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Victor ordered Stephanie to work with Alex. Will flew home. Jennifer struggled with sobriety. Leo convinced Sonny that he had not stabbed him. Jack secured a lawyer for Gwen. Xander and Sarah married. Jada lectured Steve and Roman. Orpheus administered a toxin to Marlena, Kayla, and Kate. Stephanie recommended that Paulina should run for governor. Gabi hired Ava. Li and Gabi got engaged. Kristen woke Stefan early. Johnny kissed Ava. Gabi saw Stefan.
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Xander and Sarah married. Stephanie recommended Paulina run for governor. Li and Gabi got engaged. Johnny kissed Ava.
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Will rushes home as Sonny remains in critical condition

Will rushes home as Sonny remains in critical condition

Monday, September 5, 2022

by Mike

Rafe summoned Sloan to the police station and explained what had happened to Sonny the previous night -- then demanded to know where Leo was hiding.

Leo awoke with a start after a nightmare in which Chad had visited to announce that Sonny, like Abigail, was dead -- and that their apparent murderer was about to join them.

Leo dialed the hospital's phone number and posed as Alex to get the receptionist to reveal that Sonny was still alive. Leo ended the call with a sigh of relief then started fretting about being framed for Sonny's stabbing -- and trying to figure out who was actually responsible. "The people who hate me most are the same people who love Sonny and Abigail -- it doesn't make any sense..." Leo mused with a shake of the head -- just as Sloan phoned and insisted that they needed to meet in person to discuss what had happened the previous night. Leo was suspicious at first but eventually agreed to accept Sloan's help, unaware that the lawyer was still with Rafe at the police station.

Maggie headed over to the Horton house to check on Jennifer. "I'm okay -- I have to be," Jennifer declared with a shrug before stepping into the kitchen to take a phone call, leaving Maggie alone in the living room.

When Jennifer returned a short time later, Maggie held up a prescription pill bottle that contained a strong pain medication. Maggie, who had accidentally knocked over Jennifer's purse and found the prescription pill bottle while collecting everything that had spilled out, apologized for the unintentional invasion of privacy then started asking questions. Jennifer claimed to have made a recent trip to a pharmacy on Julie's behalf to get a refill of pain medication for Doug, who had just suffered another racquetball injury, but Maggie wasn't convinced. Jennifer eventually admitted to having lied to the pharmacist to get the refill -- then tearfully assured Maggie that none of the pain medication had been consumed yet.

Maggie assumed that Abigail's death had been the trigger, but Jennifer clarified that every day since Laura's death had been a struggle. Maggie watched as Jennifer tossed the prescription pill bottle in a trash can.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor received a news alert about an article that had just been posted on Business Insider's website -- "WILL BRUTAL STABBING OF TITAN CEO CAUSE ITS STOCK TO PLUMMET?"

"Leo Stark ought to be eradicated from the planet -- I should have done it myself a long time ago..." Victor grumbled -- just as Alex approached. "I had the chance to take care of Stark last night, and I didn't do it -- if Sonny doesn't make it out of this, I'll never forgive myself..." Alex fretted, but Victor dismissed the concern. "That little weasel's gonna rue the day he ever laid a finger on a Kiriakis," Victor assured Alex.

Victor soon changed the subject, telling Alex about the Business Insider article. "When Sonny gets better -- and he will -- I want him to come back to a company that's thriving," Victor stressed before ordering Alex to take over for the time being as Titan's interim CEO and to work with Stephanie to get ahead of the media speculation about the health of the company. "Just the other day, you told me that if it were up to you, you wouldn't even have Steve Johnson's daughter wipe the floors at Titan," Alex recalled. "Yes, and I meant it -- but Sonny hired her, and I think it's about time she started to earn her keep," Victor countered.

Chad entered the hospital and started to panic after seeing Justin and Stephanie in an embrace -- then breathed a sigh of relief when they separated and clarified that Sonny was still in critical condition but was alive and stable. "I don't think I can handle losing anyone else I love right now," Chad admitted to Stephanie after Justin headed off to the ICU to see Sonny.

Will rushed into the hospital a short time later and called out to Chad and Stephanie, desperate to see Sonny right away. As Stephanie directed Will to the ICU, Justin sang Adrienne's favorite lullaby to Sonny, who had not yet regained consciousness. "I'd give anything to hear her sing that again..." Justin confessed afterward. "Sonny, please, you have to come back to us -- I can't lose you, too..." Justin added, fighting back tears -- and Will arrived just then. "They didn't want to reverse the anesthesia, so we have to just wait," Justin explained after greeting Will with a hug. "All they're saying is that he's holding his own...but that he's not out of the woods," Justin added as Will took a seat at Sonny's bedside. "I can't lose him," Will fretted.

Justin soon rushed off to the chapel, believing that Will was "the best medicine" for Sonny, but Chad arrived a short time later. "Ari made it very clear to me that she's not happy I was in L.A. for so long. I'm really sorry I wasn't here," Will admitted to Sonny before sensing Chad's presence. Will explained to Chad that Gabi wanted to keep Arianna in the dark about Sonny's stabbing for the time being and had arranged a mother-daughter shopping spree to keep the child distracted that day. Chad apologized for the interruption then started to rush off so Will could have some time alone with Sonny.

Will stopped Chad, wanting to discuss what had happened to Sonny. "I just can't stop thinking that this is my fault," Will confessed, feeling guilty for having supported Sonny's plan to break up Leo and Craig. Chad dismissed the concern, insisting that not even Will could have talked Sonny out of protecting Craig from Leo. "Face it -- that's just the guy you married," Chad summarized. "Yes, it is -- and I love that guy so much..." Will declared.

Alex and Victor summoned Stephanie to the Kiriakis mansion so they could discuss ways to do damage control at Titan in the wake of Sonny's stabbing. "Managed to tear himself away from the City of Angels, did he?" Victor grumbled when Stephanie reported that Will was with Sonny, prompting Alex to object that the criticism was unfair and untimely.

Alex and Stephanie soon headed off to Titan -- and Maggie entered the mansion a short time later, having just finished attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting with Jennifer, and told Victor about what was going on. "I think she's feeling a little bit better now," Maggie concluded, unaware that Jennifer had just entered the Horton house and was fishing the prescription pill bottle out of the trash can.

While Stephanie was working on a press release about the temporary changes at Titan, Alex received a text message from Justin, who was eager to share the news that Sonny's vital signs had started improving after Will's arrival. "Those two have something really special going," Stephanie declared -- and Alex agreed then pointedly admitted to having suddenly started wanting the same thing.

Sloan led Rafe to a motel, but Leo wasn't there. "Still think he's innocent?" Rafe challenged Sloan.

Meanwhile, Leo sneaked into the hospital, disguised as a woman in a nurse's outfit, and entered Sonny's room while no other visitors were there. Sonny woke up just then and squinted at Leo in confusion, as if trying to figure out why the nurse looked so familiar. Leo froze while waiting to see what Sonny would do next.

Xander and Sarah marry

Xander and Sarah marry

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Chad yelled at Trask in the police station. "I share your frustration, Mr. DiMera," Trask said. Trask said she was convinced that Leo had murdered Abigail and attempted to murder Sonny. Trask promised to prosecute Leo once he was arrested. Chad asked about Gwen.

"She's still in custody," Trask said. "Not anymore," Gwen said as she walked into the bullpen. "I don't know how you've managed this, but don't go anywhere," Trask muttered. Trask called her office to report an escaped prisoner. "I didn't escape," Gwen said. Gwen explained that she had been locked up during Sonny's attack.

"What Leo said to the police was just to frame me for something he did. You let Leo go. To go after Sonny. Well done," Gwen said. "Mr. Stark's guilt does not prove your innocence. So, don't leave town," Trask said. Furious, Trask left to get details on Gwen.

"You must be feeling very pleased with yourself," Chad grumbled. "I'm free because I'm innocent. And Leo will be arrested, and you will see that he was lying about me," Gwen said. Gwen stressed that she had told Chad the truth. "I wouldn't put it past you and Leo to point the finger at each other just to muddy the case against either one of you," Chad said. Gwen warned Chad that his name was on Leo's enemies list.

"What if Leo decides to come after you next?" Gwen asked. Trask returned with Gwen's personal effects. "How about you do a decent job this time? Get justice for this man and for his children. Nobody should have to suffer the way that they did," Gwen growled. Trask stomped off. With a deep sigh, Gwen said she was glad her nightmare was over. Gwen announced that she needed to thank someone.

At the Salem Inn, Sarah told Xander that she had made an appointment to seek reinstatement at the hospital. "I have to convince [the hospital board] that everything that I went through didn't change what kind of doctor I am. Just gonna start getting my old life back," Sarah said. "If what you want is your old life back, we could finally get married," Xander suggested. Sarah told Xander to pick the day.

"How does today sound?" Xander asked. Xander noted that they would have been married if not for Gwen. "She's still obsessed with you," Sarah said. "Let's prove to her and the whole rest of the world she can't keep us apart anymore. And after what we've been through, I don't want to wait another minute," Xander said. Xander added that with Gwen locked up, she could not interfere.

At the Horton house, Jennifer pulled the bottle of painkillers out of the trash. Jennifer stared at the bottle, tempted. "Honey?" Jack said. Jack asked Jennifer what was wrong as Jennifer palmed the pill bottle. "A lot of things are wrong. You know that as well as I do," Jennifer said. Not fooled, Jack said he had been referring to the pills in Jennifer's hand.

"These? I've been having headaches. Kayla gave me prescription-strength ibuprofen," Jennifer lied. Concerned, Jack said that Jennifer had not told him about her headaches. "You've got enough going on," Jennifer said. Jack offered to get Jennifer a glass of water. "Just seeing you makes me feel much better. I don't need a pill," Jennifer said. After a hug, Jack told Jennifer that he had hired a lawyer to represent Gwen.

"Without talking to me first?" Jennifer asked. "It was a knee-jerk reaction. I am so sorry. God knows you'd never do anything so major without telling me," Jack said. Jennifer sighed. Jack argued that Gwen could not have stabbed Sonny and that it was possible that Gwen had not killed Abigail.

"I couldn't let her go back to prison for something that she didn't do," Jack said. "I guess not," Jennifer whispered. "When I believed that Gwen killed Abigail, I didn't even know how to face you. But you were understanding then. I'm asking you to be understanding now," Jack said. Jennifer asked Jack if he believed that Leo had lied about Gwen to save his own skin. Jack nodded yes.

"[Gwen] is no saint, obviously. But she deserves a whole lot better than she got from me," Jack said. "And you feel the need to make up for it," Jennifer said. Jack pleaded with Jennifer to tell him how she felt. "The last thing I want to do is make all of this harder for you than it already is," Jack said. "In your shoes, I'd probably do the same thing," Jennifer admitted. Jack thanked Jennifer.

The doorbell rang. Xander and Sarah were on the porch, dressed in their wedding attire. "May we come in?" Xander asked. Jack ushered the couple inside. "I hope we're not intruding," Sarah said to Jennifer. "Of course, you're not!" Jennifer said.

"We know how bad things are for you right now, we just, I don't know. That's kind of why we're here. Thought maybe we could pick up your day a bit," Xander said. "What's up?" Jack asked. "We're finally doing it! We're getting married today," Xander said. Xander asked if Jack and Jennifer could be their witnesses. Jennifer eagerly agreed.

"It's so wonderful to see people getting their lives back on track," Jennifer said. Sarah explained that they planned to meet up with Maggie at City Hall. Jennifer suggested that Sarah should get married in the Horton house. "It would be a blessing to have a cause for celebration again," Jennifer said. Xander and Sarah accepted.

When Maggie arrived at the house, Sarah was upstairs with Jennifer. "Let's hope the third time is the charm. This wedding is long overdue," Maggie told Xander. Maggie went into the kitchen to help Jennifer with the flowers. Once alone with Xander, Jack said, "I haven't seen Jennifer smile in a long time. Thanks for making us a part of this day." Xander said he had wanted to ask Jack and Jennifer to be a part of their second wedding attempt, but it had been too soon after Abigail's death.

"The only reason that Sarah was arrested was because of Gwen. I'm so sorry for all of that," Jack said. Xander told Jack that it was not his fault. Jack started to tell Xander that he had hired a lawyer for Gwen, but when Xander scowled at her name, Jack said, "Never mind. It can wait." Jennifer and Maggie returned with vases of flowers, and Jennifer thanked Maggie for their earlier talk.

"You're the one who had the strength to throw away those pills. That was a very big deal. What did Jack say when you told him?" Maggie asked. Jennifer noted that she had not had time to tell Jack. Sarah returned to the living room. Everyone heaped praises on the bride.

"For a while there, I didn't think this kind of happiness was possible for me anymore," Sarah admitted. Maggie handed Sarah a bouquet. "You want to get married?" Sarah whispered to Xander. "I say yes," Xander said as he leaned in for a kiss. On the front porch, Gwen heard laughter inside through the open front door. Gwen crept inside. "Maybe I should just go," Gwen whispered.

In the living room, Maggie started the ceremony. "If we could avoid the whole 'does anyone object,' that would be great," Xander said. Maggie jumped to the vows. "I can't remember my speech," Xander said. Maggie urged Xander to say what was in his heart.

"You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Being loved by someone like you was more than I ever dreamed of. And when I thought I'd lost you, it was like nothing mattered anymore. And I did the sort of things that I used to do before I knew you. Because I decided that, well, happiness was not in the cards for me because you are my happiness, Sarah. And then a miracle happened, because of Abigail. You came back to me, and now I'm gonna spend the rest of my life taking care of you and being so very grateful for that miracle," Xander said. Sarah wiped tears from her eyes.

"I feel like I've been entrusted with this wonderful secret, because I know the real you. The Xander that you were born to be before life made you bitter and angry. Before I knew that I loved you, you became my friend. My crude, pushy, unfailingly loyal friend. And I found myself just wanting to get to know you better, and something told me that if I did, it would be the gift of a lifetime, and it was. The night before our first wedding, I remember thinking that I had gotten everything I'd ever wanted. What an awful journey we went on after that, right? But I thought I'd lost you forever. But here we are, and I get to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life. My husband. That's you," Sarah said.

With tears in Maggie's eyes, she asked Xander if he took Sarah to be his wife. "I do," Xander said. Maggie asked Sarah if she took Xander to be her husband. "I do," Sarah said with her voice shaking. Xander and Sarah exchanged rings. "Well, now I'm overjoyed to finally pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride!" Maggie said. Sarah leaped into Xander's arms, and they kissed. Gwen looked into the living room at the scene.

"What the bloody hell are you doing here?" Xander bellowed when he saw Gwen. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude," Gwen said. Xander asked Gwen why she was not in jail. Gwen explained that her lawyer had secured her release and that the police were searching for Leo.

"I really didn't mean to ruin your wedding. I can see now that you are both meant to be together," Gwen said. "No thanks to you," Xander muttered. Gwen told Jack that she was there to thank him for his help.

"I had no intention of hurting Abigail that night. It was just my desperate attempt to get Sarah away from Xander. And one more thing. I didn't kill Laura. Her death really was an accident, and I told Abigail that, too, and she believed me. I hope you will, too," Gwen said. Jennifer agreed to think about it. With a forced smile, Gwen wished Xander and Sarah "a world of happiness."

After Gwen left, Sarah said, "At least she didn't show up in time to object." "She's gone now. Hopefully for good," Xander said. Xander announced that he wanted to celebrate the first day of his life with Sarah. Jack passed out glasses of Champagne and a glass of water to Maggie. "To Mr. and Mrs. Xander Cook," Jack said.

When Sloan and Rafe arrived at Leo's motel room, he was gone. "I don't understand. He promised he would wait for me," Sloan said. "I'm guessing he knew that I was coming, and that is why he left in such a hurry," Rafe grumbled. Sloan swore she had not tipped off Leo. Rafe called her a liar.

"You heard my end of the phone call. I didn't say a word about you. He must have figured it out on his own," Sloan said. Rafe searched the room as he threatened to arrest Sloan as an accessory. "It's a bogus charge and it's never gonna stick," Sloan said. "You're about to find out how sticky I can make things for you," Rafe grumbled. Sloan called Leo's phone, but the call went to voicemail.

"Fine. Maybe he got spooked like you said," Rafe admitted. Rafe argued that he had been wrong to trust Sloan. "Now, Leo Stark is back on the streets, and my investigation is back to square one!" Rafe shouted. After Rafe's call to Trask, Rafe noted that the hospital was nearby.

At the hospital, Sonny stirred awake in his room. Leo was disguised as a female nurse. "Are you a nurse?" Sonny asked. "Bitch, please. It's me," Leo retorted. Sonny asked Leo why he was dressed as a nurse. "It was the only way I could get in here to see you," Leo said. Sonny asked what had happened, and Leo told him that someone had stabbed him in the back.

"I need you to tell me who did this to you," Leo pleaded. "It was you," Sonny said. Leo pleaded with Sonny to think harder about the attack. "You snuck in here so you could finish me off," Sonny said. "I did not stab you, and I am not here to hurt you," Leo said. Leo grabbed the call button before Sonny could reach it. Sonny said that he remembered Leo had been in his office.

"Yes, I came to your office, saying that I wanted to declare a truce between us, and you agreed. Sort of. And then I left. I only came back because I needed my parking ticket validated," Leo said. Leo explained that when he had returned to the office, Sonny had already been stabbed. "My life is on the line here. Don't tell me you don't remember who that [attacker] was," Leo said. Sonny noted that if Leo were innocent, Leo would not keep the call button from him.

Leo told Sonny that he could not trust anyone. "You are the only one who can get me out of this jam," Leo said. "You can't make me say what you want to hear," Sonny countered. Leo urged Sonny to think about their conversation at the office. Sonny thought for a moment.

"I said that we'd never be friends, but we'd leave each other alone. Something like that," Sonny said. Leo asked what had happened next, and Sonny remembered that Leo had left. "My back was to the door. And I heard a noise. I went to turn around and something hit me in the back," Sonny said. Leo asked Sonny if he was sure that he had not glimpsed the attacker.

"I can't clear you, Leo. It could have been you," Sonny said. "Who it was is the person who is trying to frame me. If I did this, do you think I would have left my list behind for the cops to find?" Leo said. "What list?" Sonny asked. With a sigh, Leo explained that he had made an enemies list.

"You had to make a list? You couldn't just keep it in your head?" Sonny countered. "It was satisfying, all right? Somebody found that list, and they brought it to your office. Then they stabbed you, left it on your desk, and they crossed off your name and Abigail's name. I did not do that. Well, I did cross off Abigail's," Leo said. Shocked, Sonny yelled, "You killed Abigail?"

"Not because I killed her! Because she was dead. Which does make a person less of a threat. And that's not the point," Leo said. Sonny asked Leo what he was trying to say. Leo explained that someone wanted to frame Leo as a serial killer. "Are you going to tell the cops I did this to you?" Leo asked. Sonny stared at the call button. Leo asked Sonny why he was staring at the call button like it was a lifeline.

"I wonder why? I regain consciousness, and the first thing I see is you dressed like a nurse from an R.L. Stein book," Sonny muttered. Leo reminded Sonny that he had begged Sonny to keep Alex away. "Why would I put myself through all that and then bump you off? I would have cut to the chase and saved myself a lot of humiliation," Leo said. Leo pleaded with Sonny to think logically.

A nurse entered the room, and she was pleased to see that Sonny was awake. When the nurse said she would talk to Sonny's doctor, Leo said he had already called. "The doc is on his way. Right, Mr. Kiriakis?" Leo asked hopefully. "Nurse Leona here is right. He called, she called my doctor, and he is on his way," Sonny confirmed. The nurse left.

"You believe me, don't you?" Leo asked. "I better not regret this," Sonny growled. Sonny noted that whoever had framed Leo hated them both. "Gwen is in jail. Who else would have done this to me?" Sonny said. "If I knew the answer to that, do you think I'd be here?" Leo countered. Leo's phone rang again. "You know more than you're telling me," Sonny grumbled. Leo answered his phone. Sloan yelled at Leo.

"I thought it was a trap," Leo said. "That's exactly what it was. The police commissioner said he'd arrest me if I didn't help him out," Sloan said. Leo called Sloan a traitor. Sloan warned Leo not to go near the hospital because Rafe believed that Leo would go there to kill Sonny.

At the nurses' station, Rafe asked a nurse about Sonny's condition. "He has regained consciousness," the nurse said. The nurse mentioned that a nurse named Leona was with Sonny. "I've never seen her before," the nurse admitted. Rafe rushed down the hallway to Sonny's room. "Leo was here?" Rafe asked. "Yeah. You just missed him," Sonny said. As "Leona" ran to the elevator, the nurse told "Leona" that the commissioner wanted to talk to her. "Sorry, doll. I'm on my break," Leo said as he stepped into the elevator.

Gwen returned to her motel room, and she found it in disarray from Rafe's search. "What's happened here?" Gwen said. Gwen grabbed a shoebox from under the bed. "Thank God it's still here," Gwen whispered. Gwen rifled through the box and pulled out a photo of her with Xander.

Orpheus makes a shocking confession to Rolf

Orpheus makes a shocking confession to Rolf

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

At Abe and Paulina's place, Stephanie met with Abe and Paulina to discuss Abe's potential run for governor. Stephanie said that Abe's poll numbers hadn't been what she had expected and that her research had found that people wanted to talk more about Paulina than Abe.

Stephanie explained that her focus group had described Paulina as "strong and fearless" and as someone who "gets things done." Stephanie said that while Abe had also polled well, some voters might consider him "too nice" as a candidate. Because Paulina had polled higher than Abe, Stephanie suggested that Paulina run for governor.

Stephanie left, and afterwards, Abe and Paulina debated whether to take Stephanie's advice. Abe shared that he felt the state was ready to have a strong woman of color like Paulina in the governor's mansion. Paulina was skeptical, but Abe recalled that a run for governor had been Paulina's idea all along. Abe added that Paulina could make the world a better place. "Just like you made my world a better place. The universe is sending you a message. You need to answer it," Abe said.

Abe said that he had learned to never doubt Paulina. Abe referred to Paulina as "Madam Governor Price," and Paulina admitted that she liked how the title sounded. Abe and Paulina hugged, and Paulina excitedly agreed to run for governor.

At John and Marlena's penthouse, John surprised Marlena with strawberries and whipped cream in bed. John offered to give Marlena a massage. Marlena quipped that she should choose where the massage started. John and Marlena then made love.

John and Marlena held each other, and John recalled that the two of them had "faced down a hundred lifetimes together." John vowed to always keep Marlena safe. Marlena wished that she and John could have a more peaceful life, but John was certain that Orpheus still had something else planned. Marlena said that no matter how many times Orpheus tried to destroy them, she and John would always win. John and Marlena made love again, and the two held each other closely.

At the Brady Pub, Kate appeared with a cake for Roman's birthday. Eric was shocked when Kate said that Orpheus had tried to kill Kate, Marlena, and Kayla. Kate was grateful that John, Steve, and Roman had all come to their rescue.

Just then, Roman entered the pub and kissed Kate. Roman hugged Eric, who hadn't known that Roman and Kate had gotten back together. Kate apologized to Eric for having pushed so hard for Eric to get back together with Nicole. Kate hoped that Eric would find the same type of happiness that she'd already found with Roman. Roman told Kate about Eric's budding relationship with Jada. "Wait, you and the new detective are sleeping together?" Kate asked after Jada had walked in.

Kate apologized for having spoken out of turn, and she and Jada formally introduced themselves to each other. Jada asked Kate about Orpheus, and she said that she would need Kate to give a full statement to the police the following day. Jada started to berate Roman over not having involved the police when Orpheus had kidnapped Kate, Marlena, and Kayla. Roman grew angry with Jada, and he reminded her that she had been in Salem "for about five minutes."

Kate said that Jada would have to get used to people in Salem doing things without asking for help from the police. Jada suggested that they all agree to disagree. Kate asked Jada to stay and enjoy birthday cake with her, Roman, and Eric. Jada shook Roman's hand, and she agreed to stay. "Happy birthday, cowboy," Jada teased Roman.

At Steve and Kayla's place, Steve regretted that he hadn't killed Orpheus when he'd had the chance. Kayla encouraged Steve to stop thinking about Orpheus and to kiss her. Just then, Stephanie burst through the door. "How could you lie to me? How could you not tell me that Mom was kidnapped?" Stephanie bellowed at Steve.

Steve apologized and explained that Orpheus had instructed Steve, Roman, and John to not involve the police. Kayla said the most important thing was that they were all safe, but Steve seemed skeptical.

Kayla asked Stephanie to stay for an early dinner, and Steve offered to grill steaks for the three of them. Steve and Kayla served dinner, and Kayla sneezed unexpectedly.

Back at the Brady Pub, everyone gathered sang "Happy Birthday" to Roman, who went to blow out the candles on his cake. Before he could, Kate sneezed unexpectedly and blew out the candles.

Back at John and Marlena's penthouse, Marlena violently sneezed twice.

In Rolf's lab, Rolf was stunned to find Orpheus in the lab. Orpheus reminded Rolf that he'd included Rolf in his list of names that Orpheus had demanded the governor give a pardon to. Orpheus said that he had his own project. "My objective is to bring as much pain and suffering as possible to Steve Johnson, Roman Brady, and most of all, John Black," Orpheus said.

Orpheus complimented Rolf on his "lifetime achievement" of work, and he revealed that he'd been in Rolf's lab before and that he'd seen everything there. Orpheus revealed that he had noticed a mysterious vial locked in a steel cabinet in Rolf's lab. Orpheus remarked that the contents of the vial would destroy the lives of his enemies.

Orpheus showed Rolf the vial. Rolf pleaded with Orpheus to be careful, but Orpheus carelessly tossed the vial at Rolf, who was shocked to learn the vial was empty. "I've already used its contents," Orpheus told a wide-eyed Rolf.

"The vial... you didn't," Rolf gasped.

"Oh, yes. I did. I know that John, Roman, and Steve are very proud of their heroics, but in truth, they only delayed the deaths of Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. I'm sure they're celebrating their health, but soon, very soon, they'll wish they'd let that bomb go off," Orpheus said menacingly.

Ava is stunned by who she sees in the DiMera crypt

Ava is stunned by who she sees in the DiMera crypt

Thursday, September 8, 2022

At DiMera Enterprises, E.J. walked into Gabi's office and said that Gabi had made his quest to oust her as CEO easier. E.J. said that Gabi wouldn't have hired Ava unless the two had been co-conspirators, and he remarked that Ava's marriage to Jake had been a sham. Gabi demurred, and she said that E.J. had lost his son's support -- possibly for good.

E.J. said that his relationship with Johnny was none of Gabi's business, but Gabi reminded E.J. that he'd made it the company's business when he'd brought the recording of E.J. and Johnny's private conversation into the boardroom. Gabi said that E.J. didn't deserve to have a son like Johnny and that Johnny didn't deserve a father as mean-spirited as E.J.

E.J. left after Gabi's biting remarks. Afterwards, Li arrived. Gabi told Li that E.J. was upset that she had hired Ava. Li told Gabi that he wanted to talk to her about something, but Gabi was interrupted by a phone call from Johnny, who asked Gabi to go to the DiMera mansion to pay her respects to Jake in a private ceremony.

Li, who earlier had demanded an update on Stefan's condition from Rolf, tried to talk Gabi out of attending, but Gabi insisted. Gabi pressed an uneasy Li to join her, and Li reluctantly agreed. Gabi said that she cared for Li, and Li reminded her that there was something that he'd wanted to talk to her about. Li then shocked Gabi when he dropped to one knee. Li presented a ring, and he asked Gabi to marry him.

In Ava's room at the DiMera mansion, Johnny checked to see how Ava had been since the tense shareholders meeting in the boardroom. Johnny learned that Gabi had given Ava a job at DiMera Enterprises, and he congratulated Ava. Ava said that she didn't want to come between Johnny and E.J., but Johnny insisted that Ava wasn't the problem.

Johnny surprised Ava when he announced an idea to have a family service for Jake in the DiMera family crypt. Ava thought the idea was nice, and she thanked Johnny for having suggested it. Just then, E.J. walked in on Ava and Johnny's close moment. "Well, didn't take you long to move from Jake to his nephew," E.J. scoffed.

E.J. asked Ava for a moment alone, but Johnny didn't want to leave Ava's side. After Ava convinced Johnny that she'd be fine, Johnny left. E.J. told Ava that he would prove she was unstable and that it would only be a matter of time before Ava saw Jake's ghost again.

Ava insisted there was nothing wrong with her, but E.J. thought that Ava felt guilty for having lied about her nonexistent marriage to Jake in order to get DiMera shares. Ava asked E.J. to leave because she had to get ready for Jake's memorial. "Say hi to Jake again for me next time you see him!" E.J. said mockingly.

In the living room at the DiMera mansion, Tony made martinis for him and Anna. Tony talked about E.J.'s recent run of bad luck, and he recalled that E.J. had twice been rebuffed by Johnny in public. Tony said that E.J. wouldn't take such an embarrassment lying down.

Anna said she couldn't help but feel sorry for Ava, and she remarked that E.J. had purposefully kicked Ava while Ava was down. Anna said she didn't know whether Johnny would ever feel the same way about E.J. Anna expressed her wish that both Johnny and E.J. would work toward healing their relationship. Tony remarked that too many "outsiders" had driven the DiMera family apart. Tony added that if E.J. and Johnny continued to butt heads over Ava, things wouldn't end well.

In Horton Town Square, Kristen demanded to know why Chloe wasn't at work. Chloe said that Brady had given her the rest of the day off. After a tense exchange with Kristen, Chloe announced that she planned to testify against Kristen at Rachel's custody hearing the following day. Kristen seethed when Chloe left.

In Chloe's room at the Salem Inn, Chloe told Brady about her run-in with Kristen. Brady complimented Chloe on how she had managed to keep herself composed in front of Kristen. Brady talked about Rachel, and Chloe asked if Rachel was still mad at her. Brady admitted that Rachel was still upset, but he expressed his belief that Rachel would come around in time. "Not if I testify tomorrow," Chloe replied.

Brady grew angry when he recalled that Kristen had threatened Chloe with a letter opener. Brady encouraged Chloe to take the stand and to do everything she could to send Kristen back to Statesville. Chloe pointed out that Brady's anger was exactly what Kristen hoped to provoke in court, and she announced that she'd decided not to testify against Kristen. Chloe said that she and Brady were "in it for the long game," and she was hopeful that Rachel would soon see how much Chloe loved her. Brady and Chloe shared a close moment, and the two made love.

In Rolf's lab, Kristen instructed Rolf to wake Stefan up immediately. Rolf said that Stefan had only had one cycle of Rolf's conditioning and that Rolf needed more time to ensure Stefan's allegiance had switched from Gabi to Chloe. Still, Kristen insisted that Rolf wake Stefan up. Rolf administered a drug, and Stefan's eyes opened. When Stefan awoke, Kristen remarked that Stefan could go home to Chloe. Stefan went to change into one of Jake's old suits that Kristen had brought.

Kristen thought it was obvious that Rolf's conditioning had worked, but Rolf remained uncertain. Stefan returned in the suit that Kristen had brought, and he asked Kristen how he looked. Kristen said that Stefan looked great and that Chloe would be happy to see him. Stefan repeated Chloe's name, and Rolf asked if Stefan remembered Chloe. Stefan confirmed that he remembered Chloe, and Kristen told Stefan that he needed to get to Chloe's room. Kristen handed Stefan a room key, and she instructed him to show Chloe how much he loved her.

After Stefan left, Rolf again expressed concern about whether his conditioning had worked after only one session. "Zip it!" Kristen angrily told Rolf, and she left.

Later, Brady answered a knock at Chloe's door. Kristen was stunned to find Brady in Chloe's room and not Stefan. "Were you expecting someone else?" Brady asked Kristen.

At the same time, Stefan had made his way to the DiMera crypt and gone inside. Stefan saw his name etched on the wall of the crypt, and he stood directly in front of it. Just then, Ava entered the crypt, and she was shocked by the sight of the person in front of her.

"Jake," Ava gasped, and tears started to form in her eyes.

Li proposes to Gabi

Li proposes to Gabi

Friday, September 9, 2022

In the DiMera conference room, Li dropped to one knee and proposed to Gabi. "This is just so unexpected. We haven't even been dating that long. You proposing out of the blue, where is this coming from?" Gabi asked. Li thought about Stefan in the lab. "I was afraid that if I waited any longer, I might miss my chance to make you my wife," Li said. Li told Gabi that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

"I'm sorry, I just need a moment to process everything," Gabi said. Li told Gabi to take her time. "I didn't even know you were thinking about marriage," Gabi said. "Ever since the moment I met you, I've been captivated by your beauty, intelligence, your strength, and determination. The last few months have been the happiest I have ever been, and I don't want that to end. But I'm beginning to feel that I may have jumped the gun," Li said. "No. Not necessarily," Gabi said.

Gabi admitted that she had seen their relationship as a fling at the start. "But as time went by, I started to realize it wasn't just a fun little fling. It has grown into something deeper," Gabi confessed. "For me, as well," Li agreed. Gabi told Li about her conversation with Rafe when she had said that no one could replace Stefan.

"That's still true to an extent. But he also told me not to give up on love. And I'm starting to realize that there is room in my heart for someone else. For you," Gabi said. Hopeful, Li asked Gabi what she meant. "If the offer still stands, I would be honored to be your wife," Gabi said. Li grabbed Gabi and kissed her. Li and Gabi said "I love you" to one another, and Li put the engagement ring on Gabi's finger.

Li suggested that they take the corporate jet to celebrate somewhere, and Gabi asked if they could leave after Jake's memorial. "How could I forget?" Li said. With a grin, Li admitted that he was eager to see how the DiMera family would react to the news of their engagement. "I'm guessing that they won't be too pleased that we have consolidated our power," Li said. Li added that he hoped that was not the only reason Gabi had accepted his proposal. "You're also a good kisser," Gabi joked.

Outside Ava's bedroom, Johnny stressed that Ava was strong. "Are you sure about that? Ava seemed pretty shaken up when she thought she saw Jake the other night," E.J. said. "That was her imagination. She realizes that now," Johnny said. E.J. argued that a memorial could push Ava over the edge. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Johnny said. Johnny argued that E.J. would use any emotion from Ava to secure her company shares.

"If you're so concerned about her holding on to her shares and sanity, then maybe this memorial service isn't such a good idea," E.J. said. Annoyed, Johnny reminded E.J. that he was not required to attend. "I hardly knew Jake," E.J. said. "He's still family. That meant something to Nonno. I thought it meant something to you, too, but I guess I was wrong," Johnny said.

As Stefan stood in the DiMera crypt and stared at his nameplate, Ava walked in. "Jake?" Ava whispered. Stefan turned to look at Ava. "How is this possible? You're dead," Ava said. "Not anymore," Stefan said. As Stefan took a step toward Ava, she held up her hand. "No. This isn't real," Ava said. Ava mentioned when "Jake" had visited the house, and Stefan noted that she looked pale.

"Maybe you should sit down," Stefan said. Stefan reached out and touched Ava's shoulder. "No, no, no, this is in my head," Ava said. Ava backed away from Stefan. "You're not Jake," Ava said. Ava ran out of the crypt. "Who the hell is Jake?" Stefan said. Stefan looked back at the wall, and he saw Jake's memorial plaque next to his own. "Maybe this Jake DiMera is my twin brother? Is that who this woman thinks I am?" Stefan said.

In the DiMera living room, Tony complained to Anna about how protective Johnny was of Ava. "Johnny has a crush on Ava," Anna said. "Aren't things bad enough between father and son?" Tony countered. Anna argued that E.J. needed to stop pushing to control everyone.

"And if Johnny is interested in Ava, then good for him," Anna said. "Did I hear my name?" Johnny asked as he walked in. Anna thanked Johnny for having coordinated a memorial for Jake. "Ava must be very appreciative," Anna said. "I just hope it brings her some peace," Johnny said. Ava entered from the yard, wiping tears from her eyes. Johnny asked what was wrong.

"I saw him down at the crypt," Ava said. Anna asked who. Ava hesitated. "Never mind," Ava said. "You saw Jake, didn't you?" Tony asked. "Yeah. I saw him again," Ava admitted. Ava explained that she had gone to the crypt to have a moment alone, but when she had arrived, Jake had been there. Tony asked Ava if she had talked to Jake.

"We said a few words. Then I freaked out, and I came here. But look, I know, I know this is impossible, but I'm telling you, it seemed real. You think I'm crazy," Ava said. "No, I don't," Johnny said. Johnny offered to accompany Ava back to the crypt to investigate. After they left, Tony told Anna that he believed E.J. had been right. "Ava is having a nervous breakdown," Tony said. Anna argued that the crypt was dark and creepy.

"You can't blame her if she thought she saw a ghost down there," Anna said. E.J. entered and asked if it was time to start the memorial service. "I thought you weren't going to attend?" Tony asked. "My son shamed me into it. Family loyalty and all that," E.J. said. Anna suggested that they wait for a moment because Johnny was alone with Ava in the crypt. "It would probably be best if we don't interrupt them," Anna said. Suspicious, E.J. asked what was going on. Tony informed E.J. that Ava had seen Jake again. E.J. smiled.

Outside the crypt, Ava hesitated. "On the one hand, I'm afraid Jake won't be in there. And then on the other hand, I'm terrified that he will be. And I'm going to be the only one that can see him," Ava said. "Whatever happens in there, I am going to help you through it," Johnny said. With a nod yes, Ava entered the crypt with Johnny.

"There is no one here," Ava whispered. Ava pointed to where she had seen "Jake." "Then he came over to me, and he reached out and he touched me this time. And he was wearing a suit. His favorite one. But it's impossible," Ava said. Johnny noted that his family had a history of cheating death. "Maybe my Uncle Jake, he did the same thing," Johnny said. Johnny suggested that they look around the grounds for Jake, but Ava said no.

"As much as I want to believe that you're right, and Jake is alive, it doesn't make any sense. If he was back and he came back for me, why would he have let me walk out that door?" Ava said. Ava argued that Jake would have chased after her. "If we find him, we can ask him. What's the harm in trying?" Johnny countered. Ava argued that E.J. would use the incident against her.

"Maybe Bayview is where I belong right now, because I have obviously lost my mind," Ava said. "I'm sure there is a perfectly good explanation for all of this," Johnny said. Johnny reminded Ava that she had suffered hallucinations when Charlie had drugged her. "Maybe we need to get you checked out by a doctor," Johnny suggested. With a shake of her head, Ava said that it was different.

"You can't just assume that you're insane. Let's think about this a second," Johnny said. "What's going on here is that I can't tell the difference between what is real and what is not!" Ava said. Ava argued that the situation was too much for her. In tears, Ava ran out. As Johnny started to pursue her, he ran into E.J. "Is she all right?" E.J. asked. Johnny assured E.J. that Ava was fine but emotional.

"Tony and Anna just told me that she still thinks Jake is alive," E.J. said. E.J. argued that Ava was mentally unstable. "This is all going exactly the way you planned it, isn't it?" Johnny asked. When E.J. shrugged, Johnny accused E.J. of having gaslighted Ava. "Ava is making herself insane," E.J. countered. Johnny argued that E.J. had predicted that Ava would have another hallucination.

"Giving you just the evidence you need to take her shares," Johnny said. When E.J. asked how he could have fooled Ava, Johnny suggested that E.J. had worn a Jake mask. "I think that you're confusing me with your Aunt Kristen," E.J. growled. E.J. said he was horrified by the idea of wearing one of Rolf's masks.

"Then you hired a look-alike," Johnny said. "Now you're just being crazy," E.J. said. Johnny said he believed that E.J. was attempting to scare Ava. "I am not responsible for Ava's hallucinations! And frankly, I'm getting sick and tired of you taking that woman's side over mine!" E.J. yelled. E.J. argued that it was foolish to believe that Jake had married Ava. E.J. called Ava amoral.

"Is that what you tell yourself to justify your campaign against her?" Johnny asked. E.J. stressed that he had not done anything. "It is downright sad the fact that you're so bloody gullible and na´ve," E.J. argued. Johnny countered that he preferred to have a heart than be a cold cynic like E.J. "Ava is vulnerable, and I will not let you push her over the edge," Johnny said. Johnny warned E.J. to leave Ava alone.

At the house, Anna suggested to Tony that they head to the crypt. "I just hope that E.J. is not going to be too unkind to [Ava]," Tony said. Anna sarcastically noted that E.J. would be his "usual compassionate self." Gabi and Li walked in. "Busy day at the office?" Tony asked. "I guess you could say that. Li and I are engaged," Gabi said. Anna congratulated and hugged the happy couple.

"Congratulations. That's quite a strategic merger on both your parts," Tony said. "I assure you this has nothing to do with business. Gabi and I are very much in love," Li said. Tony grinned. When Gabi asked if Ava was at the crypt, Tony and Anna exchanged a look. "I'm afraid [Ava] saw Jake again," Tony said.

"What? Where?" Li asked. "This time, she claims that she saw him down in the crypt. So, Johnny went down with her to have a look around," Tony said. "I feel so bad for her. Not only is she grieving her husband, but she is having these hallucinations," Gabi said. Li suggested that they head to the crypt to check on Ava.

After the family left, Stefan entered the DiMera living room from the garden. "Anyone here?" Stefan called out. Stefan saw the bar cart. As Stefan sipped on a glass of Stefano's favorite liquor, he toasted Stefano's portrait. "Good to see you again, Father," Stefan said.

When Li, Gabi, Tony, and Anna arrived at the crypt, E.J. was still fuming from his conversation with Johnny. "Johnny does have reasons to be suspicious. I mean, you'd do anything to get your hands on Ava's shares," Gabi said. "I am in no way responsible for Ava's decline," E.J. stressed.

"Enough! We're supposed to be here to pay our respects to Jake, and can we just table the usual snarkiness for just a bit?" Anna said. Tony suggested they start the memorial. "We are here today to celebrate the life of our dearly departed brother Jake, who has joined his twin Stefan in the great beyond," Tony said. Gabi looked over at Stefan's nameplate.

After the service, Tony lamented that he did not have more memories of Jake. "By the way, did anybody invite Kristen?" Tony asked. "Don't look at me! This whole memorial was Johnny's idea," E.J. muttered. E.J. argued that Johnny and Ava had not even bothered to return for the service.

"I'm sure that Ava is grieving in her own way," Anna said. As Tony suggested that they return to the house for cocktails, Gabi stared at Stefan's nameplate again. Li told Tony that they would meet the family at the house.

Once alone, Li asked Gabi if she was okay. "I'd just like a moment alone with Stefan, if that's okay with you. I just, I'd like to share our news with him and sort of ask for his blessing," Gabi said. With a nod, Li left for the house. Gabi caressed Stefan's nameplate.

"I never imagined that I'd be telling you about my feelings for another man, and I hope you understand that as wonderful as what we had was, I needed to make a new life for myself. But you know, even though Li and I are engaged, you are the love of my life. And always will be. But I have to let you go," Gabi said. As Gabi turned to leave, she saw Stefan.

In Ava's bedroom, she was packing her bags when Johnny walked in. "I can't stay here. This house of horrors is driving me insane," Ava said. "You shouldn't be alone right now," Johnny said. When Ava noted that she would bunk with Kristen, Johnny warned Ava that Kristen played with people's minds. Ava sighed, and she noted that she had never belonged at the mansion.

"I have done plenty of terrible things in my life. Maybe it's all just coming back to haunt me," Ava said. With a chuckle, Johnny argued that Stefano had done far worse things than the Vitali crime family. "You fought to overcome all that. You should be proud of everything you've accomplished," Johnny said. "You really are sweet, but you give me too much credit," Ava said. Johnny asked Ava to stay and let him help her figure out what had happened.

"Nobody wants me here," Ava said. "I do," Johnny whispered. Johnny took Ava's hands in his. "This house is a lot more bearable with you in it," Johnny said. "Why are you being so nice to me?" Ava asked. Johnny told Ava that he cared about her. Johnny pulled Ava into a passionate kiss.

When E.J., Tony, and Anna returned to the living room, Stefan was gone. E.J. was eager to find Johnny, but Anna warned him to give Johnny time alone. "Besides, you don't want to miss the Champagne toast to celebrate Gabi and Li's engagement," Anna said. "They're engaged?" E.J. exclaimed. E.J. argued that he had no interest in toasting to Gabi and Li's power grab. As Anna rolled her eyes, she spotted the empty glass that Stefan had left behind. Tony told Anna to leave the glass for Harold.

At the Salem Inn, Kristen barged into Chloe's room as a half-naked Chloe and Brady looked on. Kristen searched the room and said, "Where the hell is he?" "Who exactly are you looking for?" Chloe asked. Brady demanded to know who Kristen had believed was in the room. Kristen thought about when she had instructed Stefan to go to Chloe's hotel room.

"I thought Randy was here. The hunky intern Chloe has been flirting with at work," Kristen said. Chloe scoffed at the idea. Kristen explained that she had believed that Chloe was cheating on Brady. "What are you hiding?" Chloe asked. Kristen played dumb. "Leave. Now," Brady growled. With a smirk, Kristen told Brady that she would see him in court. After Kristen left, Brady wondered why Kristen had barged into the room.

Kristen returned to Rolf's lab to look for Stefan. "I thought he went to call on the voluptuous Chloe Lane," Rolf said. "So did I! But I just saw Chloe. My brother clearly had not paid her a visit. Where the hell did he go?" Kristen yelled.

"I warned you that it was too soon to release him out into the world," Rolf said. "So, you're telling me that your brainwashing didn't take?" Kristen asked. Rolf admitted that it was a bad sign that Stefan had not been compelled to go to Chloe. "You know what that means," Kristen whispered. Rolf's phone beeped with a text from Li.

"Apparently, Ava Vitali thinks she saw Jake on the DiMera property again," Rolf said. Kristen groaned. "Which means he went to track down his wife. Damn it, Rolf! You didn't wipe out his love for Gabi, after all," Kristen said. Kristen called Rolf incompetent. "I told you he wasn't ready!" Rolf countered. Kristen argued that Rolf's inability to stand up to her was the problem. "If Stefan shows up to reclaim Gabi, Li Shin is going to make you pay for your unforgivable blunders with your life," Kristen growled.

This episode marked the final broadcast of Days of our Lives on NBC. Beginning September 12, 2022, Days of our Lives transitioned to streaming on Peacock+.

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