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Johnny proposed to Chanel. Tripp asked Allie to let him go. Rafe and Nicole got engaged. Kristen voted with Gabi and Jake to retain control of DiMera. Kristen asked Jake to betray Gabi. Jan suffered cramping after a fight with Belle. E.J. told Belle about Clyde's past. Leo drugged Sonny and taunted Nancy. Sarah pushed Xander away, but Eric urged her to forgive him. Eric was defrocked. Gabi slept with Li Shin. Jake slept with Ava. Eli lied to Abe to protect Lani. Xander asked Chanel for advice. Abe told Paulina that he loved her. E.J. kissed Belle.
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Rafe and Nicole got engaged, Jake and Ava had sex, and Johnny proposed to Chanel
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Kristen causes chaos for the DiMera family

Kristen causes chaos for the DiMera family

Monday, May 23, 2022

by Mike

E.J., Chad, Jake, Gabi, and Shin were all surprised when Kristen interrupted their meeting, joining them via videoconference from an undisclosed location. "Fam, I'm trying not to be offended that no one bothered to tell me about this meeting --" Kristen grumbled. "We didn't know where to find you!" E.J. explained. "How'd you even hear about it? We scheduled it, like, two hours ago!" Chad added. "I have my ways..." Kristen teased.

E.J. and Chad took turns informing Kristen that the meeting's sole order of business had already been settled, and Jake and Gabi took turns complaining that another vote against them would only add insult to injury. "I hereby vote 'nay' on the motion," Kristen announced, infuriating Chad and E.J. while delighting Gabi, Jake, and Shin. "Why the hell are you doing this?" E.J. wondered. "Besides the fact that it's so much fun?" Kristen responded.

Shawn was alarmed to catch Belle and Jan in the midst of a shouting match at the Brady house -- but was quick to intervene and demand an explanation. "She just came in here out of nowhere and started screaming at me!" Jan declared. "She asked me to come over here [because] she wants to turn my office into a nursery!" Belle clarified. "The baby needs somewhere to sleep -- I was just being practical," Jan reasoned.

"She is trying to drive us further and further apart -- it is her goal in life; it always has been!" Belle fretted to Shawn. "Why would I bother to drive you and Shawn further apart when you're already doing such a fine job of it yourself?" Jan countered, flashing Belle a smirk -- and they soon resumed their shouting match.

Shawn again intervened, refusing to go along with Jan's idea to turn Belle's office into a nursery. "Well, then, I guess our baby will have to sleep in Claire's room, [and] I'll move into yours," Jan suggested to Shawn as a compromise, further annoying Belle. "Wouldn't you want to sleep in the same room with your baby?" Belle challenged Jan. "I read that it's better for the child to sleep in his or her own room -- it makes them less reliant on the parent, more able to self-soothe --" Jan explained. "You just made that up!" Belle argued -- and Jan quickly changed the subject, excitedly offering Shawn an opportunity to finally experience one of the great joys for expecting parents. "The baby's kicking!" Jan elaborated before recalling that Belle's involvement with Philip had robbed Shawn of the opportunity to feel Claire's kicks years earlier. "You hateful bitch!" Belle spat, lunging at Jan.

Shawn intervened once again, begging Belle and Jan to be civil with each other. Jan agreed then changed the subject again, wondering how Shawn's conversation with Ciara had gone. Shawn began to explain that the conversation hadn't occurred because Ciara had been asleep -- and Belle listened in disbelief, realizing that Jan had been telling the truth when they had discussed Shawn's whereabouts. Belle demanded to know why Shawn would ever even consider approaching Ciara with a request to let "some homicidal maniac" babysit Bo, prompting Jan to argue that the child's father wasn't exactly a saint. Belle insisted that Jan would be going back to prison immediately after childbirth and therefore wouldn't need any practice with babies. Jan was optimistic about the possibility of avoiding further prison time, but Belle vowed to fight any motion for a suspended sentence.

Belle's threat horrified Jan and prompted yet another round of their shouting match -- which ended when Jan cried out in pain then fretted to Shawn that something was wrong with their baby.

At the hospital, Allie gave Tripp a look of confusion. "What do you mean, you just got your answer?" Allie wondered. "I asked you before if you still love Chanel...[but then] I saw the way you jumped into each other's arms, [so]..." Tripp clarified. "Chanel and I hadn't seen each other since I almost died [and] since she realized that everything I've been doing and saying the past few weeks hasn't really been me, [so]...yeah, I was emotional and relieved, [but]..." Allie tried to argue before admitting, when pressed, that Tripp was right about there being more to the story.

"I want to be with someone who loves me with their whole heart," Tripp stressed. "You deserve that -- you deserve everything," Allie declared. "I think that you're grateful and that you care about me, but I don't think you're in love with me -- [so, look], it's okay to let me go...and, honestly, it'd be the nicest thing that you could do for me," Tripp continued before assuring Allie that they would always be friends.

After passionately kissing Chanel at the nurses' station, Johnny spontaneously suggested that they should get remarried -- immediately. "A part of me wants to just go running back into your arms and pretend like the last couple of months didn't happen...but they did," Chanel protested, adding that being in love with both Johnny and Allie was one of the lasting consequences of the devil's reign of terror.

"I just feel like I'm not ready to make any major decisions right now," Chanel concluded. "That's not a 'no'!" Johnny noted, and Chanel confirmed the observation. "Can we wait and see?" Chanel requested -- but Belle approached before Johnny could answer the question. Belle had a brief conversation with Johnny and Chanel then continued searching for Shawn and Jan -- and overheard them bonding over their baby's health scare, which had turned out to be a false alarm.

Johnny agreed to wait for Chanel to sort things out. "I do love your sister -- but I still love you, too," Chanel assured Johnny -- just as Allie approached. Allie tearfully filled Johnny and Chanel in on what had just happened with Tripp. Chanel offered a few words of comfort then rushed off to the bakery, leaving Allie alone with Johnny.

Jan objected to Belle's presence due to the risk of further stress, and Shawn apologetically agreed with that concern. Belle headed off to the DiMera mansion in search of E.J., and they drowned their sorrows as they lounged on the living room couch together and took turns venting to each other about their respective defeats.

Gabi headed off to the town square's bar to celebrate with Shin -- to the dismay of Jake, who was alone at DiMera Enterprises when Kristen started another videoconference. "I just did you a big favor -- if Gabi had been ousted, E.J. and Chad would have thrown you out on your ass," Kristen stressed. "Gabi's CEO for now...but she's not a DiMera -- we are," Kristen continued. "Oh, Jake, I've got a feeling that you and I are gonna do great things together..." Kristen concluded, prompting Jake to start squirming with concern.

E.J. tells Belle about Clyde

E.J. tells Belle about Clyde

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Belle sat on the DiMera living room couch with E.J., and she complained about Jan. "I should probably stick to drinking and companionable silence," Belle grumbled. When E.J. remarked that Clyde had imbibed all the good scotch, Belle asked why Clyde had been inside the mansion. E.J. told Belle about Clyde's business proposition.

"[Clyde] thought that if he got me involved in something illegal, I wouldn't be able to turn him in to the authorities," E.J. said. "What did he do?" Belle asked. E.J. muttered that he should not have said anything. "I can't breathe a word of anything you tell me in confidence, so spill it," Belle said. E.J. groaned.

"If [Clyde] finds out that you know what I know, it could put your life in danger," E.J. said. "Jan already has it in for me, so what is one more target on my back?" Belle joked. Reluctantly, E.J. recounted the night of his shooting.

"Why would you keep this a secret?" Belle asked. "I had no memory of this meeting [with Clyde] until they sent me to prison, and I was put in the same cell as Clyde," E.J. said. E.J. explained that he had pieced together the memory while he'd been in prison. "E.J., you have to go to the police about this," Belle said. E.J. shook his head no.

"The reason that Clyde and I had a meeting in the park was because he was working for me [running drugs]," E.J. said. Belle groaned in frustration. E.J. argued that he had been desperate at the time. Belle argued that she could strike a deal with the police to keep E.J. out of prison. "That's not what I'm worried about," E.J. said. E.J. explained that Clyde had threatened E.J.'s family.

"Once I was released, [Clyde's] old chum Orpheus made sure to let me know the threat was real," E.J. said. E.J. argued that the threat would exist whether Clyde was free or not. "You can't let [Clyde] get away with this," Belle said. E.J. told Belle that he had a plan that would guarantee that Clyde could never hurt anyone ever again.

"And does this plan involve killing Clyde?" Belle asked. E.J. remained silent. Worried, Belle said, "I'm not talking to you as your lawyer now. I'm talking to you as someone who really cares about you. Don't be an idiot. You cannot take the law into your own hands." E.J. pointed out that Belle had told him that she cared about him. "Of course, I do. You've been my brother-in-law for like a zillion years," Belle said. When E.J. confessed that he had not believed that Belle liked him, Belle explained that she had grown fond of him once she had gotten to know him during his trial.

"I see you differently now that you and Sami are done," Belle added. "Differently how?" E.J. asked. Belle changed the subject back to Clyde. "Let me figure out a legal way to bring Clyde to justice," Belle said. Belle suggested they get food while they brainstormed. As Belle rose to her feet, she wavered, and E.J. caught her. "A bit tipsy, are we?" E.J. said. Belle and E.J. stared into one another's eyes for a moment. E.J. suggested they call the driver.

At Ben and Ciara's apartment, Ben introduced Bo to Clyde. Clyde was disappointed that Ben had named the baby after Ciara's father, but Ben noted that baby Bo's last name was Weston. "He is named after both of you," Ben said. "I guess you're right. And seeing as how Bo is dead, I'm little Bo's one and only grandpa, anyway, right?" Clyde said. A look of disgust crossed Ben's face, and he asked Clyde never to repeat that in front of Ciara. Ben handed Bo over to Clyde to hold.

"He looks a little bit like me," Clyde said. After a few moments, Clyde handed Bo back to Ben. With a grin, Clyde announced that he needed to get ready for his date. Ben told Clyde that he was proud of Clyde for turning his life around.

In Eric's room above the pub, Sarah cried as she looked at a photo of Mickey. "I just can't believe our little girl is gone. And that Xander switched our child with Brady and Kristen's," Sarah said. Eric hugged Sarah and let her cry on his shoulder.

"It's new for you. Is there anything I can do to help?" Eric asked. Sarah said she needed time. Eric encouraged Sarah to eat something, and she reluctantly agreed. "I'm going to wait for you downstairs," Eric said. After Eric left, Sarah's phone rang. It was Xander. Sarah rejected the call.

Nicole and Rafe walked into the pub with Holly. Eric walked down the stairs, and Holly called out to him. Holly told Eric that she had missed him. "Are you going to get back together with mommy?" Holly asked. Nicole reminded Holly that Eric was a priest and that Nicole was dating Rafe. Eric told Holly that he was there for a short visit.

"I thought you were going back to Africa tonight?" Rafe asked. Eric explained that he had extended his visit so that he could support Sarah. "[Sarah] has been through so much, and none of this is her fault," Nicole said. Rafe took Holly back into the kitchen so that Nicole and Eric could talk privately.

"I told Xander, man up and tell her," Nicole said. "Well, he didn't. So, I had to," Eric said. Eric noted that Sarah had been devastated all over again. When Nicole asked if Sarah was furious with Xander, Eric huffed. "Furious does not even begin to touch it," Eric said. Sarah stepped out of the stairwell, and Nicole smiled at her.

"I'm sorry about this morning," Sarah said. "I understand," Nicole countered. When Sarah mentioned that Xander had told her that Nicole had the baby, Nicole shook her head. "I can't believe he did that," Nicole said. With tears in her eyes, Sarah told Nicole that she thought Nicole made a great couple with Rafe. Rafe and Holly returned.

"I think the same thing," Rafe said. Holly hugged Eric goodbye then she left with Rafe and Nicole. Eric grabbed food, and he and Sarah returned upstairs to eat in his room. "It was good to see Nicole," Sarah whispered. Sarah wiped away tears, and she thanked Eric for his kindness.

"Mickey was your daughter, too, so it's probably not easy watching me relive it all," Sarah said. "I'm sorry you're in so much pain. But I'm glad that I'm here with you. I just want you to know there is always going to be a piece of me that grieves for Mickey, too," Eric said. Eric told Sarah that over time, her pain would become more manageable. "Right now, it seems like it is too much to bear," Sarah said. Eric hugged Sarah as she cried.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny asked Xander why he was at the house. Xander explained that he had been hoping to see Sarah. "I just want to make sure she is all right," Xander said. Xander told Sonny what had happened. "She didn't hear [about Mickey] from you?" Sonny asked. "I was only thinking of her," Xander argued.

With a grin, Sonny noted that Sarah had to hate Xander's guts. "I just need to talk to her and tell her how she got through all this before. She ended up realizing that she still loved me, and Sarah would've married me if she hadn't run into Kristen DiMera the night before the wedding," Xander said. Sonny argued that Xander could not force Sarah to remember her love for him. With a sigh, Xander said he could not bear to watch Sarah suffer through the loss of her daughter again.

"Give her some time. You know, maybe she'll find another way to forgive you," Sonny advised. "And if she doesn't, I could lose Sarah for good this time," Xander lamented. Xander wanted to go find Sarah, but Sonny advised Xander to stay home. Xander argued that he did not want advice from someone in a long-distance relationship.

"Out of sight, out of mind. You should be reminding Will how miserable he would be without you. Which is exactly what I'm going to do for Sarah right now," Xander said. Xander marched out. "Yeah, that'll work," Sonny muttered. Sonny sat at the desk and worked on his computer. Xander returned with a package he had found in the foyer.

"Since when do you deliver packages?" Sonny asked. "I can't do something nice for my own flesh and blood?" Xander countered. Sonny raised an eyebrow at Xander. "And I forgot my phone," Xander admitted. While Xander grabbed his phone, Sonny opened his package. Sonny announced that the package was a gift from Will.

"What was that you said about out of sight, out of mind?" Sonny said with a grin. "I believe I said bite me," Xander countered. As Xander walked out, Sonny nibbled on cookies from Will's care package.

In the square, Nancy talked on the phone to Bonnie. Nancy spotted Leo across the square, and she raised an eyebrow. "Sounds like somebody has a big date," Leo said as Nancy ended her call. Nancy stressed that it was not Leo's business. "Are you sure this one's straight?" Leo asked. Nancy started to walk away, but Leo stepped in front of her.

"I was just wondering if you've spoken to Craig," Leo said. Nancy confirmed that she spoke to Craig regularly. "You broke his heart, you little two-timing weasel," Nancy said. Nancy advised Leo to leave Craig alone. "I care about him. I just want to know how he is doing," Leo protested. Nancy disagreed.

"You don't need to be so hostile. Just because he left your tired, old ass for me," Leo complained. Nancy laughed. "He left you, too, didn't he?" Nancy said. Nancy argued that if Leo had truly loved Craig, then Leo would have been honest with him. "And now, Leo, you have lost him forever," Nancy said. Leo argued that Craig would forgive him.

"Not a chance in hell. And you want to know why? You are going to spend the rest of your pathetic, little life all alone. And it is exactly what you deserve," Nancy said. "You miserable, old hag!" Leo yelled. Leo grabbed Nancy's wig, and he yanked it off of her head. Nancy yelled at Leo and hit him with her purse. Rafe ran around the corner to help Nancy.

As Nicole and Holly watched from across the square, Nancy explained to Rafe that Leo had taken her wig. "Give the lady back her property, or I swear to God, I will run you in," Rafe growled. "Fine. Here is your ugly old wig. I've got more important things to deal with, anyway," Leo said. Leo marched off.

"You okay?" Rafe asked. Nancy nodded yes. After Rafe walked away with Nicole and Holly, Leo returned. "You stay away from me," Nancy warned Leo. Leo asked Nancy to tell Chloe that she was on his list. "What list?" Nancy asked. "You'll soon find out," Leo countered.

When Rafe and Nicole returned to her apartment, Rafe gave Holly a stuffed dog. Nicole smiled as Holly hugged Rafe. After Nicole tucked Holly into bed, Rafe gave Nicole a new Duke doll. "This version has something extra," Rafe said. Nicole reached into the bear's pocket and pulled out an engagement ring.

At Ben and Ciara's apartment, Ciara woke up from her nap. "I think it might be time to feed him," Ciara said. While Ciara tended to Bo, Ben answered the door. "I'm Nancy Miller. You must be Ben," Nancy said. Ben shook Nancy's hand. When Ben introduced Nancy to Ciara, Nancy explained that her daughter had gone to school with Shawn.

"That's right, you're Chloe's mom," Ciara said. Nancy congratulated Ben and Ciara on their new baby, and she told Ciara that she was glad their ordeal with the devil was over. "[Clyde] told me how much you two love each other," Nancy said. Nancy noted that Clyde had worried about Ben's mental state if he had lost Ciara. "I got my whole world under my arm right now. So, what my dad said is true," Ben said.

Clyde joined everyone in the living room. "You have a beautiful family," Nancy said. "I sure do," Clyde agreed. "Don't stay out too late," Ben said. After Clyde and Nancy left, Ciara noted that Nancy had "seemed nice." "It seems like he really likes her," Ben said.

On a walk in the square, Nancy told Clyde about her fight with Leo. "Are you saying that this little punk actually roughed you up?" Clyde asked. "If Rafe Hernandez hadn't come along, I really don't know what would have happened," Nancy said. Clyde asked Nancy to point out Leo if they saw him. "Very sweet of you to be so protective," Nancy said. "Well, sure I am. You're my woman," Clyde said. With a smile, Nancy changed the subject to Ben, Ciara, and baby Bo.

"And you didn't tell me how good-looking Ben was," Nancy teased. "Good looks run in the family," Clyde said with a grin. Nancy kissed Clyde's cheek. Clyde bought flowers for Nancy, and they headed over to the restaurant for dinner. E.J. and Belle walked around the corner. "Looks like I'm not the only person with a hot date tonight," Clyde said. Belle looked alarmed, but Nancy smiled.

"Are you two?" Nancy asked. E.J. and Belle vigorously shook their heads no. "It's just a work thing," Belle said. Clyde wished them a good evening, and he walked off with Nancy. "What do you think that was about?" Belle whispered. "I would very much like to know," E.J. said.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny sent a video to thank Will and Arianna for the cookies. After Sonny sent his video, Leo walked in with an edible arrangement of fruit. "How the hell did you get in this house?" Sonny asked. Leo presented the fruit as a "peace offering." Sonny ordered Leo to leave. Leo explained that he wanted to congratulate Sonny on the new job, but Sonny rolled his eyes.

"The last time I saw you, if I recall correctly, you vowed to ruin my life," Sonny said. Leo waved his hand dismissively. Leo told Sonny that his run-in with Nancy had shown him that anger was not healthy. Sonny clutched his heart mockingly. "Oh, my God. You had a growing experience?" Sonny joked. "I did. This is me turning over a new leaf," Leo said. Sonny joked that the fruit was poisoned, so Leo grabbed a piece and ate it.

Sonny's phone beeped with a message from Will. "What cookies? We didn't send you anything," Sonny read aloud. Leo smirked. Sonny slowly rose to his feet. "It was you," Sonny whispered. Sonny fell to the ground, unconscious. "I told you there is nothing wrong with the fruit. Now the cookies, on the other hand, clearly a health hazard," Leo said.

In Eric's room at the pub, Sarah thanked Eric. "I hate that I'm doing this to you," Sarah said. "I want to be here," Eric stressed. Eric told Sarah that he would always be her friend. "You can hide out here as long as you want to," Eric said. Sarah said she wanted to avoid Xander. There was a knock at the door. Sarah groaned.

"Sarah? We have to talk," Xander said through the door. Eric offered to get rid of Xander, but Sarah declined. "May as well suck it up and get it over with," Sarah muttered. Eric opened the door. "I want to talk to Sarah alone please," Xander said. Sarah asked Eric to stay. "Say what you need to say and then go," Sarah said.

"First, I'm just so sorry I didn't know how to tell you about Mickey, and I lied. That was wrong. It's not the first time I've mucked things up between us," Xander said. Sarah gaped. "You played God with my life. You let me get attached to a child that wasn't mine instead of just grieving for the one I lost, and then you lied about it," Sarah said. Xander nodded in agreement.

"All I can say is I was not trying to hurt you," Xander whispered. Sarah argued that the only way to deal with a tragedy was to face it. "I don't think you understand how people live," Sarah said. "I'll change. I'll learn. I'll do anything if it means you can forgive me," Xander pleaded. When Sarah noted that it would be impossible to forgive Xander, he said, "You did it before."

"Don't you know that I am not the same woman anymore?" Sarah said. "But we were going to get married. We were so happy," Xander said. Sarah shook her head in disbelief. "I don't know what I could have been thinking back then, because there is no way that I could ever marry you now," Sarah said. Sarah asked Xander to leave.

"At least let me drive you home. Maggie is worried sick about you," Xander said. "I can't go back to that house right now. There are too many bad memories," Sarah said through tears. Sarah explained that Eric had said she could stay with him. "And the Vatican is cool with that," Xander grumbled. "Xander!" Sarah snapped. Eric opened the door, and he told Xander to leave. Xander swore he would not give up. "I'm not going to lose you," Xander said.

Ava and Jake make love

Ava and Jake make love

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

At Salem University Hospital, Ava asked if she could have a word with Kayla in private. Ava apologized to Kayla for how she'd reacted when Ava had thought Tripp had died. Ava recalled that she'd waited years to have Tripp in her life, and she said that she'd lost her mind when Kayla had pronounced Tripp dead. Ava added that Kayla was a wonderful doctor, and she vowed to work on being more friendly and gracious toward Kayla in the future.

After Ava left, Kayla joined Steve in Tripp's room and told Steve and Tripp about Ava's sincere and heartfelt apology. Steve and Tripp were both impressed and surprised by Ava's kind gesture. Steve asked if Tripp had had any visitors, and Tripp revealed that Allie had visited him. Tripp recalled that Allie had said she loved Tripp, but Allie had said she also loved Chanel. Tripp said that he would always care about Allie, but he added the two of them would never be more than just friends. "I want to be with someone who's in love with me, and only me. I don't think that's too much to ask for," Tripp said.

Steve and Kayla agreed with Tripp, who noticed the time and told Steve and Kayla to go enjoy a nice dinner somewhere in town. Alone in his room, Tripp was saddened to think he and Allie would never be more than friends.

At the nurses' station, Steve saw that Kayla looked distracted. Kayla admitted that she'd been thinking of Tripp and how heartbroken Tripp was over losing Allie. Kayla said she had an idea to cheer Tripp up. Later, Steve and Kayla entered Tripp's room and surprised him with pizza.

At Nicole's place, Nicole was surprised to find an engagement ring from Rafe in the stuffed animal he'd just given her. Rafe asked Nicole to marry him, and Nicole initially expressed reluctance. Nicole wondered why Rafe had suddenly proposed when the two had never discussed marriage before. Rafe thought that someone might be giving Nicole a reason to pause. "Who?" Nicole asked. "Eric," Rafe said.

Nicole assured Rafe that she was no longer in love with Eric. Rafe said that he had bought the engagement ring weeks earlier and had waited for the right time to propose. Rafe said the reason he'd asked Nicole to marry him was because he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Nicole walked back her initial response and told Rafe that he made her feel special and valued. Nicole added that she was in love with Rafe, and she remarked that Holly adored Rafe. Nicole asked Rafe to propose to her again, and when he did, she said yes. Rafe and Nicole kissed, and he slipped the ring on her hand. Nicole kissed Rafe, and the two made love, with Nicole wearing the ring on her finger.

At the Brady Pub, Eric told Roman and Kate that he'd let Sarah spend the previous night in Eric's room upstairs. Kate thought that Sarah's overnight stay with Eric might cause a problem in the eyes of the Catholic Church. Just then, Eric was surprised when his phone rang. "It's the Vatican," a stunned Eric said.

After his call ended, Eric told Roman and Kate that the call had been from one of the American Cardinals in Rome, and he'd said the church had taken steps to remove Eric from the priesthood. Roman was shocked and asked why Eric's priesthood was in jeopardy. Eric said that it was because he'd performed two unauthorized exorcisms. Roman encouraged Eric to fight, but Eric said that the phone call had only been a formality. Kate suggested there was perhaps a silver lining to Eric's news. "You're no longer a priest, so maybe now you can get back together with Nicole," Kate said.

Roman added that Eric could still help people when he was away from the priesthood, and he called Nicole the love of Eric's life. Roman and Kate tried to assure Eric that he still had a potential future with Nicole. Eric was adamant that Nicole had moved on with Rafe, but Kate thought Nicole might change her mind if Nicole knew that Eric still had feelings for her. Roman hugged Eric and reminded Eric that he was a good son. After Roman and Kate left, Eric stared at a martini glass but eventually pushed it aside.

At the town square's bar, Gabi and Shin toasted to Gabi's success at DiMera Enterprises. Jake spotted Gabi and Shin in a happy moment and walked over to their table. Jake said that he'd brought over some contracts for Gabi to sign. Shin invited Jake to stay for a drink, but Gabi seemed to want to rush Jake away. Jake turned down Shin's offer and left.

After Jake left, Shin brought up the tension between Gabi and Jake. Shin said that he'd seen couples who'd broken up try to coexist in the office and that it usually wasn't possible. Gabi assured Shin that she and Jake were cordial, and Shin suggested that he and Gabi go to his hotel room for a nightcap. Shin said he admired Gabi as a businesswoman and admitted that he found Gabi attractive, as well. Shin hoped the feeling was mutual. Gabi said that it was and agreed to a nightcap.

In Shin's room, Gabi and Shin toasted to their success at DiMera then kissed and undressed each other passionately. Gabi and Shin made love and lay in bed together. Gabi rolled over and seemed to have something -- or someone -- on her mind.

Later, at Jake's place, Ava welcomed Jake home and told him that Tripp was expected to make a full recovery. Ava said that she would have never gotten through Tripp's ordeal without Jake by her side. Ava made an Italian dinner, and Jake told Ava that the food was perfect. "Just like the company," Jake added.

Ava and Jake began to make out, and Ava admitted that she'd wanted Jake since the night she'd moved in with him. Ava and Jake undressed one another in a frenzy and made love. Jake held Ava as the two fell asleep. Jake also seemed to have something -- or someone -- on his mind as Ava fell asleep.

Nicole and Rafe talk to Holly about their engagement

Nicole and Rafe talk to Holly about their engagement

Thursday, May 26, 2022

by Mike

At the hospital, Abe received a visit from Eli, who was wearing street clothes and carrying a garment bag. "Well, looks like somebody's been discharged..." Abe observed before bragging that Eli wasn't the only patient who was going to be heading home that day. "Lani mentioned that -- she brought some clothes for you," Eli responded before setting aside the garment bag, earning a nod of thanks from Abe.

Abe was eager to know if Lani had shot T.R., but Eli stuck to the story that Paulina had pulled the trigger.

Justin entered the police station and joined Paulina in one of the conference rooms. "What happened in court?" Paulina began. "They denied you bail," Justin answered. "Again?" Paulina sputtered.

"It's because I'm rich, right? They think I'm a flight risk!" Paulina grumbled. "The judge didn't deny you bail because you're 'a flight risk' -- he denied you bail because you confessed to killing a man!" Justin clarified. "Penalized for being honest..." Paulina translated. "Were you being honest?" Justin wondered.

"On second thought...don't [answer that, because] if I want to get this confession thrown out, I need every argument at my disposal, and if I know that this is a fabrication, the ethics could get real murky," Justin backpedaled. "[Just] explain to me how you were able to get Lani's gun out of its holster -- [because, you see], a police officer's weapon is secured in place by a snap, so in order for you to grab Lani's weapon away from her, you would have had to first unsnap it and then pull it out...and, according to your statement, Lani didn't notice you doing that," Justin concluded. "Lani came in with her gun drawn -- maybe she forgot to snap it back into place," Paulina reasoned. "Right..." Justin muttered before rushing off to continue preparing for Paulina's trial. Later, Abe arrived and admitted to still being in love with Paulina, who was delighted to hear that -- but was concerned that they might not have much of a future together.

Sarah was sulking at the Brady Pub when Xander called from the Salem Inn. "I don't have anything to say to you, so...please stop calling me!" Sarah snapped before hanging up on Xander.

"You sure that's a good idea?" Eric, who had just returned from a jog, challenged Sarah. "Eric, I love you so much, but I really don't need a priest right now," Sarah responded. "Well, lucky for you, I'm not one anymore," Eric countered, prompting Sarah to apologize for the insensitive comment.

"So, what are you gonna do now?" Sarah wondered. "I spoke to somebody that I worked with [in Africa], and when they found out that some members of my family were possessed by the devil, they weren't very eager for my return, [so...guess] I get to stick around for a little while," Eric answered. "Well, selfishly, I'm glad...but don't worry that you'll be stuck with me 24/7 -- I think I should find somewhere to stay..." Sarah stressed. "Maybe you should think about going back to Xander -- [I mean], priest or no priest, I still believe in forgiveness," Eric declared.

While passing through the town square, Chanel noticed that Lani was sitting on a bench and seemed to be upset about something. "You [look] lost," Chanel began after getting Lani's attention. "I was thinking about the shooting and [about] watching T.R. die in front of me... I just keep hearing the last thing that he said to me..." Lani explained. "Let it out," Chanel recommended. Lani shuddered while recalling T.R.'s final words -- "I love you; I forgive you" -- then shared only the first part of the statement with Chanel, who guessed that there were mixed emotions attached to that memory.

Chanel eventually changed the subject, fretting to Lani about Paulina's potential fate. "She's the only parent I have left, you know? I'm not ready to lose her!" Chanel admitted. "Chanel, there's something that I have to tell you..." Lani responded. Xander plopped down on Lani and Chanel's bench just then and begged for help. "Sarah hung up on me -- I mean, she answered the phone with the sole purpose of hanging up on me --" Xander began to explain. "Okay, well, maybe it's because you weren't getting the signals that she didn't want to talk to you -- that you were interrupting --" Chanel tried to stress.

Xander interrupted again, conceding that Chanel was probably right. "See, that's why I need you -- [I mean], I'm starting to realize that I don't know a lot about women, [and] with Jack gone, I don't have any friends, [so]..." Xander begged Chanel again -- and Lani seized the opportunity to rush off.

Xander filled Chanel in on everything that had happened with Sarah. "Okay, this town is beyond weird..." Chanel declared at the end of Xander's tale. "Can you imagine? You get dumped by someone [and] go through all the pain of thinking that they don't want to be with you anymore...and then, later on, you find out that they weren't actually the one who did it --" Xander challenged Chanel. "Actually, I can -- because the same thing happened to me...twice," Chanel admitted before advising Xander to be patient with Sarah. "Bloody brilliant -- could have come up with that myself..." Xander grumbled after Chanel rushed off -- but then Sarah approached and wondered if they could talk privately.

While eating breakfast with Holly at the Walker apartment, Nicole and Rafe announced that they were planning to marry each other. "I know that this probably comes as a surprise to you --" Rafe began to add, prompting Holly to clarify that it actually wasn't a surprise at all. "You're together all the time now, and Mom's been in a really good mood -- and then I saw the ring --" Holly explained. "Wow... You know, we have an opening at the detective unit -- yeah, we could use you..." Rafe joked. "So, this makes you happy, right?" Nicole wondered. "Sure -- if I can be the flower girl," Holly confirmed before encouraging Nicole and Rafe to get married as soon as possible, arguing that there was no reason to wait -- and they agreed.

Rafe soon rushed off to take a shower, leaving Nicole alone with Holly, who was concerned about how Eric might react to what they had just discussed. Nicole assured Holly that Eric had moved on with life and was happy as a priest. Later, Nicole headed over to the Brady Pub to talk to Eric, wanting to be the one who delivered the news of the engagement. "Oh... That's...great..." Eric responded before congratulating Nicole with a hug. "I have some news of my own..." Eric informed Nicole.

E.J. makes a move on Belle

E.J. makes a move on Belle

Friday, May 27, 2022

Gabi dreamed that she woke up next to Jake. "I have waited so long to be with you again," Gabi said. "Me, too. I can't believe I ended things between us. Biggest mistake of my life," Jake murmured. Jake kissed Gabi's hand. "Thank God we came to our senses," Gabi said. Jake told Gabi that he was glad he had told her how he felt before he had lost her to someone else.

When Gabi stirred awake, Li Shin was in bed next to her, not Jake. "Good morning, Gabriela," Li said. Gabi looked around the room, and she smiled. Li ordered room service. "This feels a little decadent. Kind of like last night," Gabi said. Li asked Gabi if she regretted their night together. Gabi said no.

"Good, because last night was one of the most intense and exciting nights of my life. I've known you a long time, but you still manage to surprise me in a thousand different ways," Li said. "I could say the same thing," Gabi countered. Li suggested that he postpone his return trip to Hong Kong.

"So we could spend more time together. See what happens. But only if that's what you want," Li said. "You want to stay in Salem because of me?" Gabi asked. "Well, I have to admit, at first I was worried you might just be using me to make Jake jealous," Li said. With a grin, Li said that his night with Gabi had changed his mind. "I woke up this morning thoroughly smitten. But if you don't feel the same way, just say the word. There will be no awkwardness, no repercussions. We can forget last night ever happened," Li said. Gabi told Li that she did not want to forget.

"In fact, I want to make it happen again," Gabi said. Gabi grabbed Li and kissed him. After Gabi and Li had sex, she asked him if they could keep their relationship discreet. "I'll tell my father I'm staying in Salem for business purposes," Li said. "Do you think he'd be upset if he knew the truth?" Gabi asked. Li said he did not care about his father's opinion. Li noted that his father wanted him to "settle down with a nice girl." "I don't think I match that description," Gabi whispered. "That's exactly what I like about you," Li said.

In Jake's apartment, Jake dreamed that he was in bed with Gabi. "I can't believe this is actually happening," Jake whispered as he ran his hand across Gabi's leg. "I never should have doubted you. I'm so sorry," Gabi said. Gabi told Jake that he would not regret giving their relationship a second chance. "I know I won't," Jake said. Jake kissed Gabi, then he woke up from his dream with a smile on his face. Behind Jake, Ava kissed his shoulder.

"Morning, handsome," Ava said. Jake's eyes went wide as he realized that he was not in bed with Gabi. As Ava ran her hand up Jake's body, she asked what Jake had been dreaming about. "I don't remember," Jake said. Ava offered to make breakfast, and Jake reminded her that she was not his personal chef. Jake offered to cook breakfast instead.

When Jake and Ava sat down to eat, Ava poured hot sauce on her eggs. Jake asked if his cooking was that bad. With a chuckle, Ava noted that she had gotten used to eating eggs with hot sauce while living with Rafe. Ava's smile fell away, and she apologized.

"No, Gabi got me hooked on the stuff, too. Hot sauce is the one condiment you're always gonna find in my fridge. Well, our fridge," Jake said. With a nod, Ava told Jake that she had been thinking about their arrangement. "Are you saying you have regrets about last night?" Jake asked. "Absolutely not. But I do think I'm going to move out," Ava said.

"Was I that terrible last night?" Jake joked. Ava smiled. Ava explained that her relationship with Rafe had started the same way. "[Rafe] was in love with another woman. You know how that ended, and really, I have no desire to get on that roller coaster again," Ava said. "I'm not in love with another woman," Jake said. "That's debatable," Ava countered. Ava told Jake that she did not want to move too fast in her relationship with Jake. With a grimace, Ava added, "If you want to be in a relationship." Jake told Ava that he liked her, and he did not want her to leave.

"I'm making more money now. Maybe I can find a bigger apartment that has at least a second bedroom," Jake said. With a shrug, Ava noted that it would take time to find another apartment. Jake suggested that he and Ava could restart their relationship at the wooing stage. Ava agreed. After a couple jokes about cold showers, Ava and Jake gave in to their desires and had sex.

Once dressed, Ava noted, "So much for my grand plan of taking things slowly." Jake told Ava he was open to slowing down their relationship. With a grin, Ava told Jake that he was "quite a gentleman." "I haven't heard that very often," Jake said.

On Jake's way in to work, he stopped by Li Shin's room at the Salem Inn. "What brings you here?" Li asked. Jake looked at Li dressed in a bathrobe, and he asked if it was a bad time. Li shook his head no. Jake thanked Li for having always had his back. "I just wanted to say bye before you head back to Hong Kong," Jake said.

"Actually, I've changed my plans. I've decided to stay in Salem for a while," Li said. "Why?" Jake asked. Jake looked over Li's shoulder, and he saw the breakfast for two set up on the table. "Never mind. You don't need to explain. I know exactly why you're sticking around," Jake said.

At DiMera Enterprises, Ava walked into Gabi's office. "What the hell are you doing here?" Gabi asked. Ava put a folder on Gabi's desk, and she noted that Jake had left his papers at home. Gabi thanked Ava. As Ava turned to leave, Gabi announced that Rafe was engaged to Nicole. "I'm thrilled for them," Ava said. "I'm sure," Gabi said sarcastically. Ava told Gabi that she was over Rafe.

"Actually, I've moved on with someone new," Ava said. Ava encouraged Gabi to guess. "I really don't care," Gabi said. "No? You don't care that I slept with Jake last night?" Ava asked.

In the DiMera living room, a hungover Belle stumbled to the couch. "Good morning, Belle," E.J. said cheerfully. "Is it? Maybe somebody should tell that to my head," Belle grumbled. Belle said she was there to pick up her car, and she thanked E.J. for getting her a ride home the night before. With a groan, Belle said she needed to go to her house to clean out her office for Jan.

"Why are you giving in to Jan's ridiculous demands? It's your house," E.J. argued. "Not anymore," Belle said with a smirk. E.J. asked Belle if she believed that Shawn would let Jan stay in the house indefinitely. "I can feel Jan just sinking her claws into Shawn and into our whole life. I'm sure she thinks she is going to be there forever," Belle said. E.J. urged Belle to fight for her marriage. Belle explained that she did not want the nursery to be in Claire's room, and she also needed access to her work files.

E.J. suggested that Belle set up her office at the DiMera mansion on a temporary basis. With a smirk, E.J. offered to help Belle move, since he had nothing to do since his coup attempt had failed.

At the Brady house, Shawn helped Jan to the couch. Jan admitted that she had had a sleepless night. Emotional, Jan told Shawn that she had dreamed that Belle had gone to court to sever Jan's custody of her baby. "It was just a dream," Shawn said. Jan pointed out that Belle had threatened to have Jan declared an unfit mother. Shawn argued that Belle had been understandably upset by Jan's request for the nursery.

"[Belle] was probably happy when I had to go to the hospital," Jan said. Shawn disagreed. Jan said she believed that Belle wanted to take her child. "Nobody is going to take your child," Shawn promised. Jan asked Shawn what he would do if she went back to prison. Shawn promised to visit Jan in prison with the baby. Shawn added that although he had a responsibility to Jan and the baby, he also had a responsibility to Belle.

"You and Belle both want me to pick sides. But the side that I need to be on, I need to be on this baby's side. I do not feel that it is right to rip a child away from its mother without a good reason. So, I'm not going to let that happen," Shawn assured Jan.

Shawn fixed breakfast, and Jan pointed out that Shawn had fixed her favorite foods. "I can't believe you remembered," Jan said. "Well, we have spent a lot of time together over the years. Even if most of it was against my will," Shawn said. Jan reminded Shawn of when he had helped her through her teen pregnancy.

"I'd almost given up on the idea of being a mother after that. And now, Shawn, I already love this baby so much. Especially because we made it together," Jan said. Shawn flinched. Jan assured Shawn that she was not after him. "I know how much you've given up to take care of me and the baby. And I just want you to know how grateful I am," Jan said. As Jan hugged Shawn, Belle walked in with E.J.

"What is going on here?" Belle said. "Relax, would you? It's just a hug," Jan said. "What the hell is he doing here?" Shawn said as he pointed at E.J. Belle explained that E.J. was there to help her clean out her office for Jan. Frustrated, Shawn reminded Belle that he had told her that she did not need to clean out her office. "Well, I'm doing it, anyway," Belle said. "Which is the best thing for all of us, if you ask me," Jan muttered. "Which I did not," Belle growled back. Jan announced that she felt better, and she warned Belle not to upset her again.

"Shawn, I suppose that's your cue to send your wife away, just like you did last night," E.J. said. "What the hell is he talking about? I did nothing of the sort," Shawn countered. Belle said she had talked to E.J. after her confrontation with Jan. "Let me guess. You had a few drinks?" Shawn asked. "You have a problem with that?" E.J. asked. Shawn accused E.J. of going after Belle because she was Sami's sister.

"I'm warning you, you stay the hell out of my marriage!" Shawn yelled. "Maybe if you knew how to look after your wife properly, she wouldn't need to turn to me for comfort," E.J. growled. Shawn got up in E.J.'s face and told him to shut up. "Shawn, no," Belle said. Belle stepped between the two men. Jan smiled to herself as Shawn ordered E.J. to leave.

"Belle, I told you, you don't have to move out. I don't want you to move out," Shawn said. "Well, today made it very clear that I absolutely have to," Belle countered. Shawn asked about the space at the penthouse, and Belle explained that E.J. had promised her space at the DiMera mansion. "You going to be renting a room next?" Shawn asked. With a nod, Belle asked E.J. to help her pack up and leave.

Once Belle and E.J. were gone, Jan told Shawn that she felt responsible for Shawn's misery. "I don't care whose fault it is anymore!" Shawn yelled. "Are you mad at me?" Jan asked. Frustrated, Shawn said he was mad at everything. "But you know who I'm really mad at? I'm mad at E.J. for trying to steal my wife," Shawn said.

When Belle and E.J. returned to the DiMera mansion, E.J. apologized for having lost his temper with Shawn. "He deserved it. He's the one who let some psychotic, sadistic maniac move into our house and into our lives," Belle said. "He's an idiot to take you for granted. I would never do that," E.J. said. E.J. hugged Belle, and then he kissed her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny was unconscious in bed. Leo sat perched on the edge of the bed with a wicked grin on his face. "Good morning, sunshine," Leo said. Sonny did not stir. "Must have indulged in too many of those magic cookies last night," Leo said. Leo chuckled as he noted that he had proof of their night together. As Leo swiped through the pictures on his phone, he said, "These are even better than I hoped."

Sonny started to stir. "That is my cue to skedaddle, but oh, what a memorable evening it was, Jackson," Leo said. Leo blew Sonny a kiss, and then he left. When Sonny woke up, he complained that his head hurt. "What the hell did I do last night?" Sonny wondered aloud. Sonny noticed the time.

Outside the Brady Pub, Leo talked to someone on the phone. "I'm sending over those pictures we discussed. They will be in your hot little hands shortly. I promise you won't be disappointed," Leo said.

After Sonny dressed, he stumbled downstairs to the Kiriakis living room. Victor stared at Sonny and grumbled, "You should have been at the office two hours ago." When Victor asked Sonny if he had been drinking, Sonny said he did not think he had been drinking the night before. "You don't think?" Victor asked. "No, but I do feel really strange," Sonny muttered. Victor complimented the breakfast fruit.

"I want to make sure [Henderson] remembers where he got this fruit," Victor said. Sonny remembered that Leo had given him an edible arrangement of fruit. "Wait, that's not from Henderson. That's from Leo Stark!" Sonny yelled. Victor spit out his mouthful of fruit. "You accepted a gift from Leo Stark? Are you stark raving mad?" Victor asked. "I didn't exactly accept it," Sonny said. Victor asked what had happened. Sonny told Victor that Leo had given the fruit bouquet as a congratulations for his job, but Sonny had not eaten any of it.

"Well, I just had some!" Victor said. Sonny informed Victor that Leo had eaten some of the fruit and that Victor should be fine. With a shake of his head, Sonny said he had not eaten anything from Leo but that he felt weird. "I mean the only thing I had last night was cookies," Sonny said. "What cookies?" Victor asked. Sonny explained that Will and Ariana had sent cookies in a package.

"Are you sure they sent them?" Victor asked. With a shrug, Sonny reached for his phone to text Will. The color drained from Sonny's face. "I just remembered I asked Will the same question last night. He said he didn't send me cookies. Maybe Leo did drug me," Sonny said. Sonny worried aloud about what Leo had done to him while he had been unconscious. Victor chastised Sonny for "falling for the old bait and switch." Sonny was eager to go into work, but Victor ordered Sonny to see a doctor first.

"Leo Stark committed a crime. You have to get a blood test so you can prove it," Victor said. Sonny called Kayla and set up an appointment. As Sonny ended his call, he saw Will walk into the living room, and he rushed into his arms. "What's going on? You sent me some weird videos. You haven't been answering my calls," Will said. Sonny asked Will if he had flown in just to see him, and Will said yes.

"And then I got this news alert," Will said. Will took his tablet out of his bag, and he showed Sonny a tabloid story about Sonny and Leo. "I'm guessing whatever went down last night had something to do with this?" Will asked. "My wild times with Sonny Kiriakis," Sonny read aloud.

Leo visited Gwen at Statesville Prison. "What are you doing here?" Gwen said. Leo asked Gwen if she was disappointed to see him. Gwen explained that she had expected that her visitor would be Jack or Xander. "Sorry, just little old me," Leo said. Gwen took Leo's hand, and she told him she was happy to see him. Leo asked about prison life, but she said she preferred to talk about Leo.

"That's why I came here. I wanted to share with you my progress in my quest for revenge," Leo said. "I didn't even know there was a quest," Gwen said. Leo explained that he had started with Sonny, but he did not give details. Leo asked Gwen to help him get revenge on someone else.

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