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E.J. signed divorce papers then slept with Belle. Lucas and Sami got engaged. Rafe and Nicole eloped before Eric could confess his feelings. John talked to Chad about being a widower. Hope gifted Ben and Ciara a boat. Orpheus told Evan that Evan was the father of Jan's baby. Jack, Jennifer, and J.J. returned for Abigail's funeral. Jan kissed Shawn. Kristen turned herself in to the police. Trask agreed to a plea deal for Lani. Sarah confronted Kristen. Abe adopted Lani. Lani left for a Maryland prison, and Eli decided to move closer.
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Belle and E.J. slept together, Orpheus said Evan was the father of Jan's baby, and Abe adopted Lani before she was sent to prison in Maryland
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Eric receives some advice from Roman

Eric receives some advice from Roman

Monday, June 27, 2022

by Mike

Nicole left the Brady Pub with some takeout food then headed over to the police station to deliver it to Rafe. "Any luck on Abigail's case?" Nicole began. "So, I haven't been able to zero in on a suspect," Rafe grumbled. "You will -- I have every bit of faith in you," Nicole stressed before changing the subject, telling Rafe about the big event that had occurred earlier that day.

"So, Abe and Paulina finally tied the knot -- that's great news!" Rafe raved. "Then everything came to a screeching halt..." Nicole fretted. "I just got the paperwork about Lani confessing to killing T.R. -- didn't realize she did it in the middle of a reception," Rafe admitted after Nicole elaborated. "Then I ended up at the pub [and] ate with Roman and Kate...and Eric..." Nicole concluded.

At the Brady Pub, Roman apologized to Eric for Kate's earlier interrogation. "I'll never understand why, but she just loves stirring up trouble -- if it were an Olympic sport, she would definitely take the gold," Roman explained. "Nice to hear she has a hobby," Eric grumbled.

Roman argued that Kate had asked important questions -- and that Eric needed to answer those questions. "Maybe you need to take a page from Sami's book. Broken legs, broken planes -- nothing comes between that girl and whatever she wants," Roman stressed.

After giving the matter some thought, Eric donned a suit then headed over to the Walker apartment to talk to Nicole -- who arrived with Rafe just then. "We just came from the courthouse, [and]...we got married!" Nicole informed Eric as Rafe held up a bottle of Champagne. "That's...great... Congratulations..." Eric stammered before rushing off so Nicole and Rafe could celebrate. Nicole -- who had apparently suggested the impromptu wedding ceremony after Rafe had wondered, during their earlier conversation at the police station, if Abigail's murder investigation was the only thing that was preventing them from getting married right away -- seemed too excited at that moment to think about possible reasons for Eric's visit.

After getting an update from Belle at the hospital, Marlena headed over to the Evans-Black townhouse and found Chad sitting alone on the living room couch, staring at a random spot on a wall. "You told the children about Abigail," Marlena gently began, and Chad numbly confirmed the development. "Thomas gets it...but Charlotte, she just kept saying, 'When's Mommy coming back?'" Chad summarized while fighting back tears, drawing a nod of understanding from Marlena.

John soon entered the living room and informed Chad and Marlena that Thomas and Charlotte were busy playing with a set of cars and a racetrack that Jack and Jennifer had dropped off earlier. "Lap 500 of the DiMera Grand Prix," John added. "Sounds like you're ready for a pit stop -- why don't I take a few rounds," Marlena responded before rushing off to a guest bedroom, leaving John with Chad, who hoped that the kids would benefit from a talk with a professional.

"Look, Chad, I know that it's not always helpful [for a person] to tell someone who's suffering that they've been through a similar situation -- I know that I actually used to resent it when people did that to me; I don't know, I just kind of felt like maybe they were being dismissive of my pain --" John began. "I would never think that about you," Chad stressed before recalling that John had, in fact, gone through a similar situation with Isabella years earlier. "Cancer... At the end of our fight, I took her to Venice, and she died in my arms..." John explained. "You got to say goodbye? I never did..." Chad fretted before telling John about the final day of Abigail's life.

At the end of the tale, John summarized that Chad and Abigail's final conversation had ended with them declaring their love for each other -- and Chad seemed to get some comfort from that realization. Marlena eventually returned and reported that Thomas was focused on the race and that Charlotte was still in denial about Abigail's death. Marlena and John made it clear that Chad and the kids were all welcome to spend the night at the townhouse -- and Chad gratefully accepted the offer.

Kate entered the Salem Inn then headed up to Lucas' room, which was still in disarray. "This looks like your room in high school," Kate began, prompting Lucas to explain the mess.

"Maybe I didn't do it --" Lucas tried to argue afterward. "Oh, God, Lucas -- I really wish we could base that on a lot more than just an absence of jewelry!" Kate countered with a sigh. "Well, the rumor is that whoever killed Abigail took that jewelry, [so] I have to stay positive -- [that's] the only way I can stay sane!" Lucas reasoned before changing the subject, producing a diamond ring then showing it to Kate.

"Do you really think this is the right time to push the wedding?" Kate wondered. "As soon as I marry Sami, the stress will be gone!" Lucas predicted. "You know better than to pin your emotional well-being on Sami Brady, Lucas! [I mean], look at Philip -- he allowed himself to be consumed with his feelings for Chloe, [and] all it did was release this terrible stream of dark impulses!" Kate objected. "You think I'm gonna snap [and] end up in a mental institution, like my brother?" Lucas grumbled. "Philip did not 'snap' -- he had issues that he needed to get help for --" Kate clarified. "Issues that caused him to fake his own death!" Lucas summarized.

"I'm just so worried --" Kate explained. "Stop saying you're worried about me, okay? You have no reason to be worried about me! I would never do anything to Abigail -- I would never..." Lucas protested before breaking down in Kate's arms and admitting that living with the guilt of having kidnapped Sami was already difficult enough -- and that living with the guilt of having killed Abigail would be impossible.

Sami approached the DiMera mansion on crutches and rang the doorbell while E.J. and Belle were making out in the foyer. "Ignore it," Belle begged. "It could be the police -- maybe they've made some progress on the investigation," E.J. argued.

When E.J. opened the front door, Sami hobbled into the mansion -- then stared at Belle in shock and demanded to know what was going on. "Your sister is my attorney -- we were just discussing some legal matters," E.J. responded. "Oh, fantastic -- what trouble have you gotten yourself into this time?" Sami wondered. "E.J. hasn't done anything," Belle insisted. "Nobody just has their lawyer hanging around for no good reason," Sami countered.

"As much as I hate to admit it, I am still his wife, so I have a right to know --" Sami argued. "The truth is...I am staying here," Belle clarified. "There's no room at any hotel in town? You had to bunk in with your client -- that's your only option?" Sami objected after Belle elaborated. "Actually...Belle's more than just my attorney..." E.J. began to inform Sami. "What, exactly, do you mean?" Sami prodded E.J. -- who, like Belle, was squirming.

"We've become...friends... Belle's been a great support to me since she came to stay here -- especially the night of Abigail's murder..." E.J. concluded. "No matter how I may feel about the 'dearly' departed Abby, my heart breaks for those kids..." Sami declared before shrugging then changing the subject, producing divorce paperwork and shoving it at E.J. "I have a lot on my plate, so maybe we could table this for the moment -- there's no pressing need to finalize the divorce right now --" E.J. protested. "Actually, there is -- Lucas and I are getting married again," Sami bragged. E.J. tried to object, still convinced that Lucas was responsible for Sami's kidnapping, but the warning was ignored.

Lucas was alone at the Salem Inn when Sami returned and announced that E.J. had signed the divorce paperwork. Lucas breathed a sigh of relief then presented the diamond ring to Sami, and they sealed their engagement with a kiss. Meanwhile, at the DiMera mansion, E.J. laughed off what had just happened with Sami then tried to go back to making out with Belle. "Hold on a second," Belle protested, pulling away from E.J.

E.J. and Belle give in to passion

E.J. and Belle give in to passion

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

At Ben and Ciara's apartment, Ben teased Ciara about her long phone conversation with Hope. Ciara told Ben that Hope was excited about the two new grandbabies, although less excited that Jan was the mother of baby Shawn. Allie knocked on the front door. Allie told Ben and Ciara that she wanted to apologize for having kidnapped baby Bo.

"Do you think that there is any way that you could ever forgive me?" Allie asked. "Of course, I forgive you. Are you kidding? None of what happened was your fault," Ciara said. Ben agreed, and he invited Allie in to talk. Allie presented a gift for Bo, and she asked how Ciara had defeated the devil. Ciara told Allie how she had spoken with Bo's ghost.

"There is literally not one day that goes by that I don't long to see him or talk to him one last time. And all the sudden, there he was in the hospital, waiting to meet my little Bo," Ciara said. "I'm so happy for you," Allie said. Ciara asked Allie to give Lucas her best. With a nod, Allie hugged Ciara goodbye.

After Allie left, Ben and Ciara looked at the presents in the bag that Allie had given them. When Ben noted that he was eager to play with the little toy boat, Ciara smiled. Ciara told Ben that Hope had gifted them a real boat. Ben called the gift extravagant.

"Boats are sort of a thing in my family," Ciara explained. Ciara told Ben about her family's history of sailing around the world with newborns. Ben admitted that it sounded amazing. "We can travel wherever and whenever we want and make some amazing memories on our own," Ciara said.

Shawn sat in Jan's hospital room and watched her scarf down a chili burger. "What's wrong?" Jan asked. Shawn reluctantly told Jan that he had run into Belle in the hallway. "[Belle] is more upset with me than ever," Shawn admitted. Jan pushed Shawn to open up to her. "It doesn't seem fair that you have no one to confide in. Meanwhile, you know Belle is spilling her guts to E.J.," Jan said. Jan promised to listen quietly. After a moment, Shawn sighed in resignation.

"At first, things were going well. We both admitted that there was still hope for the two of us," Shawn said. Shawn explained that when he had told Belle that he had advocated to extend Jan's house arrest, the conversation had taken a nosedive. "[Belle] was fed up," Shawn said. "And can you blame her?" Julie said from the doorway. Julie chastised Shawn for talking about his marriage with Jan.

"I am the mother of Shawn's baby. I'm family," Jan said. "You're not family. You are a conniving little snake who tricked my grandson into getting you pregnant. Now the baby is born. It's time for you to slither back to where you belong. Behind bars," Julie said. Jan acted offended, and she asked if Julie wanted baby Shawn to be raised by his mother. "Not when his mother is a murderer," Julie countered. Jan argued that she was a hero because she had killed Charlie. Julie disagreed.

"You just wanted Belle out of the way so you could frame her for murder," Julie argued. Julie asked Shawn why he had helped Jan stay out of prison. "She's the mother of my son, and I'm doing it for him," Shawn explained. Julie argued that Jan had manipulated Shawn. As Shawn grumbled, Julie waved at him to be quiet. Julie explained that she had wanted to congratulate Shawn and see the baby. When Jan noted that the baby looked like her, Julie's smile fell away.

"Time for me to go before I do something I won't regret," Julie said. Julie told Shawn that she was on her way to see Ciara. "I'm going to give [Ciara], from your mother, the most wonderful gift," Julie said. "What is it?" Shawn asked. Julie told Shawn about the boat that Hope had bought for Ben and Ciara.

When Jan asked about her boat, Julie quipped, "The Titanic would be appropriate." Shawn reminisced about his time on the boat with Belle and baby Claire. "It feels like it was just yesterday," Shawn whispered. "Don't worry. You and Belle are going to have lots of wonderful adventures. You'll see. I know things might seem a little thorny at the moment, but don't worry. There is no power in the world that is going to stop the two of you from being together," Julie said. As Julie hugged Shawn, she gave Jan the evil eye over Shawn's shoulder.

After Julie left the hospital, she went over to Ben and Ciara's house to deliver the key to their new boat. "We're excited. It's so generous," Ben said. Julie handed Ciara a box, and she told her that the boat was in the water at the marina. When Ciara opened the box, she was surprised to see that the name of the boat was not Fancy Face 5. Julie said that she did not understand the name of the boat.

"It's a play on our squish name," Ciara said. When Ciara explained that a squish name was a combination of two names in a couple, Julie pointed out that a squish name was a portmanteau. "You and Doug would be Jug," Ben said. Julie rolled her eyes. "What about Doug and Julie? I mean it's been catchy for over 50 years," Julie said. Ciara handed the key to Ben. "I think I'm going to love Living in Cin," Ben said. Ben held up the key with the name of the boat on it.

After Julie left, Ciara said she could not wait to see the boat. "We should probably plan a little trip soon," Ciara said. "Your parents took Shawn sailing around the world. And then Shawn and Belle took Claire. What if we did the same thing with Bo?" Ben asked.

At the hospital, Jan asked Shawn if they could visit their son in the NICU. "I already miss him," Jan said. "I miss the little guy, too," Shawn said. Jan promised that she would be a great mother. "I'm aware that I'll probably have to go back to prison, and it will kill me. But at least he has you to look after him. You're gonna be a great father to our son," Jan said.

As Lucas and Sami kissed in their room at the Salem Inn, Lucas confessed that he had been worried that Sami would not accept his proposal. "I think I was traumatized from what happened in the past. You know, all those times I proposed and it took you a while to say yes," Lucas said. Lucas reminded Sami when he had serenaded her at the Penthouse Grill, and they laughed over the memory.

"We've just been down this road so many times," Lucas said. "It doesn't matter. We're doing it right this time, because you know what? I'm not keeping any secrets from you! So, it's really gonna work out," Sami said with a laugh. Lucas forced a smile and agreed. "This time it's going to be forever," Lucas said.

Sami hobbled to the bed to sit down, and she complained to Lucas that Belle had been at the DiMera mansion. "[Belle] basically said straight out to me that she doesn't believe [E.J.] is guilty," Sami said. Lucas reminded Sami that Belle was E.J.'s lawyer. Sami argued that it was weird that her sister wanted to defend Sami's kidnapper.

"Your relationship with your sister has kind of been screwed up since the very beginning. You know, ever since she was a baby and you tried to sell her on the black market," Lucas said. Sami groaned. "That was a long time ago. I was a kid," Sami argued. Sami added that Belle used that kidnapping as an excuse for everything wrong in Belle's life. With a shrug, Lucas noted that Sami had also orchestrated Jan's return to Salem.

"That was extreme, but come on. I needed to do it. I had to get custody of our grandson. I was desperate," Sami said. "So desperate that you had no concern how this was gonna affect your sister at all. So, you brought Jan back into Belle's life, and then what happened? Her husband, he fathers a son with what? Her worst nightmare," Lucas said. Lucas argued that Belle had a right to be angry at Sami. Annoyed, Sami countered that Shawn's behavior was not her fault. Lucas changed the subject back to the engagement. Sami suggested that they tell their family. "I think we make a great team," Lucas said.

As Lucas and Sami walked through the square, they ran into Allie. "I was just coming to see you!" Sami said. Allie hugged her mother. "I was worried about you and Johnny. I wanted to see for myself that you were both okay," Sami said. Allie assured Sami that she and Johnny were fine -- if a bit too into devil jokes as a coping mechanism.

"Now that you guys are properly reunited, should we tell her the news?" Lucas asked. Allie raised an eyebrow. "Your dad proposed to me. And I said yes," Sami said. Allie excitedly hugged her parents. When Allie asked about the wedding date, Sami noted that they had not discussed it yet. Lucas suggested that evening, and Sami guffawed.

"I have to file the divorce papers, you know," Sami said. Allie urged Lucas and Sami to remarry in Salem so that Henry could be the ring bearer. "I love that idea!" Sami said. "I guess the only thing would be figuring out how to be sensitive to Aunt Jennifer," Allie said solemnly. With a nod, Sami noted that what had happened to Abigail was horrible. Allie asked Lucas if he was okay.

"I'm fine. I'm just worried about your aunt," Lucas whispered. "I just hope that they find the monster who did this and they lock him up forever," Allie said. Lucas nodded in agreement, but he averted his eyes. "I'm sorry I brought the mood down, but let's go celebrate," Allie said. Sami suggested they swing by the pub to tell Roman and Kate the news. As Sami and Allie headed toward the pub, Lucas thought about the morning after Abigail's murder.

After a visit to the pub, Lucas and Sami returned to his room at the Salem Inn. Sami admitted that she was confused by Kate's indifferent reaction to the news of their engagement. Lucas admitted he had already talked to Kate about the proposal. "I wouldn't read too much into it," Lucas said. With a grin, Lucas noted that he had enough enthusiasm for everyone. Lucas grabbed Sami and kissed her.

In the foyer of the DiMera mansion, E.J. suggested to Belle that they continue where they had left off before Sami had barged into the house with the divorce papers. "You can't be serious," Belle said. Belle argued that Sami's return to town changed everything.

"I think jumping into bed with me after ending your marriage just, it seems like a bad idea," Belle said. "On the contrary. I think it's a great idea," E.J. said with a chuckle. E.J. said he wanted to celebrate his freedom. "If we went upstairs right now, it wouldn't be about us. It would be you sticking it to my sister. And I'm not gonna be used like that," Belle said. E.J. assured Belle that if he made love to her that it would not be because he wanted to hurt Sami.

"It would be because I want to do the opposite to you," E.J. said. Belle countered that it was difficult to believe E.J. when he was acting indifferent to the end of his marriage. "You love Sami," Belle said. "Loved. Past tense," E.J. corrected. E.J. assured Belle that he had moved on, and he wanted to be with Belle. "I don't know if I can trust your motives," Belle said. E.J. called Belle ridiculous.

"My father told me that you were using me to get back at Sami. At the time, I blew up at him and told him he was completely off base, but maybe he was right," Belle said. "Maybe you think I'm using you because this whole time, you've been using me to get back at Shawn," E.J. countered. E.J. pointed out that whenever Belle had a fight with Shawn, she ran to see E.J.

"Because I needed someone to talk to," Belle said. "You could have turned to Chloe or Brady or just about anyone else, but instead you came here. You specifically sought me out. And you knew it would get back to your husband," E.J. argued. Belle admitted that she knew it would annoy Shawn. "But that's not why I confided in you," Belle added. E.J. argued that Belle had integrated him into her life then kissed him multiple times.

"Now, is all of this because of Shawn, or do you have real feelings for me?" E.J. asked. "I wouldn't have asked you to go upstairs if I didn't," Belle said. "Except now you're pulling away. So, I can't help but wonder this whole time you were playing this game that suddenly got out of hand," E.J. countered. Frustrated, Belle warned E.J. not to call her a tease. When E.J. complained that Belle had been "throwing" herself at him, Belle groaned in exasperation.

As Belle started to walk out, E.J. stopped her. "We should talk this out. Honestly. We owe each other that," E.J. said. "Maybe a small part of me was trying to get back at Shawn through you," Belle admitted. Belle encouraged E.J. to confess, too. "It has crossed my mind that being with you would upset Samantha, and I can't say I don't find a certain satisfaction with that," E.J. admitted. E.J. added that there was more to their attraction than revenge.

"You and I do have a real connection," E.J. said. "Do we? Or are we just fooling ourselves?" Belle asked. E.J. stressed that his relationship with Belle had meant a lot to him. "And I want that to continue," E.J. said. Belle smiled sadly. "This is so complicated. How much of this is about sticking it to our exes and how much of it is actually about us?" Belle asked. E.J. argued that if he had wanted to hurt Sami, he would have told her about Belle.

"When it comes down to it, this has nothing to do with Samantha. It's none of her damn business. It's ours. Because this is about you and me," E.J. said. E.J. took Belle's face in his hands. "What you and I have is complicated, but we're not kids anymore. Life is complicated," E.J. said. E.J. told Belle that he wanted their relationship to work. "I want you," E.J. said. With a shake of her head, Belle noted that it felt like a mistake.

"You are legally separated. I'm essentially divorced. There is nothing stopping us from giving in to our feelings. Unless you don't feel the same way as I do," E.J. said as he kissed Belle's neck. Belle turned to face E.J. "I feel the same. I just don't want us to get together for the wrong reasons," Belle said. E.J. kissed Belle's hand. "I don't want to put you under any pressure or make you feel used," E.J. whispered. E.J. suggested that they take time to think. Belle started to leave, then stopped.

"You know what? I have spent my entire life thinking things through. And look where it has gotten me. I know what I want," Belle said. Belle marched over to E.J. and kissed him passionately. E.J. and Belle stumbled upstairs to his bedroom. As E.J. laid Belle onto the bed, he asked her if she was sure. "Make love to me," Belle whispered.

After the prison released Evan from solitary confinement, he ran into Orpheus in the rec room. "Next time you get it in your head to bust out of this place, maybe you won't leave your old man out of the loop," Orpheus said. "It was more a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing," Evan said. Evan explained that the literal devil had orchestrated the prison break.

"The second I saw that innocent little baby, I should have been stronger. But instead, all I could see was revenge. All I could see was hurting Ben and Ciara in the worst way possible. It was a test, and I failed. If I was a better man, I'd be with my son right now. But no, I had the opportunity to get to David, and I wasted it," Evan lamented. Orpheus told Evan that he could not have run off with David because Zoey had moved to New Zealand.

"I can't believe Zoey would move my son halfway around the world and not consult me!" Evan screamed. Orpheus reminded Evan that Zoey had full legal custody of David. "I'll get her to bring him back. She'll listen to reason," Evan said. Orpheus told Evan that it was unlikely that Zoey would change her mind.

"I think you should focus on a matter that is a little closer to home," Orpheus said. Evan stressed that nothing mattered more to him than his son. "I am talking about your son. Your other son," Orpheus said. Confused, Evan asked Orpheus what he meant. "The one you conceived with Jan Spears," Orpheus said.

Orpheus reveals a shocking secret about Jan

Orpheus reveals a shocking secret about Jan

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

At the DiMera mansion, Belle and E.J. gave in to temptation and had sex. Afterward, E.J. held Belle in his arms. Belle thanked E.J. for his hospitality and friendship over the past several months. E.J. told Belle that he wanted to be with her more often than just a one-night stand. E.J. observed that something was on Belle's mind, and he encouraged her to share how she felt. "Happy... and also very, very guilty," Belle said.

Belle blamed herself for being unfaithful to Shawn after she'd vowed to never cheat on him again. E.J. encouraged Belle to move on from Shawn. Belle recalled that Shawn had said that Belle had only signed their divorce papers so that she could sleep with E.J. "Maybe he was right," Belle thought.

E.J. said that he'd had feelings for Belle for months and that he knew Belle felt the same way. Belle agreed, and E.J. asked Belle to spend the rest of the night with him. Belle said she couldn't spend the night with E.J. because she wasn't yet ready. Belle and E.J. kissed, and the two said goodnight to one another.

Also at the DiMera mansion, Chad received welcome visitors in J.J., Jack, and Jennifer. Jennifer hugged Chad and said that she and Jack had gone to the funeral home to take care of the arrangements for Abigail's service. Jennifer asked Chad if he wanted to be the one to pick out the dress that Abigail would be buried in. Chad said he didn't believe he could.

Chad wept as he recalled that he hadn't been able to bring himself to go into his and Abigail's bedroom since the night of the murder. Jennifer and Jack consoled Chad. Jennifer left with Jack to pick out the dress Abigail would be buried in, and she told J.J. to make sure that Chad took care of himself.

J.J. assured Chad that Rafe would find the person who'd killed Abigail. Chad recalled that he and Abigail had finally found happiness and peace, and he blamed himself for not having left for Boston when Abigail had requested it earlier on the night she had been killed, because then she'd still be alive. J.J. shared that he felt bad for having judged Chad in the past and for not believing that Chad had been good enough for Abigail. J.J. said that he'd changed his mind over the years about Chad, and he said that while he'd never had a brother, he counted Chad as one. J.J. and Chad hugged.

Upstairs in Chad and Abigail's room, a distraught Jennifer chose a dress that Abigail had bought on a trip to Boston. Jennifer told Jack that Abigail had bought the dress when she and Chad had been separated and that Abigail had remarked that Chad would love Abigail again once he saw her in the dress. Jennifer then recalled that Abigail and Chad had gone back to Salem together the following day. Jack encouraged Jennifer to tell Chad the story of the dress once Chad was in a good place to hear it.

At Salem University Hospital, Jan surprised Shawn by wrapping her arms around him and pulling him in for a kiss. Shawn hurried to pull away from Jan, and just at that moment, Brady and Chloe walked in. Brady quipped that it looked like Jan had made a full recovery.

Brady asked to speak with Shawn outside Jan's room, and Chloe stayed with Jan. In Jan's room, Chloe told Jan that Shawn would always love Belle. Jan brought up Belle's past extramarital affair with Philip, and she scoffed that Belle could remain loyal to Shawn. Jan said she hoped that Belle had found someone else to help keep her company.

Out in the hallway, Shawn said that Brady should talk to Belle if Brady wanted to help save Shawn and Belle's marriage. Shawn walked away, and Chloe joined Brady in the hallway. Brady told Chloe that Shawn had been right, and he said he needed to talk to Belle. Chloe encouraged Brady to wait until the following morning. Brady wondered why Chloe was adamant that Brady not go to the DiMera mansion then Brady had a thought. "Son of a bitch!" Brady said sharply.

Back in Jan's room, Jan put on a crying face and claimed that Chloe had said awful things to her. Shawn was too upset that Jan had kissed him, and he told Jan that she couldn't turn their situation into something it wasn't. Jan shared her belief that when she'd kissed Shawn, Shawn had felt something, too. Shawn refused to listen to Jan and stormed out of the room.

At Statesville Prison, Evan was stunned when Orpheus said that Jan had given birth to Evan's son. Evan flashed back to a memory from months earlier at the prison in which he and Jan had had sex in the infirmary. Evan asked how Orpheus had known about Evan and Jan's sexual encounter.

Orpheus flashed back to months earlier at the prison when Jan had confided that she'd gotten pregnant. Jan had told Orpheus that Shawn was the father, but Orpheus had confronted Jan and told her that he knew Jan was only trying to pass Evan's baby off as Shawn's.

Orpheus told Evan that he'd given Jan his word that he'd help Jan pass the baby off as Shawn's. Orpheus said he had offered to help Jan with a doctored DNA test to prove that Shawn was the baby's father. Orpheus revealed to Evan that Jan had already given birth and that the baby had been born prematurely. Evan was shocked that Jan had been released from prison. Orpheus said that he needed Jan "on the outside" of prison, and Evan wanted to know what Orpheus had planned.

Orpheus said that he'd made a deal with Jan to do a favor for him once she was released from Statesville. Evan was furious that Orpheus had known Evan had had sex with Jan and that Orpheus had switched the paternity tests of Jan's baby.

Evan demanded to know how Orpheus had convinced Jan to help his father and what Orpheus was getting in return, but Orpheus remained coy. "I know it may seem like I don't trust you. But I'm in the middle of a high-stakes game. I need to keep my cards very close to the vest," Orpheus said.

Lani's fate is decided

Lani's fate is decided

Thursday, June 30, 2022

by Mike

Chanel and Theo drove Olivia to O'Hare Airport then returned to Salem and headed over to the Brady Pub for coffee -- and Chanel paid for both cups as a way of thanking Theo for having agreed to tag along on the trip.

"I didn't want to be alone with Big Mama," Chanel admitted. The concern didn't make sense to Theo, who found it quite entertaining to talk to blunt people because it was always impossible to predict what they might say at any given time, but Chanel said that Olivia's complete lack of a filter was precisely why Chanel had wanted backup. "She wants to be in everybody's business -- especially mine -- [and] I don't think she's ready for a fluid granddaughter," Chanel explained. Theo assured Chanel that Olivia might just need some time. "I don't think my folks were ready for a kid on the spectrum, but I think it worked out -- they got used to it," Theo stressed. Chanel thanked Theo for the ray of hope. "I got enough to worry about right now -- we both do..." Chanel fretted, and Theo nodded in agreement.

At the police station, Lani settled in one of the conference rooms to await the arrival of a visitor. "Susan?" Lani sputtered when the visitor arrived. "I know this is a surprise, and I know you don't know me from a bale of hay, [but] I need to talk to you [because] I had me one of my premonitions -- [see], something told me...that you needed to see your best friend," Kristen explained while still in disguise.

Lani was quick to point out the obvious -- that it was quite reckless for a wanted fugitive to just waltz into a police station -- but Kristen dismissed the concern. "You got me out of here once, and now I'm gonna return the favor," Kristen whispered before starting to reveal how Lani's escape was going to play out -- then getting back into character when Eli entered the conference room and demanded to know what was going on.

Eli wasn't fooled for even a second -- and was just about to arrest Kristen when Justin arrived to talk to Lani. "Susan Banks? What are you doing here?" Justin sputtered. "I just had a powerful vision [that] today is going to be a very, very good day for Detective Lani Grant --" Kristen tried to explain as Susan, drawing a nod of skepticism from Justin, who clearly had bad news to deliver. "I thought I had a deal with the D.A. last night, but this morning, she did a complete 180...[to] murder one -- life without parole," Justin revealed after getting permission from Lani.

Eli wondered why Trask had decided not to go easy on Lani. "Remember when I asked you if there was anything in your past that I should know about? [Well], you left something out, and Trask knows what it is -- [so, she's] planning to tell a jury that whenever it works to your advantage, you are willing to take the law into your own hands," Justin informed Lani before rushing off to prepare for the hearing. "You know what he's talking about -- that time that Lani helped you escape!" Eli snapped at Kristen once the coast was clear. "Instead of screaming at me, why don't you let me help!" Kristen countered.

At the Price-Grant apartment, Doug and Julie sang to Jules and Carver as a way of distracting themselves from their concerns about Lani's fate. At the Price condominium, Paulina surprised Abe with breakfast as a way of celebrating their first morning as a married couple -- but they were each only able to tolerate one bite of their shared omelet. "It's all dried out -- I must have cooked it too long!" Paulina fretted. "It's all right -- your mind is on Lani. And so is mine," Abe stressed. Paulina and Abe decided to settle for food that was harder to ruin -- frozen waffles -- but just as they were about to start eating their backup meal, someone knocked on the condominium door.

Outside the Brady Pub, Chanel fretted to Theo about being torn between Johnny and Allie. "If you actually picked one, you wouldn't be the center of attention anymore," Theo teased. "That's mean, okay? This is hard --" Chanel protested. "'Hard' is when the woman you love leaves you at the altar -- literally! You have a choice --" Theo countered.

"Yeah -- a complicated one! It's not like if I choose one of them, the other one is just gonna go away -- they're twins, [so] they are going to be in each other's lives no matter what, [which means] I have to hurt somebody that I really care about and then keep on seeing them forever!" Chanel stressed. Theo advised Chanel to consider reuniting with an old flame instead. "I'm kidding -- no, I'm with Claire, and things are really good," Theo backpedaled when Chanel started squirming. "Must be nice to know you're with the right person..." Chanel grumbled.

Abe and Paulina stormed over to Trask's office after learning that the district attorney had decided not to offer Lani a plea deal. "You have a spy in this office?" Trask snapped at Abe, who didn't respond. "So? Is the rumor true?" Paulina wondered. "Yes, it is," Trask admitted. "Murder one requires that you prove premeditation -- you can't do that," Abe objected. "Watch me -- and this is my decision, not yours!" Trask countered.

Abe and Paulina gave each other a shrug then called their earlier visitor -- Beth -- into Trask's office to repeat a story they had just heard back at the Price condominium. "Madame District Attorney, I want you to meet the ace up my sleeve," Paulina bragged before letting Beth explain that T.R. had been planning to marry then murder Paulina as part of a desperate plan to get out of debt. "When the good people of Salem realize that you had a chance to stand up for abused women but chose a violent drug addict who beat those women -- a man who shot a police officer in cold blood -- you know the city council will insist that I demand your immediate resignation," Abe warned Trask after Beth also produced photographic proof of T.R.'s violence.

At the police station, Eli listened in disbelief as Kristen continued telling Lani about the escape plan. "If I go on the run, Kristen, it will never be over -- I will drag Eli [and] our two little kids through hell; the four of us will always be looking over our shoulders, thinking that maybe this is the day that they finally catch up with me. I won't do that to them -- even if my life really is done, I'm not gonna end theirs, too. Let me ask you something, Kristen -- are you really happy with your life right now? Are you really free?" Lani argued -- but before Kristen could respond, Eli realized that something was going on with Justin, who could be seen through one of the conference room's windows.

"I don't get it -- Trask is backing off; the deal I negotiated with her last night is back on," Justin explained when Eli and Lani emerged from the conference room. "Involuntary manslaughter -- minimum time," Justin added as Lani and Eli each breathed a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, Trask lashed out at Abe and Paulina for having resorted to blackmail to get their way. "I won't forget," Trask warned. "We just saved you from yourself," Paulina reasoned with a dismissive shrug before leaving with Abe -- and Trask punched a desk in frustration once the coast was clear.

Eli rejoined Kristen -- and was surprised to see that parts of the Susan costume had been set aside on the conference room table. "I heard what Lani said before, and she's right -- I am so tired of running," Kristen explained with a sigh before extending both hands. "Put on the cuffs -- I'm ready to face the music," Kristen added.

Lani says goodbye

Lani says goodbye

Friday, July 1, 2022

At Eli and Lani's apartment, Eli stared at his wedding photo. "Statesville is just a short drive away. And you and I -- and all the people that love her -- are going to take the twins to visit Lani every chance we get," Julie assured Eli. With a nod, Julie went into the bedroom to dress the twins. Rafe knocked on the front door.

"I'm sorry to do this, but it's about Lani's deal. There's a problem," Rafe said. "Don't tell me Trask is backing out of the deal," Eli said. Rafe shook his head no. Rafe told Eli that Vivian had learned that Lani was on her way to Statesville.

"[Vivian] has made it clear that Lani is on her hit list," Rafe said. Rafe added that although Vivian was in solitary, she had dangerous allies throughout the prison. "What's the alternative?" Eli asked. Rafe explained that Lani should go to another prison. When Rafe handed a list to Eli, he noted that all the choices were out of state. "Lani will go crazy if she's not close to the kids," Eli said. "I don't see any other way," Rafe said. After Eli reviewed the list, he had an idea.

After Rafe left, Julie returned to the living room. "It looks like Lani is gonna have to spend her time a bit further away than we expected," Eli said. Julie noted that her heart would break if Eli and the twins had to move away. "I hope you don't mean that, because the twins and I can't be far away from Lani. We may have to leave Salem," Eli said. Eli explained that the plan was to send Lani to a minimum-security facility in Maryland near his mother's house.

"What about your job?" Julie asked. Eli reminded Julie that his FBI mentor could help him find a job in the area. "Sounds like a plan," Julie said. Julie looked shaken as she started to return to the kids. Eli asked if she was okay. "It's just, I knew I was going to be saying goodbye to Lani today, but I didn't expect I'd be losing you and the twins, too," Julie said. Julie fought back tears, and she noted that she saw traits of David in Eli.

"You have David's slow, wonderful smile. And the way you love, Eli. So fiercely, so true," Julie said. "He must have got that from you," Eli said with a grin. Julie told Eli that he was a gift to her. "Almost like having another son," Julie said. Julie called Eli extraordinary. "We're so completely different, but we're kindred spirits. And even if we disagree about things, important things, I know you know we're always on each other's team," Julie said. "Like right now," Eli said. Eli held Julie's hand. With a nod, Julie told Eli that he had made the right decision for his family.

With a nod, Julie announced that they needed to head to the police station. With a devilish grin, Eli asked for one last dance. Eli played a record, and he pulled Julie into his arms. "I think this was one of David's favorites," Julie said. "I picked it out of the collection you gave me when I first came to Salem," Eli said. Julie smiled. "I'm going to miss you. A lot," Julie said. Eli promised to return soon, and he told Julie to visit with Doug.

"We're going to be the houseguests from hell and never leave," Julie joked. "I'm looking forward to it, because I want you to be a part of Jules and Carver's lives," Eli said. Julie fought back tears. "I love you," Eli whispered. "I love you so," Julie countered.

At the Brady Pub, Theo asked Abe if he should delay his return to South Africa. "No. You have to live your life. Your sister understands," Abe said. Theo confessed that when he had learned that Lani was not his sister, he had been worried that their relationship would change. "If anything, we've grown closer. Because we chose it, you know? And I know it's the same for you," Theo said. Abe agreed.

"I'm blessed to have two wonderful children. You and Lani. I could not love you more," Abe said. Theo noted that he knew Stefano had loved Peter and Kristen as much as his biological children. "There is not much I agree with Stefano DiMera on, but in this, he was right. Family is what you make of it," Abe said.

Paulina sat with Lani in the interrogation room at the police station. Lani thanked Paulina for her help with Trask and the plea deal. "No need to ever thank me. I spent 30 years pretending you weren't my daughter. No way I'm letting Trask or anybody else take my baby away from me," Paulina said. Lani asked Paulina to let her tell the police that Lani had asked Paulina to lie for her. Paulina stressed that she would be fine.

"What I am afraid of right now is that my daughter, instead of being proud of herself for what she did, instead of making peace with her decision, she is worrying about her mama," Paulina said. "You understand why I confessed?" Lani asked. Paulina nodded yes. In tears, Lani said that T.R. had haunted her, and she had had no choice but to confess to the shooting. "It would not stop unless I did something about it," Lani said.

With a smile, Lani said that when she had seen Paulina and Abe at the wedding, she had realized that she could not lie anymore. "Poor baby, it must have been eating you up," Paulina said. Paulina said she understood what it felt like to be haunted by T.R. "But because of you, he won't be able to hurt anybody anymore. You saved us. And I will forever be grateful," Paulina said.

As Paulina and Lani hugged, Abe walked into the room and asked to join the hug. "Abraham, don't you start crying now. We've already finished with that part already," Paulina said. "Dad, I am not going that far, and it is not forever. So, save your tears," Lani said. "What if I tell you these were happy tears?" Abe said with a sad smile. With a sniffle, Abe handed papers to Lani to sign. Lani looked at the papers and gasped.

"You want to adopt me?" Lani said. "You're my daughter in every way that counts. I just want to make it legal," Abe said. As Lani wept happy tears, Abe handed her a pen. "It's already a done deal in my heart, Dad," Lani said. Lani signed the papers. "There's one other thing that needs to be made right before I go," Lani said. Lani told Paulina that she no longer thought of her as "Auntie P." "I can say for sure now that you are my mother, too," Lani said. "You really think of me as your mama?" Paulina asked. Lani nodded yes.

"Since the day I was born, you have tried to protect me and keep me safe, even when I didn't know it. That is what a mother does. You sacrificed your own happiness for mine. You fought for me, and I am so thankful to have you in my life. I love you, Mama," Lani said. "I love you too, baby," Paulina whispered.

In the Salem PD holding cell, Kristen scowled at her food as a guard announced that she had a visitor. Brady walked in. "I'm surprised to see you," Kristen said. "Well, you used your only phone call to reach out to me," Brady said. Kristen noted that Brady had failed to escort Rachel to see her. "I'm just trying to protect her," Brady said. Brady noted that it was hard to keep the truth from Rachel.

"And what truth is that?" Kristen asked. "That her mother has done horrible things and that her mother is a criminal," Brady said. Kristen asked Brady if he had visited just to insult her. "I came here to ask you one question. Did you frame me for what happened to Philip? And do you know if he is dead or alive?" Brady asked. Kristen gave an exasperated sigh, and she swore that she had nothing to do with Philip's disappearance.

"It's really obvious why you care. Because if Philip is alive, he might just come between you and Chloe," Kristen said. Brady asked Kristen how she knew that he was dating Chloe. Kristen reminded Brady that she kept tabs on the people in her daughter's life. "I won't deny it. We are a couple. Despite your best efforts to keep us apart," Brady said. "It turns out I was right, wasn't I? All that time you claimed to be in love with me, you were just angling to be with her," Kristen said. Kristen told Brady that she would not give up.

"Chloe may have won this battle, but I will definitely win the next," Kristen growled. "No, this is not war. This is not battle, Kristen. This is my life. How many people do you want to make collateral damage by trying to insert yourself into my life and Rachel's? It's never going to happen," Brady said. When Kristen asked about the collateral damage, Brady mentioned Sarah.

"You stole [Sarah's] life. She's an innocent victim in one of your damn schemes," Brady said. With a shrug, Kristen noted that Sarah and Xander were reunited and happy. "Wrong. Even from in here, you are still torturing her," Brady said. Brady told Kristen about Sarah's struggles with hallucinations. When Brady mentioned that Sarah had threatened Victor, Kristen joked that Victor encouraged violent impulses.

"You just don't get it, do you? You can't take responsibility for your actions," Brady said. "I'm in here, aren't I?" Kristen countered. Brady noted that Kristen did not have any empathy for the people she hurt. "And I have to think long and hard about whether it is a good idea for you to see Rachel ever again," Brady said. Kristen yelled that she was Rachel's mother. With a sigh, Brady pulled a valentine from Rachel out of his coat pocket.

"I didn't know where to send it, but I held on to it so I could get it to you," Brady whispered. Brady gave Kristen the card. "Be my Valentine, Mommy. I love you, and I miss you," Kristen read aloud.

Xander finished a meal at the café in the square, and he spotted Chanel leaving the bakery. "Well, if it isn't my favorite ex-wife," Xander said. Chanel apologized for having told Sarah about their quickie marriage. As Xander assured Chanel that Sarah had no problem with Chanel, Sarah marched over.

"Get the hell away from him, you bitch!" Sarah screamed. "I thought you said she didn't have a problem with me?" Chanel asked. "That's what she told me!" Xander said. As Chanel turned and started to walk away, Sarah grabbed the knife off Xander's plate and pursued Chanel. "I warned you, stay away!" Sarah said. Chanel turned to look at Sarah, and she was startled by the knife that Sarah brandished at her. Xander rushed over and stepped between the two women.

"What the hell are you doing?" Xander asked. "I'm saving you from Kristen DiMera. I'm saving your life," Sarah said. Xander grabbed the knife, and he stressed, "That is not Kristen DiMera." Tears welled in Sarah's eyes. "What is going on?" Chanel asked. Sarah turned back to Chanel, and she apologized. Chanel shook her head dismissively, and she walked away.

"What did I do?" Sarah whispered. "It's okay. Nobody got hurt," Xander reassured Sarah. Sarah was frustrated that she was still having hallucinations. "I can't get away from Kristen DiMera," Sarah lamented. Sarah told Xander that after two weeks on her medication, she had hoped the hallucinations would have stopped. Xander reminded Sarah that Marlena had said it would take time to heal.

"Just take a breath. I'd hate for you to do something you might later regret," Xander said. "Like murder your ex-wife?" Sarah said. "Yeah, like that," Xander said. With a groan, Sarah noted that Kristen was far from Salem. "I'm afraid that is not true," Rafe said as he walked over. Rafe explained that Kristen was in custody. Sarah started to walk to the police station, but Xander grabbed her arm.

"I need to do this alone," Sarah said. Sarah assured Xander that Kristen could not hurt her from behind bars. After Sarah walked away, Xander whispered, "But what about what you can do to her?"

In the holding cell at the jail, Kristen beamed as she looked at Rachel's valentine card. "Looks like somebody finally has a heart," Sarah said as she walked into the room. Sarah complained that because of Kristen's actions, she had been hallucinating Kristen's face everywhere.

"I heard about your hallucinations," Kristen said dismissively. "You destroyed my life, Kristen! I'm doing everything I can to get it back," Sarah said. Kristen wished Sarah luck. "At least I know that the real you is in here, and you can't hurt anyone else. I hope they never let you out," Sarah said.

In the bullpen of the police station, Theo greeted Chanel. Theo told Chanel that Abe had surprised Lani with adoption papers. "Which means that she's going to be my sister again, too," Theo said. "She was always your sister. But what does that make us?" Chanel countered. "Family," Theo said.

Lani, Abe, and Paulina joined Theo and Chanel in the bullpen. "Thank you for being here. I love you two so much," Lani told her siblings. Chanel congratulated Abe and Lani on the adoption. "Turns out this day isn't all that bad," Lani said. Eli and Julie walked in with the twins. "Did I miss some good news?" Eli asked. Lani announced the adoption. "No kidding!" Julie said with a grin.

"[Lani] is already my daughter, and we're gonna make it official again," Abe said. "How lucky am I?" Lani whispered. Julie noted that Abe was the lucky one. "I have some news, as well," Eli said. Eli explained about the issue with Vivian, and Paulina asked for five minutes alone in a room with her. "As entertaining as that sounds, I'm afraid Lani going to Statesville is not an option," Eli said. "Then where am I going?" Lani asked. Eli told Lani about his plan for Lani to go to the prison near his mother's house.

"Shouldn't we talk about this before you decide [to move with the twins]?" Lani said. Rafe walked in and confirmed that he had finalized the arrangements. "As far as prisons go, it's a nice, safe place," Rafe assured Lani. "I can't believe you are doing this for me," Lani said. "Everything I do is for you," Eli countered. Rafe joked that it was a bummer to lose his two best cops and his best friends. Rafe hugged Lani and Eli goodbye.

"You are the last person that needs to hear this, but you must be strong. For your husband. For your babies," Julie said. "I will do my best, and if I start to wear down, I will just ask myself, 'what would Julie do?'" Lani said. Julie chuckled and hugged Lani goodbye.

"I just got used to having a big sister," Chanel said. "I know what you mean," Theo agreed. Lani hugged her siblings goodbye. "You'll still have a big sister. And don't think I'm not going to be calling you both and giving you grief and asking you all the annoying questions about your love life. Make me proud, you two," Lani said. Lani turned to Abe and smiled.

"I know we just made it official, but I really don't know what I would have done if I didn't have you these past few years," Lani said. "I suspect I know that you would've done all right. You're a wonder. You're a wonder, Lani, and my world is a better place because you're in it. And I love you. I love you forever and a day," Abe said. "I love you too, Dad. I love you so much," Lani said. Abe hugged Lani tightly, then he asked Eli to take care of his daughter.

"There's nothing more I'd rather do," Eli said. "And if you don't, you're going to have to answer to me, too," Paulina grumbled. Eli laughed. "I've been listening to you ever since you came to Salem," Eli said. "A man who knows his place. He's a keeper," Paulina said to Lani. With a laugh, Lani said, "Don't I know it." Paulina started to say goodbye to Lani, but she struggled to find the right words.

"There's something new. Paulina Price speechless," Lani said. "I've got plenty of words, little girl. It's just that none of them change the fact that this all ends with us saying goodbye," Paulina said. With a shy smile, Paulina asked Lani to "say it again." Lani smiled. "Mom," Lani said. Paulina hugged Lani goodbye, and she told her that she was proud of her. "I promise I'm going to see you soon," Paulina said. "We'll all get through this together," Abe added. Lani sniffled back tears, and she focused her attention on the twins.

"Mama is going on a little trip, okay? But Daddy promises to bring you to see me as soon as he can. And I will never, ever stop thinking of you. And even when we're apart, we're going to be together. Right here," Lani said as she pointed at their hearts. Lani told the twins that she loved them. Chanel and Julie took the twins so that Eli could escort Lani out. In the doorway, Lani looked back to smile at her family.

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