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Nicole moved in with Rafe. Will told Chad that Lucas had injured himself in a drunken blackout. Chad realized that Lucas might be Abigail's killer, and he broke up Lucas' wedding. Lucas confessed to Sami about the kidnapping. Sami caught E.J. in bed with Belle. Sami told Shawn about Belle's affair. E.J. asked Sami for another chance, but she left Salem instead. Roman warned E.J. not to hurt Kate. Lucas pleaded not guilty.
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Chad realized that Lucas might be Abigail's killer, Chad broke up Lucas' wedding, Lucas confessed to the kidnapping, and Sami caught E.J. in bed with Belle
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Chad makes a discovery on Sami and Lucas' wedding day

Chad makes a discovery on Sami and Lucas' wedding day

Monday, July 11, 2022

by Mike

Johnny ran into E.J. while exiting the DiMera mansion. E.J. was surprised to see that Johnny was wearing a suit. "I guess you didn't know Mom was getting married," Johnny concluded. "Your mother made it clear that she intended to marry that insufferable ass when she demanded a divorce -- I just had no idea it was happening today," E.J. admitted.

Johnny observed that E.J. seemed jealous. "Your mother's moved on, and so have I," E.J. insisted. "With Aunt Belle? What's that even about -- just trying to stick it to Mom by having a fling with her sister? [You know], methinks my father doth protest too much..." Johnny teased. "Just what I need -- a son who paraphrases Hamlet... [Look], I no longer want to be married to your mother, but that doesn't mean I still don't want the best for her -- and Lucas hasn't been the 'best' at anything!" E.J. countered before again blaming Lucas for Sami's kidnapping, prompting Johnny to argue that Kristen was a more likely suspect. "[And] now she's back in the slammer, so she's not a threat to anyone," Johnny declared. "That remains to be seen...[but] if she'd done it, she'd be braying about it to anyone who would listen," E.J. responded.

Roman and Eric chatted with each other at the Brady Pub while preparing for Sami and Lucas' wedding ceremony. "You never did tell me what you decided to do about your feelings for Nicole," Roman eventually prodded Eric. "Well, after our talk the other day, I realized you were right, so I went to go see Nicole and tell her I still loved her...[but] my timing was a bit lousy," Eric admitted before telling Roman the rest of the story.

"You know, you can still --" Roman began to suggest at the end of Eric's tale. "No, I can't -- I am through messing Nicole's life up," Eric insisted with finality, forcing Roman to drop the subject.

Nicole finished moving into the Hernandez house then returned to the Walker apartment and handed a set of keys to Allie. "Place is all yours," Nicole declared. "I love it here -- I'm so happy that I can finally afford to take over the lease," Allie admitted. "Those doughnuts have been good for you," Nicole joked. "Chanel has been good for me," Allie raved. "Aw -- does that mean she's made up her mind?" Nicole translated. "I wish...but you found your 'forever person' while you were living here, so...maybe the same will happen for me," Allie clarified. "I hope so," Nicole stressed.

Nicole soon changed the subject, observing that Allie seemed to be dressed for a special occasion. "My parents are getting married today," Allie explained. "Oh... Sorry I asked..." Nicole grumbled. "You and I are just gonna have to agree to disagree on this one, okay? I think my parents have been good for each other -- I didn't used to think that, but I do now," Allie argued. "I just consider Lucas a friend, and I'd hate to see him get hurt... [Look], I'm just gonna give it to you straight -- I think that Sami is marrying another man to convince herself that she doesn't belong with the love of her life," Nicole countered.

"Like how you married Rafe to forget Uncle Eric?" Allie summarized before apologizing to Nicole for the inappropriate question. "I will always care about Eric and admire him, but the man I love is the man I married...and I know we made it legal on the spur of the moment, but that's because Rafe is consumed with finding Abigail's killer," Nicole assured Allie.

Sami entered the Evans-Black townhouse and greeted Marlena. "Notice anything different about me?" Sami wondered. "Hmm, let me think... You're not using your crutches," Marlena responded. "That's right -- because I am not clomping down the aisle on my big day!" Sami bragged. "I'm sure Lucas would still find you beautiful if you were to transition to a cane for the moment," Marlena advised after noticing that Sami was walking with a slight limp. "Well, I hope you're right about that...but it doesn't matter, 'cause I'm not doing it -- I am going to dance with my husband on my wedding day!" Sami insisted, drawing a nod of concern and a shrug of defeat from Marlena.

Sami soon started ranting about Belle's decision to skip the wedding ceremony. "Jan Spears put her through a real ordeal last night," Marlena explained. "Jan Spears is at the bottom of a river," Sami argued. "We don't know that," Marlena countered. "Oh, right -- sorry, poor Belle..." Sami sarcastically backpedaled. "Can you cut her a little slack, please?" Marlena tiredly requested. "I'm trying, okay? I really am!" Sami declared.

"It's know, this is an important day for me -- and [it's bad enough that] John's not gonna be there!" Sami grumbled. "You and Lucas came up with this in a matter of...hours, it seems -- maybe it was days -- and John has been planning to see Paul for months --" Marlena stressed. "'Months'? Oh... I didn't know that -- I thought he was just getting back at me for screwing up your wedding," Sami admitted. "John doesn't hold a grudge -- you could take a page out of his book on that..." Marlena teased. "What is that supposed to mean?" Sami wondered. "Count your blessings -- you have got everything you want right now," Marlena clarified.

Marlena eventually got around to telling Sami that Clyde was responsible for E.J.'s shooting -- and the news caused painful memories to resurface. "I just went through so much -- I fought so hard to make E.J. better... And I did make him better -- and then he just turned on me..." Sami fretted. "I'm so sorry you had to find this out today --" Marlena stressed. "I'm so glad that you told me today, because it's really important that I know that I am making the right choice -- I am marrying a man who would never hurt me like that," Sami countered before rushing off to get dressed for the wedding.

"You look glorious!" Marlena raved when Sami returned a short time later, wearing a white dress. "You don't think it's too much? I mean, it is my...well, if you count..." Sami began to admit. "Don't go there," Marlena recommended, stopping Sami from trying to determine the exact number of previous weddings.

Will entered the Salem Inn then headed up to Lucas' room. "You're just in time to help me with my damn cuff link!" Lucas begged. "It's been a long time since I've seen you so happy," Will declared while attaching the cuff link to Lucas' dress shirt. "Well, you know, I never wanted to lose your mom -- you know, she's the love of my life -- and today I get her back, so..." Lucas explained.

Will soon realized why Lucas only needed help with one cuff link. "What's with the big bandage?" Will wondered while eyeing Lucas' right hand. "I just cut my hand a few days ago -- it's almost healed; it's no big deal... So, how long you staying for?" Lucas stammered. "How did it happen?" Will countered, unwilling to let Lucas change the subject. "I don't remember," Lucas admitted.

"I had a slip," Lucas elaborated. "You've been sober for so long -- I mean, do you know why this happened?" Will responded. "It's just...I feel so guilty..." Lucas began to confess. "For your mother's skiing accident..." Lucas eventually continued. "She wanted to do another double black diamond run, [and] I told her she was too tired, [but] she didn't listen to me... I should have talked her out of it -- [I mean], that's what I do, you know? [So], she broke her leg because of me, [and] she couldn't be there for Allie when Allie was possessed, and she feels horrible!" Lucas quickly concluded.

"That's not on you -- it's her own damn fault she wasn't here when Allie needed her...and it's not like it's the first time, either!" Will declared before changing the subject, reminding Lucas that experts believed that it wasn't wise to make major lifestyle changes right after falling off the wagon. "I know that...but it was just one night -- it was one mistake -- [and] it'll never happen again ever! And I've been going to meetings, and I've been talking to my sponsor, and --" Lucas tried to assure Will. "Does Mom know?" Will wondered. "I'll tell her later in the week -- how 'bout that?" Lucas offered. "Great -- so, you're gonna start this new chapter in your life with a big secret --" Will summarized. "It's not a 'big' secret," Lucas protested.

Allie entered the hotel room while Lucas was again promising Will that Sami would learn the truth soon enough. "He was telling me his vows," Will claimed before saying goodbye to Allie and Lucas then rushing off to finish getting ready for the wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, at the Evans-Black townhouse, Johnny told Sami about how E.J. had reacted to the news of the wedding ceremony.

While passing through the park, Kate spotted Chad, who was sitting alone on a bench. "I heard you talking, and I thought maybe you were on the phone..." Kate began after approaching Chad. "Just talking to Abby -- been doing a lot of that these days," Chad clarified for Kate with a hint of embarrassment. "No one expects you to be okay," Kate assured Chad.

"It does help to know that the sick animal that [murdered] her is locked up," Chad spat. "I read this morning that Clyde was arrested...but, honestly, I have to admit, I just don't understand what he would get out of killing Abigail..." Kate argued. "I do," Chad countered before telling Kate about everything that had happened at the police station the previous day.

Kate offered Chad a few more words of comfort then started to rush off. "You got somewhere to be?" Chad wondered. "Sami and Lucas are getting married today," Kate explained. "Planning to stop the wedding?" Chad guessed. "No, absolutely not -- I am done with trying to fix my children's lives. If I seem unhappy about it, it's because I'm worried about my own life -- [see], I am plagued with guilt because I never told Roman that it was my son who had his daughter, in less than an hour, the man that I feel so deeply about is going to walk his daughter down the aisle and give her away to her kidnapper," Kate clarified.

Chad pointed out that there was still time for either Kate or Lucas to reveal the truth to everyone. "I suggested that, but he's just so damn ashamed of what he did, [and] he doesn't want anyone to know -- I mean, he was absolutely appalled when he found out that Abigail knew..." Kate responded before stopping abruptly -- but Chad had already heard enough. "When?" Chad wondered. "Right after you told me," Kate admitted. "The day that Abby was murdered --" Chad translated. "Don't you go there -- you cannot go there! Clyde Weston -- he killed Abigail," Kate insisted.

Nicole ran into Eric while en route to the Hernandez house. Nicole seized the opportunity to try to find out why Eric had recently visited the Walker apartment. Eric claimed to have simply wanted to talk to Nicole about taking Holly to the zoo sometime soon. Nicole assured Eric that Holly would love that -- and E.J. approached just then, ending the conversation. After Eric rushed off, Nicole probed for an update on E.J.'s relationship with Belle -- and Sami approached just then.

While passing through the park, Will ran into Chad, who could tell that something was wrong. "I don't want to tell you about my problems -- not now..." Will protested. "You and Sonny have always been there for me -- I want to return the favor," Chad insisted. "Okay... My dad fell off the wagon," Will revealed, stunning Chad, who started probing for more details.

Sami walks down the aisle

Sami walks down the aisle

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

In the penthouse, Marlena asked Eric how he felt about Nicole's marriage. Eric explained to Marlena that he did not want to hurt Nicole's relationship with Rafe. "So, you're doing what's right?" Marlena asked. "Today is not about Nicole, Rafe, or me. It's about Sami and Lucas. Come on. Let's go to the church and get them married," Eric said.

In the park, Will told Chad about Lucas' drinking. "[Lucas] didn't tell me when he fell off the wagon, but it must have been recently, since he still had the bandage on his hand," Will said. "He hurt himself while he was on his bender?" Chad asked. Will noted that Lucas had no memory of how he had injured his hand. Chad asked Will if Lucas had mentioned why he had started drinking.

"He said he felt guilty, and it was about my mom," Will said. Will told Chad that Lucas blamed himself for Sami's broken leg. "Clearly, she is not holding that against him. She's marrying the guy. It's still kind of hard to believe," Will said. When Chad asked why, Will said he had always believed Sami would end up with E.J.

"I have to ask that you don't tell anyone," Will said. Chad agreed. With a sad smile, Chad noted that Abigail had loved weddings. "[Abigail] was a really special person. I knew her all my life. And I'll always remember her class, and her kindness, and that she always wanted to do the right thing. No matter what," Will said. Chad smiled. Will reminded Chad that he and Sonny were available if Chad needed them. As Chad started to cry, Will hugged him.

After Will left, Chad sat on the bench and stared at pictures of Abigail on his phone. Rafe called. "What's up?" Chad asked. Rafe informed Chad that security footage at the docks cleared Clyde. "No! He killed Abby, and then he went to the docks to cover it up!" Chad argued. Rafe explained that there was timestamped footage that supported Clyde's alibi.

"There is no way that he could have been at your house at the time of death," Rafe stressed. Chad was speechless. Rafe told Chad that the police would have to release Clyde, and he promised to catch the killer. After the call, a frustrated Chad paced.

"I feel like I'm gonna explode. I need a drink," Chad muttered. Chad remembered when Kate had admitted that Lucas had known that Abigail knew about the kidnapping. Chad thought about when Will had told him about Lucas' drinking blackout and cut hand. "Lucas," Chad whispered.

At the Salem Inn, Lucas confessed to Kate that he had worried he had killed Abigail in a blackout. Lucas told Kate about the evidence against Clyde. "We all know what happened the last time Clyde sent a message. Remember when he sent a message to Victor Kiriakis? Next thing you know, Sonny was stabbed. Same thing happened to Abigail," Lucas reminded Kate. Kate breathed a sigh of relief.

"It has been so painful watching you beat yourself up about this. And by the way, you are a really, really terrible liar," Kate said. Lucas argued that he took after his father. Kate asked Lucas if he was sure that he wanted to marry Sami.

"You don't want to see Sami walk down the aisle without coming clean. You must tell her that you were the one that kidnapped her," Kate said. Lucas refused. "If I do that, she is going to go back to E.J.," Lucas said. Kate argued that Sami could figure out the truth.

"I have been keeping this secret for the past year, and Sami hasn't had a clue yet. So, maybe, maybe I'm a little bit more like you than I think. Or maybe I'm just better than E.J. Maybe I'm just a better man than he is for her. Maybe that's why she loves me so much," Lucas said. With a sigh, Kate noted that she understood she could not talk Lucas out of his plan.

"What I did was extreme, I know that. I'm an addict, I understand addiction. What I did was intervention, okay? Sami was in a toxic relationship, and I saved her from that," Lucas said. Lucas added that he and Sami had fallen in love all over again in Italy. "It kind of reminded us of when we were stranded at the cabin," Lucas said. Lucas thought about the cabin when he had promised to protect Sami from E.J.

"Back then, it was her and me against the world. It's going to be that way from now on," Lucas told Kate. "Wait, didn't the roof of that cabin cave in, almost killing both of you?" Kate asked. "You're a buzzkill, you know that? Come on, let's go," Lucas grumbled. Kate followed him out the door.

Outside the pub, Nicole teased E.J. about his desire to bed Sami's sister. E.J. attempted to hide his smile. "You underestimate me," E.J. said. "You finally slept with Belle, didn't you?" Nicole asked. E.J. noticed Sami approaching, and he looked away.

"What are you talking about?" Sami asked. "Under normal circumstances, I would tell you to mind your own business, but today? Today, Sami, I'm going to make an exception," Nicole said. E.J. gave Nicole a warning look. Nicole asked if Belle was going to the wedding. "I don't think so. My mom said she was having a bad time of it," Sami said. Sami asked what Nicole and E.J. had been talking about.

"We were saying how unfortunate it is that you are about to make the biggest mistake of your life," E.J. said. "Oh, E.J. I've already made the biggest mistake of my life. More than once, actually," Sami said. "But you always said that was true love," Nicole pointed out. Sami shrugged. "If anyone is making a really big mistake in their life, it's Rafe," Sami muttered. Sami asked Nicole when she planned to cheat on Rafe like she had cheated on Eric.

"You're projecting, Sami. You cheated on Rafe with E.J.," Nicole said. "You're going to throw that in my face?" Sami asked. "If anyone is guilty of serial infidelity, it's you," E.J. told Sami. Sami argued that E.J. had been "no monk." E.J. swore he had been faithful to Sami "the second time around."

"You were in a body cast!" Sami said. "When I was like that, you were sneaking around with Lucas. Tell me, how are you going to look him in the eye today and promise to be true in sickness and in health?" E.J. asked. Sami reminded E.J. that he had cheated on her with Abigail. When Sami mockingly added "God rest her soul," E.J. took issue with the comment. "You're unbelievable," E.J. muttered. Sami shoved E.J., and she reminded him that he had kidnapped her.

"If I had done that, believe me, you'd still be missing. Your kidnapping was the work of an amateur," E.J. growled. "You are nothing but cruel and vindictive," Sami said. As Roman exited the pub, Sami yelled at E.J. that she had been a fool to have ever loved E.J.

"At least I finally came to my senses, and I am marrying a man who is going to treat me with the kindness and the respect that I deserve," Sami said. "Keep telling yourself that. I'm sure you will. You've always been amazing at self-deception," E.J. said with a chuckle. As Sami fumed, E.J. warned Sami to check Lucas' honeymoon luggage for chloroform.

"You ready to get married?" Roman asked. Sami stared into E.J.'s eyes for a moment, then she walked away with her father. E.J. watched Sami walk away, and his bravado fell away. E.J. and Nicole grabbed a table in the pub.

"You were going to tell Sami in front of me that I slept with Belle," E.J. said. Nicole grinned. "I wanted to see that smug look on her face when she found out you took her sister to bed. Come on, you wanted to see that, too, right? You're always banging on about how she betrayed you," Nicole said. E.J. averted his eyes. Nicole asked E.J. why he did not want Sami to know about Belle. E.J. explained that did not want to burden Belle with Sami's wrath after the Jan incident.

"I'm an expert on you and Sami. So, tell me, is Belle's ordeal the only reason you don't want Sami to know what you two did?" Nicole countered. E.J. asked Nicole, "What other reason would there be?" Nicole noted that Sami and Belle were competitive and that Sami would never forgive E.J. if she learned he had slept with Belle.

"You could lose any chance you may ever have of getting her back. And maybe you just don't want to face that possibility," Nicole said. E.J. reminded Nicole that he had told Sami to get out after he had learned she had cheated with Lucas. "Any love I've ever had for her is now dead. And not even Dr. Rolf can revive it. Samantha's marrying Lucas as we speak. It's over," E.J. said. Nicole smiled.

"Yes, I was there today when she got in your face. You had to stop yourself from tearing her wedding dress off," Nicole said. E.J. blushed and told Nicole not to be ridiculous. "It's never gonna stop, and you know it," Nicole said. E.J. countered that Nicole could relate. "Your marriage to Rafe Hernandez has ended any chance you have of being with Eric," E.J. said. Nicole stressed that she had loved Rafe for a long time.

"[Rafe] was with Ava Vitali, and you always want what you can't have. And now he is all yours. You're Mrs. Rafe Hernandez, and you know Eric better than anyone. The church may have removed his collar, but in his mind, it's still there. A man who will never disrupt the sanctity of any marriage. You and Eric are over," E.J. said. Nicole told E.J. that she loved her relationship with Rafe and that she had told Eric that.

"Eric and I both know we're better as friends," Nicole said. "So you keep telling yourself," E.J. countered. Nicole laughed as she talked about how Sami was incapable of being civilized. "With friends like Samantha Brady, who needs hemlock?" E.J. said. E.J. walked out. Nicole thought about when she had found Eric at her front door the night of her elopement. Rafe roused Nicole out of her thoughts. "You were a million miles away," Rafe said.

When E.J. returned home, he poured a drink. "Samantha must be married to Lucas by now. She's out of my life permanently," E.J. said. E.J. turned and looked at Stefano's portrait. "Don't look at me like that. It's what I want," E.J. said. E.J. downed his drink in one gulp.

At the church, Allie and Johnny bickered about Chanel. "You can do all you want to make yourself stand out, but the thing is, Chanel is bi, just like I am. We get each other. And that's why we're going to end up with each other," Allie said. Allie and Johnny continued to work on adding flowers to the pews.

"Does everything have to be a competition?" Allie said. "You're just upset because I always come out ahead. I was even born first," Johnny said. When Allie called Johnny pathetic, he asked her to name one time when they had wanted the same thing, and Allie had won. "I'm not playing this game anymore," Allie said. "I play for keeps, that's all. And I'm going to take Chanel away from you, too," Johnny said.

Allie finished placing her sets of flowers before Johnny finished his batch, and she gloated about her victory. "The church is almost ready for my dad to marry our mom," Allie said. As Allie looked around the room, she noted that she liked the church. "Maybe Chanel and I will get married here, too," Allie said. "In your dreams," Johnny countered.

"I don't think you even want her. You just want to take her away from me," Allie said. Marlena and Eric walked in. "Twins arguing. Walk down memory lane, huh?" Marlena said with a grin. "At least Sami and I never argued over the same woman," Eric noted.

When Lucas arrived at the church, Eric mentioned that he had run into E.J. on the way to the church. "I can't tell you how lucky I am that you are the one that's marrying my sister today," Eric said. Lucas beamed.

In the bridal room of the church, Allie told Sami, "I'm really happy about you and Dad. It just feels right," Allie said. "It feels right to me, too," Sami agreed. After Allie left, Sami asked Roman, "Why do you look concerned?" "Because you didn't say a word in the car. You want to tell me what I walked in on outside the pub?" Roman countered. Sami said her fight with E.J. had been nothing.

"It was hard for me to tell whether you and E.J. were going to slit each other's throats or go into a clinch," Roman said. Sami's eyes went wide. "I'm marrying Lucas, and I couldn't be happier about it!" Sami yelled. Sami added that she would slit her own throat before she ever kissed E.J. again. Roman asked Sami if she was sure about the wedding. "I want to get married to Lucas. I love him, and nothing else matters," Sami said.

Will joined Johnny and Allie in the pews. "Where you been?" Allie asked. Will explained that he had been talking to Chad. The processional started, and everyone stood as Roman walked Sami down the aisle. At the altar, Lucas and Sami looked into one another's eyes.

"Everyone in this room knows what it is to be in love. And also, how hard it can be," Eric said. Eric read from First Corinthians. "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, nor keeps records of wrongs," Eric said. Sami and Eric exchanged a look. Sami jokingly punched Eric's shoulder, and he said, "I'm serious. It says it right here." Eric laughed.

"What I find beautiful is that two people who are in love have found a way back to one another. And it's because of Lucas and Sami's love that we are here today," Eric said. Eric asked if there were any objections.

As Sami chuckled nervously, Eric imagined that he was officiating Nicole's marriage to Rafe, and he was horrified. Sami's voice roused Eric from his daydream. "Does anyone have any objections? Because, honestly, keep them to yourself," Sami said. Kate looked over at Lucas, but he looked away. Eric asked the bride and groom to read their vows.

"We're not exactly what anyone would define as a storybook romance. I mean, at least, I wouldn't have. Until now. Lucas, when I was kidnapped, when I was in that horrible, tiny room, locked up, I thought I was going to die," Sami said. With tears in his eyes, Lucas looked pained as he listened to Sami. "You were there for me when I needed you most," Sami said. Sami talked about when Lucas had saved her from captivity.

"But that's not even the first time that you saved me. You saved me from tigers, you saved me from a helicopter crash. You saved me from gangsters more than once. And you saved me from your mom a lot," Sami said. Marlena grinned and looked at Kate. Kate rolled her eyes.

"But mostly you saved me from me. And you make me feel safe. You're my knight in shining armor. And you love me with passion and dignity and honor. And maybe we didn't start out a storybook romance, given I tricked you into asking me to a dance, wearing a dress as red as Johnny's suit, but we got better from there. And here we are now. And right now, standing here, I just feel like this is finally my happily ever after," Sami said. Lucas' lower lip quivered.

"I had this whole other speech planned, but what you just said blew me away. There's something that I want to get out there. I'm sorry. You keep saying that I'm this wonderful person, that I'm the most wonderful man, but a lot of times I haven't been the kind of man that you deserve," Lucas said. Lucas promised to change. "And I vow to you with my heart and my soul from this moment on that I will be the man that you want me to be, that you say I am. I promise, no matter what, I will always be your hero," Lucas said.

Eric read the traditional vows, and the bride and groom said, "I do." In the corner, Kate appeared disappointed. Lucas and Sami placed the rings on one another. As Eric started to pronounce the couple husband and wife, Chad stomped in and spun Lucas around to face him. "Did you kill my wife?" Chad screamed.

Roman, Johnny, Will, and Eric pulled Chad off of Lucas. "Tell me!" Chad screamed. Kate offered to take Chad somewhere to talk, but he refused. "You don't know what you're doing here. You're lost in grief," Eric said. Will asked Chad why Lucas would want to hurt Abigail. "Because he found out that she knew his dirty little secret," Chad said. Sami asked what Chad meant. "[Abigail] knew that Lucas was the guy who kidnapped you," Chad said.

Sami and Lucas' wedding blows up

Sami and Lucas' wedding blows up

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

At St. Luke's church, an angry Chad announced in front of everyone at the wedding that Lucas had kidnapped Sami. Kate and Marlena asked Chad to go somewhere to cool off, but Chad refused to leave. Chad recalled how Lucas had framed E.J. as the kidnapper and had E.J. sent to prison. "All right, I did it. I framed E.J., and I'm not sorry about it," Lucas admitted.

Sami told Lucas that she wanted to hear the full story of why Lucas had kidnapped her. Lucas claimed he'd done so out of "love," and he recalled that E.J. had been all Sami had been able to think about in the days that had led up to the kidnapping. Lucas claimed that he'd known Sami would be safe the entire time, and he swore that she had never been in danger. "Sometimes you have to play dirty to get what you want. I learned that lesson from you," Lucas told Sami, who stood in disbelief.

Sami admitted that while she knew how to play dirty, being kidnapped was different. "There I was, trapped in that horrible room, while you went home every night, crawled into your warm bed, you laid your head down on your pillow, and you were able to sleep, knowing what was happening to me and how scared I was. That doesn't sound like love. That sounds like you were making me pay for loving E.J.," Sami said.

Sami broke down in tears and confessed that she'd been afraid for her life and that she'd cried herself to sleep every night with worry that she'd never see her kids or parents again. "And you were just walking around town? How did you look them in the eye every day?" Sami asked Lucas.

Sami told Lucas that having kidnapped her was the worst thing he'd ever done and that he'd done it all for nothing. Lucas swore that he still loved Sami, but Sami said that she didn't love Lucas and then promptly walked out of the church. Lucas attempted to go after Sami, but Chad grabbed him and said that Sami had been wrong when she'd said the kidnapping was the worst thing Lucas had ever done. "The worst thing you ever did was murder my wife," Chad said to a stunned audience.

Chad recalled that Abigail had tracked down the men who Lucas had hired to kidnap Sami and that Chad had told Abigail that Lucas was the kidnapper. That same night, Chad noted, Abigail had been murdered. Will and Allie came to Lucas' defense and said their father would never have hurt Abigail. Chad reminded Will of the conversation the two had shared in the park about Lucas having fallen off the wagon -- specifically that Lucas couldn't account for the bandage on his hand.

Roman went to call the police, but Lucas volunteered to go of his own volition and to give his statement to Rafe. Chad and Johnny demanded to go with Lucas, while Roman told Kate she needed to be there for her son. Both Roman and Kate were visibly upset, and they told each other they loved one another.

At the Salem Police Station, Kate begged Lucas to gather his thoughts before he made an official statement. Chad followed Lucas into the interrogation room and continued to accuse Lucas of being Abigail's killer. After Lucas swore again that he would never have stabbed his own niece, Chad ripped the bandage off Lucas' hand. "Oh yeah? Then what's that?" Chad asked.

In a room at the church, Sami blamed herself and recalled to Marlena that E.J. had tried to warn her repeatedly about Lucas. Sami ripped her wedding ring off and hurled it against the wall. Marlena offered to drive a distraught Sami back to the penthouse, but Sami left before Marlena could catch her.

After leaving the church, Roman went to the Brady Pub and told Eric that Marlena had called and said that Sami had taken off. An irate Roman recalled that Lucas had had the audacity to ask Roman for his blessing to marry Sami. Roman declared that if they'd been anywhere but a church, Lucas would have been in the hospital instead of the police station.

Eric asked if Roman believed Lucas really could have killed Abigail. Roman said that it was impossible to rule out the premise, and he wondered how Lucas had been able to keep the secret for so long. Eric left to help find Sami. Inside the pub, Roman spotted Kate alone at a table. Roman asked why Kate wasn't still at the police station with Lucas.

At the DiMera mansion, Belle asked to join E.J. for a drink. E.J. said they should drink to "the happy couple," and he claimed that his drinking was a way to celebrate his freedom from Sami. E.J. then told Belle that she was looking at a free man.

E.J. asked Belle to share the details of Belle's last 24 hours. Belle told E.J. that she'd rescued Shawn and the baby from Jan on the docks after she'd struck Jan over the head with an oar. Belle lamented that even if Jan were finally dead, there was still the issue of the baby. Belle said that she had spoken with Shawn about raising Jan's baby as her own. Belle asked how she could be a good mother to the baby when all she would see was Jan every time she looked at him. "I know it sounds heartless, but I told Shawn I just don't think I can live like that," Belle said.

E.J. told Belle that she was compassionate and wise, and he encouraged her to have the confidence to know what she needed and to make the right decision. E.J. shared that he'd been lucky to have Belle come into his life. Belle shared a toast with E.J., and she remarked that misery loved company. After they toasted, Belle and E.J. passionately made out on the sofa.

E.J. asked Belle to go upstairs, and the two undressed one another before getting into bed. After Belle and E.J. made love, Belle confided that she was happy and grateful to E.J. for having made her forget her misery. E.J. told Belle that she'd done the same thing for him, and the two kissed in each other's arms before making love for a second time. E.J. and Belle snuggled afterward when they were surprised by a knock on the door. "E.J., are you in there? We need to talk," Sami said.

Belle was horrified that Sami was outside the door, and she rushed to get dressed and to hide. E.J. answered the door and demanded to know why Sami was in his room instead of with Lucas. Sami started to explain, but she noticed a woman's bra at the foot of E.J.'s bed. She picked it up. "Who does this belong to?" Sami asked.

Sami learns the truth about E.J. and Belle's relationship

Sami learns the truth about E.J. and Belle's relationship

Thursday, July 14, 2022

by Mike

Eric ran into Nicole while searching for Sami. "You seem pretty sad... Why aren't you at the reception?" Nicole began. "There won't be a reception...because there wasn't a wedding," Eric responded.

Nicole listened in disbelief as Eric elaborated. "Wow, this is crazy... I mean, I feel sorry for everyone involved... I feel sorry for Sami..." Nicole admitted with obvious surprise at the end of Eric's tale. "So, Sami found out she was going to marry her kidnapper -- I would have loved to have seen that..." Nicole soon added. "I thought you felt sorry for her!" Eric protested. "I mean, I do, as a woman and as a human being...but as Sami Brady, after everything she's done to me? Oh, you've gotta grant me that little schadenfreude," Nicole countered before starting to vent to Eric about what had happened with Sami earlier that day -- then changing the subject to avoid having to explain what had prompted the argument.

"Do you really think it's possible that Lucas killed Abigail? I mean, even if he was drunk, I still don't think he's capable of it --" Nicole argued. "Neither did I...but I also didn't think that Lucas was capable of kidnapping my sister," Eric countered.

Roman started to vent after finding Kate inside the Brady Pub, assuming that meant that Lucas had already been released from police custody and wasn't going to face any charges as the mastermind of Sami's kidnapping. Roman calmed down after Kate clarified that Lucas was still at the police station and hadn't even been questioned yet. "I am so, so sorry --" Kate began to add while fighting back tears. "You're not responsible for what Lucas did," Roman conceded. "I'm responsible for what I did," Kate explained before making a full confession.

"On New Year's Eve, when you told me the truth about [Philip], you said to me that you didn't want there to be any secrets between us -- that meant a lot to me, Kate, and now it turns out to be just another one of your lies!" Roman snapped at the end of Kate's speech. "On New Year's Eve, I didn't know about what Lucas had done," Kate clarified. "When did you find out?" Roman wondered. "January 5," Kate answered. "Wow... Kudos, Kate -- so, our 'no secrets' agreement lasted a total of five days...and then there was, you know, another secret..." Roman grumbled.

"You ever stop to notice that people get hurt when your boys start to like women?" Roman mused. "You think I'm mad? What the hell do you think E.J. is gonna do when he finds out about this? I wouldn't want to be in your shoes -- and I sure as hell wouldn't want to be in Lucas'," Roman continued. "The two of us -- we're done. [So], get your stuff -- I want you out of here," Roman concluded, ignoring Kate's protests.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami demanded to know who had left a bra on the floor of E.J.'s bedroom. "None of your business, Mrs. Horton --" E.J. snapped. "Never mind -- I already know whose it is," Sami decided.

"Come on out, Nicole!" Sami shouted at the bathroom door. "Damn it, Sami -- I don't want to throw you out on your ass, but I will --" E.J. tried to warn. "It took you less time to cheat on Rafe than it did on Eric!" Sami continued, staying put.

E.J. sighed then started to drag Sami out of the bedroom. "Ugh -- you're such a coward, Nicole!" Sami continued while struggling with E.J. "All right, stay in the bathroom -- I'm gonna go tell Rafe!" Sami concluded after E.J. got the upper hand. "You're wrong, as usual -- it's not Nicole," Belle clarified for Sami while emerging from the bathroom. "You slept with my sister?" Sami snapped while shoving E.J. away. "You divorced me -- I'm not your husband anymore --" E.J. reasoned. "She's still my sister!" Sami countered before adding that Belle had at least had the decency to be embarrassed and ashamed.

"No -- I went into the bathroom because I could not stomach another one of your self-indulgent tantrums...and I came out of the bathroom to spare Rafe and Nicole from having to deal with you --" Belle clarified. "Oh, stop it with your moral high ground," Sami advised before noting that Belle had a history of infidelity. "Shawn and I are separated," Belle stressed. "Aw -- you're 'on a break'?" Sami teased -- and Belle scoffed in response to the apparent Friends reference. "Why do you even care -- [and] why are you even here?" Belle wondered. "You know what? Fine -- enjoy yourselves! Just remember...he's only sleeping with you to get back at me," Sami declared before starting to storm out of the mansion -- and E.J. followed. "Told you so!" Sami called out to Belle.

E.J. caught up with Sami outside the mansion. "You wouldn't have come here tonight if something wasn't terribly wrong," E.J. acknowledged. "Nothing's wrong -- just came to share some wedding cake with you --" Sami joked. "Damn it, Samantha -- tell me what happened," E.J. begged. "I came here to tell you the big news," Sami admitted.

Belle eavesdropped from the foyer as Sami elaborated -- then rejected E.J.'s attempt to provide a hug and kiss of comfort. "I thought sleeping with Nicole was the worst thing you could ever do, but I was wrong -- sleeping with my sister is worse," Sami spat before storming off, ignoring E.J.'s protests.

Belle was preparing to leave the mansion when E.J. returned. "I actually thought that I could be happy with you, in spite of knowing how much that was gonna hurt my sister, know, even as much as I resent her -- and, I mean, sometimes, I despise her -- she is my sister, and when she's in pain like that, it just hurts me... [So], even if I didn't know that you still had feelings for her, I would just feel her presence in my mind's eye -- you know, just watching and judging everything. [And] relationships are hard enough without having that kind of complication..." Belle explained. "So, are you going back to Shawn?" E.J. wondered. "I don't know what's gonna happen with Shawn -- that's complicated, too, obviously... I think I just need to keep things simple for a while, even if that means being alone," Belle answered.

"You were there for me when I really needed you, and I will always be grateful for that," Belle stressed. "I'll be grateful, too -- for everything that you've done for me, and for all the good times that we've had together," E.J. responded. Belle gave E.J. a nod then exited the mansion.

At St. Luke's, Will and Allie continued discussing what had happened earlier. "It was...quite the wedding..." Will numbly summarized. "Non-wedding," Allie sadly clarified.

"Will... Chad was wrong, wasn't he? Not about the kidnapping, but... Dad didn't kill Abigail -- that couldn't have happened; that just can't be true... Right?" Allie hopefully argued. "I don't think he could ever kill anyone...unless he was drunk..." Will reluctantly conceded.

Allie listened in disbelief as Will elaborated. "I think I kind of even knew it was a lie when he said [what] drove him to drink -- [I mean], I could feel that something was really wrong," Will admitted at the end of the tale. "I can understand why he wouldn't want to share with you that he kidnapped our mother..." Allie responded with a shake of the head. "I think the part he dreaded the most, even more than going to prison, was that Mom might know that he did it -- [and] when he found out that Abigail knew --" Will tried to summarize. "He killed her to keep her quiet?" Allie concluded.

"No -- I don't believe that, even dead drunk, Dad would ever do anything like that. [I mean], you know how much the Horton family means to him --" Allie protested. "Allie, if you'd told me earlier today [that he's] capable of kidnapping Mom, I would have said, 'No way!' But he did -- to keep her away from E.J., he did something so horrible [and] so desperate -- [and] when she agreed to marry him, the stakes just got even higher --" Will tried to reason. "And, once again, he had to do something crazy and desperate so that he didn't lose her?" Allie concluded. "I think he might have," Will admitted.

"I mean, I hope I'm wrong --" Will stressed. "Yeah, but maybe you're right -- I mean, we now know that he did something crazy when he was sober, so who knows what he did when he was drunk..." Allie conceded.

At the police station, Chad inspected the cut on Lucas' right hand while they were still alone together in one of the conference rooms. "How did you get this?" Chad wondered. "I don't know!" Lucas responded. "Well, that seems like a pretty deep cut, [and] not to remember that kind of pain..." Chad argued before jamming a thumb into the open wound in an effort to jog Lucas' memory.

Lucas winced and tried to pull away from Chad while explaining that the injury had occurred during an alcohol-induced blackout and that the cause of the injury was therefore a complete mystery. Chad shoved Lucas against a wall while guessing that the injury had occurred at some point during Abigail's murder. "You were holding a knife too tight, [or] she was fighting for her life --" Chad theorized while keeping Lucas pinned against the wall -- and Rafe entered the conference room just then. "Not again..." Rafe grumbled before pulling Chad away from Lucas.

Chad stormed out of the conference room -- and Rafe followed after warning Lucas to stay put. "Johnny told me that Lucas admitted to kidnapping Sami, but that does not make him a murderer -- he had no earthly reason to kill Abigail --" Rafe tried to argue. "Yes, he did," Chad insisted before sharing the whole story.

Rafe was outraged to learn that Chad had known the truth about Sami's kidnapping for months and had not only kept Lucas' secret but had also helped frame E.J. for the crime. "Okay, whatever -- lock me up, then!" Chad challenged Rafe with a dismissive shrug before insisting that Lucas was even more deserving of a prison cell.

Rafe soon stepped back into the conference room to start questioning Lucas -- just as Will entered the police station and approached Chad. "I want you to hear it from me -- I told Rafe that you told me about your father's drinking," Chad admitted. "Not surprising -- you told a church full of people that he kidnapped my mom," Will responded. " told me in confidence... But it's evidence, so --" Chad explained. "You gotta do what you gotta do...and I gotta stand by my dad," Will summarized.

"Were you about to leave?" Will wondered. "Yeah," Chad confirmed. "Then why don't you get going -- looks like I'm gonna be here for a while," Will stressed. Chad sighed then exited the police station, realizing that Will was making a demand. Meanwhile, Sami entered the Evans-Black townhouse and found Allie waiting there. Sami broke down in Allie's arms.

Sami gets revenge

Sami gets revenge

Friday, July 15, 2022

Brady visited Chloe in her room at the Salem Inn. "I thought you were coming back tomorrow," Chloe said. As Brady walked into the room, he noticed that the bed was disheveled and that there were two empty wine glasses on the bedside table. Brady looked at the closed bathroom door, and he said, "Is someone in the bathroom?"

"It's the person that I spent the night with. You want to knock down the door and fight them?" Chloe asked. "I don't find this very funny," Brady muttered. Belle exited the bathroom. "Not even a little bit funny?" Chloe asked with a grin.

"So, things didn't work out at Chez DiMera?" Brady asked. Belle turned away from her brother. Brady apologized, and he explained that he was worried about Belle "Well, you don't have to worry about [E.J.] anymore," Belle said. Belle sighed. "I got [my comeuppance] when Sami found me in bed with E.J.," Belle admitted. Belle told Brady that Sami had gone on a tirade.

"But when [Sami] first saw that it was me, before her defenses kicked in, she was so hurt. So, she left, and then all of a sudden, E.J. took off after her," Belle said. Belle admitted that it was obvious that E.J. was still in love with Sami. "[Sami] is not going to keep it to herself," Brady said. Belle gasped. "Shawn! I owe it to him to tell him myself," Belle said.

After Belle left, Chloe told Brady, "It's nice that Rachel gets to stay with Tate and Theresa for a while." Brady agreed. "I know that you're worried about Belle, but look at how you and Theresa have worked things out. That could be Belle and Shawn in time," Chloe said. Brady was unsure. "I don't just love my sister. I know my sister. And through all their ups and downs, she has only really ever been happy with Shawn. But thanks to Jan Spears and E.J. DiMera, I think that this time, their marriage may be over for good," Brady said.

Brady remembered that he had purchased a necklace for Chloe on his trip, and he gave it to her. "With all the drama with my sister, I forgot to let you know how much I missed you," Brady said. Brady and Chloe made love.

At the penthouse, Marlena was surprised to see Sami in the living room. "Twelve hours ago, the world absolutely knocked you down, and here you are, up and pretending like it didn't even hurt," Marlena said. With a raised eyebrow, Sami noted that she did not have time for therapy. Marlena looked at the news article on Sami's tablet.

"Kidnapper groom arrested at wedding," Marlena read aloud. Marlena asked Sami if it was a good idea to read about her wedding in a tabloid. "My other option was to stay in bed and cry into my pillow all day," Sami said with a shrug. "What I do know about you is when you really get hurt, you are able to build this wall all the way around yourself. You know what amazes me? That you even got up this morning," Marlena said. Sami muttered that she was fine.

After a moment, Sami admitted that she did not think she would be able to stop crying if she started. Angry, Sami said she had been awake all night, thinking about Lucas, including their happy memories together. "So, last year, yeah, I was having trouble with my marriage. And I confided in him. I confided in Lucas because he was my friend. Because of everything that we have been through. And last night, he just, it's like he blew it all up right in my face," Sami said. Marlena asked Sami where she had gone after she had left the church.

"I went to see E.J.," Sami whispered. "How was that?" Marlena asked. "Not great. He was otherwise engaged," Sami said. "That must have been so upsetting. I mean, E.J. is E.J. I'm sure he believed that you were in the process of marrying Lucas. So, he probably thought it was all right to date someone else," Marlena said. Sami smirked.

"[E.J.] wasn't just dating someone else, Mom. He was sleeping with someone else. And it wasn't just someone. It was my sister," Sami said. Marlena gasped. "Your perfect little Belle. And she was pleased as can be about it," Sami muttered. "I can't believe that's true," Marlena whispered. Sami argued that Belle had been looking for a way to get back at her.

"[Belle] saw that E.J. was vulnerable, and she took it. Just to hurt me," Sami said. Marlena shook her head no. Sami explained that Belle had hidden in the bathroom. "[Belle heard] I was gonna leave. That's when she came out," Sami said. Sami argued that Belle had exited the bathroom in E.J.'s robe so that Sami would know.

"No," Marlena said. "Please don't make excuses for her to me right now," Sami said. "I'm just aching for her. And I'm aching for you," Marlena said. Sami groaned. "This shouldn't happen to anybody on their wedding day, but please, don't take your anger and your upset out on your sister. Because you won't just be hurting her. You'll be hurting yourself, as well," Marlena advised. "That's what I always do, isn't it?" Sami muttered. Marlena offered to make breakfast, and she headed into the kitchen.

At the Brady house, Steve and Kayla worked on a stroller. Shawn exited the baby's room. "Think that he is asleep. I don't know. I don't know whether I should leave him or what," Shawn said. Kayla held up a baby monitor. Baby Shawn started to cry on the monitor. Kayla checked on the baby while Shawn helped Steve.

Steve assured Shawn, "You got this." Frustrated, Shawn shook his head no. "What I got is you and Aunt Kayla showing up and you acting like this is normal and that this baby is a good thing. That he's not what Belle called him. An obstacle," Shawn said. Steve reminded Shawn that baby Shawn was Bo's grandson.

"So, that means that little guy is stuck with us for life. And so are you," Steve said. Steve asked about the search for Jan, and Shawn said he had no updates. After a moment, Shawn told Steve how Jan had pretended to throw the baby at Shawn on the docks.

"Just kind of proves that I don't think that Jan could love anything," Shawn said. Shawn explained that he had learned a valuable lesson. "If Jan comes back, she can't be anywhere near my son," Shawn said. Once the baby was asleep, Kayla returned.

Kayla told Shawn that she had struggled with Tripp's arrival, but her love of Steve had helped her get past the pain. "Well, I've never stopped loving Belle," Shawn said. "And I don't think that she stopped loving you," Kayla countered. With a sigh, Shawn noted that Belle had said that she still loved him.

"But I don't know. I think that she had moved on," Shawn said. Sami walked into the house. "Hey, Sami. You all right?" Steve asked. "Oh, you're talking about my aborted wedding. Yes, well, I decided a little short-term humiliation was better than being married to my kidnapper," Sami muttered. Worried, Kayla noted that Sami seemed wired. "Which is why I came over here. I wanted to talk to you, Shawn, before, you know, the inevitable meltdown," Sami said. "Why?" Shawn asked.

"I'm guessing I'm the one that is going to have to break it to you that, well, your wife is sleeping with my ex-husband," Sami said. Kayla's jaw dropped open. "I know that you've been through hell, but do you think that for once in your life, you could think about somebody other than yourself? Shawn does not need this this morning," Kayla grumbled. Shawn said he wanted to hear what had happened.

"[E.J.] was accused of kidnapping me, so when Lucas confessed to committing the crime, I thought he should know about it. So that's when I saw him and Belle in bed together," Sami said. "You saw Belle?" Shawn stammered. Sami told Shawn what had happened.

"I hate having to tell you this," Sami said. "Like hell you do. You don't hate telling Shawn about E.J. and me. You're having the time of your life," Belle growled as she entered the room. "Trust me, Belle. I am not having the time of my life," Sami said. Belle said she knew what Sami had gone through, and she asked Sami if she cared what Shawn had been through. Sami looked at Shawn.

"No, I didn't think so. Because telling him about E.J. and me, even though he just went through three circles of hell, that's the way to inflict the maximum amount of pain on me. And that's what matters to you," Belle said. Belle told Sami that she would never forgive Sami for hurting Shawn. Sami laughed. "I did this to Shawn? He's going through hell while you're sleeping with E.J., and it is somehow my fault?" Sami said.

"You've had your moment, so just go, [Sami]," Kayla said. With a shake of her head in disbelief, Sami wished Belle luck, and she laughed as she walked out. Kayla and Steve followed Sami out the door.

"I came here to tell you myself," Belle started. "You came here when you realized that Sami wasn't going to keep your secret," Shawn countered. Belle asked Shawn to leave Sami out of the conversation. "I am so sorry about how you found out, but you had to know we were headed this way," Belle said. "I wasn't headed any way," Shawn stressed. Shawn reminded Belle that she had left him for E.J. "You and I were having problems long before I got involved with E.J.," Belle said.

"Jan Spears and the devil tricked me into getting into bed with her, and then all of a sudden, you decided that I betrayed you," Shawn said. Belle objected. "Something terrible happened to both of us. And from day one, you've been acting like it was only you. You're acting like you're the victim, and I'm the bad guy here," Shawn argued.

When Belle denied the accusation, Shawn said that Belle had walked out on him and their marriage. "I was dealing with a psycho that was pregnant with my baby. How am I supposed to protect him without dealing with her?" Shawn asked. "It was too much!" Belle yelled. Belle argued that after everything Jan had done to her, she had not been able to deal with Jan's pregnancy.

"I know that Jan tricked you into bed. I never blamed you for that. But you didn't tell me!" Belle yelped. Shawn argued that the baby was blameless. "You refuse to understand!" Belle yelled. "I'm sure that E.J. understands so perfectly that you just ran right into his bed," Shawn said. With a scoff, Belle walked out.

Roman walked into the living room at the DiMera mansion. "Johnny is not here," E.J. said. "I came to see you," Roman said. After a moment, Roman stammered out that he owed E.J. an apology. E.J. chuckled. "It seems there really is a first time for everything," E.J. said.

"I blamed you for kidnapping Sami, and hell, I'm a cop. I should know better than to rush to judgment," Roman said. "Samantha is your daughter. I'm not always impartial about my children, either," E.J. countered. Roman noted that he had misjudged Lucas even more than E.J.

"Don't be so hard on yourself. He fooled everyone," E.J. said. "Not everyone," Roman said. Roman told E.J. that Kate had known about Lucas' guilt since January. Roman explained that Kate had kept Lucas' secret until Kate had been forced to confess.

"And then, she was really, really sorry?" E.J. said sarcastically. "She did say that. And I do believe her," Roman said. When E.J. asked if Roman was there to make sure E.J. knew about Kate, Roman confirmed that was not the reason for his visit. E.J. noted that the Brady family was as protective of their kids as the DiMera family.

"That's what the justice system is for," Roman said. "You know you can always trust me," E.J. said with a smirk. "I mean it, E.J. Do not take the law into your own hands with Kate," Roman said.

Kate delivered coffee to Lucas in the interrogation room at the police station. Lucas told Kate he did not want her there. "I've put you through enough," Lucas said. Kate told Lucas that she had hired an attorney to win the case. "Not if I plead guilty," Lucas said. Kate warned Lucas not to make jokes.

"I kidnapped Sami, and I pinned it on an innocent man," Lucas said. "E.J. is a lot of things. Innocent isn't one of them," Kate stressed. Lucas shook his head. "No more covering for me. No more blaming my victims. No more cleaning up my messes. I did this on my own. I have to face the consequences," Lucas said.

Kate advised Lucas to think. "I am thinking about it. I'm thinking about what I've done and what kind of man I am," Lucas said. Kate urged Lucas to think about his children. Lucas argued that if he pleaded guilty, his children would not have to go through the spectacle of a trial.

"If you plead guilty to kidnapping, that will all but make Chad's case. Just like that. And you'll be charged with Abigail's murder. Do you think that is going to be good for your children?" Kate asked. Kate advised Lucas to plead not guilty. An officer arrived to escort Lucas to his arraignment. As the officer guided Lucas into the bullpen, Kate followed. Lucas begged Kate to leave. E.J. walked in.

"Really, Lucas? Is that any way to talk to your mother? After all, she was the one who made you the man you are today," E.J. said. The officer escorted Lucas away, and E.J. yelled that they would talk later. Kate started to leave, but E.J. grabbed her wrist. "What's the rush? It's almost as if you are trying to avoid me," E.J. said. Kate wrenched her arm free.

"Roman told you," Kate said. E.J. confirmed that he knew that Kate had kept quiet. Kate argued that she had been the one to direct Belle to the evidence that had freed E.J. E.J. countered that he would not have been in prison if Kate had not enabled her son. "The things we do for love," E.J. grumbled. "What are you going to do with me?" Kate asked. E.J. said he was weighing his options and that she would have to wait for him to decide how to respond.

After Lucas' arraignment, an officer escorted him back to the bullpen. "When you pleaded not guilty back there, you looked like even you knew it was a crock," the officer said.

Roman went over to the penthouse, and he talked to Marlena about Kate's confession. "It must have been a very difficult thing to hear," Marlena said. "The hard part was that Kate seemed genuinely miserable," Roman said. Roman explained that he could not get past the fact that Kate had only told him the truth because she had been forced to confess.

"Well, that would be our Kate. I can imagine how difficult it was to tell you. And I can also imagine how difficult it is going to be for her to tell E.J.," Marlena said. After Roman left, Marlena left a voicemail for Belle to call her back. "Please, God. Don't let Sami be doing what I think she's doing," Marlena whispered. The doorbell rang. It was Kate. "I need your help," Kate said. "Why in God's name would I do that?" Marlena asked.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami sat in the living room. "You came back. Thank God," E.J. said with relief. "You've come back. Thank God. Is that what you just said?" Sami countered. E.J. nodded yes. "And I meant it," E.J. said. "Your arrogance never ceases to amaze me. You think I came back to be with you, don't you?" Sami asked. "Haven't you?" E.J. said. Sami asked E.J. why he would believe that after everything that had happened.

"Should we get married? Should I call Belle and ask her to be my maid of honor?" Sami said. "I take it you haven't come back to me," E.J. whispered. Sami said she was there to say goodbye to Johnny. Sami announced that she was leaving Salem.

"I have been ping-ponging back and forth between you and Lucas for the better part of two decades, and I'm sick of it. You're not worth the powder it would take to blow you up," Sami said. "I would like to point out that we'd be together right now if you hadn't believed his lies," E.J. said. With a rueful chuckle, Sami admitted that E.J. was right.

"So, thank God it happened the way it did, so I could learn my lesson. Because I can't even count the different ways you have found to break my heart. So, I'm done. Good luck with Belle, or whoever comes after her. I hope you make each other miserable," Sami said. Sami stopped at the doorway, and she looked around the room. "I've had it. With you. With this place. With all of it," Sami said through tears. Sami swallowed hard, then she walked out. E.J. looked stricken.

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