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Kristen forced Gabi to give her oversight of Basic Black. Eric rescued Nicole from a mugger. Jake proposed to Ava, but a mugger shot Jake over the ring. Jada killed the mugger. Sarah attacked Gwen during a hallucination. Sonny's brother Alex returned to Salem. Orpheus threatened Steve's children. Kate and Chad gave E.J. their company shares. Chad moved out of the mansion. Jake's ghost said goodbye to Ava. Gabi convinced Ava to act as Jake's widow. Chanel chose Allie. Abe encouraged Roman to forgive Kate. Rolf and Kristen stole Jake's body.
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Jake sustained a fatal gunshot wound during a mugging, Sarah attacked Gwen during a hallucination, and Chanel chose Allie
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Kristen demands a favor from Gabi

Kristen demands a favor from Gabi

Monday, July 25, 2022

by Mike

Steve emerged from one of the town square's restaurants with two cups of coffee while Kayla was reading an online article about the stunt that Mitchell had pulled the previous day. "Was yesterday 'Get Out of Jail Free Day'?" Kayla mused with a shake of the head as Steve approached their table. When Kayla started complaining about the "boneheaded" governor's move, Steve teased that even "sociopathic murderers" deserved a second chance. "Kristen DiMera and Orpheus have already had 327 chances!" Kayla countered -- and Steve conceded the point then admitted that it probably wasn't wise to be cracking jokes about the matter. "The one thing Kristen and Orpheus share is an overwhelming thirst for revenge," Steve reminded Kayla.

Jada approached while Steve was assuring Kayla that Kristen and Orpheus were both being monitored for signs of threat to the Johnson family. "Marcus' little girl -- all grown up!" Steve explained to Kayla after giving Jada a hug. "I really loved your dad -- and he was a great doctor," Kayla raved to Jada. "A great man -- my friend since the orphanage days," Steve added before lamenting Marcus' death.

Jada thanked Steve and Kayla for the kind words then changed the subject, revealing that they were looking at Salem's newest detective -- and that one of them might actually be able to help with a case. "You don't think that Sarah --" Kayla began to protest while Jada was elaborating. "I don't 'think' anything -- I'm just trying to understand the situation...and in order to do that, I'm going to need access to Dr. Horton's medical records," Jada clarified. Kayla was reluctant to grant Jada's request -- so Steve, sensing that an argument was about to begin, suggested that they could settle the matter over breakfast at the Brady Pub.

Brady was on the phone with someone, arranging for more security guards to monitor the Evans-Black townhouse and Basic Black, when Eric emerged from the nearby Brady Pub and started jogging toward the park for a workout. Eric tapped Brady's right arm while passing by in an effort to say hello without interrupting the phone conversation -- and Brady whirled around in response, ready for a fight, then breathed a sigh of relief after realizing that the potential threat was actually just Eric.

"You don't really think Kristen's gonna come at you like you?" Eric wondered after Brady ended the phone call. "I don't know what she's gonna do...but I know that I'm not gonna get a hell of a lot of warning," Brady responded before leading Eric back inside the pub so they could continue their conversation in a safer environment.

Eric conceded that it was probably best to always be prepared for anything when dealing with Kristen, and Brady agreed then reported that Theresa was also on high alert because Kristen knew that Rachel was in California for the summer. "I need to find a way to control how and when she sees her," Brady fretted. "I'd get Justin started on that as soon as possible," Eric recommended.

Brady nodded then changed the subject, admitting to Eric that there was something suspicious about the timing of the governor's pardon. "When she got caught, I thought it was just because she got careless because she was so desperate to see Rachel...but, Eric, she got caught almost as soon as she got into town, which makes me think, 'Did she plan that?'" Brady elaborated before starting to backpedal, feeling silly for having suggested such a thing -- but Eric was quick to repeat that anything was possible where Kristen was concerned.

Meanwhile, at the bar, a man started stealing cash from the tip jar while the bartender was distracted. Eric, who had grown suspicious of the man a few minutes earlier, quickly intervened then tried to suggest alternative ways of making money -- but the man rejected the help then rushed out of the pub.

Jada, who had just arrived with Steve and Kayla, offered to go after the man, but Brady deferred to Eric, who insisted that wasn't necessary. Steve introduced Jada to Eric -- and Brady, who soon rushed off to check on Chloe. "It's like the governor unleashed a plague of locusts on us," Steve grumbled.

Nicole entered Basic Black and greeted Chloe then wondered where Brady was hiding. Before Chloe could respond, Nicole started arguing that if anyone had a good excuse to skip work that day, it was the person who had just returned from a business meeting in New York. "You haven't heard the news," Chloe eventually managed to interject. "I've been on a plane since dawn!" Nicole defensively reiterated before probing for details.

Nicole listened in shock as Chloe explained that Brady was on high alert because Kristen had received a pardon from the governor the previous day and had then been released from prison, along with four other inmates, who had also been pardoned. Nicole wondered how Kristen had managed to pull off such a feat. "Maybe she put on her governor mask and decided to hold a press conference," Chloe joked.

Nicole tried to assure Chloe that the development wouldn't change Brady's feelings for Kristen. "I know you're right, and I do trust Brady... It's just that the two of them have this weird bond..." Chloe mused with a sigh before starting to acknowledge that Nicole could relate to that sort of situation. "Oh, come on -- not you, too!" Nicole snapped after realizing that Chloe was talking about Eric, not Rafe.

"What is it that I have to do, huh -- take out a billboard so everyone gets the message? Eric being here is irrelevant -- collar or no collar, I am a happily married woman," Nicole insisted -- and Chloe didn't get a chance to respond because Brady arrived just then and started talking about what had just happened with Eric at the pub. Nicole seized the opportunity to run a few errands, leaving Chloe alone with Brady.

Eric joined Steve, Kayla, and Jada for breakfast then started to rush off, still determined to work out in the park that day. Jada expressed interest, prompting Eric to promise a tour of the park's trails at some point. When Jada fretted about the Salem Inn being too expensive for long-term lodging, Eric recommended renting one of the rooms above the pub. Kayla seemed to notice a spark between Eric and Jada.

At the auto repair shop, Kristen slept soundly on the upstairs apartment's bed as Jake and Ava tossed and turned on the air mattress. Jake eventually woke up and started complaining about the back pain that the air mattress always caused -- and Ava was very sympathetic, but Kristen was just annoyed. "You woke me up in the middle of such a lovely dream..." Kristen grumbled before reminding Jake and Ava that there were worse things to sleep on -- like the cots in prison cells.

Kristen delighted in treating Jake and Ava like servants for a while then stepped into the bathroom to take a shower. Kristen emerged from the bathroom a short time later then rushed off to make the earlier dream a reality, hinting that a favor was about to be collected from Gabi -- who wasn't a DiMera and therefore wasn't going to be shown as much mercy as Jake and Ava were being shown. Jake considered warning Gabi to be on the lookout for Kristen, but Ava somewhat irritably insisted that wasn't necessary. "If she reads the paper, she already knows," Ava reasoned -- and Jake conceded the point then stepped into the bathroom to take a shower, hoping that would relieve the back pain.

Jake emerged from the bathroom a short time later -- just in time to overhear Ava muttering something about jealousy. "I think I'm falling for you, [and] I just don't want to set myself up for disappointment if you're still in love with Gabi -- [I mean], I have been second choice a couple of times, and I do not want to go down that road again," Ava confessed to Jake. "I was an also-ran, too. [Gabi] had already found 'the one' before I came into the picture -- my twin brother, Stefan -- [and] the truth is, they'd still be together if he wasn't dead. [So], I'm over her -- [and] I think that I'm falling for you, [too]," Jake admitted to Ava.

At the Salem Inn, Gabi woke up just in time to hear Shin wrapping up a phone conversation with someone. "You know I love you, too," Shin assured the person before ending the call then realizing that Gabi was no longer asleep.

"Don't worry -- I was just talking to my mother," Shin clarified, drawing a scoff of skepticism from Gabi. "I do have one, you know," Shin stressed, but Gabi still had doubts because the woman had never been mentioned before. "My father has such a huge presence -- he tends to dominate any conversation that has to do with my parents," Shin explained before offering to redial the phone number to prove the claim to Gabi. "Then you'll resent me for not trusting you," Gabi fretted. "Sounds like a standoff," Shin teased. Gabi released a sigh of defeat then admitted to Shin that they hadn't been dating for very long -- and that, as a result, there were still things they didn't know about each other.

Gabi and Shin eventually headed over to DiMera Enterprises -- and found Kristen waiting there. "Did you put one of his family members in your dungeon?" Gabi guessed after learning that the governor had pardoned Kristen.

Kristen delighted in making Gabi worry about being ousted from DiMera Enterprises -- then dropped the act and admitted to wanting something else instead.

Nicole was passing through the park when the man from the pub approached. Eric arrived seconds later, while the man was trying to steal Nicole's purse. The man put Nicole in a chokehold and drew a gun then advised Eric to stay out of the matter. Meanwhile, Jake took Ava to a jewelry store in the town square so they could look at engagement rings.

Kristen entered Basic Black and found Brady and Chloe in the CEO's office. "Who's gonna get their new boss some coffee?" Kristen wondered, stunning Brady and Chloe.

Kristen fires Chloe

Kristen fires Chloe

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Sonny marched into Gabi's office at DiMera. Sonny complained that Gabi had swooped in and stolen a deal from Sonny. Sonny slammed a company brochure on Gabi's desk. "Buy it? I've never even heard of it," Gabi said. Unconvinced, Sonny argued that Gabi had snatched up his company to impress as the new CEO.

"You're wasting my time. I'm busy," Gabi said. "I will! As soon as you admit it," Sonny said. Sonny argued that Gabi had closed the deal that morning. Gabi groaned. "You want to know who I was dealing with this morning? Kristen DiMera," Gabi said. Gabi explained that she had found Kristen in her office. "Did she want your job?" Sonny asked. "Actually, she wanted something else. Back in at Basic Black. And Li and I agreed it was not worth fighting her about it," Gabi said.

Sonny asked Gabi if it was difficult to watch Jake with Ava. "I admit, at first I was angry. Disgusted at the thought of that skank being in his bed. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that Jake and I were never really right for each other," Gabi said. Confused, Sonny asked Gabi why she had rehired Jake. Gabi explained that although she and Jake were not a good romantic match, they were a great team professionally. With a smile, Gabi noted that she had moved on with Li Shin.

"He's hot. How long has that been going on?" Sonny asked. "A little over a month," Gabi said. With a shrug, Sonny asked Gabi if it was a good idea to get involved with a coworker. "I can't help it if I'm attracted to driven, ambitious men," Gabi said. Gabi added that Li was her equal in business. "We're having a fun time. But is he the love of my life? No. There was only one of those," Gabi said. "Stefan?" Sonny asked. Gabi nodded yes. "There will never be another love like that for me again," Gabi said.

Kristen walked into Basic Black, and she announced to Brady and Chloe that she was their new boss. In disbelief, Brady asked Kristen to leave. "If you don't believe me, give Gabi a call," Kristen said. Confused, Brady asked why Gabi had approved the change. "[Gabi] owed me," Kristen said. Kristen explained that she had saved Gabi's job at the last shareholders' meeting.

"In other words, you didn't give her a choice," Chloe said. "I don't know what Gabi promised you, but Nicole and I run Basic Black. We have multi-year deals," Brady growled. Brady argued that the board would not approve the costs to buy Nicole and Brady out of the company. Kristen laughed. Kristen assured Brady that he and Nicole were still the co-CEOs.

"You are looking at DiMera's new executive in charge of Basic Black," Kristen said. Kristen explained that Brady, Nicole, and Chloe would report to Kristen. Brady and Chloe noted that they were not impressed with Kristen's new title. When Brady and Chloe attempted to leave to get coffee, Kristen blocked the doorway. "We're not done yet. See, I have a very important announcement," Kristen said. Kristen fired Chloe.

"The contracts I mentioned give Nicole and me final say on all personnel decisions," Brady said. "I was just having a little fun. Engaging in creative visualization," Kristen said. Kristen promised to make Chloe's life miserable.

"I don't know what you think you're going to accomplish by trying to force me out," Chloe said. "You would just be hurting the company, Kristen. She's a very valuable asset," Brady added. With a shake of her head, Kristen noted that Brady had "always been blind to [Chloe's] shortcomings." Brady stressed that Chloe was needed.

"[Chloe] is just in the way," Kristen said. "Yeah, in the way of you trying to get Brady back. It's so obvious that is what this is all about. Your sick obsession with him," Chloe said. Angry, Kristen argued that Chloe had broken up Kristen's family. Chloe asked Kristen if she actually believed that removing Chloe from the company would give Kristen another chance with Brady.

"[Brady] and I will be together, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it," Chloe said. Chloe grabbed Brady and kissed him passionately. Kristen went over to the desk, and she started to furiously write something. "If you wonder what I'm doing..." Kristen said. Brady and Chloe separated from their kiss long enough to say, "We're not." Kristen explained that she was writing Chloe up for inappropriate behavior.

"You want to write someone up, why don't you write me up?" Brady asked. Kristen argued that Chloe had forced Brady to kiss her, and that made him a victim. "We have seen this inappropriate behavior before. Some pathetic employee thinks they can get ahead by sleeping with the boss," Kristen said. "That's enough!" Brady yelled. Kristen reminded Brady and Chloe that there was a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment.

"Which means you have no choice but to fire her," Kristen said. Kristen announced that she was going to get the report typed up, and she walked out. "Ignore her," Brady advised. "Even if I do, you know that she is not going to quit. It's only going to get worse. Maybe I should just resign?" Chloe said. Brady asked Chloe not to quit.

"So, what's the plan?" Chloe asked. Brady said he would fix the situation. Brady walked out and went over to DiMera Enterprises to confront Gabi. "You can't do this. You can't dump [Kristen] at Basic Black," Brady said. "I had no choice!" Gabi stressed. Brady warned Gabi that she needed to stand up to Kristen. "You have to make it work!" Gabi yelled.

At Basic Black, Kristen returned to the office and glared at Chloe. "Where's Brady?" Kristen asked. "He stepped out," Chloe said. Kristen argued that it was only a matter of time before she forced Chloe out of Brady's life. "I can give as good as I get," Chloe said. Kristen smiled. "Declaring war, are we?" Kristen asked. "Hell, yeah. And I don't plan on losing," Chloe said.

Eric jogged through the park, and he interrupted Nicole's mugging. The mugger, Greg, pulled Nicole into a chokehold, and he shoved a gun against her head. "Nicole, everything will be fine," Eric whispered. The mugger grinned. "You two know each other? What is she, your wife or something?" Greg asked. "She's my friend," Eric stressed. Eric asked Greg to let Nicole go.

"Tell your friend to give me her purse, or I'll shoot her now!" Greg yelled. Eric asked Greg to walk away. "You're lying to me again, just like you did at the pub," Greg said. Nicole asked the mugger what he meant. Greg told Nicole that Eric had caught him stealing at the pub and then had followed him into the park. Eric swore it was coincidence. Angry, Greg argued that Eric would call the police if Greg let Nicole go.

"I've been to prison before. I'm not going back," Greg said. "I don't want you to go back to prison. Really. I'm just trying to help you," Eric said. Nicole told Greg that Eric was telling the truth. "Your purse now, or I blow her away!" Greg yelled. Eric told Greg that he understood that it was difficult to find work when one had a prison record. "There's a way out, and no one has to get hurt," Eric said. Eric promised not to call the police if Greg let Nicole go.

Greg lowered his gun. As Eric slowly reached out, Greg shoved Nicole toward Eric, and they tumbled to the ground. Greg ran away. Nicole winced, and Eric examined her ankle. "I'm so sorry he got away," Nicole said. Eric stressed that the situation was not Nicole's fault. In tears, Nicole thanked Eric for helping her. Eric hugged Nicole, and he whispered, "I'm not going anywhere."

Rafe walked into the clearing, and he saw Nicole on the ground, crying on Eric's shoulder. "Get your damn hands off my wife," Rafe growled. Eric pulled away from Nicole. Nicole told Rafe about the mugging. "If Eric had not come along when he did, I might have been shot," Nicole said. Rafe rushed over to Nicole, and he asked her if she was okay. Nicole confirmed that she was shaken up but fine. Rafe called the station with a description of the mugger.

"I'm sorry. I was a real jerk," Rafe said. "Don't worry about it," Eric whispered. Rafe helped Nicole to her feet, and she winced from the pain in her ankle. Rafe and Eric set her down on the bench. "I need to take you to the hospital," Rafe said. Nicole asked Rafe to find the mugger, and Eric offered to take Nicole to the hospital instead.

In the square, Jake pulled Ava into his arms. "I don't like that you feel that I'm not serious about this relationship. And I really don't want you feeling like an also-ran because you're not. Now I already told you that Gabi is not the love of my life. And Gwen certainly wasn't, either. But maybe you could be. Maybe you are," Jake said. "Are you saying you want to marry me?" Ava asked. With a grin, Jake explained that he wanted Ava to know that he was serious about their relationship.

"Don't you think that's a little soon?" Ava asked. "Not for me. It's you, Ava. You're my first choice, and my only choice. I don't wanna be with anybody else," Jake said. Ava stressed, "You do not need to buy me a diamond ring just because I was feeling insecure." Jake said he wanted to buy Ava a ring. Jake added that he wanted to marry Ava sometime in the future when they were both ready.

"But it would be an engagement ring?" Ava asked. Jake said he wanted to show the world that they were committed to one another. "And more importantly, us saying that we are committed to this relationship," Jake added. Ava asked Jake if he was sure. "You are what I want. Now and forever. So, yeah, let's make it official," Jake said. Ava was unsure.

"We haven't even said, 'I love you,' and you wanna get engaged," Ava noted. "I love you," Jake said. Ava raised a skeptical eyebrow. Jake explained that he had wanted to tell Ava earlier, but he had been afraid to scare her off. "That's what I was trying to say to you when I was telling you how lucky I am to know you. The real you. I was trying to explain to you all the reasons I love you," Jake said. Ava smiled and said, "I love you, too." Jake kissed Ava. Jake told Ava to wait for him while he bought a ring.

When Jake returned, he presented the ring to Ava. "Sorry, Jake, I cannot accept that," Ava said. Jake was taken aback. Ava explained that it was the same ring that Xander had given to Gwen, and Ava did not want to upset her. "Besides, it could be a bad omen," Ava said. With a nod, Jake suggested that they pick out a ring together.

After Jake and Ava left the jeweler, Ava admitted that Jake had originally picked the prettiest ring in the store. "You don't have to keep it just to make me happy. If you don't like it, we can go someplace else," Jake said. "No. That's the one," Ava said. Jake noted that when the jeweler had offered to throw in the wedding bands for free, he'd believed that was a good omen. Jake proposed. "Yes, Jake DiMera. Eventually, I will," Ava said with a chuckle. Jake slipped the ring on her finger.

As Jake and Ava kissed, Greg walked up. "That's a nice rock. Hand it over," Greg said. Greg pointed the gun, and Jake stepped in front of Ava. "You can have it," Ava said. Ava started to take off the ring, but Jake said no. "We just got engaged. Put the gun down. You don't know who you're messing with, do you?" Jake said. Jake started to advance, and Greg fired the gun.

In the Kiriakis living room, Sarah asked Maggie, "What if I did it? What if I killed Abigail?" Maggie stressed that Sarah would never have hurt Abigail. "Not in my right mind. We both know I'm not," Sarah said. Maggie reminded Sarah that her hallucinations were under control. Maggie stressed that everything would work out.

"I'm so scared," Sarah admitted. "Now, none of this is your fault!" Maggie countered. With a scowl, Sarah blamed Kristen and Gwen. Sarah told Maggie about her run-in with Gwen in the square. "[Gwen] caused so much pain and suffering all because she just wanted to hold on to Xander. What if she goes after him again?" Sarah said. "She'd be a fool because she knows he loves you," Maggie countered. Sarah lamented that she had not finished the wedding.

"Everyone wants to know if I killed my cousin, and I can't tell them," Sarah whispered. "You didn't. And I'm sure of it," Maggie stressed. Sarah reminded Maggie that Lucas had seen Sarah at the DiMera mansion. "Lucas was drunk," Maggie said. Sarah noted that Lucas' memory had been very detailed. With a sigh, Sarah told Maggie about when she had threatened Chanel with a knife.

"What if I did the same to Abigail? What if I stabbed her, thinking it was Kristen?" Sarah said. Maggie nodded, and she asked Sarah if the police had charged her with a crime. Sarah shook her head no. "You need to be happy. And there is no reason that you can't be," Maggie said. Maggie told Sarah to find Xander so that they could get married.

At the Salem Inn, Xander answered the door in a towel. "I need to talk to you," Gwen said. "I have nothing to say," Xander muttered. Gwen promised that it was important, and Xander reluctantly let her in his room. Xander asked Gwen to turn around so he could get dressed. "It's nothing I haven't seen before," Gwen said. With a frown, Xander asked Gwen if she wanted to talk or not. Gwen turned around, but she watched Xander in the mirror as he dressed.

When Xander was dressed in pants, Gwen asked about Sarah's trip to the police. "[Sarah] went in voluntarily to help the police figure out who killed her cousin," Xander said. "The [news] implied she was a suspect," Gwen said. Xander warned Gwen not to get her news from the tabloids. "Sarah is innocent," Xander stressed. Gwen told Xander that she knew Gwen suffered from hallucinations. Xander's face darkened.

"You have some nerve, bringing that up, when it's all your bloody fault," Xander growled. "You're right. And if I'm the reason that Sarah snapped, causing her to kill Abigail, I just would feel so terrible," Gwen said. With tears in her eyes, Gwen wished she could have been there to save Abigail. Xander handed Gwen a tissue to wipe her tears.

"It's all my fault. Those poor children," Gwen said. Gwen called herself a monster, and Xander hesitantly hugged Gwen to comfort her. Sarah returned home. "Why is she here? Why aren't you wearing a shirt?" Sarah asked. Xander explained that Gwen had caught him by surprise after a shower. Sarah asked Xander why he had let Gwen into their room.

"I read about your troubles in the paper, and I wanted to come here and say sorry to you and Xander," Gwen said. "You mean the pure hell that you have put me through? The horror show that will not end?" Sarah growled. With a sniffle, Gwen said she had not realized that the second dose of the drug would have pushed Sarah to such extremes.

"And I certainly didn't dream that you'd kill Abigail," Gwen added. "She didn't," Xander barked. Gwen shook her head, and she apologized. "I'm sorry for what I did, and I know that I have no right to ask you this, but could you ever forgive me?" Gwen asked. Sarah imagined that Gwen pulled a gun out of her purse.

"Did you hear what I said, bitch? If I can't have Xander, no one can," Gwen yelled. Gwen pointed the gun at Xander. Sarah grabbed a knife from the table. "I won't let you hurt him. I will kill you first," Sarah said. Xander grabbed Sarah, and he held her back from Gwen. "What are you doing?" Xander asked. Sarah struggled against Xander's hold.

"She was going to kill you!" Sarah yelled. Gwen gaped at Sarah. Sarah told Xander that Gwen had a gun. "Calm down. Everyone is safe," Xander whispered. Sarah demanded that Gwen show the gun that was in her purse. Gwen opened her purse, and she held up a tissue. "Do you mean this?" Gwen asked. Sarah went limp in Xander's arms.

"But I saw a gun," Sarah stammered. Overwhelmed, Sarah ran into the bathroom. Xander asked Gwen if she was okay. "I'm fine," Gwen whispered. Gwen promised not to tell anyone what had happened. "I am quite worried. I know you don't think Sarah killed Abigail, but after what just happened, you have to admit that it is at least possible," Gwen said. Gwen hesitantly reached out and touched Xander's face. "What if she comes after you?' Gwen asked. "You should go," Xander said. Sarah exited the bathroom.

"I was just leaving," Gwen said. Sarah apologized. "I understand. You've been through so much lately. Most of which is my fault. Take care," Gwen said. After Gwen left, Xander apologized. "Why won't it stop? I just want it to stop," Sarah said. Sarah cried in Xander's arms.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny called out to Victor at home. Sonny walked into the living room, and he stopped when he saw a shirtless man there. "I am not Uncle Vic," the man said.

Jake dies from a gunshot wound

Jake dies from a gunshot wound

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

At the Brady Pub, Justin met with Steve, who wanted to talk about Orpheus' release from prison. Steve wanted to know what Justin planned to do about Orpheus. "You know what I mean. The man responsible for Adrienne's death is free. Are you planning to go after him?" Steve asked.

Steve recalled that Justin had been moments away from killing Orpheus when Steve had intervened to stop Justin. Steve surmised that Justin felt "cheated" for not having killed Orpheus, and he wanted to make sure that Justin wouldn't plan to finish the job. Orpheus appeared unexpectedly at the table. "I'd like to know the answer to that myself," Orpheus said.

Orpheus swore that he had never meant to kill Adrienne and that she'd been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Orpheus added that he was truly sorry for what had happened to Adrienne and that he wanted to get on with his life. He wanted to know if he should expect retaliation from either Justin or Steve.

Justin said that he hadn't felt the need to live when Adrienne had died but that Steve had reminded Justin that Justin had four sons and a granddaughter. Justin remarked that he had also found love again. Because of that, Justin said, Orpheus wasn't worth his time. Justin left the pub.

Afterwards, Orpheus told Steve that all the pain he'd caused Steve and his family was in the past. He added that instead of being the "infamous villain Orpheus," he could just be Milo Harp, a short-order cook at the pub like Clyde.

Steve remarked that Orpheus should move somewhere else and get a fresh start if Orpheus was serious about becoming a new man. Orpheus remarked that he had always dreamed of a new start out west. "They say Seattle is beautiful this time of year. While I'm there, maybe I could look in on your kids," Orpheus said.

Steve stood up and threatened Orpheus not to go anywhere near Steve's children. Orpheus then met Steve eye to eye. Orpheus scoffed that if his leaving town could cause trouble for Steve's family, Orpheus might as well stay in Salem. "Guess I'll be seeing you," Orpheus said to a furious Steve.

At the Kiriakis mansion, a shirtless Alex Kiriakis greeted Sonny with a warm bear hug. Sonny welcomed his older brother back to Salem. During the course of their greeting, Alex revealed that he might stay in Salem. Alex thought Sonny wasn't happy to see him. Sonny said he was merely surprised, given Alex's business work in Phoenix.

Alex revealed that business in Phoenix had become contentious and that he'd decided to head to Salem to visit family. Just then, Bonnie entered the room, and Alex introduced himself. Bonnie tried to do the same, but Alex stopped her. "You're the woman who killed my mother," Alex told a startled Bonnie.

Alex recalled that years earlier, when Bonnie had posed as Adrienne, Bonnie had killed Alex's mother, Anjelica. Both Bonnie and Sonny said that Anjelica had died of heart failure in Bonnie's hotel room. Alex said that Bonnie had left Anjelica for dead. Alex grabbed a necktie, and he asked why he shouldn't "return the favor" to Bonnie. A panicked Bonnie tried to explain herself to Alex, but Alex laughed and tossed the tie aside. "What the hell do I look like, the Necktie Killer?" Alex joked.

Alex said he knew Bonnie made Justin happy and that he was happy for them both. Alex claimed he didn't believe in grudges, and Bonnie started to flatter Alex by complimenting him on his shirtless chest. Just then, Justin arrived. Alex threw his arms around an ecstatic Justin, who joined Bonnie, Alex, and Sonny for refreshments.

Justin asked how long Alex planned to stay in Salem, and Alex remarked that he might spend the rest of the summer there. Alex wanted to go out on the town with Sonny, but Sonny had business to take care of at Titan. Alex hinted that perhaps he'd find work at Titan, as well. Alex said that he was tired of bumping heads with family in Phoenix, and he added that he and Sonny had always gotten along. Sonny agreed to let Alex work with him at Titan.

In Horton Town Square, a wild-eyed Greg shot Jake in the stomach. Ava yelled for help and told Jake to stay conscious. "Don't you die on me," Ava pleaded with a semi-conscious Jake.

Greg stayed in the area and aimed his gun at Ava when she went to call for an ambulance. Ava pleaded with Greg to not shoot her. Just then, Rafe and Jada appeared. Both demanded that Greg drop the gun. When Greg refused, Jada shot him in the back. Rafe checked for a pulse and pronounced Greg dead. Jada called for an ambulance. Rafe took off his jacket to form a compression around Jake.

At Salem University Hospital, Eric took Nicole for a checkup after Greg had attacked her. Eric told Nicole that he would stay with her for as long as she needed. Kayla examined Nicole's ankle, and she diagnosed Nicole with a mild sprain. Kayla encouraged Nicole to rest and to stay off her feet for a few days. Kayla left to attend to a gunshot victim. Alone in the room, Nicole told Eric that if it hadn't been for him, the gunshot victim might have been Nicole.

Eric helped Nicole to her feet and with her crutches. Rafe entered and announced that the man who'd attacked Nicole was dead. Rafe recalled that Greg had attempted to rob Ava and that Jake had been shot. Before Eric left the room, Rafe apologized again for his outburst toward Eric in the park. Alone in the room, Rafe told Nicole that no one knew if Jake would make it out of surgery.

Earlier, by the nurses' station, Ava had pleaded with Jake to hang on. After Jake had been taken into surgery, Rafe had told a shaken Ava that despite the bad blood between them, he'd be there if she needed him.

Jada joined Ava in the waiting room, and she asked if Ava needed to talk. Jada comforted Ava, who confided that for the first time in her life, she'd thought she could hold on to a person she loved. Ava declared she would not allow herself to be "weak." Jada assured Ava that she wasn't weak, and Ava agreed to let Jada get her water and a granola bar. When Jada left, Ava stared at the engagement ring that Jake had given her.

Later, Kayla found Ava in the waiting room and said that Jake had never made it to surgery. Kayla said that her staff had taken Jake to the ER and that they'd tried everything in their power get Jake's heart to beat again.

"No, no, no, no, no," Ava cried. "Ava, I'm sorry, but Jake didn't make it," Kayla told a shocked Ava.

Johnny and Allie clash while awaiting Chanel's decision

Johnny and Allie clash while awaiting Chanel's decision

Thursday, July 28, 2022

by Mike

Allie was outside Sweet Bits, handing out free samples of pies, when Tony approached and began reciting "Simple Simon" while hungrily eyeing the baked goods. The reference was lost on Allie, who wondered if Tony was in need of medical attention. Tony laughed off the concern then explained to Allie that "Simple Simon" was a nursery rhyme that adults had once been known to recite to children as a form of amusement. "Long before your TicTacs," Tony elaborated. "TikTok," Allie clarified. Tony accepted the correction with a nod then promised to resist the urge to introduce Allie to "Hickory Dickory Dock" and other nursery rhymes.

Tony wondered where Allie's "pātisserie" partner was hiding -- and also wondered what had prompted the bakery's giveaway. "I'm actually trying to answer the age-old question, 'Cherry or peach pie?' [But] Chanel's taking a personal day -- she actually has a very important choice to make of her own...[and] I don't know about 'Simple Simon,' but I'm hoping that 'Simon Says' she makes the right choice," Allie responded -- and Tony seemed intrigued but didn't get a chance to probe for more details because Johnny approached just then. "Forget about Simon -- Johnny says she's gonna choose me," Johnny declared.

Tony soon deduced that Johnny and Allie were competing against each other for Chanel's affection. "Please consider me Switzerland in this morass," Tony insisted, refusing to support one twin over the other -- or even sample the pies, since Allie was peddling the cherry filling and Johnny was peddling the peach filling.

Tony wished Johnny and Allie luck then ducked into the bakery -- and Steve approached seconds later but also ducked into the bakery after realizing that the twins were trying to draw people into one of their sibling rivalries. Allie, who had taken offense to one of Johnny's attempts to peddle the peach filling, started a food fight as a form of retaliation. "You called me a nasty name!" Allie snapped at Johnny while they were cleaning up later. "I called you 'a little tart' -- which was a term of endearment," Johnny clarified, but Allie wasn't convinced.

At the Price condominium, Paulina overheard Chanel agonizing about being torn between two love interests and being obligated to commit to one of them before the end of the day. Paulina thought it would be best to treat the matter like a business decision, weighing the pros and cons of each option. Chanel was willing to try that process of elimination but declined to list cons, wanting to avoid casting negative energy on the debate.

"What do you prefer -- penis or vagina?" Paulina wondered, horrifying Chanel, who insisted that wasn't important. "Do you love Abe for his...?" Chanel challenged Paulina. "That's one reason," Paulina admitted with a shameless grin, leaving Chanel even more horrified. "To me, it is about the individual person, not their...'equipment,'" Chanel maintained, prompting Paulina to drop the matter and start probing for other pros for each love interest.

Chanel decided to start with Johnny but was quick to warn Paulina not to take that decision the wrong way. "It's just that my relationship with Gio is a lot less complicated -- that's all," Chanel reasoned before gushing that Johnny was funny, handsome, and smart -- then Paulina interrupted to argue that "rich" was another pro that applied to this particular love interest. "Whose list is this?" Chanel snapped before adding that Johnny was persistent and fearless -- then Paulina interrupted again to point out that there was evidence that proved that particular love interest could also be praised for being romantic and bilingual, not to mention having great taste in music. "Sounds like a keeper to me," Paulina concluded, and Chanel agreed with a sigh.

Chanel soon moved on to Allie, raving to Paulina about having a rich history of friendship with that particular love interest. Chanel started telling a story as a way of trying to describe another pro -- then breathed a sigh of relief when Paulina summarized that Allie was an empath.

"I don't know who you should choose or who you're going to choose, but I do know one thing -- whoever that boy or girl turns out to be, they will be the luckiest person on the planet, because there just isn't enough paper in the whole wide world to write down all there is to love about you," Paulina declared when Chanel was done with the list.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. overheard Chad recording a scathing voicemail message for Rafe that, among other things, served as a way of reminding the police commissioner that Abigail's murderer wasn't behind bars yet.

"Planning on joining your wife's murderer in lockup? [Because] it's time to pay the piper, [and] I will accept two forms of repayment for your treachery, as discussed -- [so], are you giving me your shares...or am I sending you to prison?" E.J. wondered after Chad ended the phone call. "You can have the shares, all right? And since you're in such a hurry to consolidate power to feed your bruised little ego, I'll go upstairs, and I'll get you the certificates right now," Chad spat. "Good. And while you're at it, why don't you start packing your belongings," E.J. countered.

Tony arrived just then and tried to defuse the situation, but E.J. and Chad continued arguing with each other. "You know, Father used to lash out like this when he was hurting, but he put family first -- no matter our differences, and no matter how badly we hurt each other," Tony reminded E.J. after Chad stormed upstairs.

Tony eventually exited the living room -- and Chad returned a short time later and tossed some share certificates at E.J. then started to storm out of the mansion. "I don't want you to go," E.J. backpedaled. "I haven't spent a single minute in our room since Abby died -- I've been sleeping in the guest room, a guest in my own home. But it doesn't feel like that now -- this isn't my home anymore, not without her," Chad responded before continuing to exit the mansion.

At the hospital, Ava laughed off the news that Jake was dead, pointing out that Kayla had said the same thing about Tripp at one point and had later been proven wrong. Kayla apologetically explained to Ava that what had happened with Tripp had been "a miracle" and that it wasn't likely to happen again with Jake. Later, while alone with Jake's body, Ava lashed out -- then broke down and said goodbye.

After a meeting with a lawyer, Kate headed over to DiMera Enterprises and found Gabi in the CEO's office. "Ugh -- to what do I owe this displeasure?" Gabi grumbled. "Well, I think we've both reached the point in our relationship where we accept the fact that we don't owe each other anything --" Kate began to respond.

Gabi interrupted with an attempt to confirm the suspicion and end the conversation, but Kate stayed put and forged ahead, having decided to be nice enough to warn that E.J. was probably about to acquire enough shares of DiMera Enterprises to reclaim the company. Gabi dismissively compared the ongoing fight for the CEO position to Wile E. Coyote's many attempts to catch the Road Runner -- then confidently insisted that E.J., like Wile E. Coyote, would always fail. As Kate nodded skeptically, Gabi received a phone call from Rafe, who revealed that Jake was dead. Gabi ended the call then shared the news with Kate, and they comforted each other with a hug.

Kate eventually headed off to the town square's bar for a stiff drink -- and ran into Paulina there. Kate confided in Paulina about what had happened, and they honored Jake with a toast. Meanwhile, Chanel summoned Johnny and Allie to the Price condominium, having made a decision.

Gabi headed off to the hospital, where Ava was still with Jake's body. Gabi started to blame Ava for Jake's death, assuming that it could somehow be linked to the mafia, then softened after learning the truth about the tragedy. Ava listened in disbelief as Gabi moved on to worrying about whether it would be possible to win another battle for control of DiMera Enterprises without Jake's help. "Jake's body isn't even cold, and you're talking about voting shares?" Ava snapped. "E.J.'s coming after me! He wants my job! And, you know, some of us still work for a living!" Gabi reasoned. "Some of us aren't living at all!" Ava countered. "This is not personal -- this is business," Gabi maintained.

"There's no way I can stop it..." Gabi fretted before spotting Ava's engagement ring. "Or maybe there is -- E.J. wouldn't get Jake's shares if they went to Jake's widow..." Gabi continued, flashing Ava a mischievous grin.

Chanel makes her decision

Chanel makes her decision

Friday, July 29, 2022

In the pub, Abe told Roman that he and Paulina had left Chanel at the apartment so that she could talk to Johnny and Allie. "Well, I hope you put away the breakables before you left," Roman joked. Roman asked about Eli and Lani. "Things are working out as well as can be expected," Abe said. Abe admitted that he missed them. Roman said he understood because he had hoped Sami would stay in Salem.

"Now, nothing. And won't be for a long time," Roman said. "Who would have thought that Lucas would kidnap Sami? You know, no one had any idea it was him," Abe said. "Some people did," Roman muttered. Roman told Abe that Kate had known the truth, and she had let E.J. go to prison.

"What does that mean for you and Kate?" Abe asked. "There is no me and Kate. We're done," Roman said. Abe asked if Roman could give Kate another chance, but Roman said no. "I said the same thing about Paulina. I thought that I would never be able to trust her again. Now, we're happily married," Abe said. Abe reminded Roman that he had encouraged Abe to give Paulina a second chance. Roman argued that his situation was different, but Abe disagreed. Roman confided that he was worried about his judgment.

"My ex-wife and two of my grandkids were possessed, and I didn't have a clue," Roman said. Roman added that he had hired Clyde, who had been mixed up in recent crimes and was affiliated with Orpheus. "Do you have any idea why the governor would let somebody like Orpheus out of jail early?" Roman asked. Abe shrugged. Abe told Roman that Paulina had urged Abe to run for governor.

Chanel asked Johnny and Allie to meet her at Paulina's apartment. "I've decided which of you I want to be with," Chanel said. Chanel told the twins that she cared for them both. Before Chanel could announce her choice, she noticed red on Johnny's face. Allie and Johnny told Chanel about their pie fight.

"Please promise me that what I'm about to say, it won't come between you," Chanel said. Johnny and Allie promised to be mature about Chanel's decision. Chanel said that she had struggled with the decision, but she had realized that she would not have been with Johnny if Allie had not rejected her.

"[Johnny], our time together was the most romantic few weeks of my life until you broke my heart," Chanel said. "That wasn't me talking, Chanel, you know that! You are the best thing that ever happened to me, and I never stopped loving you," Johnny argued. "I love you. I love both of you, but the person that I want to be with, hopefully for the rest of my life, is Allie," Chanel said. Allie smiled.

"Johnny, I'm really sorry," Allie said. "No, you're not," Johnny said. "This is why it took me so long to make a decision. I hated the idea of hurting either one of you," Chanel said. When Johnny argued that Chanel felt something between them, Chanel admitted that was true.

"Allie has just had more time than you have. We're best friends. And we work together every day. And we still love each other, which is pretty amazing. And we've never really had a chance to see where things might go between us. And I think we deserve that chance. Can you understand that?" Chanel asked.

"No. I can't," Johnny said. "It sounds like you're not accepting Chanel's decision," Allie said. "You promised you would," Chanel added. "You're right. I did. You're a lucky woman," Johnny said. Johnny held out his hand to Allie, and she hugged him. "You be good to her," Johnny said. With tears in his eyes, Johnny left.

In the bar off the square, Paulina and Kate toasted to Jake's memory. "A hell of a man," Paulina said. "That's pretty kind, considering that you didn't know him," Kate said. Paulina nodded yes, and she gave Kate her condolences. "I don't really know why his death is hitting me like this," Kate confessed. "You two had a thing, didn't you?" Paulina asked. Kate told Paulina that Jake had dumped her for Gabi. Kate told Paulina how she had exacted revenge against Jake.

"It didn't feel right, though, because deep down, I was actually really hurt. So, it took me a while to open up my heart again. And Roman was so patient, and he was so kind," Kate said. "You two seemed so happy together," Paulina said. Kate admitted that the breakup with Roman was her fault, and she explained why.

"You were protecting your child," Paulina said. "At the expense of Roman's child," Kate countered. Paulina noted that Sami could take care of herself. "But [Sami] is Roman's baby," Kate said. Paulina reminded Kate that she and Paulina had a similar history. "You have to let yourself off the hook if you expect Roman to," Paulina advised. "I don't expect Roman to," Kate said. Paulina reminded Kate that Kate had convinced Paulina to be patient and wait for Abe to forgive her.

"You need to take your own advice. Don't give up on Roman now," Paulina said. Kate noted that in addition to Roman, Sami's kids were also furious with Kate. "Allie might be in a more forgiving place after she talks to my daughter," Paulina confided. When Kate asked why, Paulina explained that Chanel was choosing between Allie and Johnny. Paulina checked her phone, and since Chanel had not texted, Paulina decided not to head home.

Paulina changed the subject to Abe, and she asked if Kate would support Abe if he ran for governor. "Well, he would be a hell of a lot better than the cracked clown we have in there now, wouldn't he?" Kate said. Paulina told Kate that she had "planted the seed" with Abe to suggest that he run for office. Kate told Paulina that Paulina had done the same for her. "I'm going to go to the pub and talk to Roman," Kate said.

When Kate arrived at the pub, she gave Abe a big hug. "I thought you were with Paulina," Abe said. Kate said she had been. "Is [Roman] around?" Kate asked. Roman exited the kitchen. Abe smiled. "I wonder if you have a minute to talk," Kate said. Roman said no. Roman returned to the kitchen. "Don't give up hope. He'll come around," Abe assured Kate. "Paulina said that to me," Kate said. Abe told Kate that he had encouraged Roman to give Kate another chance. "Thanks, but I doubt he is going to do that," Kate said. "Just give it some time," Abe said.

At the bar, Johnny said hello to Paulina. "You're safe to go home now. Chanel announced her decision," Johnny said. "From the look on your face, you're not here to celebrate," Paulina said. Johnny explained that Chanel wanted to be with Allie. "Between us, I was pulling for you, kid," Paulina confided.

At Paulina's apartment, Chanel and Allie cuddled on the couch. "Dupree, I want you so bad, but it just feels a little bit weird to celebrate when Johnny's miserable," Allie confessed. Chanel agreed, and she asked how long they should wait to be together. "It feels like we've kind of been waiting forever," Allie whispered. "And the whole point of being together is to really be together. I think we've waited long enough," Chanel said. Chanel and Allie made love, and they said "I love you" to one another.

As Chad settled in at the Horton house, Sonny dropped by with a lasagna from Maggie. Chad explained that he had moved into the house with the kids. "E.J. kicked us out," Chad said. Chad admitted that it had been hard to live in the mansion because he had seen Abigail in every room.

"E.J. gave me the push I needed to get us out of that house. And honestly, it's a relief. The kids love this place," Chad said. Chad added that he did not know what to do when Jack and Jennifer returned to Boston. "There's room in my house," Sonny said. Sonny added that his brother Alex had moved into the mansion.

"How long is [Alex] staying?" Chad asked. "Apparently, he wants to work with me at Titan," Sonny said. Chad asked Sonny how he felt. "You'd be working with your brother. In my book, that's a really bad idea," Chad said. After a moment, Chad apologized. Sonny said that he got along with Alex, but he had never been his boss before.

Chad's phone rang. Tony called to tell Chad about Jake. "Is everything okay?" Sonny asked. Chad explained that someone had shot and killed Jake. "I wasn't that close with him, but he was Abby's friend. Now, both of them?" Chad said. Sonny clapped a hand on Chad's shoulder to console him.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. looked at Stefano's portrait. "Don't give me that look! I told Chad he could stay in the house," E.J. said. With a shrug, E.J. noted that he could not help that the house was quiet. "Not anymore, it's not," Kristen said. E.J. said he had been expecting Kristen.

"I came to offer my condolences to Chad," Kristen said. E.J. told Kristen that Chad and his children had moved out. Kristen announced that she intended to move back in, since there was plenty of room. E.J. laughed. When Kristen noted that the place was big enough that they could avoid one another, E.J. suggested that they join forces to oust Gabi and take back the company.

"I couldn't double-cross Gabi. She's been very good to me since I've been out," Kristen said. "How?" E.J. asked. Kristen told E.J. that she was in charge of Basic Black. "I know you'll want to hear me out," E.J. said. E.J. explained that he had Kate and Chad's shares in the company.

"How do you have Chad's shares?" Kristen asked. "He betrayed me. It was the price he had to pay," E.J. said. "And how am I supposed to trust that you won't betray me?" Kristen countered. E.J. reminded Kristen that he could not betray her because he needed her shares. Kristen said no. "I can call the shots with Gabi," Kristen said. E.J. argued that Gabi would not want to share power.

"And since when do you have a close relationship with our brother, the grease monkey?" E.J. added. "I wouldn't be such a snob if I were you. Have you forgotten that I took care of you during your vegetative state?" Kristen said. Dr. Rolf exited the tunnels. Startled, E.J. asked Rolf why he had been in the tunnels.

"I needed somewhere to stay after I was pardoned. I didn't want to impose," Rolf said. "And here I thought that the house was feeling quite empty," E.J. joked. "I take it you haven't heard about your brother," Rolf said. When E.J. asked which brother, Rolf said, "The dead one. Jake."

"I'd better get over [to the hospital]," E.J. said. "Why? You don't give a damn about Jake?" Kristen said. E.J. argued that someone needed to act as the next of kin. "I get it. You don't want anyone to beat you to those shares of stock," Kristen argued. When Kristen noted that E.J. would not need her if he had Jake's shares, E.J. reminded Kristen that she had rejected his offer. "I expect you to be gone when I get back," E.J. growled. E.J. marched out.

"I barely knew Jake, but I didn't hate him on sight like the rest of my family. I am not racing E.J. to the hospital to take advantage of the poor guy's death," Kristen said. Rolf smirked. "Perhaps you should be," Rolf said. Rolf told Kristen that he lived by the creed, "What would Stefano do?" Kristen asked Rolf, "Do you really think you can do it?" Rolf asked for Kristen's help.

At the hospital, Ava was sitting with Jake's body when Gabi walked in. After a few words about Jake, Gabi mentioned Jake's company shares. "Jake's body isn't even cold, and you're talking about voting shares?" Ava asked. "Some of us still work for a living," Gabi said. "And some of us aren't living at all!" Ava shouted. Gabi stressed that she had no way to stop E.J. As Gabi looked over at Ava, she noticed the engagement ring on Ava's hand.

"Or maybe there is. E.J. wouldn't get Jake's shares if they went to Jake's widow," Gabi said. Ava reminded Gabi that she was not married to Jake. "Says who?" Gabi asked. Ava stared at Jake's body. Gabi carefully raised the sheet to cover Jake's face. "Is there anybody that can prove that you didn't marry him this morning?" Gabi asked. "I guess not. We got robbed right as we bought the rings," Ava said. Gabi spun a story that Jake and Ava had married on the spur of the moment, and they had gone to get the rings after the ceremony.

"Are you talking about me being your partner in crime? Have you forgotten that the man that I love is lying here dead? Have you forgotten that I actually despise you?" Ava yelled. "Forget about helping me. But maybe you'd like to help yourself before your life comes crashing down," Gabi said. Ava's face darkened, and she warned Gabi not to threaten her. Gabi reminded Ava that she did not have any money.

"And why are you so concerned with my finances?" Ava asked. Gabi admitted that she needed Ava's votes to stay on as CEO of DiMera. "What's to keep me from teaming up with E.J. to help him bury you?" Ava asked. Gabi argued that she could tell everyone the truth. "You work with me, and we both win -- or you screw with me, and we both go down for the count. It's your choice," Gabi argued. Ava asked about the marriage license.

"Money talks," Gabi said. "Yeah. Jake just died this morning, and all you want to talk about is money," Ava grumbled. With a sigh, Gabi stressed that she needed to think about the future. "Jake was not the love of my life, but I cared about him. And he cared about me. And at the end, we were not right for each other, but I wanted to see him happy. And he wanted the same for me. And I'm not going to be happy if I lose this job, and I know Jake is not going to want to see you out on the street," Gabi argued. Ava asked for time to think. "It's now or never. What's it going to be?" Gabi asked.

When E.J. arrived at the hospital, he approached Kayla at the nurses' station. "[Me and Jake] had gotten quite close recently," E.J. lied. E.J. announced that he wanted the body to be buried on the family grounds. Kayla explained that Jake's next of kin, Vivian, would need to sign the release papers.

"[Vivian] is a convicted felon. I don't think the hospital wants to enter into any sort of agreement with her," E.J. said. E.J. offered to sign the forms as the head of the family. Gabi walked over. "I see the vultures are already circling," Gabi said. As Kayla handed forms to E.J., Gabi noted that Jake's wife should sign the papers. "Jake didn't have a wife," E.J. said with a chuckle. "Until this morning," Gabi corrected.

In Jake's room, Ava held his hand. Ava held up the wedding bands. "We were so happy when we bought these," Ava whispered. Ava slipped the rings on her and Jake's fingers. "With this ring, I thee wed. I will always remember this morning. And I'll always love you," Ava said.

When Ava exited into the hallway, she spotted Gabi talking to E.J. "Ava just told me that she and Jake got married," Gabi said. "When did this happen?" E.J. asked. "We were married this morning," Ava said. Kayla apologized, and Ava noted that everything had happened so fast. "It didn't even occur to me to tell you," Ava said. Kayla handed the forms to Ava.

"Nice try, E.J.," Gabi said. Gabi told E.J. that he could not get his hands on Jake's stock. "Don't be so sure. This marriage came out of nowhere, and it is awfully convenient. If you don't think I'll get to the bottom of this, then you don't know me very well," E.J. warned. As E.J. boarded the elevator, Rolf and Kristen, dressed as orderlies scurried past.

"The orderlies are here to pick up Jake's body and take it to the morgue," Kayla noted. Kayla explained that the morgue would be able to sign the body over to Ava for the funeral. "Funeral arrangements. On my wedding day," Ava whispered. In Jake's room, Rolf leaned over Jake's body. "Ready for your next adventure?" Rolf said. "I really hope you didn't lose your touch while you were in the slammer," Kristen grumbled.

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