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Sonny's blood test was negative. Johnny and Allie both told Chanel that they wanted to be with her. Abigail investigated Sami's kidnapping. Chad told Abigail that Lucas was the kidnapper. Xander told Sarah about Gwen. Marlena agreed to be Jan's therapist. Lucas and E.J. fought over Sami. Belle moved into the DiMera mansion. Leo moved into the DiMera tunnels. Sarah suffered hallucinations. Jan went into premature labor. Abigail angered Gwen. Belle kissed E.J. Abigail was murdered.
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Sonny's blood test was negative, Johnny and Allie both told Chanel they wanted to be with her, and Abigail was murdered
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Sonny faces off with Leo

Sonny faces off with Leo

Monday, June 6, 2022

by Mike

Chanel headed over to the hospital to check on Tripp, who had just wrapped up a videoconference with Stephanie and Joey. "Can you eat real food?" Chanel wondered. "Yes -- but they don't serve that here, so..." Tripp responded. Chanel flashed a mischievous grin then revealed a takeout bag from Sweet Bits that contained a ham and cheese croissant -- Tripp's favorite sandwich.

Tripp appreciated the gesture, but Chanel insisted that a sandwich was a poor reward for an act of heroism. "And I don't care what you say -- you really are a hero," Chanel added before again expressing gratitude for what Tripp had done. Tripp dismissed the praise and encouraged Chanel to take advantage of the second chance with Allie -- then realized that Johnny was back in the picture, too.

Will headed over to the Walker apartment to see Allie, who had just finished putting Henry down for a nap. "I leave you alone for five minutes, and you get possessed by the devil?" Will began. "Well, it got you to come visit, right?" Allie countered. "It wasn't just that..." Will started to admit before realizing that Allie hadn't looked at the Intruder's website recently. "I don't read that rag," Allie explained before probing for more details. "Just another one of Leo's stupid stunts," Will summarized before adding that the matter was being handled.

Will was quick to get back to the original topic of conversation, wanting to make sure that Allie was going to be able to move on from all the traumatic events that had occurred during the devil's latest reign of terror. "Actually, I don't remember any of it...but I heard I was a total bitch to almost everyone --" Allie revealed. "So, it was like your teenage years," Will joked, and Allie agreed with a laugh. "And people are still hurting from everything I did -- people I really care about, like Chanel..." Allie continued before elaborating.

By the end of the tale, Allie had decided to step aside so Johnny could be with Chanel -- but Will advised, based on personal experience, that it would be best for the twins to leave the decision in the hands of their mutual love interest because bad things usually happened when people tried to deny their true feelings.

After taking a walk around the DiMera property, Johnny returned to the mansion and joined E.J. in the living room. "Was Aunt Belle just here? I thought I saw her driving off," Johnny began. "I'm doing some legal work for her," E.J. explained. "You gonna be a practicing lawyer again? [I mean], I heard your takeover of the company tanked..." Johnny continued. "Just doing Belle a favor -- [but] I haven't given up on running DiMera Enterprises," E.J. insisted. "Well, let me know if you need any help," Johnny concluded. "I will," E.J. promised before changing the subject, acknowledging that Johnny was carrying a laptop.

"Doing some writing?" E.J. assumed. "That was the idea...but all the noise is kind of making it hard to concentrate," Johnny grumbled. "What noise?" E.J. wondered. "Chad and Abigail -- how do I say this delicately... They've been 'at it' for a while," Johnny, who shared a wall with Chad and Abigail, clarified before resolving to move into another bedroom right away.

E.J. laughed then changed the subject, probing for details about Johnny's next project. "It's about fraternal twins who are in love with the same girl," Johnny revealed before confiding in E.J. about the inspiration for the project. "I have many regrets in my life -- [like] not fighting for your mother... [So], if you truly love Chanel, do whatever it takes to be with her," E.J. advised Johnny.

Between rounds of sex, Abigail filled Chad in on a plan to make Sami's kidnapping the focus of the Spectator's next big investigative report. Taken aback, Chad pointed out the dangers of investigating Sami's kidnapping then distracted Abigail with more sex.

At the Brady Pub, Lucas bragged to Kate that Roman was upstairs at that moment, catching up with Sami via videoconference. Kate refused to apologize for having initially doubted Lucas' story about Sami's skiing accident, reasoning that it was only natural to question the claims of someone who had a history of holding people against their will. Lucas assured Kate that Sami's kidnapping had been the result of a momentary lapse of judgment and that nothing like that would ever happen again -- especially since everything had worked out perfectly the first time, making a repeat performance unnecessary.

Kate was surprised to learn that Lucas still had Sami convinced that E.J. was behind the kidnapping. "E.J. wasn't found innocent -- they just threw the case out," Lucas explained before reminding Kate that Sami still had plenty of reasons to believe that E.J. was guilty. Kate, in turn, reminded Lucas that Chad knew the truth and might eventually have another crisis of conscience -- and that even if that didn't happen, something else might go wrong, since secrets rarely stayed hidden forever. Annoyed, Lucas stormed off to get some air -- and ran into E.J. outside the pub.

While passing through the town square, Leo received a phone call from Gwen, who was quick to offer some intriguing information. "Thanks for the tip, Gwenny -- I hope this means you've decided to help me get revenge against Abigail," Leo responded. "Fine, you keep thinking it over -- but I am not letting this go; I am going to get back at every single person who broke up Craig and me!" Leo added.

Leo ended the call -- then realized that Sonny was standing nearby. "What the hell are you planning now, you disgusting little creep?" Sonny spat. "Do you always eavesdrop on people's personal phone calls?" Leo grumbled. "Just the ones who slip me drugs and then send dummied-up photos to tabloids!" Sonny countered. "Those pictures were for real...[but] if you're worried about Will calling [a divorce attorney], just tell him we didn't go all the way -- [I mean], maybe he'll believe you, even if nobody else does...[and besides], we both know he is not one to point the finger; as I recall, he's cheated on you more than once, [and] turnabout is fair play..." Leo argued.

"Will knows I didn't cheat on him -- and the whole world's about to know, 'cause I reported you to the cops!" Sonny revealed, prompting Leo to feign concern then brag that the police hadn't even called to schedule an interview yet. "That's 'cause I haven't gotten my test results back yet," Sonny explained. "What test results?" Leo sputtered.

As if on cue, Sonny received a phone call from Kayla just then -- and Leo seemed nervous at first but recovered after realizing that the doctor was delivering bad news. "Kayla said that there are drugs that can leave your system very quickly..." Sonny incredulously summarized after ending the call. "Is this your cute little way of telling me she didn't find anything?" Leo teasingly responded before insisting that no drugs had been found because no drugs had been used. "What the hell did you do to me?" Sonny demanded to know. "I hesitate to be specific here in public..." Leo fretted.

Leo argued that the truth of the matter was that Sonny was simply "a cheating slimeball" who didn't want to face the consequences of infidelity. "Poor Will -- and little Arianna..." Leo declared with a shake of the head, prompting Sonny to lunge forward in anger. "Keep my daughter's name out of your filthy mouth!" Sonny warned, grabbing Leo by the shirt collar. "You didn't think it was so filthy last night -- or maybe you did..." Leo teased. "You want to get rolled back in a rug again? Keep saying garbage like that!" Sonny countered. "Careful, Jackson -- people are starting to stare; somebody might snap a photo and sell our lovers' quarrel to the Intruder..." Leo advised. "You're not gonna get away with this!" Sonny insisted, releasing Leo with a shove. "Kind of feels like I already have..." Leo bragged.

"If you ever come near me or my family again, I will end you!" Sonny vowed. "Save your threats, tough guy -- I'm gonna focus my energy elsewhere..." Leo responded before walking away.

Sonny returned to the Kiriakis mansion and confided in Will about what had just happened. "I can't believe the drugs were already out of your system!" Will sputtered. "And the cookies are gone, too, so there's no way to actually prove that Leo drugged me," Sonny grumbled. "I am so sorry... I hate that guy so much..." Will declared. "Me, too -- it took everything inside of me not to just deck the guy," Sonny admitted.

As Will and Sonny worried about what might happen next, Leo sneaked into the DiMera mansion via the secret tunnels -- the subject of Gwen's earlier tip.

Allie headed over to Sweet Bits in search of Chanel. "I was told that the devil quit my job, and I was hoping that you would take me back --" Allie began. "At the bakery?" Chanel assumed. "Not just at the bakery -- Chanel, I want to get back together --" Allie clarified -- just as Johnny approached.

Johnny and Allie ask Chanel to choose

Johnny and Allie ask Chanel to choose

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

At the Salem Inn, Xander and Sarah curled up in bed. "I forgot how much I miss this," Sarah said. "But you remember everything else, right?" Xander asked. "I remember that I forgave you for what happened with Mickey. And that we were happy. And we were planning our wedding [when Kristen] stole my life," Sarah said. Upset, Xander told Sarah that he would have gone after Sarah if he had known sooner that Kristen had kidnapped her.

"Can't imagine what you must have thought when I disappeared right before the wedding," Sarah said. Xander reminded Sarah that he had thought she had slept with Rex. "My whole life disappeared in that moment, thinking you'd chosen that dunderhead over me," Xander said. "I'm sorry that you went through that. I hate that you had your heart broken and that I was gone and you were all alone," Sarah whispered. Xander averted his eyes.

"What is it?" Sarah asked. "I was heartbroken, but I wasn't alone," Xander confessed. Sarah sat up in bed and took a deep breath. "I was gone out of your life for a long time, and for most of that time, you believed that I had left you," Sarah noted. Xander told Sarah that he had been with one woman, and that he had been engaged to Gwen.

"Didn't I run into you two when I first came back to Salem?" Sarah asked. Xander was surprised that Sarah remembered, since she had believed she'd been Renee at the time. "You were engaged to another woman while I was languishing away on an island. That's what you're telling me?" Sarah said. "Yes," Xander said. Sarah asked how Xander had fallen in love with Gwen.

Xander explained that he had been a drunken mess, and Jack had taken him in at the Horton house with Gwen. "I don't know, eventually we just came to realize that we were kindred spirits. Fellow pariahs. And Jack was the only person in the whole town that believed in either of us," Xander said.

"So, your feelings for her must have been strong," Sarah said. "I came to realize, in your absence and sure that you wanted nothing more to do with me, that Gwen was the person I was meant to be with," Xander said. Sarah sniffled back tears. "Why didn't you get married?" Sarah asked. "Because I found out what she did. To you," Xander said. Xander told Sarah what Gwen had done.

"And where is Gwen now?" Sarah asked. "She pled guilty, and they sent her to Statesville," Xander said. Xander shook his head and apologized. "The important thing is that you and I found our way back to each other, right?" Xander said. After a moment of hesitation, Sarah said yes. Xander suggested that they go tell Maggie that he and Sarah were back together.

"That would make her really happy," Sarah said. Xander asked if they were okay. With a sigh, Sarah said yes. "Just be grateful you and Gwen didn't actually tie the knot," Sarah said. Xander hugged Sarah, but a look of worry crossed his face.

At the Brady house, Shawn presented Jan with a healthy meal. "It's just that I was craving one of those fat, greasy burgers from the pub," Jan said. Jan smiled and shrugged. When Shawn noted that he was looking out for the health of Jan and the baby, Jan smiled.

"Wonder what Belle would think about that?" Jan said. Shawn asked Jan to focus on the baby's health. As Shawn fed a salad to a reluctant Jan, Marlena walked into the house. Shawn explained that he had been talking to Jan about her diet.

"He wants me to eat like I'm in training for the triathlon, and I want a big juicy burger," Jan said. "I know Jan is on bed rest, but I think she is completely capable of feeding herself," Marlena said curtly. Jan asked Marlena if she had decided whether to be Jan's therapist. "I'm afraid I can't help you," Marlena said.

"There goes my last chance of being a good mother to this baby," Jan said. Shawn reminded Jan that there were other therapists. Marlena offered to recommend a therapist if Jan was sincere about her desire to get help. "Of course, I'm sincere. Nothing is more important to me than this child and turning my life around so he or she can be proud of me," Jan said.

"I'm sure you understand that I'm concerned that you're pretending to want my help, when in fact you're just concocting a plan to hurt my daughter," Marlena said. Jan swore that her only desire was to be a good mother. Marlena reiterated that she could not be Jan's therapist. Jan argued that with the possession scandal, she believed that Marlena would need new patients.

"My loyal patients know that I was not responsible during that time," Marlena said. "Well, what about me? And my actions while you were possessed?" Jan asked. Shawn attempted to quiet Jan, but Marlena insisted that Jan continue. "You woke me up from my coma to go after Belle and Shawn," Jan said. "You know I don't remember that," Marlena said.

Jan explained that since Paul had raped her as a teenager, there had been "a constant battle between good and evil in my head." Jan said the rape had robbed her of her faith in humanity, and it had affected every decision in her life. "I understand that. It still doesn't give you the right or permission to hurt people," Marlena said.

"I know. I have to live with what I've done. I just want the same chance you gave to Ben Weston. The opportunity to prove that I can be a better person. Not just for me but for this baby," Jan said. "Jan, you've done some really horrible things. Especially to Marlena's daughter," Shawn said. Jan said she was sorry, but she believed her child deserved to have a mother that was mentally healthy. Marlena agreed to treat Jan.

"This therapy is only a trial basis. The moment that I have any suspicion that you are up to your old tricks or you are not taking it seriously, the sessions will end," Marlena stressed. Marlena agreed to start in the morning.

After Marlena left, Jan finished the healthy dinner Shawn had made for her to prove that she was serious about protecting her baby. Jan told Shawn that she believed the therapy would make her a better person. "If anyone can help you, it's Marlena," Shawn said. After Shawn left the room, Jan said, "Once Marlena gives me a clean bill of health, well, who knows what can happen [with Shawn]."

Belle sat in the bar on the square, and she thought about E.J. As Belle sipped a glass of wine, John walked in. "I got your message that you wouldn't be home for dinner. I just thought maybe you'd like a little company," John said. John admitted that he knew about the legal separation.

"Are you sure you want to take such a drastic step?" John asked. "There's no way I can live in that house and watch Shawn every day take care of Jan Spears," Belle explained. Belle noted that E.J. had filed the paperwork. "I heard that you and Elvis have been spending a lot of time together," John said. Belle stressed that she was only friends with E.J.

"So, how do you think your sister would react to you getting close to her ex?" John asked. Belle laughed. "She wasn't too concerned about my feelings when she unleashed Jan Spears on my entire family," Belle said. John asked if it was payback, and Belle argued that her friendship with E.J. was unrelated to her anger at Sami. "Besides, [Sami] is with Lucas now. She doesn't have any claim on E.J.," Belle said. John countered that Sami would "always have a claim on E.J."

"So, you think that [E.J.] is not over her?" Belle asked. John argued that E.J. had been hurt by Sami. "What better way to get back at Samantha than for E.J. to start sniffing around her baby sister?" John said. Belle objected to the idea that E.J. could only be attracted to her because of Sami. As John attempted to backpedal, Marlena walked in.

John asked about Marlena's day. "I have come to the opinion that it is best for everyone, especially for Shawn, if I go ahead and treat Jan Spears," Marlena announced. John closed his eyes and groaned.

"How could you treat the woman, who, amongst many other horrible offenses, just pretended to be me and got knocked up by my husband?" Belle yelled. John cautioned Belle to keep her voice down. Marlena explained that she had agreed to treat Jan because she felt partly responsible. Belle yelled that Marlena had not been the one that had woken Jan from the coma. When John urged Belle again to keep her voice down, Belle snapped.

"I'm so sick of being the reasonable one here when all you care about is Sami, and now mom wants to take on Jan Spears as her new rehab-a-psycho pet project!" Belle shouted. "That's not fair," Marlena countered. "Screw fair! What has fair ever gotten me? You know what it has gotten me?" Belle said. Belle mockingly suggested that John and Marlena adopt Jan.

As Belle jumped to her feet, John ordered Belle to hand over her car keys. Belle threw her keys on the table, and she stomped out. Marlena suggested that they go after Belle, but John argued there was no point. "[Belle] is an inebriated grown woman who is obviously upset with both of us right now," John said. Marlena wanted to cancel her session with Jan, but John said no. "A sane, healthy Jan is better for all of us," John said.

In the square, Allie asked Chanel to take her back. "At the bakery, right?" Chanel asked. "Not just at the bakery. Chanel, I want to get back together," Allie said. Johnny cleared his throat as he approached. "As if I needed any more proof this twin intuition thing was real," Johnny said. Johnny explained that he was there for the same reason.

"We both want my wife back," Johnny said. "Excuse me, Chanel is nobody's wife," Allie countered. "If I hadn't been possessed, you and I would still be happily married," Johnny said to Chanel. Chanel admitted that Johnny might be right. Johnny asked Allie to "bow out gracefully."

"Why should I be the one to bow out?" Allie asked. "Did you miss the part where I said that Chanel was my wife?" Johnny countered. Allie argued that the marriage was in the past. Allie reminded Johnny that Allie and Chanel had had strong feelings for one another before Johnny had met Chanel. "Not strong enough to keep you from being with Tripp," Johnny said. Allie argued that Tripp had nothing to do with the situation.

"Enough! Will you guys stop talking about me like I'm not standing here and my opinion doesn't matter?" Chanel yelled. Johnny and Allie apologized, but they pushed Chanel to choose between them. Chanel pointed out that Johnny and Allie were arguing over her like she was an expensive toy. "I mean, are we not all grown up here?" Chanel said. "Most of us are," Allie muttered as she stared at her brother.

Chanel stressed that she did not want to choose between them. "You're gonna have to eventually," Johnny said. "I don't have to do anything, Johnny DiMera. And if you want to try and force me to make a choice, then I'll tell you who I choose. I choose me, damn it!" Chanel said. With a chuckle, Allie noted that Chanel had quoted a TV show. Chanel admitted that she quoted her favorite TV character when she was stressed.

"The last thing I want to do is stress you out," Johnny said. "It's not what either one of us wants," Allie agreed. "Too late, twinsies!" Chanel said. Chanel admitted that she was torn between them. Allie said that she and Johnny had learned that their bond was unbreakable. "My brother is my one constant in my life," Allie said. "And she's my ride or die," Johnny agreed. The siblings smiled at one another.

"I'm glad you guys are solid, but I still need time to figure out who and what I want from my life," Chanel said. "I understand," Allie said. "Take your time," Johnny said. With a nod, Chanel noted that she had to close up the bakery. "Can I at least get an answer on if I can have my job back?" Allie asked. "You can start back in the morning. It's not Sweet Bits without you," Chanel said.

After Chanel walked away, Johnny congratulated Allie on her play to work at the bakery. "Which means you're spending all day with the woman that we're both crazy about," Johnny said. "I'm back at the bakery because I love my job," Allie said. "You love Chanel," Johnny countered. With a sigh, Allie reminded Johnny that they had agreed not to let Chanel come between them.

Outside the pub, E.J. ran into Lucas, and he asked about Allie. "You really care?" Lucas asked. "Actually, I do. No matter how I feel about you, I've always had affection for your children," E.J. said. E.J. added that he was glad to hear that Allie was no longer possessed by the devil. Lucas told E.J. that he felt the same way about Johnny.

"I guess that's one more thing that Allie and Johnny have in common, isn't it?" Lucas said. "You mean besides being in love with the same woman?" E.J. countered. E.J. and Lucas bickered about how each of the twins had broken Chanel's heart.

"The best thing for everyone would be for Allie to step aside and give Johnny and Chanel a chance to rebuild their relationship," E.J. said. "No way in hell that's going to happen. You're delusional. My daughter is not going to roll over for your son," Lucas growled. E.J. asked Lucas if he intended to encourage Allie to go after her brother's wife.

"I encouraged my daughter to follow her heart," Lucas clarified. E.J. smirked. "I don't know why I should be surprised. It's not like you value the sanctity of marriage," E.J. quipped. Lucas argued that E.J. had been estranged from Sami. "Samantha was my wife! In fact, she still is," E.J. muttered.

As Lucas started to walk into the pub, E.J. yelled, "I'm onto you, Lucas." Lucas bristled as E.J. stressed that E.J. would prove that Lucas was the person that had kidnapped Sami. "And when I do that? There won't be a rock big enough under which you can hide from my wrath," E.J. growled. "I hope Johnny is more gracious in defeat than you are," Lucas said.

"I understand you're standing up for your daughter. But there is no way Chanel is going to pick a fragile woman-child over my red-blooded virile son," E.J. said. "I wonder how Sami would feel about you belittling Allie like this," Lucas said. E.J. argued that he was stating the difference between the DiMera and Horton families.

"You elitist jerk. You know what, I'd rather have Horton blood coursing through my veins than DiMera blood any day. And you know what? I know Sami feels the same way," Lucas said. "Where is Samantha, anyway? Have you kidnapped her again?" E.J. asked. Lucas paused a moment before he told E.J. that Sami had been injured. With a look of genuine concern, E.J. asked if Sami was okay. Lucas stressed that Sami was fine but that she could not travel.

"Of course not," E.J. said. "What, you think I'm making this up? I'm lying? I wouldn't hurt her the way you do," Lucas growled. E.J. argued that he had been exonerated. "Someone framed me, but, of course, you knew that," E.J. said. Lucas argued that the devil had framed E.J. because E.J. was guilty. E.J. accused Lucas of paying off the witness. Lucas lunged at E.J.

As Lucas and E.J. wrestled, Johnny and Allie rounded the corner. Johnny and Allie pulled their fathers apart, but Lucas managed to punch E.J. "You'll pay for that!" E.J. screamed as Johnny dragged him away.

Once Johnny and E.J. were gone, Lucas said, "I'm sorry that you and Johnny had to see that." When Allie asked about the fight, Lucas admitted that the argument had been about Sami. "E.J. thinks that I'm the one who kidnapped your mother," Lucas grumbled.

When Johnny and E.J. returned home, E.J. pressed a glass of ice against his face. Johnny asked about the fight. "It's nothing for you to concern yourself with," E.J. said. "So, it was about mom," Johnny said. E.J. asked about Chanel. Johnny explained that Chanel had asked for space. "Don't lose out on the woman you want out of some misguided sense of loyalty," E.J. cautioned. Belle walked in, and Johnny walked out.

"Are you all right?" E.J. asked. "I just had a really big fight with my parents. Could I stay here tonight? In one of the guest rooms," Belle said. "Of course, you can. I'd love to have you," E.J. said.

As Xander and Sarah left the Salem Inn to see Maggie, they ran into Chanel. "I see you managed to win her back without my help," Chanel said. Curious, Sarah asked, "Do I know you?" Chanel introduced herself. "I'm Xander's ex-wife," Chanel said. Sarah's face fell. "You didn't tell her?" Chanel asked. "No. He didn't," Sarah said.

Leo sneaks into the DiMera mansion and manipulates Thomas

Leo sneaks into the DiMera mansion and manipulates Thomas

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

At John and Marlena's penthouse, Kate stopped by to tell Marlena that Will would soon leave for Arizona. Kate asked if Marlena could attend a going-away ceremony that Roman planned to throw Will at the Brady Pub. Marlena said she'd be happy to attend, but Kate noticed that Marlena didn't seem like herself. Marlena recalled how upset Belle had been when Marlena had announced that she'd agreed to help Jan with therapy.

Kate said she couldn't fault Belle for being upset. Marlena said she was uniquely qualified to help Jan and to end Jan's reign of terror over Belle and her family once and for all. Kate was skeptical that Jan could be helped, but she wished Marlena good luck. Marlena's phone chimed, and she said that Belle had texted to say she'd spent the night with E.J. Kate asked if Marlena thought something was going on between Belle and E.J.

Marlena insisted that Belle and E.J. were only friends, but Kate was skeptical. Marlena said she couldn't imagine how Sami would react if he knew that E.J. was pursuing her sister. Kate asked why Sami would care, and Marlena said that she was just grateful that, after so many years, Lucas and Sami still had each other in their lives, even through all their ups and downs. Kate, who knew that Lucas had kidnapped Sami, had a worried look on her face and suggested they head over to the pub for Will's party.

At the Brady Pub, Roman noticed an ice pack on Lucas' hand and asked what had happened. "E.J. DiMera," Lucas replied. Roman correctly guessed that the fight between Lucas and E.J. had been about Sami. Roman said that he still had a lot of unanswered questions about the kidnapping, and he wasn't sure that E.J. had kidnapped Sami. Roman said that his inner cop told him that something wasn't adding up. Lucas said that he would make sure E.J. stayed away from Sami for good.

Lucas then asked Roman for his blessing to marry Sami. Roman was surprised that Lucas would ask for Roman's blessing, but Lucas said that Roman's opinion mattered to him. Roman said that Lucas understood Sami in a way that no one else did, and he gave Lucas his blessing. Just then, Marlena and Kate walked in. "Are we interrupting something?" Kate asked.

Roman kept quiet and said that he and Lucas had been talking "guy talk." Roman then went to Marlena and told her that he was glad she'd made it. Marlena confided in Roman that she and Belle weren't getting along and that she felt Shawn and Belle's marriage might not survive. Roman pointed to Lucas and Sami's ups and downs as an example that there was still hope for Shawn and Belle.

Alone at the bar, Lucas poured coffee, and Kate warned Lucas that Sami would never forgive him if she ever learned that Lucas had kidnapped her. Lucas said that Sami would never find out, and he told Kate not to worry. Nearby, Roman asked if Kate knew what was keeping Will from the party. Kate's phone chimed, and she told Lucas that she had to go.

Just then, Will and Sonny arrived. Will gave Marlena, Roman, and Lucas a hug and promised to be back to Salem soon.

Later, Kate met Chad on a park bench at Horton Town Square. Chad told Kate that he'd told Abigail that Lucas had been the one who'd kidnapped Sami.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. had a dream that he and Belle had slept together. When E.J. awoke, he found Belle in his room. Belle asked if she could borrow some of Abigail's clothes so as to not wear the same clothes Belle had had on the previous night. Belle apologized for being an imposition, but E.J. assured Belle that she could never be an imposition to him.

Belle told E.J. that she'd been a constant disappointment to John and Marlena. Belle recalled that her parents hadn't approved of how Belle had handled Claire's mental illness, and Belle felt that Marlena still held it against her. E.J. thought Belle was being too hard on herself. E.J. agreed to get some of Abigail's clothes so that Belle could change, but first, he had a question. "Do you really want to go back to John and Marlena?" E.J. asked.

Belle admitted she didn't want to go back to her parents and reasoned that she would get a room at the Salem Inn. E.J. commended Belle for having dealt with her situation at home, with Shawn and Jan, with dignity and character, and he said that Belle was stronger than she thought. E.J. then offered Belle a room at the DiMera mansion, and Belle accepted.

Also at the DiMera mansion, Abigail had told Chad that she'd found a lead as to who had kidnapped Sami. Abigail noticed that Chad appeared unenthusiastic, and she was surprised by Chad's seeming indifference. Chad said that Abigail wouldn't have to go anywhere to find out who'd kidnaped Sami because he already knew. "It was Lucas," Chad said.

Abigail couldn't believe that Lucas would kidnap Sami, but Chad told her that Lucas had done it to stop Sami from going back to E.J. Chad claimed that he'd caught Lucas planting fake financial reports on E.J.'s computer to frame E.J. Chad said that Lucas had admitted to everything and had begged Chad to stay quiet and to let E.J. take the fall.

Chad said that he'd meant to tell Abigail the truth months earlier, but Belle had already gotten the charges against E.J. dropped and Kate had convinced him that Lucas wasn't a threat to Sami. Chad asked Abigail to keep the truth between them, and just then, E.J. and Belle walked into the living room. "Keep what between you?" E.J. asked.

Abigail teased Chad and said that she felt they should tell E.J. the truth. Abigail's announcement was that she and Chad had decided to have another baby. E.J. was thrilled for both Chad and Abigail and gave his brother a hug as Abigail stared uneasily at Chad.

After E.J. and Belle left the main room, Chad apologized for having dragged Abigail into his lies about E.J. Abigail hated to lie, but she felt that Chad was right for having kept the truth from E.J. because she didn't want to ruin Chad's relationship with E.J. or for Lucas to go to prison. Abigail added that she and Chad would always be a team.

Later, back in E.J.'s room, Belle walked in on a shirtless E.J., who had just stepped out of the shower. Belle and E.J. stared at each other in silence.

Earlier, at the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny awoke from a nightmare in which he'd found Will in bed with Leo. Will assured Sonny that it had only been a bad dream. Sonny and Will both worried that Leo wasn't done tormenting them or the people they cared about. Will wondered who Leo would go after next, and Sonny admitted that he'd had a difficult time getting Leo out of his head. Will said that he could help Sonny with that, and Will and Sonny made love before they headed to the Brady Pub.

In the tunnels under the DiMera mansion, Leo accepted a call from Gwen at Statesville, and he told her he'd found a way to maneuver around the cellar, thanks to Gwen's directions. Leo vowed that when he was through, Chad would know exactly how Leo had felt to lose the love of his life. Leo decided to go out for breakfast but was startled when he opened the door and saw Thomas. "Who are you, and what are you doing in my house?" Thomas asked.

Leo claimed he was the Tooth Fairy and said that Thomas could never tell his parents that he'd seen him, or else Thomas would never receive any money from the Tooth Fairy again. Thomas agreed, and Leo managed to convince Thomas to go upstairs to bring Leo breakfast.

Later, Abigail asked Thomas what he'd been doing in the tunnels. Abigail warned that Thomas should never go into the tunnels for any reason, and Thomas revealed that he'd run into "the Tooth Fairy."

Back in the tunnels, Leo poured himself a mimosa from the orange juice Thomas had brought. Leo said aloud that he couldn't drink too much because he had a big day ahead of him. Leo picked up the black book with his list of enemies written in it.

Susan senses that trouble is brewing at the DiMera mansion

Susan senses that trouble is brewing at the DiMera mansion

Thursday, June 9, 2022

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Kate demanded to know why Chad had decided to tell Abigail the truth about Sami's kidnapping. Chad shared the whole story then assured Kate that Abigail wasn't going to say anything to Sami about the matter.

At the Brady Pub, Marlena fretted to Lucas that saying goodbye to Will was never easy. "I miss him already," Marlena admitted with a sigh. "He'll be back soon -- [and] it'll be nice to have the whole family together..." Lucas responded with a grin. "That's exactly what he said -- [and] then Roman gave you a wry little smile and said something about planning a party..." Marlena curiously noted. While Lucas was shrugging coyly, Marlena's cell phone chimed with a reminder about an upcoming appointment. "You're off the hook...for the moment," Marlena informed Lucas before rushing off.

Marlena arrived at the Brady house a short time later and found Shawn and Jan together in the living room. Shawn started to leave after thanking Marlena again for having agreed to be Jan's psychiatrist. "Will you be at the police station?" Jan asked Shawn. "I'm not stalking him -- I'd just like to know where he is, in case something happens with our baby," Jan explained to Marlena. Shawn clarified that the plan was actually to head over to the Evans-Black townhouse to try to convince Belle to reconsider filing for a legal separation, prompting Marlena to reveal that Belle was no longer staying there.

Jan struggled to suppress a smirk as Shawn stormed off to the DiMera mansion in search of Belle -- and Marlena tried to advise against the idea but was ignored. "Are Belle and E.J. officially together now?" Jan wondered once the coast was clear, but Marlena refused to discuss that particular matter any further.

After sensing that something was wrong at the DiMera mansion, Susan rushed over there and headed straight into the living room -- where Abigail was lounging. "There it is again..." Susan fretted while looking around, prompting Abigail to probe for more details. "I just got this feeling -- you know, this very powerful feeling -- that there is a foreign presence among us... Yeah, there's someone here that's not supposed to be in this house..." Susan explained. "Maybe it's the Tooth Fairy," Abigail joked before telling Susan about what Thomas had said earlier. "Ugh -- she and I are not on good terms!" Susan grumbled before complaining to Abigail about having never received money from the Tooth Fairy for wisdom teeth.

Abigail was just about to search the secret tunnels -- despite Susan's warning that whatever was hiding within them might be "mean, mean, mean" -- but Gwen called from Statesville just then and tried to arrange a meeting. Abigail hung up on Gwen then told Susan about the request. "You're not gonna go down there, are you? Remember -- curiosity killed the kitty cat!" Susan warned -- but Abigail couldn't resist the urge to find out what was going on with Gwen. "Good thing I'm not a kitty cat," Abigail reasoned before rushing off. "That's what they all say..." Susan fretted once the coast was clear.

Upstairs, Belle apologized for having barged into E.J.'s bedroom. "I was just returning your robe... I didn't know you were in here..." Belle stammered while gawking at E.J.'s wet and towel-clad body. "Did Harold send up that breakfast tray -- the steak and eggs I can't wait for you to try?" E.J. wondered -- perhaps just as a way of stopping Belle from rushing off. "Actually, it seems to have disappeared," Belle informed E.J. with a shrug.

E.J. got dressed then headed downstairs with Belle in search of the food -- and found Susan in the living room, leaning against the false panel that led to the secret tunnels. "Don't mind me -- I'm just feeling for Tooth Fairy vibes," Susan explained. "Naturally..." E.J. muttered. Susan changed the subject, demanding to know what was going on between E.J. and Belle -- and Shawn entered the mansion just then and posed the same question.

"You go from working with him to living with him -- and now you're sleeping with him, aren't you?" Shawn challenged Belle during a lengthy argument. Belle insisted that wasn't true, but Shawn wasn't convinced. The argument was cut short when Marlena called Shawn to reveal that Jan had just gone into labor and was being rushed to the hospital. Shawn ended the call then shared the news with Belle before exiting the mansion -- and Susan, not wanting to be a third wheel, also left after arguing that E.J. was still in love with Sami and therefore had no business getting involved with Belle.

"[Jan] went into labor a lot sooner than she was supposed to -- this baby's gonna be very premature," Belle noted once the coast was clear. "Well, then, maybe there's a bright side -- maybe this child won't survive," E.J. responded. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Shawn grasped Jan's hands and insisted that everything was going to be okay.

Lucas was still at the Brady Pub when Clyde's lunch break started. "Saw you in here with your daughter last night [and] couldn't help but overhear part of your conversation -- sounds like you had a little dustup with E.J. DiMera..." Clyde began after joining Lucas at the bar and preparing a glass of whiskey. "Yeah, I did -- what's it to you?" Lucas snapped. "Any enemy of E.J.'s is a friend of mine," Clyde explained.

Clyde complained about E.J.'s recent refusal to renew their partnership -- then offered Lucas the same business opportunity. "There's no way this 'opportunity' is legal, and I'd like to stay out of prison," Lucas responded. "So far, so good, huh?" Clyde teased. "Excuse me?" Lucas stammered. Clyde recalled that E.J. was convinced that Lucas was the one who had really kidnapped Sami. Lucas feigned innocence, drawing a nod of skepticism from Clyde, who walked away after hinting that there might be a way for them to help each other deal with their mutual enemy. Once the coast was clear, Lucas eyed the glass of whiskey Clyde had left behind -- and Kate entered the pub just then.

Abigail entered Statesville and found Gwen in the visitors' lounge. Gwen produced a crude mug -- the result of a recent art therapy session -- and begged Abigail to deliver it to Jack, whose birthday was the following day. Abigail mocked Gwen's labor of love then picked it up and dropped it on the floor -- and stomped on it for good measure. "You selfish bitch! I am going to make you pay for this!" Gwen spat as Abigail walked away.

Abigail met up with Chad at the town square later and explained what had just happened -- then laughed off Gwen's threat. Meanwhile, at Statesville, Gwen placed a phone call to someone while clutching a piece of the broken mug. "I need to talk to you about Abigail -- if I don't get to spend my father's birthday with him, then neither does she!" Gwen began, seething with rage.

Abigail is attacked

Abigail is attacked

Friday, June 10, 2022

At the café in the square, Abigail told Chad that she had broken Gwen's gift for Jack. "[Gwen said] that she would make me pay," Abigail said with a smirk. "Did she say how she was going to do that?" Chad asked. Abigail assured Chad that Gwen was not a threat. "There's nothing that she can do to me," Abigail said. Chad changed the subject to Kate.

"I told her that you knew that Lucas was the one who kidnapped Sami," Chad said. "How'd she take it?" Abigail asked. Chad admitted that Kate was unhappy, but he had promised Kate that Abigail would not tell anyone the truth. With a grin, Chad took Abigail's hand and thanked her for keeping Lucas' secret. "I never want to ask you to lie to anyone. Especially a member of your own family," Chad said.

"Lucas is my mom's half-brother. I'm not related to Sami by blood, not like you and E.J.," Abigail said. Chad chuckled. "Keeping secrets from each other is part of my family's favorite pastime. Keeping secrets from my wife is not something I will ever do again," Chad said. Abigail told Chad that she would always be on his side. With a smile, Abigail told Chad that she was ovulating.

Gwen called Leo from prison. "If I don't get to spend my father's birthday with him, then neither does she," Gwen said. In the DiMera wine cellar, Leo lounged on the cot and listened to Gwen rant about her broken mug. When Leo asked Gwen if she was overreacting, Gwen said no. "I want you to find the nearest, sharpest object, and I want you to stab her in the heart with it," Gwen growled. Leo looked at the knife on his breakfast plate, and he frowned.

"This sounds a little extreme, even for you," Leo said. Gwen reminded Leo of their ruined double wedding. "Why is it that you and I are always the ones that suffer when Abigail and Chad get to go on living their perfect, happy little lives together?" Gwen asked. Leo admitted he was angry, but he believed that was too extreme. Leo's phone battery beeped.

"I got to go. My phone is about to die," Leo said. "And so is Abigail, because if she doesn't --" Gwen started. Leo ended the call before Gwen could finish her threat. In the wine cellar, Leo picked up the steak knife from his breakfast plate, and he shoved it into his bag.

In the DiMera living room, E.J. commented to Belle that it might be a good thing if Jan's baby died. Belle was offended. "Isn't the child Jan is carrying the reason you and Shawn are separated?" E.J. asked. "Why are you saying this? What is wrong with you?" Belle countered. E.J. reminded Belle that she had argued that Jan should have taken the morning after pill.

"The morning after pill prevents pregnancy. It doesn't end one," Belle explained. Belle told E.J. that she had never wished "this baby dead." In tears, Belle chastised herself for not supporting Shawn at the hospital. "Whether I like it or not, this is Shawn's baby. And this child could, well, I would never forgive myself if I wasn't there," Belle said. Belle walked out.

E.J. poured a drink and talked to his father's portrait. "I was too direct with Belle just now. I thought I was comforting her, but she left deeply offended. You wouldn't have cared about that as long as you made your point. I, however, do care, so I suppose I should find a way to make this right," E.J. said. After E.J. walked out of the living room, Leo crept out of the tunnels with his bag.

"I thought he would never shut up and leave," Leo muttered. Leo looked at Stefano's portrait and noted that everyone used him as a sounding board. "What do I do about Abigail? Or to her?" Leo asked the portrait. Leo crept upstairs to Chad and Abigail's room with his bag. As Leo looked around the room, he heard Abigail and Chad laughing in the hallway. Leo hid in the bathroom. Chad and Abigail stumbled into their bedroom and made love.

After, Chad and Abigail curled up in bed. "I feel like we did [make a baby]," Abigail said. Chad high-fived Abigail. "What are you hoping for?" Abigail asked. "Twins," Chad said with a chuckle. Abigail pointed out that they would be outnumbered, and Chad conceded that it was a good point.

"Tomorrow's my dad's birthday. I think I'd really like to be with him," Abigail said. Abigail suggested that the family fly to Boston to visit Jack and Jennifer. "Seems pretty sudden, though. Think that maybe we could leave in the morning?" Chad asked. "Sure. I mean, what difference does one night make?" Abigail said.

After Chad and Abigail dressed, Thomas and Charlotte returned from their swimming lessons and visited their parents' room. Abigail asked the kids if they wanted to go on a trip to Boston. "Will the Tooth Fairy find us in Boston?" Thomas asked. "Of course, she will," Abigail said. "It's a he," Thomas said. Thomas asked about the movie screening Chad had planned, which Chad had forgotten.

Abigail's phone beeped with work issues, and she noted that she could not go to the movie. Chad promised Thomas and Charlotte that he would take them to the screening. Abigail hugged her kids, and they ran off to change clothes. Chad and Abigail kissed, and they agreed that they had been lucky with their kids. "What was the whole Tooth Fairy thing about?" Chad asked. Abigail said she would tell Chad after the movie. "I love you," Abigail said. "I love you," Chad said as he blew a kiss. After Chad walked out, Abigail sat down at the desk, and she reviewed the layout for the paper. Leo watched Abigail from the bathroom.

Jan breathed through her contractions in her hospital room as Shawn sat at her bedside. Shawn assured Jan that the medication would help to stop the contractions. "What if it doesn't? What if the baby comes today? It's too soon," Jan said.

At the nurses' station, Sarah asked Marlena for help. "I think the antidote is wearing off," Sarah said. Marlena asked Sarah why she was concerned. Sarah explained that she had hallucinated while she had been at the Kiriakis mansion. "I saw Kristen, and she had a syringe in her hand," Sarah said. Sarah noted that after a moment, she had realized that it had not been Kristen but Victor with a pen in his hand.

"It happened so fast that [Maggie and Xander] didn't catch on, thank God, because I don't want them to worry. But I'm scared to death. Do you know what is happening to me?" Sarah asked. Marlena cautioned Sarah not to panic. "What did Gwen do to me?" Sarah asked. Marlena assured Sarah that she was not losing her mind.

"[The antidote] has set aside a lot of the damage you've been through. But because of the dosage you had, there might be flare-ups," Marlena cautioned. Marlena urged Sarah to talk to Kayla about the dosage of her medications. Concerned, Sarah asked if the hallucinations could be a permanent side effect. "I certainly hope not, but you did have such a large dose, it's hard to give you any guarantees," Marlena said. Marlena told Sarah that she was optimistic about Sarah's recovery, and she encouraged Sarah to talk to Abigail. Sarah thanked Marlena for her help.

As Sarah walked away, Belle arrived at the hospital. Belle asked about Jan and the baby. "It is soon, but they've got her on medication to slow down the contractions or stop them, hopefully," Marlena said. Shawn ran down the hallway. "Jan just passed out," Shawn said. Shawn and Marlena raced down the hallway to Jan's room.

When Shawn returned, he told Belle that Jan was in surgery. "They said she had a placental abruption," Shawn said. Belle told Shawn that she'd had a co-worker that had lost her baby after a placental abruption. "I'm sorry," Belle said. With a sigh, Shawn noted that the doctors had not let him go to the OR, but Marlena had been permitted to stay with Jan.

"I have no idea what is going to happen to [Jan], or to the baby," Shawn whispered. Shawn asked Belle why she was at the hospital. "I was worried about the baby and you," Belle admitted. "It's the baby that I never wanted to happen. And then I started thinking about whether it's going to be a boy or girl, and what it would be like to take care of a new baby," Shawn said. Belle assured Shawn that Marlena would make sure Jan and the baby got the best care. Shawn grew emotional, and Belle hugged him.

"You have to keep believing that the baby is going to be okay," Belle said. E.J. exited the hospital elevator, and he saw Belle and Shawn hugging. "I just wonder how long it is going to be until I hear something," Shawn said. Belle told Shawn that she would stay with him. When Belle let go of Shawn, she saw E.J. across the room.

"What are you doing here?" Shawn asked. "I wanted to inquire about the baby," E.J. said. Upset, Shawn said that he did not believe E.J. "I'm worried, and the last thing I want to deal with is you. So, why don't you get the hell out of here?" Shawn said. Marlena returned.

"Jan is going to be fine, but they had to deliver the baby," Marlena said. Stunned, Shawn said, "They did?" Marlena noted that the baby was alive. "You've had a son," Marlena said. "Can I see him?" Shawn asked. Marlena told Shawn that the baby was in the NICU, but Shawn could not see him yet. Shawn asked about Jan. Marlena said that Jan was in her room. Shawn thanked Belle for her support, and he left to go sit with Jan.

"I think I'll go back to the NICU and see if I can get any information for Shawn," Marlena said. After Marlena walked away, Belle asked E.J. to take her away. "Where would you like to go?" E.J. asked. "Anywhere," Belle said as she sniffled back tears.

At Statesville, Sarah visited Gwen. "What are you doing here?" Gwen asked. Sarah introduced herself, but Gwen would not shake her hand. "My face has to seem a little familiar, seeing as how you borrowed it to break up with Xander," Sarah said. Gwen backed away. Sarah argued that she would still be on Kristen's island if not for Abigail.

"If it weren't for Abigail, you probably would never have been sent to that bloody island," Gwen countered. Sarah asked why Abigail was to blame. Gwen told Sarah that Abigail had left the syringe with the serum in the wine cellar with Kristen. "You know [Abigail] was planning to use it on me?" Gwen said. "That's right. You're the victim in all this," Sarah said sarcastically. Gwen argued that she had not kidnapped Sarah, and she encouraged Sarah to track down Kristen.

"I plan to, but I thought I'd start with you first. When they finally got back here, when Xander got me the antidote that would end the hell I had been living in, that didn't work for you. So, you made sure I got a double dose of that crazy-making drug," Sarah said. "You got the antidote, didn't you?" Gwen countered. Gwen noted that Sarah was healthy, and she asked why Sarah wanted to confront her.

"You got what you wanted, didn't you?" Gwen asked. "I had to relive the death of my baby! Do you have any idea what that's like?" Sarah yelled. Stricken, Gwen nodded yes. Sarah told Gwen that she was still having hallucinations. "You are a miserable human being," Sarah growled. "I am paying for it now, aren't I?" Gwen countered. Gwen noted that she had lost her family, her freedom, and Xander. "You did it all to yourself," Sarah noted. When Sarah told Gwen that she was reunited with Xander, Gwen argued it was only because Abigail had stopped the wedding.

"[Xander] loved me. He did. We were going to be married. That's how much he grieved for you," Gwen said. Sarah told Gwen that she had talked to Xander and that he was happy with Sarah. "Think about that when they take you back to your cell," Sarah said. After Sarah left, Gwen stared at the prison guard, Roy, in the corner until he fell asleep. Gwen crept over to the phone and made a call. "It's Gwen. I need your help," Gwen whispered.

At the pub, Kate saw Lucas with a glass of liquor in front of him, and she asked if he was drinking again. "That's not mine," Lucas protested. "I think you can do better than that," Kate said. Lucas explained that the drink had belonged to Clyde. "I didn't take a sip of it. I swear," Lucas said. With a nod, Kate admitted she had seen Clyde leave the pub.

"I just had a talk with Chad," Kate said. Kate told Lucas that Chad had told Abigail the truth about the kidnapping. "Why the hell would Chad do something like that?" Lucas growled. Kate explained that Abigail had planned to investigate the kidnapping. "[Abigail] had already dug up your little friend Pete," Kate said. Kate explained that the only way Chad had been able to get Abigail to stop her investigation for the paper had been to tell Abigail the truth. Lucas worried aloud that someone would tell E.J. the truth, but Kate said she believed that Abigail would keep quiet.

"[Abigail] is not going to send her own uncle to prison," Kate said. "Why not? She sent her own sister there," Lucas countered. Kate argued that the situation was different because, unlike Gwen, Abigail loved Lucas. "What if [Abigail] decides to run the story, anyway?" Lucas said. Kate groaned in frustration.

"Don't you think it would solve all your problems if you just told Sami the truth?" Kate asked. Kate reminded Lucas that he and Sami had forgiven one another for horrible things through the years. "Why wouldn't she eventually understand and forgive you?" Kate asked. Kate noted that Lucas could not keep the secret from Sami if he wanted to marry her.

"Maybe I will tell Sami the truth," Lucas said. "Will you?" Kate asked hopefully. "Of course not! No way! What do you think she is going to do when she finds out that I kidnapped her?" Lucas said. Lucas argued that Sami would want to send him to prison. "And then she is going to go back to E.J.," Lucas said bitterly. With a shrug, Kate admitted that Roman would never forgive her for lying to him about Lucas.

"Holding a grudge is in the Brady DNA," Lucas said. "Tell me about it. So, it's fine. Don't tell Sami," Kate said. Kate told Lucas that she hated to see the guilt eat away at him. "I don't like it, either. I got no choice," Lucas muttered. Kate suggested that Lucas meet her for dinner, and he agreed.

After Kate left, Lucas stared at Clyde's unfinished glass of whiskey. "For all I know, Abigail could be writing that story right now. By the morning, I'd be finished. Will and Allie would hate me. Sami's going to hate me, for sure, I know that. And I might be in for prison," Lucas whispered. Lucas walked over to the bar, grabbed a bottle of tequila, and walked out of the pub.

When Kate returned to the pub for dinner, Lucas was not there. Kate texted her son, "Where are you? I thought we were having dinner?" Lucas did not respond. Across town at the Salem Inn, Lucas' phone buzzed with Kate's text. Lucas stirred awake on the bed with an empty bottle of tequila in his hand, then he passed out again.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. and Belle approached the front door. "Are you feeling any better?" E.J. asked. "Even a gourmet dinner can't erase this day, but the second bottle of wine definitely took the edge off," Belle said. E.J. apologized for what he had said earlier. "I never should have been so unfeeling about a child's life," E.J. said. E.J. explained that he had wanted to make Belle feel better. "Please, make me feel better," Belle said. Belle kissed E.J. passionately.

At the prison, Gwen crept into the darkened visitors' room. "You missed bed check! Where the hell have you been?" Roy shouted from the shadows. Gwen explained that she had been in the library. "We searched the library," Roy countered. "I fell asleep in a corner. Just woke up. Come on, Roy. Where else could I have been?" Gwen said.

On the grounds of the DiMera mansion, a sweaty and panting Leo collapsed on a bench, clutching his bag. Upstairs, Chad returned home from the movie and found a bloodied Abigail dead on their bed. "Abby!" Chad shouted.

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