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Kristen apologized to Chad. Jack cursed Gwen. Gwen told Rafe that Abigail had been alive when Gwen had left the mansion. Leo told the police that Gwen had confessed to murder. E.J. questioned Ava's intentions for Johnny. Stefan woke up. Ava fainted at the sight of Stefan. Li stopped Stefan from reuniting with Gabi. Steve interrupted Stephanie's meeting. Orpheus kidnapped Kayla and Marlena. Abe decided to run for governor. Paulina apologized to Allie. Eric slept with Jada. Alex was smitten with Stephanie. Roman forgave Kate.
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Stefan woke up and wanted to see Gabi. Orpheus kidnapped Kayla and Marlena. Nicole and Eric dreamed about one another.
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Leo and Gwen relive the night of Abigail's murder

Leo and Gwen relive the night of Abigail's murder

Monday, August 22, 2022

by Mike

Gwen was alone in one of the conference rooms at the police station, having a meltdown, when Rafe opened the door and realized what was going on.

Rafe suggested that the behavior was a sign of a guilty conscience, but Gwen laughed off the implication and claimed to be incapable of putting Jack through the pain of losing Abigail.

Leo was pacing around a holding cell when Sloan approached and announced that Rafe was in the process of questioning Gwen. "Thanks to you selling her down the river," Sloan stressed. "It was either her or me!" Leo countered.

Sloan demanded a recap of everything Leo had done at the DiMera mansion on the night of Abigail's murder -- just as Rafe demanded a recap of everything Gwen had done at the DiMera mansion on the night of Abigail's murder.

Leo recalled having been camped out in the secret tunnels below the DiMera mansion on the night in question. Leo admitted to having considered moving on to a new hiding spot after a chance encounter with Thomas -- and also admitted to having decided to first steal a few things as a way of punishing Abigail and Chad for having scared off Craig. "They owed me!" Leo reasoned before confessing to having sneaked up to Chad and Abigail's bedroom to look for valuables -- and having then gotten stuck in the bathroom as a captive audience to the couple's final sexual encounter. Leo claimed to have later found an opportunity to break open a jewelry box with a steak knife then escape with its contents. Leo guessed that Gwen had then arrived and used the steak knife to murder Abigail.

Gwen recalled having been holed up at Statesville on the night in question. Gwen admitted to having received upsetting visits from Abigail and Sarah -- and also admitted to having found a way to sneak off to the DiMera mansion later that night. Gwen claimed to have threatened Abigail with a syringe of saline in an effort to get Sarah shipped off to a mental institution and away from Xander. Gwen explained that Abigail had ripped off the mask during their struggle and had threatened to call the warden. Gwen fretted about how humiliating it had been to beg for Abigail's mercy -- then insisted that Lucas had seen "Sarah" drop the syringe, not the murder weapon, while fleeing from the mansion afterward. Gwen claimed to have ditched the mask and the syringe before rushing back to Statesville.

Rafe had doubts about Gwen's story -- and Sloan believed Leo's story but feared that the police wouldn't be as open-minded. Later, while being led to a holding cell, Gwen lashed out at Leo, who responded in kind.

At the Salem Inn, Shin told Gabi that Rolf had stopped by their room to ask for a job at DiMera Enterprises. "Over my dead body!" Gabi protested. "I'm fine with that..." Rolf countered.

Kristen phoned from the hospital just then, but Rolf sent the call to voicemail. "Damn it, Rolf, this is no time to go radio silent on me -- did you talk to Shin about killing Stefan's unfathomable love for Gabi and aiming it at Chloe?" Kristen, who was alone in Marlena's office, snapped before ending the call. "Chloe?" Chad repeated from the office doorway.

Gabi insisted that Rolf should have answered the call because there was nothing more for the two of them to say to each other. "You told me there was nothing you could do for Stefan -- and then Jake showed up, and you made me believe that he was Stefan [and] that his memory issues could be cleared up with one of your injections --" Gabi bitterly reminded Rolf as Shin desperately tried to prevent the confrontation from getting out of hand. "The same drug that Abigail was injected with -- and, suddenly, I became the main suspect --" Gabi continued. "Maybe you should donate your brain to science -- maybe they'll find a cure for your particular brand of insanity! You're a joke, a loser, a laughingstock --" Gabi continued.

"You only show your ignorance of my powers -- if you had any idea what I had achieved, you'd get down on your knees and thank me!" Rolf countered, confusing Gabi and horrifying Shin. In an effort to do damage control, Shin dragged Rolf out of the room then distracted Gabi with sex -- but Gabi reminded Shin of Rolf's comments later that night then wondered what they had meant.

Kristen admitted that it was a surprise to see Chad in Marlena's office, of all places -- and Chad responded that it was just as surprising to see Kristen in Marlena's office, of all places. "Trying to figure out why you're such a terrible person?" Chad guessed, prompting Kristen to start venting about having to jump through hoops just to spend time with Rachel.

Chad eventually steered the conversation back to its starting point, wondering why Kristen had called someone earlier to discuss Chloe and had then hung up on the person with a scream of frustration. Relieved that Chad hadn't heard anything particularly incriminating, Kristen explained that Basic Black was in trouble because Chloe was a bad employee.

"I'm sure you gave her a fair trial," Chad argued, knowing that Chloe was dating Brady -- but Kristen ignored the dig and changed the subject, begging to know how Thomas and Charlotte were coping with Abigail's death. "Go to hell," Chad spat before starting to storm off, still furious with Kristen for having shipped Abigail off to DiMera Island months earlier. "I have done terrible things," Kristen conceded, stopping Chad. "I'm the worst of the DiMeras, and that is really saying something -- but you're the best of us," Kristen added, drawing a scoff from Chad, who didn't see that as a particularly noteworthy achievement.

Kristen guessed that Chad had visited Marlena's office in search of help. "See, I never asked for help -- I was circling the drain and just doubled down on all things DiMera -- and now I have to ask permission to see my daughter, whom I love more than life itself," Kristen stressed while fighting back tears. "I wasn't strong enough or humble enough or good enough to put her first -- but you are," Kristen continued. "You're going to put Charlotte and Thomas first -- you're not gonna fall apart like I did -- [because] that is what good parents do...or so I've been told," Kristen concluded before apologizing to Chad for what had happened with Abigail.

Chad rejected Kristen's apology then headed off to the Horton house, where Jack and Jennifer revealed that the police were questioning Gwen about Abigail's murder. Chad didn't react to the news, leaving Jennifer and Jack concerned.

Kristen headed off to Rolf's laboratory and insisted that Stefan needed to be brainwashed right away. "It will give me great pleasure to wipe out his love for that impudent she-wolf forever," Rolf assured Kristen, still fuming about Gabi's earlier comments. After chasing Kristen off, Rolf got to work -- but Stefan woke up during the experiment.

Stefan wakes up and asks for Gabi

Stefan wakes up and asks for Gabi

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Steve was cleaning his gun in the living room when Kayla returned home from work. Steve told Kayla that he was escorting Stephanie to her meeting with a mystery client. "The hell you are," Stephanie said. "You're my daughter, and you're about to walk into a trap, and I'm not going to let that happen," Steve countered. Stephanie stressed that she could take care of herself.

"And I trust the person who set up this meeting," Stephanie added. "Well, I don't," Steve said. Stephanie argued that Steve would sour her prospective client. When Steve noted that Stephanie did not know the name of her prospective client, Stephanie called Steve paranoid. "I don't deny that I am extra vigilant when it comes to Orpheus, but you don't understand how dangerous he is," Steve said.

"You both have a point. You have to admit that it is a little suspicious that your client hasn't revealed their identity," Kayla said. Stephanie stressed that it was common for prospective clients in her business to approach her anonymously. "If dad shows up, they'll decide I can't be trusted, and there goes the job," Stephanie argued. Steve promised that he would leave the meeting if it was legitimate.

"That sounds reasonable, doesn't it?" Kayla asked. Stephanie shook her head in frustration. "It is Orpheus. Believe me, you'll be glad I'm there," Steve said. Stephanie argued that her parents were treating her like a child. "I need you to back off and let me live my life," Stephanie said. With a sigh, Steve announced that he would go for a walk, and he left.

"Your father is just worried about you," Kayla said. "He is allowed to worry, but he is not allowed to take over my life," Stephanie countered. Stephanie complained that she had known her father would interfere with her life if she moved back to Salem.

Marlena met up with John at the bistro in the square, and he gave her flowers. "What is the occasion?" Marlena asked. "Date night, pretty lady. It's been far too long," John said. As John leaned forward to kiss Marlena, Paulina interrupted. "Mind if I join you?" Paulina asked. With a sigh of resignation, Marlena asked Paulina what she wanted.

"You need to convince [Abe] to run for governor," Paulina said. "Running for office is a very big decision," Marlena said. "If Abe doesn't want to run for governor, I'm sure he has got some pretty good reasons," John added. Paulina argued that the polls universally supported Abe. John told Paulina that Abe would be miserable if he was out on the campaign trail instead of at home in Salem.

"We watched Abe as he grieved, and he suffered when he lost Lexie all those years ago. I know that a part of him never got over that. He just threw himself into his kids and work," John said. John told Paulina that Abe had found happiness with Paulina. "Why not just let [Abe] enjoy that?" John asked. John advised Paulina to give Abe the space to make a decision.

"I am giving him space. I'm stepping back, and I want you two to convince him," Paulina countered. "I don't feel real comfortable about that," John said. Steve interrupted and asked to talk to John. While John stepped away with Steve, Paulina asked Marlena if she believed Paulina was acting selfishly. "I think it depends on why you're pushing it," Marlena said. Paulina explained that Abe had been lost since Lani's departure.

"[Abe] needs something bigger in his life. Something to work for. And I'm not gonna just drag him away from Salem or his friends. We'll be back. All the time," Paulina said. Paulina asked Marlena if the idea was worth considering. Marlena advised Paulina to talk to Abe and make the decision together. "You mean like no more accosting his friends when they are out on dates?" Paulina asked. Marlena smiled. Paulina thanked Marlena for the advice. "I think when you sit down together, you will decide what is right for both of you," Marlena said.

At the edge of the square, Steve told John that he believed that Orpheus was going after Stephanie. When Steve and John returned to Marlena, Paulina had left. John explained that Steve had invited them to dinner. "Is that what was so urgent?" Marlena asked. Steve lied and said he had not wanted Paulina to feel left out. Marlena appeared suspicious, but she agreed to go over to Steve and Kayla's place for dinner.

On the way home, Steve texted Kayla about their dinner guests. Stephanie happily hugged John and Marlena when they arrived. "I'm not so sure [Stephanie] is happy to be home," Kayla muttered. Marlena asked what was wrong. "Stephanie and I had a little disagreement before I left," Steve said. "A disagreement. Right," Stephanie said curtly. Steve told Stephanie that he respected her as a grown woman.

"You have the right to make your own decisions," Steve said. "Thank you. That means a lot," Stephanie said. With a smile, Marlena said, "Communication. That's what I like to see." Marlena offered to leave the family alone to talk, but Kayla insisted that Marlena and John stay. "I wish I could stay, but I have an appointment," Stephanie said. Steve hugged his daughter goodbye. "It means a lot to me that you would admit that you're wrong," Stephanie said. Stephanie said goodbye, and she left.

"All right, John. Let's hit it," Steve said. Kayla and Marlena's eyes went wide with surprise. "What's going on?" Kayla asked. Steve explained that he and John were going to follow Stephanie to her meeting. "You promised her you weren't going to do that, Steve," Kayla said. Steve stressed that he needed to protect their daughter.

After John and Steve left, an annoyed Kayla noted that Stephanie would be unhappy. Kayla poured some wine for her and Marlena. "I was really convinced that Steve and Stephanie would work things out," Kayla said. "We can't blame him for wanting to protect her," Marlena countered. "I don't, but she will," Kayla said. Marlena admitted that she agreed with Steve. "Better safe than sorry," Marlena said. Kayla agreed that she was glad John and Steve were at the meeting.

When Stephanie arrived for her meeting, the lights were out in the office. A chair turned to face Stephanie, and she gasped. "Who's there?" Stephanie cried out. John and Steve rushed into the room. As John rushed to the figure in the chair, Steve grabbed Stephanie and pulled her to the floor to shield her body. Steve flicked the light switch, and he looked over at John. John had Paulina in a chokehold. At the Johnson residence, Kayla opened the front door. "Hello, ladies," Orpheus said.

E.J. summoned Ava to meet him in the DiMera living room. "I want to know why you're trying to seduce my son," E.J. said. Ava's jaw dropped open. "What did you just say?" Ava asked. E.J. explained that he had seen Ava and Johnny in each other's arms in her room. "I know that you've been lonely ever since you lost your husband," E.J. added. Ava groaned. When E.J. told Ava that her pursuit of a younger man made her look pathetic, she slapped him.

"What you saw between me and Johnny was two people being kind to one another. Something you wouldn't understand," Ava said. "Being kind? Is that what we are calling it now?" E.J. countered. Ava reminded E.J. that she was grieving her husband's death, and Johnny had responded to that. "You don't give a damn about your family. Your brother died, you didn't even blink," Ava said. "I barely knew the man. He was nothing to me, and neither was his twin brother, Stefan," E.J. muttered.

At the Salem Inn, Li and Gabi were curled up in bed together. "I can't get that thing that Rolf said out of my mind. If I knew what he was able to achieve, I would be on my knees, thanking him? What do you think he meant by that?" Gabi asked. Li shrugged. Gabi wondered aloud about Rolf's project.

"Delusions of grandeur if you ask me," Li said. "So, you're not concerned about what he is up to?" Gabi asked. Li told Gabi not to worry about Rolf, and she agreed. "You're always so reassuring, and I always feel great afterwards," Gabi purred. Li kissed Gabi, and they had sex. After, Ava called Gabi to ask about her job.

"Right now is not the best time," Gabi said. "I don't care. Right now, I'm here with E.J., who is trying his damnedest to get me to turn on you," Ava said as she stared at E.J.'s face. Ava asked Gabi to join them for dinner. When Gabi declined, Ava advised Gabi to show up because there would be a conversation whether Gabi was there or not. Ava ended the call.

In the DiMera living room, E.J. told Ava that they should discuss Gabi before she arrived for dinner. "Anything that you want to say to me, you can say in front of Gabi," Ava said. With a smile, Ava announced that she would talk to Harold about the dinner menu.

At the Salem Inn, Li frowned as he watched Gabi dress for her dinner with Ava. "We've talked about this. Ava can't flip on you, or you'll reveal that her marriage to Jake is a sham," Li said. "It sounds like [Ava] is trying to choose between me and E.J.," Gabi said. Li cautioned Gabi not to cater to every demand from Ava. With a shake of her head, Gabi noted that Ava was right.

"I haven't moved forward with the job offer," Gabi said. With a shrug, Li told Gabi that Ava would not switch sides if Gabi pushed back a little. "But [Ava] is with E.J. every day! You know, he can be very convincing when he wants to be," Gabi said. Li offered to go to the dinner with Gabi, but she declined. "I don't want Ava to know that you're aware that her marriage to Jake was a sham. Just trust me," Gabi said. Reluctantly, Li nodded yes.

In the DiMera living room, Ava set out a bottle of wine. When E.J. noted that Ava had picked the most expensive wine from his cellar, Ava took a swig straight from the bottle. "That is tasty," Ava said. "You're awfully easy with my money," E.J. grumbled. "It's the family money," Ava countered. Ava grabbed a glass, and E.J. warned her that the glass was a family heirloom.

"Oh, yeah?" Ava said. Ava looked E.J. in the eyes, and she dropped the wine glass on the floor. "Are you insane?" E.J. asked. Ava grabbed another glass, and E.J. grabbed her arm. Gabi walked in. "Am I interrupting something?" Gabi asked. Ava advised Gabi to watch out for the broken glass. "We have a lot of DiMera business to discuss," Ava said. Ava turned to E.J. "Since you don't have any role at the company right now, what Gabi and I have to talk about doesn't concern you," Ava said.

"Do you think you can dismiss me from my own house?" E.J. growled. E.J. argued that neither Ava nor Gabi belonged in the house. "My late husband would beg to differ," Ava said. "Mine, too," Gabi added. Ava advised E.J. to spend his night looking for a job. "You think you're so clever. Both of you. But you're really just a couple of screwed-up, angry women. Bitter to the core," E.J. said. E.J. passed uncomfortably close to each woman to intimidate them on his way out of the room.

"That was not what I was expecting when I came over here," Gabi said. "E.J. DiMera is a selfish, controlling narcissist, but I know how to deal with guys like him," Ava said. Gabi asked Ava her plan. "I'm going to let him hang himself," Ava said. Ava told Gabi that E.J. had admitted that he had only invited Ava to live there in order to manipulate her. "I could have told you that. Actually, I did tell you that," Gabi said. Ava explained that since the truth was out in the open, she would not give E.J. the satisfaction of getting rid of her.

"That's all well and good, but you know when I came in here, I felt some tension between you and E.J. It felt a little sexual," Gabi noted. Ava disagreed. "I know heat when I see it," Gabi argued. Ava explained that E.J. had been complaining about the wine glasses. "You know, it's a very fine line between love and hate. Especially when it comes to the DiMeras. That's how it started with me and Stefan," Gabi said.

In Rolf's lab, he successfully woke Stefan from his coma. Stefan grabbed Rolf's arm. "I didn't expect you to regain consciousness. It's too soon," Rolf said. As Rolf went to inject Stefan with a sedative, Stefan batted the syringe away. Stefan winced in pain. After a moment, Stefan raised a fist to punch Rolf, and Rolf backed away. Stefan started to rip the wires off his body.

"You're in no condition to get out of the bed!" Rolf warned Stefan. "You don't tell me what to do! I am Stefan Octavius DiMera. I tell you what to do!" Stefan bellowed. Stefan demanded to know where he was and why he was there. "You're in a medical facility in Salem, recovering from a very serious injury," Rolf explained. Rolf told Stefan he had taken a bullet intended for Vivian.

"Do you remember anything about it at all?" Rolf asked. Stefan struggled to get out of bed, but he was unable to stand. Rolf cautioned Stefan to rest so that he did not have a setback. "Allow me to sedate you," Rolf pleaded. Stefan refused. "What I need is to find out what happened to me!" Stefan shouted. Rolf told Stefan what had happened with the police and Vivian. "It's starting to come back," Stefan whispered. Stefan asked Rolf how long he had been in the facility.

"Four years," Rolf said. "Four years?" Stefan stammered. Confused, Stefan asked if he had been in a coma. "You were dead," Rolf said. When Rolf explained that Stefan's heart had been donated to someone else, Stefan shook his head in confusion. "I took care of everything. As you can see, you are very much alive," Rolf said. Stefan clutched his chest, and he noted that his heart was beating.

"You have a new heart now," Rolf said. Rolf explained that he had kept Stefan alive after Gabi had donated his heart. "My wife? Gabi," Stefan whispered. Stefan demanded to see his wife. Rolf told Stefan that Gabi was not aware of Stefan's situation. When Rolf urged Stefan to rest, Stefan yelled, "I need to get home to my wife!" Stefan struggled to his feet, and he demanded that Rolf give him car keys. Rolf told Stefan that he was not strong enough to drive.

"I'll be fine," Stefan said. "You're not even dressed," Rolf noted. "You work for me, remember?" Stefan said. Stefan wrapped his hands around Rolf's face, and he demanded his car keys. Rolf reluctantly agreed. While Rolf's back was turned to Stefan, Rolf texted Li an "SOS."

When Li arrived at the lab, Rolf was alone. "Where's Stefan?" Li asked. "Stefan O. DiMera has left the building," Rolf said. At the front door of the DiMera mansion, Stefan panted with exhaustion. Stefan thought about when he had left Gabi in their bed. "Go deal with Vivian, and then hurry back so we can start the rest of our lives," Gabi had said. "I've come back to you, Gabi," Stefan said breathlessly. Stefan stumbled to the front door, but it was locked.

In the DiMera living room, Ava advised Gabi that she was off base. "There is nothing going on between me and E.J.," Ava protested. Gabi stared into space until Ava got her attention. "The only DiMera that was for me was my husband," Ava said. "We're alone. You can stop calling Jake your husband," Gabi countered. Alarmed, Ava shushed Gabi. Ava noted that E.J. had a habit of eavesdropping. "The only widow DiMera here is me," Gabi said.

Kayla and Marlena are taken at gunpoint

Kayla and Marlena are taken at gunpoint

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

At the Brady Pub, Abe offered condolences to E.J. on Jake's passing. E.J. recalled all the people from his family that had died over the years. Abe remarked that he couldn't believe Lexie had been dead for more than ten years. E.J. said that Lexie had been the heart of the DiMera family. Abe and E.J. raised a glass to toast to Lexie.

E.J. congratulated Abe on his marriage to Paulina, and he said that Lexie would have wanted Abe to be happy. Abe shared that Paulina had decided that Abe should run for governor. Abe said he hadn't made a decision, but E.J. complimented Abe on all the things that Abe had done as mayor. E.J. thought that Abe would be a great governor. Abe was surprised when E.J. said he would back Abe if Abe chose to run.

Abe noted that E.J. had been alone at the pub, and he surmised that E.J. looked unhappy. E.J. admitted that there had been "friction" at the mansion since he'd invited Ava to move in. Abe warned E.J. that Ava was still capable of dangerous things, despite how much Ava might have mellowed. E.J. thanked Abe for the advice, and he hoped that Abe would take E.J.'s own advice about a run for governor. "You could accomplish great things as governor," E.J. said before he left the pub.

At an abandoned office building, Steve and John apologized to Paulina for having mistaken her for the person they'd suspected had set up Stephanie's meeting: Orpheus. Stephanie was furious with Steve and John for having followed her.

Paulina said that she'd thought of hiring Stephanie's public relations firm to help consult on Abe's possible campaign for governor. Stephanie tried to rush Steve and John out of the building, but Steve felt that Stephanie was still in danger. Stephanie was embarrassed by Steve's overzealousness. John remarked that it was time he and Steve left.

Later, Stephanie and Paulina joined Abe at the pub. Abe was thrilled to see Stephanie, and the two hugged. Paulina announced that she'd sought Stephanie's expertise as the head of a public relations firm to help in Abe's run for governor. Abe reminded Paulina that he hadn't made up his mind on whether he wanted to run for governor. After more insistence and encouragement from Paulina, Abe agreed to run for governor. Paulina became ecstatic, and she and Abe hugged and kissed.

In Rolf's lab, Li was furious when Rolf announced that Stefan had escaped. Li panicked when Rolf said that Stefan had gone to reunite with Gabi. Li rushed to the DiMera mansion.

Outside the DiMera mansion, Stefan rang the doorbell. Ava opened the door, and she was stunned to see the man who looked exactly like Jake. Ava fainted in Stefan's arms. Inside the mansion, Stefan unsuccessfully tried to bring Ava out of her unconscious state, and he went to find Gabi. Just then, Li sneaked up on Stefan and injected him with a syringe. Li quietly dragged Stefan's body out of the mansion.

Gabi walked into the lobby, and she was stunned to find Li next to Ava's unconscious body. Ava came to, and she swore that she'd seen Jake at the door. Ava rushed outside the mansion, and she hoped to find Jake. Unbeknownst to Ava, Rolf had already discovered Stefan's body, and he'd moved it back to the lab.

Not long afterwards, E.J. entered the mansion, and Ava told him that she'd seen Jake. E.J. went to search the mansion, but he said there had been no sign of Jake. Ava admitted that Jake's spirit had visited her before -- including on the night Jake had died. Ava noted that as real as those encounters had felt, she'd still known that they'd been in her head.

Ava claimed that her encounter with "Jake" earlier in the evening had been different because she had felt the man's touch and the warmth of his skin. E.J. thought that Ava had experienced PTSD, and he suggested that Ava's heart had gotten the better of her mind.

Ava sipped from a bottle of water, and E.J. offered to get Ava something stronger if it would help Ava cope with her feelings. E.J. said that he'd had time to think after he'd gone to the pub to cool off, and he suggested that the evening was a chance for him and Ava to start over. Ava agreed, and she and E.J. shook hands.

Ava left for bed, and afterwards, E.J. turned to the portrait of Stefano. "Well, that was enlightening, wasn't it, Father? Abe was right. It appears the widow DiMera is a tad unstable," E.J. said.

Later, in the lab, Rolf stood over an unconscious Stefan and remarked that he had underestimated Stefan's love for Gabi.

At Steve and Kayla's place, Kayla and Marlena were terrified at the sight of Orpheus, who waved a gun at both women. Orpheus entered the room, and he gloated that he would spend "quality time with Sweetness and Doc." Orpheus revealed that when he'd sent Kayla flowers, the delivery man had placed a listening device inside the home. Orpheus said he'd overheard everything Steve and Kayla had talked about.

Orpheus cryptically said he had plans for Kayla and Marlena that would leave a lasting impression on both Steve and John. Orpheus ordered Kayla and Marlena to go somewhere with him. Marlena temporarily stunned Orpheus when she grabbed his arm. At the same time, Kayla struck Orpheus over the back of the head with a glass vase.

Kayla and Marlena went to rush out the door, but they were stopped by two of Orpheus' men. Orpheus came to, and he and his men forced Kayla and Marlena out of the apartment. "Shall we go, ladies? We can't keep vengeance waiting," Orpheus said.

Later, Steve and John arrived back at Steve and Kayla's place. Steve and John opened the door and were alarmed to find that Kayla and Marlena had vanished. Just then, Steve found a note that had been left behind. "Sorry I missed you. I wouldn't tell the police or anyone else about this if I were you. That would be a fatal mistake," the note read.

Steve already knew who had left the note. "Orpheus," John agreed.

Facing pressure from Trask, Leo turns on Gwen

Facing pressure from Trask, Leo turns on Gwen

Thursday, August 25, 2022

In Eric's room above the Brady Pub, Eric awoke from a dream in which Nicole had visited him and the two had made out. Jada knocked on Eric's door, and she announced that the air conditioning had gone out in her room. Eric offered to take a look at the air conditioning unit, but Jada stopped him. "Maybe you can do that later," Jada said, and she pulled Eric into a kiss.

Jada apologized for the kiss, but Eric continued the kiss and pulled Jada onto the bed. Eric and Jada made love. Afterwards, Jada said that she was embarrassed because it was the first time she'd had sex since her divorce. Eric admitted that it was the first time he'd been intimate with anyone since his marriage to Nicole had ended. Eric and Jada dressed, and Eric suggested that the two meet downstairs for breakfast. Jada agreed, and Eric went to check on the air conditioning in Jada's room.

At Rafe and Nicole's place, Nicole had a dream similar to the one Eric had had. Rafe made breakfast for Nicole, and he quickly surmised that something was on Nicole's mind. Nicole said she had something to tell Rafe, but she froze and complimented Rafe instead. Nicole and Rafe started to make out, and the two made love.

Afterwards, Rafe prepared to leave for the police station. Nicole and Rafe talked about the arrests of Leo and Gwen in connection to Abigail's murder. Rafe surprised Nicole when he said that he believed Gwen had told the truth when Gwen had claimed she hadn't killed Abigail.

After Rafe left, Nicole sat at a table and tried to eat the breakfast that Rafe had prepared. Eventually, Nicole placed a call to Chloe. "I love Rafe. He's my husband, and I don't regret marrying him for a second. But... I can't stop thinking about Eric," Nicole confessed.

Nicole said she should go to Eric's room to tell him about the dream. Chloe tried to dissuade Nicole, but Nicole went ahead with her plan. Later, Nicole knocked on Eric's door. Nicole was shocked when Jada came to the door in nothing but a towel. Nicole observed that the bedsheets looked as if two people had been in them.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny walked in on a scantily clad Alex and Sloan in another steamy moment. Sonny demanded that Sloan leave the house because she had agreed to represent Leo. Sonny recalled all the things that Leo had done to hurt Sonny and his family. Alex ordered Sloan to choose between Alex and Leo. Sloan delivered a blow to Alex's ego when she announced that her career came first.

After Sloan left, Alex claimed that he had the "utmost respect" for women because he never led them on with the promise of a commitment. Sonny said he understood Alex, but he wanted more for his brother than relationships that were based solely on sex. Sonny thought Alex would one day find someone to settle down with and start a family. "You are going to meet someone, and then you are gonna fall just as hard and as fast as the rest of us," Sonny said. Alex scoffed.

At the nurses' station in the hospital, Stephanie and Chad searched for Kayla and Marlena, respectively. Since neither Kayla nor Marlena was at the hospital, Stephanie invited Chad to breakfast.

At a table in Horton Town Square, a depressed Chad told Stephanie that Abigail would never return, even if her killer was convicted. Stephanie shared that she had never felt true love since she'd been engaged to Philip years earlier. Stephanie told Chad about a recent summer fling she'd had, and she recalled that the man had ghosted her.

Stephanie's phone chimed, and she was happy to read that she had a new client that would keep her in Salem. Chad went to leave, and Stephanie said that she was there for Chad if he ever wanted to talk.

Later, in the Town Square, Alex inadvertently walked directly into Stephanie. Alex fell, and as he looked up at Stephanie, he recalled what Sonny had said to him about falling hard and fast for someone. Alex looked dreamy and speechless at the sight of Stephanie.

In the interrogation room at the Salem Police Station, Trask announced that Leo had a visitor. Gwen appeared, and Trask gloated that she had enough evidence to charge both Leo and Gwen with first-degree murder as co-conspirators in Abigail's death. Leo and Gwen both proclaimed their innocence.

After Trask left, Gwen tore into Leo, who claimed that he wouldn't go to prison for a crime Gwen had committed. Gwen called Leo a "Judas," and she lamented that the two of them were both on the hook for murder. Gwen then told a confused Leo that she had gone to the DiMera mansion on the night of Abigail's death to get rid of Sarah.

Gwen recalled that her misguided plan had been to frame Sarah for a non-fatal attack on Abigail in an effort to send Sarah away so that Gwen could reunite with Xander. Gwen insisted that the syringe had only been filled with saline and that Abigail had given her one hour to make it back to Statesville before Abigail had vowed to call the prison. "I'm telling you, when I left, Abigail was alive," Gwen swore.

Gwen became emotional, and she said that Leo was the only friend she had. Gwen pleaded with Leo to believe her. After some hesitation, Leo said he believed Gwen, and the two hugged. Gwen and Leo made a pact to stick together, and they shared a brief but heartwarming laugh.

In the lobby of the police station, Sloan appeared. Sloan asked why Trask had decided to pursue murder charges against Leo, given that Leo had provided the police with enough information to place Gwen at the scene of Abigail's murder. Sloan said she wanted Trask to cut Leo loose. Trask refused, but she offered to reconsider if Leo were to give her enough to "put the nail in Gwen's coffin."

Sloan entered the interrogation room, and she informed Leo that he needed to give Trask something that would "tighten the noose around Gwen's neck." Leo insisted that he had nothing more to offer Trask, but Sloan suggested that Leo "find" something to offer.

Back out in the lobby, Leo and Sloan joined Gwen and Rafe. Gwen thought that Leo had been in talks with Sloan about securing Sloan as Gwen's attorney. Gwen was stunned when Trask appeared and gleefully announced that Sloan hadn't made a deal to represent Gwen.

Leo apologized to Gwen, who was blindsided and unsure of what had just happened. Leo then delivered shocking news to Gwen. "I tried, I really did. But I cannot lie for you anymore. I had to tell the truth. I told them what you told me -- that you killed Abigail," Leo said.

Roman forgives Kate

Roman forgives Kate

Friday, August 26, 2022

At Titan, Chad informed Sonny that Stephanie was back in Salem. When Chad mentioned that Stephanie was in town to talk to a new client for her PR firm, Sonny noted that Titan was in the market for a new PR firm. "Titan could use some rebranding," Sonny explained. "I'm sure Stephanie would be up for the challenge," Chad said. Chad gave Stephanie's business card to Sonny.

"I got to head over to the courthouse," Chad announced. Chad explained that he wanted to make sure that Gwen and Leo paid for their crimes. "Just don't forget to reschedule with Marlena," Sonny said. "I won't," Chad promised. As Chad turned to leave, Sonny started to apologize for having complained about his life and business. Chad assured Sonny that he was glad to talk and think about anything other than Abigail's murder. "I don't want my best friend feeling guilty," Chad said. Chad hugged Sonny, and he left.

While new staff opened up the bakery, Allie and Chanel slept in at Allie's apartment. Chanel chuckled as she warned Allie of the multiple text messages from Alex on their phones. "Shall I text Alex and tell him we're on [for drinks]?" Chanel asked. "You want to go out for drinks with him?" Allie asked. Chanel argued that with the new staff, they had the opportunity to have a social life again. "I don't think that should necessarily include Alex Kiriakis," Allie said. Allie admitted that she had had fun with Alex until he had suggested a threesome.

"I don't think that us saying no is going to stop him from asking again," Allie said. Chanel nodded in agreement. "But would that be such a bad idea?" Chanel asked. Allie asked Chanel if she was interested in a threesome with Alex. "I'm not, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the attention," Chanel said. "Okay, just as long as you know that going out with Alex doesn't mean going home with Alex," Allie countered. Chanel promised that she was only interested in Allie. Satisfied, Allie kissed Chanel.

Allie suggested she and Chanel take a shower, but a knock at the door interrupted their plan. "I hope this isn't too early," Abe said. "Of course not! They're bakers. Up with the birds!" Paulina chimed in. "Not when we don't have to bake," Chanel grumbled. With a grin, Paulina noted that she was surprised Chanel had opened a bakery when Chanel was not a morning person. "Why are you here?" Chanel asked.

"Abe's gonna run for governor!" Paulina announced. Paulina asked Allie and Chanel to be a part of the campaign. "You two, you're going to make thousands of cookies that say, 'Vote for Abe,'" Paulina said. Chanel agreed to make the cookies if Paulina apologized to Allie first.

"You really don't need to apologize," Allie stressed. Chanel disagreed. "Chanel is right, you know. I was wrong. And there's no excuse for it. Except to say that I was holding on to some old-fashioned idea of what I wanted for my daughter," Paulina said. "I understand," Allie whispered. Paulina said that she was grateful that Chanel had yelled at her.

"In the end, all that really matters to me is my baby's happiness, and it's good to see how happy you make her," Paulina said. Chanel and Allie smiled at one another. "Thank you for saying that," Allie said. "We're family. You call me Paulina," Paulina countered. "Thanks, Mom. That was really big of you," Chanel said. Chanel agreed to take on the cookie order.

"Maybe we should check the state's campaign laws first. We don't want to be accused of bribery," Abe said. "I'll get my PR person on it," Paulina said. Paulina urged Chanel and Allie to head into the bakery and make sure they were ready to start the order when it was approved. When Chanel asked about a taste test, Paulina delegated all cookie decisions to Chanel. "We're so happy to help you with your campaign, Abe," Allie said. Abe thanked Chanel and Allie for their help.

As Stephanie walked through the town square, Alex literally walked into her. Alex tumbled to the ground, and he looked up at Stephanie in awe. Annoyed, Stephanie asked why Alex was smiling at her. "I smile when I see perfection, and you are perfect. You know that, right? Would you like to go out tonight?" Alex said. Stephanie groaned in frustration. "So, barreling into someone like a right tackle and then sprawling to the ground like a klutz is just a prelude to a cheesy pickup," Stephanie grumbled. Stephanie declined the offer.

Alex offered to replace the coffee Stephanie had dropped when he had run into her. Stephanie told Alex about her drink, and he ran off to get a replacement. "He is totally going to screw that up," Stephanie muttered. When Alex returned with Stephanie's coffee, she sipped it. "You got it right. You actually listened to what I said," Stephanie said. Alex admitted that he had been too preoccupied with Stephanie's eyes to hear her order, so he had asked the barista.

"Did you come on to her, too?" Stephanie asked. "I was just looking forward to getting back to you," Alex said. When Stephanie noted that she had never encountered anyone like him before, Alex smirked. "So, you've never had anybody fall for you this hard before?" Alex said. "How shallow are you to fall for me without knowing a damn thing about me?" Stephanie countered. Alex talked about Malcolm Gladwell's idea that people could draw conclusions about people within seconds.

"It's what we call the mental process of intuition," Alex said. "Well, my intuition is telling me that I am extremely weirded out by all this intensity coming from a total stranger," Stephanie said. Alex introduced himself. When Stephanie noted that Alex had not apologized for having run into her, Alex said he had been dumbstruck. "You can at least tell me your name. What is the harm in that?" Alex asked. Reluctantly, Stephanie said her name. Alex started to ask Stephanie out again, and she cut him off.

"I came on too strong, so allow me to apologize. Over a nice bottle of wine," Alex said. Stephanie groaned. "Alex! I'm going to be really blunt here, so maybe you'll get it. I'm not interested. I am too busy to date someone that I'm attracted to, let alone you," Stephanie said. Stephanie explained that she was focused on running her business. Alex asked about the business, but Stephanie's phone rang before she could respond.

Sonny called Stephanie, and he asked her to meet about a business proposition. Stephanie looked at Alex. "Right now would work for me. I'll be there soon," Stephanie told Sonny. When Stephanie ended her call, Alex asked her out to dinner again. "Maybe that barista is free tonight," Stephanie countered. With a smirk, Stephanie walked away. "I think she really likes me," Alex said.

When Stephanie arrived at Sonny's office, Sonny explained that Chad had told him that she was in town to meet with a new client. "I hope I'm not pulling you away from anything," Sonny said. "No, not at all. In fact, you saved me," Stephanie said. Stephanie explained that she had run into a guy with cheesy pickup lines. Alex walked in, and he stopped in his tracks when he saw Stephanie.

"It's you," Alex said. "What the hell? Did you follow me?" Stephanie asked. When Alex said no, Stephanie asked Sonny to call security. "I work here. But the fact that you're here, that's kismet," Alex said. "It's not kismet. It's a business meeting," Stephanie countered. Sonny introduced Stephanie to Alex. "This is my brother," Alex said. Stephanie gasped.

"If he's your brother, he's my cousin, too! Thank God, I turned you down," Stephanie said. "Sonny here is my half-brother. His mother, Adrienne, is your dad's sister. My mother is Anjelica Deveraux. Which means there isn't a single impediment in our way," Alex said. Stephanie disagreed. "There is one colossal impediment. The fact that you are you," Stephanie said.

Sonny explained that Stephanie ran a PR firm, and he wanted to talk about a rebranding for Titan. "I couldn't agree more," Alex said. Alex offered to work with Stephanie, but Sonny explained that he still needed to talk to Stephanie first. "How about I just call you when we're finished?" Sonny said. With a nod, Alex left. Stephanie sighed and said she did not think it was a good idea to work with Titan.

In the square, Alex looked around for the keys he had dropped when he had run into Stephanie. "This really is my lucky day," Alex said as he scooped up his keys. "But we haven't even said yes yet," Chanel said. Alex turned and saw Chanel approach with Allie. "To what?" Alex asked. "To getting drinks. Or have you already forgotten all the texts you sent?" Allie asked. Alex said he would take them for drinks unless he had to work late.

"Don't you need us to be your wingwomen?" Allie asked. "Yes, help you scope out your next conquest?" Chanel added. Alex frowned. "You know, I'm not all that interested in that anymore," Alex said. Chanel asked what had changed. "I'm just only interested in one. This morning, right here, I met the woman of my dreams," Alex explained.

In the Brady Pub, Eric wished Roman a happy birthday. "Keep that to yourself, all right? I don't want everybody making a big deal," Roman said with a chuckle. When Eric noted that Roman would be unable to escape from his family, Roman said that his cousins in Ireland had called in the middle of the night. Roman told Eric that Sami had called, as well. "According to her, she is grand, she is fine," Roman said. "Nobody does denial like Sami does," Eric said.

"You take a run? It looks like you worked up a little sweat," Roman said. Eric smiled sheepishly. After a moment, Roman noted, "You just came from upstairs." Eric explained that he had promised to help Jada fix her AC unit. Roman grabbed the toolbox, and he gave it to Eric. "Any other units broken?" Roman asked. When Eric noted that only Jada's was broken, Roman asked why Eric was "flushed and sweaty."

"It's the middle of the summer," Eric said. "But you haven't been outside," Roman noted. Eric asked why Roman wanted to grill him. With a grin, Roman noted that if Jada's AC was out, it definitely needed to be fixed. Eric grabbed the toolbox and walked upstairs. As Roman returned to work, Kate walked in with a birthday gift.

"I would have preferred that you kept your word," Roman said. "What makes you think I didn't?" Kate countered. Roman noted that Kate was not in jail. Kate explained that she had gone to the police station and confessed to her part as an accessory after the fact to Sami's kidnapping. "And?" Roman asked. Kate said the police had charged her as an accessory.

"I'm glad that you accepted responsibility for what you did," Roman said. "Well, obviously, it was a rather novel experience for me," Kate said with a smirk. Roman said he knew it was not easy. "Does this mean you're going to prison?" Roman asked. Kate explained that because she had voluntarily confessed, Trask had charged her with a misdemeanor.

"I will be paying a fine," Kate said. "That's it?" Roman asked. "And 200 hours of community service. Do you think I could waitress here and that would count?" Kate asked. Roman laughed. After a moment, Kate asked Roman if he was disappointed. "Obviously, I was upset that you covered for Lucas, and I do believe that actions have consequences, but I also care about you. So, no, I don't want you to go to prison," Roman said. Kate took a deep breath.

"Is there any chance that we could get back to say, what we had?" Kate asked. Roman hesitated, but he said yes. Kate beamed. "No guarantees, all right? But yes, I am ready to give it another try," Roman said. Kate hugged Roman, and she said, "I am so happy you said that." Abe and Paulina walked in, and they hooted as they saw Roman and Kate embrace.

"So, does that PDA mean what I think it means?" Paulina asked. "Yes. Roman forgave me, and we're going to give it another go," Kate said. "Fantastic," Abe said. Paulina suggested they celebrate with a toast. "By the way, happy birthday, buddy," Abe said. Paulina gasped. "No big deal!" Roman stressed. Paulina argued that the occasion called for Champagne.

Paulina and Kate sat at a table. "I told you Roman would come around! Just like Abe did!" Paulina said. Paulina told Kate that things with Abe were good and that he was running for governor. "Really? That is so great!" Kate said. Roman and Abe returned with glasses of Champagne. "This has turned out to be just a great day in all ways," Kate noted. Kate toasted to Roman's birthday, and Paulina toasted to Abe as the next governor. "And to a wonderful year for the four of us," Abe added. Outside the pub, someone watched through the window as the foursome clinked their glasses in celebration.

Above the pub, Nicole knocked on Eric's door. Jada answered the door, wrapped in a towel. "I'm sorry, I thought this was Eric's room," Nicole said. "Actually, it is," Jada said. Jada explained that Eric was fixing her AC. "He said I could use his shower in the meantime," Jada added. Nicole chuckled. "I just assumed that you two slept together," Nicole said. "Actually, we did," Jada confessed. The smile fell away from Nicole's face.

Without a word, Nicole entered Eric's room. "I don't know why I just told you that," Jada said. "Neither do I," Nicole said with a nervous chuckle. Nicole remarked that it was kind of sudden for Jada to have slept with Eric. "Actually Mrs. Hernandez, it's been a couple weeks," Jada countered. Nicole reminded Jada to call her Nicole, and then she noted that Jada and Eric had only been out on one date.

"I'm sorry, Nicole, but how is this any of your business?" Jada asked. "I thought since you volunteered the information that you slept with Eric, you wouldn't mind talking about it," Nicole countered. Jada nodded yes. "You and Eric are now divorced, and you are married to my boss. So, I'm not sure why you care," Jada said. Nicole explained that Eric would always be her friend. Jada promised that she was not a threat to Eric. "But it seems like I may be to you," Jada added. Nicole narrowed her eyes. "What is that supposed to mean?" Nicole asked.

"Are you sure that what you feel about Eric isn't stronger than friendship?" Jada asked. Eric returned, and he was startled to see Nicole in the room. "I came to see you, and Jada answered the door," Nicole said. "It looks like you two have a lot to talk about," Jada said. Jada grabbed her clothes, and she left. "I guess you were surprised to see Jada here," Eric said. Eric explained that he had told Jada she could use his shower after her AC had broken.

"It's okay, Eric. Jada told me that you two slept together," Nicole said. "That's very forthcoming of her," Eric whispered. Eric asked Nicole why she was there. Nicole thought about her sex dream of Eric. Nicole stammered that she had had a dream about Eric. "That's weird," Eric said. Eric told Nicole that he had dreamed about her, too. Eric asked about Nicole's dream.

"I dreamed that you came over to my house, and you were making Sloppy Joes, and the slow cooker exploded, and the kitchen was covered in meat," Nicole lied. Eric visibly relaxed. When Nicole asked about Eric's dream, he thought about his sex dream with her. Before Eric could answer, Jada returned. "I have to get to work, but I left my door open if you could still take a look at my AC," Jada said. Eric said yes, and Jada kissed him on the cheek goodbye.

After Jada left, Nicole asked about Eric's dream. "You showed up at my door with a singing telegram," Eric lied. "I was singing? Well, that wasn't a dream. That was a nightmare!" Nicole joked. Nicole noted that it was weird that they had dreamed about one another. With a nervous smile, Nicole said goodbye and left.

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