Tripp and Chanel started making out again. One of the bar's waiters eventually passed by and advised Chanel and Tripp to get a room. "That is not such a bad idea!" Chanel admitted, and Tripp agreed. "It's a terrible idea!" Johnny protested while fighting back tears.

Johnny breathed a sigh of relief when Tripp and Chanel decided that they weren't ready to leave the bar just yet -- but the waiter took the decision out of their hands, refusing to serve them any more alcohol. "Well, I guess that's destiny, then -- so, your place or mine?" Chanel challenged Tripp. "Don't!" Johnny begged.

At the Brady-Weston apartment, Ben started drinking the tea that "Allie" had prepared earlier. The demonic presence hoped, as Allie, that the tea would help Ben relax. "Before she got pregnant, Ciara told me that you were worried about having kids -- that you were afraid that Clyde's genes might be passed down, and you'd end up with some...demon seed or something..." the demonic presence explained as Allie, making Ben squirm.

The demonic presence offered, as Allie, to give the Weston child some of the clothes that Henry had outgrown -- then it produced a cell phone and started scrolling through digital photographs in search of an example. "Ah -- this one is my fave!" the demonic presence declared as Allie before showing Ben an image of Henry -- or perhaps just some random baby -- in a devil costume. "What is that?" Ben, who was starting to feel the effects of the drugged tea, wondered while squinting at the image. "Baby's first Halloween! Isn't it cute? Your little guy is going to be the handsomest devil on the block!" the demonic presence responded as Allie.

"I...don't dressing Henry like..." Ben stammered before glancing inside the nearly empty cup of tea and noticing something. "Tea leaves -- I lived in England, remember? They take their tea very seriously there, and it rubbed off," the demonic presence explained as Allie. "Look like..." Ben realized while squinting at the tea leaves, which had settled at the bottom of the cup in such a way that they had created a work of art that could be interpreted as a devilish face. "Reading tea leaves? That doesn't seem like your thing..." the demonic presence mused as Allie. "Seeing things..." Ben decided before dropping the cup while trying to set it aside.

"Are you and Ciara thinking about names?" the demonic presence wondered as Allie. "We are... We have..." Ben tried to respond while just barely awake. "I know you didn't ask for my opinion, but I've always loved 'Damien' -- you don't hear it so much anymore because of that damn movie..." the demonic presence offered while revealing its glowing yellow eyes. "You're the devil..." Ben sputtered.

Ben deduced that the tea had been drugged. "Took you long enough!" the demonic presence teased. "Why...?" Ben wondered. "I have big plans for your little boy -- [but] I need you out of my way," the demonic presence explained. "Ciara..." Ben muttered. "I didn't poison her -- at least...not yet... I mean, she is the vessel, and there is no way in hell I'd do anything to hurt a hair on the head of that precious baby," the demonic presence assured Ben, who soon lost consciousness. "Looks like it's curtains for you..." the demonic presence bragged.

Chanel tried to sneak Tripp into the Price condominium -- but Paulina was in the living room at that moment, drinking a cocktail and pondering the dilemma of being torn between two men. "We're just going to my room," Chanel explained to Paulina before starting to drag Tripp away. "The hell you are!" Paulina objected, realizing that Chanel and Tripp were both drunk.

"I won't let you make the mistake of trying to pay back Johnny and Allie when all you'll end up doing is hurting yourselves even more in the process!" Paulina argued. "We just want to have fun!" Chanel countered, and Tripp agreed. "Nothing good comes from the kind of 'fun' that you're talking about -- [and] maybe it's not just for revenge [but also] looking for some comfort in someone's arms, but it will be cold comfort come morning! Now, I've been there, you two, so trust me on that one!" Paulina maintained before stepping into the kitchen to fetch a couple bottles of water and summon a taxi for Tripp.

"Awkward..." Chanel whispered to Tripp once the coast was clear. "To the nth degree!" Tripp agreed before admitting to Chanel that it was probably for the best that they hadn't done anything that might mess up their friendship. Meanwhile, the demonic presence entered the DiMera crypt and wondered how Johnny had enjoyed the show.

"Chanel and Tripp got wasted, they were all over each other at the bar, and then they left together -- but you probably already knew that," Johnny responded. "Want me to change the channel so you can watch them hop into bed?" the demonic presence offered. "Hell, no! I don't want to see that!" Johnny protested. "Suit yourself..." the demonic presence conceded.

The demonic presence dragged Ben's motionless body into the crypt. "He's not dead -- not yet, anyway..." the demonic presence assured Johnny while shackling Ben to a wall.

Jake remembers Johnny as the devil

Jake remembers Johnny as the devil

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Jake dreamed about his fight with devil Johnny. Jake woke with a start. "You okay?" Ava asked. "I just had a nightmare," Jake muttered. Worried, Ava put her hand on Jake's chest. "Your heart is racing," Ava whispered. Ava apologized. "I didn't mean to make this weird," Ava said. With a smirk, Jake noted that it was no stranger than sharing a bed with a friend. Ava asked Jake about his nightmare. "Honestly, I can't remember," Jake lied.

Rafe worked in his office at the police station, and he grumbled about his paperwork. Nicole walked in. "I just heard that all the charges against Ava were dropped. How the hell did that happen?" Nicole asked. Rafe told Nicole why, and he explained he had been up all night, doing the paperwork for Gwen's case.

"Do you think you could take a break?" Nicole asked. Rafe suggested breakfast at the pub. Nicole blanched, and she thought about Eric. Nicole started to tell Rafe that Eric was back in town, but Ava interrupted. "Ava, what the hell do you want?" Rafe asked. Ava said she wanted to talk to Gwen. "Why? Rafe just told me you sold her out," Nicole said. Ava explained that she wanted to apologize to Gwen.

"You expect us to believe that you're here to make amends with Gwen when you haven't even apologized to Rafe for setting him up?" Nicole said. "Gwen didn't have sex with my best friend or my boyfriend behind my back and lied about it," Ava countered. Nicole argued that Rafe had not deserved prison, and Ava did not deserve to be spared from it. Rafe asked Nicole to head over to the pub while he arranged for Ava's visit with Gwen.

Rafe ushered Ava out of his office and into the squad room. When Rafe returned from the cells, he told Ava that Gwen had refused to see her. Rafe told Ava to leave.

"You got away this time. You so much as think about hurting me or Nicole, you're not going to have to worry about speaking with Gwen, because you're going to be in the same cell with her at Statesville," Rafe said. With a smirk, Ava asked Rafe if this was his "bad cop." "You never showed me this side when we were dating. If you had, we'd probably still be together," Ava said.

At the Brady Pub, Eric was behind the bar when Marlena walked in and welcomed him home. Eric apologized for having returned to Africa so soon after the exorcism. "Thanks to the love of my family and friends, you saved my soul," Marlena said. Eric admitted that he was disappointed that he had been unable to rid Salem of the devil. "You didn't let anything happen. Satan is a master of deception," Marlena said. Eric apologized again.

"We all pulled together, and we saved your sister," Marlena assured Eric. Marlena told Eric that Susan had warned them about devil Belle. Marlena told Eric that Ben had suspected that the devil had been in Johnny. "Johnny was possessed?" Eric asked. Marlena told Eric that Johnny had protected her when devil Belle had attempted to choke Marlena. Eric asked if Belle was okay.

"Physically, she is okay. And the devil is gone, but when [the devil] was here, something happened that absolutely devastated her," Marlena said. Marlena told Eric about the Jan saga, and Eric promised to check on Belle. "Have you spoken to anyone else since you've been back in town?" Marlena asked. Eric told Marlena that he had spoken to Nicole. "How did that feel?" Marlena asked. "I'm committed to the priesthood, and she is committed to somebody else," Eric said.

Eric assured Marlena that he was fine, and he reminded his mother that he and Nicole wanted different lives. "So, seeing her now is like seeing an old friend?" Marlena asked. "I may be a priest, but I'm still human. But to be honest, when Nicole walked through that door, my heart skipped a beat. She'll still have that power over me," Eric admitted. Nicole walked in. Marlena made small talk with Nicole, then Marlena excused herself and left.

Nicole told Eric that she was meeting Rafe for breakfast. "It was his suggestion," Nicole blurted out. Eric smiled, and he assured Nicole that it was okay. "Seeing you happy will never make me uncomfortable. Nicole, I'm truly happy you found somebody that puts you first and can give you their whole heart. You deserve that," Eric said. Eric clasped Nicole's hands in his, and they looked into one another's eyes. Rafe walked in, and his smile faltered for a moment. With a grin, Rafe hugged Eric and asked when he had arrived in town.

"You didn't tell Rafe?" Eric asked Nicole. Nicole explained that she had been unable to tell Rafe because they had been interrupted at the precinct. "How long you here for?" Rafe asked. Eric noted that it was a short visit. "Nicole told me about the two of you. And I wish you both happiness," Eric said. Rafe put his arm around Nicole and smiled.

In Gabi's office, she groaned as she read the article about Ava's release. "Rough day at the office?" E.J. asked as he walked in. "Is Trask letting everybody out of jail?" Gabi quipped. E.J. explained that he had been exonerated. "I blocked it out," Gabi said. E.J. told Gabi that the devil had set him up. "Am I supposed to feel sorry for you?" Gabi asked. E.J. said he did not want pity, but he wanted his job.

"The position has been filled," Gabi said. E.J. argued that the board would not have removed him from the CEO position if not for the evidence the devil had planted. "[The devil] is the only reason you're in that chair," E.J. said. Gabi argued that Johnny was the reason she had the job, not the devil. When Gabi told E.J. that Johnny had attempted to seduce her, E.J. laughed in disbelief.

"Wasn't he aware that you were dating my brother?" E.J. asked. "He was aware. He just didn't give a damn," Gabi said. Gabi told E.J. that she had planned with Jake to pool their resources with Johnny, but then she had learned that Jake had betrayed her. Gabi said she had wanted to confront Jake, but Johnny had convinced her to ambush Jake instead. "So, it was Johnny's idea to make you CEO?" E.J. asked. "It was less about me and more about the power grab," Gabi said.

"[Johnny] wanted to take our relationship to the next level, but before that could happen, I found out that Jake didn't betray me," Gabi said. Gabi encouraged E.J. to talk to his son to confirm the story. "I wish I could, but he is gone. Giovanni is in Italy, doing some soul-searching," E.J. said. Gabi asked E.J. to leave so that she could work.

"Surely you remember how well we used to get on," E.J. said. "When was that? Before you booted Jake out of the family business?" Gabi countered. E.J. suggested that Gabi hand over her job, since she and Jake were broken up. Gabi chuckled. "No," Gabi said. E.J. told Gabi that he planned to put her in her place. "Is that a threat?" Gabi asked. "It's a promise," E.J. said.

After E.J. walked out, Gabi muttered, "I don't know who is more insufferable: Ava Vitali or E.J. DiMera." Jake walked in. "What are you doing here?" Gabi stammered. Gabi argued that she did not want to hear about Jake's new girlfriend. "Ava is not my girlfriend, and even if she was, once again, that is none of your damn business," Jake said. When Gabi asked Jake if he was okay with Ava selling out Gwen, Jake countered that Gwen had deserved punishment for what she had done to Abigail's family.

"What do you want to talk about?" Gabi asked. "The devil," Jake said. "You mean your girlfriend?" Gabi joked. Jake took a deep breath. "I need help. You're the only person I can turn to," Jake said. Jake told Gabi about his nightmare and that it had felt like a memory. "In my dream, Johnny wasn't Johnny. He seemed possessed," Jake explained. Gabi told Jake that she had found him unconscious in the conference room after his confrontation with Johnny the day of the board vote.

"Johnny said you attacked him," Gabi said. "I don't remember that. But in my dream, I punched the devil. Do you remember anything strange from that day?" Jake asked. Gabi said no. "What I remember from that day is that I got this job, and I lost you," Gabi said. "This was a mistake," Jake whispered. As Jake rose to leave, Gabi reminded Jake that the devil and Johnny had broken them up.

"Are you thinking they're one and the same?" Gabi asked. Jake admitted that he had believed that Johnny had been the devil before Belle had attacked Marlena. "What about your dream? It must mean something if you came all the way down here to ask for my help," Gabi said. "It was a mistake," Jake muttered. When Gabi made a joke about Jake sleeping on the floor, Jake said, "[Ava and I are] sharing a bed." Gabi scowled. Jake added that the arrangement was platonic. After Jake walked out, Gabi grumbled, "Yeah, that'll last." Gabi vowed to oust Ava from Jake's life.

When Jake returned home, Ava was there. Jake thought about his dream of Johnny. "Still shaken up about your nightmare?" Ava asked. Jake said he was fine.

At the police station, Belle was dismayed to see Shawn in the squad room. "I came to see a client," Belle said. Shawn asked Belle if he could plead his case to convince Belle to return home. "I miss you, Belle. And I know you miss me, too," Shawn said. "You slept with a homicidal maniac whose only mission in life is to drive us apart, and now said maniac is having your baby," Belle said. "I am so sorry," Shawn whispered. Belle reminded Shawn that he had lied to her for months.

"The reason I did not tell you was because I knew it was going to hurt you. Worse than that, it was going to traumatize you. You'd be devastated. Just as I was, and I didn't want to do that to you," Shawn said. "Did it never occur to you that that woman could be pregnant?" Belle asked. Shawn said no. "Can you concede that maybe it should have?" Belle asked. Shawn said yes, and he reiterated that he had been ashamed and embarrassed by the incident.

"Even if that thought had crossed my mind, what would telling you have done?" Shawn asked. Frustrated, Belle yelled, "You really don't get it, do you? This entire thing could have been avoided." Belle argued that Jan could have taken the morning after pill, but Shawn disagreed. "I could have gotten a court order [because it was sexual assault]," Belle explained.

"I'm sorry I'm so damned clueless. Unlike you, I don't have a law degree. So that thought never even crossed my mind," Shawn countered. Shawn admitted that he had made a mistake. "The horror of that mistake has been compounded, exponentially compounded, by Jan being pregnant!" Shawn said. Shawn told Belle that he was miserable.

"I'm sorry that you're so miserable, I'm just shocked and so disappointed that months went by without you telling me the truth. And that I had to find out by some lunatic," Belle said through tears. Shawn agreed that Belle had a right to be angry, but he noted he could not change the past. "I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you," Shawn promised. Belle asked how.

"You just got to give me a chance," Shawn pleaded. Shawn asked Belle not to let his failure to tell her the truth destroy their marriage. "I want to figure this out with you. What do you want?" Shawn said. "You know what I don't want? I don't want Jan Spears to be part of my life in any way, shape, or form," Belle said. Shawn suggested that motherhood might soften Jan, and Belle rolled her eyes. "You've got to be kidding me," Belle grumbled.

"I haven't heard from [Jan] once since she told me about the baby," Shawn said. Shawn's phone rang. "It's Statesville," Shawn whispered. "As you were saying," Belle said with a raised eyebrow. Shawn refused to accept the call. "This is exactly what it is going to be like from now on. When Jan calls, you have to talk to her," Belle said. Shawn stressed that Jan could wait. Shawn's phone rang again. Belle grabbed the phone, and she accepted the call.

"Now you can talk to her, because I don't have anything else to say," Belle said. Belle pushed the phone into Shawn's chest as he pleaded with her to return home. Belle announced that she would continue to stay at the penthouse, and she walked out.

"What, Jan?" Shawn snapped into the phone. "I can hear the anger in your voice. You've been talking to Belle, haven't you? We both know she upsets you," Jan said. Jan asked Shawn to meet her at the prison.

After Belle left the precinct, she went to the DiMera mansion to meet with E.J. "I need your help to take back DiMera Enterprises from Gabi Hernandez," E.J. said. With a groan, Belle reminded E.J. that Gabi was her boss. E.J. asked for advice. "Why would you take my advice, E.J.? Because you ignore it all the time," Belle said. Belle reminded E.J. that she had warned him not to hand over his shares to Johnny.

E.J. told Belle that he had learned that it had been Johnny's idea for Gabi to be CEO. "Well, you handed him all the power," Belle said. "I trusted my son," E.J. said. "You should have trusted your attorney more," Belle countered. E.J. admitted he had been wrong. "I still can't advise you on this," Belle noted. With a sigh, Belle told E.J. that his best option was to convince Johnny to sign his shares back over to E.J. E.J. told Belle that Johnny had left town.

"And now that you've heard all about me, why don't you tell me how you're doing," E.J. said. "That's not a question I can really answer in just a few words," Belle whispered. Belle told E.J. about her conversation with Shawn at the precinct. With tears in her eyes, Belle admitted that she wished she could banish Shawn from her life like E.J. had banished Sami from his life. "I can't, because I love him. I love my husband," Belle said.

As Belle cried, E.J. pulled her into his arms. "I just feel like I'm never going to be happy again. This is a life sentence," Belle confessed. E.J. assured Belle that she would figure out what to do. "I believe in you, Belle. Believe in yourself," E.J. said.

When Shawn arrived at Statesville, Jan was in the infirmary. "You have one minute," Shawn said as he pushed Jan away. "You're being very cold to me. And I'm really vulnerable right now," Jan said. Through tears, Jan told Shawn that she was scared. Shawn told Jan to cut the act. "Tell me what the hell you want," Shawn said. Jan told Shawn that she needed to be on bed rest due to a serious medical condition.

"What does that have to do with me?" Shawn asked. "You think a person can get any rest in this hellhole?" Jan asked. Jan begged Shawn to get her released from prison for the sake of their child's health. Shawn consulted with the doctor, and she confirmed Jan's story about Jan's medical condition. "If I stay here, our child will not survive," Jan told Shawn. Shawn argued that the police would not release Jan from prison, regardless of the baby's health.

"There are options other than letting me free," Jan said. Jan mentioned house arrest. "Whose house?" Shawn asked. "Yours," Jan said with a grin.

Jan begs Shawn to protect their unborn child

Jan begs Shawn to protect their unborn child

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

by Mike

Eric exited the Brady Pub just as Belle was passing by. "A little birdie told me you were back in town," Belle began while hugging Eric, who correctly guessed that Marlena was the chirper in question.

"It is so good to see you!" Belle raved. "Yeah, it's good to see you, too -- especially this morning..." Eric admitted with a sigh before explaining that Nicole was inside the pub -- with Rafe -- at that moment.

Eric changed the subject, apologizing for having failed to protect Belle from the devil. Belle dismissed the concern then started telling Eric about the ordeal. "What's so strange [is that] I didn't lose any time at all -- [I mean], the way Mom described it, she would wake up and [realize that] days and weeks had passed, [but] between Christmas and the time that I woke up tied to that bed in the DiMera mansion, except for the last few hours, I remember all of least, I think I do..." Belle revealed. "Maybe [the devil] was [able] to smooth out the gaps," Eric suggested. "I mean, anything's possible, I guess..." Belle conceded.

Eric changed the subject again, wanting to talk to Belle about what was going on with Shawn and Jan. "I don't presume to tell you what to do, Belle, but from my experience with Nicole -- just, you know, looking back -- I just wish I had been more forgiving, you know? I shouldn't have judged her so harshly -- it caused me to lose her and lose my marriage, and I don't want that to happen for you," Eric confessed. "I don't want to lose Shawn -- I just don't know if I'm ready to go home," Belle responded. "You can't avoid him forever, [and] the only way that you're gonna make it through this mess is to go home," Eric advised.

At Statesville, Shawn listened in disbelief as Jan argued that it would be easy to convince the warden to release a pregnant prisoner into the custody of a veteran member of the Salem Police Department who had just ended a successful stint as its acting commissioner -- and also happened to be the baby daddy. "Do not call me that!" Shawn warned Jan before refusing to even consider the idea.

"I'll talk to the warden [and] see if you can stay here, in the infirmary, until the baby's born," Shawn offered. "Are you kidding? Shawn, do you know how many diseases are flying around this place? It's like a cough factory! And besides, I'm not exactly everyone's favorite prisoner, [so] I don't trust these creeps to take care of my baby. Sooner or later, they'll find a way to get me back into my cell. Do you really want to take that kind of a chance with your child's life? [Look], for the first time in my life, somebody's depending on me, so I feel like I have purpose, and I want to do everything that I can to protect this baby -- [I mean], if something were to happen in here, I don't think I could live with that!" Jan countered while fighting back tears.

Later, Belle entered the Brady house with a suitcase and found Shawn in the living room -- but before either person could say much to the other, Jan joined them. "What the hell is she doing here?" Belle wondered. "Haven't you heard? I'm moving in!" Jan answered for Shawn, who had found it quite easy to convince the warden and a judge to sign off on the idea of house arrest because Statesville was overcrowded.

At the Price condominium, Chanel woke up and staggered toward the kitchen while groaning at the memory of what had happened with Tripp the previous night -- and someone knocked on the front door just then. "I was just thinking about you," Chanel began after opening the front door and finding Tripp standing on the other side of it. "I come bearing Dr. Tripp Johnson's surefire hangover cure," Tripp, who was holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a brown paper bag in the other, assured Chanel.

Chanel reached for the cup of coffee with a sigh of gratitude -- but Tripp set it aside then removed a large thermos from the bag. "What's in there?" Chanel nervously wondered. "An electrolyte replacement drink -- okay, so, it's vitamin-infused water blended with a banana for potassium, raspberries for vitamin C, kefir, ginseng juice --" Tripp excitedly responded. "I'd rather have the coffee," Chanel begged. "Coffee dehydrates you," Tripp advised. "You're drinking it!" Chanel countered. "[Because] I downed one of these amazing electrolyte drinks, and then I was a totally new person, ready to face the world," Tripp explained.

Chanel took a sip of the concoction then guessed that Tripp had been required to learn about hangover cures during medical school. "Not in class -- [just through] a fair amount of post-exam celebrating, which involved a fair amount of overindulging," Tripp clarified before changing the subject, apologizing to Chanel for what had happened the previous night. "I'm pretty sure that I was down to party," Chanel acknowledged, dismissing Tripp's concern.

"I'm the one who should be apologizing to you -- [I mean], I was supposed to be your friend, and I kind of broke the bro code [by] stealing your girlfriend --" Chanel continued. "I'm not really sure bro code applies to you," Tripp teased. "Still... [Look], that night, when Allie and I were together for the first time, I was hurting because of what Johnny did to me, and I'm ashamed to say I wasn't thinking about you and how hurt you would be -- and, Tripp, that was so wrong; I know that now, and I really, really am sorry," Chanel concluded. "At the end of the day, Allie's the one who cheated on me...but thank you for saying that -- it means a lot," Tripp responded.

After finishing the hangover cure, Chanel started feeling better -- and insisted on taking Tripp out for breakfast as a way of repaying the favor.

The demonic presence entered the DiMera crypt and approached Ben -- who, unlike Johnny, was asleep. Johnny watched with concern as the demonic presence wrapped the fingers of Ben's right hand around a pen then started guiding it across the top sheet of a notepad. "What are you doing?" Johnny wondered. "If I were you, I'd be more worried about what's going on with Chanel and Tripp. Spoiler alert -- from what I saw, looks like they had a pretty rockin' time last night. Sucks to be you! Sucks to be anyone but me, if we're being honest..." the demonic presence responded before finishing its task then rushing off.

Johnny waited until the coast was clear then roused Ben with a few shouts, and they discussed their respective experiences with the devil -- then they started crying out for help in the hope that someone might hear them, and the front door of the crypt eventually flew open, prompting each of them to breathe a sigh of relief.

The demonic presence arrived at the Brady-Weston apartment just as Ciara realized that Ben was missing. "Woke up early. Didn't want to wake you. Have a good time with Allie. Love, Ben," the demonic presence read aloud as Allie before showing the handwritten note to Ciara and explaining that it had fallen to the floor. "How did he know that you were gonna be here?" Ciara wondered. "I told him last night that I was gonna be checking on you this morning," the demonic presence claimed as Allie. Still concerned, Ciara headed over to the auto repair shop to make sure that Ben was okay, ignoring "Allie's" attempts to use Henry's old clothes as distractions. "Guess I have to do something a little more drastic..." the demonic presence grumbled once the coast was clear.

While Ciara was searching for Ben -- first at the auto repair shop, then at the Brady Pub -- the demonic presence headed over to Statesville and arranged a visit with one of the inmates. "Can I call you 'Evan'? I'm just not a big fan of 'Christian'..." the demonic presence began as Allie. "Call me whatever you want," Evan responded. "Great -- see, we're getting along already! I knew we'd be pals -- [I mean], we have so much in common! For instance, I heard you play for both teams, so to speak --" the demonic presence continued as Allie. "Who in the hell are you?" Evan snapped. "I'm your new best friend, [and] I'm about to offer you the chance of a lifetime," the demonic presence teased as Allie.

"I know you hate [Ben Weston -- and] that's the other thing we have in common," the demonic presence began to elaborate as Allie. "He's the reason I'm in here -- the reason I lost everything!" Evan spat. "Well, now Ben is getting in my way, and I just can't have that, [so] would you like to get revenge?" the demonic presence offered as Allie. "Now you have my attention," Evan responded with a wicked grin.

The devil breaks Evan out of prison

The devil breaks Evan out of prison

Thursday, April 28, 2022

by Mike

Belle was stunned to hear that Shawn had pulled strings to get Jan released from prison early and had then offered up the Brady house as a new place of residence for the former inmate. "That is not how it went down!" Shawn assured Belle before starting to make amendments to Jan's version of events.

Jan gave Belle a shameless shrug after Shawn finished explaining what had really happened. "[Anyway], I can't tell you how grateful I am to be here -- I mean, it was so stressful to be pregnant and in prison; I mean, that place is just full of dangerous, unsavory characters!" Jan declared with a shudder.

Belle pulled Shawn aside in the hope that they could have a private conversation about the matter -- but Jan could still hear everything that was being said. "You didn't think to run this by me?" Belle snapped. "You haven't been living here!" Shawn reasoned. "I didn't move out -- I went to stay with my parents!" Belle explained. "Yeah, but for how long? I mean, the last time we spoke, you said you didn't want to come home!" Shawn countered. "Well, obviously, I changed my mind!" Belle announced, drawing Shawn's attention to her suitcase.

Shawn started to celebrate the development, drawing a scoff from Belle. "You think I'm gonna stick around here and play Three's Company with the two of you?" Belle snapped at Shawn. "There is no 'two of us' --" Shawn tried to assure Belle. "Technically, there's already three, if you count the baby -- which, I guess, makes you Mr. Roper...or Mr. Furley, if you prefer..." Jan clarified for Belle. "Stop talking!" Shawn ordered Jan. "Just trying to help..." Jan innocently explained. "You're doing the exact opposite!" Shawn tiredly responded.

Belle agreed -- then reminded Shawn that making matters worse was one of Jan's specialties. "She is loving every second of this [because] she wants you all to herself -- [and] as far as I'm concerned, that's fine by me!" Belle spat at Shawn before grabbing the suitcase then storming out of the house.

Shawn started to follow, prompting Jan to advise that it would probably be best to give Belle some space. Shawn seized the opportunity to establish the first rule of the new living arrangement, warning Jan that conversation about Belle was off-limits. Jan shrugged and assured Shawn that they could talk about something more pleasant instead -- like pie. "Baby's craving it. Would you get us some? I was thinking...cherry... no, apple... no, let's stick with cherry... apple... I don't know -- would you get us both?" Jan begged, drawing a sigh from Shawn.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. tried to contact Johnny, but the call went to voicemail. "Johnny, it's your father...again... Sorry to disrupt your journey of self-discovery, but I need you to sign back over my DiMera shares. Also...I miss you, son, and I would like to hear from you, so...please call me back," E.J. said before ending the call then sighing while staring at a framed photograph of Johnny.

Deciding to try a different tactic, E.J. contacted someone at DiMera Enterprises -- but, again, things didn't go as planned. "Yes, I'm well aware I'm no longer in charge of the company -- but I'm still a DiMera, my son is on the board, and I need your help to track him down! You're the head of security, for God's sake!" E.J. eventually snapped at the person, who apparently responded with more objections. "You know what? Someday soon, I'm going to be CEO again -- and when that happens, the first thing I'm going to do is fire your disloyal ass and make sure you never work again!" E.J. tiredly warned before hanging up on the person.

"Elvis Junior! My goodness, you need to do something about that anger -- it's gonna eat you up!" Susan, who had burst into the mansion just in time to hear E.J.'s parting shot, advised from the living room doorway. "Mother! When did you get back into town?" E.J. responded while giving Susan a hug. "Just now!" Susan clarified before insisting that there was no time for further small talk with E.J.

Susan started to explain that Johnny was in some sort of danger, but E.J. interrupted and dismissed the concern. "He needed to get away to find himself..." E.J. began to explain while showing Susan the handwritten note that had explained Johnny's sudden departure. "Elvis, you've been deceived -- your son did not write this!" Susan insisted after snatching the note from E.J.

Susan soon divined that Tony had forged the note, but E.J. found that hard to believe. "I know what I saw!" Susan insisted. "It just doesn't make any sense -- [I mean], Tony's had his hands full dealing with his wife and Sarah Horton...[and besides], why would Tony fake a letter from Johnny?" E.J. argued, and Susan conceded the second point -- then released a sheepish whimper after inspecting the note again. "Right face, wrong brother -- the scoundrel who faked this letter is Andre!" Susan backpedaled. "That's impossible -- Andre is dead --" E.J. stressed. "Okay, well, maybe somebody forgot to tell him!" Susan countered.

"I think your 'intuition' is malfunctioning," E.J. suggested before chasing Susan off to one of the upstairs bedrooms to get some rest -- then contacting Tony once the coast was clear, just to confirm that there was no truth to the premonition. "I'm sorry, Tony -- I don't even know why I asked..." E.J. eventually declared before ending the call -- just as Belle stormed into the mansion, stopped at the living room bar, prepared a glass of whiskey, and downed the drink in one quick gulp.

"That's not a very good sign..." E.J. observed. "I'm just getting started," Belle responded before refilling the glass then starting to vent about what had just happened. "Look, I'm not saying he did the right thing by bringing her into your home, but as a father, I get why you would move heaven and earth to protect your child," E.J. admitted at the end of the tale, prompting Belle to wonder if something was wrong with Johnny. E.J. assured Belle that everything was probably fine.

Meanwhile, Susan entered Johnny's bedroom and grabbed a red suit that was hanging on the closet door -- then recalled that the devil had worn that suit during one of their confrontations. Susan shook off the memory, knowing that Belle was the one who had been possessed back then. "Elvis was right -- my psychic powers are on the fritz..." Susan decided before lying down on Johnny's bed to get some rest, still clutching the suit -- then starting to remember more about the confrontation.

Johnny and Ben exchanged hopeful glances, not yet sure why the front door of the crypt had just flown open -- but only one of the two men was still hopeful after the development was finally explained with a dramatic flourish. "He's not gonna set us free," Johnny grumbled. "Why not?" Ben wondered. "Because that's not Tony," Johnny explained. "What are you talking about? I know your uncle when I see him!" Ben argued. "I am his uncle...but, regretfully, not the one you think..." Andre clarified with a chuckle.

"I don't get it -- what, is he like a ghost?" Ben sputtered at Johnny. "I think he's been...'summoned'?" Johnny answered. "By the devil," Ben translated. "To do his dirty work," Johnny elaborated. "Hey -- a job's a job!" Andre reasoned with a shrug. Johnny told Ben about what had happened during Andre's previous visit to the crypt. "And it worked like a charm -- everybody thinks that my little nephew here has gone to Europe to find himself," Andre bragged, prompting Johnny and Ben to wonder what the devil's next plan entailed.

Johnny, unlike Ben, knew that the devil didn't need Andre to forge a second note, since that matter had already been handled earlier. Ben wanted to know the contents of the second note, but Johnny had no idea, and Andre wasn't willing to answer the question. "What's important is that we were able to buy time [with that note -- time] to put all the pieces in place --" Andre excitedly teased. "Look, Andre, I know you have your orders or whatever, but you have to let us go, okay? I need to protect my wife and my unborn baby! I will do anything!" Ben tiredly interjected.

"I'm so happy you said that, because I'm here to offer you a deal -- I will grant you your freedom...on one condition --" Andre began to explain. "Name it!" Ben agreed. "That you kill my nephew Johnny Roman," Andre concluded with a smirk. "I am not killing anyone!" Ben insisted, drawing a sigh of relief from Johnny -- but Andre warned that the terms of the deal were not negotiable. "It's not like you haven't murdered before -- [and] this time, it's for a good cause!" Andre prodded Ben, drawing a scoff from Johnny. "Why does the devil want me dead?" Johnny wondered. "Because he likes to clean up after himself -- and he's so over you..." Andre responded.

"I can see your wheels turning, [Ben] -- you're thinking there may be a loophole somewhere; [maybe] you can save Johnny Roman here and perhaps take your own life -- but we've already dealt with that," Andre teased before elaborating that the devil had recently begun adding "The Susan Banks Clause" to all contracts.

"If the devil wants me dead so bad, why doesn't he just kill me himself?" Johnny wondered. "Because he can't -- your twin sister, she puts up too much of a fight," Andre explained. "Good for Allie," Johnny raved. "To postpone the inevitable?" Andre countered before magically removing Ben's shackles then conjuring a necktie.

Andre warned that Ciara and the unborn Weston child were both in grave danger at that moment, but Johnny guessed that wasn't true -- and Ben gripped the necktie while struggling to decide what to believe. "I can't do this -- because of my love for Ciara, because she's the one who saved me from this..." Ben eventually decided, tossing the necktie at Andre. "Since you decided to save Johnny Roman's life, I'm about to end yours!" Andre declared with a growl after magically putting Ben back in the shackles.

At Statesville, Evan probed for more information about "Allie's" issue with Ben. "I don't know if you've heard, but Ben and Ciara are having a baby --" the demonic presence began to explain as Allie. "Yeah -- before he got out, Clyde mentioned it...about a hundred times..." Evan grumbled. "Well, that baby boy is very important to me -- and, as you might imagine, he's also important to Ben, but our plans for that kid's future don't really align --" the demonic presence continued as Allie. "I'm a father -- as much as I hate Ben and Ciara, I would never do anything to harm a child --" Evan objected. "Oh, no -- trust me, I am very invested in the well-being of Baby Boy Weston; that's why I want to get rid of Ben!" the demonic presence concluded as Allie. "So, you think Ben will be a bad influence on his kid," Evan translated. "Something like that..." the demonic presence responded as Allie.

Evan turned away from "Allie" to make sure that they were still alone in the visitors' lounge. "So, just to be're asking me to kill Ben Weston?" Evan whispered. "Would be kinda fun watching him die...but it would be much more satisfying to torment him for the rest of his life," the demonic presence clarified as Allie. "How we gonna do that?" Evan begged to know. "Remember that little prank you played on Ciara when you were holding her captive?" the demonic presence began to explain as Allie. "She didn't buy it," Evan grumbled. "That's because you didn't have a partner to sell it," the demonic presence reasoned as Allie.

"This time, it will be much more convincing," the demonic presence promised as Allie. "Gonna be a bit difficult, seeing as I'm stuck in this hellhole..." Evan warned. "I thought you understood, silly goose -- I'm breaking you out," the demonic presence countered as Allie. "How?" Evan responded. "Don't let this perky blonde exterior fool you -- I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve..." the demonic presence teased as Allie.

"You never told me your name -- who are you?" Evan wondered. "I go by a lot of names -- and I am someone more powerful than you could ever imagine," the demonic presence answered as Allie before magically turning off the lights in the visitors' lounge. "What the hell..." Evan sputtered. "Now you're catching on!" the demonic presence raved while revealing its glowing yellow eyes.

After failing to locate Ben at the Brady Pub, Ciara returned to the Brady-Weston apartment -- and soon received a visit from Jake. "Is Ben here?" Jake began. "I've been looking all over for him, [and] it's like he disappeared into thin air... I don't know -- I'm starting to think something really bad has happened to him," Ciara responded.

After checking in with Rafe to make sure that there hadn't been any accidents that day, Ciara wondered why Jake was looking for Ben. "It's gonna sound a little batty..." Jake warned before telling Ciara about having recently dreamed that Johnny had been possessed at the time of Gabi's hostile takeover of DiMera Enterprises. Ciara argued that Jake's subconscious might simply be turning an enemy into the devil -- and that, in any case, Johnny posed no threat to anyone in Salem while living in Italy. Jake conceded the point then offered to keep an eye on the apartment so Ciara could head over to the hospital to see if Ben was in a therapy session with Marlena.

Evan arrived at the apartment while Ciara was gone -- and Jake was confused at first but soon realized why the visitor looked familiar. "How the hell did you get out of prison?" Jake wondered. "Let's just say a new friend helped me out," Evan answered -- just as the demonic presence arrived and swung a laptop at the back of Jake's head.

"This is the second time I've had to knock this guy out cold. [He's] really becoming a pain in my ass -- and back in Philly, he had so much promise..." the demonic presence grumbled. "What are we gonna do with him?" Evan wondered. "Well, he wasn't part of the plan, but since he's here, he may as well make himself useful..." the demonic presence decided.

When Ciara returned to the apartment, Evan was standing over "Ben's" motionless body. "Hey, Ciara -- I was just catching up with an old friend..." Evan began with a smirk as Ciara called out to "Ben" in horror.

Ciara mourns Ben's death

Ciara mourns Ben's death

Friday, April 29, 2022

Tripp and Chanel sat in the square and ate breakfast sandwiches from the bakery. Tripp called Chanel "DuPree," and her smile fell away. "Is that weird, me calling you that? I know that's what Allie used to call you," Tripp said. Chanel said it was fine. "And besides, I am done letting things that remind me of her get to me," Chanel stressed. With a nod, Tripp agreed. Chanel noted that Allie had caused them enough misery.

"Interesting, isn't it? How we've bonded over being hurt by the same person?" Chanel said. "It does feel really good to be able to vent to someone who totally gets it," Tripp confessed. Chanel agreed. Tripp's phone rang with a call from Rafe. Rafe asked Tripp if he could watch Henry until Nicole returned home. "Where's Allie?" Tripp asked. Rafe explained that Allie had texted Nicole to tell her that she had something "more important to deal with."

"More important than her kid?" Tripp asked. "Yeah, I hear you, but I've got to get to work. I've got a case I've got to handle myself," Rafe said. With a sigh, Tripp agreed to head over. Chanel asked about the call. When Tripp told Chanel about the text message, Chanel remarked that Allie had done the same thing the night before Allie had broken up with her.

"Something bad enough that she treated you like crap, and now she is neglecting her son?" Tripp said. A puzzled look crossed Chanel's face. Chanel accompanied Tripp back to Nicole's apartment. While Tripp called into work, Chanel put Henry down for a nap. "Thank you for coming with me. Henry hasn't seen me in a while, and I was afraid he might be scared of me," Tripp said. Tripp admitted that he had missed Henry.

"I can't believe that Allie said she was too busy to watch her own little boy," Chanel said. "Yeah, it seems so unlike her, right?" Tripp countered. Tripp confided to Chanel that he was worried that Allie had been overwhelmed by everything in her life. When Tripp complained about all the complications in their love lives, Chanel said she was glad she and Tripp had decided not to have sex. Tripp's phone beeped with a text from Nicole that she was on her way.

When Tripp offered to drive Chanel home on his way to the hospital, she asked to go with him instead. "I'd like to visit Lani," Chanel said. "I'd like the company. Especially if it's yours," Tripp said. Tripp and Chanel smiled at one another.

Devil Allie and Evan knocked out Jake and transformed him so that he looked like Ben. When Ciara arrived home, Evan stood over "Ben's" body. "I was just catching up with an old friend," Evan said. Evan held up a red silk scarf and announced that he had killed Ben. Ciara dropped to her knees to examine "Ben."

"You were supposed to be in prison," Ciara stammered. As Ciara pleaded with "Ben" to wake up, Evan grabbed a knife. "You're wasting your breath. The guy is dead, and you're next," Evan said. "Allie" hit Evan over the head, and he passed out. "What happened?" devil Allie asked. Ciara explained that Evan was an escaped convict, and she pleaded with "Allie" to help her with Ben.

"He's so cold!" Ciara cried out. Devil Allie announced that "Ben" did not have a pulse. "I'm so sorry, Ciara, but Ben is gone," devil Allie said. In tears, Ciara whispered, "You're wrong. He always comes back to me." Evan groaned, and devil Allie warned Ciara that they needed to run. Ciara did not want to leave Ben, but devil Allie argued that Ciara needed to protect herself and the baby. "I love you!" Ciara shouted as she ran out of the apartment.

Devil Allie and Ciara got in a car, and devil Allie drove away from the apartment. "This was a mistake. Allie, we should have stayed. You're not an expert at taking pulses. What if Ben is alive and he is just in shock, and he needs my help?" Ciara said. Devil Allie refused to turn the car around. "Ben would want me to get you as far away from that maniac as possible," devil Allie said.

At Ben and Ciara's apartment, Evan stirred awake. "Crazy bitch must have turned on me," Evan grumbled. Evan said he felt cheated that he had not been able to kill Ben or Ciara. With a glance at Jake still lying on the floor, Evan walked out of the apartment.

In the car, a calmer Ciara asked Allie where they were headed. "We should be heading toward the police station. We should be looking out for [Evan] and sending help for Ben," Ciara said. Devil Allie agreed. The devil wiped his hand across Allie's phone so that it would appear that "Allie" had called Rafe. Devil Allie told "Rafe" what had happened, and "Rafe" said he was at Ciara's apartment.

"The EMTs have already been here. I'm so sorry, Ciara. It was too late," "Rafe" said. Devil Allie asked if they should return home, but "Rafe" instructed "Allie" to take Ciara to the Horton cabin until the police captured Evan. "I'll send a couple uniforms out there to watch the place," "Rafe" said. Devil Allie ended the call, and she assured Ciara that everything would be okay. "Nothing is ever going to be okay," Ciara whispered. Devil Allie promised to take care of Ciara.

After a moment, Ciara shook her head. Ciara insisted that if Ben were dead, she would know it. "That is how connected we are," Ciara said. Devil Allie rolled her eyes. "You're probably just in shock," devil Allie said. Ciara stared out her window. Devil Allie reached over and stroked Ciara's hair as she hummed. "Please stop that," Ciara said tersely. Devil Allie promised that they would be safe at the cabin.

Ciara demanded to go home. Devil Allie refused. "Stop the car right now, or I'm going to scream," Ciara said. Devil Allie pulled the car over. "You are clearly not thinking straight, and that is why I'm here. To help you. To keep you safe," devil Allie said. In tears, Ciara said she wanted to go home. Devil Allie assured Ciara that she had not abandoned Ben.

"The man you love, he's gone," devil Allie said. "No! Stop saying that. I want to go home," Ciara said. When Ciara mentioned her wedding vows, devil Allie reminded Ciara that Ciara and Ben had been parted by death. Ciara closed her eyes and cried.

At Ben and Ciara's apartment, Rafe kicked in the door as Jake stirred awake on the floor. "Who did this to you?" Rafe asked. "I don't know," Jake muttered. When Rafe asked what had happened, Jake said he believed Evan had been there. Jake winced and rubbed the back of his head.

"Where is Ben and Ciara? Does he have them?" Rafe asked. Jake swooned, and Rafe urged him to stay awake. Rafe grabbed an icepack from the freezer for Jake, and he asked Jake about the assault. Jake confirmed that Evan had had an accomplice.

"Ciara said she hadn't seen Ben since she woke up this morning. Last I saw her, she was headed to the hospital to see if Marlena had seen Ben," Jake said. "So, now we have no idea where either one of them are," Rafe muttered. Jake suggested that Ciara had found Ben and was with him. "Let's hope so," Rafe agreed.

Susan hugged Johnny's red suit while she napped in his bedroom. During Susan's nap, she recovered some of the memory of when she had confronted devil Johnny. Susan woke up with a start. "My grandbaby Johnny! Oh, he's gone and gotten himself possessed by the devil," Susan said. Confused, Susan wondered aloud why she had not remembered the confrontation.

Susan prayed to God for help. The full memory of Susan's confrontation with the devil returned. "That's why I was all fuzzy in the head! That mean, mean old devil. He touched my forehead, that's what he did. And he made me forget he possessed my Johnny," Susan said.

In the DiMera living room, E.J. told Belle that Susan believed Johnny was in danger. Belle asked about Johnny's letter. "[Susan] insists my brother Andre [wrote it], which would be quite the accomplishment, given that Andre has been dead for years," E.J. said. Belle asked E.J. if it was possible that Susan was right. E.J. scoffed at the idea.

"All this talk of demonic possession seems to have gotten to her. Hopefully a good night's rest will get her sorted out," E.J. said. Belle asked when E.J. had last spoken to Johnny, and E.J. admitted that he had not spoken to his son since before E.J. had gone to prison. "I often feel that my son is a stranger to me. Maybe it's because he reminds me so much of Samantha," E.J. said. E.J. added that his estrangement from Sami had made him feel even more distant from Johnny.

"Anyway, I've contacted [Johnny] numerous times. No response," E.J. said. "So, the only proof you have that Johnny is okay is a letter that Susan is convinced he didn't write?" Belle asked. As E.J. noted that Susan's premonition had been vague, Susan ran into the room, hollering. "It wasn't a premonition! It was a memory. Johnny isn't just in trouble," Susan said. Susan explained that Johnny was the devil.

Susan apologized to Belle, and she explained that the devil had set up Belle. "The only other person that was here that day was Johnny," Belle noted. "And he was at Dr. Marlena Evans' exorcism, too," Susan added. E.J. argued that it was ridiculous to believe that Johnny was possessed. Belle countered that it would explain why she did not have gaps in her memory like Marlena.

"That's because Satan wasn't using you to do his evil bidding. It was Johnny," Susan said. "Okay, so the devil wiped out your memory of realizing that he was in Johnny?" Belle asked. Susan nodded yes. Susan noted that Johnny was still in Salem. "Then we better find him," Belle said. When Susan remarked that the language of the letter was too fancy for Johnny, E.J. agreed.

"Sounds more like who? Andre DiMera," Susan said. E.J. started to say that Andre was dead, but Susan warned him not to annoy her. "Who stays dead in this town?" Susan said. Belle asked Susan where to look. With a nod, Susan suggested that they look in the same place where the devil had tortured her and John Black.

"You're saying that Johnny has been in the family crypt all this time?" E.J. asked. Susan nodded yes. "I'll stay here. I'll call Eric. Because if Johnny is possessed, there is going to have to be an exorcism," Belle said. E.J. reluctantly followed Susan out to the crypt.

In the DiMera crypt, Andre told Ben that he intended to kill him, since Ben had refused to kill Johnny. "You kill Ben, you'll be making a big mistake," Johnny advised. Johnny explained that the devil would love to have a killer like Ben in his service.

"I have my orders," Andre said. "Think about all the damage you two could do in this town. The world. Or maybe the great Andre DiMera isn't allowed to think for himself anymore. Maybe he has just been turned into the devil's little errand boy," Johnny said. Furious, Andre warned Johnny to be respectful toward him.

As Andre wrapped the tie around Ben's neck, Johnny urged Andre to think about how a killing spree with the Necktie Killer would enhance Andre's legend. "Why would you strangle Ben Weston when you could make him want to kill again?" Johnny asked. Andre chuckled, and he said that Johnny had "learned the art of the elevator pitch." Johnny asked Andre if he had decided not to kill Ben. Andre nodded, and he noted that he had promised the devil a kill.

Andre threw the tie around Johnny's neck. "Do say ciao to Nonno for me," Andre purred. As Andre tightened the tie, E.J. burst through the door. "Get your hands off my son!" E.J. screamed as he shoved Andre away. "He was trying to kill him!" Ben yelled. Andre pretended that he was Tony. "I've been possessed by the devil," Andre said. E.J. raised an eyebrow. Susan walked up behind Andre, and she stabbed him in the back with a knitting needle. Andre collapsed into a pile of dust.

"What the hell have you done? E.J. asked. "That was not Tony DiMera. That was his evil doppelgänger, Andre," Susan said. As Susan kicked the ashes, a breathless E.J. thanked Susan. "Somebody get me out of these chains," Johnny said. "Me, too, please. I need to get to Ciara," Ben said. E.J. looked around the crypt, and he spotted keys to the shackles.

"I'm so sorry I didn't figure this out earlier. Thank God, you're still alive," E.J. said as he unlocked Johnny. E.J. handed the keys to Susan to unlock Ben so that E.J. could focus on his son. "I got to find Chanel," Johnny whispered. Susan tutted the idea, and she stressed that they needed to confirm that Johnny was not still possessed. Ben confirmed that the devil was in another person.

"Who now?" E.J. asked. Johnny explained that the devil had jumped into Allie. "We need to get Allie some help, and I need to see Chanel," Johnny said. E.J. wanted Johnny to go to the hospital first. Once Ben was freed from his shackles, he yelled, "I need to find [Ciara] before it's too late." Ben ran out of the crypt. Johnny refused to go to the hospital, but when he attempted to walk, he collapsed. E.J. grabbed his son, and he helped Johnny to his feet. "We're going to the hospital, and I don't want any arguments," E.J. stressed. E.J. asked Susan to tell Belle what had happened.

When Susan returned to the living room, she confirmed that Johnny had been in the crypt. "His daddy had to take him to the hospital," Susan said. "[Johnny] could have died if you didn't find him," Belle said. Susan said Johnny was safe. "It's his sister that I'm worried about," Susan added. Concerned, Belle asked why. Susan confirmed that the devil was in Allie.

Back at the DiMera crypt, Evan looked around. "Crazy chick said I could hide out in here. She didn't mention how creepy it was," Evan said. Evan looked around, and he examined the shackles. "Looks like I missed all the fun," Evan said.

At the hospital, Chanel visited Lani in Eli's room, and then she met up with Tripp by the nurses' station. "I'm really glad that we are getting along. I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry if I ever hurt your feelings when Allie was deciding which one of us she wanted," Tripp said. "I should have been up-front with you about how I felt about her. You didn't deserve what happened to you," Chanel said. Tripp blushed, and he thanked Chanel.

"I mean it! Tripp Johnson, you are so cool and handsome and smart and fun to be with. And a doctor, to boot! Talk about a catch!" Chanel teased. "That's me. That's why I've had such luck with women," Tripp said with a grin. Chanel told Tripp that he had not found love yet because he had not found the right woman. "Someday, and I predict it is soon, you are going to meet the right woman. And she is going to be so lucky to have a guy like you," Chanel said. As Chanel and Tripp hugged, E.J. and Johnny exited the elevator. Johnny stared at Chanel.

At Ben and Ciara's apartment, Rafe insisted that Jake go to the hospital. As Rafe helped Jake to his feet, Ben ran into the apartment. "Where is Ciara?" Ben asked. "She's out looking for you," Jake said. Worried, Ben said, "We have to find her. The devil is back, and it still wants our baby."

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