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Clyde proposed to Nancy. Leo said Craig had framed him. Gwen turned in Leo. Sarah forgave Xander. Stefan requested the return of his company shares. Roman almost told Philip's secret. Chloe gave footage of Kristen to the judge. The judge awarded custody to Brady. Kate, Marlena, and Kayla grew sicker. Sonny and Alex fought about Titan. Gwen confronted Jennifer about her drug use. Jennifer blackmailed Gwen. Nicole and Eric told one another about their sex dreams. Sonny remembered that Clyde had stabbed him. Jada proved Clyde's alibi was fake. Chad pursued Clyde with a gun.
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Clyde proposed to Nancy. Leo named Craig as Abigail's killer. The custody judge awarded sole custody to Brady. Steve attacked Orpheus, but Shawn stopped him.
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Nancy realizes that Clyde is hiding something

Nancy realizes that Clyde is hiding something

Monday, September 19, 2022

by Mike

Xander headed over to the Horton house to confide in Jack about being on the outs with Sarah yet again. Jack seemed almost impressed with Xander for having managed to chase off Sarah so soon after they had been pronounced husband and wife. "What can I do to make Sarah forget that she married an idiot?" Xander wondered, drawing a shrug from Jack.

Xander sighed then changed the subject, wondering if Jack believed that Leo was responsible for Abigail's murder and Sonny's stabbing. "I mean, I know Leo is a scam artist and a buffoon, but...I'm not convinced the guy's a killer," Xander admitted while waiting for an answer from Jack, who eventually countered that the evidence against Leo was hard to ignore.

Sarah entered the Kiriakis mansion with a duffel bag and started venting to Maggie about the latest skeleton that had emerged from Xander's closet. Maggie admitted to having known about that particular misdeed all along then explained that keeping quiet about it had been a deliberate choice based on the belief that it was always best for Sarah to hear such things directly from Xander instead. Sarah was furious with Maggie at first but eventually conceded the point then went back to just being furious with Xander. Maggie tried to defend Xander's actions, but Sarah insisted that there was no excuse for such behavior.

Maggie forged ahead, explaining that Xander had been a broken man after Sarah's disappearance and had reverted to bad habits. "When I married Victor, I vowed to love all of him -- the good and the bad -- and I'm not saying there is absolutely nothing that I won't forgive, but I have promised myself that I won't blame Victor for his past...and I don't think you should blame Xander for his," Maggie added before concluding that Gwen would be the true winner if Sarah gave up on Xander. Sarah conceded all of Maggie's points then headed back to the Salem Inn with the duffel bag and apologized to Xander for having overreacted earlier.

Will was with Sonny at the hospital when Chad visited. Will helped Sonny tell Chad about Leo's latest stunt. Will and Chad were both furious with the police for having failed to guard the room of a stabbing victim whose attacker was still on the loose, but Sonny wasn't convinced that Leo was a threat. "Sonny, that huge heart of yours and that desire to see the best in people is one of the many, many reasons that I love you so much...but we both know that Leo is incapable of being honest, so what makes you think that this is the one time he is telling the truth?" Will wondered, drawing a shrug from Sonny, who was only able to describe the belief as a really strong gut feeling.

Chad suggested that Sonny could undergo hypnotherapy as a way of trying to remember more details about the attacker, prompting Will to reveal that Marlena was "under the weather" at that time and was therefore unavailable to them. Undeterred, Chad reminded Will that, between the two of them, they probably had enough experience with hypnotherapy to walk Sonny through the process. "I don't want him to have to relive that moment --" Will tried to object. "It's okay -- you're here with me," Sonny interjected. Will nodded then grasped Sonny's hands and started the amateur hypnotherapy session.

Sonny recalled having been alone in the CEO's office at Titan on the night of the stabbing, searching a file cabinet for a document. "My back was to the door -- then I heard a noise, and I started to turn around, but before I could..." Sonny continued before recalling the "searing" pain that had begun at that moment. "And then it just goes blank," Sonny concluded.

Will tried to probe for more details about the noise, but Sonny couldn't identify it as any particular type of sound. When Will moved on to probing for more details about the moment that Sonny had turned around, though, another crucial memory resurfaced. "Whoever came into my office smelled like vanilla," Sonny realized.

After the amateur hypnotherapy session ended, Chad said goodbye to Will and Sonny then left the hospital and headed over to the Horton house, where Jack was quick to ask for an update. Chad reported that Sonny was doing well, all things considered, but was convinced that Leo wasn't responsible for what had happened. Jack revealed that Xander had the same suspicion.

Clyde was outside the Brady Pub, wrapping up a phone conversation with someone, when Nancy approached from behind. "And, hey, keep this under your hat, will ya? Last thing I'd want is for Nancy to find out..." Clyde reminded the person before ending the call then realizing that Nancy was nearby.

Clyde greeted Nancy then explained, when asked, that Ben had been on the other end of the call and was "livin' the dream" on a beach in Nova Scotia at that moment. As Nancy nodded skeptically, Clyde obliviously changed the subject, suggesting an impromptu dinner date. Nancy agreed with a forced smile then followed Clyde inside the pub and tried to work up the appetite for a meal. Clyde eventually wondered if something was wrong, prompting Nancy to make up a story about being concerned that Leo might go after Chloe or Brady next. Clyde assured Nancy that Brady would protect Chloe from Leo.

Nancy made another attempt to force down some food then gave up and confessed to having overheard the final part of Clyde's earlier phone conversation. Clyde laughed then tried to clarify the statement, but Nancy interrupted and ended their relationship, certain that something shady was going on.

Clyde denied being involved in anything shady and also denied Nancy's follow-up accusation that another woman -- or another man -- was in the picture. "This is what I was talkin' about on the phone before -- when I was talkin' to Ben," Clyde explained while producing a jewelry box that contained a diamond ring. "It's nothin' fancy, but it's all that I could afford," Clyde added before getting down on bended knee and proposing.

Nancy stared at the ring in shock then started blubbering about how nice it was to feel loved and wanted again. "Nancy, my knees ain't what they used to be, and I really need to know right now -- is it a 'yes' or a 'no'?" Clyde eventually interjected, prompting Nancy to excitedly accept the marriage proposal.

Gwen was in a motel room, staring wistfully at a photograph of Xander, when someone started pounding on the door.

Gwen opened the door and found Leo standing on the other side of it. Leo barged into the motel room then begged Gwen for permission to hide out there for a while. Gwen protested that Leo was a wanted man. "I'm being framed --" Leo started to clarify, prompting Gwen to interrupt with a threat to contact the police and misquote the explanation as a full confession. "After all, that's what you did to me, isn't it?" Gwen reminded Leo with a scowl.

Leo apologized to Gwen then explained that Sloan had recommended the betrayal as the only way to get out of Trask's crosshairs. "Gwen, please -- you are the only friend I have in the world; I have nowhere else to go, nobody else I can turn to... You have no idea what it's like to feel so completely alone..." Leo fretted, still desperate for Gwen's help. "Actually...I do," Gwen admitted before agreeing to at least listen to Leo's story about being framed.

Gwen wondered if Leo had any suspects yet. "It has to be somebody who hates me," Leo argued. "Wow -- brilliant, Sherlock..." Gwen teased. "Give me a break, Dame Agatha!" Leo countered.

Leo eventually decided that Nancy had to be the culprit. "That woman is 'sweet' the way I am 'straight' -- I wouldn't put anything past her," Leo reasoned, but Gwen wasn't convinced.

Gwen suggested that Leo's ex-husband -- Darius Rose, also known as Jackie Cox -- was the culprit. "You're right -- I did totally ruin his life; not only did he miss out on a big payday, the poor soul got deported back to Canada! Gwen, you're a genius -- you just blew the case wide open!" Leo raved, but Gwen suddenly backpedaled, pointing out that Darius' deportation to Canada would have made it quite difficult to sneak into then back out of the United States on two separate occasions. "Good point -- and, now that I think about it, that queen can't stand the sight of blood," Leo conceded, recalling the time that Darius had passed out and nearly drowned after cutting a leg while shaving in a bathtub.

Leo and Gwen continued trying to think of suspects. "I'm having an epiphany -- and I'm totally sober; this is a first," Leo eventually announced before starting to dramatically describe the sensation of the epiphany, prompting Gwen to impatiently beg to hear more important details instead. "I know who the murdering bastard is -- the stab-happy sadist who killed Abigail DiMera and almost killed Sonny Kiriakis! Oh, my God, Gwenny, I know who it is -- for real this time!" Leo began to explain.

At that same moment, Craig entered the Brady Pub, interrupting Nancy and Clyde's attempt to celebrate their engagement with a kiss.

Craig confronts Clyde

Craig confronts Clyde

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

In the Horton living room, Jack told Chad that Xander did not believe that Leo was capable of murder. "That's his gut instinct. The guy's a weasel, not a killer," Jack said. "Leo was trying to convince Sonny that he was being set up," Chad said. "You think Leo is innocent?" Jack countered. Chad admitted that he did not know what to think anymore.

After Chad left, Jack delivered ice cream sundaes to Jennifer as she worked in the living room. "We already put the kids to bed," Jennifer noted. "Adults only ice cream sundae night," Jack said. Jennifer stammered that she was not up for it. "You love ice cream sundae nights. It's one of your favorite family traditions," Jack said. "It was also Abigail's. And I'm not sure that I want to carry on the tradition without her," Jennifer confessed.

Jennifer told Jack that she wanted to spend time with him, but she did not want to do activities that were so tied to Abigail. "It's supposed to get easier with time, I know. But for me, every day that goes by, I just miss her more, not less," Jennifer said. "Me, too," Jack said. Jack suggested that for the next ice cream sundae night, they would invite Thomas and Charlotte so that they could discuss their favorite memories of Abigail.

"Would that make it easier for you?" Jack asked. Jennifer smiled. "Yeah, it would! That would be good for the kids for us to share our memories of her with them, and for them to share some of their memoires of her with us. I think Abigail would want that," Jennifer said. Jennifer told Jack that they should eat the sundaes he had made. "You sure?" Jack asked. "I think Abigail would want that, too," Jennifer said.

After Jennifer had her first bite of her sundae, she admitted that it tasted better than she had remembered. "You know, as Abigail used to say, 'Ice cream,'--" Jack started. "Is the solution to everything," Jennifer finished with a chuckle. Jack made small talk about the toppings on the sundaes, and Jennifer laughed as Jack drowned his sundae in nuts. Jack noted that Jennifer's sundae showed that she was "refined but not stuffy."

"No one would ever call you stuffy. That would be me. At least I was when you first met me. Except you, my darling girl, you helped me to loosen up and taught me to have fun," Jack said. "Maybe too much fun," Jennifer said. "I thank God every day that you saved me from being an old curmudgeon," Jack said. Jack joked that he could have been Victor. Jennifer laughed.

"You taught me that loving someone with all their heart is the best and most important thing that anyone can do," Jack said. "Well, I think you learned that all by yourself," Jennifer countered. With a sigh, Jack noted, "I never would have learned it if not for you. The day you came into my life was the luckiest day of my life." "Mine, too. Now stop hogging all the nuts," Jennifer said with a grin. While Jack did the dishes, Jennifer went to grab her checkbook for a bill. Jennifer saw the bottle of pills, and she took one.

After dinner in the DiMera mansion, E.J. and Stefan retired to the living room for wine. "I'm starting to feel like myself again," Stefan said. "I'm so glad to hear that, brother," E.J. said. When E.J. started to talk about his plan to retake the company from Gabi, Stefan switched the subject to when he had first met E.J. "Sami had just dragged you out of that fire. You were in the hospital. You looked like a mummy," Stefan said with a chuckle.

"When I fully recovered, Sami said she owed you a large sum of money," E.J. said. "She did. She also did her best to get out of it," Stefan said. E.J. asked Stefan why he had let Sami off the hook. "I could tell that she needed the money to get you the best possible medical care. Look at you now. Obviously, it worked," Stefan said. E.J. thanked Stefan.

"We're family. We take care of one another," Stefan said. "I couldn't agree more. You and I may not have grown up together, but it's clear we're cut from the same cloth," E.J. said. E.J. told Stefan that they could rebuild the company after they destroyed Gabi. Without a word, Stefan went to the bar cart.

"When I first floated the idea to go against Gabi, you got quiet. Then you started pacing like you are now," E.J. observed. Stefan admitted that he was no longer in love with Gabi. "And quite frankly, it baffles me that I ever was," Stefan added. E.J. asked Stefan why he appeared hesitant to take down Gabi. "This is your chance to take back what is rightfully yours, and she is in the way," E.J. noted. Stefan said he wanted to hear E.J.'s whole plan before he committed. E.J. explained that Gabi had held onto her job because of the shares she had inherited from Stefan.

"Which would maybe give us enough votes to oust her. But you would have to be willing to take her down. Are you?" E.J. asked. Stefan asked E.J. to clarify why E.J. had said "maybe." E.J. admitted that the opposition had enough votes for a tie. "So, we either have to convince someone to change their vote or continue working on having Ava Vitali's vote disqualified," E.J. said. Stefan asked about Ava.

"[Ava] was deemed unstable because she claimed she was seeing her dead husband," E.J. said. "Who ended up being me," Stefan said with a grin. "Which means she wasn't hallucinating, after all," E.J. said. Chad walked into the house, and he was shocked to see Stefan.

"Good news, Chad. Our brother Stefan is alive," E.J. said. "Long time no see," Stefan said. "Rolf had you on ice and never said a word?" Chad said. Stefan explained that Rolf had kept the news quiet until he had found a heart to revive Stefan.

"Why? You did just fine without one before," Chad said. "I'm hoping that this could be a new beginning for us," Stefan said. Chad declined the offer. With a sigh, Stefan noted, "I don't expect you and Abigail to welcome me back with open arms." "She's dead!" Chad snapped. Surprised, Stefan looked at E.J. "What happened?" Stefan asked. "She was murdered," Chad growled.

"The current theory is Leo Stark [killed Abigail]," Chad said. "I remember that guy. He tried to get a job from me. Super shady," Stefan whispered. Stefan gave his condolences to Chad. "This is a terrible tragedy," Stefan said. "Are we sure it was Leo? I read that Sonny was unable to positively ID his attacker," E.J. said. Chad explained that Sonny had not seen his assailant, but Sonny had remembered the smell of vanilla.

"I do hope they find Leo, or whomever did this, and hold them to justice," E.J. said. Chad announced that he wanted to locate Charlotte's stuffed elephant, go home, have a drink, and think about Stefan's resurrection. After Chad walked out, E.J. returned the conversation to Gabi.

At Gwen's motel, Leo and Gwen reviewed the list of suspects. Leo determined that Craig was the most likely suspect. "He is a respected doctor," Gwen countered. Leo argued that Craig wanted revenge because Leo had destroyed Craig's life.

"I understand that Craig might still be very angry about the way things went down between the two of you, but do you really think that he would murder Abigail just to frame you?" Gwen asked. Gwen scoffed at the idea. "From what I heard, [Craig] used to be a petty, scheming bitch," Leo said. Leo told Gwen about Craig's sordid history in Salem.

"Has he ever tried to kill someone before?" Gwen asked. "Not that I'm aware of, but losing someone you love, especially someone as special as moi, can drive you to do crazy things," Leo argued. "I understand that," Gwen muttered. Leo added that Craig was not squeamish about blood. "Just because you have a medical license doesn't mean you're not psycho," Leo said. Leo reminded Gwen about the doctor that had forced her to be a drug mule. "Maybe you're right," Gwen admitted.

"Craig has gone off the deep end. He's trying to drag me down with him," Leo complained. Leo recounted the night of Abigail's murder. "So, you admit you had the knife!" Gwen shouted. "Of course, I had the knife! How else would my fingerprints be on it?" Leo said. Leo theorized aloud that Craig had returned to town to stab Sonny with the original murder weapon and leave Leo's list at the crime scene.

"How did Craig even know the list existed?" Gwen asked. "It has to be [Craig]. The setup feels personal. And yes, there are plenty of people who hate me, but I can't think of anyone who hates me this much," Leo said. Gwen grabbed her phone, and she argued that they needed to clear Leo's name. "Are you going to turn me in?" Leo asked. "Why would I do that?" Gwen countered. Leo argued that Gwen was still mad at him.

"I understand why you did what you did. You were backed against a wall," Gwen said. "I am so sorry that I threw you under the bus," Leo said. Gwen shook her head dismissively, and she stressed that they needed to prove Leo's innocence. "Let's bring that sadistic, twisted, lovesick man's life to a screeching halt," Leo agreed. Gwen announced that she would text Rafe, and a worried Leo demanded to know what Gwen typed. Gwen read aloud as she typed that she suspected Craig was involved in the frame job. "Do you think the commissioner will take you seriously?" Leo asked.

As Clyde and Nancy celebrated their engagement at the pub, Craig walked in. "I didn't know you were in town," Nancy said. "It was a last-minute decision," Craig explained. Craig said he had returned to town because he felt responsible for Leo's choice to settle in Salem.

"I wish we would have listened to [Chloe and Brady] sooner. Sonny and Abigail would've never gotten involved," Craig said. Nancy told Craig he was not to blame, and Clyde agreed. "You just couldn't have known that dumping [Leo] at the altar would send him off on a murderous rampage, could you?" Clyde said. Confused, Craig asked Clyde if they had met before. Nancy introduced Clyde as her fiancé.

"You're the first to know," Clyde said. "Wow," Craig muttered. Craig admitted that Chloe had told him about Nancy's boyfriend. "Clyde just swept me off my feet," Nancy said. "I bet he did," Craig muttered under his breath. Craig went to the bar to order drinks, and he rubbed his face with frustration.

When Craig returned to the table, he told Clyde and Nancy that Chloe had told him about Leo's hit list. "Leo hasn't signaled that he's after [Chloe and Brady]," Nancy said. Craig said that as mad as Leo had been, Leo knew that Craig would not let him hurt Chloe.

"Have you seen Chloe since you got back?" Nancy asked. Craig shook his head no, and he explained that he had wanted to eat first. "Why don't we all go out and have a bite together. All of us. To celebrate your engagement," Craig said. Craig suggested they invite Chloe and Brady, as well.

As Craig, Nancy, and Clyde walked through the town square, Nancy said that she wanted to go ahead and tell Chloe the news first. "In the meantime, why don't the two of you get to know each other? I mean, we are going to be family," Nancy said. After Nancy walked away, Clyde noted, "She's the best, isn't she?" Craig agreed. "Which is why I'm really glad she gave us this little moment together," Craig said. Craig told Clyde that Chloe had reservations about Clyde's past.

"As I told your daughter, I don't pretend to be a saint. But I've paid my debt to society, and since I've been released from prison, I've managed to stay out of trouble," Clyde said. "Have you?" Craig asked. Craig recounted Clyde's past crimes. "I just don't think that you are good enough for Nancy," Craig said.

"That's funny, because you're the one who deceived her your entire marriage and nearly destroyed her when you cheated on her. And you tell me that I'm not good enough? I'm sorry, sawbones, but you are the last person who has any right to be judgmental about me," Clyde said. Craig told Clyde that he did not regret coming out.

"But I hurt Nancy very deeply, and that I am not proud of. She was a wonderful wife to me, a beautiful, wonderful mother to our kids, and I don't want to see her get hurt again. Which is why I'm going to protect her at every cost," Craig stressed. "[Nancy] is kind, she is sweet, she makes me very happy. And as her husband, I'm going to treat her with the kind of love and respect that she deserves," Clyde said.

"Craig, I didn't know you were in town," Chad said as he walked over. "Just now," Craig said. Craig asked Chad if he knew Clyde. "I'm still waiting for my apology," Clyde said. Clyde reminded Chad that he had falsely accused Clyde of murder. "I don't think this is the time or place," Chad said. Clyde argued that it was the perfect time, because he wanted to set the record straight for Craig.

"[Craig] thinks that I'm not good enough for his ex-wife," Clyde said. Clyde argued that the police had confirmed that Clyde was not the killer. As Craig offered his condolences to Chad, he hugged him. Chad looked taken aback, and he pulled away. "What?" Craig asked. "Nothing, I just thought that I smelled vanilla," Chad said.

At the police station, Gabi told Rafe about Stefan's return from the dead. "I don't even know how to process this," Rafe said. Gabi told Rafe that Stefan had said that he did not love her. "That he can't stand the sight of me," Gabi added. Rafe argued that Stefan likely had brain damage.

"How does your boyfriend feel about all this?" Rafe asked. Gabi told Rafe that she and Li were engaged. "You always did have a knack for timing," Rafe joked. Rafe asked Gabi if her relationship with Li had been moving too fast. Gabi countered that Rafe had married Nicole after two months. "When it feels right, it feels right," Gabi said.

"The question is, do you want to stay married to Stefan, or do you want to marry Li?" Rafe asked. "I don't know what I want," Gabi admitted. Gabi told Rafe that if Stefan had not returned, she would not have any doubts about marrying Li. "I'm surprised to hear you say that," Rafe said. Rafe reminded Gabi about their last conversation.

"You said that you didn't think you could ever love someone the way you loved Stefan," Rafe said. "That's true. I do think of Stefan as the love of my life. And maybe that is because I lost him so early on in our marriage. But when Li proposed, I was ready to move on," Gabi said. Gabi admitted that she had been ready to remove Stefan's wedding band from her neck.

"Easier to do when he is dead," Rafe said. "Even if he says he doesn't love me, do I just give up?" Gabi asked. Rafe noted that it sounded like Stefan had given her only one choice. Rafe's phone beeped with Gwen's text message. As Gabi announced that she needed to head back into the office, Rafe reminded her that he was there for her if she needed him.

Gabi worked in her office at DiMera Enterprises. With a sigh, Gabi opened her desk drawer and took out her wedding band from Stefan. "Stefan, for so long I prayed, I wished for you to come back to me. I'm so grateful that you are alive, but how could you forget the love we shared?" Gabi whispered. Stefan walked into the office, and he asked Gabi if that was her wedding ring.

"Yes. I went back to the crypt to retrieve it. I noticed you were still wearing yours," Gabi said. Stefan looked at his hand. "I guess I hadn't even noticed," Stefan whispered. Gabi asked Stefan if that meant that he still had some feelings for her. Before Stefan could respond, E.J. walked into the office.

"I dropped off the paperwork with legal. We're all set," E.J. said. "What paperwork?" Gabi asked. Stefan told Gabi that he had formally requested that Gabi's shares be returned to him.

At the motel, Leo asked Gwen if she would let him stay with her until the police arrested Craig. "Of course," Gwen said. "Just like the old days!" Leo said. Leo hugged Gwen, and he told her that he did not deserve a friend like her. Rafe kicked in the door, gun drawn. "Leo Stark, put your hands in the air," Rafe said. Gwen stepped aside. Rafe handcuffed Leo.

"How did you know I was here?" Leo asked. "You might want to talk to your little friend here," Rafe said. "One good turn deserves another," Gwen said. "I told you, I'm innocent! I thought you believed me!" Leo yelped. Gwen shrugged. "I sort of do," Gwen admitted. Leo begged Rafe to listen to him. "The real killer is Dr. Craig Wesley!" Leo shouted as Rafe escorted him out.

Rachel's custody hearing concludes with more drama

Rachel's custody hearing concludes with more drama

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

by Mike

Chloe headed over to the police station to tell Shawn that Kristen was blaming Brady for Philip's disappearance in an effort to secure full custody of Rachel.

"Imagine that -- Kristen coming up with something vicious, vile, and disgusting, just to get her way," Shawn mused with a shake of the head before declining to get involved, explaining that the testimony of a detective who had worked the cold case would probably do more harm than good for Brady. "Well, then, she wins -- that bitch wins again!" Chloe fretted before storming off.

John entered the courthouse and joined Brady, Belle, and Kristen in the office of the judge who was presiding over Rachel's custody hearing, which soon got underway again.

Belle focused on questioning John about Brady's character, having already questioned Maggie earlier that day about Brady's sobriety. Belle had to repeat the question multiple times in order to get a response out of John, who was preoccupied with concerns about Orpheus' claim that Marlena, Kayla, and Kate were all going to die soon. John wiped away a tear then apologized for the wait and claimed that it was simply difficult to even think about Brady's character being called into question.

"When Kristen DiMera was in prison for kidnapping -- or was it attempted murder --" John began to elaborate, prompting the judge to issue a gentle warning. "All Brady did was take care of Rachel -- personally, he never said a bad word against her mother, and he always tried to shield her from what other people were saying, but most importantly, he was desperate that little Rachel never found out that her mommy stabbed her Great-Granddad Vic right in the chest!" John continued, prompting the judge to issue a harsher warning. "He always put Rachel's feelings first, and isn't that what good parents really do, anyway?" John concluded with a shrug.

Kristen argued that John, who had been oblivious to Marlena's most recent crime spree for months and had stood by the woman even after finding out about those misdeeds, wasn't a good judge of character and couldn't be trusted to admit the flaws of loved ones. "I hope you choke on your hypocrisy," Brady interjected, earning a warning from the judge. "My mother was not in her right mind when these alleged acts took place," Belle explained to the judge. "Oh, right -- 'the devil made her do it'...again..." Kristen summarized before informing the judge that Belle had also supposedly been the victim of devil possession at one point during the whole ordeal -- then implying that the entire family posed a threat to Rachel.

Kristen challenged John to explain why Marlena hadn't even bothered to show up at the custody hearing to support Brady. "Because, at this moment, she could be dying, you miserable bitch!" John blurted out while scowling at Kristen, prompting the judge to conclude that it was a good time for an extended recess.

Kristen listened as John clarified the statement for Brady and Belle, who both wanted to head over to the hospital right away to see Marlena. As Belle and John were exiting the judge's office, Kristen stopped Brady from following them. "Don't let her goad you into --" Belle began to advise. "Punching her in the face," John concluded.

Kristen waited until the coast was clear then apologized to Brady for having inadvertently made John's day even worse. "I love it when you try to seem human," Brady spat, certain that Kristen would have found a way to exploit the crisis if the judge hadn't called for a recess immediately after John's admission. "You are your father -- all over," Brady observed before vowing to do whatever it took to protect Rachel from that sort of influence -- and Kristen countered that it would be foolish to underestimate the lengths that Stefano's daughter would go to for family.

Steve casually entered the police station then discreetly scoured the facility, trying to determine where Orpheus was being held. "Finally! I was waiting for someone from the Justice League of Salem to show up -- guess Cyclops drew the short straw..." Orpheus declared with a smirk when Steve sneaked into the correct conference room.

Steve approached Orpheus, who was handcuffed to a chair and was therefore defenseless, and produced a retractable ballpoint pen. "I'm not here to play games, so I'll get straight to the point," Steve began while eyeing Orpheus' neck and clicking the pen's button. "Only you would be dumb enough -- sorry, 'literal' enough -- to actually believe that the pen is mightier than the sword," Orpheus interjected with a chuckle. "Oh, but it can be -- see, I couldn't get a sword past those cops out there, but no one questions a pen...even though if I jammed this into your carotid artery, it would send an air bubble straight to your brain, killing you instantly," Steve countered before vowing to do just that unless Orpheus cooperated.

Orpheus refused to help Kayla, Marlena, and Kate -- but Shawn entered the conference room before Steve could make good on the threat of punishment. "Kiss Sweetness for me," Orpheus called out as Shawn chased Steve off -- and Steve tried to attack Orpheus again at that point, but Shawn kept them separated. "He's in police custody -- he can't hurt anyone anymore," Shawn tried to argue after dragging Steve out of the conference room. "That's just not true," Steve countered.

Kate got dressed then started to sneak out of the hospital but didn't get very far before running into Roman, who tried to object to the departure but was ignored. "I'm not me here, okay? And if I have a short time, I don't want to spend it like this," Kate explained before continuing to exit the hospital. "I didn't fall in love with you because you were rational," Roman conceded before following with a sigh of concern.

Kate and Roman ended up at the Brady Pub, and Chloe entered the restaurant a short time later. "Nice to see you," Kate declared, stunning Chloe, who took the pleasant greeting as a sign that something was wrong -- but also took it as a sign that it was a good time to ask for a favor. Chloe explained what Brady was up against at Rachel's custody hearing then begged Kate to head over to the courthouse right away and assure the judge that Kristen's accusation had no merit. "I'll think about it," Kate halfheartedly promised. "Right... Okay, well, don't put yourself out there or anything -- it's just the life of a little child," Chloe dryly countered before storming off.

Roman waited until the coast was clear then threatened to take the choice away from Kate, insisting that they had to do the right thing. Kate didn't want to jeopardize Philip's recovery with the threat of a prison sentence, but Roman predicted that Brady would be grateful for the help and would be willing to recommend leniency as a way of repaying the favor. Roman eventually softened and agreed to defer to Kate but strongly advised that it would be best to spend more than five seconds deciding how to handle the matter.

Kayla was in Marlena's hospital room when Stephanie phoned to suggest a mother-daughter lunch date. Kayla sneezed a few times while claiming to be too busy to join Stephanie that day. Kayla blamed the sneezes on allergies then advised that Stephanie had also chosen a bad day for a father-daughter lunch date. Kayla ended the call before Stephanie could ask any questions.

Marlena coughed a few times while reassuring Kayla that it was best for them to keep their loved ones in the dark for the time being -- but John and Belle arrived just then, with Brady not far behind. Marlena was annoyed with John at first but softened after learning how Brady and Belle had found out about what was going on. Belle and Brady each offered Marlena and Kayla words of comfort.

Chloe headed over to the courthouse in search of Brady but ran into Kristen first. Kristen accused Chloe of stalking Brady. "I don't think someone who broke out of prison, put in fake teeth, and wore a housecoat to impersonate Susan Banks should be talking about stalking," Chloe countered. "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do..." Kristen reasoned. Chloe seized the opportunity to stress that Kristen's plan involving Stefan wasn't going to work. Kristen feigned ignorance then stormed off.

Brady and Belle eventually returned to the courthouse and joined Kristen in the judge's office for the closing arguments of the custody hearing. Seconds after the closing arguments concluded, Roman burst into the office and tried to make an announcement, having apparently gotten Kate's permission to do so, but the judge had already made a decision and was therefore unwilling to listen.

Roman returned to the Brady Pub and told Kate about what had just happened. Kate, who had contacted Philip earlier but had been unable to issue a warning before their phone conversation had been cut short, was relieved to hear that the truth was going to stay hidden for a while longer. Roman informed Kate that the judge had ruled in Brady's favor.

Chloe joined Brady and Belle at the courthouse and started to celebrate with them. Kristen soon interrupted and guessed that Chloe's earlier appearance at the courthouse was somehow connected to the judge's decision to rule in Brady's favor. Chloe feigned ignorance while recalling an earlier encounter with the judge, during which a recording of Kristen's recent attack with a letter opener had been provided. "I couldn't give it to Brady's attorney because if Kristen found out that I gave you that footage, she would try even harder to make our lives miserable and turn Rachel against me," Chloe had explained to the judge before adding that it was finally time to share the evidence because all other efforts to counter Kristen's attacks on Brady's character had failed. As Chloe was recalling the conversation, Kristen warned Brady that the matter wasn't settled yet.

Kayla entered Marlena's hospital room and saw that Steve and John were also there. "I just got off the phone with the ISA lab -- they're having a hard time...figuring out...what's wrong with..." Kayla tried to explain before collapsing in Steve's arms.

The truth about Abigail and Sonny's attacks emerges

The truth about Abigail and Sonny's attacks emerges

Thursday, September 22, 2022

by Mike

Jennifer was alone in the living room of the Horton house, fishing pain medication out of a prescription pill bottle, when Jack approached from behind and demanded to know what was going on. Jennifer gulped down the pain medication then kept the bottle hidden in a fist while claiming to have just finished straightening the framed photograph of Abigail that was perched on the mantel. Jack protested that Jennifer had clearly been crying recently. Jennifer assured Jack that there was no reason to be concerned about the momentary wave of sadness, especially since it had already passed.

Someone rang the doorbell just then, so Jack rushed off to greet the visitor, and Jennifer hid the prescription bottle behind the framed photograph of Abigail while the coast was clear. Jack soon returned with Gwen, who apologized to Jennifer for the intrusion. Jennifer dismissed the concern, admitting that Gwen had recently done a good deed for the family, and Jack agreed that the move had meant a lot. "As much as I'd like to say that I turned in Leo for Abigail's sake, I did have my own selfish motives," Gwen clarified, but Jennifer and Jack didn't care because the bottom line was that they finally had justice.

Gwen warned Jack and Jennifer that the matter might not be settled yet. Jennifer and Jack both found it hard to believe that Craig could be responsible for Abigail's murder and Sonny's stabbing, and Gwen admitted that it was just one of Leo's hunches for the time being. Gwen soon rushed off, and Jack followed, wanting to see how things were going at the Spectator. Jennifer waited until the coast was clear then retrieved the prescription \bottle -- and Gwen returned just then, having left behind a purse. Jennifer claimed that the prescription bottle contained antibiotics for a sinus infection, but Gwen wasn't fooled.

Gwen insisted that Jack needed to know the truth right away so Jennifer could get help. "The only reason you have any relationship with Jack at all is because I allow it -- if he had to choose between the two of us, you, my dear, would lose every time! So, if you even think about going to Jack and telling him what you imagine that you saw here, I will make sure that you never see your father again! Now get the hell out of my house!" Jennifer spat at Gwen, who sighed then rushed off.

Leo paced around a holding cell at the police station while stewing about Gwen's betrayal then froze and fell silent when Craig approached. "They say that talking to oneself is the first sign of losing one's mind. Is that what you're doing, Leo -- laying groundwork for an insanity defense?" Craig began before admitting to having been following Leo's case since the start.

Craig pointed out that Leo had betrayed Gwen first. "Okay, maybe I earned a little payback myself...but what you did, you are going to burn in hell for!" Leo countered while scowling at Craig. "I have no idea what you're talking about -- I did nothing to you," Craig insisted before adding that Leo was the one who had done unforgivable things during their relationship.

"Your words are positively dripping with scorn," Leo observed before accusing Craig of having taken that anger out on Abigail and Sonny as a form of payback. "Leo, you reek of desperation -- do you really expect anybody to believe this crazy theory of yours?" Craig responded with a laugh, prompting Leo to vow to find irrefutable proof.

Craig grabbed Leo by the shirt collar. "I did not stab anybody -- no one -- and if someone is framing you, it is not me!" Craig insisted before shoving Leo away. "You are a scary, sadistic maniac -- the look in your eyes is the look of a stone-cold killer!" Leo countered, drawing a scoff from Craig, who started to storm off after hoping that they would never cross paths again.

Leo called out that Craig had spent a lifetime lying to people and was quite good at doing so, but he would be exposed sooner or later. Craig continued storming off after countering that Leo could rot in a cell for life, and no one would shed a single tear.

Clyde received a text message while dining with Nancy at the Brady Pub, putting a damper on their engagement celebration. "I gotta do these random drug tests -- you know, as a condition of my parole --" Clyde started to explain with a sigh of irritation, prompting Nancy to wonder if that was going to be a problem. "Oh, hell, no -- I mean, back in the day, I did a little bit of dealin', but right now, your love is the only drug I need," Clyde insisted without hesitation, making Nancy swoon.

Nancy eventually changed the subject, showing Clyde a news article about Leo's arrest then declaring that it was a relief to know that the "rodent" was going to pay for Abigail's murder and Sonny's stabbing. Clyde countered that it was a relief to know that Leo no longer posed a threat to Chloe, making Nancy swoon again. Clyde seized the opportunity to suggest to Nancy that they should get married that very day, since Craig was still in town and seemed to be jealous about their engagement. Nancy didn't want to get married just to "stick it to" Craig, but Clyde insisted that would simply be a fun bonus. Nancy warned Clyde that Craig wouldn't see the humor in the timing.

"You tellin' me you're afraid of Craig? I mean, what do you think the big, bad Dr. Wesley's gonna do?" Clyde protested. "Craig does have a temper...but I'm not worried about him getting mad," Nancy clarified.

Nancy argued that turning the wedding into a revenge spectacle would be a bad way to start a marriage, and Clyde conceded the point. Nancy agreed to marry Clyde that day but decided to invite Craig -- and Chloe and Brady, too, of course.

Alex burst into Sonny's hospital room, hidden behind a massive bundle of balloons, and checked for other visitors then breathed a sigh of relief and raved that it was a great time for a brotherly bonding session. Alex excitedly handed over the balloons as well as a stuffed pony and a huge bag of jellybeans, but Sonny clearly wasn't the least bit impressed with any of the gifts. Alex protested that Sonny had always wanted a pony. Sonny countered that the dream had been to own a real pony, not a stuffed one, and that Alex was a few decades behind the times. Sonny tossed aside the gifts with a shake of the head, leaving Alex confused about the reason for the hostility.

Sonny, who had been using the alone time as an opportunity to catch up on recent events, held up a tablet computer so Alex could see what the device was displaying then suggested that they could start their brotherly bonding session with a little chat about Titan's new CEO. Alex insisted that the change had been Victor's demand and was only temporary, but Sonny wasn't convinced because there were credible reports circulating online about major new acquisitions that were in the works at Titan. Alex explained that those deals were being negotiated right away for the sole purpose of ensuring that Titan would still be thriving when Sonny was healthy enough to reclaim control of the company.

Sonny laughed off Alex's claim. "It's just like when we were kids -- 'Oh, let me watch your jellybeans for you; I'll keep them safe!' Except when you gave them back, all the purple and red ones were gone!" Sonny argued while scowling at Alex. "I don't want your spot at the company -- or your damn jellybeans!" Alex countered before starting to storm off, prompting Sonny to soften and apologize then admit that the deals sounded promising.

Alex accepted the apology then initiated a tight hug, forgetting that Sonny wasn't fully healed yet. Sonny cried out in pain, prompting Alex to let go then back away with a sheepish shrug. Stephanie entered the room just then and greeted Sonny and Alex then started to inform them that a reporter had just called to ask for a comment about a specific deal. Alex coughed then tried to stop Stephanie, arguing that Sonny didn't need to be burdened with work matters at that time. Sonny dismissed Alex's concern then prodded Stephanie for more details. "They want to know why an LLC owned by Alex bought the company and then turned around and immediately sold it to Titan," Stephanie elaborated.

Alex squirmed as Sonny absorbed Stephanie's news. "I was working on that deal for months, only to lose it at the last second to some unknown competitor, and now I find out it was you?" Sonny snapped at Alex, who tried to explain the situation but was ignored. "Leo Stark isn't the only person who stabbed me in the back!" Sonny spat before ordering Alex to leave at once.

Stephanie tried to play peacemaker, but Sonny wasn't interested, so Alex shrugged then stormed off. "I thought you knew about the deal Alex made," Stephanie apologetically informed Sonny once the coast was clear. "I do now -- and I also know I can't trust my brother...and I never will again," Sonny sadly responded.

Alex bumped into Clyde while exiting the hospital. "Watch where you're goin', son!" Clyde snapped at Alex. "I'm not your 'son'!" Alex countered as Clyde stormed off.

Alex continued exiting the hospital then headed over to Titan, and Stephanie arrived a short time later. Alex tried again to explain the situation, but Stephanie refused to listen.

Chad headed over to the police station to tell Rafe that Craig might be responsible for Abigail's murder and Sonny's stabbing. Rafe was skeptical but agreed to investigate Chad's theory.

Chad exited the police station then ran into Nancy while passing by the Brady Pub and seized the opportunity to ask if Craig had always worn aftershave or cologne that smelled like vanilla. Nancy insisted that Craig had actually never had a habit of wearing aftershave or cologne of any type. Chad suggested that Craig might have just recently decided to try something new, but Nancy found it difficult to believe that such a crazy coincidence was possible, since Clyde had a habit of wearing aftershave or cologne that smelled like vanilla. Chad stared at Nancy in disbelief, remembering that Clyde had been nearby during the earlier encounter with Craig. Meanwhile, at the police station, Rafe started questioning Craig.

Clyde passed by the window of Sonny's hospital room while en route to the location where drug tests were administered. Clyde paused outside the room and watched as Sonny slept. Clyde smirked while thinking about having stabbed Sonny at Titan.

Sonny remembers his attacker

Sonny remembers his attacker

Friday, September 23, 2022

Nicole was working in her office when Jada visited. Jada explained that she had accidentally taken Eric's phone. "When you woke up in bed together this morning?" Nicole said with a smirk. When Jada stared coldly at Nicole, Nicole argued that Jada had mentioned the phone mix-up.

"And total non sequitur, you ask if the phone mix-up happened when Eric and I were in bed together," Jada said. With a nervous chuckle, Nicole argued that it had been a reasonable assumption. "This image just popped in my head, that's all," Nicole said. "It does not take a shrink to realize that you're being bothered that I'm involved with your ex-husband. Which I might understand if not for the fact that you are a newlywed," Jada countered. Nicole insisted that she was not bothered by Eric's relationship.

"I'm just protective. And look, I really hope you two are right for each other," Nicole said. "Right. That would make you deliriously happy," Jada said sarcastically. Jada argued that Nicole hoped that Jada and Eric would break up. "That is not true!" Nicole protested. Jada raised an eyebrow. With a sigh, Nicole admitted that she had overstepped boundaries with her comment. Nicole argued that Jada had overstepped first when she had told Nicole, unprompted, that Jada had slept with Eric.

"Right. That was when you came by to offer Eric the job, wasn't it? Your husband mentioned it to me," Jada said. "I would think you would have more interesting things to discuss at the station," Nicole muttered as she crossed her arms. Jada asked Nicole why Eric had not mentioned the job offer when Jada had talked to him about work prospects.

"Are you calling me a liar?" Nicole asked. "I never accused you of lying," Jada said. "Well, you're certainly insinuating it," Nicole shot back. With a sigh, Jada said she would leave the phone and go. Nicole asked Jada to stay so that she could explain. "Why would I lie to my husband and tell him that I offered Eric a job if I hadn't?" Nicole asked. "Maybe because you came to see Eric for some other reason?" Jada suggested. When Nicole asked why, Jada stressed that she did not want to argue.

"It's like we're in some sick competition for Eric's love and affection. Even though you are divorced and married to another man," Jada said. Nicole reiterated that Eric was her oldest friend and that she was protective of him. "You said it many times. But what I don't get, and what I find insulting, is you being so damn protective of Eric and [my] relationship. It's suggesting that I'm not good for him. Like he needs protection from me. Do you understand how that might make me feel?" Jada asked.

Before Nicole could respond, Eric walked in. "What's going on?" Eric asked. "I think you might have my phone," Jada said. Eric fumbled in his pocket, and he looked at the phone. Eric apologized. "I didn't notice," Eric said. "Must be a slow crime day. Otherwise, you would have received a barrage of text messages by now," Jada said. Jada and Eric exchanged phones, and they agreed to meet up later. Jada kissed Eric's cheek, and she pointedly looked at Nicole before she left.

"Is it me, or were things a little tense between you and Jada before I walked in?" Eric asked. Nicole admitted that there had been tension. "Because I lied to my husband, and she called me out," Nicole confessed. Nicole explained that she had failed to tell Rafe about her visit to see Eric, and Rafe had found out about it.

"I felt awkward telling my current husband that I'd been dreaming about my ex-husband. So, I didn't tell him the truth, and I told him that I offered you a job. And I felt bad about lying about that, so I raced over to your place to offer you a job for real," Nicole said. "So, you offered me a job to make your lie become the truth?" Eric said. When Nicole nodded yes, Eric quit.

"Why?" Nicole asked. "You just admitted that it wasn't a legitimate job offer!" Eric said. Nicole admitted that the initial offer had been to ease her guilt, but she insisted that Eric was needed at Basic Black. "We do need a photographer whose work I can trust. And you are definitely qualified," Nicole said. Nicole asked Eric if he was still interested in the job.

"I want to work here, on one condition. From now on, you're going to be up-front with Rafe about us working together, because the last thing I want is to cause any trouble between you and your husband," Eric said. Nicole agreed. "I never should have lied to him in the first place," Nicole admitted. Eric asked Nicole why she had lied about a silly dream about sloppy joes.

"Because I lied to you, too," Nicole said. Nicole told Eric that she had had a sex dream about him. Eric's mouth dropped open. "It doesn't mean anything. It was just a dream," Nicole said. Eric admitted he had lied, too. "I had a sex dream about you, too. But it was just a dream. Right?" Eric said. Nicole nodded yes, and she forced a smile. With a nod, Eric left to return to work downstairs.

At the police station, Rafe spotted Craig, and he asked to speak privately in the interrogation room about Leo. Once alone in the room, Rafe asked, "When is the last time you saw Leo?" Craig admitted that prior to his visit that morning, he had not seen Leo since their aborted wedding. "So, you left town right after that?" Rafe asked. Craig said he had returned to New York. Rafe asked about the night of Sonny's stabbing.

"Are you asking me if I stabbed Sonny Kiriakis?" Craig asked. "I'm just gathering information," Rafe said. Craig told Rafe about his conversation with Leo in the jail cell. "You can't actually believe that I would be so blinded by hatred for Leo that I would take an innocent woman's life? That I would forget my oath to do no harm?" Craig said. Rafe stared in silence, and Craig gasped.

"You believe him. You actually believe him," Craig muttered. Craig told Rafe that he had not been in Salem at the time of either stabbing. "The fact that you are listening to some grifter who takes advantage and preys upon people's vulnerabilities, this is an insult!" Craig yelled in frustration. "So, you'll be able to provide an alibi?" Rafe asked.

"I'll have my secretary look at my schedule, and I will get back to you," Craig said. Craig walked out. Rafe returned to work, and Jada walked in. Jada explained why she was late to work. "How is [Eric's] first day going?" Rafe asked. "So far, so good," Jada said. Jada asked about the murder case. Rafe talked about D.A. Trask, and Jada said she had heard that Trask was tenacious.

"[Too tenacious], especially if the subject is innocent," Rafe said. Confused, Jada asked who was innocent. Rafe explained his concerns about Leo's innocence. "Even with all the evidence?" Jada asked. Rafe noted that there was evidence that someone had framed Leo. "The problem with Trask is that when she settles on a suspect, especially someone who looks reasonably guilty, well, she's gonna try and push the whole case through without looking back," Rafe explained. Rafe asked Jada to look through the evidence with a fresh pair of eyes. Jada asked Rafe if there was any merit to Leo's accusation about Craig.

"Honestly, I don't know. But I am hesitant to lean into anything without giving it a lot more thought," Rafe said. Rafe handed the box of evidence to Jada to review for alternate suspects. When Rafe checked in with Jada later, Jada told him that she had reviewed Clyde's alibi. "You mean the video of Clyde fishing on the docks?" Rafe asked. "Yeah. And there's a problem with it," Jada said. Jada showed Rafe that the timestamp on the video had been altered. "Clyde doesn't have an alibi for Abigail's murder, after all," Rafe said.

Outside the Brady Pub, Chad asked Nancy about Craig's vanilla aftershave. "All the time that Craig and I were married, he never wore aftershave or cologne," Nancy said. When Chad suggested that Craig had started to wear a vanilla scent after his divorce, Nancy chuckled.

"That would be a coincidence," Nancy said. "Why do you say that?" Chad asked. Nancy explained that her fiancé, Clyde, wore the scent. Chad thought about when he had smelled vanilla when Craig had hugged him, and Chad remembered that Clyde had been nearby. "Oh, my God," Chad said. Nancy asked what was wrong. Chad stammered that he had remembered Clyde had been next to Craig.

"That must have been it," Nancy said. "You don't happen to know where Clyde is now, do you?" Chad asked. Nancy explained that Clyde was at the hospital for a drug test. Concerned, Nancy noted, "Are you sure you are all right? You're pale as a ghost." Chad said he was fine, and he ran off.

At the Salem Inn, Chloe was working at the desk when Brady walked in. "It's official. I have full custody of Rachel!" Brady said. Chloe congratulated Brady and hugged him. When Brady admitted that he was surprised by the judge's decision, Chloe told him about the video she had given to the judge.

"Why didn't you tell me about that earlier?" Brady asked. "Because if Kristen found out that I was the reason she lost this case, then she would use that against me with Rachel, and even worse, she would use that against you. And I didn't want Rachel hating you for being with me," Chloe said. "And the judge was okay with this?" Brady asked. Chloe admitted that the judge had been wary, but Chloe had sensed that the judge was frustrated by the situation.

"Because of Kristen's pardon, [the judge] couldn't even consider any of the real facts, so I considered this just untying her hands a bit so she could make the ruling she wanted to make all along," Chloe explained. Brady smiled. Chloe argued that the risk had been worth it to preserve custody for Brady. "So, I am not sorry for what I did, but I am sorry that I didn't tell you sooner," Chloe said. "You don't have to be sorry about anything. Because of you, I'm not gonna lose my little girl," Brady said.

As Brady and Chloe's kissing grew heated, there was a knock at the door. "Maybe they'll go away," Brady whispered. "Chloe, are you here?" Nancy shouted through the door. "I doubt it," Chloe muttered. Chloe opened the door to let Nancy in. "Clyde and I are getting married," Nancy said. "We know. You told us last night," Chloe said. Nancy explained that she and Clyde had decided to get married that day.

"Why are you rushing into this? You have no reason to get married today," Chloe said. "And I don't have any reason not to," Nancy countered. Nancy asked Chloe and Brady to be at the wedding. Nancy added that Craig would be a part of the wedding, too. There was a knock at the door. "That's him now!" Nancy yelped. Nancy ushered Craig into the room, and she asked him if he was available to attend the wedding.

"I'm not sure, Nancy," Craig said. "See, Mom? Even Dad thinks you're rushing into this," Chloe said. Craig clarified that his issue was that he was not in a celebratory mood. "I just got accused of murder," Craig said. Craig explained what had happened. "That is absurd," Chloe said. "You wouldn't hurt anyone. Much less kill them," Nancy agreed. Brady argued that Rafe knew better than to listen to Leo.

"Apparently, he doesn't, or he wouldn't have questioned me about [the murders]," Craig said. "You are no more guilty of killing than Clyde is. He was accused of killing Abigail, but he had an alibi for the night she was killed. He was innocent. You and Clyde have been unfairly accused," Nancy said. Nancy stressed that everything would be fine once Craig gave Rafe his alibis.

"But today is for me. Can we just celebrate me?" Nancy pleaded. Craig smiled. "I want that for you, Nancy. No one should be happier than you," Craig said. With tears in her eyes, Nancy told Craig that she wanted him at the wedding. "We're still family," Nancy said. Craig agreed to join the wedding party. Nancy sniffled back tears, then she ran off to get dressed for her wedding.

Chloe asked Craig if he thought the wedding was a good idea. "I just want your mom to be happy," Craig said. "But with Clyde Weston? It seems like a long shot to me," Brady said. "More than a long shot. It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen," Chloe said. Chloe begged Craig to help her stop the wedding.

While Clyde was at the hospital for his drug test, he spotted Sonny through the window of his hospital room. Clyde thought about when he had stabbed Sonny. "Clyde?" Will said. Clyde shook off the memory of his crime, and he turned to look at Will. Will asked Clyde why he was there. Clyde explained that a drug test was a condition of his parole.

"Which is something you should know a little bit about, being an ex-con and all," Clyde added. "Not exactly," Will said. Clyde told Will that he knew Will's exoneration was a different story. Clyde reminded Will that they had been at the prison at the same time. "It's hard to forget, seeing as you tried to shiv me. But then Ben tried to stop you, and you ended up shivving him instead," Will said. Clyde smiled, and he noted that he wanted to turn a new leaf like Ben.

"You're looking at a changed guy," Clyde said. "Glad to hear that," Will said. With a shrug, Clyde announced that he needed to meet Nancy at the courthouse for their wedding. Will congratulated Clyde. "You take care of that husband of yours now. I'm really glad to hear they caught the guy that attacked him. Must be a real relief knowing that scum like that is off the street," Clyde said. As Clyde walked away, a look of concern crossed Will's face.

When Chad arrived at the hospital, Will greeted him. Chad asked Will if he had seen Clyde at the hospital. "He was here," Will said. "Did he go into Sonny's room?" Chad asked. "[Clyde] was standing here, looking [into Sonny's room]. He said he was here for a drug test. Why?" Will asked. Chad shared his theory that Clyde was the murderer, not Leo. Chad told Will that Clyde wore a vanilla-scented cologne.

Concerned, Will and Chad went into Sonny's room, and they woke him up. "What's going on?" Sonny asked. "Chad learned something that might prove who your attacker was," Will said. "The night you were attacked, do you remember seeing Clyde Weston?" Chad asked. Sonny thought about his attack. Sonny closed his eyes and recounted the events.

"I started to turn," Sonny said before he paused. "What? Do you remember something?" Will asked. After a moment, Sonny remembered that he had seen Clyde in a reflection. "Oh, my God. It was him. I saw him. It was Clyde Weston. It was just his reflection in the glass of a painting, but it was definitely him," Sonny confirmed. Confused, Sonny asked why Clyde had stabbed him.

"Not just you. The knife that he stabbed you with was also used on Abigail. Which means he murdered my wife," Chad said. Chad was furious that the police had released Clyde, but Will noted that Clyde had provided an alibi for Abigail's murder. "But I know that I saw [Clyde's] reflection. How can that be?" Sonny stressed. When Chad asked about Clyde's whereabouts, Will told Chad that Clyde had planned to go to City Hall to marry Nancy.

"Chad, what are you going to do?" a suspicious Sonny asked. After a moment, Chad said, "I'm gonna go to the police. Tell them what we learned and where they can find Clyde." Chad walked out. After a moment, Sonny asked Will if Clyde would make another attempt on his life. "If he is trying to frame Leo, it would not make any sense for him to go after you again while Leo is still locked up," Will said. Sonny agreed. Will promised not to leave Sonny's side. "Do you think Clyde really could have killed Abigail?" Sonny asked. "Chad thinks so. And I'll bet right now, he is doing his damnedest to convince the cops of that," Will said.

In the town square, a suited-up Clyde pinned a flower to his lapel. Nancy rushed out of the Salem Inn, and she gasped when she saw Clyde. "Oh, no! It's bad luck!" Nancy yelped. Clyde reminded Nancy that they had already seen one another that day. "Besides, we are not going to have any bad luck," Clyde said. Clyde confirmed that he had passed his drug test and that nothing could stop their wedding. In the DiMera mansion, Chad removed a gun from a wall safe, and he loaded it.

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