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Kate struggled to believe Lucas. Marlena and Rafe served as Bo's godparents at his christening. Salem mourned and buried Abigail. Evan told Jan that he knew he was the father of her baby. Rafe arrested Clyde for Abigail's murder. Jan attempted to flee with Shawn and her baby, but Belle stopped her. The police could not find Jan's body. E.J. confessed that Clyde had shot him. Belle told Chloe about her night with E.J. Leo confronted Gwen about Abigail. Ben and Ciara sailed away.
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Salem mourned and buried Abigail, Ben and Ciara sailed away, and Jan attempted to flee with Shawn and her baby.
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Abigail's loved ones prepare for her funeral

Abigail's loved ones prepare for her funeral

Monday, July 4, 2022

by Mike

Chad was sitting alone in the living room of the Evans-Black townhouse when the doorbell rang. Chad, already on the verge of tears because Abigail's obituary had just been posted on the Spectator's website as a prelude to the funeral service that was going to be held later that day, broke down after opening the townhouse door and finding Will and Sonny standing on the other side of it.

Sonny comforted Chad with a hug, then Will did the same. "Ari and I got in on a red-eye, and I just dropped her off with Gabi," Will eventually began. "I'm so glad you guys are here," Chad shakily declared. "What can we do for you? How can we make today easier?" Sonny wondered. "Well, John and Marlena are helping the kids get ready... I need to go home, put on a suit, and... I haven't slept in..." Chad tried to respond. "Say no more," Will interjected. "I'll drive," Sonny added. Chad numbly followed Will and Sonny out of the townhouse, fighting back a new wave of tears.

At the Brady Pub, Steve started reading Abigail's obituary aloud to Kayla. "While those of us who worked with Abigail know that replacing her will be nearly impossible, we owe it to our readers to try to fill the chasm left by her loss...but for those of us who loved Abigail [and] were lucky enough to spend even a few moments in her presence, that task may prove insurmountable. She had so much more life to live, memories to make, and fine work to do. This should not be the last line of her story," Steve eventually concluded. "I don't know how Jennifer did it -- I mean, she's going through hell, and yet every sentence is perfect..." Kayla tearfully declared.

Steve was surprised to learn that Kayla had promised to deliver a eulogy during Abigail's funeral. "I don't know why I said I would -- I mean, I'm not a writer; I don't know how to put my feelings into words! [Seriously], I was up all night, and I couldn't come up with anything!" Kayla fretted. "Just say what's in your heart -- whatever comes to mind," Steve suggested. "I just keep asking myself...'Could I have done something more to save her life?'" Kayla admitted. "You did everything you could," Steve insisted before comforting Kayla with a hug.

At the Horton house, Jack wrapped up a phone conversation then explained to Jennifer and J.J. that Gwen had read online that Abigail's funeral was going to be held later that day. "She wanted us to know that she is thinking about us," Jack concluded. "That was very nice of her," Jennifer declared. "'Nice' my ass!" J.J. spat. "She did nothing but cause my sister pain, and now she has the nerve to express 'sympathy' or whatever? Please! She's probably doing a happy dance in her cell!" J.J. continued, ignoring Jack's protests. "Look, I'm sorry, but that bitch can take her fake sympathy and shove it --" J.J. continued, prompting Jack to storm out of the house in frustration.

At the Salem Inn, Lucas received a visit from Kate, who knew that Abigail's funeral was going to be held later that day. "I just wanted to see how you are," Kate casually began. "You sure you don't want to ask me if I woke up this morning and remembered killing Abigail?" Lucas defensively responded.

"What's it gonna take for you to believe me?" Lucas wondered. "Proof -- something definitive! I need to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you had nothing to do with it --" Kate answered. "I wouldn't hurt Abigail -- drunk or sober, I wouldn't do it -- so let's drop it!" Lucas snapped -- just as Will knocked on the hotel room door and called out a greeting.

Kate started to rush off after determining that Will hadn't heard what Lucas had shouted. "You don't have to leave on my account --" Will insisted. "No, that's okay, sweetie -- your father and I have said everything we need to say to each other," Kate responded before continuing to exit the hotel room -- and Lucas, desperate to stop Will from sensing any tension, didn't even wait until the coast was clear before striking up a conversation about Abigail's funeral.

Lucas' attempt to create a distraction backfired when Will steered the conversation toward the topic of Abigail's murderer. "Abigail called me the night before she died [and] asked if we could compare notes [about] Mom's kidnapping -- [and] I'm sure I'm not the only person that she called, [so] what if someone she tried to tap as a source wasn't happy that she was looking into this? [Or] what if word got out to someone directly involved in Mom's kidnapping? [And] what if they were so desperate to keep her from finding out the truth and putting it out there that they killed her?" Will suggested, making Lucas squirm.

"If you think the kidnapper and the murderer are the same person, that means E.J. killed Abigail!" Lucas translated. "Wasn't E.J.'s conviction overturned?" Will argued. "Doesn't mean he's innocent!" Lucas countered. "I know you hate him, but do you really think E.J. would stab Abigail to death? Abigail was his family!" Will objected. "You're right -- okay, maybe that's a little bit too far, even for him," Lucas backpedaled before advising that Will's theory about Abigail's murderer was probably not something that Chad needed to hear anytime soon. Will laughed off the concern, insisting that Lucas was stating the obvious.

Jack stormed into the Brady Pub in search of a stiff drink -- then breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that Steve and Kayla were sitting at a table near the bar. "I had to get out of the house..." Jack started to vent to Kayla and Steve after pulling a chair over to their table. "What happened?" Steve prodded Jack. "I don't really want to go into it," Jack decided before changing the subject, begging to know if Steve had any theories about Abigail's murder. "The way she was attacked -- it seems personal. [I mean], that is what a knife suggests to me -- that it wasn't random or circumstantial. I think she was targeted," Steve admitted -- just as Kate entered the pub.

Kate offered condolences to Jack, Steve, and Kayla -- then argued that it wasn't the best time for them to be pondering the identity of Abigail's murderer. "Everyone is anxious to get answers. I'm sure you understand, given what you're going through with your son," Steve reasoned, making Kate even more nervous. "Philip," Steve elaborated, drawing a sigh of relief from Kate. "Well, yes, but...I guess I just assumed that you would be focused on celebrating Abigail's life," Kate maintained -- and Jack conceded the point then rushed back to the Horton house to reconcile with J.J.

Kayla soon went back to fretting about the eulogy, prompting Steve to say "I love you" in sign language. "You understood that, right?" Steve prodded Kayla. "You said you love me," Kayla translated. "I didn't say anything -- but I did speak from my heart; I expressed myself, and that's all you need to do," Steve stressed. Steve's advice helped Kayla remember that Abigail had loved E. E. Cummings -- and that eulogies didn't have to be original, meaning that a reading of the author's poem "I Carry Your Heart with Me" would suffice.

Chad entered the DiMera mansion while Anna was fretting to Tony and E.J. that it was going to be difficult to ever even take another look at the door to the bedroom in which Abigail's murder had occurred, let alone set foot inside it again. Anna apologized to Chad, who dismissed the concern then trudged off to that bedroom to get ready for the funeral, declining all offers of help.

Ben and Ciara say their goodbyes

Ben and Ciara say their goodbyes

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Outside Abigail's wake at Julie's Place, Marlena saw Nancy crying alone in the corner. "I kept thinking about my girls, Chloe and Joy, and how much we owe Abigail. And now I'm never going to be able to tell her how grateful I am," Nancy said. Confused, Marlena asked why Nancy felt like she owed Abigail.

"Abigail and Chad interrupted Craig and Leo's wedding. They helped save Craig from marrying that money-grubbing, slimy bigamist," Nancy grumbled. Marlena nodded yes. Nancy added that she wanted to thank Marlena for her professional help. "You've worked hard. I think you've made a lot of progress," Marlena said. With a nod, Nancy said that her new boyfriend had also helped her get past her failed marriage.

"I'm glad. I guess I thought that might've come up in our therapy sessions," Marlena said. Nancy explained that she had worried that Marlena would judge her new man because he was an ex-convict. "His name is Clyde," Nancy said. "Clyde Weston?" Marlena said. Nancy argued that redemption was possible.

"Clyde is working very hard to turn his life around," Marlena said. "I'm so glad that you see it!" Nancy said. With a smile, Nancy told Marlena that Roman had called Clyde the best cook since Caroline. "And you know that's high praise," Nancy said. Nancy noted that if Ben could be redeemed, then anyone could be redeemed. Marlena nodded yes.

"How serious are the two of you?" Marlena asked. Nancy noted that she and Clyde had not put a label on their relationship. With a smile, Nancy reached into her purse and pulled out the bracelet that Clyde had given her. "I didn't want to wear it to the funeral because it was too flashy, but I could put it back on now," Nancy said. Nancy asked Marlena to give her apologies to Abigail's family. Marlena nodded yes. "Nancy, that's a beautiful bracelet," Marlena noted. "I am one lucky lady," Nancy said.

Rafe and Ciara escorted Doug and Julie home to the Horton house. "I still feel guilty about leaving the wake so early. Especially since we were hosting it," Julie said. "Everyone will understand, honey. Although I don't think it was necessary to have two escorts home," Doug said. Ciara noted that she had wanted to visit with Doug and Julie. "Also, I wanted a moment to talk alone with the three of you," Ciara added. Ciara announced that she and Ben planned to sail around the world.

"We just thought we would keep the tradition going," Ciara said. When Ciara mentioned that Doug and Julie had sailed around the world, Julie noted that Bo had been the wanderer. "We're from Salem. We'll always come back to Salem," Julie said. "And so will we," Ciara promised. Ciara told Doug, Julie, and Rafe that she and Ben planned to take the same route that her parents had taken when Shawn had been a baby.

When Ciara mentioned that her first stop would be to see Hope, Julie suggested, "Perhaps you could interest her in paying us a visit." Ciara chuckled. "Maybe [Hope] will come back with us," Ciara said. "When are you going to leave?" Julie asked. When Ciara explained that she and Ben were leaving the next day, Julie gasped. Ciara noted that the baby was "at his most portable form right now."

"Sounds like you got it all figured out," Rafe said. When Julie asked about Clyde, Ciara explained that Clyde could move into the pub. Doug warned Julie not to torpedo Clyde's request. "Me? Torpedo?" Julie asked innocently. Ciara laughed. Rafe joked that Clyde was always welcome back in prison. "I don't think it will come to that," Ciara said with a chuckle. Ciara noted that she and Ben had agreed that family was more important than plans.

"We understand being young and in love and wanting to see the world. It will be a magical time for the two of you. Now the three of you. But while you're out there conquering the world, we're going to be back here missing you terribly," Doug said. "Counting the days till you come home," Julie added. Ciara wiped the tears from her eyes, and she hugged Doug and Julie. Rafe asked Ciara for frequent updates about his godson.

"The boat has Wi-Fi, so expect a constant bombardment of pictures and videos," Ciara said. Ciara asked Rafe if he was available to have Bo's christening before she and Ben left town. "When it comes to baby Bo, my schedule is wide open," Rafe said. "You have always been there for us," Ciara said. "And I always will," Rafe countered. Ciara hugged Rafe, and he told her that he loved her.

After Ciara left, Julie told Doug and Rafe that she could not believe that Ciara had decided to leave Salem. "After losing Eli and Lani and the twins and Abigail," Julie said. Doug reminded Julie that Ciara was a grown woman with a new family. "[Ciara] has her whole life ahead to settle down, which she will eventually. In the meantime, you got me, baby, you got me," Doug said. "I do!" Julie agreed. As Rafe rose to leave, Julie asked him if there were any updates in the murder investigation.

Rafe noted that there had been no signs of forced entry, and no weapon on the scene. "The only solid clue that we do have, was the jewelry and the money that was stolen," Rafe said. Rafe explained that Chad had provided pictures of Abigail's distinctive jewelry.

After Rafe left, Doug assured Julie that everything would be fine. "I just can't get over so many goodbyes," Julie said. "Honey, they'll all be coming back," Doug said. With a sniffle, Julie countered, "Abigail won't be coming back." Julie said she was thankful for all the time with her Doug, but that she could not help but think about how Chad would not have a lifetime of memories with Abigail. "I'll be counting the blessings for both of us. And top of my list is you. I love you. I love you so much, my darling," Doug said. "I love you, Doug. You are the captain of my heart," Julie whispered.

At the prison, Orpheus interrupted Evan's game of solitaire in the rec room. Frustrated, Evan said he had no interest in talking to the man that had kept his child a secret from him. "It's for your own good," Orpheus said. Orpheus stressed that once Jan accomplished Orpheus' request, he and Evan could leave the prison. "I was afraid that if you knew she was having your kid, you'd get too emotional, and you wouldn't be able to keep your mouth shut and play the game," Orpheus said. "This isn't a game!" Evan countered. Evan argued that fathers were supposed to take care of their sons.

"And you will. And I'll help you, which I have, by not telling you. You're welcome," Orpheus said. Orpheus noted that once they had what they wanted from Jan, they could dump her. "And once we get it, it's going to rock people's worlds," Orpheus said. Evan asked Orpheus to tell him the plan. After Evan promised to keep the details secret, Orpheus confided that Jan planned to secure the password to the Salem Police Department mainframe.

"What does that get you?" Evan asked. Orpheus explained that his tech guys would have access to the offices of the district attorney, the mayor, and the police. "I'll be able to get my hands on files that not even the commish and detective Brady himself can touch," Orpheus said. When Evan asked about the files, Orpheus refused to say more. Orpheus assured Evan that the information would free them from prison, and it would allow Evan to be a father to his newborn son.

"Jan will be heading back to the big house soon. And when she does, you'll be the only parent that little boy has," Orpheus said. "Assuming good old reliable Jan comes through for you," Evan said. Orpheus explained that he had mailed a burner phone to Jan. "I'm going to signal her to get herself alone and wait for my call," Orpheus said.

Shawn visited Jan at the hospital. "How was Abigail's funeral?" Jan asked. Shawn shook his head. When Jan noted that she hated that Shawn had been alone at the funeral, Shawn reminded Jan that he had been with his family. "I did just get some good news," Shawn said. With a grin, Shawn told Jan that baby Shawn had gained weight, and his vitals were stable.

"That means we get to hold him," Shawn said. Elated, Jan jumped out of bed and hugged Shawn. Shawn wheeled Jan down the hallway to the NICU. "I've been dreaming of this moment since I first found out I was pregnant," Jan said. A nurse placed baby Shawn in Jan's arms. Jan beamed. "It's me, Mommy," Jan whispered. When Jan said that she and "Daddy" loved baby Shawn, Shawn said, "Yeah, we do." Jan marveled at baby Shawn's grip on her finger. "He's just perfect. He's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," Jan whispered. Jan noted that the baby looked like Shawn.

"I don't see it," Shawn admitted. Jan noted that as a preemie, the baby looked more like an alien, but when the baby was stronger, he would look like Shawn. After Jan handed the baby back to the nurse, Shawn wheeled Jan back to her room. Jan chattered about how she thought their son would be a piano prodigy. After a moment, Jan's smile faded.

"I'm so happy that our son is getting healthier and that he is going to be leaving the hospital, but when that happens, Shawn, I don't want to go back to prison," Jan said. Before Shawn could respond, his phone rang. It was a call from Evan at Statesville. "Evan?" Shawn said. Jan's eyes went wide. Evan apologized to Shawn for how he had treated Ciara.

"I feel awful. I wasn't in my right state of mind," Evan said. "Because the devil made you do it?" Shawn countered sarcastically. When Evan said he was looking for redemption, Shawn told Evan to look elsewhere. "And lose my number, okay?" Shawn said. Shawn ended the call. Jan asked what Evan had said, and Shawn told her.

"That's it? He said he was sorry?" Jan asked. Shawn grumbled that he did not understand. "He said he was looking for redemption," Shawn said. Jan looked concerned. "Did you say redemption?" Jan asked. Jan thought about her last conversation with Orpheus in the prison. "I'm going to signal you with a word, a magic word, when you hear that word, you have five minutes to get the phone, get yourself alone, and wait for my call," Orpheus had said. When Jan had asked about the word, Orpheus had said, "Redemption."

Jan shook off the memory of Orpheus. "I don't know why Evan Frears thinks he deserves redemption," Jan grumbled. Shawn helped Jan into bed, and she asked him to get her a burger. With a nod, Shawn promised to return with the food. Jan got the burner phone out of her purse. "What did Orpheus tell Evan? You're going to ruin everything," Jan muttered at the phone. The phone rang, and Jan accepted the charges.

"What the hell did you tell Evan? And why are you even talking to him, anyway?" Jan asked. Orpheus promised Jan that Evan did not know anything. "I used him to call Shawn, because he had a plausible reason to call him," Orpheus said. Orpheus stressed that the parentage of Shawn Christian was a well-kept secret. Alarmed, Jan asked Orpheus how he knew the name of her son.

"I know all, Jan. So don't cross me, because I'll know that, too," Orpheus said. Orpheus asked about the password. "I have it memorized, and I know things, too. So don't cross me, either," Jan said. Orpheus said yes. Jan recited the password, but she struggled to remember it. "You sure?" Orpheus asked. "I'm positive," Jan said. Orpheus ended the call.

"Time to get to work," Orpheus said to Evan. Evan asked how long it would be before he could see his son. "A couple weeks. Months max," Orpheus said. "Months?" Evan asked. Orpheus reminded Evan that they needed to play the long game. "I'll get my guys on it right away. Be patient, my boy," Orpheus said. After Orpheus walked away, he threw the number for Jan's burner phone into the trash on his way out.

Evan muttered, "I don't think I can do that." Evan fished the phone number out of the trash. After Evan placed a call to Jan. "What do you want, [Evan]?" Jan asked. "I want my baby," Evan said.

When Ciara arrived at the hospital, Shawn was at the coffee cart. "What are you doing here?" Shawn asked. Ciara explained that she had news that she had not wanted to mention during Abigail's funeral. After Ciara told Shawn her travel plans, she asked him not to be mad. "How could I be mad when I did the exact same thing with Belle and Claire," Shawn said. Shawn added that the trip had been some of the best times in his life.

"I know you're going through a lot right now, and trust me, I want to be there for you more than anything, but I am just a video call away," Ciara said. Shawn promised to call frequently. Ciara promised that she would return to Salem sooner than Shawn had been away on his travels. "I'm really going to miss you," Ciara said. "Not as much as I'm going to miss you," Shawn said.

At the pub, Ben told Clyde that he and Ciara had decided to sail around the world. "So, you're just going to take my baby grandson and sail away?" Clyde said. With a shrug, Ben said it was something that he and Ciara wanted to do. Clyde told Ben that he was upset because it was a condition of his parole that he live with Ben.

"Ciara and I made a promise to take care of you, and we will," Ben said. Clyde noted that living on a boat would be bad for his relationship with his new girlfriend. "So, you and Nancy, getting pretty serious, huh?" Ben said. Clyde nodded yes. Ben said that he was proud of his father. "I wouldn't want to see you violate your parole, Dad. You come with us, that would easily be construed as you skipping town," Ben said. Clyde asked about the alternative.

"You need a responsible party to vouch for you," Ben said. "We both know how popular I am in Salem," Clyde said with a rueful laugh. Ben suggested that Clyde should move into the pub. With a sigh, Clyde reminded Ben that Roman lived upstairs with Kate. "What makes you think Roman would ever agree to such a thing in the first place?" Clyde asked. Ben promised that Ciara would set everything up.

When Nancy walked into the pub, she was admiring her bracelet. Nancy spotted Clyde and Ben, and she went over to say hello. As Nancy cooed over the baby, Ben asked Clyde if he was okay with the plans. "It sounds like a hell of an adventure. I'm happy for you," Clyde said. Clyde added that he would miss Ben and the baby. "I know we've spent more time apart than together over the years and that the times that we did have together weren't always the best, but we'll be back. And you and I are going to pick up where we left off," Ben said. Clyde hugged Ben goodbye.

After Ben left, Nancy asked what was wrong. As Clyde told Nancy the story, she absent-mindedly stroked her diamond bracelet. "What if Roman decides he doesn't want to take responsibility for you?" Nancy asked. "I guess it's back to the slammer for me," Clyde joked. Nancy protested. After a moment, Nancy stammered, "Maybe you could move in with me?" Nancy admitted that her offer had been very forward, and she asked Clyde to forget it.

"No, it's very kind of you. I just, I'm a little surprised. You've just come through a really difficult divorce," Clyde said. Nancy noted that the offer was only if Roman did not agree to Ben and Ciara's plan. "I would be honored to have you as my back-up plan," Clyde said. As Nancy stroked Clyde's hand, Rafe walked into the pub. "Nancy, where did you get your bracelet?" Rafe asked.

Ben went to the penthouse with baby Bo to see Marlena. Marlena admitted that it had been a tough day for everyone. "I can't even imagine what Abigail's family is going through. It can't be easy for you, either," Marlena said. "I thought it would be inappropriate for me to attend the funeral. I can't help feeling somehow selfish for wanting to grieve her," Ben said. Marlena noted that it was not selfish.

"You are such a good and kind man. Believe that, all right? And if I can do anything to help that, let me know," Marlena said. Ben thanked Marlena, and he asked if she offered virtual therapy.

Rafe makes an arrest in Abigail's murder case

Rafe makes an arrest in Abigail's murder case

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

At John and Marlena's place, Ben asked Marlena to be Bo's godmother. Marlena was skeptical and recalled that she'd tried to take Ben and Ciara's child when she'd been possessed by the devil. Ben assured Marlena that he wanted her to be Bo's godmother, and Marlena accepted.

Marlena congratulated Ben on having worked hard to deserve a second chance. Ben told Marlena that her guidance and support had made him into the man he'd become. Ben professed that he owed everything good in his life to Marlena, and he said he didn't know if he would ever be able to fully repay her. Marlena said that seeing Ben happy and in love was all the thanks she needed. Marlena told Ben that she was proud of him. Ben told Marlena that he would miss her, and the two hugged.

Will entered, and he and Ben kidded one another about their complicated friendship. Ben confessed that he'd been stunned the first time Will had confided that he considered Ben a friend after everything Ben had done to Will. Will said it was all water under the bridge, and he congratulated Ben on how far Ben had come. Will and Ben shared a goodbye hug.

Later, at their place, Ben and Ciara ate Chinese food. Ciara wondered if she and Ben had made the right decision to leave Salem. Ben said there was only one way to find out, and he held up fortune cookies for the two of them. "Tomorrow, the adventure of a lifetime begins," Ben's fortune cookie read.

Earlier, at Salem University Hospital, Shawn had asked Ciara to keep Jan company while he went to get Jan another cheeseburger. Ciara was hesitant and said she didn't like that Shawn seemed sympathetic to Jan. Shawn remarked that Ciara looked like she had something on her mind. "Shawn, are you, or are you not, starting to have feelings for Jan?" Ciara asked.

Shawn couldn't believe that Ciara had asked such a question, and he swore that he still loved Belle and always would. Shawn thought that Jan's feelings for the baby were pure, and he added that it wouldn't be good for the baby to not have his mother.

In Jan's room, Evan told Jan over the phone that the baby she'd given birth to was his and that Orpheus had said that Evan was the baby's father. Jan was shocked when Evan revealed that his father was Orpheus. Evan demanded that Jan bring his son to Statesville, and he said that Jan had 30 minutes to bring the child to the prison, or else Evan's next call would be to Shawn.

After Evan hung up the phone, Jan had a delusional daydream in which she'd sneaked Bo into the prison, only to learn that Evan had grown obsessed with Jan and had her face tattooed on his chest. In the dream, Evan begged Jan to marry him. Jan reasoned that she was destined to become Jan Brady, and if the truth came out, she would lose Shawn forever. "I can't let that happen," Jan said out loud, right when Ciara walked into the room. "Can't let what happen?" Ciara asked.

Jan told Ciara she'd meant that she couldn't let her son forget about his mother just because Jan would have to go back to prison. Ciara revealed that she and Ben planned to leave Salem. Ciara remarked that it would be nice to get away and spend some quality time as a family, and she showed Jan a key to their boat titled, "Living in Cin." Jan appeared to have an idea. "That does sound perfect," Jan muttered.

Shawn returned with Jan's cheeseburger, and Jan tricked Shawn and Ciara into going to the NICU to see the baby. After Shawn and Ciara left, Jan revealed that she had swiped the key to Ciara's boat. "Sorry to hijack your plans, Ciara, but I need this getaway way more than you do. The only people who will be living in 'Cin' will be me, Shawn, and our baby," Jan said.

Later, after he'd walked Ciara out, Shawn returned to Jan's room and was shocked to find Jan missing. Shawn heard the sound of something beeping, and he was alarmed to realize that the sound was emanating from Jan's ankle bracelet, which Shawn soon discovered in the trash. Down the hallway, Jan disguised herself in hospital scrubs and a mask. She sneaked into the NICU and held the baby in her arms. "We're going on an adventure far, far away from Salem," Jan whispered to the baby.

At Horton Town Square, Leo treated himself to drinks, and he took out a heavy roll of bills to pay for them. Will stumbled upon Leo and asked where Leo had gotten so much cash, given that Leo had no job, no sugar daddy, and no other source of income. Will and Leo traded barbs at one another, and Leo commented on Will's suit. Will replied that he'd worn the suit to Abigail's funeral. Leo apologized, but Will was in no mood.

Later, Chad went for a jog in the park and ran into Leo, who tried to offer his condolences for Abigail's death. Leo appeared contrite and said that he was sorry that Abigail was gone. Leo said he couldn't imagine what it was like for Chad and Abigail's children to lose their mom at such a young age. Leo added that Thomas was a sweet kid. Chad asked how Leo knew Thomas.

Leo tried to explain that he didn't know Thomas personally and that Gwen had only told Leo stories of Thomas from when she'd posed as Chad and Abigail's nanny. Leo told Chad he hoped the police brought whoever had killed Abigail to justice.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe asked Nancy where she had gotten her bracelet. Nancy lied and said the bracelet had been a gift from Chloe, but Rafe told Nancy that the police had reason to believe the bracelet was stolen. Rafe remarked that the bracelet matched a photo the police had gotten from Chad.

Rafe recalled that the police had reason to believe that whoever had killed Abigail had also stolen some of her jewelry. Rafe went to call Chloe to ask her to meet him and Nancy at the police station. Nancy turned to Clyde. "No need to do that. Chloe didn't give her the bracelet. I did," Clyde confessed.

Rafe grilled Clyde on where he'd gotten the bracelet, and Clyde replied that he'd bought it from a guy he'd met at the pub. Clyde claimed to have no idea that the merchandise he'd bought had been stolen. Nancy defended Clyde and said that Clyde had been tricked. Rafe quipped that Clyde had no proof that the man he'd bought the jewelry from even existed. Nancy pleaded with Rafe to believe that Clyde was telling the truth. "All I know is that he was in possession of an item that was stolen from a woman who was recently murdered. That's all I need to place him under arrest," Rafe said.

Rafe asked Nancy for the bracelet. Clyde swore to Nancy that he'd had nothing to do with Abigail's murder, and he vowed to call Nancy when she offered to help.

Later, at the Salem Police Station, Rafe handcuffed Clyde to a chair in the interrogation room. Chad arrived shortly afterward, and Rafe told Chad that he had good news about Abigail's case. "I think we got our first real break," Rafe said.

Jan lures Shawn into a trap

Jan lures Shawn into a trap

Thursday, July 7, 2022

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. gulped down two generous servings of whiskey then admitted to Belle that Abigail's funeral service had been a "brutal" experience.

"This damned family -- look what we do to people!" E.J. fretted. "It would have been better if Chad never found out he was a [DiMera] -- we're not a family; we're a pack of animals! [I mean], I came back here as though I was Lazarus, [and] I proceeded to take over his company [and] move into his house [because] I had to stake my claim to my share, like a dog making its mark... I should have just left them alone -- especially since..." E.J. continued. "You and Abigail had an affair," Belle translated. "At the funeral... Since it happened... Sonny, Will -- hell, even J.J. -- they're more like a brother to him than I am..." E.J. concluded before gulping down a third generous serving of whiskey.

E.J. rushed off after receiving a tip about what was going on at the police station, ignoring Belle's objections -- and Chloe arrived just then. "They just arrested Clyde Weston," Belle explained to Chloe, who hoped that the development would convince Nancy to dump Clyde. "I need to talk to you about something..." Chloe began before warning Belle that Brady had talked to Shawn the previous night -- and had almost stormed over to the DiMera mansion afterward. "Well, it's a good thing you [managed to] talk him out of coming over here, because he would have found me in bed with E.J.," Belle admitted with a shrug, drawing a groan from Chloe.

"I don't think, with your history, you're in any place to judge me!" Belle warned. "I am not judging -- no, I think it's great; I mean, just this morning, I was thinking, 'Belle's life is not complicated enough. What else could she do about that?'" Chloe joked. "Sami has moved on!" Belle insisted. "Sami never moves on," Chloe stressed. "Well, I don't care -- I have dealt with Sami my entire life, and she can deal with me now!" Belle declared. "This could really blow up in your face," Chloe maintained, giving Belle a look of concern. "Oh, don't look at me like that -- I feel guilty enough as it is!" Belle finally admitted to Chloe with a sigh.

Belle explained that Abigail's funeral service had been a harsh reminder that life was short. "And I just felt this longing for Shawn and for Claire..." Belle added. "What about E.J.?" Chloe wondered. "I don't know," Belle responded.

Chloe wanted to support Belle but also wanted to warn Nancy about Clyde's arrest. "I should probably be alone. I need some time to think -- something I'm not really doing a lot of these days..." Belle conceded before chasing Chloe off.

At the police station, Rafe told Chad about what had happened with Clyde and Nancy at the Brady Pub earlier that day. Chad stormed into the conference room in which Clyde was being held -- and Rafe followed but wasn't fast enough to stop Chad from lunging at Clyde, who was handcuffed to a chair and was therefore defenseless. "Did you kill my wife, you son of a bitch?" Chad spat while wrapping both hands around Clyde's neck -- and Rafe intervened a few seconds later. "You better be careful, Commissioner -- this is the kind of 'interrogation' that can get a whole investigation thrown out the window!" Clyde argued. "Maybe...but facing a judge might be healthier than facing the DiMeras," Rafe countered.

Chad reluctantly followed Rafe back out of the conference room. "Didn't surprise me when you went off on him --" Rafe admitted. "You set me up?" Chad sputtered. "I...channeled your energy. Clyde Weston has been through this a million times, [and] he's not just gonna give me anything, okay? So, I need everything that I can get to break him down -- [and] I'm not just talking about the law; I'm talking about the DiMeras. [See], I'm hoping that [if he's] scared out of his mind, [then] he'll tell me who passed him that jewelry," Rafe clarified. Chad didn't believe Clyde's story, but Rafe argued that it was likely true because Clyde simply wasn't the kind of person who would resort to murder without a clear motive for doing so.

E.J. entered the police station just then and announced that Clyde actually did have a motive. "Statesville -- seeing Weston every day, having all that time... It all started coming back to me... I remembered the where, how, and why I was shot... [Clyde] didn't shoot me, [but] he was responsible... [Anyway], I didn't report him because he threatened to hurt my family if I did," E.J. elaborated.

"Did you take that as an idle threat?" Chad wondered. "No," E.J. responded. "Yeah? 'Cause I would have taken that pretty seriously, considering he had Sonny stabbed to pay Victor back -- do you remember that, huh?" Chad continued. "Yes," E.J. answered. "[And yet,] Clyde Weston threatened your family -- my family -- and you, in your arrogance, decided I didn't need to know that? [And then,] Abby was stabbed!" Chad concluded.

E.J. reasoned that it had simply seemed best to keep Clyde's threat between the two of them, but Chad sensed that there was more to the story. "I think Clyde Weston shot you -- had you shot -- not for no reason but because you were up to your neck in something dirty. [So], you let him get away with attempted murder, not because you were thinking about protecting your family but [because] you were thinking about the only thing that you ever think about -- you. [And this confession] wasn't about doing the right thing -- this was about damage control," Chad guessed while scowling at E.J. "Damn you -- damn you to hell, E.J.!" Chad spat.

E.J. apologized then rushed back to the DiMera mansion and started drinking again, still thinking about what Chad had said earlier. "Did you hear that, Father? Chad wants me to join you," E.J. muttered while eyeing Stefano's portrait. Meanwhile, Rafe encouraged Chad to leave the police station and get some rest. "Tell him something for me -- that even if E.J. gets him a fancy lawyer, or he gets away with this legally, he's gonna pay; that, one way or another, Clyde Weston is facing a death sentence," Chad requested before saying goodbye to Rafe then rushing off. Once the coast was clear, Rafe informed Clyde that E.J. had visited earlier and had shared an interesting story.

Outside the Brady Pub, Leo listened in disbelief as Nancy fretted about Clyde's arrest. "I thought he was imaginary..." Leo admitted. "Shut up, you little worm!" Nancy spat. "Are you sure he's not just telling you that [he got arrested] to get away from you?" Leo teased. "I saw him get arrested with my own eyes, smart aleck!" Nancy countered. "What was the charge -- scamming pathetic widows and divorcées out of their money?" Leo wondered, further annoying Nancy, who clarified that Clyde's arrest had actually been the result of someone else's crime. As Nancy elaborated, Leo realized that Clyde was the person who had offered to find a buyer for Abigail's jewelry in exchange for a cut of the profits.

Chloe eventually arrived and chased off Leo, who ducked out of sight then eavesdropped in the hope of hearing more about Clyde's arrest. Nancy assured Chloe that Clyde was not the person who had murdered Abigail. Chloe was skeptical but warned that, in any case, Clyde would soon be heading back to Statesville because being in possession of stolen goods was a parole violation. "Clyde has seen, talked to, and dealt with the man who stole the jewelry -- the man who killed Abigail -- [so]...can you say, 'plea deal'? All Clyde has to do is trade the information he knows for a walk -- and then the real killer will spend the rest of his life in jail," Nancy countered, making Leo squirm.

Seconds after discovering that both Jan and Shawn Christian were missing from the hospital, Shawn received a phone call from someone at Statesville -- Evan, who was fed up and ready to reveal the truth about the baby's paternity. "I don't have time, okay?" Shawn snapped after learning that the caller was Evan -- and assuming, as a result of that revelation, that the call wasn't related to what was going on with Jan and Shawn Christian beyond the prison walls. "Call security -- Jan Spears kidnapped my son!" Shawn cried out to the hospital staff while still on the phone with Evan. "She did it..." Evan muttered before ending the call, satisfied that Jan was actually en route to the prison with Shawn Christian.

Evan settled in a chair and watched the entrance to the visitors' lounge with restless anticipation, tapping a foot against the floor and drumming on a nearby table -- but when the door finally swung open, the person who walked in was Orpheus. "I'm pretty sure I've told you how irritating that is," Orpheus began, smacking Evan's hand to stop one of the tics. "Then go somewhere else," Evan countered, scowling at Orpheus.

Orpheus was surprised to learn that Evan was waiting for Jan to arrive with Shawn Christian. "I am dazed at the enormity of your stupidity! Even Jan Spears is smarter than you are -- she knows that nurses keep track of the number of babies in a nursery and that they notice if one of them goes missing; she knows that coming here in the middle of the night with a baby might, you know, draw attention to herself --" Orpheus argued.

"If she doesn't bring me my baby, I will tell Shawn Brady that I am the father --" Evan vowed. "No. You. Won't," Orpheus insisted. "He's my son!" Evan fretted. "And he's my grandson, so you can be sure I care about him, too...but right now, he is our ticket out of here. And once we're out of here, he will be yours -- don't you get that? Do you want him to visit you here for ten minutes every other week in this miserable place, or do you want to raise him yourself?" Orpheus countered. "You've made your point," Evan conceded. "Let this be the last Fourth of July we spend in this hole," Orpheus declared.

Shawn rushed over to the docks after receiving a phone call from Jan -- and tried to contact Belle during the trip. "Belle, I don't have much time, and I'm going into a situation that could... Look, I just want you to know that I'll always love you, and nothing means more to me than you and Claire do," Shawn declared when the call went to voicemail.

When Shawn arrived at the docks, Jan explained that they were going to sail around the world with Shawn Christian as a family. Shawn started to rush toward Ciara and Ben's boat in search of Shawn Christian -- and Jan picked up an oar just then and swung it at the back of Shawn's head. Belle arrived while Jan was trying to drag Shawn's motionless body onto the boat, having tracked them down via the GPS app on Shawn's phone. A struggle ensued, during which Belle inadvertently knocked Jan into the water.

Shawn regained consciousness just then and explained to Belle that Shawn Christian was on the boat. Belle found Shawn Christian then informed Shawn that Jan had fallen into the water earlier. Shawn dove into the water in search of Jan, ignoring Belle's warning that it would be dangerous to do so with a head injury. Shawn eventually emerged from the water and rejoined Belle and Shawn Christian on the docks.

"I couldn't find her -- there's no sign of her anywhere," Shawn informed Belle -- and fireworks started exploding in the night sky just then, startling both of them.

Ben and Ciara say goodbye to Salem

Ben and Ciara say goodbye to Salem

Friday, July 8, 2022

Ben visited Clyde at the police station. "I turn my back for two seconds, and you get arrested for murder?" Ben said. Clyde swore he was innocent. "Why would I jeopardize my freedom right when I'm beginning to turn my life around, huh?" Clyde said. Clyde asked if Ben believed him. Ben asked about the bracelet. Clyde told Ben that he had bought the bracelet from a man in the park.

"I did not kill Abigail, and I swear to that on the life of my grandson! Please tell me you believe me," Clyde said. "I believe you," Ben said. Ben asked about E.J.'s shooting. "You swear you had nothing to do with that, either?" Ben asked. Clyde swore that he had not shot E.J. "Did you order the hit?" Ben asked. Clyde said no. With a sigh, Ben said that Clyde's parole was in jeopardy, regardless of the truth.

"How the hell am I supposed to [leave] when you're facing prison again? Maybe Ciara and I should just postpone our trip," Ben said. "If you get the chance to see the world with your wife and son without your old man bringing you down, you gotta take it. Don't you worry about me. I'm gonna be fine. I am innocent, after all," Clyde said. Ben reminded Clyde of the murder charges and E.J.'s wrath.

"As far as Abigail goes, I'm going to do everything I can to make sure they find the guy that really killed her," Clyde said. With a smile, Clyde told Ben to leave for the christening. "You go on and live your life. You deserve it," Clyde said. Clyde asked Ben to keep in touch. Ben shook Clyde's hand. "I'm proud of you. You're a good man. You're gonna be a great daddy. No thanks to me," Clyde said. Ben thanked Clyde, and he left.

Once alone, Clyde called Nancy and left her a voicemail. "I just wanted you to hear this from me. Everything that I told the police is the God's honest truth. I swear. That guy that I bought the bracelet from is real. He's out there. And I'm gonna find him. If it is the last thing I do," Clyde said.

At Jake's apartment, he read the news story about Clyde's arrest while he lay in bed. Ava asked what Jake was reading. "Looks like they may have found Abigail's killer," Jake said. Ava thought about her conversation with Gwen at the prison. "Why do you look so relieved?" Jake asked Ava. With a grin, Ava said that she was relieved that Rafe had not blamed her for the murder.

"I would have put my money on Gwen," Jake said. "You thought Gwen killed Abigail? Why?" Ava asked. Jake noted that Gwen had always hated Abigail. Ava reminded Jake that Gwen was locked up. "Wouldn't be the first time somebody broke out of that place," Jake said. Ava noted that a prison break would have been noticed.

"From what I've heard, Clyde is a career low-life," Ava said. "Still, I feel bad for Ben, you know? He really believed in the guy," Jake said. "People let you down, Jake," Ava whispered. Jake nodded in agreement. Jake told Ava about Ben's plans to sail around the world, and he asked Ava if she wanted to go on a trip.

"I would like to go to Seattle and visit Tripp," Ava said. Ava added that after they visited Seattle, they could go to San Juan. "I told Ben and Ciara I would see them off at the docks," Jake said. Ava asked Jake to wish the couple well. Jake asked Ava to start planning their trip.

In the rec room at the prison, Gwen greeted Leo. "Have you heard the news?" Leo asked. Gwen said she had heard about Clyde. Leo argued that Clyde's arrest was good news. "I don't know about that," Gwen said. Gwen argued that Clyde could have been telling the truth about the man in the park. "And maybe that rando was you," Gwen said. Leo acted offended.

"We both know that you were in that mansion that night. You could've very well killed my sister, stolen the jewelry, and then sold it off to this Clyde person," Gwen argued. Gwen took Leo's hand, and she promised she would not judge him if he was the killer. "I didn't kill anyone. And frankly, I'm offended you think I'm the kind of person that would murder the wife of my little cutie Chad, all for a couple of trinkets," Leo argued.

"We know that you've done far worse for far less," Gwen countered. Leo started to shout that he was not a murderer, but a guard entered the room. The guard reminded Gwen that she needed to go to art therapy.

"Don't want you pulling a disappearing act like you did that night a few weeks ago," the guard said. After the guard walked out, Leo asked Gwen about her "disappearing act." Gwen lied and said she had missed bed check because she had lost track of time in the library. "Or, maybe, you figured a way out of this dump for a little change of scenery," Leo suggested. Gwen said that was unlikely.

"I'm just wondering if the night in question happens to be the same night that Abigail was killed," Leo said. Gwen shrugged. Leo narrowed his eyes. "So, I killed Abigail? That's your theory?" Gwen asked. "Well, it would explain why you're accusing me," Leo countered. Gwen reminded Leo that Clyde had purchased the bracelet from a man in the park. "Kind of rules me out, doesn't it?" Gwen said. Leo argued that Gwen could have worn a disguise.

"But there is another explanation. Maybe whoever took Abigail's bracelet isn't the same person who killed her," Leo said. With a sigh, Gwen said it was pointless to argue. "They've got somebody in custody. They have a violent, convicted felon," Gwen said. Leo nodded yes. After Gwen left for art therapy, Leo waited for the guard to return to the room on patrol. Leo asked the guard if Gwen had disappeared on June 10th. "Hell if I remember," the guard said. With a nod, Leo followed the guard out of the room.

Gwen slipped back into the room after Leo left. Gwen called Ava. "You don't need to worry about being an accessory to anything," Gwen said. Ava said she still did not know where Gwen had gone on June 10th, the night of Abigail's murder.

At the hospital, Belle asked Shawn about his son. Shawn confirmed that the baby was doing well. "And what about Jan? Did they find her?" Belle asked. Shawn confirmed that the Coast Guard had dragged the river, but they had not found Jan's body. "How is that possible?" Belle shouted. "The waters were rough. Apparently, [Jan] was swept away by the current. They may never find her body," Shawn said. Worried, Belle argued that Jan might be alive.

"And if she is alive and well, the Jan Spears I know is coming back for you and that baby," Belle said. Shawn promised Belle that the police would arrest Jan if she popped up again. "You don't have to worry about her anymore," Shawn said. "I will always worry about her," Belle countered. Belle argued that she and Shawn had been lucky to survive Jan.

"I will never forget what I saw at the docks. Shawn, I didn't know if you were alive or dead, and the look in Jan's eyes, she wanted to kill me. And now I might have killed her," Belle said. "You did what you had to do to protect me," Shawn stressed. Shawn informed Belle that the D.A. and the police had agreed that there would be no charges for Belle. Relieved, Shawn said, "I owe you my life, Belle. And my son's life." Belle said she felt the same way.

"I kept thinking about that message you left me," Belle said. "I left it, thinking that that might be the last time you hear my voice," Shawn admitted. Shawn stressed that he had meant every word he had said on the phone. "I love you with all my heart. I always have, and I always will. So, hopefully, now Jan is finally out of the picture. So, what does that mean for you and me?" Shawn asked.

"I don't know how to answer that question," Belle said. Shawn asked Belle if there was a chance for their relationship, but she repeated that she could not answer the question. "We don't even know if Jan is gone or not," Belle said. Belle reminded Shawn that even if Jan were dead, Shawn still planned to raise Jan's child. "I will always love you, Shawn. I think I showed you that last night, but I don't know if I can be a mother to Jan Spears's baby," Belle said.

Shawn said that he understood that Belle did not want to raise Jan's son but that he needed to be a father. "No matter how we feel about each other, Shawn, there is a huge obstacle between us," Belle said. "Maybe there is more than one," Shawn countered. Shawn argued that E.J. was an obstacle. Uncomfortable, Belle said that it was not the time to discuss E.J. "Fine," Shawn said. Shawn told Belle that he was headed to the docks to say goodbye to Ciara.

"You're welcome to come down and see them off," Shawn said. Reluctant to return to the scene of her fight with Jan, Belle declined the offer. "But give Ciara my love," Belle said. After Belle walked away, Shawn went to visit his son. "Your mother may be gone, but I'm gonna be around, no matter what. I'm always gonna be here to take care of you," Shawn promised his son.

E.J. went to the penthouse, and Marlena told him that Chad was in the park with the children. "That's all right. I'd rather not provoke him in front of his children," E.J. said. Marlena noted that she had heard about Chad and E.J.'s fight. "If Rafe hadn't have been there, I think my brother might have torn me apart," E.J. admitted. "And maybe you would have deserved that. Chad told me about your connection to Clyde," Marlena said. E.J. stressed that if he had believed that Clyde would hurt Abigail, he would have warned Chad and Abigail.

"I'm not sure I believe you," Marlena said. "You know, my father always said I was the most like him," E.J. countered. With a groan, Marlena said, "Was that meant to make me feel better?" E.J. reminded Marlena that Stefano would never let anyone hurt his family. "My point is, I was convinced that Clyde wouldn't act on his threats. And I kept my mouth shut about his crimes, so therefore, he had no motive to kill Abigail," E.J. said. Marlena argued that Clyde's arrest showed guilt.

"The more time I think about it, the less convinced I am that he's guilty. If you ask me, the real murderer is still out there," E.J. said. As E.J. started to leave, Marlena stopped him to ask about Belle. "As you know, [Belle] went through a terrible ordeal last night at the docks. She is pretty shaken up," E.J. said. "I understand she spent most of the night at the hospital," Marlena said. With a nod yes, E.J. said that after the hospital, Belle had gone to the police station to answer questions.

"By the time [Belle] got home, she was exhausted," E.J. noted. E.J. said that he was relieved that Jan had not hurt Belle. "If anything had happened to Belle," E.J. started. "You care about her, don't you?" Marlena asked. E.J. stressed that Belle was his attorney and a good friend. "I care about her very much," E.J. said. Marlena asked E.J. if Sami knew about his closeness with Belle. With a scowl, E.J. argued that Sami only cared about marrying Lucas.

"[Sami] doesn't care about anything I do," E.J. said. "Unless you were the person that kidnapped [Sami]," Marlena countered. E.J. swore he had not kidnapped Sami. "I tried to convince [Sami that Lucas was the kidnapper], but you know your daughter. You can't convince her of anything she doesn't want to hear," E.J. said. Marlena argued that there was no evidence to implicate Lucas. Marlena changed the subject to Belle, and she warned E.J. that Belle was in a fragile place.

"As far as Belle and Shawn go, they may be separated, but she loves him. That might be something you want to pay attention to," Marlena warned. "I'm well versed in Belle's complicated situation," E.J. said. "Well, you're no stranger to complicated romantic situations," Marlena countered. With a shrug, E.J. noted that he and Sami were divorced, strictly co-parents, and "nothing else." Marlena reminded E.J. that Belle was still married.

"Is this your subtle way of telling me to stay away from your daughter?" E.J. asked. Marlena said that Belle was a grown woman. "I'm just saying you should be careful," Marlena said. "Duly noted," E.J. whispered.

E.J. returned home, and he met up with Belle. "Any news?" E.J. asked. "There's no sign of Jan, but Shawn and the baby are okay," Belle said. E.J. asked Belle if she was okay. Belle stammered that she did not know. E.J. pulled Belle into his arms, and he asked what he could do to help her. After a moment, Belle said she wanted to sleep. E.J. told Belle he was there for her.

Ciara went to the Kiriakis mansion to tell Victor about her trip, but Julie had already called ahead. "The town crier alerted me to the fact that you're about to make another impulsive decision," Victor said. "One that you don't approve of?" Ciara asked. With a smirk, Victor said that in the past, he would have told her that she was throwing away her life.

"But now you're a mother. And at the end of the day, it's family that counts," Victor said. "So, are you saying that you finally approve of me and Ben as family?" Ciara said with a grin. Victor noted that the love of family gave him more joy than business. With a sad smile, Victor told Ciara that he was pleased that she had named her baby after her father.

"Which reminds me. You're not the first person who left me to go travel the world. Just make sure you come back," Victor said. Ciara promised to return. "And when you do, make damn sure that I'm the first one you come to visit," Victor joked. "Of course, I will!" Ciara said. Victor and Ciara said that they loved one another, and they hugged goodbye.

After Ciara left the mansion, she met up with Ben, Rafe, and Marlena at the church for baby Bo's christening. "Lord, you blessed us with the joy of being parents the moment that Bo was born. And I thank you for every moment that we're gonna get to spend with him and all the love that we so graciously share," Ciara said.

"And we pray that you'll always stay close to him throughout his entire life. And may you guide us through parenthood, and help us always keep him in your life," Ben added. The priest wished Bo a long, happy life, and he called forward the godparents. Marlena told Ben and Ciara that she was proud of them, and she knew they would be amazing parents.

"I promise that I will be there for [Ben] for whenever he needs, for whatever he needs. And I will protect him with all my heart and soul," Marlena said. "Ciara, I've always considered you my daughter in every way that counts. Well, I promise to always consider Bo like my son. And I promise to protect him from evil for all the days of his life," Rafe said. The priest baptized baby Bo.

After the christening, the group went down to the docks. Shawn met up with the group there, and he apologized for having missed the christening. "I was at the hospital," Shawn explained. Ciara said she and Ben had said goodbye to almost everyone. "Have you seen Jake?" Ben said. Jake rounded the corner, and Ben eagerly greeted his friend. "Glad I didn't miss the sendoff," Jake said. Ben thanked Jake for hiring him when no one else would. "Best chance I ever took," Jake said. Ben took Marlena aside.

"I cannot even explain to you what you have meant to me," Ben said. "Then don't even try. I think we have said everything that we have to say to each other. Except for me to say how proud I am of you," Marlena said.

At the end of the dock, Rafe excitedly told Ciara that he had set up a video conference on the boat for Ciara to say goodbye to other family members. "You always just think of everything," Ciara said. "Well, I'm the godfather!" Rafe said with a grin. Ciara said she was grateful that Rafe would watch over her son, like Rafe had watched over her.

"I hope you build memories as wonderful as Belle and Claire and I did. And traveling the world was the happiest time of our life. I wish the same for you," Shawn said. Ciara thanked Shawn. "Dad would be so proud of you. I love you, sis," Shawn said. Ciara hugged Shawn goodbye. With a grin, Shawn directed Ben and Ciara to pose for a picture with baby Bo. "You ready to do this?" Ben whispered. "I was born ready," Ciara said.

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