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Ava moved into the DiMera mansion. Rafe partnered Jada with Shawn. Li ordered Rolf to delay waking Stefan. Belle moved home. Kristen told Brady that she wanted shared custody. Sonny stewed about Victor's interference with Alex. Xander and Sarah gathered evidence against Gwen. Johnny and Ava bonded. Alex flirted with Chanel. Allie warned Johnny to let go of Chanel. Gwen asked Ava to keep her secret. Eric went on a date with Jada. Thomas identified Leo as the Tooth Fairy. Clyde identified Leo as the jewel thief.
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Li ordered Rolf to delay waking Stefan, Xander and Sarah gathered evidence against Gwen, and Thomas identified Leo as the Tooth Fairy
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Kristen pressures Rolf to speed up Stefan's resurrection

Kristen pressures Rolf to speed up Stefan's resurrection

Monday, August 8, 2022

by Mike

Belle was sitting alone in the living room of the Evans-Black townhouse, fiddling with a tablet computer, when Brady approached and handed over a cup of coffee. "How did you know I needed that?" Belle wondered. "Because you haven't moved from this spot all morning," Brady responded.

Belle conceded the point with a sigh then explained that DiMera Enterprises had been "in complete turmoil" since Jake's death. Brady doubted that the situation was truly that dire, guessing that Belle was actually just using work as a convenient way to avoid dealing with what was going on with Shawn.

Rafe entered the police station and spotted Shawn and Jada, who had just met each other for the first time a few minutes earlier and were in the process of getting acquainted. After eavesdropping long enough to detect some chemistry, Rafe interrupted to inform Shawn that Jada had already proven to be a great addition to their team but was still getting acclimated and could therefore use a partner. Shawn, who no longer had a need for paternity leave, agreed to work with Jada.

At the Salem Inn, Shin woke up and wondered why Gabi was pacing around their room. Gabi reminded Shin that Ava was supposed to be on their side but was planning to move into the DiMera mansion with E.J. sometime that day. "You don't trust Ava," Shin translated. "When she lived with my brother, I almost got a dog as a food taster because I was afraid she'd poison me with her chicken cacciatore!" Gabi admitted.

Shin assured Gabi that Ava would remain on their side because they knew the truth about the Vitali-DiMera wedding that had supposedly occurred right before Jake's untimely demise. Shin advised Gabi to take advantage of Ava's new living arrangement, reasoning that it would be nice to have a spy in the DiMera mansion so they could keep an eye on E.J. at all times. Gabi remained concerned, so Shin suggested sex as a distraction.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. prepared a cup of coffee at the living room bar then sighed at Stefano's portrait. "Don't look at me like that, Father -- this is hardly the first time we've had to pick up the pieces after one of your children married an unsuitable partner; Stefan's marriage to Gabi Hernandez saddled us with problems for years! And Jake's union with Ava Vitali could prove even worse...but don't worry -- I'll make this work to our advantage; you can count on me to keep the family and the company together," E.J. declared.

When Ava arrived a short time later, E.J. made a point of offering a warm welcome. "Aren't you laying it on a little bit thick? [I mean], we both know why you invited me to stay here! 'Keep Jake's widow close, and his DiMera shares closer' -- well, that is, at least until you get rid of me so you can take them over for yourself," Ava eventually challenged E.J., who laughed off the accusation and insisted that having a Vitali marry into the DiMera family was preferable to having a Hernandez marry into the DiMera family -- and that they simply needed to work together to oust Gabi.

Ava refused to make any promises to E.J., reasoning that Jake had been fond of Gabi. "And she also offered me a job at DiMera," Ava bragged, drawing a scoff from E.J., who vowed to match the offer. "Bird in the hand," Ava countered with a shrug, not entirely convinced that E.J. would ever again be in a position to make good on such an offer.

While E.J. was silently stewing, Ava started wandering around the mansion. "Wow -- things do look a lot different from the last time I lived here, when I was John's guest..." Ava observed. "More like...RoboJohn -- the brainwashed, memory-wiped version," E.J. clarified.

Changing the subject, E.J. led Ava upstairs -- to the bedroom that had previously belonged to Chad and Abigail. "You want me to sleep in the bed that Abigail was murdered in?" Ava sputtered. "What are the odds that a second beautiful woman will be killed in here?" E.J. reasoned.

E.J. headed back downstairs -- and found Belle waiting in the living room. "I've been thinking about you a lot since we decided to end things -- or, rather, you decided to end things..." E.J. admitted before wondering how Belle was doing. Belle revealed that Shawn wasn't really the biological father of Jan's child, prompting E.J. to start laughing about the fact that a detective had fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the book. After apologizing for the judgmental observation, E.J. wondered if Belle was going to reconcile with Shawn. "I don't know," Belle responded before changing the subject, preferring to only discuss business with E.J.

While unpacking, Ava received a phone call from Gabi, who asked for an update on the new living arrangement. Ava complained about having to stay in Chad and Abigail's old bedroom, and Gabi cringed in response. "What's going on with that job you promised me? And the board seat?" Ava wondered, prompting Gabi to admit that it was going to be difficult to make the latter promise a reality. Ava was willing to settle for just getting a job at DiMera Enterprises but was quick to warn Gabi that it would need to be a really good job to make up for the loss of a seat on the board. Ava hung up on Gabi then headed off to the living room, where Belle was informing E.J. that Jake had never made a will.

Belle seized the opportunity to get Ava to sign some paperwork so the transfer of ownership for Jake's shares of DiMera Enterprises could be completed. "Ava DiMera?" Belle read aloud after Ava handed back the paperwork. "I wanted to take my husband's name so I could honor his memory," Ava explained, drawing an eye roll from E.J.

Belle handed Ava some share certificates then rushed off to file the paperwork. E.J. offered to place the certificates in a safe, but Ava insisted on finding another hiding spot for them. E.J. stewed as Ava sauntered back upstairs with the certificates.

Shawn was chatting with Jada about Marcus Hunter when Belle passed through the police station while en route to the courthouse. Shawn awkwardly introduced Jada to Belle. Jada was stunned to learn that Belle was Shawn's wife.

Kristen went to Rolf's laboratory to get an update on Stefan's condition -- and was alarmed to see that Jake's body was no longer there. "Jake's heart now beats in Stefan's chest...[and Jake's] remains will be interred as befits the son of Stefano DiMera -- in the family crypt," Rolf assured Kristen.

Kristen wanted Stefan's resurrection to be completed right away, but Rolf insisted that the process couldn't be rushed. "Your father trusted me with his life -- you could do the same!" Rolf snapped. "You say that, Rolf, but I don't know with you -- what if this is [just] a new experiment, and you're using both my brothers as guinea pigs?" Kristen countered. Rolf laughed off the accusation then dismissively advised Kristen to focus on other things, like trying to get Chloe away from Brady, and leave matters of life and death to the expert.

Chloe got some work done at Basic Black then headed over to the Evans-Black townhouse to spend some time with Brady -- and they soon realized that Kristen hadn't been in contact with either of them since securing a job as their boss. Brady and Chloe were both concerned about what Kristen might be up to -- and they considered distracting themselves with sex but decided to instead be responsible adults and get some more work done. Chloe and Brady started to head off to Basic Black together -- and found Kristen standing outside the townhouse.

Rafe headed over to the Salem Inn to see Gabi, armed with a stack of mail. Gabi marveled at the size of the stack, prompting Rafe to point out that it had been piling up for several weeks. "You've been shacking up with this Shin dude ever since Ari left for camp!" Rafe reminded Gabi -- and Shin emerged from the bathroom just then, fully dressed, and objected to the dismissive phrase that had been used to describe the living arrangement.

Gabi introduced Rafe to Shin, who soon rushed off to run an errand. As soon as the coast was clear, Rafe started grilling Gabi, who admitted that the situation with Shin would probably never be all that serious. "Stefan was the great love of my life, and I just don't think that anybody could take his place," Gabi explained to Rafe with a shrug.

Rolf was checking Stefan's vitals when someone entered the laboratory. "I told you I had everything under control, Kristen!" Rolf snapped while still focused on Stefan. "It's not Kristen," Shin clarified, drawing a nervous gulp from Rolf.

Li gives Rolf orders

Li gives Rolf orders

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

In the detectives' bullpen of the Salem Police Station, Shawn introduced Belle to his new partner, Jada. After Jada left to attend to business, Shawn said, "I hope that it's all right that I referred to you as my wife." Belle said it was fine. "It was really nice to hear. I missed it," Belle confessed. Belle asked Shawn how he was doing.

"I woke up in the middle of the night to imaginary cries. I ran down to the crib, and I was half-asleep, only to realize," Shawn said with a shrug. "I'm so sorry," Belle said. Shawn said he was glad to be back at work, and he changed the subject to Belle. Belle explained that she had spent the morning working on legal issues stemming from Jake's death. Belle told Shawn about Ava's marriage to Jake.

"Needless to say, E.J. wasn't pleased," Belle said. "How are things with you and E.J.?" Shawn asked hesitantly. "Awkward but cordial. It was the first time that we'd seen each other since I ended things," Belle admitted. Belle told Shawn that E.J. had asked about her marriage. Belle told Shawn that she loved him.

"If it's all right with you, I'd like to move home," Belle said. Belle told Shawn that she wanted to work on their marriage.

Outside the Brady Pub, Nicole hobbled by on crutches as she ran into Eric. Nicole complimented Eric's new shirt. "Guess you're really going all out for your big date," Nicole said. "How did you know?" Eric asked. Nicole admitted she had overheard Eric and Jada making plans. Eric asked Nicole why she had not told him hello at the police station.

"The key ingredient when setting up a date with the new person? The ex-wife. I don't think Jada would have been thrilled," Nicole said. When Nicole commented on the awkwardness, Jada walked over. Jada apologized for being early, and she explained that she was avoiding an awkward situation at the station. "I know the feeling," Nicole muttered. Eric grinned at Nicole.

Eric escorted Jada into the pub. Jada told Eric about the weird vibe she had felt between Shawn and Belle. "Belle is my sister," Eric said. Eric told Jada that Belle was separated from Shawn. Eric told Jada that she would love working with Shawn. With a smile, Eric changed the subject to Jada's living situation.

"You want to see the room?" Eric asked. "Business first, and after that, we can get started with our lunch date?" Jada countered. Outside the pub, Nicole looked through the front window at Jada and Eric. Chloe shouted Nicole's name, and it made Nicole jump. "What are you doing?" Chloe asked. Nicole lied and said she had been fixing her makeup.

"What's up?" Nicole asked. Chloe told Nicole about her run-in with Kristen, and she asked Nicole for the latest version of the Marina file. "Why don't we go inside? I'll pull up the files and get you all set," Nicole suggested. Chloe helped Nicole navigate entering the front door of the pub.

As Nicole and Chloe walked in, Nicole saw Eric escort Jada up the stairs. Eric showed Jada the available room, and he offered a family discount for the pub. "I'm literally right down the hall. You can just holler if you need anything," Eric said. "What if our date is a complete disaster?" Jada joked. With a chuckle, Eric said that everything would be fine. Jada agreed to move in, and Eric handed her a key.

Downstairs, Nicole and Chloe sat at a table. "I can't believe this," Nicole muttered. "I know! Kristen is being so unreasonable, and I can't see any light at the end of this tunnel," Chloe complained. "Yeah, that's awful, too. I was talking about Eric," Nicole said. Nicole explained that Eric was on a first date with Jada, and they had gone upstairs together.

"So, you think they're having sex?" Chloe said. Nicole frowned. Chloe reminded Nicole that Eric was not the type to jump into bed with someone he barely knew. "What's it to you? I mean, you are married to Rafe, right?" Chloe said.

Kristen went to the penthouse to see Brady, and she was annoyed to see him at home with Chloe. When Kristen demanded an explanation for why Brady and Chloe were not at work, Brady countered that Kristen had not been at work in almost two days.

"Where have you been?" Brady asked. "In case you haven't heard, my brother was shot in broad daylight. And I wasn't aware that I need an employee's permission to take time out to mourn him," Kristen said. Chloe gave her condolences. "I didn't think you two were particularly close," Chloe said. Kristen growled that she did not want to talk to Chloe. "I'm here to talk to Brady. In private," Kristen growled. Brady warned Kristen not to treat Chloe badly.

"I can treat Chloe any way I like while she is on the clock," Kristen said. Kristen asked Chloe to fetch the Marina file for her. With a groan, Chloe said that she would be happy to retrieve the file, and she left. "Was that necessary?" Brady asked. "Necessary? No. Fun? Hell, yes," Kristen said with a chuckle.

When Kristen said she wanted to "talk about us," Brady reminded Kristen that there was no "us." Kristen smirked. "There will always be an us. We share a child. And I have waited long enough to see her," Kristen said. Brady argued that Rachel was enjoying her vacation in California, but Kristen was adamant.

"I am finally free, and I still don't get to see my daughter. I miss my little girl. And I know she misses me, too," Kristen said. "Fine. I'll bring her home, but I'm not about to start taking demands from you about her. She is our daughter, but I have full custody," Brady stressed. Brady admitted that Kristen had been a good mother, and he agreed to reexamine the custody arrangement.

"I'll give you shared custody. But if and only if you resign from Basic Black, and you leave Chloe and me the hell alone," Brady said.

At the Salem Inn, Rafe asked Gabi why she was a cynic about love. "Maybe when my husband was shot and killed," Gabi said. Rafe reminded Gabi that she had found love with Jake. Gabi stressed that her love for Jake had not been the same as her love for Stefan. Rafe asked about Li.

"I don't know if we'll ever really be a thing," Gabi admitted. "Well, you never know. Give it time," Rafe said. Rafe reminded Gabi that she and Stefan had hated one another when they had first met. "We were so happy, and then he was just gone. It's not fair, Rafe. Why couldn't I have gotten more time with him?" Gabi said. Rafe told Gabi that he wanted her to be happy.

"I'm happy enough," Gabi said. Gabi promised to make an effort to believe in love again. Rafe smiled with relief. Gabi said that she enjoyed spending time with Li, and she did not discount falling in love with him at some point.

"[Li] is a little hard to read. I'm not sure if he is just guarded or if he has something to hide," Gabi admitted. Gabi told Rafe that she jumped to conclusions too easily. "You're not alone," Rafe said. Rafe told Gabi about how he had jumped to conclusions when he had seen Eric comforting Nicole in the park.

"I mean, please just tell me I'm being an insecure fool," Rafe said. "Not necessarily," Gabi said. Gabi noted that Eric and Nicole were one another's first loves, and they had a strong bond. "Excuse me while I throw myself out that window!" Rafe muttered. Gabi reminded Rafe that Eric and Nicole's marriage had fizzled.

"[Their marriage] failed because they were two completely different people, and that has not changed," Gabi assured Rafe. "I would just feel so much better if Eric were still a priest and living halfway around the world," Rafe admitted. Gabi reminded Rafe that he was a catch.

"Nicole made a very smart choice. Don't you forget that!" Gabi said. Gabi hugged her brother.

Rolf was busy at work in his secret lab in the tunnels when Li Shin walked in. "I was wondering when you might look in," Rolf said. "I like to keep an eye on all of DiMera Enterprises' assets. I hope you found everything to be in working order on your return," Li said. Rolf confirmed that Li's funding and medical staffing had "done an adequate job" while Rolf had been in prison.

"What could be more important than saving the life of Stefano DiMera's son," Li said with a grin. With a chuckle, Li noted that when he had first uncovered the slush fund that covered Rolf's lab, he had not expected to find Stefano in the lab. Li told Rolf that he had been happy to fund Rolf's work.

"I placed all this trust in you, only to find out you've been holding out on me," Li grumbled. Rolf admitted that he did not know why Li was upset. "I assume you were just about to tell me you put Jake's heart in Stefan's body," Li said. Rolf played dumb. Li told Rolf that he had installed a surveillance system in the lab while Rolf had been in prison.

"I didn't think it was prudent to inform you until I was certain that the procedure was a success. Until then, I thought it best to keep it just between myself and Kristen. No one else knows, I assure you," Rolf promised. Li warned Rolf never to keep him out of the loop again.

"I would hate it for your funding to suddenly dry up, or for all of your work to disappear," Li said. "Message received," Rolf confirmed. Li smiled. "Was it a success?" Li asked. Rolf told Li that the procedure had been successful, and he hoped to awaken Jake that day.

"Very impressive, but I'm afraid that doesn't work for me," Li said. Confused, Rolf noted, "I thought we were on the same page. That we must do everything possible to revive Stefano's namesake." Li explained that he had been on board until he had fallen for Stefan's widow.

"And if [Gabi] suddenly finds her long-lost love suddenly alive and well and strolling through the square, then she'll go running back into his arms in an instant. And I'll be left in the cold," Li said. Rolf asked Li what he wanted. Li suggested that the patient should have "an unexpected setback." As Li examined the machines, a shocked Rolf asked Li if he wanted to pull the plug on Stefan.

"This is Stefano DiMera's son! And I refuse to take his life, and I won't allow you to do it, either," Rolf said. Rolf raised his fists in preparation for a fight. Li smiled, and he assured Rolf that he did not want to fight. "I'm merely asking you to slow down Stefan's recovery," Li said. Li explained that he needed time to plan for Stefan's return.

"Both personally and professionally," Li said. Rolf asked about Kristen. "Tell [Kristen] you made a slight miscalculation," Li suggested. "I never miscalculate," Rolf stressed. Li ordered Rolf to keep Stefan on ice and figure out an excuse to keep Kristen at bay.

Sarah and Xander discover something about Gwen

Sarah and Xander discover something about Gwen

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny offered Chad a job as executive vice president at Titan. Alex appeared, and he smugly announced that Victor had given Alex the job. Sonny was surprised and angry that Victor hadn't told Sonny the news. Alex "apologized," but he talked down to Sonny during their conversation and seemed to revel in the news.

After Alex left, a furious Sonny wondered why Victor had kept him in the dark about Alex's hiring. Sonny told Chad that he had once looked up to Alex but that things had started to change. Sonny said that he'd planned to give Alex a job at Titan, anyway, but he didn't appreciate that the choice had been taken away from him by Alex and Victor.

Sonny changed the subject, and he recalled the grief he'd experienced when he'd thought he'd lost Will forever. Sonny suggested that Chad see a counselor. Chad said the only person he needed to see was Thomas after Chad had snapped at his son earlier. Sonny and Chad patted each other on the shoulder, and Chad left.

Outside Sweet Bits in Horton Town Square, Chanel received flowers from Paulina. Allie saw the card that Paulina had sent with the flowers. "I'm sorry," the card read. Allie asked what Paulina had done, and Chanel admitted that Paulina had considered helping Johnny get Chanel back. Allie was furious, and she stormed off to confront Johnny.

After Allie left, Chanel encountered Alex outside the bakery. Alex quickly got on Chanel's nerves when he laughed at the name of the bakery. Alex started to hit on Chanel, and he wanted to take her for "a night on the town." Chanel surprised Alex when she said that she'd broken up with her boyfriend in order to be with her girlfriend.

Allie reappeared, and Alex made chauvinistic and sexist remarks about Allie and Chanel's relationship. Alex called the pair's romance "hot," and he implied that it was only because they were both women. Alex then asked both women out on a date. Allie was unmoved, but Chanel slyly encouraged Allie to accept Alex's proposal. Allie said yes, and Chanel gave her a wink, as if Chanel had an ulterior agenda in mind.

At the DiMera mansion, Johnny accidentally walked in on a topless Ava in Chad's old room. Ava said that E.J. had invited her to move in. Johnny was surprised when Ava announced that she had married Jake. Johnny welcomed Ava into the family, and he was embarrassed when his towel slipped. Johnny tried to apologize, but he and Ava laughed.

Later, Allie stormed into the main room of the mansion and confronted Johnny over his attempt to win back Chanel. Allie reminded Johnny that she and Chanel were together. Just then, Ava entered the room, unannounced. "Oh, are you? Well, that didn't take long," Ava said to Allie.

Ava recalled that Allie had given Tripp mixed signals about Allie's feelings for him, and she accused Allie of having run Tripp out of town. Allie apologized for having hurt Tripp, and she told Ava that the two of them needed to remain civil for Henry's sake. Ava agreed, and Allie left.

Afterwards, Ava and Johnny shared a friendly moment alone, and the two joked that they were "intimately acquainted" after having seen each other naked. Johnny left, and later, in Ava's room, he spotted Ava's nightgown on the floor. Johnny picked up the nightgown, and he flashed back to having seen Ava naked. Johnny smiled at the memory.

Downstairs, Gwen entered the main room of the mansion, and she told Ava that Sarah had an alibi for the night of Abigail's murder. Gwen said that Ava had to swear not to reveal that she had helped Gwen escape from Statesville on the night of the murder. "Is that because you're the one who killed her?" Ava asked pointedly.

Gwen denied that she'd killed Abigail, but she admitted that she'd had a motive. If the cops learned that she'd also had the opportunity, Gwen reasoned, it wouldn't look good for either her or Ava. "Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me," Ava said sternly.

At Statesville Prison, Sarah and Xander formed a ruse to distract the warden and to gain access to the prison's computer records in an effort to incriminate Gwen for Abigail's murder. Following a close run-in with the warden, Sarah and Xander left after having copied prison files from the warden's computer onto a thumb drive.

Back in their room at the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah and Xander discovered that Gwen had gone missing for several hours on the night of Abigail's murder, and the two pondered what their next move should be. Sarah surmised that she and Xander knew Gwen had killed Abigail and that they only had to prove it.

On her laptop, Sarah checked the prison's visitor logs from the night that Gwen had escaped. Sarah and Xander were surprised that Gwen had received visits from Leo and Ava the day after Abigail's murder. "Ava sold Gwen down the river to get immunity. Why would she be visiting Gwen?" Xander wondered.

Sarah learned from the prison records that Gwen had made two phone calls on the day of Abigail's murder -- also to Leo and Ava. Sarah remarked that the difference between Leo and Ava's visits was that Leo, as Gwen's friend, would have had a reason to visit Gwen, while Ava wouldn't have had one. Xander thought that if anyone could have had the pull to arrange a prison break, it would be someone with the type of mob connections that Ava had.

Sarah suggested that she and Xander have a talk with Ava. "If we can figure out how Ava got Gwen out of prison, then we can prove that Gwen is the one who killed Abigail," Sarah said.

Later, in the room above Jake's garage, Kristen phoned Rolf to ask for an update on Stefan. Kristen urged Rolf to hurry things along. "As you are well aware, I am not a very patient person. I need this done. Stefan DiMera is not staying on ice forever," Kristen said cryptically.

Leo feels the walls closing in on him

Leo feels the walls closing in on him

Thursday, August 11, 2022

In Sarah and Xander's room at the Kiriakis mansion, Xander was confident that he could get Ava to incriminate Gwen, since Ava had previously turned on Gwen in exchange for immunity. Sarah reminded Xander that Leo had also been at Statesville to visit Gwen after Abigail had been murdered. Xander doubted that Leo was truly capable of murder, but he said that Gwen was capable of anything.

Sarah and Xander temporarily put aside their plans for Ava and Gwen, and the two pulled each other into a warm embrace. Sarah and Xander started to kiss, and the two made love. Afterwards, Xander brought Sarah dessert in bed, but they quickly became distracted with each other and made love again. "I think the last time I was this happy was the night before our wedding," Sarah said afterwards.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. walked in on Ava and Gwen in a private moment. E.J. invited Gwen to stay for dinner, and to Ava's chagrin, Gwen accepted the offer. E.J. said he hoped that he and Gwen would become better acquainted. "Perhaps we'll even get around to discussing that secret that Ava seems to be keeping for you," E.J. remarked.

Later, E.J. raised a toast to family and to new friends. E.J. couldn't wait to hear more about Ava and Gwen's secret, and he added that he couldn't help but wonder if the secret had anything to do with Abigail's murder. E.J. recalled that Gwen, as Jack's long-lost daughter, had arrived in Salem to seek revenge. Gwen claimed that her anger was in the past and that she'd made peace with Abigail before Abigail's death. Ava was nervous, and E.J. remarked that the two still hadn't told him their secret.

Ava said the secret was that Gwen still wanted Xander all to herself. E.J. saw through the lie, and he said that someone other than Lucas and Sarah had killed Abigail. Before he left the room to check on dinner, E.J. heavily implied that both Gwen and Ava knew who Abigail's killer was.

At the Brady Pub, Clyde told Nancy that she had been as good a friend as he had ever had. Clyde seemed to genuinely care about Nancy, who expressed her belief that the man who'd sold Clyde the bracelet that had belonged to Abigail had to be the same person who'd killed Abigail. Clyde wished that he had given the police a better description of "the little weasel" who'd sold him the jewelry. Nancy wanted Clyde to spend an evening together with her, Chloe, and Brady. Clyde doubted that either Chloe or Brady would accept him as a part of Nancy's life. Still, Nancy persisted, and Clyde left the pub to change clothes.

At Basic Black, Leo stunned Chloe and Brady when he appeared unexpectedly and announced that he was there to "save" Basic Black. Leo said that he was interested in becoming a brand specialist for the company, and he had with him a lookbook of his designs and photos. Chloe and Brady weren't interested in Leo's ideas. Leo said he would start his own fashion company to "bury" Basic Black.

After Leo left, Chloe looked at Leo's designs, and she admitted that many of them were good. Nancy entered, and she asked why Chloe had been looking at photos of Leo. Chloe and Brady assured Nancy that they'd all but thrown Leo out of the office with their own bare hands.

Nancy formally invited Chloe and Brady to join her and Clyde for dinner. Nancy pleaded with them to give Clyde a chance to prove his love for her. To Nancy's delight, a reluctant Chloe nervously agreed to the dinner. After Chloe agreed, Brady said he would attend the dinner, as well.

At the bar in Horton Town Square, Leo was rattled when he was approached by an angry Clyde, who said that he'd been searching for Leo. Clyde forcibly grabbed Leo by the arm. "They had me in for the murder of Abigail DiMera. Lucky for me, I had an alibi. But I get the feeling you're not gonna be half as lucky as I was," Clyde said sternly.

Clyde planned to phone the police, but Leo caught Clyde off guard when he threw his drink in Clyde's face. Leo ran out of the bar while Clyde was temporarily blinded by the liquor. Just then, Nancy, Chloe, and Brady arrived. Clyde told the three that he'd just encountered the man who'd sold him Abigail's bracelet.

At Jack and Jennifer's place, Thomas ran upstairs when Chad returned home. Jennifer asked what had happened, and Chad recalled that he'd lost his temper with Thomas the previous day. Jennifer said that she, Jack, and Thomas had all been worried when Chad hadn't returned home the previous night.

Chad felt awful for what he'd put Thomas through. Jennifer brought Thomas downstairs. Chad apologized to Thomas for having lost his temper and for having not returned home the previous night. Chad recalled that Abigail had always found ways to cheer everyone up, and he said that he wanted to be able to do the same thing for Thomas and Charlotte. Chad invited Jennifer to join him and Thomas for frozen yogurt, but Jennifer encouraged Chad and Thomas to have their own "boys' night."

Later, in Horton Town Square, Chad and Thomas ate frozen yogurt. Thomas lost a tooth that had been loose, and he asked Chad to help arrange a visit from the Tooth Fairy -- the way Abigail had once done. Chad was taken aback when Thomas said that he'd seen the Tooth Fairy in the basement of the DiMera mansion.

Thomas added that he'd told Abigail that he'd seen the Tooth Fairy in the basement. "If you don't believe me, ask him yourself! There he is!" Thomas said excitedly.

Chad turned and saw Leo, who'd just rushed out of the bar.

Thomas talks to the police about Leo

Thomas talks to the police about Leo

Friday, August 12, 2022

Eric went to the penthouse, but only Belle was at home. "What's up with the bags?" Eric asked. With a grin, Belle said, "I'm moving back home." Eric complimented Belle, but Belle warned Eric not to give her too much credit.

"If that baby had been Shawn's with Jan, I don't know if I would be moving back in," Belle admitted. Belle explained that the baby had not been the source of her marital problems. "And there is still the fact that I slept with E.J. when Shawn and I were separated, and that's not something he can just get over. Sami never will," Belle said. Belle told Eric that Shawn wanted to make the marriage work and that she was hopeful.

"I have a very good feeling about you and Shawn. Especially after I heard you went to see him at the station today," Eric said. "How'd you hear that?" Belle asked. Eric explained that he had shown a room to Jada at the pub. When Belle suggested that Eric should ask Jada out, Eric chuckled.

"Please don't tell me you're not ready. I love you dearly, but it's time. Nicole is happily married to Rafe now," Belle said. Eric told Belle that he had already had a lunch date with Jada. Belle grinned. Eric told Belle about his date. "I'm glad you're moving on," Belle said. "I'm glad you're moving home. It's where you belong," Eric said.

In the bar off the square, Clyde told Nancy, Chloe, and Brady about his run-in with the man that had sold him Abigail's jewelry. "You got a good look at him, right?" Brady asked. "You bet I did," Clyde confirmed. Brady argued that the jewel thief had to be Abigail's murderer. Brady started to call Rafe, but Clyde stopped him.

"I ain't no hero," Clyde said. Clyde explained to Nancy that there was more to the story about the bracelet. "Let's hear it. All of it," Chloe said. Clyde explained that Leo had approached him at the pub with an offer to sell his aunt's jewelry.

"But I knew from the beginning that the stuff was hot. And I offered to fence it for him," Clyde confessed. Clyde argued that he had wanted to get a special gift for Nancy. "Nothing says I love you like stolen jewelry from a murder victim," Brady muttered. Clyde protested that he had not known the source of the jewelry.

"That's why you don't want to talk to the police," Brady said. Clyde told Nancy that he had violated his parole and that the cops would send him back to prison. "Are you really going to refuse to cooperate with the police when it could lead to Abigail's killer?" Brady asked. "This man has done nothing but lie to you. Now he's obstructing justice," Chloe argued. Nancy took Clyde aside.

"You promised me that you wouldn't lie to me again," Nancy said. "I hate what I did, but I can't go back to prison," Clyde said. Nancy argued that Clyde did not know that for sure. "Fencing is a crime," Clyde said. Chloe suggested that Rafe might cut Clyde some slack.

"Even if I do give them a description, there's no guarantee they are going to catch him. He's probably long gone by now," Clyde argued. Nancy asked Clyde if he had any clues to the thief's identity. "All I know is that he's a wine-swilling twerp in a floral print suit," Clyde said. Choe exchanged a look with Brady. Brady pulled out Leo's lookbook, and he showed it to Clyde. "That's the guy," Clyde confirmed.

"Are you sure this is the guy?" Brady asked. "No doubt in my mind," Clyde said. "Do you know who that is?" Nancy asked. Clyde shrugged. Nancy told Clyde that the thief was her ex-husband's ex, Leo.

"Of all the people that could have murdered Abigail," Chloe said. "Leo Stark," Brady muttered. Chloe confessed that she was unsure if Leo was capable of murder. "Leo blamed Abigail just as much as he blamed us for ruining his relationship with your dad," Brady said. "But furious enough to murder her?" Chloe countered.

At the police station, Jada and Shawn commiserated over their run-ins with Trask. Trask had yelled at both of them about Clyde. Shawn vowed to find the guy that had sold Abigail's jewelry to Clyde.

"I wish Clyde would have given us a better description," Jada lamented. Jada changed the subject to Belle. "She's moving back home tonight," Shawn said. Jada congratulated Shawn. When Jada told Shawn that she had attempted to reconcile with her ex-husband, Shawn was surprised to learn that Jada had been divorced.

"It was a stupid thing for me to bring up," Jada said. Jada told Shawn that she was sure that Shawn would work things out with Belle. "Was the divorce recent? Is that why you moved to Salem?" Shawn asked. "It's been awhile, actually," Jada said. Shawn asked Jada if she was okay. Jada admitted that she had felt like a failure, but she had gotten past it.

"In fact, I had a date today," Jada confessed. "Was he nice?" Shawn asked. Jada told Shawn that she had gone on a date with Eric. Shawn was surprised but pleased by the news. When Jada wondered aloud about the awkwardness of the situation with Nicole and Rafe, Shawn assured Jada that everyone had moved on.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny called Chad's phone and left a voicemail. Sonny told Chad that if he wanted a job, there were plenty available at Titan. Alex walked into the living room, and he overheard Sonny complain about Victor's decision to hire Alex.

As Sonny ended the call, Alex said, "As long as you're not pissed off at your brother." Sonny assured Alex that he was mad at Victor, not Alex. Alex told Sonny that he had not lobbied for the job.

"I knew that it was not cool that you were not part of that discussion, and I told Uncle Vic that," Alex said. "And he said, 'Who's Sonny?'" Sonny grumbled. Alex reminded Sonny that Sonny was Victor's favorite.

"Do you know the amount of times he has told me I will never be as successful as he is because I don't have a killer instinct or whatever?" Sonny said. Alex admitted that he loved Victor, but he did not think Sonny should emulate their uncle.

"I'm totally okay with you taking the job. The one thing I'm not okay with is being disrespected," Sonny said. Sonny complained that Victor had pushed Sonny to take the job as CEO despite the cost to Sonny's personal life. "I think Uncle Vic thought that this is a family business, and because we are family that maybe you wouldn't mind working closely with me," Alex said. Sonny hesitantly nodded yes. Worried, Alex asked Sonny if he had a problem working with him.

"It's not that I have an issue working with you, per se," Sonny started. Alex guessed that Sonny was intimidated by Alex's assertiveness. With a sigh, Sonny argued that he was also assertive and confident.

"I know you can get a little sensitive about being condescended to, especially by me," Alex said. Alex playfully slapped his brother, and Sonny wriggled away. "You make me sound like a little weenie," Sonny protested. Sonny told Alex that he was not upset about Alex's condescension because Alex did that with everyone.

"You're my brother. I love you, man. I'm letting you know right now, that in no uncertain terms, that I am never, ever going to steamroll you in this role," Alex stressed. Alex promised to defer to Sonny as the boss. "I don't think you can handle that," Sonny said. "That is really disappointing," Alex said. Alex reminded Sonny that they had worked well together in the past.

"I have no problem deferring to you. I know that you are more than capable of doing this. And like I said, I love you. You are my brother," Alex said. Alex told Sonny that he wanted to use the opportunity for them to bond. "You mean it?" Sonny asked. "Of course, I mean it. You're not just capable, you're one of the kindest people I've ever met in my life. Not to mention funny as hell," Alex said. Sonny smiled.

As Alex looked at his watch and noted a prior appointment, Sonny asked Alex if he wanted to join the family for dinner. "I've got plans. You want to come with me?" Alex asked. Sonny noted that he had work to do after dinner, and Alex nodded in understanding. "We good?" Alex asked. "We're good," Sonny said.

At the café in the square, Thomas told Chad about the male Tooth Fairy he had seen in the DiMera tunnels. Leo walked into the square. "There he is!" Thomas shouted with a grin. Chad looked at Leo, and then he asked Thomas if he was sure he had seen Leo in the DiMera mansion. Thomas nodded yes.

"When was this?" Chad asked. "The day Mommy went to heaven," Thomas said. Leo rushed out of the square, and Chad pursued him. Chad grabbed Leo before he could leave.

"You want to tell me what you were doing in my basement the day my wife was murdered?" Chad asked. Leo argued that Thomas was mistaken. Chad reminded Leo about their conversation in the park about Thomas being a "sweet child."

"I think you met [Thomas] when you were hiding in our basement. You told him you were the Tooth Fairy," Chad said. Leo scoffed at the idea. "Obviously he's making it up," Leo said. Leo said that Thomas was confused, and he turned to leave.

"You are not going anywhere but the police station," Chad growled. Chad forcibly escorted Leo to the police station. After Chad left Thomas with Jada, he threw Leo in the interrogation room with Shawn. "What the hell is going on here?" Shawn asked. "Chad won't leave me alone!" Leo exclaimed. Chad said, "Long story short? He killed my wife."

"Based on some absurd story his kid told him. The whole thing is ridiculous," Leo said. Chad told Shawn what Thomas had said. "Thomas pointed at Leo, and Leo took off. Why would he do that if he wasn't guilty?" Chad argued. Leo groaned. "I was late to an appointment. I didn't see him or his kid," Leo said.

"Leo had motive. He hated Abigail because she helped me break up his relationship with Craig Wesley," Chad said. Leo rolled his eyes. Chad reminded Leo that Leo had vowed revenge against Sonny, Brady, Chloe, Chad, and Abigail.

"Were you in Chad's basement or not?" Shawn asked. "Have you been to the DiMera mansion? That place is a fortress. How would I even know how to get in there?" Leo said. Leo thought about when he had talked to Gwen on the phone about directions around the tunnels.

"Tunnels? I have no idea what you're talking about," Leo said. Chad grabbed Leo by the shirt. Shawn intervened. While Leo waited in the interrogation room, Shawn joined Chad, Jada, and Thomas in the detectives' bullpen.

"You want to tell us about the man you saw in our basement?" Chad asked Thomas. Thomas explained that on the morning of Abigail's murder, he had been playing hide-and-seek in the tunnels with Charlotte.

"I saw a man. And I asked him what he was doing. It was kind of scary. He said he was going to lock me up, but then he said he was the Tooth Fairy. So, I stopped being scared," Thomas said. Thomas lowered his eyes to the ground, and Chad asked what was wrong.

"Is the Tooth Fairy in trouble? Is he mad at me because I wasn't supposed to tell?" Thomas asked. "What was it you weren't supposed to tell?" Shawn asked. "That I saw him. He said it was a secret. And I broke my promise," Thomas said.

Jada assured Thomas that he had not done anything wrong. "But he said not to tell anyone, especially my parents, or I wouldn't get any Tooth Fairy money for the rest of my life!" Thomas said. Jada asked Thomas what had happened next, and Thomas told them that he had retrieved breakfast for Leo.

"You've been very helpful," Chad told Thomas. Upset, Thomas yelled, "But I broke my promise! Then I told Mom, then I told you, and then the police! I don't want him to be in trouble, and I don't want to be in trouble, either." Jada told Thomas that he was not in trouble.

"You did exactly what Mommy and I taught you. You told the truth. Mommy would be very proud," Chad said. Chad looked at Shawn. "We're set," Shawn said. Chad kissed his son, and he promised to be home in time to tuck Thomas into bed.

"First, Daddy has to talk to the Tooth Fairy again," Chad said. "If he's not too mad at me, please tell him he owes me $50," Thomas said. "He owes you a lot more than that," Chad whispered. Chad hugged Thomas.

After Thomas left, Chad demanded that Shawn arrest Leo. "We need to follow procedure," Shawn stressed. When Shawn noted that they needed to talk to Rafe, Chad ordered Shawn to call him. "He's gone for the day," Jada said. Furious, Chad said that Rafe had promised him that he would not stop until he had caught Abigail's killer.

Rafe helped Nicole into a seat at the café in the square. "How is the ankle?" Rafe asked. Nicole said she was almost healed. With a grin, Nicole said she was very excited to have a night out with her husband. "I know how much pressure you've been feeling at work," Nicole said. Rafe told Nicole that the stress had eased up because of Shawn and Jada.

"[Jada] has been doing some job, huh? I know she was with you when you tracked down the guy who robbed me," Nicole said. Rafe admitted that the situation had been tense. "And Jada saved [Ava's] life?" Nicole asked. "[Jada] did the right thing, but she was definitely a little shaken up afterward," Rafe said. Rafe noted that Jada was a good person with a good conscience.

"Sounds like she is working out great," Nicole said. Rafe told Nicole that he had partnered Jada with Shawn. "He really likes her," Rafe said. "So does Eric," Nicole countered. When Rafe raised an eyebrow, Nicole announced that Eric and Jada were dating. Nicole explained that she had overheard Eric and Jada make the date, and then she had seen them at the pub together. "I actually think they'll be a great couple," Rafe said. Nicole shrugged.

"I just hope for both their sakes that it doesn't get awkward down the line," Nicole said. Nicole explained that Jada had rented a room down the hall from Eric at the pub. Nicole said a breakup could be bad. "But hopefully it will work out, right?" Rafe countered. "Yes, hopefully," Nicole said.

As Rafe and Nicole turned their attention to the menus, Rafe's phone rang. "It's Chad," Rafe said. Chad told Rafe that he was at the station with Abigail's killer. Rafe apologized to Nicole, and he explained that there was a development in Abigail's case. "I'm fine. I'll get something, and I'll see you at home," Nicole assured Rafe.

At the police station, Shawn, Jada, and Chad returned to the interrogation room. "Finally. I assume you are here to release me with your sincere apologies," Leo said. "You're going to be here awhile," Shawn said.

"Don't tell me this is about what that screwed-up little DiMera kid said? You don't actually believe any of that, do you? The Tooth Fairy in the basement? Come on!" Leo protested. Shawn told Leo that Rafe was on his way.

After work, Jada went to the pub. Jada ran into Eric out front, and they bantered about being neighbors. "I think we just caught a big break in the Abigail DiMera case," Jada said. "That's great!" Eric said. Since Jada could not talk about the case, Eric invited Jada to join him for dinner. As Eric and Jada walked into the pub, arm in arm, Nicole hobbled around the corner and saw them.

When Belle arrived at home, Shawn was in the living room. "You're right on time. The grill is all fired up," Shawn said. Shawn welcomed Belle home. "It's good to be home," Belle said.

In the bullpen of the police station, Chad watched as Rafe sat down at the desk across from Leo. Leo argued that Thomas had an active imagination. "Call my kid a liar one more time," Chad growled. "Why is he here?" Leo asked. As Rafe questioned Leo, Leo cracked jokes.

"You think this is funny?" Rafe asked. "No! I think it's outrageous! I have been harassed, detained, and slandered. And I don't have to take it anymore," Leo said. As Leo rose from his chair to leave, Chad demanded that Rafe stop Leo.

"I don't have enough to hold [Leo] here, let alone arrest him," Rafe explained. "You let him go, he'll disappear! We'll never see him again!" Chad yelled.

"I want this case solved as much as you do, but I don't have enough to implicate Leo. And I don't have the testimony from a corroborating witness!" Rafe argued. "Oh, yes, you do," Clyde announced as he walked into the room with Nancy.

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