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Will went to L.A. Chad told E.J. the truth. E.J. blackmailed Chad and Kate. Kristen was Gwen's new cellmate. Rafe hired Jada Hunter. Marlena hypnotized Lucas. Lucas remembered that Sarah had fled the DiMera mansion. Jada interrupted Sarah's wedding to question her about Abigail's murder. Chanel refused to choose between the twins. Orpheus blackmailed the governor into granting pardons for him, Evan, Kristen, Rolf, and Gwen. Shawn and Belle apologized to one another. Paulina urged Abe to run for governor. Evan told Shawn that he was the father of Jan's baby.
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Chanel refused to choose between the twins, Orpheus blackmailed the governor into granting pardons, and Jada questioned Sarah about Abigail's murder
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Kate begs Marlena to hypnotize Lucas

Kate begs Marlena to hypnotize Lucas

Monday, July 18, 2022

by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Xander tried to convince Sarah that it would be okay for them to just spend the whole day in bed together. "I can't -- I have to go to the hospital and pick up a refill for my prescription," Sarah argued -- and Xander conceded the point with a sigh, knowing that was an important errand. "The adjusted dose seems to be working," Xander observed. "Yeah -- I haven't had any hallucinations in a few days," Sarah confirmed. "But I don't think it's enough that we're out of the woods yet," Sarah continued. "I'm just so grateful that I didn't hurt anyone any of those times that I saw Kristen, you know? I would never be able to forgive myself..." Sarah concluded with a shudder.

Will was sleeping soundly at the Kiriakis mansion when Sonny entered their bedroom with goodies from Sweet Bits. Will awoke with a start and groggily greeted Sonny, who returned the greeting with a hint of concern.

As Will reached for a cell phone that was lying on the nearest of two nightstands, Sonny placed the goodies on the other nightstand then settled on an edge of the bed. "Oh, my gosh -- it's so late!" Will observed with a laugh of disbelief.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" Will wondered. "You had a late night -- I thought you could use the rest. Yesterday was...pretty rough..." Sonny answered. "I was kind of hoping that everything that happened with my dad was just a horrible nightmare," Will confessed. "I wish I could tell you it was..." Sonny fretted before fishing a cell phone out of a pants pocket then showing Will an article about Lucas' arrest that had been posted on the Intruder's website earlier that day.

Will read the article then handed the cell phone back to Sonny with a sigh of defeat. "Like I told Allie...if you had asked me a week ago if my dad was capable of killing anyone, I would have said, 'No -- crazy!' [But now]... He kidnapped Mom [and] kept her captive for months --" Will mused. "That was totally different -- he was scared and terrified he was gonna lose the person he loves the most; both you and I know what that's like -- and it is a huge jump from kidnapping to murder --" Sonny argued.

"It's not that huge if you're drunk and you're desperate! [Think about it] -- he was operating on emotion, on adrenaline, on fear; he, like, spent months building up this whole house of cards, and it was about to crash down; he has the motive, he had the means, he had the opportunity, he has this huge gash on his hand that looks bad --" Will reasoned. "Will, breathe --" Sonny tried to advise. "How do you explain that?" Will concluded before finally pausing to take a breath.

"Can you really imagine your father stabbing Abigail?" Sonny wondered. "I couldn't imagine us rolling Leo Stark's 'dead' body up into a rug, but we did," Will answered. "That's totally different --" Sonny tried to argue again. "How? It was anger that turned to violence. My dad was angry and scared -- it is entirely possible that he got drunk, [and then] he went to confront Abigail, [and then] things got heated, [so] he did what he thought he had to do to keep from losing my mom," Will reasoned.

"No -- I don't think that's what happened," Sonny maintained. "Well, I mean, I hope you're right... This is all speculation, anyway -- I don't know what happened, you don't know what happened, he doesn't know what happened..." Will conceded with a sigh before pausing to read a text message that Sami had just sent.

"She's leaving Salem, and she vows to 'never, ever, ever' come back to this...and the rest is just profanity..." Will summarized for Sonny. "Well, she's very upset -- [and] very understandably, okay? But once she calms down, I promise you, she'll come right back to town," Sonny predicted as Will tossed aside the cell phone with a sigh of frustration.

"Can you please distract me from all of this?" Will begged, prompting Sonny to hand over the goodies from Sweet Bits -- a blueberry scone and an iced coffee. "Oh, my God -- you're, like, a scone monster, getting crumbs all over the bed..." Sonny observed with a laugh while Will was devouring the pastry. "All over your chest..." Sonny added with a grin while hungrily eyeing Will's nearly naked body. "Want to help me with that?" Will knowingly challenged Sonny, setting aside the partially eaten scone and lying back on the bed. Sonny eagerly began licking the crumbs off Will's chest -- and they were soon making out and undressing each other.

"Can we stay like this forever?" Will begged Sonny later, while they were wrapped in each other's arms. "Blissfully in love?" Sonny translated. "Yes...but I mean literally like this -- just the two of us in bed, shutting out the outside world," Will clarified. "Except Ari," Sonny noted. "Oh, yeah -- and blueberry scones," Will agreed. "Sounds like a plan," Sonny raved -- but Will received another text message just then. "So much for shutting out the rest of the world," Sonny teased as Will apologized for the interruption.

"Remember that streaming service I wrote the Alamainian Peacock miniseries for?" Will began to explain to Sonny after reading the text message. "Yeah -- you did the movie A Very Salem Christmas for them, too," Sonny recalled. "Yeah, exactly -- so, I pitched a bunch of new projects to them, and they want to do one," Will continued.

"Oh, my God, Will -- that's incredible! What's the project?" Sonny responded. "Well, it's top secret, of course, but what I can tell you is that they want me to come to L.A. -- possibly to direct --" Will continued. "Oh, my God -- that's an amazing opportunity!" Sonny raved. "It is...but I'll have to turn it down, 'cause I gotta stay here for my dad --" Will tried to conclude.

"Will, your dad wouldn't want you to put your entire life on hold," Sonny argued. "Well, what about you and Ari?" Will continued. "We would be fine -- she's on summer vacation; she's very flexible, okay? And once she's back in school, we'll come visit you out in L.A., [and] you can come visit us here -- it'll work out perfectly!" Sonny insisted. "Are you sure?" Will wondered. "Yes -- 1000%!" Sonny stressed. "I love you," Will declared, and Sonny returned the sentiment -- then they started making out again.

Marlena angrily ordered Kate to walk away from the Evans-Black townhouse at once -- and never return to it again. "I need your help!" Kate desperately reiterated, stopping Marlena from slamming the townhouse door shut. "My daughter needed my help when your son kidnapped her and terrorized her -- and you said nothing!" Marlena countered. "Okay -- for the record, when I learned [that], Sami was already free," Kate stressed.

Kate tried to apologize to Marlena -- but also tried to argue that Sami had emerged from the kidnapping ordeal unscathed. "You're sorry because you got caught. [And] Sami is fine physically; in every other way, she is a mess!" Marlena declared before reluctantly allowing Kate to enter the townhouse -- just so the neighbors wouldn't be able to hear the rest of their conversation. "She was the victim of a horrendous crime --" Marlena continued. "Oh, please -- Sami is nobody's victim --" Kate interjected. "[And] your son needs to pay!" Marlena concluded.

Kate conceded that Marlena had a right to be upset with Lucas for having kidnapped Sami. "But you don't really believe that Lucas killed you?" Kate wondered before begging Marlena to help Lucas remember what had happened. "If we were talking about somebody that I care about, I might be inclined to help --" Marlena spat. "You cared about Abigail, didn't you?" Kate argued. "Very much," Marlena confirmed. "Then hate me -- hate Lucas -- but do it for Abigail...because if you help my son get answers, you'll help get justice for Abigail, too," Kate reasoned.

J.J. stormed into the police station and found Lucas in one of the conference rooms. "I just came from the courthouse. I heard that you pled 'not guilty' to kidnapping Sami -- even after you admitted that you did to a roomful of people," J.J. began while scowling at Lucas. "You loved Sami, [but that] didn't stop you from hurting her, [so]...did you kill my sister?" J.J. continued. "I want answers, and I am not leaving until I get them, so...did you do it?" J.J. concluded.

"I don't remember!" Lucas insisted. "Maybe I could jog your memory -- maybe I just need to beat the truth out of you!" J.J. reasoned while lunging at Lucas, who was handcuffed to a chair and was therefore defenseless. J.J. raised a fist while seething with rage, and Lucas winced in anticipation of a pummeling -- but Jennifer entered the conference room just then and put a stop to the confrontation.

"Abigail's gone, and I need to understand it -- I need it to make sense..." J.J. explained to Jennifer while fighting back tears. "We all want answers, sweetheart...[but even] when we get those answers -- and I promise you, we will get those answers -- your sister being taken from us is never gonna make sense," Jennifer warned J.J. with an apologetic shrug.

J.J. conceded the point with a sigh then trudged out of the conference room, leaving Jennifer alone with Lucas, who didn't feel deserving of the mercy that had just occurred. "Why are you here?" Lucas wondered. "To tell you that I know you loved my daughter, and I know you didn't do this," Jennifer answered. "You can't say that, Jen -- you don't know that --" Lucas tried to argue, but Jennifer dismissed the concern.

"My mother went to talk to Marlena [because] she thinks that if I get put under hypnosis, then it will all come back to me...but I don't know why [Marlena would] help me after everything I did to Sami," Lucas admitted. "Well, I am sure Marlena would do whatever it takes to find out what happened to Abigail," Jennifer predicted -- and, as if on cue, Marlena entered the conference room just then. "She's right about that -- as upset as I am about what you did to my daughter, I do think that Jack and Jennifer have a right to know what happened to theirs," Marlena explained to Lucas.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. sighed at Stefano's portrait while pacing around the living room. "You know, Father, you always taught me that there's nothing more important than family, and look what I have done -- I've lost Samantha, I've disrespected Belle, Kristen's turned on me, and I've alienated my grieving brother..." E.J. fretted.

"I haven't seen or heard from Chad in days..." E.J. added -- and, as if on cue, Chad entered the mansion just then and stepped into the living room. "I saw Sami on my way in -- is she leaving town?" Chad began. "She'll be back -- her parents are here, and her children..." E.J. responded. "Now that she knows you didn't kidnap her, I thought maybe the two of you had a shot at getting back together," Chad confessed. "So did I..." E.J. grumbled.

Chad nodded then changed the subject, apologizing to E.J. for what had happened at the police station a couple days earlier. "I was angry that you didn't tell me that Clyde Weston threatened our family, but I shouldn't have gone off on you the way that I did; [I mean], I made a terrible accusation -- blaming you for Abigail's death -- [because] I jumped to the conclusion that Clyde was the one that killed Abby, and now it's clear that it's someone else..." Chad admitted. "[Still], you were right, Chad -- I was arrogant and selfish [in] thinking that I had this all under control," E.J. conceded. "It's the DiMera way," Chad reasoned with a shrug -- and E.J. agreed with a scoff then admitted that it would be better to honor other family traditions instead.

"[Like] putting family first. [So], I am going to help you get justice for your wife -- whatever it takes," E.J. assured Chad before starting to vent about Kate's betrayal. "Kate wasn't the only one that knew Lucas was behind the kidnapping," Chad informed E.J. before making a full confession.

"I'm the one in the family that everyone says is as ruthless as Father -- turns out I'm not alone..." E.J. mused with a shake of the head at the end of Chad's speech. "E.J., I'm truly sorry for what I did -- I mean, these past few weeks, you've been there for me and for my children; you opened your heart, and you were a true brother... I just hope that you can somehow find a way to forgive me," Chad stressed.

"I have to give the matter careful consideration. Your betrayal has cost me a great deal -- including what may have been my last chance with Samantha. [But] I know you have just lost your wife, and I respect you admitting this to me," E.J. responded before starting to walk away -- then turning to face Chad again. "Ironic, isn't it? You slam me for not reporting Clyde Weston, yet you did the same with Lucas -- kept quiet about his crimes, allowed him to remain free -- and that may very well have cost Abigail her life," E.J. noted before continuing to walk away, leaving Chad devastated.

Kate soon entered the mansion and informed Chad that Marlena had agreed to hypnotize Lucas. E.J. eventually interrupted the conversation, greeting both Kate and Chad as enemies. "Wait, what? I thought that you said that you were gonna take time to think it over --" Chad sputtered. "Oh, I have -- and my first thought was to have you both thrown in prison, but upon further reflection, I believe there's another way you can make restitution, [so]...if you wish to remain free, you both have to sign over your DiMera shares to me," E.J. responded.

J.J. ran into Sarah while passing through the town square. "I barely had a chance to talk to you at the funeral," Sarah began before offering condolences to J.J. -- then observing that it seemed like something had just happened. "I just came from the police station," J.J. explained before telling Sarah the rest of the story. Sarah wondered if J.J. believed that Lucas was the person who had murdered Abigail. "I don't know what to believe," J.J. admitted with a shrug before changing the subject, wondering how Sarah was doing.

"Just picked up a refill of my meds," Sarah explained, showing J.J. a pharmacy bag. "Abigail beat Rolf's drug -- I'm sure you can, too," J.J. declared. "You know, when I had my first hallucination, I was really scared, and I thought that I would never be cured, [so] Marlena suggested that I should talk to Abigail, because she had been through it, and the night she died, I was going to... Maybe if I had gone, I could have stopped the killer --" Sarah fretted. "Or you would have been killed, too," J.J. countered. "I just can't help but think --" Sarah maintained. "I keep having the same thoughts, Sarah -- the same guilt -- but I have to keep reminding myself that the only person responsible for taking my sister away from us is the person who murdered her. [And] whoever it was, God help them when they face me," J.J. declared.

After saying goodbye to J.J., Sarah returned to the Salem Inn and wondered how Xander's visit with Jack had gone. "While he was talking about Abigail, I was reminded of something -- that we have to make the most of each and every day," Xander revealed. "I wholeheartedly agree -- so, how should we make the most of today?" Sarah responded. "Get married," Xander suggested, stunning Sarah.

Marlena hypnotizes Lucas

Marlena hypnotizes Lucas

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

At the Salem Inn, Sarah was surprised when Xander asked her if she wanted to get married. "If Kristen hadn't shipped you off to that godforsaken island, we'd be celebrating our first anniversary by now. I don't see any reason to wait unless you've changed your mind," Xander said. "I can't wait to marry you, but don't you want a wedding?" Sarah asked. With a shrug, Xander noted that Jack had reminded him that there were no guarantees in life. Sarah excitedly agreed to get married.

"Now you can put that ring back on my finger," Sarah whispered. After a moment, Xander explained that he had sold Sarah's ring in order to buy one for Gwen. Sarah groaned and turned away from Xander. "At the time, I thought there was no hope for us," Xander explained. "And that was before I was given a second dose of a mind-altering drug by the woman you were about to marry," Sarah grumbled. Xander apologized.

"If I had known what Gwen was capable of, the lengths she was going to go to, I never would have bought this ring," Xander said. Sarah said she understood, and she knew why Gwen had been desperate to hold on to Xander. "I just wish [Gwen] would have chosen to do something a little less extreme, like challenge me to a cage fight or duel," Sarah said. Xander muttered that he would never forgive Gwen.

"Then how about we forget her? My meds are working. It's probable that the hallucinations have just stopped," Sarah said. Xander pulled Sarah into his arms, and he told her that he hated how terrifying the hallucinations had been. "I am so lucky that there was always a third person there to talk me down. I could've really hurt someone," Sarah said.

Xander grabbed his phone, and he started to type on it. "What are you going to do with that ring? And do not say give it to me," Sarah said. Xander told Sarah that he would trade it in at the pawn shop where he had sold Sarah's ring. "Do you think they still have my ring?" Sarah asked. Xander said he was optimistic.

When Sarah asked about an officiant for the wedding, Xander recommended Maggie. Xander told Sarah that Maggie had married Justin and Bonnie. "I bet Victor loved that," Sarah said. "Actually, I heard he behaved himself," Xander said. Xander added that the rumor was that Victor and Bonnie were getting along. "If that's possible, then pulling off our wedding should be a piece of cake," Xander said. Sarah squealed with excitement, and she kissed Xander.

Gwen sat in her prison cell and read a book. "Meet your new cellmate," Roy the prison guard said. Kristen smiled as she entered the cell. "How does mastermind criminal Kristen DiMera end up here?" Gwen asked. "By choice," Kristen said. Kristen explained that she had turned herself in rather than never see her daughter again.

"Not only am I stuck behind bars, but now I have to bunk with the woman who destroyed my relationship with the love of my life," Gwen muttered. Kristen warned Gwen not to blame her, and she noted that it was not her fault that Gwen was not smart enough to stay out of prison. Gwen and Kristen rehashed how they had helped and hurt one another in the past year.

"I gave you everything you needed to walk down the aisle with that stupid ape, and Abigail is the one who got in your way," Kristen said. The blood drained from Gwen's face. "You want me to blame Abigail?" Gwen stammered. "I guess you can't blame her that much, since she's dead, but don't take your frustration out on me," Kristen said. Kristen smirked, and she noted that Abigail's murderer was full of rage. Gwen argued that the death could have been from a robbery.

"I think this was personal. Whoever came at Abigail with that knife hated her with a passion. Like you, Gwen," Kristen said. With a grin, Kristen noted that Abigail had taken away Gwen's happiness and that Gwen was the prime suspect in Abigail's death. Gwen admitted that she had had motive to kill Abigail, but she had been locked up in prison during the murder.

"There are plenty of ways of getting in and out of this place if you know what you're doing," Kristen said. Gwen noted that there were no women that looked like Gwen to take her place. "No twins, no friends, and no way out," Gwen said. Gwen lamented that she had not done things differently since she had arrived in Salem.

"Regrets are a waste of time," Kristen said. "All I have is bloody time," Gwen countered. After a moment, Gwen admitted that Kristen had been right. "If I hadn't made so many stupid mistakes, I'd still be with Xander," Gwen said. Kristen argued that Gwen was better off without Xander. "The guy is a monster who made me think my baby was dead," Kristen said. Gwen stressed that Xander had only done that because he had not been able to tell Sarah that her daughter had died.

"So, he did it for love, and that makes it okay?" Kristen asked. Gwen rolled her eyes as Kristen complained about Xander. After a moment, Kristen calmed, and she noted that Sarah had returned Rachel to Kristen. "So, you don't blame her then?" Gwen asked. "No, I don't. [Sarah] was a grieving mother, and Xander made her pain a thousand times worse with his lies," Kristen said. Kristen argued that if Sarah wanted Xander, Gwen should let it go.

"Sit back and relax and just watch their relationship combust on its own," Kristen said. "Like that's ever going to happen," Gwen muttered. Kristen noted that Sarah was still mentally unstable. "What do you mean?" Gwen asked. Kristen told Gwen about her confrontation with Sarah at the police station. "She told me that she was still having hallucinations. Apparently, she sees me everywhere," Kristen said. Kristen suggested that Xander might not ride off into the sunset with Sarah.

In the square, Nancy scowled as she saw Leo at the café. "If it isn't my least favorite weasel," Nancy said. Nancy told Leo that her boyfriend had been exonerated for Abigail's murder. "Color me shocked," Leo said. Nancy noted that whoever had sold Clyde the stolen jewelry was Abigail's killer. Leo showed Nancy the news about Lucas.

"That's impossible. He's Abigail's uncle. He loved her," Nancy said. "I assume he loved his fiancée, too, and yet he's accused of kidnapping her," Leo countered. Nancy argued that Lucas was incapable of murder, and she blamed the brain tumor. "Oh, that's right. He made it up," Nancy whispered. Leo noted that Lucas sounded guilty. With a shake of her head, Nancy argued that the police were wrong, and she marched off.

Xander left the hotel, and he dropped the ring when he ran into Leo in the square. Leo grabbed the ring box and opened it. "I've dreamt about this day. The answer is yes," Leo said. Xander grabbed the box, and he said that the ring was for Sarah. "We're getting married today," Xander said. "What about Gwen?" Leo countered. Xander argued that Gwen had destroyed their relationship when she had poisoned Sarah.

"If you're getting married today, [Sarah] must be okay now," Leo said. "Gwen didn't cause any permanent damage, thank God, but Sarah's been struggling for months. They've only just figured out her dose, and she's finally back in her right mind," Xander said. Leo joked that Sarah had to still be nuts to marry Xander with that ring. "For the record, Gwen only did what she did because she loved you. You led her to believe you loved her, too, or have you forgotten it wasn't that long ago that you were putting a ring on her finger?" Leo said.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie greeted Sarah in the living room. "What's wrong?" Sarah asked. "I'm reading about Lucas. I'm trying to process that he was the one that kidnapped Sami," Maggie said. Sarah shook her head. "As a kidnap victim myself, I can tell you that some people will just go to extremes for love," Sarah whispered. With a sigh, Maggie said that the kidnapping was bad but that she had difficulty believing that Lucas had murdered Abigail.

"I don't think so, either, but it does sound like he fell off the wagon pretty hard," Sarah said. Maggie confessed that she knew what it felt like to be that desperate. "The Lucas that I know, he's not capable of that kind of violence," Maggie said. Sarah agreed. Maggie asked Sarah about her health. Sarah confirmed that her hallucinations were under control.

"I was really worried that what Gwen did to you would keep you from getting on with your life," Maggie confessed. With a grin, Sarah said she was hopeful about her future. "Xander and I were wondering if you would marry us?" Sarah asked. "Are you sure that's what you want?" Maggie countered. "More than anything," Sarah stressed. Maggie told Sarah that she knew Xander wanted to marry her.

"I saw [Xander] while you were gone, and he was a broken man. All those months he never got over you," Maggie said. "He doesn't have to. I'm back. And we can finally start our life together," Sarah said.

At the pub, Clyde threatened to sue Rafe and the police department for wrongful arrest. A police officer, Jada Hunter, walked in. "You could sue, but you'd lose," Jada said. Jada explained that Rafe had had probable cause for an arrest. "I was wronged by the cops, and I'm going to hold them accountable," Clyde grumbled. Jada warned Clyde that if he pursued a lawsuit against the police, then Clyde's involvement in E.J.'s shooting would be introduced in the case.

"Who the hell are you?" Clyde asked. "Jada Hunter," Jada said as she extended her hand to Clyde. Clyde walked away. With a chuckle, Rafe said, "That was impressive." Jada asked if that meant that she was hired. "Detective Hunter, as much as I appreciate the assist with Clyde, we still have to go through with the formality of this interview," Rafe said. Rafe noted that Steve had given Jada a glowing recommendation.

"[Steve] was one of my father's oldest friends, so you should probably take it with a grain of salt," Jada said. Rafe smiled. Jada talked about her father, Marcus Hunter. "[My dad] always said that this was a great place to live. So, when I heard you were down a couple detectives, I took that as an opportunity to bone up on the Abigail DiMera case," Jada said. Jada asked Rafe if Clyde's alibi was solid, and Rafe confirmed it was good. Jada asked about Lucas.

"The evidence we have against [Lucas] is thin, but we are working on that right now," Rafe said. Rafe confirmed that the police had not found the murder weapon, but they had a lead from Clyde on a person of interest. As Rafe rose to leave, he asked Jada, "You coming?" Jada asked if she had the job. Rafe extended his hand, and he welcomed Jada to the Salem PD.

Outside the pub, Clyde sat on the bench to take his break. Nancy joined him. "Good to be out. Even better to see you," Clyde said. Nancy told Clyde that she knew he had not murdered Abigail. "That is one crime I swear to you I did not commit," Clyde said. Clyde apologized to Nancy for having given her a stolen bracelet. Nancy told Clyde that he did not need to give her fancy gifts.

"That's what you're used to, isn't it?" Clyde asked. With a sad chuckle, Nancy noted that Craig had given her everything she had wanted except for "a man who loved me." Clyde raised a quizzical eyebrow, and Nancy explained that her husband had loved her, but he had not been in love with her. "[Craig] spent years lying to me and to himself," Nancy said. Nancy told Clyde that the most valuable thing he could give her was honesty. Clyde agreed to be honest.

"Though I do have to say that even though I lied to you about how I acquired that bracelet, I wasn't lying about who I got it from," Clyde said. Clyde lamented that he did not have a better description of the man. Nancy showed Clyde a picture of Lucas. "That's Lucas. Kate's boy. It wasn't him," Clyde said. Clyde called the thief a weasel, and Nancy said she had run into a weasel in the square.

"The man that my husband left me for," Nancy said. "If you ask me, he did you a favor. He did me one, too," Clyde said. With a sigh, Nancy noted that Leo was scum, as Leo rounded the corner. Leo stayed in the shadow, out of sight. "[Leo] makes whoever sold you that bracelet look like a prince," Nancy said. Clyde vowed that if he found the hustler that had sold him the bracelet, there would be trouble.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Marlena put Lucas under hypnosis. Lucas told Marlena that he had worried about whether Abigail would keep his secret, so he had taken a bottle of liquor and gone to the park. After Lucas had gotten drunk, he had gone to the DiMera mansion.

"Oh, my God! I was there! I went to see Abigail," Lucas shouted. Marlena asked Lucas if Abigail had answered the front door. Lucas said no. "I tried the door, but it was locked," Lucas said. "Did you leave?" Marlena asked. Lucas said he had gone in through the French doors in the living room, and he had called out to Abigail.

"I decided to fix myself a drink and wait," Lucas said. In his memory, Lucas went to the bar cart, and he attempted to cut a lemon for his drink. The knife slipped and cut Lucas' hand. Lucas groaned. "So that's how you cut your hand? It was on the knife that you used to cut the lemon. What did you do next? Did you leave?" Marlena asked. Lucas confirmed that he had sliced another lemon, and then he had heard a noise upstairs.

"What did you do next?" Marlena asked. Lucas explained that he had heard a commotion, and when he had looked in the foyer, he had seen someone rushing down the stairs. "Who was it?" Marlena asked. Lucas opened his eyes and gasped.

In the bullpen of the police station, Rafe showed Jada around the room. Marlena interrupted. "This is Marlena Evans. The psychiatrist who hypnotized Lucas Horton," Rafe told Jada. Rafe asked if Lucas had remembered anything. "Yes. Absolutely," Marlena said with a smile.

Marlena returned to the interrogation room. "What did Rafe say?" Lucas asked. "[Rafe] said don't worry. He's on it," Marlena confirmed. In the bullpen, Rafe called Chad to tell him that he had identified a person of interest.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah put on her wedding dress. "Not bad after months in storage on a tropical island," Sarah said. "You look beautiful," Maggie said. "I'll second that," Xander agreed. Xander walked into the room, dressed in his formal Scottish attire. "You clean up so nice!" Sarah exclaimed. Xander pointed out that he was wearing the sporran that Sarah had bought him for their wedding.

"No kilt would be complete without it," Xander said. "Just like I'm not complete without you," Sarah said. Sarah walked over to her groom as he fished out her ring from his sporran pouch. "You got my ring back!" Sarah said. "If they hadn't, I'd have gone to the ends of the earth to track it down for you," Xander whispered. Sarah kissed Xander. When Sarah asked about wedding bands, Xander pulled those out of his sporran too.

"Let's make you husband and wife," Maggie said. Maggie started the ceremony. When Maggie got to the part about objections to the marriage, Jada interrupted. "Who are you?" Maggie asked. "Detective Jada Hunter, Salem PD," Jada said. "And you have an objection to this marriage?" Maggie asked. "I'm afraid I have to bring you in for questioning," Jada said. With a groan, Maggie asked Xander what he had done. "Not him. Her. I'm here for Dr. Sarah Horton," Jada said.

Johnny surprises Chanel with a romantic gesture

Johnny surprises Chanel with a romantic gesture

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

by Mike

At the police station, Lucas fretted to Marlena that their hypnotherapy session had answered some questions but had also raised new ones. "I could remember more, right?" Lucas wondered. "It certainly is possible for memories to come back days -- even weeks -- after hypnosis," Marlena confirmed. "I kind of feel like it's doing that now -- I feel like, you know, the fog is clearing..." Lucas revealed before thanking Marlena for the help.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad continued a phone conversation with Rafe, demanding to know more about the "person of interest" who was being summoned to the police station for questioning.

"When I know more, I will let you know," Rafe promised -- but Chad wasn't satisfied with that response. "I'm coming down there," Chad warned. "No, you're not -- no way in hell. [Look], I am doing everything by the book here, and you have shown to me that you can't restrain yourself -- [and] if you go off the handle again, you could jeopardize the entire investigation. [So], I need you to promise me [that you will] stay out of it," Rafe countered. "How the hell am I supposed to do that? You want me to find somebody to chain me to a chair?" Chad snapped. "I can do that if you need me to," Sonny, who had just entered the mansion, offered while joining Chad in the living room.

Chad hung up on Rafe then updated Sonny before trying to rush off to the police station. "[Rafe] needs to be able to focus on the case instead of dealing with you," Sonny advised, stopping Chad.

"So, what do I do, then -- just sit here and do nothing while I'm losing my mind?" Chad fretted. "I'll keep you company, okay? I will help keep your mind off things until we have just a little bit more information," Sonny promised before trying to distract Chad with the news that Will had just headed off to Hollywood to start a new project. "I practically had to force him to go --" Sonny continued with a shake of the head. "Does he think that his dad could be the one who..." Chad interjected. "No," Sonny claimed. "And neither do I," Sonny added. "We'll see..." Chad skeptically muttered while anxiously pacing around the living room.

"You're gonna wear a hole in the floor," Sonny teased. "I can't sit still -- I don't know what to do with all of this anger and guilt," Chad explained. "'Guilt'? About what? You didn't do anything wrong!" Sonny argued.

"I guess you haven't talked to E.J.," Chad countered before clarifying the situation for Sonny. "I'm not saying it's something you should be proud of, but...I mean, I'm sure you had your reasons..." Sonny sputtered at the end of Chad's confession. "This morning, [E.J.] pointed out my hypocrisy -- [see], I went after him for allowing Clyde Weston to stay free when he was a threat to the family; meanwhile, I did the exact same thing to Lucas, [and] it may have cost Abby her life. [You know], if that is true, I will never forgive myself --" Chad fretted. "One thing at a time," Sonny advised.

Chad revealed that E.J. was using the situation as a way to gain more shares of DiMera Enterprises -- then declared that handing over those shares wouldn't be a big deal because nothing mattered anymore. "You still have the kids --" Sonny argued. "I'm about as good a father to them as I am a brother to E.J. -- [I mean], I love them with every fiber of my being, but it's really hard to be a loving dad when you are so filled with rage and regret..." Chad muttered. "You're doing your best," Sonny insisted. "What if it's not enough? What if I'm not enough?" Chad wondered.

Sonny prepared two glasses of whiskey while promising to support Chad as needed. "Did you hear something?" Chad wondered while Sonny was handing over one of the glasses. "No?" Sonny responded while Chad was looking around. "Happens all the time -- I hear a car in the driveway, or someone outside the door, and...for a moment, I think that it's her..." Chad explained before seizing a hug from Sonny then breaking down.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie and Xander simultaneously demanded to know why Jada wanted to take Sarah to the police station for questioning -- then they both laughed when the detective responded to their inquiry. "I've never heard of you before," Maggie noted. "I just got hired today," Jada clarified. "That explains it -- [so], you're anxious to prove yourself on your first day," Xander decided.

Xander insisted that Jada was barking up the wrong tree and needed to ask Rafe for a history lesson on the residents of Salem so it would be easier to differentiate the town's "upstanding citizens" from its criminals in the future. "He's the one that sent me here," Jada countered. "[Then] he made a big mistake, [because] Sarah doesn't know anything about the murder of Abigail DiMera. [Look], I can assure you that Sarah was nowhere near the [DiMera] mansion that night -- and wouldn't have even had a reason to go there --" Xander argued. "That's not true," Sarah, who had barely spoken since Jada's arrival, interjected. "Sarah, you don't have to do this --" Xander warned, but Sarah dismissed the concern.

Sarah couldn't remember having visited the DiMera mansion on the night of Abigail's murder -- but admitted to having been planning to do so. "Don't say another word," Xander advised Sarah before ordering Jada to leave so the wedding ceremony could continue. "Is that what you want?" Jada challenged Sarah. "I'll go with you," Sarah assured Jada. "Good decision," Jada declared -- but Xander disagreed.

Maggie walked Jada out of the mansion to give Sarah and Xander some time alone together. Sarah explained to Xander that they could no longer get married that day -- not after what had just happened. "I don't remember everything from that night, [and] you know that I have been hallucinating -- seeing Kristen all over the place... [Look], what if I went over there that night, and I thought that I saw Kristen, and I...?" Sarah fretted before seizing a hug from Xander.

At the police station, Lucas gave Rafe a statement, using the memories that had been recovered during the hypnotherapy session -- and started recovering more memories in the process.

"[Sarah] was agitated -- she was running towards the door, [and] I'd say she was in a total panic -- [but then] she stopped in the doorway [because]...I think she dropped something...[and] her back was to me, and I saw her bend down to pick something up, and then she shoved it into her pocket, but I couldn't make out what it was, and then she ran off... [And] my hand was throbbing, and I looked down, and it was bleeding, and I didn't want to bleed all over the place, so I went back to the bar to grab another towel, and once I wrapped the towel around my hand, I went back out the way I came in... [And] I was so drunk I kept falling, but I kept getting up, and I made it to the Salem Inn..." Lucas summarized before breathing a sigh of relief, finally certain that someone else had murdered Abigail.

At the Horton apartment, Allie received a phone call from Tripp, who had heard about what had happened during Sami and Lucas' wedding ceremony. "I don't know how to feel," Allie admitted to Tripp before hastily wrapping up their conversation, apologetically explaining that someone was knocking on the apartment door.

Allie opened the apartment door and found Kate standing on the other side of it. "There's something that I have to talk to you about --" Kate began to confess, but Allie received another visitor just then -- Marlena. "I didn't know you were going to be here..." Marlena snapped at Kate, but Allie didn't seem to notice the tension between them.

Marlena filled Kate and Allie in on what had just happened at the police station, having received Lucas' permission to do so. "Thank you for helping -- I know that you're upset with me --" Kate began to respond at the end of Marlena's recap. "Wait, what?" Allie interjected. "You didn't tell her?" Marlena challenged Kate. "I was about to!" Kate assured Marlena. "When Marlena knocked on the door," Kate explained to Allie before finishing the confession. Allie lashed out at Kate then stormed off, leaving Marlena in charge of Henry. "Looks like I have screwed up my relationship with my granddaughter, as well..." Kate fretted. "I wouldn't give up on her just yet," Marlena advised.

Johnny was pacing around the town square when Chanel emerged from Sweet Bits and locked the bakery's front door. "What are you doing here?" Chanel wondered. "Waiting for you," Johnny answered.

"My mom and dad, they could have found their way back to each other, but now... [And] my Uncle Chad just lost my Aunt Abigail forever..." Johnny began to explain. "I don't want that to happen to us," Johnny concluded before producing a jewelry box. "My engagement ring? But...I threw it at you..." Chanel recalled after Johnny opened the box. "No, you threw it at the devil -- [and then] I found it stashed in a bureau," Johnny clarified before starting to propose to Chanel with a recap of everything that had happened during their trip to Italy. "Why are you doing this? I already told you what I needed right now -- and you said that you would respect my wishes --" Chanel eventually interrupted. "I tried, okay?" Johnny desperately responded.

"But I can't do it -- I can't just keep pretending that I'm not still in love with you!" Johnny continued with an apologetic shrug. "Every minute that goes by without me telling you how I feel is a minute wasted, [so] I'm not gonna do it -- I'm not gonna stand back and risk losing you, Chanel -- because I know that you're the right person for me, and I'm the right person for you. And I know you might have feelings for my sister, but I believe in my soul that we belong together, and we can't lose any more time," Johnny concluded before getting down on bended knee to finish the proposal. "Get up!" Chanel protested, and Johnny complied -- then begged for an answer to the marriage proposal.

"You do still love me, don't you?" Johnny wondered. "Yes, I do," Chanel admitted. Allie entered the town square just then -- and saw that Johnny and Chanel were kissing.

Kristen finds out about Orpheus and Evan's escape plan

Kristen finds out about Orpheus and Evan's escape plan

Thursday, July 21, 2022

by Mike

Johnny and Chanel stopped kissing when they heard Allie trying to retreat from the town square. "I am so sorry you had to see that," Chanel called out, stopping Allie. "I'm not," Johnny added with a smirk.

Johnny started bragging about having just proposed to Chanel again -- and earned a punch to the stomach from Allie in the process. "What is your problem?" Johnny wondered after recovering from Allie's blow. "Chanel asks us to back off, so you...sneak behind my back and give her an engagement ring?" Allie snapped. "Did you not just come here to see Chanel?" Johnny countered. "Not with an engagement ring, you weirdo!" Allie responded.

"I came to see my best friend -- my best friend -- because I just got some really upsetting news," Allie clarified before telling Chanel -- and, by extension, Johnny -- about Kate's earlier confession. "Oh, my God -- so, she covers for Lucas, and then he turns around and kills --" Johnny furiously began to summarize. "No -- he didn't do that, okay?" Allie defensively insisted before explaining that there had been some new developments in the case.

Johnny skeptically wondered if Lucas' next order of business would be to fabricate a memory to get out of having to take responsibility for Sami's kidnapping. "Are you trying to ruin every part of my life? Do you want my dad to go to prison?" Allie challenged Johnny. "Just stop -- both of you!" Chanel interjected before admonishing Johnny and Allie for having each broken their promise to refrain from putting pressure on their mutual love interest while they were all in limbo. "It's been weeks! And we're trying to be patient -- at least, I am -- but... Come on -- I mean, we can't go on like this!" Allie stressed. "I agree with my sister for once -- you need to make a choice," Johnny added.

"Do you guys think that I'm enjoying this? [Look], I didn't create this messed-up situation --" Chanel argued. "We know that...but you're the only one who can fix it," Johnny countered. "I should just tell both of you to go to hell," Chanel grumbled.

"But I'm not gonna do that, because you're right -- I need to make a choice," Chanel conceded. "Just let me sleep on it -- I can't make a decision with both of you staring at me," Chanel added before saying goodbye to Johnny and Allie then rushing off.

"So...when she does make her decision, are you gonna be able to accept the fact that it's me?" Johnny challenged Allie once the coast was clear. "I should have absorbed you in the womb," Allie joked, drawing a laugh from Johnny. "Seriously -- we're gonna be cool, whatever she chooses? It's just...with everything going on with Mom [and] our dads, [plus] all this stuff with Chanel...I miss my first best friend," Johnny admitted. "I do, too," Allie responded. "So...we're gonna be cool, no matter what happens?" Johnny wondered again, and Allie confirmed the assumption -- then they sealed the deal with a hug.

Belle entered the Evans-Black townhouse and greeted Brady, who reported that John and Marlena were running errands. "I came to see my big brother," Belle clarified. "You did? That is a pleasant surprise!" Brady responded.

Brady's cell phone started ringing just then. "And this is not a pleasant surprise -- this is Statesville..." Brady explained to Belle with a sigh before deciding to take the call. "Kristen?" Brady guessed. "Who else would it be?" Kristen countered. "What do you want?" Brady snapped. "Well, you said that once I got settled in here, you would think about bringing Rachel to see me, and I am officially settled in..." Kristen reported.

"I miss our daughter so much, Brady -- I really need to see her," Kristen begged. "I can't bring Rachel to see you right now -- [I mean], for one thing, she's in California [with] Tate and Theresa --" Brady admitted. "You left my kid in California in the care of that maniac and didn't even think to talk to me first?" Kristen roared. "Theresa's a good mom --" Brady stressed. "And...what, I'm not? Is that what you're saying?" Kristen countered. "I'm not gonna do this," Brady decided before hanging up on Kristen -- who slammed the receiver of the pay phone into its cradle with a scream of frustration then started punching a wall of the visitors' lounge.

Orpheus and Evan heard the commotion while they were alone together in an adjacent visitors' lounge. "Those ladies are always fighting over the remote..." Orpheus mused with a shake of the head before ordering Evan to stop pacing. "My head won't stop spinning -- I already lost one son, Dad, and Jan [was just] trying to make off with my other one... You can't blame me for being upset," Evan fretted to Orpheus while continuing to pace.

"Thank God they stopped her, but now that she's out of the picture -- dead, or on the run, or whatever she is -- I'm supposed to just sit by and watch Shawn Brady raise my kid? I can't let that happen -- I have to get out of here!" Evan added. "You will," Orpheus promised. "When?" Evan snapped. "Today?" Orpheus teased. "Look, son, you need to relax -- things are falling into place for us; see, before Jan went...swimming with the fishes...she provided us with a very valuable service [when] she came through with the password to the Salem P.D. mainframe, [and] my guys have been digging...and digging...and they've finally hit pay dirt, [so] we're gonna be out of here soon," Orpheus elaborated.

"But keep that under your hat, boy -- just go do your shift in the infirmary and play it cool, all right? Don't do anything that could jeopardize your release!" Orpheus warned. "You got it, Dad," Evan agreed with a sigh of relief.

Evan headed off to the infirmary -- and found Kristen waiting there. "Where's the damn doctor?" Kristen, whose earlier fight with a wall had resulted in a hand injury, demanded to know. "The average wait time here is two to three weeks...[but] I can get you some ice for your hand while you wait --" Evan answered. "That's what passes for 'medical attention' here?" Kristen protested. "Only the best for America's incarcerated," Evan joked.

"Who'd you clock?" Evan wondered. "What is it to you?" Kristen responded. "All right -- if you don't want to talk about it..." Evan conceded with a shrug before turning away from Kristen then starting to head off to another section of the infirmary to get some work done. "I was upset -- I miss my little girl, and I just don't know when I'm ever gonna see her again," Kristen explained, stopping Evan. "I'm sorry to hear that -- I know exactly how you feel," Evan admitted, intriguing Kristen. "You're Evan Frears, right? You have a son Commissioner Hernandez was raising for a while," Kristen recalled. "Unfortunately, my sister took him halfway around the world," Evan grumbled.

"But I have another -- newborn -- son, too, and I'm gonna be with him very soon!" Evan bragged. "I thought the policy here was no visitors under two..." Kristen argued. "Well, I didn't say that..." Evan started to clarify before stopping abruptly -- but Kristen had already heard enough. "You're getting out of here," Kristen translated. "Yeah -- I'm...up for parole in a couple weeks..." Evan responded. "You have a rap sheet almost as long as mine, and you just got back here -- after a prison break, no less; I'm well aware of those consequences..." Kristen countered. "How do you know so much about me?" Evan wondered. "Apparently, you don't know who you're talking to..." Kristen teased.

"I know all -- and when I don't know, I make it a point of finding out," Kristen warned during a dramatic introduction -- and Evan gulped, surprised to be dealing with a DiMera, then made another attempt to explain away the earlier slip of the tongue. "You are such a terrible liar," Kristen advised while stroking Evan's cheeks. "This will be so much simpler if you just tell me everything," Kristen whispered. "I can't --" Evan stammered. "Aw -- is Daddy threatening you? I know Orpheus can be so scary... But I promise you, I'm scarier!" Kristen declared before putting Evan in a chokehold and grabbing a nearby pencil.

"I am gonna push this pencil through your eyeball and push your pea-sized brain out of your skull unless you tell me how the hell both of you are gonna break out of here!" Kristen vowed while pressing the pencil against the outer corner of Evan's right eye. "I hear the wait on medical attention will take a long time -- what did you say, two to three weeks?" Kristen added before raising the pencil and starting to thrust it back down to the target location, prompting Evan to begin blurting out a full confession. "Very impressive," Kristen conceded while shoving Evan away after the whole plan was revealed. "You can't tell my father I told you --" Evan begged. "Oh, I won't say a word...but you will..." Kristen responded.

Abe entered the Price condominium and greeted Paulina with a hug and a kiss. "How was your day?" Paulina began. "Well, it's a lot better now..." Abe raved.

Abe soon realized that Paulina was preparing a special dinner. "What's the occasion?" Abe wondered. "We're having a surprise guest," Paulina answered.

Paulina refused to elaborate, but the surprise guest soon arrived -- and Abe recognized the person as Governor Edward Mitchell. "You two know each other?" Abe sputtered. "Now, Abraham, don't get your nose out of joint -- Governor Mitchell and I, we're old friends...but I asked him here for you," Paulina began to clarify. "As you know, Ed here -- excuse me, Governor Mitchell -- will be leaving office at the end of his term. And his endorsement would go a long way in deciding the next election. So..." Paulina continued before turning to face Mitchell. "I was hoping that you would endorse Abraham," Paulina concluded.

"Mayor Carver, I hadn't realized you were interested in running for governor!" Mitchell admitted. "Neither did I..." Abe grumbled while glaring at Paulina.

Paulina gave Abe a shameless shrug as Mitchell stepped aside to take a phone call. "I don't know how you got this number, but I am hanging up --" Mitchell whispered after realizing that the caller was Orpheus. "I got your number from your personnel file...[and] you're gonna want to hear what I have to say, Governor, [because] you might have thought you'd buried the Anderson file deep, but I'm afraid it looks like you're sunk -- [see], I know everything you did," Orpheus countered.

Mitchell ended the call then said a quick goodbye to Abe and Paulina. "There's been an emergency," Mitchell explained before rushing off to Statesville.

Later, Evan joined Orpheus in the visitors' lounge. "It's done, my boy -- all taken care of..." Orpheus began to brag before realizing that something was bothering Evan. "Better take a look at this," Evan advised before handing Orpheus a note that Kristen had written earlier. "You idiot!" Orpheus spat at Evan after reading then crumpling the note.

Orpheus contacted Mitchell again, using the same burner phone that had made their previous conversation possible. "You're lucky the governor is still taking my calls!" Orpheus snapped at Evan after ending the call. "Dad, I'm sorry --" Evan tried to respond. "What's done is done," Orpheus grumbled before ordering Evan to just shut up and wait for the next phase of the plan.

At the Price condominium, Abe demanded an explanation for the stunt that Paulina had just pulled. "Your reputation took a hit because of my crazy scheme with Price Town -- I want to make it up to you," Paulina reasoned. "By pitching me for a job that I don't really want?" Abe sputtered. "You've never seen yourself, you know, in the governor's mansion -- with me as First Lady on your arm?" Paulina countered.

"Ah -- now I see what this is all about..." Abe grumbled. "Am I being selfish? Yes! Would I love to be First Lady? Yes! And why? Because I'm proud of you, and I'm proud to be your wife -- and you're a decent, honorable man; no one would make a better governor than you. And I'm sure Chanel would love the perks of living in the governor's mansion. And you would love the satisfaction of running the state properly, helping the good people here -- [plus], with your heart breaking over Lani and Eli and the twins [being] gone, what you need is a good distraction!" Paulina argued.

"'Governor Abraham Carver' -- now, don't tell me the thought has never crossed your mind," Paulina challenged Abe. "Well, if it had --" Abe began to respond. "I knew it -- you just had to be pushed out of your comfort zone, and I was just the right woman to do it," Paulina bragged before Abe could say anything else.

Chloe purchased something from the town square's baby boutique then headed over to the Brady house, where Shawn was trying to get Shawn Christian to fall asleep. "It's a Velcro pacifier holder -- it's the newest in baby tech," Chloe explained after Shawn handed over Shawn Christian in exchange for the gift. "We didn't have that when Parker was little -- I'm very envious right now," Chloe continued while Shawn was inspecting the stuffed elephant and faking a test of its attached pacifier. "Listen, Shawn, I know what it's like to be a single parent, and I know it's not easy, but just know that you're not alone -- you have me, and you have Belle --" Chloe tried to conclude, drawing a scoff from Shawn.

"I guess you didn't get the memo -- Belle doesn't want anything to do with [Shawn Christian]...and now that she's sleeping with E.J., she doesn't want anything to do with me, either," Shawn informed Chloe with a sigh. "Belle isn't sleeping with E.J. -- [not] anymore..." Chloe tried to assure Shawn. "Only because Sami found out," Shawn countered before continuing to fill Chloe in on everything that had happened recently.

"Belle cheated on me again -- and this time, I think it's over," Shawn eventually concluded. "You are hurt, and you are angry, and you have every right to be, but --" Chloe began to respond. "Oh, please -- I don't want to hear that it wasn't technically cheating just because we were separated; that doesn't make a difference to me, all right? I didn't even want to be separated in the first place!" Shawn preemptively countered.

"I know that...but you have to try to understand Belle's side of this --" Chloe maintained. "I was the one who was assaulted -- me -- and then she's acting like I cheated on her!" Shawn protested. "What happened between you and Jan was not in your control...but what was in your control was letting [Belle] know that you'd had sex with Jan -- and you could have controlled your reaction to finding out that Jan was having your baby," Chloe argued before elaborating with a list of things Shawn had done for Jan during the pregnancy that had hurt Belle. "I was looking out for [the baby's] health!" Shawn reasoned. "What about looking out for your marriage?" Chloe countered.

"As someone who's had a front-row seat to you two falling in love all those years ago, I've just always believed that you and Belle, you're meant to be together... [And] the baby was never the problem -- it was Jan; Jan's always been the problem... But she is out of your lives now, and so is E.J., so the only two people standing between you and Belle are you and Belle," Chloe argued before urging Shawn to reach out to Belle.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Brady wondered if Belle wanted to work things out with Shawn. "He's the love of my life -- and I know now that sleeping with E.J. was a huge mistake --" Belle began to respond. "Oh? I am so proud of you for figuring that out all on your own!" Brady teased.

"Our problems started way before E.J. was in the picture, okay? And I know that it's not that baby's fault, and I wish that I could be the better person and just suck it up and forget that [he] belongs to Jan and Shawn...but, honestly, I don't think that I can do that," Belle fretted. "You are a very good person -- and, yes, Shawn Christian is Jan's baby, but he's also Shawn's baby. And Shawn has found a way to step up and be a parent, so you probably can, too -- especially now that Jan is out of the picture; you know, that little boy is gonna need a mother --" Brady argued. "We don't even know that Jan is gone -- and she's been 'gone' before --" Belle countered. "Not 'at the bottom of a river' gone," Brady noted.

Chloe arrived while Brady was insisting that Belle and Shawn needed to just get in a room together and work things out. Chloe admitted to having just given Shawn the same advice. Brady and Chloe started to concede that it was probably pointless to try to help stubborn people who likely wouldn't listen to reason -- but Shawn called Belle just then to arrange a meeting at the Brady house.

Later that evening, a news alert went out to Mitchell's constituents, revealing that the governor was about to make a televised statement.

"My term is ending in November -- and before I depart, I would like to talk to you about a constituent named Milo Harp..." Mitchell began, confusing Paulina, who had never heard of Orpheus before and had been watching the broadcast in the hope of hearing the governor give Abe an endorsement. "I am hereby issuing him a full pardon..." Mitchell continued, leaving Abe too stunned to answer any of Paulina's questions about Orpheus. "The same goes for his son, Christian Maddox..." Mitchell continued. "In addition, I am also issuing a full pardon to Kristen DiMera..." Mitchell continued, startling Brady and Chloe, who had just stumbled upon the broadcast while trying to find a movie to watch.

Pardoned prisoners return to Salem

Pardoned prisoners return to Salem

Friday, July 22, 2022

At Shawn's request, Belle visited him at their house. Shawn Christian was fussy, and Shawn and Belle made small talk about babies. "What did you want to talk to me about?" Belle asked. "I wanted to apologize," Shawn said. Shawn explained that Chloe had helped him understand that he had treated Belle unfairly.

"I was wrong to let you believe that Jan and I never had sex. I should have told you the moment it happened so that you wouldn't have gotten blindsided by her," Shawn said. Shawn apologized for the decisions he had unilaterally made regarding Jan. "All I was trying to do was protect my unborn son. But you are my wife, Belle. I should have involved you in every decision that was made," Shawn said. Shawn stressed that he should have made it clear to Belle and Jan that he was on a team with Belle.

"I didn't really make that easy for you. The idea of Jan having your baby just drove me crazy, and I shut down. I shut you down," Belle said. "I should have worked with you," Shawn countered. Shawn apologized for having put Belle in "an impossible position." Belle confessed that she had placed all the blame on Shawn in the beginning.

"But I can't. I made some mistakes, as well. I pretty much did what I always do when things are rough between us, and I sought comfort and assurance from someone else. When I should have been trying to work things out with you," Belle said. Belle admitted that she had repeatedly turned to E.J. after fights with Shawn, even though it had hurt Shawn.

"I know that part of you ran to E.J. to hurt me, but was that all it was?" Shawn asked. "E.J. was there for me, but it was never love," Belle said. Belle added that she had filed for separation because she had truly believed she needed space from Shawn. "But I do admit that having those separation papers helped me rationalize that it was okay to be with him. I told myself that I wasn't betraying our vows because we were legally separated," Belle said. Tears welled in Belle's eyes.

"I do know that it was a betrayal, and I am deeply sorry I hurt you," Belle said. "We've established that you and I are both sorry. So where does that leave us now?" Shawn asked. Shawn's phone beeped with a message. "Governor Mitchell pardoned five people. And you are not going to believe who they are," Shawn said.

In the prison men's rec room, Evan told Orpheus that the governor had announced their pardons on the television. "No thanks to you," Orpheus grumbled. Evan apologized for having tipped off Kristen, but he noted that everything had worked out. "The governor was none too pleased by Kristen's special requests. That woman nearly tanked the entire deal," Orpheus said. Orpheus grumbled that Kristen's demands had been unreasonable.

"I just heard the wonderful news!" Rolf shouted as he ran into the room. Rolf hugged Orpheus, and he thanked him for the pardon. "I was starting to think you didn't like me," Rolf said. "I don't," Orpheus growled. Evan explained that Kristen had pushed for Rolf's pardon. With a nod, Rolf noted, "I should have known that the DiMeras would once again come to my rescue."

"Why are you so loyal to that family?" Evan asked. Rolf explained that Stefano had been the first person to support his "scientific genius." Elated, Rolf danced a jig, and he trotted out of the room. "What a freak show," Orpheus muttered.

"[Rolf] is excited is all. He's got his life back, and so do I. And as soon as I'm out of this hellhole, I'm going straight to Shawn Brady's, and I'm going to claim my child," Evan said. Orpheus pulled out a paper from his pocket. "It's the original results from Jan's paternity test. It proves that Shawn Brady is not the father of her baby," Orpheus said. Evan thanked Orpheus.

"But I wish you had told me sooner," Evan whispered. "Right. Because you're so discreet," Orpheus said. Evan apologized for having let his father down. "Go get my grandson. He belongs with us, not with Marlena's dimwitted son-in-law," Orpheus said.

Down the hallway, a bandaged Kristen returned to her cell. "What happened to you?" Gwen asked. Kristen explained she had punched a wall. "Guess you're having a bad day," Gwen muttered. "I was, but things are starting to look good," Kristen said. Kristen noted that she had been resigned to fulfilling her prison sentence until she had stumbled on an opportunity for a pardon.

"Congratulations. I guess this is goodbye then?" Gwen asked. "Actually, it isn't. See, you are coming with me," Kristen said. Kristen explained that she had secured a full pardon for Gwen as well as Dr. Rolf. "Why would you ask for a pardon for me?" Gwen asked. Kristen said that she was a loyal friend. "I didn't realize we were friends," Gwen said. Kristen reminded Gwen that she and Ava had helped Kristen escape from jail. Gwen asked about Lani.

"I would have [helped Lani], but the governor doesn't have jurisdiction now that she is serving her sentence out of state," Kristen said. After a moment, tears of joy welled in Gwen's eyes. "We're really going home?" Gwen asked. Kristen hugged Gwen, and they yelled in celebration.

Jake returned home from work, and he overheard Ava tell someone on the phone that she loved him. "Is that your secret lover?" Jake joked. "No, dummy, it was my son," Ava said with a grin. When Ava asked about work, Jake said Gabi and Shin's flirtation was annoying. "So, things are getting pretty serious with them?" Ava asked. Jake shrugged, and he asked Ava about her day.

Ava told Jake that the governor had given his sister a pardon. Curious, Jake asked why the governor had issued the pardon. "I don't know. Tripp called during the middle of the conference," Ava said. Jake asked Ava if she had helped secure Kristen's pardon. "I had nothing to do with the governor's pardon, although I kind of like that you think I have that kind of power," Ava said.

Jake looked up the news on his phone, and he told Ava that the governor had also pardoned Rolf and Gwen. "Talk about a rogues gallery. And after tonight, they are all free to do whatever the hell they please," Ava said.

In the Salem police bullpen, Xander demanded that Rafe let Sarah go. "We just need to ask her a few questions is all," Rafe said. "And that couldn't wait until after we finished our wedding?" Xander countered. Xander complained that Jada had treated Sarah like a criminal. "As if Sarah would even ever say a harsh word to her cousin Abigail, much less murder her!" Xander yelled. Rafe stressed that Sarah was only a person of interest and that Sarah had declined the use of a lawyer.

"I just hope she doesn't end up regretting that decision," Xander muttered. Xander asked about the eyewitness, but Rafe refused to say. "Was it Lucas?" Xander asked. Xander said he had heard officers talk about a hypnosis session. Rafe stressed that he could not discuss the case. Xander insisted that Lucas had to be the witness, and Rafe asked Xander why Lucas would have implicated Sarah.

"I don't know. Maybe it was the first name that popped into his wee head," Xander said. Xander stressed that Sarah was incapable of murder. With a sigh, Xander complained that Kristen, Gwen, and circumstance had kept him and Sarah apart for too long. "I really thought this was our chance finally. Our big moment. Our happily ever after," Xander said. Frustrated, Xander kicked a chair.

"I am not completely unsympathetic to your feelings, all right? So, if you could, put your frustration aside and have a little objectivity?" Rafe said. Rafe explained that they needed to get the full story from everyone that had been at the mansion the night of the murder. Rafe's phone rang, and someone told him the news about the governor's pardons.

In the interrogation room, Jada told Sarah that Lucas had placed Sarah at the mansion on the night of Abigail's murder. "You mentioned you're on medication. For what?" Jada asked. Sarah explained that her medication was to counter the effects of another drug that caused hallucinations. Jada asked about the original drug, and Sarah told Jada what Kristen had done to her.

"So, in a way, Abigail was responsible for your hallucinations. I'm sure that made you angry with her," Jada said. "No, of course not. This is all Kristen's fault. She's the one that I'm angry with, and I am more than angry. She is a vile human being! She is a sadistic bitch, and I hate her for what she did to me!" Sarah said. "Do you still suffer from these hallucinations?" Jada asked. Sarah admitted that the hallucinations had tapered off thanks to her new medication.

"Can you give me an example of how these hallucinations manifest themselves?" Jada asked. Sarah told Jada about the incident with Victor. When Jada asked about other incidents, Sarah admitted that she had mistaken Nicole for Kristen. "And I attacked her," Sarah said. "How?" Jada asked. Sarah explained that she had grabbed Nicole, and Xander had stepped in.

"Have you hallucinated that anybody else was Kristen DiMera?" Jada asked. Reluctantly, Sarah told Jada about when she had threatened Chanel with a knife. "You said at your mother's house, on the night in question, you were planning on visiting Abigail DiMera," Jada said. "Yeah, Dr. Evans suggested I go speak to my cousin because Abigail had had a similar reaction to the same drug," Sarah said. Jada asked about Sarah's visit with Abigail.

"I didn't go. It turns out I went to Statesville to see Abigail's sister, Gwen," Sarah explained. "And after your visit to Statesville?" Jada asked. Sarah said she had returned to the Salem Inn to lie down. "I was feeling off because my meds hadn't been adjusted yet," Sarah said. "So, you never went to the DiMera estate that night?" Jada asked. Sarah said yes. Jada reminded Sarah that Lucas had seen Sarah at the DiMera mansion.

"That's impossible. So, Lucas is lying, or he's mistaken. I don't know," Sarah said. "[Lucas] said he saw you fleeing down the stairs, you had an object in your hand. You dropped it," Jada said. "I couldn't drop something if I wasn't there," Sarah countered. Jada said that she believed that Lucas had seen Sarah drop a knife.

"The same one that killed Abigail DiMera!" Jada stressed. "[Abigail] rescued me from Kristen. I'm profoundly grateful to her. Why in God's name would I ever hurt her?" Sarah said. Jada argued that Sarah might have been in an altered state of mind when she had attacked Abigail. "Isn't it possible that you thought that Abigail was Kristen DiMera? And thought that she was a threat?" Jada asked. Jada reminded Sarah that she had threatened Chanel with a knife, and she likely had done the same thing to Abigail.

"This time, I don't think anybody was there to protect [Abigail]. To stop you from taking your revenge!" Jada shouted. Sarah asked if she was under arrest. "No," Jada said. "Then I'd like to leave," Sarah whispered. Jada released Sarah, and Xander escorted Sarah out.

Outside Statesville, Dr. Rolf thanked Kristen for his release. "I know Father wouldn't have wanted me to leave you languishing behind bars. And now? You can continue his work," Kristen said. Rolf asked Kristen if she needed his services, and she promised to get in touch with him. "Until then, lie low and stay out of trouble," Kristen said. "I shall await your instructions," Rolf agreed.

After Rolf walked away, Gwen asked Kristen what she wanted from Rolf. "What exactly do you have planned?" Gwen asked. "I always have a plan, but I'm not ready to share the details. Let's just say I intend to get back everything I lost," Kristen said. Kristen asked Gwen if she planned to do the same. "I might be able to repair my relationship with my father, but Xander and I, we're a lost cause. Especially after what I did to Sarah," Gwen said. Kristen argued that Gwen had a fighting chance against Sarah.

"I can't stand that moron Xander. I never could. But for some reason, you love him. And we both have been given a second chance at freedom, and I think that you and I need to go after what we want and not let anyone stand in our way," Kristen said. Gwen grinned.

Over dinner at home, Jake reminded Ava that Kristen had helped him secure his job at DiMera. "In other words, she did you a major favor," Ava said. "[Kristen] called me after and said that in exchange for that major favor, that maybe the two of us could collaborate. That we would do great things together," Jake said. "Like what exactly?" Ava asked. With a shrug, Jake noted that Kristen's release changed everything. There was a knock at the door, and Ava and Jake exchanged a look.

"Open up! It's your sister!" Kristen yelled through the door. Jake started to laugh, and he shook his head. When Jake opened the door, Kristen sauntered into the room. "We were just talking about your release. Congratulations. You must be so relieved," Ava said. Jake said he had been talking to Ava about the favor he owed Kristen. "Since I saved your job, in my calculations, you owe me multiple favors," Kristen said. Kristen noted that her first favor was asking for a place to stay. Kristen took the wine out of Ava's hand, and she sat on the bed.

In the square, Xander had his arm around Sarah, and he slowly walked her home. "I can't believe our wedding was ruined again," Sarah whispered. "It's all going to work out. I promise you," Xander said. Worried, Sarah reminded Xander that she was a murder suspect. "How could this happen? How could someone take [Abigail's] life?" Sarah said. Xander hugged Sarah, and he assured her that she would be fine.

"How could this day get any worse?" Sarah said. Gwen rounded the corner. "Hello, Sarah! Xander," Gwen said. "Gwen? What the hell?" Xander yelped. With a grin, Gwen explained that the governor had given her a full pardon. "Isn't that just the best news ever? Well, I'll see you around," Gwen said. As Gwen walked away, Sarah stared daggers at her.

At the Brady house, Belle called Marlena and Brady to warn them about Orpheus' release. "Thank God [Ben and Ciara] are halfway around the world, where Evan can't get to them," Shawn said. "So, everyone we love is safe," Belle said. Evan marched in. "What the hell are you doing here?" Shawn asked. "I'm here to get my son," Evan said. Evan explained that he was the father of Jan's baby. When Evan started to reach for Shawn Christian, Shawn stepped in the way.

"You take another step toward my son, and I will kill you!" Shawn said. "I didn't come here to fight with you," Evan said. Evan stressed that he was the real father of Jan's baby. Confused, Shawn asked how Evan had known Jan. Evan told Shawn about his meeting with Jan in the prison infirmary. "I didn't know it at the time, but she wanted me to get her pregnant so she could pass the baby off as yours," Evan explained. When Shawn argued that he had a paternity test that proved he was the father, Evan told Shawn that Orpheus had altered the results for Jan.

"Why would [Orpheus] do that?" Shawn asked. "He had his reasons," Evan said. "This doesn't make any sense," Belle whispered. Evan showed Shawn the real test results. "Even if these results are real, they don't prove that you're the father," Belle noted. "[Jan] named the baby after me. Christian is my birth name," Evan said. "She also named the baby after Shawn!" Belle interjected. Evan offered to take another paternity test.

"The sooner that we get this all sorted out, the sooner I can be with my son," Evan said. Shawn refused to take the baby to the hospital. "Jan lied to us both. I am telling the truth, and deep down, you know that," Evan said. "What I know is that you need to get the hell out of my sight before I rip you to shreds!" Shawn growled. Evan vowed to return with a court order for a paternity test.

In the DiMera mansion, Rolf raised a glass to Stefano's portrait. "It's good to see you again, Stefano. As I'm sure you're aware, my experiments have been on hold for quite some time. But thanks to Kristen, I can finally get back to my important work. I hope I continue to make you proud," Rolf said. Rolf tapped a statue of a coin, and a doorway in the wall opened. Rolf ducked into the tunnels.

Outside the Brady Pub, Jada assured Rafe that he did not need to buy her a beer. "You had a great first day. You earned it," Rafe said. Rafe added that it would give him the opportunity to tell Jada about the five felons that the governor had pardoned. "Why would a governor set so many dangerous criminals loose?" Jada asked. Orpheus walked out of the shadows.

"Well, what do you know? Here comes one of them now," Rafe said. "Evening, commissioner," Orpheus said. Rafe warned Orpheus to watch his step. "From here on in, I'm going to be a model citizen," Orpheus said.

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