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Bo's spirit helped Ciara rescue her baby. Tripp sacrificed himself to save Allie. Bo resurrected Tripp from the dead. Lucas returned to Salem without Sami. Rafe interrogated Paulina. Lani told Eli that she had shot T.R. Eli told Lani to stick to Paulina's story. Xander was too afraid to tell Sarah about Mickey's death. Eric told Sarah the truth. Allie and Tripp said "I love you" to one another. Allie did not deny that she still loved Chanel. Johnny kissed Chanel. Jan pushed boundaries. E.J.'s attempt to oust Gabi was thwarted by Kristen.
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Bo's spirit helped Ciara rescue her baby and resurrected Tripp from the dead, and Eli told Lani to stick to Paulina's story
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The devil faces a new foe

The devil faces a new foe

Monday, May 16, 2022

by Mike

While exiting the DiMera mansion, Marlena received a phone call from Tripp, who was still at the Brady-Johnson townhouse. "I was hoping maybe you had some news about Allie," Tripp began. "She's still possessed, [and] she has the baby with her... [Anyway], we think she's headed to the cemetery, [so] Johnny went [there] about a half an hour ago -- I'm still waiting to hear from him," Marlena responded.

"I'm going out there," Tripp quickly decided. "What can you do?" Marlena gently argued. "I'm a doctor, for one -- and I'm not just gonna sit around while Allie goes through this," Tripp explained. "Sounds like you still care about her," Marlena noted. "I told myself I didn't...but that was just my wounded ego. I love your granddaughter, and I'm gonna do whatever I can to get her out of this nightmare," Tripp confirmed.

Belle rushed into the Brady Pub and gave Eric an apologetic shake of the head. "I just got out of court," Belle explained while hugging Eric, who dismissed the concern then changed the subject, reporting that Allie and the Weston baby were both still missing. "My dad, he's on his way back [here] to take over so I can go help with the search," Eric added before guessing that Shawn was still in charge of the operation. "I don't know -- I haven't heard from him. Things are still not good between us," Belle confessed. "Last time we spoke, you said you were ready to move back in!" Eric protested. "Jan Spears beat me to it," Belle grumbled.

"You can't let this woman destroy your marriage," Eric insisted after Belle elaborated. "What am I supposed to do? I'm not gonna go and live in the same house with Jan, and Shawn feels responsible for the baby, so we're just at a basic standoff -- and, you know, I don't see that ending anytime soon," Belle argued, but Eric still wasn't convinced that the situation had reached a point of no return.

Belle soon received a text message -- and started panicking while reading it. "It's from my dad -- Jan's ankle monitor went off, so he's on his way over there to check it out... She could be on the loose, Eric! What is that psycho gonna do this time?" Belle fretted. Eric insisted that Jan wasn't going to do anything to put Shawn's unborn child at risk, but Belle didn't find that particularly comforting.

John entered the Brady house and started searching for Jan -- who soon emerged from one of the bedrooms, wearing lingerie beneath an open silk robe. "Oh -- it's you," Jan grumbled before closing the robe. "Yeah -- looks like you put on that little getup for nothing," John, who had been expecting such an outcome all along, responded. "I was bored -- I wanted Shawn to come home and keep me company --" Jan admitted with a shameless shrug. "So you figured out a way to jimmy that thing," John concluded while eyeing the ankle monitor.

John declared that, on the bright side, Jan's failed ruse had paved the way for them to spend some time alone together. "So you can choke me back into another coma," Jan guessed. "Tempting...but no -- what I am gonna do is [just] lay out all the reasons why you're gonna stay away from my daughter," John clarified. "I couldn't care less about 'Tinkerbelle' -- or whatever nauseating thing you're calling her now..." Jan declared. "I'd like to believe you really mean that, but --" John argued. "Believe it, [because] my child is my only focus [now]," Jan maintained.

Jan started bragging about having finally managed to steal Shawn away from Belle for good, ignoring John's warnings about how the couple always managed to work through their issues sooner or later. "I've already come up with names for the baby -- what do you think of 'Britney'?" Jan continued. "Spears?" John elaborated with a groan. "Spears-Brady! And then, if it's a boy... Lucifer!" Jan continued. "You want to name your kid 'Lucifer'?" John repeated with a scoff. "It's been such a long time!" Jan continued, rushing over to greet the new arrival with a hug. "I'm not possessed anymore, Jan," Marlena stressed. "Oh? That's a bummer -- he was, like, the best friend I ever had...except for Claire, of course..." Jan fretted.

At the cemetery, Charlie kept an eye on Johnny's motionless body as the demonic presence began taunting Ben and Ciara about its plans for their baby. "Soon, he and I will become one!" the demonic presence summarized. "Not while I'm around," Ciara insisted before starting to lunge at the demonic presence, prompting Ben to intervene. "Just stay back -- I'll get the baby," Ben protectively advised Ciara. "I wouldn't do that if I were you..." Charlie teasingly warned, but Ben continued advancing forward, unaware that an invisible force field was surrounding the baby.

Ciara watched in horror as the force field sent Ben flying through the air. "I tried to warn him..." Charlie stressed as Ben crashed against a gravestone. Ciara rushed over to the gravestone and checked Ben's motionless body for signs of life -- then breathed a sigh of relief after finding a pulse. After failing to rouse Ben, Ciara went back to the task of rescuing their baby from the devil's clutches. "You're gonna fry -- just like hubby did..." Charlie predicted in a singsong voice, prompting Ciara to begin praying for help with the task.

By the end of the prayer, Ciara was bathed in white light -- and Johnny was regaining consciousness. "What the hell..." Charlie sputtered as Ciara began breaching the force field. "Uh...boss, I think we have a problem..." Charlie warned the demonic presence, which had been too focused on its ritual to notice the development. "No -- it cannot be!" the demonic presence argued.

The demonic presence was driven out of the force field as Ciara entered it. "What's happening?" Charlie wondered. "The forces of good are at work," the demonic presence grumbled before starting to flee. "Where are you going?" Charlie called out. "I have to get away from the light," the demonic presence explained. "Should I go with you?" Charlie offered, but the demonic presence didn't respond. Johnny started chasing after the demonic presence, and Charlie didn't bother to intervene. The white light faded once the coast was clear.

"You ruined everything! I was supposed to raise that baby!" Charlie spat at Ciara before glancing at Ben, who was still unconscious. "If I don't get to be the father, neither does he!" Charlie decided, conjuring a butcher knife. Ciara, who was already busy comforting the baby, watched helplessly as Charlie prepared to plunge the butcher knife into Ben's chest -- but Tripp arrived just then, wielding a baseball bat, and swung it at Charlie, who fell to the ground and turned into a pile of ashes. "I wasn't gonna come here unarmed," Tripp explained to Ciara with a shrug before setting aside the baseball bat then examining Ben. "His pulse is steady, and his pupils are equal and reactive," Tripp observed before assuring Ciara that, based on those facts, Ben was probably going to be okay. Ciara informed Tripp that the demonic presence had fled earlier -- and that St. Luke's might have been its destination.

The demonic presence entered St. Luke's and released a wistful sigh while looking around. "After 25 years, we've come full circle," the demonic presence mused while recalling how it had desecrated the church back then. "What a fitting place for the grand finale," the demonic presence added before starting to climb a spiral staircase that led all the way up to the highest level of the building.

Johnny arrived a short time later -- and Tripp was close behind. "Are you all right?" Tripp wondered, eyeing Johnny's head wound. "Yeah -- your dead brother knocked my head against a gravestone," Johnny explained. "He got his," Tripp reported.

"Where's Allie?" Tripp continued. "I think she went up to the old choir loft. I was gonna go after her, but I sent a text to my family for backup, so..." Johnny responded. "Okay, well, you wait for them -- I'm going up there," Tripp advised before rushing off -- and Johnny scoffed in protest then followed.

Tripp and Johnny found the demonic presence in the choir loft, holding a lit candle -- and they quickly noticed the smell of gasoline. "You can't set fire to St. Luke's!" Tripp protested. "And why not? I've done it before -- except, this time, this town's beacon of hope and light is going to burn to the ground...and hopefully take half of Salem with it," the demonic presence countered.

Tripp and Johnny tried to get through to Allie, who heard them and started fighting the demonic presence, but it just laughed off their combined efforts and prepared to ignite the gasoline with the flame of the candle -- which was suddenly extinguished when Eric arrived with Marlena and John. The group began another exorcism, prompting the demonic presence to joke that the previous ones had worked "so well."

After regaining consciousness, Ben headed to the hospital with Ciara and the baby -- and Shawn, Belle, and Kayla were waiting for them there. Belle started softening toward Shawn while they were gushing over the baby -- but then a text message from Jan ruined the moment. Shawn rushed off to get some food for Jan -- and Belle and Kayla also left so Ben and Ciara could have some time alone with the baby. Ciara started telling Ben about what had happened at the cemetery -- and then the white light returned, and Bo emerged from it and greeted them.

Allie's loved ones continued the exorcism at St. Luke's -- and as the demonic presence grew weaker, it warned the group that it wouldn't leave without first killing its host. "You want to kill somebody? Kill me!" Tripp offered, stunning the others, who all tried to object. "You mortals amaze me -- you're willing to sacrifice your life for some insipid little thing like Allie Horton? [She] didn't love you, [she] cheated on you, you were always her second choice, [and yet] you're willing to die for [her]?" the demonic presence marveled. "I don't care if Allie would rather be with Chanel -- I still love her, [and] I always will, so come into me, and I will gladly sacrifice my life if it means that she can live and raise Henry!" Tripp explained.

The demonic presence shrugged then possessed Tripp -- and started to strangle Allie. "No -- I won't let you hurt her!" Tripp snapped at the demonic presence before jumping out a s tained-glass window and plummeting to the ground below.

Tripp dies from his injuries

Tripp dies from his injuries

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

At the café in the square, a grumpy Ava complained, "I can't believe you've decided to go work for DiMera again." Ava warned Jake that Gabi "had her hooks" in Jake. "[Gabi] presented a very good argument for me to go back to DiMera," Jake said. "So, when she presented that argument, was she on top?" Ava joked. Jake explained that he regretted that he had let his brothers chase him away from his birthright.

"Plus, Shin is a big fan of mine. Gabi seems to think that I can help her stabilize the company," Jake said. "And it helps her keep you in her orbit," Ava countered. Jake stressed that his relationship with Gabi was strictly business.

"So, your relationship is just platonic then, huh? Kind of like ours," Ava said pointedly. When Jake asked Ava if she was disappointed that Gabi had interrupted their kiss, Ava said that was why she was in a bad mood. "Maybe we should head home?" Jake suggested. Ava smiled.

At the pub, Kate called Lucas' voicemail. "Allie is in trouble, and she needs you. I know that I promised I would keep it a secret what you did to Sami, but I am going to have to tell Roman," Kate said. "Tell Roman what?" Roman asked. Kate ended her call. Without a word Kate started to set tables, and Roman noted that Kate was avoiding him.

Kate started to talk about Roman's concerns about Sami when Lucas walked into the pub. "Because of me?" Lucas asked. Kate hugged her son, and she asked him why he had not returned her calls. Lucas explained that he had been out of touch because Sami was in the hospital.

"Why are you just telling me this?" Roman asked. Lucas explained that Sami was in traction after a skiing accident. "So, why didn't you call?" Kate asked. Lucas said that the cell reception had been terrible, but when he had heard Roman's voicemail, Sami had ordered Lucas to fly home. "So, you just left her there?" Roman asked. Lucas reminded Roman that Sami was in the hospital with trained professionals.

As Roman returned to the bar, Kate asked Lucas, "What's the real story?" Lucas said he had no reason to lie. "Maybe because you lied the first time you kidnapped her. Why not this time?" Kate said. Lucas acted indignant. When Roman returned, he confirmed that he had gotten Marlena's voicemail.

"What's going on [with Allie]?" Lucas asked. "Allie's possessed," Kate said. "By the devil? You're busting my chops not telling you that Sami is in the hospital, and my own daughter is possessed by the devil now?" Lucas yelled.

"Not anymore," Eric said as he walked into the pub. Eric told Roman, Kate, and Lucas that Tripp was in the hospital. "He saved Allie's life," Eric said. Eric explained what had happened, and he told Lucas that Allie had gone home.

In Ciara's hospital room, a stunned Ciara and Ben stared at the ghost of Bo Brady. "Am I seeing things?" Ciara said. "If you are, then I am, too," Ben said. In tears, Ciara whispered, "You came back." Ciara picked up baby Bo to show him to his namesake grandfather. Bo admitted that he had helped Ciara save baby Bo at the cemetery.

"Daddy, I named him Bo," Ciara said. "Thank you for that," Bo said. Bo told Ciara that he had been watching over Ciara, her brother, and Hope. "But the devil is still out there," Ciara said. Bo told Ciara that the devil was gone and would not return. "Are you sure?" Ciara asked. "Is that any way to speak to your old man?" Bo joked. Ciara laughed. Bo assured Ciara that she and the baby were safe.

"One good man sacrificed everything to get rid of [the devil]," Bo explained. When Ciara asked who, Bo told her that she would find out. Bo assured Ciara that she had a lot of family watching over her and the baby. Bo told Ben that he knew why Ben was worried about having a child.

"But you got to let it go. If there's one thing I've learned, it's all about redemption. And you, young man? You've redeemed yourself. You're a good man. You're an okay husband. If you work real hard, you'll be a great dad," Bo said. Ben thanked Bo. Bo told Ciara that he loved her, and he turned to leave. Ciara asked Bo not to go, but he said he needed to take care of something. "Tell your mom I love her. Give that little guy lots of kisses for me. And little one, I'm really proud of you," Bo said. Bo left. "I always wanted you to meet my dad," Ciara said.

On the second floor of the church, the devil jumped into Tripp's body when Tripp begged the devil to trade Tripp's soul for Allie's. As Eric, Marlena, Johnny, and John stared at the transformed Tripp, devil Tripp smiled. "That was easy. The boy didn't even put up a fight. But it seems his sacrifice was for naught. Allie is still going to die," devil Tripp said. Devil Tripp lunged forward to strangle the unconscious Allie. "God, no!" Marlena screamed. John dropped to the ground next to Allie, and he struggled to pull devil Tripp off of Allie.

"I won't let you hurt her," Tripp's voice said inside his head. Devil Tripp appeared conflicted. "Let me help you," John pleaded in a strained voice. Devil Tripp let go of Allie, and he jumped to his feet. A look of surprise crossed devil Tripp's face. "There is no help. There is only --" Tripp's voice said in his head. Tripp took control of his body, and he threw himself through the stained-glass window.

"Tripp, no!" Marlena screamed. John and Eric ran to the window. On the concrete below was Tripp's bloody body. While John and Eric rushed downstairs, Allie stirred awake. Marlena and Johnny helped Allie sit up. "Everything's fine," Johnny said. "No, it's not. Where are we?" Allie asked. Johnny explained that they were at the church. Marlena asked Allie how she felt. "I had awful dreams. Baby. There was a baby," Allie said. Johnny assured Allie that Ciara and her baby were fine.

"What did I do?" Allie asked. Marlena gave Johnny a warning look, but Johnny stressed that Allie had a right to know. "You were possessed," Johnny said. "No. That was you," Allie countered. Johnny explained that the devil had jumped into Allie's body after it had left him. "And you fought so hard, Allie. You really did," Johnny said. Allie gasped and looked around the room. "Tripp was here, I know he was! Where is he?" Allie asked. Johnny looked at Marlena, and she shook her head no.

Downstairs, Eric and John reached Tripp. Bloody but barely conscious, Tripp asked if Allie was okay. "She is just fine," John stressed. "You saved her!" Eric added. Tripp asked about the devil. "He's gone, thanks to you," Eric said. "He tried to hurt Allie," Tripp whispered. With a sigh, Tripp fell unconscious. John yelled at Tripp to hang on while Eric called for an ambulance.

Eric returned upstairs to tell Marlena, Johnny, and Allie that John had gone with Tripp to the hospital. "What are you talking about?" Allie asked. When Eric looked at Marlena for guidance, Allie demanded to know what had happened to Tripp. "You didn't hurt Tripp, I promise," Eric said. "You fought the devil. You really fought him," Johnny added. Eric suggested that they take Allie home to rest.

"But I need to see Tripp," Allie said. "The doctor is going to take care of Tripp, and we are going to take care of you. And you need to take care of Henry," Eric said. Allie asked about Ciara's baby. Johnny told Allie that because she had fought against the devil, they had located the baby and saved him from the devil. Marlena gently steered Allie out of the church.

At the hospital, Steve visited Kayla. "How's the baby?" Steve asked. Kayla confirmed that Ciara and baby Bo were healthy. "I see a lot of Bo in Ciara, don't you?" Steve said. Kayla agreed. Steve suggested that they call Stephanie and Joe to tell them about their new cousin. Kayla noticed John walk in. John looked stricken.

"What's the matter?" Steve asked. "Tripp has had an accident," John said. When Steve asked what had happened, John told Steve that Tripp was in the ER. Kayla told Steve to call Ava while Kayla rushed down to the ER to check on Tripp. Steve called Ava and told her that she needed to get to the hospital.

When Ava arrived with Jake, John told her that Steve was with Tripp in the trauma unit. Ava took off, and Jake stayed behind. "Is he going to be okay?" Jake asked. "I don't know," John said.

In Ciara's hospital room, Ben and Ciara looked at their baby. "Now more than ever, I am so glad we named him after your dad," Ben said. "[Bo] was the reason I was able to step in the pentagram," Ciara said. "He's why we're with our son right now," Ben agreed. Jake walked into the room, and he saw Ciara wipe away tears. "I'll come back," Jake whispered. Ciara told Jake not to leave. "Come meet Bo," Ciara said. Jake looked at the baby and smiled. "He's beautiful. And he's okay. And you are, too, right?" Jake asked. "Yes. It's been a crazy night," Ciara said. When Jake's smile fell away, Ben asked what was wrong.

"Tripp was in an accident. Although John made it sound like it was less of an accident and more of a sacrifice," Jake said. Ben and Ciara exchanged looks. "Is Tripp dead?" Ciara asked. Jake shrugged, and he explained about Tripp's fall. Ciara told Jake that her father's spirit had helped her in the cemetery, and then Bo had visited her in the hospital.

"Tripp was trying to save Allie?" Ben asked. "[Tripp] got the devil to leave her and go into him," Jake explained. "But Allie is okay?" Ciara asked. Jake nodded yes. Ciara said it had been terrifying to look at Allie's beautiful face and see the hatred of the devil in Allie's eyes. "I'm so glad that you're okay," Ben said as he looked at Ciara and the baby. Jake congratulated Ben and Ciara, and he promised to update them on Tripp's condition.

In the ER, Steve stared in horror as Kayla used paddles to restart Tripp's heart. When Ava arrived, she asked Steve what had happened. Kayla stood motionless. "Why are you stopping?" Ava asked. "I'm sorry," Kayla stammered. Steve started to cry, and Ava yelled at Kayla to shock Tripp again. "It's too late. He's gone," Kayla said. "No. He can't be gone," Ava whispered. Ava attempted to go to her son, but Steve held her back. Ava begged Kayla to do something, but Kayla apologized.

"Stop saying you're sorry. You're not!" Ava snapped. "Ava, stop. Please," Steve pleaded. Furious, Ava asked Kayla if she was happy that Ava's child with Steve was dead. "You just let him die," Ava said. Steve shook Ava's shoulders and yelled, "Stop it!" In tears, Steve argued that Kayla had done everything she could have done to save Tripp. "He's gone, and you have to stop this. Out of respect for him," Steve said. Kayla cleared all the doctors out of the room so that Steve and Ava could be alone with Tripp's body.

"He's dead. Our sweet, perfect boy is dead," Ava whispered. Steve pulled Ava into his arms, and they both broke down in sobs. Kayla returned to the nurses' station. "Kay?" John asked. "I did everything I could, but I lost him," Kayla confirmed.

At Nicole's apartment, Johnny asked Marlena if she thought Tripp would survive his fall. Before Marlena could answer, Allie exited Henry's room. "He's sleeping," Allie said. With a shrug, Allie said she did not remember the last time she had seen her son. Marlena assured Allie that everyone had been taking care of Henry for her. "Thank you, but now you need to tell me what happened. What I did," Allie said. Marlena suggested that Allie rest, but Allie insisted.

"Do you remember coming to the mansion to tell me off?" Johnny asked. Allie nodded yes. Johnny told Allie that he had been possessed by the devil. "You figured that out, and you were helping me fight," Johnny said. With a look of comprehension on her face, Allie noted, "He went into me." Johnny told Allie that he had missed her. "I don't remember much, but I missed you, too," Allie said. Marlena sent Allie to her bedroom to rest.

"If Tripp doesn't make it, I don't know what that will do to her," Johnny said. John called Marlena's cell phone. "I'm afraid it's bad news, doc," John said. John told Marlena about Tripp. After the call, Marlena told Johnny that Tripp had passed. "So, he died saving Allie," Johnny said. "No greater love," Marlena whispered. When Johnny said he did not know how they were going to tell Allie, she exited her bedroom.

"Tell me what?" Allie asked. Lucas yelled from the hallway, and Allie rushed to the front door to let Lucas inside. Allie jumped into her father's arms.

At the hospital, John told Kayla that Marlena sent her love. Jake walked around the corner, and he saw the look on John's face. "It's bad, isn't it?" Jake asked. "Tripp died a few minutes ago," John confirmed. "Where's Ava?" Jake asked. "She's with Steve in the trauma room. With Tripp," Kayla confirmed.

In Tripp's room, Steve and Ava stared at the body of their son. "He looks like a little boy," Steve said as he gently brushed his hand against Tripp's cheek. "So many lost years. So much wasted time," Ava lamented. Steve encouraged Ava to think about the time she had been able to spend with her son. "He loved you, Ava," Steve said. Ava smiled. "I'm poison, and he should have just run," Ava whispered. Steve told Ava not to talk like that.

"I didn't deserve a son like you. He sure as hell didn't deserve a mother like me," Ava said. "That's not going to help," Steve counseled. "Maybe I don't deserve to be helped," Ava whispered. Steve put his arm around Ava to comfort her. With a sniffle, Ava climbed onto Tripp's bed so that she could lie next to him and hold him. Steve stood in the corner and wept as Ava kissed her son goodbye. Jake opened the door, and Steve waved him into the room. Jake put his hand on Ava's shoulder. "He's gone. My baby is gone," Ava sobbed. Jake placed his forehead against Ava's head and held her as she cried.

After some time passed, Jake suggested that he take Ava home. Ava caressed her son's face, and she reluctantly stood up. Jake hugged Ava as she cried. Jake reached out and put his hand on Steve's shoulder. "I'm so sorry," Jake said. Steve choked back tears, then he kissed Ava's forehead. As Ava left with Jake, Steve took a seat next to his son's bed. "Why him? Why my boy?" Steve said.

When Kayla returned, Steve was weeping over his son's body. Kayla put her hand on Steve's shoulder to comfort him, and she confirmed that she had called Stephanie and Joey. "My Sweetness," Steve whispered. Steve grabbed Kayla to hug her, and he cried out, "I want my boy!"

As Steve and Kayla cried, Bo's spirit appeared in the room. Bo touched Tripp's head, and Tripp gasped for breath. "Dad?" Tripp said. "Oh, my God! You didn't have a heartbeat or a pulse," Kayla said. Kayla examined Tripp. As Steve told Tripp he was there, Bo's spirit revealed himself to Steve. Bo smiled, then faded away. Tripp called out to Steve.

Down the hallway, Jake helped Ava to the elevator. John approached them. "I'm sorry, Ava," John said. Ava nodded through sobs. As Jake and Ava started to leave, a shocked Steve stumbled over and weakly called out, "Wait!"

When Steve and Ava returned to Tripp's room, Ava gasped when she saw Tripp awake in bed. "Hey, Mom," Tripp said. Ava went over to her son and rested her forehead against his. Tripp asked about Allie. "She's going to be just fine, thanks to you," Kayla said. "Our son, the hero," Steve said. Tripp told his parents that he loved them.

Down the hallway, a stunned Ben walked into Ciara's hospital room. "You're not going to believe this. Kayla pronounced Tripp dead. Then he came back to life," Ben said. Ciara smiled. "I believe it. Remember when my dad said he had something that he had to do," Ciara said. In the ER, Kayla called Roman to tell him, Kate, and Eric the good news.

At Nicole's apartment, Lucas sat on the couch with Allie as Marlena and Johnny stood nearby. "I'm so sorry. I should have been here for you," Lucas said. "There is nothing that anyone could have done. Except Tripp," Allie assured Lucas. After a moment, a teary-eyed Allie asked Johnny if he had received any information on Tripp. "We did," Johnny said. "Did he die because of me?" Allie asked. "Don't say that," Lucas said.

"I never got to tell him how I felt. I never got to tell him that I love him," Allie said. There was a knock at the door. "I'll take care of it," Marlena said. It was John. "Tripp, he pulled through. He is alive, and Kayla thinks he is going to be just fine," John announced.

Paulina pleads with Lani

Paulina pleads with Lani

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah panicked when she saw that Mackenzie wasn't in the baby's room. Xander said that Mackenzie was with Eric, and Sarah demanded to know why. Xander confessed that Eric knew Eric was Mackenzie's father. Xander explained that no one had known if Sarah would ever be able to be a mother again when she had been incapacitated, and it had only been fair for Eric to learn the truth.

Xander tried to dissuade Sarah from going to visit Nicole. When Sarah stepped out of the room for a moment, Maggie entered and was surprised when Xander said he hadn't told Sarah the full truth about Mackenzie. Xander reasoned that he finally had Sarah back in his life and didn't want to lose her again. Later, Xander left the mansion and rushed to the Brady Pub to ask Eric not to leave town and to beg for Eric's help.

Earlier, at Nicole's place, Eric surprised Nicole with a visit and said he'd stopped by to check on Allie. Nicole asked Eric to return later, but Eric announced that he was leaving Salem. Eric and Nicole told each other that their love had made both of them better people. Eric turned to leave, but Nicole stopped him and gave Eric a close hug. Just then, Rafe arrived.

Rafe was surprised to see Eric, but he still wished Eric well on his return to Africa. After Eric left, Rafe confessed that he'd been somewhat jealous to see Eric and Nicole together in such a close way. Nicole assured Rafe that she belonged to him, and she kissed him. Rafe suggested that he and Nicole take their passion into the bedroom, and they left to make love.

Later, Nicole answered a knock at the door and was surprised to see Sarah. "I've come to take my baby home," Sarah said.

At Salem University Hospital, Lani had a nightmare about T.R. After Lani awoke, Eli remarked that Lani still hadn't told him what had happened the night T.R. had been killed. Lani told Eli that he needed to focus on his recovery instead of worrying about a police case. Lani left to visit Paulina at the station.

Also at the hospital, Steve stopped by to visit Abe. Abe confided to Steve that he was concerned about Paulina. Steve said he'd wondered what had really happened before he'd arrived at Paulina's apartment on the night T.R. had died. Steve explained that Paulina had used Lani's gun and asked how Paulina could have gotten her hands on a service weapon.

Abe wondered the same thing, and just then, Eli entered the room. Steve left to return to Tripp's room, and he said goodbye to Abe and Eli. Abe then expressed his outrage that T.R. had almost killed Eli. Eli told Abe that Lani had said something strange. "The only thing that Lani said to me was that Paulina said she shot Ray. Why do you think she put it that way?" Eli asked.

Eli wondered how Paulina had gotten Lani's gun, and Abe flashed back to the night of the shooting when he'd heard Paulina ask, "What have you done?" Abe thought Lani might have been the person Paulina had been talking to that night. Eli was aghast and asked if Abe thought it was possible that Lani had shot T.R.

At the Salem Police Station, Rafe had brought Paulina coffee and questioned her about T.R.'s shooting. Paulina said that she had found Abe unconscious on the floor on the night T.R. had been shot. Paulina added that T.R. had raised his arm to strike her, and she recalled that she'd vowed to never let T.R. hurt her again. "So, I shot the son of a bitch!" Paulina said.

Rafe showed Paulina a photo of the weapon that had been used to shoot T.R. Paulina claimed it had been the same gun she'd fired. Rafe said the gun was Lani's service weapon, and he asked how a cop's gun could have ended up in Paulina's hands. Paulina claimed she had grabbed Lani's gun just as Lani had moved to place T.R. under arrest. Rafe found it hard to believe that Paulina would shoot T.R. because T.R. had been unarmed and in the process of being placed under arrest.

Paulina told Rafe that she had never been able to trust the police in the past whenever T.R. had beaten her because they had always given men a pass. Rafe apologized for the police's past behavior but remained on point about Paulina's claim that T.R. had been told to freeze. Rafe asked again why Paulina had shot an unarmed man. Paulina claimed she'd lost her temper and killed T.R. in the heat of the moment.

Rafe left to visit Nicole when Lani arrived at the station. Lani said that she should be the one under arrest instead of Paulina. Paulina encouraged Lani to stick to Paulina's story, but Lani said she couldn't stand by and let Paulina confess to a crime that Paulina hadn't committed. Lani said she was going to confess to T.R.'s murder. "Like hell you are!" Paulina shouted.

Paulina reminded Lani that Lani was a cop who'd shot an unarmed man, and Paulina said there was no defense for such a crime. Paulina warned that Lani would be sent to prison and lose her job if the truth about the shooting came out. Paulina was indifferent that she could go to prison herself and reasoned that she could perhaps convince a judge and jury that she'd killed T.R. in self-defense because she had a long record of being the victim of spousal abuse.

Paulina said she was ashamed that she hadn't left T.R. when he'd beaten her in the past. Lani said Paulina had shown incredible courage when she'd finally left T.R., but Paulina scoffed and blamed herself for having let T.R. back into all of their lives. Paulina wept as she told Lani that she wasn't going to let T.R. hurt her "baby girl" again. Lani rushed to give Paulina a hug. Paulina begged Lani to let her take the fall for T.R.'s murder.

Eli questions Lani about T.R.'s shooting

Eli questions Lani about T.R.'s shooting

Thursday, May 19, 2022

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Eric laughed off Xander's request for help. "After you blew up my marriage?" Eric snapped. "I'm not asking for me, Eric -- I'm asking for Sarah," Xander clarified.

"What were you thinking?" Eric protested after Xander elaborated. "That I had to protect Sarah -- that I couldn't let her go through the pain of finding out that her baby died all over again --" Xander answered. "Or maybe you were just too scared because you were afraid that Sarah was gonna hate you all over again," Eric guessed before ordering Xander to make things right -- immediately.

At the Walker apartment, Nicole gave Sarah a look of confusion. "You're here to get your baby?" Nicole repeated. "Mickey!" Sarah confirmed.

"Xander said that she was here," Sarah elaborated. "Here? With me?" Nicole sputtered. "Well, no -- he said that she was with Eric...[but] since you and Eric live together, I just assumed she was here," Sarah backpedaled.

"Nicole, it's okay -- you don't have to pretend," Sarah insisted, assuming that Nicole's confusion was just an act. "I know that you told Eric that Mickey is his daughter," Sarah continued. "Don't worry -- Xander explained everything; he said [that] after Kristen had injected me with that drug, no one was sure that I would even be able to be a parent to my little girl anymore, and so you thought it was right that her other parent know the truth," Sarah continued. "You did the right thing -- you know, you risked your relationship and your happiness for my daughter's well-being, and that's a really amazing thing," Sarah concluded.

"I...don't know what to say..." Nicole stammered as Sarah entered the apartment in search of Mackenzie -- and Rafe entered the living room just then, wearing only a towel. "Oh, my God -- are you cheating on Eric?" Sarah challenged Nicole. "Look, you don't understand --" Nicole tried to explain to Sarah. "Yeah, and I don't think that I want to -- I just need to get Mickey --" Sarah reiterated. "I'm sorry -- did you say 'Mickey'?" Rafe interjected. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Sarah wondered. "Sarah, Mickey is..." Nicole began to clarify. "Not here..." Nicole continued. "Because Eric and I split up," Nicole concluded.

"Oh, no -- when I got sick, you told him the truth, and he didn't understand --" Sarah guessed. "No, Sarah, it's not that --" Nicole insisted. "You know what? It doesn't matter -- I just need to find Eric and get my baby, so..." Sarah declared before rushing off, ignoring Nicole's objections.

Xander arrived a short time later, having learned from Maggie that Sarah was missing. Nicole explained what had just happened then advised Xander to tell Sarah the truth right away -- before someone else did. Still conflicted, Xander rushed off to continue searching for Sarah -- and eventually ended up back at the Brady Pub. "How could you?" Sarah, who had been talking to Eric, spat at Xander before storming off in tears. "Thanks a lot, mate," Xander grumbled, realizing that Eric had told Sarah the truth.

Julie ran into Chanel while en route to Sweet Bits -- and was disappointed to learn that the bakery was already closed for the day. "I was just on my way to go visit Mama down at the police station -- I thought she could use a pick-me-up," Chanel, who was carrying a bagful of baked goods in each hand, explained before giving Julie one of the bags. "She could use more than that -- she deserves a medal for what she did," Julie declared after accepting Chanel's offering.

At the police station, Paulina and Lani continued arguing about the best way to handle T.R.'s shooting. "Please, just let me do this -- I will be exonerated --" Paulina insisted. "Even if you are, Paulina, I will still know what I did -- and how am I supposed to do my job like that, [or] face my husband, [or] talk to my children about courage and honesty? I would be a complete hypocrite, [and] I don't want to live like that -- I can't live like that --" Lani countered.

"What are you two arguing about?" Chanel wondered, joining Paulina and Lani in the conference room. "Lani was just blaming herself for not seeing through Ray sooner, [and] I was telling her [that] I was fooled, too -- no need to shoulder the blame alone," Paulina claimed, drawing a shake of the head from Lani, who gave Chanel a hug then rushed off.

Chanel was concerned about the potential fallout of the shooting, but Paulina insisted that everything was going to be just fine. "I want to believe you, but after Daddy, and Johnny, and Allie... No one stays -- no one ever stays!" Chanel fretted before seizing a hug from Paulina. "I'm not going to prison!" Paulina maintained, but Chanel was still worried.

At the hospital, Abe and Eli continued discussing the possibility that Lani, not Paulina, had shot T.R. "If there's more to this story, I can't be blindsided by it," Eli eventually decided before saying goodbye to Abe then starting to rush off in search of answers -- just as Julie arrived, ready to launch into another lecture about how dangerous it was for a person to be wandering unattended around a hospital just a few days after emerging from a months-long coma.

Eli gave Abe a groan then thanked Julie for the concern before continuing to rush off. "What could possibly be so urgent?" Julie incredulously grumbled to Abe after Eli disappeared from view. "He's concerned about this situation with Lani --" Abe began to explain. "Because Paulina shot T.R. Coates? [You know], Paulina deserves a parade, not prison time -- [I mean], that bastard nearly killed my grandson and you, [and] if Paulina hadn't taken that gun and blown him away --" Julie argued. "That's not what happened..." Abe started to object. "What do you mean?" Julie wondered. Abe forced a smile and claimed to have simply been trying to convince Julie that, if nothing else, T.R. had at least loved Lani.

Julie shrugged then changed the subject, urging Abe to march down to the police station as soon as possible and settle the unfinished business of reconciling with Paulina.

Eli was getting dressed when Lani interrupted and demanded to know what was going on. "You need to get back in that bed, Eli -- you are nowhere near ready to leave the hospital --" Lani insisted while entering Eli's room. "You sound like my grandmother..." Eli grumbled before changing the subject, begging Lani for the truth about the shooting.

Lani was defensive at first but eventually made a full confession then started to rush off to the police station to make it official, prompting Eli to warn that it might be best to just stick to the story that was already on record. "I need you, baby -- our kids need you -- and if that wasn't a clean shooting, you're looking at hard time," Eli stressed, stunning Lani.

E.J.'s plans for Gabi go awry

E.J.'s plans for Gabi go awry

Friday, May 20, 2022

As Belle walked by the front of the pub, her phone rang. Jan called, and she asked Belle to meet her at the house to talk. "You know where I live," Jan said. At the Brady house, Jan heard Shawn enter the room behind her, so she ended her call. "Who are you talking to?" Shawn asked. Jan lied and said that she had been talking to a sales associate about a baby outfit.

"Isn't it a little early to be buying baby clothes?" Shawn asked. Jan explained that the outfit was for Ciara's baby. "Aren't you going to thank me for being so thoughtful?" Jan asked. "Thanks. You're all heart," Shawn muttered. As Shawn sat on the couch and worked on his phone, Jan asked to see a picture of baby Bo. Reluctantly, Shawn pulled up a photo on his phone.

"Thank God he's safe and everything turned out okay," Jan said. Jan suggested that she could babysit Bo. "Not a chance in hell," Shawn said with a laugh. Jan acted offended. Jan argued that she would only assist and observe Shawn as he took care of the baby. Shawn shrugged, and he said he would ask Ciara when he saw her. With a nod, Shawn left to visit his sister.

In the DiMera living room, E.J. thanked his son for his help with the company. "It was the least I could do, given everything, you know, that I put you through. I still feel guilty," Johnny said. "I'm just glad you are back, healthy and whole," E.J. said. As Johnny left the room, Chad walked in. E.J. informed Chad that Johnny had given E.J. his proxy vote.

"We're well on our way to being rid of Gabi once and for all," Chad said. When Belle arrived, she informed E.J. that he officially had his own shares back. "I filed the papers this morning," Belle said. Belle added that she had proxies for Theo, Tony, and Kate. "And I reached out to your brother Peter Blake, and he is going to join for your video conference," Belle said. E.J. thanked Belle for her thorough preparations.

"I just wanted to do my part to make things right. You never should have been ousted from DiMera," Belle said. "No, I am ready to reclaim my rightful place at the helm of my father's company, with my brother by my side, of course," E.J. said. E.J. said he had not imagined that he would reconcile with Chad.

"We're a team now. A dynamic duo who will soon be running DiMera together," E.J. said. Chad forced a smile. Belle reiterated that she was sorry for her part in everything, and E.J. stressed that the devil was to blame. "We now know that it wasn't you who framed me; it was Johnny," E.J. said. Chad turned his back to E.J. and Belle, and a look of guilt crossed Chad's face.

Chad stammered that he was happy to work with E.J. to reclaim the company. While Chad stepped outside to call Shin, E.J. asked Belle about Shawn. Belle admitted that she and Shawn had shared a nice moment with Ciara's baby. "And then Jan called and ruined it. She called me earlier, too," Belle said. Belle was reluctant to visit Jan, but E.J. suggested that Belle take the opportunity to tell Jan in person that Jan could not destroy Belle's marriage.

Gabi walked into her office at DiMera, and she called a restaurant to make a reservation for a romantic evening. "It's a big night. We have a lot to celebrate," Gabi said. As Gabi ended her call, Jake walked in. "Here to apologize for being late on the first day?" Gabi complained. Jake explained that he had been held up in HR.

"I'm starting to think that now that I'm here that this was all a big mistake," Jake said. Jake told Gabi that he was not convinced that she was interested in a platonic relationship, because he had overheard her phone call. "And you think that was for you?" Gabi asked. "Wasn't it?" Jake countered. "It was for him," Gabi said as she watched Shin walk into the office. Shin welcomed Jake back to the company. "As you know, I've always been a fan," Shin said. "Of me or her?" Jake said. "Both," Shin said. Shin congratulated Gabi on her recent business acquisition.

"This dinner is to celebrate our success. Why don't you join us?" Shin asked. Gabi interjected, "He probably has plans with his roommate. Plus, I was really looking forward to spending some time with you. Alone." Shin told Gabi that he was eager to brainstorm ideas with her. Gabi mentioned that a new outfit in the summer line was too sexy for the office, and she offered to wear it to their dinner together. As Shin raised his eyebrows in comprehension, his phone rang.

"My brother E.J. and I are calling the shareholders together for a vote to remove Gabi as CEO. Today," Chad said on the call. "I think that's a big mistake, but I'm with Gabi and Jake now. I'll let them know," Shin said. When Shin ended his call, he broke the bad news. Shin assured Gabi that he was on her side.

"I'm confident we'll walk away victorious. I'll see you at the meeting. And tonight? We'll celebrate," Shin said with a grin. After Shin walked out, Gabi muttered, "I am so screwed." Gabi jumped on the computer, and Jake stood behind her and looked over her shoulder. "This is a projection of how the votes are going to go," Gabi explained. Gabi wondered aloud if they should concede defeat.

"The Gabi Hernandez I know would not give up that quickly," Jake said. Jake reminded Gabi that they only needed a tie vote for her to keep her job. Jake called Kate, and she hung up on him. "Can we give up now?" Gabi asked. "Not a chance!" Jake said. Jake called Peter, and he got Peter to agree to side with Gabi.

"Why?" Gabi asked. "Don't know, don't care. All I know now is that it is six to five. One more vote for us, it's a tie," Jake said. Gabi said she was confident that she could sway Johnny, so she called him. When Gabi reminded Johnny that they had been a good team, Johnny countered that she had worked with Satan, not him. "My dad has my proxy, so I can't help you," Johnny said. In frustration, Gabi gave up.

After the toast E.J. and Chad toasted to the family legacy, and they went over to DiMera Enterprises. The brothers met up with Gabi and Jake in her office. "You two don't seriously think you're going to win this thing, do you?" Jake asked. E.J. chuckled. "This thing is my family's legacy, and what I seriously think is that my legitimate brother and I are going to swiftly and permanently take back DiMera from an incompetent interloper," E.J. said. "I'm going to lope over here and set up the video feed," Gabi said.

Shin walked in, and he called the meeting to order. E.J. made a motion to remove Gabi as CEO. Chad handed the proxy votes to Shin. Theo, Kate, Tony, and Johnny voted with Chad and E.J. Gabi handed over Steven Hawke's proxy vote against the motion. With a nod, Shin asked for the votes of those present in the room. With the votes at a six to three majority for E.J.'s motion, Shin checked in with Peter on the video feed for his vote. When Peter voted with Gabi, E.J. jumped to his feet and yelled, "You bloody traitor!"

"It's fine. There is no way they can win, even with Shin's vote," Chad assured E.J. With a grumble, E.J. retook his seat. Shin voted with Gabi, and he announced that the motion was approved. "Miss Hernandez will be removed as CEO," Shin said. E.J. and Chad punched fists in celebration. As Shin announced that the meeting was closed, the video chat buzzed with a call. Gabi answered the video call, and Kristen appeared on the screen. "You didn't forget about me, did you?" Kristen said.

When Belle arrived at her house, Jan was reading a magazine on the couch. "What do you want?" Belle asked. Jan asked Belle to clean out her home office so that Jan could turn the room into a nursery. After taking a deep breath, Belle reminded Jan that Jan's living situation was temporary.

"As soon as that baby is born, you're going back to prison," Belle said. "What about the baby? He or she will need a place to be regardless of where I am," Jan said. After a moment, Jan added that she planned to stay with Shawn and the baby, no matter what. Belle scoffed at the idea. "You're planning to be here? What does that even mean?" Belle asked. Jan explained that she was confident that the judge would release her on good behavior.

"And in this delusion of yours, you're going to come here?" Belle asked. "As often as possible," Jan said. Belle told Jan that she knew Jan wanted to create drama, but Jan's plan would not work. "You're not going to destroy my marriage," Belle said. "Me? You're the one who moved out," Jan said. Belle argued that she and Shawn were committed to their marriage.

"[Shawn] is only letting you stay here because you guilted him into it," Belle said. "Is that why he went to ask Ciara if we could babysit for little Bo?" Jan shot back. Belle laughed. Belle argued that Shawn would never let Jan near his niece. Belle yelled at Jan. "What is going on?" Shawn asked as he returned home.

In the square, an emotional Chanel wiped tears from her eyes. "You okay?" Johnny asked. "I'm just a nervous wreck because of my mother," Chanel admitted. Chanel said she could not believe that her mother had shot T.R. "What if they take her to prison?" Chanel said. Johnny hugged Chanel, and he let her cry on his shoulder.

"It sounds like T.R. got exactly what he deserved, and obviously, I had no idea what kind of man he was when I got into business with him," Johnny said. Johnny held Chanel's hands in his while she confided about how scared she was for Paulina. "I'm also worried sick about Horton," Chanel confessed. Johnny let go of Chanel's hands, and he took a step back.

"Have you seen her since?" Johnny asked. "I thought it would be best if she had some time with Henry and her dad first," Chanel said. Chanel asked Johnny if he was sure that Allie was okay. Johnny nodded yes, and he said it was a blessing that Allie did not remember much of her ordeal. "You've been through a nightmare, too. I'm so sorry," Chanel said quietly. Chanel and Johnny stared into one another's eyes.

"At least you saved her in the end," Chanel said with a smile. "No. I didn't save her. Tripp did," Johnny said. Johnny explained what Tripp had done to rescue Allie. "I can't believe he did that after she cheated on him with me," Chanel said. "Tripp said none of that mattered because of the way that he felt about her," Johnny explained. Confused, Chanel said she thought Tripp hated Allie and would never forgive her.

"It's got nothing to do with forgiveness. It's about love. When you love somebody that much, you'll do anything for them. I know how that feels," Johnny said. Chanel shifted uncomfortably. "I want to go see how Tripp is doing," Chanel said. Johnny offered to go with Chanel. "I'd like that," Chanel said.

At the hospital, a battered Tripp talked to his mother on the phone. Tripp assured Ava that he wanted her to stay home and rest. As Tripp ended his call, Allie walked into the room. "How you feeling?" Tripp asked. "Okay. You look --" Allie started. "Terrible. I know," Tripp said with a smirk. Tripp asked about Henry, and Allie told him that Lucas was at the park with him. When Tripp asked Allie if she preferred to spend time with her father, she shook her head no.

"I wanted to come see you, Tripp. To thank you for saving my life," Allie said. "I had to stop [the devil]. Make sure he couldn't hurt you again," Tripp said. "You could have died! Actually, you did for a little while," Allie said. Tripp smirked. "Guess I'm a hard guy to kill," Tripp said. Allie sighed.

"I would never have forgiven myself if we'd lost you," Allie whispered. Allie asked Tripp why he had attempted to sacrifice his life for her after everything she had done to him. "Because, despite all of that, I can't deny what's in my heart. I still love you, Allie," Tripp said. Tripp explained that his father had helped him understand that he had lashed out in anger to hide how hurt he had been.

"When I found out that you were possessed, that your body had been violated by this evil being, it reminded me of --" Tripp said. "Charlie," Allie interrupted. Tripp nodded yes. "I promised you I would never let you get hurt like that again," Tripp whispered. "You didn't need to protect me. I never expected you to do that," Allie said. "I never expected that I would," Tripp countered. Tripp told Allie that he had realized how much he still loved her when he'd realized she might die.

"What you did, it was too much," Allie said. Tripp disagreed. "I wanted you to live and for Henry to have his mom. If there was anything, anything at all that I could do to make that happen, I was going to do that. No matter what it cost," Tripp said. Tripp stressed that he had had no choice but to make the choice he had made. As Allie frowned, Tripp assured her that she did not need to say anything.

"But I do. I need to tell you how I feel about you, Tripp. Because I still love you, too," Allie said. Tripp remained silent. "You can't be that surprised. I mean, even after everything blew up with us, I still wanted to marry you. To raise Henry with you," Allie said. Tears glistened in Tripp's eyes. Tripp asked Allie to be honest about her feelings for Chanel.

"I know it's possible to love two people at the same time," Tripp said. Tripp asked Allie if she loved Chanel, too. Before Allie could answer, Chanel walked in. A relieved Chanel hugged Allie. "I have been so worried about you. Are you really all right?" Chanel asked. Tripp appeared resigned, and he looked away. Allie asked Chanel about her mother. Chanel admitted that there was a lot to worry about.

"[Johnny] also told me that I hurt you. I'm so sorry," Allie said. "That was not your fault. All that matters is that you're back," Chanel stressed. With a smile, Allie told Chanel that they needed to talk, and Chanel agreed. "But right now, I just want to do this," Chanel said. Chanel hugged Allie again. Tripp saw the hug, and he looked away again. Johnny walked into the room.

"I didn't know you were going to be here," Johnny said to Allie. Johnny asked Tripp how he felt. "Not bad. What brings you by?" Tripp asked. Johnny explained that he and Chanel had wanted to check on him. "G told me you saved Horton's life. We could not be more grateful," Chanel said. "All of us, my whole family, we owe you a lot. You're a real hero," Johnny added. Tripp looked down, and he whispered, "I don't know about that. "I do," Allie said. Tripp gave Allie a nod.

Johnny offered to give Allie and Tripp privacy. "We'll talk," Chanel told Allie. As Allie nodded yes, Johnny and Chanel walked out hand in hand. "Do you want me to leave, too?" Allie asked. "No, I'd really like it if you stayed," Tripp said. Allie took a seat next to Tripp, and he asked her if she had an answer for the question he had asked before Chanel had visited. Allie averted her eyes. "I think I just got my answer," Tripp whispered.

In the hospital hallway, Johnny apologized again to Chanel about the devil's antics. "I know it wasn't your fault," Chanel said. "I haven't stopped thinking about you. Not for one minute," Johnny said. Chanel said she did not want to talk about their relationship. "I just want to remind you what I said to my family when we first got back to Salem after we got married. I said that I was totally committed to you, and that hasn't changed," Johnny said. Johnny told Chanel that he wanted to support her. "I still love you," Johnny said. Johnny kissed Chanel.

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